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[GNR-PR5] PRGS-00: The Griffin's Call, Part One (Pilot)

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    [GNR-PR5] PRGS-00: The Griffin's Call, Part One (Pilot)

    Power Rangers Griffin Storm™
    Pilot Episode: The Griffin’s Call, Part One
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf


    Gold Griffin Ranger - Gabriel “Gabe” Copeland
    Black Griffin Ranger - Luke Xandros
    Silver Griffin Ranger - Tru Hardy
    Crimson Griffin Ranger - Jenna Grant
    Navy Griffin Ranger - Archer Halleck*

    Also Starring:

    Britton Carson, Retired Dragon Ranger; Dojo Master
    Nanami Nono, Inactive Hurricanger; Britton's wife
    Alpha 5, Helpful Alpha Unit.
    Lord Gryff of Eyrie Tower

    Brimstone Kingdom:
    The Witch-King
    Psycho Knights
    Brimstone Warriors

    * Character Concept by T.J. Van

    Chapter One -- Protectors of Briarwood, After They Hung Up Their Boots

    Lotus Fist Karate Dojo, upstairs apartment; Briarwood, California

    Britton sat down with his wife of a few months, Nanami, after a long day of teaching others martial arts. But he couldn't help but to think about the previous week, where he and the other Dragon Rangers did the inevitable. As Nanami poured the tea, Britton was still putting into retrospect what had happened just a week before…

    Flashback: Underneath the Dojo, one week before

    In the Karate Dojo’s underground compound, All the older Dragon Rangers had arrived from different points in their lives; Britton returned from his honeymoon with the love of his life His adoptive brother Lexington from his (attempt at a) quiet life in the outback with his husband, Seth. Speaking of the Dragon Warrior, Seth Sidarius was also back from a trip only Lexington knew about, along with about twenty extra pounds of weight. Deryk Devlin was freshly graduated from college (though he was already in the family way). Russell and Lisa Carpenter, on the other hand, were already juggling between work life and caring for their infant son, with Russ being the new football coach at Briarwood High, and Lisa starting her nutritionist career.

    Seth sighed, as he took out his Power Coin. “Why does things ‘ave to change, Lexie?” He was getting better with developing his Outback lilt, but he still has a long way to go… a VERY long way to go. He knew he didn’t have the need to morph using his Dragon Soul powers, judging that he is Earth’s Dragon Warrior, and has surpassed those powers.

    Lexington rubbed his husband’s back. “Because Russell and Lisa 'ave their family, and we ‘ave a dojo to care for. Not to mention, the Pacific and Equator between both ‘alves of the team. And it isn’t that safe for Deryk to be in battle, anymore.”

    The retiring Green Ranger sighed, as he rubbed the details of the Power Coin. “I don’t want to lose the chance to ‘ave another adventure with the team, love.”

    Deryk gave Seth a hug. “Don’t yas worry, mate. Yas will ‘ave yer own adventures with only yer love to ‘old yas back. Besides, the Boomer Rangers are still around. The Aussie teams can’t really disban because Australia always needs ‘elp.”

    Lisa then stepped up. “Seth, the time for us to save the world has passed. We should be done with being Dragon Rangers, and begin our families, like we have with little Steven.”

    Russell said. “If we ever are needed again, then we can come back, and fight the good fight for one last time. We’re at a point where we can no longer be rangers. Not to mention that Lisa wants to get a daughter out of me, too. I just dunno if I have the strength to make a miracle happen.” That earned Russell a sharp elbow jab from his wife. “Hey! That hurt!”

    Britton placed a tray down on the table, and try to force back a sigh. “The time has come, guys. The last time we are Power Rangers.” He took his Gold Dragon Cell, and placed it on the tray. “We had our adventures. Now we will save them in our hearts to tell to future generations.”

    Russell and Lisa both held their Dragon Cells for one last time, before placing them on the tray. “We both share a son, and now is the time to raise him.” They both placed their morphers on the tray respectively.

    Deryk took off the necklace holding the Platinum Dragon Pendant. “Ah am living with the love of my life, and Ah’m getting used to ‘aving a stepson. Let the powers of justice be ‘eld by another Ranger bloke.” He then set his morpher gently onto the tray alongside the others.

    Seth was being his emotional self as he placed his Power Coin into the Dragon Comm morpher. “I’m going to miss being a Ranger, mate.”

    Lexington took off the Dragon Cell from his wrist. “It needs to be done, love. We can’t go around fighting off foes when we ‘ave students to teach, and Rangers to mentor. Don’t forget that Father wants grandjoeys in ‘is future.” he smiled.

    Seth reluctantly set his morpher on the tray, and hugged his favorite redhead lovingly. “Then let’s start our family, love.”

    The redhead placed his morpher next to Seth’s, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Things are going to be okay, Seth. Yas will see.”

    The now retired Gold Ranger then carried the tray into the walk-in vault, and came out without it, and closed the vault door. No one will be able to get to them when the doors lock.

    Present Day

    Nanami handed a cup of hot tea to her husband, and spoke in a fluent Japanese. “Is there anything wrong, Britton? You haven’t said anything about how good your day was teaching youth in the martial arts. What’s wrong?”

    Britton sighed, as he looked into his wife’s beautiful eyes. “I feel that our adventures are far from over, Nanami.” He then took a sip of tea, which tasted nothing like the sake they had imbibed upon during their honeymoon. Regardless, it had hit the spot.

    Nanami blinked. “What do you mean, my love? The sun has set on us as heroes, and has risen for us as a family.”

    Britton then smiled. “That is true, my honorable lotus blossom. It’s just a feeling. A feeling that there is going to be trouble on the horizon.”

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- New Year, New Evil

    Somewhere within the Pacific Coast Range; January, 2012

    Somewhere within the Pacific coastal range, a mystical dumpster deep underground was starting to crack. As it cracked, the prisoner within started to gather shadows, gaining power underground in an attempt to break free from his torturous dumpster. A dark and bone-chilling voice was heard saying. “more shadows… More Shadows… MORE SHADOWS!”

    Once enough shadows were gathered by the prisoner inside, and the crack widened, and when the world least expects it, it was now an opportune time to free himself from the dumpster.


    A gigantic explosion caused a massive crater in the middle of the coastal range, making a massive crater a hundred feet deep, and a mile in diameter. Rising out of the dust was a dark figure cloaked in black, carrying a mighty long sword and wearing a spiky crowned helmet. “After all these centuries, I am finally FREE!!”

    He then summoned up his Brimstone Warriors, and said. “That blasted Eltarian wizard has made a huge mistake by sealing me away, and his mistake will be this world’s damnation! Ages have passed with the Brimstone Kingdom sealed away, now is the time to rid the world of another species… HUMAN!”

    With another dark spell casted, a dark Kingdom, and a citadel was erected upon a craggy mountainside. “The days of darkness has fallen upon mankind, and now is their time to fall to the likes of the Witch-King of the Westward Coasts.”

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three -- Psychotic Meltdown

      From different points in the known world, five of the six hidden Psycho Rangers were captured by the dark forces of the Witch-King, with their leader, Samuel Harbeck, being the most elusive of the six. Not even the Brimstone Warriors could find him. He wanted to make up for his cruel ways to his brother, Evan Barone-Sidarius, and Lexington Lonewolf-Sidarius for all the trouble he caused in the past, and as Psycho Red. The only method was to stay out of their lives… for good.

      Sam was sleeping uneasily, remembering how he had almost decapitated Lexington with the Psycho Sword, and the look on Evan’s face as he readied himself. Even his brother, Bryan, had a shocked reaction. It was a memory that scars his soul for the remainder of his life. A day he would regret for the rest of his life.

      Out of the Shadows, the Witch King appeared, and woke Sam up with his dark presence. “Your time has come to face your judgement, Samuel Harbeck.”

      Sam energized his Psycho Morpher, and struck a pose. “Psycho Power, Red! Ignite!” As his morpher erupted in a fiery energy, Sam pressed the morph button, and a fiery inferno engulfed his body from the neck down, forming his leather-clad jump suit and red armor plating. As fire engulfed his head, his helmet was formed, As Sam struck an exstravagant pose, the Wolverine Psycho Zord roared in the background. “Psycho Red Ranger!”

      Sam pulled out his Psycho Sword, as he struck a defensive pose. “Whoever you are, I have renounced my evil ways years ago, and I am not going back!” As the fight begun, it appeared that both the Witch-King and Sam were equally matched, though it was a rough duel for the Psycho Red.

      The Witch-King was only backed up an inch, just enough for him to cast a spell that made Sam power down, and was forced to bow down to the dark figure. “You impress me, Samuel Harbeck. You will succumb to my influence and lead my generals as the top general of the six.”

      Just then, the five other Psychos appeared, but they were different. Their armor and weapons were upgraded, and Sam could easily sense that they are not like the way they used to act. “Gino… Rex… Blenny… Jo…Amanda… What have you done to them?”

      The Witch-King let out a bone-chilling, eerie laugh. “The same thing I am going to do to you, Samuel… Succumb.

      With that one word said, Sam let out a blood-curdling scream, as his morpher absorbed into his body, and caused a fierce burning sensation within. As the pain subsided, Sam was completely brainwashed, and his mind emptied, as he transformed into Psycho Red, with the same armor upgrades as his comrades.

      The Witch-King let out a sigh. “Now is the time, Psycho Knights… to rid this world of Humans, starting with the Westward Coasts!”

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four -- Alpha’s Plea

        Lotus Fist Karate Dojo

        A few days later, Britton and Nanami were teaching one of their classes together; a Women’s Self-Defense course. However, this wouldn’t be a normal day that the married couple would be looking forward to, after a visitor arrived via teleportation from Angel Grove.

        “Aye yi yi yi yi!” Alpha 5, the bumbling robot from the planet Edenoi said, walking up to the couple. “Britton, the world is in danger again! Dragon Soul is needed! Aye yi yi yi yi!”

        Britton looked like he was stupefied. “Alpha, didn’t Dimitria get the message from Lexington? We gave up our powers for the quiet life.”

        “Oh…” Alpha groaned, while he figures out something within his robotic mind. “I am sorry to disturb your class, but the Westward Coast is in great danger! Aye yi yi yi yi!!”

        Nanami?” Britton said in the Japanese tongue. “I need you to take over the classes for a while; There is an emergency I need to take care of.

        Upstairs Apartment

        Britton sat down, and sighed. “The Boomer Force and Outback Adventure Guardians are going to remain in Australia, because they defend both Australia and the Australian Dreamtime. Seth is this Dimension’s Dragon Warrior, but he left the team like the rest of us. The Shark Squadron already disbanded when Owen started his rule on Atlantis. And the Mascot Rangers have their team rivalries to worry about to carry the burden of an enemy as dangerous as the one described.”

        Alpha looked down. “Then there must be something we can do; turn to allies in other dimensions for help. There hasn’t been a team on the morphing grid since the Mystic Force!”

        Britton hummed. “I think I can help with finding allies that are willing to help us. But I am not going to become a Ranger this time around; Nanami and I plan to make our family. Let another generation fight this evil. Come. After the class is over, I’ll take you to visit an old friend of mine… He is an inhabitant of another Earth-like world, and he might be willing to help us.”

        “Dimitria assigned me to help you, Britton,” Alpha said, placing a hand on Britton’s shoulder. “We trust you can form a fighting force to match the destructive force of the Witch-King.”

        Britton let out a small smile. “Thank you, Alpha. Though I think this is going to be more difficult than defeating the Demonic Army of fighting the Pollutants. We’ll need all the help we can possibly get."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five -- Frontline Eyrie

          Planet Medievon; Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom

          The current war effort of the kingdom's people had brought about new hope for its humans and peace seeking monsters alike. Lord Gryff of Eyrie Tower was overseeing the training of griffin and human rider teams on a nearby training field. Also on hand were the Blue Ranger Lord, the White Ranger Lord, and the Pink Ranger Lord. A secondary batch of humans with the Legendary Powers. The primary team were far to the north on a mission, and would not be seen for quite a while. The training was progressing nicely, though the Ranger Lords remained on high alert just in case of a sudden intrusion.

          Britton was regretting that he had to open the Vault, but he needed access to his Trans-Dragon Cycle, so he can carry his robotic friend. The dojo master was lucky that he didn't need a Dragon Cell to use his inter-world traveling cycle. "I hope the Ranger Lords remember my former ranger designation."

          "Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha griped. "Tell me that we are not going to be target practice for Power Rangers!"

          "I hope not," Britton replied, as the cycle exited the portal, and headed toward the good Griffin Lord's tower at a reasonable speed. "Medievon is a rough world, I must admit, but Deryk Devlin and I frequent this dimension."

          "Lord Gryff!" one of the griffin guard scouts announced loudly. "A metallic ground craft just appeared in the Justice Knight Castle's courtyard to the south and it is heading this way!"

          Griff smiled. "Then it is either Deryk Devlin or Britton Carson! Let them approach, but stay on alert, just in case! We can't let the dragon kingdoms soldiers catch us unaware!"

          The three Ranger Lords focused on the craft approaching from the south, yet said nothing.

          Britton stopped the Cycle within the vicinity of Lord Gryff's tower, remembering that his last visit didn't merit the use of his Cycle. He opened up the hatch, and looked around. "Hmm... everything has changed since I visited Lord Gryff last week." He then went to inform one of the scouts that he and a guest have arrived.

          The young griffin scout said, "Lord Gryff is in the training field in that direction, Lord Carson. We've been on high alert since the dragons tried something stupid recently, but I will let Lord Gryff tell you more."

          "Thank you, young scout." Britton smiled, before looking towards Alpha. "Come on, Alpha. Let's go talk to Lord Gryff."

          After walking to the training field, Alpha 5 was amazed by the Griffin and human rider teams, as Britton leaded him to Duke Griff. "Hail Lord Gryff of Eyrie Tower. I have come with a guest that alerted me to danger."

          Lord Gryff who was wearing golden-bronze like battle armor nearly tackled Britton in an enthusiastic POUNCE! "So I see, love of my life." He grinned, licking his own beak in a hungry like manner. "Have you killed your mate and the danger you know is that her team are seeking revenge upon you, so you come to beg me for sanctuary?" He winked and giggled.

          Alpha just about got his circuits fried at the sight. "Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! Britton! Are you okay?!"

          Britton laughed. "I have come for counsel. My robotic friend, Alpha 5, came to warn me of an evil that is unchallenged, Lord Gryff, and The former rangers have enough to worry about."

          Alpha nodded, as he stepped forward. "The Westward Coasts of Earth in the Dreamtrail Sector is in Danger, and there are no Ranger teams active."

          Lord Gryff turned to the Ranger Lords. "Stay on watch, my friends. I will be taking Lord Carson and his metallic friend inside."

          Moments later, they were inside Eyrie Tower in the War Room, a place within the grand library of powers and magics.

          Lord Gryff said, "Times are hard on all of us, Britton. What counsel may I give you?"

          Britton and Alpha worked together on informing Lord Gryff about the Witch-King and his brimstone forces. Alpha added, "The Witch-King was responsible for destroying legendary species, and now he is on the move once again."

          Britton sighed. "There is nothing that the humans of Earth can do, my old friend. Alpha came to me to make a new team, and I have barely any knowledge of making ranger powers." He then sighed as he rubbed his head. "For once, We don't know what to do so we can save our world, and we would like some advice."

          Lord Gryff looked as if he was remembering something from a long time ago. "I wonder if that was what Zordon was doing here all those ages ago. I remember my father telling me about the wizard named Zordon and how this human wizard went into the mountains beyond the towers, here, and hid something there in a cave. My father searched for that something for years and never found it. Perhaps that is what you are truly seeking. Zordon told me, while I was still too young to walk, let alone fly, that he had hidden the Griffin Compass that could be used to find a team to find an evil witch some day. And then... he went over here..."

          Lord Gryff walked across the chamber and touched a part of the wall and said, "Zordon." and the wall opened, revealing a hidden storage safe.

          Lord Gryff reached in and pulled out a box containing several griffin feathers, each of a single color. "He told me that a day would come when a former hero would find the Griffin Compass and use it to hand out these special feathers to those who could fight the evil witch. Perhaps this is the day, Britton."

          Britton leaped up, and gave Lord Gryff a big hug. "It could be the last hope to save the Westward Coasts. Thank you, Lord Gryff."

          Alpha placed his hand on his hips, and let out a more relaxed "Aye-yi-yi!"

          Lord Gryff hugged and petted on Britton fondly, then showed the human and Alpha 5 on a map of the mountain and the cave. "Go here, find the magic compass that will lead you to your allies, and then, return to your world and use the compass to lead you to the new rangers and give each of them one of the feathers. I hope Zordon knew what he was doing. Good luck, Britton. You are always welcome here."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six -- The Witch-King’s First Attack

            Planet Earth; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

            It seemed to be a neutral day on Vancouver Island, an area of the world untouched by evil influences, and monster attacks. Its picturesque view at this time of day was not as good, for it was a stormy January for that part of the world; a temperate climate.

            Unfortunately, today was the time for the Witch-King’s first move to eradicate the known world. Psycho Silver, one of the powerful Knights, appeared with a troop of Brimstone Warriors.

            Psycho Silver brought out his weapon, the Psycho Silverizer, and pointed it toward one of the unsuspecting parks. “Lets make this strike an effective one to conquer this town. Attack!”

            A teenager, walking home from another good day of college, was enjoying the less palatable weather for a walk in the park. “Hey Gabe!” A girl shouted from a few meters away. She then ran towards him in her high-heeled boots. “You want to get together later tonight?”

            Gabriel Copeland was an eighteen year-old well into his freshman year of college, and studying mythology at the local university. Something his parents would be very proud of. “Eh? Not tonight, Lexie. I have homework tonight. Gotta keep my GPA up since last term.”

            Criss,” Alexandria Jones cursed. “I was hoping we can get together tonight, boyfriend.” She hugged Gabe and kissed him. She was a reddish brown-haired beauty from the middle of town. She knew Gabe since they were both in preschool.

            Gabe, on the other hand, was a dirty blonde who was starting to grow out his hair like one of his more famous relatives. He stood at six-foot-two and had very fair skin. He was less headstrong, and preferred to learn about Myths, and this unit in one of his classes was the comparison of truth and myth of Atlantis. Something King Owen would be interested in. “Don’t worry, eh? We’ll have Saturday together; the whole day. We’ll go to the states, and go to Seattle for some of their famous coffee.”

            Before Alexandria can say something, the Brimstone Warriors and Psycho Silver fell from the sky, and started to terrorize the citizens of Vancouver BC from that one park. “Take no prisoners, Brimstone Warriors!”

            Gabe took one out with a wrestling spear before the grunt could lay his hands on his girlfriend. “She’s my girlfriend, not yours!”

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven -- Spelunking for the Griffin Compass

              Planet Medievon; Mountainous Cavern near the Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom

              After riding his TDC up to the mountain beyond the towers of the Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom, Britton and Alpha were working together to get up to the mouth of the cave. “Sheesh… This is far worse than when Uncle Valon took Deryk, Lexington and I spelunking in Australia,” Britton remarked.

              “Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha remarked. “My gears have never been worked as hard for ages. I hope you know what you are doing, Britton.”

              Britton was lucky to have brought his DS Gear with him, so he would have some helpful things with him. As the human and robot entered the cave, the former Gold Ranger placed markers that were, ironically, the front of the Gold Leodragon Ranger’s helmet (Lexington was to be blamed for that idea). I am going to have a talk with my baby brother about this, he thought, as he rolled his eyes.

              Alpha whirred, and clicked, as they trekked further into the cave. “Aye-yi-yi! There is a significant energy reading on our current course, Britton. I cannot tell if it is the Griffin Compass or not.”

              The human sighed. “Don’t worry about finding out what it is, Alpha 5; we’ll find it when we get to it.” He then started to walk further, holding up his mini-flashlight close to his face.

              Eventually, a few hours of extensive searching (and a couple close calls along the way), the two came upon a wizard-made chamber deep under the mountain. In the center was a table, holding a big compass decorated with engravings and pictographs of Griffins. “Tell me that is it…” Britton said in awe, as he walked up slowly to the table, taking a good look at the compass.

              “Aye-yi-yi,” Alpha flinched. “Please be careful, Britton; we don’t know if Zordon placed a trap.”

              Britton then hesitated for a few seconds. “Well… here goes nothing!” he exclaimed, as he picked up the compass, and what happened next was…

              To be continued…

              End of Chapter Seven.
              End of Pilot Episode.
              Stay tuned for the conclusion to this adventure!