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[AG-PR1] PRMA-03 Inquiring Boomer Minds, Part 1 of 2

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    [AG-PR1] PRMA-03 Inquiring Boomer Minds, Part 1 of 2

    [AG-PR1] Power Rangers Musketeer Action
    [AG-PR1] PRMA-03 Inquiring Boomer Minds, Part 1 of 2
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Co-written by Lexington Lonewolf (Devvy-boy)

    Lars "Lari" Carington Knight, Red Kangaroo Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Mudfoot Joey Dorm | R2 Warlock) || Shugar the Creamy Ass/Knotty the YRO Boomer
    Timothy Wesley Celeron, Blue Hedgehog Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Courier Roo Dorm | Courier in training) || Streak the Greyhound/Hyper the Hedgehog
    James Robert Hansen, Green Crocodile Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Swamp Roo Dorm | Crocaroo Guard in training) || Styler the Dolphin/Jacrocker the Crocoboomer
    Olivia Min Banks, Pink Riflebird Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Glorious Flight Dorm | Glorious Sharpshooter apprentice) || Eiffel the Riflebird/Jharma the Jaguar
    Marcia Daria White, Black Dingo Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Amazonian Outback Dorm | Boomerang Warrior in training) || Smooth the Dingo/Baton the Rouge Bat

    Also Starring:
    The Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'.
    He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'.
    He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'.
    He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.
    Studpaw: Also known as 'Studdy'.
    A studly Western Grey Kangaroo from Sidarius Station that became the successor of Lord Jinx before Joey gains his Battlizer powers. Unlike the cursed three, Studpaw has his own Dreamtime Realm as well as inheriting Jinx's position in the actual Kangaroo Order, making him the third unsealed. Currently the first non-were to be inducted into the Musketeers Order.
    Lord Roolock: He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft.
    Although recently, he has agreed to a term of peace between himself and the rest of Dreamtime and is now helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lady Riff: She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises.
    In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight: This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member.
    He shares reports with his son when possible.
    Quicksilver: He is a Message Courier Roo that often goes between Dreamtime Realms and Australia.
    He's super-fast, but not good at stopping himself.
    Dreamtime Crocodile Realm:
    Master Sakar
    Crocodile Guards
    Kangacrocs, advanced grunts
    Crocaroos, grunts
    Dreamtime Undead Roo Realm:
    Lord Kangamancer
    Necro-Boomers, advanced grunts
    May 29th, 2011
    Chapter One -- The Mysterious Mod Squad.
    "Greetings, late night Dreamtime TV fans! Broadcast Boomer 'ere for the third installment of the Musketeer Action expose'. With normal time restored and the new rangers preparing to complete a few Academy assignments, little did they know that the Boomer Force Rangers would be investigating just who they were and why they were in Bindi's Outback doing 'er job for 'er. With another Outback mission forthcoming in the rain, we now join the action as it begins at the Boomer Force's lair at the Sidarius Station..."
    Sidarius Station, Home of the Boomer Force.
    (Also Takes place in Chapter Two of PRBF-28: A Were-Roo Inferno)

    It was oddly quiet, as Zander Dragonheart was sent to help out with the Boomer Rangers' chores (judging that Eryk "Joey" Stryfe left for Blackall immediately after the second Adelaide battle). North Lonewolf, JT Smith, and Deryk Sidarius were doing the chores with the marksman, while the Local Hometown Girl of Devonshire, Bindi Fury, was working on cleaning the main house to her anal standards, while she was cooking a pasta lunch that even the vegan of the group would approve of.

    Flyer, Bindi's Kangaroo Spirit Partner - or KSP, as they are well-known as - was floating around her charge as she did her work. "'ave yas checked the newspaper today for any poacher activity, Bindi?" she asked inquisitively."

    Bindi grumbled. "Who 'as the time to do that when Joey is AWOL once again not answering calls and back to brooding after his bout of anger last night back in Adelaide."

    Flyer sighed as she floated over to the main table to look at the newspaper herself seeing if there was anything of interest to cheer 'Bitchy Bindi' up. She then saw the front page headline. "Umm... Bindi, yas might want to post the front page on your Anti-Poacher bulletin board."

    The Yellow Boomer Ranger sighed and walked over to join her KSP momentarily. "Ah told yas, Flyer. With all the extra chores to do, Ah don't 'ave a time for..." She then shut up and looked at the front page headline as her eyes widened. "Dreamtime Police... The Mod Squad?" She slammed the paper down and was even more miffed about that than the Were-Roo of the team being MIA once again. She then started to swear a lot. "Get the blokes in 'ere, now!"

    "Did Ah mention 'ow persistent this sheila can be when she is riled? Ah did? Oh good, Back to the action..."

    A few moments later, Bindi slammed the newspaper on the table between the boys including Zander (though Joey was still giving the other Boomer Rangers the silent treatment). "There's a team out there that saved a bunch of animals last night from poachers and none of us were called to assist after what had happened." She then glared straight at the marksman. "Yas weren't with us last night; were yas one of the blokes called in for this."

    Though he was older than Bindi, Zander was scared of her, especially when she started to point a finger at him. "No, Bindi... Ah was waiting for father and Deryk to get 'ome from their 'oneymoon weekend. Ramses can vouch for me!"

    Bindi growled and called Zander a 'wimp' under her breath. "And none of yas 'ave 'eard about what 'appened last night?"

    "Nothing from the Kangaroo Order," said the older redhead of the group, Deryk. "Yin-Yang would've told me if 'e 'eard anything."

    JT and North shook their heads.

    Bindi sighed. "Get your Boomer Cycles and Motorcycle ready, mates; we're going to 'ave a chat with the Kangaroo Order."

    North then asked. "What about Joey?"

    The LHG growled, "Let 'im be, Ah suppose... it's the first day of the full moon, and Ah wouldn't want to bother 'im at 'is brooding spot."

    "As Ah said, the Boomer Force are more curious than a cat and that kind of curiosity could get some nice joeys and a sheila in a lot of trouble. Ah just 'ope the joeys can rein 'er in before she runs afoul of the Dreamtime lords and ladies in question. Since the Mod Squad is Academy Sponsored, The Boomers could get themselves into some deep malarkey if they are not too careful. Please be reminded that as of this time, the Boomer Force were still considered to be Rank Zero Rogues albeit experienced Power Rangers. And the Dreamtime Lords do not hanker kindly to Rank Zero Rogues since yas 'ave to be Rank One to even 'ave a voice among the lesser Lords. And now we need to go check in with a demonic presence whom 'as been watching the rangers for the last several weeks. She would be making life 'ell for the Rangers very soon."

    Some distance from the Sidarius Station, a giant demonic Kangaroo sheila lowered her binoculars with a grin. "Ah wonder where the Boomer Force are quickly running off to at this 'our? My mistress didn't inform me of a Dreamtime Menace attack in the Outback. And with the team's leader off by 'imself, Ah could easily get rid of 'is stupid ass at a moment's notice." She then giggled. "'ow easy it was to convince the locals that Ah was the so-called 'Mom' entity known as Mathilda or that horribly disgusting title... ugh... the 'oly Pouch."

    She then rolled her eyes toward the sky with a frown. "Sadly, gods and elder powers are the only ones not affected by my ruse. But the rest of the Outback fully believe in me. Ah guess it is far easier to believe in something yas can see and speak to in the real world."

    'Mom' then smiled again as she focused on the heroes driving into the distance. "I should get word to Soluella to let 'er know that the Boomer Force left their precious station. And per'aps Ah could also accidentally inform the other minions of the Dreamtime Menaces that the rangers are out somewhere without their leader. What a shame..." And then she began hopping off along a back gully herself.
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Tails From the Moon-Touched Side.
    Mudfoot Joey Dorm
    While Lari was in the process of being plundered from behind by a Dorm brother, A more advanced Dorm brother in front of him was telling him about Advanced Spells that Lari would one day be able to have access to. "And What does Awaken Aspect do, Slypaw?"

    Slypaw, an 11th Circle Warlock whom was a brownish red and black Kangaroo cadet with a semen colored tummy, whom was all the time learning new spells he was not ready to have access to, replied, "It is a spell for people with mulitple acccess forms that permits yas to mentally speak to the other forms as if they were their own people. The Spell Mentors kept saying that it was not a safe spell to use. But Ah 'aven't seen a problem with the usage of it yet."

    Lari whom was clenching on the roo behind him said, "Ah 'ave up to four other forms that Ah can transform into that are part of my powers and abilities. Being able to talk to them sounds like a great idea."

    Slypaw smiled. "Tell me about these forms, if yas will."

    Lari smiled in return. He loved talking about the Mobians much the same that Timmy did. "Ah 'ave a Mobian Kangaroo, a Mobian Donkey, a Mobian Echidna and a Moon-touched Kangaroo which Roolock is not allowing me to infect yas guys with during this one weekend only... as long as Ah allow all of the dorm brothers to immorally mount me."

    Slypaw chuckled as he already had the spell prepared and he cast it upon Lari the moment the Were-Roo was mentioned. And that was when Lari's eyes lit up with a strange glow.

    In a voice unlike his own, Lari's mouth said, "Leave it to a roo to show 'ow a good mounting is done. Thank yas for waking me up, Slypaw. Lari is such an idiot."

    Slypaw shouted, "Roolock! Ah think Ah fucked up! 'elp!"

    The Immoral Kangaroo Lord appeared instantly. "Now what is going on 'ere?"

    Slypaw exclaimed, "I cast Awaken Aspect on Lari and now the bloke is talking in a weird voice and 'e called Lari an idiot. We all like Lari; 'e is not idiot. Ah am for casting that spell. Please undo this for me."

    Roolock looked at the Lari whom was still pinned down. "Identify yerself, bloke! Ah command yas!"

    The entity controlling Lari replied, albeit under elder powered enforcement, "Ah am Carington Lionel Knight, the Were-Kangaroo aspect that was made when Lari got infected. But since that name is so stupidly long, yas can shorten that to Cary, like Cary Grant. Lari wouldn't 'ave gotten infected 'ad Studpaw been more careful in 'is realm. It was like 'e set up my 'uman side to lose 'is 'umanity, which is not a bad trade off so Ah can exist. Thanks for casting that dumb spell, yas loser cadet. Yer not so smart. Don't yas feel like a dumb ass?"

    Slypaw sniffled after being called a dumb ass.

    Roolock growled, "Release Lari this instant or else!"

    Cary in Lari's body smirked, "Watch'cha gonna do if Ah don't, old man? Ah'm not afraid of yas."

    In a flurry movement of his paws, Roolock had produced a magical gemstone and had pressed it to Cary's forehead and shouted, "Extract Goodness! Lars "Lari" Knight! And there came a painful flash of light as Roolock pulled the gemstone away from Cary leaving him there semi-paralyzed. "Now are yas gonna do as Ah command?!"

    Utilizing the last of the left over teleportation power he had in his were-kangaroo body, Cary transported himself out of Mudfoot Joey and sent himself back to Earth.

    Roolock immediately started calling those of authority in regards to the sorry accident that had just occurred. All three Musketeer Order Brothers, Lord Pouchlaw, Lord Parcelpaw, Lord Sakar (albeit under image mode only,) and Lady Riff as he gave off the exact details of the stupid sorry event. "The were-kangaroo that 'ad been infected into Lari Knight took over after a spell went awry. Ah siphoned out Lari and everything good from the nasty bloke and then the pompous doofus escaped using the last of the teleportation power that was still in 'is body. Despite being able to look like Lari, 'e is not the good club leader at all. 'e calls 'imself Carington Lionel Knight, or Cary for short. Ah will try to remake a body for the real Lari. If yas blokes and sheilas encounter Cary, pretend to think 'e is Lari, but make any tasks yas give 'im as 'orrible as possible. No one should tip off Cary that they know 'e isn't Lari. Ah will work with Parcelpaw to attempt to protect the rest of the club from stupid Cary's wicked mentality. 'e could get 'is club members into a lot of trouble."

    Lord Kiel then asked, "Which spell caused this, Roolock? And is it reversible?"

    Roolock replied, "Master Sakar will be familiar with it since 'e 'as used a similar one like it to create the first Bitepaw. The spell is Awaken Aspect. In order to reverse the spell, the 'ost mentality must be topside and free within the body. And because Cary is so damned powerful, Lari was almost buried at the bottom of 'is own mind; but Ah extracted 'im along with all powers imbued to 'is ranger self including 'is Mobian forms. Cary, despite being powerful, at the moment is simply a shadow of 'is 'ost's former 'uman self. Still dangerous to those 'e interacts with. In fact if Cary finds an alternate power source, 'e could re-activate a copy of the former ranger powers and a few of the forms Ah swiped from 'im. 'e stupidly said that 'e wasn't afraid of me, mates. Ah showed 'im! Sakar? Ah know yas don't care about rangers and such, but none the less, if yas see this shadow puke, please get word to the rest of us. Cary is just the sort of ass'ole to break the rules and promises made to yas that Lari and 'is team would not 'elp the Boomer Force." Sakar growled at that.
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: If This Was a Holmes Mystery, the Game's Afoot.
      Kangaroo Order Pocket Sanctuary
      Most of the Boomer Rangers including Zander entered the Kangaroo Order. For Zander it was the first time and he was surprised to see four kangaroos (each of different species) sitting there. Lexington blinked when he saw the young Dragonheart. "Cousin Zander? Ah thought yas would be back training with..."

      "Time's changed," Zander interrupted, recognizing Lexington's voice from being one of the witnesses of the Lonewolf-Sidarius wedding back in 2008. "Ah am more needed to aid the Boomer Force than Ah originally thought." He then patted his Elemental Revolver gently with its safeties on.

      Studpaw took a glance at Zander and noticed something about his natural scent but decided to say nothing about it right then but he might have an idea of the marksman's origin. "What brings yas good blokes and sheila 'ere today?"

      Dylan snerked, "Yas might be able to save today from becoming another boring one..." He then lost his balance after trying to stand upright on his branch and fell to the bushes below. "OW!" Deryk chuckled as he helped Dylan back on his branch.

      However, Bindi wasn't amused despite not being the leader when Joey was isolating himself. She then had JT place the newspaper before the Order Kangaroo Lord. Studpaw asked, "What's this? A 'uman newspaper? Ah would've asked Quicksilver to bring it so yas would be saved a trip."

      Seth hopped up to his son and North, and said. "Though we do enjoy their company when they come." He then churred to a couple of hugs and a rub on his head.

      Bindi glared. "Why weren't we were also alerted to Poachers last night? Yas know that Ah love to destroy their equipment and teach them a lesson?"

      Studpaw whom has kept the Musketeer Rangers a secret from the Boomer Force simply said. "This is the first Ah 'eard of these so-called Dreamtime 'eroes that call themselves The Mod Squad. Ah must investigate this myself; now that Ah 'ave my realm Ah 'ave the resources to find out about these things." He then took the newspaper and he teleported away promptly.

      Zander snerked. "Well, that was the worst poker face Ah ever seen on a Kangaroo, mates. All Ah can tell from that is 'e's 'iding something."

      Jumper nodded as he floated out of North's Boomer Bracelet. "Ah can't 'elp but to agree with yas on that, Zander; Ah smell a Kangaroo rat of the 'ighest order."

      Bindi shot a glare at Lexington. "Did yas know any of this? Ah know yas like looking at yer pond."

      The red kangaroo shook his muzzle. "Ah don't know sheila; Ah thought Ah saw another battle going on, but it turned out to be ghosting as the image in the pond disappeared as Studpaw said it could be."

      Deryk hummed. "If 'e's 'iding something from us, then Studpaw must 'ave a reason to do so. 'e isn't normally this secretive." Seth said, "Wait a tick... where's Joey?"

      Adventure Guild Clubhouse; Blackall, Queensland, Australia

      At the now familiar brooding spot that seemed to conveniently be within view of the Adventure Guild Clubhouse, Cary pretending to be Lari came up on the rise slowly where he had noticed Eryk "Joey" Stryfe just sitting by himself apparently doing nothing save for staying close to his Boomer Cycle. Cary thoughtfully went and purchased a meal (buy one, get one free deal) and was bringing the extra to the handsome were-boomer. When he got within range, Cary as Lari said, "Um, 'ello mate. Ah brought yas a meal and a drink... if yas want it." He held out the bag and the drink container toward the brooding Joey.

      Joey's face paled when he saw what he thought was Lari; For a moment, he thought he saw the Lari he had loved and took the child so he could be raised. The one that he heard when the Boomer Rangers got their second wind that caused him to get angry enough for Tailslap to fully take over. Though this Lari looked younger he couldn't be the one Joey knocked up. However, while still human, he could still smell something familiar about him. To which Tailslap confirmed in his mind. 'e may not be yer Lari, but 'e smells the same as some of the smells in Studpaw's realm.

      Snapping out of his pale look, he gave a partial half-smile to this Lari, even though he didn't feel like he was happy. But then again, he didn't want any raw meat again until his hunt later in the night. "Thank yas, bloke. Though yas didn't 'ave to do that; Ah would've gone to get some food myself." A lie, since he is less hungry in his depression, although he hadn't eaten since before he escorted a werewolf back to Consuelo Peak.

      Sitting down with his own meal, Cary/Lari soon said, "Ah know who yas are, mate. And before yas bolt like a wild were-roo... please listen to me. Ah met Knuckletail the other night. 'e thought Ah was 'is mommy and 'e told me everything."

      Joey sighed though he didn't feel the need to bolt like a deer when it sees sudden movement. "That little joey... yas gotta love 'im when a secret is to be kept." He then looked to Cary/Lari and said. "Ah only know that yas were 'ere because yer counterpart found yas once on 'is enforced vacation, then when Sakar attacked yer town, Ah felt like there was a battle that wasn't over so Ah came 'ere when Ah could despite the others' objections."

      Cary/Lari smiled softly. "Ah offered club membership to Knuckletail but Ah think it would mean more to 'im if yas were in the club yerself, Joey. And since we're now on this topic of secrets, Ah feel that yas should know what's going down right now. There's only one way Ah could 'ave met Knuckletail."
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: A Were-Roo's Reflections and Regaining Power.
        Cary/Lari continued, "A Dream-Roo's scent isn't easily removed even with 'ot water and all the soap in the universe."

        Joey acted as if he wanted to put Lari into a very deep kiss but his mental blocks he had put up prevented him from doing something that might lead into history repeating itself to Tailslap's dismay. "Ah'd be 'appy to join. But let me ask a question to yas, mate; why do Ah sense that yas are also someone that likes the moon phases as much as Ah do?"

        Cary/Lari sipped on his drink before replying freely; he was enjoying doing something that the real Lari would never do. Which was breaking the rules. "My club members and Ah accidentally joined the Kangaroo Academy recently. We made a mistake when joining Dorm 'alls and... we found out too late that willingly joining a Dormitory there is the same as signing up for a four year stint. Lord Kiel also known as 'Dad' 'ad us there for for training in order to create a new Power Rangers team. And yas shouldn't tell yer Boomer friends about this. Anyway, during a mission stint to serve Studpaw in his realm, while Studdy was mounting me, Ah accidentally got the jism of a were-boomer into my mouth and 'ad swallowed it before learning from the were-kangaroos there that Ah 'ad become infected by accidentally drinking their fluids. Thereafter Ah was offered membership within their Moon-touched Order. That is what yas and yer other side is smelling about me. Also... Ah've already given birth once to Studpaw's joey. Thus Ah already know what that is like, Joey." He then smiled at Joey at that point. "Yas don't 'ave to be careful around me. If yas want to kiss or 'ug me, do it. Ah can tell it's tearing yas up that yas think yas can't touch me. But no one is stopping yas but yerself. But... if yas promise me that yas won't tell the rest of the Boomer Force that my friends and Ah are 'Dad's new Musketeer Ranger team... Ah'll arrange for yas to meet with 'Dad' right now. Maybe 'e can 'elp yas. Please? For Knuckletail's sake."

        Joey hugged Lari in a snug embrace his sadness slowly coming to the surface. "For Knuckletail's sake. And Ah promise not to reveal yer blokes' secret to my team, cross my pouch; that is if Ah was in my other form."

        Cary/Lari had been waiting for Joey to do this motion so he could siphon just enough pure moon-touched energy from the sad were-roo to re-empower himself so he could perform just enough minor ranger abilities and pull off being the real Lari. After the hug he stood up saying, "Ah'll bet yer pouch is sexy, too." He then hugged Joey in return as he helped him move his cycle down to the clubhouse and took the newly tricked club member inside.

        Inside the clubhouse, Cary/Lari explained to Joey on how the magical shortcut would only function for Adventure Guild club members and the Musketeers Order. If any of the Boomer Force team tried to use it, they wouldn't go anywhere.

        Seconds later, Joey arrived by himself from the wall in Lord Kiel's hidden realm lair; a realm that was actually on Earth and NOT in the Dreamtime. The order brothers chose to live on Earth on purpose. And upon arriving, all three order members were there.

        Lord Kiel was not as upset as he might have been had he not had some pre-warning on what stupid Cary had been about to try. "Mathilda... yas met the fake Lari and 'e tricked yas into joining the real Lari's club. If Roolock 'adn't sensed what was about to occur, then yas would be in a fight right now as we would 'ave been in the process of capturing that shadow Were-Roo who stole Lari's body. Since yer 'ere, Joey, we will provide the 'elp that Cary offered yas in 'is lie to 'elp yas." Lord Kiel then folded his arms over his chest and tapped his big foot. "Ah am Lord Kiel also known as 'Dad'. That Were-Croc at the pool table is Lord Brock, known as 'Rack', and the Were-Dingo at the bar is Lord Daiquiri, known as 'Tally'. Now... tell us in yer own words what assistance yas would like to glean from the Musketeers Order."

        Even Tailslap was scared, but he didn't want to be less known, as Roofus was scared of 'Dad's' anger as well as he scrambled into the Boomer Bracelet. Tailslap spoke mentally to 'Dad,' but only to introduce himself in Aborigine speak. Ah am Tailslap, were-kangaroo captain to this struggling cadet under standing order by former Order Kangaroo Lord Jinx, mate.

        Joey interrupted Tailslap before he could come out and grovel and knelt before 'Dad' like he would with Lord Studpaw. "It is said that compromise is part of a Were-Roo's development, 'owever, when Ah couldn't 'andle raising my child on my own and after Studpaw allowed my son to be in the Kangaroo Academy, my compromise was a contradiction to my nature as well as foolish for one of my kind; Ah chose not to yiff because of my virility would get anyone Ah mate with pregnant again, even if Ah don't mean to ruin another's life with a pregnancy. Ah'm not asking for my virility to be taken away but only a way to not unintentionally impregnate the blokes Ah mate with." He then showed the sadness and honesty in his eyes to Lord Kiel. "The bloke tricked me and 'e stole Lari's body. Ah want to 'elp yas blokes to capture 'im. Ah promised Ah wouldn't tell the Boomers of yer making a new ranger team nor to let them know that Ah knew about yer new cadets. My teammaters probably 'ate me because of the way Ah've been isolating myself recently."

        Lord Kiel waved his paw and for a one-time moment, Tailslap appeared beside Joey in the lair. "Now listen up yas two... Ah can 'elp Joey with 'is request but there will be a price tag to this. First of all, from now on, Captain Tailslap... yas will 'ave the ability to step out of yer Cadet as yer own person. Much like those dragon blokes who were 'ere recently. That is a handy-dandy power, yas 'ave got to admit. Furthermore, Tailslap, yas will be promoted to Commander status to 'elp instruct yas in Moon-touched life in the powers that come with it. Both Tailslap and yas need to join the Kangaroo Academy yerselves officially. Right now, yer rank is zero meaning to Dreamtime lords, yer Rogue class. And that needs to change." He then turned to look at Joey. "During the days and nights of the full moon, yas MUST stay in yer Were-Kangaroo form at all times and... no Boomer Force morphing. Period. Unless Bitepaw makes an appearance. Secondly, yas will also join the Moon-touched Order, same as the real Lari 'ad. During yer stay with the Adventure Guild, when yer not fighting Sakar and Kangamancer as the Red Boomer Ranger... yas may continue to be a club member as an adviser to the Musketeer Rangers. Yas can never work with the Boomer Force when yer among the Musketeer Rangers. The reason is this: Master Sakar 'as a deal with the Musketeer Rangers. As long as they don't 'elp the Boomer Force, no Crocaroo nor Kangacroc will ever attack them. The realm Lari arranged it so 'is promise to Sakar would only last as long as Sakar ruled his realm. Should 'e ever fall, the deal ends. While at the Kangaroo Academy, yas MUST choose a Dorm to join, willingly. Are there any questions before Ah assist Joey with 'is problem?"

        After shifting to his were-form (and destroying his own clothes in the process), Joey looked up to 'Dad' and said. "For the last two full moons, Ah 'ave been the target of the reincarnations of Sakar's original menace, Bitepaw. Each time, they were more powerful than the next, and each time, 'e chose me as a target, even when Ah was rescuing the mother of my son from a twisted Dingo Roo Lord. Each time, the Boomers were unable to beat 'im, and each time, during the full moon cycle, Tailslap and Ah was there to take down the successors of the menace that infected me when Tailslap and Ah were using the Were-Armor Battlizer."
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Distraction Unexpected.
          Joey then stood upright as he continued venting his frustration. "If Ah can't fight, who else of my team will get infected in battle against the Menace that keeps coming back; JT Smith, North Lonewolf, the marksman Zander Dragon'eart? Deryk Sidarius is already stuck with a curse that Sakar put on him when 'e was a Tech Ranger from 2029... While they struggle with their moon-touched abilities, which Ranger aside for the Tao Boomer would be left to fight Sakar's moon-touched minion when 'e targets me again? And what if Bitepaw targets me when Ah am within the Kangaroo Academy during a Dreamtrail Full Moon? Would yas or 'Mom' like reports of multiple reports of student casualties on the account that Ah couldn't defend myself during a Full Moon in my 'ome? And just because Ah join the Adventure Guild doesn't mean Ah want to be a part of their team; Ah joined because my son is a member and because my love for my Lari was too strong for me to refuse the fake's offer. Must Ah be a part of their team when Ah am already bound to Roofus due to us being merged in my were-form and bound to the powers of the Dreamtime Fire?" He then showed the Battlizer Gauntlet, the bracer that was once the Boomer Gauntlet of Fire attached to its wearer's right forearm for the remainder of his existence.

          Lord Brock at that point said, "Joey Stryfe... cummere! Play a game with me and Ah'll explain what yas don't know about Bitepaw and all of 'is incarnations."

          Lord Kiel said, "Go a'ead, Joey. Ah need to set some things up with Commander Tailslap."

          Lord Daiquiri simply stayed quiet for now since no one needed him at the moment.

          Joey was gasping after going on a tangent like that, growling for a short bit before hopping over to Rack and his pool table, removing whatever shred of clothes that were left on his were-form. He had never thought he would be venting out his frustrations after recent events and with such anger and confusion.

          When Joey was with Brock, Tailslap remarked. "The cadet was trying to negotiate, though it was fueled by his anger and frustration. The bloke seems to 'ave found that out for 'imself."

          Lord Kiel smiled and patted Tailslap on the back and took him out of Joey's hearing range to Daiquiri's bar counter. "Ah actually succeeded in doing what Ah aimed to do... which was get Joey to blow up like that. Now that 'e 'as and no one got 'urt, 'e will 'eal and get better." Then he focused on Tailslap directly. "It was not my intention for Joey to join the Musketeers. Ah want yas to become part of the Kangaroo Academy to 'elp instruct Joey in Were-Roo life. That part is true. Ah still want both yas and Joey to join the Moon-touched Order. That part is also true. Yas are to become a Commander, an officer class Were-Kangaroo. Lord Pouchlaw 'as already approved of this. It's long overdue. With yer promotion comes a special gift that only yas can use when yer separate from Joey. From now on, yas will 'ave as an added ability to be able to detect false presences like Cary Lionel Knight the Were-Roo rogue."

          The Were-Roo looked at Lord Kiel as he released a short growl in frustration with himself. "Cadet Joey still 'as a lot to learn and in 'is current state, the bloke cannot be on 'is own when 'e uses 'is Battlizer. The bloke would need to reach full adult'ood before 'e can be considered to use 'is full battlizer without my aid. Ah may accept yer other offers, but Ah can only instruct Joey at the Academy. My apologies but Ah swore to myself to 'elp my cadet until 'e is of age by 'uman standards."

          Lord Kiel remarked quietly with a smile as he ordered a couple of drinks for himself and Tailslap. "Good for yas, Tailslap. Yer a good Were-Kangaroo. Yas remembered yer promise. Ah'm proud of yas."

          Sidarius Station

          The Boomer Rangers and the marksman were still talking at the table after lunch was served. North said "So what are we going to do? Studpaw knows that we know about these Dreamtime Heroes yet you say his Poker face is lousy, Zander."

          The marksman nodded, then said "Ah've played many card games before and Ah can tell when someone is making a bad bluff. And I can read 'is 'and in Texas 'old'em if 'e plays it." Deryk Sidarius rubbed his chin. "It's not like Studpaw to lie to us, mates... Ah mean 'e 'asn't before. Wonder why 'e would do it now, especially with Joey in a very foul mood after the last Adelaide battle." JT nodded. "And why didn't 'e dismount 'is battlized Boomer Cycle during the battle? Was 'e that mad at the Necro-Boomers and Sakar's minions?" North added, "And the way he was fighting... very vicious. I wouldn't go near him when he's as irate as that." Bindi slammed her fists into the table. "Boys! We are drifting off the subject. Studpaw is lying to us and I suggest we go to Blackall to find out what we can about this news article. Zander, too... so I can keep an eye on 'is ass." Zander shrugged. "Yas just want to go to the jail to sterilize the poachers." Bindi glared at Zander and smacked him upside the head. "Yes, but Ah'm going to use that to get them to leak to us what those Dreamtime Heroes look like."

          Before anyone else could object, Yin-Yang (Deryk's KSP) floated to the center of the table. "Word from the Kangaroo Order, mates and sheila; Both Sakar and Kangamancer's forces are causing a disturbance in 'ell's Gate Downs. The warring factions are making citizens flee."

          Deryk growled. "We may need yas to aid us, Zander; Let's not disturb Joey unless a certain menace gets involved, capice?"

          Bindi shouted, "Kangaroo Power! Yellow Boomer!" As she slapped the Boomer Bracelet, allowing a Dreamtime Power to flow. Flyer appeared as she hopped around Bindi with increasing speed, forming a ranger suit on Bindi's body. As Flyer made one more leap, she turned into a helmet, which Bindi caught, and placed securely on her head. The Boomer Gauntlet appeared on Bindi's right wrist, causing the ground give way, and empower Bindi with Dreamtime Earth. As she struck an extravagant battle pose, Bindi shouted, "Yellow Boomer Ranger!"

          JT shouted, "Kangaroo Power! Blue Boomer!" As he slapped the Boomer Bracelet, allowing a Dreamtime Power to flow. Sparkle appeared as he hopped around JT with increasing speed, forming a ranger suit on JT's body. As Sparkle made one more leap, he turned into a helmet, which JT caught, and placed securely on his head. The Boomer Gauntlet appeared on JT's right wrist, letting out a torrent of water to empower JT with Dreamtime Water. As he struck an extravagant battle pose, JT shouted, "Blue Boomer Ranger!"

          North shouted, "Kangaroo Power! Silver Boomer!" As he slapped the Boomer Bracelet, allowing a Dreamtime Power to flow. Jumper appeared as he hopped around North with increasing speed, forming a ranger suit on North's body. As Jumper made one more leap, he turned into a helmet, which North caught, and placed securely on his head. He then grew to a tall figure, allowing him to be as tall as his comrades. The Boomer Gauntlet appeared on North's right wrist, letting out a gale force wind to empower North with Dreamtime Winds. As he struck an extravagant battle pose, North shouted, "Silver Boomer Ranger!"

          Deryk shouted, "Kangaroo Power! Tao Boomer!" As he slapped the Boomer Bracelet, allowing a Dreamtime Power to flow. Yin-Yang appeared as he and Deryk split into two beings. The two Kangaroo spirits hopped around both the Dark and Light representations of Deryk with increasing speed, forming a ranger suit on their respective human partners' bodies. As the Kangaroo spirits made one more leap, they turned into their respective helmets, which both representations of Deryk caught, and placed securely on their heads. Once merged together as one, Deryk struck an extravagant battle pose, shouting, "Tao Boomer Ranger!"

          Zander loaded a few elemental capsules into the cylinder of his Elemental Revolver, before spinning it, and locking it into place. "Saddle up, lock and load, mates!" He then rested his weapon over his shoulder, and followed the Boomer Rangers out the door.
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Capture Attempt, Part One.
            Within a designated portion of the parade grounds at the Kangaroo Academy which had elite graduates all around the borders, Roolock and Lord Pouchlaw lay in wait for the unsuspecting arrival of Carington Lionel Knight, the evil Shadow Were-Kangaroo whom had usurped control of Lars "Lari" Knight's body after the Tenth Circle spell had accidentally awakened Lari's Were-Roo side. The trap laid upon the shortcut was a masterpiece, Were-Roo's with a defineable host could pass through unchallenged. But Were-Roos without a host were drained of their energy and summoned to the parade grounds at the Kangaroo Academy. No one liked dealing with a Rogue whom was out of control and Cary was exactly that sort of Moon-touched asshole. The plan was to capture the shitty were-roo and purge him out of Lari's body permanently.

            When Cary arrived with a surprised look on his muzzle he didn't seem all that devoid of energy after the transport. In fact, he quickly pulled boxing gloves out of his pouch and put them on his paw-hands and said, "It won't be that easy, old man! Ah siphoned energy from the cursed Were-Roo and there is more than enough to sustain me to 'elp me give yas old crotchety kangaroos the what for."

            Roolock's first spell designed to give Cary false hope that Roolock really was weak... didn't seem to have any effect upon the wicked Were-Roo at all.

            "What was that supposed to be, old man? Yas must be losing yer touch. Or is that bitch of yers gonna show yas up in a moment?"

            Lord Pouchlaw shouted, "Attack! Take down the Rogue Were-Roo!"

            Cary then found himself in the middle of an all-out onslaught of gradute officers whom were armored and suited up with plated uniforms and enchanted blue zirconium weapons. And as he fought for his life, at one moment of the fight, he found himself hurling through the air toward the wall of a warehouse building. He noticed that there was a window with a curtain just off to the side of his flight path and he aimed his boxing gloves toward that window and with the sound of shattering glass, he vanished through the window and beyond the curtain. he didn't stop there as he scrambled to put space between himself and the shattered window. While the graduate soldiers went to the door to let themselves inside, Cary came upon a display of decommissioned Dreamtime Warrior equipment. He picked up what looked like a wrist morpher and he placed it upon his wrist. After spending a few moments figuring out the transporter function of the O-Phone wrist morpher, he soon heard the soldiers approaching his position just as he figured out how to use the O-Phone. And before the soldier's eyes, they saw Cary with his tongue stuck out at them disappearing out of the warehouse. But they also saw what he had upon his wrist.

            Returning outside of the warehouse, the soldiers reported to the two lords what Cary had done within the warehouse. "The rotten blighter stole one of the O-Phones and used it to transport himself back to Earth. We apologize for failing yas, Lord Pouchlaw."

            Lord Pouchlaw sighed for a moment before making a statement. "If Cary wants to wear a Tech morpher in Australia and Sakar hates Technical items, then let 'im. If 'e thought fighting against the Academy was rough, wait until the Kangacrocs attack 'is worthless tail."

            Roolock then faced the graduates. "What color were Cary's eyes, Soldier?"

            The Graduate Kangaroo replied, "The whites of his eyes were glowing red, but 'is pupils were bright purple."

            Roolock smiled. "All is not lost then; my spell actually worked. Ah permanently changed the color of 'is eyes from sky blue to purple without 'is knowledge. 'e will never know it, but anyone with a brain will see those un'oly purple eyes in 'is 'ead."

            Lord Pouchlaw then said, "As that may be, Roolock, Cary is a pathological liar. 'e could still trick people into 'elping 'im. We should not 'ave let 'im get away like this. Who knew one rogue Were-Roo would be this out of control."

            Roolock grinned. "Now that Ah 'ave a personal spell on 'is stupid ass, Ah can easily track 'im or even add more spell effects to 'is idiot body."

            Lord Pouchlaw said, "Can yas make it so every time 'e lies, 'is body makes an odor like YRO Mud and Skunk Gland juices combined? 'e would be super easy to track by anyone then."

            Roolock focused his magical elder powers before saying, "Done. But when did yas get such a wicked sense of 'umor, Pouchlaw. Yas didn't used to be like this."

            Lord Pouchlaw replied, "Cary isn't the first rogue Lord Parcelpaw and Ah 'ave 'ad to put up with. In the early days, we 'ad to punish a lying Courier wanna-be whom almost ruined the whole courier service with 'is practical jokes. 'e kept evading Parcelpaw until Ah brought in a Courier box with the words Courier Wages printed upon it. the stupid bloke tried to steal the contents of the box and when 'e opened it, a balloon full of YRO water exploded all over his muzzle and 'alf of 'is body. Everyone in the Academy laughed their asses off at the rogue. Eventually, 'e was shipped off to the YRO realm as a lasting punishment. We never 'eard from 'im again."

            Roolock said, "Isn't that the bloke whom got the YRO water up 'is nose and inside 'is muzzle as well?"

            Lord Pouchlaw grinned. "Yeah, 'e is the one."

            Roolock smirked. "'e still wants revenge. 'e says that yas blokes ruined any chance of a normal life for 'im."

            Lord Pouchlaw remarked, "We didn't make 'im rebel and cause all the trouble 'e stirred up."

            Roolock smiled at his cousin. "Per'aps not, but 'e works in the YRO Mud factory now since no other roo can stand 'is scent at all. Maybe we should betroth Cary to 'im."
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Dodge the Croc
              In the meantime, Lord Brock racked up the balls and handed Joey the cue ball and a stick. "Yer the guest, so yas break 'em. Solids are Sakar; Stripes are Kangamancer; the 8-ball is the third evil lord yas 'ave not yet dealt with." He then walked over to the side of the table. "Everything in life comes in threes, Joey. The Cursed Three; The Three Musketeers; The Trinity; The original three Boomer Rangers... all come in threes. 'owever... Master Sakar and Lord Kangamancer are only two foes. Yer team 'as yet to meet the third. Whoever 'e or she is, and most likely female... that one will be the worst."

              Joey took the cue stick, and placed the cue ball in a spot he was often fond of. "Let's see which one is the one we'll play for... Sakar or Kangamancer." He then chalked up the tip of his cue, before resting it into the position, and striking the cue ball, breaking the formation of the pool balls, and eventually when they stopped, Joey almost sunk a 'Sakar' ball, and ended up sending two Kangamancer balls in the first move. Joey grumbled. "Undead or not, Kangamancer is a challenge to face, and my arsenal is limited to side-arms, even when Battlized." He remembered the promise he made upon gaining the Boomer Whip.

              "Yer good at this game. Yas should play more often." Lord Brock then took his shot and missed. "We aren't gonna talk about Sakar or Kangamancer or whoever the mystery third power is... we're going to talk about Bitepaw. It's past time yas knew what was up there. When the Boomer Force teamed up with the Adventure League and the Freedom Fighters in the Adalia Dimension, and North even got to visit the Emerald Palace on Mobius, so 'e is one up on Timmy..." He winked with a Croc grin. "...Ogma used 'is demon powers to give Bitepaw the ability to regenerate 'imself after a defeat on the following full moon for a total of twelve more times beyond 'is first appearance. That's a total of thirteen times because there are actually thirteen full moons in a standard year. If yas don't believe me, grab a calendar that shows the full moons, start at the first month and count out 'ow often the full moon occurs. It comes up to thirteen every time."

              "Every time 'e would return, 'e would be more powerful than 'is last appearance and would 'ave an additional new power each and every time, whether it was increased strength or some other weird effect that yas don't know about. We determined recently that it was Kangamancer who sent yer team and the Crocaroos over to Adalia in an attempt to get rid of yas permanently. Sakar thought Ogma 'ad done it, but up until that moment, no one in Adalia even knew about Dreamtrail, aside from Lexington's one visit to the Adventure League during 'is enforced vacation back during the Dragon Soul days. And that in itself should tell yas something. When Lex was there, 'e was sent up in time so 'e could encounter that team when 'e did. Otherwise, 'e would 'ave arrived in an Australia where no Rangers existed as yet."

              Joey said, as he closed his eyes gently. "Ah'm no stranger to the cue stick, mate. In my free time as a Zookeeper before Ah became a Ranger, Ah used to play pool with friends in a Billiards 'all in Sydney." He then worked on targeting another one of the 'Kangamancer' balls, and noted to himself that he admired the feel of the cue he was allowed to use, oblivious to a glimmer in the 'eyes' of the kangaroo design on his Battlizer Gauntlet. He then hit the cue ball once again, this time, unable to send another ball into the gutter. "Yer turn, mate."

              Lord Brock said, "Right now, the balls on the table are evenly matched. So let's make this game a bit more interesting... If Ah win, yas let me get yas pregnant to make a GOOD Crocaroo 'ero. But if yas win... yas get exactly what yas asked Lord Kiel for AND... per'aps a little extra prize on the side. A simple game of Dodge the Croc. Are yas game?" Meaning that if either sink the 8-ball, it's an automatic loss.

              Joey blushed a little, thinking of himself pregnant with Lord Brock's baby. The thought made him queasy, but he remembered that he loved playing Dodge the Croc before he became a Ranger, and the intrigue was in the game. "Ah'm game, mate."

              The following game was pretty intense with a LOT riding on whether Joey lost, which he probably was NOT looking forward to, but somehow or another... Lord Brock missed an important shot and Joey was left with a shot he couldn't miss. And that was that. Joey won the game.

              Lord Brock smiled at the Were-Kangaroo and said, "Well played, Joey. And now, since the Three Musketeers always keep their word..." Joey could feel something happening to his 'tool' and 'reservoir'. "Yas now 'ave control on whether yas get someone pregnant when in yer Were-Roo form or not. And..." He patted the Battlizer with a glowing hand. "...the rest yas must learn on yer own." And then he walked over to the bar and sat down. "Order up!" Lord Daiquiri grinned and served up a drink to the Were-Croc.

              Joey was grateful and said, "Thank yas, mates." He then looked around seeing Lord Kiel standing near the back door with a powerful looking Warlock Kangaroo lord. "Umm... will it be safe for me to return to the clubhouse just yet or what? And who is this, 'Dad'?"

              Tailslap looked up from where he was lounging, and said. "Ah don't think so, Cadet. The nwew bloke is Roolock the Immoral Lord of Fun and Witchcraft. Seth Sidarius was all the time going on adventures with the bloke in the old days." He winked. Joey shook his muzzle. "Ah don't think Ah'll get used to yas being out of my body, Tailslap."

              Lord Kiel said, "Tailslap can re-enter yer body whenever 'e needs to. As for Roolock, he brought the real Lari back to the Order's Sanctuary for his first Earth side full moon night... 'e is out in my Were-Beast Sanctuary Realm that Ah control 'ere on Earth. It's through this door, Joey." He pointed toward the door in the back.

              "Thank yas, Lord Kiel," Joey said, before saluting him (since kneeling would be near-impossible for him) and looking towards Tailslap. "Yas coming, mate?" Tailslap snerked. "Might as well, since this is a full moon, and Ah'm in the mood to sew some of my wild oats for a change." He winked lewdly. Once Tailslap got up, he and his cadet headed over to the door, and opened it up to reveal 'Dad's Were-Beast Sanctuary. The Enviro-Dome Were-Sanctuary was in the heart of the Three Musketeer's Hidden Valley. It was the best place to see protected Australian Were-Beasts in a simulated natural habitat. The Sanctuary's 70 acres offered a distinctly Australian setting for visiting unique and endearing Were-Beasts, including Were-Koalas, Were-Kangaroos, Were-Wombats, Were-Emus, Were-Dingoes, Were-Birds of prey, and Were-Platypi. It was also the ideal place to enjoy the best food and wine the Hidden Valley had to offer. All enclosed in a magical Dreamtime environmental dome where the sky was enjoyable from within the Sanctuary, but no one on the outside could see inside of it. The Sky-Dome permitted a picturesque view of the sky to all within, whether day or night, clear or stormy, and hot or cold. Two separate streams flowed through the sanctuary, each emptying into a lake near the back of the Sanctuary.

              And to the right of the entrance was a stone platform with a well-marked magical teleporter reading Consuelo Peak. To the left side of the entrance was a well-marked magical teleporter reading Las Vegas USA.
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: How It Went and How It Goes.
                Roolock and Kiel sat at the bar counter to have a drink and a meal. "So, what came of the academy attempt to capture Cary, Roolock?"

                Roolock sipped his drink. "The magical trap we laid on the shortcut worked like a charm. What didn't work like a charm was that Cary's arrival wasn't as weak as 'e 'ad been just after Ah siphoned out most of 'is powers and energy. 'e acquired energy from Joey temporarily to give us quite the fight when 'e realized that we 'ad trapped the shortcut. Despite 'aving Pouchlaw 'elping me directly, the little shit managed to break into the Dreamtime Warrior ware'ouse and 'e stole one of the decommissioned O-Phone morphers and 'e used it to teleport 'imself back to Earth. 'e was last saying that 'e was going to tell the rest of the Boomer Force what the Dreamtime lords were up to."

                Lord Kiel silently cursed. "Tell me yas managed to change 'is eye color without 'is knowing yas did it. 'is looking just like Lari can get a load of joeys and sheilas in trouble on Earth. It isn't yer fault that 'e stole a tech morpher from the ware'ouse."

                Roolock grinned. "Cary's formerly blue eyes are currently purple with the added effect that when 'e looks at 'imself in a mirror, 'e will only see the blue eyes. But to everyone else, 'is eyes will be purple. If Ah 'ad the extra time, we could have changed 'is 'air and fur color to match 'is wicked spirit. Ah just 'ope the stupid bloke doesn't go on an infection spree. Joey 'ad the willpower to resist doing that to 'is friends. But this Cary menace is friends to no one."

                Roolock then paused for a moment as he turned his muzzle to look directly at Kiel. "What is the real reason yas and yer order brothers needed to train a new Ranger team? Something about this whole set up stinks and Ah wasn't born yesterday, Kiel. Ah am older than yas are."

                Brock and Daiquiri wisely moved away from the bar counter to go play a game of billiards.

                Kiel looked to Roolock and replied quietly, "We are about to retire from the business, Roolock old buddy. We chose to gift the entire order to a nice adventurous band of 'uman joeys and sheilas who we knew could keep it from falling apart. When we learned about Lari and 'is Adventure Guild club that the Boomer Force had saved the club'ouse of at least once, we knew we 'ad found our joeys and sheilas. But we also knew that they would not likely just accept a gift like this unless they felt they 'ad earned it. After their four weeks of training, they were to have received the equal lording and ladying of the powers of the Musketeer Order. And then the incident in Studpaw's realm which caused Lari's infection and this was followed by one of yer citizen's accidentally awakening the Were-Roo mentality which we learned was evil and yas of all immoral boomers could not rein it back in despite it being a spell one of yer own people cast to release this Cary menace. Ah still plan on Lording Lari but ah would never lord Cary since 'e is a 'ateful prick."

                Roolock grinned again. "'e 'ad balls to say 'e wasn't afraid of me. So when is the club's lording to occur?"

                Kiel replied, "Tomorrow after the team's newest Anti-poacher outing. Sakar detected more Poachers for us to 'andle and 'e plans on keeping the other Boomers busy."

                Directly out from the doorway sitting on a large flat rock overlooking the vastness of the valley itself was Lari in his shorts. He was rather hunched up holding his knees to his chest with his arms as he watched the other Were-Beasts in the Sanctuary.

                Once Joey spotted him, he allowed Tailslap to wander wherever to get his first mating experience outside of Joey's body. The Were-Boomer hopped up to the real Lari and he placed a padded hand over his friend's right shoulder. " Are yas okay, mate?" He asked gently giving a smile once Lari could see his muzzle.

                The real Lari had to be given the body of a Were-Kangaroo who had died to a hunter's fatal strike and his human form had been altered so as to regain the real Lari's appearance. He glanced up at Joey as he sighed. "Joey...? Roolock told me 'ow yas ran afoul of Cary; Ah am sorry yer mixed up in this malarkey of a nightmare... and Ah'm kinda... scared. Not of you!" He quickly added. "...but... Ah'm a Were-Kangaroo like yas are and Ah realize that Ah don't know if Ah am really ready for this. This is going to be my first full moon night. And Ah don't want to 'urt anyone. This new body is more experienced than Ah am."

                Joey sighed, and lounged right next to Joey closely. "My friends don't know this, but when Ah first turned into a Were-roo, Ah was afraid, and before Tailslap 'as been ordered to teach me, 'e was about to bite and infect Knuckletail's mother, and before Ah could, Ah used the last of my willpower to push 'im away, and ran off into the outback before Ah lost control of my body, and Ah witnessed my first 'unt as if Ah was the third person." He then sighed. "When Deryk Sidarius (the Tao Ranger) got to me with the... 'you' you saw, Ah was naked and animal blood was drying on my mouth and neck. Ah didn't want any of them to come; Ah was willing to live my life isolated from others in the outback. Then Bitepaw's second incarnation bit me again in the same spot the original bit me. Next thing Ah knew, Ah was fighting for control of my body against Tailslap, and Ah was on the losing end, until an original Order Kangaroo Lord saved my soul from oblivion..."

                Joey said, "My first change came to me by surprise; yas know who yas are before the first change, mate. And Ah'll like to be there to 'elp yas with yer first 'unt, and probably the same case with the full moon rituals. Tailslap might be willing to give yas a 'and as well."

                Joey then kissed Lari on the mouth, and rubbed his back. "Ah'm sorry yer learning yer first time in yer own way, mate; Ah started losing myself in my anger when 'Dad' was making all those stipulations. Ah got so frustrated Ah didn't think to disrobe before Ah transformed but Ah needed to blow off the steam and 'Dad' was adding more and more to my anger and Ah needed to object to most of it."

                Lari kissed Joey back before saying, "'Dad' told me that 'e 'ad to get yas mad on purpose so yas would release it all at once without 'urting anyone. 'e said that it was the only way yas could 'eal yerself for yer team." He paused and looked up toward the sanctuary's sky-dome. "The moon will be rising in a few minutes. And then... Ah get to experience the ride that never ends. 'Dad' and Roolock said that Ah should simply relax and not fight it. That fighting it made it worse. Ah am really glad yas and Tailslap are gonna be around to 'elp me."

                And then he saw the moon moving into view. "...and so it begins..." And he began to feel the pain rippling through his body.
                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine: Fading Blossom.
                  Hell's Gate Downs, Queensland, Australia.
                  In Northern Australia however at the fight location of the Kangacrocs, Crocaroos, the Necro-Boomers and the Boomer Rangers, a thick band of clouds move in from the bay to the North and moisture began to be felt in the air. A Necro-Boomer was about to get the drop on North from behind when the Silver Boomer Ranger instantly felt as if 'e had been yanked sideways through a misty curtain of thick air. Standing there was a Were-Kangaroo Boomer with purple eyes. "You almost go back attacked, Silver Ranger. Ah just saved yer life. According to Outback and Dreamtime laws, yas owe me for my kind act. Ah will come find yas later. For now, Ah will put yas back into the battle closer to yer friends."

                  North exclaimed, "Just who are you anyway?"

                  The Were-Kangaroo replied seconds before shoving North back out into the battle with his back to his teammates, "Caringpaw, but my friends call me Cary. Yas owe me for saving yas; Now don't forget, ranger. Ah know 'ow yas 'eroes keep yer word and 'ave 'onor."

                  The rest of the battle went by pretty quickly with the Boomers regrouped in one location. It would have been harder to pull off the win without North making back to the others when he did. And then the clouds opened up and it began raining as if Noah released the flood gates of the Red Sea.

                  The enemy was barely gone from the battle site when a short cute little girl with a pink and white frilly parasol with pink shorts, a pink blouse, pink hair with pig tails wearing a pink rain coat with pink galoshes walked into the open from one side of the now empty battle field. "Greetings Boomer Rangers! Since you are a good distance from your home base without your leader, I get to test your might. I am Blossom the Demon General of Spring! First I will heal you of all your fatigue and damage!" Instantly a spell affect went off as the Boomer Force felt as if they had not been in a battle as yet. "Now fight with all of your might!" Instantly after she spoke those words, a horde of demon warriors appeared on the battle field in front of the little girl. "Get them!" And that's when the demon warriors surged forward toward the Boomer Force who were not sure if this was happening or not.

                  Zander was the only one who even had a smidgen of having experience with demons and he knew the Boomer Force were not ready for something like this! As he began firing off his anti-demon weapons, he shouted, "Run! Ah'll do my best to 'old these demons off!"

                  Before Bindi could defy Zander's shouted command, Zander, Bindi and the rest of the Rangers as well as all of their vehicles were deposited in the Station yard of the Sidarius Station as if the nightmare had not just occurred. Zander then did a head count and he noticed right away that North was not among them.

                  Within the in-between space, Cary held North in his arms gently as he bit through the Silver Ranger's thigh and gave him a portion of his love before gently sliding the Silver Ranger out of the in-between space just behind the bushes nearest to the station house. And then the rain that had began in the North of Australia began to fall at the station.

                  Deryk whom had been looking around the yard for where North had fallen, then called out, "Ah found 'im mates! 'e landed behind the bushes closest to the house."

                  Bindi was speaking directly to Zander. "Those were demons, Zander?"

                  Zander wasn't smiling. "Yas saw 'ow they appeared out of nowhere with fire blasts, didn't yas? The little girl in pink said they were demons. We could 'ave been killed! Yas blokes are not ready for that kind of action. Ah fight the Pyraxes all the time; those blokes were warriors."

                  Deryk and JT were helping North to get back into the house since North seemed to have some sort of leg injury that made no sense.

                  Bindi said, "Flyer! Get word to the Kangaroo Order about the demons! We need figure out what's going down!" Flyer exclaimed, "Ah'm on it, Bindi!"

                  Zander then said, "Let's get out of this rain. We have things to do in the morning."

                  Due to General Blossom's healing spell, none of the Boomer Force save one would be able to recall the demon appearance at the end of their fight against Sakar's and Kangamancer's forces in Hell's Gate Downs. And that Ranger was about to have an unusual dream that night in regards to a homosexual love he was not aware he had for a purple eyed boy whom looked a lot like the blue eyed boy with blond hair in Blackall whom owned the Adventure Guild clubhouse that their team prevented from being destroyed some weeks ago.

                  North Lonewolf already admired Lari Knight from afar since the young man had built a clubhouse, a structure he was familiar with back in the states. Down under, clubhouses were almost obsolete. Seeing one had special meaning for the American born youngster like North Lonewolf or any other pre-teen American born young boy. He also recalled that Lari Knight has said that membership was open ended. You only have to love having adventures. Not a bad prerequisite for joining the club. Lari even accepted sheilas. He was equal opportunity.

                  This Were-Kangaroo called Caringpaw ("Cary" for short) intrigued him since the moon-touched young boomer had saved North from the Necro-Boomer and later pulled the entire team back to their own station. North doesn't remember falling behind the bushes nor would he remember when he sustained a leg injury that seemed to be healing up rapidly by itself. After powering down, both Deryk and JT noticed what looked like a bleeding kangaroo bite mark on North's inner thigh. But by morning, they wouldn't even remember that fact.

                  Demon magic was not something to regard as beneficial.

                  In fact, upon powering down, most of the Boomer Force almost fell over right where they stood as if they only dreamed receiving heir second wind before their encounter with... the girl in pink? That doesn't sound right. The battle against the Dreamtime menace's minions must have exhausted them more than they had originally thought. Perhaps a good sleep would fix that. Come the morning, it would be business as usual for the Boomer Force... namely finding out more information on the Mod Squad. Bindi was too riled up to forget that.
                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten: North's Secret Love.
                    Within a dream state of being, a very naked North was having sex with the purple eyed were-boomer boy being literally on top of the kangaroo in a compromising position with full penetration. "Wait a minute! This isn't right; I am a good boy. Why am I doing this?"

                    Cary replied with a smile. "This is a secret fantasy, my love. Yas are not really doing this; we are simply in yer dreams at the moment. So go a'ead and 'ave some fun. As long as yas don't do this in the waking world, no one has to know a thing; especially not yer relatives. Just remember, North my love... Nothing in the Outback ever 'appens by accident. Yas were already thinking about this simply by working around the marsupials on the station. Yas knew yas couldn't do this with them, so my coming along gave yas the perfect fantasy to play with. Go a'ead and fill me with yer seed, love. Ah won't tell if yas don't tell. Don't yas want to be more important to Cousin Lex and 'is mate Seth. They would approve of yer doing this. So go for it, love. Live the fantasy. This is a dream after all. Nothing bad can 'appen in a dream." He then gave North a deep kiss on the boy's mouth which made the human boy start to feel tingly and funny in a Pinocchio on Pleasure Island sort of way. "Were-Roo boomers do this sort of thing all the time, love. Yas are a Boomer Ranger, aren't yas?"

                    North squirmed although his ability to pull himself off of Cary was hampered by the were-roo's powerful hugging grip. "This just feels wrong. Ah don't mount every animal in the States. Ugh." And so saying this, he felt himself get his release as he filled Cary's insides with his young juices. "Ah am so sorry, Cary. Ah was trying to be a good joey." He never even realized that he was starting to speak with the Aussie lilt there in the dream.

                    Cary smiled as he milked his new boyfriend until he felt no more emerging. "Ah am Lari's cousin. Ah know yas 'ave been interested in 'is club. Just agree to be my lover and Ah will put in a good word to my cousin so yas can join 'is club. 'e would love to 'ave yas as a club member. And Ah already love yas, North."

                    Unexpectedly from one side, a kangaroo boomer wearing an orange cape with a dark green mask over his eyes exclaimed, "Don't make that agreement, North; This rotten blighter is trying to trick yas! Its a good thing the Academy told me, Outback Legend, to be on the look out for yer rotten ass, Carington Lionel Knight! 'ow dare yas steal Lari's body for wicked and evil purposes! Ah'm taking yas in, Rogue!"

                    Cary smiled as he lay there looking bloated. "Oh, Go a'ead and nab me, Outback Legend. North got me pregnant a moment ago. If yas 'urt me, yer breaking yer own oath yas swore in regards toward protecting all young joeys and sheilas. My unborn Were-Joey's name will be Southpaw Lonewolf. That's right, North, my love... yer a father now."

                    With North released from Cary's grasp, Outback Legend was placing the escape proof cuffs on the Rogue's wrists. "By the power invested in me by the 'oly Pouch, 'imslf, yas are under arrest, Were-Roo rogue known as Carington Lionel Knight. When yas give birth, Southpaw Lonewolf will be taken care of and North will be given visitation rights to 'is Dreamtime son. But since this isn't even yer body, Cary, that makes the true mother of the child, Lars "Lari" Knight, despite Roolock 'aving to give 'im a new body after yas stole Lari's body to use for yer evil plot. Yas will be lucky if yas don't end up sealed into a cave drawing like the rest of the Fatherly United Council of Kangaroos. Yes, North, that spells, FUCK. They were not a nice group of Boomers at all. And Cary is acting just like one of their kind."

                    North was a little disgusted from the activity and the explanation and although he was angry at Cary for tricking him in a dream, there was still the fact that Cary had saved him from the back attack attempt by the Necro-Boomer at the battle. "Be lenient with 'im, Outback Legend... 'e saved my life at the battle earlier tonight by preventing me from getting stabbed in the back by a Necro-Boomer. Ah am upset with 'is trickery just now but 'e did save me."

                    Cary then said, "Mistress Soluella started 'er campaign of evil earlier tonight, Legend. She let 'er most powerful demon general challenge the Boomer Force while the rangers were a member short. General Blossom, the demon General of Spring. She looks like a little girl in frilly pink clothes and she commands a massive demon 'orde. If Ah 'adn't pulled the Boomer Force out of there and deposited them back at their station, they would all be dead by now. And despite my tricking North... this is 'ard for me to understand myself... but Ah do love 'im. 'e interests me, Legend."

                    Outback Legend was doubly disgusted now. "North is not even twelve yet, Cary. Robbing the cradle will get yer buns walloped off."

                    Cary replied, "Technically Ah am only a few weeks old myself despite being in Lari's teen-aged body. Were-Roos can start families at an early age; yas know that, Legend."

                    Outback Legend turned to look at North. "And stop talking with the Aussie lilt, North. Bindi will notice this change in yas if yas talk like this around the team. Especially Deryk. What 'ave yas done to 'im, Cary? And undo it right now."

                    Cary replied, "Ah cannot undo it, Legend. the full moon 'as likely already shined its light upon 'is eyes earlier tonight. North 'as joined the Mob eternal when Ah kissed 'im on 'is thigh during the battle. Then General blossom cast that spell of 'ealing on the rangers and that sealed what 'ad done all the more. 'e will speak normally in the waking world, Legend, for twenty days until 'e sees the next full moon; then 'is lilt will return. And there is nothing Ah can do about it. And even if Ah could, Ah won't because Ah love 'im."

                    Outback Legend hefted Cary upright to his feet as he glared hard at North. "Ah command yas to wake up and forget this dream until yas re-earn the lilt! GO!"

                    Just as a flash of lightning lit up the stormy night time sky over the station, North awakened with a rapid jerk in his own bed not even aware that he had kangaroo ears on his head and a thick kangaroo tail laying out between his legs just under the blankets. For Were-Animals who were not aware as yet, it was the Pleasure Island donkey effect like Lampwick in the Disney movie had experienced. You could grow the appendages and not even realize you had them. "What woke me up? Man... I feel... fuh-nee...?" He slowly stopped talking because he had been in the process of running one hand over the top of his head to move his hair out of his eyes when his hand bumped against one of his new kangaroo ears. He reached up with both hands and felt over the kangaroo ears on top of his head. And as he was doing this, the rest of his kangaroo head and muzzle grew painlessly out of his face.

                    With a jump, he landed on the floor out of his bed as he looked in the bedroom mirror at himself. His eyes went wide in fright as another flash of lightning lit up his room enough for him to see that he had the head and tail of a kangaroo. And then North fainted dead away on the floor.
                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Three.
                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Inquiring Boomer Minds, Part 2 of 2: "Outback Storm Warning".