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[GNR-KR] KRM-02: Fighting in a Beaver's Dam

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    [GNR-KR] KRM-02: Fighting in a Beaver's Dam

    Kamen Rider Mascot™
    Episode Two: Fighting in a Beaver’s Dam
    Written by Lexington “Chip” Lonewolf

    Dylan Smart, Kamen Rider Cougar

    Kerry Buckland, Kamen Rider Beaver

    Also Starring:

    Kitty Lang, Cougar Spirit and Varsity Cheerleader
    Hunter Triplett, Carson High Quarterback
    Bradford Gellar, Beaver Spirit and Chess Club President

    King Gasket
    Queen Archerina

    Chapter One -- Rider System 101

    Carson High School; Old Gym

    Kitty Lang, the Cougar Spirit of Carson High School, paced like a beast stalking its prey. Luckily, passersby only see a darkened gymnasium that was used once a month for individual class assemblies, or sports sign-ups. “Now, to date, you only used the Rider Form and the Rider Kick function of the Cougar Mascot System. The second button is used to access Rider Form, but that is if you used the Mascot Form…”

    Before the mascot spirit could continue, Dylan interrupted. “Mascot Form? You mean I don’t get to wear a hot and poorly ventilated mascot costume?”

    Kitty grinned. “You’re smarter than you look, Dylan. Put on the Rider Belt as if you are going into Rider Form. Then you will push the topmost button on the cougar claw, and say the name of the sport you will be raising the team spirit in, then attach it to your belt like you would when changing.”

    Dylan pulled out his Rider Belt, and secured it snugly around his waist. He then pressed the topmost button of the Cougar Claw, placing it over his left pectoral. ‘READY’ the Cougar Claw stated in a monotone voice. Dylan then shouted “Football!” and placed the Cougar Claw into the Rider Belt, feeling it hook in securely. ‘MASCOT FORM’ the Cougar Claw stated, as the belt glowed in a hidden power. Just then, a rubbery blue spandex-like material formed a suit and a hard helmet over Dylan’s body! Then the suit changed into what looked like a baggy furry costume with a long feline tail, and the helmet turned into an oversized Cougar Mascot head. A Football Helmet secured itself over the Cougar head, and a double-zero jersey draped itself over the body. After feeling the ventilation kick in, Dylan has become Casey, the Cougar Mascot!

    Dylan sighed, “Oh great, a Mascot named after a phony no-talent hack.” A burn about a Power Ranger he once met in Disney World once.

    Kitty growled. “That is your High School’s Mascot you’re insulting, Dylan Smart, and don’t you forget it!” She then got to the point. “Now, pull up the fold that conceals your Cougar Claw. Now I want you to press the second button, and shout out ‘Kamen Rider’ as if you would normally change.”

    Dylan pulled up the fold on the mascot costume, revealing the Cougar Claw. “Kamen Rider!” he shouted, as he pressed the Rider Form button. ‘RIDER FORM!’ the Cougar Claw stated, as the belt glowed in a hidden power. Just then, the fursuit became a rubbery blue spandex-like material that formed a suit and a hard helmet over Dylan’s body! Pieces of golden armor floated in mid-air, and affixed themselves onto the suit in all the right places, with two pieces hooking into each of the utility hooks on the belt. Then a mask of metallic gold and blue fastened in place on Dylan’s helmet, which opened its red omnilens eyes upon completion of the transformation. Dylan has now become Kamen Rider Cougar!

    That was when the skinny Asian girl grinned. “You like the Rider form way too much. Now when you don’t think that a Rider Kick won’t work to finish off the Automatons, press the Full Charge button Once to activate the Destroy function of the Rider Claws, and the second function of the Full Charge is to disable other Mascot Riders. All you have to do is press the Full Charge button twice.

    The Kamen Rider took off his belt, as Dylan was restored to his usual too-tight-for-his-bubble butt jeans and polo shirt that he fills the chest of nicely. “So what do you have for me for a ride tonight, Kitty?” I can’t get to Beaverton without going onto the freeway.”

    Kitty grinned. “Like all Kamen Riders, you need a ride for the uncommon hero. The Cougar Cycle is cloaked outside in the staff parking lot.” She tossed him a key with a special keychain. “When not in Rider form, it will look like a blue and gold-tinted 2010 Honda Motorcycle. Otherwise, it will be a great ride that the Power Rangers would envy.” She winked. “Be lucky you didn’t have to defend at home base against another Rider. Now go… most of the staff already left, and you can get to Beaverton as fast as you can.”

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Preparation for the Cougar

    Beaverton High School; after school

    After an insightful game of chess, Bradford Gellar, the Beaver spirit of the High School, was looking for the current Mascot Rider he sponsors. He was currently posing as a junior, whom was feeling a bit good about being the Chess Club president. Bradford was perverted in nature, so whenever he is looking for his Mascot Rider (always been a female since the tradition of the Mascot War began), he is humming a rather vulgar tune.

    Suddenly, he felt a tomboyish hand grab him, and slammed his back on a group of lockers. “I came like you asked, Beaver Perv… When is that pussycat getting here?”

    Bradford grinned, as he tried to reach for one of Kerry Buckland’s breasts. “Cougar would be here tonight at the latest, Kerr-Bear.” He winked lewdly. “Just remember not to kill the rival mascot; use the disable functions.”

    Kerry growled, avoiding the Beaver Spirit’s groping hand. “Better watch your hands, pervert. I will take care of that Mascot Rider my way… I am going to wait for him in the stadium bleachers. If I don’t see him in the Varsity Football field by seven tonight, he is going to go home without his genitals.” She then let go of Bradford, dropping him to the ground before walking away.

    Bradford grinned. “Ooh! A mean streak! I love it!” He then ran off to a place where he can observe without getting hurt.

    Machine Empire; Gear Ship

    Prince Glitch was tossing a ball into the air, and catching it. He was the son built from King Gasket and Queen Archerina. He looked like a more slim and slightly older Prince Sprocket, with the pinkish hues of Archerina evident in his design. He looked to the screen to observe what the pink-haired Kerry Buckland was doing to prepare for her first Mascot War bout. “That pink-haired broad seems a bit creepy, even for a Kamen Rider… whatever they are.”

    Queen Archerina was sharpening one of her arrows when she heard her son gripe. “Glitch, stop saying broad, or your oil won’t be chocolate flavored.

    Glitch placed his ball back into his stash. “Aw… Mom!”

    King Gasket walked in, holding his rapier in hand. “Listen to your mother, Glitch. I want to cause an imbalance in what the Riders call the Mascot War, and Rivertide is almost ready for his first battle.”

    Queen Archerina walked up and placed a hand on Gasket’s shoulder. “Maybe we should send out our enhanced Cogs to test out this sadistic Kamen Rider… Looks like she could use a nice workout, too.”

    Gasket nodded. “I like that, my Bionic Bombshell. Let’s hope she isn’t as bad as that White Ranger we had to deal with almost two years ago.” He then went to a dispatch console, and pressed a few buttons, sending out an army of improved Cogs out to face Kerry Buckland.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three -- Leave it to Beaver

      Kerry Buckland was watching a beautiful sunset from the vacant bleachers in the Beavers stadium. She grimaced as she was looking at passersby; hoping one of them could be Kamen Rider Cougar. Unfortunately, most of them she recognized as the Junior Varsity jocks walking home from the bus back from their game at Carson High. “The future assholes of the high school are back. I hope they were getting their asses beaten.

      Suddenly, a gear appeared in the air, and dropped a bunch of Cogs, surrounding Kerry in the process. She asked with a very cranky attitude, “What do you metalheads want?”

      The lead Cog (again, the silver one) spoke once again in a robotic monotone voice. ‘Kamen Rider, identify yourself!’

      Suddenly, Kerry heard the perverted voice of Bradford in her head. Those aren’t in the Rider War… they mean to taint the tradition. Use your sensuous moves to fight them.

      This is a bad day for you to interfere," shouted Kerry. "And despite what the pervert wants me to do, I am going to pummel you glorified trash cans."

      Kerry brought out her Rider belt, and wrapped it around her waist, feeling it tighten to snug on her waist. She then put the Beaver Tail over the left side of her rear end. ‘READY’ the device stated in a monotone voice. At that point, the pink-haired tomboy shouted “Kamen Rider!” and placed the Beaver Tail into her Rider Belt, twisting it in to secure it to the buckle. ‘RIDER FORM!’ the Beaver Tail stated, as the belt glowed in a hidden power. Just then, a rubbery black spandex-like material formed a suit and a hard a helmet over the tomboy’s body! Pieces of dark orange-tinted armor floated in mid-air, and affixed themselves onto the suit in all the right places, with a piece hooking onto her right boot. Then a mask of metallic orange and black fastened in place on the tomboy’s helmet, which opened its navy omnilens eyes and extended the front teeth upon completion of the transformation. The pink-haired tomboy has now become Kamen Rider Beaver!

      “You don’t belong here!” shouted Kerry, as she leapt over the bleachers and down to the track in one hop, and beckoned them to face her.

      Somewhere on the Interstate, Dylan heard a voice in his mind while he was riding his new motorcycle. Dylan, the perverted Beaver Spirit is telling me that the Machine Empire is attacking his Mascot Rider. Hurry there in Rider Form to get there… fast!

      Dylan already had his rider belt on around his waist. He pulled the Cougar Claw out of the interface on the Motorcycle, and placed it over his left pectoral. ‘READY’ the Cougar Claw stated in a monotone voice. At that point, Dylan shouted “Kamen Rider!” and placed the Cougar Claw into his Rider Belt, feeling it hook in securely. ‘RIDER FORM!’ the Cougar Claw stated, as the belt glowed in a hidden power. Just then, a rubbery blue spandex-like material formed a suit and a hard helmet over Dylan’s body! Pieces of golden armor floated in mid-air, and affixed themselves onto the suit in all the right places, with two pieces hooking into each of the utility hooks on the belt. Then a mask of metallic gold and blue fastened in place on Dylan’s helmet, which opened its red omnilens eyes upon completion of the transformation. Dylan has now become Kamen Rider Cougar!

      As he placed his hand back on the cycle controls, the motorcycle transfigured itself into a more Rider-themed Cougar Cycle! Dylan then revved his Cougar Cycle up, and made a wheelie, before speeding off towards Beaverton at top speed.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four -- Competitive Riders

        Kerry was fighting off the Cogs with fierce moves, especially making some of them short by kicking a few of them where no respective hero, Ranger nor Rider, would kick on a good day. “You guys are starting to piss me off… She then felt the shock of the Cogs’ electrical currents emanating from their staffs like cattle prods.

        As soon as they stopped shocking her, Kamen Rider Beaver was able to get up, and out of the way before she can feel the pain of the sneaky attack once again. “I had enough!” Kerry tapped the module hooked to her ankle. ‘RIDER PADDLE,’ The Rider belt announced, as the module changed into the Rider Paddle, to which Kerry inserted her right hand in the guarded grip, and unhooked it from her ankle. “Time to make you pay!” She then charged into battle, turning the tides against the Cogs, by using her cruel skills with the weapon modeled after the flattened tail of the beaver. With the well-needed edge, Kerry made all but the lead Cog fall.

        The Lead Cog opened up its face, and fire its eye beams at her. It didn’t bounce off of the rider, but it did push her back into the goal post. “Now you made me mad. Rider Kick!” She pressed the rightmost button on the Beaver Tail, getting into a stance once the Beaver Tail stated, ‘BEAVER STYLE!’ Kerry leaped high into the air, performing a front flip in the air fifteen feet above the Lead Cog, before falling straight down with the Rider Kick hitting directly on the Cog’s head, destroying the super-grunt upon impact.

        As soon as Kerry was able to wipe her paddle clean of the oil slick formed, she heard a bunch of robotic cackling from Prince Glitch himself. “Impressive performance, Kamen Rider Beaver. It’s good, but not good enough to scare away the House of Gadgetry. Make sure she loses the War, Rivertide!”

        A machine that looked like a warped otter with a shark’s dorsal fin and beaver tail leaped out of its hiding spot, and slammed into Kerry with its robotic tail. “You can’t beat me Rider!”

        “What about two Riders, Machine Empire?” Dylan shouted, as he came in with the Rider Claws in his grasp. He swung at the Machine monster with such force, the strike left a mark!

        Kerry glared beneath her helmet. “Cougar… You’ll regret coming here once I… HEY!” She felt Bradford pull her back mentally, stating, Work together with Cougar to destroy this intruder. He may be an enemy, but a common enemy needs to be sent a message, first.

        Beaver grumbled. “Fine, but I will make him regret coming here.” She then said, “Cougar, let me finish this intruder!”

        Dylan slammed the Rider Claws into Rivertide once more, before getting out of the way. “It’s all yours, Beaver.

        Kerry held her Rider Paddle, and pressed the third button once ‘FULL CHARGE 1!’ the Beaver Tail stated, as the power of the Beaver Spirit was infused into the Rider Paddle. She then leaped as if she was about to perform her Rider Kick, and while she was in mid-air, Kerry gave the Rider Paddle a quarter-turn, and watched as an energy paddle extend into a bigger paddle. As she landed on the ground she practically driven the Machine known as Rivertide to the ground, destroying it on impact.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five -- No Zords to Save the Day

          However, Prince Glitch had another thought on his mind, as he brought out one of his metallic toy balls, and started to kick it up into the air, as if it was a hacky-sack. He then leaped into the air, and kicked the ball at the smoldering remains of Rivertide. The ball then burst open, letting loose a bunch of wires, reconstructing Rivertide into a gigantic and berserk machine, attempting to destroy the town surrounding the high school. “Try beating Rivertide now, Riders!” He laughed, before disappearing.

          Dylan backed up a bit. “They pulled this with the Rangers in California…”

          Kerry growled. “How are we supposed to fight like this?”

          Suddenly, the Beaver Spirit spoke to both the Riders as he appeared to them in his true form. “Though the both of you are supposed to be fighting in the tradition of the Rider War, you need to work together, or at least use differentiating finishers to take this monstrosity down. Power Rangers are not within Rider Territory, so giant robots to fight these monsters aren’t an option. Try in combining your skills.

          Kerry cursed, “I will do no such thing with this no-balled coward!”

          The Beaver Spirit growled, “Do it, or I will penalize you in two ways, and one of them benefits me a lot.” He snickered before disappearing.

          Dylan came up with a combo that could work. “If you were to catapult me with the Rider Paddle, I can give that machine a souped up Rider Kick… Then you can ride in and give him a Full Charge of your weapon once more.”

          Kerry readied her Rider Paddle out in front of her, as Dylan leaped up into the air, and landed on the flat end of the weapon. “Rider Kick!” Dylan shouted, as he pressed the button on the Cougar Claw. The Rider Belt announced, ‘COUGAR STYLE,’ as Dylan used his weight and the power of the Cougar Mascot to springboard off the Rider Paddle, and he leaped into the sky really high. He then performed a spectacular backflip, and spun into a corkscrew, drilling the super-powered boot into Rivertide at full force, damaging it badly.

          As soon as Dylan landed on the ground, Kerry arrived on her Beaver Kart, and dismounted as soon as she stopped. “Time to send you to the scrap heap for attacking Beaverton, junk!” She activated ‘FULL CHARGE 1!’ once more, slamming Rivertide with the paddle, finally destroying the mechanical menace once and for all.

          Dylan wiped his hands, and crossed his arms, looking at the shared victory between him and Kamen Rider Beaver, though she wasn’t ready to stop fighting, as she dropkicked the Blue and Gold Mascot Rider to the ground. “Our battle has just begun, Cougar!” she growled, motioning for him to get up.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six -- Full Charge Penalty

            Despite being away from the high school grounds, Dylan and Kerry both started fighting where they were, as if they were truly fighting for their lives, at least from Dylan’s standpoint. “Do you have to fight so viciously, Beaver?” Dylan grunted, as he blocked a kick that nearly became a low blow.

            Kerry growled. “Shut up, and lose your balls like a man, prick!” She shouted, showing that she had quite the garbage mouth as she kicked Dylan in the left shoulder… hard. Cougar started to retaliate with a corkscrew kick, but got punched right in the family maker after crashing to the ground when Kerry sidestepped Dylan.

            The Carson Mascot Rider was definitely recoiled in pain after Kerry’s vicious counter. “Personal foul! Personal foul!” Dylan grunted, as he tried to get up, only go get crashed down to the ground face-first from a leg drop that Kerry landed on the back of Kamen Rider Cougar’s neck.

            “Personal fouls don’t count in the Mascot War… You’ll be my personal hand puppet when I am done with you, Cougar.” She then activated her Rider Paddle, and reached to press the Full Charge button, though it was clear to Bradford what his chosen Mascot had in mind.

            Bradford exclaimed in Kerry’s head. No Kerry, using that type of attack on another Mascot Rider would put his or her well-being in jeopardy. It is not…

            He was cut off by Kerry. “Shut up, perverted rodent!” she shouted without thinking, before she pressed the third button on the Beaver Change Tail once. ‘FULL CHARGE 1,’ The rider belt stated, as Kerry got into position to prepare herself for a leap. However, she was stopped before she could even leave the ground, being surrounded in some sort of ectoplasmic force field that stopped her from moving. At that point, the Beaver Spirit re-appeared between his Mascot Rider, and a staggering Dylan.

            Bradford stated. “Be lucky I know when my Mascot Rider is going too far, Cougar. She is going to be penalized for trying to use the Full Charge One against you. If she had used it on you, the injuries you would sustain from a full charge meant for monstrous foes would be very serious indeed. Use your Full Charge Two to stop her and revert her to Mascot form; there is no time to hesitate. I can’t hold her back much longer. And when you go back to Carson, give Kitty my regards…” He giggled pervertedly, as he disappeared instantly.

            Dylan stood up, as he saw Bradford’s force field starting to fade. “Looks like cheating isn’t going to get you a victory tonight, Beaver… It’s time we settle this night with the proper Full Charge.” With that said, he tapped the modules hooked to his belt. ‘RIDER CLAWS,’ The Rider belt announced, as the modules changed into cougar claw-like weapons. He then pressed the Full Charge button twice, with the belt stating, ‘FULL CHARGE 2!’ after he did so. Dylan inserted his hands into the Rider Claws, and unhooked them from the Belt, as silver-blue claws extended from Cougar’s personal weapons. They started to glow in a blue energy as Dylan started to charge at the opposing Kamen Rider, and he swiped at her twice just as the force field went out. The discharge of energy from the energized claws caused her change device to short-circuit a bit, as all functions but the Mascot Form button were deactivated on the Beaver Rider System. The force of the attack sent her to the ground about twenty feet away, as her rider form shattered, and ended up being in a well-ventilated mascot form.

            Bradford appeared in his human form, helping Kerry up. “Let this be a lesson for you, Kerry; there are regulations to stop Mascot Riders from doing the wrong thing. You blew it bad when you avoided my advice. Your penalty for tonight was to lose your first battle. You’ll have other chances to fight Cougar again, if you stay on good behavior. There are two other major sports that Mascot Riders are involved in monitoring.” He winked.

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven -- There are Rules, Dylan...

              Carson High School, Old Gym

              The following Monday (and after a victorious game and the embarrassment of the beaver mascot), Dylan was brought back to see Kitty for a training session. Though it was going to be rough to fight the Cougar Mascot Spirit, the greenhorn Rider was up to the challenge. However, before the training could begin, Kitty had her arms crossed. "Dylan, I think we need to discuss something about being a Mascot Rider."

              After Dylan nodded, Kitty continued. "When the pervert of a beaver stopped his rider from attacking you, he knew that she had the intent of harming you, and disciplinary action was required. We put the rules in place a few decades ago, when Riders of the past were getting severely injured, and even killed. We instated the function of the second full charge to be used only in the Mascot Wars. The minor injuries we can work around; death is very tricky."

              Dylan hummed. "So it was that bad in the past, huh?"

              Kitty nodded. "The first Kamen Rider Cougar ended up with a severe back injury in his first battle; he had to retire early because he was paralyzed from the waist down. Before the rules of the Mascot Wars were changed, the longevity rate of the Riders were three battles at best. In the present, they last at least three years at the most; four if they start as freshmen."

              "That is pretty good odds." Dylan said. "So that is why the Beaver Spirit interfered; prevent me from being injured?"

              The Cougar Spirit let out a cat-hiss. "Noble as he was, the Beaver was only doing it to stop the Rider he is infatuated with from going too far. Regardless, the Rider has a lot to learn before you would have to fight her again."

              "Again?" the Rugby athlete reacted, raising an eyebrow.

              "There are three sports that the Mascot Riders fight the night before for the Mascot Wars," Kitty stated. "The three are football, basketball and baseball; the most common of varsity sports. I thought it was fair, since Track would've been weird. And before you ask, don't worry; it won't disrupt your rugby schedule in the spring, if the principal values the wonders of reproduction." she winked.

              Dylan shivers, "Good to know. Oh, and why does Hunter keep going after you if you are a Mascot Spirit?"

              Kitty hissed once more. "That dirty-minded football jock seems to have a thing for Asian beauties. Makes me regret choosing this form after your predecessor graduated and mated with Beaver's predecessor."

              Dylan said, "I don't know why you'd be insulted about that, but then again, I never thought the same way about my old friend Chloe... she's still in Turtle Cove, as far as I know."

              The Cougar Spirit then changed into her true form, then said, "Enough of the talk, and become the Rider that you are; it's time for us to train."

              End of Chapter Seven.