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[GNR-SS] Denkiteki Sentai Doragonger

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    [GNR-SS] Denkiteki Sentai Doragonger

    Denkiteki Sentai Doragonger
    Graphic Novel Rangers - Super Sentai Season
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf

    Setting: Earth, Dreamtrail Sector - Tokyo, Japan; 2007

    In what was Draconia in ancient times, the Dragons sacrificed their existence to seal away a Demonic Militia bent on conquest of the land. Many ages later, the demons are freed, thus the need for a new team to stop them. Three people from different walks of life - a part-time worker, an retired professional wrestler, and an aspiring fashion model - are chosen by the spirits of the Dragons that once defended Draconia will defend Japan. These three are the Denkiteki Sentai Doragonger, the only hope against the Demons destruction of mankind!


    1. DoragonBlue -- Kibou -- Suzuki Takeshi
    - An Japanese-American that grew up on the outskirts of Tokyo. Used to work at a Ramen Stand before becoming a Doragonger. A nice person to be around.
    2. DoragonBlack -- Chikara -- Ito Yousuke
    - An ex-professional wrestler from the Hokkaido Prefecture. Usually is cynical, and sarcastic with his remarks, as a shattered kneecap ruined his career before it can even start. He is really suspicious of DoragonSenshi.
    3. DoragonWhite -- Jinchi -- Kinjo Maemi
    - A girl with unexplainable beauty; was slated to become a fashion model, until she decided to forge her own path with the Doragonger, and learn there are more things that are important than beauty.
    4. DoragonGold -- Ranpu -- Yamada Koichi
    - Koji’s older brother (age 25). Has to act as the guardian to his little brother after their parents' death. He doesn't like having Demon ruin the bonds of family, even his own.
    V. DoragonGreen -- Koden -- Yamada Koji
    - A hopeless romantic that tends to act girly a lot, but it is equaled by his genuine personality. A bit perverted, and yearning to have relations with an American boy. He was influenced by the Demonic Militia of Darkness for a time, until Takeshi spared his life after winning a death match. He is the reincarnation of a faithful Draconian.
    0. DoragonSenshi -- Kouhei -- Daniel Davidson
    - The chosen one of the Great Draconian, Bahamut. An American Exchange Student that goes to Koji’s high school. Admires Japanese culture, and has a desire to learn the customs in depth. Tends to be playful in the way he kept his Doragonger identity a secret, even to the other Doragonger!

    Platinum Dragon of the East Winds, Bahamut The Draconic Deity that led the ancient Draconians to their extinction in order to seal the Demonic Militia away. Rectifies the mistake by having the spirits of his most faithful warriors choose three humans to become the Doragonger. Usually appears in Japan as an old man with his Seven Golden Canaries.
    Draconian Spirits Sentient beings of Draconian legend that gives the powers of the Draconians to the Doragonger to fight evil.
    Master Ryuu Mentor of the Doragonger, and though a Shadodrak, prefers to be called a mini-dragon. Master of Juikungrate, as well as a well known instructor among Dragon kind. Tends to be a perverted hermit, with an ancient master-looking 'Puppet.'

    Demonic Militia of Darkness:
    Ultimate Demon of Death, Armageddon A spirit of great and powerful evil. Made two incarnates to do his bidding when he is in spirit form.
    Stealth Demon General of the Technique, Shinobi-Ankoku A White Ninja capable of Techniques Ninja and demonic. The most agile of the Demon of Death’s incarnates. Obtains a cyborg form after his only destruction at the hands of the Doragonger.
    Infernal Demon General of the Forbidden Strength, Minotaurous A most hideous of Taurean behemoths. Fights with an unparalleled strength and stores his victims in an amulet worn around the neck.
    DoragonOni - Zetsubō DoragonBlue’s evil clone. Fights alongside the Demonic Militia and has the powers of Despair (compared to Takeshi, who has the power of Hope's Blue Flame).
    Akuma Buben Kawaii grunts adorned in very ugly armor that makes them look like they were not interesting to look at.