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[3T-PR1] PROA-01 Blue Speed and Gold Reason

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    [3T-PR1] PROA-01 Blue Speed and Gold Reason

    Power Rangers Outback Adventure
    Episode One: Blue Speed and Gold Reason
    Written by Darrel "Cpt Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Devvy-boy" Lonewolf
    March 25th, 2020

    Starring: Power Rangers Outback Adventure
    Lari Kingston Knight, Red Kangaroo Ranger (Leader)
    Adam Maseo Lonewolf, Blue Hedgehog Ranger (Sonic Gamer Fan)
    Gulara Manilla Ranger-Stryfe, Gold Otter Ranger (Voice of Reason)
    Eclipse the Hedgehog, Bronze Fox Ranger (Extra Edition)
    Janice Lionne Le Fauve
    Cosmo Radimus Le Fauve

    The Mobian Rangers:
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Lady Mathilda: She is the real Overseer Holy Pouch of olden times. She is sponsoring Lari's new ranger adventure, directly.
    Shieldpaw: He is a Dreamtime Warrior Patrol Guardian of Blackall; he has adopted Lari.
    Jansen Boomersoul: He is the Amethyst Dingo Ranger of Aussie Thunder as well as a natural born Were-Kangaroo; He currently owns The Boomer's Hole. (juice bar and arcade)
    Jansy Eric Boomersoul: He is Jansen's adopted human son; his former name was Woody Pickerwood; he hates that name.
    possible others

    The Machine Empire:
    Exact enemy names unmentioned

    August 24th, 2047

    Chapter One: Finding Allies.

    Blackall State School; Shamrock Street, Blackall, QLD, Australia; Tuesday Morning

    Shieldpaw brought Lari to school, leaving the Mobians within the tower clubhouse. Amy Rose had complained that the Anti-Poacher channel was no longer part of the viewing packages. But Shieldpaw explained that the old Anti-Poacher base had to be moved after the last demon attack. Therefore, the information channel had not been reestablished as yet, if ever. Eclipse agreed to hold down the fort and answer the phone in case someone called needing the new Outback Adventure Rangers. Sega had gotten the dimensional shortcut operational and he had departed to go join his mate back on Parousia.

    Once Lari hugged Shieldpaw goodbye for the day, the Dreamtime Warrior departed and Lari proceeded to mingle with the other students in hopes of seeing any of the offspring of the past ranger teams within the school as Mathilda had mentioned their being within Blackall somewhere. He still needed to find two more rangers; the new Sonic Gamer fan and the new female Voice of Reason. He wasn't all that eager to find an LHG since as he told Jansen, he wanted someone like Elysia Le Fauve of Trigram Boomer or no one at all.

    A big blur looked as if he was screeching trying to hit the brakes. It seemed the blur was going at a super high speed, and it was trying to gain control, knocking a couple of Rugby boys out of his path inadvertently. Once that blur finally managed to stop he bumped right into Lari accidentally, and both boys fell on their rear ends.. The boy got up and brushed off his clothes. He looked like an older teenage boy with a slim build. had oversized Mobian sneakers on his feet, He wore special-order outfit that was made of to endure higher velocities, mainly black slacks and an off-white short-sleeved polo, and a pouch on the side of his belt holding a handheld. He also had a big boomerang strapped to his back. And red hair. "Whoops! Sorry Ah didn't see you there, mate. Was going a little too fast." He held out his hand. "Are yas okay? Da' will not be 'appy if Ah 'urt a bloke on the way to see 'im."

    Lari got up as he looked at the teenage boy. "Its okay. Ah've been knocked over by Couriers and Mobian 'edge'ogs before. Yas were going at quite a clip, buddy. Ah'm Lari Knight, Patrol Officer Shieldpaw's adopted boy. Whom might yas be?"

    The boy gave a wide grin. "Adam Lonewolf. Ah just got 'ere from New Adalia to see what living is like with my Da' for a while." He then held his hand over his eyes and looked up. "Odd... Ah don't see Da's Dragon Silver around. And this is 'is usual time to patrol." He looked oblivious to a Rugby athlete was about to grab the big boomerang wielder to beat him up.

    Zipping around with faster-than-natural Mobian speed to escape before he was grabbed, and got behind the Rugger, stuffing his hands into his pockets. "Now now... what business do yas 'ave picking on me, bloke?"

    "Yas knocked me in a garbage can!" grunted the jock in an angry manner. "Around these parts that gets yas the flagpole treatment!"

    Grinning, Adam quipped. "Ah'm sorry, but my Mum would punish me if Ah ended up getting bedded by someone Ah didn't love."

    "Yer one of those queer-mos!" growled the rugger as he tried to slug the speedy Human hard. Chuckling, Adam zoomed around the Rugger several times before putting him in a rather nasty looking armbar!

    Adam then said, "Look, Ah don't make a business picking fights with the locals, but know that Ah learned the Mobian Martial Arts, as well as several regular martial arts from my Uncle. Ah can defend myself." He let go and zoomed next to Lari. "Ah'm sorry Ah knocked people over when trying to brake. But Ah'm not 'ere to pick a fight."

    Knowing that the speedy-boy could've broken his arm, he growled and backed away. "You'll regret this, queermo!" He then walked off with his buddies.

    Shrugging his shoulders and letting out a sigh of relief that he didn't have to hurt anyone, he said to Lari. "Sorry about that, seems wherever Ah go lately, there's always one person that wants to pick a fight. He looked around. "This is still bugging me. Where is ol' Silver? Ah was told that ring would open a portal to Ottercrest..."

    Lari said, "The Silver Sheriff is in New Blackall on the Kimberly Plateau in Western Australia. This is classic Blackall in Queensland. Yer in the wrong city, mate. But there are some Mobians around currently. Amy Rose and Tails. They parked the Typhoon at the Freedom Force base."

    "Oh man... Was Ah given the wrong ring?!" lamented Adam, not knowing he bypassed his destination and stopped in the wrong town. "Mum is going to tan my 'ide when 'e finds out Ah went to the Weasel for that ring to see my family! Once Tails tells 'im Ah'm 'ere and not in Knot'ole Island, Ah'll be put in the Bubble for the first time in a while!" Meaning he wasn't supposed to be on that Earth to begin with. His wildness and cocky attitude had earned him the moniker of Knothole Island's Unpredictable Knucklehead back on New Adalia. Ah just wanted to surprise my Sis before 'er first day of college, and the only one Ah know Ah couldn't fool is Da's Dragon partner Silver."

    Lari said, "Don't worry. We 'ave a shortcut in the tower that Sega set up so yas can pop over to the Typhoon and then use a shortcut there to go to the designation that yas meant to go to. Yer in the Blackall Secondary School which they call Blackall State School." He raised his leather bracer up to his mouth and activated it. "Eclipse? Someone named Adam Lonewolf arrived 'ere in the state school instead of arriving in New Blackall where 'e was trying to get to. Think yas can 'elp the bloke get back on track?" Eclipse's voice said, "Sure thing, mate. Tails and Amy Rose are monitoring the Machine Empire threat on TV. On my way."

    Eclipse brought the bracer up over his chest and he formed a fist with his right hand as he brought his fist over the bracer and shouted, "Execute!" Then he struck his 'A' pose as he shouted, "Ranger Evolution!" His body then transformed from black hedgehog into black two-tailed fox as a pale glowing light from his neck down the entirety of his body as his Adventure uniform appeared over him followed by his smooth and natural ranger armor (with a place in the back for his tails,) leather gloves and leather boots. And then a falling sensation occurred as he landed on a circular stage while in the background, Dreamtime Runes forming the words 'Imperial Fox' floated around him before colliding with his head to form his Bronze Fox Helm with a clear impenetrable visor over his eyes. An Overlay on the visor permitted him to see and/or send instructions to fellow team members and allies back at base. Then he found himself standing where he had been before the activation as he made a few martial arts moves before shouting, "Outback Adventure! Bronze Fox Ranger!"

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Visit to New Blackall.

    Once the Bronze Fox Ranger (whom was not recognizable by Adam) picked up the boy, he carried him across the continent to New Blackall's city limits. He then set Adam down. "This is New Blackall. Ottercrest had been rebuilt after the war, but the sheriff's office is here in New Blackall. That's it over there. I'll stick around so you're not by yourself. Sure beats watching the other Mobians as they watch TV. He then walked with Adam toward the sheriff's office. "I can understand underestimating speed. Our ranger team has access to Courier Speed through Lady Mathilda's blessing." Eclipse reached up and knocked on the Jail building's door.

    Opening the door to the Office, Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf was already following one of his two deputies. "Make sure the Mayor gets my message. Ah'll let yas know if there is any changes." Sheriff Alexander looked about six years older in appearance in comparison to his actual age. His prosthetic right arm looked well-maintained and was working like a dream. After the war, that was a blessing to the Sheriff, considering he didn't want to suffer anymore, especially keeping up with his youngest son Dane. Alexander took a look at the Ranger and smiled. "It's been a long time seeing a fellow Ranger around. What can Ah..." He then saw Adam. "Oh."

    Adam said. "Da', Ah only came to..."

    "Yas can tell me why yas aren't at 'ome in New Adalia later." Alexander said sternly, which made Adam lose his usual zip and zeal.

    Sylvari flapped down from the end of his patrol onto the Sheriff's shoulder and said, "So that is what I saw open up in the middle of Ottercrest in my patrol. Adam arriving through a portal and overshot the Townhome by many many miles!"

    "Yas knew about this and not informed me, Silver?" said Alexander, arching an eye.

    The Shadodrak grinned. "Only because you would get the vein popping out of the forehead if I did."

    Releasing his glare and letting out a sigh. "Come in the both of yas." He led the two visitors into the office. It was not as big as the original Sheriff's Office in Port Ottercrest, but it was comfortable, at least for the Sheriff. "Where did yas find my son, mate, and did 'e cause any problems that Ah should know about?"

    The Bronze Fox Ranger said, "I didn't know you were his father when he told my teammate, Lari Knight, in the Domed City of Blackall about the man in Silver, but I should have remembered, Alexander. I am wearing my other guise. One moment." He struck his pose and said, "Power Down!" And he changed from the black two-tailed fox with gold chest fur back into his normal identity of the black hedgehog with gold highlights. "I am Tails and Shadow's test tube son... Eclipse the Hedgehog. My parents are permitting me to join Lari's new team in Classic Blackall. Lari is being sponsored by Overseer Lady Mathilda. I don't know how many rangers he is planning on having on his team, although he said he wanted locals. The team is being called Outback Adventure, and the enemy is the Machine Empire. Amy Rose and Tails are staying at Lari's tower base in the domed city." He then explained to Alexander about how they assisted Kingston Knight in rescuing Lady Mathilda from the demon/spider alliance back in 2013 and how after creating a copy of Kingston to stay in the past, she sent Lari back to his own time period. (all covered in Episode PROA-00PE.) Eclipse then said, "Adam told Lari that he wanted to surprise his sister before her first day of college. I don't think he meant to let the adults know that he made the trip. But we can get him back to New Adalia easily through the tower shortcut that Sega set up the other day."

    "And why didn't yas say anything about this, son?" Alexander said, remembering he would have interplanetary communications with Alexandria and Dane, and watch him log off as soon as he entered the room. "Shadow and Ah might've said yes if we knew what yas were planning."

    Adam let his father have it. "Because yas and Mum 'ave been keeping me at 'ome rather than letting me 'ave adventures! Ah am not allowed on Ranger Academy grounds anymore."

    Alexander sat down at his desk. "And that is for very good reasons why yas are no longer allowed at the Academy. It is because yer getting in altercations with bullies, butting into ceremonial events, even when yas were four and didn't know better. Yas were lucky Shadow didn't send yas to a boarding school in Mobius! Yas were acting like a menace on Knot'ole Island!"

    The boy pouted. "Because you never visit me or Mum, or let my 'alf-brother or stepsister visit me. Am Ah a bad son just for wanting to see my Da' and my siblings in person?"

    For a moment it got so silent in the room, you could hear a pin drop.

    "Shit," said Alexander as he facepalmed himself. "Silver, take Adam to the Town'ome, and put 'im under temporary 'ouse arrest until Ah can think of what needs to be done. And tell Deryk Ah'm 'andling the situation." He then said, "Adam, leave the Boomerang 'ere for now. Ah will talk to yas when Ah get 'ome."

    "B-but Ah never used it on Earth..."

    Alexander covered his eyes, "Please son, Ah need some time to think."

    Silver shook his muzzle towards his partner, as he watched Adam unbuckle the harness and laid the boomerang on his Father's desk. "Come with me, Adam... Uncle Sylvari will make sure you make it to the Townhome safely." He then whispered to the boy, "your father is thinking about what he did."

    As soon as his son left for the townhouse with Sylvari, Alexander let out a sigh. "Eclipse, Ah'm sorry yas 'ad to witness this. Ah ended up treating my son like a problem child... Joseph and my stepson Vlad would both would be very cross with me for letting the relationship with my son devolve like theirs 'ad with their parents."

    Eclipse ran a hand over his own Mobian black and gold quills as he pondered what had just happened. But he had something to say about this outcome.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Mobian Development.

      Eclipse said, "I was raised in the Mobian Creche by Princess Sally, Amy Rose, and Bunnie Rabbot. Mobian Children develop in a far different manner than humans do. When I was old enough to be away from the Creche, I got to spend time with both Shadow and Tails individually. Shadow was first, but he was moody due to a gripe that he had against Sonic just before my arriving to spend time with my father. He told me that he was also a test tube creation and he wasn't the best at sharing emotions. He told me that he loved me but in the end, he sent me to spend time with my mother Tails. It was while I was with Tails and Amy Rose that Kingston arrived in good spirits for a change. According to Amy Rose, Kingston had been suicidal in the months before I got to meet him. So his showing up happy didn't match what I was told about him. He asked the Mobians gathered to help him with a personal mission. So thanks to him, I got to have my first adventure away from home but under supervision. That wasn't so bad since one of the escorts was my mom and the other was my godmother. Rescuing Lady Mathilda was awesome. I got to help untie the sheila. After she sent Kingston back to his own time period where he arrived just about a week ago in the current time, Lady Mathilda told me that I was destined to help Lari with his quest in his own time. Therefore, I spent my time patiently waiting for the day when I would be able to team up with him again. And then we got the email from him to let us know that the Machine Empire had arrived just off of the Gold Coast. Tails and Shadow gave me permission to join Lari's newly forming ranger team, Outback Adventure, as a means of a proving rite so I could earn adulthood status among the Mobians. Tails and Amy Rose, whom had been there originally, both offered to come along with me to oversee things in case I needed a reprieve. Sega came along initially to set up the Mobian Shortcut in Lari's tower base in Classic Blackall in case he ever needed all of the Mobians in an emergency situation. Of course, the shortcut would also be good if I needed to talk to my father Shadow for some reason. That way, I wasn't totally cut off."

      He then raised his bracer up over his chest. "Before my adventure began, Tails taught me the Kitsune magic that he had earned when he gained adulthood. And Shadow taught me how to use Chaos Control. So you see, Alexander, my being on Earth is an adult proving rite but it is being supervised by my mother and Amy Rose. As for Adam... whereas I got to spend time with both parents after leaving the Creche, he didn't get that privilege. You were busy helping Deryk Devlin to protect Ottercrest as well as assisting Vlad Devlin to find his place in the world, circa 2030 to 2031. Adam wasn't born as a Mobian like the rest of us. That is why he is different. Had he not grown up human, then he would have turned out far different. As a human, he would require the advisement of both parents. Despite him being my half-brother, Shadow was busy elsewhere didn't have time to spend with a young human child. And you were off helping Earthian Deryk Devlin. Therefore, Adam's statement of not having his parents is not far removed from the mark. And no, I have no right to lecture you. But a typical Mobian child is usually a Mobian animal phenotype. When Shadow gave birth to a human, even pervy Nitro was shocked. Good thing he has Timmy the Hedgehog."

      "Yet he still has the Mobian speed and the enormous feet that didn't make 'im fully 'uman, and there was no one around that could 'andle a toddler with the need for speed on Earth, not even me." He then said, "Ah wonder if this is 'ow Deryk felt after 'iding away Devlin from Lexington for years? And not being allowed to 'ave adventures even with 'is Uncle North keeping a watchful eye on 'im while Ah was 'ere... 'e must really 'ave felt abandoned." He then said. "Now 'e's old enough and still 'ad to be treated like a child. Both parents failed 'im. Ah'll send a communication to Shadow, and see if we can come to an agreement. Ah am still needed 'ere with two towns to oversee."

      Sylvari mentally reached out. You really upset your son this time, partner. He went to the room reserved for him ignoring Dane and Deryk altogether. Deryk wanted to relay to you to not make the same mistakes he did, or you'll be on the couch for a month!

      I'll be on the couch anyways... I fucked up big time. That mental communication bothered him, big time. The Sheriff went to his radio. "Beta-2-3-9, this Alpha-4-4-7, please report to New Blackall HQ to man the station. Ah 'ave a situation in Ottercrest that needs my personal attention."

      {Copy that,} said the voice of Detective Jettail. {E.T.A. five minutes.}

      "Thank yas, over and out." Alexander looked towards Eclipse, grabbing the boomerang he made his son leave behind. "'opefully Ah won't 'ave to lose another limb to make amends to another child." He remembered quite well the pain of losing his arm to a Dragon saving young Vlad from being killed in the Battle of Ottercrest.

      Eclipse said, "I am also Shadow's son. I have direct access to him over my emergency Mobian Comm Unit. I can call him if you'd like."

      "Better than waiting to get 'ome and dig out the ol' Communicator I used as a distress call years ago," shrugged Alexander. "Let's get 'im in since Adam is his son as well as mine."

      Eclipse opened one of his belt pouches and pulled out a small device that was as big as Nicole as he touched a black button outlined in red. "Come in, father. This is Eclipse. Alexander Lonewolf and I need you here in New Blackall on Planet Earth. Adam did something major again. Mind you, Tails and Amy Rose are back at Lari's tower base. I haven't called them yet. My older brother Sega is off at Adalia Ultra with his husband North. If Old Adalia hadn't lost their life seed, then Deryk the Pouch wouldn't have had to evacuate the old planet for a fresh new world. I have seen the new world at least once. Reminds me of the Great Forest. Come to New Blackall ASAP, Shadow. Adam is here right now."

      Shadow's voice then said, {Daycare at the Ranger Rider Academy on Mobian Adalia just reported him missing. I am on my way.} And instants later, via Chaos teleport, Shadow was standing next to Eclipse where as he hugged his newest son. "Did Lari let you join his team, son?"

      Eclipse said, "Yes, although he would have brought Adam over here himself but today was his first day of school at the Domed City of Blackall's State School. Lari was adopted by Shieldpaw of the Dreamtime Warriors. I've been sworn in and everything. I might even be faster than you and Sonic both. The new Ranger form combines Dreamtime magic with Courier Speed and Dreamtime fighting skills. Throw Mobian technique into that and you can guess how awesome the outcome can be."

      Shadow then looked at Alexander and shook his hand. "The problem with Adam is that no Mobian knows how to raise a human child, even if that child has Mobian genetics. At the moment, one might say that Adam is a product of Courier serum since he is as fast as Timmy the Hedgehog. In his human form, Timmy can move almost as fast as that. Adam has lightning dragon genetics from your silver partner mixed in with his normal human physiology and a minor portion of Mobian genetics. That is why he is so fast and hard to control. If he were entirely a Mobian like Sega and Eclipse, he wouldn't be having this problem now. Eclipse and I are both test tube children. Sega was the only Mobian offspring of mine that was through copulation with another Mobian. Tails to be precise. Rather than getting Tails pregnant a second time, we chose to use the method I went through to make a son so Sega would have a decent brother. There are times when some Mobians just cannot keep it in their pants. Now lets go and see Adam."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Confronting Adam.

        As the three arrived at the Devlin homestead, Shadow called out, "Adam! Come on out and give me a hug! I do not have the bubble gun!" ...North still has it since he forgot to leave it with the daycare guys...

        "No! Yas'll be mad." shouted Adam. "Yas always are when Ah mess up." He sounded like he was upset about screwing up big time.

        Dane (age 16) was looking up from his laptop at the breakfast bar, working on an online course while Sylvari observed. "Big brother's been like that since Uncle Silver brought him home. Didn't even accept jerky or anything from Mum, Father." He then secretly typed a message to his Alexandria. "You might wanna come home for dinner; Adam was brought home by Uncle Silver, and now Father and Shadow are here in full force."

        Alexander then said, "It's okay, ickle genius. Keep on working on yer 'omework." He then shouted upstairs, "It's okay Adam Maseo. Ah overreacted when Ah shouldn't. Come on down, and please use yer walking feet."

        Adam walked down, with a sad look on his usually super-energetic face. "Da' Ah'm sorry."

        "Yas wanted to surprise Alexandria, and Ah messed it up big time." He then reached out and messed up his firstborn's hair, and pulled him into a hug. "But yas gotta tell at least Uncle North what yas are planning so there isn't so much alarm."

        Shadow reached out and patted Adam on his shoulder. "I had been in conference with the Academy Dean, Lord Deryk, in regards to you, son. Everyone had told you multiple times since you were old enough to run that the Ranger Academy had an age limit for processing, meaning signing up; it is 16. When your sixteenth birthday came and went and you didn't sign up, Lord Deryk contacted me to ask if you had changed your mind. He, Severn, and Zander hadn't seen you near the arrival point in 15 years. By human standards, you are currently 21 years old, but by Mobian Standards and this why you still look young, 1 year on Earth equals 1 month on Planet Mobius. Mobian Adalia is offset so that it's 1 year to 9 months on their world. therefore, by Mobian Adalia standards, you are currently 16 Mobian Years old. But Lord Deryk was going by Earthian standards since your father is an Earth man. You could have been in the academy right now. But instead, after you were no longer required to be in Daycare, you continued to go there. Then recently, when you failed to come in, they contacted me."

        Eclipse stayed out of the parents way since this was about them and Adam. So he went into the kitchen to see if he could beg for a cookie.

        Dane took an eye break from looking at his laptop for a while. He just finished submitting a paper on his recent labwork. "Mum may be in the study, but 'e wouldn't mind if yas took a cookie, Mr. 'edge'og. 'e's gotten a little more 'appier since 'e was voted out of office ten years ago."

        Alexander said, as he returned the Boomerang by helping him into the harness. "If the Academy Dean was worried about yas not coming to the Academy after yas made the age limit, yas still 'ave an option to go there. But since yas made it 'ere. Ah can give yas a second option, to make up for the mistakes Ah made in being a parent. Ah thought leaving yas in the care of Uncle North and yer Mum was good enough, and only a speedy Lonewolf can match a speedy Lonewolf, but Ah realized all too late that wasn't enough. With Devlin working as a Blacksmith in Dreamtime, CJ and Vlad out of the 'ouse and Alexandria set to go to a college dorm, Dane will be the only one left, despite 'im being a college student, the 'ome is feeling a bit empty. What Ah offer is a chance to live on Earth for a change. That'll mean yas will either get an education slomo style, or find work, or do both if yas 'ave the stamina. But yas must learn to be a little less chaotic than yas 'ave been. Ah'll 'ave to talk to Deryk to see if 'e's on board, but yas can be a big brother to Dane and not 'ave to use yer 'and'eld for video chat that often. Yas deserve family, and Ah failed at giving yas that. Effective now, the 'ouse arrest is lifted."

        Sylvari spoke up, and said, "You don't have to decide on it now Adam. Just think before you make a decision."

        Adam said, "The ban lifted..." He started to smile again.

        Shadow said, "A fine set of choices, Alexander. Heck, I still check on Nitro from time to time. I sometimes wish that he and Timmy would stop having sex. Every time I am over there, one of the two is bloated like a fat sheila. Sega is my oldest and he and North don't do it as often as Nitro and Timmy do. Eclipse was my youngest until Knuckles asked me to help him with another test tube project. But even with that, I only count my hedgehog children as mine. And Adam as well, of course."

        Eclipse took one cookie before placing the lid back on the cookie jar and then he looked at Dane. "You look old enough to be out having adventures yet here you sit. What's your story?"

        Adam placed one socked foot over the other and thought about it for a moment. "Uncle North could use the break from stressing over me. Ah've been a pain in 'is tail long enough, being the wild child of Knot'ole Island. And Ah always dreamed of both going to the Ranger Academy and being accepted by all my family..." He then said. "Ah would like to live with my Da' on Earth for a while."

        Alexander smiled.. messing up his firstborn's hair, and bringing him into a deep hug. "Ah did a lot of wrong. Ah wouldn't 'ave blamed yas for 'ating me for being an absent father." He felt Sylvari reach out to him. Take the parenting wins when you get them, partner. Yas did with yer stepchildren.

        "Ah 'ave an IQ of over 200," said Dane nonchalantly. "Ah already 'ave bachelor degrees in Information Tech and Engineering, and working on my Masters degree in Sustainable Technology. My adventures right now is learning 'ow to do my part to better the world." A 'Little Man Tate' of the Lonewolf set.

        Eclipse returned to the front area where it seemed that Shadow and Alexander had everything settled since no one was crying. "I need to get back to Classic Blackall, guys. I promised Lari that I would be a standby member for his new ranger team. I hope he didn't have any problems finding a voice of reason. He said he wanted a girl for that role. Eclipse handed Alexander one of the contact cards for the Dreamtime Warrior base where Lari had his new ranger clubhouse at. "Call us if you need to inquire about something. Later." And off he sped.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Unexpected Advertisement.

          Just before lunch hour, Shieldpaw had come into the Secondary School and he had placed a club advertisement on the student board which advertised junior defenders for Blackall under the direction of Lady Mathilda and the Dreamtime Warriors. The ad said that Lari was the one to talk to. Then he went back to work. When Lari came out of his second hour class to prepare for lunch hour, he stopped when he saw the advertisement. He recognized Shieldpaw's elegant scripted letters on the ad. Sadly, no one he spoke to earlier seemed interested in being the newest Power Rangers for 2047. So into the cafeteria he went to get his meal. Per'aps the coach was right... the people need to see me in action against an enemy first. Ah promised Lady Mathilda that Ah would not get depressed and Ah wouldn't let anyone else in my team get depressed. But... this is starting to turn out like it did when Ah teamed up with the Lantern Legion in 2030. Ah mustn't think about that. Ah 'ave a second chance. Ah know Ah can do this.

          "'ere. Looks like yas could use this more than Ah." A female student put a ice-cold glass bottle of a coffee beverage from the cafeteria's snack bar on Lari's shoulder, a little too close to his neck.

          Lari nearly jumped when he felt that. "Um..." then he looked to see whom it was.

          A girl slightly taller than Lari with brown short hairstyle (shaved at the sides and back, puffed up on top) and a concerned look on her face was holding the coffee. She had tan skin, and somewhat proportionate average shape. A glimmer in her eyes and the way she presented herself shows she was not truly Human. She had an otter patch sewed onto her book bag. "Ah'm sorry if its too cold mate. Yas looked like yas could use a coffee more than Ah can." She then held out her free hand, while still holding the coffee. "Gulara Ranger-Stryfe, but yas may call me Lara. Yas are new 'ere aren't yas?"

          Lari smiled. "'ave a seat, sheila. Ah grew up in this area back before they built the protection dome. Lady Mathilda made sure Ah reached the 'ospital after demons wiped out my parents. Since then, Ah was adopted by Dreamtime Patrol Officer Shieldpaw. What of yerself, Lara?"

          "My Father 'ad our family move back 'ere from Perth to run a family practice several years ago, though 'e and my grandpa rarely sees eye-to-eye." Lara said, joining Lari at the table. "Yas might've 'eard of 'im from yer guardian; Dr. Ranger-Stryfe, estranged son of the legendary Konga Rao?"

          "Elliot Ranger-Stryfe? Ah've not 'eard that name is a long while. So yer one of 'is, are yas?" Then he lowered his voice. "Does that also mean that yas are a Were-Kangaroo like 'e is? Yer Uncle Star is still running that ship of 'is, Ah 'ope." Lari then realized that he was letting his prior knowledge get the better of himself as he lowered his head and blushed. "Ah 'ad a time traveling misadventure before Ah awoke at the 'ospital and while Ah was in the past, Ah learned these things about yer relatives." The he raised his head again and said, "Ah am starting a power rangers team to combat against the coming Machine Empire that the reporters on the Tele mentioned the other day. Lady Mathilda is sponsoring my efforts."

          Lara said in an equally low manner. "Father is still a stuffy were-roo, and is beside 'imself that my brother Ollie ended up learning at Grandpa's Academy. Ah chose the embrace the were-otter like my Uncle to stand out a little more than 'e likes to 'ave us young ones to be. Because my father and Uncle Star were born under unique circumstances, our family line 'as both were-kangaroo/were-otter 'ybrids, so we can choose to be either, or embrace both from time to time." She then said. "Yes, Uncle Star is still running 'is ship, though 'e yearns for the Full Moon Cycles. Those are the only times 'e gets to see Uncle Devvy nowadays."

          Lari smiled since Lara seemed not to mind about his knowing the family. "Yer quite the reasonable type. Ah need a Reasonable Gold Ranger on my team. Would yas be interested in becoming the new Gold Ranger? Lady Mathilda said that the Gold Ranger 'ad to be a reasonable sheila. And yas are coming across as one whom could fill the role. So what do yas say?" He was really hoping she would say yes; he really liked Lara quite a bit.

          Lara smiled. "If Ah was Grandpa Rick, Ah would yell 'Fear the Otter, Woohoo!', but since Ah am not 'im, Ah'll just say it will be an 'onor to be able to follow into my grandparents and Uncle Devvy's footsteps."

          Lari grinned. "'e was also fond of throwing Mateo around at enemies." He then caused his leather bracer to appear on his left wrist. "Place yer left 'and on my bracer and Ah will grant yas one of yer own. This bracer doubles as a morpher and a communicator and as yas plainly saw, yas can 'ide it when yas don't want it seen." And when she did place her hand on the bracer, Lari said, "Outback Adventure Execute!" Instantly, a leather Imperial Council bracer appeared on Lara's arm. "Officially, yas will be the Gold Otter Ranger. Ah will teach yas 'ow to morph after school. Lunch 'our is 'ardly the place for this." For now, Ah will teach yas 'ow to hide the Imperial Council bracer. When yas don't need it to be openly seen, mentally think the words Execute Off to make it seemingly disappear; and the words Execute On to make it reappear." He then performed this to demonstrate as he made his bracer seemingly vanish. "Ah will speak to yas more about this after school. The 'eadquarters are located in the tower where Ah live."

          Execute off. Lara thought as the bracer seemingly vanish. "Got it. Is there any others amongst us yet besides thee and me? Ah doubt any evil will find a serious threat in two."

          Lari smiled back. "Shadow and Tails 'ave a test tube son named Eclipse the 'edge'og whom joined the team over the weekend. Since 'e grew up on Planet Mobius, 'e won't be attending the school with us. Although 'e may occasionally be seen around the school. 'e is our standby team member. Ah am supposed to be on the lookout for a Blue Sonic fan to give the Blue powers to. The rugby coach told me that 'e would keep 'is eyes open for potential team members to join us. But blue is reserved. And Ah sort of 'ave a slightly selfish requirement for any LHG that wants to join us. They 'ave to be related to Elysia Le Fauve of the old Trigram Boomer Rangers. She was a Trappers Run champion as well as a private detective. No ordinary LHG will do. Yas are the primary sheila for the team. But we will get the LHG later; if one is possible to meet the requirements. We might need a tough guy as well as a light of 'ope. No bullies when it comes to the toughie unless 'e is turning over a new leaf. Ah doubt Lampwick nabbed any locals when they were younger."

          He then shrugged his shoulders. "It is strange... Ah 'aven't seen any 'and'eld toting students in school at all. Mathilda and the coach admitted to me that they were around. It would be my luck that they are in Primary School."

          Lari then focused on dining on his school lunch. He knew that Lara had a point. But technically they had three rangers; just not the blue ranger that Mathilda mentioned him getting.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Coming of Age (Adam's Adventure.)

            At the Devlin Hacienda in Ottercrest, Elysia Le Fauve spoke with Alexander and Deryk. "As head of the secret police these days, I was able to verify the story that Eclipse told you when he brought Adam back home to you. The Machine Empire are hovering over the Gold Coast and as yet have not attempted to send any troops down to attack any humans. In fact, the Minister of Defense cannot figure out what they are doing. There should have been an attack by now. The real Lari Kingston Knight is putting together a Mathilda sponsored ranger team in Classic Blackall; apparently Mathilda told him to get a Sonic fan to be the new Imperial Blue Adventure Ranger. But he cannot find one. Also word is... he wants an LHG like yours truly." She pointed to herself with a wink. "Someone with my skills and my reserve for motivating the team to get things done. Back in Trigram Boomer, if I had not been there to help Devlin keep the team of friends together, then there wouldn't have been a team. He was often moody when Duncan and him had a fall out and then Devlin wouldn't have anything to do with Denise whom really wanted to be with him. Duncan, once he learned that Devlin had a dragon side, wanted nothing to do with him. And I just did my job. And LHG had to be the glue for keeping this crazy team together. Richie and Fonzy joined later and they were helpful in later years to keep the spirits alive in the team. A hard job, but someone had to do it. However, I do have a moon-touched daughter whom is not a croc. I have been giving her private tutoring so she has the Le Fauve know how for keeping a bunch of boys and girls in line. Her twin brother is also home schooled but he spends time with his father... when he is in Australia. Rad wanted to marry me, but I did not want to be infected with the Were-Crocodile. He would have been killed if I got infected. I don't put up with shit like that. My mate let me keep my family name and he changed his last name to match mine."

            "Ah thought anyone with Zander's bloodline would rather give up their 'eritage than to give up their love," said Deryk. "But then again, Zander 'ad to give up 'is infatuation with Joseph, so Ah guess Ah would be wrong about both croc boys." Since marrying Alexander, the former Mayor Deryk finally felt comfortable in his skin, and started embracing the were-roo in his heritage, especially after hearing of the Sheriff's immunity.

            Alexander rubbed his chin, as he offered more of the boozy drinks to those that wanted it. He preferred a Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Not alcoholic but just as strong. "Ah am afraid that none of our children 'ave been real Sonic fans. Besides, Dane is not interested in adventure; 'e's more interested in making technology more sustainable. Ah swear 'is brain isn't wired right sometimes. And Alexandria is starting 'er own college adventure. In about a week, she'll be in 'er dorm."

            "Yas 'ave Adam." Deryk suggested. "Yer joey with Shadow. Didn't yas tell me a few years ago 'ow proud yas were that 'e was learning martial arts from 'is Uncle North?"

            Alexander chuckled. "There is that, but 'e's got that label of being Knot'ole Island's Most Unpredictable Knuckle'ead. 'is chaotic style made 'im nothing short of a prankster." He then saw the look he gets from Deryk when he got out of line. Rare occurences, but it did the trick. "And some of that is my fault."

            "But 'is 'eart is in the right place, love," Deryk reasoned. "Would 'e still be considered a chaotic prankster if 'e did what 'e did to come and surprise Alexandria for 'er sending off. Ah seen 'ow 'e keeps in touch with Alexandria and Dane. Ah'm sure 'e does the same with Vlad, as 'e sees 'im as a big brother. 'e 'as developed yer sense of caring and devotion to family bonds, Alex. Calvin and Vlad were both younger than 'im when they started 'aving adventures. 'is 'eart is in the right place, Alex. Maybe if a Sonic fan can't be found, maybe the 'uman-born child of Silver Storm Dragon Guardian, Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf and Shadow the 'edge'og with that level of natural speed being a little better than the Courier Roos Ah've seen of Parcelpouch's brigade."

            "Lari's gonna need a bubble gun," Alexander quipped. Deryk glared. "Give 'im one and yer on the couch for a year, Love. Let Adam get 'is chance at adventure."

            Elysia said, "I could permit my twins to join Lari's little team. But if he wants the LHG, then he has to accept my son as well. No boy, then no girl; they are a package deal or none at all. I am not afraid to kick Lari's ass. I don't care if he did get the youth treatment. And he better let my children choose the colors they want or there will be an ass kicking, for sure, and I am not talking about any of Duncan's cute donkey friends, either. Of course, I am still investigating Duncan's treatment at the academy when we formed our ranger team. Devlin asked me to look into this. It was just too suspicious on how the rest of us were treated extremely well and they literally shat on him."

            She then looked at Alexander. "When are you going to give Adam the good news? I have to swing by my home to get my children for the trip to Classic Blackall."

            "Ah'll make the call, first. It seems Ah'll be owing another Ranger team a favor or two, and Ah am not talking several cases of the best Ginger Beer in Australia." Knowing of an upgrade Dean Deryk gave him for his morpher several years ago Alexander opened up the lid on his morpher, and had it scan the card after pressing the 'secure communications channel' button. He grabbed the virtual screen showing the call, and threw it onto the Parlor's flat screen, activating it and putting in a call. The message on the screen said 'Calling on Secure Channel: Outback Adventure HQ.' He then said to Elysia. "Ah thank yas for being a good friend to my stepson and the glue of yer team. Yas can be a part of the call to give Lari yer idea, as Ah will regarding my firstborn."

            On screen, the symbol of the Dreamtime Warrior Patrol appeared briefly and that was replaced by Amy Rose, Shadow, Tails, and Eclipse. Eclipse said, "Outback Adventure base. Go ahead."

            Alexander said, "Eclipse, this is Sheriff Lonewolf at Ottercrest. Ah 'ave with me former Mayor Devlin and 'ead of the Secret Police Elysia Le Fauve. We 'ave 'ad a discussion regarding Lari's request for a certain type of teammate, namely a particular sub-archetype of lady in which even the worst 'ellions fear."

            Eclipse said, "Lari is still in school currently. He did mention that he chose his Gold Adventure Otter of Reason. What message would you like me to give him?" Elysia said, "Eclipse, I have twin children. Lari has to take them both if he wants the girl as a ranger. And if he says no... remind him that I know how to deliver a Planet Janet kick to his groin. My cubs are home schooled; No exceptions. Janice Lionne Le Fauve and Cosmo Radimus Le Fauve are my offerings. Radimus Hansen is the Godfather to my son. My daughter takes after me." She then stepped out of the way to let Alexander speak.

            Alexander hummed, "Also, should 'e not 'ave luck finding a Sonic Gamer fan, maybe a 'uman born with Mobian speed might fit in. Ah 'aven't proposed anything like this bloke yet, as Ah want to surprise 'im with the chance. My son with Shadow, Adam, 'as already met Lari earlier, from what yas told me. 'e sacrificed 'is option to attend the Ranger Academy to live on Earth, but 'e should 'ave a chance at adventure." He pulled out an aged Color Scale readout from the Ranger Academy with the color readouts for Adam. One of the colors being Sapphire Blue. "As much as Ah respect 'is decision, Ah won't rob 'im of 'is chance to be a Ranger."

            End of Chapter Six.