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[GNR-PR5] Power Rangers Griffin Storm™

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    [GNR-PR5] Power Rangers Griffin Storm™

    Power Rangers Griffin Storm™
    Graphic Novel Rangers™ Season Five
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf


    Many years ago, before the modern era, there was a witch king of the Westward Coasts that was known to be extremely cruel. He was known throughout the world as a tyrant, and has made it his plan to kill all legendary creatures into extinction, and has been known to have destroyed the western world's population of dragons, unicorns, pegasus, among other species. It wasn't until he ran the last of the world's griffins down to extinction that someone took a stand against him. A wise and powerful alien wizard known as Zordon fought off the evil kings Brimstone forces, and sealed the witch king away in a dumpster, and buried him very deep underground in the darkest mountain within the coastal range.

    The last known griffin passed on a year later, and the noble master knew that the witch king wouldn't be sealed away forever, so he took five feathers from the wings of the griffin, and infused them with powers that were capable to connect with Earth's morphing grid. Zordon also crafted an artifact to locate five heroes with the talents and abilities to take the witch king on in an even footing. To make sure they were safe, Zordon traveled to the Dimension of Medievon, where he had the compass and feathers sealed away in two different parts of a seaward kingdom, in case a human in the future sees the need to return the powers to Dreamtrail.

    Now is that time. A former Dragon Ranger is charged to mentor a team in the Westward Coasts of what is now modern-day North America, to take on the Brimstone forces, and fight for what is right. The five warriors will be known as the Power Rangers Griffin Storm, the last chance in fighting the Brimstone forces.

    Griffin Rangers:

    Gold Ranger (Earth) - Gabriel 'Gabe' Copeland
    -- The Leader of the team from British Columbia, he is a college student that is very helpful to the cause. Has a distant relative that makes his living as a professional wrestler.
    Black Ranger (Shadow) - Luke Xandros
    -- A Hispanic-American from Depoe Bay, Oregon; had to drop out of high school to help his older sister with the family store after his parent's death. Found within Mascot Rider territory.
    Silver Ranger (Wind) - Tru Hardy
    -- A college athlete from Sacramento, she is known to be pretty rough and tomboyish, and prefers to channel her rough side with a game of volleyball.
    Crimson Ranger (Fire) - Jenna Grant
    -- Another college athlete from Angel Grove by way of Wellington, New Zealand. She tends to butt heads with Tru on a constant basis, being a Local Hometown Girl.
    Navy Ranger (Water) - Archer Halleck
    -- An enigmatic gymnast from Blaine, Washington. Despite being an Olympic hopeful, has some moments of clumsiness, and is a hardcore Tolkien fan.
    Emerald Ranger (Nature) - Elrohir Felagund
    -- An elf from a secret land, he travels to find a method to let the last griffin egg hatch. Unlike the others, his powers rely on the well-being of his griffin steed. Tends to be annoyed by Archer's Tolkien terminology.

    Britton Carson, retired Gold LeoDragon Ranger, now mentor of the Griffin Storm team. Has some complications in having children of his own.
    Nanami Nono, formerly Hurricane Blue of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger fame, now the wife of Britton Carson, whom she is learning proper English from. Still a trained Ninja, regardless of location.
    Alpha 5, Originally Zordon's bumbling robot assistant, worked with Dimitria of Inquaris in mentoring the second generation Zeo team. Assists Britton with Zordon's endeavors.
    Lord Gryff of Eyrie Tower, Griffin ruler of the Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom in Planet Medievon. Very helpful to the Griffin Storm cause, and somewhat attracted to Britton since the Dragon Soul era.
    "Legolas", Elrohir's griffin steed, and the last surviving Dreamtrail griffin. Was named by Archer, to the Elf's dismay.

    Brimstone Kingdom:
    The Witch King, real name unknown, he is the tyrant of the Westward Coasts, known for driving legendary species to extinction. His current target: Humans.
    Psycho Knights, formerly the Psycho Rangers, these five self-exiled criminals were brought back by the Witch King, and brainwashed with his power to do his bidding with upgraded armor.
    Brimstone Warriors, Demon grunts with eye-ball designed belts.
    Various Brimstone monsters that are destroyed by the Griffin Rangers



      Griffin Claw Morpher - Once colored feathers, they became a claw like device that appears on the back of the user's left hand. Pressing the dome upon activation invokes the Griffin Storm powers.
      Celestial Key - formed from the remains of the griffin's egg, this is the key to using the Emerald Ranger powers through a Griffin Claw Morpher.

      Griffin Darts - Feather darts that come out of the ranger form bracers. Can either be fired from the bracers or thrown by hand.
      Griffin Defender - A weapon combination used as a primary team finisher.
      - Griffin Sword (Gold) - forms the tail and spine
      - Griffin Claws (Black) - forms the claws
      - Griffin Wing Blasters (Silver /Crimson) - forms both wings; tonfa-like blasters
      - Griffin Hammer (Navy) form the handle, head, and part of body
      Griffin Longbow - A longbow weapon capable of harnessing elven magic into arrows against Brimstone forces. Also can fire Griffin Darts at high velocity.

      Griffin Wing Gliders - gliders used for flying to battles at a fixed speed; extends from either side of the ranger suit to attach to the arms.
      Griffin Cycles - dual-mode cycles capable of short-to-medium range flight. These 'mechanical demons' are not used by Elrohir, with the preference of using his griffin steed.


      Griffin Storm Megazord A megazord with different weapon modes depending on the situation.
      - Earth Griffin Zord Forms the torso and head; grants the Megazord with the Griffin WingSaber.
      - Shadow Griffin Zord Forms the Right Leg; grants the Megazord with shoulder-mounted Griffin Talon Bazooka.
      - Wind Griffin Zord Forms the Left Arm; grants the Megazord with a Griffin Bo Staff
      - Fire Griffin Zord Forms the Right Arm; grants the Megazord with Griffin Feather Daggers
      - Water Griffin Zord Forms the Left Leg; grants the Megazord with a Griffin Battle Claws
      Celestial Griffin Megazord A single-unit Megazord mainly piloted by the Emerald Ranger; armed with the Celestial Longbow
      - Nature Griffin Zord "Legolas" transformed by the powers of the Celestial Key.