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[GNR-KR2] KRP-01: Invisible Foes

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    [GNR-KR2] KRP-01: Invisible Foes

    Kamen Rider Photo
    Episode One: Invisible Foes
    Graphic Novel Rangers Season Six Premiere
    Written by Lexington “Chip” Lonewolf


    Matt Cetacean, Kamen Rider Photo

    Also Starring:

    Affinity Lawson, eccentric girl that can see Apparitions
    Stefan Starr, Matt’s roommate
    Gianna Sidarius, Stefan’s athletic girlfriend
    Dax Montesa, journalism major and reporter for the school newspaper

    Krill Apparition

    Prologue – Can’t Escape What Remains Unseen
    (as told by Matthew Cetacean)

    In the history of Photography, there a lot of people who revolutionized the use of the photographic camera. Even today, where there are people taking snapshots that end up being an afterthought, the art of taking quality pictures still exist to this day, even if film photography is now a lost art in this digital age. There is nothing I’d be more shocked about than the loss of film photography! I can’t even use my favorite twin-lens reflex camera without worrying whether or not I can develop my used rolls of film! What a travesty it would be to find out the photo department at the local Costco isn’t accepting film! *ahems* But why rant when I should tell you about one of the more… dammit! What was the word again? *snaps fingers* Oh yes! The more perplexing mysteries of the modern world, or at least what we know of it.

    Looking through a viewfinder or the latest LCD screen, you get a glimpse into the world only the one using the camera can see. However, not all things seen through the camera can be seen by the untrained eye. In this world, there are leagues of monstrosities that target whoever is able to see them. They attack only if they notice that they are seen. For years they have gone unchallenged, leaving the law enforcement to cite the attacks being by an unknown force. Not even the police can see this threat to humanity!

    There are only a handful of humans that can see these monsters without peering through a viewfinder. Being a devout student of professional photography, I ended up being one of them, but not until I looked through the viewfinder of a really special camera. I didn’t know how much of an impact seeing these invisible foes would be, until that day I ended up realizing my destiny to do more than just take pictures and dream about living the good life with a French supermodel while vacationing on a private beach somewhere along the French Riviera. Oh yes… that will be the life.

    Who am I, you ask? My name is Matthew Cetacean. Yes, that’s my last name… Cetacean. I am in the middle of my time in Eagle University. Yeah, think of someone like me going into the University system. Most of the people think of me as going to a junior college back in California. Truth be told, I am not too fond of my family, as estrogen-fueled as it is. Which is one of the reasons why I got good grades and able to attend college. That was one of the many advantages of getting away from my sisters, like my two older brothers have successfully done. I wonder how they could handle it for so long without staging a revolt?

    That isn’t something I should burden others with right now. Let’s start where everything should start. Where would be the beginning? How about where it all began; the day before I saw what was to remain unseen…

    End of Prologue.

    Chapter One -- No More Camera

    Eagle University, Boston; Student Commons

    "Oh man... I should've been worried about that."

    Matt Cetacean was lamenting over his inoperable DSLR camera. The digital chip within the camera worn out on him in the middle of a photoshoot for his recent street photography project, and he was not so happy about losing an investment such as his favorite digital camera.

    "Oh man..." Stefan Starr said, looking at Matt's camera as he pulled a 16 GB data card, which housed a bunch of his recent photographs (in two different formats). He placed it into his old card reader (which acted as a storage for in between the dorm and assignments and labs).

    "Looks like I have to start applying for scholarships," Matt concluded, after detaching the lens he had on the camera. "I can't afford a new camera on my own, let alone just the body." He knew how expensive it was just to get that camera at the beginning of his college education. But if he decides to get the similar model, he'd save some money by not getting the camera package which includes the standard zoom lens."

    "What about your Warranty?" said Dax Montesa, whom was eyeing a college couple passing by. He was in one of his phases when he wants to show how good he is in bed to anyone. Even if it means a threesome. "The editor wouldn't be too mad if it broke down because of a product defect."

    Matt screwed on the back cover onto the lens after putting the body cap onto the camera body. He set the lens aside, saving it as if it was his only hope. Though pretty sensitive for a camera attachment, the lens is the most expensive to replace if damaged. "The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear, Dax." Though Matt wasn't amused about losing a camera body, it was a small comfort to him that he didn't need to spend as much on a new camera this time, but it was still almost as pricey as a laptop. "Although I only wish it was that simple. I could have a new camera within a week or so if that happened."

    Stefan hummed. "So you're going to have to borrow a camera from the Equipment Repository again? You said those fellas are... what did you say again?"

    "Agressive-passive," smirked Matt, whom hated having to deal with the people who worked there. They were a bunch of dullards that tend to scrutinize everything, no matter what kind of equipment that a student checks out. Even the fashion majors get that treatment when they return their loaned sewing machines. "I'm going to have to talk to my department head to get an extended check-out of a school camera for as long as it takes to save the money."

    "It doesn't matter what kind of camera you get, Matt," said Gianna Sidarius before giving Stefan a hug from behind. "All that matters is the quality of photos you take."

    "Tell that to the editor," said Dax. "He knows the difference if one of his photography staff uses a lower quality camera. He'll just consider lower quality pictures from inferior cameras with lower megapixels as shit."

    "This is a first," snerked Gianna. "The pansexual playboy Dax Montesa talking as if the glass was half-empty! No wonder the ladies are wow'd by your personality."

    "The invitation is still open if ya wanna try out what Dax has to offer." The journalism major grinded the air with a naughty wink."

    "Pass," said Gianna. "I'm with Stefan, and you know how tempermental he can get when he has to share." she teased.

    "As much fun as this is," sighed Matt as he looked at his phone, and started packing up his camera bad "I'm gonna be late for my next class, and I don't want to be caught without a decent set of notes again." He then grabbed his camera lens and backpack and headed toward the exit.

    Stefan said. "Matt sure is devoted to his photography."

    "Yeah... tell that to the editor; he thinks of Matt as one of the slacker photographers on his staff." Dax was telling the truth.

    Gianna hummed, "Wonder if he ever dated? The right girlfriend would be enough to get that stick out of his butt."

    As the door to the student commons closed behind Matt, his departure was observed by an eccentrically-dressed lady, whom looked like she knew more than someone of her appearance would. "He could probably be the one to handle it," She observed, as she picked up a camera bag made in the patchwork style, and started to follow a respectable distance behind the husky photography major.

    End of Chapter One.