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[LG-KR] KRQ-01: All Aboard the Quantum Express

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    [LG-KR] KRQ-01: All Aboard the Quantum Express

    Kamen Rider Quantum™
    Episode One: All Aboard the Quantum Express! Part One (Pilot)
    Written By Lexington “Chip” Lonewolf

    Author’s Note: This is my American version of one of my favorite Kamen Rider seasons, Kamen Rider Den-O. I do not own the rights to Kamen Rider; this is a fanfic made by a loyal fan.

    Chapter One: A Clumsy Teen

    Seattle, Washington; January 3, 2009

    “Hey kid, you alright?”

    A seventeen year-old boy named Drake Williams was sitting on his bicycle was shaking off a major head rush (and some sand); he didn’t notice that he and his bike were stuck in a tree. He was taking a shortcut to his sister’s bookstore through a construction site, and didn’t see a plank propped up on a paint can, until it was too late. The bike (with the boy on it) was launched into the air, and landed securely within the twisted branches of a leafless tree.

    Unfortunately, Drake didn’t notice that he was into a tree until he saw the construction worker that asked if he was alright. He gasped. “What happened?!” When he heard the worker’s recollection, he felt stupid for taking a shortcut to get there.

    “Don’t worry,” said the Construction worker. “I’ll ask for some help to get you and your bike down.”

    About forty five minutes later, Drake was able to pedal his bike on terra firma, with a stern warning to watch where he was riding his bike. Drake was a rather skinny looking blond-haired boy that wore mostly colorful clothing that his sister and grandmother were able to buy since his parent’s death when he was six. Today, he was wearing a Seahawks t-shirt, a blue hoodie, brown cargo pants, and green Nike sneakers. He was also wearing a green helmet, protecting his head in case he got into an accident. Since he started living with his sister, she insisted that he wears a helmet to keep his head intact.

    As Drake pedaled through a park, a huge blast of sand erupted from Drake’s body, and took form in front of the bike’s path a few meters away into the first half of some monster’s body, with the other half of his body floating over his head. He had only the colorings of the sand that took that form, and it was a rather creepy sight to say the least.

    The monster spoke like a punk from Queens, and he looked like something creepy out of Drake’s imagination. “Tell me you heart’s desire… The sky’s the… ACK!”

    The monster was cut off by the wheels of Drake’s wheels, with the rider of the bike not noticing what he did. As soon as Drake made it out of the park, and pedaled diagonally across the street to his family’s old bookstore, the Constellation Dream Bookstore, where he and his sister were working since she got her business degree, and re-opened the store about two years back.

    Within the Constellation Dream Bookstore, the usual customers, “Scoop” Jacobs and Professor McLoughlin, were sitting at a counter with their coffee that Drake’s sister brews by hand, and makes her own blends. The atmosphere of the bookstore was like an old study, with all the hardback books taking up almost all the bookshelf space. A round table with a display was the most prominent part of the store, where the elevated center was an antique telescope with a lot of sentimental value.

    Sara Williams was giving Professor some dollar coins in change after he bought another book on psychological theories. She closed the till of her old-fashioned cash register, as she looked up to see Drake. She was a beautiful light auburn-haired lady dressed in a nice sweater, and a skort with constellations. Her face had just the right amount of makeup, and her hair was kept away from her face with pewter hair clips. “Oh! Drake! You came at just the right time. I have dishes from the breakfast rush for you to clean. But before that, could you take the polish, and liven up the telescope? It needs to shine tonight.”

    Drake put on his half-apron around his waist, and took the wood polish off the old bar counter, and smiled to his very sweet older sister. “Sure thing, sis.”

    Scoop noticed a little bit of sand coming out of Drake’s clothing. “What did you do, Drake… fall into a sand pit at the beach or something?”

    Sara giggled, as she went into the back to get lunch for her and Drake.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: The Hotheaded Swordsman

    Later that morning, Drake was walking to get some emergency supplies after Sara found out that she was out of a few ingredients unexpectedly for a Book Club event, where one of the members were having a birthday. On the way to the store, the clumsy teenager accidentally bumped into a bunch of tough customers he usually has seen under an Interstate 5 overpass, causing trouble.

    "Hey... What do you think you're doing, asshole?" One of the bullies said. He was wearing an old military jacket he wore on a constant basis, even in the summer months.

    One of his followers, a punk with a faux hawk and a cigarette in his mouth grinned. "What should we do with him? Leave him with a scar?"

    "Remove a finger?" An overweight lackey with a knife added.

    The lead bully grinned. "Either way, so he'll know not to mess with the Underpass Gang." He then brandished a golden class ring on his right hand, and was about to give Drake a punch in the gut, until...

    Drake had caught his hand, and chuckled. "Ya try to attack the one I try to get a contract with, ya going to have to deal with me, capice?"

    The guy backed up a bit, and looked a bit shocked. Their potential gang victim in Drake looked up, and showed off his normal hazel-turned-vibrant red eyes. They eyes weren't the only attribute that changed. His blond hair became spiky with red streaks, and his usually loose hoodie and t-shirt was filled out a bit more with a slightly muscular build. He had a possessed look of a street-toughened punk from New York City on his face.

    The bullies started to back up, as Drake came closer. The possessed Drake grinned. "Time to rough someone up!" He then cracked his knuckles, and ran right at them, shouting "Let's go! Let's go! LET'S GO!" As he charged at them and threw the two smaller bullies into the park across the street, showing signs of some superhuman strength. He was slamming around the bigger of the group, avoiding getting hit by traffic as they crossed the street. The possessed Drake then roundhouse kicked the big oaf, sending him crashing on his comrades.

    Drake couldn't help but chuckle. "And to think yer street rats toughened on the streets." He ripped off a metal pipe off of a bike rack, and smirked. "This is a bad day for you punks!"

    At that point, a teenage girl wearing a near-futuristic looking spring outfit ensemble stood between Drake and the bullies, shouting. "Stupid Imagin, get out of him now! That Time Constant didn't do anything wrong!"

    Drake held gripped the pipe as if it was a sword. "Get out of my way, toots, I'm a going to try my Swordsman Strike No. 1 on them." He stopped in his tracks for a second after hearing the girl say the word 'Time Constant.' "This schmuck is a Time Constant?!"

    She then looked to the three bullies. "You better beat it, or you'll end up having a girl's voice for a week." Judging by the looks of her high-heeled boots, the gang knew she wasn't joking, as they ended up scrambling out of there before she kicked them where no respecful lady would.

    The possessed Drake growled. "Maybe you'll be the one to fight me, since you just spoiled my fun."

    The girl growled. "You had enough fun, dumb Imagin, now get your ass out of there before Quantum appears!"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Time Constants and Imagin

      After picking up a dropped ring, the girl had pulled on Drake's ear to get him into the alley. "Stupid Imagin... always exploiting us to destroy the past..."

      Drake was possessed by the Imagin, so he had no personal control of his body. "Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow! Let go, toots! That hurts!"

      The girl growled. "The name's DAISY, and the only way I will let go is if you get out of the guy. Right. Now."

      Suddenly, the physical features of Drake went back to normal, as a lot of sand dumped out of Drake's body, and formed into it's sand form. "Damn you, Time Constant bimbo!"

      Drake turned around and looked at the Imagin. "Monster!" he shouted, as he tried to back up.

      Daisy looked to the formerly Imagin-possessed teen, and says, "Don't worry about the Imagin." She then kicked the sandy Imagin, making the sand scatter, and the Imagin disappear, for now. "He's harmless, unless you form a contract with it."

      Drake was a bit shaken up. "That was an Imagin?"

      The girl nodded. "Why don't we talk over a cup of coffee? Do you know any of good coffee sold nearby?"

      Drake said. "The Constellation Dream always have good coffee, but I am going to have to meet you there; I need to get a few things at the store. Maybe you can start the explanation about what a 'Time Constant' is, if you'd like."

      Daisy hummed. "I have time before the next few time stops, so why not?

      Interstate 5 Underpass

      While the Underpass Gang were shocked at how a weakling like Drake could be such a tough bully after thirty seconds of taunting. Their leader, however had hidden in the pedestrian overpass above the freeway a half a mile away. He was upset that he had lost the class ring he had held dear to his heart. He remembered on Christmas Night three years ago in 2006 that it was the only thing he had left of his brother after he had taken his own existence after suffering post-traumatic stress disorder after returning with a critical injury from Iraq. He was too late to stop his older brother and role model in time after he got a really devastating text from him.

      Though he was cold and hardened as the lead gang member of the Underpass Gang, the guy felt that he was missing a part of his soul after being the first to see his brother's body. Tears start to well up under his eyes, as he remembered his regrets about not being there soon enough to stop his brother.

      An energy orb came down from the sky and took its chance to hit the gangster. Fortunately for the melancholy tough customer, he didn't feel a thing. However, he would get a shock, as a rush of sand burst out of the gangster's body and took the form of a humanoid bat monstrosity.

      It spoke as if it was a monster of Transylvanian origin. "Tell me your heart's desire... The sky's the limit. All I will ask is for one thing in return."

      The gang leader looked fearful at the Bat-type Imagin forming, but he was afraid of being punished if he resisted, so he told the Imagin his heart's desire, which made the Bat Imagin came into solid form, and chuckled. "Then I will grant your heart's desire."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: A Trip Through the Sands of Time

        After a bit of shopping and getting the ingredients needed, Drake and Daisy were heading back toward the Constellation Dream Bookstore. Daisy had offered to carry one of the reusable bags. For an emergency grocery list as small as Sara gave Drake, what he brought back was a lot of heavy stuff... and a small bag of cake decorations.

        "All this for a nice birthday cake? What is your sister, Rachael Ray?" Daisy asked as she carried the lightest bag. They were still at least 20 blocks away from the bookstore itself. Guess Drake's parents didn't count on stores being further away in their children's future.

        Drake responded calmly. "You'd probably say that she is Juan Valdez, if you seen how she makes coffee."

        The Time Constant girl tilted her head. "Who?"

        Drake rattled his head for a sensible answer, but right now, he couldn't come up with one, as they were followed once again by that particular imagin in his sandy form. "Hey kid... In case ya have forgotten, we still have a contract to make... away from the broad."

        The newly-found Time Constant nearly jumped out of his skin, as Daisy turned around to see him. "You again? When are you going to give up on squirreling for a contract with him? Get lost!"

        The Imagin snapped "Why don't YOU get lost, toots? This conversation is between two men, so why don't you be a good girl, and go bake a cake or somethin', capice?"

        That got Daisy fired up as she stomped down right on the Imagin's head with the spike of her high-heeled boot. "Womanizing scum!" she barked as the force of the stomp made the sand dissipate, and the Imagin disappear. She then looked to Drake. "Forget that Imagin, Drake... and I know of a shortcut, and its about time right about..." Suddenly as they got close enough to a door of a business, the time in their surroundings slowed down as did the people. Once time in the area reached a stop, she opened the door, and smiled as she opened it up to reveal a sandy desert with a sky of colorful hues. "Now... let's go!"

        As they both went through the door, they were definitely not in a Crocs shoe store, as they were within the sands of time itself. As sudden as the door was closed, Daisy gave Drake a hard ticket case with a logo engraved in the black metal. "In case something bad happens, and you need to get on again."

        Drake's eyes widened, and muttered. "Wha..."

        Suddenly he forgot what he was about to say, as two rails shot out from a direction in front of them, and metal train tracks started to form. Following the formation of train tracks, a giant bullet train with seven cars pulled up and came to a stop good enough to have the hatch open right in front of them. A woman with her hair in a bun, a futuristic waitress uniform, and boots with heels even higher than Daisy's stepped out, and let out a smile. "Now boarding the Quantum Express. please present your tickets or passes for validation before you board the car."

        "Hey Nattie," Daisy said with a smile, as she flashed a ticket with a few question marks stretched across the width of the permanent ticket.

        Nattie nodded, as Drake held up the pass. "Ah... a Time Constant. Welcome to the Quantum Express." She then looked at him closely as she slipped a permanent ticket with the date of his current timeline placed on it. "May I suggest that you keep your Quantum Pass with you always? You never know when you'll need it."

        Drake got a little red in the face, and muttered shyly, "Thank you, miss..."

        As the three boarded the train, Daisy and Drake sat at a booth table with a nice view, as the train started to move. Nattie set two menu cards in front of them as the train took off at high speed.

        "Now that we are here," said Drake, "Would you mind telling me what this 'Time Constant' business is about?"

        End of Chapter Four.