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[GNR-KR] KRM-14: Mascot Crisis, Part Two

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    [GNR-KR] KRM-14: Mascot Crisis, Part Two

    Kamen Rider Mascot
    Episode Fourteen: Mascot Crisis, Part Two
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf and Darrel James Vanwinkle
    Revised 08/12/13

    Dylan Smart, Kamen Rider Cougar
    Keiko Kim, Kamen Rider Timberwolf
    Calum Winters, Kamen Rider Wildcat
    Kerry Buckland, Kamen Rider Beaver
    Elias Randall, Kamen Rider Viper

    Also Starring:

    Lightning Rider Legion
    Basil Tanner, Lightning Kamen Rabbit Rider
    Toddric Renard, Lightning Kamen Fox Rider
    Zoe Tachibana, Lightning Kamen Mouse Rider
    Brittney Parker, Lightning Kamen Crane Rider
    Jason Silverheels, Lightning Kamen Horse Rider
    Marla Bordeaux, Lightning Kamen Lizard Rider
    Dylan Seward, Lightning Kamen Cougar Rider
    Lord Baphomeseus "Ghost", Lightning Kamen Ghost Rider

    Kitty Lang, Cougar Spirit and Varsity Cheerleader
    Hunter Triplett, Carson High Quarterback
    Silas Veritas, Viper Spirit and Stealth Troublemaker
    Cyrus Brand, Timberwolf Spirit and tough customer
    Lauren Addams, Wildcat Spirit and Tough Chick
    Bradford Gellar, perverted Beaver Spirit, and Chess Club President

    Machine Empire:
    King Gasket
    Queen Archerina
    Prince Glitch
    Professor von Gearbolt IV
    (Machine Monsters TBA)

    Chapter One -- Lightning Advisory and a Beast Unleashed

    Basil was having a bit of trouble as unlike his fellow Lightning Riders, he underestimated just how crafty the Cogs could be and he was now pinned down under a mass of Cogs in a cul de sac gully with no apparent escape. Looks like I bit off more than I can chew. GHOST! I NEED YOU! which was followed by ...I'd even settle for Prince Nesumi at this point...

    And with the young Riders out of sight and distracted by their own quarrels and new destination, it didn't look promising for the alien Lightning Rider...

    "Where's an evil noble when you need one?" Basil exclaimed aloud as he struggled to get free from all of the overbearing Cogs. But then 'fate' seemed to smile his way once again.

    A fast moving small rock ricocheted off of one Cog's head, striking another Cog, then one closer, and then another Cog, and finally the Cog holding Basil down!

    "What the?"

    Up on top of the gully's rise was what appeared to be a young man, rather cute, save for the black scarf eye mask over his head and the Bugs Bunny tee shirt. "Take that, Cogs! You made a mistake leaving Beaver territory like this! You're in Mascot Rabbit Land! And you're dealing with the Mascot Rabbit Kamen Rider! Free of artificial additives and colors! And scrumptiously delicious, according to a majority of medical experts! Catch me if you can!"

    And he baled off over the hill with the surge of Cogs that were on Basil chasing him!

    Basil blinked his eyes. "Mascot Rabbit? Kitty and the others didn't mention having a Rabbit Spirit rival! Of course... he didn't act like a Kamen Rider, either. Oh boy... I'll bet he's a local role player and he is really going to be in trouble now. He was cute and has a lot of spunk. I better go help him. But first..." He extended his hand toward the sky, "Lightning Rabbit Cycle!" And with a massive thunderclap, the lightning styled motorcycle appeared and Basil got on board.

    "Now to find that cute kid." And he revved up the Rabbit Cycle and sped off in search of his rescuer.

    Three Sisters, Central Oregon

    Toddric sped in and caused a massive lightning bolt to arc down out of the sky, striking Prince Glitch where he stood! "Mitts off my Cougar!"

    Glitch growled, as he stood in front of Dylan, after getting struck down. "You wanna fight, do you?!" He then snapped off the antenna that transmit frequencies, wanting to face this Kamen Rider without Daddy monitoring the battle. "And who in the scrapyard are you?!"

    Dylan took a chance while Glitch was distracted, pulling on one of the Machine's legs hard enough to make him fall to the ground, mask first! "The Empire..." he panted, while spitting out dirt, "... will not conquer Earth!" He started to stagger up. "I'll help you with this Rider, Toddric... once I take out this generator!"

    Glitch started to get up on all fours, growling in a robotic tone. "Not a fair move..."

    Toddric slashed Glitch with the Warp Blade suddenly. "If you want fair moves, go fight the Power Rangers! But when you fight a Rider... expect a little filth! I learned that from the Evil Nobles of Zoology on Planet Terra!" He shouted toward Dylan, "Go for it, Cougar!"

    Glitch put away his sword as he stood up with his back to the Lightning Rider, as his torso twisted for him to face Toddric. "You never faced an evil like me, before!" He then grabbed Toddric, and threw him over his head! He then twisted back to fire a couple energy bolts from his eyes, hitting the Fox on target!

    Dylan was looking around for a way to get rid of the generator, but the ground was clean around it; not even a Cog's staff was on the ground. He was desperate for something; a rock, a tool, anything! However, he saw nothing. He was getting frustrated about the cleanliness of the surroundings! Suddenly, he heard Kitty's voice in his head. I can sense that your frustration is rising... it is time for you to unleash the feral side of the Mascot Rider!

    Suddenly, Dylan's Rider Belt and Cougar Claw flew out of his pockets, encased in a strange aura, and got into place around his waist. Then the glow transferred to Dylan's right hand, as a silver gauntlet with a clawed glove appeared on his left wrist and hand. It's time for you to unleash the beast, and show that worthless scrap metal what a true Mascot's fury brings!

    Dylan raised his left hand over his chest, and shouted, "Time to Unleash the Beast!" He then pressed the circle on his Cougar Claw, unleashing a feral energy from the change device through the Wild Gauntlet. 'WILD FORM!' As Dylan got into a feral stance, he was transformed into the Rider Form, then the main colors of his Rider form inverted, as his armor became blue and the suit underneath became gold! Suddenly the armor transmuted into a more light yet highly durable armor, as blue claw weapons started to form over his hands! The mask started to warp slightly, showing a fierce visage as the omnilens eyes changed color from red to orange! With a flash of a mechanical cougar roaring in the background, Kamen Rider Cougar has leveled up to Wild Form!

    Multiple close-ups of the feral Rider took place in rapid succession, finalizing on the claws and the ferocity of the mask of this Rider!

    Dylan growled. As he started to claw at the ground with the claws on the back of his hands. "I can feel the wildness coursing in my bones!" He then leaped at the generator, as he used his claws to rip through the metal through many swipes of the claws. He then finalized it by grabbing the satellite, and yanking it off with enhanced strength!

    Quite suddenly, while Toddric was trying to shake the stars out of his eyes, he heard very loudly...

    "Hi Yo Silver! Away!" From a star burst in the heavens came a pinpoint laser of lightning and light that slammed down almost directly on top of Prince Glitch, throwing the machine rider away from the epicenter of the arrival point. Standing in the epicenter with his Lightning Kendo Sword at the ready was a huge muscular cowboy of a man wearing an all-white cowboy outfit, silver spurs, golden lasso, silver marshal's star on his chest, and two silver holstered pistols. And on his head, an all white cowboy hat. "Looks like you need some help, partner!" he exclaimed at Toddric.

    Toddric giggled as he slowly got up. "Jason! Am I ever glad to see you! Are the others coming?"

    Jason replied with the classic cowboy smile, "All of them... including Ghost."

    The two then turned to face Prince Glitch where ever he had landed. That surprise habit of people bolting out of the blue was getting old fast for the bad guys.

    Dylan was done toying with the generator, as he growled, "Wild Kick!" and pressed the proper button on his now-gold Cougar Claw. 'COUGAR STYLE!' the change device announced, as he got into a feral stance, as the armor started to glow in a reddish hue. Both feet were glowing with the energy of the Cougar Mascot, as he leaped right at the generator, giving it multiple bicycle kicks before it exploded from the multiple attacks! He then landed on all fours, like a cougar would. "Now to pay back Glitch!"

    Glitch glared at the two Riders bolting out of the blue. "I am not going to let you get away with surprising me again! Glitch Rover!" As he shouted it, a gear-like vortex appeared in the sky as an evil dune buggy-like vehicle was dropped next to the heir to the House of Gadgetry. "Fire!" he shouted, as he fired the Gatling cannon mounted on top of his rover.

    Before a single energy bolt can hit, A mechanical Cougar leaped in the line of fire, the energy bolts bouncing off of the armor as it was in front of the two Lightning Riders. Once it landed, it let out a mighty roar, As Dylan pounced right on top of the Glitch Rover, and ripped off the Gatling cannon. "I see you met my Cougar Cycle!" He then threw the cannon to the Wild Form-augmented Cougar Cycle, whom caught the scrap with its jaws, shaking it wildly.

    Glitch growled, as Cougar leaped off of his damaged Rover. "This is not over, Riders!" He then disappeared, buggy and all.

    Dylan listened to Kitty's next message to him, and said as he got on to the seat of the transformed Cougar Cycle; if Dylan was less . "T-Wolf and Viper both are going after their third... and Wildcat and Beaver took out one of them together... The perverted Beaver Spirit must've tried hitting on her again. The next one we should hit is in Bulldog's yard. Baker Hollow; to the east!"

    Both Toddric and Jason summoned their Lightning Cycles and nodded to Dylan. "Lead the way, partner!"

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- A Tough Challenge

    Near Klamath Falls, team T-Wolf/Mouse

    The generator was hovering undefended, or so they thought; not only a small army of Cogs transported down, so did a machine monstrosity that looked like an orbital satellite warped with an anti-missile launcher. The Launcher Bastard, he was dubbed upon his activation. "Keep an eye out for those Riders; King Gasket would scrap those that return to him in failure!"

    From behind a few trees used for cover, Keiko looked back to Zoe, and said, "Looks like Ass-ket caught on to what we are up to... that monster looks like it would be a challenge for even two Riders."

    Zoe hummed, but then she suddenly got a sensation. "I just got a flash message, Keiko. My sister in crime is about to arrive. And she is one of those types I really love watching in action. Even though her designation is the Lizard, what she does is anything but cute. She has another species name for herself. She was a fighter before getting the Kamen Rider powers. If I wasn't on the same side as her, I'd be afraid of her."

    Keiko hummed, as she took another look at the Launcher Bastard, then said. "The more the merrier, even in our situation... the defenses look pretty vast, but if I get close enough, I could drown it in the Klamath River just behind it after it's disabled. And hope that any of the nearby Mascot Riders try nothing stupid." She said. "Let's hope that all those Cogs and that monster can be held off until your sister in crime arrives."

    Zoe smiled. "Let me explain one more detail about the Lightning Legion... when you guys called our team for help, they chose to send in the negotiators first. That's why you got us four first. The next three are the heavy hitters. And the last resort rider is our mentor. And when he arrives... everyone, friend and foe alike, simply wants to go home and forget this day ever happened. The best description of my sister in crime is... an LHG on Steroids." She winked as she turned to observe the situation once more. "So, how should we handle this?"

    Keiko hummed. "The defenses are more reinforced than the others were, but this can be doable until your sister in crime gets here..." And she whispered the plan to Zoe. However, since there was more defenses, a few of the Cogs came around to see what was the rustling that was happening. 'Identify Yourselves!' one of the grunts stated in its monotone robotic voice.

    "So much for plans," T-Wolf sighed, before getting in a fighting pose, and started to defend herself as the Cogs started the attack. Though she was a rough fighter, Keiko knows that when not transformed, the attacks really hurt.

    Zoe growled, "Sure would be nice if my sister in crime would hurry up! Or do I have to use the 'C' word?!"

    This time, there was no star burst or laser warning from on high... instead, what came was the warp factor ten concussion blast in the middle of the Cogs. And standing in the epicenter of the blast zone was an eight foot tall muscular woman wearing a black leather boy scout uniform with shorts and knee high heeled boots. And propped over one shoulder was the massive foam blade of an S & M paddle. "Someone call for a dragon? Marla Bordeaux has arrived. And whoever dares to call me 'cute' is dying first. With the need for warp speed, Kamen Rider Lightning Lizard. And no, lightning isn't my breath weapon. But this is..." And with that, she exhaled a blast of fire that was icy cold to the touch!

    Zoe smirked. "About time you showed up! Were you waiting for an invitation?" She sped and attacked the Cogs nearest her.

    Marla chuckled. "None of these shrimps seem to be my type."

    Keiko face palmed herself. A bully far worse than Beaver... and an Amazon at that... who knew? "Let's hope they keep the Machine monster busy while I take out the generator." She said to herself, taking a Cog's staff, sneaking around the battle. by circling the Cogs, disabling those that got distracted by her.

    A few minutes later, she was at the generator. At last, she thought, as she was getting ready to short-circuit the floating generator, the staff was grabbed by the massive hand of the Launcher Bastard. "So this is the Wolf bitch causing the Machine Empire!" He yanked the staff from her grip, and threw it into the river. He then grabbed Keiko by the neck. "I'd be scrapped before I let you destroy this generator!"

    Keiko was trying to struggle her way out of the Machine monstrosity's grip, hoping it won't get any tighter. The machine cackled. "I can end you so easy and quick now that you can't transform!"

    Suddenly a Cog flew through the air and slammed into the back of Launcher Bastard's head, while another flew backwards and crashed into the generator!

    Zoe remarked from her group of Cogs, "Damn, Marla! Watch where you're throwing your dates! You almost hit me and my boyfriends!"

    Without a smile, the reply was, "I prefer to lead, boys! How come I never meet any Prince Charmings out here?" And another Cog flew through the air with the greatest of ease!

    The Launcher Bastard grumbled. "What... two more females?! Triple the pleasure, triple the fun!" He then let go of T-Wolf's neck, and attacked them with a few missile blasts at the ground very close to their feet! "I'm not going to let you destroy this generator!

    "Kamen Rider!" 'RIDER FORM!'

    As soon as the Launcher Bastard turned around, he saw Kamen Rider Timberwolf drowning the remains of the generator within the Klamath River. She then activated her Rider Katana and slashed him once. "Hey guys, want to give this bastard a 'Triple' headache?"

    Zoe pulled her Lightning Kendo Sword, slashing the Cogs around her as she did. "I'm ready!"

    Marla removed the foam sheath from the sword she had revealing her own Lightning Kendo Sword. "Sure. It's better than starting my period. Let's get this over with." She sounded unimpressed with this guy. And the reason obviously had to do with whoever her arch enemy was.

    "Let's end this!" Keiko shouted, as she pressed the right center button on her T-Wolf Change Paw 'FULL CHARGE 1!' Keiko held her sword different than she did with the previous Full Charge she initiated. "Start the Triangle!" She then ran, and hit the first full powered Kendo slash right through the Launcher Bastard!

    Zoe and Marla lifted their swords, as lightning bolts arced down and struck the blades, then they ran along each side of Launcher Bastard, causing gashes, lightning sparks, fire and icy explosions in their wake!

    As we view above the Machine Empire's monstrosity, there was energy triangle that was causing more damage. And at the instant the three sheathed their blades, the Launcher Bastard was ended in a massive explosion.

    Before Keiko could celebrate, she heard the voice of Cyrus, the Timberwolf Spirit. Cougar has caught up in count; Viper has destroyed the same amount, and the young pups rid us of one. The next activity is where Ducks tread on a higher level; show the meaning of haste.

    Keiko called for the T-Wolf Chopper, and said. "We must be quick... the next generator is in Eugene..." She then mounted her bike, and revved it up.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three -- C.S.I. Oregon

      Cascades near the Beaver Territory

      Basil quickly dispatched the Cogs he surprised when he rode his Lightning Rabbit Cycle up over the hill for it appeared that they had been just standing around trying to figure out where the young man had vanished to. And with the Cogs out of the way finally, it was time for a Rider to look around.

      "They were just standing here. There is no way that kid could have just disappeared that fast. I was right behind the Cogs and they lost him. But it's impossible. There is no where to hide."

      He got off of his cycle and slowly started walking over the leafy, vine-covered overgrowth when something underfoot suddenly got his attention. "Metal?" He slowly got off of the object and began to clear the leaves and vines away from the flat surfaced object.

      It was a nearly faded high school sign. With a picture of a running rabbit in a soccer jersey and ball.

      "Let's see... it says... Home of... the... Rushing... Rabbit. Hey, I like this find. I might take this home with me and prop it up in my room and-"

      But the rest of his words were cut off as he lifted the sign and got his first view of what was underneath.

      Over by Beaver and Wildcat, both Mascot Riders suddenly heard the echoing, loud, shocked sounding voice of Basil as he exclaimed, "OH MY" (vulgar obscenity) " GOD!" And the echoed shout hit nearly every valley and mountain peak around Rider Territory afterward.

      The recently untransformed Kerry and Calum both heard that voice. It nearly made him lose control of his Roadster in the middle of I-84. "What was that?"

      Kerry couldn't help but to smirk. "Some boy sounding like he walked in on his parents making a sibling; the look on his face must've been priceless; sad that we couldn't see it."

      Calum was cringing at the thought, until he heard the sound of a whip cracking in his mind. The Viper has overtaken your route, and Cog activity has increased greatly. Both you and Beaver should continue with haste; he may need your help should he and the Lightning Rider with him, have big trouble. Wildcat then said, "Sounds like Viper beat us to the punch, but the Wildcat Spirit advised me that the one we all hate beat us to the punch."

      Beaver growled. "I don't care if a snake doesn't have visible nards, I am going to *bleeping* sterilize him for blocking our chances at a second one."

      The redhead shook his head, as he increased his speed slightly. "The Wildcat Spirit said we should back him up... maybe after this whole thing is over, I won't stop you, but right now, we have to be civil."

      In the meantime, Basil was on his cell phone after having dialed 911. "I am a Kamen Rider and I have accidentally stumbled across an apparent crime scene. Someone tried to cover it up with debris, but... even I wasn't prepared for what I found, ma'am... there are two decayed corpses out here. One is that of a teen aged human girl wearing a school cheerleaders outfit and the other... is that of a teen aged human boy wearing the full body mascot costume of a soccer rabbit. The metal sign which was on top of the bodies reads... Home of the Rushing Rabbit. No, I am not going anywhere... I'll wait right here for the authorities. The location is at..." and he provided directions to the gruesome discovery. "One more thing I should mention... no servant of the Machine Empire did this. I can clearly see a bullet hole in the skull of the female victim. This is a human crime."

      Zoology Hall; Planet Terra

      Princess Kitnova (Toddrick's arch enemy) was speaking to Princess Tibara (Basil's arch enemy.) "When I was out to challenge Toddric, I could not find him. It seems that he and his entire team are all off somewhere. And because they are not attacking us, I now wonder what Ranger or Rider team needed them."

      The rabbit noble thought about it for a moment, then she turned and shouted, "Nezumi! I need you right now!"

      With an unheralded blast of smoke, Prince Nezumi appeared. "You bellowed, Tibara?"

      "Yes I did," she replied. "Basil and the others are all off somewhere. Do you happen to know where he is? I figured I would ask you since you are always sniffing after him."

      "Surprising as this will be to admit," Nezumi started. "I don't always sniff after him. Like Kitnova, I was preparing a challenge for Zoe. I really don't care about her but I cannot let her think that I have no challenges for her. As for Basil, give me an hour and I am sure I can learn where he and the others went."

      Tibara puffed up her upper lip. "Make it so. No one else is permitted to take out our rivals other than us. And if anyone so much as tries it, we will intervene personally."

      "In other words, the Nobles of Zoology should be preparing for an outing of our own, is that it?" inquired Kitnova with a grin.

      "Not to worry, ladies," replied Prince Nezumi. "I have spies everywhere; even at the Lightning Legion command base. I will learn where they went." And he headed off to make the inquiry.

      Tibara looked at the noble vixen. "I was wondering how he always seemed to know when the Lightning Legion were off somewhere."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four -- Viper Goes Wild... Speedily!

        Near Hood River, in the Gorge

        Elias smirked under his helmet as he drove the Viper Coil and revved up to speed up further. "This one's going to be too easy!

        Suddenly, he was yanked out, and thrown out of his motorcycle. A machine called the Mach Lizard made himself known. "Nice try Viper! COGS!" Suddenly, and army of 200 cogs filled the clearing. "Clean that lady Rider's clock while I rip a snake in two! ATTACK!"

        Brittney had her Lightning Crane Kendo Sword in hand. "To clean my clock, you would have to go back to Planet Terra. Where Ghost is... no one wants that." And she started slashing into the Cogs who came at her. And when she said Ghost, there was the indication of fear in her voice. With good reason.

        But unlike the Lightning Horse and the Lightning Lizard's arrivals, nothing came from on high to strike the battle field. Instead, a spooky looking portal opened up in the side of the hill and two Lightning Cycles rocketed out of it before it vanished. Lightning Cougar and Ghost had arrived. "Brittney! Where is Basil at?" asked the spectral looking Lightning Rider. And to prove how spectral, the moment a Cog tried to land a blow on him, the Cog disintegrated into dust as if it had gone through an anti-matter field.

        "He's way over in the Cascades near Beaver territory, Ghost!" she replied. "I heard over my receiver that he found two murder victims under a metal sign out there. Never fails that no matter where he goes, he finds a police case to work on."

        "Then I better go help him," he stated as he gestured toward Mach Lizard which threw the machine monster over Viper's location and into a tree trunk. "...when he gets involved in something, he likes to be thorough. And police cases runs in his family. He comes from a professional line of detectives." He glanced around the scene casually. "Can you handle these buffoons?"

        The Lightning Cougar was moving like lightning all over the battle ground fighting ferociously and with only the sound of a feral snarl.

        Brittney smiled. "Now that Dylan has joined us, we three can handle this. But Viper has dibs on the Mech Lizard. It is a school pride thing."

        Ghost smirked. "If he falls, I will return to show the Machine Empire just why I am called..." and he vanished although he was still heard but only briefly. "...Ghost."

        Brittney smirked as well. "I think a lot of the Cogs have soiled underwear now. Ghost is impressive. Glad he is only the mentor of the team. How you doing over there, Elias?"

        Elias was stumbling towards the generator. And before he could say "This is nothing" in a cocky manner, Mach Lizard quickly recovered, and took Elias away. The machine had the unpowered Rider by the neck. "It would be better for all of us if you die now!"

        Unfortunately, you are worth more to me alive than dead, hissed the voice of the Viper Spirit as a Wild Claw similar to Dylan's appeared on his left hand. Unleash the beast on this fast foe, and kill him where he stands.

        From where the battle was between the Light, flashes of green and yellow light appeared, as well as an explosion that knocked the Mach Lizard out and crashing into one of the Cogs.

        Running back at an inhuman pace was Kamen Rider Viper, but his colors were inverted. It is the new Wild Form! Multiple close-ups occurred in rapid succession, featuring the whip-like tail attached on the back of his mask before finalizing on the fangs!

        Brittney grinned. "Marla would love that form." The Lightning Lizard Amazon. "Although Elias likely wouldn't survive the encounter."

        Elias was already in a feral stance. "Viper Coil... come!"

        The Viper Coil then changed into a mechanical Snake, biting the Mach Lizard to paralyze it with a corrosive venom that disabled the machine's agility. "I'm feelin' a bit sluggish."

        "You'll be feeling more than that!" shouted Elias, as he opened the jaw of this Viper Change Jaw wide. "Wild Punch!" 'VIPER STYLE!' The Viper coil then threw Mach Lizard in the air, as Elias coiled back, then leaped out to hit a Rider Punch so strong, it sent the Mach Lizard into the Generator, and killing two birds with one stone. "Never trust a Viper not to bite!"

        Zoology Hall; Planet Terra

        Princess Tibara (rabbit noble) awaited the return of Prince Nezumi (mouse noble) in the grand meeting chamber along with the rest of the Nobles of Zoology. Princess Kitnova (fox noble,) Prince Tsuruki (crane noble,) Princess Umaza (horse noble,) Prince Tokagi (lizard noble,) Princess Raiona (lion noble,) and Lord Hitsuji Yakkaimono (black ram noble.) "I swear," the rabbit princess remarked. "if he went off alone to find Basil, I will strip his hide from his body."

        "You are so impatient, Tibara," replied the mouse prince as he entered the chamber. "I have the information. The Lightning Legion are on Earth once again helping the Mascot Riders."

        Lord Hitsuji Yakkaimono dryly stated, "The Mascot Riders on Earth are currently fighting against King Gasket's Machine Empire."

        Prince Tokagi growled, "Then we must go to Earth to make certain the Machine Empire does not gain the glory for defeating our rivals in our absence!"

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five -- Honor Among Mascots

          As the forensic team and the paramedics carefully loaded up the bodies of the two homicide victims, two detectives spoke at length with Basil. He told them how he had come upon the scene and how the boy's ghost had saved his life from the Cogs. The mention of the Cogs was enough to confirm that Basil was telling the truth. Everyone knew of the Machine Empire being in the region and their war with the Mascot Riders.

          "This boy's ghost saved my life earlier," explained Basil. "And for that, I want to help solve his murder mystery. Back on Planet Terra, I am the son of a law enforcer. Therefore I must uphold the family honor by helping the police now, if I am permitted. You guys said you had been trying to find these two for several months before I found them. Someone in Warrenton is about to encounter justice from a lightning rabbit. With the need for warp speed, this is now my case."

          After a brief discussion with his partner, the first detective replied, "Okay, we will take a chance on you, Lightning Rider. I hope you have some sort of plan for finding out who did this horrific thing. A mascot shot through the head is not a good way to die. As for the cheerleader, I cannot figure out her tie-in with the mascot."

          "Perhaps she was secretly the girlfriend of the boy in the mascot costume." Sitting on his motorcycle was Ghost. He had simply appeared out of nowhere without being heard. "I am Kamen Rider Ghost, the Lightning Rider's mentor." He looked to Basil. "The rest of the team are currently getting the mission resolved. But regarding how you always seem to find a mystery to work on and the fact you are in no hurry to spend any time with Prince Nezumi, you have my permission to pursue this mystery with the local police. If you need the rest of the Lightning Legion to wrap up the case, just send word to me. I will fetch them."

          "Thanks, Ghost," said Basil. "This is important to me now because the mascot rabbit's ghost saved my life. I have to help him find peace and justice."

          "You do that then. I need to continue checking on the rest of the team. The Lightning Legion sometimes forgets how powerful they really are." And he was gone.

          Basil chuckled as he resumed his serious look toward the shaken detectives. "He has that affect on anyone who has never met him before. Now, let's focus on this case. Warrenton, you said, was where these two came from, right? And that means there is a murder weapon involved that has not been recovered. Find that, get the prints from the weapon, and then we can corner the one who did this."

          In the meanwhile, Kerry and Calum (Beaver and Wildcat) were speeding along when suddenly, Ghost appeared on his motorcycle directly beside the two. "Basil is preoccupied with the local police. He sent me to assist you riders. You may call me... Ghost." And the chills rippled across the spine of every living thing around when he said his name.

          "Was he caught speeding?" asked Kerry, whom instantly got Calum a bit unhappy with Beaver.

          Calum grumbled. "Be nice, Beaver. You are always lashing out at the other Riders!"

          "Shut up! They are all spineless, save for Timberwolf. Her strength is scary,!"

          Calum countered, "See?! You're still doing it! All of us have certain characteristics that you trash!"

          "He found the bodies of two humans which were hidden under debris. One was a cheerleader; the other was a young man wearing a Mascot soccer rabbit costume. I take homicides very seriously, Kerry. My own back on Terra was never solved. I don't even know who did it to me. But I am Kamen Rider Ghost now. Heaven and Hell had no openings for me when I died and Gabriel told me that until my murder was solved and the culprit brought to justice, then I would remain on Terra as... a special Kamen Rider. That was twenty years ago."

          He then chuckled in that way that was all his own. "As for being spineless, the dead have no fear. Watch this..." And he suddenly sped his cycle on ahead of the two and straight into the rocky side of the highway, vanishing from sight! And just as suddenly, his motorcycle pulled up along side the two as if he had just caught up with them from behind them. Only... he in one grip a Siberian uniform and a festival hat from Rio de Janeiro. "Any questions?"

          "None..." said Calum, suddenly feeling a little queasy at how fast Ghost was.

          Kerry was now feeling like she was put in her place. "I fold..." The pinkette said, unable to measure up Ghost or envision him being put in traction in a scenario where he pisses her off royally.

          "So, where are we off to now?" asked Ghost as he stopped showing off and just focused on the road ahead of him. "The scores all seem to be tied with the other Mascot Riders."

          "Except us," said Calum, whom was paying attention to the road. "We only got one of them, Beaver and I are lagging behind."

          Kerry glared at Calum. "Only because YOU don't have the BALLS to speed things up, Wildcat!"

          "I have to go the speed limit! We can't access our Rider forms, otherwise I would pick up the pace!"

          Ghost chuckled. "In that case, I'll get us to another generator in the blink of an eye. I saw a functioning one when I pulled that stunt a moment ago. Before you can say Jack Robinson, we'll be there." And he didn't give them time to reply as he utilized his power and they went from the roadway they were on to a roadway near the generator. "Best we keep things quiet now, Mascots. There is a generator off in that direction." He pointed toward a wooded hill.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six -- The Final Few Generators

            Baker Hollow, Oregon

            Dylan, Toddrick, and Jason were on the scene although the powerless Bulldog Rider was close by as well though not in the fight itself. Toddrick and Jason were speeding like lightning back and forth with their Lightning Kendo Swords through the Cogs at the location.

            Dylan slammed the brakes on his cycle after running over a Cog or two. Talk about reckless! "How's it going on your end guys?! This doesn't seem to be defended well!"

            Jason replied, "They don't even have a general at this generator. Just these cogs."

            Toddrick stated, "You know how things go, Jason... the worst fighting is always where ever Marla is; she's the Amazon."

            Colton, Oregon

            Elias, Brittney, and LC-Dylan had arrived to rescue the Colt Mascot Rider (a Sophomore named Dugan Shire) out of a jam. He apparently had tried to take out the generator himself and the Cogs overwhelmed him. Sad part was, Colt almost succeeded. Almost. The Generator was right on the edge of the cliff. The Lightning Crane and the Lightning Cougar sped in to take out the Cogs and to rescue Dugan, leaving Elias to handle the generator.

            Elias revved his engine and hit the generator with it, coincidentally. He went barreling down the cliff as the generator short-circuited and heard Silas' voice in his head. You are still of more value to me alive than dead. Transform and go wild, now!

            "Kamen Rider!" 'RIDER FORM!' 'WILD FORM!'

            Though a crash wasn't heard when expected, Viper in Wild Form made it back up the cliff Riding a top the head of the beast-like Viper Coil form! "That's one more down."

            As the Crane slashed the Cogs off of Dugan, the Colt Rider said, "They didn't even have a general at this generator. I thought I could do this on my own."

            Dylan Seward remarked, "You weren't expecting the numbers, that's all. Still, since no generals were here, they must be where ever Marla is; she's the Amazon."

            Brittney smirked as she got back on her Lightning Cycle again. "She is always in the worst fighting."

            Eugene, Oregon

            Keiko, Zoe, and Marla were indeed in Duck territory. And as the others feared, they were in the worst fight. There were double the number of Cogs at this generator and two generals instead of just one. Fortunately for them, Calum, Kerry, and Ghost were just arriving to assist them. The remaining generator was extra guarded far better secured to the spot. Getting rid of this one wouldn't be easy.

            As the latter three were arriving, the younger Mascots got to witness Marla breathing her fire breath through a squad of Cogs, causing explosions and sending them flying left and right. "Told you not to look at my breasts, stupid machines!"

            "Hey, Ghost brought some extra hands, Keiko!" exclaimed Zoe as she was still slashing Cogs who kept popping up.

            Ghost immediately leaped into action as he possessed one of the Cogs and make it punch another in the side of the head. I love being the ghost toastie!

            Staying down, and only taking out cogs when she had a chance. Keiko noticed a dark shape watching over the battle. It looked Rider-shaped. Staying low while she figures out how to get past the generals, Keiko kept a Cog Staff in her hands. Intent on moving when the time is right.

            "With the need for warp speed!" And that was when the other four Lightning Riders and their Mascot escorts arrived for the battle in progress.

            Marla shouted, "Lightning Legion! Double Strike!" And in a flash and crackle of lightning every Lightning Legion member vanished from the battle ground... but then as before when Jason and Marla arrived initially, the entire battlefield was showered with a million horrendous lightning strikes followed by the landings of every Lightning Legionnaire Rider whose landing explosions sent Cogs flying and exploding in multiple directions! "With the need for warp speed! Lightning Legion!" And they zoomed through the left over Cogs slicing them to ribbons where ever they went. That left the two Generals near the final generator.

            Both the generals charged at the Riders, powered or not and shoved them to the side. Keiko was the favorite target of Autonomic Amazon, whom smacked her across the quad.

            Seeing enough, the mysterious figure pressed in a button code and with a more robotic announcement than the current generation of Riders, his Rider System announced, 'RIDER SHOOTING!' He brought out what looked like claws, and combined them. It glowed in a golden light, before firing, and destroying the other (nondescript) general in one burst.

            Dylan looked up to the air. "Who the heck was that?" but before he can make out the shape, the Rider jumped off the building, disappearing from sight.

            Marla grabbed Keiko by her arms and whispered, "After I throw you, disable the generator. When that happens, all of you will get your powers back. We'll handle this fake amazon." And she suddenly launched Keiko high into the air at an angle and when the Autonomic Amazon glanced up to watch Keiko's movement, Marla, Zoe, and Brittney pulled out their Lightning Cannons and fired them directly into the robot general's body causing magnificent explosions which further aided to hide Keiko's trajectory from view. The Timberwolf mascot rider landed just beyond Toddrick, Jason, and Legionnaire Dylan near the generator... and Ghost made sure Keiko had privacy to do her thing. Nothing would get past his supernatural powers. For the dead knew no fear.

            Wolves of a pack... Keiko heard Cyrus say in her mind, as her belt and change device placed themselves around her waist. ... Always got your back. Show them how an alpha can take on the force of Machines!

            "Time to Unleash the Beast!" Before Keiko can be seen placing her hand on the change device, the Amazon automaton was ramming her way through. She then saw a rider before her, with a similar transformation that Dylan and Elias went through. She pressed her Wild Kick function. 'T-WOLF STYLE!' She kicked back as if she was a dog, destroying the generator. Before the other Riders could transform, Keiko held out her Rider Katana in front of Dylan. "No... Let me finish this with her."

            Dylan stepped back. "If you say so, Keiko."

            Letting out a whistle, the T-Wolf Chopper changed into a mechanical wolfpack omega, running to her side as she and the Autonomous Amazon did battle. Whenever Keiko was knocked back, the Omega would attack in support of its alpha, slamming her back.

            Placing her Katana in the 'mouth' of her Rider helmet, she pressed 'WILD CHARGE!' as the Wolf ejected its tail, and bit onto it as if it was its own blade. "Let's go, T-Wolf Chopper!" The mechanical wolf barked in reply, as the blades both glowed in the power of the Timberwolf Mascot Spirit. Getting at opposing side of the Autonomous Amazon, the two charged at the same time in the style of a wolf, each jumping to take a slash at the fembot, destroying her in one massive explosion! Afterwards the T-Wolf Chopper reverted to its Cycle form, and Keiko returned to Rider Form. "Timberwolves... never let you down!"

            Ghost nodded his head. "Well played, Mascots. But I fear this may not be over just yet. But for now, the Lightning Legion have another engagement to attend to here on Earth."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven -- Miranda Rights

              Warrenton, Oregon

              10 P.M., at the Soccer Field. It was a dark and spooky night. And someone may need more toilet paper than exists, IF... he lives through the night, that is. Basil had convinced Coach Boldt Quartermaine to anonymously spread word around the school earlier in the day about a witness wanting to cut a deal with a Senior Soccer captain named Jay Lombard. When the young man walked out to stand at the appointed goal net, the sting began to go down. Basil walked out into view from where he had been waiting.

              "I don't know you," remarked Jay as he looked at the adult man. "What do you want?"

              "I saw you shoot the cheerleader and the mascot in the rabbit suit," he replied dryly. "And unless you want me to talk to the police, we need to discuss some money. Your career would be dirt if word of this got out."

              "I don't know what you're talking about! I'm out of here!" But when he turned to leave... he saw the Rushing Rabbit mascot standing at the edge of the field... he lifted one hand to point at the bullet hole in his head... and then he pointed directly at Jay himself, who turned as pale as, well, a ghost. "No... No..." He quickly looked at Basil, except he wasn't standing there anymore. "What the? Where did you go?"

              The Rushing Rabbit then said, "It wasn't very sporting of you to shoot me in the head, Jay, and then to shoot my girlfriend when she threatened to report you. Did you really think throwing the gun on top of the announcer's booth would hide it from the police? Your fingerprints are all over that weapon. But now... I've returned from that grave you put me in under the sign in Beaver territory... to take you back to Hell with me." He started to walk slowly toward Jay who was slowly backing up. "And just so you know I am not a boy in the costume, Jay..." He reached up and pulled his costume head off to reveal a hideous glowing eyed floating skull with barely attached jawbone. And there was a bullet scar on the forehead. "Jay... Jay... Jay... embrace your work, Jay..." Then he laughed as he continued to approach the frightened young man. "Why did you kill me, Jay? Fess up or join me in the abyss!"

              "Stay away! Stay away! I don't know what you're talking about! You got the wrong guy! You-" And that was when Jay felt a cold presence just behind him. When he glanced slowly that way, he saw the see through spirit forms of the boy who would wear the Rushing Rabbit costume and the female cheerleader standing side by side with an eerie cold mist slowly flowing around them. "Oh no! No!" And Jay hit the ground on his knees crying. "Stay away! I beg of you! I killed you both! I killed you, Tom, because you captured her heart! The best girl in school! And you weren't even popular! Just a filthy disgusting mascot! I killed you to win her over! But then she threatened to tell the police... so I had to kill her too. Just please..." he was sobbing. "...leave me alone."

              The two plain clothes detectives were suddenly on either side of Jay, hauling him up to his feet and placing the handcuffs on his wrists behind his back. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning, if you wish. If you decide to answer any questions now, without an attorney present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"

              Off on the other side of the Soccer field was the entire line up of the Lightning Legion, along with Ghost who handed the Rushing Rabbit mascot costume over to Basil and Coach Quartermaine. Basil looked to Boldt and said, "Some day, this rabbit will live again, Coach. Mark my words... his tale has not yet come to an end. He will rise from the dead and he will have a new host. And when that day comes, you are to call me and we will give the Rushing Rabbit an upgrade the likes Warrenton has never seen. Promise me this, please."

              "You have my word, Basil Tanner," he replied as he accepted the Rushing Rabbit costume. "And to make it more fair, I will tell the locals that the costume is haunted. That way only the real fearless host will take up the reigns of the Rushing Rabbit. But tell me, Lightning Rabbit... I know your mentor was wearing the mascot costume, but... who was playing the two spirits at the edge of the soccer field?"

              Basil smiled as he looked toward the heavens and the night sky. "That was the ghosts of the victims, Coach. I recognized the young man as being the same one who saved my life from the Cogs earlier today. He saved me so I owe it to him to revive this rabbit someday. And now that their murder has been solved, perhaps they can rest in peace. Although the ghost of the Rushing Rabbit may linger until he gets a new host." He looked directly at the coach with a smile. "I know the school mascot is the Warrior, but the younger kids need this mascot. Believe... and he will run again. With the need for warp speed, this I swear."

              The Next Day in Williamette Valley

              Although the Lightning Legion were still in Warrenton having breakfast there, in the Valley itself a more sinister repeat of events was about to occur with the Mascot Riders.

              Suddenly the entire Willamette Valley glowed a deep rusty orange. An ominous tinge that means that the Lightning Legion's assistance would be needed once again.

              Elias was the one that noticed it first as a bad sign from his home in Portland. "Not again." He decided to check his Rider System by transforming. Again... it did not work. "Silas! Show yourself!"

              Silas appeared in his animal form, looking peeved that he was summoned by a lowly human that is the mascot. "What is it?"

              "Contact the other Mascot Spirits... especially the one that sponsors Cougar. There is another generator... And if you want proof I already tried my Rider System..." He showed Silas it was already activated for Rider form.

              "For once you're vigilant." He then disappeared, and contacted the spirits.

              In Carson, Kitty appeared to Dylan at the Rugby field in her human form. "Big trouble Dylan! Another Machine Generator! This time, it's in the State Capitol, and it's covering the entire Valley!"

              "Have the other spirits send their Riders back to Calum's place. We'll see if we can reach the Lightning Legion from there."

              Machine Empire

              "The super generator is already working at peak efficiency, my robotic liege," said Gearbolt in a reverent manner.

              "Good," said Gasket. "I want you to go down their and defend it against the Kamen Riders!"

              Prince Glitch retrieved his BuckleDriver from the tray, and said. "I'm going with Gearbolt. I am going to scrap those goody-two-shoes Kamen Riders myself!"

              "They scrapped you before, son," said Archerina. "You need to show them the true might of the House of Gadgetry!"

              "I don't even CARE about the House of Gadgetry! I want all those Riders demolished! Let's go Professor!" Gearbolt and Glitch then left the Gear Ship within a teleportation gear, leaving both parents flustered.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight -- Another Generator

                One radio transmission later...

                "Seriously, Zim," said Ghost as he spoke into his own helmet communicator. "The Machine Empire are being pricks on this planet. Any chance of our borrowing Gong so we can ring him a few million times?"

                "The robots are being THAT bad, huh?" replied the leader of the Fighting Dragons via communicator. "Our team have been on Earth once before along with the Dragon Guardians and I think Demon Cyber Ninja regretted it. We're on our way, Ghost, and we will bring Gong. He has been extra good lately; cameos are such fun."

                At their own table, Basil, Zoe, Toddrick, and Brittney answered the incoming transmission from Dylan. "Brittney here, Dylan. We just had breakfast here in Warrenton with the Coach. Basil scored big last night. He should get an Academy Award for that performance. What's up?"

                Dylan's response was to the point. It seems that the King Ass-ket, as Keiko calls him, has another generator out. This time its targeting the Willamette Valley! I hate to say this, but even in the State Capitol, the Mascot Spirits report too many Cogs, And Glitch with another general. Seems like they see a threat in us five Riders that they wouldn't bother with the outlying Riders!

                Ghost walked over and remarked, "Dylan, this is Ghost. We had hoped the Machine Empire had learned their lesson by now. But because they haven't, I called in the big guns. Their ETA is in one hour. They possess a dragon ally. The Lightning Legion are on our way." He then looked to his team. "With the need for warp speed, it's time to suit up!"

                The Lightning Legion struck a group pose and quickly drew their Beast Kanji Totems in mid air before them. "Kamen Rider!" Their lightning rider belts then materialized around their waists as they lifted their Warp Blades into the air. "Warp Speed!" Special effects then erupted all around them as the scenery around each individual changed into different locales. Their bodies glowed brightly as their Rider uniforms appeared over their bodies, followed by their gloves and boots. Finally, their winged beast helms with visor and mouthpiece appeared over their heads as lightning flashed in the now stormy background revealing the silhouettes of their Lightning Beast Cycles. As their transformations subsided, they sped in a zig-zag blur back and forth across their locations before stopping in a group battle pose. "With the need for warp speed! Kamen Rider Lightning Legion!"

                Calum's Workshop

                "...and we suited up in Warrenton right after your call and we came on over," said Basil as he explained their trip to the Mascots. "The glow is all over the entire valley, but it doesn't cover the coastal towns at all. Therefore Mascots along the coast still have their powers. It's only affecting the valley itself where the majority of the Mascot Riders are based. However, should any Mascot from the coast enter the valley, they power down immediately and stay as such until they return to the coast where they get their powers back."

                Ghost added, "Just before you called, I contacted the Fighting Dragon Riders from Adalia to make a special trip to Earth so we can teach the Machine Empire a lesson once and for all. This generator crap is getting old fast." He then chuckled. "They are bringing... Gong." He laughed ominously.

                "Gong," echoed Keiko. "Is that some kind of secret weapon or something?"

                Basil grinned at the question. "He is so cute until he loses his temper. Then everyone gets to see the largest divine dragon any world has ever seen. And what makes it so funny is that he isn't even one of the most known deities out there. So at best, he pals around as the adviser to their Kamen Rider team. But hurt one of his friends and he forgets his manners."

                Ghost smiled. "Um, yes... Gong is a dragon."

                "Also for the record, guys..." added Basil. "I have plans to be back in the area in the coming weeks. My being around has nothing to do with the Machine Empire at all. It is more of... a debt to a Mascot Spirit. One who saved my life."

                Brittney now said, "They will arrive while we are en route. So where did you say this last generator was?"

                The Wildcat Spirit made her appearance known, in her animal form, no less. A sound of whip cracking before she spoke, "I have conferred with all the other Mascot Spirits within the Willamette Valley. The smell of those generators are more localized to a park area within what you humans call Salem. Glitch, and one of the higher members" She then purred delightfully. "Basil paying his debt to the Spirit in Warrenton shows a respect to all Mascot Spirits. He is welcome in Rider Territory at any time he so desires. Though Colt can bray his objections all he wants to."

                Dylan was happy that Toddrick didn't up and leave just yet. He has every intent to keep true to his word about his end of the bargain, since the Fox Rider behaved himself quite well. "Once more unto the breach, eh guys?"

                Elias crossed his arms. "This is a pain in the ass... but getting rid of the Machines is better than continuing the feud right now. I'm willing to help destroy the generator than scrap by whatever means necessary, even teaming with greenhorns."

                Calum said, "I may be a year ahead, but I am no greenhorn. I just prefer not to fight others."

                Though Kerry's ankle was still lethargic, her LHG attitude never wavered. "I'll be glad to beat you down! Anytime, anywhere! But scrapping those automatons is more important!"

                The Colt Spirit was then heard but not seen. "Despite Basil not being one of our riders, Wildcat, we have a few rabbits in our area and therefore Basil is welcome here whenever he likes. As for greenhorns... Elias nailed it. I gave Dugan orders NOT to get involved at the generator and he deliberately disobeyed me. But from speaking with the other Mascot Spirits, they admit that their own charges often do the exact same thing because it is human nature to disobey. The next young man I choose is going to be better to work with than this deceitful pile of excrement. I recently learned that he cheated to succeed during his Colt Mascot test that I was giving him. It makes me so angry."

                Jason smirked since he knew all too well just how rowdy equids were to deal with. He knew a good many of them and usually when they chose a human to partner with, the equids always chose someone who was nearly impossible to work with. So if Colt Spirit was honestly going to find a workable young male the next time, then he had better do his homework or else it would only result in more of the same. And that was no good for anyone.

                Basil just smiled at how Colt sounded when dealing with a cheating liar of a human. "At any rate, we need to get ourselves down there. Now, as I stated before... since you Mascot Riders cannot transform, who all would like to sit this one out? Without your powers, you are very vulnerable to machine attacks. A shame you don't have a little extra like we Lightning Riders do." Implied hint.

                "If I thought I could trust my rider, I would be inclined to give him a power he could use in human form. But you just heard me say what I thought of the current Colt Mascot; he cannot be trusted with such a power. I believe he would abuse any such gift. But perhaps the next one might earn it. I am sure the other Mascot Spirits all feel the same way about their charges. They need to earn their spirit's trust first. And from what I've seen first hoof, very few merit that rank of trust. Dylan might; note that I said 'might'."

                Ghost started laughing at the distrust issue. "Basil is right; we need to get moving. Who all is going to stay home where it is safe?"

                Calum said, "I'm not quite at Dylan or the others' levels just yet. I'm staying behind to train on my skill with the Rider Whip."

                Kerry said, "As much as I want to fight, I can't go ballistic against Cogs with a bum leg. I'll head back to Beaverton. Turn this Machines to scrap as if I was there."

                Toddric grinned. "By the way... after the scores were tallied, Calum and Kerry succeeded in taking out two generators working together rather than separately. Elias took out three generators; Keiko took out three generators; and Dylan also took out three generators. That came to a total of eleven generators. But more importantly for the contest, the main three Mascot Riders in the contest equally succeeded. It just goes to prove that the three of you are evenly matched. Now there is a super generator and far more machines to deal with. The three of you will have to work together or else you will fall separately. If you cannot force yourselves to work together, then I would suggest you turn around and go home right now. Otherwise, we have a super generator to go play with. And I can almost guarantee that Prince Glitch will be down there himself."

                Basil and Zoe both nodded their heads, as Brittney replied, "If everyone is ready, let's hit the road!"

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine -- Working Together

                  Eleven motorized vehicles arrived in Salem, Oregon, heralding the arrival of the three Mascot Riders and the Eight Lightning Riders. The Fighting Dragons were not in sight as yet. Basil grinned aside at Dylan, Keiko, and Elias. "We're here, guys. Now that we have escorted you three, the Lightning Riders don't need to be surrounding you to hide you from the local law enforcement. Keep in mind, I only agreed to do this just once because of the emergency; any other time, I'd be writing you guys up a ticket myself. Now let's find the Cogs."

                  The park the Cogs were in was devoid of people. Even the carousel nearby was desolate on a day like today! The Cogs were ubiquitous in numbers, and Professor Von Gearbolt IV was with Prince Glitch, whom was tossing the BuckleDriver lackadaisically in his hand. "Welcome to your downfall, Riders. Looks like we'll have to hunt for the other two... after we're done dismantling ALL of you!"

                  Dylan shouted as he removed his helmet. "Don't count on it!"

                  Elias hummed. "Maybe T-Wolf should start calling you Prince Bitch!"

                  Glitch's face started to go red. "TAKE THAT BACK, VIPER!"

                  The Lightning Legion lined up to the left and to the right of the three Mascots with Ghost bringing up the rear. "Today will be your doom knell, Prince Glitch! For dawn take you all! The dragons are in flight! To make you fall!" And as he spoke, the sound of a mighty gong rang all over the park as the sounds of ferocious motorcycles filled the air and suddenly the park was surrounded by motorcyclists all with the emblem of a dragon dojo. Riders from Planet Adalia. And Ghost then said, "They just scrapped the Machine Empire on Planet Adalia. Is it your turn now, Prince Glitch?"

                  The group of seven martial artists hopped off their hogs and lined up on the edge of the battlefield! The Fighting Dragon Kamen Riders had arrived!

                  Zim made some martial arts moves and stopped in a perfectly executed pose. "Balanced Panda!" His necklace floated up, hovering before his face and glowing brightly. "Rider Dragon!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as his rider uniform of black with a band of grayish silver storm like spots appearing from his ankles up his legs and torso, then from the hands and arms, and finishing around his neck. Then, his panda dragon helmet appeared over his head, as the dark visor formed over his eyes. The image of his Typhoon Dragon Panda Zord appeared briefly behind him, as a special effect explosion of storm clouds and lightning erupted behind him. And as a gold metallic Chinese zodiac wheel appeared on his chest, his Power Nunchuks appeared in his grasp. An illumination like a rising suns rays shot up from behind him bathing him in the power of good and justice. "Fighting Dragon! Typhoon Panda Rider!"

                  Lori made some martial arts moves and stopped in a perfectly executed pose. "Graceful Panther!" Her necklace floated up, hovering before her face and glowing brightly. "Rider Dragon!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as her rider uniform of black with pink racing stripes appeared from her ankles up her legs and torso, then from the hands and arms, and finishing around her neck. Then, her panther dragon helmet appeared over her head, as the dark visor formed over her eyes. The image of her Pink Dragon Panther Zord appeared briefly behind her, as a special effect explosion of pink smoke erupted behind her. And as a gold metallic Chinese zodiac wheel appeared on her chest, her Power Sword appeared in her grasp. An illumination like a rising suns rays shot up from behind her bathing her in the power of good and justice. "Fighting Dragon! Pink Panther Rider!"

                  Deryk made some martial arts moves and stopped in a perfectly executed pose. "Noble Wolf!" His necklace floated up, hovering before his face and glowing brightly. "Rider Dragon!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as his rider uniform of black with amethyst racing stripes appeared from his ankles up his legs and torso, then from the hands and arms, and finishing around his neck. Then, his wolf dragon helmet appeared over his head, as the dark visor formed over his eyes. The image of his Amethyst Dragon Wolf Zord appeared briefly behind him, as a special effect explosion of amethyst smoke erupted behind him. And as a gold metallic Chinese zodiac wheel appeared on his chest, his Power Naginata Staff appeared in his grasp. An illumination like a rising suns rays shot up from behind him bathing him in the power of good and justice. "Fighting Dragon! Amethyst Wolf Rider!"

                  Sheila made some martial arts moves and stopped in a perfectly executed pose. "Watchful Raven!" Her necklace floated up, hovering before her face and glowing brightly. "Rider Dragon!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as her rider uniform of black with gray racing stripes appeared from her ankles up her legs and torso, then from the hands and arms, and finishing around her neck. Then, her raven dragon helmet appeared over her head, as the dark visor formed over her eyes. The image of her Black Dragon Raven Zord appeared briefly behind her, as a special effect explosion of pink smoke erupted behind her. And as a gold metallic Chinese zodiac wheel appeared on her chest, her Power Daikyu appeared in her grasp. An illumination like a rising suns rays shot up from behind her bathing her in the power of good and justice. "Fighting Dragon! Black Raven Rider!"

                  Wally made some martial arts moves and stopped in a perfectly executed pose. "Fabulous Unicorn!" His necklace floated up, hovering before his face and glowing brightly. "Rider Dragon!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as his rider uniform of black with white racing stripes appeared from his ankles up his legs and torso, then from the hands and arms, and finishing around his neck. Then, his unicorn dragon helmet appeared over his head, as the dark visor formed over his eyes. The image of his White Dragon Unicorn Zord appeared briefly behind him, as a special effect explosion of white smoke erupted behind him. And as a gold metallic Chinese zodiac wheel appeared on his chest, his Power Lance appeared in his grasp. An illumination like a rising suns rays shot up from behind him bathing him in the power of good and justice. "Fighting Dragon! White Unicorn Rider!"

                  Cedric made some martial arts moves and stopped in a perfectly executed pose. "Courageous Lion!" His necklace floated up, hovering before his face and glowing brightly. "Rider Dragon!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as his rider uniform of black with gold racing stripes appeared from his ankles up his legs and torso, then from the hands and arms, and finishing around his neck. Then, his lion dragon helmet appeared over his head, as the dark visor formed over his eyes. The image of his Gold Dragon Lion Zord appeared briefly behind him, as a special effect explosion of golden smoke erupted behind him. And as a gold metallic Chinese zodiac wheel appeared on his chest, his Power Sais appeared in his grasp. An illumination like a rising suns rays shot up from behind him bathing him in the power of good and justice. "Fighting Dragon! Gold Lion Rider!"

                  Lilith made some martial arts moves and stopped in a perfectly executed pose. "Defending Dolphin!" Her necklace floated up, hovering before her face and glowing brightly. "Rider Dragon!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as her rider uniform of black with mercury racing stripes appeared from her ankles up her legs and torso, then from the hands and arms, and finishing around her neck. Then, her dolphin dragon helmet appeared over her head, as the dark visor formed over her eyes. The image of her Mercury Dragon Dolphin Zord appeared briefly behind her, as a special effect explosion of silvered smoke erupted behind her. And as a gold metallic Chinese zodiac wheel appeared on her chest, her Power Trident appeared in her grasp. An illumination like a rising suns rays shot up from behind her bathing her in the power of good and justice. "Fighting Dragon! Mercury Dolphin Rider!"

                  As their team struck a finishing pose, the sound of a humongous gong was heard all over the battlefield, as Gong's voice was heard by all. "Pacify and Petrify, my friends! Kamen Rider Fighting Dragons!" And the gong was heard again, as the Fighting Dragons were once again on their Fighting Dragoncycles, rocketing through the battlefield and transforming any Cogs they defeated into small round Mirror Discs. And Gong himself appeared in his real form, an ancient Paragon Ninja Dragon who was all black and silver with a thin red glow along every edge of his scales. "I have been rung three times and now... it is tail slapping time." And a Cog was smacked and seemed to vanish from the park and in a pin point of light in the sky, it slammed into the Machine Empire mother ship!

                  Ghost smirked as he and the Lightning Legion leaped into action. "Choose your poison, Mascots! And by the way, Keiko... 'that' is Gong!"

                  Keiko start fighting the Cogs. Despite the wonder of how a Dragon can be rung, she was trying to get through the autonomous masses that just keep on coming.

                  Glitch got into his Kamen Rider Form, and used every underhanded tactic to get monsters fighting.

                  "That Amethyst guy looks familiar..." said Dylan as he remembered Briarwood.

                  Gearbolt had finished the upgrades to the generator. He then brought out a two-handed cannon, and fired its six barrels at the Lightning Riders. "Now that upgrades are complete, the generator can't be so easily damaged!"

                  Elias did some mad motorcycle skills on the Viper Coil, using skills that are far different than most. "Ah'm not taking this laying down!"

                  For the second time in two days, Basil was down on the ground with an overwhelming surge of Cogs on top of him. But instead of a cute mascot ghost rescuing him this time... every Cog simply exploded as a glowing 'Z' appeared on their armor moments before their destruction. "What the? A 'Z'?" And then he felt himself being lifted to his feet again by none other than Princess Tibara. "What are you doing here?"

                  "Protecting my rival," she replied with a wink of her eye. "No one takes down our rivals except us." And that was when every Lightning Rider was teamed up with their personal Zoology Noble rivals, while the Black Ram Noble appeared beside Ghost, saying, "They insisted on coming. Just accept our presence for now."

                  Ghost nodded his head. "Don't back attack us here and we can rivals again back on Terra. These machines don't care about your glory claim."

                  The Amethyst Wolf Rider released a mighty howl as he leaped through the air and landed near Keiko. "Wolves always 'ave yer back, sheila, or so Ah am told!" And he power punched a Cog and sent it flailing backward into a crowd of its fellow mechanical soldiers.

                  Basil was heard telling the female rabbit, "Just help me defeat these Cogs and I'll set you up a date with my dad!" To which she was heard saying, "You got yourself a deal!"

                  Glitch was using his omnilens lasers to make sure the Mascot Riders were going nowhere near the generator. The three got close, eventually. And got knocked back by the reactive nature of the shielding around the generator. This was the defensive system Gearbolt has been talking about, making it impossible for humans to sabotage the jamming signal.

                  The three Mascot Riders were knocked back by an explosion caused by one of Gearbolt's contraptions! "This one is not going to be so easy to destroy, Mascot Riders. It's a shame that we have to eliminate you; I was looking forward to studying the nature of what you call 'Wild Form.' I was looking forward to jamming that, as well!"

                  Glitch summoned more Cogs and his fully upgraded and refitted Glitch Rover, using his chain-array cannon to fire a bolt that attacked all the Fighting Dragons, not stopping until Zim was hit twice! "This is more powerful than last time. Not even Cougar can scrap these weapons, now!"

                  Gong growled as he fired lasers out of his eyes sending Gearbolt flying right off the planet! "Fighting Dragons! Summon your Megazord! Time for this whiny brat to learn that Kamen Riders can cheat too. And since he struck my friends, I will go attack his mother ship." And he flew off into the sky after completing those words. Gong the Paragon Ninja Dragon was going to attack Glitch's home in space?

                  The Fighting Dragons shouted, "Dragon Emperor Megazord Sequence! Now!" Chinese energy erupted all around the appearing zords as they began charging along side by side. The Typhoon Panda Zord leaped up in the air. The Pink Panther Zord bounded into the air, splitting in half, becoming legs and feet, as these additions connected to the Panda's digitigrade legs. The Noble Wolf Zord leaped becoming samurai like armor connecting to the front and back of the Panda. The Black Raven Zord leaped up next, splitting in three, becoming super powered arms and gauntlets, as these additions connected to the Panda's arms and hands, and its wings affixed themselves to the Panda's back. Finally, the White Unicorn Zord leaped forth, reshaping itself, as it transformed into a protective one-horned battle helmet, settling down upon the Panda's head with a rewarding click, as the Megazord assumed a stance in plain view. Finally, the Fighting Dragons found themselves in the command helm, as an image of the Chinese Horoscope Wheel appeared behind the Megazord, projecting twelve flashes of colored light. The Gold Lion Zord and the Mercury Dolphin Zord then combined to form one hell of a battle mount which the Megazord then leaped up and landed in the saddle thereof as the Fighting Dragons exclaimed, "Dragon Emperor Megazord! Charging Megazord Dragon!"

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten -- Mascot Spirits Forever

                    And while the Fighting Dragons played the 'big guy' distraction card, Ghost grabbed Dylan, Keiko, and Elias which made them become intangible in that moment. "Now you can pass through the protective barrier, Mascots. But you three will only get one shot at this. Once I phase you through the barrier, I will let go of you, and then you need to make your shots count all at the same time. Here we go, Mascots." And he surged forward with his three passengers toward the generator once again.

                    Elias humphed, "As long as we get through this mess without getting injured, we can still fight each other at another time." Keiko and Dylan were the only Riders he respected.

                    Keiko said. "Let's get ready to kick the satellite out of commission. Once Ghost lets go, we kick with all our worth."

                    "I'll be out of my element, but fine!" The private school Rider grunted.

                    Dylan nodded, and got ready with his kick. "It's all or nothing! Let's get this done!"

                    Once beyond the barrier, Ghost released the three riders simultaneously as he focused on attacking any Cogs or enemies on the inside of the barrier.

                    The three Riders extended their feet, and kicked the rotating sattellite, breaking it off the generator with the force of three humans. With the resultant discharge, the shielding went offline, and the Riders landed on their feet and fell down in an instant, with their Wild Claws appearing on their person.

                    The Dragon Emperor Megazord assaulted one group of the Cogs while the Lightning Riders worked with the Zoology Nobles to combat against the rest of the Cogs. And with the Nobles, magic was flying wildly through the battleground.

                    And then Gong was again present as he tail slapped Prince Glitch and sent him flying, but he wasn't letting the metal toy get away so easily as he flew ahead and caught the metal prince and unleashed both his breath weapon and his laser eyes directly into Glitch's head and body. "Go home or else I will have my friends come in and destroy the rest of the Empire. And Rocket hasn't gotten to massacre an army in ages. Your parents need you; GO HOME!" And he threw the prince into the distant sky.

                    The robotic Kamen Rider said, "I will go home, but not without a parting shot!" He then started to glow, as he released a secret trigger on his BuckleDriver and switched it on. 'Parting Blow!' Suddenly, Glitch ejected from his rider suit in strategic retreat, and it became a weapon of it's own, heading towards the three riders recovering from the kick from above. Not only was the generator destroyed, the Riders were caught in the explosion as well! As the fires lessened, the Riders were in their Wild Forms. And the wild forms of their Rider Cycles helped to clean house of the Cogs.

                    The Wild Riders went one-on-one with Professor von Gearbolt IV. He tried various projectile weapons on the Wild Riders, only for the Riders to use not only their instincts but their their unpredictability as well. After Elias and Keiko took out the weapons mounted on Gearbolt's shoulders, it was now the Cougar's turn.

                    Dylan's Wild Rider Claws extended as he hit the 'WILD CHARGE' button. Sprinting with the speed of a cougar, the Wild Mascot Rider zoomed into point-blank range behind the mechanical scientist, and the Rider's claws were jutting out of his torso. And was destroyed by being ripped in two!

                    Letting out a Wild roar. All three Wild Riders struck a victory pose.

                    Gong transformed back into his small form as he landed on Zim's shoulder. "Lord Io is keeping the mother ship busy at the moment."

                    Basil was shaking Princess Tibara's hand as they quietly discussed a social arrangement of some sort.

                    Brittney, Zoe, and Toddrick approached Dylan, Keiko, and Elias at this point. "We hope that is the last generator you guys will have to deal with," said Brittney as she smiled at the three. "But should you need the off world riders again... Ghost has agreed that you should have a more reliable way to get in touch with us. He is making sure the mascot spirits all have the communication ability for contacting the Lightning Legion at any time. That way, if they feel we need to be brought back in, they can call us."

                    Toddrick smiled with a lop sided look at Dylan. "Success is only as sweet as promises, eh Cougar Rider?" He winked.

                    The Wild Form faded from all three Mascot Riders as Dylan nodded. "Yep. A deal is a deal." That was all he was going to say without being too revealing about their deal. He was a little nervous, but he had the resolve to follow through.

                    "Something you two agreed to?" said the Viper Rider, wondering what Dylan and that pervert Fox Rider from Terra were up to.

                    Mounting onto her T-Wolf chopper, Keiko said nonchalantly, "It's not our right to be nosy into other Rider's business." Though it hasn't stopped her from being curious about what those two had agreed to in their travels.

                    Princess Kitnova boxed Toddrick's face soundly. "Don't forget where you live, rival." And she turned to rejoin her comrades.

                    Ghost was seen discussing something interesting with Zim who in turn seemed to express that it was a good idea.

                    Toddrick chuckled. "She boxed me. Anyway, Dylan... let's go take care of my request."

                    End of Chapter Ten.


                      Epilogue -- The Interplanetary Rider Games

                      A few days later at an auditorium in Portland, a charity event was underway where as the last portion of the Interplanetary Rider Games was being conducted between the Fighting Dragons and the Lightning Legion. The Mascot Riders had been informed of the event although they were not required to attend. The last event was a Rider Rugby grudge match. No one was permitted to be off of their motorcycles during play. The only Legionnaire not present was Basil who was attending an event of another sort. An event far more important in his opinion.

                      At a funeral service in Warrenton, Basil wore black as he showed his respect for the fallen Mascot Rabbit. He stood quietly near the coach, Boldt Quartermaine, as the pall bearers carried the casket along toward the final resting place. It was a solemn moment and the expression on the Lightning Rabbit's face was very serious. Standing a good distance away but clearly where she could watch, Princess Tibara watched the ceremony in silence. Basil had told her how the boy's ghost saved his life from the Cogs and now an undying debt existed. And if her rival felt that strongly for a fallen rabbit, then it was just as important for her to take notice as well.

                      Dylan was observing from the bleachers, with Calum. Nothing homo about this, at least from Dylan's end. He just wanted to share Rugby with a friend. Though Calum wasn't paying too much attention to the game. He liked that Dylan was so into this. Dylan just want to get his mind of of the fellatio Toddrick has given him (no regrets about asking for it, though), and Rugby was something he is passionate about.

                      Keiko was honing her skills with the sword in the auxiliary gym of Timbertown High. The T-Wolf Rider's katana techniques have changed drastically with the Wild Form's Wild Charge, and she was planning to work on the rough edges of her technique, which included holding the wooden sword in her mouth like a wolf.

                      Elias was taking his time maintaining his foils and rapiers from fencing. He had to be meticulous, otherwise the fencing coach would have him use the poor quality gear. And he was an elitist, which meant he has to do the work that came with it.

                      Kerry was keeping the weight off her ankle, hoping that she could walk more sooner than later so she can punch her punching bags again, and imagine its pervy Bradford and Wildcat so she can redouble her efforts.

                      During a break in the Rider Rugby, Brittney stopped her cycle in front of Dylan and Calum as she opened her visor. "You have a far away look in your eyes, my friend. What's on your mind? Or are you going to make me guess?"

                      "Nothing is wrong," Calum lied, shifting his eyes toward Dylan, and seeing that Brittney meant Dylan. "Oh... you meant Dylan... sorry."

                      As he saw Calum go to the latrines (likely to channel his own impure thoughts regarding the Cougar Mascot Rider), Dylan said cordially, "Nothing Rugby won't cure, Brittney."

                      "Would you like to conduct a round of Rider Rugby with us during the break?" she asked with a smile. "It is all for charity, you know. Perhaps the Cougar Mascot would like to help generate some charity. Ghost said we were already over a million dollars for the local charities."

                      Dylan pulled reached into his pockets for his Rider Gear. "If there is a place for me to transform, then I'm game for a round."

                      The rest of the off-worldly Kamen Riders stay was truly uneventful thanks to the dragon elite posted on guard all over Oregon (thanks to Lord Io.) When the dragons and Kamen Riders did depart, it was likely a much lifted weight of worry off of the Machine Empire's shoulders. And although the alien riders seemed to be gone, there was one still on planet watching a certain northwestern region in Oregon. And soon after on a fateful day, the call would be answered.

                      "Attention newly arriving Freshmen! Welcome to Warrenton High School! You may pick up your schedules in your home room! Parking cards may be acquired in my office!"

                      Because of what had happened with the old mascot rabbit, no one dared to volunteer to wear the haunted full body costume. Thus it sat within a storage room in Coach Quartermaine's sports equipment building. But that special day was going to be a golden day for that costume.

                      In the meantime, the other Mascot Riders resumed their own rivalries completely unaware of the newest ally they would be soon gaining in Mascot Territory.

                      End of Epilogue.
                      End of Episode Fourteen.
                      Stay tuned for the next episode.