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[AG-PR1] PRMA-02 Final Training and Rewards

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    [AG-PR1] PRMA-02 Final Training and Rewards

    [AG-PR1] Power Rangers Musketeer Action
    [AG-PR1] PRMA-02 Final Training and Rewards
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Co-written by Lexington Lonewolf (Devvy-boy)

    Lars "Lari" Carington Knight, Red Kangaroo Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Mudfoot Joey Dorm | Warlock in training) || Shugar the Creamy Ass/Knotty the YRO Boomer
    Timothy Wesley Celeron, Blue Hedgehog Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Courier Roo Dorm | Courier in training) || Streak the Greyhound/Hyper the Hedgehog
    James Robert Hansen, Green Crocodile Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Swamp Roo Dorm | Crocaroo Guard in training) || Styler the Dolphin/Jacrocker the Crocoboomer
    Olivia Min Banks, Pink Riflebird Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Glorious Flight Dorm | Glorious Sharpshooter apprentice) || Eiffel the Riflebird/Jharma the Jaguar
    Marcia Daria White, Black Dingo Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Amazonian Outback Dorm | Boomerang Warrior in training) || Smooth the Dingo/Baton the Rouge Bat

    Also Starring:
    The Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'.
    He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'.
    He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'.
    He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.
    Studpaw: Also known as 'Studdy'.
    A studly Western Grey Kangaroo from Sidarius Station that became the successor of Lord Jinx before Joey gains his Battlizer powers. Unlike the cursed three, Studpaw has his own Dreamtime Realm as well as inheriting Jinx's position in the actual Kangaroo Order, making him the third unsealed. Currently the first non-were to be inducted into the Musketeers Order.
    Lord Roolock: He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft.
    Although recently, he has agreed to a term of peace between himself and the rest of Dreamtime and is now helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lady Riff: She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises.
    In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight: This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member.
    He shares reports with his son when possible.
    Quicksilver: He is a Message Courier Roo that often goes between Dreamtime Realms and Australia.
    He's super-fast, but not good at stopping himself.
    Dreamtime Crocodile Realm:
    Master Sakar
    Crocodile Guards
    Kangacrocs, advanced grunts
    Crocaroos, grunts
    Dreamtime Undead Roo Realm:
    Lord Kangamancer
    Necro-Boomers, advanced grunts
    May 28th, 2011
    Chapter One -- Tending to a Stud's Needs.
    "Greetings, late night Dreamtime TV fans! Broadcast Boomer 'ere. As we left off in the last report, the Rangers just received their Spirit Guides. The date is still May 28th in the year of our lord 2011 thanks to the time displacement magic that the Musketeer Order 'ave erected around the Adventure Guild club'ouse. The action begins not at the Kangaroo Academy but clear over at Lord Studpaw's realm; formerly Lord Jinx's realm. Ah now bring to yas the continuation of this special expose' of the Power Rangers Musketeer Action..."
    Lord Studpaw's Realm (formerly Lord Jinx's Realm.)
    "Um..." said Lari when he saw all of the outright mating going on all over Lord Studpaw's realm. "Ah can't imagine anyone... wanting to invade when... this... was going on. Surely there are other realms with treasures worth taking for bad guys to target."

    Studpaw smirked, as he rubbed his own pouch, as he lounged on a rock platform that always remained cool no matter what the weather. "Sakar and Kangamancer know Ah support the Boomer Force, so they find the need to attack my realm since Ah reclaimed it from the Lady Viceroy, daughter of the late Order Kangaroo Lord Jinx. She 'ad the realm so celibant, she even banned were-kangaroos from the realm due to their feral natures. She was even disgusted that Ah came to claim my realm with the Stellar Stranger and what yas call the 'Were-Boomer' as my traveling companions."

    The Order Kangaroo Lord then smirked, as he petted on Lari. "As for the goings on, my followers are making up for lost time, and many years of enforced celibacy. The former Lady Viceroy chose to leave, and 'opefully would find a way to open 'er own realm with her anger-fueled standards."

    "Good thing the girls can't see this," said Lari as he slowly knelt close to a pair of Boomers in activity and gently scratched on their heads and around their ears a bit. "Olivia would be disgusted and Marcy can be... crude and scary sometimes. Poor James got it the worst when the Croc RA made him try to mate with two other Crocs in Croc Mud. And Timmy... 'as Quicksilver's sudden stopping problem at the moment. It was funny the first few times, but after that, I felt sorry for 'im. As for me... Ah've met Knuckletail and 'e accidentally told me what was going on when 'e thought Ah was 'is mommy. And after 'e left... Ah got invited to be a dealer for the Moon Knight Orders' poker game. They really appreciated both mine and Knotty's assistance to keep the card playing action honest. They enjoyed my assistance so much they invited me to come back another time." He then smiled as he rubbed on the Boomers. "Yer citizens are really 'andsome, Studpaw..." ...although a bit sticky to the touch. I wonder how long they have been at this? he's privately thinking.

    Studpaw rubbed Lari's sides. "My followers 'ave seem to reflected my attractiveness when Ah successfuly claimed my realm. As for young Knuckletail, he's a young were-joey and has the innocence of youth flowing through him. 'is father feels that he failed in keeping 'is promise to the mother to take care of the child, though Ramses 'as offered paw and pouch to 'elp 'im. Ah recommended that 'e be sent to the Kangaroo Academy to be taken care of while the father can still fight the menaces with the Were-Armor Battlizer." He then rubbed Lari's stomach. "As for yer friend, Ah 'ope that my Tree Kangaroo followers would forgive 'im after Ah sent 'im to call one of them to 'elp one of the Cursed Three balance on the branches."

    Lari was rubbing one of the boomer's chests when he felt Studpaw rub his stomach and he slipped and got a mouth full of boomer saliva and were-boomer jism mixed well in his mouth. He accidentally swallowed most of it, before coughing a little. "Yas... *cough cough* ...surprised me with yer... paws, Studpaw. But Ah don't mind. Just startled me, is all."

    He resumed petting and rubbing on the involved boomers, unaware of what Studpaw was prepping the scene for.

    Studpaw smirked. "Yer 'ips are nice..." He then brought Lari down to the ground and started some real censored activities no one should see. However, Lari would be surprised about what is to come for him.

    Knotty smiled as he floated nearby. "Yer really gaining important Immoral points for Mudfoot Joey, Lari. If they could see yas now."

    Lari grunted, "Ah am glad they can't. They might want to 'elp or cheer Studpaw on. Not like the stud needs it. Agh..." The rest of anything he would say was lost as he felt the prehensile lock him up to the Kangaroo's base.

    Shugar then spoke to Knotty. "Yas know we are not 'is guides to score points; why did yas bring up the scoring system for the Dorms?"

    Knotty replied, "Roolock instructed me to mention it to Lari since 'e feels the joey needs to know about it; the leader needs to 'ave inside information. When Lari 'as to attend to the Secondary Dorm to reflect yer species, 'e will learn some more important information. Of course both of our species are good at Kicking and Mating."

    Shugar smiled. "The Secondary Sponsor Lord is Tarnado; through 'im, Lari will learn martial arts, including Kick Boxing, and 'e will get free sugar cane stalks for the team."

    Knotty smirked. "Sounds like Lari is going to be all sugared up."

    Shugar chuckled. "Looks like Lari is going to be all fattened up just like these other boomers."

    One of the Were-Kangaroo Boomers whispered to Lari, "They are just jealous because yer getting what they want. Although free sugar sounds like a nice treat."

    Another moon-touched boomer said, "Ah remember seeing yas at the Moon Knight Order the other day, Lari. Yer a fair dealer. Every moon-touched order member likes yas. Ah will 'elp yas when yas 'ave to birth yer joeys later. The first time always feels the weirdest; but after that, it gets easier and easier. Just in case, we should arrange a medical check up with the Academy physician to make sure yer okay after yas complete this assignment."

    Shugar then asked, "Why does 'e need to 'ave a physical just for 'aving sex? Studpaw is no Were-Roo." The reply was, "'e could get infected through fluid and pheromone association."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Border Guards.
    Outside Studpaw's Realm
    The realm borders seemed calm for now, as a Crocaroo ran from the likes of both James and Marcy. "What in the queen's royal jewels is up with these blokes?" remarked the Crocaroo guard in-training that is James Hansen. "They are less intelligent than the ones in my dorm." Jacrocker remarked, "Yas 'ave been paying attention to yer fighting training."

    Marcy smirked, as she caught her Boomerang. "Too bad I didn't aim for their joey-makers. Otherwise, they'd be crying as they retreated." Baton smiled. "You did good, girlfriend."

    The Realm Guard Roo, Oilpaws, who was standing at that post commented, "Ah don't wish to knock yer abilities, sheila, but Crocaroo soldiers 'ave armored slit covering their joey-makers. In order for yas to do damage to their joey-makers, yas would 'ave to get yer weapon, 'ands, or feet inside the slit to strike the vital sensitive parts. 'owever... some lords and ladies can make their soldiers with slits 'ave bigger inside than outward appearance type of slits, making them into a vacuum like slit world. If yer 'ands or feet got inside the slit of one of those soldiers, yas could be sucked all the way in and then... yas would 'ave a Devil Roo of a time finding yer way out before 24 'ours passed or... yas would change into a kid version of the soldier and... yas would be totally under the Master's command. Yas might not even remember who yas were then."

    Whether that is a true story or not, it's enough to make people NOT want to try it.

    The other Realm Guard, Dualtail, actually had two kangaroo tails due to a magical accident. "They are trying to take over this realm because Master Sakar knows that Lord Studpaw 'elps the Boomer Force, therefore...Sakar wants to take this realm away from Studpaw to teach 'im a lesson for 'elping... 'umans... no offense, mates."

    "By 'umans, yas mean Boomer Force, do yas, mate?" James asked inquisitively.

    Olivia was still up in her perch, monitoring the horizon for any advance forces from the Undead Roos, or more of Sakar's forces. Eiffel said, "Good sighting, partner."

    A huge breeze shot up, as Timmy was running towards another roo's realm on another assignment for Lord Studpaw. Marcy hummed. "I am guessing that was Timmy," she observed, while wiping off the grime off of her Boomerang.

    Dualtail replied, "Aye, Boomer Force. Sakar knows about yas blokes yet 'e isn't targeting yas because Kiel is making sure yas stay non-tech. Yas know, it strikes me as kinda odd that Lord Studpaw assigned yas three to serve on Board Guard, 'e keeps sending yer speedy friend off to distant other realms; yet 'e is keeping yer leader in realm central. The only thing going on in realm central are the boomers making up for inactivity by sowing their wild oats within tehir mates bodies. Ah don't know why that would interest yer club leader friend."

    Oilpaws grinned slyly, "Unless 'e loves making friends with roos when they are distracted in their breeding activities."

    Marcy gagged. "Didn't expect to hear that..." Smooth stated, "It isn't that disgusting. Maybe the bloke is fishing for information."

    James hummed, "Or it could be because 'e caught the interest of Studpaw; because of that, Studpaw is in that mood." he winked. Styler remarked, "Your detection skills improve daily."

    Oilpaws cleared his throat as he said, "Incoming Crocaroos, mates. More this time. And Marcy... remember what Ah said about striking the joey-makers; yas 'ave to penetrate the armored 'ide of the slit or yas won't 'urt their prides at all."

    Dualtail exclaimed, "Ah wish they'd back off for a few days. 'ad they waited a week, yas 'uman Cadets wouldn't be 'elping us. Kinda makes it worse for them." He lifted his weapon and prepared for the confrontation.

    As sudden as he made the wish, a bunch of Kangamancer's Necro-Boomers risen from the ground, forming from the bones and rotting flesh of deceased kangaroos, and rocks imbued with darkness. Most of the Necro-Boomers started attacking the Crocaroos, while a few of them tried to attack the Realm Guards, including the human cadets.

    "Oh great," James said, as he summoned his ranger weapon. "And Ah thought we were getting the 'ang of this..."

    Arrows were being fired from Olivia's location, but though it was useful against the Crocaroos, it wasn't against the Undead Necro-Boomers.

    Dualtail sighed. "Ah 'ope they don't make us close the borders with the realm force field."

    Oilpaws replied, "The Necro-Boomers aren't really bad guys 'ere in the Dreamtime. Kangamancer just doesn't want Sakar to receive any unfair advantages in power to trump 'im. And more realms would be more power. Funny none of them 'ave considered Realm Alliances, like the Kangamice and Bushrats 'ave been doing."

    Dualtail said, "Ah think yer leader is fulfilling one of Roolock's edicts that immoral bloke requires 'is Dorm joeys to complete once a week."

    Oilpaws glanced at the rangers in training. "Ys shouldn't knock it without trying it. 'umans are not better than Dreamtimers. Perfection is over-rated."

    Dualtail then said, "But some 'umans are necessary in the grand scheme of life to keep the procreation fluids pure."

    While Marcy again made yet another face of disgust, Smooth said, "Ah am still working with her to 'elp 'er become more open minded."
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Knights of the Wind.
      A private location along Dreamtime's Merchants road between Realm Borders.
      One Courier Roo graduate named Lightspeed was glad to have gotten assigned to helping Timmy in his training. It was an honor any time a graduate got to help a new recruit. Lightspeed did have one advantage over most Courier Roos. When you graduate from the Academy, you always get granted a special enhancement or extra power to call your own. Lightspeed chose, pardon the name pun, the Lightspeed enhancement. He was literally as fast as a star ship now. No less funny during collisions. Colliding with things was something you never got over as a Courier Roo. And sometimes, you met the nicest life-mates during a collision. Today, he was bringing Timmy a meal. Heck, the boy deserved it. "Looking good, mate," Lightspeed said with a smile at Timmy. "Are yas 'ungry? Ah brought yas a meal and a cold drink."

      "Thanks, Lightspeed," said Timmy, as he took off his sneakers, and set them to the side. "If only I had shoes like Sonic, the trips could possibly be easier on my shoes." As they could tell, his shoes had barely any sole left on each one.

      Lightspeed handed over the meal bag and the drink. "We could always ask Sonic if 'e would give yas some shoes like 'is. Ah've met the bloke. The Blue Freedom Fighter Ranger is really awesome. If only 'e would join the Courier Roos... what an asset 'e would be." He smiled dreamily.

      "He would," Timmy says, "Maybe I should look him up once I am back in Blackall if he's around." A person that doesn't know the difference between Dreamtrail and another dimension, where Sonic would be helpful to another ranger team, as well as another Sonic fan. Nonetheless, Timmy started eating some of the food out of the meal bag, and took a small sip of the cold beverage.

      Lightspeed grinned. "Why wait until then? We can call Sonic from right 'ere in the Dreamtime. Just call it... my special gift for a special Courier Roo Sonic Fan friend..." He gave Timmy a kiss on his cheek. "...yas." He then opened his pouch and pulled out a mirror with magical control knobs on it, and a base to set it up with. He then drew a large circle on the ground around himself and Timmy, with the magical device in the middle. There was even space for two other full sized kangaroos in the circle. Then Lightspeed activated the device and said, "This is Lightspeed of the Courier Roos in Dreamtime. Come in Freedom Fighters. Over."

      Sally Acorn's voice was then heard. "We read you, Lightspeed. What is the degree of your call? Over."

      "Ah need to ask Sonic for a favor of the wardrobe malfunction kind. We got a Cadet 'ere who 'as to wear shoes and 'e keeps melting the soles off of 'is sneakers when 'e runs. Any assistance from Sonic would be greatly appreciated. Over."

      "Give me five minutes, Lightspeed. Over."

      Lightspeed turned his muzzle to Timmy and winked with a smile.

      Timmy was nervous of being able to meet his idol, but luckily not as nervous as he was when he was initiated into The Courier's Way. "Thank you... mate." he winked. Though he couldn't help but wonder what Sonic himself would ask of him in return for aiding him in his footwear needs.

      Moments later, an emerald portal appeared inside the circle with the two and stepping out of the portal was an anthro 4'6" blue hedgehog wearing a blue jacket with double letter 'F's back to back with a gold crown draped over them, red and white sneakers, and a gold power ring with a blue emerald stone. With him was an average 16 year old American boy. He stood about 5'9", had long black hair that he kept in a ponytail, and had brown eyes. His face was rather plain, his body was rather thin, looking like he could use a good meal. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt adorned with a stylistic logo on it... showing the letters 'A' and 'L' interwoven together in gold. The boy also wore a silver necklace with a blue hedgehog jewel.

      "Someone call for the Knights of the Wind shoe company?" said Sonic the Hedgehog. "We deliver!"

      Lightspeed chuckled and pointed at Timmy. "'e could use a pair of yer specials, old friend."

      Sonic knelt down and measured Timmy's feet while the other boy shook Lightspeed's paw with a smile, but said nothing for now.

      "It's nice to meet you, Sonic... Mr. Sonic... sir..." he stammered a little, seeing Sonic the Hedgehog in the fur. He was also blushing a little while his feet were measured.

      Sonic grinned and sent the shoe information through his PDA to his Mobian footwear company and seconds later, Sonic was fitting the new Gold and White Sonic-Sneakers on Timmy's feet. And they felt SUPER going on. "Now," said Sonic. "As for what I will charge you..."

      Lightspeed smiled. "The bloke is a Power Ranger in training for 'Dad', if that 'elps yas make a decision."

      Sonic smiled as he and his boy high-fived each other. Then Sonic said, "I'll make the price simple then. Promise me that your team will permit a team-up with the Freedom Fighters someday and we'll call it even. Besides, you're a fan."

      The 'AL' boy then said, "Do you have a hand-held Sonic game like most Sonic fans do?"

      The Courier in training nods to the Mobian hedgehog. "For you, I promise, Sonic. We'll show the bad guys who's boss!"
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Joining The Moon-Touched.
        Timmy nodded to the 'AL' Boy, and brought out his game from his messenger bag. "Never leave home or the academy without it, even to the Adventure Guild." he winked. "And if it's okay to ask, are you a Sonic fan as well?"

        The 'AL' boy smiled. "All the way and way past cool, bro!" He takes Timmy's game and opens the back, pulls out the batteries, then... he pulls two unusual batteries out of his jacket pocket and put them into Timmy's game and closed it. Then, he pulled out a black box with a transfer cord and plugged it into the game. A voice then said, "Millennium Levels Unlocked. Sonic Gold Unlocked. Platinum Tails Booster Unlocked. Hidden Levels Unlocked. New Missions Uploading. Done. New Missions Unlocked. Emerald Transporter Unlocked. All Modes Unlocked. Secret Sonic Glossography Unlocked. This game is incapable of handling any further enhancements. Please insert Sonic Save Booster to continue." And the 'AL' boy pulled out a glowing save cartridge and plugged it into the game. "Mobian Environment Unlocked. Mobian Sound Effects Unlocked. Mobian Secret Characters Unlocked. Sonic Battlizer... Sealed until ranger unit is capable of interlinking into game. Enhancements complete." He then unplugged the save cartridge and the black box and pocketed them, as he handed the game with the Super Sonic Batteries inside them. "There are three secrets toward being the ultimate Sonic Fan, my friend. One, you have to have the hand-held game. You now have it. Two, you have to have the Sonic speed. As a Courier, you have the speed. And three, you have to talk the talk and walk the walk, or in Sonic's case, run the run. It's not enough to simply play at being Sonic; you have to _BE_ Sonic in each breath and in every challenge. Are we way past cool, bro?"

        Timmy smiled and grasped the 'AL' boy's forearm. "We are definitely way past cool, friend." He then tilted his head in confusion. "Umm... what did you say your name was?"

        The 'AL' boy glanced at Sonic, who nodded his head in return. Then the boy said, "Cliff "Pulsar" Flowen. I'm the son of the Blue Adventure Ranger from Planet Adalia and... Sonic the Hedgehog from the Mobian Dimension. I live with mom, here." And he hugged Sonic, who hugged him in return.

        Sonic said, "The Blue Adventure Ranger and I got stuck in one of Ro-butt-nik's gyro contraptions and it transported us to a meteoric asteroid deep in Mobian space. Time on the Asteroid was vastly different than it was on Mobius. And the air caused the two of us to... do something we both swore we'd never do together... we had sex. And... over time, I got pregnant. I don't know why my partner never did. He got it as much as I did. Anyway, Cliff, here, was born and my partner and I raised him until he was his current age. But then, Nitro, bless his sexy little heart, found out where we were and he arranged with Princess Sally to get us transported home. But there was a problem. The transporter could only transport two of us and there were three of us. Worse, the asteroid was on a collision course with a larger asteroid. We didn't have much time. In the end, the Blue Adventure Ranger gave all of his gear to Cliff and he pushed us into the transporter. I screamed for him to not do this, but it was too late."

        Cliff finished for Sonic. "...and the two of us were back on Mobius where we... witnessed on the viewing screen... the asteroid slamming into the other asteroid and... and..."

        Sonic said, "And now you know what happened. Cliff is my son... and his dad sacrificed himself so we... could live. And now, we need to get home to Mobius. If you ever need our help again, Lightspeed, just call Princess Sally. Come on, Cliff. Let's go home and visit... Heath Point." And the two with tears on their faces slowly walked through the emerald portal and the portal closed.

        Back at Studpaw Realm Central.

        As Lari lay there amidst hundreds of other pregnant Kangaroos and Were-Kangaroos, reports kept coming in to Lord Studpaw concerning the border invasion attempts. The others were holding their own quite well, how long could they keep it up while the human Rescue Rangers were with the Border Guard. And of course, it wasn't just realm news coming in concern borders and pregnancies, but reports about the Boomer Force as well. Lord Studpaw was a very busy Kangaroo Lord.

        Lari sighed as he lay very close to a few Were-Kangaroos who he noticed had scooted over very close to him so they could speak to the pregnant human boy. Lari said, "Well, yas boomers scooted over 'ere to surround me, so what's on yer minds?"

        "We're just keeping yas warm, 'uman bloke," said one of the Were-Kangaroos, Luckypouch. "Yas need the warmth if yas are pregnant, mate."

        Another Were-roo, Roonip, said, "We also want yas to feel safe, and be glad the perverted Dingo Roo Lord that would be interested in yas was punished by a certain Were-Roo Ranger for taking a 'uman 'e got pregnant."

        Another Were-Roo, Phasehopper, said, "Yer aura and scent suggest more than just a pregnancy, mate. Ah should know... Ah've 'opped that path many times. Yas 'ave the scent and aura of the Moon Knight Order. Even if yas joined by accident, yas are already known to my order brothers and we would accept yas easily as an Order ally. We need to get Kiel's permission to induct yas further into our Order since yas are one of 'is special rangers."

        Lari raised one eye, although he was glad these Were-Roos were so closely around him as he asked, "What is a Moon Knight? Ah should 'ave asked that back when Ah did the dealer thing."

        The other Were-Roo, Nightrule, a completely black Were-Boomer replied, "It is a special Dreamtime Order type who can shift between at least two or more chosen were-forms of species that 'e 'as chosen to learn. When Studpaw first groped yas and yas accidentally slammed yer 'ead and mouth into that Were-Roo that was active with 'is buddy... yas accidentally got 'is Were-fluids in yer mouth and then yas swallowed them. Doing that transferred 'is condition directly into yas, Lari. Yer an Order Roo yerself now. Albeit one that 'asn't learned 'ow to use yer new powers yet. It seems that yer primary were-form will be Were-Kangaroo, like the rest of us, so we Were-Boomers can 'elp teach yas on 'ow to shift into a Were-Roo."

        Lari said, "Oh. So Ah'm a Were-Roo... and pregnant."

        Phasehopper nodded his muzzle. "It's not so bad. Unlike Joey slash Eryk, yas won't 'ave to go through the throes of yer feral full moon phases cause yas gained yer induction 'ere in the Dreamtime. But we will 'ave to get yas signed up in some Moon-touched Officer Classes. Gaining a moon knight citizen actually gives Roolock more overall power."
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Secrets and Powers.
          Roonip snarled a little. "Kangamancer would've turned a Moon Knight in 'is citizenship into an undead one if 'e was still living to make sure 'e blends with the realm."

          Luckypouch glared at the were-roo with razor sharp teeth. "'ow do yas know that mate, when yas 'aven't been in 'is realm?"

          "Ah 'eard rumblings about Kangamancer turning one of Sakar's menaces from some guards outside of the Undead Roo's realm when Ah was returning after 'earing the news that the ban on Were-Roo's in our Lord's realm 'as been lifted."

          Nightrule rubbed on Lari's tummy with a paw. "Since yas will need Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo training and yer not signed up in any Academy courses to teach yas the tricks of the trade, we can extend an invitation to yas to join our Were-Roo clan. Dreamtime clans or orders are organizations with a common theme, regardless of what yer 'ome realm is. In our clan, every member is a Were-Roo. And since yas are the newest Dreamtime Were-Roo, we can ask yas to join our clan. And this is an offer outside of the Academy. Joining a clan or an order is for life. But once in, we would teach yas everything yas would need to know about being a Were-Roo, or any other kind of Were-Creature. Are yas interested in joining us in exchange for the moon knight education?"

          Lari could see the benefits of that immediately. And these four were protecting him anyway. "Okay, mates. Ah'll join yer clan. But just remember that Ah am one of 'Dad's project Rescue Rangers. When 'e needs me, Ah 'ave to answer to 'im."

          Phasehopper grinned slyly. "Since yas agreed to join up, Ah'm going to share a little Dreamtime secret with yas, Lari. Yas know 'ow everyone keeps saying that 'Mom' 'as a bottomless pouch? Yas 'ave 'eard the phrase... Ah'm gonna drop kick that villain into 'Mom's bottomless pouch. Well, the truth is... Mathilda is the real 'Mom'. There is a giant demon sheila hopping around whom is a demon whom 'as been trying to steal Mathilda's power. Ah've been in Mathilda's Pouch during a pouch cleaning mission and let me tell yas now... it is NOT bottomless. It is simply full of young joeys whom are all covered in sticky syrup and honey. 'ence why the pouch needs cleaning now and then, and she 'ires Cadets from the Academy to do it. If yas 'aven't been 'ired to do it yet, write yerself off as LUCKY. As lucky as Luckypouch 'ere. Maybe luckier. 'owever... the bottomless pouch is actually in 'Dad's pouch because 'is pouch leads into the Dreamtime Lost World. Ah've 'eard that Roos dropped in there 'ave yet to find their way out. So if yas ever end up in there... rescue as many roos as yas can. Make that a long-term goal mission."

          Lari arched an eye at that information and saw how serious Phasehopper was about the rescue mission. Therefore, it must have been very true. There were Roos in trouble in there. He wouldn't forget this mission.

          Back at the Kangaroo Academy...

          With Lari back in good order from giving Studpaw his first child, and Timmy still feeling that he had to apologize to Sonic and Cliff the next time they met, the Cadets had worked on their studies until the fourth week was over, which came as a bit of relief to James.

          Now they were presented to Lord Pouchlaw, where he was awaiting them with (his guests) for a last-minute lesson before they returned to Dreamtrail and their clubhouse. "Musketeer Cadets! At ease!" Lord Pouchlaw waited for a moment before continuing. "The time 'as come to unlock yer morphing ability and zord summoning powers. And let's not forget yer training mission on Earth later. Lord Kiel will instruct yas on that."

          Lord Kiel now said, "Since the Boomer Force cannot be everywhere at once, we Dreamtime entities 'ave been keeping an eye on Wilderness activities in the Outback itself. Namely a 'uge mobile Poacher Camp. Normally the wicked Yellow Boomer sheila would tackle these things but as Ah just said, Not even she can be everywhere at once. These stupid poachers did something recently which got Master Sakar's attention. They captured several of his Outback officers who were in stealth mode, meaning they were in their feral Croc forms. Sakar also learned about yas, James, when 'e read the dorm report. 'e expects yas to free the crocs before any other animals are released. 'e 'as agreed not to interfere in this mission to see 'ow yas do."

          Pouchlaw hopped forward and worked some Dreamtime magic on the Musketeer Bracers to unlock the last of their abilities. When he returned to where he had been standing, he said, "There is one more bonus power yas will all get when yas succeed in yer training mission. To succeed, Kiel will let yas know what yas need. And now, for the moment yas 'ave been waiting for."

          He then took the time to explain how to morph to the newest Rangers in Training. "Now that yas know 'ow to do it, let me see yas in action. Morph, Musketeer Cadets. Show me yer worthy of these four weeks of training." He then shouted, "All for one... and one for all!"

          Lari's Spirit Guides merged with his bracer as he struck a pose and he brought his bracer over his chest to activate the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Kangaroo!" A flare of red light went off from his bracer as he brought his arms down to his sides as he stood at attention. "Musketeer Red!" His surroundings suddenly became like the Outback with Ayers Rock in the background as his morphing sequence began. The flaring red light from the bracer coated his body from the neck down forming his all Red Dreamtime Uniform with Dark Red Gloves and Dark Red Boots. A shiny red belt appeared around his waist and then his kangaroo shaped red helmet came spinning down out of the sky as he reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over his head. Finally his surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of red smoke erupted from behind him. The view around him made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal him in a heroic stance. His two Were-Zords appeared behind him briefly. "Musketeer Order Red! Kangaroo Ranger!"

          Timmy's Spirit Guides merged with his bracer as he struck a pose and he brought his bracer over his chest to activate the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Hedgehog!" A flare of blue light went off from his bracer as he brought his arms down to his sides as he stood at attention. "Musketeer Blue!" His surroundings suddenly became like the Japanese woodlands with a large emerald floating in the background as his morphing sequence began. The flaring Blue light from the bracer coated his body from the neck down forming his all Blue Dreamtime Uniform with Cyan Gloves and Blue Sneakers. A shiny blue belt appeared around his waist and then his hedgehog shaped blue helmet came spinning down out of the sky as he reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over his head. Finally his surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of blue smoke erupted from behind him. The view around him made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal him in a heroic stance. His two Were-Zords appeared behind him briefly. "Musketeer Order Blue! Hedgehog Ranger!"
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Morphing and Teleporting.
            James' Spirit Guides merged with his bracer as he struck a pose and he brought his bracer over his chest to activate the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Crocodile!" A flare of green light went off from his bracer as he brought his arms down to his sides as he stood at attention. "Musketeer Green!" His surroundings suddenly became like a hot fetid Dreamtime swamp as his morphing sequence began. The flaring green light from the bracer coated his body from the neck down forming his all Green Dreamtime Uniform with Clawed Green Gloves and Clawed Green Boots. A shiny green belt appeared around his waist and then his Crocodile shaped green helmet came spinning down out of the sky as he reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over his head. Finally his surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of green smoke erupted from behind him. The view around him made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal him in a heroic stance. His two Were-Zords appeared behind him briefly. "Musketeer Order Green! Crocodile Ranger!"

            Olivia's Spirit Guides merged with her bracer as she struck a pose and she brought her bracer over her chest activating the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Riflebird!" A flare of pink light went off from her bracer as she brought her arms down to her sides as she stood at attention. "Musketeer Pink!" Her surroundings suddenly became like an ancient Dreamtime temple as her morphing sequence began. The flaring pink light from the bracer coated her body from the neck down forming her all Pink Dreamtime Uniform with Pink Gloves and Pink Boots. A shiny pink belt appeared around her waist and then her riflebird shaped pink helmet came spinning down out of the sky as she reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over her head. Finally her surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of pink smoke erupted from behind her. The view around her made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal her in a heroic stance. Her two Were-Zords appeared behind her briefly. "Musketeer Order Pink! Riflebird Ranger!"

            Marcy's Spirit Guides merged with her bracer as she struck a pose and she brought her bracer over her chest activating the Musketeer Order symbol. "Order Code... Bat!" A flare of black shadows flowed out of her collar as she brought her arms down to her sides as she stood at attention. "Musketeer Black!" Her surroundings suddenly became like a top secret debriefing room with a wall map in the background as her morphing sequence began. The spooky shadows from the bracer oozed over her body from the neck down forming her all Black Dreamtime Uniform with Off-Black Gloves and Off-Black Boots. A shiny ebony belt appeared around her waist and then her bat shaped black helmet came spinning down out of the sky as she reached up and caught it, before pulling it down over her head. Finally her surroundings returned to normal as an explosion of black smoke erupted from behind her. The view around her made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal her in a heroic stance. Her two Were-Zords appeared behind her briefly. "Musketeer Order Black! Bat Ranger!"

            Multiple close-ups of the newest ranger team occurred in rapid succession, showing off every aspect of their Ranger uniforms! "Musketeer Order! Dreamtime Rangers!"

            Having looked himself over, Lari made the obvious comment, "Ah like it but Ah think Roolock might get jealous!"

            Timmy looked at his gear, and smiled underneath his helmet. "I may be a hedgehog and I feel as speedy as one, too!"

            James hummed, "Ah am feeling the strength of my Ranger powers coarsing through me."

            Olivia looked at herself, and smiled. "I just feel like taking flight."

            Marcy admired her ninja like appearance. "Looks good enough for my stealth classes! This is Awesome!"

            Lord Pouchlaw grinned. "Well done. Yer ID collars will be invisible on Earth; while fully viewable to Dreamtime citizens. To power down, yas just say it. Now, because yer getting yer ranger powers through the Dreamtime link, yer ranger teleporting powers are no different. The beauty part of Dreamtime Teleporting is that yas don't 'ave to say anything. That should make a LOT of ranger teams jealous. Just think about where yas want to teleport and will yerselves there. Or better yet, if yas can see where yer going or 'ave been to a locale before, the teleporting ability is instantaneous. Go a'ead and give teleporting around the parade grounds 'ere a try."

            Lari grinned and vanished from where he had been standing and appeared on the far side of the parade grounds. Then he was on the opposite side. And then... no one knew where he had gone... but when he did reappear he was giggling. Oh the naughty fun! (Somewhere, Quicksilver got a quick groping all over himself, including around a lower private region grope.)

            Timmy did so as well, though it was fast as lightning (Don't tell Chip) and he was able to get around with ease. "This is like Chaos Control... I like it!"

            James hums, though he had a little trouble with it, he teleported around the parade grounds with little complaint.

            The girls had mixed success, with Olivia ending up perched on high places, and Marcy growling each time she messed up, and ended up appearing in mid-air.

            Lord Pouchlaw grinned then said to Olivia and Marcy, "Ladies... when yas teleport, if yas don't end up exactly where yas were aiming, instead of growling and giving off a public show of being a newbie... simply say, 'Ah meant to do that', and then continue with whatever yas were doing. Don't wait for a response. That way, anyone who sees yas do that will think yas not only did it on purpose, but they will think that yas know what yer doing. Important lesson just now." He then said, "Now, yer primary zords are summonable by what Ah like to call, 'Modded'. That stands for Musketeer Order Dreamtime Police Were-Zord. But it's only what Ah call it. Yas might 'ave something more clever in mind. Notice that Ah said yer 'primary zords'... later on, when yas complete yer secondary Partnered Dorm training, Lord Kiel will give yas access to yer Support Zords for yer use. All right, Musketeer Cadets; before Ah let Kiel 'ave yas back, two more tidbits: One, yas joined my Academy for the full 4-year stint. That means whenever yas 'ave time on Earth to kill, yas either come up 'ere to get yer Academy training, lessons and possible Realm missions or yas 'ave yer Spirit Guides retrieve this stuff for yas. Second, when yas succeed in yer training mission, Ah am going to personally give yas a new extra non-ranger power. Dismissed!" And he hopped off toward his office.

            Kiel then hopped over to the team. "Let's get yas guys back to the club'ouse. Some of yas are going to need to bathe in 'ot water and SOAP. Or yer parents will wonder where yas found fresh joey mud wallows at during this season. Yas all smell like animals!" He winked and laughed as he handled their teleport between Dreamtime and their personal homes' bathroom.

            Kiel then popped back to the clubhouse to join his Order Brothers as he deactivated the time displacement around the clubhouse itself. The night mission would occur after dark.
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: The 'Night Mission'.
              A few hours later, the sun was setting, as Timmy returned to the Clubhouse with his Sonic the Hedgehog Sleeping bag with his stuffed Shadow doll. "Had to tell mom that Lari and I were hosting a sleepover at the clubhouse." A white lie, but a good cover story for a clubhouse Power Ranger.

              "I had to tell my parents that Marcy and I were doing a makeover night." chimed Olivia.

              Marcy grumbled. "Which is a bad idea unless it involves real mud." She didn't sound too pleased about telling her parents about it.

              James just stayed silent, and continued working on his drawing of the Three Musketeers Order... even bringing out a paper stump to blend the shades of the pencils into the paper.

              Lari then came in wearing clean clothes but still having his special backpack with the spell book and his spirit guides. "Who all 'ad an odd encounter with the parents concerning 'ow we smelled when we went 'ome? When Ah got there, mom wasn't around, but dad was. 'e was about to ask me 'ow my day went, when 'e stopped, sniffed the air, sniffed me, then said, 'Ah know yas like the Boomer Force a lot but did they give yas guys a Kangaroo for yer club... sorta like a mascot?' and Ah answered, 'Yeah, they did. 'ow did yas know?' and 'e said, 'Cause yas smell like a mob of rutting kangaroos in Summer 'eat.' Then Ah told him about the sleepover and while Ah bathed, 'e packed me a dinner and when Ah came out, 'e 'anded me the bag and shooed me out of the 'ouse."

              To one side of James, he heard, "Daiquiri is a little uglier than that, mate." It was Lord Brock.

              And over in the corner having just arrived were Lord Daiquiri and Lord Kiel, whom the latter said, "Good. Glad to see all of yas 'ere. Any problems ditching the parents, or am Ah going to 'ave to change people into Kiwis?"

              "Only about the smell, Lord Kiel," said Timmy.

              James looked up from his drawing, after chuckling at the joke Lord Brock made, then said. "My parents thought Ah was attacked by a croc, and checked me for injuries. Not fun."

              Lord Kiel hopped forth and said, "Good of yas all to be 'ere. Yer mission is to assault a Poachers Camp in the outback and rescue the animals they 'ave caged there. If yas rescue three animals each; fifteen total; Ah'll consider yer mission a success. 'owever, they 'ave about fifty animals captured out there; including the crocs Ah mentioned earlier. Ah 'ad Roolock convince Lord Sakar to focus 'is attention against Adelaide in South Australia Province so the Boomer Force and Kangamancer's forces would be drawn down there. 'owever again... in exchange for 'is agreeing to do this for us, 'e demanded to know what we were up to in the Outback. And when 'e learned of the Caged Croc Rescue mission we were staging, 'e was interested. All 'e was told was that five 'umans that we trained for the new Dreamtime Police were going to be doing the rescue. Unfortunately 'e wants to watch the rescue take place. Therefore, make SURE yas rescue the Crocs first and attack and defeat the Poachers. Any questions?"

              James asked, as he put his sketchbook away for now. "Wouldn't Sakar attack us if 'e sees us blokes and loves as Power Rangers?"

              Lord Daiquiri replied, "'e said as long as yas blokes rescued the Crocs first, 'e wouldn't attack yas guys during yer mission. So that is sorta the catch on this trip. Yas 'ave to rescue the Crocs before any other caged creature. 'is main gripe is against the Boomer Force since 'e 'ates their mentors, the Cursed Three."

              Lord Brock added, "And for the record, James... in case yas forgot from the debriefing at the Academy, 'e knows about yas. 'e received the Dorm report. This is another reason 'e is interested in seeing 'ow the Musketeer Rangers do. Save the Crocs first, then the rest. And 'e expects YAS to save the first Croc since yer 'is citizen. If a single Crocaroo arrives, mates... Ah'll personally arrive to fight them. And Sakar knows that Ah mean business."

              Timmy rubbed his chin, as he set his stuffed Hedgehog aside. "Would Lord Studpaw be keeping the Boomer Force's other mentors (whoever they are) at bay, or would a couple of the Boomer Rangers end up making like Sonic and speed over to our location at the last moment?"

              Lord Kiel replied, "The main reason to send the Crocaroos to Adelaide is to prove a point to Sakar. They aren't there to fight the Boomer Rangers; they are there to prove that there is a spy in Sakar's Realm. The point we made to Sakar was that Kangamancer's Necro-Boomers always appeared where ever 'e sent 'is Crocaroos. And to test that theory, 'e would announce tonight in 'is throne room that 'e was sending Crocaroos to Adelaide, then actually do it. And if a single Necro-Boomer arrived, then that would prove that there was a spy in Sakar's court. And for that reason alone, 'e is willing to test this theory. As for Lord Studpaw, 'e swore 'e wouldn't tell the Cursed Three about yas guys nor yer mission at all. If any Boomer Force Ranger shows up at yer location, Ah'll send them into the Dreamtime into the Realm of the Yiffy Roo Order's Joey Mud Yiff Pits... the deepest one." Lari giggled. "Knotty was telling me about the YRO mud pits. Yas really do not want to get that stuff on yer clothes nor skin. It sadly stinks badly."

              Timmy cringed. "Wouldn't want to end up in their shoes... even Sonic wouldn't want to, either, especially if he is forced to stay in there for a long time."

              James stood up, and removed his jacket. "If Sakar wants me to rescue the first crocodile, then what are we waiting for?"

              The Rangers' Spirit Guides merged with their bracers as they struck their poses and brought their bracers over their chests to activate the Musketeer Order symbols. "Order Code... Kangaroo! Hedgehog! Crocodile! Riflebird! Bat!" Flares of colored light went off from their bracers as they brought their arms down to their sides as they stood at attention. "Musketeer Red! Blue! Green! Pink! Black!" Each Ranger's surroundings changed separately as their individual morphing sequences began. The flaring lights from the bracers coated their bodies from their necks down forming their all Green Dreamtime Uniform with Gloves and Shoes. Shiny colored belts appeared around their waists and then their animal shaped helmets came spinning down out of the sky as they reached up and caught them, before pulling them down over their heads. Finally their surroundings returned to normal as explosions of colored smoke erupted from behind them. The view around them made a 360 spin before stopping to reveal the rangers standing briefly in front of their Were-Zords. "Musketeer Rangers! Dreamtime Police!"
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: The Strike Itself.
                Lord Kiel then said, "And remember mates... if yas get fired upon, teleport. Don't take foolish chances. It would be embarrassing if ordinary 'umans could take out Power Rangers. To impress Sakar, yer going to 'ave to attack the Poachers themselves. Now, let's go." And the Rangers and the Order Brothers then teleported to the outskirts of the camp's latest location.

                With a good view of the camp, Lari quietly said to the others. "Ah don't like the smell of this place. Too many cages. And a good few empty, let's not become residents in them."

                James nodded, and grunted quietly. "Remember, Crocodiles first, and it's needed for me to release the first one, as part of the deal with Sakar; I am a part of 'is realm, now..."

                Timmy hummed. "Maybe a distraction is needed... a fast one, that is..." He grinned.

                Olivia hissed, "Not a good idea, Timmy; I'm not as advanced as a Sharpshooter, nor are you better with your feet."

                Marcy slapped Olivia upside the helmet, and said, "We can take 'em."

                Lari said, "Let's try being sneaky first. Luckily Ah studied my Warlock spell book before the Musketeer Brothers showed up, so Ah can do this." And he cast an invisibility spell on the five of them. "After the Crocs are free, James, we become visible and teach these Poachers a thing or three. Ah 'ave to send one cutie to the yiff pits to please my Dorm brothers."

                And then, the group moved into camp.

                James ran through the nearest cages, looking for the first croc he sees. Gotta release the first croc so Sakar can be pleased, he thought to himself, as he summoned his weapon and eventually, found a cage with a crocodile within. "Bingo," Ranger Green muttered, as he struck the padlock, breaking it with one blow, before removing its remains and opening the crocodile cage, letting the big reptile go on its own merits.

                Master Sakar hummed, as he observed quietly, making himself visible only to the Rangers and any other Dreamtime Lords that get involved. He was brandishing a new and rather vicious-looking scepter, since Kangamancer broke the one he inherited from Lord Dildilio. "Interesting... this group 'Dad' is training is doing good... He better be glad that he thought ahead not to give these rangers nasty Tech on my land." However, he stood still for now, knowing that 'Rack' might get involved if he ends up spoiling the training mission even this soon.

                Lord Kiel stepped up beside Master Sakar from apparently behind him and quietly said, "They are doing well, 'owever... this is a bit too easy. In order for them to succeed, they need to attack the poachers. Because if they don't, Ah will." He paused and then continued, "Ah know what yer thinking, Sakar... I was smart to avoid Tech and Tech looking Rangers on yer land. Their visors permit them the ability to see at night as if there was a full moon out. Otherwise, a night mission would be stupid. Their leather bracers are from the newest stock of Dreamtime police innovations specifically made for teenagers. They are connected directly into the Dreamtime power link and are actually powered from their chosen dorm's sponsors. In other words, the Green Croc Musketeer Ranger can only morph and summon 'is powers as long as yas or yer successor in charge of yer Realm in the Dreamtime... lives. The Red Kangaroo gains his powers from Roolock. The Blue Hedgehog from the Courier Roo Lord, Parcelpaw. And so forth." He then finished up by saying, "Therefore, not a single part of their uniforms nor powers is derived from Tech at all. It's all magic that yas are all too familiar with. And Ah figured since the Dreamtime Police came up with this stuff on be'alf of the 'oly Pouch, why let good equipment go to waste? And... Ah get to show yas what a Croc Ranger would be like. Why let the Boomers 'ave all the fun, eh?"

                Lord Kiel then asked, "By the way... 'ow did the staged attack on Adelaide go? Ah personally know that the Boomer Force went down there immediately. And Ah know that Roolock was to 'ave pulled yer Crocaroos out the moment Kangamancer dropped 'is Necro-Boomers into the battle. Did the Necro-Boomers show up as we predicted?"

                Sakar growled, "Even 'Rack' would know that Ah 'ate attacking the same area twice, and Kangamancer might've caught onto it if 'is cranium wasn't as dead as 'e is. By the time that meddling Roolock pulled out my Crocaroos and my Kangacrocs, the Were-Roo Ranger seemed a lot more angry than usual, but never left that infernal moon-touched motorcycle he's been riding as of late. And with the full moon near, Ah estimate 'is increasing anger would be 'is downfall once the next incarnation of Bitepaw appears tomorrow night." He grins in a twisted fashion.

                Suddenly, a poacher was taken off his feet by a speedy blue blur. Though no one could see him, a single shout could be heard from a distance; "Up, over, and gone!"

                Lord Kiel grinned. "Courier Speed. Yas gotta love it." Then he got serious. "So the Necro-Boomers did show up. Ah think that alone proves the point Ah was making to yas, Sakar. Someone in yer realm is leaking out the plans yas make to Kangamancer. 'ow else could 'e send 'is troops to the exact same locations yas plan to strike? Now Ah 'ave no beef against yas, Sakar. Lord Brock and Ah are buddies. 'e is a Croc and Ah am a Roo. But Ah don't 'anker kindly to that which is unnatural. The undead is more Auranea's business. She knows the voodoo stuff and could easily kick Kangamancer's rear end. Maybe yas could make a deal with 'er to deal with Kangamancer for a change... that would give yas time to plan and launch a really nasty plan against the Boomer Force. See? Ah 'ave a bad side, too." He winked.

                Lari was not only opening cages, but when any poacher came too close to his location, he would cast an attack spell at them, or making their pants fall down around their ankles, or in one poacher's case... he was teleported butt-naked to one of Lord Roolock's Immoral Joey Mating Pits where... you can use your imagination on what happened next. heh heh.

                Timmy's poor victim was sent to Dreamtime to the Kangaroo Academy, and shoved into the Joey Pits in front of the Courier's Way Dorm... and returned as fast as he could, disarming a poacher by kicking a rifle out of the poacher's hand when the shmuck was aiming for Lari. "Not this time, sucker!"

                Another poacher was given a taste of boot courtesy of a high kick to the jaw from Olivia. "HA!"

                Marcy, however, gives a sucker punch to the same poacher Ranger Pink kicked, adding insult to injury. "No poacher gets away with illegal hunting."

                James continued to help releasing the creatures until all of them were out, slamming the poachers in his way with full-body tackles and hard punches.
                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine: Praise and Rewards.
                  Soon, all of the poachers were tied up and the Musketeer Rangers were releasing the rest of the animals. They managed to release every single animal from ALL of the cages. Then Lari teleported the underwear clad and gagged poachers to the police headquarters in Blackall along with a note:

                  We caught these poachers in the Outback with nearly 50 animals.
                  We freed the animals and sent these bad guys to you.

                  Signed, Musketeer Order Dreamtime Squad. (The Mod Squad)

                  PS: If they end up out here again, we'll make sure they are never seen again.
                  So keep them in jail or else the crocs get a meal.

                  Lord Kiel grinned as he and Master Sakar came forth to meet with the Musketeer Rangers. "Well done, mates. Sakar, would yas like to say anything to my little project team before Ah take them off for their reward?"

                  Sakar growled. "Though yas may 'ave Dreamtime powers in Ranger clothing, if yas get in my way or aid the Boomers, then Ah won't treat yas any different than those pests and their Were-Roo pet. If yas 'elp them in battle, Ah won't order my minions to treat yas any different, and if yas intervene against one of my menaces, yas will be the first rangers to fall against them. Yas 'ave been warned." He then turned his attention to James. "And as for yas, Croc Ranger Green. Yas are now a citizen of my realm, so be prepared for more grueling tests, 'uman, especially ones some of my crocodile guards even failed. Ah'm not giving yas any special treatment, even if yer a native of MY Australia. Now if yas excuse me, Ah 'ave a spy to contort in many ways impossible and send back to 'is lord."

                  Before Sakar could depart, Lari made a statement for the Croc Lord to hear. "As long as you are in charge of yer realm, we promise not to aid the Boomer Force."

                  Master Sakar then rapped his staff before falling into a small Dreamtime Portal that formed underneath his feet.

                  Lord Kiel gave his Ranger team a treat at that point as he took them back to the Musketeer Order lair where Daiquiri had drinks and food laid out for them. Brock was practicing on the pool table. "Yas only 'ad to rescue 15 animals to succeed in yer mission. Attacking other 'umans, the poachers, is really what impressed Master Sakar. 'e still has complaints against the Boomer Force and that was a good promise to make to 'im, Lari. As long as 'e is personally in charge of 'is realm, yas won't aid the Boomer Force. But should 'e ever fall and is replaced, yer promise no longer applies. Now, Ah promised to reward yas with a new power for rescuing 15 animals and since yas freed them all and nabbed every poacher, Ah will extend yer rewards. Ah think yas will really like the first gift a lot. Ah am granting yer entire club with membership in the Musketeer Order that my brothers and Ah are all part of. With this membership comes a few Dreamtime abilities. But none will be more powerful than the three of us. This first power Ah am giving yas access to is a not Ranger related. Yas can use this without yer bracers. Ah am giving yas... the power to become the Mobian version of yer Spirit Guiide partners. Lari since yas are the leader, yas will be receiving a bonus form of Knuckles the Echidna which includes his fighting abilities which 'e can later train yas in. Ah chose Mobian because Ah know Timmy already met 'is 'ero Sonic the 'edge'og during yer four week training session. Lari will become a Red Kangaroo, Donkey or Echidna, Timmy will become a Blue Hedgehog or Greyhound, James will become a Green Croc or a Green Dolphin, Olivia will become a Pink Riflebird or Pink Jaguar, and Marcy will become a Black Dingo or Black Bat like Rouge the Bat, whom she will be meeting later thanks to a promise Timmy made to Sonic. All Mobians. To use these power, simply close yer eyes, picture yer intended Mobian form be'ind yas, then simply move the form around in front of yerselves. When yas open yer eyes, yas will be yer Mobian Freedom Fighter identities."

                  Lord Brock then said, "Show them the other gift we are giving them."

                  Lord Kiel grinned at Brock, then said, "Ah was getting to that... See that colored carved picture of yer club'ouse on our stone wall? From now on, yas guys can touch that and instantly transport between 'ere and there. And on the club'ouse side... yas 'ave a colored carved into the wood picture of the three of us. When yas guys touch that, yas will instantly transport 'ere to our lair. Instant shortcut whenever yas guys want to just 'ang out with us. Cause we loves yas..." He winked with a smile as he gave Lari a hug.

                  Lari smiled back as he was already trying out his new form power. He closed his eyes, moved the Red Echidna in front of himself, and when he did, he physically transformed into a Knuckles look-alike. When he opened his eyes, the deed was done. "Timmy... Ah think someone is really gonna be upset if 'e sees me like this. Shouldn't Ah be guarding the Master Emerald?" He winked and laughed.

                  Timmy smirked. "You look very lovable as a Echidna, Lari. Just don't let Knuckles get his mitts on you, Lari." he smiled and closed his eyes, moving the Blue Hedgehog in front of himself, and when he did, he physically transformed into a Mobian that looks similar to Sonic the Hedgehog with a slightly different colored fur pattern. "Besides, it feels good to be a Mobian." He shared the wink with a smile.

                  The others tried out their Mobian abilities, and joined in. Olivia looked like a pink Mobian Riflebird with a blouse and her plaid skirt, Marcy looked like Rouge the Bat, while James looked almost like a doppelganger of Vector the Crocodile, sans the headphones and gold chain.

                  James sighed. "Tell me Ah look 'ideous, mate..."

                  Timmy laughed, as everyone else joined in on the fun.

                  Lord Kiel then said, "When yas complete yer Academy training, yas will all be full and official members of the Musketeer Order. That is the long term reward to look forward to. On that day, yas will be empowered Lords and Ladies yerselves within our Order. Any time yas want a new power or improvement, talk to one of us Order Brothers before whining about unfair treatment. We want to be fair to the entire team."
                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten: Working on Academy Lessons.
                    The Morning of May 29th at the Kangaroo Academy.
                    Timmy made an immediate stop, being requested by Lightspeed for a particular lesson that involved his speed. There were multiple obstacles along the parade grounds being readied. However, there was another Courier Roo with Lightspeed, only slightly bigger than him, and looking like a Lordly figure if he already wasn't one. "Courier in-training Timmy Celeron, reporting as requested, mate." Thanks to his Mobian-made sneakers, his feet were plenty comfortable and not even wearing out with the running he's been doing, recently, unlike the last time he worked with his mentor.

                    Lightspeed smiled at Timmy and said, "See the course being set up, Timmy? Yas are going to watch this bloke run the course in record time. And then... yas are going to run the course yerself. Because yer not a roo, we're defaulting yas with three free fouls. That means, yas can make three mistakes when running this course. But any more than that, and it's back to training in the Dorm and likely... another juicy filling that yas can't afford to receive. But if yas make it through without using any of yer fouls, then this bloke will reward yas." He turns to the big Kangaroo. "Whenever yer ready, sir."

                    The big Kangaroo nodded, before speeding through the obstacle course flawlessly at record time, and stopping behind Timmy after he was done, clearing his throat to scare the young human.

                    Timmy yelped, and turned around. "Wow... that was really fast. Possibly faster than Sonic, but that's was said by Sonicologists that it was impossible."

                    The big Kangaroo looked at Timmy quizzically, but stayed silent for now.

                    Lightspeed said, "It's yer turn, Timmy. Ah'll give yas a kiss and... a chili dog... if yas don't make any mistakes. Ah'm waiting..." He giggled. He knew the Sonic-speak, too.

                    Timmy hummed, and got into a prepped stance. "On three..." He then got all the negative thoughts out of his head, and let out a smirk. "Up, over, and gone!" He then started to speed through the obstacles, though he had a couple near-fouls on the most difficult part of the obstacles. He even avoided a young Atlantean Shark Guard cadet (of the Hammerhead type) who foolishly wanted to take a shortcut through the obstacle course. Obviously, the poor shark was scared out of his mind, and scrambled out of the way in case there was more near misses. Once Timmy was done, he stopped right in front of Lightspeed's muzzle.

                    Lightspeed smiled again and gave Timmy the promised kiss on the muzzle. And then through the magic of Dreamtime, he handed Timmy a hot chili dog with the works. "Not bad, but a growing Courier Roo needs 'is strength." He then glanced at the Lordly Courier Roo. "Timmy, yas are being advanced into the Courier Officer pool of training under Lord Parcelpaw." He nodded at the Lordly Courier Roo. "'e who ran the course before yas did. Congratulations... yer no longer a Cadet; yer a Courier Officer in training. Rank One status. Yer mainly getting this promotion because unlike a lot of Cadet Courier Roos who 'ave been 'ere a lot longer than yas, yas got over and solved the accidental collision into people problem rather fast. Parcelpaw, 'ere, will now be training yas... with me giving advice to yas on the side. Remember: Ah'm a graduate." He winked.

                    When Lord Parcelpaw spoke, it was in a thick and deep voice, he then placed a paw on Timmy's shoulder. "Ah never predicted that a 'uman would ever come voluntarily without being converted to a kangaroo, but yas 'ave surprised me, young Timothy Celeron of America. Ah thought yas would find it 'ard to be a member of my dorm, learning the ways of the Courier Roo. 'owever, Ah see promise within you, even if Ah do not understand the words you and Lightspeed speak sometimes. 'owever, the training only gets 'arder from 'ere, 'uman, as you 'ave understood once yas took yer oath."

                    Timmy felt a little nervous at the Kangaroo Lord's stern tone, but nodded in understanding, very speechless about his promotion of becoming a rank one courier officer in-training.

                    Mudfoot Joey Dorm

                    Lari was sitting at the Academy that morning since his parents permitted him to run off and play, and because he was a Cadet at the Academy, that meant returning for classes whenever he had time. But today was going to be a little bit different because Lord Roolock was sitting in front of him at his table.

                    "Ah'm proud of 'ow yas 'andled yerself, Lari," said Roolock. "'owever, Ah've been told that yas 'aven't allowed any of yer dorm mates to yiff with yas. So... Ah am requesting that yer weekened assignment is to 'ave sex with every single dorm brother in Mudfoot Joey. Including yer RA whom was preventing the activity based on the fact that yas were Dad's Ranger. Ah also know about yer moon-touched status, Lari. For this weekend assignment, yer infection will 'ave no effect on yer dorm brothers. And... Ah am asking Knotty to arouse yas once a night so yas don't forget 'ow to 'ave Immoral Fun. Yer one of my citizens and Ah can't 'ave any of my citizens saying No to immoral fun."

                    Lari sighed. "Yes sir, Lord Roolock, sire. Ah will try to do better."

                    "Important information: Ah don't like using the Lord title since Ah am above that." Roolock then grinned. "Since yas did send us a naked man to the mating pits last night and 'e is a kangaroo now, Ah won't be yiffing yas on the spot. This time! But if yas avoid Immoral Fun again, Ah'll summon yer naked butt to me and Ah'll make yas never forget the lesson within my realm borders itself. Ah am watching yas, mate..."

                    Lari nodded his head. "Anything else, sir?"

                    Roolock smiled. "Knotty tells me that yas are already ready for Rank Two Warlock Spells. But in order for yas to gain that rank officially, yas will 'ave to submit to a claiming ceremony within my castle in my realm. Do yas want to do that before yer weekend assignment or do yas want to wait until after yas sex up yer dorm mates?"

                    Lari replied, "Ah think Ah better tackle the first assignment yas gave me before Ah report to yas for a claiming ceremony. Although, yer sexy body turns me on more than any other roo."
                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Two.
                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Inquiring Boomer Minds, Part 1 of 2.