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[LG-KR] Kamen Rider Quantum

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    [LG-KR] Kamen Rider Quantum

    Kamen Rider Quantum
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf


    In modern-day Seattle, a swarm of monsters come to alter time by attacking going through their primary victims' most powerful memories, after granting the contract holder their fondest wish in most hideous ways. A very clumsy teenager must protect the time line with allies from the Quantum Express to become the Kamen Rider known as Quantum.


    Quantum Express
    Kamen Rider Quantum - Drake Williams (SwordDevil, RodTurtle, HatchetBear, BlastDragon, DoubleSwan)
    -- A rather clumsy teenager that works with his sister in a small bookstore and coffee house. Reluctantly takes a stand against the Imagin when he found the Quantum Pass to start his true destiny as a TimeConstant.
    -- An Local Hometown Girlish TimeConstant from an erased timeline. Constantly keeps the good Imagin in check with attacks that can cause even a internal injuries. Helps Drake fight the bad Imagin in the past.
    -- A lady hostess working part time as a conductor and waitress in the Quantum Express and Quantum Express X. Often makes mediocre variations of coffee with ingredients that only an Imagin enjoys.
    -- The man who maintains ownership of the Quantum Express; tends to speak in riddles, and often tries eat mini-cakes or flan without letting the flag fall from its place. He is also known to carry his own set of Multi-Defender components, and spare Quantum Passes.

    Continuum Rail
    Daniel Johnson - Kamen Rider Continuum (Deneb)
    -- A stubborn teen of the same name of Sara's missing fiance, only he was from ten years prior to the disappearance his present counterpart. Often brawls with his Contract Imagin for possessing him without permission, or putting broccoli in his food.

    Infinity Ultra-Rail
    Cain - Kamen Rider Infinity
    -- A sadistic and cruel Kamen Rider that possesses the Infinity Ticket, and steals a spare Quantum Pass to use the Infinity System, and Unlock the powers of the Infinity Ultra-Rail. Desires to send all Timelines into Chaos. Unlike other Kamen Riders, no Imagin are needed to transform

    Timepath Station-Rail
    -- A practical duplicate of Quantum Express' Owner, but with effeminate mannerisms. Only appears with the Timepath Station-Rail when the a new timeline is forged through the events of altered time, and often competes with Owner to see who can eat the most flan without letting the flag fall.

    Quantum Express X
    Alexander Williams - Kamen Rider Quantum X (Blade)
    -- Drake's grandson from the future, called upon by the Owner to assist in missions of high risk. Openly resents his grandfather for giving him his name and inheriting his less favorable traits. Capable of changing to rider form without aid of an Imagin as Striker form with Blade changing into a weapon, or Vega Form when possessed by Deneb.

    Anti-Time Express
    Mortimer - Kamen Rider Anti-Time
    The contract owner of the Anti-Time express that traverses the Anti-Time. Wanting to return to proper time with the love of his life, he works to switch the places of Time and Anti-Time to make that desire happen. Armed with a whip and top-like grenades. Only uses the Rider System in Hacker Form, while anyone possessed by Undead Imagin can become Reaper Form.

    Constellation Dream Bookstore
    Sara Williams
    -- Drake's bright and caring sister, and owner of the Constellation Dream; has lost all memory of her fiance, and is wooed over by two of her bookstore's regulars.
    "Scoop" Jacobs
    -- An aspiring tabloid columnist that competes with his friend for the attraction of Sara. Has a reputation of being a Womanizer.
    Damon McLoughlin, Ph.D.
    -- A young psychologist that competes for the affection of Drake's Sister. Often tries to analyze Drake for the 'Multiple Personalities' that he possesses.

    Morally Ambiguous:
    Damien Aster - Kamen Rider Decode
    -- A morally ambiguous stranger with a barcode tattooed to the back of his neck. He traverses the worlds of various Kamen Riders, with a pressure-point hitting companion of his own (Angela). He is known as the 'Oncoming Plague' and 'Leper' by those who listen to the Prophet.
    Travis Wheeler - Kamen Rider DeFrag
    -- A thief who is considered a criminal in his own world, and seeks treasures of various worlds. He first seeks to turn Quantum into the Den-Liner with one of Decode's cards, and now he is wanted criminal by the Temporal Police Bureau.
    Sargent Antares - Kamen Rider Quantum PD (Dutch)
    - A officer of the temporal police whose Contract Imagin feeds off the negative emotions of seeing his father killed by a thief (now known as DeFrag), but beyond the corruption of Dutch lies a helpful, forgiving demeanor... and a treasure meant for DeFrag.

    Villain (Main Arc):
    - A man whom uses his feelings, memories and dates out of a special calendar to create bad Imagin to corrupt time. He searches to kill the Junction Point so Time can turn to Chaos.



      Quantum System:
      Quantum Belt - A Kamen Rider Belt equipped with a ScanBuckle with four different buttons to access Fire Form, Water Form, Earth Form, and Lightning Form. Default form upon Transformation is Blank Form.
      Quantum Pass - A permanent ticket used to board the Quantum Express, and to hover in front of the ScanBuckle to Transform, Activate Full Charge, Or Exceed Charge in connection with the Quadro Booster Cell.
      Flight Faceplate - A faceplate that fits over the ScanBuckle; Used by DoubleSwan to Transform Quantum into Flight Form.
      - Sword Mode (Fire)
      -- Full Charge: Swordsman's Strike No. 1-5, and Final
      -- Double Full Charge: Swordsman Strike Special
      -- SwordDevil Full Charge: Swordsman's Strike Imagin Style
      - Rod Mode (Water)
      -- Full Charge: Harpoon Targeter/Rider Kick Combination
      - Hatchet Mode (Earth)
      -- Full Charge: Dynamic Chop
      - Blaster Mode (Lightning)
      -- Full Charge: Thunderclap Shot, sometimes used with Quantum Express, Dragon Form
      - Double Mode; Boomerang and QuickHatchet (Flight)
      -- Full Charge: Double Throw, followed by removing QuickHatchet from opponent. Full Charge finisher varies by degrees of need.
      Quadro Booster Cell - A cell phone used to combine the efforts of the four good Imagin under contract with Quantum. Used to access Max Form from Fire Form. When formed from Flight Form, the good Imagin along with DoubleSwan unlock the Crusader Form (Max Form with wings).
      -- Fire Exceed Charge: Swordsman's Strike, Maximum Power
      -- Water Exceed Charge: Max Rider Kick
      -- Earth Exceed Charge: Max Rider Punch
      -- Lightning Exceed Charge: Max Missile Melee
      -- Crusader Exceed Charge: Crusader Dropkick
      Quantum Sword - A heavy sword made by the four Imagin under contract with Quantum. With the Quantum Pass inserted in the blade of the sword, it activates Quantum's Station Form, in which only Drake must fight without Imagin possession. Abilities depend on whatever mask is selected on the wheel. Powers are tapped from all railcars of the Quantum Express. Unlike Max/Crusader form, DoubleSwan is not compatible in the formation.
      -- Fire: Railway Slash/Swordsmanship
      -- Water: Railway Thrust/Fishing Abilities
      -- Earth: Railway Chop/Enhanced Strength
      -- Lightning: Railway Blast/Dance Skills
      -- Full Spin: Super Railway Slash

      Continuum System:
      Continuum Belt - A Special Card Rider System that is used to transform into Kamen Rider Continuum with Continuum Cards. Has a button on top of buckle to activate Full Charge.
      Continuum Cards - A Limited Deck of two-sided Cards that are used with the Continuum Belt. Inserted into weapons when Full Charge is activated. With Each Card used (and dissolved after a used-up Transformation) Memories of present Continuum is erased; when Red Cards shatter, memories of the past Daniel made in present day are erased from the timeline as well.
      - Green Side: Altair Form
      - Yellow Side: Vega Form (w/ Deneb possession)
      - Red Side: Exceed Charge/Melee Form
      Double Striker
      - Sword Mode - A heavy sword that possesses a very sharp blade.
      -- Full Charge: Altair/Vega Slash
      - Crossbow Mode - A heavy crossbow that fires energy
      -- Full Charge: Altair/Vega Arrow
      Deneb Rifle - Deneb transforms into a heavy Rifle upon Continuum's tansformation to Melee Form or when the Red Card is activated.
      - Full Charge: Melee Destruction Fire

      Infinity System:
      Infinity Belt - A Kamen Rider Belt equipped with a ScanBuckle. Unlike Quantum, he has no contract Imagin, nor does he have different forms.
      Infinity Pass - A permanent ticket used to board the Time Trains, and to hover in front of the ScanBuckle to Transform and Activate Full Charge. Only works with the Infinity Ticket.
      Infinity Ticket - The only key to using the Infinity Powers, and summon the Infinity Rail to cause massive timeline destruction.
      Infinity Saw Defender - A weapon similar to Multi-Defender, only with one form; Sword. Unlike the Multi-Defender, it has a serrated blade when all components are connected.

      Quantum X System:
      Quantum Belt X - A Kamen Rider Belt equipped with a ScanBuckle similar to the Quantum Belt, only rusted with age. Can summon Striker Form by default and change to Vega Form automatically upon Deneb possessing the user.
      Quantum Pass X - A permanent ticket used to board the Quantum Express X, and to hover in front of the ScanBuckle to Transform, and activate Full Charge.
      - Sword Mode
      -- Full Charge: Xtreme Swordsman Strike
      - Spear Mode (Vega)
      -- Full Charge: Vega Triangle Swipe
      Striker Blade - Blade's weapon form in Striker Mode; a machete-like weapon with two functions of slashing and blasting.
      -- Full Charge #1: Courageous Strike
      -- Full Charge #2: Xtreme Rider Kick
      Hydro Rod - RodTurtle's weapon form when Alex has need for it.
      Terra Hatchet - HatchetBear's weapon form for Alex's use when Quantum is indisposed of.
      Devil Sword - SwordDevil's weapon form when Alex needs the Imagin to lend him his power.

      Time Trains:
      Quantum Express - A four-car train with back-up cars depending on which form Quantum is in. Only piloted through means of the Quantum Cycle or an exercise bicycle hooked to a control platform. The main four cars have different weapons; Car 1: Cannon, Car 2: Sonic Bark, Car 3: Coconut Bombs, and Car 4: Eagle Dart. Gains a fiery aura when Quantum is controlling the Express in Max Form. The last three cars (sleeper, passenger, and diner) is left behind in time when the Express goes into battle.
      - Car 5: Turtle Razor - Back-up rail car used when Quantum is in Water Form. Possesses a component that separates from the main car to form a turtle-shaped hovercraft for Quantum to stand on when dealing with Berserk Imagin, or fishing for underwater Imagin. It is armed with Laser blades when the Hovercraft sits on top of its rail car.
      - Car 6: Bear Crawler - Back-up rail car that is used by Quantum in Earth Form. Has five sharp axe blades (four as insect-like legs, and one in the front). Used to rip opponents to shreds, or grab the opponent for a piledriver-like finisher.
      - Cars 7 (Head) and 8 (Tail): Dragon Vulcan - A set of back-up rail cars that attach to the front and back of Quantum Express along with the other back-up rail cars to compose Dragon Form. Quantum in Lightning Form is able to pilot this form from the top of the Dragon's head, forming the Berserk Thunderclap Shot, with all the Quantum Express weapons and the Multi-Defender in Blaster Form.
      Continuum Rail - A two-car locomotive capable of Underground and Flight independent of time rails controlled by the Continuum Cycle on the control platform in the main car. Capable of switching car alignments to suit the needs of battle. Car Altair is Bull-themed and possesses a drill for underground travel. Car Vega is hawk-themed, with blades that form a helicopter rotor for flight capabilities and slicing up opponents. Also capable of connecting to the Quantum Express for an extra boost in speed, or to extend the abilities of Dragon Form.
      Infinity Rail - A four-car train capable of controlling time, and wiping Time Constants from known existence. The main car has a crocodile-like jaw capable of biting and firing deadly missiles and energy beams. Known as the Time Rail of Destruction, it can only be controlled by Infinity via the Infinity Ticket as well as the Infinity Cycle fitted onto the control platform.
      Time-Path Station Rail - Appears whenever a new junction in the timeline is starting to form. It takes the form of one of the four train-car like structures in Station Mode. When a Time Rail is at risk of being destroyed, it separates going into rail mode. It can interface with the Quantum Express, as well as fire cannons to destroy berserk Imagin or to boost speed and help the train come to a stop. Only controlled by the Conductor shouting out commands after playing a note on his flute.
      Quantum Express X - The faster and future model of the Quantum Express with a blue exterior. Capable of the same features the Quantum Express uses, only it can also be controlled by a mountain bike in an emergency. Somehow, Owner also has the rights to this Time Train.


        Good Imagin:

        SwordDevil - A firey warrior-like Imagin that has fashioned himself to be a master swordsman. In order to activate Fire Mode, he must possess Drake to share his abilities with him. When he possesses Drake, the human's hair turns spikey with red streaks, and his build becomes a bit more muscular.

        RodTurtle - A Womanizing turtle-themed Imagin. Known to be a pathological liar and can talk his way into anything. He fights using a rod. In order to activate Water Mode, he must possess Drake to share his fishing abilities with him. When he possesses Drake, the human's hair is neat with blue streaks, and is bespectacled and dressed for success.

        HatchetBear - A herculean yet narcoleptic bear-themed Imagin Hatchet-wielder. Possesses Drake at the moment he hears the word 'help,' even if it means waking up from his deep sleep. In order to activate Earth Mode, he must possess Drake to share his down-to-earth abilities with him. When he possesses Drake, the human's hair is cut short, streaked with yellow, and he wears the gi of a yellow belt Tae Kwon Do student.

        BlastDragon - A dragon-themed Imagin with a childish attitude; loves to break dance, rap, and become a professional DJ. In order to activate Lightning Mode, he must possess Drake to share his Marksmanship abilities with him. When he possesses Drake, the human's hair is covered with a hat, with a few long locks on one side that are purple, and his clothing becomes a typical rapper's attire. Tends to think of Sara as his big sister, calling her 'Sissy.' Because of his immaturity, he tends to be very reckless with most of his actions.

        DoubleSwan - A princely Swan with the abilities to shrink Imagin that annoy him temporarily. Considers the other good Imagin as his family. Rarely helps Drake, and only when he deems it fitting for himself, or when the other Imagin are way over their heads. In order to activate Flight Mode, he must possess Drake to fight the evil Imagin himself, placing a gold winged faceplate over the ScanBuckle. When he possesses Drake, the human's hair becomes golden dreadlocks, and he wears a white feathered boa with whatever Drake was wearing.

        Deneb - A very friendly butler-like Imagin with blaster-like fingers that formed a contract with Daniel to protect and assist his past self prior to the time rewrite. Often mixes broccoli and other veggies into the food Daniel eats, with the emphasis on brocolli. For Daniel to access Vega Form, Deneb merges with the Continuum armor when the Continuum Card is inserted to the Continuum Belt with the Yellow side up; Alex can also access Vega Form when triggered by Deneb. Changes into the Deneb Rifle when a Red Continuum card is inserted into the belt. When he possesses Drake or Daniel, the human's hair grows two long locks on either side of the face, with the right (Daniel) or left (Drake) lock being green. The only Imagin to appear solid outside of one of the time trains. It is currently unknown what appearance Alex takes upon Deneb’s possession.

        Blade - The assistant-like Imagin with resemblance to SwordDevil in some aspects. Was named SwordDevil X by Drake in the future, but renamed Blade by Alex. Though not a hothead like his predacessor, he speaks with a proper british accent, and never speaks out of turn. Despite not being required to possess Quantum X to become Striker Form, he can change into the Striker Blade to be Alex's primary weapon. Often counts down until bad Imagin are destroyed during his contract holder's cocky phase. Gets notably upset when Alex is hurt or missing.


          Episode/Story Arc Guide

          Time Constant Saga

          01: All Aboard the Quantum Express!
          02: Houston, We Have a Problem
          03: Say You're Sorry

          04: A Lie is More Entertaining Than The Truth
          05: Time to Reel the Bad Guy In

          06: Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!
          07: Show Me Your Strength, I Dare You

          08: The Verdict is... Multiple Personality?
          09: It's Game Over, Right? That's Rhetorical!

          11: Who's That Mystery Man?
          12: Let Me Make This Clear to You...
          13: What Happened to the Continuum Rail?

          14: Bow Down to Royalty... Me!
          15: Fighting for a Mother's Wish

          16: Even Bears Make Mistakes

          Dark Quantum Saga

          01: Quantum Police On Duty
          02: Continuum Undercover
          03: A Vamp-ish Investigation
          04: The Dragon's an Occupational Hazard!
          05: Vamp and Quantum Join Forces
          06: Epilogue - Detective Work Runs in the Family

          New Quantum in Town

          01: We Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance
          02: There's a New Sheriff in Town
          03: ... Living in the Shadow of My Grandpa

          04: Look; its a Clue!
          05: This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Lot of Us
          06: Thank You, Old Friend...
          07: Take Us On For Size, Compadres!
          08: Even in Anti-Time, There is Love

          Time's Battleship Epic - Decoded

          01: Who's Quantum?
          02: Final Form Ride: Quantum!
          03: We're Not Done Here
          04: Where in Time did the Good Imagin End Up?
          05: I Wont Force You...
          More TBA

          For Future Love - Continuum Story
          Test of Partnership - Quantum X Story
          A Thief's Reward - DeFrag/Quantum PD Story

          More to come and to be planned... be patient.