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[2T-PR3] PRFF-14 Club Revisions

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-14 Club Revisions

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Fourteen: Club Revisions.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala-Al-djinhm, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger
    SP) Terena Copperfield, Prism Force Ranger

    Guest Starring: Club Freedom's Close Club Friends
    Mark Peyton, British male teenager (secret service father)
    Balto Scout, American male teenager (was researching miniature dragons)
    Natalie Brook, American female teenager from Queens, New York (likes Princesses)
    Moira Dane, Danish female gymnast (likes to chat with Kaoru)
    Arnold "Arnie" Governor, Texas-Mexico male teenager (likes mythical canines of all sorts)
    Annabelle Frost, Russian female teenager (works part time in a gift shop)

    Kamen Rider Metal Beast:
    Robby Thunderstar, Gundam Horse Rider, Red
    Gregory "Greg" Sterling, Gundam Otter Rider, Blue
    Kaela Bryant, Gundam Owl Rider, White
    Electra Montgomery, Gundam Jaguar Rider, Gold

    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Tamus Frigidus: A white drake courier ally to Thomas (can change his size)
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form (Corona's husband)
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker) | Xyrriddun Rynuuris, Divine Grandmaster of the of the Clever Techniques
    Mireon Prince: A male time dragon medic who temporarily filled in for Michael from eps 9 thru eps 10 (Dragon Mother to Edmund's son, Masayuki)
    Prince "Shiloh" Fairswift II: The son of King Owen and Consort Evan of Atlantis; the heir to the Atlantean throne (currently under a punishment)

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    Parousian North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog (Married to Sega)
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron-Copperfield: the Purple Hedgehog (Married to Thomas Copperfield)
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Lord Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog
    Austin St. John: A rainbow spotted skunk (the first apprentice to Thomas Copperfield)

    PRFF Enemies:
    TBA - Michael's enemy
    Shuichi Sunahama, the Sand Prince - Kazuki's enemy
    Stylus Fulton - Corona's enemy
    TBA - Thomas' enemy
    TBA - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy

    Chapter One: Instructors Summoned.

    Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D., Late December; Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
    Master Ryuu's Ceremonial Chambers

    Over the gong the apparition of a small cute oriental lizard appeared and he was sitting in the lap of a huge dragon god of chaos, Gong himself. "...and that is how I split North America away from Asia. The humans have been pissed about it ever since."

    "Unca Gong? Someone is looking at us."

    Gong smiled and said, "Its no one important. Just the dragon pervert, Ryuu."

    Over the Yin Yang symbol appeared Rocket in all of his cute glory. "...and that concludes my most recent adventure with the Power Rangers Yin-Yang team. Deryk is angry with them because they seem to have lost their focus. He is mainly mad at them for mistreating Roger. I hope the boy is okay. I liked him. And now, lets see who called me just as I was finishing up one of my flashback tales." he paused as he saw Ryuu and Terena. "At least it isn't a telemarketer this time."

    Over the night vision goggles appeared the a miniature dragon just as cute as Rocket with an acerbic attitude whom was face-clawing himself after hearing that one of his students had personal time with the Dean (but didn't get returned knocked up, so he was more pissed that a loophole was exploited. This dragon god of stealth was not happy he smelled sex on his pupil. "You and the Dean followed my directions well, Lexie, but from here on out, no romping until you graduate from my tutelage, Understood?" Lexie pointed at the apparition to get Raker's attention. "Go to your assigned room, and we'll talk later about yer lessons." He then turned his full attention. "This better be good Zyriddun Rynuuris, if you are calling me when I am busy with an unruly student."

    "I wouldn't have called if it didn't demand our attention, Roilriniam Kyzuniss, so kindly watch your attitude when a lady is present." Master Ryuu's eyes opened up, a dragon god of cleverness he was. "I returned from Majesta investigating a note of an old ally's supposed death before the Holy Pouch of Earth himself recalled all of the Freedom Force back to Earth." He said, "It is just as I feared will happen, and no it is not castration so cut that joke out of the repertoire. The corrupting ability of Tiamat has reached beyond the jurisdiction of Tatsu-Fel and caused discord among the Dragons, and caused Tatsu-La City's downfall. This comes from both the Holy Pouch and the former Tatsu-Lan Council member Saryn of Dragotopia. The civil war is rekindled, and the good dragons have separated the Southern lands from Tatsu-La City and renamed the lands Sodai Ryu. And one more thing; it's being proved apparent that the Platinum Dragon of the East Winds has fell to her control."

    Rocket's form then shifted out of his small form as he resumed his larger form, the Armored Winged Sentinel, Razylymiirgolos Andrakkan, the dragon god of the Greater Assassins, he whom trained Cryaughomyrdrakkan (Crya), the Ice Assassin dragon instructor in charge of combat classes in the Dragon Command Academy of the walled city of Oraca. "I knew it would happen eventually. That is one reason I left Tatsu-La thousands of years ago. On Parousia, I roamed free until Dyrkonix got the drop on me while I was in my small form and he placed a control marker on me. But when the Yin Yang kids removed the control marker, I felt that I owed them a reward for saving me which is why I helped them to become Power Rangers. And now you know why they exist at all. Not to mention, they know where to rub my spots. I hated the idea that Deryk of Parousia was suckered into a fucking prophecy that he cared little for. He has been tortured enough. It makes me want to kick Kiel's tail end. The way Sherwood can multi-task, the universe doesn't need multiple Holy Pouches. One is enough."

    Gong smirked. "Thank you for that history lesson, Rocket. And without the wavy lines this time. I think multiple Pouches is a fail-safe to distract demons from where the real threat is. I mean, we don't go around mounting human females for some dumb prophecy. I tried mounting a human once and that is why I serve Zim Loo now. I almost killed his daughter; she is recovering in a hospital and I have to serve Zim until she recovers. The day she is released from the hospital, I am free once again. But if you care about Deryk like you claim, Rocket, then why don't you just do what Sherwood is obviously doing. Go back in time and arrange it so Deryk's birth is delayed for a year so that Joseph can be born first. Later when Deryk is born you can offer to sponsor Deryk in River Bluff so he can meet the rest of the zanies."

    Rocket grinned. "Not a bad idea. Perhaps after this call ends I will go do that. I am a god after all."

    See what Gong went and did!

    Raker growled, being a dragon god of stealth he thought that the idea was too flashy and would garner unwanted attention. "The time dragon gods will have your ass if you aren't too careful, Razylymiirgolos Andrakkan. He looked to Gong. "Did you really have to plant such a destructive idea in our colleague's head, god of chaos?"

    Master Ryuu said, "I must agree with that degree of caution, turmoil between the Dreamtimers and the Dragons will come back to haunt us once more if we keep throwing caution to the wind. Dragotopian Council Member Saryn that helped in making Sodai Ryu is mentoring a Super Sentai team in Japan. Just be warned, if Bahamut comes to your realms or worlds, he is considered an enemy until released from Tiamat's evil spell." He then looked to Rocket. "Let's hope our allies in the Zyo Visionaries won't easily succumb as Tatsu-Lan has."

    Gong then said, "Rocket did something behind the time dragons backs just recently and they haven't punished him for that. So why should they blink twice at this?"

    Rocket then remarked, "All we did was to free our counterparts from imprisonment on Earth by desecrating a demon lord's temple. Then we played the distraction while the Epic Spirit made good their escape. Our counterparts never saw us."

    Gong smiled. "That would explain why the time dragons didn't do anything; had your counterparts seen you, then the time dragons would have to clean up your mess."

    At that moment, a gigantic dragon eye apparition appeared over the ceremonial chamber. "As much as I approve of your keeping in touch with each other, I need to warn you." It was IO himself speaking. "Bahamut has been under Tiamat's sway since the Dragon Soul days. From the laying of Devlin Lonewolf's egg on forward; and even his tricking Seth into agreeing to attend the Templar Academy when he was under no obligation to do so and so forth. Seth has never been a dragon warrior. The reason Seth could morph without the coin was through a blessing from Lord Thunderbird when Seth paid a price to earn that reward." (aka the making of Cedric Sidarius.) "If you do go back in time, Rocket, remain unseen to those in the time period so I don't have to spank your ass when you return. And Terena Copperfield... if you ever have children, this is what parents have to put up with."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Cleaning Up The Freedom Force.

    Mobian Jungle, Mobius 2030 A.D.; late December; Emerald City, Mobian Sea Peninsula
    Club Freedom

    It was the Week before Christmas (just a day after Ryuu's conference meeting with the other instructor dragon gods.) Instead of being at Freedom Fortress on Earth, Sherwood had called a meeting together at the new location of Mobius' version of Club Freedom. The club's layout was still identical to the original club's blueprint design. Michael and Knuckles sat at the nearby bar counter right next to each other. Thomas and Impulse were at one of the dining tables having breakfast and feeding their brood of children. Corona and Raja were seated at table of their own. Corona was still not pregnant. Kazuki was the only one not at the meeting (being under family arrest while they worked on his mental condition.) Terena sat at Kaoru and Ryuu's table with Swifty. Ned/Edmund and Mireon were at another portion of the bar counter with their son. Red and Pink were in the chamber as well. The other visiting club members were also in attendance.

    Sherwood then said from the stage. "Thank you all for attending to my summons. Today we will be re-inventing the Power Rangers Freedom Force at the same time we clear up some mis-stated information from before. Michael, you were not created via wish; your cousin was, but you were born. Your parents are Lari Knight and Knuckles himself. You grew up human like your Earthian father; you can change into a Mobian Echidna through your link to Knuckles' tribe. Kazuki is infected by an Imagin alien. They are insect like sand creatures. When Shuichi captured Kazuki, Kazuki made a wish which invited the possessor into his mind and then Shuichi nearly got killed when he tried to force himself upon the Imagin, who was as disgusted by the cousin as Kazuki had been. Thomas, you were infected by an alpha pheromone spray that Fangtrap hit you with when you first met him. This effect has left you wanting to mate with Impulse every time you both were together. The Pheromone has since worn off as of this last birthing the two of you underwent. Ned/Edmund... your issue has been thankfully resolved with the Ryo Visionairies assistance. Corona, your turn... While Sega, North and I were working on upgrading the morphers, your phone rang and it was Stylus Fulton, he said. I hit the phone call with a back-trace eruption spell. Your father is currently in the hospital; he created the Stylus Fulton identity to force you into marrying a suitor of his choosing and when you married Raja, he chose to have you assassinated. He chose the wrong moment to call as we were upgrading the morphers. Apparently he had tinkered with your morpher phone one time when you were home so he would always know when you were in the middle of something so he could call you and make you angry. Your mother is livid now that the truth has been revealed. Kaoru, the Shinobi Draconians were part of the force that helped to betray ancient Draconia to the demons back during Red and Pink's day. When the demons were unsealed in America, the Draconian Shinobi were also released. They returned to Japan to await the day when their leader could take a bride of one of the chosen's offspring in an attempt to remake New Draconia no matter if it harmed humanity or not. And now, all of you have been brought up to date. However, in order for the Freedom Force to continue to exist as a team, the team needs to be reinvented so it can work. Sadly, this means a few of you may not be in the new version of the team. It is hard to fight enemies if you are pregnant or caring for a child."

    Corona said, "But I'm not pregnant." Raja grinned. "Oh yes you are. Among my species, the females don't show it until a month before birthing and then you swell up like a giant watermelon." Corona looked floored at that news. "But I liked being on this team."

    ((Actual description of Imagin (source: Kamen Rider Wiki page on Imagin):

    "The Imagin were originally beings from the distant future who lost their physical forms due to an event in the past erasing their own time, becoming dependent on the memories of others in order to survive. The Imagin forgot their pasts but retained their personalities, as a result."))

    "I do too, Corona-san." said Edmund, feeling a bit flustered about the possibility of having to give up his powers. "I can understand the pregnancy keeping one unable to battle. However, I cannot understand why parents can't fight, with their children as a motivating factor." He was saying his son is someone worth fighting for

    "Poor Kazuki-kun," sighed Kaoru. "Desperation made him form a contract with such a creature. Will he be still welcome on this team once he is medically cleared?"

    Sherwood said, "I sent word to Kamen Rider Quantum to get his assistance in helping Kazuki. Lord Kiel told me that this Kamen Rider helped the Arch Magi Rangers of Planet Terra once. If Quantum can make the fiend release Kazuki, then Kazuki could rejoin us. But in his current condition where he tried to attack you with an elemental shark, Kaoru, right in front of his own mother was uncalled for. Back when his father was younger, Wan was the law-breaking trouble maker in their family. Kwon was his brother's keeper but often ended up in trouble with his brother. That is how the Shark Squadron and the Lunar Crusaders first met the two. After that encounter, Kwon joined the Atlanteans while Wan was recruited to help the Samurai Heroes in their battles against the three princesses. Won was originally in love with the gold leader, but he eventually convinced Magnusa to stop causing damage to Japan and he offered to help her get the tokens so she could win not only the prize but his love as well. That is how she became the new Elemental Empress with Wan as her husband."

    Sherwood looked to Edmund. "You are not in danger of leaving the team, Edmund, unless you want to settle down now that you have a child. You are lucky you have a dragon whom is willing to help raise the child he helped you to make."

    Michael then asked, "What of my dragon infatuation, Sherwood? Was that taken care of?"

    Sherwood said, "That was from Draconian contamination, Michael. It has been removed. One of the Shinobi sorcerers cast that spell on the old version of you so they could find the bride to be through your club. That is how they discovered Kaoru. The spell made you want to throw your humanity away and become a scaly slave. It almost worked. Luckily the Dragon Dome City Lord did not want you as a slave; he saw you and your team as potential allies. They were early refugees that escaped from Tatsu-La when they foresaw the corruption of Tatsu-Lan through Bahamut. Remember: they were scholars and mages. Other dragons helped them to build their new city. But then they tried to enslave the scholars on Tiamat's orders. When the War Factions bribed the dragons to help them in the war, they stupidly took their eyes off of the city and that was when Meyr Curess activated the anti-evil barrier around the city and the War Dragons could not get back in. If the the scholars had somewhere else to go, they would leave Australia but they are rather stranded at the moment. Although I am working on that for them. I am looking into reviving the Lost Continent of Agassia so the dragons can fully claim it. In the end, it would end up like the Animarium in the sky."

    Terena asked, "So you are going to make my brother quit the team? What a load of crock! Who died and made you team leader, Sherwood? You are a mentor; NOT the boss!"

    Thomas sighed. "If he thinks I am no longer capable of being a Power Ranger, then maybe he needs to go away and let us fail on our own. Just because he was given a sheltered life and never got to be a ranger himself, Sherwood has little to compare with."

    Sherwood then jumped off of stage and walked across the club to the front door. "If your team wants me to butt out, then I can snap my fingers and send all of you back to where I rescued most of you from. You were on the verge of being wiped out anyway. Ryuu, Terena and the two Mobian females were on the verge of being attacked by the evil dragon soldiers in Majesta. Michael, Knuckles and Swifty were butt naked in the Sand Drake pocket dimension at the mercy of Shuichi and Kazuki. No morphers, no protection, no communicators. You three would have been slain. And with the Bounty on Corona's head by her own father, she would have been assassinated the moment she left the base. And you, Thomas, were so bloated and high on Celeron Hedgehog sex, you two wouldn't have taken a break. The end result would have been Thomas the Hedgehog. That is what happened to Timmy the Hedgehog."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Take Charge.

      From the front door stood Geoffrey St. John, the Mobian Skunk and leader and the Mobian Secret Police. "CALM DOWN!" He then stepped around Sherwood. "When the Freedom Force were first formed, we Mobians were informed that we were to train and mentor their team. All of a sudden the Holy Pouches started butting in. Deryk the Pouch of Parousia nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to keep up with this team. And then Sherwood pops in and declares Martial Law. I got tired of this and I called his mother and father. Sherwood, you can check in occasionally, but you are supposed to be focusing on Australia only. Otherwise, the title of Holy Pouch is a lie, your mother's own words. If you cannot be in Australia, then come home to Jamaica. You will leave what aid you did for the Freedom Force and let us Mobians handle that which we were tasked to do. You have no right to tell the Freedom Force that they are not fit to be rangers. I know far many more ranger teams in which that should have been enforced on. The Huntsman version of Outback Rescue, The latter version of Shark Squadron when they lost their focus, and nearly all of Dragon Soul with all of their time jumping and dimension hopping adventures as if they were trying to match the Adalia Sector's Yin Yang Rangers. The Adventure League were the best Australian Ranger team, paws down. They lost their powers, lost their mentor, had their zords destroyed, but they never gave up. They even came to the Mobians' rescue when Robotnik and Ogma almost had all of the Freedom Fighters imprisoned and destroyed. And they did it without a Holy Pouch. Look at what Earth currently has; Trigram Boomer which was pulled back in time BY YOU to fix their own mistakes only to make new ones. Aussie Thunder was wiped out so YOU could reinvent their team. And now you are intruding in Sentai Territory trying to reinvent a non-Australian team so it can be the way YOU want it to be. Thank you for rescuing Red and Pink; thank you for making sure the whole team was safe and for getting help for Kazuki; thank you for cleaning up Michael's past; but the fate of this team is Michael's responsibility; not yours."

      And then Martelle Sherwood and Lord Kiel came in the door and grabbed Sherwood by his shoulders. "It is very bad when the Mobian Skunk 'as to tell yer mother and Ah that yer fucking up in another country, son."

      Martelle then swiped the hidden bag containing the repaired morphers and she took it over to the Michael and Knuckles and laid it out on the counter in front of them. "We will take care of Deryk Tyler now. I apologize for his interfering in your team. Perhaps next time, you won't be so angry with him." Yes, she middle named him like the twins do to each other. And then the parents took Sherwood away.

      Michael blinked his eyes. "Wow... that was 'is mom. Ah am impressed by 'er. She and Lord Kiel can come back any time. Even when old Roolock was up 'ere, Ah liked 'im too."

      Corona relaxed at that point. "Too bad we don't get to see him get a spanking."

      Thomas then remarked, "No, some family things should remain private. Maybe the roos will come back but Sherwood was too willing to take over. He wasn't even a club member."

      Master Ryuu smiled. "Though I favor the tiny form, I do have a big-bad-cranky dragon form much like Gong and Rocket. Raker... I never seen him go full-on big dragon for any reason. Guess that's what makes him such a cranky teacher.

      A door opened and an electronic trainwhistle was heard. A boy in his mid-teens and a navy blue oni-like Imagin walked in. "Excuse us for interrupting, but we have an update on Imperial Prince Kazuki Kiau."

      "You don't have to always be so formal, Blade," Alex Williams said. He was the grandson of the original Quantum, judging by the fashion from 2059. "But yeah, the younger version of my Grandpa is keeping an eye on the Prince. I had to call him in after the call went to him in 2059."

      Kaoru said as she went to help out Corona. "Could you tell me who you are, and how you got to our base?"

      "Forgive us for the poor manners. I am Alex Williams, Quantum X. My contract Imagin is Blade. With right timing, we can enter whatever door we need to from stops on the Quantum Express line, as long as they are a Time Constant." Alex then said. "We were able to catch the Imagin that possessed the Prince before he escaped into the past. Grandpa Drake is calming it down for a bit. But a contract was made when the Imperial Prince made a wish, so if we can convince the Imagin to help him rather than harm him, he will have a partner to assist him. It took the form of a Dragon Turtle. So it is pretty irate over what had happened."

      Michael turned to look at the new arrival. "Welcome to Club Freedom at its Planet Mobius locale on the back side of the Great Mobian Jungle near the Echidna Tribal territories. Ah am Michael Knight, leader of the club and leader of the Freedom Force which we just managed to save from being unraveled by the newest 'oly Pouch. If Shuichi wasn't trying to sexually molest 'is cousin Kazuki all the time, 'e could be a nice young man; but since 'e went off the deep end, 'e needs a shrink. Maybe that's why the original Elemental Emperor only 'ad daughters and not sons."

      Mireon then said, "Oh, he had a son, but when the daughters were born, he chose to leave Japan for greener pastures in what we now call North America. No one knows where he went after he journeyed there. Sorry, that's my time dragon nature and training kicking in."

      Amy Rose then said from behind the counter. "If you would like a drink and a meal, I can prepare you something. Guests of the club often enjoy a small repast here."

      Thomas then said, "If Sherwood moved the club to where I think he moved it to, then we now have one of the most primest beach fronts on Mobius. The Surfing and Tanning are awesome at this location. Isn't that right, love?" He turned to Impulse and kissed him deeply.

      Michael then said, "Before yas get all relaxed on the beach, Thomas, Sherwood wasn't entirely wrong. Geoffrey was right that the club and the team are my responsibility. As much as Ah 'ate to agree with 'e whom we 'ad to make leave... 'e 'ad a valid point. Be 'onest with the team, mates. Is yer time more dedicated to raising a family or spending yer time with the club? Kaoru, Kazuki and Ah are the only ones left who didn't jump into the make babies fan club. Ah know yas want to stay on the team, but since our beginning, we 'ave never 'ad a single team training session together. Ah train with Knuckles nearly all the time, solo. Kaoru and Ryuu were in training nearly all the time as well. Edmund joined them in a few sessions, but those didn't last long before 'e went and 'ad 'is egg and now 'atchling. Thomas and Impulse 'ave popped out nearly as many as Timmy and Nitro's first batches. And according to Raja, Corona is pregnant but not showing as yet until a month before the end as is common for the Rakshasa species. In the beginning, Kazuki and Agua trained in private daily and then the sessions stopped just before 'is wish that the cousins could not challenge 'im unless both were present at the same time. Which we know recently failed when Shuichi captured Kazuki and Ukami never bothered to show up. Therefore, until Ah know who is going to 'ave time to be on the team, Ah will just 'ang on to the morphers for the time being."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: BUUUT THAAAT'S NOT FAIRRR!

        You could have heard a pin drop after Michael made that statement and following that...

        Alex cleared his throat. "I am not the one to say anything about what is done for the team, but If it means anything the Imagin is the one with the major chip on his shoulder. Once he took solid form, the Prince seemed appalled by the events, and wants to profusely apologize to Kaoru-san. Imagin personalities are their own, as is the personality your Imperial friend."

        Swifty picked up a pin that actually dropped. "I am guess that some of the stuff mentioned is based stuff before my rampage? Ouji-sama doesn't need to be at fault for the actions of a being possessing him."

        Michael said, "Ah am sorry, blokes, but being a ranger and being pregnant at the same time is not a good combination. The Mobian Rangers 'ave made pregnant team members sit the action out until they gave birth, so it is not un'eard of for this decision to come up now. Knuckles? Am Ah in the wrong?"

        Knuckles said, "That is debatable. Wanting to keep your teammates safe is not a wrong thing to want. But as for your earlier statement about permitting the older mentors to come back, that I do agree with. They treated your team with respect. Everyone who is pregnant... please take the time off to give birth and have healthy children. When you are back up to speed for being rangers, we can swear you back in."

        Edmund said, "So what you're saying is that having children as a mammal is not okay? Are you going to same about the scaled creatures, whom can lay eggs should sit out as well?"

        Kaoru said, "Edmund-kun... he isn't saying that. Plus you already have a child."

        "Exactly," Edmund said, "When is it going to be decided that hatchlings aren't safe with their parents at risk?" He then walked off, may be jumping to conclusions, but he and Ned both were in a foul mood at this moment. Best not to disrupt him when he's irritable.

        Kaoru hummed, then she looked solemnly at Michael. "Come help me train please, Michael-kun. I'll be ready in thirty minutes." She then walked towards her quarters, so she can change into her exercise clothes. It was rare that she trained with anyone aside from Edmund or Master Ryuu or even Corona, but she knew Edmund was upset and Master Ryuu was embroiled in draconic affairs to oversee.

        Alex said after an awkward silence. "I guess I walked into something I probably shouldn't have. Considering your dragon friend's attitude and that cold reaction from that very definition of a lady that just left."

        "Excellent way of describing the situation, Master Alex," said Blade, keeping his proper stance.

        Michael said, "Knuckles and Ah will join Kaoru in training. Maybe we all wouldn't 'ave gotten distracted with sex and babies, 'ad we been focused on training as a team. Other ranger teams of the age train together nearly every day. Because of our schedules, we were getting together officially once a month save for those living at Club Freedom."

        Thomas said, "If I cannot have my morpher, Michael, then kick me out of your self-centered club. Impulse and I are happy together... plus, I have an apprentice to train. Word of warning, word of mouth about the poor treatment we're getting can travel to the other club members pretty fast." He then got up and used his magic to return to his and Impulse's home in the Celeron hills.

        Terena said, "At this rate, you won't have a team left, Michael."

        Master Ryuu yawned. "If I may, Michael-kun, there is one thing you forget about as a team leader, and that is being a friend to the others. It's the reason you have a club, is it not? Edmund-kun knows you are not targeting him in particular, as he fathered his egg and dragons can lay eggs and be back in fighting form in no time, but what he thinks is his friends are being attacked, and he fears he might be next. Please consider that as you work with my prized pupil of the this generation of the Suzuki."

        The Hermit then looked to Alex. "I apologize for the others treating you like an invisible child. Please come to me with updates on Kazuki-dono's condition, and when he is ready to return, please bring him. The Imperials may not be close allies in my experience, but it was good seeing water drakes around; reminds me of the old days of Ancient Draconia."

        Alex nodded. "Yes I will, little dragon." He could feel time start to slow as the next passing of the Quantum Express was about to happen in about two minutes or so.

        Ryuu quipped. "This Dragon is little by choice; my true form would leave you peeing your trousers. And that is before you get hit with fear aura. On your way, then."

        Michael slowly looked at Knuckles, who could see a familar expression that the Mobian echidna has seen all too often on Cary in the past. It was the look of despair and surrender. His club and friendships meant a lot to him and to say he didn't care was like kicking him out of his own club. The exact same condition Cary often went through. When Cary was like that, training was useless and so was any attempt to cheer him up.

        Knuckles dragged Michael over to a padded seat on the far side of the Mobian meeting hall where he pivoted the chair to face the wall. "It would be very handy for the Arranger to appear in this chair the way he often did when he was needed to answer questions in the old days. We're on Mobius currently and this location is a lot closer to Dreamwolf than Earth would be. So unless you gave up being the elder power of Dreamwolf, then we need you right now. Or do I have to call your wife instead?" Knuckles was dead serious in his threat since he remembered that the Arranger feared his wife the Attorney.

        As if on cue, the chair swiveled back around and the Arranger was seated in the padded seat looking as important as ever. "I am always a call away, Knuckles. What's on your mind, aside from the Master Emerald? From all the stories, one might think you have sex with that big green chunk of Kryptonite."
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Arranging Repairs.
          The red-furred Mobian echidna took the bag of morphers as he folded his arms over his chest and he looked the Arranger in the eye and loudly exclaimed, "Is this or is this NOT... Michael Knight as per the request that Cary had made of you before his team disbanded in 2013? You told him at the time that an untainted non-Were Kangaroo, non-Demon son would have to be derived of pure Lari Knight genetic material, as well as pure unpolluted genetic material from North Lonewolf and since we now know that North isn't even related to the mainstream Lonewolf lineage at all, I am finding this Michael to be more like Cary with ever passing day! So fess up, is this really who we were told it was? His team is on the verge of disintegrating along with his club and he has a look on his face that rivals Cary's jealous and hurt look from 2011-2013! I want an answer now or else I will call your wife and drop this farce into her lap!"

          The Arranger slowly stood up and calmly replied, "You need to calm down before you give yourself a heart attack, Knuckles. As for dropping something into my wife's lap, I would love to see you do that along with this tone you are using with me right now."

          Knuckles took a deep breath before slowly releasing it. "I just want some answers, sir. We are getting tired of playing Musical Demon Chairs with all of the Lari fakes. You were the real Arranger in Australia when Cary made his request. Since Lari was still missing, Cary wanted to do something nice for him knowing that he wasn't the real Lari."

          The Arranger placed a hand on the echidna's shoulder and said, "As the demonic Holy Pouch once said, Lari Knight is where he has always been. She knew where he was and by reviewing history and paying attention to what she was referring to, I also know where he snd the rest of his real team are. They are a lot closer than you think. Robotnik and Ogma are both involved. Since Michael's team are definitely not up to the challenge what with being pregnant and/or expecting, or in Edmund's case, raising a hatchling son... You are going to have to rally Australian allies from across the trifecta of Earth worlds to go rescue Outback Rescue from Robotnik's dungeons. As far as Lari and his friends know, they are still Outback Rescue, but their gear will need a much needed and necessary upgrade. Decommissioned Dreamtime Warrior morphers were to be a temporary solution at best. I contacted Deryk of Parousia and he is making Lari's team an all new set of GO-Rescue morphers specifically for their usage. After their rescue, they will be residing in Kangaroo Town in a suburb made to look exactly like the Blackall they remembered. However, they are still the same age they had been in 2011. Ogma, despite being a prick of a Celestial Authority working for Lady Amaterasu, chose to keep the Outback Rescue from aging once they were captured."

          He then turned his attention to Michael. "I don't know who you are... but you are not the genetic match-up that I arranged. Knuckles was wise to get suspicious when you started acting like Cary. What I created, I can summon. Doesn't matter where the real Michael is. I made him on request, so there is no hiding my creations from me. Therefore, I will exchange you for the Michael that I created no matter where nor what condition he may be. And you better pray that he is still alive because you are about to take his place."

          Instantly in a loud and smoking ring of fire, the fake Michael vanished and a very bruised and nearly expired and bleeding version of Michael appeared as he began to fall over backward as if he had been backed up to a wall and defending himself from some onslaught of an attack! His clothing from the first week after they formed the Freedom Force was dirty and extremely ripped as if something with claws had ambushed him! If not for the fact that the real Michael had one training session from Knuckles before the monsters captured him, he wouldn't have lasted this long!

          The Mobian echidna and the Arranger both caught Michael before he could hit the floor and then they carried him over to a nearby sofa where the injured young man was laid out to be medically treated. The Arranger said, "Let us get Michael back up to speed, Knuckles. It is a good thing you really care about your charge."

          Knuckles then pulled out his communicator and he activated it. "Princess Sally, use the shortcut to come to Club Freedom here on Mobius. Michael needs serious medical attention and no, I didn't beat the Hell out of him. The Arranger can vouch for this. Just come as quickly as you can." He turned off the comm unit as he settled in beside his charge. "I can be rough in training someone; but never like this. We got you home, Michael. I promise... this is no demon trick. Who had you?"

          As Princess Sally arrived, Geoffrey St. John escorted her over to where they had Michael laid out as the young man weakly replied, "Ogma 'ired the Neo-Demons to assist 'im in forcing yas Mobians to surrender Mylanus to 'im. Ah was being 'eld prisoner as the company punching bag to effectually force yas to give in to 'is demands. The Neo-Demons were beating me nearly every day in some dark fiery cavern. They 'ad captured me during a supply run to the store Ah 'ad made when Ah noted that we needed some things. It was a trip that Ah made once a week, so Ah didn't think a thing about it. Ah am glad yas gave me that one training session or Ah would be dead by now."

          The Mobian royal chipmunk then began treating Michael's injuries while Geoffrey said to Knuckles, "You owe the Arranger an apology for your angry accusation when you summoned him here. I may not like certain humans; but I can understand how you feel in regards to Michael."

          Knuckles looked to the Arranger as he sighed and said, "I apologize, sir. But where my charge is concerned, I can get... uptight. I am sure you have felt this way a time or two, haven't you?"

          The Arranger grinned. "Only when I have to give some service for... F-f-Free... gods, how I hate that word." He re-composed his appearance. " that you have the real Michael back, I will send word out to the rest of his club members who may have hurt feelings from the fake and you plan on the rescue mission that I have told you about. Michael and his friends are not up to the task in his current condition. He needs to rest. Show him that you have a heart, Knuckles. He will be a good student; give him a chance to heal first." And he vanished.

          Knuckles was uptight and when he was like that, he was not fun to be around. "Always Mylanus... Stupid Kitsune!"

          And then Thomas magically reappeared in the chamber holding on to Impulse in his arms. "Oh Magi... Michael really is injured."

          Knuckles looked to Thomas as he handed the bag with the morphers over to the Mobian Skunk. "The first task for the Freedom Force is to heal hurt feelings and come back together as friends primarily and then as a team. Michael is in no condition to do any leading in this condition. He was almost killed by the Neo-Demons thanks to Ogma. Work on him, Sally, I need to go fetch our allies from the trifecta of worlds so we can go rescue Outback Rescue from Robtnik. I am taking Sonic, Shadow, Goldie, Amy Rose and Tails with me. I care about Michael, dammit..." And he quickly departed looking as if he didn't want the team to see him cry.

          Geoffrey then handed Thomas back his morpher. "Heal the team, magician; Michael is out of action until he is well enough to get back into the groove."
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Healing the Team.
            During the next few days would be the period of bringing the team back together as friends.

            While Princess Sally treated Michael's injuries, Terena and Thomas met with the rest of the club. "The demons nearly decimated our team without our knowing it, guys," said Thomas. "We need to pull together and bring the Force of Freedom back to the forefront. Michael is injured but getting treatment. The demons had him prisoner since the first week after we became rangers. So when it seemed like no enemy was going after him, that should have tipped us off. We let our guard down and now we need to be strong for Michael."

            Kazuki was only allowed to be at the Clubhouse after being cleared by the Quantum Riders and the Ibex. For the time being, he was not to be left alone in public or travel alone, in case there is Post-Traumatic Stress, or Shuichi would try to take him again and fully taint the Water Prince. The contracted Imagin agreed to be an ally, but prefers to be dormant unless there is a problem that needed to be handled. Dragon Turtles may live in the water, but they are mostly dormant in colder climes unless someone pisses them off. Kazuki had formally apologized to Kaoru when he was allowed back.

            Kaoru was more accepting. Considering Knuckles cancelled the training especially after the discovery of the impostor, she was more willing to re-acquaint Michael with tastes of home. Tonkotsu ramen, Menchikatsu, fan crepes... the Ramen was made by her father, the rest were bought from food carts around Hokkaido. "I was going to talk some reason into the other Michael before I heard from Knuckles-san about the truth.

            Edmund was on a break from tending to Masayuki, but he was still annoyed about how volatile it got for those with families. He was still was a bit skeptical and before he heard from Kaoru about what had happened. He was about to traverse to ask Crya to join the Visionaries. The impostor Michael did a lot of damage, but unlike the impostor, Mireon was up front about his deception when he was found not to be Michael after he laid Edmund's egg. "For Michael," he echoed before heading towards Princess Sally and her patient. He skeptically sniffed their Michael, remembering the scents from his earlier chaotic days to make sure that this Michael wasn't a lie as far as draconic olfactory senses can go. He then spoke softly, which would be unusual. "You may not recognize me as I am, Michael-san, or that I use honorifics, but I am no longer the moody chaos of a half-dragon you knew before."

            The Doragon Red Dragon of Draconia said, "Unacceptable that I could not detect the demon in the impostor. I now have to wonder how many of you are actually whom you say you are. I can discern this with a touch if permitted to perform this honored action."

            Where Michael lay on the sofa nearby, he said, "Anyone would be well within their rights to want to know. Therefore, Ah say... perform this action of a touch if yer 'onor demands yas to do this. Start with me and then perform the action to each of the others. After what Ah went through, Ah would wonder the same thing. Does anyone 'ave any comments or complaints?"

            Raja then spoke up. "Before the dragon tests me... I will remind this group that I am a Rakshasa Sorcerer whom usually stays in full Bengal Tiger form. Humans over the ages have mislabeled my people as demons just as they often called Dragons as monsters. It is like the pot calling the kettle black. Or... it takes one to know one. I admit to my nature up front. Anyone else?"

            Thomas said, "My sister Terena and I are as human and as American as anyone from the Los Angeles region can get. Yes, we come from a family of magicians. My mating with Impulse was a rather weird extra that I was not expecting myself to make the commitment for. I could have ended up as Lord Lampwick's permanent performer in his donkey dimension. He treated me right and he permitted me to give his ears and head a nice 'good boy' rubbing before I gave a performance to his officers. I cannot help but to be attracted to furry beings. Most American teenagers to young adults are closet furries by nature. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many Bronies. Replace Pony with Donkey and I could be the result as a Bronkey."

            Corona remarked, "I am human royalty of India but growing up in such sheltered surroundings often makes a bored child want to have adventures in which I was glad that Michael said that I could join the others in this club. My mother approved from the beginning since she would always know who I would be with. The rest of the Doragon Sentai vouched for Michael to my mother. My business-minded and traditional father was far less reasonable as we found out."

            Kaoru said, "I am the daughter of restaurant entrepreneur Suzuki Takeshi and supermodel Suzuki Maemi of the Denkiteki Sentai Doragonger. I may like wearing dresses and everyone thinks I am a bad cook, but I also am a juikungrate practitioner, just like my father. I am interested in that Kamen Rider we met earlier, but I know tradition. With his family in turmoil, Edmund-san looks up to me as a big sister-figure, even though he's old enough to be my Aniki (first-born brother)."

            Edmund looked up to the Dragon. "I am the only hatchling of a reincarnated dragon Yamada Koji/DoragonGreen, and my father an American Human, Daniel Davidson, whom acts as a Human Avatar of Justice as DoragonSenshi. My maternal father has not been seen since I was able to talk, and my hybridism nearly ripped me apart just as bad as this team was ripping apart because of the impostor. My father is a busy-body, thus I retreated here to the clubhouse where I can be left alone. The visionary Reku helped me to unite both aspects of my species and become a unified half-dragon like him. If it wasn't for Kaoru-neesan's words of reason, I would be gone to the ZyoLegends, and leaving the care of Masayuki to Mireon, as he would learn better the Time Dragon abilities than he would my thunder.

            Kazuki said, "I am of Imperial blood as are my cousins that attack just as our mothers have before we were born. I am seen as the target by both of them for incestuous infatuation or because I am the heir apparent to become Emperor when Okaa-sama steps down - depending on which one you ask. Unlike them, I care for my Water Drakes, and therefore do not send them out into battle when I call for them." He then closed his eyes as he adjusted his square-rimmed glasses. Without the contract with the Imagin that possessed me, I would've been raped and brainwashed by my male cousin, and he would likely have done the same to our female cousin. I am just a target until the time comes when I inherit the responsibilities of ruling from my mother."

            Swifty was cleaning some glasses as he spoke. "I myself face the burdens of being heir apparent as well. Being the only child of the Atlantean King and his consort, I am under punishment to support this team and serve them for bad behavior and nearly starting an international incident between Kazuki-douji and Atlantis because one of our most ancient set of armors answer his call. I may appear human right now because of technology from a different Earth, but I am a Shark native to Atlantis."

            DoragonRed of Draconia began to make his rounds. "Aside from Michael-san, this is a team of Royalist friends who seek a simpler life in the land of Sentai." When he was satisfied, he returned to his seat and picked up his drink to sip it. "It is odd how Deryk Tyler Sherwood could not discern a demon impostor right under his nose while he was here; before Geoffrey St. John had the parents take him away. There is something wrong with that man. It is good that Geoffrey made him leave."
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: The Future of Freedom.
              Michael then said, "Back on topic, mates... when Ah am up to training once again... Will we be able to come together as teams should do or are we simply a group of friends?"

              Thomas said, "We will always be friends first, Michael. But making the decisions we have made may be our accepting greater responsibilities in our lives. And remember... our Battlizers are keyed genetically to us alone which means that no one else can use our morpher/battlizer combinations. Thus when I was told I couldn't have my morpher while pregnant, I remembered that Tamus Frigidus is partnered to my battlizer. Unless someone else were to bond with him, then they cannot use my morpher."

              Kazuki said, "No one else would have access to the Armors of my Battlizer unless they were well atuned to the water element, and have authorization from the ruling family of Atlantis itself." Swifty nodded knowingly. The Imperial Prince continued. "You may be a commoner as far as Red sees, but you are the first friend I ever made. And for that I am grateful." He bowed to Michael with earnest respect.

              Edmund didn't want to aggravate Michael's injuries, so he put a wing over him gently to subsitute a hug. "I believe I owe you at least several flights on my back for putting up with the way I behaved when my dragon and human sides were in conflict, Michael-san."

              Kaoru smiled. "I believe we will be able to do that. So long as our heads are kept level and hearts open." Where was Jack Set when you need him to twist words into something grotesque??????

              At that moment, Sega the Hedgehog (someone who had definitely gone with Knuckles and the others) walked out of a sliding steel door in the side of the base and brought over some healing salves and fruit drinks, setting them down next to Princess Sally and Michael. "Fresh salves and fruit drinks, Sally."

              Terena said, "Wait a minute, Sega... Weren't you off with Knuckles and the others?"

              Sega grinned at the female magician as he rubbed one hand over his wedding ring on his chain necklace. "I still am, ma'am. I simply used the star ship shortcut to go from R&D aboard the ship to return to the base here. I am about to head back right now. The ship arrived in Knothole about an hour ago. The guys are taking an overnight break before the raid on Robotnik's fortress in the morning. Effectively, it is Sunday afternoon on Mobius right now. Any other inquiries before I head back?"

              Michael reached over and gently clasped his hand over Sega's hand. "Yas made our morphers for us, Sega... did Ah ever thank yas for that?"

              Sega shook his head. "You can make good after you heal up, Michael. We Engineering Mobians are good folk over all."

              Kaoru smiled towards Sega. "I sure hope your family is doing well. Say hi to North and that speedy little kid for us." Adam was well-known for grabbing the first garter at Impulse and Thomas' wedding.

              Swifty clarified quietly to Michael as he refreshed the human's drink. "They're talking about Adam Lonewolf, a human son of Shadow with huge feet and Mobian sneakers. Sega's mate keeps capturing him in a bubble when he misbehaves."

              Michael managed a smile at the thought. Although he couldn't do much else since he still hurt so much. "Whomever first said that injury makes a man stronger, needs to be run over by a lawn mower. That's 'ow Ah feel right now."

              Princess Sally said, "With these new salves, I can see about covering you in a Mobian regeneration lotion. That way your time on the sofa is reduced to a minimum. Knuckles is very worried about you, Michael. I think he loves you."

              Michael sighed. "There is no telling 'ow many training sessions Ah owe 'im. Are yer gloves clean, Sega?"

              Sega smiled. "This time, yes."

              Michael pulled Sega's hand over close to his face and he gave Sega's gloved hand a kiss. "Ah will look forward toward seeing yas when yas come back the next time."

              Sega smiled as he turned to return to the star ship. "I am only a call away if you guys need one of us." And he activated the shortcut door and went through it where the engineering room of the star ship could be seen briefly.

              Princess Sally said, "Lets get you out of your clothes as carefully as possible and get you covered in this healing lotion. No one look if nudity bothers you."

              Kaoru respectfully went behind Swifty had her back to the scene. Some things are better left unseen. Swifty just continued his work as is while making sure Kaoru-san's peripheral vision is obscured enough.

              "Nothing I haven't seen before at the Onsen," commented Kazuki in a matter-of-fact tone.. Unlike the others, he didn't show interest in either sexes. Not yet, anyway.

              Edmund nodded; the hot springs were good before he started having a heat cycle. "I wonder if there will be a hot spring big enough to include a half-dragon and his human friends in the entirety of Nippon?" The proper name for Japan.

              Geoffrey St. John said, "Mobo Springs on Mobius is a hot springs resort, if that helps, Edmund. Amy Rose, Rogue the Bat and I all live and work there when we don't have heroic missions to atttend to. Mobian Dragons have used the hot springs before for healing purposes. Mobo Springs is a neutral spot for all Mobians. I am in charge of the police force therein. As long as no one fights, we don't have to put anyone in prison."
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Getting Better.
                It was the following Monday, the day when the rescue teams would be hitting Robotnik's fortress. Since the Freedom Force were on Mobius anyways, Princess Sally and Geoffrey St. John had invited the team for a day at the Mobo Springs' beaches, hot springs bathing areas and carnival.

                Michael was able to move around on his own finally and he was enjoying his day at the Mobo Springs carnival where he was playing games to try to win some prizes. He would be glad when he could resume training with Knuckles who he was really starting to miss.

                "Not bad, young man," said the Mobian German Shepherd barker running the ring toss game. "Three scores out of four rings qualifies you for a prize from these shelves. Take your time in your selection. Princess Sally told me that you were on the mend and we don't want you to have a relapse."

                Michael smiled. "Thanks yas, mate."

                As for the rest of the team...

                Raja, Corona and Terena were taking advantage of the hot springs and masseuse centers, while Thomas and Impulse with their children (along with Thomas' apprentice) were all enjoying the beaches. Thomas was out on a surf board really enjoying himself. Tamus was having ice cream at an ice cream parlor; he didn't like hot weather but this outing was mainly to help Michael heal up.

                Edmund invited Swifty to join him in the hot springs, but he elected instead to watch Masayuki for him and Mireon as they would enjoy hot springs better than an Atlantean. He preferred colder waters. Anyways, the half Dragon set his towel aside and readied himself for the waters. That will take a while before he could enjoy it. A lot more body surface to clean than when his sides were in conflict.

                Kazuki was sitting at the beaches with Aqua Tsunamus. The Water Drake Instructor was more of an observer and an escort as per his family's wishes for him to not be out of base without an escort until Shuichi is found. That gave Kazuki the opportunity to learn some of the more advanced Water Elemental training with the ocean as his canvas. He could sense the Dragon Turtle Imagin within him waking up with the warmth. Hopefully he behaves enough to stick to the contract of being a protector and not a menace.

                Kaoru was looking at the various food stands at the carnival. She enjoyed watching the Mobian cooks make interesting things. She even saw a Chili Dog stand (go figure). She made it a point to sample some of these foods while she is here. Kaoru may be a bad cook, but it doesn't stop her from being a foodie.

                Michael said, "I'll take the red and black Ookami wolf plush. It looks lonely. Of course, yer not bad looking yerself."

                The Mobian German Shepherd barker retrieved the colored Wolf plush and handed it to Michael. "Come on by any time, young man. I have a son your age. My name is Geoperman. I know, it sounds like Jeopardy. Geoffrey knows that I run an honest carnival booth here."

                Michael carried his prize over to where the team were using the hot springs pools and he sat in a seat at a table near Princess Sally. "Look what Ah won, mates?"

                Edmund was curiously looking at the Ookami plush with a bit of skepticism as he soaked. "The forlorn look in his eyes reminds me of something. I can't put my finger on it."

                Back at the beach, Kazuki made a form of a bestial Dragon Turtle (after seeing how they are depicted in tabletop Role-playing game lore). Trying to give an impressive image to the waking Imagin within. It was taking a lot of focus and stability then he remembered how he acted when he was first possessed by the Imagin within, and how he violent and reckless he was in punishing Shuichi before he escaped. It snapped him out of focus, and the Dragon Turtle-shaped Elemental roared as it melted into water and landed back in the sea. The Water Imperial was white as a ghost. The memories of the trauma were still fresh within him. A bold and exuberant voice rang through his head in Imperial Japanese fluency. As expected, you are still scared of my august form, young Prince. At this rate, it will take a century for you to earn your shell from me...

                The voice of the Dragon Turtle Imagin frightened him even more, and he broke in a cold sweat. The training to face his fears was going to take longer than expected.

                Tamus and Raja were seen together walking up the beach toward where Michael was sitting with his plush prize. "A moment of your time, Michael," remarked Raja. "Tamus was just telling me that all of this slow regeneration to bring you back up to speed seemed a bit underhanded to keep you out of the action. While he cannot grant regeneration as a drake, I do have that capability in which no one thought to ask me if I would regenerate your body so you could resume both training and the leadership of not only the team but of your club of friends. In fact, this could have been granted to you by any god or elder power yet you were handed over to the Mobians for a slow nursing method of healing. I am not disputing that Knuckles loves you, Michael; but to force you to heal slowly is a bit too much after everything you went through to put this club together. Therefore, Tamus has asked me if I would perform a regeneration on your body since the dragon gods and the Arranger both chose not to grant the miracle themselves. I was concerned for my mate Corona or else I would have healed you when you first arrived. Will you permit me to grant you this healing that you deserve to receive?"

                Thomas approached the scene carrying his surfboard. "Tamus is right to voice this concern, Michael. Even I knew the gods and elder powers could put you back in the proper shape, but for some stupid reason, they refrained from doing so. I know that Kaoru is Master Ryuu's main concern. Had she ended up with the injuries you sustained, he would have been right there to give her divine healing. The Arranger was point-blank and he never offered to heal you. Instead, after handing you over to the Mobians, he left. I think the Attorney should be contacted to ask her if the Arranger did indeed make a trip at Knuckles' request. I am beginning to wonder if he was even here since Raja and Tamus are now bringing up the healing issue. And I wouldn't want Raja to waste his regeneration power on another fake." Tamus whom had been quiet up to now spoke up to ask, "Michael, what animal of choice did the Japanese pantheon grant to you in the beginning? If you are the real Michael, you will know the answer to this question."

                Tails' image was then present as official witness since he was the one who had crafted the Force Morphers originally with Sega and Sony's assistance. "We're waiting, slomo... and its not something we Mobians like to do! And for the record, I did contact the Attorney about the Arranger's visit. She said he has been in his office with her point-blank for the last several days. When I told her what was up, she had some flowery words to say about it. That means those words appeared as the funny symbols in the comic books."
                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Fourteen.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Walk of the Hengeyokai.