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[GNR-KR] KRM-13: Mascot Crisis, Part One

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    [GNR-KR] KRM-13: Mascot Crisis, Part One

    Kamen Rider Mascot™
    Episode Thirteen: Mascot Crisis, Part One
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf and Darrel James Vanwinkle
    Revised 08/08/12

    Dylan Smart, Kamen Rider Cougar
    Keiko Kim, Kamen Rider Timberwolf
    Calum Winters, Kamen Rider Wildcat
    Kerry Buckland, Kamen Rider Beaver
    Elias Randall, Kamen Rider Viper

    Also Starring:

    Lightning Rider Legion
    Basil Tanner, Lightning Kamen Rabbit Rider
    Toddric Renard, Lightning Kamen Fox Rider
    Zoe Tachibana, Lightning Kamen Mouse Rider
    Brittney Parker, Lightning Kamen Crane Rider

    Kitty Lang, Cougar Spirit and Varsity Cheerleader
    Hunter Triplett, Carson High Quarterback
    Silas Veritas, Viper Spirit and Stealth Troublemaker
    Cyrus Brand, Timberwolf Spirit and tough customer
    Lauren Addams, Wildcat Spirit and Tough Chick
    Bradford Gellar, perverted Beaver Spirit, and Chess Club President

    Machine Empire:
    King Gasket
    Queen Archerina
    Prince Glitch/Kamen Rider Glitch
    Professor von Gearbolt IV

    Chapter One – Sabotage in the Most Unexpected Sense

    “Is the network ready yet, Gearbolt?!”

    The shout came from King Gasket, whom was getting impatient over Professor von Gearbolt’s stalling over a new plan to end the Mascot Wars, and decimate all of Rider Territory. If the House of Gadgetry can get the Riders out of the way, it would be a big milestone in the conquest of Earth. Not even the Power Rangers could keep them from taking over the world!

    Professor von Gearbolt IV responded from his console, “The Cogs are putting out the last two generators in key areas within Rider Territory. We already have the Central, Various Northern, Southern, and Coastal points.” He referred to the map on his console, which lit up in locations such as Astoria, Eugene, Three Sisters, and other reference points in the entire state. “The last few generators are being placed in the most sensitive areas, such as this river gorge. Priority to have extra generators due to the rough terrain is mandatory. It would create weakpoints in the network if we did not address the end of the Mascot Rider threat seriously.”

    Though Gasket was turning red in the mechanical face, he knew that Gearbolt wasn’t lying about that. The Monarch of the Machine Empire wasn’t too happy with the meddling of the Mascot Riders when they rescued the toonified citizens from Experimentation by the hands of Gearbolt during the Cell Phone Toonification Crisis, as the Mascot Riders (and their Spirits) addressed it. “Quicken the pace, Gearbolt! The House of Gadgetry does NOT have an eternity to wait on your delicate procedures!”

    “Yes, my liege!”

    Greathorn, Oregon

    Due to the statewide inservices of the High Schools in Rider Territory at the end of the week, this otherwise cloudy Wednesday was more fitting for a rider battle, Especially when it involves a Private School Mascot Rider whom didn’t want to bother with fighting a day early; he had school on Friday. But under the scolding of his Mascot Spirit, Elias Randall had no choice to fight Kamen Rider Gopher in a traditional sense as Kamen Rider Viper.

    Elias was fighting the Kamen Rider using Muay Thai techniques that were starting to overwhelm the otherwise inexperienced fighter in Kamen Rider Gopher. “Is that all you got Gopher?! You aren’t even worth the dirt on my boots if that is the extent of your skills!”

    Gopher tumbled to the ground after the last kick to the side of his helmet. “You may strike fast, Viper, but you can’t fight what isn’t visible!” He then tapped the weapon modules on the back of his belt, making his Rider System announce the summoning of his signature weapons. ‘RIDER DIGGERS!’ Once equipped, Gopher started digging into the ground, leaving Viper confused about what to do next. Before Elias can take action, Gopher emerged from the ground behind him, and knocked Elias to the side with his weapons, the sparks flying as he tumbled to the ground.

    Trying to keep as cunning as his school’s serpentine mascot, The private school Mascot Rider could hear Silas, his Mascot Spirit, hissing to him telepathically. You are letting a rodent get the upper-hand?! A real viper would’ve figured out a way to strike before the prey fights back!

    Getting an idea, Elias brought his Rider Bracer up to his face, as he opened the mouth of the Viper Change Jaw wide. “Rider Punch,” Viper hissed; a precursor the Rider System’s announcement of ‘VIPER STYLE!’ He raised his fist high in the air, as a spiritual energy engulfed his fist. He then sensed where gopher might be, and pounded his fist HARD onto the ground, causing sudden tremors in the surrounding area, and evicting the tricky Kamen Rider from the solace that was underground!

    Machine Empire

    “My liege,” shouted Gearbolt, holding the a device in his hand. “The moment the House of Gadgetry has been waiting for just arrived! I present to you the button in which you will end the Mascot Wars, and subjugate the so-called Rider Territory once and for all!”

    After being presented with the device, Gasket was notably pleased with his underling scientist’s hard work. “Excellent work, Gearbolt. Glitch’s Kamen Rider run will not be meaningless to the conquest of Earth, after all!” As Prince Glitch and Queen Archerina entered the lab, King Gasket readied himself to take on this crowning achievement.

    “At last, my family,” The jubilant tyrant said, as he held the device firmly in his mechanical grasp. “The time has come! The end of the Mascot Wars is about to begin. Too long have we been oppressed by past Rangers, Ivan Ooze, and countless other setbacks that date back to Mondo’s rule!”

    He raised a finger in the sky, and smiled as much as his robotic face would allow him to do. “Let the Mascot War cease!”

    Back to the battle in Greathorn, Gopher was kicked back down to the ground by Elias, as he called out for his cycle to come out to him. “Viper Coil!” The custom-looking monowheel motorcycle came forth from the parking lot, as Viper summoned out his Rider Lance, getting ready to end his target. “I’ve waisted enough time with you!” He then stopped the vehicle, as he closed the jaw of the Viper Change Jaw twice, triggering a ‘FULL CHARGE 2!’ Elias got into a jousting position, as he revved his Monowheel and charged towards Gopher at full speed!

    Suddenly in the middle of the attack, a rusty orange haze covered all of Oregon, alerting Viper to his senses. Something’s wrong, he thought. The premonition came to fruition instantly, with Gopher’s Rider form canceling out, and the Rider Lance slowly disintegrating. As the haze disappeared, his entire Rider transformation cancelled, leaving a dark-skinned private school student (in uniform) on the seat of a bulky and large monowheel motorcycle that looks like it was more built than purchased from a dealer.

    Getting over the temporary shock this setback caused, Elias got off his cycle, and marched over to the La Crosse athlete (according to the patches on his letterman jacket). Grabbing the good-as-defeated Rider from his kneeling position, Elias held Gopher up by the lapels of his letterman jacket, and shouted. “What did you do to cancel out our transformations? Tell me!”

    A concussion blast knocked back both Mascot Riders, as the Gopher Spirit appeared before them in his beast form. “Enough of this fighting!” exclaimed the spectral rodent, as glared towards Viper. “Nobody should be at fault for the Rider System’s cancellation. But if you insist on being such a snake in the grass, Viper, why don’t you try restarting your transformation. Go on.

    Elias growled, “Don’t you patronize me!’ He then brought out his Rider Bracer, and placed it on his right wrist. Pulling out his Viper Change Jaw, he held it over his right shoulder. ‘READY,’ the Rider System announced, giving him the authority to slide the Change Jaw into the Bracer. “Kamen Rider!” Elias shouted, as the Viper System announced ‘RIDER FORM!’

    And nothing happened.

    Viper then growled at this. “Something must be wrong.”

    The Gopher Spirit then said, “It is just as I thought. Return to your home for the time being. I’ll be in contact with your Mascot Spirit. This battle is over.

    Hesitating over the battle ending in a stalemate by forces unknown, Elias stormed off to his Viper Coil, despising the taste of a Spirit-enforced draw.

    Gopher then said, looking toward the spectral Gopher for guidance. “What does this mean for us?”

    Trouble for the Riders if this keeps up.” The Mascot Spirit replied.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Confirmations

    Carson High School; Junior Varsity Football Field

    Being a day off, an off-season Rugby Practice was a good way to make a slightly foggy morning better. At least to Dylan Smart, it is. He was in his practice gear, which was looking a little bit too tight on him, but made for a better chance at getting the right footing in tryouts for the Carson High Varsity Rugby team.

    Of course, Dylan went to the field a couple hours early. He couldn't help but to mull over the first couple months of his Senior Year, including being chosen as a Mascot Rider after the first day. It wasn't easy for him to fill the boots, but he did enjoy being a part of Rider experience once again. He only told Chloe Grange that this was his second experience as a Kamen Rider, taking the mantle for a time to save her from Demon Soldiers two years ago. The experience was credited to a Terran-human friend in Brittney Parker, whom was an unexpected ally of the Tao Trigram Ranger team. He always wondered how Brittney was doing after all this time. Maybe time was different on Planet Terra... who knows?

    His warm-up stretches was intterupted by the sound of multiple motorcycle engines, as he turned his attention to the student parking lot. He knew the cycles by name, and listed them in his head as they appeared. Viper Coil... T-Wolf Chopper with the Beaver Kart attached... Wildcat Roadster? What are those four doing in town? They were all motorcycles (and a sidecar/go-kart hybrid) that were used by rival Riders from other towns. It also made him wonder why a private school prat like Elias Randall would bother himself with the commute from Portland to Carson.

    Dismounting their vehicles, the four Mascot Riders removed their helmets. Aside from the known Viper, whom worked on putting down the kickstands on his monowheel, Keiko Kim, a young Korean-American, was Timbertown's Kamen Rider Timberwolf. With the Mascot Rider mantle, she rode a Harley-Davidson chopper that transforms when she does. Like Dylan, she was a High School Senior, but she is also in her fourth year of being a Mascot Rider.

    Placing his helmet on the handlebars of his three-wheeled Spyder Roadster, Calum Winters was a somewhat undecisive redheaded sophomore from Williamson High, whom was still getting his footing as Kamen Rider Wildcat, the sister-system to Cougar. Dylan thought of him as a polar opposite compared to the Lonewolfs of Briarwood.

    Kerry Buckland was the youngest of the Riders, a freshman punk Local Hometown Girl from Beaverton, where she became Kamen Rider Beaver. Dylan thought of her as pretty extreme, especially after their first Rider battle. He remembered the Beaver Kart quite well, but was surprised that Beaver's vehicle had the same basic functionality as its transformed state.

    Elias was quicker in his pace to jump over the gate separating the parking lot from the field. He grabbed Dylan by the shirt, and brought him face-to-face. "Tell me that you can still transform!" He exclaimed in desperation.

    "Hey, Elias. How are you doing?" Dylan said, taken aback by the intense attitude of the private school student.

    Viper hissed. "This is not the time for pleasantries, Cougar. Show us you can transform. Do it!"

    Keiko smacked Elias upside the head, wanting nothing more but to keep things civil. "That is not how you treat a rival, Viper. Must you be such an ass?"

    Letting go of Dylan, Elias humphed. "How do you think we should get his help, Timberwolf?"

    Calum turned a little red in the freckled face after seeing Dylan in his rugby gear. It was more form-fitting than what he has ever seen Cougar wear outside of his Rider form. "H-hello, Dylan," he stammered awkwardly.

    Kerry, being the pink-haired girl in black clothes, was just as impatient as Elias. "We're here because none of our Rider systems are working."

    Dylan hummed. "I don't know if the same happened to me, since I defeated the Rider last night with no problem. Then again, I chose to do it early so I can watch Sabin win his soccer tournament." Family obligation, of course. He then walked over to the bench where he set his duffel bag, and from the big bag, he pulled out his Rider Belt and Cougar Change Claw. "I kept it with me just in case some of Gasket's forces attacked again."

    Dylan pulled out his Rider Belt, and wrapped it around his waist, feeling it tighten to a snug fit around his waist. He brought out the Cougar Claw, and placed it over his left pectoral. ‘READY’ the Cougar Claw stated in a monotone voice. At that point, Dylan shouted “Kamen Rider!” and placed the Cougar Claw into his Rider Belt, feeling it hook in securely. ‘RIDER FORM!’

    And like the others... nothing.

    Dylan tried once again, and got the same result. "Odd... it was working yesterday evening."

    Keiko said, "It's not only you. ALL of us are unable to transform. I even checked in on a couple other Riders I know of in the area. They either had their Rider Systems fail on them mid-battle or they woke up this morning unable to transform."

    "That is quiet stirring, indeed."

    "Who said that?" asked Calum, snapping out of the breath-taking image that was playing in his head.

    The Cougar Spirit appeared in all her feline glory. This time, however, she was not in the mood to be playful. "I said it, Kamen Rider Wildcat. I have conferred with yours and the other Mascot Spirits throughout Rider Territory. Every single Mascot Rider from here to Talent (yes, it is a town) and beyond has lost the ability to transform. There should be nothing wrong with the Rider Systems at all. This is quite perplexing, indeed."

    Dylan looked down, in thought for a moment or two, then remembered something that reminded him of his nostalgia a few minutes before. He went back into his duffel bag, and pulled out his wallet, and a special card that was given to him a couple years prior. "We might have a few friends side. All we have to do is call them.

    Kitty turned her cougar head in curiosity towards Dylan. "What is that card you have?"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three -- Sending a Distress Call... from a Garage

      Within a Community in Williamson, an hour later...

      "Why are there so many... trees?"

      Kerry asked in a perplexed tone, as she looked out of the Garage, and beyond the parked motorcycles in Calum's driveway. Dylan and Elias both were hooking up a CB radio that was once used by Wildcat himself in his childhood. Keiko on the other hand, was setting up the not-so-portable antenna in the backyard.

      "We'll get a chance to enjoy nature as soon as we can," Dylan said. "As for right now, could you please get that extention cord for us? It's right on the wall next to the chest freezer."

      Hearing the word 'chest' made Calum subconsciously focus less on getting things connected. Only Elias' voice made him snap out of it. "How did you know about this."

      "Before we had Internet in this house," Calum hummed in a moment of his own nostalgia. "One of my older brothers and sister were more interested in getting on trucker's nerves from their bedroom." He shook his head a little bit, remembering what trouble they've gotten themselves into on the airwaves. "I only know the basics from watching them."

      Keiko returned from the backyard. "It took a little coaxing, but I managed to get the antenna set up. How are things coming on this end?"

      Dylan looked up. "We're almost done. Just making sure everything as well-connected. We need to leave nothing to chance if we're going to pull this off." He then plugged the radio's electric cord into the extension cord with a little elbow grease.

      After Kerry plugged in the electricity, she humphed. "This better work, Wildcat, or I am going to beat you harder than last time."

      Calum ulped. As he flipped the switch and tuned the radio dial carefully to the right to the proper frequency. He then handed the receiver to Dylan. "Want to do the honors?"

      Dylan took the receiver, making him feel as if he was in one of those 1990s police shows. He then pushed the button, remembering his responsibility to contact Brittney's team whenever he was in a bind. And the Mascot Wars in jeopardy is a good enough reason. Cougar then pressed the speak button. "May day May day... This is Mascot Rider Cougar, calling in an emergency call from Rider Territory. Lightning Rider Legion, do you read? Over."

      Elias arched an eye. How does Cougar know about these things?

      Boulder, Colorado; Planet Terra -- The 3rd Annual Rider Games

      "...and that brings the score in this exciting Motor Bike Hockey match back up to even once again! Boy, those Fighting Dragons are really giving the Lightning Legion a run for their money!"

      Although the cameras panned over each of the attending Fighting Dragons of Planet Adalia and their mascot, Gong, the primary focus for this story fell on the Lightning Legion themselves. Brittney was watching the others from the team's motor pit when suddenly her communications schematic appeared within her helmet against the viewing visor. She knew the whole team was getting this as well. Then she saw the emergency frequency number. She smiled as a previous memory returned to her. She activated her comm unit and said, "Lightning Crane Rider on Planet Terra. What is the nature of your emergency?"

      Though muttering over the line from the other Riders present on the Mascot Rider's end, the response came from the primary Rider. "Our Rider Systems seemed to have stopped functioning as early as last night. Aside from our usual Mascot War, we have an evil robotic force that targets the Rider Territory of Oregon to take Earth. Requesting emergency assist, over." The tone of his voice was a tell tale sign that he was familiar with the Crane Rider's voice.

      The Lightning Mentor then remarked, "We are the middle of the last few rounds of the 3rd Annual Rider Games, Mascot Riders. Rest assured; you will receive aid in droves. Crane will be on the first drove; the rest will arrive later. I just hope the Imperials don't get word of our sneaking off to Dreamtrail or else they may show up there."

      Brittney shuddered since that is the LAST thing Dylan needed to put up with since that one Imperial, a mouse guy, made gay people seem straight by comparison. "I will bring the Rabbit, the Fox, and the Mouse with me, Ghost. The rest of you can come along later once the Fighting Dragons are sent home. You know, Mascot Rider..." this was directed solely at Dylan. " always looked good as a Cougar. Quite the time we had. Where should lightning strike on your Earth?" As in, where do you want us to arrive?

      "Around the Willamette Valley..." replied Dylan. "We'll likely be around Carson within an hour."

      A confused voice then stopped Dylan. "I just got contacted by my Mascot Spirit; there is Cog activity at the train station in town."

      A more anger-filled voice growled. "Then we should have no time to lose! Rider System or no, we still can't let that bunch of scrap heap automatons continue to rain on our parade!"

      A voice of reason spoke a bit more strongly. "Viper is right. We need to get out there despite the odds."

      "Looks like wherever there is Cog Activity, it seems. There's a sighting in Williamson." Dylan said. "Over and out." Then the communication was shut off suddenly.

      The Lightning Rabbit remarked, "He was cut off rather suddenly, Brittney. Because of the time difference between the worlds, we have just enough time to wrap up this game then head immediately to Planet Earth. And don't worry... if Prince Nesumi follows up, I'll tie him down to the back of my Lightning Legion Cycle."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four -- Impending Doom?

        Williamson Transit Station

        Cogs were indeed attacking the transit hub of Williamson, forcing the citizens of multiple towns to find safety within the trees surrounding the area. They were making good work, especially with the Kamen Riders unable to transform. However, that didn't stop a Monowheel Cycle from jumping onto the sidewalk, and ramming a cog against the lamp post, and grinding the grunt with its wheel.

        "Rider powers or no, I won't let Cogs make a bad day worse!" Elias growled, as he dismounted, and confiscated the staff of the Cog. and tripped up another.

        Dylan ran quickly to join Viper in the battle. Grabbing the staff Elias tossed to him, Dylan slammed it into the Cog's side, he had better success in getting the robotic grunt slightly damaged.

        Keiko and Calum both were dodging attacks, waiting patiently for the next move to make. But Wildcat was more startled by the attack on his hometown, especially when the transit center hadn't made it to its first year of operation.

        Kerry, on the other hand, was not in the mood to be tactful. She growled, as she dodged a staff strike, and tried to kick a grunt in the gut. However, instead of making the grunt keel over (like usual), Beaver screamed in overwhelming pain, and hopped on one leg as she cradled her foot. "When did these Cogs get so *bleep*-ing resistant to attacks?"

        "Maybe because you relied on your Rider System too much," snerked Wildcat. He was distracted enough for a Cog to kick him in the gut, and send him flying on a crash course towards the bicycle lockers. He writhed in pain, as Keiko got in front of the hovering cogs.

        "Your opponent is me!" shouted Keiko, as she noticed Both Viper and Cougar were showing signs of struggle; Dylan even less so. But she wasn't going to let them bring further harm to the greenhorn Mascot Riders. Her eyes widened when the 'face' of a Cog opened. it blasted a shot, and she dodged, but not without landing in an awkward fashion on the cement.

        Dylan thrust a staff into the Cog that just fired its weapon. Though he pressed the electrocution button, the Cog didn't short out. The Cog turned around, smacked the staff out of Cougar's grasp with one hand while knocking him to the side with the other. Dylan grunted as he tried to get up to one knee, but gotten caught off-guard as the exposed eyes of the robotic footsoldier started to charge up with another blast.


        "WITH THE NEED FOR WARP SPEED!" came the loud shout as a barrage of lightning bolts rained down from the heavens striking Cogs left and right as four armored Kamen Riders with lightning symbols on their helmets, gloves, and boots suddenly landed in the middle of the battle ground. All four had their Lightning Kendo Swords at the ready. "Lightning Rabbit!" "Lightning Fox!" "Lightning Mouse!" "Lightning Crane!" Then all together, they shouted, "Kamen Rider Lightning Legion!" And with that, they leaped at blinding speed into battle against the Cogs, kendo slashing here and there.

        As the Lightning Crane made her slashing strike, she commented, "Long time no see, Dylan. These things are too ugly to be your high school prom date."

        Dylan smirked at the joke. "It's good to see you back on Earth," He tried to get up to his feet, but his need to attain a vertical base was hampered by a slight twinge in his leg from landing so hard. "And not a moment too soon, either."

        The Lightning Rabbit rapid kicked a Cog out of the city with a powered foot to the groin. "The Lightning Legion just barely won our match against the Fighting Dragons of Adalia. Rabbit, they sure fought roughly during the final few minutes of the game. But fortunately, Cougar and Stallion were with us. Or should I say luck?" He smirked.

        The Lightning Fox grinned. "More like Ghost."

        The Lightning Mouse gave a roundhouse kick to several Cogs who were too close to Elias and Calum. "I know you Mascot Riders are no slackers in fights like this, but you would think your sponsors would give you some kind of power you could use when you weren't in Rider form... like our team has."

        Elias remarked, remembering the admonishment he got from Silas after inquireing the same thing "Having special abilities augmenting our Rider abilities will give others an unfair advantage in the Mascot Wars. Or at least that is what the Viper Spirit told me."

        Calum held his torso as he tumbled off the bicycle locker. "Abilities or none... we are glad you came so fast.

        Dylan hummed, as he forced himself up to a stand as he dusted off his rugby clothes. "With the need for Warp Speed... glad to see that not much has changed in nearly one-and-a-half years." He remembered being a Lightning Rider for one time, giving a Death Valley-style Warp Rider Kick to a Demon Soldier in front of his friend/partner-in-crime a couple years prior, Chloe Grange.

        The Lightning Crane smiled. "The rest of the team will be joining us later. Our mentor, Ghost, sent us on ahead to scope out the situation. The actual Lightning Cougar wants to meet you later, Dylan."

        And then the Lightning Riders caused chain lightning to cascade between all four riders via their Kendo swords causing destruction to every Cog that was in the line of fire. This cleaned out a vast majority of the remaining Cogs once and for all.

        The Lightning Rabbit said, "I think we should move this party to another location, friends. We need to discuss what to do to get your Rider powers restored. Earth is a nice place to visit, but there is no place like Terra. Lightning Cycles!" And their Lightning Legion Motorcycles appeared via a bolt of lightning from the sky as the team began to mount up. "You guys know your region better than we do so feel free to lead the way to a private pow-wow location."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five -- System Error

          Returning to the High School in Carson, Dylan had escorted all the other Riders to a computer lab within a technology building. Thanks to the aid of Kitty (The Cougar Mascot Spirit), an illusion was cast upon the glass features of the room to fool the teaching passersby into believing there was no students (or Riders) were around.

          Kerry was sitting with her swollen ankle on the stool. As she waited for some first aid, Keiko and Calum both offered their belts to examine the intricacies of the Mascot Rider System for any errors. Elias - though willing to give an account of his recent Mascot battle - refused to let the strange riders to examine an unusual Rider System such as his.

          Dylan remarked. "We don't know what had happened otherwise, but everyone that is a Mascot Rider has lost their ability to transform from what we can estimate."

          Keiko she placed an ice pack on Beaver's ankle to reduce the swelling. She was quite intrigued by the swordsmanship of the Lightning Riders present, being a blade-wielding Rider herself.

          The Lightning Legion Riders were still suited up, but had their helmets off to reveal two college aged boys and two college aged girls. That's right; they are adults.

          Lightning Mouse, one of the two females, was examining the Mascot Rider belts with an examination device that she had unpacked from her satchel. However, her next comment was one of annoyance. "Is this a joke? You call for help and don't actually need it? These rider belts are fully functional and completely charged."

          Lightning Rabbit said, "Wait a minute, Zoe. If Dylan told Brittney that they didn't work, then I believe him. And you can guess what that means since you can see that their rider systems are not at fault..."

          Lightning Fox nodded his head. "Basil is right. If their belts aren't working, then it must be interference from the Machine Empire stemming from a nullification generator keyed to block Mascot Rider energies."

          Brittney the Lightning Crane glanced at Dylan and the other Mascot Riders. "Toddric has a point, guys. And that Cog attack at the station must have been a distraction simply to keep the Mascot Riders from searching for the interference generators. Knock out the generators and you get your rider powers back. And you can bet that those generators are being guarded, just in case."

          Zoe smiled slyly since she knew what kind of response would arise from her next comment. "Since the Mascot team cannot suit up, perhaps they should sit this one out. We wouldn't want them to get hurt."

          Dylan and Elias both stood up. "Now wait just one second..." the latter barked. "We can't let Rider Territory be undefended while the Machine Empire lays waste to Riders such as yourselves."

          Cougar then said. "I knew how it was to be a Rider before I took up the Mascot Rider Mantle. To abandon the responsibilities the Spirits bestowed upon us would be an outrage."

          Keiko then said. "We may not be a team, but we know how to defend our territory." She then looked towards Calum and Kerry. "Though I think you two guys should sit this one out for the time-being. Beaver is injured, and with your luck in battles being as it is, Wildcat... you might slow us down. I'm all about accepting you two into the fold, but not this time okay?"

          Kerry got up from her seat, and placed her weight on her bad foot. "Now wait just one... OW!" She then sat back down out of pain, which caused Keiko to help her rest her ankle back up on the stool.

          "Just rest that ankle" Keiko said while re-applying the ice. "That is your task for now."

          Basil spread out of map of the territory. "I am assuming that the three best Mascot competitors in this area are Dylan, Elias, and Keiko. Right? Since you guys are not a team, I have a suggestion that should make your participation worthwhile. My idea is this: We split up into three groups. Each group will have one Mascot Rider in it along with one of our Lightning Riders. We make this into a competition. The Mascot Rider who can take out the most generators wins the competition. The Lightning Rider accompanying you is simply there so the grunts are engaged long enough to give you a shot at the generator. Remember: once we start taking out generators, the Machine Empire will surely begin beefing up the guards around those locations. I will remain here with Calum and Kerry to provide a home base check in point. Time to choose your Lightning Riders... who wants the Fox, who wants the Mouse, and who wants the Crane?"

          Toddric, Zoe, and Brittney all posed with a smile at the Mascot Riders.

          Elias was thinking primarily about getting answers about why Dylan would know more of other Riders than he. "I'll ride alongside Crane." He said, the look on his face said he has a reason for it.

          Keiko smiled; though a game of Cat and Mouse would be fun, Cyrus would warn her against causing problems for other Riders. Besides, she liked Dylan. "I'll take the Mouse Rider... never underestimate a Rider by the animal of their Rider form.

          Dylan nodded in understanding to Keiko's reasoning. "That just leaves me with the Fox." He said, knowing that he is no stranger to a familiar fox. "Let's watch each other's backs out there, okay?" He then held out his hand in a gesture of friendship.

          Basil said, "Just remember, guys... this isn't a dating outing; you're to assist the Mascots in getting their powers back. The Mascot Spirits will get word to you the moment they detect Cog activity. I'll be here with the others and to act as a beacon for Ghost and the rest of our team. We know they are coming, but not as to when they will arrive. They like to make an entrance."

          Brittney nodded her head at Elias. She would rather have gone with Dylan, but she would honor the pairing even though something seemed off about the whole choice. Zoe smiled at Keiko, saying, "Ladies outing. Very well." And Toddrick clasped Dylan's hand in his own and then... embraced him tightly followed by a whisper, "Brittney was right; you're hot."

          Basil grinned. "Get out of here. And keep your minds out of the gutter..." he paused. "...If possible."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six -- Some Answers...

            Astoria; Crane/Viper

            The Viper Coil was zooming toward where Silas had reported one of the generators to be. As they headed to the Astoria Column, Elias was choosing to get some answers while he and Brittney rode towards the first jamming signal generator. "It seems that I've been trumped once again by Cougar when it comes to knowledge of Kamen Riders. How does he know so much, and about your group of Riders?" The tone in his voice was tinged with frustration over the current situation.

            Brittney thought over the question with a smile. "Because you are asking politely and not demanding, I guess I can tell you the story. On our own Planet Terra, there has never been any Mascot Riders. Basil, Zoe, and Toddric were the first three to get their rider powers. They had been attending a Kendo Academy just outside of Kyoto Japan when Basil's father, a law enforcement officer, accidentally found a secret door in the Samurai Rabbit Shrine at the academy itself. He and Basil went down the dusty steps and at the bottom there was what looked like an old junior club ring which Mr. Tanner gave to Basil, and beyond that they found a crystal statuette of a female rabbit lady in ancient Japanese garb. The statuette had been perfectly positioned under a ray of light and when Mr. Tanner picked up the art piece, he accidentally removed the ancient key from the lock and released Lady Tibara, an evil divine like female rabbit, a member of the Nobles of Zoology. Lady Kitnova and Prince Nesumi were the next to be released in succession as Tibara went to their shrines which were actually their jail cells from ancient times. Mr. Tanner had been captured by Tibara who wanted to mate with him against his will. Basil, Zoe, and Toddric were then contacted by the Samurai Spirit of the former Lightning Rider from ancient times. Yes, the Rabbit Samurai. He explained what was really going on and he helped the three to get their Lightning Kendo Swords. After receiving the instructions on how to activate their powers, they became the new Kamen Rider Lightning Strike. They were told to use diplomacy and honesty when dealing with the three nobles and Basil was warned immediately that Prince Nesumi had a crush on the Red Rabbit."

            "After successfully negotiating the release of his father, Basil and his friends had many more encounters with the three nobles, all ending is weird strange ways... until the day Mr. Tanner told Basil that they had to move back to the states. He was being relocated due to his job and he was sorry that this would upset the Rider team. Speaking with the Nobles alone for a change, Basil told them what was about to occur and if the Nobles wanted to retain the Riders as their honored adversaries... they could migrate to the states themselves and claim a new area of their own. The two princesses were skeptical, but Prince Nesumi said he would follow Basil to the ends of the Earth and beyond, simply to earn that one night -- in bed -- with the red rabbit." Brittney paused. "Eww, I know. Nesumi is the worst gay perv in the universe." She then recomposed herself and continued. "In the states, the Lightning Riders fell out of touch for a short period of time. They all lived in completely different locations. I ended up dating Basil when he and his father moved into my hometown, River Bluff, Oregon. And then the Nobles arrived. Nesumi was utterly jealous with rage when he saw Basil and I kissing. He didn't hesitate to attack and kidnap me, taunting the Red Rabbit that unless he agreed to have sex with him... Basil would never see me again. I mentioned the prince is a gay perv, right? Anyway... Basil managed to contact Zoe and Toddric telling them what was going on. The plan was for Zoe and Toddric to try to rescue me while Basil pretended to make his decision on whether he would get in bed with the prince or not. While Toddric kept the Nobles distracted, Zoe managed to find me in a dungeon cell. And she was having trouble with the lock."

            "The Lightning Samurai Spirit appeared once again in the cell with me and handed me a brand new Lightning Kendo Sword. He told me that I was the Crane and he instructed me what to say. He then vanished. On that day, I joined the Lightning Riders and it took strikes from both Zoe's and my blade together to break the lock on the cell. After that, the team slowly came together to form the Legion. But we had been informed that there was one Kendo Sword remaining... the Lightning Kendo Cougar Sword. It was given to me for safe keeping."

            "Then came the fateful day when my senior high school class were to go to Mexico to attend Professor Rainger's archaeological dig. I learned later that the Tao Rangers, the Trigram Rangers, and Sutekh were all on the bus with us that day. The enemies of the Tao Rangers zapped the bus and accidentally dropped it through a magical star gate where we crash landed just north of Briarwood California here on your Earth, where Dylan Smart was attending school at the time. At that time, he was the unfortunate sidekick to Chloe Grange, a selfish brat of a girl who was all the time trying to expose the identities of the Power Rangers Dragon Soul team. She was always thwarted for the record. And Dylan had to save her life once. hee hee. During that team-up in Briarwood, I ended up alone at Mama Jean's Diner with Mama Jean and Dylan. I had my Kendo Sword out of my purse and when Dylan asked me where I got a sword, I told him. Then on a whim... I offered to let him help a Rider in need for a change, secretly. He said he was game and I handed him the Cougar Sword and told him what to do. I knew he wouldn't get to keep it, but I felt sorry for him and I wanted him to see what it was like to be a hero for a change. We kicked Demon Soldier ass that day. He was actually GOOD at it. Then the rest of the Legion showed up looking for me and we were finally able to return to Planet Terra, but not before I gave Dylan one of our frequency contact cards, in case he ever needed the Lightning Legion again. And the rest you obviously know."

            Elias was a little less hostile after hearing that. "That must explain why Cougar is such a formidable opponent, if he has been a Rider before, albeit for a day. I'd expect nearly that much of a challenge from Timberwolf, and she never gave me that much of a fight in the three years I fought against her."

            "If you come across as an enemy to him," replied Brittney. "he kicks ass even harder. But if you form a secret brotherly connection with him... you'll have an ally for life."

            Once they caught sight of the Astoria Column, Elias revved up his Viper Coil, while maintaining it's equilibrium. One would think that a teenager would have trouble with piloting a monowheel, but he was quite adept with the uncommon motorcycle. "Generator spotted. There's a platoon of Cogs as well."

            Brittney stated, "I'll distract the Cogs long enough for you to disable the generator. That's why I'm here." And she leaped up into the air and in a flash of lightning became the Lightning Crane. "With the need for warp speed! Pink Lightning Crane!" And she sped directly into the midst of the Cogs, with her Lightning Sword cleaving at high speed.

            Elias revved up his cycle. Even though he wasn't as fast as Brittney, he was not going to be outshone by a Kamen Rider from another planet. He knocked a Cog back with an abrupt stop of the Viper Coil. He was that good with exploiting the tenacity of the monowheel! Taking the staff of the fallen automaton, Elias decided that a bit of jousting is in order, holding the staff in his right fist as if it was a lance, as he raced toward the generator, stopping only when the staff went into the generator to give it a shock to it's system, disabling the jamming signal.

            "Great job, Rider!" And then she sliced another Cog wide open as she leaped once again and landed on the back of Elias' cycle. "You're better than I thought you would be!" She decapitated another Cog's head from his shoulders. "Perhaps we should try to find the next generator!"

            Elias dismounted his cycle, and after transforming, opened up the Viper Change jaw wide. Speaking over its announcement, he said, "Better not give any ideas to the automatons to repair this bucket of bolts." Viper then struck the disabled generator, destroying it relentlessly in a massive explosion. "We're through here, Crane... let's go."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven -- Wolves of a Pack...

              Southern Oregon; Mouse/Timberwolf

              Having just finished explaining how the Lightning Legion got started and how Dylan had met the Legion originally, Zoe chuckled as they rode along the highway. "Any particular reason you chose to ride with the Lightning Mouse, Keiko?"

              They were heading toward the Klamath Falls area of the state. It was a distance ride, and Keiko enjoyed hearing the recollection of past events. "We both have something in common. Our good looks most in a false security until they see what we can do. And I know never to underestimate a Mouse, in its strength or it's will. They say that birds of a feather flock together, but wolves of a pack has their comrades' back."

              "One mouse alone is clever and quick, but a mob of mice have heightened wit," replied Zoe. "That's the way it was explained to me by my spirit mentor. He told me that the more mice you put together, the smarter they become. Which is why you don't match wits against more than one mouse at a time. In truth, though, I can't wait to see what you look like when suited up. I am told that female wolves are quite beautiful, but very deadly. Perhaps far more deadly than a lone wolf... play on name intended." She chuckled ominously.

              She didn't get the play on name from Zoe, as no one has ever told her about people of that name, not even Dylan, whom she was just starting to get to know a little more of. However, her track of thought was interrupted by a mental message from Cyrus Brand, her spirit sponsor. Kamen Rider Grizzly is engaging the Cogs defending the generator. You and the Mouse better show the meaning of haste. Grizzly is a freshman Mascot Rider!

              Keiko sighed, "A freshman Rider is about to get his ass handed to him if we don't intervene." She then went full throttle on the T-Wolf Chopper. "He's a greenhorn, according to Cyrus!"

              "Some greenhorns are fun in bed," remarked Zoe. "So let's go help the guy! It is a guy, I hope!"

              It was a guy indeed, of the pretty-boy stocky Latino variety. He wasn't faring well against the cogs, even on his road-worthy Grizzly ATV. "You can't keep me down," he said in an insecure yet cocky manner, as he tried to stomp on the head of a Cog.

              Keiko put her T-Wolf Chopper to a stop. "Cogs, and plenty of them. Let's get to work, Zoe!"

              Zoe leaped up into the air and in a flash of lightning became the Lightning Mouse. "With the need for warp speed! Blue Lightning Mouse!" And she sped directly into the midst of the Cogs, with her Lightning Sword cleaving at high speed as she defended the Grizzly Mascot. "Lightning Legion Rider, at your service, Grizzly! The others called for off world assistance!"

              Grizzly growled, as he was rudely evicted from his ATV by the lead Cog. "Another Mascot helping me in a fight that is mine?"

              Keiko responded in kind, "We don't have time for this, Grizzly. We need to work together in getting that generator disabled. Then we'll destroy it once we can transform again."

              Zoe shouted, "I'm only here to distract the cogs so you guys get a fair shot at the generator. Just don't attack me or else you will face the wrath of our sponsor... Kamen Rider Ghost." And she continued to make lightning slashes against any cogs who got in her way.

              Keiko and Grizzly both got on their vehicles, and started to drive through the scrap metal that once were the Cogs, trying to get to the floating generator. Grizzly grunted. "How are we going to do this?"

              Looking at their surroundings, she smiled as she found a modest-sized rock; enough for two to carry and throw in tandem. "Here's a rule of thumb you should know, Grizzly. Sometimes something in your surroundings can work as well as a sharp blade." She dismounted from the T-Wolf Chopper, and walked up to the rock. "Help me lift this rock. If we can throw it to the right height, we can crush the satellite on it."

              Though they weren't a team, they lifted the big rock and threw it hard enough, as it crushed the satellite, and knocked it out of it's equilibrium.

              The two Mascot Rider's transformed, and used their respective weapons in 'FULL CHARGE 1!' to make sure that Machine Empire's wobbling Weeble would fall down in a burning pile of scrap metal.

              Zoe made some flips and a corkscrew in mid air as she slashed and detonated a good number of the Cogs near her location. "Nice to see you two suited up. And Grizzly... I'm not a Mascot Rider myself. I'm just part of the team the others called in for temporary assistance. As soon as this emergency is dealt with, my team and I will return to our home world.... Planet Terra." She then shouted at another Cog, "With the need for warp speed!" And she vanished from where she stood and stood on the other side as the Cog disassembled at the waist and fell apart with an impressive explosion.

              Once Zoe, Keiko, and Grizzly finished off their Cogs, Zoe exclaimed, "Time for the ladies to head out. You're back in charge of your territory, Grizzly."

              And with that, Keiko and Zoe sped off on their cycles toward the next generator location.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight -- Making a Deal

                Central Oregon; Fox/Cougar

                Toddric gladly rode with Dylan as they headed toward the generator zone. "Brittney had respectable words for you, Dylan. And I can see why; you are a pretty nice guy."

                "Thanks," said Dylan, as he leaned his cycle to take a curve heading towards Three-Fingered Jack. "Some of the athletically-inclined are not that nice to the others at my school. I tend not to follow in their bad habits... One of my friends in California liked dressing me in designer labels, though..." Chloe Grange reference. "... and I couldn't find the courage to speak up for myself until I got a taste of what being a hero was all about."

                "Brittney told me about that. You seem to have turned out just fine though." Toddric was enjoying how Dylan felt to fondle, I MEAN, to hold on to. "So... does Casey the Cougar have any boyfriends or girlfriends?" He figured it was safer to ask about Casey's love life over Dylan's.

                Dylan smirked. "Not any, though he has gotten some offers, and has noticed signs of attraction from both sides of the fence. Nothing much to worry about these days."

                With a sigh, Toddric quietly said, "Brittney has spoken of you so much, Dylan, that I am infatuated with you. I'm gay and that is the reason Basil told me to keep my mind out of the gutter before we headed out. I know I shouldn't even be thinking of such things in a crisis like this one, but... I love you." He shook his head to clear his focus now that he's said what he needed to say. "Stereotypical lightning fox, I know... and I'm sorry. How close are we to the generator?"

                "A former Rugby Captain I was under in Briarwood is married to a defensive tackle," said Dylan. "Though I prefer the girls myself, I am not as closed-minded as one may think I would be." He started to slow down a little. "We are pretty close to the generator, according to Kitty. I know someone whom had a foxy disposition like yours. Let's just do this; if you promise to be on your best behavior until this whole crisis is over with... you can see what I look like unclothed. Deal?"

                "It's a deal, although I did notice the way you were looking at Basil earlier," he said with a smile. "You like the red rabbit, do you?" He giggled then he got serious. "I see the Cogs ahead. Time to summon the need for foxy speed." And he leaped into the air right off of Dylan's bike and began his sequence. Toddric quickly drew the Kanji of the Fox in mid air before him. "Kamen Rider!" His lightning rider belt materialized around his waist as he lifted the Warp Blade into the air. "Warp Speed!" Special effects then erupted all around him as the scene become that of a wine vineyard. Toddric's body glowed brightly, as his Rider uniform appeared over his body, followed by the gloves and the boots. Finally, his winged fox helm with visor and mouthpiece appeared over his head as lightning flashed in the now stormy background, revealing the silhouette of his Lightning Fox Cycle. As the transformation scene subsided, Toddric landed on the ground and sped in a blur back and forth across his location before stopping in a battle pose. "With the need for warp speed! Kamen Rider, Yellow Lightning Fox!"

                And he was quickly tearing his Lightning Kendo into the awaiting cogs. "Someone call for a fox?"

                Unlike the other Riders, Dylan also fought off some cogs, but only by ramming the Cougar Cycle into the stray Cogs that got in his way. "You can't keep this cougar down for long!" He grunted, while kicking one of the cogs with his hiking boots." He then dismounted and thrown his weight on the generator, swinging his legs as he was still in the air to spin the generator around.

                "Sorry cogs," Toddric quipped with a grin as he punched a few to make their heads spin in place. "My brother Fire was busy!" Browser humor. "How's it going over there, Cougar boy?" he asked as he zoomed through the cogs with a sonic boom.

                Dylan was glad they were at the base of Three-Fingered Jack, since he was using some of his efforts (along with dodging a Cog that ran into the generator) to spin it around so the satellite will face the rock-face. With one jumping dropkick which involved using all the strength of his tree trunk-like thighs, Dylan had the Generator smash into the rock face, damaging the Satellite.

                Dusting the dirt off his rear end as he got up, Dylan pulled out his Rider Belt, and secured it snugly around his waist. He then brought out his Cougar Change Claw placing it over his left pectoral. 'READY' the Cougar Claw stated in a monotone voice. At that point, Dylan shouted "Kamen Rider!" and placed the Cougar Claw into his Rider Belt, feeling it hook in securely. 'RIDER FORM!' the Cougar Claw stated, as the belt glowed in a hidden power. Just then, a rubbery blue spandex-like material formed a suit and a hard helmet over Dylan’s body! Pieces of golden armor floated in mid-air, and affixed themselves onto the suit in all the right places, with two pieces hooking into each of the utility hooks on the belt. Then a mask of metallic gold and blue fastened in place on Dylan’s helmet, which opened its red omnilens eyes upon completion of the transformation. Dylan has now become Kamen Rider Cougar!

                Dylan slammed a couple boots and Rider Claws into Cogs that got in his way. "Time for a system-wide Shutdown! Rider Kick!" He then pressed the appropriate button. 'COUGAR STYLE!' He got into a ready stance, feeling his right leg gaining power enhanced by the Cougar Spirit, and he leaped into the sky really high! He then performed a spectacular back flip, and spun into a corkscrew, drilling the super-powered boot into the Generator at full force, making the machine explode on impact with both the boot and the rock face. The Mascot Rider front-flipped in mid-air when he rebounded away from the fiery explosion, and landed on his feet, like a real cougar would in the wild. "Can’t Hide That Cougar Rider Pride!"

                Kitty then mentally said to Dylan. The time to celebrate isn't now, Dylan! There is another generator near the Three Sisters. You must get there before the Machine Empire gets any crafty ideas!

                Dylan relayed the info to Toddric as he got on his now-transformed Cougar Cycle. "If there is a need for Warp Speed, it's now! Let's get going!"

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine -- Don't Count out the Underdogs!

                  Entering the Cascade Range; Rabbit/Wildcat/Beaver

                  Looks like the two Riders were motivated to not be left behind, as Calum and Kerry were riding into the Cascade Range, where Cog Activity was detected. The Wildcat Spirit was going to regret contradicting her 'sister's' wise advice, but she didn't want her Rider to be a sitting duck. Calum timidly allowed Basil to ride with him on the Wildcat Roadster, while Kerry remained in the Beaver Sidecar, which was thankfully still attached on the Cycle; it would've looked ugly if she was was pulled over for being underage, and driving her vehicle on the highway.

                  Though he was feeling oddly comfortable with Basil's arms wrapped around his torso, Calum spoke after an awkward silence. "Dylan would probably think less of me if I didn't stand by... but the three are going to need help if they want to expedite the destruction of the generators."

                  Kerry growled, as she said, "At least he won't think you don't have any balls, but you're still a coward to me, Wildcat."

                  Basil exclaimed, "I approved of your getting a chance against one of these generators, guys. But in truth, I could probably do it myself. I am the Lightning Rider leader, albeit a Rabbit. But I always support the underdogs on a team... so, that's why you're both here. I don't think it's right that only the major three get a chance to show their stuff at the generators. We're fortunate that there is one rather close to Beaver territory. It was almost hidden too well. And that might mean that there are better guards there. Or hopefully... worse."

                  Calum hummed. "The only thing worse is getting a low blow from Beaver."

                  Kerry smirked. "I only give them to Cogs and rival Riders. But it bugs me why you don't treat Cougar as a rival."

                  Wildcat humphed. "Does it matter to you? You are no better than Viper when it comes to talking outside of the battlefield. He may be better looking, but your venom makes his attitude seem tame."

                  The tomboy looked right at her rival Rider. "Do you really wanna go, Wildcat?!"

                  Basil growled, "Children! Against the Cogs, you are teammates... but in Traditional Rider Challenges, you are rivals. If neither of you can work together, I'll send you both back to Kitty. Is that what you want?" He looked forward after that. "Remember: I can do this without help, but I dislike seeing people stuck on the sidelines. It may take both of you to take out that generator. So please save the bickering for another time. You're both lucky that your enemies are not in love with you... like one of our male enemies seem to be with me... yuck."

                  Kerry grumbled. "The Mascot Spirit I have is a mega pervert; if I end up getting penalized by him again, it's going to end up being something dirty."

                  Calum kept vigilant in his search through the highway, when he saw something up in the sky. "Hate to interrupt the griping, but there's a Quadrafighter in the skies!"

                  Kerry looked up and glared at the aerial assault vehicle for the Cogs. "There must be a generator nearby! And we can't even transform!" She then slapped her hands on the sidecar. "Dammit!"

                  Basil said, "Take out the Generator and you should be able to transform again. I'll handle the Cogs. Time to show what the Red Rabbit can do." And he launched himself off of the motorcycle in a rabbit like jump and while in mid-air...

                  Basil struck a pose and quickly drew the Kanji of the Rabbit in mid air before him. "Kamen Rider!" His lightning rider belt materialized around his waist as he lifted the Warp Blade into the air. "Warp Speed!" Special effects then erupted all around him as the scene become that of a lush vegetable garden. Basil's body glowed brightly, as his Rider uniform appeared over his body, followed by the gloves and the boots. Finally, his winged rabbit helm with visor and mouthpiece appeared over his head as lightning flashed in the now stormy background, revealing the silhouette of his Lightning Rabbit Cycle. As the transformation scene subsided, Basil sped in a blur back and forth across his location before stopping in a battle pose. "With the need for warp speed! Kamen Rider Lightning Rabbit!"

                  Then Basil shouted, "Time to level up! Red Moon Super Storm! Battlizer Activate!" As he brought his sword in a trio of cutting arcs around him, he leaped high into the air. Red lightning erupted from the storm clouds and super charged his armor with the full force of nature's fury. His Red Thunderstorm armored plate armor then appeared and flowed all over his uniform and helm, as his Warp Blade transformed into the War Rabbit Thunder Blitz Sword. As he landed for all to see, his surroundings turned blood red as he struck his finishing pose. "Red Storm Rabbit Rider! Hyper Blitz Mode!"

                  And then he sped off toward the Cogs nearby, able to scent their oil and unnatural gears.

                  Calum pulled over the Roadster, and dismounted. "How's your leg, Beaver; up for a little hike?"

                  Kerry glared right at the slightly older Rider, and said. "I can walk just fine... let's go already!" And she took off, only limping slightly as she quickened her pace into the forested area.

                  Calum shrugged his shoulders, and ran after Beaver. "Just thought to ask."

                  Machine Empire; Gear Ship

                  "You sent for me, Father?" Prince Glitch asked, his legs and body reinforced with stronger plating on his design, making him more like an awkward young teenager than when he was last seen.

                  King Gasket pulled out an upgraded BuckleDriver into Glitch's hands. "The time has come for you to go into battle again; you are to become Kamen Rider Glitch 2.0; The Kamen Riders helping the Mascot Riders are being more of a nuisance than I thought. You are to aid in the defense of the central-most generator. I will not let the Riders continue destroying the Anti-Rider Energy Field!"

                  Glitch whined, "But wouldn't the field block my powers, too?"

                  Professor von Gearbolt IV chimed in. "The energy field is only attuned to the Mascot Rider powers; you'll be able to transform through your BuckleDriver easily. It has been upgraded to give you a far better fighting style and to give you a chance should one of those Mascot Riders succeed to transform."

                  King Gasket grumbled. "Why can't we call the transformations the riders make 'morph,' anymore? It was so much easier when we were dealing with those pestilent Power Rangers!"

                  Prince Glitch placed the BuckleDriver into the slot in his right hip, storing it for use later. "I'll get those Riders back for getting the best of me!" A gear portal then opened up above him as he teleported out of the Gear Ship to even King Gasket wouldn't want to know."

                  Queen Archerina hummed. "Sounds like his attitude has changed since he was repaired. He's starting to sound less than my boy, and more like a teenage brat!"

                  "Easy, my Queen," stated King Gasket, "He's his father's son, and getting revenge on the Riders would be the best hobby for him."

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten -- One More Down and a Little Snag

                    Back in the Cascade Range, both Kerry and Calum found the generator defenseless, thanks to the efforts of Basil keeping the Cogs at bay.

                    "How do you think we disable it, Beaver?" Calum asked a bit timidly.

                    Kerry growled. "Isn't it obvious?! Watch and learn!" She then walked to a boulder, and said, "Take off your jacket."

                    Calum removed his jacket and hand it to Kerry, whom dropped it onto the ground. "What are you..."

                    "Help me get this boulder onto your jacket." the Tomboy interrupted, as she tried to lift up the boulder herself. "Come on, Wildcat!"

                    "My name is Calum!" grunted Wildcat, as he walked over to help Kerry with the boulder, lifting it up just enough to move it onto his jacket. "Lemme guess; we're going to throw this boulder at the generator?"

                    Kerry smirked. "There may be some promise in you, after all. Come on... let's follow through with this." The two younger riders lifted up the boulder with the jacket and stepped close enough to make sure it hits. "Swing it with me." They both started to swing it hard enough so it would gain enough momentum before they both let go, and knocked out the generator, and crushed it slightly as it fell on its side!

                    The tomboy then stomped on the satellite with her big boot, crushing it hard. "Now this one's done, but it needs more of a powerful end, don't ya think?"

                    Calum brought out his Rider Belt, and wrapped it around his waist, feeling it tighten to snug on his waist. He then pulled out his Wildcat Claw and held it over his right ankle. 'READY!' the device stated in a monotone voice. At that point, Calum shouted "Kamen Rider!" and placed the Wildcat Claw into his Rider Belt, feeling it hook in securely. 'RIDER FORM!' the Wildcat Claw stated, as the belt glowed in a hidden power. Just then, a rubbery grey spandex-like material formed a suit and a hard helmet over Calum's body! Pieces of blue-tinted armor floated in mid-air, and affixed themselves onto the suit in all the right places, with a module hooking into the utility hook on the right side of the belt. Then a mask of metallic blue and grey fastened in place on Calum's helmet, which opened its orange omnilens eyes upon completion of the transformation. Calum has now become Kamen Rider Wildcat!

                    Kerry brought out her Rider belt, and wrapped it around her waist, feeling it tighten to snug on her waist. She then put the Beaver Tail over the left side of her rear end. 'READY' the device stated in a monotone voice. At that point, the pink-haired tomboy shouted "Kamen Rider!" and placed the Beaver Tail into her Rider Belt, twisting it in to secure it to the buckle. 'RIDER FORM!' the Beaver Tail stated, as the belt glowed in a hidden power. Just then, a rubbery black spandex-like material formed a suit and a hard helmet over the tomboy's body! Pieces of dark orange-tinted armor floated in mid-air, and affixed themselves onto the suit in all the right places, with a piece hooking onto her right boot. Then a mask of metallic orange and black fastened in place on the tomboy's helmet, which opened its navy omnilens eyes and extended the front teeth upon completion of the transformation. The pink-haired tomboy has now become Kamen Rider Beaver!

                    Kerry stomped her sore leg, finding that it was still painful for even a Full Charge 1. "I'll let you kick this one to oblivion, little boy blue." as she held her hands together, and out as if she was going to give a boost.

                    "Sounds good to me," Calum hummed, as he pressed the proper button on the Wildcat Claw. "Rider Kick!" 'WILDCAT STYLE!' The Wildcat claw stated, as he ran toward Kerry, and used her boost to jump higher, as he managed to flip into the right position for a left leg flying side kick boosted with the power of the Wildcat Mascot to fully scrap that generator once and for all! "You can't keep a Rider down for long!"

                    The Beaver Spirit then telepathically contacted his rider. There is no time to celebrate; there is an increase of Cog Activity near the Idaho border. You better get your sexy self and Wildcat out there! No buts.

                    Basil was having a bit of trouble as unlike his fellow Lightning Riders, he underestimated just how crafty the Cogs could be and he was now pinned down under a mass of Cogs in a cul de sac gully with no apparent escape. Looks like I bit off more than I can chew. GHOST! I NEED YOU! which was followed by ...I'd even settle for Prince Nesumi at this point...

                    And with the young Riders out of sight and distracted by their own quarrels and new destination, it didn't look promising for the alien Lightning Rider...

                    Three Sisters

                    Once Dylan and Toddric saw the Generator undefended by any Cogs, it was soon proven to be good to be true, as an explosion from behind not only sent the un-transformed Dylan flying, but the powered-up Toddric as well! As they were laying on the ground, Prince Glitch appeared. "Nice try, Riders. Now time for me to transform!"

                    Pulling the BuckleDriver out of its compartment, Glitch placed the buckle over his waist, as a belt snaked over his metallic form. "Kamen Rider!" Glitch shouted, as he pushed down the stylized hammer. 'START THE DESTRUCTION!' the Evil Rider system announced as a dark metallic metal oozed out of the BuckleDriver, and made near-humanoid form over most of Glitch's body. Armors started to form, making the adolescent robotic Kamen Rider look more capable of destruction than ever! The face of Glitch then opened up and altered its shape, repositioning various parts and forming it into a Kamen Rider helmet. With a mechanical majestic pose, Kamen Rider Glitch has been formed!

                    Stomping his boot on Dylan's stomach, Glitch pulled out his Sword from his left hip compartment, and pointed it at Dylan's short neck. "You and your friends will NEVER stop the end of the Kamen Riders!" As he was ready to make a death blow...

                    To be continued...

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Thirteen.
                    Stay tuned for the next episode.