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[GNR-SS] DSD-01: Form! Legendary Sentai!

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    [GNR-SS] DSD-01: Form! Legendary Sentai!

    Denkiteki Sentai Doragonger
    Scroll 1: Form! Legendary Sentai!
    Written by Lexington “Chip” Lonewolf


    1. DoragonBlue -- Kibou -- Suzuki Takeshi
    2. DoragonBlack -- Chikara -- Ito Yousuke
    3. DoragonWhite -- Jinchi -- Kinjo Maemi

    Also Starring:

    Platinum Dragon of the East Winds, Bahamut Dragon God responsible for sealing away demons in the past.
    Draconian Spirits Former warriors of Draconia.
    Master Ryuu Perverted Mini-Dragon master of Juikungrate.

    Demonic Militia of Darkness:
    Stealth Demon General of the Technique, Shinobi-Ankoku
    Akuma Buben
    Demonic Soldier of the Speedway, Gyosha

    Please note that everyone is speaking in Japanese. Anything spoken in any other language would be put in Italics.

    Chapter One: The Past and the Broken Seal

    Japan, Ancient Times

    In a unnamed mountain palace, five of the best Draconian Warriors bowed before the Platinum Dragon of the East Winds, Bahamut, seeking guidance for the war that is causing the destruction of the world they know.

    The Draconian Warriors were led by the Blue Dragon Samurai, whose fires were the hottest of all Dragon kind. The Black Dragon had features of a heavily armored turtle, and can cause Earth-shattering tremors with a very heavy stomp of his clawed feet, or with a thrust of his shield. Unlike the others, the White Dragon had the features of a Hawk, and can summon great cyclones with her great Daikyu. The quietest of the group, the Gold Dragon, was mostly black, but had the golden features of a lion, and can stop attacks with a blinding light emitted from his spear. The most faithful of the Dragons was the Green Dragon, who can summon up massive tsunamis with the playing of his dagger.

    “Honorable Deity,” the Blue Dragon spoke, bowing to Bahamut along with his comrades. “The Demons are ravaging our lands, and we lost our comrades, the Red Dragon of the Flame, and the Pink Dragon of the Cherry blossoms. We come for guidance on how to defeat the Demon Militia of Darkness, or seal them away for all eternity.

    Bahamut, who loved all Dragon kind, was saddened by this news. “A Deity greater than I has chosen to sacrifice all but the Dragon Deities to seal the Demons away. The age of the Draconians is coming to an end.”

    “No!” The Green Dragon roared, upset that he and all he knew was about to die to seal away the Demons. “There must be another way, Honorable Deity. It seems so unfair to end the existence of our race to seal away another.” He then started to cry. “No one will be able to hear the melody of my flute, nor will they learn about our faith or culture.”

    Tears also trickled down Bahamut’s reddened eyes, as his muzzle was pointed to the ground. “I am really sorry, but it has to be done. If the Demons aren’t sealed away, the war would eventually render this world devoid of any living creature. I am to seal them away with the extinction of the Draconians when the next Sun rises.”

    The Gold Dragon then spoke, “If we have to die to seal away the demons, it is an honorable way to die.”

    Not only did the others agree with the Gold Dragon, so did Bahamut. The Draconian Deity then addressed the Green Dragon. “I am sorry that it pains you to see this happen in your existence, young wyrm of the sea. You are only a hatchling compared to the others, and have a lot to learn through faith. I can see that within you, loyal hatchling.” He then addressed all five Draconian Warriors. “Now go, and make preparations for the next rising. I will accompany you in the final battle.”

    At the rising of the sun, all of the Draconian kind faded out of existence, and the Platinum Dragon of the East Winds, Bahamut, sealed away the Demonic Militia of Darkness into the Darkest mountain in the Japanese Alps. To honor the five warriors who fought honorably for over a hundred years, he sealed the flute at the Green Dragon’s favorite cliff, the spear in the Gold Dragon’s forested region, and the weapons of the Blue, Black, and White Dragons in a Pocket Dimension within Fuji-yama. The Draconic Deity then flew away into his palace in the clouds, thus ending the existence of all Draconians to save the world.

    Japanese Alps, 2007; Present Day

    The Darkest Mountain of the Alps was struck by violet bolt of lightning, as a White Ninja with Demonic features appeared in the highest point of the castle that appeared at the mount. “Ah! I see that the Dragon God Bahamut has sealed away the master’s forces. Now it is time to release them. I summon the Akuma Buben! Free your selves from the mountain, and populate the palace!

    Just then, the Stealth Demon General of the Technique, Shinobi-Ankoku, threw two great shurikens at the seal, and destroyed it, releasing the Demonic forces and the Demon Grunts from the mountainous prison. The Demon Militia of Darkness was freed from Bahamut’s seal, and entering the Oni Palace in droves. “You are a rather stupid dragon to think that you’re going to seal us away for eternity, Bahamut. For that, you’ll regret forcing the Draconian race into extinction.”

    The Ninja Demon then was seen sitting on his mats, overseeing his demonic forces. “Gyoza-kun, to me!” From out of the crowd of Demons, A monster that was a hybrid of a demon, and burnt race car driver hyper-dashed to Shinobi-Ankoku, and bowed.

    The Demonic Soldier of the Speedway, Gyosha then spoke. “My fellow Demons and I are greatful that you saved us from that prison, Shinobi-sama. What is it that you need?”

    Shinobi-Ankoku performed a few hand symbols, and blasted the monster with a powerful energy, granting him with weaponry. “I want you to go into the Draconian Region, survey the lands for me, then send an army of Akuma Buben to do attack the city.”

    “As you command,” Gyosha replied with a bow, before hyper-dashing out of the Oni Palace, and out of sight.

    Sky Palace in the Clouds

    From his cloud-like palace, Bahamut noticed something in the air. He sniffed the winds, and growled. “The Demonic Militia of Darkness has found a way to break my seal… how bothersome.” He then let out a low guttural growl, as three spirits of the Draconian Warriors appeared.

    Bahamut then said, “My loyal followers, I brought you back from the afterlife in your spiritual forms for a reason.” He then retreated to his throne, and sighed, his unchanged muzzle pointing down in disappointment. “The Demonic Militia of Darkness has broken the seal, and only you three are needed… for now. Go to what the humans call Tokyo, find three warriors with the most heart in your talents, and lead them to the hermit Juikungrate Master known as Master Ryuu.”

    The Blue Dragon then said. “What about the rest of our comrades, Honorable Dragon? We haven’t seen them since the end of our days.”

    The Platinum Dragon then replied. “They will be brought back to this world as spirits like you were in time, if they aren't reincarnated. Now go, and give Master Ryuu my regards, and inform him that it is time for the defense of Draconia to be enforced.

    The three Draconian Spirits then bowed to the Draconian Deity, before they faded away, and flew towards their former land of Draconia to the capitol city of Tokyo.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Of Ramen and Kneecaps

    “Suzuki-san? Suzuki-san!”

    Suzuki Takeshi took off his headphones after another ramen delivery, and he was about to get another. ‘Will this ever end?’ He thought. He was six feet tall, and rather slim, and his raven hair was complimented with streaks of blue; something to make him feel more comfortable.

    “What is it?” Takeshi asked, as he brought back the emptied case, and received another case to deliver.

    The cook then said, “This needs to be delivered to SCRTC Meisters immediately. Hisatsu-san expects this Ramen. If it isn’t delivered, the bill is coming out of your pay. Got it?”

    “At once, Kimihiro-san!” Takeshi replied, as he grabbed the handle of the case, and bowed. The teenager then walked out of the ramen stand, and into the bustling crowd.

    ‘Man…’ Takeshi thought, as he made his way through Tokyo. ‘Why do I have to walk all the way there? It’s not like I don’t mind the walk, it is just that I have been saving up for a motorcycle for a year, and the price of one increases every six months! When am I going to be able to afford a new one?’

    After delivering the Ramen, he walked a few blocks before seeing a bunch of Akuma Buben causing trouble throughout the city. “What in the hell are they?”

    Suddenly, the Akuma Buben looked towards Takeshi, and started to bully on him as five of them charged at the defenseless teenager.

    Takeshi remembered the super basics of self-defense, and tried to block each attack, but when it came to the blows from their weapons, despite being very dull, they really hurt when used right.

    As a fifteen minutes passed, the boy was pretty bruised up, as he wiped the blood from his lip. Though outnumbered, and overpowered, he got up from the ground. “Though Oni-tachi are tough, you will not keep Suzuki Takeshi-san down!” He then held up his fists, as the spirit of the Blue Dragon appeared behind Takeshi, as if he was supporting the human. The sight of the Draconian Warrior’s soul made the Akuma Buben cower, and ran out of the area.

    When Takeshi turned around, and saw the spirit of the Dragon Samurai, he let out a yelp, and fell back on his butt. “Dragon!”

    The Draconian Spirit then spoke in the Japanese tongue. “I will bring no harm to your body, nor fear to your soul, for you have the hope that I once had before.” He then sniffed the air, and said. “This place is no longer safe. I will lead you to safety.”

    On the other side of Tokyo, a lone person was sitting at a park bench, pulling up his shorts to see the soft knee brace that was on his right leg, as well as the big scar that trailed down his knee. The person, known to wrestling fans as the “Hero of Hokkaido,” Ito Yousuke, was a little more mature than Takeshi, and had lighter skin, and darker black hair. He looked like he was remembering how he was put in that current state.

    Yousuke’s memories went to a fight. He was facing an American Professional Wrestler in the ring in Kyoto, and the one mistake he made cost him the match, and his career, as his kneecap had to be replaced if he wanted another chance at walking. However, he would never get into fighting condition ever again, and it was saddening to retire after spending five years in his profession.

    Though Yousuke was still living on whatever Yen that he earned for fighting matches, He knew there was more to life than wrestling, but the pain he felt when his kneecap was shattered on the exposed turnbuckle was unbearable. Wrestling was once his life, and to have that taken away from him made him feel like he no longer had a purpose in life.

    Yousuke closed his eyes in bitter thought, as he pulled the leg of his shorts over his knee, and cursed. “Why me?” He said to himself. Though he was able to walk thanks to a genius chiropractor, he still wasn’t able to return to the ring, not even for dark matches, or house shows. The memory of his knee hitting the exposed turnbuckle kept coming up in his conscience when he thought of returning to the ring.

    He was meant for something more.

    Akuma Buben then started to harass the citizens within the park, especially the elderly. Though Yousuke had the memories, he had to set them aside to save the old man from the strike of the Demon’s weapon.

    He jogged to the altercation, and when he got close enough, he stalked his opponent, as hey shouted, “Hey! Attacking people with wisdom without provocation is a dishonorable act. Unforgivable!” He then held his hand out. “Come.”

    The Akuma Buben threw down the old man, and charged at Yousuke. It was exactly what he wanted, as the ex-wrestler shown his fierceness with one wrestling maneuver; he put the Demon in a head, and gave the grunt a taste of a DDT, slamming the demon’s head into the pavement. Unlike the wrestling ring, there were higher risks, for the ground wasn’t canvas, and the trees weren’t corner posts with protected turnbuckles.

    Yousuke then helped up the elderly man, and said, “Are you okay, sir?”

    The elderly man replied. “Nothing is broken, thank you.”

    The young fighter nodded. “Go, find safety; I’ll keep them distracted.” As soon as the elderly man was out of danger, the Hero of Hokkaido started to show that despite his physique, his technique and fists were strong, as if he wrestled his whole life.

    Yousuke’s strength in soul and body merited the appearance of the Black Dragon’s spirit, scaring the remaining Akuma Buben, as well as Yousuke. “A Dragon!”

    The Black Dragon held his claw-hands up. “I am only a spirit; I won’t cause you harm, Ito Yousuke. I can smell that this place is no longer safe. I will lead you to a place where you can rest your knee.”

    End of Chapter Two.