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[GNR-PR5] PRGS-02: Flight of the Giant Griffins

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    [GNR-PR5] PRGS-02: Flight of the Giant Griffins

    Power Rangers Griffin Storm™
    Episode Two: Flight of the Giant Griffins
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf


    Gold Griffin Ranger - Gabriel “Gabe” Copeland
    Black Griffin Ranger - Luke Xandros
    Silver Griffin Ranger - Tru Hardy
    Crimson Griffin Ranger - Jenna Grant
    Navy Griffin Ranger - Archer Halleck*

    Also Starring:

    Britton Carson, Retired Dragon Ranger; Dojo Master
    Nanami Nono, Inactive Hurricanger; Britton's wife
    Alpha 5, Helpful Alpha Unit.
    Lord Gryff of Eyrie Tower

    Brimstone Kingdom:
    The Witch-King
    Psycho Knights
    Brimstone Warriors

    * Character Concept by T.J. Van

    Chapter One – Zeo Zord Bay Revisited

    Within the anals of the Zeo Zord Bay, the inactive Zeo and Super Zeo Zords were being moved aside into storage platforms, especially the original Dragon Zord, which was moved their a few years back by a Dragon Soul’er after discovering the origins of the Dragon Dagger. Alpha was controlling the transitions via controls within the Griffin’s Nest, making room for the new Griffin Zords that can be launched from the mountains outside of Angel Grove. It was a tedious task to move zords when they were inactive, but it wasn’t like the Zeo Rangers were going to use their zords anytime soon; Dimitria gave permission through her Inquarian ways of dialog. She nearly puzzled Britton with her questions. Zeo Zord V was the last one to be raised off of its initial platform, and placed in a storage compartment below and to the right of the launch platform with its companions.

    Alpha then stated. “Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi… Tedious storing of Zeo Zords complete… now modifying platform formation to accommodate Griffin Zord launch procedures.”

    The old platform for the Phoenix-like zord was separated into four different levels, as if it was a cake with four tiers. Then the tier formation separated into a wide and short ‘X’ formation, able to accommodate four short yet versatile zords that were about to occupy the platforms.

    Gabe started to glance, since Britton was teaching a bunch of school kids a lesson of Martial Arts for beginners. He was just checking in after a brisk run through Briarwood Park. “What are you up to, eh? He asked the Apha unit.

    Alpha jumped in shock, and deactivated the monitor as a storage hatch underneath the platforms was just starting to open up. “Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! Gabe, please do not sneak behind me; you can make a robot fry his circuits for being surprised like that!”

    “Sorry, Alpha.” The Gold Ranger said, getting a lemon Gatorade from the mini-fridge on the other side of the table where the Griffin Compass remained the centerpiece. “What were you doing their on that screen? It looked like a…”

    The bumbling Alpha unit cut him off. “I was doing nothing but regular maintenance of the inactive Zords; they need to be able to be ready at a moment’s notice should their respective teams need them.”

    Gabe arched an eye; he knew quite well that Alpha was hiding something, but for now, he dismissed it as he heard the squabbling duo just enter through the basement door. Tru and Jenna seem to have not mellowed since becoming the Silver and Crimson Rangers respectively. At least they weren’t resorting to physical blows (knock on wood). “That guy was totally not looking at you… He was looking at me!” Tru was heard bickering.

    “Please,” Jenna said dryly, “The bloke would ‘ave to be gay or bi to like tomboys. ‘e was looking at me, Tru.”

    Tru grumbled, “Hold the cell phone; just because I dress like a boy, I don’t have to visibly look like a lesbian to all guys.”

    At least Archer and Luke were both gone to other parts of town; the gymnast looking for gyms to train; and Luke off to see who was hiring in Briarwood’s shopping district.

    Brimstone Citadel

    The Witch King was aloof as he watched the battle between Pyscho Blue and the Griffin Rangers once again, seeing that there were problems as it is with the fledgling Power Ranger team. “Ah… so the Ranger Team that Psycho Blue has faced are just a greenhorn team that has the visage of the species I made extinct many centuries ago. These rookies have powers given to an Eltarian wizard by the last griffins, long since dead. This treachery reeks of Zordon of Eltare’s doing; a meddling magic-user who got his come-uppance.”

    All six Psycho Knights kneeled in salute to their master. “We are at your service master to dispose of these novices,” Psycho Red said.

    The evil master had risen from his throne. “That fool Ivan Ooze made a mistake by not controlling you, and with my direction, any opposition will be disposed of with ease. However, I have a better idea in mind. Brimstone Warriors, come forth.”

    The great doors to the throne room opened, as four of the Witch King’s grunts, carrying a rather heavy statue that looked like it was made of darkest stone. “Excellent,” The cloaked monster gave the most sinister laugh. “The weapon I need to send a message to those greenhorn power ants.”

    Suddenly succumbing to the massive weight of the statue, the four Brimstone Warriors crumbled and broke, as the statue dropped to the floor. Obviously, four grunts were not enough to carry the massive weight of the statue.

    Slowly, the Witch King stood up from his foreboding throne, and said, “At last, one of my minions of centuries’ gone by will breathe life once again, and wrought destruction of human kind.” The evil monarch then removed his cursed sword from its sheath, and pointed it right at the idol before his presence. “Return.”

    The brimstone idol glowed in a dark haze, making it grow to thrice the size of a normal human; its massive squat form was even increased in its bulk. The dark shadows grew in strength, before going into the behemoth, giving it life. It roared out and started banging the sides of its head.

    “Now, my Brimstone Golem,” said the monarch, as he pointed his sword to his left, making a visage of a mountain with a cannon barrel on the side of it appear. “Go to this mountain on the outskirts of what is now called Angel Grove. Destroy the secret hangar within its mountain, and leave nothing within unscrapped! And if the Griffin Rangers block your way… dominate them with your lethal strength!”

    The Brimstone Golem roared in obedience, ready to serve his master’s command to the letter, despite its dim-witted barbaric demeanor.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Going Retro... Again

    Power Chamber

    Britton was working on the consoles of the Power Chamber along with Justin, the current Gold Zeo Ranger. They had placed a new modular console in the center of the room, as they were making a few modifications. "Thank you for helping me with this on such short notice, Justin."

    Thankful that Dimitria took this time to rest, the leader of the latest (backup) incarnation of the Zeo team, Justin just smiled. "Anything to help, Britton. Besides, being a mechanic is not as fun as it seems."

    "I thought the same about martial arts," said Britton, as he introduced an upgrade into the design matrix of his current project. "How do you get a bunch of unstable elements to work together as one team like this, especially when an evil force is encroaching so fast, it makes a mentor's head spin?"

    Justin hummed. "Try asking that to Dimitria, and she'll make your head spin even faster with even more questions." He chuckled at that joke. "Maybe talking to the Mystic Force would help. I know that Chip still goes to Rootcore every now and then to visit his friends. Who knew that his lover turned out to be a fox... literally."

    Britton realized he hasn't seen his knightly brother since his wedding. He was wondering if Renny was keeping him too busy to even visit family nowadays? His moment of longing for family was abruptly ended when the doors to the west egress opened in its loud fashion. Alpha 5 walked into the chamber and said, "Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, Britton. No bot can get a single thing done when there are curious Power Rangers looking over the shoulder to spy on what's going on in the Zeo Zord Bay! Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!"

    Justin smiled to the Alpha Unit. "You must be really shook up to have your circuits fried over a bunch of curious newbies, Alpha."

    "The generations of Power Rangers before the 21st Century were far less circuit-frying than those of the current teams nowadays. Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha then headed over to an auxilliary console to finish his work on the Zeo Zord Bay.

    Britton grinned, noticing a message on the console he was working on. "Okay, Justin. Align the materialization buffers in the synthesizer module. I'll download the design into it's programming on your mark."

    Justin went to a far console, and started tapping on various controls after activating the synthesizer module. "Okay. All simulations are in the green. All systems... are go."

    "Loading the matrix into the materialization buffers," Britton said as he shifted between different visuals on the console. "Starting the synthesizing sequence... Now!"

    The near-transparent tray inserted into the synthesizer started to glow from underneath and above before streaks of gold-black, red-black, blue-black, silver, and pure black and white deposited six wrist-communicatiors of a retro design. Unlike the previous versions which all looked identical to each other, these were upgrade further than just internally. The metal casings were tinted with the respective colors of the Griffin Rangers, aside from the white one, which Britton took and put around his wrist. He then removed the tray from the synthesizer. "Thank you for helping me with making the communicators. These will be a good help in keeping in touch with the Griffin Rangers."

    "Glad I could help," Justin nodded. "I knew you worked well with the Dragon Soul. I hope working with the Griffin Storm gets better."

    End of Chapter Two.