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[GNR-KR2] Kamen Rider Photo™

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    [GNR-KR2] Kamen Rider Photo™

    Kamen Rider Photo™
    Graphic Novel Rangers Season Six
    Kamen Rider Season Two
    Written by Lexington “Chip” Lonewolf
    Inspired: 10/16/12

    In the city of Boston, a force of unseen monstrous beings is attacking innocent bystanders. These creatures, known as Apparitions, can be only seen through the viewfinder or preview screen of a camera. Opposing them is an uncommon hero, with the ability to see them without a camera to his face. He, and he alone is chosen to fight these monsters, with the aid of a mysterious camera and various accessories. There is no safe place for Apparitions, as long as Kamen Rider Photo is in town!


    Matt CetaceanKamen Rider Photo
    - A photography student whose early work primarily reflects his interests; marine life. He prefers to use a professional-grade SLR camera, but is also adept in the use of a DSLR camera, should he run out of film. Also has a weak spot for French ladies. For someone of a husky build, he is quite agile.
    Benton "Benny" Talbot IV Kamen Rider Reflex
    - He is a rival photographer of Matt, and is more abrasive than understanding due to an autoimmune condition taking all his hair. Benny comes from money and class and a long history of photographic innovators. He is also intrigued by Evelyne, thus a romantic rival to Matt.
    TBD – Kamen Rider Snapshot
    - An amateur just learning how to take photos, his work relies on the use of a non-professional digital camera. Could possibly be one of Matt's friends, or someone else altogether.


    Affinity Lawson - a fellow photography student that is able to see Apparitions, despite not being a Kamen Rider. She takes a quite eccentric attitude to other aspects of life.
    Stefan Starr - Matt’s roommate and a pre-med student. He does not get along with his relatives that well.
    Gianna Sidarius - a fellow student on an athletic scholarship for Women’s Lacrosse and Stefan’s current girlfriend.
    Dax Montesa - a journalism major that has the most libido out of anyone in Matt’s graduating class. One of the main reasons Matt is on the college newspaper as a photographer.
    Evelyne Trottier - a fashion major from France. Fluent in English, and the object of Matt's effection. (character concept by R.G. Stall)
    Russell Carpenter - varsity football coach in Briarwood, California, and Rider Tech inventor. Producer of the Snapshot Rider System.


    Unknown Leader - he dispatches the Apparitions to attack innocents, and take out Photo, if necessary.
    Will o’ Wisps - footsoldiers that sometime aid Apparitions in battle. Tend to cause serious burns if their opponents are not careful.
    Various Apparition monstrosities that are taken out by either Photo, Reflex, and/or Snapshot


      Rider Tech:

      Photo Rider Tech:

      PhotoDriver: Modeled after a professional-grade SLR camera, this change device not only takes both film and digital prints, but attach to the Photo Buckle to start the transformation to Kamen Rider Photo. Can be equipped with various attachments to invoke enhanced forms, and use Attack Power Film to trigger a "Photo Finish" attack.
      Flash Puncher Attachment: turns Photo into Flash Form, and equips him with the Flash Puncher gauntlet on his right arm. Speed and Melee abilities are enhanced when in this form.
      Super Zoom Attachment: turns Photo into Zoom Form, giving him the ability to enlarge his limbs as if a lens was zooming in on the limb. Also can be used to make Photo a giant to fight massive Apparitions, but only for two minutes before the strain causes the transformation to cancel.
      Photo Finish Custom Form: Accessible when both the Flash Puncher and Super Zoom Attachments are combined with the PhotoDriver. The Flash Puncher becomes a blaster with the Super Zoom Lens attached. Photo is only able to maintain this form for five minutes until his transformation cancels out. Most of these films are named after the additive colors of light.
      Attack Power Film
      - Red Film Roll: Photo Finish Rider Kick
      - Green Film Roll: Photo Finish Rider Punch
      - Blue Film Roll: Photo Finish Rider Charge
      - Silver Film Roll: Photo Finish Rider Shooting
      - Gold Film Roll: True Abilities Unknown; currently cancels Photo's transformation as an error.
      Machine Orca - Photo's cycle is modeled after a CanAm Spyder Roadster in basic form, with special abilities pending on the insert of four different Reflex Film Rolls. These Rolls are named after the four colors used in printing.
      - Cyan Film Roll: turns the Machine Orca into a hoverbike,
      - Magenta Film Roll: turns the Machine Orca into a jet ski.
      - Yellow Film Roll: turns the Machine Orca into an ATV.
      - Black Film Roll: reverts the Machine Orca to its base form.

      Reflex Rider Tech:

      Film Belt Unlike the Photo Driver, Reflex requires a belt to activate the Rider Tech, as the belt doesn't automatically appear. Has holsters for the Attack Roll films and the
      Reflex Driver - A modified Twin-Lens Reflex Camera which is the key to the Rider Tech. Once locked into the buckle of the Film Belt, it can activate the function to allow the wearer to become Kamen Rider Reflex. Has a bit of a weakness, that after the transformation, and after using Attack Film Rolls, the user has to press the advance lever.
      Twin-Lens Foil A rapier like weapon used in battle as Reflex's main weapon. Can be used with the Attack Film Rolls designed for Reflex for Rider Slash finishers.
      Saber Flash Attachment Turns Reflex into Flash Blade Form, and based on a side-attach flash. Being in this form benefits from an increase in agility and strength, with a decrease in defensive power. Equips the rider with a Flash Saber, and alongside the Twin-Lens Foil, dual-wield these weapons for a double Rider Slash using the Cyanotype Roll
      Attack Roll Films - These Roll Films are moded after 120 Rolls of film, thus these are exclusive to Reflex. They are slid into the bottom of the Reflex Driver, or inserted into the Twin-Lens Foil. Each are named after various historical developing processes.
      - Cyanotype Roll: Photo Finish Rider Slash
      - Daguerreotype Roll: Photo Finish Rider Uppercut
      - Albumen Roll: Photo Finish Rider Kick
      - Talbotype Roll: Photo Finish Rider Lunge
      Machine Griffin - This modified Harley Davidson Chopper has headlights in the likeness of the lenses on a Twin-Lens Reflex Camera. Its Attack Film Rolls are named after early predecessors of Cameras, and requires two of one type for a Riding Attack.
      - Obscura Roll Cycle Mode/Photo Finish Rider Shooting
      - Lucida Roll Griffin Mode/Photo Finish Rider Dive-bomb

      Snapshot Rider System:
      Snapshot Belt - Required to activate the rider tech, has a smaller holster for Attack Data Cards.
      Snapshot Driver - Created by Russell Carpenter to help counter the Apparition threat, this camera was modeled after a point-and-shoot digital camera. It is made so a non-photographer can use it. Unlike the Reflex and Photo Systems, it cannot engift a user to see the Appartions, meaning only those that are aware of the Apparition presence can use it. A working Prototype that is used when battling Will o' Wisps, but needs backup with stronger Apparitions.
      Attack Data Cards: - These are modeled after SDHC Memory cards, and are inserted in a side slot on the left of the Snapshot driver. And can be used for various attack styles. The names are copies of special attacks of Photo and Reflex, only slightly weaker. Multiple use for each card, and can be used in rapid succession without being ejected.
      - Photo's Rider Punch Card: Duplicates the Flash Puncher on Snapshot's left arm, and hits a less powerful version of the Rider Punch.
      - Reflex's Rider Slash Card: Duplicates the Flash Saber for a speed-boost and Rider Slash attack.
      - Snapshot Rider Kick Card: The only card that does not duplicate another Rider's attack. Requires jumping from a tree or building to help energize the Rider Kick enough to destroy several Will o' Wisps in one go.


        Episode Guide:

        1) Invisible Foes
        -- As invisible forces attack people, Matthew Cetacean looks through a camera viewfinder, and finds that he is able to see the villains as well.
        2) The Mysterious Hero Photo
        -- Becoming Kamen Rider Photo to destroy a monster, Matt learns about the Apparition threat through a young lady that can see the monsters like he could.

        More episodes to come... have patience, and they will come.