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[2T-PR3] PRFF-09 If I Could Turn Back Time

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-09 If I Could Turn Back Time

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Nine: If I Could Turn Back Time.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Also Starring: Power Rangers Yin-Yang
    1) Roger Yojimbo Lamar, Red Fire Yin-Yang Ranger
    2) Orion Spencer Ki'lin-ti, Yellow Earth Yin-Yang Ranger
    3) Janet Renton, Blue Water Yin-Yang Ranger
    5) Royal Princess Varvara Najeeb, Green Wind Yin-Yang Ranger
    6) Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn, Black Shadow Yin-Yang Ranger
    4) Wallace "Wally" Blayze, White Light Yin-Yang Ranger
    , (Razylymiirgolos Andrakkan, the Armored Winged Sentinel of the Greater Assassins)

    Guest Starring, Kamen Raida Yajukin:
    1) Robby Thunderstar, Gundam Horse Rider, Red
    2) Gregory "Greg" Sterling, Gundam Otter Rider, Blue
    3) Kaela Bryant, Gundam Owl Rider, White
    4) Electra Montgomery, Gundam Jaguar Rider, Gold

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Tamus Frigidus: A white drake courier ally to Thomas
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)
    Xylo47: Seth Sidarius in his green sea dragon form who trains at the Dragon Templar Academy

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog

    Cyber Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's grandson - Michael's enemy
    Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess - Kazuki's enemy
    Shuichi Sunahama, the Sand Prince - Kazuki's enemy
    TBA - Corona's enemy
    Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan - Thomas' enemy
    TBA - Edmund's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy

    Chapter One: To Rescue A Knighthood.

    Dragon Dome City, Australia, October 2030 A.D.; The Royal Dragon Palace.
    Preparation Labs

    Thomas looked at the advanced time travel blue prints that the dragons had access to and now understood that if the dragons wanted to, they could have rewrote history to suit their personal needs. But they chose not to. Having absolute power also means having superior responsibility. "You have access to time travel?" the magician asked still somewhat surprised.

    Meyr'curess replied, "Our Time Dragons oversee our usage of it, but yes, we have access to time travel. If we are to rescue Lord Lari without messing up time, we have to make use of whatever magical technology we have at our disposal. The Yin-Yang Tao Rangers are known to us from all of their own time traveling and dimension hopping adventures. Although I still find it strange that Mrs. Knight is also missing and no one blinks twice in regards to her safety."

    Thomas then said with a bit of perturbed off-standing annoyance, "We learned that Michael is entertaining several of your city guard dragons who are in a Heat Dampening Medical Ward. And when I say entertaining, he is permitting them to have sex with him on the prevision that they do not try to trap him in their slits. They supposedly gave their words that they wouldn't and Edmund isn't too sure he can believe it. But since it is Michael, we cannot do much about it. And when Michael is down, Kazuki and I become temporary team leaders."

    Meyr'curess said, "If our dragon guards gave Michael their word and something happens anyway, we will free and restore him. I want to show that we dragons have been keeping our end of the bargain."

    Corona then asked, "So what is the overall plan in regards to this time trip?"

    Meyr'curess replied, "I escort a few of your team with me where we find about when the Knights were to be coming to Australia and then we magically copy their family and transport; then we leave their copies in the past to continue with their timeline while we set the originals to auto-teleport with full memories to arrive in the present day time period at the property they would own. Then we see about helping Lari to achieve his Musketeer lordship once again. I am sure we could get Lord Tally and Lord Brock to help us with that. I would say Kiel but he was convinced that we dragons could not uphold our end of the decree only to have that backfire in his face. Turns out that the Roos have that problem and even the Holy Pouch admits this truth when asked about it."

    Sonic the Hedgehog then said, "I only see one flaw in your plan."

    "And what is that, Hedgehog?"

    Sonic folded his arms over his chest. "The demons destroyed the original city of Blackall not long after Dreamtime War started. New Blackall was built outside of the Kangaroo Academy on the Kimberly Plateau. The Knights original home was never rebuilt in the new city. So in order for them to appear on their property, you dragons will have to spare the Knight home in Classic Blackall at its original location with an invisibility shield around their home so no one during the beginning of Trigram Boomers start detects their home being there. Otherwise, it will simply be destroyed again during when the demon fake Lari appeared their in the zord fight on top of that location."

    Meyr'curess sighed. "Its always something, isn't it?" He then looked to Edmund who was standing nearby with his team. "Do you have anything useful you want to add?"

    "I must abstain from joining you in this venture," said Edmund. "I am a half-dragon and therefore would stand out like a sore thumb, unlike shisou." He was using the proper term to address Master Ryuu, so they know that it was Edmund that was talking. "Plus I am having a struggle keeping a dragon's libido in check. Thomas-kun was often a target of one-sided affection. I would like to remain to make sure Michael-san is okay."

    "I'll go in his stead," said Master Ryuu, riding on one of the Heavyweight Puppets he secured during his trip to Tatsu-Lan. "And if there is opposition that pushes us to the limit, then they will get to see why that would be their final mistake." He was talking about the dragon instructors' true forms. Only Rocket has been known to use it more often than Raker, Gong and Ryuu, but exceptions were known to happen. But he wouldn't do anything to disrupt the timeline; he knew how Time Dragons govern... it made him bitter as an instructor to think of that snag.

    Meyr'curess then said, "Edmund, you may go make sure Michael stays on the outside of the slit if you would like. Just remember that if you try to make him not have activities with those dragon guards, he may choose to tell you off and do it anyway. You will be allowed entry into the medical ward; just try to stay out of trouble yourself. I also find it strange that no one thought to ask us if we had any half-dragons in Dragon Dome city; you might be surprised to learn that we do have a small faction of half-dragons in the city. Some are half-human; others are half-Mobian; We even have a few half-kangaroos. Some of the hybrids have chosen to crossbreed themselves to make newer species. They are a clever lot and quite educated."

    Rocket then said, "Just remember also, Meyr'curess, if my team of Yin-Yang chooses to go off without the Time Dragons, there is little you can do about it; my rangers have been to further removed places than even you and your people would dare to tread. And if I detect a double-cross in this endeavor, I will not hesitate to go all out in my true form. Time line be damned in these cases; a dragon god's anger will not be stayed. Just remember that all good adventures need a proper setting. And I can do that without the wavy flashback effects."

    Meyr'curess said, "Your warning is noted, Armored Winged Assassin Sentinel. However, for good measure, I think I should contact the Holy Pouch to inform her of what task we are about to undertake. That way, if she has any tasks undergoing at the same time, we could pool our resources. Although I do fear that we are about to open a can of time worms that Lord Kiel and the others would likely not want anyone to pry into. As the Holy Pouch once said, Kiel often had his paws in varied plots and projects throughout the Outback all without any local authorities ever knowing about it. I mean, how many times had he brought people out of his dreams and gave them real lives in the real world? He isn't Geppetto, you know."

    Thomas then said, "Back before I learned magic, I often wanted to go see Terra Asinus (The Land of Donkeys) and thanks to Trigram Boomer's involvement with Duncan, we learned that New Blackall had transportal access to Donkey Land where their people had been attending the Kangaroo Academy under Prince Pouchsong. If I had known that back then..."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Nothing Happens in the Outback by Accident.

    2009; Nexus Zone, Kimberly Plateau; Australia.

    Upon arrival, Meyr'curess and the Time Dragons set up a private camp within the Nexus Zone of the Kimberly Plateau directly atop where New Blackall and the Kangaroo Academy would reside in a decade. For now, only Kamen Rider Mascot existed in this time period. The Boomer Force had not yet been assembled. Meyr'curess then looked at Corona and said, "How often do you get one of those annoying calls?"

    Corona smiled since the dragon king had spoken to the suitor for her before they made the trip into the past. "Usually right in the middle of a battle. Thank you ever so much by telling that suitor that you were about to marry me. That should stop them for a short while; but it won't last long. But since we are in the past, no one locally has my phone number."

    Thomas then asked, "Why did you select this location as an arrival zone, Dragon Lord?"

    "I recalled that you said you had always wanted to see Terra Asinus in the old days," he said. "And since we are in the past, you can now see it as it had been originally. You will find the cavern portal leading to their dimensional island realm just beyond those bushes over there. In later years they would arrange the building of a transportal device for easier access between their home realm and the academy. Now remember, try to stay out of trouble when you go visit them. We will be in this area until we track down every mystery we are working on."

    Sonic the Hedgehog then asked, "What will you do if any stupid Poachers and/or Demons choose to not so smartly bother us here on the Plateau?"

    Meyr'curess smiled. "Dragon fear can be used on Poachers; as for Demons, it is not a time crime to slay demons in any time period. At least that is what our Time Dragons told me."

    Kazuki let out a heavy sigh of relief. He finally got some form of respite without Shuichi and Ukami making his life a tormented one. "Good thing neither of my cousins know how to time travel. I don't have to worry about getting crisped up like takoyaki by one, or getting a sand-scrub while being woo-ed by the other."

    Kaoru said, "Lonewolf-sensei is still alive in this time. Tou-san told me the story how he found his US Ranger counterpart changed into a Kangaroo. He thought it was very funny, but he stopped himself from laughing before he got switched."

    Master Ryuu said, "Though it will be no effort for my puppets, we must err on the side of caution when interacting with Demons. One mistake with the Demons could give Australia the same end days as Draconia in the Ancient Times." The tales of the three Ancient Draconian Spirits that empower the main Doragonger still resonates in his memory after all these years.

    Meyr'curess then stressed to all of those gathered, "Please refrain from attempting to rescue Lexington Lonewolf despite our being in the past when he still lived. I somehow don't think his mate would be too happy with a bunch of strangers trying to kidnap his mate if the man turned dragon is even at his station. He was all the time making otherworldly trips on some adventure or another with Roolock. On the other claw, we could copy Lexington and leave the copy in his place and no one would ever know it. But ethically speaking, his life is already too messed up as is. Let us just focus on what we came to this time period to do." He now looked to Sonic. "I am counting on you to help keep these rangers out of trouble here in the past. One slip or interaction with the wrong human could change the entire future."

    Sonic nodded his head. "Soluella exists in the future, so you cannot kill her here in the past. Or it would change a Hell of a lot in our time period. She may be a pain in the ass but her actions have made various rangers and riders a lot stronger."

    One of the head Time Dragons then said, "For reminder purposes, Demons unless banished always return 24 hours after being slain. A banishing lasts a thousand years. You see, we time dragons did learn something from the Devlin Demon Hunters. Being killed doesn't hurt any less; which is why a killed demon tends to come back so angry. Also, we time dragons have erected a time dispersion barrier around our camp to make locals forget anything they see in our camp should they bumble into our area."

    Another time dragon then said, "Also remember that Soluella's first appearance did not occur in Australia until well after the start of the Boomer Force after Epic Spirit Metallica kicked her ass out of North America. Epic Spirit Metallica were a band of Demon Hunting Kamen Riders initially from Missouri but later set up in Texas. Their main opponents were the Dragon Dogs which were demonic Hell Hounds who really were not all that bad; they often made friends with nice boys and girls. The sad part was that they often were employed by a demon lord who ended up battling the Kamen Riders. Epic Spirit Metallica were the Earth version of Power Rangers Yin Yang. Yes, your team, Rocket."

    Janet smiled. "Sorta gets you right in the heart to know that Yin Yang kicked Soluella's Heinie."

    Rocket then said toward the little blue firecracker, "Behave, Janet, or else I will take Rikki back to Stanley for another sex education lesson."

    Rikki then said, "Can we stop talking about sex, please? I know that I am bisexual and my experience with Lord Rein was an accident. He thought I was his boyfriend Chip Lonewolf. When he fully awoke and saw who he had really had sex with, he was rightfully upset until I told him that he had been calling me by his boyfriend's name and how he begged me to mount him. I am lucky he didn't change me into a Kitsune. Then Orion would have an in-team cousin to pal around with."

    Orion glance at Rikki. "Sorry, Rikki, but I am very straight and I am dating Varvara. I don't pal around with other male Kitsune."

    Wally turned to Kazuki and the others. "See what Varvara, I and Roger Lamar have to put with in our team; the others will start talking about sex when it isn't appropriate to bring it up in mixed company. Especially around a bunch of horny dragons."

    Meyr'curess then said, "We are not horny dragons. Your mentor may be like that occasionally when he is having you people rub his spots, but the rest of us have more important things to occupy our minds with such as the mission we are currently on. So unless you want to lay dragon eggs, then please drop the sex subject."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Michael's Romp.

      Dragon Dome City, Australia, October 2030 A.D.; The Royal Dragon Palace.
      Heat Dampening Medical Ward.

      Once Ned was permitted entry into the medical ward, he was shown to an available bed where he could rest since the male dragon nurses assumed that Ned was experiencing heat the same as the city guard dragons were experiencing. And despite being city guards, they were dragons from scholar dragon stock; none of those here were dragon of the Warrior Dragon variety at all. Michael was undressed; his clothes folded neatly on a side table; and he was gently entertaining each dragon by being positioned in their laps. Never were a single dragon on top of him.

      Michael remarked upon seeing Ned/Edmund. "If Ah knew yas wanted attention, Ned, we could 'ave done it back at Club Freedom, except yas implied that yas only wanted Thomas back then. Ah chose to respect yer wishes but Ah cannot resist my dragon and drake fetish which is why Ah offered to personally 'elp these guys. They are from Scholar stock and they see this as a chance to study 'uman be'avior technique during sexual situations. They are not looking for mates. Even though Ah 'ave laid a few eggs already for them. Ah really don't mind. Ah would rather be doing this than 'aving the shit beat out of me by that psycho echidna during what 'e calls training exercises."

      The Scholar Dragon under Michael turned his head to look at Ned. "So you are an Earth-born half dragon; I have often wondered if there were any difference between your kind and those of the Tatsu-Lan stock. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be any difference."

      Edmund said, "To be honest the thought has crossed my mind... especially now since both sides of me aren't in conflict." Unlike the unbalanced time, the human side was more interested in Michael than Thomas. He then looked to the scholar dragon. "Up until a recent trip to Tatsu-Lan, my human and dragon side were unbalanced until I underwent a ritual that helps with the unity." He decided to give these dragons a chance. Michael has seen him naked before, but this was the first time he saw him in this state.

      Hearing about other Half-Dragons has left Edmund curious. "I have met only one half-dragon before, and his parts are on the outside, like mine are now. Is it normal for half-dragons to have that feature, or is it ones that have human lineage?"

      The Scholar Dragon rubbed a scaled hand over Michael's bare back with a smile. "Different half-dragons develop differently. I have seen many variations. From dangling bits, to full scaled sheathes, to internal slit cavities containing either penises with knots or full internal sheathes. The norm for full dragons are slits, obviously. You can always tell a half-dragon by his slit and/or anal opening under their tails. If you would like to meet a few, they can be found in the Tao sector of the city."

      "Perhaps in due time, I will be able to without making a fool of myself. I still remember being knocked out by Matsukaze-san." stated Edmund in a calm manner, and smiled toward Michael. "I regret that my dragon side had only tunnel vision when he was having intense thoughts about taking a mate." He slipped out of the kimono gently and lounged. Though he looked big between the legs, he really was small between the legs compared to Reku. He sat down, the only scales showing on the leathery half-dragon body of Edmund was under his arms and around his pubic bone and softer scales on his scrotal sac. He looked rather average and proportionate to human standards as far as his body from the neck-down. He then said. "If you want to include this reforming half-dragon, then I wouldn't mind learning from you how to be... intimate." As much as Ned wanted to mount somebody before the intervention to balance the halves, Edmund can admit that he was inexperienced in the use of his tools.

      Michael glanced over at Ned and repeated what he had said to the scholar and guard dragons within the chamber. "Ah am willing to assist only if yas promise not to get me stuck inside of yas. While Ah do 'ave a scaly fetish, Ned, which is why Ah didn't mind yer staying at Club Freedom in the first place, Ah 'ave to insist upon safety first so that Ah can remain 'uman enough to be 'elpful to the next dragon, drake or other scaly who may want to ask me for my assistance. These dragons easily made that promise. Do yas?"

      The scholar dragon added, "While we could have betrayed his trust, your friends are with our king and he was informed of our promise before he headed off with others on the time trip. If you came here simply to provide protection to your friend, then perhaps you may not believe in his capability to be a good leader for your team. He made a leadership decision."

      Michael remarked, "Ned knows me better than most do. Back at the club, 'e never 'ad an interest in me aside from simply wanting to be a friend. But once Ah turned 16, 'e made a pass at Thomas, our magician friend. When Thomas tried to return the affection, Ned lost control of 'is dragon fear aura and it made Thomas not want to be around Ned anymore. But when that Ice Drake Courier showed an interest in Thomas, Ned's dragon jealousy emerged and that made the relationship even more rocky. Not once during this rocky relationship did Ned ask me to 'elp 'im out intimately until he learned that Ah 'ad chosen to 'elp more scalies with their 'eat problem and suddenly 'e came 'ere instead of going with the team to try to patch things up with Thomas. Ah don't know if this is simply more dragon jealousy or something else. Ah 'ave 'ad flings with the sand drakes. Ah probably would 'ave done the same with Kazuki's water drakes except 'e never 'ad any around where Ah could play with them; Kazuki was always so nervous about summoning them for tasks." He then looked to his friend. "Do yas make the promise, Ned?"

      Edmund closed his eyes, as if both his sides were conversing with each other for a moment. Though the united half-dragon flinched a little bit, it seems as if they weren't arguing with each other. To bring things to make others think, his length was comparable to that of a certain Cowboy infamous for his libido."Both my sides agree," said Edmund. "My dragon side was more fixated on Thomas-kun when my sides were in chaos. I would shift between human and dragon form often, but my dragon side was more prominent. As a balance, I owe a lot to you, Michael-kun... I wouldn't bring harm to you even if chaos still consumed both of us. When I underwent a ritual to face my dragon side, I was the human that was scared of the dragon within. I couldn't do anything to influence my dragon's decisions when his emotions were strong. I've been always at odds with my Kaa-san and his foul attitudes. Tou-san is like Kaoru-neesan's Tou-san... both 'Ned-san' and myself are unnerved by it."

      Edmund looked toward the full dragons at this point. "Although... Ned-san did bring up a point when I was seeing if he would hold to our word if I gave it." Edmund flinched once again at the Dragon humor that unnerved him when he was wanting to be on the same page with his dragon side. "He wondered with our physical form being as it is... how could a human fit into the shaft of a human-like outer penis with such limited space... he can imagine it with Matsukaze-dono's massive tool, but not with ours."

      The scholar dragon and a guard dragon gently dipped Michael up to his neck in a barrel of dragon oil with lubricant evenly mixed into it before lifting him out and setting him down into Edmund's lap where the human smiled at his friend and said, "Oil and lubricant lotion will make me fit even on the largest tool in the chamber. Besides, I've had lots of practice, Edmund. As for Ned, He may find my body more fun than Thomas' body. If only Knuckles was more open about sex than he is about beating the Hell out of me." And he got started on Edmund/Ned.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Performing For Bad Boys.

        After traversing the cavern tunnel into Terra Asinus, Thomas inquired about speaking to the lord of the land and he was soon standing before the Island's current lord who said, "It isn't often I get a nice clean boy in here wanting to speak to me who isn't sporting donkey ears and a tail in advance. I am Lord Lampwick the Second. Who are you and what can I do for you?"

        "I am Thomas Copperfield, the son of a magician from the States. I have always wanted to see your fantastic land ever since learning of it from a friend. However, safe visitation I am willing to earn by perhaps performing a magic show for your officers, recruiters and other working class donkey boys under conditions that you name. May I do this in exchange for safe visitation? As you already surmised, I am a good boy but willing to earn my rewards which is why I asked for a meeting with you, sir."

        As Lampwick the Donkey Boy Lord stepped around his desk, Thomas could see that this donkey wore nothing at all save for a harness like necklace which had the royal seal upon it to mark him as the rightful lord of the island. "I can arrange a show for you to perform for my officers and workers. All I ask is that while you may wear your magician's coat as that is part of your act... you should remove your pants and undergarments to show how you look uncovered to my employees. My officers like to see how nice boys look undressed. We have seen many a bad boy in the nude and it is nothing new to lay eyes upon. But having a good boy on the island is a rare treat. May I ask what friend referred you to the island?"

        Thomas then replied with his prepared answer. "Actually, it was two friends during different times. The first was a donkey recruiter of whom I assisted in giving the local authorities the slip after he sent a bad boy in to the island to be processed. He asked me to hide him and I had him get into my magician's cabinet and wait there. After the authorities were gone, I let him out and he told me about Terra Asinus. He said he would love to see me visit someday. Then he departed; I wanted to ask his name but he left before I realized that I never asked what his name was. Although he did give me this..." And Thomas pulled out a donkey coin from his pocket as he showed it to Lampwick. "The second friend is a human from the future whom said he had been here a few times back when it was safe to visit. Apparently an event in his time period resulted in the land of donkeys being temporarily closed to the public. You wouldn't know his name I am sure since in this time period, he likely is barely even conceived as yet. The last name is Ward."

        Lampwick then reached over and touched a crystal ball on his desk. "Lord William, this is Lampwick. Please come to my office right away. I need you to identify a recruiter coin for me." He then turned to look at Thomas once again. "As you have just heard, this is called a Recruiter Coin. The recruiter in question hands this to a human boy he shows more than a fancy of interest in and when visiting the land, you can show this coin to a lord and be here safely as long as the recruiter's name is known to us. Without his name, the performance you have asked to give would be the way to pay for safe visitation. So if there is some part of your story you have not told me, we will find out especially if this recruiter does not exist." He pressed his muzzle to Thomas' mouth and nose. "Is there something else you are withholding?"

        Thomas sighed. "I met the recruiter in my time period. He is not likely graduated from your training as yet in this time period. Or he may not have been made into a donkey boy as yet. I am from 2030 but I met this recruiter in 2027. Even in my time period there are still many bad boys for you donkeys to have business with. I met him when I was 13 yet his age seemed as if he was 18-19 years old. By my math, he was either just born last year or sometime this year, unless he is older than I thought he was. I never meant to mislead you about where I was from, Lampwick; I really have wanted to see your nice land."

        Lampwick backed up for a moment. "Then this coin hasn't been awarded to the recruiter as yet. He would still be in training. You see, recruiters are often 20 to 30 years of age before being allowed to go to the mainland but even when you meet one, they may only seem like an older teenager in age. This is how they can appeal to a human teenager's good or bad side to get them to lower their guard and agree to come back to the amusement park with them. If the recruiter used the 'fast send' to teleport the bad boy to the island, then run off where he encountered you, then he had run out of time or the authorities had seen him kidnap the bad boy. Because you protected the recruiter, he gave you this coin and because of your kind act, it will be up to Lord William to reward you however he sees fit. But since you offered to perform for us, you must still do it. I will guarantee safe visitation for you and your friends in your time period should you ever want to visit the true Terra Asinus again. There are many Pleasure Island dimensions; but this is indeed the true Terra Asinus. It can only be reached via the Australian Cavern tunnel. Simply memorize where the entrance is and then return there in your time period and I will be honored to have you at a dinner as my special guest."

        Thomas smiled. "Then this recruiter I met was born in 2000, 9 years ago. Where would he be right now?"

        Lampwick chuckled. "That depends upon Lord William. He can sometimes get them while they are still young."

        At that moment, another donkey boy came into the office and upon his upper arm he had a black cloth band that read in white letters, 'RECRUITER'. "Lord William reporting sir. Where is this coin?" And Lampwick had Thomas hold it out for William to examine. "Yes, this is one of our recruiters' clan bunk coins. It marks the holder of the coin with safe passage anywhere in Terra Asinus. This particular coin is from Clan Delta. Currently they are our best recruiters in the field. You must have saved someone's life to get a coin from one of them. Whomever owned this coin must think very highly of you, kid." He handed the coin back to Thomas before sniffing the magician. "You smell like a good boy. Come on by my place some time and I can see how 'good' you can be." He winked lewdly before he turned and saluted Lampwick before leaving once again.

        Thomas looked to Lampwick and stated matter-of-factly, "He is in heat, isn't he?"

        Lampwick laughed as he nodded his head. "How could you tell?"

        "When he sniffed me, he asked if I would like a date with him," replied Thomas. "By the way, do you know of a donkey dimension that might use a magical transportal rather than a secured cavern tunnel like you guys have to grant easier access to their realm?"

        Lampwick nodded his head again looking a bit worried at the inquiry. "Yes and none of the ones I know are good. I assume that they set one up in your time period and that is why you are asking about it." Thomas replied, "Yes; my friend Duncan Ward was a prisoner in their realm for a while before being rescued by a were-rabbit. The guards wouldn't let anyone in to search for him unless they already had long ears and a tail, which the were-rabbit did." Lampwick said, "Sounds like the realm of Lord Torchwick whom is an evil were-donkey boy. He and his soldiers are pretty bad donkeys; but the younger donkey citizens are not bad people at all. So it would be in your people's best interest in defeating Torchwick and his soldiers in your time period and preserving the realm for the good donkeys who live there. For now, we need to get your performance set up."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Verifying the Mission.

          One of the time dragons announced at the camp site to those gathered, "Attention. We have new information which may lead to a new problem."

          Meyr'curess now stood up and he addressed the two ranger teams (for those who were there.) "We learned that the original Knight family never had a son named Lari Carington or whatever else. Lari Kingston Knight exists in Bairnsdale; Lari's supposed older brother, Samuel, exists at a Were-Kangaroo's station where they repair motorcycles and other vehicles. In Samuel's family, the only Lari in the family is the name of the family pet... Lari Kieron. Apparently the Knight family are in suspended animation under the Boomer's Hole Roadhouse. The only Lari in this current time period who is human is with a family with the last name of Prince. The parents are newspaper reporters who supposedly are killed by poachers some years from now. After their deaths, Lari ends up in the orphanage and it is he that Kiel is impressed with later. Also a family undergoing the witness protection program moves into Blackall and the family chooses to take the name of Knight. When the Were-Kangaroo finds and rescues Samuel, the were-roo attempts to call Mr. Knight to tell him that his son Samuel has been found only to be told off and commanded to never call back ever again. Therefore, I think we just uncovered yet another mystery."

          Another time dragon said, "When the witness protection version of Mrs. Knight is sent to Cairo one-way by Dreamtime magic; she is never heard from again. We time dragons have uncovered a police report for Longreach where a woman's body was found dead not long after Mrs. Knight was supposedly sent to Cairo and this dead woman's description matches Mrs. Knight. Also, no one in old Blackall bothers to ask about Mrs. Knight ever again as if people leaving the area in that manner was a common every day occurrence. If it was someone the Boomer Force knew too well, they would be on top of it in a heartbeat. But a normal person disappears and Who cares?! She is never heard from again."

          Corona then said, "I guess I, Kazuki and Kaoru are speaking for the Freedom Force since Michael and Ned stayed behind at Dragon Dome City and Thomas went to meet with Lampwick some hours ago. Sounds like we need to be careful with what few mysteries we choose to look into and see about fixing or else we may accidentally change our own future."

          Roger, Varvara, Orion and Wally were the only Yin-Yang Rangers present at the moment. There was no telling where the others and Rocket had gotten themselves off too. Roger said, "I feel your pain, Corona. I asked the other Yin-Yang'ers on behalf of Lord Deryk to please stay near camp and I have no clue where they went. I am a flop at being the leader for Lord Deryk's team. He should have put someone else in charge. The others never want to listen to my stupid ass."

          Meyr'curess said, "If Lord Deryk chose you, then you are not stupid. It is not your fault that the ones who chose to leave are not team enough to recognize what you can give them."

          Kaoru smiled, and shared some of her (father's handmade) onigiri with the others. "I agree with Corona-san; we must be cautious about how things go." She then looked at Kazuki. "Kazuki-kun, would you like to gather some more intel for us about the other goings on so we can choose what not to do when we affect our timeline?"

          Kazuki said nervously... "I-I don't know, Suzuki-san... I don't want harm to come to my Water Drakes. They are more friends to me than servants."

          "Just instruct them to avoid harm whenever possible," said Kaoru... "And trust they will be returning to you safe."

          "Alright. The circumstances are strange enough..." Kazuki put on a blazer with the dragon design similar to that of his mother's kimono robes. He focused for a moment, then about twenty-four water drakes shot out from his jacket. And from the look on his face, he seemed unnerved by summoning his own personal drakes through his Imperial powers. They looked towards him for instructions. Each of them looking quite young and lively. "You have your instructions, Intelligence only and avoid any conflict as possible." All of them nodded in acknowledgement. "Scatter!" Then they flew off.

          At that moment, Thomas returned (clothed) and joined the others at the camp site fire pit. "I got some information from Lampwick the II in regards to something that is in place in our time period. We can make changes when we return to our own time period since it exists there and not here." He then looked around camp and stopped himself from face-palming himself. "Don't tell me the rest of Yin-Yang are off somewhere without supervision? Everyone knows that you cannot take Janet anywhere. She is like water pouring through your fingers."

          Wally said, "Since you asked us not to, we won't. But Rocket is with them."

          Thomas then turned to look at Wally. "Rocket is no less troublesome since he acts like a little child when he is on outings with your team. Master Ryuu is more reliable than he is."

          Wally grinned back at Thomas. "Wanna trade?"

          Corona interrupted the discussion. "Hell no! Rocket can rub his own spots! We are used to Master Ryuu; he doesn't act like a little baby."

          "I've been chastised by my superiors by my actions towards Kaoru-chan," said Master Ryuu in an uncharacteristically serious tone, his eyes open. "But when Rocket as you call him is not acting like a little child, he becomes a dead serious god-level dragon! Razylymiirgolos Andrakkan is the Armored Winged Sentinel of the Greater Assassins; a dragon god of death. Those titles aside, his powers in his true dragon form are as awesome as it is destructive. He only goes big when things get serious against a bad guy that brings harm to his own team. Remember that, Corona-chan... before you so openly reject the opportunity to rub the adorably small and childish 'Rocket's' spots. You'd prefer the child-like shadodrak over his true dragon form."

          Corona smirked. "Michael would be all over the little squirt even though Rocket claims to be straight."

          Varvara remarked, "Your leader is like that? Perhaps he isn't even human himself; he could be a dragon or a drake in a human's body."

          Meyr'curess hypothesized an opinion at that point. "If he is indeed a scaly in human form himself, then that might explain why he cannot find his true parents. We know he was asking the other scholar dragons for information in regards to whomever his parents could be before we made this trip."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Scholarly Pursuits.

            Dragon Dome City, Australia, October 2030 A.D.; The Royal Dragon Palace.
            The Library of Time; Lair of the Time Dragons.

            With a female Scholar Dragon escort, Michael and Edmund were visiting the Library of Time where the female Time Dragon Librarians took care of the archives while their mates were assisting the Rangers and the dragon king on their time trip. The escort said to the librarian, "The Freedom Fighters' leader, Michael Knight, seeks to learn of his parents whom he cannot find a single trace of no matter what source he goes to. Not even the Arranger could give young Michael a direct answer and he was supposedly the one who had arranged for Michael to exist in the first place. Perhaps the Time Dragons could shed some light upon this anomaly?"

            Michael was listening but he was also admiring all of the time crystals all over the chamber. There didn't seem to be a single book nor scroll within this library.

            Though was amazed by the sight of his first egg, Edmund was still aglow in the reduction of his symptoms. He definitely enjoyed his one-on-one time with Michael. Luckily he wasn't giving the full-blooded Time Dragons a look of his goods; he was wearing his uniform. He could tell that his Ned side was satisfied. If the dragon side was a kitten, he'd be purring. Aside from the glow, he was curiously looking at many of the tomes the Time Dragons, and some of them date back before the time of Ancient Draconia (what is now the Japanese Archipelago).

            The librarian placed a scaled hand upon Michael's head and examined him carefully for a few minutes. "There is something familiar yet off about this human. Come... we will see what the Light of Time has to say about this young man." And she began to escort Michael over to a table that had time crystals shining above it.

            As Michael lay on the table, the librarian lowered he Lights of Time down closed to Michael's body and she examined archaic dragon runes as they appeared just above the crystals themselves. "Now let us discern what anomaly is making this child of Adam seem so familiar..." She suddenly went rigid as she back up a step. "Oh my... I never thought I would experience the day when I would ever witness such an abomination!" The way she spoke intoned that she was afraid of something the Lights of Time revealed about Michael.

            "An abomination?" The Half-Dragon popped out of thinking what Ancient Draconia was like, and looked at the Time Dragon while the Lights of Time examined Michael, the mother of his first egg and valued friend. "What did you find, onee-san?"

            The Time Librarian explained, "The Lights of Time say that your leader is a son of the Red Royal Dragon of Tatsu-Lan force shaped into a human baby when the egg was still undeveloped. The Royal Dragons are a special army of dragons who can transform into unusual Dragon Zords. But when they are in their non-zord forms, they are like any other full sized dragon. This means they can lay eggs like any other dragon. One of the Red Royal Dragon's eggs was stolen while it lay in the nest and it was altered to receive the genetics of the human boy, Lari Prince of Blackall, before it was force shifted into a human baby and sent to Japan to be raised by Alastair Zavierio, a very honorable human man in his own right. Lari Prince has recently resumed using his birth name, young man, and thus, your father is the Red Royal Dragon of Tatsu-Lan as well as well as Lari Prince on the human side. This would make you Royal Dragon Prince Michael Prince, should the Royal Dragon accept you as his son. Otherwise, you could drop the title entirely and simply be Michael Prince. In effect, Lari is your father and Royal Red is your paternal mother."

            Michael looked a bit upset at this news. "Great... Ah 'ave Devlin Lonewolf's problem in reverse. Instead of a 'uman child force shifted into a dragon egg, Ah am a dragon egg force shifted into a 'uman baby. Devlin will likely sympathize with my situation. 'ow could the Arranger be so stupid?"

            The librarian replied, "I am making that inquiry to the Lights of Time right now. And... oh my... it appears that the real Arnold Ranger had Royal Red's permission to take a sterile egg that had surpassed the length of time for hatching and that egg became the miracle subject for your creation. The Lari Prince of Blackall originates from Dreamwolf's Superhero Dimension where they do not have Power Rangers. When you had an opportunity to speak to an Arranger, it was a demon copy who had been instructed to lie to you on who your parents were. Soluella had created several demon copies of important people to trick the current rangers and riders into thinking that the originals had returned, except she made a mistake when Roolock encountered her Arranger fake and he remembered that he had met the original. Roolock once told the Rangers back in the Boomer Force days that in order to have Elder Power, you have to be born with the potential. He knew the fake was a false one on sight and it was he who contacted the real one and let them know what Soluella was up to."

            Michael then asked, "Could yas please verify that the paternal dragon mother is from Tatsu-Lan? Ah do not want to go present myself for inspection if 'e is NOT the true parent. Ah recall that one of the Arrangers once told me that both parents were Dreamwolf born. If the dragon were a Dreamwolf based Dragon, then 'e and 'is kind may not be from the standard Tatsu-Lan at all; but a version of it that may seem similar. Please ask the Lights of Time to check for that possibility."

            The librarian nodded her head and focused on the Time Crystals once again. "It was good of you to reveal that aspect of the knowledge you had been given, Michael. The Lights of Time are now telling me that the Royal Red it is detecting is from the Mobian embassy within Dragotopia, a Royal Red Mobian Dragon. The Lights of Time go on to say that Seth Sidarius of Dreamtrail has met up with a distant relative of your true father when he had the power to call the Royal Dragons. Your Great-Grandfather was the original Dragon Arcana Ranger of Briar Bay, California in Dreamwolf back when they experimented with introducing Power Rangers to Dreamwolf. His name was Alexander McGinnis Sitaris; known as Magnus to his friends. His daughter Iona Sitaris married a man whose surname was Prince and then they had a son named Lari Prince. And he is your father. You come from a heroic lineage. The Dragon Goddess of Dragotopia is called Iona; the female version of Io. The Lights of Time tell me that none of the dragons in Dragotopia have those disgusting samate abominations."

            Michael smiled at Edmund/Ned. "This news is indeed better than what Ah was 'oping, eh mate? But 'ow do Ah go about telling them about me? And Ah still 'ave the 'engeyokai Rat to contend with that Ah don't get to work with much. Ah don't know why that force of Celestial chose me since Ah am not possibly doing 'im justice." He aimed to remedy that oversight as soon as the team returned to Japan later on.

            "Not to mention... Knuckles-sensei would likely give us both a pounding for the both of us producing an egg." He had asked to be able to keep it while Michael was resting from their experience. He felt a duty towards the egg, at the very least; something his maternal father hadn't felt about him as an egg. "If it is any worth, you are still a good friend... no matter if you have skin or scales, Michael-san. And you did yourself justice by seeking out your own truths."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Overtime to Leave.

              2009; Nexus Zone, Kimberly Plateau; Australia.

              As the time dragons were preparing the time powers for the return to their own time period, Rocket and the other Yin Yangers popped in rather suddenly and exclaimed, "Let's get out of here!" Meyr'curess glared at Rocket and said, "I knew you and your team had done something. We barely got the camp packed up. Make it so, Time Dragons! We will find out later what these immature adventurers did!"

              Roger muttered as the time dragons cast their powers, "See what the rest of us have to put up with! Lord Deryk is going to hear about this!"

              The two teams and the Mobians were barely gone when a nasty looking Demon Lord arrived and growled as he found his arrival too late to catch Rocket and the others. "You can run! But you cannot hide forever! Desecrate my temple will you!?"

              October 2030 A.D., Kangaroo Academy, Kimberly Plateau; Just South of the Protected Stations Zone, Australia

              (The rest of this chapter coincides with PRTB-29 Thanks For Giving Us a Chance, Chapter Eight.)

              Justice Narrator then said, "And at that moment without warning at the southern edge of the Protected Stations Zone, a flash of light heralded the arrival of the Time Dragons along with Dragon King Meyr'curess, the Yin-Yang Tao team and the Freedom Force Rangers."

              Meyr'curess said, "Is this close enough, Thomas Copperfield?"

              Thomas replied, "Janet Renton and I can take it from here, sir. Please make sure Michael and Ned/Edmund make it out of Dragon City. That was the agreement before we made this trip. I just hope what we learned in the past will be enough to make things right now."

              Meyr'curess commented, "Our alliance will be upheld and thank you for giving us a chance to both prove why I had the title Warlord for a Scholar Dragon King and how I earned it. I just hope what Janet's team did doesn't cause too much many ripples in the present day time. Talk about ironic; everyone said they couldn't take her anywhere and they did far worse than she would. Isn't that what you said, Varvara?"

              Varvara nodded her head. "With the mentor of the team with them, you would have thought they could have stayed out of trouble but he was helping them."

              Thomas said, "Come on, Janet... time to defeat evil Donkey Lord Torchwick and kick him out of a realm he doesn't even own. Just pretend he is Emperor Zedd of Desparia in disguise."

              Janet growled, "His donkey Heinie is toast!" And she headed off with Thomas as they magically forced their way through the pleasure island transportal; although the guards simply let them come through choosing to cover their groins and pointing the way toward the palace. They had heard of Janet and what her foot could do.

              The dragons then departed via teleport back to Dragon Dome City.

              The rest of the Freedom Force Rangers and the Mobians who were with them then raided the cave home of Were-Donkey Officer whom had once let Jackson live in his cave home when Jackson first came down under. Following Thomas' directions exactly, they soon came across the false back wall that had been covering the magical cavern tunnel that led to the real Pleasure Island where Lampwick II ruled over his people. Apparently the Were-Donkey Officer who hadn't been seen in a while had deliberately blocked off the magical shortcut cavern with a false bedroom wall. Only opening the bedroom wall to permit access to the short cut, they left the rest of the bedroom intact, exact as Thomas' instructions had directed them to do. No one heard the fight that Janet and Thomas had against the evil Donkey Lord in the Palace; but none of the guards got in the way as the evil Lord lost the battle when Janet incapacitated him.

              A lone Time Dragon female escorted Michael and Edmund/Ned to the location where the Freedom Force and the rest were gathered in the Kangaroo Academy of New Blackall. When they arrived, they saw Master Ryuu standing with Roger Yojimbo Lamar, Rocket and Sonic the Hedgehog while waiting for the chaos the others were involved in to get completed. Michael walked over and he gave Sonic a hug, before shaking Roger's hand. "From the look on your face, Roger, something dumb happened on the time trip."

              Rocket was whistling innocently and failing to look innocent as Roger replied, "Rocket and a few of the others desecrated a demon lord's temple in the States. He won't tell me what they were doing there. As for the rest of the outing, we learned that Mrs. Knight who was supposedly sent to Cairo Egypt during Outback Rescue is actually dead and buried in a cemetery in Longreach. We also learned that Lari Prince wasn't the original Lari that Kiel had been impressed by before this whole Soluella shit got started. This means that the local time displaced Lari Prince and his team that is being trained by Outback Legend are clones of the real Adventurers Guild from Blackall during the Boomer Force days. The others were simply demon replacements put into place after the real ones were gone to weaken the Boomer Force to make them easier to pick off by Sakar and Kangamancer. But that plan obviously failed. Lari and his friends were given the reward of becoming part of the Musketeer Order by Lord Kiel which makes Timmy the Hedgehog an Order Lord. Once the former demon fakes were purified by energies from the Master Emerald, they reverted to normal members of the species they had become. Overall, I think I failed as a leader for Yin-Yang, even though Meyr'curess said that if Lord Deryk chose me, then I must have had something to impress Deryk in the first place."

              Michael then gave Roger a close hug. "I don't think you failed. You just had really big were-kangaroo shoes to fill before you were given the leadership role. But if you ever want to hang out with the Freedom Force, we would be glad to take you in. Besides, you know the old phrase as much as the rest of us do... Once a Ranger...?"

              Roger smiled as he returned the hug as he gave Sonic a thumbs up motion. "Always a Ranger. I may take you up on that offer, Michael. Sonic wants to train with me once all of this garbage is out of the way. Not to mention, he said something about a morpher that he could acquire for me that isn't simply another Yin-Yang morpher."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Club Again, Club Again.

                Mobian Jungle, Mobius 2030 A.D.; New Knothole Outpost, Hot Springs Resort
                Club Freedom

                Being on Planet Mobius made the trip home for the rest of the Yin-Yang team far easier to complete since they were simply going to hop over to New Adalia the next planet over. Roger informed Sonic and the others that he would return once he checked in with Lord Deryk especially since Sonic wanted to train with him along side Michael and the others.

                Knuckles found that Michael's resolve in his training was surprisingly more focused and far more studious than it had been before the trip to Australia. "Well done, Michael. You blocked nearly every punch I threw at you. And you are still smiling. Not complaining nor running from me like you had done in previous sessions."

                Michael continued to smile. "Learning ones true parents made a huge difference in my resolve to train, Knuckles. Not to mention, Edmund and I had an understanding of our own at Dragon Dome City."

                Sitting on the front porch of Mobian's version of Club Freedom in the Great Jungle, Corona was looking at her force phone morpher as she looked at the calls missed feature. "I cannot believe the number is sitting at zero. I should have gotten at least one call from someone. I guess Meyr'curess' lie that he was marrying me actually worked."

                Thomas was at the Club Freedom back on Earth using the computer system therein to contact a few new allies now that their current mission was over with.

                Sega smiled at Corona. "When you get calls, you complain that you want them to shut up. Now that its silent, you are complaining that it is too quiet. Are you never going to be satisfied? Or is this just another act?"

                Corona smiled. "The calm before the storm, I think. When news of my wedding does not occur, they will start calling me again. Of course, I could just grab a Hedgehog and marry them."

                Sega pulled his ring on a chain out of his shirt. "Already married, Corona, sorry. North the Hedgehog is my mate."

                Edmund was smiling as he lounged very close to the egg. He wasn't going to hold Michael to a mating bond; he's just happy his first heat had passed and he could think clearly for the first time since he was a hatchling.

                As the half-dragon has been thoroughly skilled in Juikungrate, Kaoru had to work harder to reach his level of mastery. The Draconian Shinobi were still out there. She was knocked down by one of the slinkiest puppets that Master Ryuu procured on their trip to Tatsu-Lan. Looked almost like Nitro if he had a human form. "You're improving, Kaoru-chan. Keep working on making your techniques flow. As soon as you knock this puppet to the floor, you will advance to the next level of training."

                Feeling a bit sore, she got up to her feet. Kaoru was putting her work into Juikungrate to stop her urge to cook. It always ends up a terrible result. "It's refreshing that Michael-san and Edmund-san have found their reasons to smile." She got into a ready fighting pose. "Ready, Shisou."

                Kazuki got a letter via a Sand Drake he just sent back to his master. He skimmed through it, turning red in embarrassment over the graphic nature of the letter. He brought out his force phone, and turned it into a sword to slice it up quickly. "Sukebe!" Pervert. A word that best described Shuichi Sunahama. He returned to his composure but the face of disgust was still there.

                Corona hugged Sega anyway. "I wasn't trying to imply marrying you, Sega. I knew you were married; its just that your gold fur makes me sometimes forget how attractive your fur is toward ladies like me and cute boys like Thomas and Kazuki."

                Sega then said, "Still not interested, Corona. North of Adalia is my mate and there will be no one else."

                And then Corona's phone rang, which resulted in Sega getting up to his feet and walking away to chat with Knuckles and Michael. "Corona speaking. Make it good and you had better not use the word 'sweet' or else I will kiss a pile of shit." Whatever the response was soon had Corona looking embarrassed as she quickly said, "I am so sorry mother. I didn't know it was you."

                Dear Thomas, Thank you and Janet for freeing Terra Asinus from the rule of Torchwick. Also thank you for extending the invitation for us donkey kids to join Club Freedom. As long as you don't mind a few donks being in you guys' club we can promise to never donkify a club member. Lord Lampwick II sent over a new governor to oversee Terra Asinus and Lampy II told us that you are the nicest teen age magician he has ever met. I don't know what you did to get that kind of praise from him; but whatever it is, please keep doing it. Thanks again for freeing our dimensional home of that tyrant. You and Dennis will always be welcome here; We would extend that offer to Janet except she scares us. Your new friends, Terra Asinus.

                Thomas fired off a reply connected to the team's club newsletter. And then he read over a personal email from Lord Lampy II which had a picture attached. The magician boy got an erection looking at the picture. He then sent off a reply to his friend along with a signed nude picture of himself to the donkey lord. We made it home in one piece as I am sure you are aware of by now. Janet incapacitated Torchwick with one of her powerhouse kicks where I am too polite to say it connected to. He howled in agony for nearly an hour until he passed out from lack of breath. Torchwick's former guards smartly stayed out of our way; most threw down their weapons and surrendered to me; they stayed out of Janet's kick range. The majority of the uncontrollable portion of Yin Yang along with their mentor went off and desecrated a demon lords' lair in the States. Word is that he chased them back to Australia where 'Anti-Mom' kicked his Heinie for invading her new stomping grounds. Apparently Rocket and the others rescued and freed their Earth counterparts, Kamen Rider Epic Spirit; However, Rocket did also give me a Dragon Dog puppy they had acquired from the Demon Lord's lair. I have fed him and given him an oil bath. He is currently wearing his ID collar and sleeping in his doggy bed. I decided to name him Presley. I used to have a dog by that name and this new doggy gets to have the name as well. Anyway, any time you want sexy Thomas to come in and perform some magic for you and the officers, all you have to do is ask. Your friend, Thomas Copperfield, Junior Magician and White Force Ranger.

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Eight.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Solar the Hedgehog Returns.