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[GNR-PR2] PRSS-01: New Sharks in Town, Part One

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    [GNR-PR2] PRSS-01: New Sharks in Town, Part One

    Power Rangers Shark Squadron
    Episode One: New Sharks in Town, Part One
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Revised from "Bite Into This! Part One" 12/31/15

    Owen Sidarius, Blue Shark Ranger (Great White Shark)
    Evan Barone, White Shark Ranger (Tiger Shark)
    Bryan Harbeck, Red Shark Ranger (Hammerhead)
    Karen Hope, Orange Shark Ranger (Nurse Shark)

    Also Starring:
    Adam Park, alumnus Ranger, and one of two MMA coaches
    Rocky DeSantos, alumnus Ranger, tech support, and the other of two MMA coaches
    Daphne Firebrand, waitress of Mama Jean's Diner
    Dylan Smart, local rugby player and high school Junior.

    Eric Sidarius, young father and medical intern
    Hannah Sidarius, young mother no longer able to have children
    Shark Spirit, a spectral uncrowned Atlantean royal

    The Pollutant Forces:
    Ivan Ooze, a villain from the Past
    General Rolandra Ooze, the daughter of Ivan Ooze.
    General Trasher, the Pollutant with a code of honor.
    Toxics, Oozeman Grunts
    Prologue - More than Human

    Briarwood Beach, 1990 DER, Earth

    Eric Sidarius was taking his wife for a stroll down the beach; a welcome change from the Hospital room she was in after a hysterectomy that destroyed their chances of having a bigger family as they planned. A change in scenery did her good. His wife still had that forlorn look upon her face. As if the invasive surgery that destroyed her chances at having more children was enough; her only child was with Eric's brother Saul, whom had several kids to take care of himself. But still, he was willing to give the young family a break from their child to have personal time between Eric and his wife.

    Eric said, "You don't have to feel ashamed, Hannah. All that my Dad will do is bluster his views about small families. It will fade."

    "I'm not afraid of Stefano, Eric," said Hannah as she was afraid to touch her stomach. Even though it has been a week or two since the procedure that left her incapable of having young, the twenty-something mother thought that at least something that shouldn't be touched until she recovered further. "I'm just sad that I can't give you the big family you always wanted."

    "I'm not mad," said Eric in a somber, yet comforting tone to his beloved wife. "Seth is enough of a miracle of life for me. That proves that he is a special child, and will someday be a great man."

    Letting out a small smile for the first time since the eve of hearing the news about her uterus from her Gynecologist. "He may be someday..." She then noticed something ahead of them, as a cry of a baby was heard once again. "Eric?"

    "I hear it..." nodded the father of a chubby baby boy. "I can hear it."

    Still not at her best or willing to run, Hannah had Eric walk her a slight bit speedily (as she could handle) the source of the crying sound. As they got closer and closer, what they saw was a creature beached along the shore line. It was like a shark, but it was more humanoid. It was struggling to reach for the child. It's relatively small eyes showing concern. "My... child..." It finally succumbed to his injuries, and dropped dead before reaching the infant swaddled in blankets of unknown make and materials. A chain necklace with a shark wrapping a blue sapphire was grasped in one of his fin-hands; a tell-tale sign that the shark was intelligent for the two that will find the child with the carcass.

    Hannah was frightened by the creature before them. "E-Eric? What is that... t-thing?"

    Being a doctor late in his intern years, Eric reached over to check on the carcass first. Despite the warnings from his wife that it could be a trap, Eric felt for a pulse in each way possible. It was dead in all ways. Eric said in assurance. "If this beast was alive, it would've bitten one of my arms off by now." He then looked at the baby, and picked it up in a gentle embrace that shown that Eric was made to be a father. "I just wonder what this creature was doing with this child?"

    Hannah kneeled down slowly to look at the amulet in the creature's grasp. It started to glow, as a final message from the creature entered her mind, and she looked at her surroundings as it changed. Her husband, the aquatic corpse, and the baby were frozen in the new surroundings, as if time stood still. Only she was moving, and oddly enough, breathing in air where she thought she would drown in an oceanic environment with a drowned civilization. Another creature... perhaps the creature that just died... appeared before her, only looking a lot more civilized and a lot less bloody. His clothes looked like a drapings of some sort of royalty, only there would be no crown; hasn't been one for ages for the creature of his standings.

    "Fear not of me, daughter of humanity," said the creature. "The children of Atlantis are destined to recover our land from the deep abyss, and return to their ancestral home. The infant you see is a child destined to be the first to lead the way."

    Hannah was confused, as she tried talking to the creature. "Why isn't that child as... shark-like?"

    "Atlanteans are sharks," grinned the creature, showing several rows of serrated teeth. Seeing that it unnerved the human mother, the Atlantean said. "For a perspective needed for this child to unite the civilized species of this planet, it must be raised as human, with the difference in outward appearance. The child may appear male, but in reality, he has both genders. A challenge of acceptance for your species, as some Atlanteans are born with both sexes between their legs."

    "What does this child have to with me?" shouted Hannah.

    The Atlantean then gave a stern look. "It is decided in prophecy of the rising of Atlantis. A mother unable to have more than one child will take an orphaned Atlantean. On the day he realizes his heritage, the lost continent will rise. And as it rises, so will his heritage will reveal his true form. Once Atlantis is above the waters again, the orphan will be the first to be crowned in several millennia. Human female, let this infant be yours. Raise it as you see fit, and take your part in prophecy to fulfill the foreseen destiny."

    Hannah blinked her eyes for only a second, but it was Briarwood Beach, and everybody was moving once again. She heard her husband was calming the child down, and Eric said. "I wonder whose child this is? And what it is doing next to that shark man carcass?"

    "The child..." said Hannah, disillusioned by her experience with the pendant. "That... creature... it wants us to take it in our care."

    Eric ulped. "I'm not sure that it's possible."

    Hannah snapped. "Well we gotta make sure that we make it happen! That amulet... the creature is a shark. And he said this child has a destiny to fulfill."

    Soon after Eric and Hannah agreed to take the child (and the surprise when they changed the diaper), The child was adopted through family connections to their care, and Seth and the younger child were raised together, and his true gender kept a secret. Through years of being in Briarwood, and then a move to River Bluff for several years (and back), the two have grown to be good teenagers, and stronger young men, with the once-orphan being smart enough to graduate a year early, and leave high school with his brother, and his future extended family.

    The name that was given to him by his adoptive parents... Owen.
    End of Prologue.

    Chapter One – Eighteen

    Present Day (Sept. 2008 DER); Mama Jean’s Diner, Briarwood, CA

    The day that Owen Sidarius came into the diner was a day that he definitely wanted to avoid interacting with his parents and younger cousins. Managing to get himself ready and out of his home before his parents can notice, Seth’s younger brother made it to the refuge of the high schoolers’ most popular dining joint. The 50’s Greaser and Soc theme of Mama Jean’s Diner was the theme that made the high school students that had money come in droves. In their high school years, Seth and Owen were no different. Especially with being sons of one of the higher-paid doctors in the city.

    However, Seth is gone to Australia with his new husband Lexington, and after they saved the world from the threat of the Demonic Army. Yet multiple pictures that were newly put up when most of Briarwood was opened up again since the Demonic attack three months ago that nearly destroyed the entire city. All of them had the Dragon Rangers with their identities known to not only California, but the world abroad. That popularity had a price; that Owen knew.

    And what of Owen, one may ask? Owen is more tall than he was husky. He had blond hair and ocean blue eyes. He didn’t have piercings or tattoos. He didn’t even drink anything carbonated. His most distinguishing feature was that he always had a concerned look on his face and very conscientious of others. Though he looked like he could easily be slow because of the bulk distributed evenly on his body, the boy was quite athletic, and was known for being on both the football and rugby teams with his brother.

    But that was before he graduated a year early, and started Community College courses leading to a preferred career in Oceanography. That is what baffled his parents when he told them his career choice. There was something about marine life and the deep seas that always had their appeal to him.

    Anyways… he was looking for peace and quiet to work on his studies, instead of being bombarded (as usual) on his day of his birth. He wanted to make himself scarce especially on this day, as this day was the day he turned eighteen. He sat at a small table, and brought out his laptop and one of his science books.

    Daphne, a waitress that was newly employed when the Diner was re-opened the month prior, smiled as she adjusted the fake breasts stuffed in her top, and roller-skated right next to Owen, not minding the customer that just went to the register to pay for his coffee. “The usual for breakfast, Owen? Said the young adult girl as she pulled a pen from her hair and started writing out a check for Scrambled Eggs on Toast as well as an Orange Juice, no pulp.

    “Yup… and please don’t tell anybody I’m over here” Owen said in his gentle yet polite tone. “Got some major studying before my night class tonight, and I don’t want to be disturbed by a particular Doctor and his wife.”

    Daphne chucked. “And play the fool if Dr. and Mrs. S. asks about you. Got it, stud.” She then rolled her way to the drop the check at the window and take care of the paying customer.

    As soon as she closed his eyes and was glad she didn’t bring a complementary piece of pudding pie to him as soon as she saw him sit at a table. And while his Windows XP was starting up, He suddenly felt the back of his head squished by familiar cleavage and his brains could be squeezed out by boobs like that. “Guess who.” said the deep voice of a lady as she covered his eyes.

    “Dammit, Karen!” grunted Owen as he tried to struggle out of the hold of her cleavage. “You’re going to crack my head open with those!”

    Karen was an instant friend of his since they were both in the same Business Communication class over the summer in his first term. “How can I resist? There’s something about you that Thelma and Louise can’t resist smothering you.” She teased when she freed him. She was a big breasted lady with a scoop-neck blouse that looked like it could barely contain her cleavage. Her dark skin was complimented by the appropriate make up and gave her a pretty natural yet photogenic look. “By the way… Happy birthday, Owen!”

    The Oceanography student groaned. “How did you find out?”

    “I found your brother’s email and contacted him.” Karen grinned. “Never leave your computer screen on when you are away from your laptop without locking your screen.” The paralegal student then looked down in the bag, and saw a box with a label on it. “Looks like someone left you a gift in your bag.”

    The only thing that appeals to everyone about their birthday; the gifts. He pulled it out of his bag. He read the card, only to see what it said. “’In case you might need it; use it wisely. From a friend.’” Owen looked up. “From a friend… now that’s disturbing.” He then shown the blue foil-wrapped gift box. “Hey Karen, were you the one that stuffed it in my bag?”

    “No I haven’t,” Karen said, as she skeptically looked at the card.

    Meanwhile on the Moon…

    The ruins of what once was the Machine Empire have come back to life and have experienced major upgrades, as the Gearships floated overhead. As he observed the unloading of the Cogs, King Gasket and Queen Archerina watched as the House of Gadgetry start to rise in Power once again. Archerina was holding their new-built Robotic Prince, and was at her husband’s side.

    King Gasket said to his troops as he turned to address them. “Finally! After all these years, and the destruction of the Old House of Gadgetry under that bucket of bolts that was my father, we of the Reborn House of Gadgetry will be victorious in gaining revenge on Earth! And the first person I would like to execute would be that blasted Red Ranger, Tommy Oliver. Add to that I will eliminate Lexington Lonewolf for foiling my plans of world domination!”

    “Oh whoop-de-doo!” said one of the Cogs in a not-so-monotonous robotic voice. “All those years you’ve been gone, and I’ve been gone longer. Revenge on Earth… Revenge on the White Ranger Tommy-boy and an unknown… That’s rich of you to do that, my liege. It's richness is so nauseating, it just wanna make me sick!”

    “You fool!” shrieked Archerina, as she summoned her bow to her free hand with an arrow nocked. “You shall be scrapped for your insolence!”

    The ‘defective Cog’ said in counter. “Before you make that mistake. I just came back to tell you to get off my Moon before I turn the Reborn House of Gadgetry into scrap before you can scheme one more battle. The Boogeyman… is back!”

    Seeing that the ‘Cog’ was not metal, King Gasket had sparks fly out from where his ears would be as he pointed his rapier towards the grunt. “Show your true form, or be blasted where you stand!”

    The Cog’s face warped to make it smile and wink, before turning purple, and shape-shifted into a familiar raisin-faced villain. Only with added accessories. A prosthetic arm with fluid compartment in the forearm to keep his morphological profile, and a cybernetic eyepatch that made him look even more grotesque. In his hand, he held his pipe. “Like I SAID!” proclaimed this evil. “The BOOGEYMAN… IS BACK!”

    King Gasket blasted energy bolts from his eyes, which were absorbed into the pipe. “You fiend! You have no place in the Reborn House of Gadgetry, Ivan Ooze!”

    “Your right!” shouted Ivan Ooze. “And thanks for the recharge!” Another Cog then changed into General Rolandra, and General Trasher appeared out of the shadows, and flanked their leader. “Make them run away, kiddies!”

    Needless to say, the House of Gadgetry was in deep deep trouble, and everyone on Earth would never know… Almost.

    End of Chapter One.


      Chapter Two - Bryan's Old Friend

      Along the continental slope of the Calfornia coast, in a base of operations deep in the Pacific Ocean, Rocky DeSantos was working on getting final tweaks done on a heavy weapon. Though he made his appearance to the public as one of two MMA trainers in Briarwood, he was more interested in keeping an eye on this part of California if evil decided to rear its ugly head once again.

      Just as he finished soldering the last connection together, the alarm sirens went off, scaring him enough to knock his head on the shell of the weapon. "OW! Dammit to Hell!" Rubbing the spot on his head as he got out from under the work bench, Rocky passed where three of the four Shark Jaw Morphers were, and started to read the monitor on the far end of the workshop. Though he can only train others nowadays because of an 11 year old back injury, and following Doctor's orders to never be in active competition. He was still the only Ranger to be forced to retire due to a serious injury.

      He brought up the footage from the moon, and saw that the Machine Empire was rebooted, and subsequently decimated and a Palace made of hardened Ooze was formed in place of the main factory and the last of the Gear Ships barely escaped the explosive onslaught. Can't say he was disappointed to see the House of Gadgetry come and go, but seeing the formation of a Palace of Ooze brought back some rough memories of fighting through several forces powerless to restore his Ranger powers, along with the other five members of his team. That is when he tapped his old communicator; a memento of his teenage years that was most common. "Adam, I just saw footage of the Machine Empire rebuilt on the moon. And destroyed by... Ivan's back."

      Adam swore into the communicator. "Okay... I'm going to need the rest of the Shark Jaws transported to me. I hate having to make the team a shotgun one, but I know some of the chosen's friends that could help out. I'm still on my run through Briarwood Park after dropping off the Blue Shark Jaw."

      "Okay... it'll be sent to the overlook access of the Bay at the end of Briarwood Park," Rocky said, placing the three morphers in a case, and then pulling a two-piece device from a compartment he knew about. "You know how we fared against him the last time, Adam. Don't make the mistake of facing Ooze alone should he arrive."Rocky then made it to the personnel access point for this base, and placed it on the platform, teleporting it up to the other side above sea level.

      A few minutes later, Rocky heard the old beeping tone of his communicator followed by Adam's voice. "Do you really think I would be needing these as well as the Shark Jaws, Rocko? I haven't seen the need for this since I moved on from being..."

      "This is Ivan Ooze we are talking about," Rocky said. "Be lucky that power still works for you. Be careful out there, Adam."

      Back at Mama Jean's diner, after Karen paid for Owen's meal (her gift to him), Bryan Harbeck walked in with not only a small first aid kit gift for Owen, but a new transfer to Briarwood High that is in the same graduating class. He was able to spot the birthday boy easily thanks to the paralegal major that is Karen. He looked to his friend. "It's a shame that Lexington moved away," said the 5-foot-zip seventeen year-old that came in with Bryan. "I would've loved to have another chance if he wasn't too bitter over losing me."

      The boy had light brown hair, and a distinctive scar down his left cheek. Something that healed over in the two years he had been absent from Briarwood. Anyways, despite his average height and gnarly scar, Evan Barone looked like a dreamboat, and a pretty positive person.

      Bryan said. "Don't be worried about him, Evan. He married a star football player after Graduation. He found some sort of happiness, now. What have you been doing for the last two years?"

      "Been living in Angel Grove with one of my older sisters until I learned how to better defend myself. Imagine the jealousy of my brother Matt when he heard that I was getting something special when he had to earn it." He then said in a bit of a sad tone, "Did spot Lex a couple times in Angel Grove within the last year with a chubby jock. I should've known that they've been dating by the looks they were giving each other."

      "Bryan and stud at two o'clock." Karen kept her interest in others a little close to her bosom, and haven't revealed whom she liked, but she was quite vain for a paralegal major, and often adjusted her cleavage mischievously whenever something interesting walked by. "Hey Bryan, is that your new boyfriend?"

      "Dream on, Karen," said Bryan. "I am fonder of girls than I am my family." A universal truth for Bryan Harbeck, even though he was still a Senior in high school. "This is my classmate from when I was a freshman myself. Evan Barone, that is Lexington's brother in-law, Owen. The hopeless romantic over there is Karen Hope."

      Evan shook hands with the two of them. "Nice to meet..." Once he got to Owen's hands, his eyes met with the blond athletic-type. He felt his heart skip a beat for a moment. Owen snapped him out of it. "May I have my hand back, please?" he asked politely.

      Evan let go and blushed a little. "R-right." He mumbled, putting his hand on the back of his head. Love at first sight for the seventeen year-old? Who knows?

      Karen grinned. Good, something to hold over Owen's head! she thought deviously.

      End of Chapter Two.


        Chapter Three - Out of the Ooze...

        Approaching Mama Jean's Diner

        As Rolandra and Trasher were working on securing the palace after all these years on the Moon, a purple lightning bolt struck out of eye-shot at the diner. Out of the steaming crack the bolt made in the pavement of the alley behind Mama Jean's bubble up with a thick violet substance it spread out looking like a sewer bubbling up into the street. the ooze grew bigger and much thicker in consistency, and then warped itself to grow tall and re-shape itself into a humanoid shape with an ornate oversized collar and artificial elements mixed with the organic form. It solidified and the visage of Ivan Ooze grinned mischievously, his artificial eye-piece making his rouge-ish facade look more demented.

        By fortuitous happenstance, Adam was running through the alley to catch up with Owen before he left the Diner. He skidded, and nearly lost his balance when he saw Ivan Ooze before him, in the ooze-solidified 'flesh.' He felt fear he hadn't felt since the time he helped the Black Space Ranger regain his confidence while using his broken Power Coin. "You... we killed you."

        "Drove me through Ryan's Comet with your Megazord with a lucky kick to the groin." He remembered his 'destruction quite well. "I barely made it out alive, Black Ranger... detaching myself from Hornitor a split second before the explosion. As you can see, I didn't make it out in one piece. It took thirteen years for me to gather my old strength and find my reserve armies in the depths of space. Look at me now; I found my daughter and a general on Planet Onyx, and I destroyed that ringed dirtball after retrieving them."

        Adam glared, remembering how the Ninja Falcon Megazord started to lose cohesion in 1995; if it wasn't for the saving grace of his friend Aisha being close enough to the Emergency button that popped the knee up for a saving grace. He hated that Rocky had better instinct. Such is love, Adam supposed. "Why are you back on Earth, Ooze?!"

        Ooze grinned. "Straight to the point... just as bad as you were when you were one of Zordon's teenagers. Now that he's dead, and there are no Power Rangers in the area... I guess I will proceed with my plan unopposed."

        "Guess again, Adam said, as he pushed back the case holding the remaining Shark Jaw Morphers in the hard case he had slung on his person. He held out his left arm in front of him, and shouted, "Shift into Turbo!" he pulled down his left sleeve, brandishing his old Turbo Morpher. He flicked open his Turbo Key, and shouted "Desert Thunder, Turbo Power!" as he made the motions and then inserted and turned the key, causing all five lights to flash green! In a flash of powerful green light, Adam's turbo belt, holstered Auto Blaster and green suit materialized. He struck a fighting pose, as the helmet came together over his face and the rectangular visor concealed his face.

        "Whoo! I knew I should have brought my Autograph Book!" shouted Ooze in a Southern drawl. "So you changed from Black to Green... guess Zordon has thought to demote you before he bit the dust."

        "You wanna see how much things have changed," Adam growled, summoning his Turbo Blade to his hand. "You'll be in for a painful reality."

        Owen was just leaving Mama Jean's Diner with his friends and his newfound friend Evan a minute later, and in that split moment, their lives changed forever. The Green Turbo Ranger was thrown over the diner by a purple tendril, and he landed hard on the pavement. He held his back in pain. Never had he had that hard of a crash since Maligore knocked him away in the Temple of Muranthias. The Turbo Blade dropped in two pieces a couple seconds later.

        "What the Hell?" Karen reacted, covering her blouse in the rare instance she spilled out of it.

        Owen shoved his bag onto Bryan's chest. "Hold this." He didn't have the Shark Jaw on his wrist, yet he was willing to risk himself in running to see if the Green Ranger is okay.

        Several purple tentacles lashed down from over the Diner, wildly slamming into buildings, lampposts and a moped that looked like it belonged to the waitress.

        Adam reflexively got on his knees and freed his Auto Blaster from the holster, blasting at several of the tentacles when they got close. Owen instinctively used a form of Aikido, using fluidic movements that suited his height and mass to redirect the tentacles as the Green Ranger blasted them. "Are you okay, Green Ranger?" said Owen once the tentacles were cleared. The green ranger replied with a voice familiar to Bryan. "I see you aren't using your gift Owen."

        "That's Coach Park's voice," said Bryan noticing the sound from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice he took in the Summer months. "One of the BJJ Coaches is a Power Ranger?"

        "Not as popular as the Dragon Soul, it seems," Karen quipped, then she realized what Adam said a little more faster than Owen would comprehend in such a stressful situation. She opened up his bag and pulled out a blue foil-wrapped box only her classmate shown her. "Owen!" She tossed it. as she saw an purple liquid mass started to take solid form in front of Owen and Adam.

        Owen caught the strange package. "Now is not the time for me to open this!"

        "Bull," Adam grunted. "I left it for you. A mutual friend made it... It's up to you to decide to use it."

        Owen opened it up... it was a blue version of a Shark Jaw morpher with the form of the head of a great white shark, made to fit the user's right wrist. "What is this?" he said in brief amazement as he tried to strap it on.

        The Green Ranger had the hard case holding the other Shark Jaw Morphers materialize outside of his suit. "You're not the only one... that becomes a Power Ranger on your birthday."

        End of Chapter Three.


          Chapter Four - Briarwood Kids vs. Ooze's Kids

          As soon as the King of Ooze solidified in his humanoid form, he grinned. "So you got some kids, eh old foe... they can meet my kids!" He zapped the ground on either side of him like when he was released from the Hyperlock Chamber, and from the ground came a large amount of purple ooze. "Some call them Oozemen, but these are made of Pollutants... therefore they're Toxics!" they became as tall as Bryan and as built as Owen. They all solidified, and held a battle stance. Unlike the monsters in thirteen years prior, these were fighting grunts."

          Adam used the Turbo powers to run super-fast to the others and opened up the case. The other Shark Morphers were White with the likeness of a Tiger Shark, Red Hammerhead and Nurse Shark Orange. "Take one of these and put them on your right arm. The Turbo powers are just as temporary as the last time I tried Morphing."

          Owen placed his morpher his right wrist and the eyes of the Shark Jaw glowed briefly, signifying it's activation. As Ivan summoned more of his footsoldiers while cackling. The 'birthday Ranger' started to fight the ones that were already created using a mix of Aikido and and an unknown yet fluid form of martial arts to redirect and fight back.

          Using self-defense he learned in Angel Grove, Evan joined in and fought defensively, though he was able to knock a few of them down. He punched one in the face to subdue it, only to to get ooze on his fist. "You ooze, you..." before he could finish the throwback line, he was tackled by another Toxic.

          Bryan was more of an offensive fighter, but though he had the red morpher, he knew that the first to get a morpher is the leader. He used a Hammerlock variation of a wrestling DDT that was unsanctioned in MMA, but he was able to make one of the Toxic's heads go SPLAT! He took the one who tackled Evan and put him in the a nasty cross armbar. Owen somersaulted, and hit a leg drop on its chest. Same effect... SPLAT!"

          "Good to see you didn't turn out like that meatball jock of a brother Owen," Bryan said with a smile.

          Karen buttoned up her blouse so she didn't spill out. She only had some women's self-defense classes under her belt, but she managed to use the weight of the Toxics against her. She was the one Adam would see as having to need to learn to better defend herself. The Green Ranger joined in. Refraining from further using the Auto Blaster because of limited power, he resorted to using his martial arts moves. leaping and twisting in the air to give a Toxic plotting to ambush the only lady a rather wicked kick!

          Ooze pulled out his pipe and tried to zap the Rangers. Adam was fast enough using the rest of his powers to zip into intercepting it. Sparks flew from his suit, as he powered down, confirming that he was one of the two local MMA coaches with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu place that wasn't too much in direct competition with Lotus Fist. They were teaching MMA fighters; not just self-defense.

          "I'd say it has been fun... but since I've proven my point, the poisoning of your world has just begun... THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS!" He let out his violet lightning in the air, before teleporting off-planet in a purple streak!

          The remaining Toxics were numerous, more than enough to empower the normal teens and the adult Alumnus Ranger. Owen could see it was not going to be an easy fight. "He stood in front of Adam to defend the Power-less Ranger. "You gave us the morphers; let us take the fight to the next level."

          Evan nodded. Bryan crossed his arms. "Give me a break." Karen adjusted herself. "Let's see what the four of us can do... We're already one-up over Dragon Soul's start as is."

          "Then as the man said," Owen said as he held up his Shark Jaw Morpher at eye level. "It's Morphin' Time."

          End of Chapter Four.