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[2T-PR3] PRFF-11 Celestial Freedom

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-11 Celestial Freedom

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Eleven: Celestial Freedom.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala-Al-djinhm, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Mentored By:
    Lord Deryk Arledge Devlin, Amethyst Cosmic Battlizer Ranger; Kangaroo of Lost Legends
    ~~ Holy Pouch; "Chosen" son of Lord Kiel
    Also Starring, Power Rangers Outback Gaiden: of Marshall, NT, AU near Kings Canyon
    1) Lars Mistpaw Knight, Red Donkey Outback Ranger "the leader" (Son of Lord Lari Carington Knight and North Lonewolf)
    2) Dakota Ethan Knight, Silver Boomer Outback Ranger (Son of Col. North Argon Lonewolf and Lord Lari Carington Knight)
    3) Rayce Sonarpaw St. John., Tao Shadodrak Outback Ranger (Son of Lord Rusty St. John and Lord Studpaw)
    4) Roger Yojimbo Lamar, Solar Mobian Hedgehog Ranger (Solar the Hedgehog)

    Guest Starring, Kamen Rider Metal Beast:
    1) Robby Thunderstar, Gundam Horse Rider, Red
    2) Gregory "Greg" Sterling, Gundam Otter Rider, Blue
    3) Kaela Bryant, Gundam Owl Rider, White
    4) Electra Montgomery, Gundam Jaguar Rider, Gold

    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Tamus Frigidus: A white drake courier ally to Thomas (can change his size)
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form (Corona's husband)
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)
    Mireon Prince: A male time dragon medic who temporarily filled in for Michael from eps 9 thru eps 10 (Dragon Mother to Edmund's egg)
    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    Parousian North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog (Married to Sega)
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron-Copperfield: the Purple Hedgehog (Married to Thomas Copperfield)
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Lord Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog
    PRFF Enemies:
    TBA - Michael's enemy
    Shuichi Sunahama, the Sand Prince - Kazuki's enemy
    TBA - Corona's enemy
    TBA - Thomas' enemy
    TBA - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy
    PROG Enemies:
    Saucher, a group of alien warriors whom employ poachers to hunt off Outback Wildlife to clear the land to make it more open to claim the land's resources.
    Prologue: Michael's Vacation.
    As seen previously in PRFF-08 Freedom and Fortune, Chapter Eight: Like a Dragon Magnet.

    Michael hung up on Corona as he put his force Morpher Phone away as he noticed one of the dragon scholars wearing a lab coat motioning toward him from a side door way. He walked over to see what the dragon wanted and once he stepped through the doorway, he found himself in a chamber with several dragons who were all sprawled out on cleaning salon beds. The Scholar dragon then said, "These city guard dragons asked me to bring you in here so they could talk to you about various sexual interests, if you don't mind."

    Michael smiled. "I'll be glad to speak to them. They can ask me anything they want to talk about." The scholar dragon then departed the chamber closing and locking the door behind him as he returned to his library chambers. Unbeknown to Michael, he was within the Elite Breeding and Slit Mating chambers for dragons who were close to their heat cycles. And they had requested a human boy for socializing purposes. And they managed to get Michael in their chamber for the duration. Michael walked over closely to one of the dragons who seemed to be rubbing one scaled claw over his own slit and thighs. "So, you guys wanted to talk to me? That's why I'm here. I am always open to socialize as long as I don't have to enter a training session. My instructor is brutal."

    The dragon glanced down his chest at Michael as he said, "You might want to remove your clothes before you help us but after that, could you help spread some dragon oil over our slits and nether regions between our legs and under our tails. Mine is itching like crazy. Not to mention I feel like I could plow an elephant's field, if you know what I mean."

    Michael powered down before removing his clothes and morpher. Then he said, "As long as you promise not to get me trapped inside of yourselves, I will permit all of you the chance to mount me. It wouldn't be the first time I've permitted dragons, drakes, and slit mates the opportunity to do that with me and it probably won't be the last time either. Show me that you can be good in bed and I'll grant you permission to join Club Freedom as my special guests."

    Every dragon in the medical ward smiled as they all lifted their heads and said, "In Bahamut's name, we promise not to try to get you stuck." Then one other smart dragon said, "However, our mates may have other ideas. So if it does happen, please do not fault us for their behavior."

    Michael said, "Agreed. Mates often plot and plan without their lovers knowing about it. Now let's get this dragon oil spread around." And after a good sponging of dragon oil, the mounting and sex proceeded as Michael felt somewhat stretched as each dragon got a turn in his backside.

    Normally he only permitted drakes this privilege to have sex with him; but because these city guard dragons had given their words not to trap him, he was letting them show him what they were capable of. If Michael thought he could trust Edmund like this, he might have allowed his friend the chance to play with him. But since Edmund was going through puberty and he only had eyes for Thomas, Michael would have to play with dragons where ever and whenever he could. He had half a mind to permit Nitro to mount him.
    As seen previously in PRFF-09 If I Could Turn Back Time, Chapter One: To Rescue A Knighthood.

    Thomas then said with a bit of perturbed off-standing annoyance, "We learned that Michael is entertaining several of your city guard dragons who are in a Heat Dampening Medical Ward. And when I say entertaining, he is permitting them to have sex with him on the prevision that they do not try to trap him in their slits. They supposedly gave their words that they wouldn't and Edmund isn't too sure he can believe it. But since it is Michael, we cannot do much about it. And when Michael is down, Kazuki and I become temporary team leaders."

    Meyr'curess said, "If our dragon guards gave Michael their word and something happens anyway, we will free and restore him. I want to show that we dragons have been keeping our end of the bargain."

    Corona then asked, "So what is the overall plan in regards to this time trip?"

    Meyr'curess replied, "I escort a few of your team with me where we find about when the Knights were to be coming to Australia and then we magically copy their family and transport; then we leave their copies in the past to continue with their timeline while we set the originals to auto-teleport with full memories to arrive in the present day time period at the property they would own. Then we see about helping Lari to achieve his Musketeer lordship once again. I am sure we could get Lord Tally and Lord Brock to help us with that. I would say Kiel but he was convinced that we dragons could not uphold our end of the decree only to have that backfire in his face. Turns out that the Roos have that problem and even the Holy Pouch admits this truth when asked about it."

    Sonic the Hedgehog then said, "I only see one flaw in your plan."

    "And what is that, Hedgehog?"

    Sonic folded his arms over his chest. "The demons destroyed the original city of Blackall not long after Dreamtime War started. New Blackall was built outside of the Kangaroo Academy on the Kimberly Plateau. The Knights original home was never rebuilt in the new city. So in order for them to appear on their property, you dragons will have to spare the Knight home in Classic Blackall at its original location with an invisibility shield around their home so no one during the beginning of Trigram Boomers start detects their home being there. Otherwise, it will simply be destroyed again during when the demon fake Lari appeared their in the zord fight on top of that location."

    Meyr'curess sighed. "Its always something, isn't it?" He then looked to Edmund who was standing nearby with his team. "Do you have anything useful you want to add?"

    "I must abstain from joining you in this venture," said Edmund. "I am a half-dragon and therefore would stand out like a sore thumb, unlike shisou." He was using the proper term to address Master Ryuu, so they know that it was Edmund that was talking. "Plus I am having a struggle keeping a dragon's libido in check. Thomas-kun was often a target of one-sided affection. I would like to remain to make sure Michael-san is okay."

    "I'll go in his stead," said Master Ryuu, riding on one of the Heavyweight Puppets he secured during his trip to Tatsu-Lan. "And if there is opposition that pushes us to the limit, then they will get to see why that would be their final mistake." He was talking about the dragon instructors' true forms. Only Rocket has been known to use it more often than Raker, Gong and Ryuu, but exceptions were known to happen. But he wouldn't do anything to disrupt the timeline; he knew how Time Dragons govern... it made him bitter as an instructor to think of that snag.

    Meyr'curess then said, "Edmund, you may go make sure Michael stays on the outside of the slit if you would like. Just remember that if you try to make him not have activities with those dragon guards, he may choose to tell you off and do it anyway. You will be allowed entry into the medical ward; just try to stay out of trouble yourself. I also find it strange that no one thought to ask us if we had any half-dragons in Dragon Dome city; you might be surprised to learn that we do have a small faction of half-dragons in the city. Some are half-human; others are half-Mobian; We even have a few half-kangaroos. Some of the hybrids have chosen to crossbreed themselves to make newer species. They are a clever lot and quite educated."
    Within the medical labs, a drake had brought Michael a drake costume to wear while applying dragon oil to the guards. Since Michael was already naked and partially coated in oil himself from the few sessions he had already had with the dragon guards, he chose to don the drake costume which went on very easily, but felt sticky around the insides of the neck and head of the costume. Thinking this was not quite right, he tried to pull his head out of the costume only to find himself stuck fast due to his skin around his neck and head which was not coated in dragon oil sticking to the goo within the head. Michael had the drake take him to a Time dragon medic for assistance in releasing the sticky stuff within the costume so he would not be trapped in it later.

    The Time Dragon medic whose name was Mireon explained, "It will take some time to make a solvent to unstick you from the goo holding you within the costume, Michael. You would have to wait while the solvent finished boiling and later cooling before you could apply it within the head of your costume. My colleagues will help you make the solvent. After you are free, you may keep the costume to repay you for any embarrassment sustained while you were stuck in the costume."

    Michael then asked in a sweet way. "Are yas capable of changing yer form, Mireon-san? Say into a 'uman like my original form?"

    Mireon replied, "Ah can do that easily, Michael-san." And he did it to show that he could do it. "'ow is this, mate?"

    Michael smiled. "After yas get yer colleagues to make the solvent, maybe yas could fill in for me back at Club Freedom. Yas can call it a chance to study a group of friends and Mobians in their 'ome environment. Please? Pretty please? Ah really need a break from Knuckles. Ah will make it up to 'im later. Ah will instruct yas in the Club routine so yer not found out. Minus my training with Knuckles, my life is pretty easy." After Michael instructed Mireon in what to do, Mireon asked his colleagues to make the solvent for the human stuck in the drake costume. And then the time dragon wearing Michael's appearance with his original scent and his voice went back into the medical labs to resume Michael's job for him.

    As seen previously in PRFF-09 If I Could Turn Back Time, Chapter Three: Michael's Romp.

    Once Ned was permitted entry into the medical ward, he was shown to an available bed where he could rest since the male dragon nurses assumed that Ned was experiencing heat the same as the city guard dragons were experiencing. And despite being city guards, they were dragons from scholar dragon stock; none of those here were dragon of the Warrior Dragon variety at all. Michael was undressed; his clothes folded neatly on a side table; and he was gently entertaining each dragon by being positioned in their laps. Never were a single dragon on top of him.

    Michael remarked upon seeing Ned/Edmund. "If Ah knew yas wanted attention, Ned, we could 'ave done it back at Club Freedom, except yas implied that yas only wanted Thomas back then. Ah chose to respect yer wishes but Ah cannot resist my dragon and drake fetish which is why Ah offered to personally 'elp these guys. They are from Scholar stock and they see this as a chance to study 'uman be'avior technique during sexual situations. They are not looking for mates. Even though Ah 'ave laid a few eggs already for them. Ah really don't mind. Ah would rather be doing this than 'aving the shit beat out of me by that psycho echidna during what 'e calls training exercises."

    The Scholar Dragon under Michael turned his head to look at Ned. "So you are an Earth-born half dragon; I have often wondered if there were any difference between your kind and those of the Tatsu-Lan stock. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be any difference."

    Edmund said, "To be honest the thought has crossed my mind... especially now since both sides of me aren't in conflict." Unlike the unbalanced time, the human side was more interested in Michael than Thomas. He then looked to the scholar dragon. "Up until a recent trip to Tatsu-Lan, my human and dragon side were unbalanced until I underwent a ritual that helps with the unity." He decided to give these dragons a chance. Michael has seen him naked before, but this was the first time he saw him in this state.

    Hearing about other Half-Dragons has left Edmund curious. "I have met only one half-dragon before, and his parts are on the outside, like mine are now. Is it normal for half-dragons to have that feature, or is it ones that have human lineage?"

    The Scholar Dragon rubbed a scaled hand over Michael's bare back with a smile. "Different half-dragons develop differently. I have seen many variations. From dangling bits, to full scaled sheathes, to internal slit cavities containing either penises with knots or full internal sheathes. The norm for full dragons are slits, obviously. You can always tell a half-dragon by his slit and/or anal opening under their tails. If you would like to meet a few, they can be found in the Tao sector of the city."

    "Perhaps in due time, I will be able to without making a fool of myself. I still remember being knocked out by Matsukaze-san." stated Edmund in a calm manner, and smiled toward Michael. "I regret that my dragon side had only tunnel vision when he was having intense thoughts about taking a mate." He slipped out of the kimono gently and lounged. Though he looked big between the legs, he really was small between the legs compared to Reku. He sat down, the only scales showing on the leathery half-dragon body of Edmund was under his arms and around his pubic bone and softer scales on his scrotal sac. He looked rather average and proportionate to human standards as far as his body from the neck-down. He then said. "If you want to include this reforming half-dragon, then I wouldn't mind learning from you how to be... intimate." As much as Ned wanted to mount somebody before the intervention to balance the halves, Edmund can admit that he was inexperienced in the use of his tools.

    Michael glanced over at Ned and repeated what he had said to the scholar and guard dragons within the chamber. "Ah am willing to assist only if yas promise not to get me stuck inside of yas. While Ah do 'ave a scaly fetish, Ned, which is why Ah didn't mind yer staying at Club Freedom in the first place, Ah 'ave to insist upon safety first so that Ah can remain 'uman enough to be 'elpful to the next dragon, drake or other scaly who may want to ask me for my assistance. These dragons easily made that promise. Do yas?"

    The scholar dragon added, "While we could have betrayed his trust, your friends are with our king and he was informed of our promise before he headed off with others on the time trip. If you came here simply to provide protection to your friend, then perhaps you may not believe in his capability to be a good leader for your team. He made a leadership decision."

    Michael remarked, "Ned knows me better than most do. Back at the club, 'e never 'ad an interest in me aside from simply wanting to be a friend. But once Ah turned 16, 'e made a pass at Thomas, our magician friend. When Thomas tried to return the affection, Ned lost control of 'is dragon fear aura and it made Thomas not want to be around Ned anymore. But when that Ice Drake Courier showed an interest in Thomas, Ned's dragon jealousy emerged and that made the relationship even more rocky. Not once during this rocky relationship did Ned ask me to 'elp 'im out intimately until he learned that Ah 'ad chosen to 'elp more scalies with their 'eat problem and suddenly 'e came 'ere instead of going with the team to try to patch things up with Thomas. Ah don't know if this is simply more dragon jealousy or something else. Ah 'ave 'ad flings with the sand drakes. Ah probably would 'ave done the same with Kazuki's water drakes except 'e never 'ad any around where Ah could play with them; Kazuki was always so nervous about summoning them for tasks." He then looked to his friend. "Do yas make the promise, Ned?"

    Edmund closed his eyes, as if both his sides were conversing with each other for a moment. Though the united half-dragon flinched a little bit, it seems as if they weren't arguing with each other. To bring things to make others think, his length was comparable to that of a certain Cowboy infamous for his libido."Both my sides agree," said Edmund. "My dragon side was more fixated on Thomas-kun when my sides were in chaos. I would shift between human and dragon form often, but my dragon side was more prominent. As a balance, I owe a lot to you, Michael-kun... I wouldn't bring harm to you even if chaos still consumed both of us. When I underwent a ritual to face my dragon side, I was the human that was scared of the dragon within. I couldn't do anything to influence my dragon's decisions when his emotions were strong. I've been always at odds with my Kaa-san and his foul attitudes. Tou-san is like Kaoru-neesan's Tou-san... both 'Ned-san' and myself are unnerved by it."

    Edmund looked toward the full dragons at this point. "Although... Ned-san did bring up a point when I was seeing if he would hold to our word if I gave it." Edmund flinched once again at the Dragon humor that unnerved him when he was wanting to be on the same page with his dragon side. "He wondered with our physical form being as it is... how could a human fit into the shaft of a human-like outer penis with such limited space... he can imagine it with Matsukaze-dono's massive tool, but not with ours."

    The scholar dragon and a guard dragon gently dipped Michael up to his neck in a barrel of dragon oil with lubricant evenly mixed into it before lifting him out and setting him down into Edmund's lap where the human smiled at his friend and said, "Oil and lubricant lotion will make me fit even on the largest tool in the chamber. Besides, I've had lots of practice, Edmund. As for Ned, He may find my body more fun than Thomas' body. If only Knuckles was more open about sex than he is about beating the Hell out of me." And he got started on Edmund/Ned.
    As seen previously in PRFF-09 If I Could Turn Back Time, Chapter Five: Verifying the Mission.

    Corona smirked. "Michael would be all over the little squirt even though Rocket claims to be straight."

    Varvara remarked, "Your leader is like that? Perhaps he isn't even human himself; he could be a dragon or a drake in a human's body."

    Meyr'curess hypothesized an opinion at that point. "If he is indeed a scaly in human form himself, then that might explain why he cannot find his true parents. We know he was asking the other scholar dragons for information in regards to whomever his parents could be before we made this trip."
    As seen previously in PRFF-09 If I Could Turn Back Time, Chapter Six: Scholarly Pursuits.

    With a female Scholar Dragon escort, Michael and Edmund were visiting the Library of Time where the female Time Dragon Librarians took care of the archives while their mates were assisting the Rangers and the dragon king on their time trip. The escort said to the librarian, "The Freedom Fighters' leader, Michael Knight, seeks to learn of his parents whom he cannot find a single trace of no matter what source he goes to. Not even the Arranger could give young Michael a direct answer and he was supposedly the one who had arranged for Michael to exist in the first place. Perhaps the Time Dragons could shed some light upon this anomaly?"

    Michael was listening but he was also admiring all of the time crystals all over the chamber. There didn't seem to be a single book nor scroll within this library.

    Though was amazed by the sight of his first egg, Edmund was still aglow in the reduction of his symptoms. He definitely enjoyed his one-on-one time with Michael. Luckily he wasn't giving the full-blooded Time Dragons a look of his goods; he was wearing his uniform. He could tell that his Ned side was satisfied. If the dragon side was a kitten, he'd be purring. Aside from the glow, he was curiously looking at many of the tomes the Time Dragons, and some of them date back before the time of Ancient Draconia (what is now the Japanese Archipelago).

    The librarian placed a scaled hand upon Michael's head and examined him carefully for a few minutes. "There is something familiar yet off about this human. Come... we will see what the Light of Time has to say about this young man." And she began to escort Michael over to a table that had time crystals shining above it.

    As Michael lay on the table, the librarian lowered he Lights of Time down closed to Michael's body and she examined archaic dragon runes as they appeared just above the crystals themselves. "Now let us discern what anomaly is making this child of Adam seem so familiar..." She suddenly went rigid as she back up a step. "Oh my... I never thought I would experience the day when I would ever witness such an abomination!" The way she spoke intoned that she was afraid of something the Lights of Time revealed about Michael.

    "An abomination?" The Half-Dragon popped out of thinking what Ancient Draconia was like, and looked at the Time Dragon while the Lights of Time examined Michael, the mother of his first egg and valued friend. "What did you find, onee-san?"

    The Time Librarian explained, "The Lights of Time say that your leader is a son of the Red Royal Dragon of Tatsu-Lan force shaped into a human baby when the egg was still undeveloped. The Royal Dragons are a special army of dragons who can transform into unusual Dragon Zords. But when they are in their non-zord forms, they are like any other full sized dragon. This means they can lay eggs like any other dragon. One of the Red Royal Dragon's eggs was stolen while it lay in the nest and it was altered to receive the genetics of the human boy, Lari Prince of Blackall, before it was force shifted into a human baby and sent to Japan to be raised by Alastair Zavierio, a very honorable human man in his own right. Lari Prince has recently resumed using his birth name, young man, and thus, your father is the Red Royal Dragon of Tatsu-Lan as well as well as Lari Prince on the human side. This would make you Royal Dragon Prince Michael Prince, should the Royal Dragon accept you as his son. Otherwise, you could drop the title entirely and simply be Michael Prince. In effect, Lari is your father and Royal Red is your paternal mother."

    Michael looked a bit upset at this news. "Great... Ah 'ave Devlin Lonewolf's problem in reverse. Instead of a 'uman child force shifted into a dragon egg, Ah am a dragon egg force shifted into a 'uman baby. Devlin will likely sympathize with my situation. 'ow could the Arranger be so stupid?"

    The librarian replied, "I am making that inquiry to the Lights of Time right now. And... oh my... it appears that the real Arnold Ranger had Royal Red's permission to take a sterile egg that had surpassed the length of time for hatching and that egg became the miracle subject for your creation. The Lari Prince of Blackall originates from Dreamwolf's Superhero Dimension where they do not have Power Rangers. When you had an opportunity to speak to an Arranger, it was a demon copy who had been instructed to lie to you on who your parents were. Soluella had created several demon copies of important people to trick the current rangers and riders into thinking that the originals had returned, except she made a mistake when Roolock encountered her Arranger fake and he remembered that he had met the original. Roolock once told the Rangers back in the Boomer Force days that in order to have Elder Power, you have to be born with the potential. He knew the fake was a false one on sight and it was he who contacted the real one and let them know what Soluella was up to."

    Michael then asked, "Could yas please verify that the paternal dragon mother is from Tatsu-Lan? Ah do not want to go present myself for inspection if 'e is NOT the true parent. Ah recall that one of the Arrangers once told me that both parents were Dreamwolf born. If the dragon were a Dreamwolf based Dragon, then 'e and 'is kind may not be from the standard Tatsu-Lan at all; but a version of it that may seem similar. Please ask the Lights of Time to check for that possibility."

    The librarian nodded her head and focused on the Time Crystals once again. "It was good of you to reveal that aspect of the knowledge you had been given, Michael. The Lights of Time are now telling me that the Royal Red it is detecting is from the Mobian embassy within Dragotopia, a Royal Red Mobian Dragon. The Lights of Time go on to say that Seth Sidarius of Dreamtrail has met up with a distant relative of your true father when he had the power to call the Royal Dragons. Your Great-Grandfather was the original Dragon Arcana Ranger of Briar Bay, California in Dreamwolf back when they experimented with introducing Power Rangers to Dreamwolf. His name was Alexander McGinnis Sitaris; known as Magnus to his friends. His daughter Iona Sitaris married a man whose surname was Prince and then they had a son named Lari Prince. And he is your father. You come from a heroic lineage. The Dragon Goddess of Dragotopia is called Iona; the female version of Io. The Lights of Time tell me that none of the dragons in Dragotopia have those disgusting samate abominations."

    Michael smiled at Edmund/Ned. "This news is indeed better than what Ah was 'oping, eh mate? But 'ow do Ah go about telling them about me? And Ah still 'ave the 'engeyokai Rat to contend with that Ah don't get to work with much. Ah don't know why that force of Celestial chose me since Ah am not possibly doing 'im justice." He aimed to remedy that oversight as soon as the team returned to Japan later on.

    "Not to mention... Knuckles-sensei would likely give us both a pounding for the both of us producing an egg." He had asked to be able to keep it while Michael was resting from their experience. He felt a duty towards the egg, at the very least; something his maternal father hadn't felt about him as an egg. "If it is any worth, you are still a good friend... no matter if you have skin or scales, Michael-san. And you did yourself justice by seeking out your own truths."
    As seen previously in PRFF-09 If I Could Turn Back Time, Chapter Seven: Overtime to Leave.

    A lone Time Dragon female escorted Michael and Edmund/Ned to the location where the Freedom Force and the rest were gathered in the Kangaroo Academy of New Blackall. When they arrived, they saw Master Ryuu standing with Roger Yojimbo Lamar, Rocket and Sonic the Hedgehog while waiting for the chaos the others were involved in to get completed. Michael walked over and he gave Sonic a hug, before shaking Roger's hand.
    As seen previously in PRFF-09 If I Could Turn Back Time, Chapter Eight: Club Again, Club Again.

    Knuckles found that Michael's resolve in his training was surprisingly more focused and far more studious than it had been before the trip to Australia. "Well done, Michael. You blocked nearly every punch I threw at you. And you are still smiling. Not complaining nor running from me like you had done in previous sessions."

    Michael continued to smile. "Learning ones true parents made a huge difference in my resolve to train, Knuckles. Not to mention, Edmund and I had an understanding of our own at Dragon Dome City."


    Edmund was smiling as he lounged very close to the egg. He wasn't going to hold Michael to a mating bond; he's just happy his first heat had passed and he could think clearly for the first time since he was a hatchling.
    As seen previously in PRFF-10 Solar the Hedgehog Returns, Chapter One: ...Reviving a Mobian Legend.

    As Michael spent some time in his Hengeyokai Rat identity with Knuckles as his instructor, Sonic stood at the nearby overlook with a serious concerned look on his muzzle.
    As seen previously in PRFF-10 Solar the Hedgehog Returns, Chapter Two: The Rise and Fall of Focus.

    Michael said to the Mobians gathered at the club in the Great Jungle, "Despite my finding my focus to train better and pay attention to the lessons yas are giving me, Knuckles, Ah get the feeling that the rest of our ranger team are losing their focus and are slowly drifting off to do whatever they want. Even though Club Freedom 'as well over 200,000 members worldwide; those who were chosen to join the Freedom Force Rangers may not 'ave been the best choices to fulfill the betterment of what makes a ranger team stand the test of time. Per'aps Ah have no room to talk in regards to this, mates, since Ah only recently refound my focus to concentrate on the lessons that Knuckles 'as been giving me. Learning who my real parents were changed my life. But the rest of the team worry me, mates. Edmund or Ned was in transition thinking that 'e was in love with Thomas, whom is even now off with Impulse somewhere... Corona was very 'onest at first, but with this lie of a farce she is pulling with 'er mother regarding 'er non-existent upcoming wedding; Ah feel that this is not going to end well. And if Thomas is pregnant with Impulse as often as Timmy and Nitro are, then 'is being in the team will not last as long as Kazuki's would. And there's another faucet to this situation; when we first started this ranger team, Kazuki practiced with 'is Water Drakes daily but according to yas, Sonic, Kazuki was afraid to 'ave 'is Water Drakes perform intel during the time trip. This tells me that 'e 'as faltered much like Ah 'ad before Ah refound my focus. And then there is Kaoru, she trains with Master Ryuu every day; much in the way that Knuckles wanted to train me at first."

    Shadow said, "So you think the team needs a break from being Rangers what with their recent performance that was reported back to you during the time trip."

    Michael said in reply, "Despite the rangers who all went on the trip, the Time Dragons did all the work. Thomas was off in Terra Asinus with 'is pants off performing magic for Lampwick II's officers and recruiters. Even Rocket sneaked off with 'alf of 'is Yin-Yang Tao charges leaving Roger and the rest at the main camp. Ah am actually glad Roger chose to accept Sonic's offer to train under 'im and Ah don't mean in bed, either. Even when the demon copies of Lari Knight were with us, Ah never 'ad any ill will toward the bloke. In a way, Ah wish 'e 'ad been a real 'uman rather than the copy of a demon copy. The only thing that bothered me was that name of 'is. Always made me think 'e was named for a sheila."
    As seen previously in PRFF-10 Solar the Hedgehog Returns, Chapter Seven: The Bad Comes in Threes.

    Michael was on a monitor call with Vladimir Cutter Devlin, the Red Dragon Star Ranger and his Dragotopian red dragon rebel partner, Fiero. "I recently found out that I am the son of the Dragotopian Red dragon of Iona's Royal Dragons. Since your partner is from Dragotopia, I thought you two might be able to help me in determining who my father is. All I know is that he is a Red Dragon."

    Fiero smiled. "I was wondering why the Arranger wanted my DNA back then. That makes me your dragon father, Michael. Who was the mother?"

    Michael said, "Lari Prince of Dreamwolf who is the direct descendant of Magnus Sitaris of Briar Bay."

    Fiero smiled. "Has your Royal Dragon side awakened as yet?"

    "That I sadly do not know," said Michael honestly. "I do know that I am compatible with other dragons. I helped Edmund make a dragon egg during his heat. Ned is doing a lot better now."

    Fiero said, "You should be able to call upon Magnus' powers, Michael. The words are 'Dragon Arcana' and 'Time for a Reading'. Be careful if you do practice with these abilities."
    As seen previously in PRFF-10 Solar the Hedgehog Returns, Chapter Eight: Club Broken.

    Pyronis One then vanished dropping Knuckles and Michael back on to the club hill top as Michael muttered, "This research is not worth it." Then aloud he said to the others, "Good job, my friends. I hope Alastair can rebuild the clubhouse soon. Staying with the Mobians within their star ship does not give us much training space. Something I am ready to return toward conducting." Knuckles smiled. "Glad to hear it, Michael."
    End of Prologue.

    Chapter One: The End of an Innocent Charade.
    Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D.; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
    December at the Former Location of Club Freedom

    Within a nearby cave Knuckles had claimed for training Michael occasionally, the red Mobian echidna had Deryk the Pouch with him as they confronted Michael Knight about a concern the leader of the Hedgehog Rangers had recently learned. "Okay whomever you are, where is the real Michael Knight? You were doing too well in our training sessions to be him and then when we merged together to become Pyronis the Solar Crusader, I didn't sense a human boy in the named Megazord with me; I sensed a male time dragon. Did Michael get samated by the city guard in Dragon Dome City?"

    The Michael standing in front of his accusers replied, "That is so typical for you heroes to automatically jump on that suspicion right off the bat as if we were those disgusting kangaroo boomers whom do the same thing that you are accusing us of. We got rid of the New Tatsu-Lan dragons; all that remain in Dragon Dome City are the Scholars and Drake Couriers as well as us Time Dragons. My name is Mireon Prince. Michael accidentally got himself stuck inside a drake costume that had sticky stuff within the head and neck portion of the costume itself. We offered to make a solvent to get him unstuck and then he would get to keep the costume later to make up for any personal embarrassment he had to endure while wearing the costume. He also wanted a short vacation from the training or should I say, abuse sessions, you were putting him through, Knuckles. He said you were brutal. But with my dragon reflexes, I found your training sessions to be fun. As for my parentage, I am the direct offspring of the Dragon Arcana Ranger and Lari Prince of Dreamwolf. I already knew how to use my extra powers. Michael begged me to take his place until the solvent could free him of the costume. Furthermore, Michael never helped Edmund to make his egg; I did. Edmund's dragon child will have time dragon capabilities. The solvent should be about ready. We can go see if Michael is free of the costume right now if you like. We meant no harm by making the switch on the Freedom Force leader; it was his own idea."

    Knuckles said, "Mireon, you are going to owe Edmund an apology. He strongly thinks Michael helped with making that egg."

    Deryk the Pouch sighed, "Boy, this team acts more and more like Yin-Yang. I am going to spank Michael myself when he is free of that costume."
    Dragon Dome City, Australia, December 2030 A.D.; The Royal Dragon Palace.
    Solvent Center; Heat Dampening Medical Ward.

    Within the chamber where Michael albeit within a drake costume was waiting for a technician to arrive to help him to apply the solvent so he could finally get out of the costume. He didn't mind wearing the costume because like Blasthop's kangaroo costumes, the drake costumes allowed you to experience the feelings of what a male drake could feel for themselves. And since the drakes were not lycanthropes, Michael was never in any danger of becoming a drake permanently.

    Just then, Deryk the Pouch, Knuckles, Mireon, Kazuki, Thomas and Edmund/Ned arrived via teleport within the chamber. "There you are, Michael!" exclaimed Knuckles. "Are you okay?"

    Michael within the drake costume blushed when he saw his friends with Mireon and the Pouch. "Ah guess something 'appened to make Mireon reveal the switch we made. Meyr'Curess spoke to just yesterday when 'e found me in the costume waiting for the solvent and 'e asked me, by name, if Ah was undercover looking for left over dragon warriors in the city. Getting stuck was an accident and Ah am not angry at the drake whom brought me the costume. Ah told Meyr'curess the truth and 'e gave me permission to wait for the solvent so Ah could remove the costume. 'e also permitted me to explore the entire city since Ah was the right size to get into and out of 'idden chambers. Ah couldn't find a single dragon warrior but Ah did find several chambers they 'ad used when they were in the city and Ah let Meyr'curess know where they were. Last Ah 'eard, 'e was 'aving those chambers sealed."

    Knuckles then said, "Kaoru's boyfriends, the Draconian Shinobi Warriors, destroyed Club Freedom while we were defending the club in the front. Alastair is building you a new club fortress in a more mountainous locale with the help of both the Doragon and the Samurai Heroes. It is almost ready for us to move into it. The layout is similar to the ZyoLegends base in the Bleak Peaks of Tatsu-Lan. Michael... I am sorry I was so rough on you. I am not the perfect echidna and you were my latest student. Previous human students could never get it in their heads that bad guys would be far more brutal than I was being. In fact, the only human student I ever trained who was able to get it within their heads how serious things were was an adult police officer from Planet Terra. Officer Knight was a lot of fun. He was often teaching me how to keep my guard up."

    Mireon was then removing Michael's human clothes and Force Ranger gear before transforming himself back into his time dragon physician identity. "I made my apologies to Edmund but I do not know if he believes my apology or not; but he came along with the others anyway to make sure you got removed safely from the costume. Despite that, Edmund has a good dragon soul and I have never known anyone else like him."

    Edmund looked disappointed, but his egg was his egg. Though Ned was laughing about it within. But he was disappointed it wasn't with a friend he trusted fully. "It wasn't always that way. My sides in constant conflict and my dragon side wanting to pounce everything. It took a fellow half-dragon to help me unify my sides, and though I am still learning, it is not easy to change what I used to be..."

    Kazuki said, "You were fawning over Thomas for a good long time. And scared him with Dragon Fear."

    Edmund had a bit of an American expression on his muzzle. Thanks to Daddy Davidson, of course. "One little slip-up when I was angry about the Dragon Warriors last year."

    Mireon was then dipping Michael down into the solvent solution allowing the fluids to flow inside the costume to loosen the sticky goo from the young man's skin and eventually, the costume was separated from the human and Michael was using a towel to wipe off the excess oil and solvent from his skin as the drake costume was packed up for him to take with him. Then, the rest of the solvent was stored away properly before Mireon said, "To make it up to your team, Michael, the Freedom Force gets my services for the rest of the year or until such a time as Edmund fully forgives me for helping him with his heat. Having a time dragon medic can be useful."

    Knuckles then said, "We need to get back to the new Club Freedom in the mountains of Japan. And we need to focus on my training Michael. If he will let me." Deryk the Pouch bent the still naked Michael over a chair as he gave him the promised spanking. "Never keep yer teammates in the dark when yas are involved in a sticky situation. They are yer friends, Michael. And when yas need a break from Knuckles yas need to be 'onest with 'im in regards to the request. Both yas and 'e 'ave learned something from this."
    End of Chapter One.


      Chapter Two: Celestial View.
      Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D., December; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
      Club Freedom Ground Entrance/Parking Lot.

      At what was once Knuckles' training cave was now a secure door that led to an escalator and to the side of the escalator was bike and motorcycle parking where Kazuki's bicycle was parked. At the top of the escalator, there was a landing and the official entrance door into the all new fortified Club Freedom. The new club was literally carved into the mountain; to the side of the main entrance was a helicopter landing pad as well as an elevator heading on up to the star ship parking platform. A drop off where the dragons and fliers could come and land at. It was just like the ZyoLegends base of the Bleak Peaks (minus the escalator.) Inside, the rest of the team were doing what they all usually were involved in. Mireon reported to the medical labs which doubled as the team library. Over to another side was the short cut to all of the other Club Freedom locations.

      Knuckles gave Michael a tour of the new club base and afterward took him to the new training chamber. "I want to make a new start with you, Michael. With the Dragon Warriors gone, perhaps we can get the rest of our lives back in order."

      Michael got out of his usual clothes and put on his training outfit with knee and elbow pads as well as face mask to protect his eyes and teeth. "Ah'm ready, Knuckles. Ah 'ope."

      Thomas chose to teleport over to Mobius so he could join Impulse at the Purple Hedgehog's house to show support for his husband to be.

      Corona and Raja were sequestered away in Corona's chambers where the two were enjoying their honeymoon. The two had gotten married and now Corona's Force Phone was silenced.

      Deryk the Pouch stayed on alert for now since people all over the Earth were constantly needing him for something worthwhile.

      Edmund didn't hesitate to find his quarters. He wanted to continue to warm his egg now that he has the down-time.

      Kazuki was about to check his Force Phone and ask when to expect Agua Tsunamus for more Elemental Training. It was fortuitous timing that the device rang showing his father's picture. He answered it. "Kazuki desu. Tou-san, I was about to call you."

      A voice that wasn't his father's was on the Phone. {I will be coming to your clubhouse to formally forbid you from using Atlantean powers, landlocked primate. Prepare a banquet worthy of royalty, and there will be no reason for me to cause an international incident between our homes.}

      "Why are you using my father's phone for this?" said Kazuki in a shocked tone, turning on the speakerphone for Kaoru and Atari to hear. "And who in Divine Providence are you?"

      {That is a bad way to insult fellow royalty. You should know better, Water Prince Kazuki of the Imperials. Prepare for my arrival. When the sun starts to set in the western sky.} Click! Silence.

      Kaoru said, bringing out a tray full of Onigiri courtesy of her father. "Did you insult someone from Atlantis, Kazuki-kun?"

      "N-no, Kaoru-san," stammered Kazuki as he adjusted his glasses. "I never even met anyone from Atlantis. Whoever he was, he went to my home first. Okaa-sama won't be happy if whoever he is causes problems."

      Deryk the Pouch came in and said, "If 'e tries to go to the old club'ouse, all 'e will find is rubble. Ah think the best thing to do at this point is for me to contact King Owen in Atlantis and make the inquiry if 'e indeed made this call. If 'e didn't, then we can deal with any new upstart. We just got this clubhouse rebuilt; if the Atlanteans want to cause a stink around the newest 'oly pouch, Ah can move all of Atlantis to Planet Venus and watch their people suffocate on the air as a land dweller would drown in the water."

      Deryk the Pouch went over to the big screen over the team's all new computer console and he tapped in the calling protocols for contacting Atlantis. "Come in, King Owen Sidarius! This is Parousian 'oly Pouch Deryk Devlin Kielson! Answer me or Ah will transform all of your ocean into a dry desert! Or would you rather I bring Ivan Ooze back instead?"

      Consort Evan's Tiger Shark muzzle appeared on screen. "Holy Pouch, this is Consort Evan Sidarius. King Owen isn't available at the moment. He and Ambassador Hope are hosting an international peace conference, and it will be bad to interrupt him. I'm handling matters of state while my mate is attending to diplomatic channels." Kwon Kiau was right behind him in full were-shark guard form and armor, along with a second Were-Shark guard. "This call is coming from Earthian Japan. Is there something wrong over in that neck of the woods?"

      Deryk the Pouch smiled when he saw Evan but he frowned when he saw Uncle Kwon Kiau. "Someone claiming to be an Atlantean Royalist contacted our Blue Force Ranger of Club Freedom; yas would know 'im as Kwon's nephew, Kazuki Kiau. The threat implied that Kazuki was to stop using Atlantean powers despite 'is powers stemming from the Water Element. Kazuki has a battlizer that allows 'im to become the 'ydro Emperor by temporarily borrowing Atlantean powers but only for the length of his using the battlizer. This mysterious Atlantean Royalist implied that Kazuki, a land-locked land dweller, was on the verge of insulting Atlantean Royalty and thus 'ad no right to use those powers. 'is using those powers recently assisted the Trigram Boomer in their fight to finally remove the last of the Dragon Warriors from Earth as well as to finalize an agreement for the Werewolves of Gaea to leave North America and relinquish anyone they 'ad unlawfully recruited. If King Owen is indeed in diplomatic meetings and did not make the call and yas blokes did not make the call, then we must ask that Kwon come over 'ere before the sun sets to be present when this false Atlantean Noble arrives to force Kazuki to stop using 'is battlizer. Ah would demand Owen 'imself but if 'e is indeed in diplomatic meetings, then that request is out of the question. 'owever, if Ah find out that Owen is not actually in meetings, Ah will summon 'is sharky ass over a barbecue pit upside-down and lay the power of the Pouch upon 'im since Ah am currently the newest 'oly Pouch. Ah 'ave been through more than any Earthian Power Ranger 'as even thought of going through. The deadline for Kwon's arrival is in five 'ours. It is already close to noon 'ere in Japan. Will yas come and meet with this Atlantean when 'e arrives for dinner, as per 'is dumb request? Ah am personally 'ere, Shark Rangers."

      As could be seen on the monitor, Parousian Deryk's body was starting to glow as if he was on the verge of carrying out his angry ultimatums.
      End of Chapter Two.


        Chapter Three: Waiting for Royalty.
        Shadow then was heard in the background. "If the mentor of a team has problems controlling their anger, then what chance does the team itself have to control theirs? Calm down, Deryk; or do you need a Planet Janet time-out? I don't think she has ever kicked your Heinie yet."

        Deryk's appearance returned to normal. "Sorry, Shadow. Yas are right. Ah've just been so busy 'alping rangers and riders straighten out their powers all over the Earth." He then glanced up at Evan and Kwon once again. "That was a poor display to show to friends, Evan. Ah apologize; but we still need an official Atlantean presence to meet with this faker when 'e arrives."

        Evan growled. "So that's where my son got himself to..." He heard Kwon clear his throat, and he understood that losing his own temper will cause just as many problems. Evan closed his eyes before answering "Prince Fairswift II was named under traditional Atlantean conventions. If he is under Human guise, he will use the name Shiloh."

        He placed his finned hand over his muzzle in frustration. "The young Prince is the heir to the throne, but he's making my circa 2011 bratty nephew August look tame." He was not fond of children when they have false sense of entitlement. "The guards have been thoroughly searching Atlantis since he went missing. He took the one of the high-speed Atlantean Jet Skiffs from the Secure Docks and a Screener from the Technology Vault. Only my son accessed both before his bodyguard reported him missing."

        "I'm sending his Whale Shark Atlantean Bodyguard. He is a former human that will be familiar to the Field Marshals in Australia. His duty is to the crown after sacrificing his humanity in the same way I have." Evan snapped his fins to one of the guards off-screen. "He will be coming with a pre-recorded message from the his maternal father, the King." He then leaned in closer to his own screen, and spoke in a lower tone. "Allow him to fall into a false sense of security. He will not be happy with the lesson the King has in store for him. The less said in present company the better."

        Kwon interjected as his voice sounded unsually sincere. "If I may... the Prince can be quite impolite if he is focused on something or someone, please remind my nephew that it's nothing personal towards him. It's the negative side of being born royalty, and he'll be more sharp-tongued than his Imperial Cousins." Evan nodded in agreement, allowing that interruption as Kwon is one of the most trusted of friends.

        Deryk the Pouch said, "We will look forward toward the arrival of the Atlantean Bodyguard and to pull off the farce, a grand royal banquet will be fabricated to placate the Prince's pompous inflated ego. We will 'ave Amy Rose play as servant as she did for the Doragon on multiple occasions. Thank yas for clearing up this issue on yer end. Parousian Deryk 'oly Pouch Devlin out." And he ended the call as he turned to Kazuki and the others. "Now yas know that the so-called Atlantean Royalist request is as phony as anything else yas rangers 'ave dealt with. We are going to 'ave a banquet made to 'onor Atlantean visitors. Once we 'ave the little shit cornered, Ah may encase 'im into a time capsule with a lock that only King Owen and Consort Evan can open. Any questions?"

        Kaoru said, "Would encasing him in a time capsule be to harsh if we don't know what his parents already planned?"

        "The pre-recorded message might make him stand down," said Kazuki, adjusting his glasses. "Shuichi did when his mother found out about his... interests. If he just gets humiliated, maybe he'll back off and not be as bad as he likes others to think him. If not, the time capsule does sound like a good bet in keeping him from retaliating."

        Deryk the Pouch smirked. "Ah see that my 'umor needs polishing. The time capsule was a joke; Ah meant an indestructible glass case."

        Shadow cracked a smile. "You are getting better at making me smile, Deryk."

        Sonic then came in with Amy Rose and most shockingly, he gave her a kiss right in front of everyone before he walked off to settle down in his quarters.

        Shadow raised an eye brow. "Now I've seen everything. There is no way that was our Sonic."

        Amy Rose said, "Sonic and I just returned from a date where he took me to see the Imperial flowers in bloom. We have been planning it for weeks. I am glad he kept his word this time. What's going on in here?"

        Deryk the Pouch explained that they needed to prepare a banquet for visiting Atlanteans and how they needed Amy to play servant for them like she did for the Doragon.

        Amy Rose said, "I'd be glad to do that, Deryk... in exchange for a holy kiss. Can you kiss better than Sonic?"

        Fifty-five minutes later, Deryk the Pouch came up for air as he released a dizzy and dazed Amy Rose before he mimicked Sonic's walk away motion exactly.

        While Deryk the Pouch was kissing Amy Rose, Parousian North zipped in and put on a good fake Aussie accent after the snogging was done. "G'day mates! 'ow's life looking down under there... Under where yas ask? Under the legs right there!" He winked, obviously in a good mood. He got some stellar Mobian sex with Sega during his visit.

        That made Kazuki smile a little bit in public. Kaoru just couldn't help but giggle at North's humor.

        "Just thought I'd say hello to my buddies in Japan before I head back to make sure Adam Maseo doesn't get into too much trouble." He pulled out some Knothole Island sweets from his bag, and placed them behind the bar. The stack he placed on top has a tag that read 'Impulse's Stash'.

        Shadow said, "Thomas is with Impulse currently and they are planning their wedding. Thomas decided that he wanted to do the right thing with Impulse so we Mobians didn't have to give him the lecture we gave Timmy Celeron."

        Goldie then came in and added, "Solar is down at Kings Canyon keeping an eye on the new Outback Gaiden team if anyone was wondering why he and Princess Sally weren't here."
        End of Chapter Three.


          Chapter Four: Outback Gaiden.
          Marshall, Kings Canyon, North Territory, Australia.
          The Musketeer Action alumni lords and ladies were seated with Studpaw and Princess Sally in the almost empty bleachers of Marshall High School watching Roger Yojimbo Lamar, Solar Mobian Hedgehog Ranger (Solar the Hedgehog) as he worked out with Lars Mistpaw Knight, Red Donkey Outback Ranger and Dakota Ethan Knight, Silver Boomer Outback Ranger within the open gymnasium. The two boys had not been given their morphers as yet, but their team designation had already been assigned to them. Solar was the team's Mobian contact. Also on the gymnasium floor was Rusty St. John's son, Rayce Sonarpaw St. John., Tao Shadodrak Outback Ranger. He wore clothes in both black and white to signify his Tao choice. Like the other boys, he did not have his gear as yet.

          Lord Lari smiled as he watched his son Lars Mistpaw dribble a basketball and throw it to one side where his other son (through Col. North) Dakota Ethan caught it for the run up to the basketball goal and slam dunk it for a score. "Ah am glad our children are going to get their chance to join the good fight like everyone else has gotten to do."

          Lord Rusty hugged his mate Lord Studpaw as he watched Drayce instruct their son Rayce Sonarpaw in his athletic exercises. "Our children deserve the right to at least give it a try. At least we know they won't be fighting against demon fake copies of themselves like we 'ad to do while we fought against the Dreamtime Spider Queen (Lady Arachnea) and the Dreamtime Dingo Sorceress (Lady D'ngara.) They weren't as bad as Master Sakar, but Ah guess they could 'ave been as bad as Kangamancer 'ad been."

          Princess Sally made a bleah face. "I. Do. Not. Like. Spiders. By the way, Lord Lari, has Col. North and Lord Easttail checked in yet since their return from India?"

          Lord Lari smiled. "They were 'elping Roule move the Pleasure Parlor to a closer location to this new city that the 'oly Pouch created for our children and the citizens of Kings Canyon. That also means that Kamen Rider Outback is going to be located locally 'ere abouts as well."

          Dakota looked a lot like Lord Lari, only slightly younger and shaggy hair that made him look like he was born twenty-five years too late. "And that is game Brother-and-a-'alf." One thing that Dakota is pretty good at was giving nicknames. The circumstances of both their births was a tiny bit of amusement for him. On the other paw... "Oy, Yin-Yang. Why aren't yas getting a piece of the action."

          Lord James crossed his arms. His digital drawing tablet was secure in his satchel. "Looks like your son hasn't lost his touch on nicknaming others, Lari." He noted the boy was more playful than North ever was.

          Lord Timmy was zipping in his son Dash. The young boy was made human as a punishment for picking the lock on his chastity belt and gotten fresh with Pulsar. He had the former crimson hedgehog tied up. "Be lucky Timmy Jr. caught you getting fresh with Pulsar and not Dreama. She would've made sure you would never have children even at the right time!" He looked like a spiky short-haired version of Timmy with heterochromia; one blue eye and one red eye.

          "Aww... Dad. Why can't I stay on Mobius?" Dash sulked. Lord Timmy said, "Your mom is grounding you from Mobius and New Adalia for a year. Mobian love interests are not allowed for those with intense crushes in the Celeron family. One squirt and Pulsar gets knocked up." And Dreamtime thinks Robert was tough on his son.

          Lars then lifted one hand and caused the basketball to magically levitate across the gym to the sports box where the game balls were stored just as his Were-Donkey ASA from Tarnado's realm appeared next to him and said, "Yer father told yas not to use yer mist magic in public, Mistpaw." And Lars replied, "This isn't public at the moment, Starhoof; no Norms in the gym at all." Starhoof then said, "Yas are lucky that yer father and 'is team are watching."

          Rayce remarked, "Yas two are the court champions; Ah'm track and field when Ah am not learning the tracking ability from Drayce. Still don't know 'ow Ah in'erited it."

          Lord Lari smiled at Lord Timmy. "So the lost courier returns to the team. Good to see yas, Timmy. When we last 'eard about yas, yas were in labor for Nitro yet again. With Lord James seated with us currently, Ah don't know where Lady Marcy and Lady Olivia are. But then again, Ah suppose someone 'as to keep an eye on the children in Aussie Thunder."

          Lord Timmy said, "Dash is lucky his Mom didn't go to the Holy Pouch and ask to make him female for a year." Dash stuck his tongue out rudely to his father when Timmy turned to face the others. "Dash is not allowed to be Mobian or anywhere near the Mobius Sector for a year. Nitro is fed up with him and his infatuation with Cliff. I wouldn't be able to look Sonic in the eye if his half-human boy got knocked up with Celeron libido." He then noticed something missing. "Where is your husband, Lari? Is he bed-ridden with a brother for Dakota and Lars?"

          Lord Lari smiled. "Nothing that exciting, Timmy. Col. North and Lord Easttail were 'elping Roule move the Pleasure Parlor closer to Marshall since this is more of a resort area and it could spell more business for his saloon. Not to mention, Kamen Rider Outback is training in the Pleasure Parlor. it also means that we get to 'av that stud 'arley Davidson, Jr. in Marshall with us. They said they would join us as soon as the building was completely moved to its new property."

          Just then a drake courier flew in and perched next to Lord Studpaw as he handed the Kangaroo Order Lord a scroll message from a Kangaroo Watch station in Dragon Territory. "Nice Roo captains await either your signature on the scroll form or a reason why their request is being rejected. Yep yep!"

          Lord Studpaw read the scroll for request. "What in the Pouch? Prince Pyrotail found out about the Sugar Cane larder the Watch Station was getting from Sugar'oof's realm, and ate their reserves?! Ah wouldn't be surprised if Tailblaze did the same thing Timmy did to Dash after this..." He then placed a magical paw over the scroll to sign the approval. "Go send this to the back to the Watch Station. Let the Captain of the Watch know as soon as Ah clear things up with Lord Tarnado and Lord Tailblaze, they will get their replacement larder. The Pouch knows that Watch station does a fine job." He then shouted "Dashpaw front and center!" He looked to Drayce. "Would yas mind finding the whereabouts of that Sugar Cane-fiend Prince Pyrotail, old friend?"

          As the Courier Drake flew off, Drayce said to Rayce, "Study my aura and learn..." And Drayce craned his neck out and closed his eyes. Rayce could see Drayce's aura as he could see what Drayce was seeing as Pyrotail's image and whereabouts came into view as Drayce said, "Pyrotail is sitting inside the old confederate clubhouse cleaning thick tar off of his sac, sheathe, tail, legs, ankles and feet. It seems that he misjudged a tar floe crossing and he fell in up to his mid-section. He is really sticky at the moment. He knew there were new teenagers meeting there and he went to get their help in getting himself clean."
          End of Chapter Four.


            Chapter Five: Cleaning Pyrotail.
            Ariel Chevalier was a local Bairnsdale youth who was using the clubhouse occasionally. He had black hair with a white streak down the middle, tanned skin and pale tan eyes. He was only wearing shorts and sneakers since it was another day when his mom was doing laundry. He arrived at the clubhouse with bottles of rubbing alcohol, a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and a few cleaning cloths and towels. He said, "Boy yas really are a mess this time. Yer lucky that my friends and Ah are using this club'ouse currently. Ah got all the cleaning fluids for removing tar... and Ah brought yas a box of candy bars as yas requested. Now lets see about getting yas clean. If yer dad catches yas looking like this, 'e might just show up and drag yas away all sticky. Good thing Grey didn't get to see yas looking this way." And the boy began to help Pyrotail remove the tar from the joey prince's groin first since that seemed more of an issue at the moment. "Yas do smell very attractive, Pyrotail. Ah've mentioned this to yas before though." He pushed the box of candy bars over close to Pyrotail as he worked on cleaning off the tar.

            Lucian I'wai was also there, being the Were-Dingo in Aborigine human complexion with sandy hair and green eyes. He had to cover his nose with a cloth. Luce hated the smell of Tar. "If Ah may, yer passion for sweets might cause yas some big trouble if yas keep on taking risks, mate."

            Prince Pyrotail grinned. "And 'ere Ah thought Ah was keeping that a secret." He reached for the box of candy bars. "Go a'ead and take a bar if yas like, moon-touched puppy."

            Luce shook his head with a smirk. "No... yas go a'ead. Mum would smack me with a rolled up newspaper if 'e smelled those type of sweets on my breath."

            Ariel liked touching Kangaroos like Grey and Pyrotail thus he really was enjoying being this close to the sexy prince albeit coated in sticky black stuff. "Ah think the luck is more that we are all lucky that the other guys of the Lunar Nights Club 'ave silly chores to do. When my mom does laundry, Ah get thrown out of the 'ouse. Ah know that Grey said 'e felt all tingly after receiving the 'oly cleansing from the 'oly Pouch. Ah would 'ave to assume yas got yer cleansing at the time, too, Pyrotail. Ah know Luca cannot stand the tar smell, but it doesn't bother me much although Ah do arouse easily from roos like yerself." He then paused as he checked the lip of Pyrotail's pouch. "Oh boy. Ah about missed that. Yer pouch 'as tar inside of it. That will be a really sticky cleaning for me to do. But Ah don't mind. It will be similar to when Lord Kiel 'ad 'is sticky pouch world although yas don't 'ave something that nasty, do yas?"

            "Ah remember Father telling me about that," said Pyrotail with a grin. "Also serves as a cautionary tail for keeping to a mating cycle. My father's first pupil got stuck in a part of a Pouch World with several others to save Master Sakar's soul from Kangamancer whom was banished to 'is pouch after nearly destroying Kulgera. The pupil missed a mating cycle with an off-world mate, and in an act of desperation influenced by the smells of the Pouch World layer 'e was in, 'e mated with a 'uman that was getting closer to 'im. Bred 'im deeply and gotten 'im pregnant and sick with an infection that nearly cost the otter fan 'is life. Carrier Infection is something us Were-Kangaroos don't take lightly once we start becoming sexually active. It can kill the victim if not treated soon enough. And the cleansing for it..." He made an intense cringing face that said it all.

            Luce, though quite naked in his human form since it was only a were-roo and Ariel in the clubhouse, he kept his respect for Ariel. "Too painful to discuss?"

            "Just too disgusting to put into words," Pyrotail said sheepishly, crunching on one of the candy bars in a cute manner.

            Ariel smiled as he said, "Ah think having tar in yer pouch is bad enough without suffering through something like that. But... if yas ever want to see me as naked as Luce, all yas gotta do is ask..." He winked with a smile as he managed to get the tar cleaned off of Pyrotail's outer sheath opening. "Boy this stuff works great. And the more clean Ah get yas, Pyrotail, the better yas smell as if yas were ripe with YRO yiff. Yas know, this mention of a mating cycle... are yas on the verge of a rut, Pyrotail? Ah know Ah 'aven't seen Grey around in a few days."

            "'e's with the Mob in Father's realm. On the other paw, the way yas are cleaning me... it just... feels right." As he was about to bring his muzzle in to give Ariel a loving lick in the mouth."

            From the shortcut to Lord Tailblaze's realm came the big Were-Roo Lord himself and he didn't look all too pleased. "'uman, let me speak to my son."

            Pyrotail ulped, "Father... Ah wasn't going to induct 'im without 'im asking. Ah know the..."

            "This is NOT about yas being in the 'uman realm during yer first mating 'eat," growled Tailblaze. "This is about the Dreamtime Watch Post yas took a larder of Sugar Cane from. Lords Studpaw and Tarnado are both not 'appy with me since yas can't control yer sweet tooth!"

            Ariel was glad that Pyrotail's father showed up at that point. While he did love Were-Kangaroos like Grey, He didn't feel like he was ready to become one. He moved back and worked on cleaning the tar off of Pyrotail's tail, anus and the start of the Prince's legs. The pouch would have to wait now that Tailblaze was here. "Is that what 'e did, sir? We could figure out that 'e 'ad a sweet tooth from 'ow 'is breath and nose smelled. Almost like 'e 'ad soaked 'is 'ead in liquid sugar. Good thing 'e only fell in tar and not cotton candy; that stuff when fresh is like spider webs." He then looked to Luce. "Ah'm glad yas were in the club'ouse, Luce. 'aving a witness is important."

            Grey then poked his head through the shortcut and said, "Ah came 'ome to the mob realm when Ah felt my personal mating rut coming on, Ariel. Ah like yas blokes and would never ruin my club membership just for a little nookie that might ruin yer life."

            "Father, Ah..." Pyrotail eeped.

            Lord Tailblaze held a paw up. "Not right now, son. We'll discuss this when yas are fully cleaned and back at the realm. At this time, Ah'm 'alf tempted to ask the 'oly Pouch to put yas in a 'uman form with yer were-genes locked down for two years. Lord Timmy was too generous with his son, from what Ol' Studdy noted in 'is Couriered message."

            He then looked towards Luce, and nodded in respect. "Were-Dingo... yas smell more local than deep outback. Meaning yas were trained well by yer parents. Ah respect that." He then looked to Ariel. "My apologies for barging into yer club'ouse. My realm borders Lord Tarnado's, and Ah don't want an inter-realm war with 'im, considering 'e's one of the Lords that can go on par with the Major Three."
            End of Chapter Five.


              Chapter Six: Atlantean Dinner Sting.
              Deryk the Pouch had the Freedom Force gathered and wearing their best since making the best impression for the Whale Shark was more important than impressing the pompous prince Fairswift II. Michael and Knuckles were both dressed in tuxes although the Mobian seemed to dislike the suit a lot since he would rather be training Michael than to put up with what he considered to be another enemy like Fulton had been. Michael chose not to make light of Knuckles' discomfort since he was just starting to enjoy the new workout routine with Knuckles when this stupid formal dinner thing got announced.

              Amy Rose was wearing her kimono and sandals ensemble as she often wore when serving dignitaries.

              Thomas had a legal out since he and his friends from California were spending the evening before Thomas and Impulse's wedding the following day at Impulse's home on Planet Mobius.

              Corona was dressed in a gown with looks to kill. Raja was standing next to her in noble Rakshasa nobleman clothes with no shoes. The woman and the mystical tiger Lord.

              Kazuki was wearing his best kimono and haori meant for ceremonial events, denoting his true status as an Imperial Prince of the Water. It had an intricate draconic pattern that could become water drakes should he be surprised or feel the need to summon them. He hated his Imperial status being out in the open. Kaoru took a picture of him dressed up, hoping his mother would be happy he was embracing tradition if only for a moment. She herself was dressed up and looking like she was ready for the Summer Festival. Though instead of flowers, her kimono had an alternating dragon and bird pattern.

              "Stop it, Kaoru-san," said Kazuki, not too fond of wearing the ceremonial outfit of his status.

              Edmund was letting Mireon warm their egg, showing forgiveness to the time dragon medic that fooled him. He was disappointed not angry when he found out. Regardless, he wore a kimono that was custom-made for his build and accepting of his wingspan.

              An Atlantean Jet Skiff arrived from the South and landed on the heli-pad where Atari was asked to greet their invited visitor. The Whale Shark pilot was well over eight feet tall, and his blue eyes shows whatever is left of his former humanity. Per tradition, fully male Atlanteans wore no clothing above the waist. The build of the Shark was seemingly average but impressive. He pressed the cloaking glyph on his wristband and the Jet Skiff shimmered into invisibility. If only it was that easy to hide his scent and appearance. The Prince took the only screener. He then turned to face Atari, and spoke with an Aussie lilt. "Ah am looking for Lord Deryk Devlin Kielson the 'oly Pouch," said the bodyguard in an official tone to the Mobian arriving to greet him. "Ah was informed my charge was spotted 'ere."

              Atari said with a smile after being surprised by the overall size of the Whale Shark. "The Holy Pouch and the Freedom Force are expecting you, Mr. Bodyguard. If you will follow me." The Mobian Hedgehog led the way into Club Freedom, tiny compared to the sent representative from Atlantis.

              Deryk the Pouch still wasn't too happy over this whole situation but he managed a smiled for the Atlantean bodyguard. "Yer charge is not 'ere yet. And so 'e isn't scared away, Ah will mask yer scent and give yas a temporary invisibility that will vanish once yas lay a firm grip upon yer charge. Ah am Parousian Deryk Devlin Kielson the 'oly Pouch, albeit tired from detoxing nearly sixty-six percent of all Were-Kangaroo boomers in Australia of Demon taint and curse energies. Ah am not in the best of moods so when yer charge laid 'is ultimatum, Ah almost changed the entire Pacific Ocean into a hot desert. It is good that there are voices of reason withing the Freedom Force."

              Michael then said, "Our resident magician, Thomas Copperfield, cannot be 'ere tonight since 'e is preparing 'imself for a Mobian mate'ood ceremony. Ah am Michael Knight, the leader of Club Freedom and the Freedom Force Power Rangers. This is Knuckles the Mobian Echidna, protector of the Master Emerald and leader of the Hedgehog Rangers of Planet Mobius. 'e 'as been giving me combat training which Ah really need to take more seriously. These interruptions are not 'elping my training. The lovely lady is one of our voices of reason as well as local hometown girl, Kaoru Suzuki. This other lady with 'er husband the Nobleman Rakshasa Tiger is Princess Corona Bengala-Al-djinhm and 'er husband Rakshasa Sorcerer Lord Raja Al-djinhm. They were recently married by 'er father's wishes. Corona is usually our other voice of reason but now that 'er force phone no longer rings in the middle of battles, we 'ave 'ad a mild respite. The draconian male is Edmund/Ned Yamada-Davidson, our resident Oriental Dragon representative. Sitting on the wooden combat puppet is Kaoru's combat trainer, Master Ryuu of Tatsu-Lan. This pink Mobian Hedgehog in the lovely kimono and sandals is our server for this evening, Amy Rose of Planet Mobius. Ah 'ave to wonder where the Piko 'ammer is since Ah do not see it. And the victim of yer charge's ultimatum is this young man, Kazuki Kiau, son of Wan Kiau and nephew of Kwon Kiau of Atlantis. According to the ultimatum, Kazuki's battlizer which temporarily borrows Atlantean energy, 'as no right to do so, and Kazuki must stop using it since 'e is insulting Atlantean Royalty by pretending to be an Atlantean noble, for which 'e isn't."

              Amy Rose grinned. "It is within reach when I need it."

              Deryk the Pouch said, "A good rendition of etiquette, Michael. Alastair would be proud of yas." And he placed the promised magical effect upon the bodyguard. "If the little shit fails to show up, Ah will change 'im into a pile of it where ever 'e is 'iding at."

              Corona patted Deryk's shoulder. "You will get to rest soon, Deryk. So please have patience."

              The Bodyguard said, "It's good to 'ear another Aussie voice outside of Atlantis. Since becoming an Atlantean, Ah was entrusted with the task of being the young Prince's bodyguard, and it 'as become as much of my public identity since the Prince started to grow up. Also the King tasked to send a brief word to yas assuring that Prince Kazuki Kiau of the Water Imperials that in no way was 'is use of Atlantean powers pro'ibited." He opened up a pouch on his belt and presented Deryk the Pouch with a data scroll detailing the permissions. "And if Ah may 'oly Pouch, yer... irritability reminds me of my unlucky-in-love brother. Good memories." For a cumbersome looking giant of an Atlantean, he was careful with his words, and stopped short of cluing others into the name of his brother (partially out of shame). He looked towards Kazuki. "Yer uncle sends 'is warm regards, Kazuki... and he reminds you of patience if yas 'ave to be the Prince for a while."

              Kazuki bowed his head. "Thank you for the message, Bodyguard-dono."

              Master Ryuu sniffed. "Yas also smell of Ethereal Kangaroo... why is that, Honorable Bodyguard-dono?"
              End of Chapter Six.


                Chapter Seven: To Catch a Thief.
                "My partner who 'as agreed not to go wild with 'is libido." Bodyguard said, gently. "And Ah do appreciate yas masking my scent and appearance. My charge may look like a great white with dark stripes, but 'e 'as in'erited the Tiger Shark tendencies from 'is father, the Consort."

                Monitoring the outside cameras on a wrist device, Atari noticed a human with light blond hair lithe build, and strange clothes arrived at the main entrance. He punched a few buttons, which made the disguise shimmer away into another shirtless Atlantean, but unlike the Bodyguard, this was an Atlantean teenager. As described earlier, he was a Great White Atlantean with Tiger Shark markings. He had his father's slitted eyes and no shirt, his only mark of royalty is his silver armlets. He was quite an attractive youth if he wasn't a potential cause of an international incident. Atari ulped at the visible row of teeth. "Holy Pouch, what appears to be the Prince has arrived at the front entrance."

                Deryk the Pouch said, "Let 'im in. The sooner 'e is inside, the sooner 'is parents can punish 'im for theft."

                Knuckles mutters, "...And the sooner we can be out of these tuxes..."

                Atari zipped away to get the Prince Fairswift II, and a minute later Atari said at the doorway "May I present the honorable son of King Owen and Consort Evan of Atlantis, the heir to the Atlantean throne..." Not to mention a pain in the ass... "Prince Fairswift II."

                Prince Fairswift II looked towards the others and didn't wait for the pleasantries meant for his rant. He looked as if he was quite serious. He looked toward the Prince and growled. "You are Kazuki, Prince of the Water Elementals. I am Fairswift, second of his name, Prince and Heir to the Atlantean Throne. I didn't expect the commoner scent coming from you."

                "I may smell like a commoner, but I am the only child of Empress Magnusa, and nephew to the Guard Captain Kwon Kiau." Kazuki said with a serious tone. "I may be considered weak compared to my Sand and Fire cousins, but I ask for the same respect as me and my friends are giving you right now. There is no place for rude remarks at this table."

                "Now now..." said Kaoru, some of the food presented at the table were made by her father, or imported from Mobius. "Come have some tea, and let us get to know each other."

                The Atlantean Prince nodded his muzzle to Kaoru, and sat at the vacant mat at the table across from Kazuki. He found it odd that there was another vacant spot, but thought nothing of it.

                Deryk the Pouch pointed toward the outer door and the door closed with a magical THOOM! as it locked and then he glanced at Fairswift. "For a member of nobility, yas certainly are rude. Kazuki may not 'ave the right to call 'imself an emperor, but Ah do. Ah am the 'oly Pouch and before yer arrival, we called Atlantis and got their official stance on Kazuki's power usage. Their view does not seem to match yers, Fairswift II, or is it more of a case of anything but 'Fair'? Everyone, please be seated. Amy Rose, please serve our guests and 'opefully the Piko 'ammer won't be necessary before the meal ends."

                Corona then said, "Aside from Michael And Thomas (whom thankfully has more important things to deal with tonight,) most of the members of the Freedom Force are all noble royalty from various parts of the Orient. Most with proper upbringing and you do not know how badly I would have traded that for the life of a pauper once I learned that my father had betrothed me to the highest bidder without even asking for my mother's consent." She then sat down next to Raja.

                Michael said, "When can we get this over with, mates. Ah 'ave a training schedule to get back to. Ah may suck at it but Ah am learning something from Knuckles."

                From behind the Bodyguard made himself known just as he the Prince was about to get up. "No, stay seated, Ah'm afraid Ah must inist, yer 'ighness."

                "D-David?!" said Fairswift as he was surprised he couldn't detect the scent of the Whale Shark or sense his presence in the air. His eyes narrowed. "I see you still haven't gotten rid of yer 'orrible accent."

                The Bodyguard David said, "Even yer father stopped calling me that after being sworn to protect yas, Yer 'ighness. And Ah was born speaking this Aussie lilt. Speaking of yer father, 'e sent me to bring yas a message from yer mother the King." Keeping one finned hand secure on the Prince's shoulder, he pulled the screener off his wrist and gave him a recording device. "Forgive me, but under orders of the King, yas are not allowed to move from this table until yas listen."

                Prince Fairswift II activated it at the table. A holographic visage of King Owen's frowning shark muzzle appeared in front of him. "My son, I hope this comes to you when you are front of people because otherwise, it won't get fully into your head. Since you got into your teenage years, your attitude has been just as atrocious as Kwon and your godfather Bryan combined. Your sense of entitlement, though not entirely unexpected for royalty, is making our followers quite uncomfortable..."

                "When has that ever effected your decisions..." quipped Fairswift, while David gripped only slightly. "Listen to yer King."

                "And I heard that! Considering I had to call for a recess of the diplomatic summit for the rest of the day, I decided to change this recording remotely into a real-time communication. Forgive your bodyguard; he was not informed of my plan within a plan." That was when Fairswift's face turn to shock. King Owen continued. "We taught our son better than this, and I humbly apologize to the Holy Pouch for making him further frustrated over by his atrocious behavior. My rule over Atlantis is one of peace and unity, which makes my decision quite difficult.

                "Until Prince Fairswift II shows the values we tried to raise him with, he is not to use the power of his status. It is the decision of the King and his consort that you will remain in Japan for six months. No Jet Skiff, no Screeners, and no royal title. We will arrange for lodging with Club Freedom, heavy on chores to build character, and in return, they will be compensated for their troubles. You will have to earn your keep the way your father and I have done before you my destiny in reuniting the Atlanteans under one rule was realized. If you want to remain a Prince you will have to learn how a commoner lives. And you must be polite to everyone." He then shifted his attention to David. "Bodyguard, you have been loyal to the throne, and for that I will grant you the use of the Screener and your human identity in Japan and check weekly with Club Freedom on your charge's progress during this time. Your mate and children will be well taken care of whenever you depart for Japan."
                End of Chapter Seven.


                  Chapter Eight: A More Friendly Repast.
                  He bowed his muzzle down with respect. "I am grateful, my King."

                  "Then I will recall you in a week, David. Please enjoy your hard-earned vacation in Japan." The projection winked out.

                  The communication had the desired effect; Fairswift didn't have the bravado of a Prince, and he handed over his armlets to his bodyguard. He was starting to feel remorse for being a little tailhole, so to speak."I just only wanted to present my father with better armors than the ones he preferred to use."

                  "Not all that glitters is silver and gold my Prince," said David in a gentle tone, as he headed towards the vacant spot at the table. "Let's stop and enjoy the meal before your time as a commoner begins. He placed the Screener on his wrist, and tapped the controls, and looking like he came out of 2013, David was seen in his human form. The twin brother of the Historian that Kiel knows well, if Deryk the Pouch asks. "Ah am sorry you guys have to witness this, but it is to get them to listen. May Ah join this table? It's been a while since Ah talked with 'umans."

                  Kazuki was speechless. Edmund simply closed his eyes in discomfort, as the Prince's mother sounded like his mother. Kaoru couldn't keep her fake smile. Atari's ears drooped in concern.

                  Deryk the Pouch looked over the Knuckles and Michael as he waggled a finger at the two causing the tuxedos to vanish and for Michael, more casual clothes; Knuckles was left in his usual fur. Raja simply unbuttoned his royal jacket. Deryk then caused the doors to unlock before saying, "I knew your father well, Bodyguard, although not as well as Roolock likely did. As for yer mother, 'e still lives albeit in a younger body within the Aussie Thunder team. Ah can arrange for their visiting Japan if yas would like to visit with 'im since 'is team live in a star ship. Yer brother was last seen in Avalon with several younger humans whom imbibed the fountain of longevity. They are under Merlin's guidance. Alright, my friends, let us see about enjoying this meal as friends before resuming a normal lifestyle in yer new Club Fortress. Ah already miss yer force phone ringing at inopportune moments, Corona."

                  Corona smiled. "If you ever miss hearing it, I can give you the ringtone recording of the suitors I recorded every time they called along with my responses."

                  Raja rolled his eyes. "Is nothing sacred, my wife?"

                  Michael said, "Right after this meal, Knuckles and I must return to my training even if that means training in the Mobian Jungle in the nude."

                  Deryk the Pouch asked, "Ah recall Cosmic Mouse telling me of a visit to Dreamwolf that King Owen and Kwon made when they visited the American Eight. Does Consort Evan still 'ave 'is facial scar?" Of course Deryk also recalled how Cosmic Mouse had cloned Evan to make a human-sized mousy version called Tiger Mouse. And how Tiger Mouse was a member of the American Eight.

                  "Ah'm not in a position to comment on the Consort's appearance, but it makes 'im look more distinguishable in 'is Atlantean form." David started to dine along with the others. Fairswift II somberly accepted some miso soup. "Ah wonder 'ow my brother is doing? The bloke left Atlantis after 'e found out Ah became one of 'em. Ah'm guessing 'e is still mad at me for my choice after things went south with Kingy."

                  "Kingy?" said the troubled Prince. "Tell me my mother didn't cheat on his mate."

                  "Kingy is the nickname of Kingston Knight," said David soberly, as he accepted a cup of warm sake. "Ah wouldn't disrespect the King by calling him by such a nickname."

                  Deryk the Pouch said, "Kingston Knight was last seen serving King Nightlaw on Kings Island. 'e 'elped the Mascot League get their tower 'eadquarters set up initially. After that, Kingston's presence is rarely felt nor seen. 'e keeps 'imself within the court of the black kangaroo king. Last Ah 'eard, 'e felt like the call of being a ranger 'ad passed 'im by yet again even though 'e still owns the Red Lantern Morpher along with the entire equipment package of the Lantern Legion Rangers."

                  He then said, "As for your twin, Ah should 'ave mentioned that 'e is dating one of the Rangers of Avalon and is quite 'appy with 'is new life among them. 'is KSP is still making sure 'e doesn't fall into a depression anymore."

                  David wiped a grateful tear from his eye. "Good to know 'e finally found what was consistently denied to 'im over the years. Atlantis was a place for 'im to live, but it was not 'is 'ome."

                  Kazuki smiled towards David in a polite manner. "For a bodyguard, you sure are nice. David-san."

                  Deryk the Pouch said, "Ah 'ave several Ranger teams to visit and cleanse in the weeks to come. Ah would like to be done by Christmas. My father's team, Ranger X needs to 'ave their Pepsi-Roos cleansed of former demon taint; The various Ranger teams of Ottercrest need my attention still; Ah need to check in with both the Mascot League as well as The Mascot Riders in Oregon. And then Ah 'ave to check on the Dragoon Rangers of Florida. So much work and very little time to rest." Deryk then fell face first into his dinner dish asleep. It was a comedy scene last seen when Lord Timmy the Hedgehog did something similar when he and Nitro were raising Impulse in the old days. And neither Lord James nor his son Malcolm were around to sketch this funny scene.

                  Amy Rose said, "Perhaps I should help him get to a bed. We cannot just leave him like that. It's like fainting in your own vomit." And Shadow then came into the room as he helped Amy Rose to get Deryk the Pouch off to a guarded bed to rest in. Shadow would stand guard for now; it was similar to the old days when they guarded the dream version of Deryk.

                  Michael said, "That was mighty awkward and embarrassing. But then again, The Pouch 'asn't really slept since before the assault on the Dragon Warriors and the War Crocs in upper India. 'e was being kept busy by all manner of stupid things and now the ex'austion 'as caught up with 'im."

                  Corona said, "We will let him sleep for now. We can remind him later what his last words were."
                  End of Chapter Eight.
                  End of Episode Eleven.

                  Stay tuned for the next episode, Once in a Mobian Moon.