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[2T-PR3] PRFF-06 U and U

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-06 U and U

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Six: U and U.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Guest Starring, Kamen Raida Yajukin:
    1) Robby Thunderstar, Gundam Horse Rider, Red
    2) Gregory "Greg" Sterling, Gundam Otter Rider, Blue
    3) Kaela Bryant, Gundam Owl Rider, White
    4) Electra Montgomery, Gundam Jaguar Rider, Gold

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Tamus Frigidus: A white drake courier ally to Thomas
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog

    Cyber Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's grandson - Michael's enemy
    Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess - Kazuki's enemy
    TBA - Corona's enemy
    Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan - Thomas' enemy
    TBA - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy

    Chapter One: Eureka!

    Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D.; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
    Club Freedom

    The doors from the Mobian Engineering deck flew open as an excited Gold Hedgehog came zooming out. "Eureka! I did it! Woo-Hoo! I am a genius! Greg will LOVE this! And even better! New toys for the Freedom Force! And I need to find Ned!"

    Within Club Freedom, it was a typical day of training between Michael and Knuckles with the latter getting the better of the former. Then Sega arrived looking excited. "Where's Ned? I need to talk to him before I go surprise Thomas and Greg!"

    Eating some mochi in an intense bout of cravings, Impulse was observing nearby while being around for medical checkups. "I thing Neb isb hibing in hib roob." Gulp. "He was up most of the night contemplating his predicament, or so he told me."

    Sega ran off to Ned's room and threw open the door to his room. "NED! I got something NICE for you!"

    Shadow walked over to Impulse and slowly rubbed a hand over the Purple Hedgehog's tummy. "You really like Thomas, don't you?"

    Impulse nodnodded, "But I've gotten him preggers... I'm surprised that Ned didn't turn me to cinders when he found out. I guess he didn't think that he had a chance with Thomas anymore."

    Ned was under dragon-sized cushions, being upset over the random scents and what Dr. Remedy told him. He was still in human form, and used this time to sulk over the thought of his virgin scent returning. A shuffling of the cushions from underneath showed he was awake. "Whab do bou wanbth?!" shouted the muffled voice of the half-dragon. And it sounded like his morale was at an all-time low.

    Sega smiled. "I found a safe way for you to exchange your dragon designation. You don't have to be a black dragon anymore. You can be a gold one. Are you interested?"

    Shadow gently rubbed a hand over Impulse's head. "But Thomas got you pregnant too. Share and share alike, right? Timmy is proud of you for successfully knocking someone up. Nitro is hard to read these days. He... well... for some reason he seems more interested in Timmy's friend than in Timmy. It makes me wonder what is going on with the two of them."

    Michael said from the floor with Knuckles sitting on top of him, "Timmy could be in 'eat, couldn't 'e?"

    Knuckles replied, "If he is, I am breaking out the chastity belts for the team. We don't need to experience that again like last time."

    Impulse said, "I think father is getting worse off. As if his heat is stronger than it has been. Even mum said so."

    Ned peeked out of the massive cushions, showing that he was in his human side, his eyes were quite red. "What does it matter, anyways? My heart is already as blackened with the soot of rejection."

    Sega replied to the boy, "What happened between Impulse and Thomas during the fishing trip isn't the ends for which they were trying to accomplish, Ned. Thomas simply had a weakness for a Mobian he was impressed with when he first met him and pregnancy occurred on both ends. This doesn't imply that Thomas is off limits to you unless you have already condemned yourself into believing that its over between you guys. And honestly, Thomas hasn't ever said that your friendship was over."

    He then twirled around in place. "Since you don't want my gift, I need to go speak to Greg about the gift that Thomas and Tails requested. You're going to be okay after I leave, aren't you? Michael and the others are eating breakfast and training. Well, Michael was losing to Knuckles again."

    Getting up out of the cushions, it was revealed that Ned was naked when he was sulking. "Gomenasai, Sega. If this virgin scent (or whatever this is) isn't slain soon, I fear to see what else would happen." Having to move back in with his draconic maternal father and his doting dad wouldn't be too fun for him. Despite being part dragon, his human side was quite the looker!

    After Sega departed on his special trip, Michael and Knuckles saw Ned emerging from his bedroom. The two were on the training mat again as the two echidna that they were. Sonic and Shadow were playing a game of checkers at one of the tables and Princess Sally was manning the kitchen counter this morning.

    "Are you hungry, Ned?" inquired the royal Mobian squirrel. She would have mentioned that Impulse was eating enough for several dragons.

    Ned looked down, as he was wearing only a slightly closed robe, and nothing else. "I dunno... got anything that would cheer a stupid idiot up, or at least something that will make me break out in hives for being a stupid lizard.

    If Master Ryuu was in earshot of that, he would give Ned another tail strike just as hard as the last one when they were trying to rescue a very weak Lari Carington Knight. However, he had some business that involved a monitor and a talk with a rather big flyer.

    "Sake or Australian Beer?" she replied showing both selections. "We have people who like both."

    "A nice Sake would be palatable," hummed Master Ryuu in interest from the other end. "I contacted you because you might know more about other various realms that I wouldn't know of." He then muttered lowly. "Half-dragons among the Tatsu-Lan dragons are rare, and are not conceived more than one in a generation. It is still a taboo subject among most draconic circles. Is there any half-dragons in your knowledge that would be willing to mentor my charge in embracing both sides of his heritage?"

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Yajukin Raida.

    Hollywood, California;
    Pocket Dimension behind the 'D' in the Hollywood sign

    As Thomas (White Force Ranger), Yellow-Cloud (werewolf trader), and Tamus Frigidus (white drake courier) watched from their positions nearby, Sega the Hedgehog was speaking with Greg Sterling and his friends Robby Thunderstar, Kaela Bryant, and Electra Montgomery about the gift that Thomas had order for the four friends.

    "I have your Gundam Beast Rider belts ready, Greg," stated the engineering hedgehog from Mobius. "Now you guys can help Thomas hold down the fort over here in the states. All you have to do is put them around your waists, touch them with one hand and raise your fist to your chest and say, Gundam Rider System, Color. In place of 'Color', you can insert Red, Blue, White, and Gold. I recalled that you, Greg, wanted Blue so this one is yours." He handed him his blue rider belt first. "Robby gets Red; Kaela gets White; and Electra gets Gold." And he handed out the remaining belts to each of the others. "That should do it. When you are suited up, you will be covered in elemental metal and fighting werewolves and other enemies won't be a problem at all for you guys. Now I would like to see you guys in action, if you don't mind, so I can be sure I got everything right."

    Greg lifted his head toward the sky as he placed his right hand on his rider belt as he raised his other fist up over his chest. "Gundam Rider System! Blue!" The surroundings around him transformed into a planescape of metallic blue gridded light as he leaped forward and while in mid air, his blue gundam metal otter body appeared as he merged into it. Then Greg landed on all fours, his body seemed to enlarge a good two feet in size as the armored gundam metal otter opened his eyes and struck a pose for all to see. "Wild Water Otter Form!" He then jumped into the air and transformed into a humanoid version of his gundam metal otter as Greg then landed on his feet. Then the rest of his armor materialized over his arms and legs, hands and feet, and finally his chest armor. No helmet was needed. "Gundam Otter, Wild Water Rider! Blue!"

    Robby lifted his head toward the sky as he placed his right hand on his rider belt as he raised his other fist up over his chest. "Gundam Rider System! Red!" The surroundings around him transformed into a planescape of metallic red gridded light as he leaped forward and while in mid air, his red gundam metal horse body appeared as he merged into it. Then Robby landed on all fours, his body seemed to enlarge a good two feet in size as the armored gundam metal horse opened his eyes and struck a pose for all to see. "Wild Fire Horse Form!" He then jumped into the air and transformed into a humanoid version of his gundam metal horse as Robby landed on his feet. Then the rest of his armor materialized over his arms and legs, hands and feet, and finally his chest armor. No helmet was needed. "Gundam Horse, Wild Fire Rider! Red!"

    Kaela lifted her head toward the sky as she placed her right hand on her rider belt as she raised her other fist up over her chest. "Gundam Rider System! White!" The surroundings around her transformed into a planescape of metallic white gridded light as she leaped forward and while in mid air, her white gundam metal owl body appeared as she merged into it. Then Kaela landed on her claws, her body seemed to enlarge a good two feet in size as the armored gundam metal owl opened her eyes and struck a pose for all to see. "Wild Wind Owl Form!" She then jumped into the air and transformed into a humanoid version of her gundam metal owl as Kaela landed on her feet. Then the rest of her armor materialized over her arms and legs, hands and feet, and finally her chest armor. No helmet was needed. "Gundam Owl, Wild Wind Rider! White!"

    Electra lifted her head toward the sky as she placed her right hand on her rider belt as she raised her other fist up over her chest. "Gundam Rider System! Gold!" The surroundings around her transformed into a planescape of metallic gold gridded light as she leaped forward and while in mid air, her gold gundam metal jaguar body appeared as she merged into it. Then Electra landed on all fours, her body seemed to enlarge a good two feet in size as the armored gundam metal jaguar opened her eyes and struck a pose for all to see. "Wild Earth Jaguar Form!" She then jumped into the air and transformed into a humanoid version of her gundam metal jaguar as Electra landed on her feet. Then the rest of her armor materialized over her arms and legs, hands and feet, and finally her chest armor. No helmet was needed. "Gundam Jaguar, Wild Earth Rider! Gold!"

    Robby looked over his new stallion like warrior body with a smile as he shot a grin at Greg. "Looks like I am the only one who can drag people away in this group."

    Greg said about looking to himself, "I'd probably yell out 'FEAR THE OTTER! WOO HOO,' but somehow it feels completely overrated."

    Electra shot a glare at Greg, and said. "That's probably a smart choice... you'd be getting a big noogie if you did!"

    Kaela was admiring her metal winged owl warrior form. "I think Thomas told us that Rick Ranger was the original otter who was often saying those words. But then again, he is supposedly crazy since he married a were-kangaroo boomer. These wings are outta sight. And your jaguar appearance turned out cool, too, Electra."

    Sega smiled as well. "Fantastic. When you're ready to return to normal, you can either say Power Down or simply will your human appearances to return and they will. When you are suited up, you are immune to the infection powers that weres always try to use on their opponents. Kinda of hard to bite through Gundam Steel."

    Robby struck a pose and he glowed in a red aura for a moment. "Um, Sega? What causes the glow when I strike a pose like that?"

    "Simple..." stated the golden hedgehog. "Your internal willpower mixed with the honor and power of goodness are easy to manifest whenever you need to light up like that."

    "That is so cool." Robby felt like a body builder who had escaped from a local gym. "I just hope Cade Stevens doesn't learn that I have a horse form."

    Kaela shivered at the mention of that cowboy. "You had to mention him, didn't you? You just had to mention him."

    Electra elbow-jabbed Robby in the stomach. "Did you forget that he can be quite inhuman about his appetites? What were you thinking?!" Cade seems to be more infamous in the USA than one thought.

    Greg hummed. "Why would one name be taboo as that?" Obviously he hasn't heard the full stories of the insatiable cowboy and his misadventures two decades before.

    Robby rubbed his elbowed stomach lightly. "Sorry, it's just that no one has heard a peep out of him since the werewolf attacks started here in America. I do remember that anything with a backside gives him a wide berth when he is around." He glanced over at Greg. "The guy is the sort of person who yanks your pants down from behind at first and fills you in later."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Freedom Walkabout.

      Michael, Kazuki, Corona, Ned, and Kaoru were on an outing with Master Ryuu, Raja, Knuckles, Nitro, and Timmy within the closest nearby city on the island. They had enjoyed some shopping, a luncheon at a cafe, and were now walking around a hilly park. "You sure seem happy to know that Sega told you that you could put all outside calls on your Force Phone on voice mail and caller ID, Corona," said Michael with a smile. "We haven't heard it ring all day."

      "Silence from the suitors is truly golden," she replied. "There is nothing that can ruin my day now." To which Knuckles nearly face-palmed himself when he heard her invoke Murphy.

      Timmy was still in heat, but he has sated it enough to be lucid. Plus hearing that his children with Lari were both girls was a cold slap of reality. He was silently wondering if the Dreamtimers way of ending heats will get himself out of heat. He was keeping quiet as he cuddled with Nitro.

      Kaoru started running through Juikungrate drills as Master Ryuu had his younger puppet nodding in beat with each move. "Your dedication to the art reminds me of your father. And he was pretty good... for a human." The mini-dragon occasionally looked up at the skies, wondering if his conversation with the Holy Pouch herself has gleaned some gold.

      Ned was frustratingly doing something his Human father used to do in the Doragonger days; chew on a long piece of grass while contemplating his situation. "There's something my old man would say about this... ixnay on the inx-jay." He then shrugged. "Dunno too much English to know what that means." He was socializing a little to keep his mind off the empty feeling in his soul.

      As their group came around a corner of the park, out in the open ahead of them they saw what looked like acrobats in a themed jumpsuit and goggles facing off against a young man of blond hair in black clothes. The male human was saying, "You chose the wrong time to challenge me so soon after harming my sister." And then he slowly brought out what looked like a handheld belt with a sword hilt sticking out of one side as he pressed it to his waist and said, "Henshin."

      But before anything else could occur, they heard, "...AND CUT! Bring in the Kamen Rider stand in!" And the young man in black stepped out of the shot as he was replaced by the stand in martial artist dressed as a Kamen Rider. The young man walked over to a refreshment cart to get something for himself while the scene resumed as normal.

      Michael grinned. "If that director 'ad not yelled cut, Ah would 'ave morphed immediately and 'elped the bloke beat on those annoying distractions."

      Corona smiled as well. "I was thinking the same thing."

      Raja smirked. "I think you just want to beat up some suitors."

      The actor smiled as he heard the others speaking. "Ah, the Freedom Force Sentai. I had heard that this part of Japan was your base but I did not think I would ever encounter any of you while we were filming up here. I am Ryuuta Hiroshimati, secret identity for TV's Kamen Rider Katana. Not the best of roles, but the opportunity to be a real hero is only achieved in this way for some. I am sure your own adventures are far more exciting than this."

      Kaoru found the new face for the Kamen Rider franchise in Japan quite refreshing, she was smiling as she introduced herself, and her friends. "I am a fan of your work, Hiroshimati-sama. It is a pleasant surprise to be able to meet you."

      Kazuki looked around, and could sense something coming that is connected through blood. "Oh no... not now..." He readied his Force Phone and prepared himself, since this type of premonition he had felt since he was a kid. And it was something that could spell disaster even for the set of Kamen Rider Katana. He looked to the leader of their team with a knowing look. "Michael-san... danger's approaching."

      Michael smiled as he readied his Force Phone Morpher. "At least it can't be suitors this time." And he had barely said those words when a flurry of fire drakes came swarming over a nearby hill and breathed miniature balls of fire at the rangers and the actor. "Oh vileness! It's Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess! Force Phone time, mates!"

      The Freedom Rangers brought their Force Morphers in front of themselves as they pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. Their surroundings became their colors as a splash of their color and black covered their bodies from the neck down which formed into their ranger uniforms, along with their belts, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright colored surroundings pulled together to form into visored helmet shapes, leaving them standing in mid air within the void. Their helmets spun around once and then lowered down upon their heads with a soft latching sound. Then their Zords appeared behind them briefly as their surroundings returned to normal. Each ranger then briefly transformed between their full animal and animal man forms before appearing once again as themselves. "Banzai! Freedom Force Rangers!"

      But then Ryuuta pulled out a hand held buckle of his own and he pressed it against his waist, which caused it to extended an almost living belt around himself as it latched into the buckle in the front. He stood at the ready and made some slow movements as the light around him dimmed and a slight breeze kicked up disrupted the air currents around him. "Henshin." The shadows of the dimness flowed in and wrapped themselves around his body forming into a leather like military uniform with shiny black leather gloves and boots, and upon his head was a helmet which made him look like a black cat. Then he closed the latch on his buckle and said, "Mayoneko," which caused a black tail to snaked out from under his military coat and sliver like armor plating to appear in a stylistic manner over his torso, lower arms, and lower legs. He then struck his own pose as the silver glowed with magic.

      Joining the Freedom Rangers in their pose, Ryuuta inquired, "I hope you do not mind the Midnight Rider to join you in this fight."

      Michael nodded to his team as they fought off the fire drakes. "As long as yas can fight, yas can stay, mate. Ah'll bet no would would suspect a real Kamen Rider to play a fake one."

      Ryuuta chuckled as he shadow-punched a fire drake with a blast of solid smoke which caused the winged scaly to hit the ground coughing as if he flew into a smog cloud instead. "It pays to be in the right places at the right times. And bad guys are often targeting filming stars. Hence why I am playing this role."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Fire Versus Water.

        The Fire Princess, Ukami Pyromis, shouted toward the Water Prince, Kazuki Kiau, from where she stood nearby. "Did you think I would never find out where you were hiding, cousin?"

        Corona remarked, "She's worse than the suitors dressing like that in public."

        Kazuki summoned his Force Shield from his Force Phone, and held it up, as he summoned a Water Elemental to help him in battle. No Water Drakes to be harmed for his sake. "I'm not as blue (Japanese equivalent of 'greenhorn') as I used to be, Cousin." Once the Water Elemental formed, He had sent it directly to attack Ukami, and any Fire Drakes that get in the way.

        Ned growled and grabbed one of the fire drakes. "If I chose to shift to Dragon form right now, I'd blast you with my breath weapon!" Instead, he summoned the Force Drakecalibur Broadsword from his Force phone, and thrown the pathetic Drake with his half-dragon strength, and grabbed the weapon and slashed the Fire Drake "BEGONE!" he roared. Suffice it to say, Ned despised those types of Elemental Drakes (Agua Tsunamus was the main exception).

        Kaoru was surprising the Fire Drakes with her juikungrate skills. If they faced her father in battle, then they'd probably find her a worthy successor. "Don't think that I am a lady by my upbringing and my skirt. I fight like a dragon!"

        While Knuckles power punched a fire drake in the snoot and Raja caused a vertigo spell like effect on another which made the winged scaly smack into a tree because of the distortion, Corona chose to do something that not even Ukami was expecting a ranger to do: she grabbed one of the fire drakes and stuck him into an escape proof shoulder bag she was toting around (she bought one at one of the shops they had visited earlier.)

        "What are you doing?!" Ukami shrieked loudly. "That drake belongs to me!"

        "Not anymore," replied Corona as she was finding all of the other fire drakes staying away from her now. "You sent him after me so I get to keep him. Besides, once I rub his tummy and feed him nummies, he likely won't ever want to go back to you again. I just had to deal with the worst suitor in the planetary multiverse and you think YOU are some threat to Kazuki and the rest of my friends? No way! I got a cute pyrodrak and I am keeping him."

        The Fire Princess was now fuming extra nastily especially after being doused by the water elemental that Kazuki had sent after her. "So you want to play with elementals, do you? I can play that game but I was hoping I wouldn't have to. Magma Man! Arise!" And the said fire elemental arose from the earth as hardened armor plating appeared over his body followed by a helm. "Attack my cousin Kiau Kazuki! Show him what fire is all about!" The Magma Man growled and started toward Kazuki in a menacing manner.

        "Anything not to harm the drakes I summon like you flippantly do, Cousin." He activated the Force shield, and used some rudimentary water power to infuse the shield and held the magma man long enough to send him to the side. "Why do you and our Sand Cousin have to use your creatures for such selfish reasons?" He then used his Force Phone's saber function to counter the magma elemental's assault.

        Suddenly from on high, a gigantic snow ball slammed down on top of the Magma Man as everyone heard Thomas' and Sega's voices in unison from the sky. "From out of the darkness, his rockets ignite; fighting off evil, at the speed of light!" Flying into view was Tamus Frigidus and on his back were Thomas and Sega, each one standing in the morphing position.

        Thomas brought his White Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright white as a splash of white and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright white surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Thomas standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his White Hengeyokai Hare Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Thomas then briefly transformed between full hare and hare man forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! White Force Ranger!"

        "On the horizon! Black!" Sega then lifted his wrist morpher up and pushed a button. A lid opened to reveal an iPhone like interface where the schematics of the Black Wolf appeared on the screen and the schematics of the Black Storm Ranger suit. He touched the screen where the suit was. "Flying Wolf! Suit up!" And his surroundings were instantly like that of his underground runway where it was speeding by and his uniform was appearing over his body. Armor covered padded leather pants and jacket were first followed by his gloves and boots. Then his black wolf helm appeared floating over him as he reached up and grabbed it in his hands and pulled it down over his head. The moment it fastened into place, the visor sealed closed over his face revealing the visage of a stormy wolf. Sega then leaped in a backwards somersault and landed as the surroundings stopped speeding by him where as he struck his finishing pose and shouted, "Black Storm Wolf Ranger!"

        As Sega leaped off of the white drake's back toward the Fire Princess, he shouted, "Do it, Thomas!" And the gold hedgehog had his Storm Blaster in hand as he fired it at Ukami, making her leap out of the way to avoid getting hit by whatever the powers of the blaster did.

        Thomas pushed a button on his Force Morpher and on the screen appeared an all new interface symbol: the [Frost Drake Battlizer]. He pressed the image followed by [GO]. Tamus glowed in a magically white luminance as his body shot up into the sky and above the clouds where in the midst of the power, Thomas and Tamus merged together. His body was armored in glowing white crystal like plates and his helmet took on the appearance of a white drake. His boots changed to look like dragon claws while his gloves became like Tamus' claws. The overall body was suddenly wearing a metallic stage magician's coat in white and from his back emerged a majestic pair of white metal wings. Thomas then dove down and hovered just in front of his team. "Frost Force Battlizer Drake!" Rapid close ups of his ending form then occurred in rapid succession!

        He then began flapping his wings rapidly causing a cold snap to rocket through the battle scene before him which made all of the fire drakes go home instantly... and ice formed all over the Fire Princess' clothes, due to when Kazuki splashed water all over her with the water elemental. "And that is what happens when you cross a Water Prince with a Glacier Drake! Magical ice! For twice the price!" And in a flash of anger, Princess Ukami vanished from the battle looking humiliated.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Upgrade Arrival Day.

          Sega smiled as he beamed with pride over Thomas' latest upgrade. "Too bad you turned down my offer this morning, Ned. You would have gotten the first upgrade as a means of cheering you up. But instead, I gave the first one to Thomas. Today is that day when the Freedom Force Rangers get their upgrades. Anyone want to be sad about this?" He winked with a smile.

          Thomas was giving Ned a more than necessary hug. "I don't care what you smell like, Ned; you are my friend. And there is always a chance between us."

          Ned hugged back gently, for the first time feeling less than frustrated. He kept to his human form, and kept his desires under wraps. "I'm relieved that you said that, Thomas-kun. I never would intend harm to any of my friends." He was feeling sad, he was relieved.

          Kazuki crossed his arms. "It might be a good idea, especially since I haven't the experience with Elementals like my cousins have. Ukami Pyromis is rotten to the molten core, as far as her ferocity goes... and the Cousin that commands the Sand... Sunahama Shuichi..." He made a face of disgust. "Even Michael-san knows that Ukami and I despise that pervert." He didn't want to mention what kind of pervert Shuichi Sunahama is.

          Michael chuckled at the mention of Shuichi. "Ah think the only time Ah ever saw a sincere smile on yer cousin's face was that one year when yer parents made yas bring 'im with yas to one of my birthday parties. When Ah gave 'im the obligatory present expected on the traditional birthday, 'e genuinely looked as if... 'e 'ad never gotten a present before. It's a shame that 'e turned as perverted as yas just said, mate."

          Sega smiled once again as he took a hold of Kazuki's morpher and started working on it.

          "Especially when he exposes his perversion to Ukami and me." Kazuki did an uncharacteristic shudder that said it all.

          "Makes the problems with my family look like a normal day with the Ozu Family," snerked Ned in half-hearted humor, referring to the Mahou Sentai Magiranger. "Can't imagine myself having to combine with three of them to become a dragon."

          Sega smiled. "I know that usually in a team's career that only the red ranger gets the battlizer. But from what we Mobians have been seeing as of lately, you guys are going to be needing this upgrade right now instead of later. And breaking from the usual mold of red only, the whole team gets the battlizer. Thomas' battlizer was obviously the [Frost Drake Battlizer] which enables the magician to merge with the frost drake to create the [Winter Wizard] protocol. Tamus agreed to serve as Thomas' upgrade when politely asked and that is why he integrated into the system so well. As a drake and not a dragon, he is part of the courier core; a group of neutral message delivery drakes whom much like the kangaroo couriers deliver messages between all dragon kind. Therefore, as we all saw when we first met him, Tamus is not evil; just playful. The snowball strike was simply his way to have a little fun."

          Thomas added, "When we are merged like this, Ned, he can only speak mentally with me since the merger itself creates sentient armor based off of his entire body. When I power down, we both return to normal ranger and courier drake mode. Also when merged, I can use all of his powers as if he was an adult. But otherwise, like us... he is a teenager himself."

          When all was added into their arsenal, the battlizer symbol was part of the Force Phone's menu for the entire team. Although everyone's battlizer symbol was different and thus unique.

          Thomas' was as already known the [Frost Drake Battlizer] which allowed him to merge with Tamus to form the [Winter Wizard].

          Michael's was set as the [Emerald Master Battlizer] which allowed him to merge his own red echidna body into the red ranger matrix to create the [Emerald Chaos] form.

          Corona's was set as the [Hunting Tiger Battlizer] which allowed her to combine the powers of the Rakshasa into her ranger powers to create the [Maharani Mistress] form.

          Kazuki's was set as the [Water Overlord Battlizer] which allowed him to become to temporarily merge some of the powers of Atlantis with his own to create the [Hydro Emperor] form.

          Ned's was set as the [Thunder Crusader Battlizer] which allowed him to use an armored version of his Dragon form to create the [Raijin Ryuu] form.

          Kaoru's was set as the [Doragonger Hybrid Battlizer] which allowed her to merge her sparrow powers with the Gale Draconian Spirit to create the [Doragon Sky] form.

          Then Sega smiled as he finished adding in the new upgrade to the team's arsenal. "And that should do it, rangers. Feel free to use the Battlizers whenever you think you have to."

          Speak of the Devil, a whole sea of sand circled around the Rangers and changed into an Asiatic Sand Dragon! Emerging from the head of that Dragon was Shuichi Sunahama, in all his roguish glory. He was the eldest of this generation's Imperial Three-way Deadlock. "Kazuki-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I was following my itch to get a chance at Ukami-chan, but spotting you was a great surprise indeed. We can make tonight a very memorable one. Maybe your Vanilla into something for flavorful, like a Strawberry!" Yep, a pervert that wants to keep things in the family.

          Too distracted to sense the warning signs of the Sand Cousin coming around. Kazuki glared, as he tried to form a Water Elemental again. "Don't even try to do something like that, Shuichi! I'm not even interested!"

          Kaoru cringed. "He wants to be in a relationship with his cousin?" She looks to Michael. "Is that the perversion you guys know about?"

          Michael rolled his eyes for a moment before replying to his local lady friend, "Sadly, it is. Ah really don't understand 'ow 'e turned out this way since two years before 'e was at least decent to be around and 'e seemed so 'appy to be getting a present from me. Now 'e is infatuated with Kazuki AND Ukami both. So yes, a perversion magnet."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: The Sand Man Can-Can.

            Thomas quietly asked their leader, "How is it that you lucked out to not have an arch enemy, Michael?"

            "Knuckles seems to think it is because whoever mine will be 'asn't 'ad the balls to show up as yet," came the reply as Michael got himself into fighting form with the rest of his team.

            Corona remarked aloud, "At least my phone isn't ringing in the middle of this zaniness."

            The Midnight Rider glanced aside at the Indian princess and asked, "Why would it do that?"

            "Because every time we get into the middle of an intense battle," she started. "one of my increasingly stupid suitors calls to try to get me to agree to walk down the aisle with them."

            "How nauseating..." said Shuichi, as he sent a barrage of Sand Drakes from his business suit. Kimonos were lost on a libido-driven Sand Elemental like him. "Get 'em, my beloved Sand Drakes, but leave Kazuki-chan's ass for me!"

            Kazuki formed the new elemental into the shape of a shark, and sent it at him. Keeping his shield at the ready! "You don't hear the word 'NO' often enough, do you, Shuichi?!"

            The Serpentine Sand Dragon cut through the elemental using just its tail to disperse it. "Nice try, Kazuki-chan~! Your elementals are at a far lower level than mine!"

            Michael then said, "Ah just 'ad a thought, mates; Ah noticed that Shuichi sent 'is Sand Drakes not to 'arm us but to keep us out of the main 'onor fight; 'e is only focused on 'is cousin. Since this is actually a contest of 'onor, Ah think we should bow out and let Kazuki prove that 'e 'as earned the right to be the Blue Force Ranger." Although his side thoughts were almost as perverse as the Sand Cousin. Aside from 'is wanting some action time with Kazuki, Ah actually like Shuichi; quite a bit. Ah just 'ope Kazuki doesn't figure that out. 'is cousin was fun on a few of those dates last year. And 'e kisses good, too.

            The water cousin growled. If my elementals don't work... Kazuki pushed a button on his Force Morpher and on the screen appeared an all new interface symbol: the [Water Overlord Battlizer]. ... then this new Battlizer might! He pressed the image followed by [GO]. From the distant land of Atlantis, a set of ancient armor transformed into a modern form, and shifted to a source of aquatic energy. It shot out of Atlantis like a beacon to the Land of the Rising sun, as a hakama with coattails appeared on Kazuki's person, as he raised his hand into the sky. The Atlantean beam of light hit Kazuki turning him into a blue orb of light! As the light faded, crab-like greaves, shark-like gauntlets, and a far east chestplate was revealed with not only Atlantean energy but Kazuki's natural energy as well. The fading finalized on his shark-shaped helmet, Far different than his base helm. The Force Phone was then altered into the Atlantean Honor Force Blade, and his shoulder guards were equipped with pincers. With a majestic pose. "Two Aquatic Forces Working as One! Hydro Force Emperor, suisan!"

            Rapid-closes ups were interrupted by a roar of the Sand Dragon Elemental that Shuichi rides on. "That's impressive, but can you beat my Sand Dragon?!" The sand cousin leaped off the creature made of his element, and give it an order. "ATTACK!"

            The Sand Dragon unleashed a small platoon of Sand Drakes from his mouth. To which Kazuki just sheaths his Atlantean Honor Force Blade in the back of his belt. He then shifted his shoulder pincers to his hands, and knocked each Sand Drake out with a punch! He then grabbed the massive Dragon with the Force Pincers, and spun it and sent it into a building! "What else do you got?" Kazuki grunted, returning his claw weapons to his shoulder guards.

            Shuichi smiled, then snapped his fingers, causing the Sand Dragon to get up once again. "Maybe some time incarcerated in my Sand Dragon prison will sway your affections to me, Kazuki-chan!"

            The Dragon lunges as if he was about to devour the Hydro Force Emperor in one gulp, but Kazuki unsheathed his Atlantean Honor Force Blade and both he and the weapon glowed in a combination of his Water and Atlantean energies. He charged and slashed the Sand Dragon jaws wide open as the serpentine dragon of sand's eye looked in shock, and everything that made up the elemental, turned into a big streak of waterlogged sand!

            But instead of an expected gripe, Shuichi smiled. "You are more powerful than I thought you would be, Kazuki-chan! This will make pursuing you and Ukami both all the most fun! Now if you'll excuse me... I have some other matters to attend to." He vanished from the battle, leaving an echo of his perverted giggle. As did all of his Sand Drakes but one. Does Roolock know about him? ;-)

            After the battle ended, Kazuki powered down to his Ranger Form, and then collapsed to the ground. His transformation canceled to reveal he was unconscious, and his water energy is dangerously low. Not to mention his suit and tie looked frayed from battle.

            Thomas quickly was at Kazuki's side as he picked up their teammate in his arms. "Let's get him back to Club Freedom, guys. Agua can help him recharge his water reserves."

            With the focus of the team being on the Blue Force Ranger, no one noticed Michael head off between the tall hedges on the back side of the park where he rendezvoused with the Sand Drake that was left behind to wait on him there. Rubbing his hands all over the Sand Drake, Michael said, "As usual, it is great to see both yas and Shuichi again. While Ukami might fall to Shuichi's wily ways, Kazuki isn't too interested in sex at the moment. Although if a certain Blue 'edge'og were to excite 'im, the tide could turn." He then planted a kiss on the Sand Drake's muzzle as he began to French kiss him and suck on his tongue just a bit. Apparently Michael would date anyone and anything.

            Arriving back at Club Freedom with the Midnight Rider, Thomas took Kazuki directly to where Agua the Water Drake Captain was lounging and left their teammate with the water drake.

            Glancing over the teenagers as they settled down in the main hall, Knuckles noticed that Michael was not among them, which didn't surprise him at all, before he turned to the others and said, "Looks like my training partner has given me the slip yet again. When he comes in, he is so going to get a piece of my mind."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Keeping Busy.

              The next day started with another fight with the Shinobi Dragons. The Freedom Force Rangers and Midnight Rider were fortunate to get assistance at the end when the Mascot League and Devlin Lonewolf from Trigram Boomer arrived. Soon after while a meeting between the Doragonger and Devlin occurred within the club, and the rest of the Mascot League got a tour of the Mobian star ship, the remaining Club Members chose to head over to Club Freedom in the Mobian Jungle on Planet Mobius, which was just outside of the New Knothole Outpost near the Hot Springs Resort.

              Michael was getting his tail whipped by Knuckles primarily for missing the previous afternoon's training session. Thomas, Corona, and Kazuki were seated on the Club's front porch where they watched the two in training slam around the jungle before them. Shadow, Sonic, and Tails had been entertaining Seth Sidarius (whom hadn't been seen since the wake of his mate in Australia) just before the others arrived. "Man, Knuckles is being relentless this morning," said Thomas. "I guess he takes his training sessions seriously."

              Corona smiled as she sipped on her tropical drink. "Glad to see you recharged, Kazuki. We were worried about you."

              Kazuki was still weakened from the battle. "When I woke, Agua Tsunamus told me that the mix of my powers with the Powers of Atlantis has caused me to use my powers up in a more quickened pace. Though I remember Shuichi saying that I've gotten more powerful, the truth is... I am still the weakest of the three. They knew to retreat when their powers were starting to get low. Okaa-sama would slap me to the ground, and increase the training." He fears that Water Empress, though he is part Imperial himself.

              Seth was not in high spirits. And he stayed in his draconic form, never to become human again. "I'm surprised that Lexie had a son before he passed on. He didn't even smell pregnant when I last saw him. Dominic is safe with Pouchlaw and Ray Lonewolf." He then looked to Sonic. "How are things with my twin lifeguard sons? I've only been able to travel to see my older children in New Adalia before I tried to visit here. Guess I made Lexie's transgression looked like a minor flirtation in comparison."

              Corona then said to Seth, "Far be it from me to intrude on your draconic brooding, but I think is better fair to give you more pertinent news from down under. Something the rest of us learned some weeks ago when Pouchlaw gave all of the teams, ours included, an instructional on how villains act. We met someone named Vlad Lonewolf the IV; he couldn't have been not more than 12-14 years of age, but appearance wise, he appeared identical to your mate, Lexington. As the educational meeting progressed, Vlad called out Dylan's name as if he knew him from before, which should have been impossible because of the age difference. Vlad's story was that he had grown up in Northern Australia but lost his parents while young. Because I found the story to be suspicious, I asked Gerus Steel about it and he quietly told me about an old Lonewolf legend that many often forget. It goes something like, If you don't find an actual body, then they are not dead. It is harder to kill a Lonewolf than people think. Gerus told me that he had been told this by Vladimir Lonewolf the III."

              Thomas then said, "Then this Vlad the IV is most likely a restored or rescued Lexington since his body was never found. Something tells me that Roolock had something to do with this. He was all the time kidnapping some young human male for some reason or another."

              "Stop running, Michael! I'm not finished with you!" "Ah'm bleeding, Knuckles! Ah need a moment!" "I don't smell any blood, you pussy! Get your ass back here right now!"

              Seth closed his eyes. "I vaguely remember a prophecy told to me by Vudula Sunstriker when my Dragon Fear Aura went wild. He said that my mate would survive, but I don't see it ever happening. I failed the twins, and I failed the Earthian Deryk Devlin for not protecting their father. If Deryk got inconsolable when the Professor died on the operating table, then he must've been worse off after Lexington was slain. Besides, even if it is true, nothing can be the same." Seth opened his big eyes, and said bluntly in pure logic. "The youth you describe is an adolescent. Even if Lexie is alive and I return to humanity, I am forty years old in body. It will be very perverse if I should start things over with a teenager. Not to mention, I never told Lexie about my indiscretion before we rescued Vlad III, especially after I found out about Devlin. Even a true Warrior would notice my shame." Still in denial, as in Prophecy.

              Kazuki hummed. "Even so, you shouldn't beat yourself down like that, Sidarius-sama. You were not home when the attack happened."

              Seth noticed a somewhat familiar smell in the wind... but dismissed it. He knew the smell was off (and not of Earth) in various ways to consider that a coincidence (or a second indiscretion for that matter). "Odd scent..." he remarked in small closure.

              Corona then said something that Lexington himself had often said, "Anything is possible, Seth. As for being human, no one said you had to return to humanity. Being a dragon is your life now; give it time. Time is something you as a dragon will have a lot of. If Lexington had not been age regressed, he would have died before you ever reached dragon adulthood. Master Ryuu once said that dragons live thousands of years; humans... not so much as a single hundred; if they are lucky and calm. And your mate was anything but calm with his life. He would fight for what he believed in. But as I said, even though you deny Vudula's words now, do not allow the information to escape you; as Vlad the IV, he gets another chance to age gracefully. Second chances are not to be used frivolously. Perhaps someday he might want to see the life you have chosen to live."

              "Ow! Not so hard, Knuckles!" "If you hadn't ran, I wouldn't have had to tackle you in that manner! Next time you run, I will depants you in front of your friends!" "Oh sure and be like Nitro, right?" "Why you rotten-" the following parts of speech could not and should not be repeated around people with sensitive ears... as Knuckles gave Michael a beating as if he was fighting against Sonic himself. "OW! Stop it! HELP! Knuckles has gone crazy!"

              Thomas then said, "You are on your own, Michael. You agreed to Knuckles' training sessions and if anyone 'helped' you, then they would go against your own wishes." He turned his head to look at Seth at that point. "Rather than talk about something that brings back painful memories, why not tell us about your dragon academy training sessions? It cannot possibly be worse than Raker's sessions with his students, can it?"

              "Nearly ripped a fellow Dragon Templar trainee's wing off for calling me a poor excuse of a Dragon for not stopping my mate's death," Seth hummed gloomily. His smile hasn't come back to him since he left for Tatsu-Lan. He told some of the less flavorful stories about his training and the journal he wrote. "Got to see my draconic predecessor's mate... and got amorous the first time we met... And he reminded me of all the pleasant combinations of both humans I had enjoyed mating with." Needless to say that he mounted the human.

              It was more obvious to the rangers now on why Seth didn't seem to want to check on Lexington; he had a replacement in Tatsu-Lan.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Visitors from Cedar Rapids.

                Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D.; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
                Club Freedom

                It was the following morning at Club Freedom; Amy Rose and a few of the others were finally getting the stage cleaned up for celebrations and birthdays to come. "Devlin and his friends finally left Japan," said the pink hedgehog as she carefully packed away the ceremonial trappings. "And all of the Doragonger parents returned home. Way past due, in my opinion."

                From the front door, an aquamarine hedgehog said with a smile, "With a need for me, Warp the Hedgehog has arrived at Club Freedom." And behind him was New Adalian Deryk Devlin and Epoch, the firebird magical instructor, riding on the young man's shoulder. "My number one friend comes bearing free wishes without the Lord Kiel strings attached."

                From nearly every corner of Club Freedom, multitudes of both human and Mobian voices were heard to say, "Free wishes?"

                Though relieved that his human father was gone, the Half-Dragon that would benefit from it the most was less than amused, as he wanted to make himself scarce. Kaoru placed her hand on the human-looking half-dragon. "Ned-kun, why aren't you as curious as we are? Free wishes seem to be something that get you out of this depression you've been in."

                Ned closed his eyes. "I'm not as enthused with wishes, Kaoru-neechan. But seeing that as I'm only half-human, I don't know if it will be worth it."

                "Never hurt to see what it can do, eh? Aniki?" Kaoru winked. She knew she was getting to Ned whenever they use sibling honorifics with each other. Before becoming friends with Michael, Ned sought refuge with the Suzuki family in his early teens. Thus being close to the fellow Doragonger offspring.

                Corona was already speaking to Deryk about the suitors, but once told that even his powers were limited in that respect, Corona then shifted gears and asked if he could simply make it so their enemies as well as the suitors forgot all about them for 24 hours every time a certain word was used... a word like Sake. This was something Deryk could grant although it could make life for the team very strange indeed. "Just do it, Deryk. My father gave a bunch of suitors permission to drive me crazy. And the first was the worst. Rhyme intended."

                After Corona departed looking happy for a change, Deryk looked around to see who would be next.

                After being nudged to go forward, Ned felt singled out by his sister figure. He told Deryk about the scent. He didn't ask for it to be removed, as that was a part of being a virgin. "If it is within your power, Deryk-sama, I would like to meet a creature with similar issues of having to have each foot in the world of different species, and still be lonely among friends." In short, he wanted to meet another half-dragon with the same tough luck.

                Master Ryuu looked at Deryk from a nearby perch, and looked as if he mentioned it to the Holy Pouch, yet heard nothing about the result as of yet.

                "Reku Matsukaze is a 'alf-dragon who is currently dwelling in the Bleak Peaks on the outskirts of Tatsu-Lan," replied the Aussie-born lad as he regarded Ned's request. "General Pyrobolt told me of meeting 'im some time ago. The Bleak Peaks is where dragons and 'alf-dragons go, as odd as this may sound, to find themselves when they feel that life 'as cheated them of a goal they were not able to attain normally. Pyrobolt spent centuries in the Bleak Peaks 'imself before 'e became the dragon general we all know today. If this Reku is the one yas want to meet, we can make the arrangements for the Freedom Force to make the journey to Tatsu-Lan as an educational outing. There is a 'uman kingdom and it is the only one that exists there at all. Dragons 'ave the right of way in Tatsu-Lan; never forget that. There is a dragon academy at the foot of the Bleak Peaks which Pyrobolt failed to graduate from three years in a row before making the journey into the Bleak Peaks to, laughable Ah know, to find 'imself."

                Deryk looked to Ned, Kaoru and Master Ryuu. "Would this journey be worthy of yer consideration, Ned? 'e was the only 'alf-dragon Ah 'ad 'eard of before meeting yas."

                Master Ryuu let out a tiny growl. The Bleak Peaks... that is one place where inhabitants face the stigma from the majority of Tatsu-Lan, and it's even worse for half-dragon's and their parents, if they weren't pressured to ceasing relations. It was the dark side of the Dragons of Tatsu-Lan that is never let known to the other species; case in point when he was seeing if there were half-Dragons in Hollow Earth. It wasn't his decision to ban Ned from going there, but it's up to him whether he wants to see this fellow half-dragon or not and risk bearing the stigma.

                Kaoru gave him a nudge. "Maybe it would give you some insight into living with both sides. Aniki."

                Ned nodded. "It's something worth looking for."

                Kaoru had nothing to wish for. She was content with what she got as it is, and stayed back. Kazuki, though he could do without Shuichi wanting to mate with him, he only wished for the chance to learn about the magical abilities of Atlantis. ((A tutor from the land for him, maybe?))

                Thomas spoke to Deryk about something in private apparently regarding a particular resistance just in case his enemies back home caught him while he wasn't morphed; something that might occur eventually and Thomas wanted to make sure he had a guaranteed fail safe in place for escaping from inescapable infection. Thomas the Werewolf didn't sound so nice.

                When Michael got his turn with Deryk, he told him of his dual-world heritage and how he seemed to be a product of both Earth and the Dreamwolf Superhero Universe. "The thing is, Deryk... should I even be a Power Ranger? Everyone else has an enemy they have to deal with; I'm the only one who doesn't. I shouldn't complain about it but I have to wonder since I feel like I am cheating the system."

                Deryk patted Michael on the shoulder with an Aussie smile. "Yer no different than Ah was in the years past, mate. Ah was often in transition and some of my best adventures were in a team."

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Six.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, ZyoLegends of Tatsu-Lan.