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[AG-PR1] PRMA-01 Outback Rescue

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    [AG-PR1] PRMA-01 Outback Rescue

    [AG-PR1] Power Rangers Musketeer Action

    [AG-PR1] PRMA-01 Outback Rescue
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Co-written by Lexington Lonewolf (Devvy-boy)

    Lars "Lari" Carington Knight, Red Kangaroo Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Mudfoot Joey Dorm | Warlock in training) || Shugar the Creamy Ass/Knotty the YRO Boomer
    Timothy Wesley Celeron, Blue Hedgehog Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Courier Roo Dorm | Courier in training) || Streak the Greyhound/Hyper the Hedgehog
    James Robert Hansen, Green Crocodile Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Swamp Roo Dorm | Crocaroo Guard in training) || Styler the Dolphin/Jacrocker the Crocoboomer
    Olivia Min Banks, Pink Riflebird Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Glorious Flight Dorm | Glorious Sharpshooter apprentice) || Eiffel the Riflebird/Jharma the Jaguar
    Marcia Daria White, Black Dingo Musketeer Ranger
    ~~(Amazonian Outback Dorm | Boomerang Warrior in training) || Smooth the Dingo/Baton the Rouge Bat

    Also Starring:

    The Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'.
    He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'.
    He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'.
    He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.
    Studpaw: Also known as 'Studdy'.
    A studly Western Grey Kangaroo from Sidarius Station that became the successor of Lord Jinx before Joey gains his Battlizer powers. Unlike the cursed three, Studpaw has his own Dreamtime Realm as well as inheriting Jinx's position in the actual Kangaroo Order, making him the third unsealed. Currently the first non-were to be inducted into the Musketeers Order.

    Lord Roolock: He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft.
    Although recently, he has agreed to a term of peace between himself and the rest of Dreamtime and is now helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lady Riff: She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises.
    In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight: This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member.
    He shares reports with his son when possible.
    Quicksilver: He is a Message Courier Roo that often goes between Dreamtime Realms and Australia.
    He's super-fast, but not good at stopping himself.

    Dreamtime Crocodile Realm:
    Master Sakar
    Crocodile Guards
    Kangacrocs, advanced grunts
    Crocaroos, grunts

    Dreamtime Undead Roo Realm:
    Lord Kangamancer
    Necro-Boomers, advanced grunts

    May 28th, 2011

    Prologue: Adventure Club'ouse Talk.
    "Greetings, late night Dreamtime TV fans! Ah am Broadcast Boomer, 'ead reporter on all stories too good to be true. After my last expose' covering the Dreamtime Wars, a lot of viewers wrote in and asked me to cover the controversial and quite confusing Outback Rescue Power Rangers story. This wasn't easy since certain Dreamtime powers didn't want to open their snouts in regards to this information. But like Bindi Fury, Ah am a persistant boomer. And coming up over the next few episodes of this series, Ah will be bringing yas the true story regarding the Musketeers Order's premiere Power Rangers team, known on the rumor network as Outback Rescue. Ah now bring to yas, Power Rangers Musketeer Action. All of this started way back on May 28th in the year of our Lord, 2011 Blackall 'igh School 'ad just released their youths for a Summer of fun and while the Boomer Force with the assistance of Io's Chosen fought Dreamtime Menaces over in Townsville..."

    Previously on Power Rangers Boomer Force; Episode 27, Chapter 16...

    Outskirts of Blackall

    Approaching the crudely built wooden clubhouse outside of Blackall, Darren who was still morphed, but not battlized, could hear a singular voice inside talking, apparently, to nobody. But clearly replying to his own statements.

    "Look out, Red Ranger! That putty is about to clobber yas!" "Thanks for the warning, Blue Ranger! Ah've got 'im now!" "Let's use teamwork, Pink Ranger!" "Yas got it, Yellow Ranger!" "Oh no! Goldar 'as the Black Ranger! Yas won't get away with this!" "And what are yas going to do to stop me, Ranger pests?"

    Darren chose that moment to knock on the clubhouse door, saying, "We're going to morph into action and summon our zords!"

    "YIPE!" This was followed by the sound of someone jumping up and hitting their head on the roof of the clubhouse. "Ow!"

    Finally, the door opened and standing there was a five foot tall, blond haired, blue eyed slightly athletic Australian boy holding two Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers figurines. "Um, can Ah 'elp yas?" Then he saw that it was a Power Ranger. "UM! AH-AH-AH- Er... come in! Please!"

    Once inside and seated at the table, Darren said, "Ah'm Darren Devlin, the Stellar Dragon Ranger from another dimension. A cute kangaroo told me that yas wanted to be a Power Ranger. If yas could become a Power Ranger today, what would yas do?"

    "Ah'd battle the forces of evil while training under my Mentor, of course!" exclaimed the boy. "But Ah really don't see that 'appening. Ah'm just a nobody kid with a club'ouse that few wants to join."

    Darren patted the other on the head. "Ah know a Mentor who is looking to train a new Power Ranger. But if yas are to be that Power Ranger, then yas 'ave to believe that yas are already a Power Ranger... in yer 'eart. The more yas believe that it's true, the quicker it will come true. Ah 'ad to learn the 'ard way, but yas, Lari Knight, 'ave a great chance to achieve yer dreams. But yas 'ave to believe in it. Can yas live a life, a life that is free? Can yas stand up for yas and me? Can yas battle a foe that is worse? 'ere comes our 'eroes, Power Rangers..."

    Lari smiled. "...Boomer Force. They play that song on the radio stations at least once a day. They are really awesome. More than Ah'll ever be. All Ah 'ave are dreams. But yas say that all Ah 'ave to do is believe in being a ranger and this Mentor will notice me and 'elp me to become a Power Ranger myself?"

    Darren patted Lari on the head again as he got up to leave. "That's all yas 'ave to do, Lari. And remember... even if yer only a Ranger for one adventure... once a ranger..."

    Lari grinned, finishing it for him. "...always a ranger. Ah'll do it, Darren. Ah'll believe in it with all my 'eart. And yas will see. Ah'll be as great as the Dragon Warrior, the Kitsune Lord, and the Were-Boomer. Ah'll believe and not forget what yas told me."

    Darren exited the clubhouse. "If Ah find out yas were moping again, Ah'll send Planet Janet after yas. And now... Dimension Dash!" He vanished from sight, leaving Lari Knight of Dreamtrail standing there with a smile on his face.

    "Ah wonder who my Mentor will be? All Ah gotta do is believe. Ah won't forget. Ah promise."

    Later that afternoon, Lari Knight was meeting with Timmy Celeron, James Hansen, Olivia Banks, and Marcy White at their clubhouse as he told them about the Power Ranger visit to the clubhouse and the Mentor offer. "Ah was completely freaked out, mates! That Dragon Ranger told me that there is a Mentor looking to train new Power Rangers and 'e 'ad been watching our club to see if we were the ones who could do good as 'is new rangers. Just think, we can be like the Boomer Force."

    James Hansen, the light-brown haired artist of the group said, "Really? Like the Boomer Force? Those blokes and sheila saved our club'ouse from destruction last month." That battle is what inspired James and the girls to join the club.

    Olivia Banks, a ginger haired girl with the nice purple plaid skirt, smiled. "But I am not as tough as the Yellow Ranger is... she's would be brave enough to low blow the mutated enemies."

    Marcy White, a dark-skinned tomboyish girl took her ear bud out of her left ear after listening to the radio, and said, "The Boomer Rangers were spotted in Townsville saving the area from another mutant and Zombie Kangaroo attack with some Dragons and a mysterious blond marksman."
    End of Prologue.

    Chapter One -- The Right Stuff.
    Timmy Celeron, the now-local American Sonic freak, saved his game after reaching level 129. "Wow... I never get bored with this game." He got a dirty look from the others. "We can be Power Rangers, you said? Like that Were-Boomer guy and his whip of justice?"

    Lari smiled. "That's the spirit, mates! The Dragon Ranger told me that we 'ad to believe it in our 'earts that we were already rangers. And if we believed in it 'ard enough, then we would be Rangers. And Ah promised 'im that Ah'd give it a try. If yas guys are in this with me, then close yer eyes with me and let's really believe in this with our 'earts." And he closed his eyes and focused.

    The others looked at Lari quizzically, and thought it would make sense, as they closed their eyes and they said the words that Lari was saying, "Ah believe... Ah believe... that we are Power Rangers... Please, Mentor. We are worthy. Give us a chance."

    A sudden voice from the back corner of the clubhouse then said, "Looks like Stellar was right. We gots some good joeys and sheilas 'ere."

    Lari quickly opened his eyes and stared behind him into the clubhouse corner at the owner of the voice. Standing there were a Were-Kangaroo in a vest and holding a cue stick, a Were-Crocodile wearing a green business tie and also holding a cue stick, a Were-Dingo with a Khaki colored safari hat, amber sunglasses, and holding a score card clipboard. The Were-Roo grinned and said, "Ah won't trouble yas blokes and sheilas with my full name, so yas can just call me Kiel. Ah'm yer Mentor." He winked.

    Lord Brock chuckled. "Ah think they are speechless, Lord Kiel."

    "Or..." started Lord Daiquiri. "They weren't expecting talking Aussie animals in their club'ouse. Don't worry; we don't shed and we ARE 'ousebroken." He giggled.

    Lari stepped forward slowly and... gingerly touched the three. "Oh wow... Yas guys are real."

    Lord Kiel laughed, then said with a sly wink, "Naw, we're strippable anatomically correct Ken dolls. Wanna see?"

    James shook his head, but smiled, as he stood up properly with Marcy. "No need to do that, bloke. Welcome to the Outback Adventure Guild."

    Timmy looked to Kiel, and asked. "Were you that strange Kangaroo that we saw a couple weeks ago relaxing just outside of town after the mutants were defeated by the Power Rangers?"

    Olivia nodded, "That's the reason most of us joined this club; the Boomer Rangers saved our town a few weeks ago from a mutant monstrosity and a bunch of goons looking like part crocodile, and part kangaroo."

    Lord Kiel replied, "Actually, no, mate. Today is the first time my buddies and Ah 'ave been out of Sanctuary in the Outback in a thousand years. Although we 'ave good relations with a few 'undred of the other Dreamtime Lords. The Were-Croc is Brock, otherwise known as 'Rack'. 'e is a pool shark billiards champion; The Were-Dingo is Daiquiri, otherwise known as Tally. 'e is our bartender and generally funny companion; And Ah, a Were-Kangaroo, am Kiel, otherwise known as 'Dad'. We're three of the original 'igh Council Lords from the old days. We left the Dreamtime just before all of the civil unrest erupted and we came to Earth, deliberately, to dwell in Sanctuary in the Australian Outback. That's right... Ah'm 'Dad', counterpart to 'Mom'. Ah'm the bloke who knocked 'er up as well as many male and female 'umans with sons and daughters. One of my sons is none other than Deryk Devlin." He winks.

    Lari froze in place with his hand still on Daiquiri's rump where he had been feeling down each of the three. "'Dad'? Yas mean... yas... the 'ead cheese of all roos? ...wanting to... train us... as yer Rangers?"

    Lord Brock said, "Now look what yas did, Kiel. Yas know what effect telling people who yas are 'as on them." Lord Daiquiri petted back on Lari's head with a paw, gently. "Don't worry, mate. 'e isn't in 'eat. But otherwise, yeah. Yas five are to be our Rangers. But first..." Lord Kiel nodded his muzzle. "Right. First, yas all 'ave to be outfitted properly and be given some decent training. Ah want to make sure yas five can 'andle what yas will be dealing with. Then later, there will be a training mission to go on. That will tell me if yas 'ave what it takes. If at any time during training or during the mission yas want out of this, just tell me and Ah'll send yas back 'ere to the club'ouse. Yas will be given a second chance at a later date. But Ah'll be disappointed if anyone bails when the going gets tough. Besides, this is an adventure yas would never otherwise get to 'ave. If anyone wants to back out right now, please step outside of the club'ouse. When yas come back in later, we and whoever chose to go through with this, will be gone for the training. And anyone bowing out cannot breath a word of this to anyone. Especially not to the Boomer Force Rangers. Even if yas choose to go a'ead with this, yas can't reveal yer identities to the Boomer Force until Ah say otherwise. So, who's in and who's out?" Lari was still partially petrified, but he stayed where he was as he forced himself to continue feeling Daiquiri's fur.

    Olivia stood up, though plenty nervous and said, "I'm not as brutal as the Yellow Ranger, but I'm in." Marcy shot a dirty look at Olivia, then said. "I'm more than eager to get my hands dirty. And make sure the Radio doesn't just have news on the Boomer Force." James shrugged his shoulders, and set his sketchbook to the side after making a quick outline of his latest sketch. "Ah'm in as well, and it looks like our founder is in too, though Ah'll let 'im speak for 'imself." Timmy turned off his game. "I don't think we would have this offer come any other day, I'm not gonna be chopped liver. Sonic wouldn't reject something like this." Lari turned his head toward Kiel, accidentally moving his hand to Daiquiri's groin when he did so. "Ah'm in, mate. It would be kind of silly if the one who got the message didn't join up. Ah'm ready to do it whenever yas guys want." Lord Daiquiri grinned slyly, as he petted the nice boy some more. "Oh Ah am sure yas will get to do that, Lari. Many times..."

    Lord Brock gently slapped the Were-Dingo in the back of the head giving him a stern look. Lord Kiel smiled. "Okay, now for one more little bit of information, then Ah'll whisk yas all off into yer training. The realm we're going to in the Dreamtime this time around is the Kangaroo Academy Realm of Lord Pouchlaw. 'e knows we're coming. 'owever, this time around only, your primary training in that realm will use up no time at all on Earth. Otherwise, yas guys would be missing for days and days, and yer parents would be worried sick that the menaces got to yas. Yer training will last all Summer." And with that, the five humans and three Sanctuary Lords all vanished out of the clubhouse en route to a private Dreamtime realm.
    End of Chapter One.


      Chapter Two -- Laws of the Pouch.
      "Ten-Hup! Present Tails! Salute!"

      And that is when the group appeared on the side of the parade grounds where the Kangaroo Elite were drilling at on that day.

      "Open Pouches for the Inspection!"

      Kiel grinned. "Welcome to Pouchlaw's Academy, mates. For the next few months of displaced time, this is where yas five will be training. Ah don't see Pouchlaw anyplace as yet but Ah am sure 'e is around some where. See that speedy silver kangaroo running around? 'e is the local Dreamtime Message Courier. 'e takes messages between the Kangaroo Order and the Boomer Force a lot. 'e kind of reminds me of a kangaroo version of a certain blue hedgehog yas know about, eh Timmy?"

      Timmy grins, and replies with a wink, "Not one hedgehog faster than Sonic, though Shadow can come close to the speed..."

      The Message Courier was now seen coming towards the group at high speed, and appeared that he has no intentions of stopping to the naked eye. However, as he got closer, the courier's eyes widened, and he tried to stop as desperately as he could, but unfortunately, he ended up with his muzzle stuffed in Lord Kiel's fur when he came to a full stop. How embarrassing!

      The poor roo hopped back a step, and looked up through the head fur covering his eyes. "Oh, my apologies, M'lord. Ah was trying to avoid yas like the marksman Dragon'eart offspring suggested, but Ah was running too fast to maneuver out of the way." He then stood up proper, and introduced himself. "Quicksilver, Message Courier Roo, currently on assignment for Order Kangaroo Lord Studpaw, mate."

      James tilted his head at the Courier Kangaroo and took out his mini-sketchbook. "Such a peculiar bugger..." he observed quietly, making real rough sketches of the surroundings.

      Kiel grinned, hugged, and groped Quicksilver. "Ah know who yas are, 'andsome. No 'arm done, unless yas accidentally sit on my pouch pride. Then that might be another story. Now listen to me... Ah want yas to sniff my 'uman friends, and then... yas can't tell the Kangaroo Order NOR the Boomer Force about seeing these guys. Ah'm training them for a special purpose."

      Brock and Daiquiri both laughed about Kiel's joke, focusing on their buddy's humor.

      Lari giggled, too, before he was pulled off to one side behind the group where an almost unseen alleyway was located.

      Standing there was a younger kangaroo recruit with muddy feet. He popped a 'special treat' into Lari's mouth and whispered in his ear, "When they ask yas to choose a dorm later of Moonrise Roo, Flying Boomer, or Mudfoot Joey, if yas choose Mudfoot Joey... Ah'll share more of my treats with yas only. Just yas. Ask for Commander Stickylock. Remember... Mudfoot Joey. See yas there." And he quickly darts back down the alleyway and out of sight. Advertising and Recruiting for his dorm hall brothers. Sneaky joey.

      Lari quietly rejoined the others who didn't even notice him being gone just then. Now he knew the names of the dorms. Mudfoot Joey... Why does that sound like a really naughty place?

      Quicksilver nodded, and said. "Ah'll get right to it, mate." The kangaroo then hopped to each human, and sniffed them, and took mental notes of their scents. "Ah won't tell a single bloke in the Kangaroo Order pocket sanctuary, nor the Boomer Force about seeing these blokes; cross my pouch." He then made swiped his paw over his pouch, nodded his head to the Three Musketeer lords, and sped off on his original assignment.

      Olivia blinked, as she saw Quicksilver ran quickly towards the end of the realm. "Wow... he really is fast."

      Timmy smiled. "I think I am going to like that speedy-roo."

      Marcy smirked. "Just add sneakers and a golden ring, stuff a chili dog in his muzzle maybe he'll be your type, Timmy," she winked.

      The Sonic fanatic blushed.

      Lord Kiel then said, "Now remember, friends, Yer training is to last for the next three months of Dreamtime reckoning. 'owever, yas will not be gone from Earth for more than a few minutes of Earth time. Ah am displacing time around yer club'ouse for yer training session. Furthermore, before yas are to get yer training, yas will 'ave to submit to a medical physical conducted by an official Academy Lord or Lady. If for some stupid reason yas 'ave an aversion toward being naked in front of a male Boomer Officer, please speak up now so we can arrange a Sheila Officer to conduct the physical upon yas. Otherwise, everyone gets the same Boomer Physician. The physicals are done individually one at a time. So no seeing each other naked just to get a nice jolly giggle. Not that Ah 'aven't seen many sheilas naked. Any comments at this point."

      Olivia remarked, "With all due respect, I will require a Sheila Physician because of my proper upbringing. I apologize for being the one lady out for the team. Please understand my situation." She lowered her head with a slight blush.

      Lord Kiel hopped over and gently patted her shoulder. "It is fine. Yas spoke up before 'aving to do this. Exactly as Ah asked yas to do."

      Lari then said, "'er parents are a funny lot; they already 'ave 'er promised off to some bloke she doesn't even know."
      End of Chapter Two.


        Chapter Three: Let the Training Begin.
        The physicals were not that horrible to pose for and the humans were given a nice sweet treat for cooperating. Following this Lord Kiel led his new Ranger team in training to Spirit Guide Placement services. "Okay mates, like the Boomer Force, yas are to receive Spirit Guides to 'elp in yer development process. The ladies will get female guides; the boys will get males. Yer morpher bracers are similar to the Boomer Force, except Ah made mine far more stylish and pretty. The designs are team specific and once Ah put them on yas, only yas will be able to use them. Yas will notice that each bracer 'as a Gold Circle with a white halo on one end and a Gold Circle with a red pitchfork on the other end. When yer Spirit Guides merge with yer bracers, they will enter one of these circles. When yer animal designations are assigned to yas, yer Spirit Guides of that animal type will become available for yer usage. Ah will be sponsoring yer club leader. Brock is interested in the artist and Daiquiri has offered to sponsor Marcy. Just remember, Yas will all get more than one Animal Zord type. If there is an animal type yas want access to, please let me know the types right now."

        Lari said, "In addition to Kangaroo since yas said yas are sponsoring me, Ah also want the Donkey. Ah notice there are a few around the academy but everyone seems to be avoiding them. They don't smell like skunks, do they?" Kiel replied, "No, they smell normal. They are 'ard workers and if yas need a workout in the gym, they are the ones to ask for 'elp."

        Timmy stated, "I like Hedgehogs like Sonic and the Greyhound. They are pretty fast." James was looking at Brock. "I got chosen for Sponsorship by a Croc. My secondary animal choice would be the Dolphin. It has the grace of an artist like me." Olivia then stated, "I will take the Riflebird for the grace of flight as well as the Jungle Jaguar whose grace in hunting is equal to the graceful flyers." Marcy looked to Tally. "Why is a dingo interested in Sponsoring me?" Daiquiri replied, "As the Anti-Poachers from which the Yellow Boomer is associated knows well, good information can lead yas to yer prey. Ah am a bartender. My information network exceeds all others. The information these anti-poachers receive stream through my network. If Ah shut it off, they would be out of business. Yas 'ave the makings of a ninja specialist, Marcy; but without good information, a ninja falls flat on their face. Therefore, Ah want to sponsor yas so yas always get the best information. One of yer animals will be a dingo, but yas get to choose the second one yerself." Marcy smiled. "I want the bat similar to Rouge the Bat from the Sonic Universe. She is also an information specialist."

        Kiel nodded his head and filled out the request form before having each Ranger in training initial their sections of the form. "When yas are ready to receive yer Spirit Guides one will be one species and the other will be the second species. Ah will turn this form into Spirit Guide request services and then when yas finish yer training and before yas morph, yas will receive yer Spirit Guides. Following this, Ah need to get yas over to Lord Pouchlaw. 'e just returned to 'is office." He filed the request form and then he led the humans to the offices.

        Soon thereafter, the five human teenagers were standing before Lord Pouchlaw in his Officers Chamber. The Musketeer Lords signed some forms and had departed to guard the clubhouse.

        "Welcome to the Kangaroo Academy Realm. Ah am Lord Pouchlaw, the 'igh commander in charge around 'ere. What Ah say goes. ...usually... We don't normally train 'umans 'ere at the Academy without the Dreamtime Council's permission, but because 'Dad' brought yas guys and gals in, Ah'm making an exception. Because yas blokes are special cases, Ah was instructed to assign yas to the two safe dorms of our forty-nine dorms-"

        Lari then interrupted. "Ah don't mean to be rude, sir, but this is 'ardly an adventure if yer choosing our dorms for us. Ah suggest that yas just tell us what yas were told to tell us, then let us see a list of all the possible dorms. And then let us decide where we want to bunk. With all due respect, that is..."

        Lord Pouchlaw hrmed. "If that's what yas want, then let me add the warning Ah tell ALL recruits. Yas weren't going to get this warning if yas accepted the two dorms because they are the safest two in the academy realm. The safe boys dorm is called Moonrise Roo. The safe girls dorm is called Flying Boomer. If yas stay anywhere else, yas take yer chances. True, it could be an adventure, but if yas get pregnant, transformed, or drugged, then don't come crying to me because once yas choose yer own dorms, yas can't switch out of it cause yas chose it. But if yer assigned to a dorm, yas can switch later cause it wasn't yer choice to start with."

        Lari made a face. "Did yas misspeak? Only sheilas get pregnant."

        Lord Pouchlaw nearly laughed his ass off when he heard that.

        "Does that mean the boys here also have their time of the month, too?" Marcy asked finding boys getting pregnant funny. Olivia jabbed an elbow at Marcy. "Marcy! Gross!" Marcy smirked, "What, boys can get pregnant, too... so it's a valid question to ask." James gagged a little. "Are yas joking, mate?" Timmy was beet red with embarrassment, as well as covering his tail end imagining the horrors of what could be if he ended up pregnant.

        Lord Pouchlaw slowly picked himself up off the floor where he had been rolling on the floor laughing. "Yas mates 'ave a LOT to learn. Ah'll bet 'Dad' doesn't know 'ow clueless yas guys are." He giggled some more. "Do yas think we MALE roos 'ave pouches for our good looks?" He stretched open his pouch to demonstrate that fact; then he released it and it snapped closed like a rubber band.

        "To answer yer straight-forward question, Marcy, we don't call it a time of the month; we call it 'eat. Once a month for nearly a day or three, we are in 'eat. If yer sexually coupled with during that time, yas will be pregnant IF yer the receiver. But we don't want that to 'appen to yas, which is why yas were to be assigned to yer dorms. In the two safest dorms, 'No' means 'No.' And yas won't 'urt any feelings when yas turn down an offer to mate. But if yas want to choose yer own dorms, that's fine. But first..."

        He hops over to Timmy, reaches into his own pouch, and pulls out what looks to be a really pretty, though fancy blue collar and he places it around Timmy's neck. Then he repeats this action with Marcy, Olivia, James, and finally, Lari. He then hopped back to his desk and turned to face the five human recruits. "These are yer Rangers in Training Identification Collars. They 'ave a wide range of special capabilities. They function via Dreamtime Magic. While yas wear yer ID Collars, no cadet at the academy will get yas into any serious trouble. They know the punishments that can occur if they break the rules. So if yer ever without yer collars, yas are open game and it will be yer fault. So keep them on unless Ah personally remove them."

        Pouchlaw then said, "Different dorms can teach yas different offense, defense, transport and magical powers depending upon the Lord or Lady whom sponsors the Officers Dorm in question."
        End of Chapter Three.


          Chapter Four: Dorm Placement; Dorm Mates.
          After the preliminary meeting, Lord Pouchlaw was leading the five teens down a trail to a signpost where a large sign with 49 dorm hall names were titled in black and gold. Moonrise Roo and Flying Boomer were largest at the top of the list; under those were a column marked as Officer Dorms and a column marked as Sponsored Dorms. At the top of the Sponsored Dorms was Mudfoot Joey along with the name of the paying sponsor lord... Roolock.

          "Okay, rangers," said Lord Pouchlaw. "This is the epicenter of the Dorm Paths. All dorm paths return to 'ere. As yas can see, the main two are on top. The left column are the Officers Dorms. If yas choose one of those, speak the RA in charge and mention yer 'Dad's Rangers' and show yer ID Collars. They'll 'elp yas after that. The right column are the Sponsored Dorms. Sponsored Dorms are those where any Dreamtime Lord can pay a small fee to have a Dorm Hall dedicated to them and those staying there receive extra training in that Lords or Ladies realm abilities. If yas choose one of those dorms, speak with the head RA there. Don't bother with the lesser RAs no matter what. Always speak to the top. Again, tell them yer one of 'Dad's Rangers' and show them yer ID Collar. They'll get yas settled in. Are there any questions before Ah leave yas to choose yer dorms?"

          Lari had no questions as he was remembering the offer from the kangaroo cadet. If yas choose Mudfoot Joey... Ah'll share more of my treats with yas. That treat really tasted good.

          Marcy raised her hand, then asked. "What are those half-roo, half-croc cadets that we've saw on our way here? They look like the warriors that were attacking parts of Australia, before they were confronted by the Boomer Force."

          Lord Pouchlaw replied, "Let me explain something important so yas don't make a horrible error with the cadets. Those part roo, part croc cadets are from Master Sakar's realm. We don't train the Crocaroos that 'ave been attacking Australia; We DO train Crocaroo Realm Guards. Even Sakar can see the importance of well-trained Realm Guards. We give them equal training that is key to their 'ome realm. In fact, even though this is called the Kangaroo Academy Realm, yas are going to see non-Roo Cadets 'ere. Yas five, along with a certain Devlin boy from Dreamwolf, are the only 'umans at the academy. But yas five are the only rangers 'ere. Are there any other questions?"

          No one else had questions for him, but at least they were thinking about whether to go safe or to take their chances.

          Lord Pouchlaw grinned. "Yer first training lesson is tomorrow morning. Remember: no matter 'ow long yer 'ere this one time only, no time will pass back on Earth. It's a bit of Dreamtime magic. Report to yer dorms. Ah'll see yas in the morning... unless yer preggers." He hopped off laughing.

          Mudfoot Joey

          Lari walked into the lobby and almost immediately, a RA Warlock Kangaroo Officer pulled the human off to one side just as a mob of kangaroo cadets bolted out the door at top speed with another RA Officer chasing them with a Bad Roo Paddle. "Yas almost got ran over, mate. Ah'm Commander Lunartail; one of Roolock's sons and the 'ead RA 'ere at Mudfoot. What are yas doing 'ere or are yas the pleasure package Ah ordered weeks ago?" Lari pointed toward his ID Collar. "Ah'm Lars "Lari" Knight, one of 'Dad's Rangers'. Lord Pouchlaw told me to report to the 'ead RA." Lunartail smiled. "Yer a change of pace and manners. Come with me; yas will be bunking in my quarters. If yas 'adn't mentioned 'Dad', whom Ah am related to, yas would 'ave been bunked with one of the other lust magnets."

          Moonlight Roo

          Moonlight Roo was more of a night time feel, with nice lamp style lights shaped like the many phases of the moon (sans the New Moon, for obvious reasons). The RA was checking over the cleanliness of the dorm, when Timmy entered. The RA was a Were-Kangaroo, but he was different than the most of his kind, judging of the pained look on his muzzle and no visible pouch. "Yas aren't the Devlin boy, nor were we expecting any 'uman recruits. What are yas doing in this dorm without an escort?" Timmy pointed to his ID Collar with a grin. "My name is Timmy Celeron and Lord Pouchlaw told me to report to the lead RA." The Were-Roo sniffed at the ID Collar, and smiles a little. "Yas picked a right time to come. Ah'm Lieutenant Padpaw, the resident adviser of this dorm. And since yas are ordered 'ere, Ah'm going to let yas bunk with me. Ah don't mind 'uman blokes resting with me."

          Flying Boomer

          The girls enter the Flying Boomer dormitory, and noticed that no males were present. It was practically an environment even Amazons and Valkyries would like, especially the former Lady Viceroy. One of the flyer kangaroos hopped over to the girls, and looked them over. "Yas are 'uman females... where are yer pouches?" The girls showed off their ID Collars, as Marcy said, "We are here to talk to the head RA of this dorm." The flyer said. "Oh... she's around." She then pulls out a special whistle, and blew into it, making a four-note tune. As quick as a whip, the head RA ran in and appeared. "Ah'm Sprintpaw, the 'ead RA of the Flying Boomer. What can Ah 'elp yas 'uman sheilas with? The male 'sacrifice' is not until next month." She winked. Olivia pointed to her ID Collar and said. "We are the Rangers being mentored by 'Dad.' Lord Pouchlaw said something about assigning us to these dorms? I am Olivia Banks and this is Marcy White." Sprintpaw smiled. "Ah, welcome to the Flying Boomer. Marcy, yas'll be in with Slamtail, and you'll be bunking with me, Olivia. It's going to be fun 'ere, even though yas aren't 'ere for the male 'sacrifice.' She winked lewdly.

          Swamp Roo

          It was a dorm with the look and feel of a swamp, yet it had one thing the Boomer Force wouldn't even imagine if they were taken there; Crocaroos. However, one person dared to go in where no other humans would. James, however, decided to take that risk. A Crocaroo dropped down from a tree, and unlike the foot soldier minions that would normally attack, this one stopped himself from risking getting into trouble. "'yooman, speak your intentions 'ere now, or leave before Ah summon my comrades." James showed his ID Collar. "I am James Hansen, one of the chosen of 'Dad' and under orders of Lord Pouchlaw to show yas Ah'd like to stay in this dorm during my stay in the Kangaroo Academy."

          The Crocaroo flinched at the mention of 'Dad'. "Ah am the one they call RA. I am the one others call Crestarm. Curious that a 'yooman would choose this dorm. 'owever, Ah won't attack like the mindlessss foot soldiers would. Ah'll arrange for yer bunk, bloke."
          End of Chapter Four.


            Chapter Five: Dinner Rendezvous
            One Week Later at a public dinner in the Academy mess hall...

            Lari seated himself at the Rangers table along with his warlock spell book and his assigned floating devil kangaroo-imp tutor sitting on his shoulder. "Ah think we 'ave earned a meal away from the dorms for a change. Ah 'ope the others show up so we can compare notes."

            The tutor replied, "'ave faith. They'll come in unless they are pregnant. Yas 'ave been lucky in that respect."

            The first one to come in was Timmy, reading through a small, yet thick book of regulations of being a realm officer. "Hey Lari..." He then noticed the tutor. "I see you made a new friend."

            James made it there unnoticed, but slumped next to Lari, looking drained of energy, and smelling pretty foul.

            Lari smiled at Timmy. "Warlock in training and yeah. Are they enforcing yas to become an officer?" Then he noticed James point-blank next to him. "If Ah was anyone else, James... Ah'd be up and away from yas fast. But Ah'm yer friend, so..." He hugged James briefly. "...but yas do smell like Croc sex. How do yas feel?"

            "Like crap," James grunted. "The Crocaroos 'ave initiated me into the dorm by 'aving me paired with some of their males to see if Ah can get 'em pregnant. The problem is it wasn't my cup of tea, but they said it was 'either me doing it, or them doing it to me.' Rather unpleasant, and Ah don't like males in that way."

            Timmy hummed, "Lieutenant Padpaw suggested it. He says it gives discipline to those who want to become heroes. Though I wonder why he doesn't have a pouch like the other Were-Kangaroos? And he doesn't know anything about the Were-Boomer; I asked."

            Marcy and Olivia came to the table, each with books involving how to make a male miserable, and how to put them in their place. Very interesting read for the tomboy, but not a fun read for the other. "Hey guys," Olivia said. "They are like Amazons at Flying Boomer. They're more like the Local Hometown ball-busters than we thought they'd be."

            "I like it..." Marcy remarked with a smirk. "We were even given practice Bad Roo Paddles to work with."

            Lari nodded his head to everyone then he leaned forward and said, "Ah am glad yas are all 'ere. Ah 'ave some important information to share about the dorms and our training."

            He paused to allow his friends to give him their attention, then he took a breath and started in on the explanation.

            "This first part only applies to Timmy, Marcy, and Olivia. Commander Lunartail told me this information and Ah got it verified by Lord Pouchlaw. Moonrise Roo and Flying Boomer are known as the Academy's COMMON Dorms. They are a place to sleep only. Yas are NOT required to do ANY of the Common Dorm training that the RA's present to yas because yas guys did NOT choose to stay in those dorms. Yas were assigned to them. Keyword: Assigned. All of the anti-male stuff and the suggested officer shit that yas girls and Timmy are being told about... yas are under NO obligation to learn nor obey because where yas guys are... are the Common Dorms. Lord Pouchlaw went so far as to tell me that if the RAs try to enforce this training on yas in the Common Dorms, yas are to report them immediately so punishment can be met out by the 'igh commander, 'imself. Sleeping quarters only."

            "This second part applies to James and Ah because we chose our dorms without finding out what 'appens when yas willingly join a Sponsored Dorm. This information only applies to Sponsored Dorms, so if yas others choose to switch out of Commons, yas will now 'ave some warning. Again, this 'as been verified by Lord Pouchlaw. When yas join a Sponsored Dorm, pay precise attention to WHO is sponsoring the Dorm and the sponsor's species. It's very important. And 'ere is why..."

            "24 'ours after yas join the Sponsored Dorm, and yas are given an early chance to get out before it becomes official (in fact, it's yer only chance to switch out before it's too late,) after the 24 'ours passes, yas are immediately taken into the Initiation Ceremonial Environment of the Sponsored Dorm where yas are initiated into not only the Dorm as an official Cadet, but into the Academy for the full 4-year training course AND... yer Citizenship into the Sponsoring Lord's or Lady's 'ome realm. That's right, James. Yas and Ah are official Academy Cadets now for a 4-year stint of Dreamtime er, time, pardon the pun. PLUS, we are both official citizens of our Sponsor Lord's realms. The Lords won't know this until 4 weeks AFTER the base initiation started. Then they are sent a dorm report. Thereafter, the Sponsor Lord can communicate with yas mentally whenever they like because yas are one of their citizens."

            Lari then said, "This last part concerns the Officers Dorms and only those dorms. If yas guys willing join those (or in James and Ah's cases get transferred in during the course of our training,) it is the same as joining the Academy officially, BUT 'as the added benefits of Officer Training. There is a Sheila's Only officers dorm." He looked to Marcy and Olivia. "Yer RAs were trained there." Then he continued for all. "There is no Citizenship offered in the Officer's Dorms. Now, these dorms are arranged by training clans and species. For instance, all Crocs from multiple realms may all be in the Croc Officers Dorm. All of the Officers Dorms 'ave combat arenas designated for when opposing realms want to 'duke it out' over some dispute. Lord Pouchlaw told me that as long as fights were confined to those arenas, 'e didn't care what they did to each other. No 'olds barred."

            Lari then finished up. "When the 4-weeks of our Ranger training ends, only Marcy, Olivia, and Timmy will be free of this place because yas accepted yer assigned Common dorm placement. But James and Ah will 'ave to return periodically to complete our 4-year training as Cadets because we stupidly chose to join our own dorms. But... the benefit for joining the Academy is an extra power that the rest of yas won't get: teleportation between any of the Earth like worlds and the Dreamtime Academy Realm, at will. Whenever we like. And it 'as nothing to do with our Ranger Powers nor our learned Realm abilities gained from the dorms."

            Olivia comments, "At least I know that I don't have to be anti-male, like Marcy wants to be."

            Marcy smirked. "You're just too fragile to be tougher than the guys. What is wrong with being tough, Olivia?"
            End of Chapter Five.


              Chapter Six: What in the Pouch?
              "There is more to being a female than ball-busting." Olivia glared. "Besides, a nice riflebird lady has talked to me about the dorm sponsored by a Lady Riff. She said they could use 'someone of my beauty to influence the boys.'"

              Timmy hummed. "Wonder if one of the other dorms know how to charge my handheld; the rechargeable battery just lost its power a couple days ago."

              Lari hummed. "Why don't yas find out which dorm Quicksilver trained at, Timmy, and ask if they know 'ow to recharge yer game battery. Yas were impressed with that speedy roo before. Surely 'e or one of 'is dorm brothers would know 'ow to recharge yer game battery."

              He then looked to James. "In the meantime, Ah am going to be 'elping James get freshened up and re-energized. One of the very first spells Ah learned was for Dispelling Bad Smells. To get the spell, Ah 'ad to trick the others into thinking that Ah needed it for a reason other than what Ah intended to use it for. Ah told them that Ah could use it to remove my scent so any joey boi that Ah snuck up on wouldn't smell me coming. And they said they didn't think of that, so they taught me the spell since my idea was good. So Ah'll be using this spell to 'elp James get clean. Is there anything else we need to talk about?"

              James smiled. "At least Ah know Ah won't be smelling like croc-lust for too long. Thanks, mate."

              Timmy hummed, and smiled. "After we eat, I'll ask around about Quicksilver's old dormitory. Wonder how fast those roos are. Hopefully not as fast as the hybrid that attacked Brisbane."

              After having their meal and parting company with the girls, the three boys left the mess hall and after getting some directions, soon arrived out front of the former dormitory where Quicksilver trained at.

              Lari smiled. "Go on in, Timmy. James and Ah will wait for yas out 'ere, in that small park next to the joey mud pits across the road. We'll be there when yer finished in there."

              After parting company with Timmy, Lari and James entered the small rest park where Lari sat James down and began to work the Smell Dispel magic on him. "This will only take a moment, James. And Ah know yas aren't interested in other males, so think of it like this... no matter what they make yas do, it doesn't count cause they aren't 'uman males. Understand?"

              James nods, "Understood, mate."

              From the edge of the mud pit, a were-kangaroo joey looked up at the two humans, then hopped up to them. "Mommy?"

              Arching an eye as he looked at the were-kangaroo joey, Lari said, "Well, 'e isn't a croc, so 'e's not one of yers, James. And Ah've not been pregnant. Commander Lunartail won't let anyone do it with me."

              Lari then reached over and petted and scratched the joey on the head and around the ears. "Ah'm afraid Ah may simply look like yer mommy, cutie. What's yer name and who is yer mommy and daddy?"

              The were-roo joey smiled and churred a little. "Mommy lose his memory? Ah'm Knuckletail, daddy Eryk sent me 'ere to be trained with Uncle Ramses and Lord Studpaw's support, because 'e couldn't raise me, and fight the nasty Crocaroos that were making 'im a sad boomer."

              James hummed, "Aww... Ah think 'e likes yas, mate."

              Lari blushed. "Um, Ah think Knuckletail's 'mom' is a 'uman boy who is my look alike on Earth. And whoever this Eryk is... is a Were-Kangaroo and thus, the daddy. And Ah think Ah 'ave an idea about who 'e might be." He finished the spell on James, then he knelt down and hugged Knuckletail with a smile. "Does yer daddy 'ang out with the Boomer Force?"

              "Daddy's the Red Ranger," said Knuckletail with a smile, while he hopped to Lari, and licked his face. "Ah like all 'is mates, save for that nasty sheila with a paddle. She looks like she can cause ouchies."

              Lari looked to James. "Eryk is the Red Ranger. And 'e is Knuckletail's daddy. That means 'e is the Were-Roo Ranger of the Boomer Force. Remember when they saved our club'ouse?"

              He turned to Knuckletail and nuzzled him as he rubbed all over him. "And Knuckletail's mom is someone who looks just like me and Ah think Ah 'ave seen this bloke one time before. It was on the day that Ah was building my club'ouse. Ah saw 'im watching me work and something about 'im made me look at 'im again. And that's when Ah realized that Ah was looking at myself, only... a little older. Knuckletail's mommy is a Lari Knight from another space sector. And Ah'll bet 'e is a Ranger of some sort, too."

              Lari then said, "Yas can call me 'Mommy' whenever yas like, Knuckletail. And from now on... Ah 'ereby swear... that yas are an official member of the Blackall Chapter Adventure Guild. And now that yer a member... do yas want me to come play with yas in the pits for a while? My friend James is waiting for our other friend, Sonic the 'edge'og, Ah mean, Timmy Celeron." He winked with a giggle.

              Before Knuckletail could answer his new 'mommy,' A thump of a muscular kangaroo tail was heard. The owner of that tail was that of a muscular and studly kangaroo with the look of a seasoned parent in his eyes. "Knuckletail? Ah come to see if yas wanna visit yer daddy in Australia before the full moon comes."

              Knuckletail's attention was on the kangaroo, now. "Uncle Ramses! Does daddy want to see me?"
              End of Chapter Six.


                Chapter Seven: The Courier's Way
                Ramses nodded. "Daddy was pretty sad recently, and might need some cheering up." He then picked up the little were-joey. "Ah'm going to let yas 'ave fun in my pouch; promise you won't bite?"

                Knuckletail smiled, and did the pouch crossing motion. "Cross my pouch."

                The roo chuckled, before stuffing the were-joey in his pouch. He then smiled to the others. "Ah'm sorry if Knuckletail inconvenienced yas, blokes. Yas do look a lot like 'is mommy."

                James stood up, and smiled. "The joey was just a cutie-pie, mate."

                Lari smiled. "No trouble at all, sir. Ah know Ah'm not 'is mommy, but 'e can call me that if 'e wants to. Good evening to yas, sir." And then Lari turned and headed down to the edge of the joey mud pits and sat down there with a sly grin. Knuckletail did make him aroused a bit.

                The Courier's Way Dormitory

                While Lari and James were being visited by Knuckletail, Timmy had entered the dorm, and saw that the wall had a stone tablet in the middle of the entrance room similar to the stone that made up the walls of Kane's Cavern. Except it had text; very hard to read in human standards, since it was written in Kangaroo common language.

                Timmy ulped, as he tried to read it, wondering what it says, as he couldn't read any of the Kangaroo common, nor could he read aborigine.

                "It says, Neither dingo's 'owl, nor croc's pain, nor aroused 'eat, nor gloom of war will stay these couriers from the swift and successful completion of their lordly appointed assignments. 'ereby sworn on 'Dad's bottomless pouch."

                There was a large red kangaroo boomer decorated all over his body in Aboriginal markings. "Don't be reciting that out loud to me unless yer joining this dorm. Ah am Commander Yardfoot, RA of The Courier's Way Dormitory as well as being the Drill Officer for all Basic Training in the Academy. Yas look like a nice boy. What brings yas to the Courier's Way?"

                Timmy showed Yardfoot his ID Collar, and nervously asked, "I am one of the Rangers mentored by 'Dad'... Timmy Celeron, the Sonic the Hedgehog fan of Blackall, and I was impressed by how loyal and fast Quicksilver is. I was wondering if I can join... and if there is a way to recharge my game."

                Yardfoot smiled and petted on Timmy a little. "Yas 'ave a game with a run down battery, do yas? Well... only officers quarters 'ave outlets; but not in the Commons Dorms. If yas really want to join this dorm, yer gonna 'ave to remove all of yer clothes, then face the stone tablet and touch it with both 'ands as yas recite the Dorm oath. Oh, and Ah 'ave to stand bodily be'ind yas while yer doing this; 'olding yas steady. Still want to join up?"

                Timmy turned a deeper red than the Were-Boomer's armor, and weighed the possibilities in his mind... He then ulped, then said, "If it means learning what Quicksilver learned, I guess I still would want to." He then went to remove his clothes, slowly, and still a bit nervous, with his hands shaking as he started to remove his shirt.

                Yardfoot helped Timmy out of the rest of his wearable material until the boy is simply in his skin. Then he positions himself bodily behind the boy and warmly presses against him. "Repeat after me, Timmy... Neither dingo's 'owl, nor croc's pain, nor aroused 'eat, nor gloom of war will stay these couriers from the swift and successful completion of their lordly appointed assignments. Ah 'ereby swear to serve on 'Dad's bottomless pouch to serve the Courier Roos as a Dormitory Boomer Brother."

                Timmy was still red in the face, and did repeat the words, though his voice was a little shaky. "Neither dingo's howl... nor croc's pain... nor aroused heat... nor gloom of war will stay these couriers from the swift and successful completion of their lordly appointed assignments... Ah hereby swear to serve on 'Dad's' bottomless pouch to serve the Courier Roos as a Dormitory Boomer Brother."

                What happens next to Timmy is indescribable, as he feels something he has likely never felt before coupled with something that he probably has known about. The latter feels like an injection shot into his bloodstream. The Quicksilver like Super Speed Enzyme Solution. The former feeling is more feeling, pointed, and unforgettable, but it nearly blisses him so much that he won't remember much about it at all.

                When Timmy regained his local senses, he found himself back in his clothes, but he had the start of an Aboriginal swirl marking for the Courier Roo Dormitory on his primary hand and another imprinted where he couldn't see: around his genitals. But only he and his new Dorm brothers would be able to see them. Timmy also found himself laying in a bed in Yardfoot's quarters. But more importantly, he saw this hand-held game recharging on a side table.

                "Woke up finally, did yas?" said Yardfoot from a side desk. "Take it easy at first, Timmy. Ah injected yas with the Courier Speed serum earlier. If yas try to walk normal speed, yer going to move as if yas were running. We 'ave to teach yas 'ow to move properly. Any questions?"

                "Got three of them," grunted Timmy. "Were my friends still waiting for me out near the joey pits, why do I feel more stuffed than a thanksgiving turkey, and why does Quicksilver have a hard time stopping?"

                Yardfoot replied, "A Crocaroo Cadet showed up to claim one of the two. 'e really didn't look like 'e wanted to go with the guy, but 'e didn't resist. And yer other friend..." he smiled. " invited to go play cards with a few Were-Kangaroo Officers from the Moon Knight Order." He then focused on Timmy. "Quicksilver 'as that mop of 'air 'anging down over 'is eyes, which causes 'im to judge distances between 'imself and the obstacles not what 'e thinks. Then 'e realizes too late that 'e is about to collide and 'e simply prays that no one gets 'urt."
                End of Chapter Seven.


                  Chapter Eight: Order Information 101
                  Yardfoot said in closing, "Yas will know what 'e is going through when yas start getting yer speed training."

                  The red boomer then came over slowly and rubbed on Timmy's tummy. "Um, don't get mad, but... Ah accidentally got yas... knocked up." He then blushed. "Yer going to be a mommy and Quicksilver... will be able to sympathize with yas... 'e was an accidental case when 'e attended, too. But 'e asked to do it with me again and again. 'e likes it more than most people do. Yas will give birth before yas 'ave to leave the Academy for yer training mission. But yas get to name yer joey."

                  Timmy rubbed his belly, and while thinking about what happened to him, he said, "Lari must've been tempted by the officers to join them in a game of cards... and James was part of the Crocaroo dorm and he smelled very questionable during our team dinner... I hope Lari's okay."

                  He then hummed. "This might hurt a lot; my body and my clothes..." Timmy then chuckled. "Never thought I'd lose my virginity like this; felt very curious."

                  Yardfoot rubbed over Timmy's tummy with a warm paw. "Yas gave yer consent when yas joined the Courier Roo's dorm. Every Courier in 'ere 'as 'ad the Male booster shot and all of them 'ave given birth to a joey or three. Most beg me to do it again and again. And Ah oblige them. That was yer initiation. 'owever, there is another reason Ah 'ad to do this to you, Timmy... the Speed Enzyme serum can only be activated through... what Ah did with yas earlier. A chemical produced through pregnancy mixes with the serum and activates the super speed ability. So without what Ah did to yas... no speed."

                  He then smiled when the hand-held game beeped on the side. "Ah, good timing... yer game is fully recharged, Timmy. Now yas will 'ave something to do while Ah am 'elping yas birth later. As for yer friend Lari... are yas in love with 'im?"

                  Timmy smiled, and got the recharged game, and checked where his save point was. He then set the game aside for a moment, and said. "I am not in love with him, Yardfoot... it's just that... he's my first friend since my family moved to Australia for my father's work. Before he was my friend, I was bullied if I wasn't clever enough to avoid the local bullies. Not many kids in Blackall like Sonic the Hedgehog and I wondered what he did to them to make them so dumb."

                  The big red boomer commander chuckled and replied, "If 'e is anything like 'is counterpart in the other world, then maybe 'e introduced the bullies to gym shorts and a flag pole." He winked and laughed as he left Timmy with his game. "Ah'll bring yas back some food, 'andsome, and check on yer club friend in the Moon Knight Order. Ah just 'ope they didn't break Pouchlaw's main rule."

                  Moon Knight Order

                  In what appeared to be a gaming hall full of Moon-touched officers of all species, Lari was seated in a dealer's chair at the head of a table. One of the Were-Kangaroo boomers who asked Lari to come in, Commander Moontail, stated, "Yas 'ave to be an order member to play in these games; but we like to use outsiders as dealers for our card games and one of our order brothers in Mudfoot Joey told us that yas were a fair dealer."

                  Lari remarked as he shuffled the cards, getting comfortable in the chair, "My magic tutor and Ah can keep watch for under'anded activities far better than one set of eyes can. So what's the game for this afternoon?"

                  Moontail replied, "Seven Card Poker with Wild Twos; no Jokers. Can yas deal us up, mate?"

                  Lari shuffled the deck thoroughly before setting the deck close to the nearest player. "Cut the cards?" And the Were-Crocodile chose to make the cut since it was offered. And then Lari shuffled the cards two more times before stating, "Ante up! 7 chips per session at start! Raising can be any amount!" After the primary ante chips were added to the kitty, Lari began dealing the cards one at a time face down. He then said, "Replacement cards can be asked for twice per game; first time clockwise; second time counter-clockwise." Lari then waited for everyone to look at their cards before turning to the first player and asking, "'ow many cards, mate?"

                  The seven players at the table exchanged cards as they saw fit. Then the second card exchanges occurred. Lari quietly said, "Setting aside yer prides, if yas think yas don't 'ave a good 'and, please fold; yas are not a loser for playing it safe. Not to mention, it preserves your chip pile for a longer time. Who all would like to fold at this time?" Of the seven players, four folded and then they watched to see how the rest of game play panned out. A Were-Bush Rat managed to bluff his way to the win. When the win occurred, Lari quietly began singing, "Yas gotta know when to 'old 'em; know when to fold them..." Then Moontail said, "Okay, out of fairness, everyone turn over yer cards. Lari, spread out the remaining cards so as to conduct a card count. If there are extra cards in the deck, then whomever added them will be in some trouble when they are found out."

                  After the card count ended, there ended up being one two too many in the deck. And then Lari's tutor cast a Return to Owner spell upon the spare Two in the deck. Most of the cards re-entered the card box they had emerged from for the game; the spare Two slid across the table, leaped up into the air and stuck to a Were-Wallaby's forehead for all to see. The Tutor said, "Shame... why did yas do it?"

                  The Were-Wallaby pulled the card off of his head and lowered his muzzle. "Ah usually lose these games and Ah 'ave limited funds. Ah can barely afford to pay my Order dues each year."

                  Moontail then searched the Were-Wallaby as he confiscated the rest of the deck from the player's pouch. "Yer an Order member, Rumpouch. Don't do that again and no punishments for this slight." Then he turned his muzzle toward Lari. "Overall, our Order members are generally good. Most are too proud to ask for 'elp when they are 'urting for funds. What yas said about not being a loser 'elped a lot. Yer club friends must respect yas a lot back in Blackall, Lari."

                  Lari smiled a little. "The Adventurers Guild is no where near as populated as yer Order is. Most of the time, Ah sit in the club'ouse by myself playing with my action figures."
                  End of Chapter Eight.


                    Chapter Nine: Musketeer Ranger Workout.
                    One week later; Musketeer Ranger Training Field
                    Pouchlaw was there with Kiel, Brock, Daiquiri, Roolock and Studpaw. Studpaw was finally being allowed to see 'Dad's experimental Musketeer Rangers during their training.

                    Lord Pouchlaw smiled at the five human Rescue Cadets. "State yer name and yer Dormitory, please. And show some respect. The big names are 'ere today."

                    Lari stood up straight wearing his mud/enzyme proof backpack that contained his spell book and his tutor. "Lars Carington Knight of Mudfoot Joey. Red Musketeer Ranger and Warlock Joey in training. Sir." He then saluted Lord Pouchlaw while standing at attention. He really hoped he was making a good impression. He didn't want to be dropped into anyone's bottomless pouches.

                    Timmy stood straight wearing his mud/enzyme proof messenger bag for courier duties that involve items (and also contains his handheld game system). "Sir. Timothy Wesley Celeron of The Courier's Way. Blue Hedgehog Musketeer Ranger and Courier Roo in training. Sir." He then saluted, and stayed properly in attention.

                    James stood in a uptight militant stance expected of him by his RA, wearing simple mud/enzyme proof armor fragments on his torso and shoulders. "James Robert 'ansen of Swamp Roo, Green Crocodile Musketeer Ranger and Crocaroo Guard in training." He saluted Lord Pouchlaw and stayed in his militant stance.

                    Olivia stood in a feminine manner, just as she was taught by the head RA of her dorm. She was also equipped with a bow and a collapsible crossbow, though unequipped of a quiver of arrows and crossbow bolts. "Olivia Min Banks of Glorious Flight, Pink Riflebird Musketeer Ranger and Glorious Sharpshooting Riflebird apprentice." She then bows gently, as she resumes her place.

                    Marcy stepped forward, and was wearing some Amazonian style armors, as well as some markings. "Marcia Daria White of the Amazonian Outback, Black Dingo Musketeer Ranger and Boomerang Warrior in-training, sir." She then stepped back, and re-assumed the appropriate stance. Looks like somebody joined a more brutal dorm since the last time she was seen.

                    Lord Pouchlaw nodded his muzzle and glanced back at the bigwig big names. "As yas can see, our 'uman cadets joined the Academy for the full four year stint by selecting their own dorms." He then turned back to face the five club members. "Today we are going to unlock three of yer Musketeer Bracer abilities for yer use in training. But if Ah find out yas 'ave been shooting fellow Cadets, Ah'll lash yer bottoms. Today, the Spirit Guides, communicators and yer Musketeer Weapons are to be made available to yas."

                    After a brief explanation on how to unlock the abilities, Lord Pouchlaw pointed out the targets and explained how to use the weapons. Then he hopped back out of the way to stand with the others.

                    Roolock whispered, "A 'uman in Mudfoot Joey for three weeks and 'e is still 'uman? 'e 'as been really lucky... or my roos in there are slipping badly. Ah may 'ave to find out why the Yiffy Roo Order aren't doing their jobs." He winked with a giggle. YRO was a nice bunch of KSPs that Roolock sponsored.

                    In the meantime, Lari took aim at a target with his power sword and fired at the short range target. His blast made a hole in the lower left portion of his target. "'um... looks like Ah need to adjust my aim..." And he aimed again, trying to get the trajectory and pitch correct.

                    Olivia took the next shot and fired her Musketeer bowgun at her target and hit the bulls-eye. "Guess some of my sharpshooter training paid off."

                    While the other humans were working on getting their targets together, Studpaw hummed, as he observed. "Ah wonder if the leader is as good as 'is counterpart when Lord Jinx made me 'is successor? Aside from that, Ah would see why the Cursed Three and the Boomer Rangers should be kept in the dark about this for now."

                    Kiel grinned and whispered to Studpaw, "well... if yas want this Lari for a few nights to find out 'ow 'e is, Ah think we can spare 'im for that. But yas can't take 'im out of the Dreamtime just yet. They still 'ave another week of Ranger training before they get their first training mission on Earth."

                    Roolock added, "And while yer planning yer sex with the joey, Ah can arrange the boy's Devil KSG so 'e can learn 'is magic better." Though that wasn't what Roolock was actually thinking in a naughty way but whatever the end result was he would accept.

                    Studpaw looked to Roolock. "Despite what Ah 'eard from rumors, yer libido is 'igher than Ah estimated it to be, Immoral Fun-loving Roolock." he winked, being a bit naughty himself.

                    Lord Pouchlaw hopped back out to the five Musketeer Cadets and said, "Yas guys did very well. And now, all five of yas are going on an approved training outing together. For the remainder of this week, yas are to be conducting border patrol around Lord Studpaw's Realm. And before yas think that this is a boring thing, yas might get to see some Crocaroo or Undead action over there. Yas will be 'elping the realm guard in keeping the borders in check. Lord Studpaw will be making use of Timmy's courier services, in realm to take messages between various check points. And yas, Lari, 'ave been requested to personally attend to Lord Studpaw's requests within 'is central quarters. Report back to yer dorms for now, take these orders to yer RAs, then report to the Western Gate to await yer transport with Lord Studpaw. And Ah don't want 'im to report any slacking during yer outing. Dismissed!"

                    Kiel and his Order Brothers joined the Rangers and began to escort them off to Spirit Guide Assignment Services. "Good job, Mates and Sheilas. All reports Ah 'ave been 'earing about yer team 'as been nothing but good reports from all Dorms and fellow Dorm mates. Even a few officers 'ave given praise to yer collection of club members. They are saying that other Ranger teams falter in comparison to yer dedication and resolve. Yas make me so proud that Ah took a chance with yas blokes."

                    Lari smiled. "Thank yas, Lord Kiel. My tutor tells me that 'e is a member of the Spirit Guides and since 'e is already assigned to me to 'elp me learn magic, Ah only need the miniature Angel Donkey Spirit Guide to complete my set. My Tutor's name is Knotty and 'e is also a member of the YRO Order which Roolock supports. Ah 'ad fun playing dealer for the Moon Knight Order a few weeks ago. Commander Moontail said Ah could come back to do that again some day. Everyone in there likes me."
                    End of Chapter Nine.


                      Chapter Ten: Spirit Guides.
                      Spirit Guide Placement services.
                      Kiel led his charges into the lobby of the Placement Services where Knotty instantly appeared on Lari's shoulder with his ID Card presented and at the ready. The Lordly Were-Kangaroo Boomer spoke to the Academy Secretary working the desk. "Musketeer Action Rangers to receive their official Spirit Guide partners. One of the rangers was assigned one without my knowledge as part of 'is magic studies. So 'e only needs the opposing case worker to balance out the set." He then hopped out of the way.

                      The Male Boomer Secretary hopped around his desk and he looked at Knotty's ID card. "Ah, Knotty. Nice to see that yas got assigned to a ranger. 'ow 'as 'is magic lessons been coming along? Any problems?" Knotty smiled. "This bloke is far more attentive than my last assignment was. Lari is almost ready for Second Circle Spells. 'e 'as also proven that 'e can be immoral when the moment calls for the virtue. Yeah, Ah know... Immoral and Virtue in the same sentence just doesn't sound right." he slyly grinned. The Secretary then said, "Yer opposing Case worker partner this time will be Shugar the Creamy Ass. Ah know it sounds dirty but the bloke is actually clean." Shugar appeared as a miniature white furred Donkey man with a red halo and red gossamer wings; he was sitting on Lari's opposing shoulder and sipping on a cup of what smelled like Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream on top.

                      The Secretary hopped over to Timmy next. "Yas chose the 'edge'og and the Grey'ound. Yer case workers are Streak the Grey'ound and 'yper the 'edge'og. Angel and Devil respectively. Both with the need for speed. Streak is chrome and cyan. 'yper is red with blue eyes; 'e 'ad to find a pair of shoes and a tie to wear, or so 'e said. 'e normally wears nothing." Timmy blushed when he heard the almost humorous explanation. "A hedgehog without his shoes is not quite as fast as he is proud of being. A good Sonic quote from the fan site." Streak appeared on one of Timmy's shoulders with a blue halo with blue wings; he also had a blue shoulder pack which contained handheld battery packs. "I came prepared for the gamer." And then Hyper appeared on Timmy's other shoulder with his own handheld. "These PDAs are the best invention the Placement Services ever came up with. I can check the stock market as well as play games on it. Hyper and Streak reporting for duty." Hyper wore a long Sonic fan tie and upon his feet were dark blue sneakers. He had miniature horns on his head just between his ears.

                      The Secretary hopped over to James next. "Yas are being sponsored by Lord Brock and yas joined Sakar's sponsored Dorm. Yer case workers are to be Styler and Jacrocker. Angel and Devil respectively. Styler is a miniature sea green Were-Dolphin and Jacrocker is a miniature Roman wrestling dark green Were-Crocoroo. 'e will guide yas in yer Crocodile combat training." Styler appeared floating in mid air next to James' left shoulder. He had a green halo and green wings yet he also had art supplies with him. "I am your mobile art store, James." And then Jacrocker appeared standing on James' right shoulder. "No slouching, Cadet! Under my guidance, yas will know 'ow to fight until it 'urts." He was like a drill sargent.

                      The Secretary hopped over to Olivia and Marcy last. "Ah was informed that yas sheilas were to receive female Spirit Guides when possible. Yas, Olivia are in luck. We found two females willing to assist a nice young lady like yas. Eiffel the Riflebird and Jharma the Jaguar. Angel and Devil respectively. Eiffel is all about etiquette; Jharma is all about feminine wiles." Eiffel appeared first hovering in mid air; she had a pink halo and pink glowing feathers all over her body. "I bring class and grace." And then Jharma appeared as a miniature jungle jaguar with small pink devil horns between her ears. "Stick with me and I will teach you how to be a real woman." She glanced over at Timmy. "Little boy blue want some candy?"

                      Hyper growled, "Back off, puss! Timmy belongs to Streak and I!"

                      Jharma smiled. "Don't blow a gasket, Mister Still Has His Virginity; I was just playing around."

                      Hyper smirked, "I lost mine with a Sonic stunt double several years ago. You're just jealous because no one wants to lay you."

                      The Secretary cleared his throat abruptly. "Enough of that, Mates. Yer on duty." He then looked to Marcy. "Lord Tally is choosing to sponsor yas, Marcy, so one of yer case workers is a dingo. The other is a bat. Yas are to be assigned with Smooth the Dark Angel Dingo and Baton the Rouge Devil Bat Stunt Double. Sadly, we could only get yas one female. Smooth is a guy, while Baton is a gal. Best we could do for a tomboy." Smooth the Miniature dingo appeared floating in mid air first. He was stationed behind a floating miniature bar as he was singing, "Ah am a smooth operator! A smooth operator!" He had black fur with a neon purple halo and black glowing wings. Otherwise, he wore a black bartender's outfit with no shoes. "Order up, clean drinks served 'ere!" And then the miniature black Rouge the bat stunt double appeared seated at the bar. "You know what I like, Smoothy." She had solid black small horns between her ears and what looked like pearly white fangs. She turned her head to look at Marcy. "Hello girlfriend. Are we going to punish some boys in the weeks to come or is all that bravado just for show? I hope you can back up the tough girl image."

                      The Boomer Secretary then presented Kiel with a clipboard and papers to sign before he turned and returned to his desk. "Ah expect to see nice reports from yas degree 'olding graduates."

                      Kiel smiled at his rangers. "Yer Spirit Guides will give yas all someone to speak to when yer not doing club or ranger things. They can also keep in touch with the rest of the team through the spirit network. As Knotty knows all too well. A further benefit is that yas can receive yer academy assignments for yer classes remotely through yer Spirit Guides. Once a week, yas should socialize with the dorm yas chose to join. Yas might learn something yer mates know that the teacher cannot teach yas remotely."

                      Marcy was quietly having words with Baton about her image; James was getting an ear full from Jacrocker. Only Lari, Timmy and Olivia looked the most relaxed as they were paying attention to Lord Kiel's final statements. Kiel knew what it meant to suddenly receive adviser partners that a nice human would have to get along with.

                      Lari spoke to Timmy while looking over his friend's new advisers. "Yer 'edge'og guide is quite the looker, Timmy. And yer angel brought yas spare battery packs. Ah guess yas got some gamers to play with."

                      Timmy smiled. "Yer donkey looks bored but Knotty looks like he always looks. We have seen him the most, of course. Olivia's Riflebird adviser is showing manners quietly. Although the jaguar did make me nervous initially. But I would hate to have James' military adviser yelling in my ear constantly."

                      Lari smiled back. "I think we just got lucky on that front or Knotty had a lot to do with making sure we got quiet partners. Marcy's Smooth dingo looks like the type who would gladly provide the team with celebration spirits if we asked nicely."
                      End of Chapter Ten.
                      End of Episode One.

                      Stay tuned for the next episode, Final Training and Rewards.