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[AG-PR1] PRMA-04 Inquiring Boomer Minds, Part 2 of 2

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    [AG-PR1] PRMA-04 Inquiring Boomer Minds, Part 2 of 2

    [AG-PR1] Power Rangers Musketeer Action
    [AG-PR1] PRMA-04 Inquiring Boomer Minds, Part 2 of 2: "Outback Storm Warning"
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Co-written by Lexington Lonewolf (Devvy-boy)

    Lars "Lari" Carington Knight, Red Kangaroo Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Mudfoot Joey Dorm | Warlock in training) || Shugar the Creamy Ass/Knotty the YRO Boomer
    Timothy Wesley Celeron, Blue Hedgehog Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Courier Roo Dorm | Courier in training) || Streak the Greyhound/Hyper the Hedgehog
    James Robert Hansen, Green Crocodile Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Swamp Roo Dorm | Crocaroo Guard in training) || Styler the Dolphin/Jacrocker the Crocoboomer
    Olivia Min Banks, Pink Riflebird Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Glorious Flight Dorm | Glorious Sharpshooter apprentice) || Eiffel the Riflebird/Jharma the Jaguar
    Marcia Daria White, Black Dingo Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Amazonian Outback Dorm | Boomerang Warrior in training) || Smooth the Dingo/Baton the Rouge Bat

    Also Starring:

    The Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'.
    He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'.
    He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'.
    He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.
    Studpaw: Also known as 'Studdy'.
    A studly Western Grey Kangaroo from Sidarius Station that became the successor of Lord Jinx before Joey gains his Battlizer powers. Unlike the cursed three, Studpaw has his own Dreamtime Realm as well as inheriting Jinx's position in the actual Kangaroo Order, making him the third unsealed. Currently the first non-were to be inducted into the Musketeers Order.

    Lord Roolock: He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft.
    Although recently, he has agreed to a term of peace between himself and the rest of Dreamtime and is now helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lady Riff: She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises.
    In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight: This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member.
    He shares reports with his son when possible.
    Quicksilver: He is a Message Courier Roo that often goes between Dreamtime Realms and Australia.
    He's super-fast, but not good at stopping himself.

    Dreamtime Crocodile Realm:
    Master Sakar
    Crocodile Guards
    Kangacrocs, advanced grunts
    Crocaroos, grunts

    Dreamtime Undead Roo Realm:
    Lord Kangamancer
    Necro-Boomers, advanced grunts
    May 30th, 2011
    Chapter One -- Choice Between Wet and Dry.
    "Greetings, late night Dreamtime TV fans! Ah am Broadcast Boomer, 'ead reporter on all stories too good to be true. As yas all saw in the last episode, Cary used the Dreamtime Warrior's mindscape to get himself pregnant from North Lonewolf's powerful yet impressionable willpower. But 'e also got the young joey infected to become a were-roo like himself in a manipulative sneaky manner. The Boomer Force were almost killed by the appearance of Soluella's most powerful demon deneral and her demon 'orde. Cary's heroic side left over from Lari's adventure spirit chose to save the Boomer Force from that fate by transporting them back to their own station. Despite seeing himself as a partial kangaroo man, North will awaken next completely 'uman albeit with a morning erection that would even impress Deryk Sidarius. Vaguely recalling events in the dream, North will eventually seek out Lari Knight for 'elp in regards to things now occurring in his life. And now, we return to those daring days of yesteryear where the masket Rangers of the plains fought against evil in the name of law and justice. The Musketeer Rangers ride again. Just kidding, viewers; now lets get back into the real action within this two-part episode. It is currently the rainy morning of May 30th in the year of our Lord, 2011 at the Blackall branch of the Outback Adventure Guild where Eryk "Joey" Stryfe was about to wake up to a clubhouse full of teenagers and we will look in on them now as the action resumes..."
    The Clubhouse; The Next Morning
    Lari sat there while listening to the week-long rain storm that had blown in just before morning. Joey and Tailslap, currently together in one body, were sleeping on the Clubhouse sofa. Timmy, James, Olivia, and Marcy were also at the club. Lari had just finished explaining how Joey had joined the club, followed by his first Full Moon night at 'Dad's Sanctuary. "...and that is what 'appened yesterday, mates. Ah'm still surprised that yas guys came to the club'ouse in the rain. Were it boring at 'ome?" He giggled.

    Timmy said, "I thought I heard that Were-Kangaroos are plenty virile, that they even get human boys pregnant."

    James was unusually silent as he had started sketching the Battlizer Gauntlet on Joey's right forearm.

    Olivia was stopping Marcy from trying to poke their moon-touched guest with a water-drenched stick. "Why is he still in his beast form while its day out there?"

    Marcy says, "And why can't we remove the gauntlet from him to try it on?"

    James then looked up and said, "It may be better to keep it on him, so I can get the details of the design while he sleeps."

    Lari snagged the wet stick away from Marcy. "Don't do that, Marcy. 'e is still in beast form because 'Dad' said 'e should stay in that form during the days of the full moon as well as the nights. Last night was the first. Don't know 'ow 'e is going to manage these next two nights with the storm and the rain and the obvious flooding that is sure to occur. When 'e isn't morphed, Joey is a member of our club. But 'e will never be joining our team. Another reason yas shouldn't poke 'im," he continued. " because even though Joey is asleep, Tailslap isn't. 'e is just resting and alert. Besides... Tailslap 'elped me a lot last night. 'e 'as a 'eart of gold."

    Lari then glanced at Timmy. "Were-Roos are virile and can get 'uman boys and girls pregnant. Most of them can control whether it 'appens or not. The rest... like me... 'ave to be trained on 'ow to control it."

    Joey yawned... "Roofus..." He muttered out of his grogginess, wondering why his KSP didn't wake him up yet, but when his senses came to him, the Were-Kangaroo realized that the Stuffy Roo KSP was still merged with him. He then perks his ears and sniffs. "Why does it smell like a 'int of Croc sex in 'ere, mates?"

    James grumbles, and hides his face behind his sketchbook. "Don't ask."

    Timmy bolted to behind the couch where he rubbed the were-roo's head fur. "Were you this adorable, Lari?"

    Olivia started rubbing on Joey as well and to be honest though Tailslap was enjoying it, the Were-Boomer didn't like it one bit and it showed on his muzzle.

    Lari smiled. "Good morning, mate. The rest of the club members are in 'ere with us. And Ah brought yas and Tailslap some breakfast from the Quikky-Koala place just up the road. Got back just before it really started raining. If yas want to use my cellphone to call yer friends to let them know yer with a another friend of yers, and don't mention our names, then yas can do that."

    Tailslap peeked his head out of Joey's chest. "No need. Ah already told Yin-Yang that Joey was safe... and if he'd tracked where my mental communication came from, 'ed be pregnant with an entire mob of were-kangaroo joeys." He then winked lewdly, and went back into Joey with a giggle.

    Nearly everyone else were surprised by Tailslap's appearance, and cringed a little... save for James, who was still drawing.

    Joey shook his muzzle, and got up from the couch to give Lari a nice kiss on the mouth (with an immoral grab hidden from plain sight *giggle*). "Thanks, mate. 'ow do yas feel after last night?"

    Timmy grinned. "Lari's got a boyfriend!" he teased, before pulling out his game, and started playing. Everyone, save for Joey and Lari giggled, even James. Lari countered with, "Timmy's got a boyfriend! And 'is name is Lightspeed! Everyone at the Academy 'as seen the two speeding around 'olding paws and 'aving meals together." He giggled. Timmy grins from underneath. "At least Ah wasn't bred by two different roos." Marcy smirks and grins. "Just one, right Timmy?" Timmy blushed, remembering how he was initiated into the Courier's Way.

    Joey grinned. He was liking the dysfunction of this team as much as he liked the dysfunction in his team.
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Bindi Fury's Interrogation Tactics
    "Broadcast Boomer, 'ere. North was glad when 'e woke up from 'is faint that 'e 'ad not in fact changed into a Kangaroo as 'e seemed to recall from seeing 'is reflection in the mirror the previous night. Although 'e 'ad awoken with an impressive erection and the only part of a dream 'e could recall was 'is fantasizing over Lari Knight."
    Blackall Police HQ
    The other Boomer Rangers are waiting outside the building in the Jeep as Bindi was in there (morphed) trying to get some information leaked out of the poachers.

    "Tell me why we couldn't go inside?" Complained North from the back seat of Valon's Jeep. "It's warmer in there, and it doesn't sound like machine guns are being shot at us."

    Deryk turned to look at his American relative in the Driver's seat. "It's better if we don't know what atrocities she's doing to those poacher blokes, Uncle North."

    North growled, and glared right at the Tao Ranger. "Don't call me Uncle, Deryk! I am too young to be an uncle to you!"

    JT rolled his eyes. 'ere we go again... "Let's just be lucky she isn't finding Joey and dragging him by the tail back to the Station." He then looked to Deryk. "'ave we 'eard anything from that bloke after the second Adelaide battle?

    The teenage redhead sighed. "Yin-Yang said 'e got a mental message from Tailslap; he said that Joey was safe and dry, though 'e wasn't clear where 'e was."

    The Yellow Boomer Ranger was finished her bullying ways to getting information out of poachers, and after leaving each of the males sterile with a swift kick in the joey makers, she looked around before entering the jeep and powering down. "Drive, Deryk!"

    Deryk nodded, and turned on the engine, as he was getting ready to drive off. "'ow went the information gathering?"

    Bindi growled. "I got gold; they thought they saw the Boomer Force, but they were different colors, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Black. The Red one kept disappearing and took one of the scumbags and never seen him in the jail cell. I made sure their sterilization came more swift than I would sterilize JT's father."

    "Enough with that joke already!" JT snapped.

    Deryk growled. "Did the police try to arrest you, Bindi?"

    That's when Bitchy Bindi grinned. "I told them they were attacking me, thinking I was the ranger that put them in there, and I was only defending myself. The idiots would likely be in Solitary Confinement by now."

    North cringed. "Enough said."

    Deryk sighed. "Ah agree with Unc... Ah mean North; we don't need to know yer tactics in great details. Now let's get back to the Station; Zander wants us to train with our weapons despite the rain. He said that the rain 'could be our weapons' greatest ally.'" He then used air quotes with his left hand quickly before continuing to drive out of Blackall.

    Since the Boomers were in Blackall, North convinced Deryk to drive by the Adventure Guild clubhouse before the drive to return to the station. When they reached the clubhouse, North wrote down the cellphone number that Lari had written on the clubhouse sign. "Thanks Deryk. I love seeing a clubhouse down under. The last few I saw were in the States. I am hoping that Lari Knight will let me join the club when we are not so bogged down with work."

    Deryk replied, "Ah am sure 'e would consider yer application fairly, North. Yas are an adventuresome young joey."

    JT then said, "I just hope Joey is okay. This rain cannot be good for him."

    Bindi then said, "I am just glad that Lari did not put that ugly cardboard sign of the Boomer Force back up on the roof of his clubhouse. I know he didn't mean to make us look so stupid looking; the newspaper took a bad picture of our team that one day. And that was his reference he used to make the cardboard cut-outs. He got the colors right, but the rest made me think that I had put on more weight than normal."

    Just then both Flyer and Jumper said at almost the same time, "Ah smell Roofus."

    Yin-Yang commented, "It wouldn't surprise me that Joey's brooding spot would be somewhere where 'e 'ad a clear view of the local Lari Knight especially since the young man looks like a younger version of the Adventure League Lari, the mother to 'is were-kangaroo son, Knuckletail."

    North said, "If his brooding spot is within view of the clubhouse, then where is he? I don't see a Red Boomer Ranger sopping wet in this rain anywhere nearby."

    Jumper then added, "Ah don't know about that, but Ah also smell 'Dad' somewhere close by. Can we please get out of 'ere?"

    JT said, "We do need to return to the station to get our training started with Zander."
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Morning Meeting
      The Musketeer Order members appeared from their favorite corner. Lord Kiel said, "Good, yer all together. Sakar sent me a message this morning. It seems that 'e was upset over a Menace that 'e was expecting whom never arrived, but 'e never mentioned any names. But from 'is tone, it was Bitepaw. Then 'e told me about something else right quick. While 'e was plotting some scheme and looking at the Outback, 'e saw another Poacher camp. They are using the storm and rain to do their dirty work on the animals. And yas know what that means... Yas blokes get a mission today. No sense waiting for night this time. Any questions?"

      Tailslap growled and peeked his head out of Joey once again as he growled. "Ah knew it was feeling too calm for comfort. But at least there is bait that deserve to be bitten by moon-touched teeth." Joey growled and looked down at Tailslap. "Don't make me sic you-know-who on yas, Tailslap! Besides, yas know that Ah am not going to morph while Ah'm in the club'ouse but if Bitepaw decides to rear 'is ugly 'ead, Ah'm going to make sure that 'e doesn't bite the others nor the members of yer team."

      James asked. "Is Master Sakar asking for the same terms as last time, mate?" Timmy started to punch the air. "Alright! Something fun to do in the rain! Too bad Sonic hates water, though."

      Lord Kiel grinned. "There are no Crocs prisoner this time, James." And then he focused on Joey. "Since yas want to go with my team, Ah got yas and Tailslap a little something..." He reached into his pouch and pulled out an all-black hooded cloak outfit and what appeared to be a black eye mask. There was a ghostly silver Were-Kangaroo on the right side of the chest of the outfit. Otherwise, it was all black as as stated. "Put this on, Joey. All of it. If yas travel with the Musketeers then yas need to disguise yer identity. When yas wear this outfit, yas will be known as the Ghost Kangaroo. The cloak permits things to pass through yas. Ah can't 'ave yer teammates thinking yas got ambushed if yas get 'urt on this outing." Then he turned to Lari. "'and me yer cellphone." Lari handed it over not sure what 'Dad' was going to do with it. Lord Kiel tapped in a number and when the answering machine picked up, he said, "Listen up, Boomer Force. My team don't like yas snooping in our affairs. If yas keep trying to find out who we are, we'll make sure yas encounter the Croc 'ole instead. That goes triple for yas, Bindi. See? Ah know who yas are!" He chuckled ominously into the cellphone. "We're 'eading after some poachers right now. Stay 'ome or else!" And then he disconnected the call and handed the cellphone back to Lari. "Time for yas guys to suit up," said 'Dad'. "Joey, yas might 'ate this but if the Boomer Force show up... yas 'ave to fight them or mentally make them go away. Cause if yas don't, Sakar and Kangamancer are sure to drop some surprises into the middle of that camp. And if that 'appens, Ah'll pull both my team and yas out of there lightning fast and let yer team and the poachers deal with that mess -- alone. Yer not a Boomer Ranger right now; yer a club member. And that's that. If yas don't want to go and Tailslap does, then give 'im the black costume." Lari arched an eye wondering if 'Dad' lost 'is mind with that phone call. "Yas 'eard 'im, mates. Time to suit up."

      Lari's Spirit Guides merged with his bracer as he struck a pose and he brought his bracer over his chest to activate the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Kangaroo!" A flare of red light went off from his bracer as he brought his arms down to his sides as he stood at attention. "Musketeer Red!" His surroundings suddenly became like the Outback with Ayers Rock in the background as his morphing sequence began. The flaring red light from the bracer coated his body from the neck down forming his all Red Dreamtime Uniform with Dark Red Gloves and Dark Red Boots. A shiny red belt appeared around his waist and then his kangaroo shaped red helmet came spinning down out of the sky as he reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over his head. Finally his surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of red smoke erupted from behind him. The view around him made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal him in a heroic stance. His two Were-Zords appeared behind him briefly. "Musketeer Order Red! Kangaroo Ranger!"

      Timmy's Spirit Guides merged with his bracer as he struck a pose and he brought his bracer over his chest to activate the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Hedgehog!" A flare of blue light went off from his bracer as he brought his arms down to his sides as he stood at attention. "Musketeer Blue!" His surroundings suddenly became like the Japanese woodlands with a large emerald floating in the background as his morphing sequence began. The flaring Blue light from the bracer coated his body from the neck down forming his all Blue Dreamtime Uniform with Cyan Gloves and Blue Sneakers. A shiny blue belt appeared around his waist and then his hedgehog shaped blue helmet came spinning down out of the sky as he reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over his head. Finally his surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of blue smoke erupted from behind him. The view around him made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal him in a heroic stance. His two Were-Zords appeared behind him briefly. "Musketeer Order Blue! Hedgehog Ranger!"

      James' Spirit Guides merged with his bracer as he struck a pose and he brought his bracer over his chest to activate the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Crocodile!" A flare of green light went off from his bracer as he brought his arms down to his sides as he stood at attention. "Musketeer Green!" His surroundings suddenly became like a hot fetid Dreamtime swamp as his morphing sequence began. The flaring green light from the bracer coated his body from the neck down forming his all Green Dreamtime Uniform with Clawed Green Gloves and Clawed Green Boots. A shiny green belt appeared around his waist and then his Crocodile shaped green helmet came spinning down out of the sky as he reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over his head. Finally his surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of green smoke erupted from behind him. The view around him made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal him in a heroic stance. His two Were-Zords appeared behind him briefly. "Musketeer Order Green! Crocodile Ranger!"

      Olivia's Spirit Guides merged with her bracer as she struck a pose and she brought her bracer over her chest activating the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Riflebird!" A flare of pink light went off from her bracer as she brought her arms down to her sides as she stood at attention. "Musketeer Pink!" Her surroundings suddenly became like an ancient Dreamtime temple as her morphing sequence began. The flaring pink light from the bracer coated her body from the neck down forming her all Pink Dreamtime Uniform with Pink Gloves and Pink Boots. A shiny pink belt appeared around her waist and then her riflebird shaped pink helmet came spinning down out of the sky as she reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over her head. Finally her surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of pink smoke erupted from behind her. The view around her made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal her in a heroic stance. Her two Were-Zords appeared behind her briefly. "Musketeer Order Pink! Riflebird Ranger!"

      Marcy's Spirit Guides merged with her bracer as she struck a pose and she brought her bracer over her chest activating the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Bat!" A flare of black shadows flowed out of her collar as she brought her arms down to her sides as she stood at attention. "Musketeer Black!" Her surroundings suddenly became like a top secret debriefing room with a wall map in the background as her morphing sequence began. The spooky shadows from the bracer oozed over her body from the neck down forming her all Black Dreamtime Uniform with Off-Black Gloves and Off-Black Boots. A shiny ebony belt appeared around her waist and then her bat shaped black helmet came spinning down out of the sky as she reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over her head. Finally her surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of black smoke erupted from behind her. The view around her made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal her in a heroic stance. Her two Were-Zords appeared behind her briefly. "Musketeer Order Black! Bat Ranger!"

      Lari and his friends exclaimed, "Musketeer Order! Dreamtime Squadron!" Lari then said, "We're ready whenever Joey is, Lord Kiel."

      Tailslap growls. "If the Boomer Force comes around, Ah'll make sure they don't come near the field unless they want to be loved by the other were-beasts in yer sanctuary. Ah'll be alert for them and the undesirable menace." he then tucked his head into Joey's body. Joey put on the cloak and put the mask on his eyes. "Ah'm ready... 'ope no one confuses me for Outback Legend or Ah might end up in trouble for copyright infringement." Kiel chuckled, "Legend's cape is orange and 'is mask is dark green."
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: An Irate Sheila
        Leave it to Zander to not let a little rain interfere with a ranger weapons training exercise.
        Sidarius Station
        Zander had the weapons similar to what the Boomer Force uses all in a row, save for a whip and a hooped chaakra (since Joey wasn't going to be present during the full moon and he believed Deryk Sidarius was good with his weapons as he was with his.) He was waiting for the Boomers to come out of the vehicle garage to train. He also had his jacket on, since the rain was still torrential especially in the areas outside of Devonshire.

        North, Bindi, and JT walked out of the garage to see Zander waiting for them. JT said, "Ah'm guessing we're starting our weapons training right now."

        Zander nods. "What better time than now, mates? Besides, this rain doesn't bother me."

        Bindi shouted, "There are only duplicates of three of our weapons..."

        The marksman nodded the rain water dripping from his nose and chin. "It's a full moon and Ah know not to get between a were-beast and 'is lunar cycle without suffering the consequences. As for Deryk, Ah 'aven't seen that much expertise save for Aunt Fern and 'er weapons and Father with his katanas."

        Deryk said, "Mind if Ah observe the training after Ah check the messages, Zander?"

        Zander nodded. "Of course, mate."

        Oh boy... when Bindi 'ears that answering machine message, the whole station house will shake...

        Bindi followed Deryk into the house to get dry beach towels ready for those who try to come in after the training as Deryk looked through the daily post. He then got to the land-line phone and saw only one blinking message. He then pressed the button oblivious to the effect of what he was about to hear...

        "Listen up, Boomer Force. My team don't like yas snooping in our affairs. If yas keep trying to find out who we are, we'll make sure yas encounter the Croc 'ole instead. That goes triple for yas, Bindi. See? Ah know who yas are. *chuckle* We're 'eading after some poachers right now. Stay 'ome or else!"

        The Tao Ranger's face was so pale that even his freckles started to lose their color. "I know that voice," he muttered in Japanese.

        Bindi was grinning as she returned with a tower of beach towels. "Ah got beach towels so there won't be very wet floors... Deryk, what's wrong, mate?"

        Deryk sighed as he replayed the answering machine message.


        Deryk shouted, "NO! It's best if we don't go... that voice was that of 'Dad' and the bloke would get yas pregnant and stuff yas in 'is bottomless pouch if 'e is that angered."

        Bindi tilted her head as she looked at him in frustration. "'ow do yas know if that was really 'Dad's' voice on our answering machine?"

        Yin-Yang floated out of the Boomer Bracelet to confirm this. "That was the voice of 'Dad'; Ah can sense the power be'ind the voice on the answering machine. Ah'm surprised that 'e didn't destroy the answering machine with the sound of 'is voice."

        The redhead sighed. "In my past, 'Dad' came to mourn with us after David and Great Uncle Valon's funeral. He rubbed my 'air and told me that 'Ah was meant for greater things, not moping.'" He then glared at Bindi. "Unless Bitepaw attacks the other team, we cannot go out there, no ifs, ands, nor buts. If 'Dad' doesn't want us to meddle, then we shouldn't. Case closed, now get to training or Ah'll 'ave Yin-Yang call Tailslap to put yas in 'is pouch. Understand?!"

        Bindi growled and begrudgingly said, "Fine, but the next report of poachers and if yas stop me, yas and whoever doesn't like the Boomer Force to interfere can bite my ass."

        Deryk shook his head. "Noted. Now we should get outside; Zander is waiting and 'e noted that 'e wanted to work with yas, first."

        "Yas can be sure that Bindi will be fueled in 'er training by that disturbing phone call from 'Dad'. Deryk was right, of course, Lord Kiel was a very powerful bloke. 'e was like the Were-Boomer bloke whom started it all among Marsupials. Thankfully like Lord Pouchlaw and Lord Parcelpaw, Kiel does not tolerate rogues in neither the Dreamtime nor within the Outback. It sorta makes yas wonder what Outback Legend did with Cary after the bloke's capture. Since 'e did trick Dream-North into getting 'im pregnant, Cary won't be seen for a while. 'e may be a new were-roo 'imself, but the stupid twit 'ad no experience with birthing a joey; Lari 'as 'ad that experience, but Cary didn't 'aver a lick of experience. There is nothing fun about birthing a joey on yer own." Broadcast Boomer then stopped and took a drink of some dark liquid in a travel cup. "Ah... Foster Cola... the soft drink for joeys too young to 'ave alco'olic drinks within their tummies. Available now in four-packs, six-packs and twelve-packs for yas weekenders and camping blokes. Foster Cola, the Outback treat for the next generation. And now, back to the expose' of Power Rangers Musketeer Action."
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Not Fit For Man Nor Were-Beast
          Lightning flashed and thunder clapped, the chains around their cages tried to go snap. But the poachers weren't about to have their catches get away like the last poachers had happen to them. But the falling rain had intensified. Luckily, the black cloak that Lord Kiel gave Joey was weather-proof.

          Lari said, "There's the camp. And they are really armed and armored this time. Should Ah waste a Nude spell on them?"

          Joey growled lowly. "Maybe it's best if we don't tempt us... our feral instincts might tell us to bite them, and trust me; Ah 'ad to resist it with my first mating." He paused to look at the poachers, then looked to Lari. "Make a few of them nude if yas like. Maybe some of them would be well suited to a moon-touched fate."

          Tailslap mentally said to Joey, That's thinking like a Were-Roo, Cadet!

          Timmy grinned. "I'd like to witness that... all those poachers humiliated and such."

          Olivia said, "I'll be sniping to help the chains break, and in case if any of them try to blindside you." She then pulled out her bowgun and sneaked to a high point of the field.

          Lari said, "Ah 'ave to send the cutest one butt naked to Roolock because 'e ordered me to. But the second cutest one is all yers, Tailslap, Ah mean, Joey. Okay mates... Invisibility won't do much good out 'ere in the rain. And Marcy... when Ah nude them, aim low; unlike Crocaroos, they don't 'ave armored codpieces." And he chanted the spell and shouted, "All for one and One for all!"

          And all of the poachers' clothes vanished in a flash! And the cutest poacher instantly vanished! *POOF*

          Lari then used his ranger blade same as the rest of the Outback Rescue team.

          Marcy was glad to hit some low blows and grinned as she's doing what Bindi Fury would've loved to do right about now.

          Timmy was speeding around especially sending one of the poachers flying to Blackall Police HQ (but didn't stay long enough to have a picture taken of himself). He just LOVED doing that.

          James disarmed a few of them with his weapon knocking them out.

          Olivia was working on breaking the chains on the cages of the captured beasts, increasing their chances of breaking free even in this storm.

          Joey hopped onto the back of a pathetic poacher (with a few tranquilizer darts whizzing through his body), covering him with the long cloak, before taking a deep breath, and chomping into his shoulder, making him scream and howl in pain. Unfortunately the damage was already done; in the shadows of the rain, his legs seemed to snap suddenly, as his feet grew out about a foot; his tail grew down out of his tail base and as his genitalia flipped over, his ears grew out, his pouch developed, and as his muzzle and fur covered his entire body, his eyes and expression took on a lost though obedient look. Obedient to the one who converted him.

          Once he was done with that unlucky poacher, Joey spat out some of the human blood, and smirks. "Welcome to the life of a were-beast, scum!"

          Lari felt the lure of the Were-Beast himself but he was trying to keep it together by utilizing his spells to make the gun of the poachers shoot flowers instead of bullets. "Ah wish they would just surrender already!"

          The newly converted Were-Roo looked to the Ghost Kangaroo, and said. "Ah'm yers for the taking, mate. What should Ah do to please yas?" Joey protected the newly converted were-beast from incoming bullets and tranq darts. "This is not a safe place for a newly-changed were-roo to be; yas are to find a 'iding spot, and do not reveal yerself until this battle is over, even if yas are 'ungry. Now go; Ah'll distract the pathetic poachers that yas were once a part of." The were-kangaroo nodded in understanding and he bolted out of the battlefield.

          Marcy grinned beneath her helmet, as she inflicted a claw hold on one of the poachers' nether-regions and threw him over her head, and letting go before she caused more problems. "I think I am getting the hang of this!"

          A thunderclap was heard, as an undead menace appeared atop a high cliff. He was made to look like a hybrid between a Were-Kangaroo and a Crocodile, like he used to be a part of Sakar's forces. Unfortunately there was no life to him, as he held up rusted (yet still sharp) daggers similar to Dacras of the Sword of Truth legendarium, and bare a resemblance to a menace that Joey and Tailslap knew all too well; Bitepaw. The monstrosity let out a massive howl, causing a massive tremor to knock all that were not were-beasts off-balance. At the sound of the howl, earthen rocks and bones of kangaroos long dead and rotting flesh formed into minions of the Undead Kangaroo realm known as Necro-Boomers. Those who have doubts of whom had captured Sakar's minions can doubt no longer; Kangamancer had converted Bitepaw into the undead way.

          Kangamancer pointed to the Ghost Kangaroo and kissed in an eerie voice. "That one... mine. Capture the rangers! the others... take their SOULS!"

          Timmy growled, as he tried to strike at a Necro-Boomer with his weapon only not to have it phase them. "What the?" He struck at them again. "My weapon isn't working that well!" James tried to kick one, but ended up hurting his shin. "Owowow! nor does physical attacks."

          Suddenly, the Musketeer Rangers, the poachers, and the innocent animals all vanished off the field. And in their place was Lord Kiel, Lord Brock, Lord Daiquiri, Joey as well as the rest of the Boomer Force still in weapon training mode. Lord Kiel exclaimed, "No one attacks MY Dreamtime approved rangers, Kangamancer! For that, you deserve to lose your realm! Joey, it's Boomer Time! My team is out of the way! I am letting Sakar know what's going down right now!" PING!
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Reprieve From a Spanking
            Parade Grounds of the Kangaroo Academy.
            Lari and the others all appeared while still morphed alongside the parade grounds at the academy where Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw as well as several other official lords and ladies were in the process of SPANKING the naked poachers (whom were in stockades) with Bad Roo Paddles. POW! "OOOWWWWW!" Pouchlaw glanced over at the Rangers. "Ah see that Kiel sent yas guys 'ere. Good. Stay over there and make small talk for now." POW! "OOOWWWWW!"

            Lari frowned as he saw what was going on. They were back at the Kangaroo Academy. Someplace that they had been to not more than a day or so ago and Lari was getting the feeling that they really didn't need to be there now. He obediently turned and spoke to his team. "Guys... any idea on why 'Dad' sent us 'ere?"

            POW! "OOOWWWWW!"

            Timmy said, quietly, while reluctantly sitting down. "I don't know...but whatever happened, Joey isn't with us." Olivia said, while sitting politely and smoothing out her ranger skirt. "It must be that this was a Boomer Force matter."

            POW! "OOOWWWWW!"

            Marcy growled. "No fun." And sat down in the lotus position in a humph."

            James said, while sketching in his mini-sketchbook of The Academy Officers spanking pitiful poachers. "We weren't even ready for those menaces; even our weapons barely phased 'em."

            POW! "OOOWWWWW!"

            Lari said, "'Dad' did tell us that we were never to fight the enemies of the Boomer Force. Not to mention, 'e admitted immediately when we gained the ability to morph that we weren't ready for that kind of action. And judging from the little taste of what Timmy and James tried... 'e was right. We are NOT ready for the likes of Kangamancer. And Ah don't know 'ow we ever would be. Besides, Ah saw a really ugly version of Bitepaw (based on Joey's description of the bloke) at the battle. Only Joey knows 'ow to fight Bitepaw. We would 'ave been extra victims. 'Dad' did the right thing sending us away when 'e did. Ah know yas wanted to see some real action, Marcy... but truth be told, we're just starting. We don't 'ave the power to fight the undead. But Ah know who does..."

            POW! "OOOWWWWW!"

            At that moment, Roolock appeared and said, "Yas are talking about Auranea Devlin, the artificer. Ah know 'Dad' meant well by training yas to be the Muksteer Rangers but yas just aren't ready for battling the undead and demons just yet."

            POW! "OOOWWWWW!"

            He then continued. "Therefore, yas are going to need special 'elp; Ah really 'ate that Ah am about to spoil Kiel's surprise 'e was preparing for yas joeys and sheilas but yas are gonna need the power if yer ever to combat against the undead and other 'orrible menaces of the Outback. Kiel confided in me just last night in regards to the gift 'e 'as planned for yer team. 'e was planning on granting yas joeys and shielas fully empowered Lord and Lady status within the Musketeer Order in preparation for their retirement in the years to come. That's right, blokes... 'e chose yer club to receive this 'onor."

            POW! "OOOWWWWW!"

            The other four club members looked at each other (with James putting down his sketchbook for a second) as they were in some shock over this information; they didn't know that Lord Kiel thought so highly of their team of adventuring teenagers.

            Pouchlaw then said, "Before the demons attacked Briarwood in the United States, there was a non-ranger team of demon 'unters in Australia called the Cosmic 'untsmen. They were led by Dirk Devlin and Vladamir Lonewolf III. Auranea is married to Dirk Devlin; 'ence 'er involvement with their team. They assisted Zander Dragon'eart in learning 'ow to fight against demons like the Pyrax and other demon minions."

            POW! "OOOWWWWW!"

            "Darn, we're out of poachers. What to do?" Roolock then smiled at the Rangers again. "Anyway, Ah am going to 'elp Kiel with empowering yas joeys and flyers to attain Order Lord/Lady status. Yas will gain extra protection and more powers from this deal and... a 'untsman cloak to commemorate yer status promotion. Do yas remember that 'ooded cloak that 'Dad' gave to the Red Boomer Ranger? All black? Well that cloak was from a 'untsman in Germany who 'ad died mysteriously. But right now, Ah need to change all of these poachers into kangaroos so they can experience the fear of knowing that a poacher could kill them."

            Just then one of the poachers exclaimed, "WAIT! Please don't harm my brother! He's not even a poacher! He was just visiting with me today from his actual job overseas! And he wanted to see what I did for a living! I'll do anything if you spare him!"

            Roolock glanced at that man. "Which one is yer brother? Point 'im out to me. We'll find out the truth if yas lie."
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: A Moon Phase Surprise.
              He carefully pointed out a rather fair looking though naked man. He was the third cutest human at the camp. Good thing he wasn't the first or the second.

              Roolock hopped around to face the fair man and lifted his chin slightly and said, "Look me in the eyes and tell me what yas really do. If yas lie to me, Ah'll know immediately and Ah'll punish yas first."

              The fair human looked Roolock in the eye and said, "I'm an architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan, although I am an American myself... Alastair Zavierio is my name; I didn't know my brother had taken up the poaching line of work again. He had already served time for that once before when he did it in Africa and he was caught. He had sworn not to do this again. I cannot understand why he would do this now."

              The brother said, "Now to fulfill my end of the bargain, Roolock. I was staying out of the profession but I was out of work and hurting for cash. This... woman... appeared and told me that she needed a team of poachers to collect animals, alive, from the Outback. When I told her I didn't do that anymore, she pointed a finger at me and the next thing I know, I'm pinned to the wall. And the scary part is... no one was holding me there. She then moved her finger back and forth and all around and as she did this, my body was following every movement. I broke at that point and agreed to do as she asked. Then she allowed me to be back on my feet. She gave me cash in advance and told me to collect a team. She stressed that we worked for her and if we tried to flee... and that is when she... revealed her true self. She was a horrifying demon. She said that she needed the souls of animals to strengthen her powers. But the animals had to be alive when brought to her. So, for the first time in my life... I poached with Tranquilizer ammo. All under the fear of dying at the hands of this demoness. She doesn't care about Sakar and Kangamancer and what they are doing. She simply wants the animals. She said they could have the land."

              Lari irked. "Now Ah understand why the Cosmic 'untsmen exist in the Outback. We would 'ave never 'ad been ready for the likes of 'er."

              Back at the Poacher Camp.

              Kiel, Brock, and Daiquiri summoned their Dreamtime Warrior Lord forms and armor and then struck a pose with their fists raised to one point. "ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL, MATES!"

              Joey had reverted back to his human form, albeit naked underneath the cloak, as he took off the mask and hood, then said, "Roofus, Ah need yas!"

              Joey shouted, "Kangaroo Power! Red Boomer!" As he slapped the Boomer Bracelet, allowing a Dreamtime Power to flow. Roofus appeared as he hopped around Joey with increasing speed, forming a ranger suit on Joey's body. As Roofus made one more leap, he turned into a helmet, which Joey caught, and placed securely on his head. The Boomer Gauntlet appeared on Joey's right wrist, letting out a ring of fire to empower Joey with Dreamtime Fire. As he struck an extravagant battle pose, Joey shouted, "Red Boomer Ranger!"

              Suddenly a Dreamtime Portal opened, as the voice of Master Sakar's voice boomed throughout the land. "For once, my rage is going to be inflicted on Kangamancer for croc-napping and killing my minion! Ah will 'elp the Boomer Rangers this once, but NEVER again! Kangacrocs, attack Kangamancer's forces!" Once he said that the Kangacrocs ran out of the portal, and started attacking the Necro-Boomers mercilessly.

              Roofus said through Joey's helmet (with eyes flashing), "Looks like Kangamancer 'as converted Bitepaw to the undead side; we can't take 'em with the Dreamtime Fire alone. It's time to show them what being a Were is all about!"

              Joey and Roofus shouted in unison, "Kangaroo Order! Were-Armor Ignite!" Roofus then entered the Boomer Gauntlet, as Joey pressed the gauntlet’s red jewel. A fiery representation of Tailslap appeared behind him, as his ranger suit was set ablaze. First to appear was the armored boots, greaves, and left gauntlet - all crimson with gold and black aborigine markings as accents. An armored torso shield with the were-kangaroo symbol of the Kangaroo Order appeared around his upper torso, securing itself to his chest and back. Shoulder Armor then secured itself to Joey's body, modeled in the same motif as his armor. A belt with the were-kangaroo symbol buckle strapped itself around the Red Ranger’s waist, as his helmet's red color change to crimson, and gain gold and black aborigine markings, as the rest of his helmet turned black, and his mouthpiece became gold. Suddenly he howled like the were-beast within, as the fire encasing his body was blown away to reveal a black leather suit underneath the armor. Joey then struck a pose, as the visage of Roofus and Tailslap both appeared behind him within a wall of fire. "Red Were-Armored Ranger! Warrior Form!"

              Before Joey could do anything else, a stream of Dreamtime Fire snaked out of the Battlizer Gauntlet and clung on the left side of his belt forming into a sheath containing a new weapon, a fine saber-like crimson weapon with the Kangaroo Order symbol on its stylized hilt, and aborigine markings all over the handle and pommel. "What's this?" He asked, pulling the weapon out, and watching the 'blade' of the weapon extend to a normal size.

              Lord Kiel exclaimed, "Way to go, mate! Yas earned yer next weapon! See what attaining release and calm can do for yas during the full moon? Now do what yas 'ave to do! Yer teammates will be 'ere any moment!"

              Lord Brock muttered, "If any Boomer Force Rangers accidentally attack me, Ah'll let them feel what Auranea's paddle on their rumpus feels like."

              Lord Daiquiri said, "Holy Water! Shaken but not stirred!" And he began firing off his Super Soaker 5000 Squirt Gun. Just plastic, but hey, it works.

              Joey grinned beneath the helmet, and struck a pose with his new weapon. "Moon Phase Cue, Sabre mode!" He then leaped up, and did battle with Necro-Bitepaw on the cliff, fighting off his daggers with the new weapon.

              As the rest of the Boomer Rangers suited up and Zander hefted his weapon (given prior warning not to attack Sakar's grunt's from the Croc Mage's apparition,) The Boomer Rangers got to work, using their Roolock-enchanted weapons to attack, while the marksman shot out a Chainblaze attack from his Elemental Revolver, hitting one Necro-Boomer with a bolt of fire that bounced off of it, and a few of it's comrades, causing major damage!
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Discovering New Powers.

                Deryk brought out both his Boomer Chaakras, and leaped into the air, shouting, "Yin and Yang release! Tao Mode!" A flash of light came from Deryk, as he started to split into beings of Light and Dark. David's spirit then merged into Deryk's dark form, possessing it to help his twin brother. With a dual battle pose, The Tao Boomer Ranger has now become the Yin and Yang Boomer Rangers!

                Before continuing their part in the battle, the twins struck a pose, and shouted, "Boomer Twins, kenzan!"

                While the others worked on the undead grunts, Joey eventually knocked out one of the daggers from Necro-Bitepaw's grip, and growled. "It's time that the power of the moon inflicts judgment on yas, croc food!" As sudden as he said it, the surroundings changed into a night sky with a full moon overhead. He then swung his the Moon Phase Cue in a full circular motion. "Full Moon Inferno Lunge!" As the weapon charged with the power of Dreamtime Fire and the full moon! He then thrust it into Bitepaw's shoulder, disabling his his good arm, and allowing sparks to fly! The force of the attack knocked him down a lower part of the rocky area, causing damage to make his soul feel the pain of the Dreamtime Fire being surged through him.

                Lord Brock grabbed two Kangacrocs by the arms and the three began spinning around faster and faster until it looked like a green tornado. "Kangacroc Twister!" shouted Lord Brock, as the tornado slammed through the undead grunts sending them flying through the air like a hot knife through butter. At the other side of the battlefield, Lord Brock and the two Kangacrocs stood ready for more combat, not even dazed nor dizzy. "Thanks for the assist! Now let's get the rest!"

                Daiquiri chuckled, as he exclaimed, "Nothing cleans up the Outback like a green tornado!"

                Lord Kiel exclaimed, "Finish 'im off, Joey! We'll finish up down 'ere!" And then he pulled out the Crimson Bracelet and slapped it around his own wrist. "And now to teach the young ones what true Boomer power is all about!" It won't effect Joey up on the cliff, nor the Lords... but the rest?

                Lord Kiel slapped the Boomer Bracelet, summoning a trinity of Dreamtime Powers. He then lifted his Bracelet on high as all three of those powers flowed into his body. "Boomer Storm! Crimson Power!" The scene around Lord Kiel changed to that of the parade grounds of the Kangaroo Academy as thirteen Were-Kangaroos appeared and hopped around him with increasing speed, causing his body to become humanoid and forming his ranger armor on his body. Each Were-Kangaroo made final leaps into the former Super Boomer, each becoming a part of the armor and weapons. Then the final Were-Kangaroo made one more leap, turning into his emperor crown helmet, which Lord Kiel caught, and placed securely on his head. He then spun around catching his Were-Kangaroo Claw weapons, one in each gauntlet, as his visor then lit up with an eerie glow. The scene then returned to normal as his Boomer Bracers appeared on his wrists, as he struck an extravagant battle pose, and slammed a foot down on the ground, causing a shock wave that rolled out from his position to knock everyone off of their feet. And finally, a magnificent storm churned around Lord Kiel as he shouted, "Ah am the Crimson Storm! Super Boomer Emperor!"

                Rapid close-ups of Lord Kiel occurred in rapid succession, showing off every aspect of his Emperor battle gear!

                "So... 'ow many undead want to just give up right now?" he grinned as he began controlling not only the storm around him, but the weather itself.

                In that moment of hesitation, Kangamancer's voice was heard throughout the battlefield, chanting his growing spell, making Necro-Bitepaw grow to massive proportions, with the menace exuding a shadow that darkened the sky! He then grew berserk as if he was under the command of Sakar, a remnant of his hybrid design.

                Tailslap mentally told Joey. The Boomer Force Super Megazord won't be enough to take this Bitepaw down... it's about time that a new change takes place... switch the Moon Phase Cue to its second mode, and let the words come to you!"

                Joey nodded, and twisted a section of the hilt 180 degrees on his weapon, causing both the blade and handle extend further to resemble a cue stick, forming the Moon Phase Cue's Break Mode. He then swung it in the air over his head, then thrust the narrow end into the ground. "Inferno's Blaze! Tailslap Zord, Ignite!" Suddenly, the cue stick weapon and the Red Were-Armored Ranger ignited in fire, forming into a massive crimson Were-Kangaroo zord with aborigine markings, and the Kangaroo Order symbol on the top of it's head. It has formed into the Inferno Tailslap Zord!

                As the other Ranger's got up after Lord Kiel's morphing sequence, the Inferno Tailslap Zord looked down at them. "Rangers, Spirit Merge! Yer zords can work with me!"

                The other Boomer Rangers looked at each other, and slapped their left wrists, invoking the Power of Dreamtime. "Spirits Merge! Boomer Zords, reveal!" The Kangaroo Spirits merged with their Ranger Partners to form Zords of their likenesses and colors.

                Tailslap barked "Lunar Powers Ignite!" and the Boomer Rangers shouted, "Outback Lunarzord Formation!" That was when the Inferno Tailslap Zord became a noble torso as the tail detached from the main zord. The Blue Sparkle and the White Yin and Black Yang Zords reconfigured into strong arms that slid into place. The Silver Jumper Zord's tail detached, as it and the Yellow Flyer Zord became strong legs that slid into place. The tails of crimson and silver extended in size and combined into a cue stick weapon, which landed in the grasp of the Aborigine megazord, as the Inferno Tailslap Zord's head tucked into the chest, revealing a marsupial's head with a great Moon-touched battle helmet! An explosion occurred, as the new megazord struck a pose! "Outback Lunarzord! Wanna play?!" The new cockpit of the Megazord had the Boomer Rangers standing at podiums in two different levels, with Joey in his Were-Armor Warrior Form at the main podium in the center with his Moon Phase Cue in his hand. After everyone had an awe-inspiring moment, they noticed Necro-Bitepaw firing shadow energy at the Outback Lunarzord. However the blasts barely phased the Moon-touched Megazord of the Boomer Force team. Joey growled and used his weapon in Break Mode to control the motions of the Outback Lunarzord's combat skills, using it to disarm the Undead Menace of his weapons, before thrusting the thick end of the Outback Cue Stick into the gut of Necro-Bitepaw letting out some Dreamtime Fire, then rapping Necro-Bitepaw on the back of his neck, sending him pummeling to the ground with the power of North's Dreamtime Wind!

                After agreeing to finish this once and for all, the Outback Lunarzord charged the Outback Cue Stick with the power of the Full Moon. "Were-Kangaroo Punishment!"

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine: The Rules of the Game.
                  As Joey pointed his Moon Phase Cue directly at the monstrosity, making the Outback Lunarzord mimic the stance, as an environment of a gigantic pool table appeared in their surroundings. "Full Moon Strikeout, Corner Pocket!" Joey then thrust the Cue outwards, as the Outback Lunarzord hit Necro-Bitepaw with the powers of the Full Moon, sending the Undead Menace into the gutter behind him, which was a one-way banishing portal. It worked as the Boomers called it, as Necro-Bitepaw was sunk into that gutter, his body and malevolent spirit banished for good!

                  The Boomer Rangers - especially Joey - celebrated, as the illusion and the shadows dissipated, and the Outback Lunarzord disappeared, depositing the Boomer Rangers and their leader onto firm ground. With the Rangers amazed by Joey's new weapon and what it could do.

                  Lord Kiel, Lord Brock, and Lord Daiquiri approached the Boomer Force, as Lord Kiel said, "Not bad, Joey. Not bad at all. But now yas and yer friends need to be told the rules. These are the rules of the Outback. As most of yas 'ave figured out, Ah am sponsoring a new Ranger team. But... they are not to fight yer enemies and if yer enemies attempt to go after any of them, Ah'll intervene immediately."

                  "Rule One: My team was created to handle a menace who 'as different goals than Sakar and Kangamancer. These minor poacher runs were simply training missions, Bindy Fury. We were never going to take yer fun away from yas. But for the love of the 'oly Pouch, sheila, if yer going to do these poacher strikes bring a teammate with yas so yas don't end up vanishing from the Outback without a trace. There are powerful demons 'ere and abouts that can mop the ground with yer inexperienced life's breath."

                  "Rule Two: If any of yas want to someday assist my team to achieve their goals, stay in yer civilian identities and join the Adventure Guild club. Otherwise, stay away. Joey and Tailslap joined the club which is why they are being allowed to 'elp. If Ah catch any of yas guys trying to 'elp while not being in the club, Ah'll 'and yas over to Kangamancer butt-naked myself."

                  "Rule Three: All of my team are willing 'uman Cadets in the Kangaroo Academy realm in Dreamtime. That means even though they are less experienced than yas guys are, they are actually 'igher rank than yas are. Even Lord Pouchlaw admitted that yas guys are Rank Zero rogue kangaroos in the Dreamtime ranking system. This is why a LOT of the Dreamtime Lords and Ladies 'ave little respect for yer team. They actually respect my team a LOT more. If yas want to earn that respect, then 'ave Studpaw or Lari Knight to 'elp yas to join the Academy officially."

                  Lord Kiel and his friends then stepped away. "We don't answer to yer order. We follow our own laws and our own rules. We do whatever we want. We are... the Musketeers Order. All for one and one for all. Now, go 'ome. If Joey wants, 'e and Tailslap can come with us. North, Ah know yas were thinking about joining Lari's club. Ah can permit yas to come with us this once."

                  Joey powered down into his normal wear-beast form, wearing only the cloak. "If yas don't mind, there is still a fellow were-beast that might like to know more about what to do during a full moon cycle such as this." He then hopped forward, then looked to the others. "Ah'm sorry mates for being rude and angry recently, but aside from fighting Bitepaw, Ah'll need my full moon cycles to be with my fellow moon-touched. Ah'll return to the Station once the cycle is over."

                  Deryk nodded. "Ah understand, and Ah will talk to my parents so they know about what yas need during the full moon cycles."

                  Bindi crossed her arms. "Ah don't care, yas 'ave chores piling up since the Blackall battle."

                  Tailslap peeked his head out of Joey, and growled at Bindi. "Yas better let us 'ave our time with our fellow were-beasts, or Ah'll tell 'the 'oly Pouch' that yas deserve a taste of 'er paddle!"

                  JT said, "It's okay, we'll ask Zander to do your chores as well as his." He winked.

                  Zander felt something familiar about Lord Brock, but decided to say nothing about it. "If yas ever need a weapons expert to 'elp train yer Ranger blokes, look me up..." he then felt the sting of Bindi's Bad Roo Paddle, and muttered, "... if Ah'm not being a chore boy."

                  North said, "If it is all the same to you, Bindi, I think I want to go along with Joey and the others since one of 'Dad's rules stated that we should not be someplace by ourselves; the buddy system. I know Joey can take care of himself but I do need to talk to Lari. Not to mention, I am caught up on all of my chores."

                  Bindi was about to growl again but North had a point. He always did his chores and he was not behind on any of them. Plus, Kiel's buddy system rule made sense. 'Dad' actually sounded concerned over the fact that she might encounter a demon while out fighting poachers. "Okay North, you can go."

                  Back at the Kangaroo Academy.

                  Roolock arched an eye. "A demoness. No wonder Lord Kiel wanted to make another Ranger team; this cannot bode well. Very well, Alastair. Yer spared. But why should Ah spare yer brother? And tell me the truth and look me in the eye."

                  Alastair replied, "He and his friends have done nothing to earn your sparing them yet, but; allow me to use my architect skills to design an environmentally correct headquarters for 'Dad's new Ranger team, with suggestions given by the Rangers, the Musketeer Order and the rest of the Kangaroo Academy. Then, let my brother and his friends help build the place. When the project is completed... you spare them in exchange for their work. But alas... they would still be out of work. Some may end up in trouble again. We are only human."

                  At that moment, Lord Kiel and the others walked out into the open from a Dreamtime portal. "Ah over'eard that last part. Suppose... the new 'eadquarters also 'ad a mini-station with livestock and such. Any of the workers who worked on the 'eadquarters who wanted a paying job thereafter could be 'ired to work there. My money is good; better than most, actually. But yer being spared this once will keep yas guys out of jail. But if yas can stay clean... yas will be protected and be paid for yer future work. Yas can stay in bunk'ouses on the property which will be located just south of Blackall, Ah'll let yas know where. If anyone backslides, Tailslap gets first pick as the resident Were-Kangaroo. One more little thing Ah 'ave to insist on... each of the dorm apartments in the 'eadquarters will 'ave Dreamtime windows that overlook the 'ome realm of the Sponsor of that Ranger's Academy Dormitory. Some scenes may be a little more randy while others may be more, ahem, immoral." Lari grinned. 'e is talking about me!
                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten: Welcome to the Order.
                    Pouchlaw then said, "Ah also must insist that this new 'eadquarters 'ave a central stone platform teleporter that Ah will empower to connect directly between the Kangaroo Academy and the 'eadquarters. This will be good if anyone else, say of the Boomer Force, wants to register at the Academy so they aren't Rank Zero rogues."

                    Lord Kiel then grinned at the others. "If yas others 'ave any suggestions to give, like an artists chamber, a gaming center, a library, or whatever else, now's the time to speak up." He winked. "We also need to plan offices for the Anti-Poacher operations locally, a more local Demon Hunting detection workshop which can be provided by Auranea Devlin and a Spirit Guide Placement Services branch office like the one 'ere at the Kangaroo Academy."

                    Tailslap peeked his head out of Joey and gave a wink to the poachers before pulling back into his cadet. That would send shivers down the poachers' spines. ;-)

                    Joey hummed. "Also, for those of us of the moon-touched influence may enjoy the full moon cycles from a safe place, so Ah suggest an access point to the were-beast sanctuary for those that 'ave the were-blood coursing through them." He then looked to Lord Kiel. "Speaking of were-beast, what of the poacher that Ah turned earlier? Is the bloke safe?"

                    Lord Kiel grinned. "'e is in the Sanctuary, of course. 'e was scared at first, still is to a degree. But 'e will be okay there."

                    Roolock said, "While the architect is planning the 'eadquarters, Ah'll contact Auranea Devlin to get the official Cosmic 'untsmen link up. That will assist the rangers and Zander to the appearance of demons as well as their power levels.

                    Musketeer Order Lair.

                    One well-placed transportation portal brought the Order Brothers, the Musketeer Rangers as well as Joey and North to the Order's hangout. North proceeded toward talking to Lari about joining the club since he was really interested in being a member. Once North had powered down to reveal his civilian identity and was sworn in, he was allowed to be seated at Tally's bar for a sandwich and drink... while Lord Kiel had the Musketeer Rangers lined up for their special reward.

                    Lord Kiel said, "Ah am sure Roolock already let the cat out of the bag, my friends; but Ah am not upset over this at all. Yas needed to know in advance. Yas 'ave the right stuff to become Order Lords and Ladies; if yas would rather bow out of this 'onor, Ah won't be offended toward anyone whom feels that this is too much to deal with right now. 'owever, Ah also 'ave a new club member as well as being a new team member that Ah 'ave been training on the side to join yas in yer justified fight." He then summoned a young man to the chamber who had spiky two-toned black and white hair, lightly tanned skin and silver-blue eyes. He stood at around 5'7" tall while his bracer was like theirs being white. Meet Rusty St. John, the new White Skunk Musketeer Ranger; 'e can change into a look-a-like of Geoffrey St. John of Mobius' Secret Police. His secondary animal choice is the Winged Unicorn. Up until Ah approached 'im to be a ranger, 'e was a Brony fan of the My Little Pony animated show. His Spirit Guides are Brightstar the Angelic Unicorn and Legalis the Devil Skunk. Okay Rusty, show the team what yas can do!"

                    Rusty's Spirit Guides merged with his bracer as he struck a pose and he brought his bracer over his chest to activate the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Unicorn!" A flare of white light went off from his bracer as he brought his arms down to his sides as he stood at attention. "Musketeer White!" His surroundings suddenly became like a fantasy kingdom in the clouds as his morphing sequence began. The flaring white light from the bracer coated his body from the neck down forming his all Black Dreamtime Uniform with White Stars on the sleeves and legs, Off-White Gloves and Off-White Boots. A shiny white belt appeared around his waist and then his unicorn shaped white helmet came spinning down out of the sky as he reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over his head. Finally his surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of white smoke erupted from behind him. The view around him made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal him in a heroic stance. His two Were-Zords appeared behind him briefly. "Musketeer Order White! Unicorn Ranger!"

                    And then to show off his Mobian Side, Rusty transformed into the Head of the Royal Mobian Secret Police, Geoffrey St. John complete with a grappling hook weapon and a white power sword. He reached up and adjusted his safety goggles for a moment before saying, "You guys just cannot function without the Mobian Skunk, can you?"

                    Lord Kiel smiled. "Do yas approve of my surprise, Lari?"

                    Lari smiled. "That is awesome! Heck yeah! Are you really going to gift us with Order Lord powers, sir?"

                    Lord Kiel said, "Yes, Although to prevent early abusing of yer Lordly powers, yas will only be able to utilize yer Order Powers when yas are suited up in any of the forms yas 'ave access to aside from 'uman. As 'umans yas will still be able to morph, as well as transport between Earth and the Academy. It might even be a good idea if yas refrain from using the Order powers save when yas are in yer Mobian forms. Utilizing yer Order powers, yas can craft new equipment whenever yer team 'as need of it."

                    As Rusty joined the line-up of the Musketeer Rangers in their Mobian identities, Kiel, Brock and Daiquiri proceeded to empower the newest Order members into their faction. When the empowerment ended, The original three stepped out of the way while Joey, Tailslap and North approached the Musketeer Rangers to congratulate them in their promotions.

                    Lari hugged Joey and North as he said, "As Joey already knows, we Musketeer Rangers have a deal with Sakar to not assist yas in any battles against 'im and 'is forces as long as the crocodile lord is in charge of his realm. Should 'e ever be defeated, we are no longer 'eld to that promise. 'owever, Ah think it may be for the best benefit if the Boomer Force joined the Academy as a team. Maybe make a deal with Lord Pouchlaw so yas could report in once an Earth week and be able to spend a full week of Academy time in classes and training. It is what he does, mates... Pouchlaw trains people for a living. 'eck, even Zander could likely get on the instruction staff there, if the bloke were to ask."

                    Joey remarked, "It is something to look into. Ah was surprised that Kiel sounded concerned over Bindi being out on 'er anti-poacher strikes by 'erself."

                    Lord Kiel then commented, "The Kangaroo Order received a report that the Boomer Force were attacked by demons last night before the rain started. The report was a general in pink."
                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Four.
                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Lady D'ngara and Lady Arachnea.