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[TRUE-02] PRAG-01 Adventure Training

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    [TRUE-02] PRAG-01 Adventure Training

    Power Rangers Adventure Guild
    Episode One: Adventure Training.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Lorne Carrington Knightmane, Kangaroo Adventure Ranger Red (Lacornis)
    ~~ (Mudfoot Joey Dorm | Warlock in training)
    Richard Ranger, Otter Adventure Ranger Gold (Riluta)
    ~~ (Moonrise Donkey Dorm | Geomancer in training)
    Timothy Wesley Celeron, Hedgehog Adventure Ranger Blue (Accelerhedgehog)
    ~~ (Courier Roo Dorm | Courier in training)
    James Robert Hansen, Croc Adventure Ranger Green (Jacrocker)
    ~~ (Swamp Roo Dorm | Crocaroo Guard in training)
    Olivia Min Banks, Riflebird Adventure Ranger Pink (Riviabird)
    ~~ (Glorious Flight Dorm | Glorious Sharpshooter apprentice)
    Marcia Daria White, Bat Adventure Ranger Onyx (Koumars)
    ~~ (Amazonian Outback Dorm | Boomerang Warrior in training)

    Guest Starring:
    Power Rangers Adventure League:
    Lari Kingston Knight, Red Adventure Ranger
    Jason Lee Scott, Green Adventure Ranger
    Daryn Hayes "Daz" Stanley, Yellow Adventure Ranger
    Talis Paul Hayley, Black Adventure Ranger
    Heath Cliff Flowen, Blue Adventure Ranger

    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Power Rangers Boomer Force: (to be seen later in the series)
    Eryk "Joey" Stryfe/Roofus, Red Boomer Ranger/Red Were-Armored Ranger
    Bindi Fury/Flyer, Yellow Boomer Ranger
    Jacob Thomas "JT" Smith/Sparkle, Blue Boomer Ranger
    North Lonewolf/Jumper, Silver Boomer Ranger

    Also Starring:
    The Three Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.

    Lord Roolock: He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft. Although recently, he has agreed to a term of peace between himself and Lady Mathilda, and is now helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lady Clarissa: She is Roolock's often unseen and unspoken wife. She is as powerful as her husband and she can paralyze a person with a wink of her long eye-lashes.
    Lady Riff: She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises. In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight: This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member. He is currently active and interested in a Kangaroo called Quicksilver in Lord Parcelpaw's home realm.
    Quicksilver: He is a Message Courier Roo that often goes between Dreamtime Realms and Australia. He's super-fast, but not good at stopping himself.
    Zander Dragonheart: The apparent son of Valon and Lord Brock. He is a weapons master, although he is not a member of the Boomer Force.
    Janet Renton-Boomersoul: Current holder of the Inferno Spirit Ranger Red powers, given to her as a gift by her husband, Adrian Boomersoul.
    Adrian Boomersoul: Proprietor of the Boomer's Hole in Blackall. Although there is much more to this 'man' than meets the eye, Janet Renton married him.
    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan. He designed and helped build their base, although he cleverly has more surprises in store for our heroes.

    Underworld Alliance:
    Mistress Soluella, the Demon Queen of Souls
    General Tidramon
    General Celsia
    General Decadius
    General Blossom
    Pyraxes, grunts

    Chapter One: Entertainment Employment.

    Blackall's Adventure Arcade and Video Rental

    Unlike the Outback Adventure Guild clubhouse in the Dreamtrail dimension of 2011, within the Theran Dimension, the location was home to a business called Adventure Arcade and Video Rental. A collection of six high school graduates from multiple locations all worked there since they submitted their applications when the business was first getting set up. It was actually the year after Power Rangers Dragon Guardians based in the United States. What made this job more interesting was that even Dreamtime citizens came in to either play games or purchase food and drinks. The pool hall portion of the arcade had four billiards tables, four Foosball tables, an air hockey table and a rugby table. Of course, the employees were just so nice to gaze upon as well. Let's take each employee one at a time so you get the idea of what I mean. First up, Lorne Carrington Knightmane, shortened to Lari Carrington Knight. Former honor roll student in high school and he had been a player on the school rugby team.

    Lorne Carrington Knight was a five foot six inch tall, blond haired, blue eyed athletic Australian individual with tanned skin from his outdoor activities. He typically wore blue jeans, tennis shoes, a red tee shirt with a male unicorn screen grab from when they showed a male unicorn during the end of the Last Unicorn animated movie during the Red Bull's defeat and a blue/gold jacket adorned with the Blackall high school logo. He also wore simple wire-frame glasses which made him look like a computer nerd. He believed in magic and miracles as well as the powers of Dreamtime. He had often seen the Courier Roos making message deliveries behind the town when he was younger and he thought it was a clever delivery service.

    He had also glimpsed Outback Legend on a few occasions and offered the boomer some food at least once. The legendary boomer accepted the offering but was rarely seen after that, but his presence was often felt.

    Timothy "Timmy" Wesley Celeron was an average localized American young man. Standing at five foot ten inches tall with long black hair kept in a ponytail, brown eyes and fair skin. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a black tee shirt. When attending school, he was never without his hand-held Sonic the Hedgehog game, which he played religiously. After graduation and obtaining this job he was put in charge of the arcade since that was his environment of choice. He had majored in computer programming while in school and he had managed to reach level two hundred before graduation on that hand-held game of his. He lived and breathed Sonic as the ultimate fan down under.

    Richard "Rick" Ranger was originally from Beaverton, Oregon where he lived with his mother whom operated the largest Otter Farm in the state. He stood at five foot eight inches tall, having otter brown wavy short hair, brown eyes and he had an African American complexion. He usually wore a gold Mascot Wars tee shirt, blue jeans and high top sneakers. Due to his over-enthusiastic attitude and acting like he had too much caffeine a lot of the time, his job at the entertainment business kept him in the kitchens where he prepared meals for the customers whom came in. But he was ever ready to give off the shout, "Whoo-Hoo! Fear the Otter!" catchphrase whenever he was about to go into action. He didn't want to leave his mother in Oregon, but she urged him to join his friends in Blackall.

    James Hansen was a nicely smart British boy. He was pretty fit at six foot one inch in height with athletic looks, light brown hair, brown eyes and the typical British complexion. He wore a pair of old blue jeans that were a bit dusty and dirty, a grey t-shirt that had also seen it's share of abuse, and to top it all off, an over-sized dusty leather jacket. He majored in artistic drawing as he often carried around either a sketchbook or his electronic sketchpad along with a selection of charcoal pencils, smudgers and erasers. His job within the entertainment business was that of a sketch artist for customers whom desired to get their likeness done professionally. An easel on a small stage in one corner was his work station within the business.

    And then there were the ladies of the group of friends.

    Olivia Banks was a beautiful Asian-Indian girl with long ginger hair standing at five foot eleven inches tall, though slender, having dazzling green eyes and a slightly darker yellow-tan complexion. She typically wore a red long-sleeved blouse, a wide white leather belt, a nice purple plaid skirt, and high-heeled black leather designer boots. Although she majored in the high school martial arts team, her parents were hopeful that she would stop participating in the activity and became a prim and proper young lady for a suitable well-to-do young man or suitor. Although she was dating a young man from Japan whom showed her respect, she worked in the entertainment business as the main cashier. She often got to see Lari whenever he would fetch movies out of the storage area for customers.

    Marcy White was often found with her nose stuck into some invention of hers. Standing at a whopping six foot eight inches tall, she was an African female with a strongly developed body, shoulder-length golden-brown hair and she had dark grey eyes. She wore dark clothing with either heavy boots or running shoes, though she preferred to be barefoot when relaxing. Back in school, she disliked bullies of all types and she was often found defending the younger kids around school. Her involvement in the entertainment business much to her delight was the head of security at the business itself. And that suited her just fine. Although she sometimes had her younger crippled brother at the business visiting with her. The young man was confined to a wheelchair and was glad the business was handicap accessible.

    It was a Thursday evening. The last of the normal clientele had departed for the night. Usually a Thursday was pin-drop quiet after eight P.M. But then three well built adults came in through the front doors and the one with a bounce in his step came up to the front counter and called out, "Oy! Lorne! Order Lords in the 'ouse! Ah need to speak to yas! It's important!" Then he turned and smiled at Olivia as she saw his human disguise fade away to reveal the Father of all Kangaroo kind, Lord Kiel, himself. "Aren't yas the pretty sheila, m'lady? What's keeping Lorne, anyway! That event 'as come upon us!"

    Lord Brock said, "Tally and I are going to go shoot a game of pool while Kiel is speaking to Lorne." Tally deposited some coins into the donation bin as he and Brock headed into the pool hall.

    Lorne poked his head out of the video storage area and said, "'ey, Kiel! Come on back into the video vault! Ah think someone 'asn't returned a video on time! Ah'd 'ate to 'ave to send Marcy to fetch the tardy video!"

    Kiel made a dopey kangaroo grin as he followed Lorne into the back chamber. "Remember back in 'igh school when Ah told yas Ah may need yer assistance in the future and yas told me that as long as the emergency occurred after yas and yer friends graduated, yas would be more than eager to 'elp us with our issue? That time 'as come, Lorne, and yas and yer friends are no longer in 'igh school. Of course, yas blokes will need some training and Ah'm willing to activate time displacement so yas aren't missing for too much time and yas won't miss getting to work at yer business. We Dreamtime Lords and Ladies appreciate that yas blokes are running a business like what yas got started 'ere. Now yas can be part of the bigger picture. Yas gave yer word, after all. So what video is missing?"

    Lorne replied as he looked at the video return sheet. "Someone was supposed to 'ave returned the 'ops and 'earts movie this morning and Ah was checking the returned movie bin and it isn't 'ere."

    Kiel focused his Dreamtime powers and the person whom was to have returned the movie had been driving his car home from a social gathering when all of a sudden, he without warning turned the car and drove up and stopped at the video return slot next to the business. He picked up the movie and rolled down his window and he inserted the late movie into the return slot before he drove himself back toward his home before finally getting himself back in control. "What in the bleep was that all about? Ah guess Mathilda made me do it!"

    Lorne picked up the returned movie and he marked the sheet as returned before placing it back on the shelf for the next renter. "Thanks, Kiel!" He went over and gave the Dreamtime Lord a kiss on the muzzle lips. "Let's gather my friends up and see about cleaning the shop before we attend to yer training issue and apparent emergency summons! We need to lock up before we 'ead off into time displacement!"

    And he led Kiel out of the vault whereupon he gave the shout, "LAST MINUTE CLEAN-UP BEFORE CLOSING, BLOKES! LORD KIEL 'AS A TASK FOR US!" He then hugged and kissed Kiel again before he opened the cleaning supplies closet and began to distribute the goods to clean the business before lock up. Lorne said to Timmy and Rick, "Remember back in 'igh school when Ah told yas mates that Lord Kiel was going to have a task for us after graduation? Well, that time 'as finally arrived. 'e needs us and will be giving us training. Marcy, whom had heard what Lorne had said, replied, "As long as we don't get in trouble with our parents, it would be fun to help Lord Kiel with his emergency. I said that then and I mean it more, now."

    The six friends worked on cleaning up the business in all portions. While they did this, Brock and Tally completed their pool game and then they waited near the front door with Kiel. Finally, the six friends gathered their belongings and stepped outside the front of the business.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Turning Back The Hands of Time.

    Once the business was locked up, Lord Kiel and his order brothers formed a circle around the young adults and they joined hands around the humans. As they did this, the surroundings faded away and it seemed as if the group was flying sideways along a corridor of multi-colored lights and fairy light sparkles. Then the trip ended as the new surroundings faded back in to reveal a paradise like training island with a walled academy in the center of the island. Lord Kiel then said, "Since Dreamtime is all time, welcome to Chrono-Academy."

    He then released hands with his order brothers. "Ah brought youse blokes back in time to this lone island to prepare youse for the adventure to come. Youse mates belong to us for the next eight weeks of local time. When Ah return youse to yer proper time and place, it will be the same night Ah contacted youse on and by then, youse will be ready to participate in the mission Ah 'ave for youse blokes. For youse see... Ah brought youse blokes together to be the newest Power Rangers team. The Poachers 'ave been getting mighty bold as of late and word is that they 'ave supernatural assistance. My counterpart on Dreamtrail Earth really messed up his opportunity to make 'is version of yer team work out and Ah don't plan on making that mistake."

    "Ah'll be 'elping youse blokes train every step of the way. Of course, my allies and order brothers will be assisting in this as well. Any questions before we 'ead inside?"

    Rick remarked, "When exactly are we, Kiel? I ask because I see a Pterodactyl flying in the sky way over in that direction." He pointed toward the horizon. Everyone looked and it did look like a prehistoric bird. But it didn't seem to see the island nor them.

    Kiel smirked. "Ah just told youse blokes... Ah brought youse back in time to an unseen island that mainland locals cannot even interact with.Youse can see things away from the island; but they cannot see nor 'ear youse. Any other questions?"

    Lorne said, "Ah think Ah understand now. Youse brought us back in time so we wouldn't be missing for eight straight weeks. Good plan. So since we are to be these Power Rangers, what colors are going to be available and what powers will we 'ave?"

    Tally smiled. "Colors first. Red, Blue, Gold, Green, White and Black. Elemental Powers next. Fire for Red, Wind for Blue, Earth for Gold, Water for Green, Light for White and Shadow for Black. Animal Totems for Zords are as follows. Kangaroo, Unicorn and Echidna for Red; Dingo, Werewolf and 'edge'og for Blue; Otter, Kitsune and Reindeer for Gold; Crocodile, Dragon and Shark for Green; Riflebird, Phoenix and Chipmunk for White; Skunk, Displacer and Bat for Black. Weapons are last. Flame Swallow (bladed staff,) and Bronze Knuckles for Red; Sonic Bark and Buzzsaw for Blue; Meteo and Mystic Lightning for Gold; Tailslap and Tidal Bite for Green; Sky Bow and Piercing Shriek for White; 'and Crossbow and Night Punch for Black. 'ow did Ah do, Kiel?"

    Kiel grinned. "Youse memorized the list nicely without flubbing once."

    Brock then said, "Lorne will be Red; Timmy will be Blue; Rick will be Gold; James will be Green; Olivia will be White; and Marcy will be Black. Only Olivia's uniform will have a skirt. We remember Marcy that yer more the Tomboy than a proper lady; so no skirt for youse."

    Marcy grinned widely. "Glad youse blokes remember that! Ah'd be angry otherwise!"

    Kiel then said, "All of youse will also receive three Animal Spirit Counselors or more commonly known as ASKs. Each ASK will be in the miniature shape of the animal totems assigned to youse. They are chatty and can give good advice as well as remind youse of lessons youse might 'ave problems remembering from yer training during these eight weeks. Shall we 'ead inside now? It looks primitive out 'ere, but inside, we 'ave modern conveniences."

    Tally and Brock added with smiles. "As well as T.P. and deodorant for youse 'umans!" Then they laughed out loud since they thought body perfume was funny sounding. Kiel growled, "Be'ave youse rogues! This is serious business! Now follow me, my friends and we can get youse settled in. Training starts after breakfast." Tally and Brock added, "And try not to use all the 'ot water!" Kiel growled again. "They are pulling your legs, mates. There is plenty of 'ot water for everyone."

    As they entered the walled academy, it soon became apparent that this place was a lot bigger on the inside than it had appeared on the outside. Lorne asked, "Say, Lord Kiel... was this place significant toward important Dreamtime Lords and Ladies of times past, meaning before yer emergency occurred? Ah ask because aside from a few Dreamtime species present in uniforms and the absence of any cadets that Ah can detect nor see, this place doesn't seem all that active. Not to mention 'ow 'uge it is on the inside. It didn't seem all that big on the outside. This is some trick otherwise."

    Tally smiled and replied before Kiel could comment. "Inter-dimensional spacing magic. That is the spell that is permanently cast on the inside of this academy. That is 'ow it can 'old so much within a small space. David Bowie's Labyrinthe is set up with this magic."

    Kiel smirked. "That is a good explanation of 'ow this works. Otherwise, this place was where a lot of Dreamtime Realm nobility got their training before they were ever lords. They served in several Dreamtime Wars and were trained to be officers right 'ere in the Chrono-Academy of Mathilda. This does not apply to my Order Brothers and Ah. We got to be lords for a different reason. For instance, Ah am the 'ead cheese of all Were-Kangaroos in the Outback and in Dreamtime. Lord Brock is the 'ead cheese of all Were-Crocodiles. And Lord Daiquiri is the 'ead cheese of all Were-Dingoes. Ah don't go by my slang name much since it can cause nice joeys and flyers like youse blokes to go speechless like that one time back in school when we first met youse. Brock's slang name is Rack; Daiquiri's slang name is Tally; the bloke is our bartender. 'e can mix anything. Brock is the pool shark of the order. Ah am Dad, as yas learned back in school. Youse might call our order a bunch of rebels since we avoided getting saddled into serving on the Dreamtime Council ages ago. Of course, the prophecy of the chosen is something that all Dads 'ave to orchestrate in order to create a new 'oly Pouch on any given world. The main joey under this prophecy is too young to 'ang out with youse graduates at the moment. Maybe someday, yas will get to meet 'im."

    At that moment, a large Red Kangaroo Lord with a uniform and a special banner over his chest came hopping across the parade grounds right up to Kiel as he said, "Ah thought Ah recognized youse rebels in the academy! We're between terms at the moment! That's the only reason it seems so quiet around 'ere! What brings youse to Chrono-Academy, Lord Kiel?"

    Lord Kiel remarked, "Royal Lord Boomerlaw! These joeys and flyers are my Adventure Rangers in training! As in Power Rangers! They agreed to assist me with an issue in their Australian Outback regarding nasty poachers! Morgan Fury of the Fury Hunters League in Blackall asked me if Ah could get some specially trained warriors to assist in putting a stop to these new age poachers whom seem to be getting supernatural assistance from an unknown source! Mr. Fury doesn't know 'ow to deal with magic users!"

    Timmy grinned. "Mr. Fury's little firecracker of a daughter is still in primary school. She hates going something fierce. She is almost a bully in how she reacts to fellow students, according to what I've heard faculty members saying about the girl."

    Boomerlaw grinned at the gamer as he replied, "She will get 'ers one of these days when she is older. If she lives that long, that is. So whom is training youse blokes?"

    Kiel placed a hand on the kangaroo's chest and pushed him back. "Ah am overseeing their training and their bunking personally. When Ah need assistance, Ah will ask the officers to lend a paw-hand. Ah don't want any favoritism to be laid on these adventurers. Ah realize youse are in charge around 'ere, but this is my project. We already 'ave the powers, morphers and regiment training plans laid out. If Ah catch any of yer cadets trying to molest my rangers in any way, Ah will demonstrate that Ah can kick booty as well as Mathilda can. Failing that, Marcy 'as permission to defend 'erself, LHG style."

    Marcy placed her hands on her hips with a knowing grin. "That's me to a tee! LHG... all the way!"

    Boomerlaw removed Kiel's hand from his uniform as he said, "Youse 'ave never instructed a single class at any academy in yer life, Dad. Yas are going to need my officers' 'elp over time. Just don't be so selfish and pompous about asking for that assistance." And he departed.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Getting Settled In.

      Lorne said, "Wasn't that kind of rude, Kiel. The bloke wasn't trying to take us away from youse, was 'e? Youse guys pretty much admitted that as Rebels, youse never gained yer lordships the way the others did. At least permit 'im and 'is core to lend advice when they see youse guys 'aving difficulty in training us. Unless Fern East gave youse blokes lessons in 'ow to train and educate others, then youse will be needing some 'elp."

      Tally was tapping his foot on the dusty ground. "Not a good first impression, Kiel. Or are youse trying to become as dumb as yer counterpart in Dreamtrail is?"

      Kiel lifted his muzzle up and exclaimed, "Boomerlaw! Ah apologize for my be'avior! It's just that my counterpart's be'avior in Dreamtrail is steaming me something fierce! 'e failed at doing what Ah am trying to do currently! 'e 'anded 'is rangers in training over to an academy and left for eight weeks! While 'e was gone, 'is rangers got into all manner of malarkey! By the time 'e got them back, they weren't the blokes and sheilas that 'e 'ad left them at the academy as! They were corrupted! Ah am trying not to slide down 'is toilet bowl! Ah want to be 'ere for my Ranger recruits! If Ah do as 'e did, then Ah've failed before Ah've started!"

      Boomerlaw came back over and looked Kiel in the eye. "See? That wasn't so 'ard! But they are yer unit! Ah'll lend assistance when youse ask for it! The other cadets will return in a week from their between term R and R outing! Aside from yer unit, we 'ave no new cadets coming in at this time! Youse know where the Special Forces Dorm is located! Get yer unit settled in there and then breakfast is at Oh-Seven Hundred; rain or shine! We 'ave no Couriers in training at this academy; although they often come around when someone needs to send a message to someone! My academy is clean at all times! No Joey Mud pools! This is NOT a day care center! We do NOT change diapers! See youse in the morning!" And he hopped back across the parade grounds, each hop seeming to pound the ground hard.

      Lorne remarked, "Boy, 'e got angry at the end. Ah suppose someone tried to do those things last term and 'e didn't put up with it. Um Kiel...? Ah need to use the toilet right fast, where can go do it at?"

      Kiel pointed across the parade grounds toward the main office. "Down the side alleyway, in the back of the offices, there will be a latrine. Most of the cadets just do it in the open, but Ah would advise youse use the outbuilding if youse need to release manure. Don't fall in."

      Lorne headed off to follow those directions. He did use the outbuilding as advised, then after cleaning himself, he poked his head in the back of Boomerlaw's office and asked, "Sir? Whom teaches magic either 'ere at yer academy or elsewhere if youse teach specific things?"

      Boomerlaw smiled at the cute clever boy for finding a way to ditch Kiel to ask that question. "My younger cousin, Lord Pouchlaw, runs the LEAPS academy in Kangaroo Town which can be accessed from Ayers Rock in yer time period. Kangaroo Town is offset much like Chrono-Academy is. Sadly, we don't teach specific subjects 'ere. Youse will 'ave to go to LEAPS to learn anything beyond what Kiel is offering youse; but mind youse; my cousin will expect yas to sign up for all four terms. 'e 'as instructed 'umans before; so youse wouldn't be the first. There are several Dorms that teach magic; Ah would avoid the Sponsored Dorms if Ah were youse; especially if youse know what's good for youse. The cadets in the Sponsored Dorms would fuck youse and try to get youse pregnant. And yes, boys can get it."

      Lorne departed at that point, having gotten extra information that his friends might want to know for later. He just couldn't talk about it in front of the Musketeer Order brothers; he felt they were blabbermouths; they might tell Kiel and ruin the plan.

      Rejoining Kiel and the others, the order leader looked at Lorne for a moment and said, "Ah don't mind that youse asked Boomerlaw a question; but don't fake an excuse to go do it, next time. Ah won't ask what youse inquired about. Since this academy does not teach personal pursuits. Youse blokes are only 'ere to receive private and focused Power Rangers training as well as 'ow to use yer equipment and element powers. Now follow me to the Special Forces Dorm. Tally and Brock will be bringing up the rear so none of youse get lost. Now let's go." And he led the group of young adults off toward the private sector behind the main academy training zones.

      In the middle of the group, Rick was saying to James and Olivia, "You know... I personally don't like bossy cranky people and 'you know whom' is acting like that currently. He didn't act that way back at the business; but now that he has us here, we are getting Mr. Prackle."

      James nodded his head. "I hear you, Rick. I never liked Prackle in school either. He said I shouldn't focus on my hobby in school. Art, which is a school subject. I reported his ass."

      Olivia quietly commented, "I never had any of Prackle's classes; but Marcy sure did. She was all the time getting in trouble with him."

      Kiel stopped hopping as he turned to look back at the humans. "Ah wasn't going to say anything, blokes, but when youse referenced me in yer quiet conversation, my Dreamtime 'earing zeroed in on what youse were talking about. And now that Ah am looking at youse, Ah am reading yer auras. Never whisper around Dreamtime lords and royalty; they can 'ear every word. Makes it worse when we can read yer auras. Now that Ah know the Prackle reference, no, Ah am never like that educational turd. As for Lorne, Ah won't stop youse from wanting to learn spell usage; at least Boomerlaw told youse what could 'appen in LEAPS if youse enroll there. If youse want out of this deal, Ah can send youse back home by yerselves and make youse forget the ranger offer and everything youse just learned up to now."

      Lord crossed his arms over his chest. "So now, youse are going to act just like yer Dreamtrail counterpart. Ah know youse made that reference several times, but Ah was letting it go. But if youse think youse can get better ranger wannabes, then send me 'ome; Ah 'ave a business to run. My attitude is more in line with Marcy's, now that we are older; Teenagers With Attitude 'ave nothing on us! The others are right; youse were nicer and more polite to us back in Blackall; but the moment yas 'ad us 'ere, Mr. Nice Roo changed into Mr. Prackle whom most of us cannot stand dealing with. Rick encountered our Prackle once and was reminded of a version 'e dealt with back in Oregon. So if 'e thinks yer acting like that, then yes, as long as no one brought it up, Ah was letting it go. Prackle wouldn't let us pursue our 'obbies in school, even if they were in-school subjects. And in James' case, Art is a school subject. So if youse want to be like yer counterpart, then your version of the project 'as failed. Send us 'ome. But it will be youse losing out since we are probably more clever than yer counterpart's version of our team. Ah am still the leader of my friends and without a leader, yer Power Rangers team will be a joke."

      Tally cleared his throat from the back. "Ahem! They are nailing youse to the wall, Kiel! Ah warned yas not to treat our guests like this, and yer doing it! If youse cannot 'andle the load, then appoint either Brock or myself in charge of this project and youse stay around to monitor what goes on! These blokes will not want to put up with this current attitude youse are sporting for eight weeks! So what's it going to be? Straighten up and do this right or youse go home and suck yer thumb and complain to Mathilda on 'ow youse messed it all up! She will ask us what went down and she will read our auras, too! While Mathilda is the Dreamtime Governess, she is NOT the 'oly Pouch; that role is always male! Now let's get to the Dorms so Ah can rub the cleanliness of this academy off of my foot pads!"

      The Were-Dingo then quietly added, "Ah 'ate this place. LEAPS 'as better and more comfortable soil."

      Brock quietly led the humans on to the Dorms in the Special Forces zone; but before going in, he let them see the Zords parked behind the Dorm building. "Unlike some people, Ah know how to appeal to the offer that was given, mates. Let youse blokes see some of the equipment. If youse still want to go 'ome and miss out on getting to pilot these bad joeys and flyers, then say so and Ah'll make sure youse get 'ome without getting to play with the toys." He grinned showing off his fangs as he watched the humans go over and check out the promised Zords. Brock then quietly said to Kiel and Tally, "This is 'ow yas keep their interest. Ah predict that they will want to stay to see more at this point."

      Then the excited young adults were shown to their beds inside the dorm, boys on one side and girls on the other side.

      Lorne remarked, "The Zords looked awesome close up; but... did anyone find a way inside the zords that wasn't disgusting or gross? Ah didn't see a single door nor 'atch way."

      Timmy replied, "Aside from the mouths and tail holes, I didn't see any entry points at all. I guess we have to be suited up and be able to teleport to get inside those awesome things."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Ranger Training.

        During breakfast the next morning, Lorne had asked Tally what issues Kiel had against Dreamtime itself. Especially since the Were-Kangaroo Lord's attitude went sour the moment he took them from Earth to Dreamtime. Tally was glad he was sitting at the humans table while Kiel and Brock were dining with the officers. "Once upon a time, the original 'oly Pouch wanted to assign twelve right-minded Dreamtime Kangaroo Officers on a Council that Kiel didn't like the name of. The name was the Fatherly United Council of Kangaroos."

        He winked at the males and females at the table. "Think about it..." Then he grinned and quietly resumed eating while keeping an eye on the humans.

        Everyone mulled the title over in their heads while eating until it was Marcy, whom else, whom suddenly figured it out. "Right-minded? With that abbreviation? I don't see how. What did Kiel do next, Tally?"

        Tally remarked, "Wanting to retain 'is clean minded status, 'e fled from those recruiting the new council and 'e 'id on yer Earth where 'e founded the Musketeer Order with one of each Were-Species."

        Lorne asked, "'ave we met the entire order, Lord Tally?"

        Tally smirked, "'eavens no! We are Moon-touched were-beasties; the main three 'ang out together at the Order 'ideout, the rest are spread out to do their own things. Lord Rifledise, former Were-Riflebird Sorcerer dwells on Consuelo Peak; Lord Tarnado, former Were-Donkey Sugar Plantation Officer lives at a tar moated plantation somewhere in the Dreamtime. 'e 'as the cleanest and best sugar cane; Lady Wallby, former Were-Wallaby physician and medical expert in Dreamtime, currently living willingly in a public zoo somewhere in Australia; Lady Delphi, former Were-Dolphin lifeguard dwelling somewhere near the Great Barrier Reefs; and Lady Archona, former Were-Tasmanian Devil minister and demon 'untress. She likes to think of 'erself as a saint. But more 'onestly, she's anything but that."

        James arched an eye. "So there are ladies in the Order. Most of us assumed the Order were homosexual males."

        Kiel hopped over and stood behind Tally. "If youse call Rifledise a gay Were-Beast, 'e will put a curse on youse. As soon as breakfast is done, we need to get yer training started. Oh, and the cadets returned during the night. Boomerlaw warned them that the new 'umans belonged to me, so if youse blokes are 'arassed by any of the cadets, let me know after Marcy incapacitates their ability to sing in low tones. Ah did give 'er permission to defend 'erself. Youse will get yer morphers and weapons today. Yer elemental trainers will assist youse tomorrow. As youse likely 'ave already guessed, Ah 'ave no idea on 'ow to educate youse in the elemental powers; but Ah did ask Boomerlaw for 'elp. As for the stupid council recruiters, whenever Ah am in Dreamtime, they try to capture me; that's why we came 'ere."

        Ranger Training Grounds; Chrono-Academy

        Kiel handed out the all-new wrist worn leather Adventure Morphers in each of their assigned colors. A flat circular crystal was positioned on top of each one. The crystal was in the shape of a hand-held gaming screen. "Youse will 'ave three different uniforms in the similar themes depending upon which morph youse choose to activate. Today, we will only be using the first setting, so youse can get used to Adventure Quest setting One. Adventure Quest setting Two involves yer Mythic Adventure uniforms. And Adventure Quest setting Three involves yer Royal Adventure uniforms. To make the last one work in the most stylish way, Ah 'ad to model the uniform after the Mobian Palace Royal Guardsman uniforms and armors. Flexible and light weight yet very powerful."

        He then explained, "Bring yer morpher up in front of youse and press the A1 circle on yer crystal and call out 'Quest, Yer Animal Totem, Go' and the power will do the rest. As Ah explained before, only Olivia's uniforms will 'ave a skirt; Mary is a Tomboy and wants to wear what the joeys would wear. In place of 'Yer Animal Totem', youse state the animal of choice. For this first run, A1 represents the the primary Zord we told youse about when we explained what Zords youse would get. When yer ready, step up to the plate and go through the motions so we can see that not only can youse do it, but to show the others that yer no doofus like the jocks in school always were. To return to normal, youse simply say, 'Power Down'."

        Lorne stepped out into the open and began his sequence.

        Lorne struck his pose as he brought his morpher up over his chest and he touched the red crystal A1 button on the screen. "Quest Kangaroo Go!" As the A1 button was touched, an explosion of aboriginal swirling energy circled him as the fire element rotated around his body and the background behind him changed to a Mobian volcanic lava field. What came next was his ranger uniform from neck to wrists and ankles, covering him entirely with his gloves, boots and a shiny belt where his Sonic Handheld buckle was affixed securely. Finally, his Mobian helm with the image of the kangaroo muzzle in the full visor appeared over his head. There came a flare as his fire element symbol appeared over his chest surrounding a capital 'A' as the scene returned to normal. "Kangaroo! Adventure Ranger Red!"

        Rick struck his pose as he brought his morpher up over his chest and he touched the gold crystal A1 button on the screen. "Quest Otter Go!" As the A1 button was touched, an explosion of aboriginal swirling energy circled him as the earth element rotated around his body and the background behind him changed to a Mobian mountain range. What came next was his ranger uniform from neck to wrists and ankles, covering him entirely with his gloves, boots and a shiny belt where his Sonic Handheld buckle was affixed securely. Finally, his Mobian helm with the image of the otter muzzle in the full visor appeared over his head. There came a flare as his earth element symbol appeared over his chest surrounding a capital 'A' as the scene returned to normal. "Otter! Adventure Ranger Gold!"

        Timmy struck his pose as he brought his morpher up over his chest and he touched the blue crystal A1 button on the screen. "Quest Hedgehog Go!" As the A1 button was touched, an explosion of aboriginal swirling energy circled him as the wind element rotated around his body and the background behind him changed to a Mobian windswept plain. What came next was his ranger uniform from neck to wrists and ankles, covering him entirely with his gloves, boots and a shiny belt where his Sonic Handheld buckle was affixed securely. Finally, his Mobian helm with the image of the hedgehog muzzle in the full visor appeared over his head. There came a flare as his wind element symbol appeared over his chest surrounding a capital 'A' as the scene returned to normal. "Hedgehog! Adventure Ranger Blue!"

        James struck his pose as he brought his morpher up over his chest and he touched the green crystal A1 button on the screen. "Quest Croc Go!" As the A1 button was touched, an explosion of aboriginal swirling energy circled him as the water element rotated around his body and the background behind him changed to a Mobian pirate ship. What came next was his ranger uniform from neck to wrists and ankles, covering him entirely with his gloves, boots and a shiny belt where his Sonic Handheld buckle was affixed securely. Finally, his Mobian helm with the image of the croc snout in the full visor appeared over his head. There came a flare as his water element symbol appeared over his chest surrounding a capital 'A' as the scene returned to normal. "Croc! Adventure Ranger Green!"

        Olivia struck her pose as she brought her morpher up over her chest and she touched the white crystal A1 button on the screen. "Quest Riflebird Go!" As the A1 button was touched, an explosion of aboriginal swirling energy circled her as the light element rotated around her body and the background behind her changed to a Mobian clear sky. What came next was her ranger uniform with skirt from neck to wrists and ankles, covering her entirely with her gloves, boots and a shiny belt where her Sonic Handheld buckle was affixed securely. Finally, her Mobian helm with the image of the riflebird beak in the full visor appeared over her head. There came a flare as her light element symbol appeared over her chest surrounding a capital 'A' as the scene returned to normal. "Riflebird! Adventure Ranger White!"

        Marcy struck her pose as she brought her morpher up over her chest and she touched the black crystal A1 button on the screen. "Quest Bat Go!" As the A1 button was touched, an explosion of aboriginal swirling energy circled her as the shadow element rotated around her body and the background behind her changed to a Mobian midnight city. What came next was her ranger uniform with skirt from neck to wrists and ankles, covering her entirely with her gloves, boots and a shiny belt where her Sonic Handheld buckle was affixed securely. Finally, her Mobian helm with the image of the bat nose in the full visor appeared over her head. There came a flare as her shadow element symbol appeared over her chest surrounding a capital 'A' as the scene returned to normal. "Bat! Adventure Ranger Black!"

        Kiel smiled. "Well done, mates! Take a few moments to look each other over and then we will head out to the weapon range and get yas started on yer weapon training."

        Lorne and his friends took in the view of each other's rainbow like uniforms; the A1 uniforms were not that dashing nor stylish. But Kiel had explained that A2 was the Mythic uniform, the most dashing; and A3 was the Royal Guardsman uniform, the most stylish.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Arms and Elements.

          James then asked, "Do you want us to change back to normal before weapons training so we don't scuff up our new ranger uniforms? I notice that you didn't tell us to turn it off, Kiel." And the Were-Kangaroo Lord replied, "It would be better if youse kept the uniforms on since they are puncture resistant and bullet proof. That way, if youse accidentally strike yerselves in training or strike an ally, youse don't do any unprotected damage. It is not likely that youse would ever use yer weapons powered down."

          And they proceeded over to the Arms training field.

          Once they were there, Kiel instructed them to stand within their colored training circles on the training field and bring their morphers over their chests. "Now, using yer gloved finger, swipe the crystal screen sideways and the next screen should appear. The weapons screen. Currently only the A1 weapon will be pictured. Tap that picture and yer weapon will appear in yer grasp. To put the weapon away, just release the weapon and it goes back into storage. Swiping twice will bring up the Zord storage screen. Only the A1 Zord will be pictured. If youse tap that Zord picture, it appears and youse are teleported into the cockpit. To leave a Zord, tap the exit button and youse will land on the ground as it goes back into storage. Zord Piloting training will be later in the week. For now, the weapon only."

          Kiel grinned. "Ah wanted the all-natural morpher to 'ave smart phone capability like yer Sonic 'and'eld buckles where youse can swipe the screen to get things yas need. And if youse learn this stuff well, Ah'll reward youse with a bonus ranger ability."

          Lorne soon had the Flame Swallow (bladed staff) in hand.

          Rick had what looked like a mace with a gold lightning bolt on one end (Meteo Mace) in hand.

          Timmy had battle claws (Buzzsaw) in hand.

          James had a lance (Tailslap) in hand.

          Olivia had the Sky Bow in hand which looked stylish.

          Marcy had the Hand Crossbow in hand which looked like a duplicate of what Geoffrey St. John would use in the Secret Police.

          Kiel watched the new rangers work with their new weapons to get a feel for them. There were few mishaps, which included wild shots and hitting themselves as Kiel predicted, but no one got hurt. Then he had them put the weapons away before he had them power down and he escorted the group off to get some lunch in the dining hall. It was there that they got to see all of the Officer Cadets getting their meals. And Timmy got to see his first Courier Roo close up; the courier roo was wearing a blue jacket with the Sonic the Hedgehog logo on it. He was handing scrolls to the top brass lords and officers at their own tables. Before departing, he came over and smiled at Kiel. "They are looking for youse in the present day Dreamtime, Dad. It's a good thing yer 'ere instead of there."

          Kiel smiled. "And now, introduce yerself to my rangers in training. Timmy likes yer jacket."

          He grinned as he turned to look at the group of humans. "With a need for me! Ah am Warpspeed, Courier Kangaroo Officer Lord; possessor of the second place trophy for fastest record in the Breakneck Courier Speed Race. The main lord 'old the first place trophy."

          He winked. "Ah am a Sonic the 'edge'og fan. Ah'd do anything for a chili dog except serve the forces of evil. Ole Robuttnik just doesn't know when to take a break. Way past cool!" He spun around and struck a pompous pose.

          Timmy hugged Warpspeed and looked at the jacket while holding the roo. "An authentic Sonic Jacket. I'd love to have one but I couldn't afford the ridiculous price tag."

          Warpspeed smiled at the fan and asked, "What level are youse up to on yer 'end'eld?"

          Timmy replied, "I barely reached Level 22 before this quest for Kiel came up."

          The Courier grinned. "Reach Level 500 without cheating and Ah'll see to it youse get yer own Sonic Jacket like mine. Well, Ah should get back to Courier Command. Ah can time travel with my speed; which is 'ow Ah can be 'ere at all. Up Over and Gone!" And he was gone.

          Kiel giggled. "An incentive to win to get the prize, eh Timmy? Anyway, eat yer meals and the rest of the day is yers. After dinner tonight, get plenty of rest and then tomorrow is yer element training."

          After lunch, Timmy spent the rest of the day trying to put levels on his handheld game. Thank goodness they were in Dreamtime; because the batteries never wore down no matter how much time he played the game. Then after a good night's sleep, the training was upon them.

          Lorne was assigned to a Kangaroo Pyromancer Lord for the basics of fire usage. Rick was assigned to an Otter Geomancer Lord for the basics of earth usage. Timmy was assigned to a Hedgehog Zephyr Mage for the basics of wind usage. James was assigned to a Croc Aquamancer Lord for the basics of water usage. Olivia was assigned to a Riflebird Brilliance Sorceress for the basics of light usage. And Marcy was assigned to a Bat Shadowmancer Lady for the basics of shadow usage and she would likely regret choosing a bat back in high school. But she always thought Batman was cool but would she still think that after a few lessons in blind shadow training?

          The Order brothers watched but wisely stayed out of the way during this portion of the training. Quiet commentary would be made, although Lorne was the one Kiel was most pleased with. He seemed to click with his fire basics right away. The others had difficulties at first.

          Timmy was a close second with his wind training. Olivia was third with light. Marcy was dead last which ticked her off. She hated being in last place for anything. But that's what happens when you choose the color black.

          After a good clean up period in the showers, the group went to dinner. Lorne played with the candles on the dining table making them wink on and off in an almost musical array of motion. "Fire is turning out to be a lot of fun, mates. Ah'm sorry shadow isn't going smoothly for yas, Marcy. But yas did choose it. James and Rick are doing about average for the basics according to what Ah found out earlier. Myself, Timmy and Olivia are way a'ead of our element training according to our instructors. But Ah was told that if Ah wanted to advance past the basics, Ah would need an Intermediate element trainer which are not available at Chrono-Academy; my Pyromancer instructor mentioned LEAPS as the place to advance our elements. Which means we would need access to Kangaroo Town back in our time period."

          Kiel remarked, "LEAPS is a good place for advanced training in personal pursuits. Although since it is in Modern Dreamtime, Ah must abstain from going there. Ah will contact yas with missions when Ah and Fury need yer help with things. Finish this training first and Ah will gift youse blokes with the ability to travel to Kangaroo Town via teleport. But if youse do take classes there, stay out of the mud and try to avoid all sex when and if possible. Only eat what is served in the mess hall; don't get tricked into eating a non-sanctioned candy or drug from a questionable cadet. Tally can be yer escort in Kangaroo Town since 'e isn't a right-minded Kangaroo Lord. Could youse imagine 'ow silly 'e would look trying to 'op and play with a new pouch?"

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Zord Training At Last.

            At the end of the first week, Kiel had the friends out at the Zord Training Field. None of the Zords were out in the open to see and that worried Lorne a bit. Kiel exclaimed, "Suit up first, then use yer crystal to make the zord selection screen pop up. Tap the Zord available to make it appear, then after the teleport, get comfortable within yer Zords and Ah will mentally walk youse through what each control does. And try not to make yerselves look stupid."

            "Once youse get the 'ang of using yer Zords, then we will move youse blokes on toward Megazord training. This entire day is all about the Zords. Yer far a'ead of schedule and may not need the eight weeks to get good enough to go on missions. Now get to it."

            Suiting up was first; they knew how to do this well enough even though they were only getting use their A1 uniforms; most really wanted to see their other ranger outfits. Especially the stylish looking ones.

            The Adventure Rangers struck their poses as they brought their morphers up over their chests and they touched the crystal A1 buttons on their screens and shouted off their calls. As the A1 buttons were touched, explosions of aboriginal swirling energies circled them as their elements rotated around their bodies and the background behind them changed to the appropriate locales. Their ranger uniforms from necks to wrists and ankles, covered them entirely with their gloves, boots and shiny belts where a Sonic Handheld buckle was affixed securely. Finally, their Mobian helms with the images of their totems in the full visor appeared over their heads. There a flare as their element symbols appeared over their chests surrounding a capital 'A' as their scenes returned to normal. "Power Rangers Adventure Guild! Go!"

            Two swipes on their crystal screens resulted in showing the Zords and once the Zord pictures were tapped, they appeared. The Red Kangaroo, the Golden Otter, the Blue Hedgehog, the Green Croc, the White Riflebird and the Black Bat appeared on the field. Each ranger then felt goosebumps as the teleporting energy whisked them away and they appeared in their Zord's cockpits. Now they received mental instructions from Kiel on what button did what and how to maneuver their Zords with the steering wheels. The group of friends did well in practice since they were not up against an enemy. As the afternoon arrived, Kiel told them how to bring them together to form the Outback Emperor Megazord. And again, in practice, they did extremely well. They were not going to give Kiel the satisfaction of screw ups.

            That would likely occur while facing a real enemy when things were tight and on the line. No one is perfect during actual combat. Lorne figured they wouldn't be using the Zords against Poachers. But one never knows.

            Despite Dreamtime being all time, the next day Lorne went and asked Lord Boomerlaw how much actual time was normally spent in a term. Boy was his jaw about to hit the floor. His friends had accompanied him to learn this information as well.

            Boomerlaw used a napkin to wipe his lips from his meal as he turned and looked at the humans. "Are youse considering joining LEAPS? None of my business, but thankfully LEAPS experiences time much as it occurs 'ere. Since yer asking about the specific length, Ah won't let youse blokes lay on the floor for too long. One term is equal to four years of real time and now youse can see why we choose to 'ave our academies in time displaced realms. While attending academy classes, yer personal aging stops; it is resumed when youse return to your normal lives. Four terms is literally sixteen years."

            No one fainted, but their mouths were hung open as they tried to mull the real time length around in their heads.

            Lorne remarked, "That is a real shockeroo, but necessary if Ah am to learn magic later at LEAPS. We were told that intermediate and advanced element trainers resided at LEAPS and no where else."

            Boomerlaw smiled as he petted on the human's heads one at a time. "That is indeed correct. Sponsored Dorms are the places where these advanced trainers dwell. Always choose wisely before youse join a Sponsored Dorm. Get prior information on each Dorm so youse don't end up in an unnecessary orgy or some other worse malarkey. Once yer enrolled, yer stuck for the full four terms. So again, choose wisely after youse get yer information straight or else, the subjects youse were interested won't be the only things yas will learn while attending the academy. And for Marcy... they won't take no for an answer. If youse fight back, they will 'old youse down and make youse like it."

            Marcy asked, "You mean we cannot ask the element trainers to come to our base outside of Dreamtime to teach us what we want to know?"

            The Academy Lord replied, "They would prefer not to be seen in the 'uman public since they are not 'uman themselves. Therefore, if youse want advanced element training, youse 'ave to go to them. But per'aps my cousin would know more about LEAPS than Ah do."

            Lorne said, "Sounds like we need to speak to Lord Pouchlaw before we get involved in LEAPS for all four terms. There 'as to be a safe dorm to be part of where we won't get molested."

            Boomerlaw replied, "There are two safe dorms, if Ah don't miss my guess. And avoid any offers to be an officer in LEAPS; if youse want officer training, come back to Chrono-Academy. There's my good deed for the day."

            James smiled. "You do seem nicer than our sponsor, Boomerlaw. He isn't in the room with us, so I am taking a chance of saying that here."

            Boomerlaw then winked at Timmy. "Warpspeed 'angs out at LEAPS for the record, Timmy. Ah 'eard about the offer 'e made to youse about the Sonic Jacket."

            Lorne said, "So we could sign up at LEAPS on one particular Earth day and when we returned to Earth it would be same day and we would be no older; yet retain all of the knowledge we gained at the Academy?"

            Boomerlaw nodded his head with a smile. "Ah'm glad youse blokes understood that so quickly. But Ah detect Kiel thinking about checking on youse. Youse need to get going."

            James then asked, "Is there a way to prevent snoopy lords from reading our auras? I am getting tired of their doing that."

            Boomerlaw replied with a serious look on his muzzle. "In order to get that protection, youse 'ave to be a Captain ranked officer, minimum. There's no other way." He got up and returned his food tray to the kitchen.

            Marcy remarked, "I think he is a little too eager to get us signed up for Officer training here at Chrono-Academy. Every other sentence out of his mouth promotes our becoming officers here at his academy. Perhaps we should just fess up to Kiel and maybe he will stop reading our auras so often. Like you, James, I am getting sick of the become an officer pitch we keep hearing. You guys know I am right. We are here for Ranger training only. Nothing else." She then looked around. "Um, I see Tally looking in the mess hall door over there and he is motioning toward our group to come outside. Let's go see what he wants."

            And their group went and joined Tally outside. And surprise, surprise, Kiel and Brock were not present!

            Lorne asked, "Okay Tally. Where are yer partners in crime and why the urgency to speak to us in secrecy?"

            Tally remarked, "Ah know youse blokes want to go to LEAPS and the feeling is mutual. Ah 'ate this academy. So, while Kiel and Brock are off shooting some pool, Ah am going to take youse to LEAPS to talk to Lord Pouchlaw. 'e won't be ragging youse to be officers."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Meeting With Pouchlaw.

              Within the blink of an eye, Tally had the six friends standing in front of an office desk where an important looking pouched male kangaroo with an officer collar around his neck sat looking over reports from various portions of his academy. Tally cleared his throat. "Ahem! Lord Pouchlaw? These are Kiel's newest Power Rangers in training. The Adventure Guild. Kiel 'ad them at Chrono-Academy for their Ranger training where yer cousin Boomerlaw is in charge. After yer cousin kept 'inting that 'e wanted these blokes to be officers, Ah escorted them to youse so they could ask youse a few things. They were planning on coming 'ere anyways once the Ranger Training ended. Could youse please answer any questions they 'ave for youse? Because Dreamtime is All Time, Ah can return them to Kiel in the blink of 'is own eye and no one would be the wiser that they came and got information from youse."

              Lord Pouchlaw lifted his muzzle and he smiled at the six humans. "Oy! Welcome to the college where we train Dreamtime citizens in various knowledge and occupations, including the famed Dreamtime Warriors, although Outback Legend 'as been telling me that 'is newest cadets are... 'ow can Ah put this? A Pile Of Rocks Shows More Motivation Than Them Blokes! Para-quoted from 'is own lips. What questions do youse fine blokes 'ave for me? Ah was reading over the reports from Trainers all over the academy when youse mates arrived. Some cadets are doing well while others could benefit from being stuck in a room with Mr. Augustine Prackle; Ah am sure youse know whom Ah am referring to."

              Lorne arched an eye. "'is real name is Augustine? 'e acts like 'is real name should be puke!"

              Pouchlaw giggled. "Ah see that youse do know the bloke!"

              Lorne and his friends explained how things were previously and how the secondary Zords were mythical in nature and how mythical usually implied magic; Lorne then mentioned that when he asked about learning magic, both Kiel and Boomerlaw both suggested LEAPS. "Kiel told us to stay out of the joey mud pools while both 'e and Boomerlaw agreed separately that we should be wary of Sponsored Dorms if we wanted to avoid embarrassment and pregnancy. But then yer cousin told us that if LEAPS offered to make us officers, that we should return to 'im for that training. The bloke was pushing for us to get officer training from 'im nearly every time we 'ad to speak to 'im."

              Pouchlaw hummed. "Ah am glad youse were wary of my cousin's offer. Youse see... the bloke is on report for 'eavy recruiting to get people to attend 'is academy. Some of 'is own instructors reported 'im to the 'ead brass. Kiel didn't take youse mates there to join 'is academy; 'e took youse there because it is an out of the way locale where no one in present day Dreamtime will try to corner Kiel into joining the F.U.C.K. At LEAPS, becoming an officer is by Cadet choice. We only bring it up once; after that, yer supposedly thinking about it especially if yer wanting special benefits that only Captains on up to Lords get. Aside from that, yer 'ere to ask about our classes and the Dorms. Ah will gladly tell youse anything youse want to know. Overall, Ah try to be a nice roo."

              James then said, "The elemental trainers told us that the advanced element trainers were to be had here at LEAPS. We finished receiving our basics and then Lorne asked them about advanced training and they mentioned your place. Kiel was against coming here and now we know why; but if we are to improve for his ranger team, we need extra training we cannot get at Chrono-Academy. On the side, Lorne wanted to learn magic since his secondary Zord is a Red Unicorn. Could you tell us about the Dorms and what to expect if we join your academy for the four time displaced terms. We already know that four terms is sixteen time stopped years."

              Pouchlaw smiled as he remarked, "First things first. For each year of the first term youse are enrolled at LEAPS, yer personal Dreamtime Rating improves by one Rank. Ranks are not officer titles; instead they are 'ow the citizens of Dreamtime will regard youse when they parley with youse in public. For the second term, each year adds two Ranks to yer status until it is time to receive the last one, which then improves yer Rank by five. By the end of the first two terms, yer Rank stands at an impressive Rank Fifteen. During Term Three, each year adds five and a 'alf ranks to yer ranking score. Thus at the end of the third term, yer Rank is at Forty. During the last term, things get a little wild; the first year improves yer Rank to Fifty; the second Year raised the Rank to One 'undred; the third year results in Two 'undred Fifty; and finally, when youse complete the four terms of what we refer to as basic training, yer score stands at a whopping Five 'undred public rating. In order to advance beyond that, and Ah am sure yer tired of 'earing it, youse 'ave to take officer courses; with these, youse can stop whenever youse like. Each officer title advances yer Rank by an additional Five 'undred points. It takes four promotions to get to Captain and then it takes four more to reach General. To become a Lord, youse 'ave to be a top officer and 'ave a realm."

              Lorne grinned. "Ah assume that Planet Earth doesn't count, right?"

              Pouchlaw chuckled. "Youse would 'ave to take that up with the Lord Almighty!"

              Olivia said, "Now about the Dorms... I think that should be next. Dreamtime Rating is important but if we are enrolled here to learn the extras we need to know about the bunking arrangements. And for the record, I don't sleep with uncouth filthy animals. Neither just laying there nor sexually involved. I have a finance that I am to marry at age twenty one; my parents told me that I have to wait until I am an adult to marry if I want out of their parental stare. Personally I think they mean parental hair, but they are not the joking types. Marcy is a Tomboy aka LHG and anything is fine with her as long as she can punish others. I am more demure."

              Pouchlaw grinned. "We 'ave a few amazons at LEAPS so Marcy may get 'er fill of what she likes. Okay, the Dorms. Moonrise Roo and Flying Boomer are known as the LEAPS' common Dorms. They are a place to sleep only. Youse are not required to do any of the Common Dorm training that the RAs present to yas and if the RAs try to enforce this training on youse in the Common Dorms, youse are to report them immediately so punishment can be met out by yers truly. Sleeping quarters only. As for the other Dorms, they are referred to as Sponsored Dorms. Anyone whom is a Lord or Lady in Dreamtime can apply to 'ave a sponsored dorm in LEAPS. Each sponsor dorm presents special benefits depending upon the one youse join. Again, if a cadet tries to persuade youse to join their dorm for an illegal treat or reward, report them to me so Ah can give them a punishing assignment. Joining a dorm must be yer choice. Yer not 'ere to join the military nor to be a realm guard. Sponsored Dorms are usually segregated by species. And before youse ask, Lorne, we do 'ave a Unicorn dorm at LEAPS; some are polite, others are 'ighly sexual. If youse do 'ave sex with them, use lube so yer not in the academy 'ospital afterward; and Ah don't mean pregnant. Unicorns lay eggs." He winked.

              Lorne made a face. "What about the magic classes and element trainer classes?"

              Pouchlaw regarded the humans thoughtfully. "Some Sponsored Dorms provide magic training equal to that which is used in their 'ome realm. That would be an extra special benefit; otherwise, all classes are conducted by the instructors in the environment of their choice. We provide meals at the academy whether in the main mess hall or within the Dorm's eatery chambers. On the weekend, youse are permitted to go out into Kangaroo Town to 'ave some fun. R and R is to be used wisely. The Absolute Zero is the usual gathering nightclub for everyone. Kangaroo Town also 'as tattoo parlors; massage parlors, and other fun businesses. Youse are not permitted to return to Earth once enrolled at the LEAPS; otherwise, youse might forget that youse enrolled and then we 'ave to send bounty 'unters to fetch youse."

              Rick said, "So if we join up, we are in it for the long haul; otherwise, do without?"

              Pouchlaw nodded his muzzle. "Any other questions?"

              Timmy said, "I am a Sonic the Hedgehog fan; is there a dorm dedicated to speedsters?"

              Pouchlaw giggled. "Youse must be the bloke that Warpspeed told Parcelpaw and Ah about. The dorm yer asking about is Parcelpaw's personal Sponsored Dorm. It is called The Courier's Way. They are trained to perform as Dreamtime's mail delivery service. They deliver messages for Lords, Ladies and other 'eroes or even military officers. Parcelpaw, Comet'op and Warpspeed are the three fastest couriers they 'ave at their disposal. All three are kangaroos of a sort. Comet'op is the most cartoony. Warpspeed is like a living star ship Enterprise from Star Trek. In order to be imbued with the super speed, youse 'ave to agree to not only get the male booster shot up yer rump but also to undergo a Dorm pregnancy. After that, youse are given Courier Training. Only officers 'ave recharging ports in their rooms."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Go For It.

                Having gotten the information they had asked for, the rangers moved away from Pouchlaw's desk and stepped outside to have a private discussion about joining the academy simply to get it out of the way. Since Dreamtime was All Time, they could do this and Kiel would never miss their being gone since they could be done in the blink of an eye for him. Returning to Lord Pouchlaw, the group agreed to enroll in LEAPS for the magic and advanced element training they required.

                Next up was getting the tour of LEAPS by the head commander himself. The tour ended at a signpost where a large sign with over five hundred dorm hall names which were titled in black and gold. Moonrise Roo and Flying Boomer were largest at the top of the list; under those were a column marked as Officer Dorms and a column marked as Sponsored Dorms. Pouchlaw then said, "This is the epicenter of the Dorm Paths. All dorm paths return to 'ere. As youse can see, the main two are on top. The left column are the Officers Dorms. If yas choose one of those, speak the RA in charge and mention yer Tally's Rangers and show them yer morphers. They'll 'elp youse after that. The right column are the Sponsored Dorms. Sponsored Dorms are those where any Dreamtime Lord or Lady can pay a small fee to 'ave a Dorm 'all dedicated to them and those staying there receive extra training in that Lords or Ladies realm abilities. If yas choose one of those dorms, speak with the 'ead RA there. Don't bother with the lesser RAs no matter what; always speak to the top. Again, tell them yer one of Tally's Rangers and show them yer morpher. They'll get youse settled in. Are there any questions before Ah leave youse to choose yer dorms?"

                No one else had questions for him, but at least they were thinking about whether to go safe or to take their chances.

                Pouchlaw grinned. "Yer first training lesson is tomorrow morning. Remember: no matter 'ow long yer 'ere, no time will pass back on Earth. It's the Dreamtime magic youse were already explained about. Now report to yer dorms. Ah'll see youse in the morning... unless yer preggers." He then hopped away laughing. At least he was amused by boys getting pregnant for the first time. Plus, he had reports to get back to. The job of an academy lord was never complete. Soon, he was no longer able to be heard as he entered his office once again. Tally then said, "Ah'll wait 'ere to see what dorms youse blokes choose. Ah will also wait for youse to complete yer training 'ere. Ah am in no 'urry to burn my tootsies back at the sterile Chrono-Academy. That place 'urts my feet."

                Lorne chose Mudfoot Joey Dorm; Rick chose Moonrise Donkey Dorm; Timmy chose Courier Roo Dorm; James chose Swamp Roo Dorm; Olivia chose Glorious Flight Dorm; and Marcy chose Amazonian Outback Dorm.

                After that, Tally would see the rangers coming and going from their common classes for the duration of their training at LEAPS. Despite the joey mud pool warning that Kiel had given, there were no such pools at LEAPS. At the standard Kangaroo Academies, yes; here, NO.

                Lorne's magic path ended up as being Warlock/Wizard/Chaomancer. Since he was the red ranger, Warlock for his dorm; Wizard for the Unicorn education; and Chaomancer for the Echidna Master Emerald training. The others simply focused on one magic path along with their advanced element training. After the standard training ended, the team chose to try to reach Captain rank in the officers rung; having the extra protection from having people read their auras was the selling point. None of them thought being a lord was important since they themselves were human. Time flies when you're having fun, as the saying goes. And by the time they returned to Tally for the trip back to Kiel and Brock; they had achieved General officer standing. True they had only tried for Captain, but the officer rungs were just too easy.

                Tally giggled as he saw from the team's aura what officer standing they all were and what their Dreamtime Ratings were all sitting at. "Now remember, mates... as Generals, youse can command lesser officers and rookies; but only a Lord can override yer orders. Kiel will flip out if 'e gets a gander at yer commanding auras at this point. Bad guys will likely mess themselves in yer presence. Shall we return to Chrono-Academy as much as Ah don't want to? That place is like walking on radioactive soil barefoot. As Ah said before, Ah 'ate the place. Necessary evil, Ah suppose. Might as well get this over with."

                Lorne used his new magic to place paw-protectors on Tally's foot pads that were like nearly invisible magical slippers for an animal's feet. "Maybe that will keep yer tootsies from burning, mate."

                Tally rubbed one foot over the other and said, "Ah 'ope this works, Lorne. Yer one of the good ones. Let's get going before anyone gets suspicious." And he gathered the group of friends together and they departed LEAPS via teleport.

                The remaining time spent at Chrono-Academy went better than expected. If Kiel noticed their new standings, he never mentioned it in their presence. Boomerlaw was less than enthused about their new officer standings and where they had gone to get to get their officer training; but his younger cousin did have the more popular academies. And LEAPS was top of the line for law enforcement. Yet still, Boomerlaw wanted to train these humans himself. But he also would let it go for now since it was too late. And then the final days of training occurred and Kiel announced that it was time to take the humans to a professional cleaning service to get them back to human scented standards. No sense in making the parental units worried what their children had been doing.

                Kiel smiled. "As promised, the bonus ability to add to yer ranger arsenal. Ah will give youse both the ability to teleport to any Dreamtime locale in any of the Dreamtimes as well as the main bonus... yer own copies of Mobian entity forms. Later, the Mobian Rangers themselves may want to team up with youse to see if youse did well in yer ranger training. Ah won't be making youse go after poachers tonight. When youse get 'ome, get in a full night's rest in yer own beds; the following night, Ah will escort youse to a poacher base that Morgan Fury 'as 'ad 'is eye on as of late. They've been the busy little beavers, youse might say."

                He then added, "Congrats on getting yer officer standings from Lord Pouchlaw and avoiding Lord Boomerlaw; the bloke likely pushed too 'ard to try to make youse join his effed up academy. Resisting 'im makes youse A-1 in my book."

                After Lord Kiel took the team to a professional groomer business, Lorne mentioned to Kiel on what Pouchlaw had told them about Boomerlaw being on report for excessive unnecessary recruiting. Yes, he waited until after they left Chrono-Academy to explain the information.

                While the rangers were getting professionally cleaned in Kangaroo Town, Kiel said to Tally, "The blokes trust youse a lot, mate. And since they do, Ah want youse to continue to be around for them. But let them be themselves with other 'umans as well. The need to make them into the newest ranger team here on Planet Thera is important. Aside from the Police Force Dragon Guardians up in California, the world 'as few Power Ranger teams in operation. Ah just wanted to make sure these mates got everything they needed up front; unlike what my counterpart did back in Dreamtrail's Planet Earth. It is embarrassing to be related to a total messed up turd like 'im."

                Tally replied, "Yer counterpart is older than youse are and old age makes a Were-Roo crotchety and foul in 'is dealings with the 'uman world. Just don't let yerself become like 'im and the rangers will love youse. Besides, Morgan's daughter's counterpart bashed yer counterpart in the joey maker with a bad roo paddle which broke upon impact. Ah won't tell our new rangers about that, but Bindi Fury is not in Kindergarten like we mentioned earlier. In truth, she is a few years younger than Marcy and she is already asking Morgan about 'elping with the family business. She wants to punish poachers."

                Brock grinned. "That's too bad, blokes. Morgan told 'er that she could only come on poacher 'unting outings if either 'e 'imself was there to make sure she didn't get 'urt or if she came along with the new ranger team. She nearly blew up when 'e mentioned that there were new rangers that she didn't get chosen to join. But then 'e told 'er that only teenagers got chosen to be rangers on TV; in real life, they had to be out of school and/or adults. She almost clobbered 'im when he told 'er to just settle down as a 'ousewife and make lots of babies."

                Tally grinned as well. "What of the Boomer Force's other counterparts? What do we know of them. It is amusing to 'ear Bindi nearly explode in family arguments. What of Eryk and Jacob? The others, like North whom is too young in the States to bring up or the twins from the future are available to keep track of."

                Kiel replied, "The others don't live in the same towns. Bindi grew up in Devonshire; Eryk is from Sydney but staying in Blackall; and Jacob is the son of a poacher and not by choice, and 'e lives in Perth. North is in Washington D.C. It is best not to mention the middle-naming twins from the future since 'ere in Thera they may not get the chance to make the time trip. Bindi and 'er future team mates are all fourteen or nearly that age. Marcy is easily eighteen. North's counterpart was twelve when 'e joined the team on Earth, so the current North is only six years old in the States. Oh the chaos we would cause if we sent our Ray Lonewolf information on what the counterparts did on Earth and what the outcome was. North would never get to come down under then."

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode One.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, The Quality of Eggs.