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[3T-PR1] PROA-00PE Imperial Council Inquiry

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    [3T-PR1] PROA-00PE Imperial Council Inquiry

    Power Rangers Outback Adventure
    Episode Zero-Zero Pilot Episode: Imperial Council Inquiry.
    Written by Darrel "Cpt Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Devvy-boy" Lonewolf
    March 25th, 2020

    Starring: Power Rangers Outback Adventure
    Lari Kingston Knight, Red Kangaroo Ranger
    Unnamed, Blue Hedgehog Ranger (Sonic Gamer Fan)
    Unnamed, Gold (animal) Ranger (Voice of Reason)
    Eclipse the Hedgehog, Bronze Fox Ranger

    The Mobian Rangers:
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Lady Mathilda: She is the real Overseer Holy Pouch of olden times. She is sponsoring Lari's new ranger adventure, directly.
    Shieldpaw: He is a Dreamtime Warrior Patrol Guardian of Blackall; he has adopted Lari.
    Jansen Boomersoul: He is the Amethyst Dingo Ranger of Aussie Thunder as well as a natural born Were-Kangaroo; He currently owns The Boomer's Hole. (juice bar and arcade)
    Jansy Eric Boomersoul: He is Jansen's adopted human son; his former name was Woody Pickerwood; he hates that name.
    possibly others

    The Machine Empire:
    Exact enemy names unmentioned

    March 13th, 2013 - August 23rd, 2047

    Chapter One: Advice From a Shadodrak.

    Rusty St. John's Personal Quarters; Frontier Justice, Australia; 2013

    Drayce yawned and opened one eye to see Lari Kingston Knight approaching him while holding a piece of candied treat. "That is kind of you, Kingston. But you don't need to bribe me for my services. Just ask me what or whom you seek to find and I will give you the information."

    Kingston said, "Ah know yer services are free, Drayce. The treat is for yas to not tell anyone where Ah will be if someone wants to find me later. There is an inquiry that Ah really want to know about. Since yas can find anyone and anything, my inquiry is a bit odd but justifiable. Ah would like to know where Dreamtrail's real 'oly Pouch is located and 'ow Ah might find the entity. Block out the giant demon roo 'opping around the Outback; block out all the so-called male 'oly Pouches. Ah just cannot believe that the 'oly Pouch would ever be male; a 'oly Boomer maybe, but not a 'oly Pouch. Ah want to know where the real one is currently at and directions for getting there. Ah am not suicidal for a change, Drayce; Ah just want to talk to the real 'oly Pouch. Ah am tired of getting fooled by all of these fakes. Will yas 'elp me? Please...?"

    Drayce said, "The others really do care about you, Kingston. At least take a Mobian with you just in case. They care about you, too. Knuckles likes your counterpart, and Sonic is involved with Timmy and Nitro. So I would suggest that you take Shadow with you. Promise me that you will not travel alone on this trip. I won't tell you what you want to know unless you promise me that you will ask a Mobian to travel with you."

    Kingston said, "Ah promise to ask a Mobian to come with me. So where can Ah find the real 'oly Pouch?"

    Drayce focused and then he turned his head toward the Northwest. "Many Rangers have been close to her location, but they wouldn't recognize her if they laid eyes on her. Go to Council Cavern in the Kimberly Plateau. Look for the biggest kangaroo within the cavern that you can find. Touch it and say the words, As Sworn On By The Holy Pouch. Doing this will grant you access to the real Holy Pouch. Avoid the poacher camps and any possible Pyraxes you may find in that area. This is why I ask that you take a Mobian with you."

    Kingston said, "My cousin got into trouble with the Pyraxes and Ah can understand now why yas asked that Ah go with a Mobian fighter. They wouldn't let me get into a dumb trap."

    Drayce smiled. "I want my treat now." He opened his mouth and waited.

    Kingston carefully stuck the sweet treat into Drayce's open muzzle. "Yas 'ave earned this. Thanks Drayce. Off Ah go." And he headed off to see if any Mobians were going to be at the Adventure Guardian base.

    Adventure Guardian Base; Kangaroo Academy, Dreamtime

    When Kingston walked into the base, he inquired, "Are there any Mobians available to 'elp me with something?"

    Amy Rose, Tails, and a Black Hedgehog with gold highlights emerged from the labs in the back. Amy Rose said, "We are the only Mobians here today, Kingston. The others are off helping other Ranger teams. This is Tails and Shadow's test tube son, Eclipse. He was spending some time with his mom today. Shadow was here earlier but he got a call from Paul back on Adalia. So take your pick; which of us would you like the help of?"

    Kingston said, "Ah'm on a mission and this time its neither scrolls nor a Pandora's Box. Ah was told that Ah needed to bring some Mobians with me for my own protection. If yas three are the only ones 'ere, then Ah'm gonna prove that Ah can be open minded about whom Ah choose. Ah want all three of yas to come with me. Yas might even get to use that Pika 'ammer of yers, Amy. And Ah could certainly use the kitsune's magic on this trip. As for Eclipse, 'e looks like 'e never gets to go on any fun trips. Yas can come too."

    Amy and Tails both arched their eyes since Kingston didn't act depressed nor suicidal in making this request. Eclipse on the other paw remarked, "A Real Adventure! At last!"

    Amy Rose said, "We'll come with you, Kingston, but if you start getting mopey on this trip, my hammer will find your joey maker. So no depressions, okay?"

    Kingston smiled as he nodded his head and he crossed his heart. "Ah promise not to get depressed as long as we reach my intended target. Next stop, Council Cavern in the Kimberly Plateau. Ah'll tell yas more when we get there."

    Tails then said, "A responsible ranger leaves a note to tell the rest of their team where they have gone. That way, if we do get into some trouble, the other Mobian Rangers will know where to go to save us." And he typed out a message on the Guardian Main Screen. When he was done, he said, "All set, Kingston. Lets go on this mission of yours."

    Kimberly Plateau

    Tails said, "So you got directions from Drayce whom asked you to have some Mobians with you on this trip. What makes you think the Holy Pouch is going to not simply be one of the others you have already seen?"

    Kingston replied, "Because Ah asked Drayce to block out the giant demon roo sheila and to block out all of the male 'oly Pouches. And after Ah promised to 'ave a Mobian come with me, 'e gave me directions to this place."

    Eclipse then quietly said, "Guys, I see some ancient writing on an arch of stone that reads Council Cavern. But the opening has several boulders blocking the way in. Someone doesn't want snoopers to see what's in there... Or... they didn't want someone who is in there to get out."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Kingston's Revelation.

    Amy Rose, Tails, and Kingston then began to move the rocks and boulders out of the cavern entrance. Kingston said, "Drayce told me to watch out for poachers and Pyraxes. But Pyraxes don't do 'ard labor like this so they didn't pile these rocks up."

    Amy Rose said, "I have Bindi on speed dial do if we encounter any poachers, I push the button and then the Pika Hammer starts flying."

    Tails said, "Everyone out of the way. I am going to use my Kitsune magic to remove the boulders." Once the others were out of the way, Tails began floating in his upright position as his fur bristled and magical arcs of power appeared over the rocks and they began flying out of the cavern entrance.

    Eclipse said, "Some day, I will be able to do that, I hope."

    Tails then landed and he went over and hugged his son. "It takes practice, son. I wasn't born with the magic. If you want to use magic, I will instruct you in how to use it. But you also take after your father, Shadow; I know he isn't disappointed in you."

    Amy Rose looked to Kingston. "What about you, Kingston? What are your parents like?"

    Kingston was taken aback by that question as he leaned up against the rock wall of the entrance to cavern as tears came to his eyes. "My parents were slain by demons during the Burning of Blackall. My older brother and Ah were spared. Ah fell into the river and my older brother was on a camping trip with a friend of 'is from Longreach. Ah was running from the demons and a kangaroo boomer grabbed me and pulled me into the river. The demons didn't want to get wet so they left me to my fate in the swift flooding waters of the river. But the roo pulled me to shore near the Blackall 'ospital. Ah don't have parents anymore. So if anyone was wondering why my childhood wasn't better, that is the reason. My brother was taken in by 'is friend's family and Ah was a ward of the 'ospital for a while until Ah started wandering. My cousin, whom for some reason looked identical to me, appeared in Blackall and everyone thought 'e was me so Ah chose not to school myself in the same place. Ah 'ad to educate myself. Ah was 'omeless, an orphan, and completely without friends. And then when I learned that my Adalia counterpart 'ad gotten to be a Power Ranger, Ah had a little 'ope. And then Lord Kiel approached my cousin to give 'im the ranger powers. That's when Ah 'ad to accept the fact that Dreamtrail fate 'ad overlooked me in the powers game. For a while, Ah contemplated dark endings. Then Ah learned about a special empowerment scroll... and Ah am sure yas blokes know what 'appened when Ah used that... Ah almost caused all of my counterparts across several worlds to cease to exist. My cousin was exempted for some reason, despite 'aving the same name. Then Lord Kiel wanted to reinvent Outback Rescue, but instead of letting me be the Red Ranger, 'e bartered 'and-me-down morphers (from the 1800's) from Lord Thunderbird and again, Ah felt as if 'e was just making me a ranger out of pity. And not even a red leader like my counterparts. Then yas Mobians tried to 'elp me to find the Red Lantern Morpher and that led to the opening of Pandora's Box in the Outback. The other Lantern Rangers showed up and they gave me the Red Lantern Morpher, but since they were all college aged, and they 'ad not repaired the radioactive danger of the Red Battlizer... Ah knew it was not to last. Just after Lokimar got defeated by one of the visiting Toons, the rest of the Lantern Legion graduated from college and they wanted to 'ang up their ranger powers, permanently this time. So again, Ah was on my own. Ah also packed away the Red Lantern morpher since it was still too dangerous for me to use. Then Ah got to thinking about 'ow the original legend of the 'oly Pouch always stated that the first was a sheila and with the demon version running around and then all the male versions appearing, Ah knew there 'ad to be a real originator out there. So Ah went to Drayce to use 'is location powers to get directions to the real Pouch in 'opes of getting my life sorted out." He sniffled sadly at the end since it had been awhile since he had to recall his sorry life to be told to anyone. That's when he got the group hug from the Mobians. He let them show that affection since most of the Freedom Fighters were also orphans.

    Tails petted on Kingston. "So that's why you were so lonely and determined to be a ranger. You can count on us to help you to find your dream."

    Kingston said, "We need to find the biggest kangaroo in the council Cavern and then Ah 'ave to touch it and say the special words. After that, the way will open to the real 'oly Pouch."

    Eclipse grinned. "So lets go find the wizard! Follow the Yellow Rock Road!"

    Tails whispered to Kingston, "Shadow let him watch The Wonderful Wizard of Oz last night."

    Kingston whispered back, "It some'ow seems appropriate, Tails. Times a wastin'. Lets get in there." And he led his friends into the cavern entrance.

    Some distance away, General Blossom noted what the human and the Mobians were doing as she reported in to Soluella. "Mistress Soluella? That depressed human, Kingston Knight, along with the Mobians, Tails and Amy Rose, unsealed the Council Cavern and went inside. You said you wanted to be informed when any Rangers went near that place. Tails and Amy Rose are Mobian Rangers. I am not all that worried about Captain Depression."

    Soluella remarked, "You are right. Kingston Knight is hardly a threat to anyone... unlike his Adalian counterpart. We will let them look around Council Cavern if they want to. But if they mess with the wrong thing, then they might end up stuck in there themselves. I believe the gorgon dust is still within that Cavern. That stuff can affect anyone whom accidentally inhales the stuff even slightly. A stoned depression would teach them all a lesson they would never forget. It works faster on humans. A shame I cannot claim Kingston's Sustenance. If only that boy knew just how important he really was..."

    General Blossom was curious now; Soluella almost never admitted that any human was ever THAT important; especially not a male human. Sometimes curiosity was really bad for an evil little girl like herself. And she wanted to know more now that the idea was in her head.

    "If Kingston is that important then I should see about making sure he doesn't lose his life in that cavern." But the moment Blossom tried to enter the Council Cavern herself, she was repelled by an Anti-Evil barrier that prevented anyone evil or demonic from entering the cavern. "Damn! I forgot all about that protection! I cannot go in to warn them!"

    Eclipse whom was at the back of the group noticed the pretty girl in pink at the cavern entrance and went back to see whom she was. "Who are you and why are you here?"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: The Council Cavern.

      The demon child in pink said, "I am General Blossom. Tails and Amy Rose will know about me. You need to go warn them about the gorgon dust that protects this cavern. The ancients put it in place to protect their treasures. It effects humans super fast. I wanted to warn Kingston myself, but the barrier over the entrance won't let me in. Will you please go warn the others about this danger? I am telling the truth, kid. My mistress said that Kingston was super important." And then she vanished via teleport.

      Eclipse then took off at a run through the cavern and he caught up with the group as they were all standing just inside the entrance of what seemed like a chamber that contained a stone table, stone seats, and stone kangaroo boomers all around the sides of the chamber. In the far back of the chamber, on one wall (and outlined in gold) was the cave drawing of the biggest kangaroo in the chamber. Eclipse then quickly said, "Guys! General Blossom gave me a warning to give to all of you, especially to Kingston. There is an air-born trap in this cavern called gorgon dust. Inhaling even a little bit of it would turn the trespasser to stone. Blossom went on to say that Soluella admitted that Kingston was the most important human in the Outback. Blossom wanted to warn Kingston herself, but a magic barrier over the entrance wouldn't let her come in here."

      Amy Rose gripped her Pika Hammer. "I assume after giving you the message, she fled, right?"

      Eclipse nodded his head. "It looked like she got summoned."

      Kingston then commented, "Then that means that these boomer statues might actually be living Kangaroos whom got turned to stone. But I need to reach that gold outlined kangaroo on the wall so I can speak the words while touching it."

      Tails then snapped his fingers and he magically made surgical masks appear over everyone's noses and mouths. "This should help!"

      Kingston remarked, "Too bad Ah cannot 'elp these stoned boomers."

      Amy Rose said, "Perhaps the best way to help them would be to reach the real Holy Pouch."

      Kingston replied, "Its worth a try. Thanks Amy. Ah can see why yas are Sonic's mate now."

      Amy Rose grinned. "And don't you forget it!"

      With the masks covering their breathing ports, the group circled the table and approached the outline on the wall. Normally when a cave painting was done by natives, they did not use gold reflective paint in the artwork, so this had to be something more than it appeared.

      Standing in front of the kangaroo outline, Kingston reached out and touched the painting as he said, "As Sworn On By The 'oly Pouch!" The golden lines of the painting illuminated when he spoke those words as a wave of golden light cascaded outward over all within the chamber. Outside of the cavern, a billowing cloud of dust and smoke barreled out of the cavern where upon it collided with a nearby poacher camp turning all poachers in the camp into stone statues, clothing and all! When the captured animals saw the smoke and dust, they wisely covered their noses and muzzles with their own paws and body fur, thus avoiding the same fate.

      In place of the gold outline painting there was now a gaping kangaroo shaped hole that led to another tunnel. The cavern tunnel itself was kangaroo shaped so traversing this cavern was not all that easy for a human let alone a Mobian. But Kingston was determined and with the Mobians backing him up for courage and strength, he was not about to give up now that they were so close. At the end of the tunnel the space opened up yet again and this time it was simply a drop off ledge where just below, it seemed that a kangaroo flyer was all bound up in glowing golden cords and she had a golden clamp over her muzzle. Further out in front of this sheila were several ugly spider beings as well as what appeared to be a dark blue scaled bull with bad breath.

      Kingston whispered, "Its the gorgon bull and a bunch of ugly spider creatures. Eclipse, you can come with me to free the sheila; Tails and Amy Rose will tackle the bull and the spiders. And don't let your masks get removed from your noses. I don't think I can carry that many statues." Like a true leader, when the situation called for leadership, Kingston was on top of the game, just like his counterpart would be. Even without ranger powers, he was getting his chance to be a real hero.

      Amy Rose was thrown head first out of the cavern opening first and in mid air, she readied her Pika Hammer and slammed the gorgon bull in the muzzle sending the beast on his back sliding backward through the spider camp! And then Tails flew out and began lightning bolting the ugly spiders. And finally, with one arm around Eclipse, Kingston jumped through the opening and landed just behind the kangaroo flyer. "Lets get these bindings off of yas, ma'am. This is a rescue." While Kingston worked on the gold cords around the muzzle and wrists, Eclipse worked on the tail and ankle bindings. It took a few minutes, but when the bindings came loose, the kangaroo flyer lit up like a golden star and combining with the lightning bolts, the spiders and the gorgon bull were all banished back to the spider realms in the Deep Dreamtime!

      The flyer, whom wasn't gigantic at all, turned to look at Kingston and Eclipse. "Now... for whom do Ah, Overseer Mathilda, owe my rescue to? And why were yas seeking me out?"

      Tails and Amy Rose came over to stand with Kingston and Eclipse as they each took turns explaining to Mathilda what all had been occurring in Australia in recent years.

      When it was explained on whom Kingston was by full name, Mathilda seemed to study the young man in extreme studious detail before flicking an ear and making a statement. "Young man... yas are an anomaly. Yer deep aura tells me that yas are not from this decade at all. Yer words are true but... yer body and deep aura tell me that yer displaced. Ah can send yas back to yer own time period, but in truth, yas should not be 'ere at all. Ah am sorry yer parents were killed by demons; but the main reason it seems that the powers that be are overlooking yas in the Ranger game is because yas are not anchored in this time period at all. Yer anchor is in 2047 Blackall. Ah can send yas back to yer own time and once there, Ah can assist yas in becoming a red ranger like yer Adalian counterpart. Also, the main reason Adalia's counterparts seem to be missing from Dreamtrail is because they aren't 'ere yet."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Back To The Future.

        Kingston then looked to the Mobians and said, "Ah just made a close relationship with these Mobians. Ah want to retain my friendship with them in my own time. Also, a copy of me needs to be left be'ind in this time or else others whom knew Ah was 'ere will try to find me and it would be best if they found the copy of me so they didn't try to kidnap the real me out of the future." He then hugged Eclipse and Tails fondly. "Not the solution Ah was seeking but its an outcome no one thought of."

        Mathilda then said, "In 2047, Mobius will be close to the Earth once again and now for an added treat; One year on Earth is one month on Mobius. They will still be as yas knew them and Ah am sure they will remember yas as if it was only yesterday. Thus, 36 years for the current time will only be 36 months for them. They will only be 3 years older when yas meet up with them again. And yer age will be restored to yer standard age when yas return to 2047. Yet yas will retain all of the knowledge that yas 'ave learned while 'ere. Per'aps yas were supposed to make this time trip to save my life. As for yas Mobians, the demons and the spiders are working together. Make sure future rangers learn of this information. Now to make a copy of yas as yas were before yas went to talk to Drayce. Ah will then send the Copy back to Nightlaw's island tower, and then we send yas back to yer own time period. The Copy won't remember the events from Drayce up to now. But yas will. Ah promise yas, Lari Kingston Knight... yas are meant to be a red ranger back in yer own time period. But if yas stay 'ere, yas will truly miss the powers boat. Say yer goodbyes and we will send yas back to yer own time period through the Barcoo River Time Gate. That is 'ow yas ended up in the past originally."

        Kingston hugged all three Mobians and kissed the boys on their muzzles. "Thanks for putting up with me, mates. Ah love each and every one of yas guys. Even Knuckles and Shadow. Please don't forget about me or Ah'll 'ave to come looking for yas." When he released the three Mobians, he looked to Mathilda again. "Ah'm ready, Ma'am."

        Eclipse hugged Kingston again. "If it weren't for you, Lari, then I wouldn't have gotten to have the Outback Adventure to help you to find the truth. I'll look for you in 2047, mate." And then he let go and returned to stand with Tails.

        Amy Rose said, "Don't worry, Kingston... I'll keep these naughty blokes in line... Well, most of them, anyway. No one can control Sonic."

        Tails smiled at Kingston. "Next time we meet, I'll teach you some of my magic. I am already going to be teaching Eclipse some magic. We... we love you, Kingston."

        Lari Kingston Knight of 2047 now turned to kneel before Overseer Mathilda. "Time to send me back to my own Outback Adventure, ma'am."

        Mathilda looked to Kingston and petted on his head gently. "Yas saved me from being forgotten. Real 'eroes like yas are a dime a dozen. Make sure yas don't let anyone on yer future team get depressed or sad. Outback Adventure...? An interesting concept. Now remember... a kangaroo saved yas from drowning in the Barcoo River... When yas awaken, yer adventure will truly begin. And don't forget to build a decent club'ouse. Get Zavierio Construction Corp to 'elp yas if yas 'ave to. That way, yer new base will be built right. Walk over to that fountain of churning water and dive in 'ead first. It is deeper than yas think. Yas will arrive on the shore near the 'ospital with a parting gift from me. It's what is in yer 'eart that counts. Believe to be a ranger and yas will be one when the time is right. And Ah think yas will arrive in time to be at the right moment. 'istory repeats itself. Farewell."

        Kingston smiled at the Mobians. "Ah mean it... Ah already miss yas blokes." And then as he reached the fountain, he looked at the waters and then he took a deep breath and dived in...

        Blackall General Hospital, Shamrock St.;
        Domed City of Blackall, QLD, Australia; 2047

        The Blackall Hospital was an 18-bed facility providing emergency, inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy and X-ray services and was supported by visiting allied, primary health, mental health and specialist clinics. General Practitioner services were delivered through the Black Stump Medical Centre. What woke Lari Kingston was a nurse speaking to a doctor in the room and the topic was about the gold laced leather bracelet that was around the boy's wrist that could not be removed. How the bracelet delivered some sort of defibrillator shock to anyone trying to handle it. When scissors were attempted to remove the bracelet, a bright light occurred and an audible blast that threw the scissors into a wall and knocked the attending nurse back away from the patient.

        Lari opened his eyes and he lifted his left arm so he could look at the leather bracer that the medical staff was talking about. "Oh, I see she did give me the gift."

        The head doctor walked over bedside to look at the young man up close now that he was awake. "Do yas remember yer name, young man?"

        "Yes Doc, Ah am Lari Kingston Knight of 405 South Daisy Street locally. Is the Demon attack over? Ah know they attacked my parents and Ah fell into the river behind the property when trying to avoid the demons. Ah vaguely remember a kangaroo pulling me out of the river and standing guard over me until Ah passed out."

        The doctor replied, "A sad evening that was, young man. It was that attack that promoted the Dreamtime Forces into erecting city domes over Outback communities for our own protection. We even 'ave Dreamtime Warrior patrol officers and Kangaroo Couriers whom check up on us from time to time. Daisy Street doesn't exist inside the city anymore. The demons scoured the zone clean. Yas were lucky to be able to escape from them. As for the kangaroo that guarded yas, 'e was a Dreamtime Warrior patrol officer. 'e thought yas were a really cute bloke."

        Lari asked, "When will Ah be able to leave the 'ospital, Doc?"

        The head doctor replied, "Likely in a few days. The Dreamtime Warrior that guarded yas 'as requested to be yer 'ome guardian since yas don't 'ave a 'ome nor parents anymore. 'is name is Shieldpaw. 'owever, we want to ask yas about yer bracer. We know that it is special. Where did yas get this thing?"

        Lari smiled. "During a Dream walk, Ah saved Mathilda from evil Dreamtime Spiders and she gave me this bracer as a reward. She said it would protect me."

        The Doctor grinned as he pointed to one wall where the scissors were still stuck in the wall. "Ah would say the bracer works, mate."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Living With Shieldpaw.

          When he was able to leave the hospital, Lari had Shieldpaw contact the Zavierio Construction Corp and had the home extended up into a tower in which the clubhouse would be at the top of the tower with team member personal quarters located just below the clubhouse headquarters. And the very top would be a docking platform for the Mobians when they came for a visit. The new tower was located in the epicenter of the domed city of Blackall. The ground base was the headquarters for the local branch of the Dreamtime Warriors.

          Shieldpaw had something extra to say about Lari's leather bracer. And it was this: "The doc doesn't know this, Lari, but yer bracer is an Imperial Council Bracer. Normally yas can only get one from Overseer Mathilda 'erself. Like the Field Marshals Bracers, they can only be removed by either yas or Mathilda 'erself. No one can steal it once it 'as been given to someone. These Imperial Council Bracers do 'ave other powers but again, only if Mathilda grants yas these powers. We are going to get yas enrolled at Blackall State School come Monday. Ah know yas will likely be a great swimmer as well as an excellent Rugby player."

          Lari commented, "Mathilda promised me that Ah could be a Power Ranger someday. So that's what Ah am looking forward to. And thanks for taking me in, Shieldpaw; yer so cozy at night."

          Shieldpaw grinned as he hugged Lari fondly. "Ah am not sorry Ah became yer guardian, Lari. Ah need to 'ead out on my patrol for a while. Weren't yas wanting to send Tails an email? Yas better go do that before yas forget. Yas can watch some TV up there while yer at it. Ah'll be back by sun down, mate." And he released Lari before hopping out of the building.

          Lari smiled as he stood on the elevator platform and pressed the up button for the clubhouse level. The elevator platform then began moving up the center of the tower at a rapid rate until it came to a stop at the top floor of the tower. Lari stepped out into the clubhouse which was very nicely furnished in a way similar to both Freedom Force and Aussie Thunder. He grabbed the remote and activated the wide screen across the room before he went over to the mainframe computer station where upon he began writing up the email to Tails. It was while he was doing this, that a news report came on the TV screen. "A massive Machine Empire Star Ship appeared in the skies over the Gold Coast. The Residents of Brisbane have been placed on high alert as they await to see what this new threat may bring. And in other news..." Lari remarked, "Old Eggman just couldn't take a break, could 'e?" He added the news report to the email to Tails along with the directions for finding his new base in the Domed City of Blackall.

          Lari had just barely hit the send button when he heard a female voice almost directly behind him. "The time has come, Lari. The Machine Empire are not just poised there to look pretty. Raise yer bracer over yer chest and bring yer right fist over the bracer while saying the word Execute!, then form the letter 'A' with yer body and with yer arms pointed downward to yer sides as you say the words, Ranger Evolution! The morphing sequence will then overtake yer body and in the end, say the words, Outback Adventure! Red Kangaroo Ranger! To return to normal, say Power Down! In order to initiate anyone else into yer forming team, just 'ave them place one 'and over yer leather bracer as yas say the words, Outback Adventure Execute! This will grant yer new team member a leather Imperial Council bracer of their own. To summon yer Zord, say, Outback Adventure Zords! Online! Yas 'ave to be suited up to make this 'appen. In order to use yer Battlizer, yas touch yer bracer to yer chest and say the words, Imperial Council In Session! Yas will then become the Imperial Adventure Ranger. Yer weapons of imperial choice are the Adventure Swallow bladed staff, the Outback Blaster pistol, and the Imperial Boomerangs. Shieldpaw will be informed of yer promotion so 'e isn't surprised later. In times of need, every member of yer team will be as fast as a Dreamtime Kangaroo Courier. Maybe even faster during Imperial S.W.A.T. Mode. And yas will be able to teleport as any Dreamtime ally can. Ah think this is enough for yer plate for now. Just remember that the descendants of both the original Outback Rescue and the Boomer Force are schooling locally. A certain gamer deserves to become the right to be the new Blue 'edge'og Adventure Ranger. Just do the best you can and Ah will be proud of yas. Yas will be able to utilize upgrades from the Mobian Arsenal should they arrive to share the tech with yas. Ah 'ave informed the Musketeer Order as well as the other Dreamtime Lords and Ladies of yer beginning status. As long as yas do not attack the Dreamtime allies, then yas will 'ave assistance all over the Outback. Ah must go now, 'ero. Do not let the Machine Empire defile the land of Oz. Be the 'ero Ah know yas can be. Until next time..." And the sheila's voice faded away.

          Lari was glad when he could finally move. During Mathilda's explanation, it was as if he was paralyzed to the spot. "Ah won't let yas down, Mathilda. Now let's try this out..."

          Lari brought the bracer up over his chest and he formed a fist with his right hand as he brought his fist over the bracer and shouted, "Execute!" Then he struck his 'A' pose as he shouted, "Ranger Evolution!" His body was then coated in a pale glowing light from his neck down the entirety of his body as his Adventure uniform appeared over his body followed by his smooth and natural ranger armor, leather gloves and leather boots. And then a falling sensation occurred as he landed on a circular stage while in the background, Dreamtime Runes forming the words 'Imperial Kangaroo' floated around him before colliding with his head to form his Red Kangaroo Helm with a clear impenetrable visor over his eyes. An Overlay on the visor permitted him to see and/or send instructions to fellow team members and allies back at base. Then he found himself standing where he had been before the activation as he made a few martial arts moves before shouting, "Outback Adventure! Red Kangaroo Ranger!"

          Rapid close-ups then occurred showing off his new ranger outfit including his kangaroo shaped helmet before slowly pulling back to reveal his complete ensemble!

          Lari grinned. "A real Red Ranger at last! Ah better let the authorities know that Ah am going to be on call during this emergency! Next stop; the Canberra capital building!" And he teleported using his new Dreamtime Teleportation powers. It was far more awesome than the old Dreamtime Teleportation powers he had back in 2011-2013; when he reappeared, he was standing next to an armed guard at the capital building. The Minister of Defense was giving a press conference as Lari appeared. "Sir! My team and Ah will be on standby if we are needed against the Machine Empire! We are called Outback Adventure! And now, Ah will give yas a contact card for sending the Dreamtime Warriors word should yas need us!" Lari then handed the contact information card over to the Minister of Defense. "Ah need to return to my team now! We will be awaiting yer call, sir!" As he finished speaking, several photographers took his picture as he shook hands with the Defense Minister. And then Lari teleported back to his clubhouse headquarters.

          "Power Down!" And he was then back in his every day clothes. Lari smiled. "That felt completely natural and awesome! As the Mobians might say... Way Past Cool!"

          Lari smiled as he looked out a window downward toward the ground and streets blow. "Ah cannot wait to meet the others in town! Mathilda said that a certain gamer deserves the Blue Hedgehog! Where would a gamer 'ang out in Blackall? Ah know they 'ad to rebuild the city after the last demon attack. Time to see if Shieldpaw 'as a map of the city in the computer system. And Lari went over to the mainframe where he booted up city records and maps to look over the new layout.

          He soon saw where the city arcade was located. "It is almost at the same locale as the old one. I have to wonder if the gamer will be Timmy's descendant or Vlad's descendant."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: An Unlikely Teen Spot.

            Lari headed down to the base level and then he grabbed his blue and gold jacket and headed down the street to the arcade. When he got there, he saw an unlikely sign on the window. "The Boomers 'ole? Ah 'ave to wonder if they know what the original place was like. Now whom is running this place...?" He looked for the proprietor name and smiled when he saw the Aussie Thunder name of Jansen Boomersoul in small print. "Good old Jansen. It will be a kick to see 'im again. The son of the original 'einie Kicker!"

            Entering the establishment, he saw teenagers all over the place but the one he wanted to see was the boss dingo himself. Approaching a young man wearing a purple Letterman Jacket with the Aussie Thunder logo on the back, Lari said, "Is yer mom like water pouring through yer fingers, mate?"

            When the young man turned around, Lari saw that he looked like Jansen except he had an eye-patch over one eye and he had a scar down his left cheek. "Jansen Boomersoul?"

            The young man nodded his head. "Are yas wanting some quarters, mate? Ah'll tend to yer need at the register in a bit."

            Lari said, "What 'appened to yer pretty face, Jansen? Surely Eddie and Lord Tailblaze wouldn't 'ave let yes get this beat up."

            The young man then shouted, "Dad? Someone thinks Ah am yas again!"

            Emerging from the back room looking as young as the last time Lari saw him was Jansen Boomersoul. "'ey! Kingston! Yas look like someone dipped yas in the fountain of youth! Come on into the back room and we will shoot the breeze. Ah see yas met my adopted son, Jansy Eric Boomersoul the second. Yas get back to work, Jansy; Ah'll give this guy a noogie." And he led Lari into the back room and closed the door. "Okay... give... 'ow did yas get so young? And why do yas 'ave an older twin at Nightlaw's castle tower down at King Island?"

            Lari sighed since Jansen had seen the copy, so Lari told Jansen the truth. "And thus, Lady Mathilda sent me back to my own time period and restored my youth during the water gate time trip. Ah spent a few days at the 'ospital and then Shieldpaw adopted me to become my legal guardian since my parents locally were slain by the demons. And now with the Machine Empire just off of the Gold Coast, Mathilda 'as granted me the ability to become the newest Power Ranger 'ere in my own time period. Ah'll be putting a new team together sometime soon. What 'appened with Aussie Thunder? Yas guys 'ad a star ship last Ah recall."

            Jansen replied, "Geoffrey and Eddie still own the ship. It is parked near the entrance to Lord Tailblaze's realm. We rarely ever use it any more. We still 'ave our morphers, but we are more the back-up team for existing rangers that need back-up. So if yas get yer team established, Ah can let Eddie know about the new team and then yas would have some loners as back-up during some of yer upcoming battles. Ah am still the Amethyst Dingo Ranger; Eddie is still the most powerful Grey Were-Kangaroo in the Universe; and Geoffrey works part time as a flying courier for Dragon Dome City. 'e is still the Red Albatross Ranger. So what kind of people are yas going to need for yer team? Ah know the local teens and Ah can keep an eye open for yas."

            Lari smiled as he hugged Jansen. "Ah am glad yer team still exists. My team is to be called Outback Adventure... Ah need a Blue Sonic Fan to become the new Blue 'edge'og Ranger and Ah'll need someone to be the Golden voice of reason on the team. Ah get to be the Red Kangaroo Ranger, so at first, it will be Red, Blue, and Gold. Later, we might expand into Green, Pink, Black, and maybe White and possibly Amethyst or Violet, since yas made it work so well. Ah want to keep an open mind when Ah make my team. Also, all team members get their goods up front. None of this getting jealous shite and throwing tantrums for my team. We are to be Imperial Adventure Rangers."

            Jansen grinned. "Yas didn't mention the LHG. Are yas going to 'ave one or are yas playing it safe?"

            Lari grinned back. "Ah wouldn't mind 'aving someone related to Elysia Le Fauve on the team. Ah mean, she kicked tail in Trappers Run back in the day."

            Jansen then made a profound statement. "Most LHGs are wild and crazy in their youths and when they themselves get to be adults, they adamantly restrict their children from ever being like they, themselves, were. Case in point: Bindi Fury was the Outback's most angsty and wild local 'ometown girl... until she had a daughter of 'er own. Teri Fury, our Pink Firebird Ranger, couldn't even pass wind in the wrong manner nor make a sleazy kinky statement about a boy without 'er mother nearly yanking 'er ear off. Teri was being forced to be as refined as Olivia Banks and a parent expects a child not to rebel with that going on? Not likely. One 'as to wonder if Bindi's parents enforced that upon 'er when she was that age; according to Bindi 'erself, they didn't. They supposedly supported everything she did when she went after poachers. Now 'ere is Teri... Does she get support? Not in the slightest."

            He then looked Lari in the eye. "Elysia Le Fauve is still single; the sheila still uses birth control to this day. Oh she's 'ung out with a few male species 'ere and there. But she is self restricting when it comes to wild sex. The only time she ever consented to sex was when she was off trying to locate Duncan whom was still missing at the time. She ended up permitting a few Dark Kangaroos in Deeptime to play with 'er. And although she claims she never got pregnant from it, there are a few dark boomers whom claim that she did give birth to a few joeys. The number one were-croc whom really wanted down 'er pants was none other than Radimus 'ansen, the Trigram Honor Croc Templar of Devvy's team. Cosmo 'ooper, the were-rabbit of Europe, really liked Elysia but 'e respected 'er adamant statement of No funny stuff while in bed with me warning. 'e was the one whom 'elped 'er to prepare for the Trappers Run tournament. 'e always claimed that 'e would return to Europe once a year to find companionship, but she was the one the bloke really loved."

            Lari sighed. "So unless we can find one of 'er supposed children that she never birthed, then no Le Fauve sheila in my team. Some roos act worse than LHGs even at the best of times. Ah could petition Lady Mathilda in regards to Elysia's supposed statement about never 'aving children. But now yas know why Ah didn't mention an LHG for my team. There is only one whom is reasonable and refined enough to make it worthwhile and she is still single, says she. An LHG whom won't take orders 'as no place on a Ranger team, Jansen old buddy."

            Jansen hugged Lari as he said, "Surely yas weren't 'oping to convince a few locals to be rangers on the first day, were yas? Yas are gonna 'ave to show them that yer a fun bloke to want to work with. And the best way to do that is to join the School Rugby team and prove that yas are a team player that can be relied on. School starts on Tuesday; Monday is the enrollment day; my adopted son Jansy will be enrolled there, but please... Ah don't want 'im to be a ranger. Ah told him about the 'ardships that my team and Ah 'ave gone through. But when 'e asked me about the Kamen Rider, Ah consented to that. 'e is a tough young man whom would of ended up dead 'ad Ah not adopted 'im. 'e 'ated 'is old name; Woody Pickerwood. Yas can see why that is bad."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: School Enrollment.

              Come Monday, Shieldpaw escorted a cleaned up and uniformed Lari Kingston Knight to the State School of Blackall. His school uniform was blue with gold trim. The sheilas wore gold with blue trim. Blue and Gold were the school colors obviously. There were four required classes and two breaks during the day. The first break was for lunch which lasted one hour. The second break was just before the final class of the day. It was a sports break covering Health and Physical Education. The school sessions were Tuesday through Friday. That gave the students a three day weekend. Thus two classes in the morning, then lunch, followed by another class, the the HPE break, and finally the last class of the day. Enrollment was being conducted on Monday to save time during the usual schedule. After Lari got his classes in order and he met with the teachers, he said goodbye to Shieldpaw and proceeded to go talk to the Rugby League Coach.

              The Coach asked, "Name?"

              "Lari Kingston Knight; Ah am Shieldpaw's adopted joey after Ah lost my parents to the demon attack, sir. My father was once a school teacher locally."

              The Coach then said, "Ah see. Ah knew yas looked familiar. Yas were an up and coming sports player in the primary school. So yer 'ere to sign up for State Rugby?"

              Lari looked the coach in the eye as he quietly said, "Ah was recently chosen to be the newest Power Ranger, sir. Jansen Boomersoul said that Ah would 'ave to prove that Ah was not only fun to be around but to also show that Ah could be a team player in order to convince others to join my new Mathilda approved ranger team."

              The Coach smirked as he let his human illusion drop for a moment to show Lari that he was speaking to a Dreamtime Kangaroo citizen; then the illusion was in place again. "'opefully there are no emergencies during a school day, mate, or else yer educational life won't be all that much fun. Ah know Shieldpaw and 'e is a fair patrol boomer. Ah think the best way to make use of yas during the school year would be for yas to be an assistant coach for the team. That way, yas could disappear at a moment's notice when the bad guys were up to something during a time when yas were supposed to be in classes. Ah'll 'ave a talk with the school board to get yas this special dispensation. Of course, those on yer team will also need to be added to the list so they don't fail in their classes. Do yas 'ave any team members as yet or are yas still roo-cruiting?"

              Lari wasn't going to get depressed this soon. He had made promises to be a hero and getting depressed had no place on a serious ranger team. "No members yet. Ah looked for potential team members on Saturday, but Ah came up dry. Ah am supposed to be on the lookout for a male Sonic the 'edge'og fan to make the ranger offer to. But Ah 'aven't seen any students with a 'and'eld game at all. It is like looking for a needle in a 'ay stack."

              The Coach then said, "One further word in regards to yer council bracer. When yas don't need it to be openly seen, mentally think the words Execute Off to make it seemingly disappear; and the words Execute On to make it reappear. That way bullies in school are not trying to yank yer arm off when they see yas wearing a sissy leather bracer with shiny borders. Back in the day, the Boomer Force could 'ave gained this benefit, but no one on their team thought to ask about it. As for the Sonic Fan... did yas think to check the library? To avoid bullies and jocks, gamer geeks like to 'it the city library since it is more private there."

              Lari face-palmed himself when the coach revealed where the geeky gamers like to hide. He should have thought of that himself; but he really thought that teenagers would hit the arcade. Jansen would 'ave protected a geeky gamer since they 'ad one on their team. "Ah wasn't thinking, it seems. Maybe Ah can get lucky in the days to come. Ah need to get these team members chosen. Ah already told the Defense Minster in Canberra that my team would be on call if the Machine Empire tried something. Ah don't want to be made out a liar just because Ah couldn't get a team put together. Ah need a Sonic fan and a voice of reason, preferably female. Since Ah am red, the Sonic fan will be blue and the reasonable one will be gold. As for other team members, Ah don't want to deal with jealousy nor temper tantrums. We are going to 'ave to learn to work together. All gear is acquired up front."

              The Coach smiled. "Ah may know of a few people to send yer way; no promises, but Ah can talk to them on yer be'alf. Of course, if the locals got to see yas suited up and winning against an enemy, that would motivate many to want to be on yer team. Also, secret identities are overrated. Just be yerself. Yas were always popular in primary school. If Shieldpaw 'adn't nabbed yas, Ah wouldn't 'ave minded nailing yas in my bed at 'ome." He winked as he laughed at the end.

              Some Dreamtime Roos just cannot get their minds out of the Wash Mud.

              At that moment, The coach point one finger off toward the center of the city. "Lari? Is that a star ship arriving near the tower yas live in?"

              When Lari glanced up toward the top of the city protection dome, he saw the Mobian Typhoon coming in for docking. "Ah gotta get going, Coach. That ship belongs to the Mobians. Ah guess they got my email Ah sent the other day." He handed the Coach on of their contact cards and then he said, "Ah got to get over there! See yas tomorrow!" And he activated his teleportation power and vanished from the rugby field... arriving in the clubhouse where he went up to the ship docking station.

              When he reached the landing dock, he noted that the Typhoon was not trying to dock; instead they had opened the hatch and three Hedgehog like Mobians, one loaded up with supplies, were preparing to make the jump from the cargo hold to the docking platform. Lari smiled when he saw that they were Amy Rose (Pink), Eclipse (Black), and Sega Lonewolf (Gold). "Are you sure you have that spell learned enough to levitate us over to the docking platform?" inquired the gold hedgehog. "I do not want to fall all the way down to the ground at the base of the city." Eclipse nodded his head. "If I mess this up, Amy Rose will clobber me again. Besides, mom is piloting the Typhoon. I can get us over there." Amy Rose then said, "I cannot wait to see Kingston's new hero base. It is really something to have a tower in the center of Blackall like this." Eclipse then said, "Here we go, guys." And the spell was cast as the three encumbered Mobian hedgehogs floated in a straight line from the open hatch directly over to the docking platform where the spell was deactivated. Amy Rose activated her Mobian Ranger comm unit and said, "We made it, Tails. Get the Typhoon back into orbit so the stupid Machine Empire doesn't get any funny ideas." And the Typhoon closed its hatch as it lifted off to return to orbit above the planet.

              At that point, Eclipse went over to Lari and hugged him tightly. "I am so glad to get to see you again, Kingston." He then kissed the human boy on the mouth. Lari waited for the kiss to end before saying, "Ah call myself Lari in this time period since Ah am the only real one on the mainland. My copy is still with Nightlaw on King Island."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Return of the Mobians.

                The Gold Hedgehog shook Lari's hand and said, "Since we Mobians don't want to take over your clubhouse with our excessive families, we are going to install a dimensional gate between your clubhouse and the Typhoon. Within your base it will look like a simple ship's door but opening it will be a direct shortcut to the Mobians whenever you need us. After I set this up, I will need to return to my husband on Parousia. We have our own ranger team there. Sony is still with Aussie Thunder, I think. And Knuckles is checking on Michael and the others in Japan. Just direct me to a good spot to place this shortcut and we can get this arranged."

                Lari smiled as he shook the hand and gave Sega a muzzle kiss. "It is good to see yas again, Sega. Ah know Parousian North is lucky to 'ave yas. I'll be glad to show yas where the team workshop is located. There should be space in there for a shortcut door." And he led the Mobians back inside the clubhouse tower.

                Amy Rose stopped off at the clubhouse level where she turned on the wide screen TV to see what reports were occurring on the continent. Sega and Eclipse went down to the workshop level with Lari. Sega was smiling when he saw that one wall was ideal for the shortcut gate to be built. "Leave this to me. Eclipse wants to talk to you about something important, Lari. I'll be awhile with this." And he unpacked his gear and got to work.

                Lari then took Eclipse to the clubhouse kitchen which was on its own floor of the tower. "All alone, sexy. What's on yer mind?"

                Eclipse turned to Lari and held both of his hands in his as he looked the human boy in the eyes. "May I please join your new ranger team? Tails and Shadow both said I had to ask you about it and they said to be prepared for a rejection if you had other plans. Ever since I got to meet you back in 2013, I have been waiting for the day when I could ask you about joining your team. I'll gladly take any color that is available except Blue. Shadow's input on that decision. He still doesn't like Sonic."

                Lari smiled as he said, "Blue and Gold are reserved already. So we might be able to get yas signed up without any 'assles. If yas join, then yas agree to live 'ere at base; are yas okay with that? Yas can still visit with yer folks when yas need to."

                Eclipse saluted Lari and said, "Tell me how to join and I will do it."

                Lari helped to remove Eclipse's left glove from his left hand. "Place yer bare 'and on my leather bracer, mate." And when Eclipse had done this, Lari then spoke the words. "Outback Adventure Execute!" Instantly, a leather Imperial Council bracer appeared on the hedgehog's arm and then Lari assisted in putting the hedgehog's glove back on his left hand.

                Lari hugged Eclipse and said, "Do yas think yas take more after Tails or Shadow?"

                Eclipse grinned as he replied, "Despite being a black Hedgehog, I can change into a black two-tailed fox like mom. So I would have to say Tails. I respect my father, but he can be abrasive sometimes. He once tried to convince Knuckles to help you to kill yourself. And Knuckles refused."

                Lari then asked, "Aside from Red, Blue, and Gold, what color suits yer fancy?"

                Eclipse grinned again. "I like Bronze a lot. May I have that ranger color?"

                Lari replied, "Of course. Officially, yas will be the Bronze Fox Ranger. When yas morph, yas will automatically change species from 'edge'og to Fox as yas told me that yas could. Follow my lead exactly..."

                Lari brought the bracer up over his chest and he formed a fist with his right hand as he brought his fist over the bracer and shouted, "Execute!" Then he struck his 'A' pose as he shouted, "Ranger Evolution!" His body was then coated in a pale glowing light from his neck down the entirety of his body as his Adventure uniform appeared over him followed by his smooth and natural ranger armor, leather gloves and leather boots. And then a falling sensation occurred as he landed on a circular stage while in the background, Dreamtime Runes forming the words 'Imperial Kangaroo' floated around him before colliding with his head to form his Red Kangaroo Helm with a clear impenetrable visor over his eyes. An Overlay on the visor permitted him to see and/or send instructions to fellow team members and allies back at base. Then he found himself standing where he had been before the activation as he made a few martial arts moves before shouting, "Outback Adventure! Red Kangaroo Ranger!"

                Eclipse brought the bracer up over his chest and he formed a fist with his right hand as he brought his fist over the bracer and shouted, "Execute!" Then he struck his 'A' pose as he shouted, "Ranger Evolution!" His body then transformed from black hedgehog into black two-tailed fox as a pale glowing light from his neck down the entirety of his body as his Adventure uniform appeared over him followed by his smooth and natural ranger armor (with a place in the back for his tails,) leather gloves and leather boots. And then a falling sensation occurred as he landed on a circular stage while in the background, Dreamtime Runes forming the words 'Imperial Fox' floated around him before colliding with his head to form his Bronze Fox Helm with a clear impenetrable visor over his eyes. An Overlay on the visor permitted him to see and/or send instructions to fellow team members and allies back at base. Then he found himself standing where he had been before the activation as he made a few martial arts moves before shouting, "Outback Adventure! Bronze Fox Ranger!"

                Rapid close-ups then occurred showing off his new ranger outfit including his fox shaped helmet and two tails before slowly pulling back to reveal his complete ensemble!

                Eclipse excitedly said, "I feel like I drank a lot of Caffeine! This is awesome!"

                Lari smiled. "Yas are now faster than Sonic and Shadow both. Imperial Courier Speed as well as Dreamtime Teleportation. Even when powered down. Time to return to normal, mate."

                The two rangers then said, "Power Down!" as they returned to normal. Eclipse was back in his Black Hedgehog identity as he sped around the room one time before stopping. "Amazing. I have the speed even in my hedgehog form. Thank you ever so much for letting me join your team. I promise to do my best."

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Zero-Zero-PE.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Blue Speed and Gold Reason.