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PRAT-08 Vacation at Mobo Springs

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    PRAT-08 Vacation at Mobo Springs

    Power Rangers Aussie Thunder
    Episode Eight: Vacation at Mobo Springs.
    Written by Darrel James Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf

    Geoffrey D'Awzome, Crimson Albatross Ranger
    Miranda Lochmond, White Lion Ranger
    Malcolm Hansen, Onyx Orca Ranger
    Teri Fury, Pink Firebird Ranger
    Eddie Fisher, Gray Were-Kangaroo Ranger
    Sony the Hedgehog, Spectral Binary Ranger
    Vlad Lonewolf IV, Gold Hedgehog Ranger
    Hikaru Reimon II, River Blade Ranger (son of Hikaru Reimon I and Eriko Hitsugaya)
    Salena Dayita, White Hawk Ranger (daughter of Olivia Banks)
    Jansen Boomersoul, Amethyst Dingo Ranger (son of Adrian and Janet Boomersoul)

    Also Starring:
    The Lunar Nights Club

    Reginald "Reggie" Maxwell, Flying Were-Fox
    Glen Douglas, Swimming Were-Frog
    Ariel Chevalier, Hopping Were-Kangaroo
    Lucian "Luce" I'wai, Roving Were-Dingo
    Cinda "Cindy" L'amor, Catering Were-Drake
    Grey of Clan Tailblaze; border guard and scout
    Eclipse of Stars Divide Clan; pest Exterminator
    Courier of Wise Wealth Clan; messenger and jeweler

    The Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: 'Dad' is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the head of the order.
    Brock: 'Rack' is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: 'Tally' is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender.
    Studpaw: 'Studdy' is a Dreamtime Kangaroo Lord who is mated to Rusty, a human who was once a Ranger in Kiel's Ranger Team.
    Larry: 'Knight' is Royal Rescue team leader who was welcomed into the order before Outback Rescue was even formed.
    Tarnado: 'Sugarhoof' is a Dreamtime Were-Donkey lord who makes the sugar cane that Pyrotail cannot get enough of. (see below)
    Tailblaze: He was Joey Stryfe's Were-Roo instructor; now a Dreamtime Lord and mated to Eddie.
    Pyrotail: He is Tailblaze's number one son, the prince of the realm.
    Roolock: He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft.
    Tarnado: He is a Dreamtime Were-Donkey Lord with a martial arts school; he has sugar cane, pottery wheels, and tar pools.
    Deryk of Parousia: He is the current heavenly kangaroo boomer in charge of the new Kangaroo Valley and Planet Parousia.
    Dashpaw: He is one of the newest kangaroo couriers.
    Ziptail: He is one of the newest kangaroo couriers.
    Prince Pouchsong: He is the current Were-Kangaroo lord of the Kangaroo Academy in KA Hawkemoon.
    Their Parents: Where applicable; their parents could be allies to their own children.
    Col. North Lonewolf: Field Marshal and former Boomer Force Ranger. He is currently living with Carrington Knight.
    Simon Leonardo Knight: The son of Kavan Kincaid Knight, Kangaroo Kid.
    Miylus "Myles" Happikus: One of the fun loving drakes of the Earth Drake Temple. Unofficial mate of Simon.

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog; Larry's loyal friend
    Solar: the Orange Hedgehog, Holy Ranger/Holy Rider
    Jet: a Mobian Gull; Geoffrey's father

    Shaman Warriors: (of Deryk of Parousia)
    Tidramon, Tiger Shaman of Summer
    Celsia, Hedgehog Shaman of Winter (Geoffrey's mother)
    Decadius, Harvest Shaman of Autumn
    Blossom, Sweet Shaman of Spring (loves cotton candy)
    Coral, Porpoise Shaman of Water
    Kratt, Were-Rat Shaman of Earth (loves pizza; cowabunga, dude!)
    Magmos, Salamander Shaman of Fire
    Spirit, Coyote Shaman of Wind (she is dating a human male)

    Raisin' Sweet Kane:
    -- a rock band from an Unnamed Station near Goyders Lagoon

    Victor Kane, a young male human with a Red Stratocaster Guitar (son of Nick and Bianca Kane)
    Riffpaw, a Dreamtime Kangaroo with a Blue Skystream Saxophone
    Deepfang, a Dreamtime Crocodile with a Yellow Cumulus Bass Guitar
    Kalla, a Dreamtime She-Dingo with a Green Tambourine and optional Portable Drums

    Friday, January 10th, 2031

    Chapter One: A Well Earned Vacation.
    Early Morning; Hot Springs Resort and Recovery Spa, Mobo Springs; 2031.
    Planet Mobius.

    After making sure Peter and Norgard returned to their frosty mountain and their pups... Deryk of Parousia brought the Aussie Thunder team to Planet Mobius for a nice vacation of sorts and so Geoffrey could spend Christmas with his father, Jet the Mobian Gull, who happened to be in Mobo Springs currently. (The Freedom Force would arrive in Mobo Springs about part way into Aussie Thunder's vacation. See their own series for more details.)

    It was Friday morning as Deryk said, "Please enjoy yer time off to rest or train or whatever else yas blokes want to do."

    Geoffrey smiled. "Ah am going to go find my father and 'ug 'im tightly before Ah join 'im in 'is favorite sport."

    Miranda smiled as well. "I promised my father that I would take some vacation pictures of the resort for his newspaper."

    Eddie said, "Tailblaze will be joining me at the spa on and off since 'e 'as a realm of 'is own to run back 'ome. Ah am glad we 'ave the star ship shortcut to 'is realm."

    Jansen said, "Ah think Ah will further my bartending knowledge at one of the Mobian bars. Yas can never know too much when it comes to drinks."

    Sony sighed. "If Geoffrey St. John is around, I will say hello to him before I relax. This is the area he patrols."

    Vlad hugged Sony lovingly. "Maybe after yas say g'day to 'im love, we can 'ave a relaxing soak in the 'ot springs. Ah don't know about yas, but it's been ages since Ah got to visit one." Meaning the aftermath of the incident in Japan that united the Dragon Soul and Doragonger together.

    "Will we still have time to spar, senpai?" asked Hikaru in his language.

    Vlad nodded. "We'll 'ave time for that too, kohai."

    Salena hummed. "So many things to do... how will we get through everything before our time here is over?"

    Teri grinned. "ALRIGHT! Let's get this party started!"

    Eddie hopped over to Sony and gave him a hug. "Why the sigh and long muzzle, Sony? Yer among friends 'ere."

    Sony replied, "I don't see why I need a vacation. Apparently Hikaru feels the same way. Being on Mobius makes me feel useless. Sega has more training and knowledge than I do."

    Deryk of Parousia then said, "Princess Sally and Geoffrey St. John are both overseeing the Freedom Force's vacation here at Mobo Springs. I believe that most of them are at the hot springs. Michael is recovering from a brutal beating that the Neo-Demons were putting him through since the week after he formed his ranger team. He barely got rescued when Knuckles got suspicious concerning the fake Michael's very Cary-like expression and mannerisms. And Outback Rescue are on the verge of being rescued right now from Robotnik's dungeons. And no, they do not need your help; Trigram Boomer have the assistance of New Adalia's Adventure League and Terra's Operation Outback along with the Toon Titans helping them. Old Robotnik will be lucky to have a base if Crazy Kitty flattens it."

    Miranda grinned. "That means the Theatrics Bell in on Mobius currently."

    Vlad hummed. "Judging that the Super Kitty is there, the stupid bloke's base will end up being a smokin' croc 'ole!" He silently hoped that Devlin was wise enough to make friends with the Catniptonian Cousin of Zale Kent.

    Salena noticed a streak of thunder striking the skies (and on a clear day, no less). "What was that?"

    Hikaru looked toward Salena. "What's going on to have gotten your attention?"

    "I swore I saw a lightning bolt came out of the ground." said Salena.

    Teri grinned. "Ah've seen 'em before on the monitors of Mum's Anti-Poacher HQ; that Lightning is a Dragon's breath weapon."

    Malcolm arched an eye, then looked to Vlad, whom seemed just as stoic as ever. "Are yas okay, chum?"

    Vlad said, "Ah'm fine."

    Deryk of Parousia said, "That lightning bolt stemmed from Ned/Edmund of the Freedom Force. It might be better if we didn't bother whatever they are up to. But if they should call on me for something, then Ah will assist them with whatever they are asking for."

    Sega was then in front of Sony as he handed his cousin a fresh Japanese candied apple. "I may have more training, Sony, but there are times when I feel dumber than a brick. I still care for you very much. The engineering room isn't the same without you in there assisting me with things that only you have knowledge of. Enjoy the candied apple, bro. And please don't say that you are useless; you've helped me to perfect many projects."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Finding The Truth.
    Sony hugged Sega for saying something so nice and then he bit into his candied apple with a "Mmmm. This is good."

    Eddie then looked to Deryk of Parousia. "'oly Pouch, sir? 'as the real Lari Knight been found or are we fooled by a mirage yet again?"

    Deryk of Parousia remarked, "What brought on this question, Eddie?"

    Eddie stated, "Ah was speaking to my mate, Lord Tailblaze, just before this vacation was announced and the topic was about 'ow Outback Rescue came about. Apparently the entire Blackall 'igh School turned out for a Boomer Force support rally in the weeks before Outback Rescue got started and Tailblaze recalled 'ow Lari was among the student spectators; but the next time Tailblaze and Joey met up with Lari at the club'ouse the week before the ranger team got started, the "Lari" whom was present smelled like Carrington and was definitely not the Lari they 'ad seen at the support rally. This would mean that this fake seemingly 'ad fooled even the Musketeer Order temporarily. But the question remains... what 'appened to the original real Lari Knight? Is 'e dead and everyone is keeping quiet about it or did something even more sinister 'appen to 'im. It isn't right that a joey under Outback Legend's purview simply disappears without a trace. Ah am requesting that 'e be found and procured into our safe keeping. Ah know that Col. North 'as got to be tired of the musical Lari clones game."

    Deryk of Parousia then said, "'ikaru might not want another Lari to be brought into the star ship."

    Eddie growled, "Fuck 'im! This is about making things right! Or are we not really Power Rangers?! Yer the mentor of this group, yer grace! Are yas not going to 'elp or do Ah 'ave to challenge yas to make something 'appen?"

    Deryk of Parousia got up and looked Eddie in the eye. "Yas are acting like yer mate used to act. Did yas slide into 'eat just now? Ah'll look into this just to make yas shut up about challenging me about this. Ah am the 'oly Pouch at the moment. If yas defeated me, then yas would become the 'oly Pouch and then yas would 'ave to deal with every little thing that Ah 'ave been filtering out from my over'earing."

    Geoffrey glanced over at Eddie and the Pouch. "What got into the most powerful were-kangaroo in the universe?"

    Teri hummed. "It's not that simple to know, but seeing as they are both were-kangaroos, it might be Eddie trying to be an Alpha Roo." She then looked to Malcolm. "Is this really a time to be drawing a scene of those two?!"

    "Not drawing, said Malcolm, paper stump in hand. "blending shadows. Besides. It's not our business to know what another speaks to the Pouch. Remember what we were taught at KA Prime?"

    "Ah've 'eard and seen some of this 'appen before, with yer mum's teammate no less." Vlad said, lowering his voice so he could let them know.

    Hikaru looked as if he was restraining himself from grabbing his bokken from his sash. He remembered the lessons taught by the Musketeers and Vlad. "Senpai, you've seen this before?"

    Vlad nodded, "As Ah said, not exactly, but something similar. Before 'e was Konga Rao and the successor to run my dojo, Joey was going through some agressive tendencies once 'is first mate returned to 'is own Earth, and 'e made the tough decision to let 'is firstborn live in one of the Kangaroo Academies ran by Lord Pouchlaw, leading Joey to isolate 'imself from the rest of the Boomer Force and interject late in the battles. It ended up in a series of events from an alleged row with Lord Kiel, and 'is bouts of severe depression." He grasped his own fist, remembering how he slugged Joey out of the chair after he failed the Field Marshall training the first time at KA Prime. "Ah only know what Kiel told me about were-roo business over the years 'e visited. But it seems that 'uman-born were-kangaroos 'ave an quality that rises to the surface when ... it never was seen when the moon-touched was 'uman. With Joey it was Love, and with the upsets of not being able to care for 'is son, and being barred from taking responsibility for the care of 'is second mate after saving him from Carrier Infection-inflicted demise 'as led 'im to a depressed state most of the Outback and Dreamtime knows as the 'Black Cloud.'

    "Again, It may not be the same thing 'appening to Eddie," Vlad hummed. "But growling the way Eddie did to the Pouch is not a good thing. Lord Kiel provoked Joey to growl and get the pent-up frustration out of 'is system, and learn the values of compromise. It's up to Eddie whether to learn it naturally, or the 'ard way."

    Deryk of Parousia looked Eddie in the eye before saying, "Why don't yas tell me what yas and Tailblaze 'ave already figured out and then we will go from there?"

    Eddie met the look adamantly before starting his explanation. "Lord Larry of Royal Rescue whom is currently on Earth Two revealed that Kiel 'ad finally admitted that 'e was based off of Roule's deceased younger brother, Lorenzo Quincy Knight. Therefore, since that annuls 'im as being the real Lari, we are back to 'aving an unsolved mystery that no one seems to care about. Tailblaze and Ah chose to contact the Lari Kingston Knight of Parousia/Mobian Adalia and we asked him if 'e 'ad a cousin; much like 'ow 'is counterpart on Earth supposedly does. What 'e told us was most revealing, Pouch. 'e told us that the Lari cousin of 'is world lived in Pegasus Bay, New Zealand, and the bloke 'as never lived in Blackall at all. Adalian Adventure League Lari said that 'is cousin got to be empowered as a Metal 'ero with a few friends. Yer Academy counterpart was there with Storm 'orizon when they located the Adalian counterpart of Outback Rescue Lari. That is why Ah think the Earthian version 'as to exist someplace, unless 'e was killed by the Crocaroos or the Necro-Boomers. And since yer the current 'oly Pouch, yas 'ave got to 'elp us find 'im. Or is that miracle beyond yer power?"

    Deryk of Parousia then laid a paw-hand on Eddie's shoulder. "We will find the bloke. 'owever, Ah don't think we can rely on Lord Kiel's word in regards to this because 'e knew that Shadow Lari (Cary) was a demon copy; and even when a supposed real Lari was found, Kiel was still fooled into thinking 'e was the real one unless 'e was just putting on an act. Do yas want to add anything, Eddie?"

    Eddie said, "Lord Larry used a magic mirror to locate real versions of those 'e named, yet instead of trying to find a real Lari, since 'e thought that 'e 'imself was the real one, 'e remained ignorant in that regard. Ah also think that the magic mirror was flawed; when Larry used it to locate the real Bindi, it showed 'er demon fake setting up a spell to punish Teri. Later, when yas found the real Bindi all tied up and gagged, that was the proof that the magic mirror was flawed in 'ow it was supposed to operate. That's why Ah think yas need to learn what 'appened to this joey and why all of Dreamtime don't give a rat's ass about 'im on Earth."
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Kanes Folly.
      Later that evening, with the team gathered around a theater screening tent on the beach, Deryk of Parousia had one paw-hand on Eddie's furry forehead as he personally focused on the movie screen itself. The team saw an image of the Blackall School support rally to honor the Boomer Force. Deryk commented, "Point out Lari to me in the crowd, Eddie."

      Eddie glanced over the crowd in the image and after a few moments, he pointed to what looked like Lari Knight standing next to a boy whom looked like Heath Flowen. "There 'e is, mate. Exactly as Tailblaze first mentioned."

      Deryk of Parousia then said, "Ah 'ate to pop yer bubble, Eddie, but that is Lari Kingston Knight of Earth standing there. 'e whom would later shorten 'is name to Kingston and be depressed. If this is what Tailblaze saw at the rally, then 'e was fooled as well. But all is not lost, Ah will dig through the records of Blackall and see just what did 'appen to the real Lari Carrington Knight of Blackall and when it 'appened."

      Geoffrey arched an eye. "Yas mean to yell us that the real Lari may 'ave met up with foul play long before the Boomer Force was formed?"

      Deryk of Parousia replied, "It certainly seems that way. Now give me a moment while Ah focus on retrieving the original Blackall records." In the distant past of Blackall 2007, an age when the Dragon Soul Rangers were still battling their own demons in California, a Devonshire records clerk at Blackall City Hall was startled when he heard the following mental words, Greetings, mate. Ah am the 'oly Pouch 'ere in the future; Ah need to make an inquiry of the records of the Knight family of Blackall. Ah need a verification of every family member by name. We are investigating something 'aving to do with them and As sworn on by myself, the 'oly Pouch, as well as Outback Legend, please heed my request. Ah 'ave been told that the family consists of an adult male, an adult female, and three sons.

      The Clerk glanced up at the ceiling where it seemed the voice was coming from and said, "That would 'ave been their name after entering the Government's Witness Protection Program. The father, whom shortened 'is first name to Terry from Terrence, whom had been a postal clerk before the WPP 'ad testified against some powerful mobsters. Afterward, 'e migrated to Blackall where 'e joined their Security Council, as well as getting situated as the Blackall Primary's Eighth grade teacher. 'is wife, Brenda MacFarlen Knight, retained 'er Archaeologist profession. Terry permitted 'is oldest son, Valiance, to migrate to Fairdale Pennsylvania in the United States for 'is own protection. The second oldest son, Samuel Amadeus, along with the baby of the family, Lawrence Carington, are still living with the family. Mrs. Knight is currently pregnant with another son; Ah believe the chosen name for the newest son is to be Kavan Kincaid. Is there one in particular yas are investigating, yer grace?"

      The Holy Pouch mentally replied, Lari Carington Knight.

      The Clerk then said in a matter of fact manner, "Although Terry isn't aware of the fact that Brenda chose to prevent 'im from learning, 'er son Lawrence is in fact not from Terry's semen. A Dreamtimer in 'uman form asked 'er if she would assist 'im in making a 'eroic son whom would someday be a great champion."

      Lord Deryk then asked, And where does the Knight family live in your current time period? This is also important?

      The Clerk flipped a few pages in the file folder and read off the address. "...and that is the current address; yas can't miss the place, yer grace. They live on the other side of the Brockman family. They are an elderly couple who live with their son, Charles Brockman, along with their grandson, Cutter Todd Devlin, whom is Charley's nephew."

      Thank yas for this information, sir. Please accept this payment from the Pouch. And Lord Deryk made a bag of silver, gold, and gemstones appear on the Clerk's desk.

      At that point, Lord Deryk opened his eyes and said, "It doesn't look good, my friends. In 2007, the Knight family lived just South of the Brockman family in Blackall. If the name sounds familiar, they were the parents of Dirk Devlin's former wife before he married Auranea. A woman whom was slain by a demon lord and the court refused to accept that a demon 'ad made the kill. The event was called, the Night Blackall Burned. And now, Ah need to open a time viewing window on the movie screen so we can look at the Knight property during the event. Ah seem to recall that the neighboring family died during the demon attack. But if we are lucky, then they may not 'ave been 'ome themselves during the attack. Otherwise..."

      Eddie then said, "Please! I'll sacrifice a year of my life for yas to save Lari! Ah don't know about my friends; they never seemed to like neither Cary nor the Lari fakes! If yas need blood," he thrust his arm in front of Lord Deryk. "Ah am willing to give it! Tailblaze told me that 'e was fond of Lari! And if it wasn't the real Lari, then 'e of all roos deserves to know what 'appened!"

      Deryk the Pouch now looked to the rest of Aussie Thunder. "Ah need opinions now; if Eddie is right, then the rescue team is about to save a ranger team being led by a Lari fake. 'e is right that this issue needs to be resolved once and for all. Do Ah rescue the Knight family or do Ah let them perish?"

      "No one should be as cold to let a family be sacrificed." Vlad remarked, remembering how much the Tao Boomer was affected by losing his parents at a young age in his original timeline. Though he usually hid it well behind a stoic demeanor, even Lords Peter and Kiel as well as his Sony knows that the concept family means a lot to him, despite his permanent estrangement from his mother. "Eddie is right. No family should ever be allowed to perish."

      "This is some really deep pool of donkey dung we seem to be getting ourselves into," Teri said, remembering some time travel stories she heard the cautionary tale of never doing what the Tao Boomer did to rewrite history when Bindi caught word of her joining the original team. "What would protect the timeline as it is if we save them?"

      "Are you saying we should let the Knight family die a meaningless death?" glared Hikaru. "Teri-san, I may not know what you are talking about as far as 'time travel' is concerned, but you sound like you are against this trial. If they are allowed to die, it will be a grave dishonor."

      Crossing her arms, Teri said. "Ah am for it. Just want to make sure all things are thought out before we accidentally erase our existence, or irreparably alter it."

      Salena said. "I agree with Teri. We cannot just kick our way through his and think everything will stay the same."
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Consulting the Roule.
        Malcolm hummed. "I am for the saving for them as well. So long as the proper cautions are in place."

        Jansen then said, "Teri's caution is well considered, mates. Ah recall that Roule of the Pleasure Parlor was once Valiance Knight. Per'aps the bloke should be asked of this before we make a dire mistake. But otherwise, we are all in, it seems."

        Moments later, Deryk the Pouch had a borrowed Roule in their midst. "Ah apologize for yanking yas out of yer business, mate, but we are investigating yer original family; the Knights of Blackall. Before yas say a thing, please watch this time replay of the Knight 'ouse'old in Blackall."

        And the movie scene was played for all present. The Brockman home just North in the next yard from the Knight home began coming apart at the seems as it appeared that an army of demons were chasing a young man through the house itself. In the Knight backyard, a family were gathered utilizing the barbecue grill. Valiance was clearly not present in the backyard, nor was Samuel. Meaning the two oldest boys were not even there. Kavan and his mother were also apparently not present either. But they clearly could see a young Lari sitting with a kangaroo boomer while Terry and an unknown woman were tending to the grill. When Cutter Devlin and the demons erupted into the Brockman backyard, the woman pulled out her cellphone and called the police before the family attempted to vacate the disaster zone. Since the movie was following Lari's movements, Terry and the unknown woman were quickly lost from sight while Lari and the kangaroo fell off the back of the property into the ravine behind the town itself into the swollen waters of the flooded Barcoo River. The movie shows that Lari nearly drowns before the kangaroo boomer selflessly hauls the unconscious young man to the shore between the airport and the hospital which were both Northwest of Blackall along the North flowing river. Then the kangaroo guarded the youngster until the movie image seemed to phase out without warning.

        Roule then said, "The sheila with Terry was 'is sister Brenda whose 'usband was killed by Pyraxes years earlier during a station fire. Ah believe my mother Margaret was being kept in the Longreach 'ospital due to complications with Kavan's birth. Kavan was on life support at an early age. Ah don't recall Lari 'aving a pet kangaroo boomer. Before father permitted me to move to the States just after the Witness Protection case, Terry 'ad no problems talking about Samuel and Ah. 'owever, just before Ah made plans to return to Australia for a needed vacation... Ah mean escape... when Ah contacted Terry Knight, the reply was that, quote, 'e couldn't wait to see me, 'is nephew, unquote. Father never 'ad memory problems when Ah knew 'im. And this bloke called me 'is nephew. When Ah initially arrived, Ah noted right away that this man was not my father, but the bloke apparently 'ad plastic surgery to assume the appearance. And when Ah made a 'armless mention of 'is three sons, 'e quickly said that it was a closed topic. Ray Lonewolf assumed that it caused my father pain to think about it. But 'e couldn't know that the new Terry was not my father; a son knows 'is father. Not long after Ah joined the were-kangaroos, Ah got word that fake Terry's wife 'ad gone to Cairo to continue 'er archaeology work. And then the news report that Mrs. Knight's grave 'ad been ex'umed in Longreach and DNA testing proved it was truly my mother's body. She 'ad apparently died during Kavan's birthing. My father, the real Terry, likely died protecting Brenda when they tried to escape the disaster scene only to run directly into the rest of the demons. But poor Lari fell into the Barcoo River. When it wasn't flooding, it was a nice place to go swimming at. Yas are going to 'ave yer work cut out for yas if yas plan on saving my family from this disaster. But mind yas, Ah love being a Were-kangaroo currently. My mate and Ah couldn't be 'appier. Plus, we 'ave young ones of our own. So please do not mess up my life with my mate. And the original surname was Knightmane, shortened to Knight after the court trial."

        Eddie then said, "Ah think Ah figured out why the movie phased out at the end. Lari died when no one was there to perform CPR on his body. 'e nearly drowned before the boomer pulled 'im back to shore, but with all the water in 'is lungs, 'e died anyway. Therefore, 'aving someone perform CPR on Lari just after the extraction from the river would save 'im from a cruel fate."

        Deryk the Pouch looked to the team and said, "Now that we know the facts, Ah believe ah can perform this rescue. Valiance and Samuel ended up exactly where they were supposed to end up. They do not require the rescue. 'owever, to avoid confusion, the rescued family should not dwell in Blackall, Queensland, until well after the false Terry joins the Were-Kangaroos 'imself when 'e married Quicksilver. Kingston Knight's Parousian counterpart Lari Kingston Knight of the Adventure League Rangers once said that during a visit to Bairnsdale, Victoria, 'e could not find 'is counterpart at all. Therefore, Ah can move the rescued family from Blackall to Dawson City which is East-by-Northeast of Blackall near Consuelo on Dawson 'ighway."

        Sony then commented, "But there's no town called Dawson City at that location! We Mobians know this! Sonic has criss-crossed that region tons of times!"

        Deryk the Pouch grinned. "Back in the day, it was a temporary refugee community. But in our current time, the Knightmane family would still be living close to the official locale. We cannot bring them into the future as that would disrupt the time stream; they must stay within their own time line. But we still 'ave to allow 'is clone to exist in Blackall to form Outback Rescue. Otherwise, most of this team would cease to exist because most of yas are the offspring of the clones of their real counterparts. 'owever, not even time can prevent a determined joey from becoming a Power Ranger. Roule, Ah am going to send yas back to the Pleasure Parlor now. Thanks yas for yer input." And one teleport later, Deryk the Pouch shifted into his Legendary Were-Kangaroo form and then he packed away his legend garments into his pouch as he said, "Enjoy the rest of yer vacation, my friends. Ah am about to go make Father Time very angry. As for yas, Eddie, Ah will contact yas when the deed is done. Sayonara!" And he teleported out of their vacation tent.

        In the past, Deryk the Pouch first duplicated Mrs. Knightmane before she was to go into labor and then the real version of her was placed into magical stasis while the copy was permitted to keep that part of the time line intact. Next up was to save Brenda's husband from dying in the station house fire caused by the Pyraxes and into stasis he went after a copy was created to stay in the doomed station house. Preserving the time stream was a tiring job. Although he could smell the stench of 'Evil Mom' stomping around the Devonshire region, he knew that he couldn't interfere in Soluella's involvement or else the future might not survive the changes. Next up was to save the real Terry, his sister Brenda, as well as the real Lari. The copy of Lari Carington Knight would be himself as real as when anyone met him in later years as the real Cary. The real Lari would be slightly altered to have the birth name of Lorimer "Lucky" Consuelo Knightmane. Lorimer would be shortened to Lari during his childhood but he would resume the full name in both his teen age years and into adulthood. Deryk then simply played the role of the kangaroo boomer they had been watching in the time movie. When the demons attacked, and the parental figures fled in one direction, he had to copy them in mid-run, the real versions were sent into temporary stasis while the copies were permitted to continue their doomed run into the demons. And then came the part he hated. He had to take a swim in the Barcoo River with the real Lari. The water was cold and rough but he made sure the real Lari made it into stasis while the copy to become Cary made it to the shore where he would be found later with a wild kangaroo guarding him. With Valiance in the States and Samuel recovering at that one Were-Kangaroo's station in the Outback, it was time to create the refugee settlement made to look like an old Western town from the States. It would also be a fully functional Australian Wildlife Station much like how Lexington's original graduation dream had been back in Briarwood. Although this station would also have a fully functional veterinarian on standby when the animals needed them. On Dawson Highway itself would be the only public business findable if travelers were to go through the area. A service station and roadside cafe; the self-same location where the Parousian versions of Boomer Force were working during Storm Horizon episode one.
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Back to Bairnsdale.
          When the vacation drew to a close at the Mobian resort, the team returned to their star ship and flew it back to Earth. Once they were back in orbit over Bairnsdale, Geoffrey escorted Miranda off to report in to her father at the newspaper offices. Eddie, Tailblaze, and Jansen sat at the meeting room table awaiting word from Deryk the Pouch. The waiting game was so boring... Jansen said, "'e said 'e would let yas know the moment 'e came back."

          Eddie remarked, "My main concern now is North Lonewolf's original statement that 'e could tell the difference between Cary and Lari. This might suggest that 'e some'ow met the real Lari at least one time before. But with the family moved to the new location, Ah am not sure as to 'ow." He gave Tailblaze a firm hug.

          Jansen said, "North was in the States during the burning of Blackall. The Cursed Three were still kangaroos at that time as well. North didn't come down under until well after the Boomer Force were selected to form their team. So 'ow could 'e 'ave met the real Lari?"

          Lord Tailblaze hummed as he rubbed the head of his mate lovingly. "That is a mystery even the Boomer Force couldn't tell about the young Lonewolf, and Ah been a part of Joey for only seven years until Ah was allowed to be my own Boomer when Joey turned 21. But when will 'e learn that 'e mated with a fake that 'as made an effort to redeem 'imself many times and proven to be an ally to them, and just settle with that?"

          Hikaru hummed. "What if there was a secret in the world that North-taichou never would admit to anyone? Not even to his teammates or his human family?"

          Salena arched an eye. "And why aren't you following Vlad, Hikaru?"

          "Senpai went down to the surface," said Hikaru. "He claimed nostalgia, and promised he would keep his face concealed from those that would notice his youthful face.. Hope Peter-dono doesn't get any ideas of taking away Vlad-senpai from Sony-kun."

          Malcolm was monitoring the situations overhead in the control room, keeping to his duty instead of drawing. Teri was battling a practice dummy in the training gym, still regretting having to be tough on her friends.

          Feeling an intense nostalgia and wanting to at least see a part of his family - even from a distance - Vlad went to the Protected Stations Zone where the stations he once knew and the Stryfe Academy were relocated to after his 'passing.' He wore a hoodie that had Sony's scent upon it just to keep his identity concealed to the under-trained nose. He was checking to see if that old duff Lord Kiel visited Joey like he did him, but that wasn't usually the case. He missed the visits from that old were-roo, and considered him a second father that filled the void left when he estranged himself from his mother. He notices someone following him and he looked around, taking care to keep his face hidden and voice a bit deeper than speaking English. "Dare ga iru ka? Jibun o misete!" said Vlad in fluent Japanese, using that as his primary language when going solo in attempt to keep his identity a secret. He was asking the person to show and identify themselves.

          The large green furred sea wolf with webbed paws padded past Vlad as if he wasn't standing there. Patrolling the station grounds as Lord Peter would have done in the former years. Poseidon had been one of Neptune's sea Generals before his retirement and afterward, the call from Peter brought him to the station for the job opening. Had the encounter been with Lord Peter, then Vlad would likely have been dragged up to the fortress in the mountains to the South of the Outback. When Poseidon turned around at the front entrance of the porch he stated fluently in English, "Sadly I do not speak multiple languages like most might. I am fluent in Australian English as well as both Ancient and Modern Greek. I am Poseidon of Neptune's former Sea Wolf Brigade. Favorite of the Green Belts. I do not recognize your scent, young man; Sensei Stryfe is having breakfast with the students currently. I can take him a message if you would prefer this of me. Or if you are a ranger enemy, then you will learn how well versed I am in the ancient ways of war."

          "To them Ah am just a ghost," said Vlad in his normal voice and in Aussie English in a tone bearing no malice. Well, normal for his younger teenage body at least. "My new identity is to protect me from the demons that believe they succeeded in snuffing a 'unter's life. Ah am no enemy, and if yas work with Sensei Stryfe, Ah won't consider yas one of mine. If Ah were to send 'im a message beyond the last will of my former life, Ah would be risking too much. Ah only observe from a far, with nostalgia for my old life." Vlad paused for a moment, then sighed and had a thought come to him. "Ah do 'ave one message for one student that comes around. 'e bears a draconic katana sword and 'air of fire and Sensei Stryfe is one of 'is teachers. Tell 'im 'is 'cousin' from Victoria Province would like an update whenever 'e is not busy with 'is life and duties. 'e'll know what it means." He then bowed and looked up to the green-furred seawolf. Be well, Poseidon... for Ah will take my leave in peace and return to the new life Ah 'ave embraced." Vlad turned away and walked towards the way he came, and to the teleportation point where he can be extracted, as he knows not the Dreamtimer ways yet. "It'd be for the best if no one other than yas or my cousin knows Ah was 'ere."

          Poseidon lifted his head with a jerk. "Devlin Lonewolf is off with the rescue mission on Planet Mobius. Apparently Lord Kiel went with them. When he returns I will see to it that he gets your message. Now if you will excuse me, I must resume my patrol. I smell a white belt trying to sneak out the back door." And he galloped away to catch a sneak.

          Back aboard the star ship, Deryk the Pouch arrived with a young boy whom seemed to be about Malcolm's age. "Lucky... this is the star ship 'eadquarters of the Aussie Thunder Rangers. Sitting at the meeting table are Jansen Boomersoul, Eddie Fisher, and Lord Tailblaze, whom is in turn Eddie's Dreamtime mate. Standing to the side are 'ikaru Reimon II and Salena Dayita. Ah believe Malcolm is in the control room over'ead. The others are either off in training or checking in with parental figures. Eddie is the one whom asked me to save yer father's life. Eddie, this is Lorenzo Cavan Knightmane, whom prefers to be called Lucky; the bloke is the real Lari's legal son through a nice sheila 'e met in the city of Comet. Preventing Mr. Knightmane from learning about yas know whom was not an easy job. But Lucky is going to be the lucky one whom will get to be a ranger in this new day and age. Ah was taking the joey off to meet up with Sega and Sony in R&D. Ah know to avoid Nitro's quarters."

          Eddie looked as if he wanted to growl and rip the Holy Pouch's head off but he stayed seated and remained quiet. Mentally he said to Tailblaze, Deryk knew full well that Ah wanted the real Lari aboard this ship and instead, 'e arranged for the former ranger to miss 'is opportunity and go off and start a family. Why do Ah get the feeling that this pouch is no more 'oly than Evil Mom was?

          Jansen was in shock over this turn of events, since like Eddie, he thought the understanding was that they were about to have the real Lari with them and Deryk the Pouch pulled a lousy fast one to remove Lari from the ranger game altogether.
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Getting Revenge - Ranger Style.
            Geoffrey and Sony whom had just checked in with Malcolm saw what had been occurring in the meeting room as the winged leader said, "Sony... ask Princess Sally if we can borrow the portable universal demon detector which she created for detecting when Ogma was around. Ah am beginning to smell a demon in our midst. Eddie looks like 'e wants to kill Deryk. Ah 'ave to agree with Eddie on this one; either we get the real Lari or else Ah will call Cary and North myself."

            Sony paused then said, "Geoffrey... before I do that, let me make one phone call and then we will focus on Sally." And he activated the ship's communicator and dialed in a number. If Malcolm is watching he might know that the number is for the Pleasure Parlor. "'ello, Pleasure Parlor... Roule speaking." Sony said, "Roule, were you summoned to the Aussie Thunder team within the last two days?" Roule had a tone in his voice to indicate surprise. "No, Ah've been busy cleaning up a recent brawl. What's going on over there?" Sony asked, "Do you have an aunt Brenda in your family?" Roule replied, "As if! My father's siblings were all male!" Sony made a face at that admission. "Just clean up your business; we will inform you later on what is going on." And he turned off the communicator. "Time to get Sally's demon detector." And he began making contact with Princess Sally Acorn.

            Geoffrey lowly grumbled. "Just when we think we are getting the demons cleaned out of the system, they return to bother us again. We are going to need some 'eavy duty assistance with this. Someone whom is not afraid to kick a demon's arse..." and then it was if a light bulb appeared on top of the young man's head. "Of course! Roolock! The bloke tried to 'elp us once and the demon fakes sidelined 'im to make 'im go 'ome. Come to think about it, this vacation and rescue mission to Mobius 'ad most of the ranger teams off planet... but for what purpose?" Geoffrey then decided to place a call to the Absolute Zero in Kangaroo Town. They always knew how to get a hold of Roolock and Clarissa.

            In the meeting room, Miranda walked and sat down at the table. "My father is placated. But you, Eddie, look mad enough to flay the hide off of a rhinoceros."

            Jansen chose to answer for Eddie, "The 'oly Pouch fucked up, Miranda. Instead of saving Lari and making sure 'e got to become a decent ranger, 'e removed 'im the ranger game entirely by processing 'im into a normal marriage to create a son of 'is own whom would be our age. Yas knew as well as Eddie did... we wanted the real Eddie and this 'appens."

            Miranda slowly stood up and said, "Where is the Pouch right now?"

            From a side door, Deryk and the boy emerged as Deryk said, "Ah right 'ere, Miranda. We couldn't find Sega in engineering."

            Miranda struck her morphing pose and shouted, "Lion's Roar!" A sparkling white effect of magical fairy dust and holographic particles rapidly revolved around her body from the feet up to her head covering her in a white lion like formal dress over ranger pants with gloves and high heel boots, as her lips were glossed in red, her eyes change to blue, and her hair became a long flowing pink color. And then her helmet appeared over her head as what looked like a giant sized white lion appeared beside her which released a mighty roar. "Aussie Thunder! White Lion Ranger!"

            She then pressed a button on her communicator and instantly, Clarissa and Roolock appeared in the chamber on either side of her. "Roolock? Is this or is this not, Deryk Devlin of Parousia?"

            The youngster call Lucky then transformed into an ugly Pit Fiend from Hell, as Deryk the Pouch chuckled. "Nice to see yas again, old friend. Ah didn't know the White Ranger 'ad yas on speed dial."

            Geoffrey struck his pose as he opened his wings in preparation for winged combat. "Crimson Power!" He then brought his bracer morphers together in an 'X' over his chest, as his surroundings became that of the mobian skies. Then he leaped into the air as a crimson flare went off and his sequence began. Seemingly flying rapidly through the clouds above, each cloud passed through placed a new piece of his ranger armored uniform upon his body. Finally, as he dove down through the last cloud, his helmet appeared over his head and when he landed, a blast of wind nearly bowled over anyone not hanging on to something. "Aussie Thunder! Crimson Albatross Ranger!"

            Eddie struck his pose and reached over his shoulder and pulled his magic sword and held it over his head. "By the Power of Tailblaze!" He was then hit with a fabulous bolt of magical energy as his sword unleashed a massive grayish glow all over his body and in a flash of light, he was transformed into a muscular adult male. "Ah 'ave the power!!!" Then the glowing light formed into his Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo Armor although he was nearly undressed in appearance. His head was then covered by a gray were-kangaroo helmet with a crystal visor. His Were-Kangaroo Power Zord then appeared briefly behind him as he placed his sword back into its scabbard and struck his final pose once again. "Gray Were-Kangaroo Thunder Ranger!"

            "Log In!" Sony was then seen in a totally black chamber in front of the space age computer typing like mad as the darkness of the chamber was suddenly flooded by eerie green glowing circuit lines which continued to cover the room and then the computer screen spun around blocking him from view. "Binary Code! Specter!" He was then seen in an ever-flowing digital shower of programming as his ranger uniform and cybernetic armor began appearing all over his body. Instead of a helmet, he had a headset and safety goggles. His belt contained programmers tools and an Internet Phaser Pistol. Then the shower of digital particles exploded and the scene return to normal revealing a transparent armored rainbow hedgehog in an awesome pose. "Spectral Hedgehog! Binary Thunder Ranger!"

            Jansen placed his hand over his heart and activated his morpher amulet which summoned the powers of the famed Dreamtime Warriors. "'eart of Courage! Amethyst Dingo!" The scene around him changed to that of a quiet Mobian jungle until the thundering sounds of Mobian dingo soldiers appeared in furious combat around him. Within the blur of energy lightning energies all around him, his purple ranger uniform appeared first then his amethyst ranger armor, gloves, and boots appeared on his body. Then one of the dingo officers handed him a commander helmet which he took and pulled it securely upon his head. He then leaped into the air and his Amethyst Sea Swallow Staff landed in his awaiting grasp. Finally as he landed in full view, the scene returned to normal as his visor then lit up with an commanding glow and his Mobian insignia appeared on his chest forming two letter F's back to back with a gold crown over the top. His Amethyst Dingo Zord appeared briefly behind him as he struck his final pose. "Thunder of Courage! Amethyst Dingo Ranger!"

            And then it was time of Malcolm, Teri, Hikaru, and Salena to go through their morphing sequences.

            Miranda knew this Pouch was a phony when he forgot that Sega went with the rescue team to Planet Mobius.
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Defending the Star Ship.
              Malcolm pressed the 'M' Tool button on his Wrist pad with his Light pen, then touched the color Onyx. "Sketch Up!" He shouted as he pointed the tip of his light pen out before him! As elements of his ranger suit was being drawn and colored before him and around him, as if it was by magic. Pressing the touchscreen once everything was created in 2D form all over, Malcolm pressed the Render button with his Light pen, and he glowed in a purple light as the Onyx Ranger form and Orca Helmet took form. Striking a pose as the Orca Zord briefly appeared in the background, then disappeared in a sketch-like erasure. "Aussie Thunder! Onyx Orca Ranger!"

              Teri slammed her fists together, and let out an angry grunt. "Firebird Punch!" She then got into a serious fighting pose. "Rise from the Flames, and Ignite!" Suddenly, ethereal flames surrounded her as a pink and black padded fire-proof jumpsuit appeared on her body! Next to appear are black steel knee pads, armored gauntlets and boots appeared, followed by fiery wings that turned black and became small and portable. Then a karate belt snaked around her waist, and tied itself in a perfect fashion. A smoky outline of an aerodynamic visor-less helmet surrounded her face, bursting into a brief flame before solidifying into a pink and black bird-like helmet. The Wings extended into a pink and violet flame, and she flew in a loop before landing and the fiery wings disappeared. She then let out a kick and a punch before getting back in a readied pose. "Aussie Thunder! Pink Firebird Ranger!"

              Hikaru brought out his Kanji Morpher, and written the kanji for 'sword,' summoning his River Blade Katana. "Swiftness of the Sword!" Then the Kanji for 'river' appeared on the Kanji Morpher as he thrust his sword outward. "River Ranger, kenzan!" He glowed in a bright light, as a teal ranger form appeared on his body! Though the gloves were short, the boots were not. A belt formed, with a scabbard to hold the River Blade Katana. Then the visage of a River Otter appeared as it's head became one with the forming helmet, making a elegantly-whiskered visage of the creature to conceal Hikaru's identity. With the Katana sheathed, Hikaru jumped and landed into a Kabuki-style pose. "River Blade; Thunder Ranger!"

              Summoning a Wing Shield, Salena didn't have to speak out her morphing call, as she held out her arms as she looked to the sky! First, a full-body white suit appeared. Then as belts appeared around her waist and arms, feathers of various sizes formed the skirt, shoulder and knee-pads. Feathers burst from her left glove as a gauntlet-mounted bow appeared on her wrist! Then as she jumped and flew like a hawk, a hawk made of pure energy flew with her, fading as her hawk-like helmet took form. In a majestic pose, Salena took her shield and announced herself as "White Hawk Thunder Ranger... Envoy of the Skies!"

              It was probably for the best that Vlad was going to miss this fight.

              Roolock growled as his own legendary armor appeared over his body and his weapon appeared in hand. "Ah've got this, Clarissa! Kananatoth is all the time trying to get back into power! Ah don't know 'ow yas got into Deryk Devlin's body, but yas are not going to get to keep it! Rangers, Ah'll fight Kananatoth; the rest of yas put the 'urt on the pit fiend. Just remember that demons 'ave to be banished to get rid of them."

              The River Otter Ranger brought his River Blade Katana in the ready position. "Underworld minion, may you be sent to the Sanzu River for all eternity!" Without Vlad correcting him, he felt free to say something off.

              Teri bopped the otter on the head. "Will yas focus on the fight and not on the posturing?" Teri growled. "Should that Pit Fiend be immune to fire, Ah would be useless against the fiend, and Ah don't want to be in the way of Roolock's fight either."

              "You both talk too much. Sketch up!" Malcolm said as he sketched up a Claymore Sword in the style of a crucifix. He swung it at the pit fiend to lop off one of its arms, heeding Roolock's words that Demons must be banished to be rid of them.

              Salena said to Teri. "Care to get me higher, Firebird?"

              Clarissa summoned a demon banishing scroll from one of her vaults and she unfurled it as she faced the pit fiend. "Ah just need a clean shot, mates! Ah don't want to accidentally banish yas rangers off to a sex-driven underworld! Being banished strips yas butt naked and drops yas into the infernal realms on yer rear ends! Demons and devils are not bothered by nudity but 'umans mind immensely!"

              Jansen and Sony snapped cables around the Pit Fiend's torso and held him in position as Eddie power punched (like He-man) the infernal in the back to turn him toward Clarissa.

              Geoffrey grabbed a hold of Salena and lifted her up into the air to get a better aim on things.

              Meanwhile in the background, Kananatoth and Roolock battled it out with impressive pulses of flashing lights and awesome powers!

              Teri helped to lift Salena up high enough. "Ah 'ope yas know what yer doing, Salena."

              "Let go!" After the Pink Firebird let go, Salena somersaulted into a perfect position, then slammed her foot down HARD against the Pit Fiend, and landed a bit awkwardly, She tried to tumble away, and it looked like she hit her move a little too hard.

              "Salena looks hurt!" Malcolm said to the others as he dashed out to help her out of the way. "Sketch up!" He then sketched up a tube around her. At least if he can make something to get her away, he would've done something kind, even if it meant him being banished. Teri had other ideas. She swooped in and rescued the artist of the group as soon as he pushed Salena out of the way of the scrolls range. "Like 'ell am Ah going to let yas get caught in a pickle, Malcolm. Both of our mothers would not be 'appy if they find out yas got corrupted in a bad place!"

              Clarissa chanted the words and the banishment scroll lit up which caused the Pit Fiend to vanish from the chamber with a howl!

              Roolock then mentally sent a warning to his wife and all rangers to shield their eyes moments before he performed the finishing move on Kananatoth which in times past would expel the fiend back into the ether; except this time Roolock chanted a long forgotten spell which resulted in sealing the evil fiend into a rock drawing that the warlock had prepared in advance.
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Tying Up Loose Ends.
                Roolock then knelt down and gently examined his otherworldly nephew whom lay unconscious on the floor.

                Clarissa was then checking on possible ranger injuries.

                Two bright lights then arrived on the star ship's bridge. One was Lady Amaterasu from the Celestial Bureaucracy. The other contained The Attorney (minus her husband whom she had grounded at home.) Amaterasu went over to assist Roolock in the revival and healing of Deryk of Parousia. The Attorney approached the rest of the rangers.

                "Thanks to your quick thinking for contacting us on Dreamwolf, we have worked on finalizing that which you have been asking for. Eddie, your request is not a selfish one," she said. "While it is hard to be fond of a demon, it was the demon copy of Lari Carrington that Tailblaze had seen. He had never laid eyes on the original at all. Also, recently it was discovered that Kingston Knight also known as Lari Kingston Knight of Dreamtrail was actually a time displaced traveler whom accidentally ended up in his ancestor's past after he fell into the Barcoo River. He has recently been returned to his own time period. However, that leaves a loose end. Lari Carrington's cousin, the Adventure League's counterpart is a local of the past Dreamtrail's timeline. And he had been missing all while his future counterpart wandered the current Dreamtrail Australia. The reason the Ranger game always seemed to leave him behind is that it was the wrong time frame for him to have ranger powers. He got to fill in for a fallen team member a few times, but it was not his time. Kingston of the Future is now getting to have his own team back home. Maybe someday you will encounter him. However... The Lari Kingston Knight of Dreamtrail for the current time period was still missing. No one bothered to look for him as long as the other Kingston was in the time period. You see, demons are terrified of the Knight lineage. They had to remove the two most powerful members of the lineage so they could pull off their 'Mom' plot in Australia. One of which you have been actively looking for. Lari Carrington. As for Lari Kingston, I fear he might be imprisoned in a cave drawing in an out of the way location. Lari Carrington on the other hand... we have located him. And boy it took a council of the super powers to make it happen."

                Eddie said, "So you have Lari Carrington in your custody for the moment or you simply know where he is?"

                Clarissa treated Salena's ankle carefully while the talk was occurring. She was listening out of curiosity. The heroes were tired of getting fooled.

                The Attorney replied, "We have him in custody. He was tired and weak since his captors were starving him. They would eat right in front of him and not offer him any of the good stuff. He told us that one time they ordered an Ardens Pizza and ate it within view of him, making comments on how good it was. He won't be able to join you guys until his body is restored from the undernourishment they were putting him through. Had Lari Carrington died, then the demons would not be able to use his likeness at all no matter what trick they tried. Lari Carrington had been baptized at birth as was the format for the Knight family to perform. Same with Lari Kingston. Their souls are protected through this religious rite. If we knew the spell for releasing a victim from a cave drawing we would have better luck in locating the present day Lari Kingston."

                Clarissa then made a comment in regards to that inquiry. "Roolock and Ah 'ave knowledge of that spell but we are 'esitant to share it with greedy 'umans.

                Sony then said, "The Mobians can take charge of one of the Knight boys while we aboard this ship can make a room available for Lari Carrington since that is whom he and Tailblaze were asking for."

                The Attorney remarked, "When you get them back, neither one will have ranger powers nor any knowledge that their fakes all got the chance to be rangers. Perhaps the engineering team can help to fix that snafu."

                Roolock remarked from where he worked on reviving Deryk of Parousia, "Ah am not too trusting of yer 'usband, Attorney. As for yas, why bother learning that spell if yas don't know where Lari Kingston is. It seems mighty suspicious to me."

                The Attorney said, "I was polite to ask you and Clarissa about this. I could have gone straight to King Nightlaw instead."

                Roolock smirked with a sly smile. "'e would tell yas what Ah am telling yas. Yer not a Dreamtimer. Yer word isn't enough." Then he glanced up at Attorney in full gaze. "The 'oly Pouch of Dreamwolf also knows this spell. Did she refuse to teach it to yas which is why yas came to a couple of mavericks like us? Ah just fought Kananatoth; do Ah look stoo-pid?"

                And then as if by fate... Vlad returned to the star ship from his outing...

                Vlad looked around and saw that the Rangers were starting to power down after a tough battle, and saw some damage inflicted to the interior of the star ship. He looked around, and saw the Pouch of Parousia being tended to by Roolock and gasped. "Deryk..." even though it was not the Deryk he shared a son with, he didn't stopped caring for the others he knew; Holy Pouch or not. He then came around and saw Salena being tended to. "Oh no... Salena... What in bloody 'ell 'appened 'ere?!"

                Before he could hear an answer from his kohai Hikaru, Teri bumped the samurai out of the way, and landed a really stiff punch to the jaw of her mother's sensei. "Salena got 'urt in battle, and yas weren't 'ere. A Pit Fiend attacked, and when we needed an experienced Demon 'unter, yas weren't 'ere. Deryk the Pouch was possessed, and though Roolock said 'e could 'andle 'im... YAS WERE NOT 'ERE!"

                Vlad spat out some blood, and looked sad. Teri shoved the Lonewolf into the bulkhead and pinned him there. "While you were who-knows-where, we 'ad to fight, and because yas weren't 'ere, Salena got 'urt. Malcolm nearly got banished with a DEMON rescuing 'er. And Roolock had taken care of whatever was possessing Deryk the Pouch! Yas may be my mother's mentor, but yas become a rather selfish PRICK since yer ass got dipped in the fountain of youth!"

                Hikaru got his hands under Teri's arms and pulled her off. "NO! Ah'm not done with 'im!" Hikaru grunted, as he struggled under the flailing of the Enforcer. "I could use a little help here!" Vlad put his hand on the sore spot on his face, feeling like a heel for missing out on the battle.

                Eddie grabbed Teri by one arm and hauled her back to the other side of the bridge.
                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Eight.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Reviving Lost Legends.