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[2T-PR3] PRFF-12 Once in a Mobian Moon

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-12 Once in a Mobian Moon

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Twelve: Once in a Mobian Moon.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala-Al-djinhm, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Mentored By:
    Lord Deryk Arledge Devlin, Amethyst Cosmic Battlizer Ranger; Kangaroo of Lost Legends
    ~~ Holy Pouch; "Chosen" son of Lord Kiel
    Also Starring, Power Rangers Outback Gaiden: of Marshall, NT, AU near Kings Canyon
    1) Lars Mistpaw Knight, Red Donkey Outback Ranger "the leader" (Son of Lord Lari Carington Knight and North Lonewolf) Starhoof, ASA Were-Donkey - From Lord Tarnado's realm
    2) Dakota Ethan Knight, Silver Boomer Outback Ranger (Son of Col. North Dakota Lonewolf and Lord Lari Carington Knight) Unnamed, KSP
    3) Rayce Sonarpaw St. John., Tao Shadodrak Outback Ranger (Son of Lord Rusty St. John and Lord Studpaw)
    4) Dash Celeron, ??? Outback Ranger (Son of Lord Timmy Celeron the Hedgehog and Nitro the Hedgehog)
    5) Roger Yojimbo Lamar, Solar Mobian Hedgehog Ranger (Solar the Hedgehog)

    Also Starring:
    Federation Rangers: (The Lunar Nights Club)

    Reginald "Reggie" Maxwell, Flying Were-Fox; Red Federation Ranger
    Glen Douglas, Swimming Were-Frog; Green Federation Ranger
    Ariel Chevalier, Hopping Were-Kangaroo; Tao Federation Ranger
    Lucian "Luce" I'wai, Roving Were-Dingo; Gold Federation Ranger
    Cinda "Cindy" L'amor, Catering Were-Drake; Pink Federation Ranger
    Grey of Clan Tailblaze; border guard and scout; Gray Federation Ranger
    Eclipse of Stars Divide Clan; pest Exterminator; Blue Federation Ranger
    Courier of Wise Wealth Clan; messenger and jeweler; Silver Federation Ranger

    Guest Starring, Kamen Rider Metal Beast:
    1) Robby Thunderstar, Gundam Horse Rider, Red
    2) Gregory "Greg" Sterling, Gundam Otter Rider, Blue
    3) Kaela Bryant, Gundam Owl Rider, White
    4) Electra Montgomery, Gundam Jaguar Rider, Gold

    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Tamus Frigidus: A white drake courier ally to Thomas (can change his size)
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form (Corona's husband)
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)
    Mireon Prince: A male time dragon medic who temporarily filled in for Michael from eps 9 thru eps 10 (Dragon Mother to Edmund's egg)
    Prince "Shiloh" Fairswift II: The son of King Owen and Consort Evan of Atlantis; the heir to the Atlantean throne (currently under a punishment)
    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    Parousian North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog (Married to Sega)
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron-Copperfield: the Purple Hedgehog (Married to Thomas Copperfield)
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Lord Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog
    PRFF Enemies:
    TBA - Michael's enemy
    Shuichi Sunahama, the Sand Prince - Kazuki's enemy
    TBA - Corona's enemy
    TBA - Thomas' enemy
    TBA - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy
    PROG Enemies:
    Saucher, a group of alien warriors whom employ poachers to hunt off Outback Wildlife to clear the land to make it more open to claim the land's resources.
    Chapter One: Celeron and Copperfield.
    Celeron Hills, Mobius 2030 A.D.; Impulse Copperfield's Estate
    Impulse's House

    Princess Sally and Antoine Coyote along with Geoffrey St. John (posing as the royal minister) were at Impulse's estate to join Thomas Copperfield with Impulse Celeron. Thomas' parents and his sister, Terena, along with Gregory "Greg" Sterling, Yellow-Cloud the Werewolf Trader of the Gold Rush Clan and the Freedom Force were seated on the Copperfield side of the folding chairs; All of Impulse's family through both sides of Impulse's lineage (including the Musketeer Action Order and all manner of Mobians from Nitro's family) were seated on the other side of the folding chairs. When the vows were made, Thomas and Impulse kissed each other deeply. They had plans for later that night. But during the wedding there were other traditions that still needed to be accomplished.

    The music playing in the background was Raising Sweet Kane's Kiss The Boy song.

    Thomas said, "All ladies who want to participate in catching the bouquet please gather at the end of the aisle. Whomever so catches the bouquet according to tradition will be the next female to get married. I must turn my back as I throw the bouquet over my shoulder and high into the air. Good luck to whomever catches the bouquet. For you guys, there will be another toss and catch availble for you to participate in. Everyone will get a chance."

    Thomas then turned his back and then he threw a bouquet of flowers over his head to the back side of where he stood and high into the air where...

    ... it somehow overshot the ladies and landed in Fairswift II's lap! Kaoru turned around and gasped, then couldn't help but to start laughing! "Swifty-chan!"

    Swifty, his name being cumbersome for the others to say, was given this pet name. "What?" He held up the bouquet with much skepticism. "What does catching this symbolize?"

    Edmund's was bewildered, but somewhat amused as he whispered it to the visiting Atlantean Prince (on punishment) Swifty's eyes widened. "No... no... anything but that!" He was shocked as he threw the bouquet back in the air.

    Edmund laughed. "You caught it, Swifty-chan... there are no do-overs."

    "I'm too young to get properly married!" protested Swifty. "This is worse than my parents' punishment!"

    After Thomas removed his pants and permitted Impulse to remove the garter from his bare leg for the garter throw to the boys. "Remember guys, The boy who catches this garter will be the next boy to get married/mated. Getting pregnant doesn't count since Mobians are all the time getting each other pregnant for reasons unknown. Good luck to all." And Impulse then made the garter throw over his shoulder where...

    ... A whole bunch of Mobians tried to catch it, but a red blur managed to grab it! It was Adam Lonewolf, son of the Man in Silver. He was grinning mischievously as he raised the garter up expecting some power-up to happen. And though he was dressed to the nines, he always had boomerangs strapped to his belt. He took a moment and looked up at the garter. "Aww man, this is no gold ring!"

    Feeling upset over him catching it, North the Hedgehog fired his bubble gun to capture his nephew. "You promised to be good, Adam Maseo..." He activated the tether function. "Now we'll have to talk to your Mom and the Man in Silver."

    "No fair, Uncle North!" griped Adam, trying to use his oversized feet to kick his way out of the bubble and using his boomerangs to smash at it. North the Hedgehog rolled his eyes. I hope this doesn't happen when his father gets married in Earthian Christmas Eve.

    Impulse couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable. "I didn't expect that would happen, Thomas..." He was laughing nervously, a young wild child grabbed the garter thinking it was one of the gold rings of Mobius.

    Thomas smiled as he pulled his pants back on. "Its okay. We have more garters to throw if anyone wants a second chance later. But now for a Copperfield tradition. My father told me this one when he learned that I was getting married. He had done this back when he was getting married to mom as did his father and so forth had done. It is an important tradition to keep magicians in the world at large. I can apprentice up to twelve students at a time; but this one during the time of marriage gives the apprentice to be 'special privileges' to attend to our needs during our private moments later on. For this, I will be using a soft rubber and plastic wand for safety's sake. If it hits the ground it will bounce back into the air until someone catches it. The first who does becomes 'Apprentice Number One'. So for this, anyone interested may participate. Remember there will be another garter throw after the cake is sliced and the food and drink are served. Thanks to everyone who brought us the huge pile of presents. I sometimes feel that this close to Christmas, I may not deserve this kind of gift giving. Also, the Holy Pouch will be giving out non-harmful wishes, one per wedding attendance customer. These wishes cannot be harmful to another Mobian nor can they steal from good people simply to benefit yourself. Now, let us see who wants to be a magician and my special apprentice for the duration." He turned around and he pitched the rubber wand over his shoulder unsure if anyone would want to learn magic from him for the next few years. But it was a family tradition and a special privilege. The wand twirled when thrown and...

    ...It was caught by a teen age Mobian male Rainbow colored Spotted Skunk, a nephew of Geoffrey St. John. The moment it was in his grasp, he was magically attired in the outfit of a magician in training. "Um... I caught it. WOW! What an outfit! Dad could never afford to give me something this nice! ...I am not worthy..." He looked apologetic for catching the wand. But tradition dictated that he was now Thomas' apprentice. Black fur with rainbow spots all over his pelt although his head fur was white like the rest of the family.

    Thomas walked over to the skunk and said, "What is your name, apprentice?"

    The rainbow spotted skunk seemed to blush as Thomas had placed an arm around his shoulder. "I am Austin St. John, Master Thomas."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Making Friends.
    Mobian Mud Flats 2030 A.D.; (a swamp of both mud and tar)
    Although Greg received one of the first few slices of cake and some fruit punch to go with it, he was now wandering by himself along the bottom most portion of the Celeron Hillside close to the edges of the Mobian Mud Flats: a swamp of both mud and tar. It didn't smell foul at all and perhaps that was part of the lure for young Mobians. He soon saw a group of nude Mobian wolf boys caked in black mud playing in a sticky pool of the flats that had berry bushes shielding this particular pool from hillside eyes. Greg had found the one lone opening where he could see these Mobians he walked over and sat down on a fairly large smooth rock within full view of the muddy wolf boys.

    One wolf boy came over close to Greg and said, "May I have a bite of your cake, mister human?"

    Greg replied, "Sure. Here you go; open your mouth." And when the wolf boy did, Greg broke off a piece of the cake with icing and plopped it into the wolf boy's muzzle whom chewed it and swallowed it.

    "Thanks. You are a nice guy. Hey Bayto, this guy is willing to share his cake with boys like us." He returned to the other wolf boys and joined them in the sticky wrestling pile they were in.

    Greg wasn't sure which Mobian Wolf Boy was Bayto since none of the muddy wolves glanced his way when the one said the nice thing about his sharing his food with them. In a manner of speaking, Greg actually liked wolves despite many of the European Werewolves of Gaea being assholes. Yellow-Cloud was an American Werewolf whom was a really nice moon-touched stud and fun to hang out with. Greg removed his shoes, socks, pants, underwear and shirt as he sat there so as to give the Mobian muddy wolves something better to look at. He was almost sweltering in the Mobian heat while wearing his good clothes. But now he could relax and maybe make some new friends. His human best friend just got married to a Mobian in which Thomas had been interested in. Must be the hedgehog allure. That's what got Lord Timmy and North the Hedgehog into the trouble they got into. Greg wasn't into Hedgehogs like his friends; he was glad he found some Mobian wolf boys albeit boys sticky in gooey mud and tar.

    While the boy sat there, he didn't notice how the smooth rock he was seated on began to become less and less solid as his butt sank down into what felt like a warm suction hole as a wolf cock and knot tied with him from directly beneath him. Only then did Greg realize that he sat down directly on top of a larger teen age Mobian wolf boy of whom he was now planted in the wolf's lap and the wolf had sat up to hold him from behind with his black nose directly over Greg's shoulder. "Hi kid. I'm the one they call Bayto. That is short for Beethoven. Most humans get pounded by the Celeron Hedgehogs in this area. You are lucky if you managed to keep them off your ass. What do we call you?"

    Greg replied as he clenched his anus on the lupine cock and knot inside of his bottom. "Gregory. But my friends shorten that to Greg. May I offer you the rest of my cake and fruit juice?"

    Bayto opened his muzzle and Greg place the rest of the cake into the Mobian Wolf's muzzle and waited for the guy to chew it up and swallow it before opening his muzzle again for the promised drink which Greg poured into his open mouth carefully. "My little brother was right, Greg. You are a nice guy. As a matter of fact, all of these wolves are my brothers. We are part of the Claypaw Pack here on Planet Mobius. How would you like to join our pack as an honorary member? You can gain full membership status later the next time you come to see us."

    Greg hrmmed. "I'd like that, but how would I get from Earth to your pack on Mobius the next time? I got a magical ride with my friend Thomas Copperfield and his family this time for my friend's wedding. An Atlantean she-male shark caught the bouquet. Everyone laughed when he panicked after hearing what catching the bouquet meant."

    Bayto laughed out loud as he began unloading himself into Greg's backside. "Since you are accepting honorary membership into our pack, I will give you the power to make the crossing to come see us whenever you like. But to pay for joining the pack this time, You gotta get muddy with my brothers to show us that you mean it. You will get gooey and messy but that is a small price to pay without getting pregnant. I wish some Mobian species could control their libido; like I can."

    Greg smiled. "I just have to wallow in the mud with your brothers? I'll gladly do that, Bayto. As soon as you release me from your lap, that is..."

    Bayto finished up the accidental sex with the nice boy as he eventually helped the boy off of his tool and then... Greg turned and gave Bayto a kiss on his muzzle before wading out and joining the wolf boy brothers in the mud. Greg was instantly coated in thick sticky mud which felt like getting encased in chocolate fudge. And then he was in the middle of the wolf boy brothers who wrestled with him and showed him a real good time. Bayto grinned. "If I had been the alpha, then Greg would be transformed and pregnant right now. That's why it is a honorary membership. I hope he chooses to come visit us again another time. Ludwig will have a field day with Greg's backside."

    At that moment, Sonic and Tails were standing beside Bayto. Sonic said, "You can be friends with Greg, Bayto. But he will need to be human for the trip back to Earth. Tails and I were getting bored with the wedding and we were about to zoom off and get some chili dogs. Can we bring you anything in exchange for you treating Greg in a friendly way?"

    Bayto dug out a Mobian 20 dollar bill and handed it over to Tails. "Bring me back a chili Dog supreme so I can share it with my brothers and Greg. I actually like the boy, Sonic. You hedgehogs are all the time getting the cute boys. Sometimes I wish your species could learn how to control your libidos. But then the fun would likely end on Mobius."

    Tails laughed. "Perhaps the Hedgehogs will control their libidos when the wolf boys stop playing in the mud and tar."

    Bayto then said, "I'll make you a deal, Tails... I stay out of the mud for twenty-four hours in exchange for Sonic staying submerged in chili fixings without eating any of it for twenty-four hours. Think of how yummy Sonic will smell afterward."

    Sonic made a face. "Swimming in chili for a whole day without eating any of it? That is so gross!"

    Bayto then said, "Sonic, there are some countries on Mobius who lay a severed hedgehog penis in a bun and smother it in Chili fixings and cheese before serving it to unsuspecting customers. You could be eating another hedgehog's penis and never even know it."

    Sonic really made a face at that thought before he zoomed off into the distance with Tails following along laughing.
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Fun in the Fortress of Freedom.
      Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D., December; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
      Freedom Fortress

      That evening at back in Japan, Deryk the Pouch on a call to Royal Consort Evan Sidarius finished the report to him. "...And when your son caught the bouquet and was told what it meant, he was horrified citing that he was too young to be married. He said it was a worse punishment than the one your mate gave him."

      Evan let out a really loud laugh. It interrupted his evening guards' focus. "That is rich! My son a blushing bride in a Mobian Wedding!" Once he calmed down, he felt some pain in his sides. "I guess we have to blame ourselves for raising our son so winningly naive about non-Atlantean ways of life." He was still chuckling about it. "It's still early in his lesson, though. Fairswift still needs to learn the lessons. A bit of dumb luck, no matter how hilarious it is doesn't get him off early for good behavior."

      Deryk the Pouch then said, "Ah performed another detoxification cleansing just after the cake and drinks were served at the wedding." Meaning that his area effect cleansing missed Greg and the wolves whom were both outside of the range of the detox spell. "'opefully now the libido of the 'edge'og will be more lessened than it 'ad been before. My visitation to other rangers and their teams 'as been greatly decreased. Ah shouldn't be tiring so easily, Ah cannot understand why Ah am experiencing such a power drain as Ah use my abilities. Ah really should get some rest, Evan. Fairswift II is conducting some chores with Kaoru's supervision as we speak. Pouch out." He ended the call as he got up with a yawn not fully understanding what was going on with him. He never used to feel so exhausted before becoming the Holy Pouch. He headed toward his designated sleeping quarters.

      Shadow whom had been keeping his eyes and ears open narrowed his own eyes when he heard the Pouch's admission toward experiencing a power drain. "I need to interrupt Knuckles' training session right now. I think we are all in great danger." And he took off at a run toward the teleporter leading to Club Freedom in Mobius' Great Jungle. Upon arriving in the alternate Club Freedom, he saw the rest of the Freedom Fighters, various members of the Freedom Force and the Hedgehog Rangers having some sort of meeting at the bar counter of the duplicate Freedom Club. "Good, you are all together! We have a major problem!"

      Goldie said, "Have a seat, Shadow," the female gold echidna indicated an available seat at the bar; She was personally behind the bar. "For Shadow's benefit, I will repeat what I just told the rest of you. Just after Deryk the Pouch Devlin's purification spell upon the reception, I felt all of my Mobius Negative powers increase to an unheard of power level. His cleansing spell had the opposite effect upon me. It pulled out abilities from my home dimension that I had long since quelled. And this is bad since I could personally wipe out the entire Earth with these powers."

      Shadow then made his statement. "I overheard the Pouch say that he was experiencing a power drain when he used his powers. Every time he conducted a huge cleansing, he would get very tired and very weak. Because this sounds familiar to me, I now bring this to the Hedgehog Rangers' attention at this unofficial meeting."

      Knuckles remarked, "It goes beyond that, Shadow. Everyone at the reception lost interest in sexual fun save for Goldie who suddenly had an increased interest in mounting several of us, especially Tails. Sonic admits that he is normally all gung ho at weddings but even he and Tails felt bored after the so-called cleansing effect and when they were heading off to get chili dogs; another thing that would normally excite him, they encountered Bayto who had been playing with Greg Sterling just outside of the reception's radius it was obvious that Greg was still very sexually aroused as he played with Bayto's brothers. We suspect that this cleansing is an anti-procreation spell and the only being whom was ever experimenting with a spell of that nature was Lord Sebastian Kiel Kananatoth; An evil and powerful demon 'unting kangaroo joey." (Lost Joey Justice and PROR-33 Changing Dreamtime Part 1: Chaotic Dreams reference.) "This entity can only possess unsuspecting joeys of the Kielson lineage. The last time he tried to do this, Roolock blasted his ass out of the Dream Version of Lord Deryk of the Ranger and Rider Academy on New Adalia to the void beyond. Now it seems that he has possessed the real Deryk Devlin whom is currently the new Holy Pouch. And as sad as this will be to say, it takes Elder powers to defeat an asshole of this nature. However, this fucker made a grave mistake in possessing Deryk Devlin of Parousia. He is already possessed as the living prison of the Soul Reaver and if she is released, she will attack Kananatoth as Poor Deryk burns on the ground under the battle. He certainly doesn't deserve to burn twice. The question becomes: How do we save him? And undo all the damage that Kananatoth has performed on good people throughout Dreamtime and on Mobius."

      Knuckles now turned to his fellow Mobians and Freedom Force friends. "All suggestions are open at this time. Remember: the only one whom has ever fought this bastard is Roolock."

      Kazuki felt sad for Deryk the Pouch. "How can something bad happen to such a good person? Being a living prison and having to deal with all that?"

      Edmund grunted. "You said this happened to a dream version of Deryk Devlin. I might guess that there were no witnesses to the battle that happened in a dream."

      Knuckles said, "There was one witness whom now resides in Ottercrest. Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf. It would be a simple task to call him from this version of Club Freedom. I am so glad we copied the original club."

      But before Knuckles could place the call.

      Within the Freedom Fortress, Deryk the pouch suddenly sat up in bed as he felt the taunting summons of the powerful demon lady in Australia. And he vanished out of his bed in a tremendous blast... which wrecked his bedroom. The noise alerted all remaining members of the Freedom Force in the Fortress itself.

      Not long after that explosion, a white out effect struck the entire Earth and all over Planet Mobius as well. And everyone's natural ability was restored to like new. Even Deryk's bedroom had been repaired; as Roolock and Parousian Deryk Devlin (albeit still in his Kangaroo of Lost Legends form) appeared in the bedroom and Deryk was laid out into his bed as Roolock pulled the covers up over his resting body. "Now to guard my nephew."

      Shadow and Sonic said at about the same time, "What just happened?"

      Goldie remarked, "I don't feel the power increase anymore. I am back to normal and you boys have erections. You might want to go take care of those."

      Michael grabbed a hold of Knuckles and said, "Ah owe yas a focused training session, Knuckles. But if yas would like my 'elp in taking care of yer arousal, Master/Apprentice Style, then it is the least Ah can do for my Sensei."
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: The Week After.
        Knuckles was not training Michael on this particular morning since both he and his student were pregnant and staying in a bed within the main hall of the Freedom Fortress. "This is kind of embarrassing, Michael. I was trying hard not to have this happen."

        Michael whom was in his male Mobian Echidna form replied, "I enjoyed it as much as you did, so I am just as much to blame as you are. We will resume training when we get over this. Good thing I shifted into my Echidna form before we did this together."

        Mireon and Amy Rose were preparing breakfast for everyone whom was still laid up in bed. When Mobian males party; watch out.

        Goldie stayed on monitor duty just in case.

        Edmund was watching over the egg, when he noticed a crack forming. He started to look at it skeptically, but it cracked again... and again. He pulled out his Force Phone and set and got Kaoru on the line. "Get Mireon-san's tail in here, even if you have to drag him out of that library."

        Kaoru was sipping some morning tea when she got that call. She would help, but everyone in the team will know the hard way how bad of a cook she is. "Did you hear that, Mireon-kun? It's about the egg."

        Mireon looked to Amy Rose. "Hold down the fort, princess. I need to go check on Edmund." And the male time dragon headed off into Edmund's chambers.

        Solar the Hedgehog (Roger) said, "I looked in on Deryk the Pouch a moment ago and Roolock told me that his nephew still needed some necessary rest. How did I manage to remain as the only Mobian male who didn't get pregnant last week?"

        Amy Rose said, "You are a fire hedgehog, Roger. I would imagine that no one wanted to burn their weenie off."

        Swifty was working to clean the pots and pans and dishes as they came. He was finding it tedious to come. "Is that also the case if he was on top?"

        Kaoru had a spittake. "Swifty-chan!"

        Swifty flinched. "I'm sorry, Miss Kaoru."

        Michael said, "Is it still quiet on our original hill, Solar?"

        Solar replied, "No bad guys yet. Rouge the Bat and Tails the Fox are keeping watch."

        Knuckles grinned. "Probably just as well since most of the team are incapacitated with a bun in the oven."

        A call was coming in from Port Ottercrest to Club Freedom's Earth branch. It was a regular caller, considering their VIP guest was still resting under Roolock's watch.

        Solar went over to the big monitor. "Freedom Fortress, Solar the Hedgehog speaking. Who is calling?"

        Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf appeared on screen, resting his stump after the consistent use of the prosthetic. "G'day Solar. I was just calling to see if Roolock 'ad an update on 'ow the 'oly Pouch was doing." After hearing the concerns from Vlad and the frustration from Kiel, he was worried about the entity he witnessed Roolock fight before. But he thought it was part of the dream... something he was going to have coffee with Lord Kiel about later.

        Solar replied, "I personally checked on Deryk the Pouch earlier and Roolock whom is still here said that his nephew needed some more rest. Roolock did say before we found him guarding Deryk that the two evil entities were banished within a Celestial Crystal Cube at the same time; both still locked in their combat with each other. The Holy Pouch is truly free and is no longer a living prison; he has made a full recovery but is still under an enforced bed rest by Roolock whom is making sure evil cannot get back into his nephew."

        Alexander had the eyebrow furrow. "So he was real and a real threat..." He thought it was all in the dream. The one before he was made real and Storm Horizon was made to exist. Though Alexander's emotions about it was strong, Silver was resting on a nearby perch, his eyes closed. "Ah will 'ave someone bring some tastes of 'ome once 'e gains 'is strength. Ah owe the Pouch that much after all 'e did for my stepson to be and the were-roos on my force."

        In the background, Mireon was heard to say, "So adorable; he has your looks and the time dragon markings. You should feel privileged."

        Solar quietly remarked, "Edmund's egg finally hatched just today. A true Hanukkah dragon."

        "You should feel privileged as well, Mireon-kun." Edmund was heard saying. He then looked into Mireon's eyes with a look of kindness and respect. "He is your son as well as mine. And I know nothing about what it's like to be a Time Dragon."

        Mireon said, "He is a dragon of your type with pretty gold scales; he just has the time dragon markings. He may develop abilities from both sides."

        Solar then asked Alexander, "When is Silver going to lay eggs?"

        "The bloke never mentioned a paramour before..." hummed Alexander. "But its more likely that Ah would 'ave children before 'e talks about 'is, if 'e 'as any." He heard a sleepy remark in his mind from Silver, as the mini-paragon stretched. Good save, partner. YAAAAAAAWN!
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Mobian Summer Day.
          Due to a sudden fall in temperatures in Japan, the Freedom Force migrated over to the Mobian Club Freedom where it was more tolerable currently. In the Great Jungle it was still as warm as being in July even though it was clearly December. Roolock made sure to move all Rangerx, Mobians and friends over to Mobius' Club Freedom. Deryk the Pouch was feeling better and was now up and around to get reports on what all was going on. "Uncle Roolock... Detoxing and blessing the Dreamtimers and Were-Kangaroos was first; but cleansing Dreamtime is just as important. If it was truly created by a demon then a lot of our friends there in are in serious trouble as well. While I know most of them would not want to move, it either needs to be cleaned up or removed and new one put in its place."

          Roolock replied, "That will be a difficult task seeing as 'ow the Dreamtimers are very territorial. They may take offense to your yanking the rug out from under them."

          Across the chamber, Amy Rose and Princess Sally were assisting Knuckles and Michael with their child births. Knuckles had done this before; but this was Michael's first time. He was in agony.

          A duo of courier roos zoomed in with boxes for Deryk the Pouch and the Freedom Force that smelled like very fresh baked goods from Earthian Australia, and a card on the box for the Holy Pouch with a friendly note. Each of them would be recognized as twin Junior Couriers Roonip and Kindpaw. They both said in tandem,"Special Delivery of goods from the the Bakers of the 'oppin' Fresh Bakery in Port Ottercrest. Made from scratch this morning with no artificial flavors, colors, dyes or preservatives."

          Kindpaw said, "My package is addressed to the 'oly Pouch." He zipped over to to set the package before the Holy Pouch with a humble bow.

          "Mine is for the Freedom Force and their friends," chimed Roonip, presenting his to Kaoru bashfully.

          Both said together. "Already paid for by the Sheriff of Port Ottercrest."

          The pink satchels they wore proved they were trained to do the cute announcements by Lady Parcelpouch. How cute!

          Kaoru smiled and accepted the package from Roonip. "Kawaii! For the Freedom Force and their friends, I accept this package." She nodded her head in respect.

          Edmund chuckled a little as he watched over his napping hatchling with a cooing sound unusual for a blustering half-dragon.

          Deryk the Pouch said, "Ah accept this gift and Ah give yas a message to return to Lady Parcelpouch. As the current 'oly Pouch, Ah am about to recreate a new untainted Australian Dreamtime that will 'ave the perpetual Summer environment that all decent Dreamtimers love. Anyone whom seeks to remain in the demon created Dreamtime are free to do so but they will find that Dreamtime dislodged from the rest of the Spirit Lands at large. Those preferring the original Dreamtime are merely supporters of the demon Lady whom created it in the first place. Anti-Mom admitted to creating the corrupt Dreamtime multiple times over. The Corruption 'ad nothing to do with over-excessive fornication; it 'ad to do with embracing the demoness' gift. Those whom prefer the first Dreamtime albeit created by a demon are simply 'er followers..." He paused as he rubbed the courier's head. "That is the message in full, cute stuff."

          Roolock smiled. "Well stated, 'oly Pouch. Just like in the prophecy."

          Michael screamed in more agony at that moment which caused the Holy Pouch to go over and apply numbing calming waves and relief to the leader of the Freedom Force.

          Kindpaw documented the message in his courier's journal and hopped up. "This bloke 'is 'aving 'is first-time delivery, yer 'oliness?"

          Roonip zoomed up and grabbed Kindpaw by the, well... kind paw. "We must be on our way, Kindpaw... If the Pouch gives yas a message, we must deliver it."

          "What are yas afraid of Roonip? Dad said yas snapped at 'is paw when yas came out of Mum." Kindpaw quipped.

          Roonip avoided answering the question. "We can get back to Kangaroo Town through New Adalia. Lady Parcelpouch is expecting that message if the 'oly Pouch is sending it."

          Kazuki adjusted his glasses, looking towards the others. "Sounds like someone is not fond of watching child-birth."

          Deryk the Pouch replied, "Knuckles and 'is student got pregnant together. It is the young student's first time with an echidna. Apparently echidna quills 'urt more than 'edge'og quills do. Ah am applying magical strength as well as 'ealing energy to 'elp the birthing become more pleasant to deal with. Besides, Michael almost has the second one out of 'imself. Knuckles, yas only 'ad one; why did Michael 'ave two?"

          Knuckles grinned. "I imagine it is because of the Master Emerald's energy that I absorb by my guarding it so much. It makes my seed more potent which is why I try not to inject it into people very often. Shadow got me knocked up a long time ago which is why I gave birth to Nitro. Had I mounted Shadow, it would have been Nitro and a sibling."

          Deryk the Pouch pondered, "We know Thomas and Impulse are both pregnant again. I wonder if Corona and Raja managed to make good with a pregnancy yet."

          Roolock smirked. "If the Freedom Force needs some immoral 'elp to get knocked up, let me know. One elder powered spell and everyone can 'ave that feeling."

          And then both Echidna children were safely out of Michael's echidna tail hole. He was fortunate that he had assumed the echidna form before Knuckles mounted him. Now he just wanted his backside to be healed and regenerated. "Someone 'eal my ass please." Deryk the Pouch started to, but Knuckles stopped him.

          "No, this is part of Michael's training lesson. It must heal naturally on its own. I will make it up to him during the next time off I give him."
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Prism Force.
            Terena Copperfield arrived at their headquarters in the company of Sega. "Hello Freedom Force. With my bother and his magic on hiatus, I convinced Sega to make me a Force Phone morpher of my own so I could temporarily take my brother's place in your team until he returns. I will be the Prism Force Ranger, until Thomas returns. If you will permit me to take his place. He will have trouble participating in anything with as fat as Impulse made him recently. Must be that Celeron blood heritage."

            Michael who was thankfully back in his human form once again preparing baby bottles for his and Knuckle's children said, "If you want in on our zany action, Terena, I won't say no. Prism is a creative choice, I will admit."

            Edmund, whom let Mireon take care of their son for a while, rolled his eyes. Obviously the Ned side thought of her as a pest. "I wonder what Tamus-san would think if he had to merge with a girl?" A hint of humor from the Edmund side.

            Kaoru smiled, and brought Terena a tray of the Hoppin' Fresh bakery goods. "These are pretty good. You might want to try them while they are still good, Terena-chan." She bowed and presented the tray like a proper lady. "Let's get along, if you please."

            Terena took a baked good before saying, "Yellow-Cloud and Tamus both informed me of what would be expected of me if I filled in for my brother. They also said that I should mention that Greg hasn't been seen around the neighborhood since the Mobian wedding. His parents aren't worried about him yet since he may have gone out to check on the rest of his Gundam Beast friends."

            Sega said, "His Gundam Otter Skimmer is still parked in the Gundam Beast garage."

            Michael whom was glad to be back in his human form albeit with thick squirts of aloe all over his anus and between his legs where the echidna quills had raked over his sensitive parts. "Greg is a big boy, Terena. But if 'e is missing for too long, we will search for 'im. 'e is Thomas' friend after all."

            Corona said, "Maybe one of the other Mobians saw where he was during the wedding. He might have made friends with some locals. I did notice that Sonic seemed to have lost his appetite during the wedding."

            "Maybe," Kazuki said while adjusting his glasses. "I was just looking forward to seeing whom Swifty-chan's Husband is going to be."

            Swifty shouted, "That is not funny, Ouji-sama!" As part of his punishment, Swifty was taught to use honorifics for the Princes and Princesses on the team. He was doing some cleaning. and he looked quite funny in the outfit he was wearing!

            Edmund laughed a rather loud dragon laugh. "That sounds like a bride if I ever heard one!"

            Michael then poked his head into Deryk the Pouch's room. "Roolock?" And of course the Immoral Kangaroo Lord was there nose to nose with him. "If Deryk is still trying to get some rest, could yas locate Greg Sterling for us. Reports were that 'e went 'ome after Thomas' wedding except now no one in Los Angeles knows where he is; not even Yellow-Cloud nor Tamus. Could yas please look into where 'e is just in case? Ah am asking yas so the 'oly Pouch can resume recovering 'is powers without interruption."

            Roolock nodded his head. "Ah will do this for yas blokes. And yer right, Deryk is recovering the powers 'e 'as been using. Most of Australia was a real mess."

            Michael then focused on the others once again. "That takes care of finding Greg. Roolock will locate 'im and then Ah will owe the big lug a kiss and an immoral grope."

            He then walked over to the Club Freedom master database to answer club email from the 200,000 worldwide fans. "Man... Ah've let this really get be'ind. Ah need to update at least the guys whom were wanting to come spend the Summer with us this year."

            Corona walked over and looked over Michael's shoulder, "Is this the gay list or the mixed company list?"

            Michael replied, "Mixed, of course. They are club members, naturally."

            Swifty stopped working on his chores after noting that Kaoru's cup of tea was empty. He put on some Atlantean-specific oven mitts and picked up the tea pot. "More tea, Kaoru-nee?" said the Prince-under-punishment.

            Kaoru looked up from her messages to a particular Rider she fancies. "No. I'm good thank you... why don't you see if the others want some refreshers as well, Swifty-chan. I'm sure Michael will be working a long time on drafting emails for the worldwide fans."

            "Of course." nodded the Shark.

            Michael said with a smile. "Ah just came up with the greatest idea to grant six lucky club members a paid ticket to come spend time with the rest of us 'ere at Club Freedom. Ah recall the Toon Titans did this in one of their earlier comic books. We 'ave the club members write a small essay about why they like various members of the Freedom Force and 'ow they would like to be like them. We choose the six best replies covering each of the six of us and then we pay to get those six winners 'ere to Club Freedom for an all-Summer Freedom Force Summer 'oliday. What do yas think, Corona?"

            Corona replied, "Some of our club members have atrocious grammar and hand-writing skills but they do have good ideas. If we are going to do this idea of yours, then we need to be fair about this. 200,000 members but only six winners overall doesn't sound very fair, Michael. How about six winners per season instead? Only North Americans get Summer holidays and you said you wanted to be fair to our club members."
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Like Christmas Pie.
              Roolock appeared just outside of Thomas and Impulse's hill top home where the wedding had occurred a week or so earlier and he focused his powers out toward the nearby swamps. "Okay Greg... yer personal energy signature is emitting from the shores of that swamp. This 'as to mean that yas met someone after yas watched the wedding and before yas went 'ome at the end. Since yer no longer on Earth and no one can find yas, yer new friends must 'ave transported yer ass back to Mobius for naughty purposes. Time to find where they are keeping yas at." And he began to track Greg's energy trail being careful to avoid the sticky swamp goo.

              Back at Freedom Fortress, Deryk the Pouch emerged from the bedroom as he headed toward the bathroom chambers. "Ah never thought 'e would leave." He noticed Michael inside the bathroom where he gave him a hug from behind. "'ello Michael. Want to keep me company for a bit while Ah relieve myself and then see about finding some food. Roolock finally took 'is eyes off of me."

              Michael giggled, "Sure Ah'll keep yas company, mate. Yer among friends at Club Freedom." After escorting Deryk the Pouch into a toilet stall, Michael leaned up against a wide wall and said, "Ah get the feeling yas are more our own age than what everyone in Dreamtime is trying to force yas to be."

              Deryk grunted as he did his business. "And yas would be right, mate. Ah stopped aging while Ah was recovering from my excessive burns in Spiritland the first time. Ah was barely seventeen then. So Ah am still a young joey despite what everyone else is forcing upon a young bloke like me. Now that Ah am the 'oly Pouch, Ah get to feeling playful with these powers. By the way, Where is yer buddies Kazuki and Edmund? Ah saw Kaoru and Fairswift earlier. And Corona was helping yas with the club database."

              Michael grinned. "Terena was cleaning Thomas' club bedroom since 'e left it so messy before 'e got married to Impulse."

              Edmund walked out of his chambers, carrying Masayuki, his Dragon Hybrid son. Although the child was made of mutual affection (though Mireon was disguised as Michael), he was still 3/4 dragon, and had less human-like features compared to his father. "It is my turn to take care of Masayuki while Mireon works and gets some rest." He then said, "I haven't seen Kazuki-san since this morning when he was teasing Swifty-chan about being a bride."

              Swifty was napping in the large bathtub in his quarters in the sea water after being done with a good amount of the chores assigned to him. A small taste of home, even though he didn't have the same pleasures that his suspended status allowed.

              Deryk the Pouch remarked, "Ah do 'ope that Kazuki does not forget that Shuichi still 'as it in for 'im."

              Michael smiled. "If 'e let 'is guard down then his ass is plundered for sure."

              The Holy Pouch then asked, "Before yas decided on making a club contest, did yas 'ave a list of club members that yas would really like to 'ave 'ad come in to spend time at Club Freedom with the rest of yas?"

              Michael arched an eye. "Yeah, but since yas were resting under Roolock's gaze, 'ow did yas know that Ah 'ad a list of the chosen few?"

              Deryk slyly grinned. "Just because the 'oly Pouch is resting doesn't mean Ah cannot open invisible eyes throughout Club Freedom to see what yas blokes are doing. Tell me about some of these chosen few, if yas would."

              Michael smiled as he gently rubbed on Deryk's hair with one hand. "Well, first up is a guy that Thomas brought to our attention. 'is father is a British secret agent. The day before 'e joined our club, 'e 'ad an argument with 'is father and 'e told 'im that killing was overrated. Mark Peyton is assigned a bodyguard to protect 'im no matter where 'e goes. 'e cannot even pass wind without three or four scientists showing up to analyze the contents of his flatulence. 'is own words when 'e joined us. 'e said we were so lucky we 'ad the freedom to make a club and run it 'owever we liked."

              Deryk the Pouch laughed over the description of the young man. "Who is next, mate?"

              Michael grinned. "Back when Edmund was called Ned and before Kazuki started hanging out here more often then usual, we spoke to a young man over the Freedom Chat Room whom was doing miniature dragon research. He said that a small winged lizard had taken up residence inside of his grandmother's barn and it loved apples and berries. It wouldn't talk to him and he was trying to earn its trust to get it to open up and speak to him. The boy's name was Balto Scout. Shortly after we formed the Freedom Force Rangers, Balto fell off the radar. He was nice to talk to. I really want to find him. Corona had communications with a girl who said being a princess was the greatest thing in the universe. Corona often had these lengthy arguments about how royalty was a pain in the ass. The young lady's name was Natalie Brook and she said she lived in Queens, New York. Kaoru still communicates with a club member who politely discusses points of interest with her. She's into gymnastic training. The only thing missing is Master Ryuu. The young lady's name is Moira Dane. And last on the list is a boy named Arnie Governor. 'e said that 'is ancestors 'ad the surname changed to that. Arnie likes mythical canines and seems to know more about them than most books can reveal; or 'e is making it up. But it is fun just to listen to 'im weave 'is tale."

              Within an industrial strength garage to the side of the Freedom Fortress, the rangers heard Roolock reappear with a resounding sudsy SPLASH! And what sounded like Greg bitching loudly while trying not to drown in the detergent bath that Roolock was forcing the young man to endure! "Yas better be glad someone reported yas missing, Greg! Or else no one would 'ave known yas were in trouble with those stinking Mobian Wolves!"

              Michael slyly grinned at Deryk the Pouch, "Sounds like Roolock found and rescued Greg from whatever sexual pudding 'e was stuck in."

              Roolock was growling, "Yer not leaving this detergent bath until yas don't smell like Mobian Swamp anymore! P!U! My boys at 'ome don't even stink this bad during a joey mud dip! Don't make me call Clarissa to scrub yas like a little baby!"

              Deryk the Pouch grinned. "Be vewwy vewwy kwiet. Roolock is bathing gwegs!"
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: The End of a Punishment.
                It was a week later in Club Freedom. The Atlantean Bodyguard David was due to arrive for his check in to evaluate Fairswift's performance under his punishment. But at least Fairswift II's punishment was nothing like Greg Sterling's punishment back in the States when Roolock handed the boy over to his parents in the nude.

                Deryk the Pouch smiled at Roolock. "Ah am glad yas got that stink off of Greg before yas gave 'im back to 'is parents. 'ow long was 'is grounding?"

                Roolock smirked. "It ends on Christmas morning just after 'e gives 'is oogly relatives a kiss on the lips."

                Michael was back to training with Knuckles in the training room. Michael had not complained once. The pain of training was nothing compared to birthing out Echidna children.

                Corona served morning tea to Deryk and Roolock. "Is this to be the last day for our endentured servant?"

                Deryk the Pouch replied, "That is up to his bodyguard."

                David was escorted in happily by Atari; he shown politeness and was one of the best guests they have. The Bodyguard was carrying a self-defense weapon in case Swifty needs to defend himself. It looked like a bronze staff with a hand guard that was shaped from the top portion into the style of a Hammerhead Shark. It was an Atlantean hoplite's staff. It looked slightly taller than his screened human form, but would look smaller once he changes. "It is good to see yas again, 'oly Pouch, 'ow's yer 'ealth?"

                Deryk the Pouch smiled to David. "After much rest, Ah am better and Ah am closer to remaking the new Dreamtime. Ah 'ave spoken to Were-Shark Spirit King Sekolah in regards to the Were-Shark Spirit water lands that once existed in 'is youth; we 'ave determined that those waterways may exist once again in the new Dreamtime. Ah 'ave even restored much of 'is original temple and palace at 'is own request. And what of yas, David. 'ave yas 'eard from yer twin in Avalon any?"

                "Deryk 'as made 'is choice to leave Atlantis," said David with a frown, He turned off the Screener and returned to his Whale Shark Atlantean form. "As did Ah when Atlantis became my 'ome." Meaning either he tried and failed, or he wanted to leave his brother to live his life without his impulsive twin." He then said, "Some of the fish-mongers in town 'ave noticed yer presence when yas went to the town with the Freedom Force for food provisions. As Ah am still yer bodyguard, Ah need yas to learn 'ow to defend yerself while Ah am recalled."

                "Is that why you brought a Hoplite Staff with you?"

                David pulled out an orb, showing the graphic results of a bloody harvesting for edible meat, with excess waste. "There was a time before your father realised 'is destiny was linked to Atlantis, my Prince. The lesser sharks and some of the Atlantean Refugees that chose the lesser form to survive have been victimized by the opportunistic people. They sent their ships, they caught the lesser sharks and our brethren in the sea. They cut off the only edible meat in Sharks... our fins, only to discard the rest back in the sea. Without fins, they died. Ah overheard some of the fishermen talking about your fins. They want to find you and take their harvest, only to make one thing that even your maternal father the King despises to this day. Shark Fin Soup." He then said, "When the King came to power, he found it most difficult to talk with countries that were endangering our kind, since they still enjoy the delicacy that is that tasteless soup. And they were in turn resistant for his requests for them to cease hunting down our endangered brethren."

                "I have already spoke with your father, and though your penalty must stand, he authorized you to use one of these, but it's a very old staff. It has a two-minute recharge time after one shot." the Bodyguard handed it to Swifty. "Please learn use it wisely, for the defense of this base, for the safety of the defenseless, or should any person dare tries to take your fins. However, should you use it as an opportunity to free yourself from punishment, your overseers will contact the Citadel."

                "As much as I resent having this punishment, Bodyguard," said the punished Prince, holding his arm-fins as if they pulsed in pain from seeing such abomination. "I like being around these people, even if it means being the one that does menial labor. I won't try anything and you can take that message to my fathers. He laid the staff in front of him, disgusted by the idea that humans would kill for fins. "I will try not to be a hindrance to them."

                David then said, "Ah will go to the King with this and let him know you wish to stay should he change 'is decision. I make sail for Atlantis at sunset and under human guise."

                Deryk the Pouch then said, "We all 'ave much work to do and Ah 'ope to get it done by the deadline. The Freedom Force are a fair lot of young people. Despite their leader's earlier failings, 'e 'as advanced greatly as a caring Red Ranger for this group. And to think 'e only 'ad to give birth to a set of wire bristle brushes to get 'is act together."

                Corona leaned against Roolock as she laughed at the Holy Pouch's joke. "I am sure Michael was not enjoying that adventure in birthing echidna children. That would be like birthing out a sea urchin."

                Roolock chuckled. "There are worse things in life to birth out for a 'uman male, Corona. Ah know we shouldn't laugh, but in times of mirth, laughter is the best medicine."

                Raja then said, "Corona laughs now, but wait until she births out a Rakshasa cub in a few months. She won't think it is so funny then."

                Terena walked up and looked to the Holy Pouch. "Michael mentioned that he might need help in locating the missing club members who fell off the scope way back when the Freedom Force Rangers were formed originally. He said that if it took a Holy Pouch wish to rescue these people, he would do that. We realize you are busy with the new Dreamtime, but this is something more than Michael would like answers for by Christmas."

                At that moment, Corona's Force Phone rang and she lifted it up to answer it. "Corona Al-djinhm speaking. Make it good." "I had heard that you bowed down to marry a filthy beast. How could you marry outside of your species, you worthless bitch? Watch your back, Orange Force Ranger. I, Stylus Fulton, was released from prison this morning. I was willing to let by-gones be by-gones until I learned that you wallowed with filthy animals. Human kind must rid ourselves of filth like you." Raja grabbed the Force Phone and he growled, "You come near my wife and I will wipe you out, Fulton!" CULL-LICK!!!! The echo of the ending of the phone call was heard all over the chamber.
                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Twelve.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Freedom Lost and Found.