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[2T-PR3] PRFF-10 Solar the Hedgehog Returns

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-10 Solar the Hedgehog Returns

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Ten: Solar the Hedgehog Returns.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Also Starring:
    1) Roger Yojimbo Lamar, Solar Mobian Hedgehog Ranger (Solar the Hedgehog)
    Guest Starring, Kamen Raida Yajukin:
    1) Robby Thunderstar, Gundam Horse Rider, Red
    2) Gregory "Greg" Sterling, Gundam Otter Rider, Blue
    3) Kaela Bryant, Gundam Owl Rider, White
    4) Electra Montgomery, Gundam Jaguar Rider, Gold

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Tamus Frigidus: A white drake courier ally to Thomas
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)
    Xylo47: Seth Sidarius in his green sea dragon form who trains at the Dragon Templar Academy
    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog
    Cyber Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's grandson - Michael's enemy
    Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess - Kazuki's enemy
    Shuichi Sunahama, the Sand Prince - Kazuki's enemy
    TBA - Corona's enemy
    Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan - Thomas' enemy
    TBA - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy
    Prologue: Surrendering a Morpher and...
    As seen previously in ROARE-05 All Stars Shining Together, Chapter Five.

    However, just as Kiel's group was about to meet with Lord Deryk, it became obvious that Yin-Yang Tao was present with Lord Deryk at that very moment. Janet's loud mouth was definitely heard. "I am looking forward toward kicking some Heinie and I better get to kick butt too or else I will not be a happy camper."

    Roger Yojimbo Lamar, the current Red Fire Yin-Yang Ranger, was heard saying, "You will get to do it, Janet. I am upset that the rest of you changed the past on Earth during your last visit down there. I don't care if it was to rescue your counterparts in Epic Spirit. You guys never wanted me as your leader anyway. I don't know why Lord Deryk awarded me with his old morpher in the first place. You guys never do as I ask."

    The mystery man then stepped forward and said, "As the past that was, some things never change... She is still like cold water pouring through yer fingers."

    Janet was about to erupt in anger at those words but as she turned to look at the source of the voice, Varvara beat her to the statement. "How come you have Deryk's voice? Lord Deryk, did you throw your voice to that man who is with your father and Pyrobolt..." she went rather silent when she realized who the others were. "...and the rest of the Holy Pouch's elite...?"

    Lord Deryk turned and hopped over to Kiel where he humbly bowed in respect. "Dad, I am glad to see you but you usually only visit when something major occurred on Earth. And as you just heard, Yin-Yang changed the past on Earth during their outing with the Freedom Force Rangers."

    Kiel lifted the Were-Kangaroo Lord up to his feet and said, "The time 'as come the walrus said, to speak of many things... of golden flax and ceiling wax. And of cabbages and kings; We found yer real world counterpart alive and well, son. This is not to say that yas can no longer exist. Yas made ROARE and the real Deryk Devlin of Adalia wants yas to continue to run it for the betterment of future rangers and riders in the world. 'e 'as a journey of 'is own to resume and training with Stanley Thunder to resume since it wasn't right for 'im to be pulled away from that training."

    Janet walked over to the man and carefully reached up as she slowly pulled his hood off of his head. "Oh my god... Deryk Devlin... but... you have scars as if you were horribly burned and only recently healed from these injuries. How were you injured?"

    The man, the real Deryk Devlin of Adalia, replied, "This occurred during my stint with the Dragon Guardians, back when Ah was the Purple Stranger. Ah was nearly killed in a blast caused by the Devil Dreamer. Roolock almost didn't get me out of there in time. And after 'is summons, Ah was horribly burned and Ah 'ad to be 'ealed in as careful a manner as possible. 'e sent for one of the Pouch's elites to come in and assist with my revival. The 'oly Pouch made a decision at the time to keep my rescue and survival a secret from undeserving eyes and ears. The demon Kangaroo sheila called Mom was roaming the outback on Earth and in the Dreamtime itself, so Ah was moved to a sanctuary in Spirit Land where the remainder of my recovery occurred in absolute secrecy. Ah often 'ad visitors in the form of Zen the Otter Spirit King, Stallion the Kestron Spirit King, and Grey Thunder the Wolfen Spirit King. They all three knew that Ah was a Were-Kangaroo of prophecy and they would educate me in Spirit knowledge when they 'ad the time. Eventually, Pyrobolt and Arkanga arrived in Spirit Land where I was given the remainder of my 'ealing water treatment that would make me 'ealthy enough for travel. Since Demon Mom was gone, it was safe to show me to my father, Lord Kiel. 'e was shocked that Ah still lived and 'e admitted to me that 'e 'ad placed a dream copy of me into my place in Adalia so the world would still know of my exploits without searching for the real me."

    Rikki then said, "So your being here now is to let your counterpart know the truth and to ask him to continue to run ROARE while you go off to fulfill your destiny in which I am supposed to be training with you."

    Deryk nodded his head. "Yes but as before, yas can come with me as will Roger since 'e needs the experience. 'owever, 'e should give the fire morpher back to Lord Deryk so a new replacement Red Fire Yin-Yang Ranger can be assigned. Also as is expected from gods, they jumped the gun on old Adalia with the scare of the meteorite. The projectile missed Adalia and struck our version of Venus. That is why Ah am still Deryk Devlin of Adalia and not Lord Deryk of New Adalia. Lord Deryk can think of me as an older twin brother which is why 'e is in no danger of being replaced as the dean of this fine academy. For now, we do need to get going. We will be based on Lord Thunderbird's mountain on Old Adalia. 'is sons 'ave a billiards room that would make Lord Brock drool." And after Roger handed over the morpher to Lord Deryk, the group departed ROARE for adventures on the original Adalia.
    At Thunderbird Mountain, Planet Parousia.
    Roger spoke to the current Holy Pouch, the Adalian Deryk Devlin. "Sonic asked me to return and take up training with him, Deryk. I appreciate you and Rikki allowing me to come with you guys to see Thunderbird's base here on Adalia; but I want to be a ranger and get training with Sonic. Can you help me, Deryk?"

    Deryk smiled. "Of course Ah can, mate. The other Mobians told me about a Ranger/Rider Morpher that was made for a 'uman which 'ad Mobian powers embedded into it. We can assign that morpher to yas and with it, yas can become the Solar Mobian 'edge'og Ranger/Rider otherwise known as Solar the 'edge'og when yas are transformed. The last time the morpher was in use, the demon version of Lari Knight 'ad almost claimed it for Soluella. But the morpher was rescued and cleansed and is again ready to be used for a 'ero like yas, Roger. Would yas like to become Solar the 'edge'og?"

    Roger nodded his head rapidly. "I sure would, Deryk. I won't let Solar nor the Mobians down." Summoning the Solar Morpher was a snap for Deryk and once it was placed on Roger's wrist, it was time to summon the Cosmic Hedgehog Knight.

    Roger struck a pose as he lifted his morpher and touched the cosmic symbol of Solar. "Cosmos Arise! Solar Ranger" There came a blast of fire and a nova flare that made his entire body glow. He then transformed from a human into his Mobian Hedgehog identity which was solid orange in coloration with a white armored uniform, white gloves, bright yellow and red shoes, a black belt with an armored Sonic handheld around his waist and his visored red helm appeared as his Unicorn Zord/Cycle briefly appeared beside him. "Solar Mobian Hedgehog Ranger!"
    End of Prologue.

    Chapter One: ...Reviving a Mobian Legend.

    Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D.; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
    Club Freedom

    As Michael spent some time in his Hengeyokai Rat identity with Knuckles as his instructor, Sonic stood at the nearby overlook with a serious concerned look on his muzzle.

    Sega and North emerged from Club Freedom with food and drinks. "You mean he is still standing there? He's been out here since Roger called him last night. He didn't even have his chili dog breakfast like he usually does."

    Corona was just inside the club enduring her latest embarrassment. Word of the lie had reached her mother and the Indian noble woman had arrived to have Corona's wedding gown properly fitted upon her body. "Hold still, Corona. You want to look good for Mr. Curess, don't you?" They thought that Dragon King Meyr Curess was the name of the suitor who managed to get Corona to say yes. So during this farce, there were no more suitor calls. She knew she had to endure this or else the suitor calls would start again in earnest.

    Thomas teleported in with Yellow-Cloud, Tamus and a donkey boy wearing clothes. "While Yellow-Cloud and Tamus have been here before, Lampy II, I will only be giving you a tour of the Club on this trip." He stopped when he saw Corona in the wedding gown. "I must have teleported us into the Twilight Zone."

    Lampy II smirked. "No, that is your friend Corona all right."

    Impulse was taking care of Edmund's egg as a favor, as the half-dragon was in the bath and didn't want the egg he's fathering to be left alone (or to get cold). He walked up and gave a kiss to Thomas. "This egg is pretty warm. Reminds me of how much I enjoyed being pregnant after our first time."

    Kazuki walked up to where Sonic was standing still at the overlook. He brought some Mitarashi Dango he had made safe in case Impulse had the cravings. He didn't want there to be a shortage for guests or allies. Of course, his mood was not as positive. He was hoping Ukami and Shuichi would not cause problems at the Clubhouse. They were still around, and of course, his father made sure he was in the know if they were up to something unusual. But still, that letter made him feel sick to his stomach because of the perversion. He set the Dango near Sonic. "It's no Chili Dog, Sonic-kun," said Kazuki in a calm manner, "but it's delicious as far as my friends can attest to." Dango was not the Imperial Offspring's favorite sweets.

    Sonic smiled a little as he took the food and nibbled on it. "Roger said he would be arriving sometime this morning with a surprise for me. I encouraged him to try training with me to improve his standing as a Power Ranger. The sun has risen and Roger still isn't here. I am worried about him."

    At that moment, a tongue of flame extended down from the light of the sun and when the arm of the solar flare touched the ground within view of everyone, the flame tongue was instantly gone and the ground wasn't even scorched. Yet standing there was a Hedgehog Ranger not seen in quite a while. Solar the Hedgehog or so it seemed, as he turned to smile at Sonic and said with Roger's voice, "Hey Sonic! Someone call for a Solar Hedgehog?"

    Sonic went over to Solar and he hugged him. "Man I never thought I would get to see this Holy Ranger again. Are you okay inside there, Roger?"

    Roger as Solar replied, "It is a full body transformation, Sonic. I am fine actually. But you look famished. Did you skip breakfast again?"

    Sonic hugged Roger again. "I was waiting for you to show up, little buddy."

    Roger as Solar chuckled. "I've been upgraded to sidekick."

    Sega smiled. "So Roger now has the Solar the Hedgehog powers. He does look hot like that."

    Inside the club, Thomas hugged Impulse and returned the kiss deeply. "We were both pregnant at the same time, Impulse. Our kids are probably the only magic using hedgehogs in the entire star ship. I still love you, Impulse."

    Impulse said, "Maybe warming this egg might get me in the mood to make another sibling for them. I wonder why Edmund decided to keep the egg he produced? I don't think Michael would consent to being mated to him." He didn't know that Edmund wasn't going to make the mating bond unless asked.

    Kazuki offered Sonic and Roger each a skewer of Mitarashi Dango, "Please, enjoy this before the Impulse-kun... indulges in it." Still the notorious sweet-tooth, the purple hedgehog is.

    Thomas said, "I think keeping the egg is part of an educational lesson in Honor for Edmund and Ned. As for you and I, Impulse, I would gladly help you make more Mobian children whenever you wanted. It was fun the first time and it would be fun again. I am glad Mobian gestation does not last as long as human ones last. We should plan another session soon."

    Sonic and Roger accepted the Dango offered and munched on it. Roger then said, "My taste buds are different in the Solar the Hedgehog form. Having the Mobian physiology is also something that takes some getting used to. Being as limber and as healthy as Sonic and Shadow sometimes makes me forget how rigid I am in my human form rather than how flexible the Mobians are naturally in their every day lives."

    Sonic stated, "That is something I will gladly help to educate you in as well as the Mobian Hedgehog spiel."

    Corona was now privately thinking, What I wouldn't give for my Force Phone to ring right about now.

    End of Chapter One.


      Chapter Two: The Rise and Fall of Focus.

      It was later that night when Corona's mother finally departed for home in India giving Corona some time to herself. Michael was sitting at the bar counter within the club on the Mobian side with Knuckles, Sonic, Shadow and Solar (Roger) as well as Kazuki who was needing some privacy away from Shuichi and Ukami. Thomas was off with Impulse checking out Impulse's home on Mobius itself (perhaps preparing for their sexual activities that they were planning.)

      Michael said to the Mobians gathered at the club in the Great Jungle, "Despite my finding my focus to train better and pay attention to the lessons yas are giving me, Knuckles, Ah get the feeling that the rest of our ranger team are losing their focus and are slowly drifting off to do whatever they want. Even though Club Freedom 'as well over 200,000 members worldwide; those who were chosen to join the Freedom Force Rangers may not 'ave been the best choices to fulfill the betterment of what makes a ranger team stand the test of time. Per'aps Ah have no room to talk in regards to this, mates, since Ah only recently refound my focus to concentrate on the lessons that Knuckles 'as been giving me. Learning who my real parents were changed my life. But the rest of the team worry me, mates. Edmund or Ned was in transition thinking that 'e was in love with Thomas, whom is even now off with Impulse somewhere... Corona was very 'onest at first, but with this lie of a farce she is pulling with 'er mother regarding 'er non-existent upcoming wedding; Ah feel that this is not going to end well. And if Thomas is pregnant with Impulse as often as Timmy and Nitro are, then 'is being in the team will not last as long as Kazuki's would. And there's another faucet to this situation; when we first started this ranger team, Kazuki practiced with 'is Water Drakes daily but according to yas, Sonic, Kazuki was afraid to 'ave 'is Water Drakes perform intel during the time trip. This tells me that 'e 'as faltered much like Ah 'ad before Ah refound my focus. And then there is Kaoru, she trains with Master Ryuu every day; much in the way that Knuckles wanted to train me at first."

      Shadow said, "So you think the team needs a break from being Rangers what with their recent performance that was reported back to you during the time trip."

      Michael said in reply, "Despite the rangers who all went on the trip, the Time Dragons did all the work. Thomas was off in Terra Asinus with 'is pants off performing magic for Lampwick II's officers and recruiters. Even Rocket sneaked off with 'alf of 'is Yin-Yang Tao charges leaving Roger and the rest at the main camp. Ah am actually glad Roger chose to accept Sonic's offer to train under 'im and Ah don't mean in bed, either. Even when the demon copies of Lari Knight were with us, Ah never 'ad any ill will toward the bloke. In a way, Ah wish 'e 'ad been a real 'uman rather than the copy of a demon copy. The only thing that bothered me was that name of 'is. Always made me think 'e was named for a sheila."

      "I never want the Water Drakes to get hurt for my sake," said Kazuki, eating a vanilla mochi. "I am relieved that all of them returned unharmed from information gathering. I care for every last one of them." He lowered his glasses as his eyes started to glow. He summoned one of his elementals in the shape of a shark before having it disperse. "I've been doing more advanced forms in my last battles with Ukami and Shuichi. I haven't been practicing in the open since my cousins are more advanced in their training than I am, and would send elementals to spy. I could summon at least four elementals in shape of a shark before feeling some strain." He adjusted his glasses to his desired focus. "If you think that I am faltering, then I apologize for making you believe that. That was not my intention."

      For the first time that this co-author can remember, Nitro zipped in from his Mobian home. He looked a little less slinky than he was in the past, though he still wore single layers of form fitting clothing. "Timmy is resting after giving birth to our youngest," said the Red Hedgehog, "He's being cared for by Quasar and Accel. Mind if I get a drink? I had to put Dash in a chastity belt to keep him from exacerbating his infatuation by pouncing on Pulsar."

      Shadow served up a drink for Nitro. "Nice to see you aren't anchored to your bed for a change, son. Drink up and I'll fix you another one."

      Knuckles then said, "Interesting that you showed up when the topic switched to Lari Knight. Michael was saying that he rather liked the guy despite his being a demon copy."

      Michael remarked, "Ah recall that when Lord Deryk was giving out wishes during 'is visit that Ah asked about my true parentage but Lord Deryk never granted me a wish. Ah was wondering if Ah could wish for a pure 'uman version of Lari Knight, our age, to be brought into existence as a surprise present for Timmy."

      Sonic replied, "You had better plan out his parentage and former family before you make a wish like that, Michael. Otherwise he may become depressed when he cannot learn who his parents and family were; much like you were before the Time Dragons were able to help you learn what was what in your genetics."

      Roger as Solar said, "I think this is how misadventures get started." He then pulled out his communicator. "For the record, guys. The Lord Deryk of ROARE is not the new Holy Pouch. The New Holy Pouch is the Deryk Devlin who returned to Old Adalia to get arrangements in order at Thunderbird's Mountain. He was talking about personally sponsoring Power Ranger and Kamen Rider teams on the old planet, which by the way, he was thinking about renaming since having two Adalia's might get confusing later on. I can call Deryk the Pouch whenever you are ready to make that wish, Michael."

      Michael said, "Ah 'ave to do something for 'im; if it weren't for the demon Lari in the Royal Adventurers, Ah wouldn't exist at all. 'e made the initial wish to get me created from the genetics of a Lari Knight equivalent and the supposed North Lonewolf genetics, except... my parental units ended up being part Royal Red Dragon of Dragotopia and Lari Prince of Dreamwolf thanks to the real Arranger who was on Earth at the time. Ah owe it forward to Lari Knight of Blackall some 'ow and some way."

      Sonic then said, "I have an idea on how to make it possibly work out. A lot of places on Old Adalia need to be rebuilt and repopulated due to the doomsday fiasco which never came after the gods pulled out with their so-called good citizens. Suppose a Blackall was rebuilt by Deryk the Pouch in North America on top of an existing city that ends with the suffix -all and then we have Deryk the Pouch repopulate it with formerly missing families formerly of the Old Blackall, Queensland, Australia region? We could have a Mobian Embassy set up in the new city and then we could help Deryk the Pouch oversee the project."

      Knuckles said, "I suppose you already have a place in mind, don't you?"

      Sonic nodded his head. "The former city of Marshall, Missouri, just south of the Missouri River between Kansas City and Columbia. They had heavy looting and vandalism and loads of property damage during the worst of the panic. We could even have the Dreamtimers help govern over the restoration project. We could call it, 'The gateway to the American Outback.'"

      End of Chapter Two.


        Chapter Three: Pouch Planning.

        Michael shook his head. "Okay Roger, place the call. Ah'm not so sure about Sonic's idea. Yas don't just move a nationality of people from one continent to another and expect everything to be 'unky dory. But if a township in Australia were rebuilt to replicate Marshall, Missouri, down under, then the Old Adalia version of the town could be New Blackall without taking over Storm 'orizon's base on the Kimberly Plateau."

        Roger placed the call, "This is Solar the Hedgehog calling Deryk the Pouch. Come in please."

        Appearing in the chamber was Deryk Devlin the Holy Pouch. "Yer lucky Ah was 'elping Lord Deryk and the Trigram Boomer with an issue and Ah was so close. What do yas need, Roger?"

        Michael then dropped the request upon Deryk the Pouch once again. "Ah am not sure if yas granted our team wishes or if the one who offered was Lord Deryk of ROARE. But Ah thought this was important enough to warrant the attention of the new 'oly Pouch."

        Adalian Deryk the Pouch said, "This is the first Ah 'ave 'eard of granting wishes, Michael. But Ah can do this for yer whole team genie style. And that means three wishes each; use them wisely."

        Michael said, "Corona may 'ave a request in that department. Word reached 'er mother that she was about to marry Dragon King Meyr Curess and now she is prepping 'er daughter for the wedding... a wedding that is not going to occur. If Corona's father 'adn't given those awful suitors permission to pursue her to the ends of creation, Corona wouldn't be in this mess now. Can yas speak to 'er later, mate, and try to get this straightened out?"

        Adalian Deryk replied, "Everyone will get their turn, Michael, but lets iron out yer request first."

        Sonic then hopped up and said, "Before you disregard my idea entirely allow me to explain myself. Nearly everyone in Lari Knight's original team had no accent whatsoever, Lari was the only Outback accented member of the team. So having their families in an American city would be like how it was when Deryk and Devlin grew up in River Bluff, Missouri, on Earth. But if you replicate Marshall down under, then it should be situated in the same geographical layout as the original with the river to the North and the same kind of businesses duplicated down under. Streets, Roadways, and Highways would need the same layout as the original as well. The original has a local college instead of a branch trade school like Glenmire's arrangement."

        Sonic continued, "And the Mobian Patrol arrangement out of our own embassy would help Adalian Deryk to keep an eye on the project city. I am sure a few Dreamtimers would also want to help out with this project. So we wouldn't be doing this by ourselves."

        Adalian Deryk looked to Sonic and said, "If the Mobians were in town right off the bat, it might defeat the formation of a Power Ranger team for the teenagers in question. Why would they need to be rangers if the Mobians were doing all of the police work and crime fighting? When yas can answer that question, Sonic, we will talk about the embassy."

        Sonic looked as if he had just gotten boffed by a frying pan directly in the face as he was silent and immobile as he stood there.

        Nitro hummed, "In the meantime, what can be done with Michael-stud's request?"

        Adalian Deryk said, "First thing Ah will need is to contact my father and ask 'im about the original Lari Knight. Kiel was the one whom was working closest to Lari and 'is friends. As for the sheila of a first name 'e 'as, Kiel might know more about it so lets not get 'asty. Nicknames make the young years a lot more fun for a young bloke." He then closed his eyes and said, "This is the Pouch calling Lord Kiel; come in please. This is a matter of confirmation. Ah need to ask you a question before screwing up all of Earth's reality in regards to Lari Knight."

        Lord Kiel instantly appeared next to Deryk the Pouch. "Please do not do that. The real Lari and 'is real friends still exist. The Timmy whom is with Nitro is the real Lord Timmy Celeron. Back in the old days early on with Outback Rescue, Lari and 'is friends earned the reward of becoming part of the Musketeers Order and they were all lorded with powers. Not long after their team joined the order, Soluella's Anti-Mom demon recreated demon versions of Lari and his friends as a means of fooling the Boomer Force. She even went so far as to make a demon version of North Lonewolf since the original attended the Order's coming of reward party. Joey 'imself was at the party. It was at the party that it was discovered that the were-roo entity known as Cary 'ad infected North and we 'ad to get Lord 'uxley in to remove North's were-ism since it was forced upon 'im through trickery. We suspected that Anti-Mom 'ad something to do with 'ow wild Cary became after 'e almost escaped from Roolock. Lord Lari and his friends 'ave been living in Kings Canyon in recent years since that was where the order was originally located."

        Deryk the Pouch said, "With this new information, Ah think it is possible to duplicate Marshall, Missouri near Kings Canyon so the offspring of Lari's club can 'ave their chance at being Power Rangers in this new age. Per'aps duplicate a smaller version of the ranger/Rider academy in the new Marshall down under. Father, do yas think Lari would approve of this idea?"

        Kiel then said, "Since 'e married one of Lord Tarnado's sons and they do 'ave several children of their own... and no, they do not look like donkey boys and donkey girls. Apparently gaining the donkey is only available upon reaching adult'ood. Lari's offspring might be interested in the offer, son. They already see Timmy occasionally during the holidays. You already know what Timmy's brood is like. As far as we know, James and Marcy only 'ad one son and Olivia's child is also in Aussie Thunder. So that limits the team to be in question unless Lari's son formed a new club more recently and 'as new friends of 'is own. Ah think Rusty and Studpaw may 'ave a 'uman son in the Kings Canyon area."

        Michael then said, "Ah meant for Lari Knight to be on our Earth; putting 'im on another planet would be like saying that yas don't trust 'im."

        Deryk the Pouch now said, "Since yas are admitting this, Michael, Sonic's original plan makes no sense. A 'Blackall, Missouri' in the States would not be viable nor necessary. Ah can see about replicating Marshall and flipping it East to West and North to South placing it within Kings Canyon. A Mobian short cut embassy that resembles Club Freedom could reside within the city within a walled Indoor Wildlife Refuge which would double as the Dreamtime shortcut for the Dreamtimers to visit the city."

        End of Chapter Three.


          Chapter Four: The Return of an Original Club.

          Marshall; Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia; Planet Earth.

          In the blink of an eye, a formerly empty crossroads of highways near Kings Canyon Resort in Northern Territory, Australia, there appeared the Australian project city of Marshall. Currently there was a protection barrier around the city that would prevent local dragons from entering the community. Unless placed on the alliance list. This meant Edmund/Ned and Tamus Frigidus from the Freedom Force as well as Vlad Devlin's Drake Courier friends could enter but other New Tatsu-Lan dragons would be bounced back to Tatsu-Lan. Since this was a mirror image of Marshall, Missouri only flipped around to fit the existing highways, this was a community capable of containing over twelve thousand citizens. A copy of Club Freedom as well as the aforementioned Australian Indoor Wildlife Refuge appeared within a walled and gated suburb of the new city.

          While Deryk the Pouch worked on making sure wording was correct on signs as well as making sure nothing was backward in appearance, The Mobians and the Freedom Force Rangers remained at the walled gated suburb community awaiting Deryk to return.

          Michael said, "Ah'll give the new Pouch this; when yas give 'im the details, 'e can make real miracles 'appen. Ah cannot wait to cast mine eyes on a real Lari Knight instead of a demon copy."

          Roger smiled. "The air is a lot cleaner in this freshly made city than it would be in a poluted and populated city. Remember that your wish included stocking the city with Australia Citizens. Deryk said that the dome barrier would be taken down once the dragon threat was dealt with."

          Michael smiled. "Lari and his real friends get a second chance at a real adventure in our time by being our ages."

          Suddenly Deryk was back in their midst along with the original members of Musketeer Action. Deryk the Pouch remarked, "Lari named his oldest son Lars Mistpaw Knight, 'e personally used Lari when 'e was younger. Yas Michael are effectively 'is eldest son created through a wish; Yas can call 'im dad as yas like. We can see about giving Lars Mistpaw a watchroo companion so familiar troubles like what 'ad occurred before are avoided. The Mobians can come in and treat the kids to some 'ero worship. This won't be anything like Lord Lari's club was supposed to be; but we will try to 'elp these kids fit into the new world they are growing up in. As yas likely 'eard from Roger... Ah will be directly sponsoring Power Ranger and Kamen Rider teams worldwide on Planet Parousia, Adalia's new name. Like Ah explained to Roger, it would be confusing to 'ave two Adalias."

          Sonic said, "I was always fond of this team Lari's Musketeer Action team."

          Deryk the Pouch could see how much Sonic cared about this group of human kids. "They remind yas of the Adventure League, don't they, Sonic?"

          Sonic nodded his head quietly as Shadow mouthed off, "No one will ever replace Paul in the Adventure League. Those guys saved our asses multiple times here on Mobius when their own lives were bleak and nearly destroyed. They had the belief of ages. Lari's bunch never even came close to being as good as the League."

          Deryk the Pouch pointed a finger at the black hedgehog and Shadow suddenly shut up. "Lets give the new team a chance before yas condemn them to utter failure. Besides, Paul is 'elping Lord Deryk at the Ranger Academy. If yas want to go see 'im up on New Adalia, what's stopping yas?"

          Kazuki got a ring on his Force Phone, as did Michael. As it was an emergency call it automatically answered, and the timing couldn't come at a worse time. "This is Edmund. The Sand Cousin is back and he is attacking the clubhouse since my breath weapon turned his Sand Dragon to Glass. Apparently in trying to scare him away I destroyed his favorite Elemental. ATARI! PROTECT MY EGG AT ALL COSTS! Get here fast!" Then the communique was cut off.

          The Water Elemental of the Imperial Cousins started to shake in fury. A friend's egg was at risk, and even if it was being protected, it would be a disgrace to not defend someone's right to honor, or a right to live. "I am not going to share that pervert Shuichi's bed just to stop his assault! Michael-san... I'm sorry, but the Sand Cousin is going to pay!" He despised Shuichi and his libido, but he had to do something to stop the Sand Cousin's assault, and his Water Imperial Aura was starting to become more active than it has ever been; his mother would likely be proud of his emotions boiling. He remembered about Deryk the Pouch's saying he would grant three wishes, and made one that would effect even himself in a negative manner. "I wish if one Imperial Cousin attacks one of the other's base, the other two cousins are compelled to appear and fight each other one-on-one-on-one." He pressed the [3], [2], [1] buttons on his Force Phone, and was ready to press [GO!] at a moment's notice.

          "Wish granted, Kazuki. Ah 'ope yas know what yer doing," Deryk the Pouch said. "Ah will stay 'ere for now and monitor my work. The moment yas need me in Japan, give me a call and the 'oly Pouch will punish some Imperials."

          Michael brought his Red Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright red as a splash of red and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright red surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Michael standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his Red Hengeyokai Rat Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Michael then transformed into his Hengeyokai Rat man form. "Banzai! Red Force Ranger!"

          Roger struck a pose as he lifted his morpher and touched the cosmic symbol of Solar. "Cosmos Arise! Solar Ranger" There came a blast of fire and a nova flare that made his entire body glow. He then transformed from a human into his Mobian Hedgehog identity which was solid orange in coloration with a white armored uniform, white gloves, bright yellow and red shoes, a black belt with an armored Sonic handheld around his waist and his visored red helm appeared as his Unicorn Zord/Cycle briefly appeared beside him. "Solar Mobian Hedgehog Ranger!"

          The Mobian Hedgehogs and Tails formed a circle and stuck a paw into the center of the circle, as they all shouted, "For Mobius!" Then each one struck a pose and held their bracer morpher over their chest. As they did, each one shouted, "For Mobius!" Their bodies then began to glow with their own emerald colors. Knuckles yelled, "Red Emerald!" Shadow yelled, "Black Emerald!" Sonic yelled, "Blue Emerald!" Rose yelled, "Pink Emerald!" Goldie yelled, "Yellow Emerald!" Tails yelled, "Gold Emerald!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as their Ranger uniforms of both White and their assigned emerald colors began appearing from their feet, up their legs and torso, then the hands and arms, meeting up around their necks. Then, their helmets wrapped around their heads, from the back to the front, as the filtered visors formed over their eyes. Then, the images of their Zords appeared briefly behind them, as special affects explosions of colored smoke and flames erupted behind them. Upon their chests, the circled emblem of two letter F's back to back, with a crown centered over the base of the letters, appeared in a stylistic flare, standing for Freedom Fighters. Then they shouted, "Mobian Rangers! Fighting For Freedom!"

          End of Chapter Four.


            Chapter Five: Shuichi and Ukami Are Back Again.

            As the team arrived back in Japan at the original Club Freedom, Michael led the others out of the clubhouse and he readied himself for battle.

            Kazuki was still glowing in his Water Imperial Energy as he looked at the handiwork of Shuichi. He grimaced and pressed the [GO!] Button, morphing into the Blue Force Ranger. "Ukami, you best show yourself, as well!"

            Kaoru and Edmund were already morphed and fighting off the Sand Drakes from the outer walls of the Clubhouse.

            Shuichi snapped his fingers from his position. "Your dragon lost half his spark, but you seem to have found more of a splash, Kazuki-chan! Show me some love, cousin!"

            Kazuki summoned four Elementals in the shape of sharks, and sent them out. "This fight is between the Imperials!" He summoned his Force Shield from his Phone, and readied himself.

            Since Thomas was still off with Impulse and apparently not answering his Force Phone, Corona joined Michael in the defense of the clubhouse. The Mobian Rangers did what they could where ever they could. Sadly, if the clubhouse was destroyed, it wasn't the end of the world for Club Freedom; they still had other versions of the club in other places.

            Edmund electrified his Force Drakecalibur to make a more worthy way to defeat the drakes made of sand. Now that Shuichi wasn't attacking the Clubhouse and the Gold Force Ranger head-on, the half-dragon was in his second wind.

            Shuichi summoned out more of a Sand Drake army to keep the other Force Rangers busy. He readied a couple Sand Armadillo Elementals to defend against the sharks. but the power of the Water was up further than it was last time, and they started to melt with the force of the sharks of Imperial Water. "You've improved in your Elementals. Yet you still need to learn your Water Drakes are meant for battle!"

            "No... I won't throw them away so easily as you and Ukami, cousin." Kazuki glowered, as he shielded himself from a sand attack with his force shield. "I won't let harm come to them!"

            Shuichi said, "Aunt Magnusa is a formidable woman, worthy of winning the Empress of Power title. Whatever power you inherited from her is wasted if you can't go all out with your powers! Your weakness comes from your father!"

            Kazuki absorbed one of the Water Elementals, and used the water that came from using that power to unleash a torrent of water directly at Shuichi. "Keep my father out of this!"

            On the roof of the clubhouse, an illusion of heat slowly wavered and dispersed as standing in full view was the Fire Princess, Ukami Pyromis; but she was not alone. Just behind her were her mother Kandoria, Shuichi's mother Aluisha, the ibex Executor, the oni dragon Kau Jing Fu, Kazuki's mother and father, Empress Magnusa and Wan Kiau (the Green Ultra Samurai Ranger.) Ukami was calmly saying, "...and as you could hear for yourselves on Shuichi's perversion toward wanting to have incest with both Kazuki and myself. Oh, I could have come in with fire powers blazing; but instead, I chose to sneak our parents and their mentors in so they could overhear Shuichi's perversions for themselves. He always acts so innocent when he thinks his mother is not around to hear him. But the bag has released the cat and this sexual farce ends today. I am dating a nice boy back home and I only care for my cousins during the official visits. Since Kazuki and Shuichi seem to not be dating anyone, I think that marks me as the smarter cousin in the powers of love and duty; for my mother did represent the emotions of passion and fire and I take after her in many ways. This is not to say that I have surpassed her, oh no! I have much to learn. But I found earlier on in our visits that it is pointless to challenge Kazuki when he hides like a coward behind his teammates. But if my cousins want me to show how much I have been practicing, I can have this entire hill top erupt like Mount Tokachi to the North."

            Kandoria remarked, "That won't be necessary, daughter. It is shameful that cousins cannot show that they were smarter than their parents when we squabbled over bread crumbs in the wind."

            Aluisha was disgusted by her son's baka display. "If Shuichi cannot display honor like a Japanese gentleman should, I will have to take away his birthright."

            Magnusa said, "Destroying Club Freedom would be grounds for the Ultra Samurai Heroes to come out of retirement. So I hope our children are smarter than this."

            Wan remarked, "It is no less than I did before I became a Power Ranger myself. Except I didn't have powers backing up my troublesome ways."

            Michael whispered to Corona, "I think Ukami wised up since our last encounter with her." Corona smiled. "New idea! I can marry Shuichi and then my parents will stop being so crazy in trying to get me married off! I wouldn't be doing anything that Empress Magnusa didn't do with her arch enemy!" Raja face-pawed himself.

            Since Ukami didn't want to fight and did the better part of valor. Kazuki growled. "Since Cousin Ukami is smarter than I reckon. Do I need to beat you once again with the Water Emperor Battlizer, or are you going to leave peacefully?"

            "This is not over, Cousins." Shuichi was highly embarrassed by the exposure of his perverted ways, and disappeared within a curtain of sand. The Sand Drakes and Sand Elementals crumbled and disappeared as well. Yet the former Sand Dragon remained as glass."

            "Okaa-sama... Tou-san." said Kazuki as he dispersed his three remaining Water Elemental Sharks and powered down, the Imperial glow of the Water Elemental Subsided. "I hope my use of Elementals has advanced since the last report from Agua Tsunamus."

            Growling, Edmund stated. "The cowardice of the Sand Cousin has shone through like a sun through the clouds. I have a feeling that this won't be the end, seeing how angry he was when I turned his Sand Dragon to glass.

            End of Chapter Five.


              Chapter Six: Just When You Thought it Couldn't Get Any Worse.

              It was the following morning when an unexpected black puff of smoke heralded the magical arrival of Terena Copperfield (Thomas' otherwise bratty little sister.) She was dressed much like Thomas would dress except she was wearing a black magician's outfit made for a young lady (much like Zatanna from Justice League.) "I am here to spend some time with my brother! I got my parent's permission to come over here! So don't be fibbing to me or the next report I make to mom and dad will not be a favorable one! Where is Thomas?"

              Shadow lifted his head when the loudness of the female shattered the morning silence. "You have got to be kidding me. We just got the place cleaned up and now we have to deal with Thomas' bratty sister."

              Terena said loudly, "I am not leaving until I get to spend a whole 24-hour period with my brother!"

              Michael and Knuckles came out of the kitchen together and the human teenager said, "Thomas is off mating with Impulse on Planet Mobius, Terena. We don't know when he will be back and that's the truth."

              Terena then said, "If I cannot spend time with my brother, I will revert to using my old annoying voice."

              The half-dragon rolled his eyes, as he kept his egg close. "Thomas-kun wasn't kidding..." He said that in Ned's tone. Then he switched to Edmund's tone. "I'll be in my quarters, Michael-san." He took his egg close to him, and walked away."

              Kaoru stealthily sent a text message to Thomas' Force Phone, then said kindly to Terena. "Would you like a snack while we wait for Thomas-san, Terena-san? Tou-san gave me several Strawberry Cakes. And since Impulse-kun isn't here... we have more than plenty."

              Master Ryuu knows that Kaoru had to defend herself better when the Draconian Shinobi next attack. He was happy with how far she had advanced in her training.

              Kazuki adjusted his glasses. He was glad the Imperials were out of his hair... for now. Shuichi chose to be scarce to the others, but there's an odd feeling that the Sand Cousin will be back more. Especially when it comes to the terms of the wish granted by Deryk the Pouch. "There's something outside that might impress you, young Magician; a dragon made of glass is outside being polished up by Atari and Accel-san-tachi." What was the use of destroying a newly made glass sculpture when it could be a beautiful display of a 'collaborative' Sand Imperial/Thunder Half-Dragon art.

              Corona came walking in from outside wearing her wedding dress while her mother followed her. "Nice glass statue of my fiance, guys. Only I think Mr. Curess is better endowed than the statue is."

              Terena then said, "Mercury Dragon King Meyr'curess of Dragon Dome City in Australia proposed marriage to you? Did he smoke too much dragons bane or what?" She then went outside to have a look at the glass dragon statue for herself.

              The moment she was gone, Mrs. Bengala cleared her throat and said to her daughter. "Is there something about Mr. Curess that you would like to tell your mother, Corona?"

              Deciding to run interference, Michael said, "When we were in Dragon Dome city, ma'am, another one of those baka suitors called Corona just before our time trip to solve some mysteries in the past. Meyr'curess was standing close by when Corona got the call and 'e took the phone and told the suitor that 'e was about to marry yer daughter simply to make the suitors stop calling. Ah suppose the suitors sent word back to yer family about the impending marriage to a Dragon King which is why yas 'ave all but moved into Club Freedom to get Corona's wedding dress fitted for her. Corona doesn't want to get married just yet, ma'am. Please let 'er be a teenager for a while longer. When she does decide to get married, Ah am sure it will be a gala event." Michael hoped he said the right thing. The suitors thing was getting old fast.

              Mrs. Bengala replied, "Then my daughter will have a problem. Mr. Bengala, my husband, is expecting to see a media report on Corona's wedding at the end of the week or else he will bring the suitors in personally for a Shotgun Wedding style game show starring a Corona in chains if need be. His exact words. The dragon king was Corona's best chance at getting out of this situation, Michael."

              Corona released a sigh. "Perhaps I should call Meyr'curess, let him know what my newest issue is and see if he wants a princess for a bride."

              Michael then said, "Didn't yas threaten to marry Raja once upon a time if the suitors didn't knock it off?"

              Mrs. Bengala asked, "And who is Raja?"

              The feral Rakshasa padded up to the ladies and spoke fluently, "I am Raja, a Rakshasa sorcerer and a noble citizen of India. Corona befriended me when she was younger and it was friends for life. I would do anything for her."

              Mrs. Bengala asked, "Anything? Including to marry her?"

              Raja smiled. "That is up to Corona. If it makes the suitors stop calling her, then I would do it upon her request. But be advised, madam... traditional marriages among my kind are done in the absolute nude. To cover up would be an insult to the ancestors. This also means that the guests attending the wedding must also bare it all."

              Corona started laughing. "That's a gas! I cannot wait to invite Teri Fury to the wedding and mention that little catch! Even any of the Marcy's would enjoy that catch!"

              End of Chapter Six.


                Chapter Seven: The Bad Comes in Threes.

                Corona's mother had left in the family helicopter and Terena was still waiting around for Thomas to return from the two way sex session with Impulse. Michael was on a monitor call with Vladimir Cutter Devlin, the Red Dragon Star Ranger and his Dragotopian red dragon rebel partner, Fiero. "I recently found out that I am the son of the Dragotopian Red dragon of Iona's Royal Dragons. Since your partner is from Dragotopia, I thought you two might be able to help me in determining who my father is. All I know is that he is a Red Dragon."

                Fiero smiled. "I was wondering why the Arranger wanted my DNA back then. That makes me your dragon father, Michael. Who was the mother?"

                Michael said, "Lari Prince of Dreamwolf who is the direct descendant of Magnus Sitaris of Briar Bay."

                Fiero smiled. "Has your Royal Dragon side awakened as yet?"

                "That I sadly do not know," said Michael honestly. "I do know that I am compatible with other dragons. I helped Edmund make a dragon egg during his heat. Ned is doing a lot better now."

                Fiero said, "You should be able to call upon Magnus' powers, Michael. The words are 'Dragon Arcana' and 'Time for a Reading'. Be careful if you do practice with these abilities."

                Suddenly at the front of Club Freedom, One of Mylanus Oki'Prowlus' lightning bolt blasts were heard going off; followed by Goldie poking her head in the door and saying, "Kaoru's ugly boyfriends are, once again, demanding that we hand her over to them."

                Kazuki adjusted his glasses. "And to think this was going to be peaceful..." Life is full of sacrifices. He then said to Corona. "If it prevents your father from chaining you up, I am willing to be betrothed to you to protect your free will. Okaa-sama might not worry about me as much, especially with my cousin's... unsavory tastes. I don't find pleasure in being in the company of either gender like many of your suitors would."

                "Alright!" grinned Kaoru. "Time to show them how much more of a handful I've become." She then bleeped Edmund's Force Phone. "The Draconian Shinobi are back. We need you."

                Edmund grunted over the Force Phone. It was in the annoyed tone Ned had when he gets Tsundere. {Alright! Alright! Kaoru-nee. Get one of the Hedgehogs in my quarters so they can keep my egg warm!}

                Kaoru smiled. "Goldie-neesan, would you please keep Edmund-san's egg warm this time around? It's time for Henshin!"

                Goldie rushed in and said, "Glad to be in here than out there."

                Michael and Roger as Solar emerged from the clubhouse and in a flash the two morphed into their armored identities. And then Knuckles came catapulting out of the clubhouse where he landed on Michael's shoulders and said, "Time to learn a new trick, student; Follow my lead! You too, Roger! Let's summon Pyronis, the Solar Crusader!"

                Before he could initiate this ploy, Imperial Princess Ukami Pyromis was standing beside them. "I want to help so I can show my mother that I am thinking with honor!"

                Knuckles then said, "New plan; we will summon two Pyronis warriors! Just do as I do!"

                Knuckles and Michael leaped into the air as both shouted, "Red Echidna! Red Hengeyokai Rat! Solar Crusader Formation!" The Echidna glowed into a flash of light, becoming glowing solar armor pieces, as Michael's Red Hengeyokai Rat body grew to megazord size, flying into the center of the armor cloud. Michael found himself with Knuckles, as the two seemed to merge, becoming one mind inside of the forming megazord. The armor pieces adhered to the megazord's body, all over, protecting it in all the right ways. Then, glowing boxing gloves of solar light fired out of the sun, landing, wrist opening first unto each of Pyronis' glowing hands. The whole body then flared up, like a nova, as Pyronis, the Solar Crusader, awoke!

                Ukami and Roger leaped into the air as both shouted, "Red Dragon! Red Hedgehog! Solar Crusader Formation!" The Hedgehog glowed into a flash of light, becoming glowing solar armor pieces, as Ukami's Red Dragon body grew to megazord size, flying into the center of the armor cloud. Roger found himself with Ukami, as the two seemed to merge, becoming one mind inside of the forming megazord. The armor pieces adhered to the megazord's body, all over, protecting it in all the right ways. Then, a glowing Katana of solar light fired out of the sun, landing, hilt first, into Pyronis' glowing gauntlet. The whole body then flared up, like a nova, as Pyronis, the Solar Crusader, struck a pose of honor!

                The two Pyronis Warriors stepped over to flank Ned, one on each side. "Time to thump some Shinobi mini-dragons." said Pyronis One whom sounded like a voice combination between Knuckles and Michael. "Let's kick their butts right out of Japan!" exclaimed Pyronis Two whom sounded like a cross between Roger and Ukami.

                Drago Chlorinor grinned when he saw that the rangers had summoned their big warriors. To his Captains, he said, "Bring in our Megazord and make sure not to aim for their Megazords; aim for their headquarters instead. They cannot function without a base. But make it look like an accident as if that wasn't what you meant to aim for."

                In the distance, The Freedom Force Rangers saw the Draconian Shinobi Megazord loom into position. Shadow said, "They'll let anyone have a megazord these days!"

                Edmund growled loudly, morphing into the Gold Force Ranger, which returned him to human size form. He didn't think of summoning his Hengeyokai Dragon Zord. Instead... he pressed [Thunder Crusader Battlizer] Button on the screen of his Force Phone, and pressed [GO!] The Gold Ranger form shattered and he was allowed back into his half-dragon form. Edmund let out a powerful lightning breath weapon into the heavens, and in return he was struck by lightning. Black armors with gold accents replaced the Kimono with skimpy, yet form fitting armors and form-fitting gold metal scales covering his leather like hide. His Battle helm of gold and black fit his head securely, allowing for his lightning rod-like horns to protrude freely. Within his armored grasp, the Draconian Nodachi, Raijinmaru appeared in his grasp. "Rip the foes with furious lightning! Raijin Ryuu, going forth!"

                End of Chapter Seven.


                  Chapter Eight: Club Broken.
                  Kaoru spun her Force Phone in her hand and pressed the [Doragonger Hybrid Battlizer] button. "Doragon Change!" she shouted, before pressing [GO!] She clipped her Force Phone to her belt, which was altered to have Freedom Force and Doragonger's emblem in a hybrid buckle. Her suit changed to a green and sky-blue duotone suit with an X across her chest. The Gale Draconian Spirit appeared behind her, as her gloves and boots changed into the same duotone design with feather scaled wings. As the spirit disappeared her helm transformed to look like the Doragonger equivalent, the Sky Dragon's feather-crested likeness influencing its appearance. Twin Tanto, the Doragon Kiba, appeared in her grasp, while the sheaths appeared on the back of her belt. She struck an agile pose, as she sheathed her blades as the kanji for sky appeared behind her. "Draconian Spirit of the Typhoons! Doragon Sky!"

                  Multiple rapid close-ups of the battlized forms of Edmund and Kaoru occured in succession, landing on the glare of the half-dragon, and the visor of Doragon Sky.

                  "I won't lose to my fiery cousin!" Kazuki said, pressed the image of the [Water Emperor Battlizer], followed by [GO!] From the distant land of Atlantis, a set of ancient armor transformed into a modern form, and shifted to a source of aquatic energy. It shot out of Atlantis like a beacon to the Land of the Rising sun, as a hakama with coattails appeared on Kazuki's person, as he raised his hand into the sky. The Atlantean beam of light hit Kazuki turning him into a blue orb of light! As the light faded, crab-like greaves, shark-like gauntlets, and a far east chestplate was revealed with not only Atlantean energy but Kazuki's natural energy as well. The fading finalized on his shark-shaped helmet, Far different than his base helm. The Force Phone was then altered into the Atlantean Honor Force Blade, and his shoulder guards were equipped with pincers. With a majestic pose. "Two Aquatic Forces Working as One! Hydro Force Emperor, suisan!"

                  Kaoru joined Edmund and the two Pyronis Megazords. "Never knew shinobi would result to cowardice, hiding behind mecha in the first-wave assault!"

                  Pyronis One in Michael's voice suddenly said, "Actually, if Kaoru is right in 'er assumption, then we Freedom Force Rangers jumped the gun by summoning our mecha first. Only when we summoned ours did they bring in theirs. The Freedom Force are at fault this time. If the Shinobi Dragons permit us to parley to make up for this mistake then 'opefully we won't 'ave to fight. But it looks like they are preparing to go all out and it is our own fault this time." Knuckles then quietly got on to his Mobian Communicator to Goldie and said, "Goldie, move Edmund's and Michael's egg to the Mobian Club Freedom where the temperatures are a lot warmer. The Earth side Club may be about to get heavily damaged."

                  Goldie sent back a reply, "Wrapping the egg up in an electric blanket, Knuckles; and transporting it now to Edmund's alternate quarters in the Mobian Club Freedom."

                  While the Shinobi Megazord kept the Freedom Force's attention in the front, unseen Shinobi Dragons who had sneaked up from the rear of the club detonated explosives directly under the base of Club Freedom's clubhouse building which flipped the entire base up and forward where it smashed into the back of the Two Pyronis Warriors and Edmund. There was broken glass and metal parts strewn all over the hill top where the club had stood for the last year or so.

                  Sega whom had been aboard the Mobian Star Ship got their vessel out of the way so it wasn't struck with clubhouse parts. Sega was then placing an immediate emergency call to Alastair Zavierio. "The Shinobi Dragons just destroyed the clubhouse, sir. No one was inside the clubhouse when the strike occurred; Michael will need a new Club Freedom built at a new more secure location perhaps similar to the setup that the ZyoLegends of Tatsu-Lan in the Bleak Peaks possessed when we visited them. I can provide you with blueprints of their HQ arrangements which is built into a mountain."

                  Alastair replied, "It was inevitable that the enemy would some day destroy the clubhouse, Sega. I will get to work on the new Club Freedom immediately with the Samurai Hero Rangers' and Doragon Rangers' assistance. The new Club Freedom needs to be more of a fortress than the old club locale. Alastair out."

                  Pyronis Two stumbled off of the hill where a sucker punch from the Shinobi Megazord knocked him backwards on his back unto the ground. Pyronis One pulled his Solar Sword and swung it to strike the Shinobi Megazord as it was focused at the fallen Pyronis Two; just as the Solar Sword struck, a surprise fire attack erupted from Ukami which partially melted the Shinobi Megazord's legs together rendering it immobile and becoming a sitting duck. Roger and Ukami then separated at that point causing Pyronis Two to disappear as Solar the Hedgehog carried Ukami away from the battle scene to a neighboring hill where the Mobian Star Ship was close enough to pick them both up.

                  Knuckles said toward Edmund so he didn't lose his focus, "Edmund, I had Goldie move your egg to the Mobian Club Freedom just before they pulled their cowardly back attack on our headquarters. Focus on the Shinobi and cream them for thinking for a moment that your team was weak."

                  Raijinmaru was pulled out of the sheath, and held in bushido style. "You put my egg at risk far worse than the Sand Imperial has. Unforgivable!" He brought the blade into an arc, and infused it with lightning. "Raijin Ryuu... Senkōha!" The blade was shifted, and he let out a powerful flash wave of Draconic Lightning to the Shinobi Megazord, destroying it in mutiple explosions after several blurs escaped the potential carnage.

                  That was an opportunity for Kaoru to add further humiliation for the Draconian Shinobi. Kaoru leaped in the as her retractable wings were activated. She unsheathed her Doragon Kiba. "Tenryuu Senmai Oroshi!" She flew over the remaining Draconian Shinobi, waving her Doragon Kiba with each pass, then she lands in front of the Freedom Force, sheathing her weapons, and triggering shredding whatever clothing and armor the Shinobi were wearing. "Go back to your shadows."

                  Pyronis One then vanished dropping Knuckles and Michael back on to the club hill top as Michael muttered, "This research is not worth it." Then aloud he said to the others, "Good job, my friends. I hope Alastair can rebuild the clubhouse soon. Staying with the Mobians within their star ship does not give us much training space. Something I am ready to return toward conducting." Knuckles smiled. "Glad to hear it, Michael."

                  But before Knuckles could say anything more, Parousian Deryk "the Pouch" Devlin reappeared in front of those collected on the hill top. "The Trigram Boomers are going to need yer 'elp in India within the next few days. It has been discovered that the Dragon Warriors of New Tatsu-Lan and the War Crocs with dragon en'ancements 'ave taken over the Steppe Lands, former pack lands to the European Werewolves. This is our chance to defeat the New Tatsu-Lan dragons and put the War Crocs in their place as well as to get the Werewolves to pull out of North America to return to their native pack grounds. We would be 'elping several nations at the same time. Will yas 'elp the Boomers in this endeavor?"

                  Michael exclaimed without his usual accent, "You can count on the Freedom Force, Pouch. Raja and Corona are planning to marry in a few days at Raja's temple in India so we have to be there anyway."
                  End of Chapter Eight.
                  End of Episode Ten.
                  To Be Continued in PRTB-32 Ancient Fortresses, then return here and...
                  Stay tuned for the next episode, Celestial Freedom.