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[2T-PR3] PRFF-08 Freedom and Fortune

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-08 Freedom and Fortune

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Eight: Freedom and Fortune.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Also Starring: Power Rangers Yin-Yang
    1) Roger Yojimbo Lamar, Red Fire Yin-Yang Ranger
    2) Orion Spencer Ki'lin-ti, Yellow Earth Yin-Yang Ranger
    3) Janet Renton, Blue Water Yin-Yang Ranger
    5) Royal Princess Varvara Najeeb, Green Wind Yin-Yang Ranger
    6) Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn, Black Shadow Yin-Yang Ranger
    4) Wallace "Wally" Blayze, White Light Yin-Yang Ranger
    , (Razylymiirgolos Andrakkan, the Armored Winged Sentinel of the Greater Assassins)

    Guest Starring, Kamen Raida Yajukin:
    1) Robby Thunderstar, Gundam Horse Rider, Red
    2) Gregory "Greg" Sterling, Gundam Otter Rider, Blue
    3) Kaela Bryant, Gundam Owl Rider, White
    4) Electra Montgomery, Gundam Jaguar Rider, Gold

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Tamus Frigidus: A white drake courier ally to Thomas
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)
    Xylo47: Seth Sidarius in his green sea dragon form who trains at the Dragon Templar Academy

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog

    Cyber Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's grandson - Michael's enemy
    Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess - Kazuki's enemy
    Shuichi Sunahama, the Sand Prince - Kazuki's enemy
    TBA - Corona's enemy
    Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan - Thomas' enemy
    TBA - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy

    Chapter One: Academic Vacation.

    Are you sure you want to delete this message? "Yes, for the ninetieth time, yes!" You have no more stored messages in missed message storage. "Oh thank the gods! I finally finished!" exclaimed Corona with some relief. "I just wish they would stop calling me!"

    Janet glanced over at Corona and said, "So you have a bunch of kooks who want to marry you, too, huh?"

    Varvara smiled. "She has it worse than we do, Janet. Her father gave these kooks permission to pursue her interests. Just be glad we only have to put up with our arch foes wanting to marry us."

    "OW! Dammit, Knuckles! Ah wasn't ready!" "Too bad! You're the one who claimed to be training!" Crash, whump! "Get off of me!"

    Orion smiled at Wally. "So this is what its like being with our futuristic counterparts. They can almost claim to be as good as we had to be."

    Rocket sat in Ryuu's quarters. "Please forgive my team if they get on anyone's nerves. Although your team do seem to be raising the bar of sound. And now, for what topic did you wish to speak to me of?"

    A roar of pleasure erupted from behind closed doors of Ned's personal chamber. It sounded a bit different compared to the past, but at least it sounded like Edmund was enjoying his new form quite a bit.

    Master Ryuu warmed up a bottle of Sake and served it up in shallow bowls of Japanese shape with Draconian designs. "It is involving what Michael Knight saw when he was with the Drakes in another land." He then said. "I already plan to send a message to the closest official of the Elite Guard so he could be informed." The sheriff that recently lost an arm. "I have my suspicion that a human warrior believed to be killed by a Demon Dragon lives still... among the company of dragons. Michael-san has voiced suspicion that he saw Lexington Lonewolf alive and well, with a human hatchling."

    Rocket sipped the edge of the sake bowl for a brief moment. "Ah, you have good supplies, Ryuu. What you say is entirely possible and easy to discover although this is not a trip I would take every ranger to discover. Only those who would be discreet if this proved to be true. I am sure Lord Seryn of the Tatsu-Lan council would know if Lexington were truly in the land or not. He would not dare lie in the presence of Io. But if the man whom Michael saw is truly Lexington, then who is the young man with Aussie Thunder who seems to have all of Lexington's memories? If he is Lexington then the problem becomes what to do about Lexington happily marrying Sony the Hedgehog, his fellow team member. I believe Devlin Lonewolf restored Vlad's mind to his former memories only recently and in awakening, he admitted that he was indeed Lexington. But which Lexington?"

    He sipped on his sake again before continuing. "My friend, I suspect that Lexington Lonewolf may have had several rescue attempts that clashed and each ended up with a part of Lexington in their care. Let us carefully go over the facts of everyone with power who claimed to be involved. First, We know Bahamut had some sort of interest in Lexington from the beginning when he approved of Lexington receiving the Blue Flame of Hope. Second, the Holy Pouch, Lord Pouchlaw and Roolock all had a paw in using a precision swap and drop save to exchange Lexington with one of his own statues which Lord Peter created days after Lexington was supposedly killed. Even Elysia and Denise admitted that one of the statues was missing and no where to be found. Third, as much as the roo lords swore otherwise, the so-called anti-toon insurance form belonging to Lexington that Lord Peter tore up and disposed of... I spoke with Lord Toonmaster and a few of the Creators and I asked them if the insurance was ever cashed in. They admitted it was."

    Rocket then straightened up at that point. "In Anime Masters in their version of Los Angeleos, Deryk Roo has a team member who is an anime human who is called Combat Wolf who is the spitting image of Lexington Lonewolf's human self and he also has all of the human Lexington's memories. Combat Wolf has Tae Kwon Do and Swordsmanship although he admitted early on that the blue flame of hope power seemed to be blocked from his using it. This would indicate that the insurance was cashed in and simply copied Lexington's form as an anime toon with a copy of all of Lexington's memories. Therefore, as far as being real goes, he is an animated blueprint of the real Lexington. We can allow him to remain in Toonmaster space for now. That leaves Vlad of Aussie Thunder and this new Lexington who appeared in Majesta. Both are real; we only know that Vlad has the actual memories of Lexington before he died. We haven't confirmed and spoken to the other one as yet. Until we do, we have to be careful in how we handle this turn of events."

    Master Ryuu hummed, "If you mentioned Roolock, then that Elder Power might have a version of Lexington in his realm and keeping the secret from all. Who knows? Roolock's been secretive of many things inside of his domain throughout the centuries. Which is one of the reasons I don't travel much outside of Draconia's bounds." That and he is a puppeteer dragon hermit. Just like Raker specialized in Stealth/Special Ops in New Adalia, before and after his Tatsu-Lan. "I will not alert the sons of the Lonewolf to multiples of their father. However, Michael will know the meaning of discretion.

    Out on the Mobian Beat stage, Wally was getting his chance to show what he could do with a good guitar as Sonic and several others watched from the audience seats.

    "Childhood living is easy to do; The things you wanted I bought them for you. Graceless lady you know who I am; You know I can't let you slide through my hands. Wild hedgehogs couldn't drag me away; Wild, wild hedgehogs, couldn't drag me away. I watched you suffer a dull aching pain; Now you decided to show me the same. No sweeping exits or offstage lines; Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind. Wild hedgehogs couldn't drag me away; Wild, wild hedgehogs, couldn't drag me away. I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie; I have my freedom but I don't have much time. Faith has been broken, tears must be cried; Let's do some living after we die. Wild hedgehogs couldn't drag me away; Wild, wild hedgehogs, we'll run with them some day. Wild hedgehogs couldn't drag me away; Wild, wild hedgehogs, we'll run with them some day."

    Although he sang this to the tune of the Rolling Stones original version of Wild Horses, and he changed very few lines, Wally belted out a tear jerking ballad of a song that brought some tears to the blue hedgehog's eyes as he held Amy Rose closely.

    Tails blinked his eyes as well. "Oh my. I never suspected that the light of hope could have this effect on people."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: A visit to the Kitsune Lord.

    Briarwood, California; USA

    None of the werewolf clans wanted anything to do with that magical and crazy area that was the forests around Briarwood. And it was a good thing, too, as Thomas, Tamus and Kazuki accompanied Rikki along the trail toward the Akinobu estate where Lord Rein and his boys would be residing and training.

    "This is breathtakingly beautiful," said Rikki in an almost whisper when he caught first sight of Lord Rein's estate. "Renny must be doing well for himself if he has all of this. Although, Chip should be around as well. I don't hear either of them unless we did the impossible and caught them unaware."

    Several arrows zoomed out magically and landed at their feet, but something was off about these arrows, only two of them were real. The rest were two magical illusions. Kazuki jumped away in shock, and several Water Drakes came out of his school uniform accidentally. Chip looked up, as he and his son (through Tally) Huxton were about to ready several arrows. It appeared he gave his son Lexington's old bow. The Knight raised his fist in the air to signal a cessation of hostilities. "Wait! Hold your fire, Huxton! They're not werewolves!"

    The Water Drakes were about to go on the counter-attack to protect their master, several of them growling. "No..." said Kazuki as he held out a hand. He sensed magic through out the air that he and the drakes are weak against. "We shall not fight! Back down!" Though some of the drakes were confused as to why the Master would summon them and not have them attack, they all fell into place, and sat around the Imperial.

    Rikki raised his voice. "I should have known one of you would be on alert, Chip! Tis I, Rikki Brooklyn - on vacation - and traveling with two of the Freedom Force rangers, Thomas and Kazuki. I came to check up on your mate during the Yin-Yang vacation away from the academy. Janet stayed in Japan with the others. May we please cross the bridge leading into your estate or is an arrow all Yin-Yang Shadow and Huntsman Riklodyr is good for?"

    Thomas didn't move as he awaited acknowledgement with Tamus around his neck.

    "And what of those Drakes?" said Chip, trying to keep his bow ready. He didn't want to aim at a potential "And I am not just talking about the ones that came out of your friend like an Imperial that caused chaos in Japan years ago."

    Kazuki said, "I am the only son of the Water Imperial, and nephew of your former teammate Kwon." He then looked to the Water Drakes. "I don't like bringing harm to the Drakes I summon. I am obliged to pay respects to Akinobu-dono, as Okaa-sama would expect nothing less."

    Kamzil appeared behind his human charge; the Kame Hengeyokai looked closer to the size of Huxton in this day and age. And wears an appropriate kimono to fit his shell as well as his form. "The Imperial Prince has no malice about him, Chip-san."

    Thomas spoke up at that point, "My white scaled friend is Tamus Frigidus, a courier drake who is part of my Frost Drake Battlizer function which enables me to become the Winter Wizard. I am originally from Los Angeles where my father is David Copperfield. We were led to believe by Trigram boomer that the werewolves do not like dragons so having a drake around seems to do the trick for keeping the moon-touched elite at bay."

    Rikki then said, "Surely those stupid werewolves haven't been trying to get at Renny, have they, Chip?"

    Huxton chuckled. "They tried that just the other day and got a muzzle full of magic powder."

    "They'll get a taste of our arrows as well next time. But that is enough for boasting." Chip then snapped his fingers, making the entrance appear as normal. "Come, you three, and be among friends. And Rikki, only two of your kits are here. The eldest is undergoing training in New Adalia and honoring the Tanuki retainers of the Akinobu clan."

    Rikki smiled. "Yeah, my team and I saw her briefly although I didn't know that was who she was until your mentioning it just now. When I last saw her, she had chosen to be part of the Mascot Spirit Rangers in the academy directly under Lord Deryk. She turned out so beautiful it fooled Yin-Yang preventing her true identity from being known." As he entered, he looked to Chip close up as he said, "When I had my time with Renny, I guess I got weak by his overall charm. He partially woke up and thought I was you. But when I came into him and he awoke fully, I felt so stupid. He was upset because he thought he was having sex with you. I apologized and helped him to clean up in the shower, but obviously not well enough since he was pregnant after our session. I am so sorry, Chip."

    Thomas and Kazuki then came across the bridge and Tamus yawned one time before saying, "I smell tea brewing."

    Huxton smiled. "Lord Rein is making tea although before he started, he suggested that a good tea would be good for the shadow of Tao. We didn't know what he meant until Rikki and the rest of you were seen approaching the property. Please come inside and we will greet him together."

    Once inside the great hall, a table was already laid out and guest spots arranged by the instructors as Huxton showed each guest to their seat at the tea table. He then said to one of the instructors, "Please inform Lord Rein that his guests have arrived and a few of them are cute. Yes, the full message." And the instructor headed off to deliver the message. Huxton excused himself politely and returned to join his father outside.

    In the trappings of a more peaceful feudal lord, Lord Rein walked in with a duo of one-tailed Kitsune holding the tea service and preparing the table. Kazuki bowed towards the lord with four tails. The Akinobu Lord sat on a special pillow while one of the two younger kitsune set the cups up in a proper tea ceremony. Once the cups were set up and water was set. "It was good of you to visit, Rikki. Our daughter spoke highly of you, but she didn't say anything in her letters about informing you that she was your daughter. Serenity was very happy to see you in high health."

    Kazuki tried to speak up but Renny held up a paw-hand. "As much as there is a need to stand on formality, we can speak later about how your Imperial family can show their respects to the Akinobu clan." He then smiled. "Just be patient, and enjoy the tea, Imperial Prince of the Water. We can talk about the respects your Element would like to pay."

    Kazuki arched an eyebrow. This is one unusual lord to him, but then again this was the first time he dealt with a Kitsune clan.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Hunt For Red Lonewolf.

      Tatsu-Lan kingdom of Majesta; Open Market

      Choosing to bring Kaoru and Knuckles along on the trip with Rocket and Ryuu, Michael led the way into the marketplace of the human city within Tatsu-Lan. When they reached the fruit stand, Michael said, "This is the last place Ah saw 'im before 'e took 'is purchases and 'is baby and walked off in" he pointed to one side of the marketplace. "that direction." Beyond the market square, there lay a city street leading off toward various homes which faced the ocean beyond the wall of the city.

      Knuckles said, "A look alike of Lexington is a serious accusation, Michael. If it is him, we should find out if he is okay. If it isn't, then this will simply be a nice way to make a new friend."

      Rocket said, "If it is Lexington, he will recognize me on sight. He knows not to pull the chain of a dragon god of assassins."

      Master Ryuu said, "He would recognize me as well as the mentor of the Doragongers. A perverted shadodrak hermit with my old sage puppet." He was controlling that puppet right now, as he sat on Sage Puppet's shoulder. "I used to be a well-known Master of Puppeteer Dragons, until the mistreatment of the Half-Dragons of the Bleak Peaks ages ago."

      Kaoru said, while holding several bento boxes (store bought, thank goodness... and even one for the person of interest) "Even if he is alive, his family might not take kindly to the news. I understand that secrecy is key with this one."

      Knuckles walked over to a stall vendor and just flat asked about the human by description to get information on where this man was staying. He then came back over to the others and said, "It is a bronze and blue home down along this street, guys." And then the group followed Knuckles along the street in search of the home in question.

      When they came upon the nice looking home located almost directly below the Majesta Palace, Rocket said, "This has the right smell to it plus, I am smelling the tell-tale scent of brewed tea in the same fashion that Lexington is known for."

      Master Ryuu remembered the smell. It was something akin to the tea ceremonies commonplace in Japan when the Samurai were the most prominent of warriors. "Definitely the aromatic scents I remember." He then nudged Kaoru. "Go ahead and ring the bell, Kaoru-chan."

      Kaoru rang the bell a little timidly. "This makes me feel sorry we didn't send word ahead of time to prepare."

      The front door slid open followed by a glare of a red-haired man in a kimono with glasses. "G'day sheila. Is there something Ah can 'elp yas with?" He then looked to the two shadodraks and the Mobian Echidna, and his neutral look turned into a knowing frown. "Ah suppose the word of my demise is just a rumor in the wind?" Then there was a cry of a child with lungs almost as powerful as Impulse's in his infancy. "Rocket and Master Ryuu together? Someone must've really screwed up really good. Yas three and yer students can come in. Talking about this on the doorstep is not a good thing." He then opened the door wider to allow for guests, as he looked desperate to tend to his youngest son.

      Once inside, Rocket said, "My only question is how did there get to be three separate Lexington Lonewolf boys. You, the young Lexington who is with Aussie Thunder whom calls himself Vlad and the one who recently reappeared as an anime human in Toon Justice International whom calls himself Combat Wolf. The powers that be say that he was once a real world human from Earth yet he has all of your tags and markings, same as his mate the Anime dragon version of Seth. We also know that your mate Seth is currently in Tatsu-Lan central attending the Templar Academy while believing that you have died, yet here you are."

      Michael said, "I am Michael Knight, the current student of Knuckles the Echidna and leader of the Freedom Force Rangers. I happened to see you in the marketplace during our last trip to Tatsu-Lan to help one of our team mates who needed the assistance of the ZyoLegend Rangers of the Bleak Peaks and when I brought this matter up to Master Ryuu, he thought it merited looking into. Kaoru came along because she attended your funeral in Australia and she wanted to know if there were any truth toward you being the real Lexington Lonewolf."

      Lexington growled. "Ol' Roolock has some explaining to do." He picked up a child swaddled in Japanese style clothing trying to calm it down with a soothing voice. "Now there there, Daniel. There's nothing to be crying about." He looked up and said. "When Ah was in battle, Ah remember seeing Peter getting in the way of that revived Secret Roo... and the next moment, Ah was naked before Bahamut, 'e gave me another chance at living the quiet life, as my mate needs to undergo Templar training. Only when the time is right will Seth and Ah reunite. Daniel is 'is last son with me, and like Deryk whom bore Devlin, the Platinum Dragon 'elped me give birth to my child."

      Master Ryuu flapped over and perched himself on Lexington's shoulder. The Lonewolf in Japanese garb was starting to change his son's diaper. "I guess that explains why this child looks so big, and you are not as big as Impulse is now. I've been training two of the Doragonger offspring in Juikungrate. Kaoru is proven to be an expert, much like her father."

      Kaoru hummed, readying the bentos. "It's good to see you alive, Lonewolf-sensei. But what explains Combat Wolf-sama?"

      The bespectacled ginger smiled. "Ah met 'im and 'is dragon mate once when Toonmaster 'ad a vacation and Anime Masters was formed... 'e came from another timeline where 'e and Seth were killed in battle by Master Sakar soon after the twins were born. Someone must've shredded the Insurance papers in time to save 'em. Ah don't know the facts for certain, but Ah wager they would've been from the Tao and Violet Boomer's original timeline. They did seem pretty sad when they 'eard the cries of my twins. Ah guess they missed being parents."

      Knuckles then said, "Speaking of Old Roolock, he went and brought your parents back to the prime of their life so Vladamir could help a revived Dirk Devlin fight demons and Old Virginia ended up leaving Vladamir after that. Roolock has been the busy little pain in the proverbial backside in regards to the outback."

      Rocket then said, "If Bahamut is responsible for your being here, then perhaps we were worried over nothing. The young Lexington whom is using the name Vlad married Sony the Hedgehog."

      [Editor's Note: The Lonewolf child born in Majesta was named Daniel Tsubasa Lonewolf II, named after Lexington's cousin.]

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Hope and Half-Breed.

        Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D.; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
        Club Freedom

        Wally sat off to one side while the glowing white form of the lion, Aslan, gave him an update as to the movements and events regarding their arch-enemies.

        Sitting at the bar, Corona ate a simple salad as she considered using smoke signals instead of a cellphone. "I barely get my phone messages cleared and they start calling in all over again. What part of no way, Jose, don't they get?"

        Thomas sat nearby with Tamus as he said, "I am sorry you are having to put up with this, Corona, but you are the one with a princess background."

        "Doesn't mean I have to like it, though," she replied. "How are Edmund and Ned coping since their revival with new energy and spirit?"

        "Last I checked, they were still a combined Half-Dragon," said Kazuki, making what he saw sound like it shook his Vanilla composure. "Though... please don't ask me to check on him when he's bathing..."

        Impulse was in a cheeky mood, lounging while satisfying a craving for Strawberry Cake. "Sounds like Kazuki has got a look at the size of a Half-Dragon's dong. Probably quite good looking I'd imagine."

        North the Hedgehog had just returned from New Adalia, bringing a bunch of chili dogs, and some gems and minerals made appetizing for Drakes. "You missed a good chase, Impulse. Atari and your other siblings were run ragged because of how fast Adam is. Your brother is mad at you for not coming."

        "Let Atari stew in his choices," the first son of Timmy and Nitro snerked. "He was the one that wanted to work in the daycare!"

        Corona then said, "Maybe if I were to marry Edmund, my parents and the dumb suitors would get off my case. Then I could spend my time rubbing oil all over Ned's scales."

        Tamus smirked. "If you think that is an easy task, you should try it for a day without marrying a dragon. You might change your mind pretty fast."

        Janet and Orion then came in from outside carrying shopping bags. "We're back from the stores, guys. And no, I didn't end anyone's ability to procreate while we were there. Is Rikki back from visiting Renny yet?"

        Thomas replied, "Not yet. But don't worry, Chip is there to make sure nothing happens between his mate and your boyfriend. Kazuki and I chose to come back to the club early when Rikki asked Chip if he could assist in some of the training around the dojo. And Renny encouraged Rikki to stay a little longer. That little Kitsune can be very persuasive when he wants to be."

        Janet remarked, "That little Kitsune is almost constantly in heat, I think."

        Orion smirked. "You don't know that for sure, Janet."

        Janet gave Orion the eye. "Oh? And you know about Kitsune how?"

        "Because I am a space Kitsune myself, remember?" he replied as he took the grocery bag over to the mini-fridge behind the bar counter.

        Janet shut up at that point since she had forgotten especially since Orion never sported his tails on the outside of his pants.

        Roger and Varvara came in from the training room with Sonic and Amy Rose. "I'm sorry I am not as good of a red Ranger as Deryk was, Varvara... I'm still getting used to the mantle he left to me when he started the academy. Maybe if you think I am so bad at this, I should surrender the morpher and let someone else lead the Yin-Yang team."

        Varvara then said, "I didn't say that, Roger, but in training you tend to fall flat when attempting what would have been easy maneuvers that Deryk could have done before he embraced his kangaroo side. I'm not sure what is wrong with you; Deryk said you were a good choice for a replacement for him on the team, but you haven't been able to measure up thus far."

        Roger sighed as he picked up his pace and departed the club looking as if he was about to cry.

        Sonic said, "I'll go keep an eye on him." And he sped off after the boy.

        Varvara went over to the bar and sat down on a stool. "I'm sorry, guys. Ever since Deryk put Roger in charge of our team, he hasn't been much in the way of an adventurer like Deryk had been. Deryk could easily keep us together, but Roger has problems even doing that."

        "Maybe it's my turn to check on Edmund," said Impulse gently, knowing the half-Dragon was still in heat. "If he tries to pounce on me, I can make a run for it. "Anyone want to come with me? I'll try my best to make sure you guys are safe, if you want to join."

        Corona got up and walked over to Impulse. "I'll come with you, Impulse, Perhaps he will want to see a fellow teammate."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Checking on Edmund/Ned.

          Picking up some cleaning cloths and a container of dragon oil, Corona went with Impulse into Edmund's chamber. "Edmund? Are you up to having some visitors?"

          Edmund was sitting on his cushion, wearing a fundoshi made out of one of the dragon-sized sheets. Luckily it was enough to keep his junk in place when he wasn't bathing. He looked towards the door, and nodded a tame nod. "The one good thing about this new body... easy to keep clean. Barely any scales except for certain areas. Come in, you two. I've been meditating to keep control of my heat." Didn't sound at all like the conflicted half-dragon that was ready to pounce Thomas and Reku on respective occasions. "I can make a good guess that the other males are keeping their distance."

          Corona placed the dragon oil down on a small bench near the half-dragon. "I brought you some more dragon oil. Kazuki is still recovering from the trip to see Renny. Thomas is entertaining Tamus as is usual for him. Michael and Kaoru went with Knuckles, Rocket and Master Ryuu to check on Michael's mystery in Majesta. They will return later. The rest of Yin-Yang are dealing with issues of their own. Although, Edmund... perhaps you and I could become more than friends in time. I am getting fed up with these calls from suitors. You have never treated me like they have been treating me. But in the meantime, how are you holding up in here?"

          "Doing quite well, considering..." his large semi-innocent eyes softened to a look of concern. "I did act as bad as some of your suitors to Thomas-san." He then said. "I made a fool of myself Corona-san. And I would be afraid that I would make a fool of myself around the other males."

          "A big plus is that you've got enough control around me, Edmund," said Impulse, taking another bite of cake from his plate. He has become just as cocky as Sonic with his attitude. "You shouldn't have to isolate yourself like this."

          "True," smirked the golden half-dragon in a docile manner. "My tempers were not that great either. As Ned and Edmund. I bet only Michael-san would likely find me hot right about now, considering his weird passions."

          Corona looked across at Edmund. "I still like you and I think you are hot; we are both friends as well as teammates. Sometimes I feel you are the strong link in our lives for succeeding in the problems the rest of us face in day to day life." She stepped over close to Edmund and gave him a hug before leaning in and giving him a light kiss on his chest scales. "Now, how can I be of service to you while I am in here currently?"

          Edmund was feeling the tension in his fundoshi lessen, as he relaxed a little bit. He may be like both of his parents in the affairs of the heart, but he couldn't bring it on himself to tell her that he is not interested. "Please stay for a little while, Corona-san. Impulse-kun, you may stay too. Please teach me... what it means to be a friend."

          Corona smiled. "It's okay, I have a side plan for getting my parents and the suitors off of my case. I'll just have to have Raja help me with it since no other male human is available to help me. As for Michael, Knuckles is pinning him down again. You would think the red echidna could keep it in his pants."

          The half-dragon laughed a little bit. "Sounds just as bad as some of the suitors, Corona-san. Maybe you might send them my way so I can growl at them... and make them pee their pants for even thinking about calling you." He stopped for a moment, and brought Impulse to a light hug. "My apologies, Corona-san... the Ned in me just decided to have a little mischief."

          "Grandpa Shadow might... so would my father and Grandpa Shadow," hummed Impulse, as he patted Edmund out of slight discomfort, being intimate with his first male infatuation and all, and him and Thomas having children. "Adam is the speediest of them all. Though he is mostly human."

          Corona chuckled. "Thank you, Ned, the thought has crossed my mind to let you do that. And while Edmund isn't interested in me, my original offer was aimed at Ned. I momentarily forgot that you are one in the same now. But no worries, if my plan works, my phone will never ring again." She then got serious. "You don't seem too concerned about Knuckles pinning Michael down. Why is that? And Impulse, you act like its nothing you haven't heard nor seen before. Are the Mobians in heat or something?"

          "My Mum used to be a living Pervoberry, from what Grandpa Shadow told us about how Mom was conceived," said Impulse. "And the Celeron side of the family always have very strong virility. If I didn't have that sword of fertility over my head, I would be willing to have more than the children we have. Even Dreama became a LHG just to keep away from other Mobians in heat." Dreama is Dreamcast the Hedgehog in the trio team taught by (Lord) Zander at Ranger Academy. Some of the other Mobians are trying to get Dad in a chastity belt to stop him from knocking up others because of the Hedgehog heat and his family's super fertility."

          Corona petted on Impulse as she said toward Edmund, "You really don't have to stay in your room all the time. We have the entire club, you know. Dinner should be getting prepared soon. Not to mention, we have Yin-Yang guests whom may be wondering if you are okay."

          "This is not meaning to be offensive to our guests, Corona-san," said Edmund, his human side shining through. "But as long as there are other people there, I will spare them from being on the receiving end of my heat. Thomas-kun made it clear that he likes me as friends but, I can see from the way he acts that the scars from being scared to death by my Dragon Fear Aura is still there." He then said, "If Michael-kun was around, I could ask him for help with this. He is interested in the scales, but I won't force it upon him. He helped me through a lot of crud when Ned was running rampant. Ruining a friendship because of a desperate arousal is not the way I want our combined life to go."

          Corona replied, "Thomas and Tamus are out in the outer room right now, Edmund. The others should be returning from Tatsu-Lan sooner or later. I suppose we should feel fortunate that the team's enemies are not attacking us in their attempt to get at Kaoru. For a bunch of lizard men, they are worse than my suitors. Although if Knuckles was scaly, Michael would likely be sleeping with him at night." She smiled with an obvious chuckle. "What? Everyone knows that its true."

          At that moment, just outside of the headquarters, the sound of a lightning spell was heard discharging!

          Amy Rose then poked her head into Edmund's chambers. "Drago Chlorinor along with his Draconians arrived at the same time as the New Tatsu-Lan Warrior Dragons! Princess Sally sent word to Michael and the others!"

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: The Wackiest Freedom Fight in Japan.

            Princess Varvara exclaimed, "This team gets wackier all the time! We are supposed to be on a vacation! Music Maestro please!"

            Oriental theme music was heard by one and all, as the River Bluff team shouted, "Fortune, Power Up! Ha!" their bracelets glowed, as their Tao symbols emerged forth, enveloping them in it's white and black swirls! Their white gloves and boots appeared first, adorned with the Tao symbols, as an image of their elements appeared behind them. Their bodies became covered in a one-piece colored uniform, as their heads were covered by a helmet with a silver mouth-piece and a horizontal diamond shaped black visor. Then, they each shouted, in turn, "Tao Fire! Tao Earth! Tao Water! Tao Wind! Tao Light!"

            Roger Yojimbo Lamar exclaimed, "Red Tao Phoenix! Fire Friend!" Orion Spencer Ki'lin-ti exclaimed, "Yellow Tao Sphinx! Earth Friend!" Janet Renton exclaimed, Blue Tao Titan-Seahorse! Water Friend!" Royal Princess Varvara Najeeb exclaimed, "Green Tao Gryphon! Wind Friend!" Wallace "Wally" Blayze exclaimed, White Tao Unicorn! Light Friend!"

            The Freedom Rangers brought their Force Morphers in front of themselves as they pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. Their surroundings became their colors as a splash of their color and black covered their bodies from the neck down which formed into their ranger uniforms, along with their belts, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright colored surroundings pulled together to form into visor covered helmet shapes, leaving them standing in mid air within the void. Their helmets spun around once and then lowered down upon their heads with a soft latching sound. Then their Zords appeared behind them briefly as their surroundings returned to normal. Each ranger then briefly transformed between their full animal and animal man forms before appearing once again as themselves. "Banzai! Freedom Force Rangers!"

            Janet shouted, "Time to kick some bad dragon heinies! LHG Power!"

            Tails was still floating in mid air in his Wizardly Kitsune stance. "Back off scale heads or I'll hit you with another Celestial lightning strike!"

            Thomas looked up at Tails and said, "It its spells, then I'm the magician for the task!" He then pushed a button on his Force Morpher and on the screen appeared the [Frost Drake Battlizer] symbol. He pressed the image followed by [GO]. Tamus the courier drake glowed in a magically white luminescence as he carried Thomas up into the sky above the clouds where in the midst of the power, the two merged together. Their body was armored in glowing white crystal like plates and his helmet took on the appearance of a white drake. His boots changed to look like dragon claws while his gloves became like Tamus' claws. The overall body was suddenly wearing a leathery stage magician's coat in white and from his back emerged a majestic pair of white leathery wings. Thomas then dove down and hovered in full view. "Winter Wizard! Frost Force Battlizer Drake!"

            He then made a simple gesture and a volley of giant snowballs from the nearby snow covered peaks were floating around his position like a halo. "The Power of a Glacier Strike!"

            Shadow said, "If you dragons are looking for Michael Knight, he will be back soon. Lord knows he attracts scalies more than Edmund and Thomas do. Kaoru is with him."

            Dragon growled, "We are not with those lummoxes; we only want the girl!"

            One of the warrior dragons said, "Since the courier drake stays up here with you, Winter Wizard, and because Ned has rebuked the original offer, our lord wants to speak to you, Thomas Copperfield. We were to simply escort you safely to our lord's presence and safely out of dragon territory when you were done with the parley. We didn't even initiate the attack this time; that Kitsune jumped the crossbow and fired the first shot."

            Tails growled a little. "I was aiming at Drago and his idiot forces. They attacked the club the last time trying to get their mitts on Kaoru."

            The other warrior dragons smirked, "And they called us lummoxes."

            Edmund growled, as he readied the Force Drakecalibur in his gloved claws. "How can we trust Dragons that caused deaths of non-dragons so easily when they speak of peaceful terms?" He didn't like the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons, even though his maternal father was human. Judging by how old Master Ryuu claims to be, he was disgusted by the practices of the old dragons, and had informed Edmund of this. Being part of both worlds, he had a unique point of view. Even the Ned side was disgusted by the request of their Warlord."

            Kazuki prepared a water elemental to change into that of a Sea serpent. "How do you plan to keep your word if you are capable of causing disasters to happen?"

            The head warrior dragon raised his head up and spoke very clearly. "We of New Tatsu-Lan may have our faults, he whom is no longer desired. But it was our kind who brought the courier drakes to Earth. So despite what actions our lords have had us do in these past months, it was never our intention to kill anyone. We gave the Earth an alternate courier service; one of which has chosen to join your friend, the magician. And if you think only dragons are capable of making a massive kill, first look to human kind, then to the rest of those living on this planet whom claim to be civilized. Like human kind, we only attacked when we were targeted first. There are weeks that go by where we see no action whatsoever. We do not spend every waking moment planning on how to wipe out life on this planet. Nor do we lust after our friend's bottoms like a pack bitch in heat. Not every New Tatsu-Lan dragon is involved in the inner workings. A few of us honor a promise given. You declined the invitation sent to you, Ned whom is now called Edmund. The Dragon King no longer desires your audience. He has asked for Thomas Copperfield for a parley. Since the courier assigned to this region stays with your magician friend all of the time, we had to deliver the message ourselves. And what should our wondering eyes behold... these sorry excuses for scaled men launching an attack on your base in their selfish attempts to get at a female whom isn't even here."

            At that moment, Michael Knight arrived via magical teleport, having left Kaoru with Knuckles, Rocket and Ryuu. "Why is it that the sexy dragons always show up when I am off helping our mentors with something. Kaoru is off with Master Ryuu and Razylymiirgolos Andrakkan in Tatsu-Lan. If you Shinobi draconians think that would be easier, then go there and capture her there in. But she isn't even at base currently."

            Drago Chlorinor and his Draconian Shinobi warriors then chose to depart since the Leader of this team never lied to dragon kind.

            Only when Drago and his idiot forces were truly gone did Rocket, Ryuu, Kaoru, and Knuckles teleport into the headquarters having timed it so they would miss seeing Drago and his bunch.

            Michael looked up at Thomas and then the Warrior Dragons. "As leader of this bunch, I should accompany Thomas on any journey so he doesn't have to go alone. I know your lord only requested him but you cannot really blame the Freedom Force for periodically being suspicious, now can you?"

            Thomas replied, "That is fine by me, Michael. So was it really him?"

            Michael shook his head remembering that this was public and they were asked to be discreet in the matter. "It was a case of mistaken identity. It is like how there are a zillion Lari Knights all over Australia. You would think that the guy could form an army all by himself."

            The Dragon Warrior lowered his head down to gaze directly at Michael's face and to get his scent. "Very well, as long as we do not fail like a bunch of unlearned hatchlings, we will permit the Freedom Force as a whole to attend the parley; just don't start any trouble there."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Parley with the Dragon King.

              Within Dragon Dome City, the Freedom Force, the Mobians, and Yin-Yang Tao were escorted up the main thoroughfare toward the central palace. Although there were many dragons and drakes within this city, none of them paid much attention to the new visitors. The palace guard opened the doors as the Warrior Dragons escorted the rangers and Mobians inside and down the red carpet toward the throne room which had a banquet table already laid out with food and drink. Dragon Warlord Meyr'curess the Mercury Dragon Warrior King sat in his chair looking over what appeared to be diagrams and maps of the city. "Ah, Please come in, Rangers and friends. No tricks and no poison. We dragons have to eat and drink too. Poisoning ourselves would be foolish. Which one of you is Thomas Copperfield?"

              Thomas stepped forward and displayed some of his stage magic. "I am Thomas Copperfield. Or He Whom Has a Horribly Whiny Little Sister. And dealing with that level of anguish hasn't even come close to what our enemies has tried against us as yet. Or rather, they have fallen short."

              "I am Dragon Warlord Meyr'curess, although for better ease of use during our parley, you may shorten that to Meyr. But only within these chambers. Other dragons may think you are insulting me behind my back if you used my shortened name elsewhere. Please, have a seat; plenty of food and drink for all."

              Rocket flew around the table and performed a detection ability upon it. "It is clean, my friends. As he said, they wouldn't want to poison themselves." He then landed on Orion's shoulders and curled up in place while still paying attention to everyone.

              Michael spent his time looking around and checking out the new dragons within the palace and any whom he might be able to befriend for later.

              Edmund would've done best to stay at the clubhouse. but on the same coin, he didn't trust them with Thomas-kun. However, being there and smelling all those strong full dragon scents made it hard to focus on keeping his heat under wraps. He was starting to bulge under his uniform... noticeably. He looked to the Mobians and Yin-Yang. He said to them discreetly, "Ned and I may become a liability. I can smell the scents, and it's making us hard to focus."

              Janet smiled sweetly at Edmund as she said, "The moment you need me to end your ability to make whoopee, just let good old Planet Janet the First know and you won't be able to think about sex after I am done with you." Most of the male Mobians just crossed their legs when she said that and noticeably paled at the same time.

              Just then, the familiar sound of Corona's phone interrupted the silence of the meal as she answered the call. "Hello. Who is this and how did you get this unlisted number?" "Corona my sweet. We will tip toe through the tiger lilies at moon rise if you will only give us a chance." Corona then shouted, "WHAT PART OF DROP DEAD FOREVER DON'T YOU DAMNED SUITORS GET? NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" CLICK!

              Meyr'curess looked to Thomas and asked, "Every single day? How can she keep her sanity with those suitors doing that to her?"

              Thomas just smiled. "I have my suspicions but I don't want to spread unfounded gossip. Shall we focus on why you wanted to speak to me instead?"

              The Mercury Dragon King said, "After the meal and the dessert. Then we will speak of many things. Although Corona's suitors intrigue me; they should not be able to make a call into Dragon Dome City in that particular way... unless they were already in the city to make the call..." Now it appeared that he was doing a head count to see who was missing from the dinner table. "Where is your leader Michael Knight at?"

              Thomas looked around before glancing over at Knuckles. "Are you holding him under the table, Knuckles?" The Red Echidna replied, "No, but it is starting to sound like a good punishment for later." Thomas looked back to their host. "Michael has this tendency to befriend dragons and drakes alike no matter where he goes. When we were coming down the outer corridor to join you for dinner, I think he may have stepped off to the side to look around for a bit. Or maybe to see where the bathrooms might be just in case. I just hope he doesn't lose his clothes again."

              Meyr'curess stated, "Humor this request for a moment, Thomas. Pick up your Force Morpher Phone and call Corona's phone with yours. If I am right, it won't matter if she has an unlisted number or not as your Force Morpher Phones will bypass the non-listing and go straight through."

              Thomas stood up and stepped outside of the dining chamber before he pulled out his phone and he pulled up Corona's symbol on his screen and pressed the call button. Back inside the dining chamber, Corona's phone rang as the Mercury Dragon suspected that it should.

              Corona picked up her phone and activated it. "If this is a suitor, I am throwing this phone into the dragon sewers." "Corona? It's Thomas. Looks like our host was right. Someone on the team has been pretending to be a suitor and calling you and thus, bypassing the unlisted number. I am coming back inside the dining chamber now." Corona turned off her phone and looked to the dragon king. "Your caution paid off, your grace. That was Thomas. If Michael has been the one calling me to get a rise out of me, I will help Knuckles kill him during the next training session."

              Meyr'curess said, "Call your leader and ask him if he called you."

              Corona pulled out her phone and she called Michael. "Michael speaking. Who is this?" "Michael? This is Corona. Tell me the truth... did you just try to call me within the last hour. Our host told us that outside to inside cell phone calls should be getting blocked but Force Phone to Force Phone calls still operate. I am asking because I just received another damned suitor call while we were sitting here in the dining chamber." "I certainly didn't and I hate to say this, Corona, but our team members are not the only ones who have portable Force Phones. Sega and Sony both also have their own version of the Force Phones. I saw them on their engineering tool belts when we took that tour of their star ship engineering labs. Since they also have a copy of these phones, it could be that one of the young Mobians has been calling you. Perhaps you should activate Call Tracing for the next time you get a call from a suitor. You can find Call Tracing on your programming menu. I hope that helps. I am watching a few dragon artists paint oil paintings and sculpt statues out of clay."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Like a Dragon Magnet.

                Michael hung up on Corona as he put his force Morpher Phone away as he noticed one of the dragon scholars wearing a lab coat motioning toward him from a side door way. He walked over to see what the dragon wanted and once he stepped through the doorway, he found himself in a chamber with several dragons who were all sprawled out on cleaning salon beds. The Scholar dragon then said, "These city guard dragons asked me to bring you in here so they could talk to you about various sexual interests, if you don't mind."

                Michael smiled. "I'll be glad to speak to them. They can ask me anything they want to talk about." The scholar dragon then departed the chamber closing and locking the door behind him as he returned to his library chambers. Unbeknown to Michael, he was within the Elite Breeding and Slit Mating chambers for dragons who were close to their heat cycles. And they had requested a human boy for socializing purposes. And they managed to get Michael in their chamber for the duration. Michael walked over closely to one of the dragons who seemed to be rubbing one scaled claw over his own slit and thighs. "So, you guys wanted to talk to me? That's why I'm here. I am always open to socialize as long as I don't have to enter a training session. My instructor is brutal."

                The dragon glanced down his chest at Michael as he said, "You might want to remove your clothes before you help us but after that, could you help spread some dragon oil over our slits and nether regions between our legs and under our tails. Mine is itching like crazy. Not to mention I feel like I could plow an elephant's field, if you know what I mean."

                Michael powered down before removing his clothes and morpher. Then he said, "As long as you promise not to get me trapped inside of yourselves, I will permit all of you the chance to mount me. It wouldn't be the first time I've permitted dragons, drakes, and slit mates the opportunity to do that with me and it probably won't be the last time either. Show me that you can be good in bed and I'll grant you permission to join Club Freedom as my special guests."

                Every dragon in the medical ward smiled as they all lifted their heads and said, "In Bahamut's name, we promise not to try to get you stuck." Then one other smart dragon said, "However, our mates may have other ideas. So if it does happen, please do not fault us for their behavior."

                Michael said, "Agreed. Mates often plot and plan without their lovers knowing about it. Now let's get this dragon oil spread around." And after a good sponging of dragon oil, the mounting and sex proceeded as Michael felt somewhat stretched as each dragon got a turn in his backside.

                Normally he only permitted drakes this privilege to have sex with him; but because these city guard dragons had given their words not to trap him, he was letting them show him what they were capable of. If Michael thought he could trust Edmund like this, he might have allowed his friend the chance to play with him. But since Edmund was going through puberty and he only had eyes for Thomas, Michael would have to play with dragons where ever and whenever he could. He had half a mind to permit Nitro to mount him.

                Back in the dining chamber, the dragon chefs brought in a huge five layer and five flavor cake that would make wedding cakes jealous. They also served up bowls of pudding with whipped topping to each of the rangers and Mobians present. "Only the best for our guests."

                Meyr'curess smiled. "The matter of discussion has to do with the concern of Lord Lari Knight's resolution that we dragons are making an effort to obey but we have noticed that the were-kangaroo boomers are procrastinating as long as possible to avoid. Therefore, since Lord Lari Knight was last recuperating at your base, I have requested your presence for advice on why we dragons should have to obey this decree when the boomers are choosing to ignore it. I am asking that you act as ambassador for us when confronting the kangaroos. Please make them obey the decree. Because if they are not going to do this, then we should not have to do this either. We restored and released all nabbed humans that dragons had captured over the last year and according to Lord Knight's decree, the were-kangaroos also had to obey this order. However, we have seen no effort on their behalf to release and restore any humans they had under their enslavement and mind control. Either show equality or we dragons will resume what we had been doing before. We are trying to be patient with this, Thomas. I spoke to Prince Pouchsong in regards to this last month and he said that at the end of the week, they were going to have the Holy Pouch enforce the decree upon the boomers. We have been watching and this enforced release of humans has not occurred. To be totally fair, we chose to contact you since we do not know how to contact Lord Lari."

                Thomas used a napkin to wipe the pudding off of his mouth before replying. "We haven't seen the Dreamtime Lord Lari since he went off with the Royal Rescue Rangers. And sadly, the Lord Lari who had been recuperating with us was a magical fake. That knowledge alone made Timmy and Nitro upset that they had been tricked yet again. Our version is still missing. We might as well face it... he's dead. Otherwise someone would have found the real one by now."

                Then Thomas focused his gaze at Meyr'curess. "You mean all of this trying to get Ned to come here and now having me come has to do Lord Lari's conference meeting and the kangaroos are not obeying the decision to release their humans so you feel that dragons shouldn't have to obey it either?"

                Meyr'curess nodded his head. "That has been the situation this whole time. And the moment I decide that Ned didn't have to come and I send the invite to you, he shows up with you."

                Thomas replied, "Ned thinks he is in love with me but the feeling is one sided until he gets over his puberty problem. Edmund on the other claw shows more maturity and he hasn't once tried to be inappropriate with me. Ned is a half-dragon and he isn't sure how to deal with himself."

                Meyr'curess stated, "Then to make it up to Ned for sending the wrong message to him in the past, I will give the Freedom Force and the Mobians open permission to make use of our libraries and our medical labs whenever they like. Perhaps the knowledge he seeks is within one of the scholar's tomes."

                Just then one of the dragon guards who was still on duty rushed in and said, "Your lordship! The temperatures just dropped drastically and it started snowing outside of the dome! And it is beginning to come down rather fast and heavy! None of the white dragons are claiming responsibility for this!"

                Meyr'curess then said, "I swear... If this is another boomer ploy so they have an excuse not to obey the decree, I will raise a complaint to the Holy Pouch myself at the same time that I mention to her that I cannot make the dragons obey the decree forever." He then looked to Thomas. "Perhaps your Lord Lari is not dead. We just need to work together to find him. Although I do have an idea on how we might be able to help him and his entire family. Will you ally yourself with me so we can bring Lord Lari back?" Thomas nodded his head without a second thought.

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Eight.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, If I Could Turn Back Time.