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[2T-KR1] KRCR-01 Return to Earth

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    [2T-KR1] KRCR-01 Return to Earth

    Kamen Rider: Corsair Reindeer
    Episode One: Return to Earth
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 5th, 2017

    Bryan "Buck" Roeley, Kamen Rider Corsair
    ~~Human/Pomorfon Reindeer/Pomorfon Aquatic Kangaroo/Pomorfon Lion man sailor
    Buckaroo Cute!

    Cody B. Franklin, a human from Gaylord, Oregon; just look for the black kook in the classic old jalopy; his parents run a sea otter farm.
    Lyrra Oceaus Harecate, Lyros' sister granted a human form currently residing in Angel City, Washington; She eventually marries Bryan where they have a son named Leo Brand Harecate.
    Santa Claus and all of the Denizens of Christmas Town, North Pole; Earth.
    Dream King Cody Fox, rules from his kingdom on the Island of Dreams; former Steel Stellar Cosair of Los T'erath.
    Keymaster Evan Barone, the Los T'erath clone of Evan Barone, Lexington's first true love, and master of all the Planetary Stargates of Los T'erath. Brought to life after Lexington went through a whole slough of bad memories. Currently in love with the Dream King. Former White Stellar Corsair of Los T'erath.
    Nargon Lonewolf, Yellow Otter Corsair Ranger; adopted Pomorfon Otter son of Lexington Lonewolf.
    Doctor Victor Kharazy, an alien Jaguar man from Planet Vega.
    Stellar Flame (Zephyr,) a female dragonoid priestess of Pleasure Island, Los T'erath.
    Master Santortanus (Santor,) a Quadraen winged wolftaur (with a prehensile tail and wings) of the Island of Flowers, Los T'erath.
    Guild Master Umusagi, a large patch-eyed Pomorfon sea rabbit (Campaign Guild in Korsairikka)
    Vilheima Zakscratch, a female Pomorfon saber-toothed tiger (formerly Red Campaign Corsair Ranger.)
    and, the entire Otter Brother Sailors Clan.

    Pyro Rat Pirates
    Cryo Rat Pirates
    Earth Rat Pirates
    Coral Seal Pirates
    Wind Hawk Pirates
    King Selchachii of the Shark Pirates
    King Arro of the Tanuki Pirates

    Chapter One

    Otter Brothers Clan Home; Zephyr's Mountain Temple
    Pleasure Island, Planet Los T'erath

    Bryan "Buck" Roeley stood before Zephyr whom was usually called the Stellar Flame. Buck was in his Pomorfon reindeer body. "The star gate is approaching the magic time of the year when it can be used to return to Legendia. However, recently my formerly lost Pomorfon Kangaroo boomer body suddenly reappeared. I don't mind having access to it but I have gotten so used to having this Pomorfon reindeer form which I don't want to lose either when I return to Earth."

    Zephyr the dragon priestess and protector of Pleasure Island finished examining Bryan's mystical aura as the otter Commander Stargon Cannonrider waited nearby. "Apparently Stellea Rae borrowed your Pomorfon Kangaroo Boomer form so she could use it get close to your friend Lexington Lonewolf. However, When she borrowed the form, it left an open mold which has been slowly refilling to make an all new Pomorfon Kangaroo boomer. When the form was completed, it allowed you to know that it existed by permitting you the ability to change into it. Much like when you gained your Pomorfon Lion man form that you often forget that you have. And about your spending so much time with the Py-Ratts... the locals are not sure what to think about what you are up to. I know you rescued a group of them from Wraltz's mind control before his ultimate defeat a few months ago."

    Buck smiled. "I am going to take them with me back to Earth. However, with Kharazy's new star gate generator, I plan on building a Los T'erath Embassy on the West Coast of my home continent. And then we won't have to rely on the sporadic star gate in space to make passages between Earth and Pleasure Island. With the cure to the atmospheric conditions permeating the trade winds all over Los T'erath, it is currently safe to make supply trips between the two dimensions. But we need a fixed locale for the star gate on the Earth side. You have already agreed to permit me to use the ruins of the old temple located on the back side of Pleasure Island where your former ruined temple was moved to after Tyrtaur Bay fell during one of Wraltz's attacks. Tarro and Lyros have been keeping watch over the ruins at your request. I really like Lyros, for an aquatic rabbit god, he is fun to swim with."

    Stargon smiled. "I am also glad you rescued me from Wraltz's dungeons on Pirate Island before his defeat. My son, the original Nargon, likely thinks that I am dead. But through Otter Brother honor, I will help you to establish the new embassy on Earth. As long as I can build a new sailing ship there, I will be one happy otter king."

    Buck said with a smile, "As long as our government back home can set up fossil fuel exchange with Los T'erath, I believe they will not get in our way in the West. I mean, currently Los T'erath is not using the resources at all. In some land's cases, the fuel pools are just laying in the open on top of the ground. Remember when we first met Tarro and how black he was."

    Zephyr then remarked, "As long as your people provide us with seeds for fruit and vegetable plants we will be glad to trade with your government. Just remember that we have no use for Earth money. Seeds are more valuable than precious metals. To your people, Los T'erath would be considered a protected Zoological Park. Doctor Victor Kharazy did register our world as a protected sanctuary due to the sentience of our people being equal to humans."

    Buck grinned. "In most other cases, the Pomorfons and Quadraens are FAR more civilized than humans." Bryan felt that he was not making a joke when he said that.

    Stargon smirked. "I remember back when you first said that about your own Earthian species. You said the young humans were far more understanding. Well, if we are going to get this party started, I think we need to go get on the world to world sailing ship and pilot it to Earth. I know you and Victor have already built the star gate platform here on Pleasure Island. It just needs to built and linked at the Earth Embassy."

    Zephyr asked, "Are you sure you want to go with him, Stargon?"

    Stargon replied, "The otter brothers have already elected a new clan leader and my honor demands that I help Bryan where ever he chooses to go. I know the original Nargon was in love with you, Bryan; but since Nargon Junior has been communicating with Lexington's dream spirit, perhaps it is better we older otters move on to avoid confusion."

    Buck then said, "When we land on Earth, I will send word to Ray Lonewolf to let him know that I have returned to tackle this embassy project. The old Legend Corsairs is a team he was not too pleased with since their bosses had lied to them as well. I think I might be able to get Ray to agree to be our contact with the government since I always did like him despite what his team forced him to do. Ray had a firm and steady head on his shoulders. I could see it in his eyes that he understood the honor of the promise that we Stellar Corsairs had made to help save Los T'erath. But the rest of his team convinced him to get the rest of my team and my clone back through the dream gate while they defeated the Overmaster; an obvious lie since they arrived back on Earth not more than a few minutes after my team were secured in the Government hospital. They didn't have time to defeat the Overmaster. That's why I was glad to see that Cody Fox had stayed behind. The Legend Corsairs didn't even have orders to rescue him. If Ray's team had known that Stellea Rae had cloned me and had my clone leading the others, I think they wouldn't have been so quick to end the mission. And now, here I stand after it is all over. I really like Cody "the Skunk" Fox too. I was polite to him. Even he agreed that those exchange student uniforms were ugly."

    Zephyr remarked, "Your clone returned to space to attend Vega and to get signed on with an alien star ship crew. Word is that the clone encountered a problem when he tried to walk through a medical scanner and his cloned genetics simply exploded. The clone will never return again. The clone had even changed his name so your real name was never reported as dead. You are the only Buck in existence now. But you should also try to make amends with Lexington Lonewolf once the embassy is established on Earth. He obviously still thinks about you even if he doesn't want anyone else to talk about you. I will await your contact at the old ruins where I will speak to Lyros and Tarro."

    Buck smiled at Stargon as he picked up the former Otter King commander in his reindeer arms and he flew him up to the deck of the sailing star ship where preparations were made to cast off for the return trip to Earth. The freed Py-ratts and various other Pomorfon and Quadraen denizens were all on board; people whom had volunteered to assist Bryan in building the new embassy on his home world.

    "CAST OFF!" came the shout as the star ship left the Los T'erath sky platform where once it was safely away from the planet, Buck activated the star gate generator they had on board the ship to open a flawless star gate portal to the west coast of Oregon before sailing the old world style star ship through the opening.
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Otter Rock, Oregon; Just North of Newport, Oregon; Legendia

    Since Ray Lonewolf was busy with the Legend Corsairs, the General Winslow sent in CIA Operative Cornelia Saxon along with a United Nations representative to provide the paperwork. A Real Estate agent had been there that morning and with the government representatives on the scene, Bryan spoke professionally to the government guests. After introductions, the paperwork was filled out and then the blueprints were laid out for the reps and then with supervision to make sure locals stayed out of the way during construction. He had heard from General Winslow and was a bit sad to learn that Lexington had gone into hiding after leaving the Legend Corsairs.

    For most of the construction workers from Los T'erath, it was their first time working with nautical steel but the Py-Ratts proved invaluable in the manner of being able to concentrate their optical fire power into precision wielding torches. The embassy, docks and ship construction facility came together very quickly. Living quarters were built and given to the citizens of Los T'erath who had chosen to ally with Bryan. Having Pomorfons and Quadraens on the planet would likely get coverage by the press eventually. There was no way to avoid it.

    For their own protection, General Winslow sent in a FBI agent to assist with security around the embassy. Bryan did permit local teenagers to make friends with the children of the allied T'erathians; if naught else but to please the younger generation. Bryan remembered what his own childhood was like in Nebraska; if he had friends like the T'erathians back then, he would likely not have gotten into half as much trouble as he had. But he had friends now. General Winslow was glad that Bryan was not going to take up a Lone Power Ranger position on the West Coast. But no rule existed to cover the Kamen Riders, so Bryan had clearance to use that motif.

    Upon activating the Star Gate under supervision, the first tank of crude oil was delivered through the portal from Los T'erath and the FBI agent handed over the delivery of the seeds for food production in Los T'erath. The trade agreement was a success. And thankfully there was no army of animal men waiting on the other side. But the Otter Brothers were happy to get the seeds for the island gardens. Zephyr returned to Los T'erath through the portal. Bryan shook the agents' hands and then he went to his project to make a Stellar Corsair flight capable Glider/Motorcycle (much like the motorcycles in Galactica 1980.)

    Late that night, Zephyr brought Bryan the modified Corsair belt transformer. "Following the Kamen Rider instructions, I hope I got this right, Buck. Do you want to give this a try to make sure it works?"

    Buck said, "I think that might be a good idea. Better tonight than in public." He grasped the handlebar grip in one hand as he struck his pose and he tried to click the activation latch as he shouted, "Corsair Rider! Converge!" He waited for a moment as nothing happened at first and then there came a noticeable spark from the hand grip. With a sigh, he handed the device back to Zephyr. "If at first you don't succeed, try try again. I thank you for working on this for me. If you have to, contact Doctor Victor and get his help with this. I know you want to do this yourself. But please don't frustrate yourself over a technology that you are not familiar with." He gave the Dragon Priestess a hug and a kiss. I am having a little better luck with the motorcycle glider. I don't know about the flight capability as yet."

    Zephyr hugged the young man in return. "Thank you for the encouragement, Buck. I may call Victor if I cannot get this to work on the second try."

    Buck said, "I am to sleep with Nightclaw the Quadraen Night Dragon later tonight. He asked so nicely and I am trying to give all the T'erathians some equal time."

    Zephyr remarked with a giggle. "Try not to fall into his slit. Quadraen dragons have deeper slits and bigger phallic rods of might." She then departed to work on the Corsair Gripper.

    After the Dragon Priestess departed, a young black Dragontaur hugged Buck from behind. "Strange she thought you meant an adult like my father."

    Buck replied with a smile. "You know how it is with adults; their minds always fall into the gutter even when you are not thinking it yourself."

    Nightclaw giggled as he held Buck from behind. "My dad has manners, Buck."

    Buck smiled. "He was fun to rub lubricant on last night. But you are right, your father has manners. He never tried to pin me down at all. In fact, he's been helping me with the motorcycle. He helped me figure out the glider wing fins. He only asked for a kiss in return."

    Nightclaw smiled. "Dad is the romantic for Quadraen Dragontaurs."

    Buck turned around and hugged Nightclaw. "Lets go to my bedroom where I can keep my word to you for the sleep over."

    Within Buck's bedroom, he undressed entirely and after he laid himself out on the bed, he was joined by Nightclaw who wrapped most of his body around the young man's human body. It didn't take the two long to fall asleep after that.

    Within Buck's dreams, he was met by Dream Master Cody Fox. (Lexington is angry, Buck; But not at you, fortunately. How is the Motorcycle building coming along? You honor me by doing the mechanical work yourself.)

    Buck hugged Cody who looked like a Pomorfon Fox at the moment and he kissed him on the muzzle as he groped the Fox's rear. (I miss you something fierce, Cody. You were the first friend I made aboard the Cajun Rouge shuttle before Lexington made an effort to get close to me. You laughed when I ripped off my ugly exchange student uniform. I think Lexington was shocked that I did that. I have a wrench that reminds me of the one you always carried around; the bike is getting there. Will you let Lexington know that I came back to Earth?)

    Cody Fox kissed Buck in return and he also returned the grope. (I check up on all of the former Stellar Corsairs. I will let Lexington know that you are back.)
    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      The following day, moments after Buck read the newest National Capital report from General Winslow, Zephyr brought back the Corsair Rider Grip Glove. "Doctor Victor Kharazy helped me to key the device to react with your T'erathian transformation form energy. He also changed the grip to become a glove gripper which you would wear on your right hand while your left hand would have a Wifi Computer interlink so you could access private security systems. It also doubles as a remote control for your Corsair Glider Cycle once you complete it. When you grip the glove you call out Corsair Rider followed by the Pomorfon Species you want topside and finally the word Converge When you transform into your Pomorfon form, it will appear already costumed in your Kamen Rider battle armor and gear. Want to give it the old Los T'erathian college try?"

      Buck smiled. "I am glad to be getting all of this help with the transformer. Building the glider bike has been a learning challenge. The Dream Master is proud of me for my doing most of the work myself and making good use of his favorite tool, the wrench. Well, time to see how this is going to work out. The otters all say that I would be sexy no matter how I turn out."

      He then added, "For the record, The Corsair Glider is giving me problems. But I am not giving up on the damned thing."

      Buck put on the Rider gloves one at a time and once they were on his hands, he flexed his fingers as he raised one hand and arm as well as the others before striking his old Stellar pose and he brought his right hand into a fist as he activated the Corsair Gripper. "Corsair Rider! Buckaroo Converge!" As he transformed from his human identity into his Pomorfon hybrid identity of a cross between an Arctic Reindeer and a Kangaroo Boomer. Stellar powered rainbow ribbons of glittered energy cascaded around his body as his Kamen Rider armored uniform appeared over his body in all the right places. His mid height ankle coverings appeared around his ankles as a pouch opening appeared just below his chest plate armor and just above his armored codpiece. His overall uniform color was dark red with Black armor and Gold edges as well as around his visor guard. A magical energy pistol appeared in its holster on the right side of his belt while his old standard of a Corsair Cutlass appeared in its sheath on the left side of his belt. As the sparkling lights subsided around his body, he struck his final pose in silence since he felt that announcing who he had become was for Power Rangers only.

      Buck then said, "Now to try out the other forms."

      Buck called out, "Lion Converge!" which caused him to transform into his Pomorfon lion man identity while staying suited up.

      Buck called out, "Kangaroo Converge!" which caused him to transform into his Pomorfon kangaroo boomer identity while staying suited up.

      Buck called out, "Reindeer Converge!" which caused him to transform into his Pomorfon reindeer buck identity while staying suited up.

      Zephyr smiled as she watched Buck run the gripper through its phases. "As soon as you get your Corsair Glider completed, you can patrol the entire Oregon coast as was your original plan. Just remember to keep the government agents informed of your activities. I need to return to Pleasure Island now." And she turned around and flew through the star gate portal.

      He then turned and walked past the two agents into the midst of the rest of the local T'erathians where he began to work on getting the Corsair Glider operational. He wanted this cycle to have land, sea and air capabilities, allowing it to transform into any of the vehicles they once had back in the Stellar Corsairs on Los T'erath. He really loved some of those ranger vehicles. He felt that they could easily be Kamen Rider vehicles with the right connection.

      Buck was by that afternoon giving the Corsair Glider a test outing and had stopped at a road side overlook near the sea while he had tested the Wifi link built into his left glove. He barely had a signal at the overlook although he should have had a superior signal through his Corsair Rider magical energy. "Its always something. I guess I will have to take the Corsair Glider back to the embassy and strengthen the Wifi circuit."

      Returning to the embassy, he parked the Corsair Glider in the Kamen Rider garage and then he informed the agents that he needed to get his patrol established despite his vehicle not operating properly. Since his Pomorfon Reindeer form could fly, he would just establish a coastal flight patrol for now. From Warrenton, Oregon to the North all the way down to Brookings, Oregon to the South. Buck had no intention of going anywhere else. After signing out with the agents and establishing a contact frequency in case of an emergency, Buck took flight to get his coastal patrol started.

      Flying in his Pomorfon Reindeer form had a lot of the same comments where ever he went along the coast. "Santa Claus is watching us, guys!" and "Hi Mister Reindeer! I've been trying to be good this year! Please don't give me a lump of coal this time!" One female response went something like, "Hey Sexy Reindeer Boy! For a real good time, forget those elves! I can give you something far better than candy canes! Come on by after hours and I'll show you a good time!"

      Buck blushed when he received solicitation like that from hot women. He had respected Alana Carbur during the Exchange Program disaster when their shuttle was sabotaged by a jealous rival who was mad because he was caught cheating and vetoed for being chosen to be part of the students heading to Planet Vega. Oh well, the shuttle investigation was being handled by Winslow and aside from the questions the General had asked him about the flight, Buck hadn't heard any further reports on the exchange student shuttle investigation. Almost as if the government was keeping the information secret. Not that he wasn't curious, but it was none of his business currently.

      During the return flight back up the coast, he saw a teenage male hitchhiking up the highway. So he flew down and said to the teenager, "Where you headed, friend?"

      The young man said, "Otter Rock. I was hoping the owner of the new place up there would give me a job. I am willing to try anything."

      Flying down close to the teenager with a backpack, Buck said, "I'm Buck, the owner of the new place in Otter Rock. I can give you a lift up that direction. What's your name?"

      The boy replied, "I'm Peter Erikson the Third; Thanks for giving me a lift and a chance at your new business, Buck. I appreciate it." To which Buck remarked, "I am going to let you help the Py-Ratts at first and if you do a good job with them, I will see to it that you get a better job but only if you want the promotion. Py-Ratts are kinda fun to associate with."
      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four
        After clearing Peter into the Embassy and being handed over to the Py-Ratts, Buck flew off to the North to resume establishing his patrol. He had just gotten out of sight from the embassy when his entire Pomorfon Reindeer body was surrounded by a band of energy moments before he was transported away from Oregon's West Coast and he arrived within a mechanical landing chamber. In truth, Buck had no clue where he had been summoned to. "Where am I?" he said aloud in English since he liked to hear a voice when in a weird situation.

        A somewhat voice echoed around the chamber. It wasn't disguised; but the tone said that the voice was more serious and negative than it should be. "It is interesting to see those native to Los T'erath land on Earth. State your purpose on Earth, Reindeer. If you are here to cause trouble, be aware that the Legend Corsairs protect this planet." The voice couldn't hide a grunt of disgust that was totally involuntary. Whoever this person was, he knew about Los T'erath.

        Buck replied, "In truth, sir. I am human and after freeing myself from Captain Wraltz's island dungeons and rescuing several others confined there as well which included Stargon Cannon-Rider, we returned to Zephyr's temple on Pleasure Island where I learned that the clone of me that the demoness Stellea Rae created to trick the Stellar Corsairs originally had been sent back to Earth where everyone naturally assumed that he was me albeit a version of me with a nasty disposition against my fellow team members. I learned that the Legend Corsairs lied to my team to convince them to return to Earth saying that they would defeat the Overmaster when in fact, my good friend, the new Dream Master, Cody Fox with the help of the new Key Master, Evan Barone without further help banished the Overmaster back to his dimension of imprisonment. Doctor Victor Kharazy finalized a star gate generator and gave me a working version of the device to set up in my West Coast Earth embassy dedicated to Los T'erathians. Our star gate is capable of safe interaction with the T'erathian home world. Originally setting up the embassy meant contacting the government as well as the United Nations. In exchange for produce seeds, our embassy would provide the United States with fresh untapped fuel resources from Los T'erath. Since you know of that other dimensional world, then you likely know who I am. Zephyr was able to stabilize my species acquisition powers and I was able to return to being human for my other West Coast project as Kamen Rider Corsair. Permit me to power down so you can see whom I really am." And he gripped the activation trigger within his right glove and he powered down to his regular Pomorfon Reindeer identity. Then Buck called out, "Human Converge!" which caused him to transform into his Earthian Human identity while causing his casual clothes to reappear. "Bryan "Buck Roeley; the original Buckaroo. Your voice sounds familiar."

        A hooded figure entered from the aft hatch. "The lies of the Legend Corsairs are spread all too well. I remember being the last one to leave Los T'erath. You are on the Rhino Starbase Zord, and no wonder your voice sounded familiar." He then pulled over the hood to reveal the gigantic scowl of Lexington Lonewolf. His eyes looked a little red, obviously not from allergies. He was wearing all black, yet red hair was a dead giveaway, although it was desheveled and spiked in silver hair color. "I thought you'd be at the Vegan Academy by now, especially after all that happened." The Silver Morpher peeked out from under the left sleeve of his hooded trench coat, and a wedding band was secured on a thin wallet chain. His stance wasn't that of an artist anymore; it was more of a warrior with a major chip on his shoulder.

        Buck replied, "I would have gone on to Vega, but Kharazy told me that the clone was destroyed after it tried to walk through a medical scanner at the college world. He also suggested that I make an effort to patch things up with the former Stellar Corsairs team. And that meant returning to Earth. I have been dating Lyros' sister Lyrra. She is the one who provided us with transport off of Wraltz's dungeon island when we escaped. I know Alana Carbur got married and is now running a corporate business in Canada. And I know that Joe Braga rose in ranks for the government; I never liked him anyway. You are here and I am here as well. Cody Fox was the fifth member of our original team although he was not an exchange student like the rest of us. I communicate with him often enough to keep my friendship alive with him. I got classes from Commander Thunder of the Space Pomorfon Reindeer Warriors in the other dimensional universe. Los T'erath was once their Planet Earth before the Overmaster caused human kind there to be transformed into animal people. Before being banished and having met other humans, the Overmaster's next target was going to be our Earth which is why Cody and Evan had to defeat him so his plans failed. My goal is to be the West Coast's newest Kamen Rider as well as providing the T'erathian Embassy on Earth for the eventual peaceful relations between our worlds. I am sorry for any pain my demon created clone may have caused you after your return to Earth. Commander Thunder said we could take Vegan classes over the Internet once our Embassy was established. So our scholarship is still good with them."

        Buck wanted to hug Lexington but he couldn't see his former friend within the new Lexington who stood before him. "I have been calling myself Buck and it is okay for you to call me that."

        "I was recruited to the official Legend Corsairs after I recovered from my injuries, my color being Blue representing the Shark, since they already had a dragon." Lexington looked away, as if he was looking at the ghost of two years prior. He described the first mission being to investigate the explosion on the Cajun Rouge, seeing the blood from where he was sitting, and the blood spatters in parts of what was the Cargo bay, where Cody Fox was. How upset he was when he found out about the acid test Winslow put him through. He shared with Buck how he found love with a neighbor and things were getting much more better, until secrets started to come out.

        "My boyfriend was accidentally revealed to be the Silver Corsair, they didn't think I would be a good match for him, as he was the one behind the scenes controlling the Rhino Starbase Zord to make most cross-country travel possible for us. Secrets were not good among the Corsairs. The General even ordered him to break up with me, but it didn't end up being that way. After several months of being in forbidden love, we eloped to Vegas. And before the ink ran dry on the marriage license, A machine General beat my team in battle. I was the first to be killed, but my husband stood in the way and got run through. His last words was that 'he couldn't let a gentleman die...'"

        Lexington started to tear up, remembering Seth's sacrifice, and his blood-filled end. "They stopped trusting me, especially after I got mad at them for not giving Seth the funeral he deserved. And so I left... but not without a means to avenge Seth's death like the Dragon I used to be."

        Buck hugged Lexington at that point. "You have always been a gentleman, Lex; even in the old days. Seth repeated what the rest of us already knew. I have heard that there is an Australian entity whom can revive loved ones when properly asked. But aside from the old story, I don't know much else about it. I won't tell Winslow that I spoke to you, Dragon. But from now on, when you need to send me a message, either have the Dream Master deliver it to me or use the Pleasure Island mailbox on the back side of the island where we have the star gate landing zone arranged. I check the box once a day when the Otter Brothers want to leave me a message there. I should get back to my patrol on the West Coast." He let go of his friend and he raised his right hand and clicked the Rider Gripper. "Corsair Rider! Buckaroo Converge!" And along with his sequence, he changed into his reindeer boomer hybrid identity before smiling and saying, "Corsair Power! Converging Forever! Go Stellar!" He then floated in mid air with a smile. "If Evan can be revived, then so can Seth."

        Lexington pulled up his sleeve to free the Silver Morpher. "I'll always welcome you to visit me up here from time to time... But seeing that I released the Starship Zords and deprived them of Starbase-aided teleportation, they'd likely track me down once I appear on US Soil. Until next time, Buck..." Though he was half-Australian on his estranged mother's side, he didn't take stock in their fairy tales. And he didn't deserve any special dispensation from the T'erathian Gods to revive Seth. He pressed the comm button. "Computer, teleport our guest back to the Oregon Coast."
        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five
          Buck was glad to be back on the West Coast as he continued with his patrol. Although he was about to receive yet another encounter as he made his way Northward. He had just flown over Cannon Beach, Oregon, and he had gotten the usual comments from locals (primarily teenagers) when suddenly, directly in front of him in the sky he saw nine flying reindeer in formation pulling a sleigh containing a well known human figure. Although it wasn't Christmas yet, he was encountering Santa Claus and his reindeer team over the coastal skies of Oregon.

          "Bryan Roeley!" exclaimed Santa. "It is you; the real you. We got a report at the North Pole about a flying reindeer man down here in Oregon and we came to find out why the Reindeer Warriors were back on Earth. They usually contact me before coming to Earth so I can clear them with NORAD whom detected your flight along the coast."

          Buck replied, "With all respect, sir, I have both government and United Nations permission to be conducting this new Kamen Rider patrol route along the Oregon Coast. It isn't my fault that the government forgot to tell NORAD that I would be making this flight occasionally. I am running the Los T'erathian Embassy down in Otter Rock, Oregon. Commander Thunder told me that if the embassy and Kamen Rider thing didn't work out, he had an open recruit position with my name on it aboard his flagship, the Battlestar Pendragon."

          Santa said, "So you have no intention of staying on Earth, do you, Bryan?"

          Buck remarked, "If my current project falls through, I want to return to space. I have always been attracted to the stars, sir. Although my best experience was with the Lincoln, Nebraska Zoo. I was finally able to defeat my zoophile disability. And I am ready to help those who can see my best usage. Commander Thunder wants me on his team and I am ready to join them. Thunder did say that if I ever met you to ask about something called the Stable Master although I don't know what that is."

          Santa smiled. "Old Thunder is still looking to get the power that we own at the North Pole. If the Dream Master gives you permission to use the Christmas Dream Jewel, then you as the new Stable Master would be able to become the new Red Stellar Dream Ranger; Red Reindeer Warrior. You would gain a permanent Pomorfon Reindeer form that you will have akin to a magical Changeling ability to use along side your human form. You could even surrender your human form at that point. Although if you did surrender your human form, it would be gone forever. So this would be a major decision for you to make in your life. Your current Kamen Rider Power might not function for the new you if you did this."

          Comet then spoke up and said, "There are other duties of being the Stable Master in training before you could earn the Dream Jewel, Buck. Once a weekend, you would be required to come to Reindeer Town near Christmas Town and give role call for the reindeer flight team. And there are more than just the nine of us. After role call, you have to assist in giving us our weekly physicals as well as assigning the reindeer with their training tasks of the week. When you are done with all that, you would be permitted to return to your Kamen Rider duties in Oregon. We would never force someone to take this position but there is a family blooded line of humans we reindeer prefer to become Stable Masters. And sadly, you are not part of them. But if you earned it and made it worth our while to accept you, we would give you open invite to return to Reindeer Town whenever you liked. Like Los T'erath, Reindeer Town and Christmas Town are actually within one of those rare Inter-dimensional Nexus Points, meaning that it exists in all dimensions as long as there is a Planet Earth there."

          Buck then remarked, "I am not sure if you actually mean what you are saying, Comet. Los T'erath used to be Planet Earth in their dimension and according to the goddess Zephyr, Santa has never visited their world during their Winter months at all. We Stellar Corsairs had a Christmas of our own there during our dream stint. We convinced a Pomorfon Hippo to dress up like Santa and give out toys and gifts to the orphans of Tyrtaur Bay before that city's fall. We sang Christmas songs and had a magnificent feast. And aside from the Stellar Flame (Zephyr's real name) making it snow on Christmas eve, we never saw Santa making Christmas rounds on Los T'erath. So it is my assumption that Earth planets under dangerous conditions are black-listed from Santa's delivery routes. Am I right, Santa?"

          Santa remarked with a sigh, "Sad but true. Although I used to go to that Earth when it existed in their own now destroyed galaxy. That sector was having a galactic war and one of the enemies stupidly unsealed the Overmaster's prison planet and released him. As the Stellar Corsairs learned when you fought against him, fighting against an eternal is a near impossible task for one person let alone five to six rangers. Upon his release, the entire galaxy ceased to exist save for the old Planet Earth which the Overmaster moved to a pocket dimension where he transformed all good minded and goodhearted people into Pomorfons while the rest became the initial Quadraens. That is why Wraltz is a Quadraen Walrus-taur. Had he been good, he could have ended up like Chumly of Tennessee Tuxedo's cartoon... a Pomorfon Walrus man."

          Buck laughed. "That is why I got locked up in his dungeons originally. I said to his face that he was a Chumly wannabe who could only steal good plans from a Pomorfon Penguin. He was mad after I said that. I never saw him after i got lucked up for three weeks and suddenly he was at my door looking in at me remarking that I was still locked up and how he had heard a report that I had escaped and was leading my team on another continent. I told him that it was hard to be in two places at once since I didn't have that power. I didn't tell him this, but the power I did have permitted me to walk through solid walls. Oh I could have escaped whenever I wanted to; but I was searching his dungeons to learn who all he had imprisoned down there so when I did leave, I could rescue as many potential allies as I could."

          Buck smiled. "And that's whom all I currently have at the embassy with me: the former prisoners whom all agreed to swear allegiance to me."

          Santa hummed. "If you are interested in helping us with the Stable Master offer, show up at the Arctic Circle at a place called Arctic Vista in October. Dasher and Comet will meet with you there and escort you the rest of the way to our secret I. N. P. locale. If you don't come, we will assume that you changed your mind about being a reindeer. We have to return to Christmas Town and get back to work making toys. Currently the boys, meaning the reindeer fliers, are on their Summer Break which is about over. As long as you and your people stay good, Bryan, I will give your people Christmas presents as I would to anyone else. And do keep me informed when some you see people on your patrols who are claiming to try to be good. As for that hot woman whom made a pass at you earlier today... shame on her! Be good, Bryan. I'll be watching. And I will let NORAD know that you are okay. Come on, boys... back to Christmas Town!"

          Watching the sleigh and reindeer team fly away, Buck fidgeted in position for a moment. "Down boy. I know they are hot but that isn't being good. I shouldn't be aroused by looking at all those married reindeer bucks. Well, back to my patrol... although... curiosity..." He quietly flew after the team making sure they didn't notice him. When the team reached the Arctic Circle right over a lone snow-covered town, they simply disappeared from view. At that point, Buck landed in the town and he walked into the local saloon where he gave the bartender business by placing an order to go. He was not surprised that the bartender was a reindeer man himself. Presenting his credit card, Buck paid for the order to go and then after learning that town's name was Arctic Vista itself, he took his order and returned to the Oregon Coast near Warrenton to resume his patrol in his return to the embassy in Otter Rock.
          End of Chapter Five