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[2047] KA47-01 The Next Generation

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    [2047] KA47-01 The Next Generation

    Kangaroo Academy (2047)

    Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw began the first Kangaroo Academy; Later they were succeeded by Pouchsong and Parcelpouch; And now in 2047, a new chapter begins as the Kangaroo Academy is reinvented again by two new overseers.

    Welcome to Kangaroo Academy 2047!
    [2047] KA47-01 The Next Generation
    Co-Written By Lord Pouchlaw and Devvy-boy
    February 18th, 2020

    Cast of Characters:

    Were-Kangaroo Lord Outlaw
    Courier Roo Lord Loyaldash



    Chapter One - Origins Must Begin Somewhere.

    When the absolute Holy Pouch of Hollow Earth calls upon you, you don't come up with excuses on why you cannot go, you simply go or in the most extreme cases -- you are flat summoned. You get no choice in the matter. This was the case in 2032 when Outback Legend and General Lawtail were simply yanked out of normal time and dropped on their butts in front of the original Holy Pouch. "Ah apologize for that rude arrival landing, my friends, but a new age is coming and we need to procreate a new Academy Lord to take charge in that new time. We cannot rely on Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw to father the next generation; their time is nearly at an end. They may advise the new generations, but they must not run it. Likewise, Pouchsong and Parcelpouch do not care for each other and thus, they are also exempt from this calling. That is why yas both are 'ere. Yas were both former 'umans and the 'onor now resides in the two of yas."

    Outback Legend then said, "Begging yer pardon, yer ladyship... but my pre'ensile 'as been sterile since my conversion centuries ago. If my status were restored, then my true love, Fern East, would not be too 'appy with whomever restored me. Neither she nor Ah 'ave the ability to make children anymore. And Ah don't want to recover that ability."

    Lawtail made a grimace as he seemed to figure out what the Holy Pouch was getting at. "Outback, old buddy... Yer not the only one whom got summoned. We're both boomers. Ah still 'ave my ability to procreate. And there is nothing wrong with yer tail 'ole. Do yas get what the 'oly Pouch is getting at? Yer to be a mommy while Ah get to be the father." Outback Legend then got loud, "OH BLEEP NO! Fern will kill me if Ah fool around with anyone else! Ah refuse to do this!"

    The Holy Pouch then snapped a paw finger as Outback Legend found himself stretched out in mid-air with his tail conveniently out of the way and then Lawtail was levitated over into position and the insertion occurred. Outback Legend's eyes were pleading as he said with tears... "Resist, Lawtail; don't squirt into me; Ah beg of yas; Don't do it."

    The Holy Pouch then snapped her paw-fingers a second time and Lawtail felt himself unload a stream of rich life-giving Were-Boomer fluids into Outback Legend's tail hole. Lawtail sobbed, "She made me do it, Outback; Ah'll fess up to Fern so yas don't get punished alone."

    Outback Legend then felt himself bloat on what felt like a single joey shape. Not the many in which randy Dreamtime kangaroos might have created during their normal ruts. But then in what seemed like slow motion, gestation advanced rapidly until an unique looking Joey emerged from Outback Legend's womb and was then cleansed by the Holy light of the She-Spirit of Hollow Earth. The Were-Kangaroo joey was then levitated away from Outback Legend and Lawtail. "And now, without remembering that yas two assisted with this prophecy, Ah return yas both back to Dreamtrail Australia oblivious to what future that yas 'ave both 'elped to bring into the worlds." And the two vanished away from the Holy Pouch. Outback Legend appeared in his bath tub at Fern East's home while Lawtail reappeared back with the Ranger team that he was sponsoring.

    The joey whom was temporarily named 'Backtail' was raised in absolute secrecy being educated in the most elite knowledge that an Academy Lord would want or need to know about. When the joey's adulthood rites at the Boomer Trials occurred, the name 'Backtail' was retired and he claimed the name Outlaw. Thus, Academy Lord Outlaw became initiated as the Were-Kangaroo power in charge of the newest Kangaroo Academy under the Holy Pouch's direct blessing.

    As for the newest Courier Lord partner of Lord Outlaw... this is his origin...

    In the ancient tales of Dreamtime, there were tales of a huge dragoness told to be the maker of all land, water, and animals. More specifically she was the the progenitor for the creation of the kangaroo species. Eingana was long since forgotten and her existence believed to be apocryphal. But for the first time in many generations, it was her time to emerge from the veil. A portal emerged in the region closest to Uluru in one of the most quiet of nights, and breaking its ancient event horizon emerged a very large dragon with the physical features of a Kangaroo flyer (sans pouch) stepped foot in the 1984 AD in the Earthian plane. The giant dragoness' august form was encased with her own powers as her size reduced and her species altered to a Dreamtime Flyer shape and clothing appropriate to that era formed over her naked form, along with a hooded cloak with a draconic clasp.

    She made an artifact appear in the grasp of her off-hand, and after muttering an ancient and most arcane of incantation, a magical wisp shown her a direction to go. She looked toward the region that was west-by-northwest of her. She was compelled to journey towards a land far from what was then called Ayers Rock by the non-natives. What the world known to others was made into a province known as Queensland.

    In a hole in the wall bar outside of Devonshire known as the Boomer's Hole, a man with unusual hair and a strict warrior code was celebrating with friends and allies of various species. He had a good youthful smile and a code of ethics that would set him up for a life he was forced into settling. Vlad Lonewolf III was being careful with how he was drinking his bottle of Foster's. For the next night he was getting bonded to the sister of his best friend.

    Valon was the arranger of the Buck Party for his American friend. However, he refrained from drinking since he learned to greatly regret the last time he saw the elephants and losing a wager over a game of Dodge the Croc. And to top off his humiliation, he had to ask a really large favor from another contact after proving to be way in over his head. "Yas know, mate. She is not too fond of the Dreamtimers or the DHCN. Are yas sure yas know what yas are getting yerself into?"

    Eingana hopped into the bar to be less noticed. She could feel with her astral grasp the sinew that links her to the lives of all the Dreamtimers present were near. During her mission, she reminded herself that she must never let go of all of them, otherwise lives will be lost unnecessarily. And she loves all that are birthed from her. One of them was linked to the Egypt-loving Professor. And she could smell the interaction with a Were-Crocodile Lord on him, even though it has been a couple months.

    "Oh look, the entertainment 'as arrived," said one of the Demon Hunters downing a pint of Fosters.

    The non-humans looked a little confused by the aura of her presence. Eingana just simply batted her eyes at all of the participants in a similar manner to a familiar Dreamtime Flyer. All the human and Dreamtimer participants in the Buck Party - heck, even the moon-touched - couldn't resist the effect and suddenly froze up and behaved themselves. Suddenly the surroundings were blanketed in a dark mist and everything froze in statue form.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two - The New Courier Lord.

    Everyone, except Vlad Lonewolf III.

    "What the... what's happening?" He said. Looking towards everyone. Even the Bartender Roe was frozen in mid-laugh! Vlad went to check on them, and felt the cheek of his frozen Egyptology-learning friend. "Valon... what demonic trickery is this?!"

    "That one was claimed by a moon-touched crocodile power and beds 'imself with fellow males. The incompatibility is well known." said the cloaked flyer, her eyes glittering as if she was casting a spell on the ginger. "A lesser reptile may 'ave bred 'im in recent seasons, but 'e is not the one Ah am after. And this is not a foul play from those of the abyss, chosen one." She then placed a paw on the cheek of the American Demon Hunter. "Yer bloodline traversed across several seas and derives an ancient power that altered yer species ever so slightly. A Dragonborn 'uman through blind ambition of Dragons of a differing plane. A good majority of your clan beds fellow males with an exception of procreation, but yas... yas seem to like both genders equally, like my kangaroo children. Yas are desirable. That is why yas and yas alone are brought into this pocket world. To be the next progenitor."

    Vlad found himself dead to rights, his arousal getting strong, and his magically-controlled eyes devoted to this female. Her goddess abilities allowed her to see the sinew connected to Vlad III's life force, though the one that controlled his sinew was not she. Another godly mother has her own grasp on it, Eingana deduced. She closed her eyes for a moment and felt his life story, seeing his past, present and the time to come, and how it reverberated with one of the life sinew her astral grasp held. "I can see yer 'eart, 'onored one. Yas are devoting yerself to a female with an undesirable demeanor, though yas are more interested in 'er brother despite the prejudice of 'umanity forbidding yas to express yer love for 'im openly. Yas fashion yerself a warrior, and live by a code. Yes. Yas are the one that will 'elp me create a new breed of kangaroo that will gain agility naturally, unlike the experiments of the current breed to gain the powers through chemicals and mating. Yer strong code of honor and ways will make good stock for a new breed, indeed."

    She then magicked off the human's clothes and helped him into a compromising position, as she altered her form to the most desirable human female. "Don't worry about being disloyal to the man you show love to, and the woman yas plan to bind yerself to. To yas, it will only be a dream, and yas will only remember it ambiguously.

    Letting the human lead as if he was a Draconic bull out to stud, Eingana accepted his manhood within her nethers and let him breed her thoroughly and . She could tell that with humans, they couldn't control their virility, so she knew that the seed will bear her a child. A son, most likely. Once her womb was sufficiently filled with the life-giving seed, she cleared away the evidence of disloyalty on Vlad's part and sent him back to the Buck Party, where only a half of a second has passed. She shifted into the desired form she wanted her child to be and accelerated her gestation, giving birth to a joey. Before returning to her hidden lair deep within the recesses of Dreamtimes old and new, the offspring with an order of Kangaroos living in seclusion, giving him the initial name of Justpaw.

    Justpaw proved himself different than the other joeys, and learned different codes of honor through teachings of many philosophers of different species, curiously embracing the philosophies of Morihei Ueshiba and Sun Tzu more than the others. Once he was gifted his natural speed when his adulthood rights were earned in the Boomer Trials, he rid himself of his joey name and earned the name Loyaldash. His speed baffled even the most knowledgeable of Lords and Ladies, as even the first Courier Roo to gain speed, Lord Parcelpaw, struggled hard to control his newfound speed. Given special dispensation, Loyaldash was initiated as a Kangaroo in the Courier Roo Order, and made history as the first Roo to have the Courier speed without the induction serum.

    His ascension to lordship is close at paw.

    At the newest Ultra Shared Dreamtime realm, Were-Kangaroo Lord Outlaw was meeting with a Were-Bear construction team as the plans for the new Kangaroo Academy was laid out for the builders. The plans had been initially acquired from Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw, although Outlaw decided early on that the academy blueprint was way too small and would have to be expanded to provide for in academy training. The newest academy had access gates leading to every continent, although these gates were guarded by Elite Veil Guardians. The new academy would be open to more species whom were interested in attending the academy. The old academies only served kangaroos, wallabies, crocodiles, dingoes, koalas, riflebirds, and donkeys of Australia. The new student clientele would come from every continent on the Earth. And after the builders had their orders, the next step was to hire the heroic champions of each species as instructors at the new academy. The instructors would all be Dreamtime Champions of their species world-wide.

    Outlaw was glad to have the Mobians volunteering their assistance to this project, since one of the Dreamtime gates provided easy access to Mobian Australia. Thus he wouldn't have to lose any Mobian instructors when the planet drifted out of its elliptical alignment.

    Once the instructors were hired from every world-wide Dreamtime, the next step was to advertise to the lords and ladies of every Dreamtime or Spirit Land realm around the world. Of course, if need be, they would even educate humans should the newer generations of Power Rangers want the education to improve their combat skills.

    The next step was to locate the new Courier Roo Lord of the new generation. Outlaw sent a request to the Courier Roo Order.

    The Courier Roo Order's representative Quicksilver II (son of the first Quicksilver), arrived in orderly fashion to answer the request of Outlaw. Unlike his father, his head fur wasn't long enough to cover his eyes. "Lord Outlaw, as a representative of the Courier Roo Order, Ah bring yas an answer to the request for a Courier Roo Lord. Lady Parcelpouch, our only available Courier Master General decided to decline your request. Therefore we are currently seeking candidates to fill the role for yer new Academy, as it was deemed in the new Dreamtime bylaws; for every Academy, there should be a Courier Lord to oversee the Academy with the Academy Lord. Ah bring to yas a list of candidates in the current selection process, and invite yas to interview the finalists." He then pulled out an illustrated scroll, and presented it to Lord Outlaw.

    Outlaw accepted the scroll as he said, "The 'oly Pouch Overseer told me that former Courier Lords and Ladies were exempt from the new age. We would 'ave to acquire a new Lord or Lady for the next generation. Ah 'umbly accept the invitation to review the new finalists. Old 'atreds and old species dislikes were silly to up'old."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three - Choosing a Courier Lord Finalist.

      Arriving at the current Courier Roo Order, Lord Outlaw saluted Lady Parcelpouch briefly before becoming serious once again. "The new international academy requires a new Courier Lord or Lady whom 'as not been a Lord or Lady previously. This is all according to the will of the Absolute 'oly Pouch. Furthermore, other species want to learn the courier art. Whomever is chosen must not be a racist against non-roo species. The new academy is also to be educating Dreamtime Warriors from all Dreamtime Zones, all future Spirit Partners, as well as realm guards from all international regions. We will also be opening the training up to Ranger 'opefuls whom seek to be a future Power Ranger, as well as to world-wide adult agents. A new YRO Lord 'as already answered the call to 'elp educate new YRO students at the new location. The academy is four times larger than the original Kangaroo Academy Prime 'ad been previously. And with the actual Spirit Land representatives assisting in the defense of the new academy, issues that may 'ave plagued the original academy should not occur. There is an entire division of the new Academy dedicated toward learning the courier arts. A few species lord are already there. But as yas stated with the current new laws, we must 'ave a new Kangaroo Courier at the new academy. Although the Absolute Overseer informed me that if none wanted the privilege, then we would 'ave do without. She implied that we would be the new law. Since the old laws were corrupt and created by corrupt overpowers."

      He took a slow breath and released it. "Ah apologize for sounding like a wind bag... but Ah was overseeing the building of the new academy when yer return invite arrived."

      "Yas sound like quite a stuffy Lord. Puts ol' Lawty to shame with 'is usual shtick," yawned Lady Parcelpouch. "Ah do 'ave several key outstanders that are up as options to Courier Lords. She brought out a whistle, and tweeted four distinct tunes. And to those calls, the four on the list zipped in.

      Three courier roos zipped in. Two looked run-of-the-mill, and carried the bubblegum pink satchels, meaning they were established under the Parcelpouch service. Another was an unusual Kangaroo with a somewhat human-like expression on his muzzle and a full head of fiery red head-fur that would be an obvious flag waving 'notice me' (since he never knew his lineage), and someone from older stock; a familiar muzzle known to various Lords (and one sugar-crazed Prince).

      "Front and Center, joeys. State yer names and positions in the Courier ranks."

      The one with the fiery red head fur said, "Loyaldash, Courier Officer, Rank 4." One of the Parcelpouch loyalists had a gentle look on his muzzle, and looked quite youthful and happy even though his twin brother isn't there with him. "Kindpaw, Courier Roo Rank 9."

      A grey kangaroo with a blue headband around his forehead and wearing a glowing collar with dog tags attached. "Ziptail, Courier Colonel, Rank 2." A rare wallaby flyer with dark brown fur and violet eyes whom had a light blue ribbon bow tie around her neck. "Skipstream, Courier Officer, Rank 5."

      Outlaw hummed. "Ah think that one should be the chosen Lord or Lady while the others can assist as Betas in the event that the Chosen Courier presence 'as to bow out for some reason or another. Then the remaining choices can be selected as the runner-up. 'owever, per'aps we can give a chance to all four; one being the prime Lord or Lady and the others being the official go-betweens from the Courier 'ome base and the new Academy which, by the by... is not located within Australia. We 'ave gates connecting to every continent on the planet as well as to other Earth-like worlds throughout the known galaxies. Yas would reserve the right to recall any of your couriers to the 'ome base at any given time. Will this be to yer approval? Ah'd 'ate to overlook real talent." Despite seeming stuffy, his upbringing was far removed from any of the corrupt Dreamtime Roo influences. That meant: no sex before choosing a permanent mate; no practical jokes; no peer pressured recruiting; and no racial hatred regardless if they deserved it or not.

      Lady Parcelpouch closed her eyes. Her style of wearing Bubblegum pink attire that makes her look as if she was a roo-cruited Andrews Sister hasn't changed at all over the years. "It's yer Academy, and Ah'm not allowed to object to yer decisions." She then said. "It'll be wise for me to inform yas that one of them came into our ranks with Courier Speed prior to recruitment. To find out which one, shall we observe a test of their skills?"

      Loyaldash was hoping to keep quiet about his skills. He wasn't the type to boast. Yet though he was different from the other Couriers, he was treated differently. Unlike the others, he was considered more suspect. To have Courier Speed without the injection was unheard of within both Parcelpaw and his daughter's Courier ranks.. Hence why he was considered the lowest ranked of the bunch. They still didn't fully trust him.

      Kindpaw was the not as adversarial as the rest; it was all in his name. He was the kindest one when born to loving parents. "Let the best courier be chosen, eh Loyaldash?" He smiled with a wink. He and his twin brother kept their original names even after their Boomer Trials.

      Loyaldash just thought to quote from the Art of Peace with a humble smile. "Never chase after opponents, Kindpaw."

      Outlaw then remarked with a bit of honesty in regards to his own conception. "Lady Parcelpouch, ma'am. My stuffiness is 'ereditary on both sides of those whom unwillingly participated in the Overseer Pouch's direct orders. Yer friend Lawtail was brought in to be the father and... Outback Legend was brought in to play the role of the mother. Legend, once 'e learned what the plan was, adamantly refused to the Pouch's muzzle to do it. She then used 'er magic to force the two of them together to do the deed. Once the magical gestation was completed and Ah emerged from Outback Legend's womb, the Overseer sent both parents without any memory of the event back to their 'ome realms. And then Ah was raised by the elites within the Overseer's realm. My youth was very strict. The Overseer 'ad very exact conditions she would not tolerate. No sex before choosing a permanent mate; no practical jokes; no peer pressured recruiting; and no racial hatred regardless if they deserved it or not. The first time Ah got to see other normal Were-kangaroos were at the Boomer Trials where they thought Ah was as stuffy as yas just mentioned. But Ah was conceived for a special purpose; so Ah couldn't be like the rest of the corrupt Roos in Dreamtime. And now that all of yas know my story, Ah am ready to evaluate yer skills and interview yas properly. Ah am not a total stick in the mud; not just anyone gets a clean upbringing. Okay, Skipstream, yer up first. Being a flyer among a bunch of pheromone 'eavy boomers means that yas think yas 'ave a lot to prove."

      He then pointed to a tower bell on the other side of the Courier Roo Realm. "Zoom over there, ping that bell, and then return 'ere for the rest of yer interview. This isn't just about speed, but it is also about precision, safety, and 'onesty as well. Onyourmark,getset,go!" And the wallaby was off like a shot. Some minutes later, the bell was heard giving off a small chime as the flyer then returned. Outlaw smiled. "Good job, now catch yer breath and answer my inquiries as 'onestly as possible."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four - Testing and Interview.

        Outlaw then said, "Ah know that bell is guarded. What did the guards say to yas when yas rang the bell?" Skippy then explained how she was questioned briefly about why she had done the action. When she mentioned that Parcelpouch and a visiting lord had commanded the action as a test, they allowed her to leave and resume the interview. She even went so far as to correctly name the officer guards whom were guarding the tower bell. And then the rest of the courier interview commenced. When Outlaw was satisfied, he indicated a rest bench nearby and said, "'ave a seat there, Skippy." And she went over and got comfortable, but ever ready for the call to make a delivery. Outlaw now looked to Kindpaw and he chose to point to a different distant tower bell. "Yer up, Kindpaw. Zoom over there, ping that bell, and then return 'ere for the rest of yer interview. Onyourmark,getset,go!"

        Kindpaw grinned competitively toward the other Couriers (including Loyaldash in the gesture, as it was not kind for him to exclude anyone), and took off like a speeding bullet. A few minutes later, the bell chimed as if it was kicked in a take-off and zoomed back and a moment later, Kindpaw returned and there were small treats from a confections stand near the tower at each of her competitors' spots.

        Parcelpouch smiled knowingly towards Kindpaw. Deciding to sway Lord Outlaw in decisions unbecoming of a stick-in-a-mud, she did observe one thing. Always the confections courier, even in competition... Kindpaw was partner with Roonip in many courier deliveries of sweets and baked goods, especially with gifts for the Parousian Holy Pouch and a team of Rangers helping him recover from an incident.

        As before, Outlaw grilled the delivery roo exactly as he had for Skipstream. If he had thoughts about the sweets offer, he never mentioned it during the interview. When he was finished, he had Kindpaw go join Skipstream on the bench. Then it was Ziptail's turn and he chose to point to yet another distant tower bell. "Yer up, Ziptail. Zoom over there, ping that bell, and then return 'ere for the rest of yer interview. Onyourmark,getset,go!" Zippy vanished into the distance and eventually, the bell was heard in a far different way as if someone's head had been thrown into the bell itself. Then when Ziptail returned, he was in the company of two of the Courier guards whom handed him over to Parcelpouch.

        The first Courier guard said, "It would be nice if we were warned about tests before yas do them, ma'am. Beggin' yer pardon, but we defended that bell we were assigned to. The little runt is lucky we didn't kill 'im." The second Courier guard didn't speak as it seemed he was nursing a bump on his head, but the look in his eyes suggested that he wanted to kill Ziptail. Dead, dead, dead. Without waiting for a comment, the two guardians returned to their post at the bell tower.

        Lord Outlaw nodded his muzzle as if this was the reaction he expected from guardians when they were not informed of a test. He then briefly spoke to Ziptail and got a story on how they saw him coming and how they went into absolute 'defend or die' mode. He had tried to explain that he was being tested for speed, precision, safety, and honesty by Parcelpouch and a visiting Were-Kangaroo Lord. The two defended the tower above and beyond all else refusing to let him approach the bell. He had made a last ditch effort to strike the bell and the one guardian had grabbed him but the momentum had caused the second guardian to bump his head into the bell. Then the two brought Ziptail back to this spot. "Ah'm sorry Ah failed yer test, sir. They refused to let me touch that bell. Ah'll return to my bunk if allowed."

        Outlaw petted Ziptail on the head and sent him over to the bench with the others. Then he turned to examine Loyaldash for a moment. When he did speak, he said, "Bribing opponents to surrender is unbecoming of an 'onored lord under the absolute overseer Pouch. Ziptail admitted that 'e personally didn't get to touch that bell, but 'is actions were still responsible for causing the bell to ring. 'e was 'onest upon returning and was willing to accept a punishment for failing in 'is assigned task. Skipstream politely bantered with the guards to explain that she only had to ping the bell and not to ring it in an invasion type of manner. She managed to succeed in 'er task and remembered every name of all involved at the bell tower. Kindpaw was successful in 'is task and did much the same, but 'is failure occurred when 'e let 'is old love of sweets to get the better of 'im. 'ad this not been a test, yer offering food to yer opponents would 'ave been taken differently. Sweetening the deal is what Ah would expect from Pouchsong's academy. As for yas, Loyaldash, Skippy 'as the 'ighest results so far. Yas are going to 'ave to do better than she did to succeed at yer task. Furthermore... there is only one lineage of people in the entire outback that 'ave red 'air on their 'ead like yas do. And if yer one of them, then Ah 'ad better not ever see a black cloud over yer idiot 'ead or Ah'll kill yas myself. Yer assignment is the final bell tower. Ping it and then return 'ere for the rest of yer interview. Onyourmark,getset,go!" He seemed upset over even having to be here for this length of time and seeing what looked like a bribe was the edge.

        Loyaldash looked up to Lord Outlaw with a curious look on his muzzle. He usually ignores the slurs about the perceived familial connection, but he did want to hear in greater detail from a trusted Lord about the lineage of people that everyone in the ranks of couriers and Lordship have condemned him for, despite being put in the care of a family deep in Dreamtime without knowing his own lineage. He nodded slightly, and shown agility that was different than any other three candidates (whom have gained their Courier speed through the serum injected in them at recruitment) in taking off at greater speed with less effort.

        Though he was a lot faster to get to the bell tower, it took him slightly longer at his destination to do his deed, but more will come of that in questioning. Soon the bell was rung properly, and Loyaldash appeared as he had a stern look as well as his courier bag looking like it was recently used. His breathing was more even, and didn't need to catch his breath. But his muzzle still shown a look of confusion, but it was greater than the one he had when Lord Outlaw mentioned how he looked like a certain lineage of people.

        Outlaw examined Loyaldash as he returned. "That look is unusual, mate. Tell me what 'appened at the bell." He really wanted to just get the chosen courier and get back to his own academy since he was to be having more instructors and potential students arriving over the course of the next few days and spending all of this unnecessary extra time at the Courier Roo Realm just seemed as if it was a stalling tactic. He would be informing the Absolute Overseer about this upon his return.

        "Ah explained to two of the guards what Ah was doing, and what the other bells in the distance were about," said Loyaldash, "One of them - a Kangaroo using the name 'Furytail' condemned me and called me a 'lone wolf' and Ah 'deserved to fail such test so Ah could tell the Blacksmith or whichever twin Ah was birthed out of that Ah failed in becoming a Lord.' Ah asked what can be done to prove Ah am not of that lineage. He suddenly tried to attack me, but Ah dodged each swipe. He asked why Ah wouldn't fight back, Ah told 'im if Ah injured 'im, it would be the same as injuring myself. When he was about to aim for my 'ead, 'is partner knocked 'im out before 'e could injure me. 'e apologized to me for 'is friend, and considering that no one would believe me, 'e will make the report in 'is own paw 'e 'ad me send a message to their C.O. about the incident, and allowed me to ring the bell once Ah returned with a response. That is what took me longer, yer lordship. Ah do apologize if it was beyond the bounds of the test of skills to go on another task, though in the end the goal 'as been reached."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five - Returning to KA-USD.

          The ginger-maned courier bowed his head gently before saying, "And if Ah may, yer Lordship, Ah know nothing of my familial lines as Ah was sent to a ward family deep in Dreamtime as a pinky. Ah am used to my fellow couriers questioning 'ow Ah didn't need the recruiting serum to be just as fast as some of their elites, as well as insults of what they perceive as my lineage. Ah don't believe getting in fights over discriminatory remarks or sheer hate will gain anything but further hate. Which is why Ah chose to avoid the guard's attacks and not to lay a paw on 'im."

          Lady Parcelpouch's smile turned into a frown. "Guards of the bell towers are trained not to attack when turning away persistent blokes and sheilas, unless they themselves were under attack. If this is what 'appened then 'is commanding officer will receive a formal complaint from the Courier Roo Order over that incident. Do yas swear on the pouch that this is the truth?"

          Loyaldash crossed his pouch. "Ah cross my pouch that the events were truthful, and if it wasn't for the intervention of Lieutenant Padpaw IV, Ah'd likely be in the medical barracks by now."

          "Noted, Officer Loyaldash." Parcelpouch said as she left the deciding power to Outlaw. If it was up to her, she wouldn't be the one to disqualify him for going out of bounds to achieve his goal. What she gleaned from the report was a fair trade after an unfair attack.

          Lord Outlaw then said, "Ah'll take these four back with me under a trial basis. Ah cannot decide upon seeing just one test at this given time. Besides, Ah may need some potential Courier Instructors at the new academy as well. These four may assume those tasks until Ah can decide which of the four 'as earned the right to be the attending Courier Lord/lady at the new academy. Kangaroo Academy - Ultra Shared Dreamtime is breaking new ground by going beyond Australian species barriers. If yas feel that is beyond yer abilities, then Ah would advise that yas bow out now. Ah'll be waiting at the main gate out of this realm. The decision is yers." And he hopped off toward the exit alone.

          Ziptail arched an eye as he hopped up to his feet saying, "'e is an odd one, ma'am. Kind of reminds me of a Devlin." Skipstream giggled. "Yas saw that, too? Ah am going to meet with 'im at the gate. 'e is going to give us a chance, 'e said." And she started off in the direction Outlaw had gone. Ziptail grinned slyly. "As if Ah am going to miss out on an opportunity." And he began hopping off in that direction himself.

          Kindpaw hummed. "Ah know it looked like a bribe to others, ma'am, but the treats were just a gesture of good will. Ah'd give sweets to even the worst Lord, even if 'e didn't deserve it." He then hopped off and joined the others.

          Though Loyaldash enjoyed a good challenge, he didn't consider this a competition and he wasn't going to ruin this opportunity. Promotion doesn't come that often for a Courier like him. Especially since he was the lowest ranked of the bunch despite his long tenure and good success rate. Under her Courier brigade, Parcelpouch also considers likability from others when making her own officer promotions. Parcelpouch looked to Loyaldash and nodded to him with a small smile on her muzzle. He nodded to Lady Parcelpouch and hopped off to join the group at the main gate.

          At the main gate, Lord Outlaw was placing VIP privilege necklaces around the finalists' necks. "These necklaces will tell people at the academy that yas four are under evaluation. Yer next test will occur at the new Academy. And now we will transport our little group to the eight-part academy. Seven portions are for introductory training from each Dreamtime, while the remaining section is designated for Courier training. However, Ah was going to let the new Courier Lord the opportunity to choose the section of the academy where the new Courier training zone would be placed at. But since Ah couldn't decide on just one of yas, the four of yas must agree upon the training section of choice."

          Kangaroo Academy - Ultra Shared Dreamtime Realm

          As they teleported into the universally accessible academy realm in which the entire academy occupied the whole realm, meaning that the outer walls were literally at the borders of the realm... Lord Outlaw smiled at the four and said, "Feel free to explore the realm so yas can learn the layout of the new environment. Ah 'ave to go check in with the Were-Bear builders. When yas are done exploring, return to the central officers 'ub of the Academy. The officers quarters were built first so the instructors and academy lords 'ad a place to rest when not climbing down their cadets throats. We may 'ave a few early arrivals from the various Dreamtimes and Earths seeking enrollment. Try to be polite to non-cadets. Once they join, they will be at the whim of their instructors." And he departed to go speak to the builders.

          Ziptail hummed. "So we 'ave to agree which section the Couriers will be trained in. This may not be so easy, mates."

          Skipstream looked worried now that she could see the immensity of the academy realm. "Ah think Ah would 'ave to agree with yas, Zippy. This place is gigantic."

          Close to where the builders are, there was an outdoor forge with a ginger-headed red were-kangaroo was hammering the impurities out of a two-man saw he was making more durable for the sawyers that are responsible for producing lumber for the construction. However, instead of bellows, the were-roo breathed a very powerful fire into the forge. To the side, a magical leather harness with two unique blades was hanged neatly on a hook; one blade of which had the emblem of Lord Tailblaze upon its pommel and sheath.

          Kindpaw recommended, "If we split up for an hour and explore four different directions, we can see what would be a solid fit for the courier's section.

          Loyaldash rubbed his chin with his paw. "Ah suggest that we consider various things that would've bettered our training as raw cadets, as we look at an area to accommodate a practice field with multiple 'azards. A river, some rough rocks, and even a very dense verge might work best for the natural as an example. After we agree on the area, we can consider what other 'azards to add to the field once construction begins."

          The four then took off in exploratory mode looking for a good locale for the new Courier Academy at KA47.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six - Checking In With The Builders And Smithies.

            Lord Outlaw hopped into the Blacksmith forge and looked over a few things. "At least someone is keeping the work schedule to code." And then to no one in particular, he said, "The Overseer said that if Ah asked the Couriers to send one of their best for this job, they would simply send one. Instead, that pink Courier sheila that no one likes sent word that Ah 'ad to go to 'er to choose one of four that were ready for the task. In truth, it felt like she was talking down on me; as if she thought that she was better than me. Ah 'ave the four conducting another test right now, although if they 'ad truly thought about it, until Ah choose one of them, then they have no say-so in this academy. Ah already have the Courier grounds chosen and being built. If even one of them figures this out, then we can pare down the stupid monkey shit and focus on doing this by the book." He paused since he didn't mean to vent in the blacksmith. He glanced over at the ginger haired Were-Kangaroo. "'ow goes the forging projects, mate?"

            The ginger-haired were-roo said as he quenched the two man saw he is working on. "As soon as this is saw is ready, the sawyers will be able to use these to make timber without risk of 'em breaking. Especially with this being durable enough for the moon-touched." While he waited for the saw to cool, he shifted to his Human form and wiped his sweaty brow with a nearby cloth. Though 40 years of age, Devlin Lonewolf still doesn't look a day over 26. "Something 'as flummoxed yas, mate. Ah can tell because my father, and at least two of my joeys get that way when their mind is set on something."

            Outlaw said, "The Overseer said that yas were the best smith out there and that's why yer 'ere now. Flummoxed is probably the best way to look at this sorry situation of disrespect Ah get from the other roos of the tainted Dreamtime. All because Ah didn't soil my red king in their sully lust pools. Ah was raised by the Overseer Pouch's elites. My ways of being raised was that if Ah made a request, it would be 'eeded without silly games or questions. Instead, that lady Parcelpouch summoned me to go look over four possible Couriers which I could choose from to be the new Courier Lord of KA47. When Ah arrived there, she insulted me by saying that Ah was stuffy. Ah already filed the encounter in a report to the Overseer Pouch. Ah was obeying the laws of the elites and Ah get treated like that. A complaint 'as been registered. Ah am beginning to think that a Courier Skunk would be a better choice than the Couriers of old. The skunks Ah 'ave already met showed me respect. Respect gets a Dreamtimer extra favors; not that Ah am doing anything for favors."

            He then asked, "Do we pay yas enough for being 'ere? Ah know yas used to be a Power Ranger. But 'ere yas are as a fire-breathing were-kangaroo."

            "The pay is fine, mate," said Devlin with a smile. "But money isn't everything. Ah'm just glad that we are able to go back 'ome for our full moon cycles. My mate Star gets to miss me a little bit except for the Full Moons on the Island 'ome 'e made for us, with a vault for each of our creamsicle stashes." He grinned.

            Devlin then said, "Before Ah met that creamsicle loving were-otter, Ah 'ad the bad reputation of being the Academy breeder, because Ah would romp with several people when Ah was a 'ot mess of bad genetics and being kept 'idden as a secret joey. The corrupted dragons, the romp-minded Roos... all trying to get me to like their way of breeding. There were just... a lot of things Ah could've done differently if Ah 'ad to do it all over again - which Ah nearly did in a Demoness' time trap." He then said, "It's not just the roos to 'ave a dirty influence to worry about. Ah still 'ave a little bit of dragon in me not only from ancestral manipulation of the Lonewolf bloodline to Dragonborn 'uman, but from the way Ah was born... in an egg that makes me 'ave more dragon DNA than the common Lonewolf bloke. Though my breath weapon is dragon-based, Ah embrace both it and my Dreamtime-based elemental powers. The Dragon spirit within my Dragon Blade told me to not be afraid of both aspects of my 'eritage. It took a little struggle, but Ah learned to embrace both." He held up his right wrist; he was still wearing the Hybridizer his twin brothers made for him.

            Outlaw hugged Devlin. "As long as yas want to be a smithy for us, yas can go 'ome to yer sea-going mate any time yas want. Besides... Ah'm a 'ybrid, too. My parents were General Lawtail and Outback Legend. When the Overseer got the two together to 'ave me made, neither one wanted to be part of the procreation. So after Ah was birthed out of the Legend, the Overseer magically made the two forget that they 'ad anything to do with donating their genetics into my joey body. Ah was then raised by Overseer Mathilda's elites in her realm. Therefore, yas and Ah are related in an odd sort of way. Lawtail was the offspring between Pouchlaw and one of the otherworldly Devlin brothers. Joseph to be exact; 'e was the one in that world whom 'ad the were-kangaroo genetics instead of Deryk. Even old Kiel admitted that 'e 'ad named the wrong child when the two were born. Their version of Dirk Devlin really didn't like Joseph at all. 'e showered Cutter and Deryk with unconditional love, but Joseph was literally the station slave joey. So when Auranea in that world sent Joseph to attend the Kangaroo Academy, 'e got involved with not only Pouchlaw but with a Courier Roo named Comet'op as well. Even though 'e gave birth to Lawtail through 'is accidental mating with Pouchlaw, 'e married Comet'op whom 'e truly loved. Ah don't like to brag about myself, Devlin; Ah 'ave the genetics of the first Dreamtime Warrior as well as the original Academy Lord."

            Outlaw released Devlin at that moment. "That is another reason Ah 'ired yas, Devvy. We're related. Now, Ah wonder what those potential courier lords are up to. We should 'ave seen one by now. They are probably still scouting out the realm to select a section for the Courier training grounds without realizing that Ah already made that selection. Ah figured one would 'ave gotten the smarts to know that Ah am not thrilled with Parcelpouch's game."

            Meaning that the one whom figures it out and approaches Outlaw will be the one chosen. The others will be able to stay, but he only wanted one; not four potential candidates.

            Speaking of relations, Devlin felt the fire being fanned in some reason. His affinity for Dreamtime Fire made him more sensitive to the change in strength of the flames in his forge. "Ah 'ave a feeling yas may get the answer sooner than yas think, relative."

            A courier's voice said, "Ah did a little more calculated exploration, and we seemed to think alike when it comes to 'ow Couriers should be trained." He then hopped up to both roo and were-roo in human form. Is there something yas left out when yas gave us courier candidates our task, m'Lord?"

            Devlin arched an eye. This bloke 'as a familiar demeanor and stance. Who is this boomer?

            Outlaw grinned. "Ah, Loyaldash. The only smart candidate to figure out my ruse. Ah assume the others are still scouting the realm. Ah am sure they will be disappointed but yas passed the test. Yas get to be the new KA47 Courier Lord. The others may stay and advance themselves under yer advisory. Ah apologize for putting yas and the others through those tests, but Parcelpouch angered me something fierce by talking down on me in the manner she did."

            He then turned toward Devlin. "Courier Lord Loyaldash, this is our academy blacksmith, Devlin Lonewolf Ranger-Stryfe. 'e is a married roo with a wild and crazy were-otter for a mate."

            End of Chapter Six.