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KRZ-21 Arkaia Falls and Meadow Brook Rises

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    KRZ-21 Arkaia Falls and Meadow Brook Rises

    Kamen Rider Zephyr: A Mascot Tale
    Episode Twenty One: Arkaia Falls and Meadow Brook Rises.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle; Co-Written by Lexington Lonewolf | 04/08/2017
    Octavius Draughn (Sophomore), Zephyr Rider Red (The Rushing Rabbit)
    Timothy Gates (Junior,) Zephyr Rider Gold (The Blitz Rabbit) - Lapine Soldier Gates
    Bradford "Brad" Klaus (Graduate), Zephyr Rider Green (The Grand Rabbit)
    Novia Escamillo (Senior), Zephyr Rider Blue (The Balestra Rabbit)
    Buchanan "Bucky" Hooper (Sophomore), Zephyr Rider White (The Vector Rabbit)
    Carlos Miller (Graduate), Zephyr Rider Purple (The Reaper Rabbit)
    Matthew Ezra (Freshman), Zephyr Rider Black (The Archer Rabbit)
    Heather Whitelaw (Junior), Zephyr Rider Orange (The Spiker Rabbit)
    Mark Valerian (Freshman), Zephyr Rider Bronze (The Phaser Rabbit)
    Mack Denver (Freshmen), Zephyr Rider Gold Rush (The Blitzen Kangaroo)

    Also Starring: Kamen Rider Mascot:
    Sabin Smart, Kamen Rider Cougar
    Calum Winters, Kamen Rider Wildcat
    Kerry Buckland, Kamen Rider Beaver
    Timothy "Tim" Johns, Kamen Rider Eagle
    Elias Randall, Kamen Rider Viper
    Ian Hanowitz, Kamen Rider Otter
    Terry, Kamen Rider Timberwolf

    Mascot Spirits:
    Freddy Simmons, perverted Beaver Spirit (fka: Bradford Gellar)
    Raquel Cardenas, Cougar Spirit (fka: Kitty Lang)
    Sam Rockwell, Eagle Spirit
    Silas Veritas, Viper Spirit and Stealth Troublemaker
    Lauren Addams, Wildcat Spirit and Tough Chick
    Zen Riptide, Otter Spirit and Transcendentalist
    Lupin, Timberwolf Spirit
    Colt, Maverick Colt Spirit of Colton, Oregon (SE of Portland) - Colin Philips
    Stallion Spirit

    Zephyr Allies:
    Coach Boldt Quartermaine (Faculty)
    Brian Summers, The Warrior (the real official Indian chief mascot)
    Justin Draughn, FBI agent (Octavius' father)
    Basil Tanner, Red Lightning Rabbit Rider
    Jack Mullins, Kamen Rider Donkey [Summer Lake, OR]
    Alpha Lovefang, Hell Hound
    Davina Ferral, Kamen Rider Miracle
    Lapine Soldiers (Sariah)

    Queen Magenta, Devilish Temptress
    -- Sirens
    Arkaia, Lapine Warlord
    King Glitch
    Professor von Gearbolt VI
    -- Cogs

    2010-2011 School Year

    Chapter One: Tempting a Warlord.

    Warrior Stadium; Warrenton, Oregon.

    As Octavius (in his Zephyr identity) awaited near the podium containing the large diamond... Warlord Arkaia stepped out on to the field from the opposing goal posts with his battle sword drawn at the ready. "Ah, Zephyr! Word reached my ears that you have chosen to fetch the largest diamond on Earth as I had requested previously!"

    Zephyr stepped out into the open football field as he turned to face toward the lapine warlord. "Before I hand this diamond over to you, Arkaia... honor dictates that we do the battle of the blades." And in one fluid transformation shift, Zephyr was in his oriental armored Hengeyokai Hare form, where upon he pulled his katana from its scabbard and held it at the ready. "When you put me to the ground the first time, it was because you had caught me off guard and by surprise. This time, I am ready for you. Just blades; no fancy blade powers. Dodging and Athletics are permitted, however. If I win, you will relinquish all of the contracts of the rabbits you have control over and I keep the diamond. If you win, you get the diamond as well as my eternal services for life. What is your reply?"

    Arkaia smirked. "My reply is that you are a fool, Zephyr. I want to see the diamond or there is no challenge."

    Zephyr said, "Then you agree that when you get to see the diamond, we will duel as stated?"

    Arkaia smiled. "Agreed. But don't think for a moment that I will follow a code of chivalry."

    Zephyr pulled the diamond out of the box with his free hand and turned it in the light to prove that it was indeed a diamond. Then he placed it back into the box. And he struck his battle pose facing Arkaia.

    Arkaia chuckled. "That is a clever forgery, Zephyr. Whomever told you that the rock in that box was a diamond, lied to you. But since you want a fight, a fight you will have. En garde!" And the two lapines were instantly in the middle of the football field with both swords clashing together. And then a line of more than loyal war rabbits with guns and swords arrived lined up in the goal zone of where Arkaia had arrived from. "Since I don't trust the rest of the Zephyrs to stay out of this, Hare, I brought my loyal army."

    Zephyr grinned. "Since I knew you would be the first to show your cowardly ways, I also brought an army. At least one of them has a bone to pick with you." Then he shouted, "MASCOTS ARISE!" That was the cue for the Mascot Riders to show themselves in whatever capacity that they chose to perform. And it wasn't just Mascot Riders who would be arriving, but Mascots from all over the two-state region. The local Mascot, the Warrior, was poised on the bleachers with the entire Warrenton Archery team. Archer Rabbit (Matthew Ezra) was among them. The White Knight of Castle Rock, Washington was on the sidelines with his white war stallion charger. Kamen Rider Colt (Dexter Strange from Colton) and Kamen Rider Hernecroft (Donovan Drake from Shadowrun Canyon, New Mexico) were both on the other side of the football stadium. HC was something best left in nightmares. Hernecroft appeared to be a dark brownish black male cervine humanoid wearing dark green and black metal armor with eerie glowing pinstripes in a lunar pea soup tint. The helmet had antlers and the collar looked all too real. His feet were large black cloven hoofs. All in all, he looked like a spooky reindeer from a Christmas nightmare gone totally wrong.

    A mechanical snake lands on one of the flanks of Arkaia's army and knocks several of the gun-toting Rabbits away. The Viper Coil was in Wild form, and throwing the gunners left and right. "A gun is a coward's weapon," said Viper Wild, as he walked towards Arkaia with the both the Rider Lance and the Unity Sword in his grips. "Rabbit, I am one to settle grudges alone, but I'll lend you my skills."

    The new T-Wolf was spinning and knocking swords out of the some of Arkaia's soldiers with the Rider Katana in his the mouthpiece of his helmet's mask. He then activated a Rider Kick, and did a Kabuto-style roundhouse kick to send several of Arkaia's loyalists flying. T-Wolf's updated armors were more sleek compared to his predecessor's deceptively. "We can go all-out on the baddies this time. Wolf Spirit gave the word.

    Eagle and Wildcat made their way out to support the Rabbit Riders in getting the upper paw against Arkaia and his loyalists. As for Beaver and Cougar they were still en route.

    Just as the Lapine Soldier loyalists started to get into position, Sariah's voice shouted out! "Fellow soldiers! If you do not wish to serve under Arkaia's unfair contract any more, then lay aside your weapons and gather near myself and Blitz! You will be protected at this location! The rest of you whom think Arkaia will make good on his promises when he wins will get arrested by galactic authorities when Arkaia falls!"

    And at that moment, several Galactic Patrol star ships appeared in the sky over the stadium; while at the mines, an attack and arresting spree gathered up any rabbits soldiers whom chose to stay at the star ship. Sariah's rebellion stayed near himself and Blitz. They wanted to be free.

    And then a beam shot down from the main galactic patrol star ship which hit Arkaia and left him immobilized in a containment card, SPD style.

    Next all of the loyalist rabbits were gathered up in containment cards. The Galactic Patrol Commander came down personally at that point and said, "Greetings Zephyr Rider Red. Basil Tanner got word to us that you were tired of Arkaia. What of those lapines whom are with Zephyr Rider Gold? Are they a threat?"

    Octavius in his Hengeyokai Hare form replied, "They made a deal to Zephyr Rider Gold in exchange for their freedom, so they are exempt for now."

    The commander said, "Then we will take this douchbag and his loyalists to prison on Planet Meadowspark."

    Departing with the arrested lapine soldiers and the septic bathing warlord, Galactic patrol lifted off to return to the PAWs Galaxy.

    As silence settled over Warriors Stadium, Principal Morrison came into the open as he walked directly over to where Octavius was standing. He had some sort of paper in hand. "Octavius Draughn? Is Arkaia truly gone?"

    Octavius replied, "Yes sir. Galactic Patrol just took him and his loyalists off to prison."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Leaving Warrenton? No Big Loss.

    Kelly Morrison handed Octavius the paper to remind him of what was printed on it. "Do you recall agreeing to this promise you made to me during Bradford Klaus and Carlos Miller's graduation? If you do remember, then I ask that you honor what you have promised on the day Arkaia was defeated."

    Octavius looked at the printed paper with his signature on it. "I nearly forgot about this. Thank you for making a copy of our agreement, sir. I will honor this."

    He then turned to look at his father. "Secure that rock in your agent vehicle and then return to me, Father." Justin headed off to do that.

    Boldt had a suspicion what was on that agreement as he left the stands to approach Octavius himself.

    When Justin returned, he went over to his son and said, "What is going on now?"

    Octavius permitted his father and Boldt to read the agreement. Then he lifted his voice. "Attention all Zephyrs! If you intend to continue to support the Zephyr team, then you need do nothing! For those of you whom want to complete your schooling at Warrenton, please power down and turn in your Rider Belts!"

    He then addressed the others present. "For the rest of my allies, you will be permitted to know where the Zephyrs are migrating to! Just prepare to travel when we officially leave Warrenton!" There it was. The agreement was a promise to make the Zephyrs leave Warrenton on the day Arkaia was defeated.

    Boldt caught Principal Morrison's arm. "Since you are making the only good mascot we've ever had leave, then I must tender my resignation from Warrenton. Effective immediately."

    Brian Summers then handed over the Warrior chief headdress to the principal. "You may also replace me as the Warrior. I support Zephyr; he's saved my life many times over."

    Justin said, "It will take a month to get Meadow Brook up and running. The new schools are already in place. The government assigned us with a post office recently. It won't take me long to pack up my entire home and warehouse."

    Morrison was shocked that those present seemed to be prepared for this day.

    Octavius then said aloud, "I need the Zephyrs to go around Warrenton and remove all signs stating that Warrenton is the home of the Rushing Rabbit!" Grand and Reaper took off instantly to do this.

    Morrison said, "You can't take the Rushing Rabbit! That wasn't part of our agreement."

    Octavius held up the agreement and read it aloud. "On agreement to Principal Kelly Morrison of Warrenton High School, on the day Warlord Arkaia is defeated, Zephyr Rider Red, whom is the current Rushing Rabbit, do hereby agree to withdraw the entire Rushing Rabbit team known as Zephyr out of Warrior territory. Officially signed by Octavius Draughn." He then lowered the paper. "It sure sounds like you agreed to relinquish the Rushing Rabbit into my custody. But since you need more proof..." At that moment, Rusher the Soccer Spirit made a physical appearance on the football field. "I, Rusher, the original Rushing Rabbit, do hereby withdraw my protection from Warrenton, a schooling system whom never wanted my spirit support in favor of the Warrior. Where Zephyr goes, I go. Warrenton can drop down a sink hole for all I care."

    When he was finished speaking, there was a small tremor that shook all of Warrenton. Rusher then said, "The removal of my protection has begun. By this time tomorrow you will be lucky if you have a town sitting here, let alone a high school. When you anger a protectorate spirit, you dance with danger. Now go ahead and challenge my leaving, Morrison. How much did the mayor pay you to get Zephyr to pull out of Warrenton?"

    Principal Morrison shut his mouth at that point. "I need my lawyer."

    Two Oregon State police officers arrived at that moment where they placed the principal under arrest for participating in Sports Gambling, which was still illegal in Oregon State.

    The mayor had been arrested by the FBI earlier that morning under criminal charges involving both medical record seizure as well as association with organized crime. Apparently the long-term plan was to convert Warrenton into the next Las Vegas. But the plot was stopped before it could come to fruition.

    The rest of Warrenton were given the choice of where they wanted to migrate to, Sunset Beach, Seaside, Astoria or where ever the Rushing Rabbit was moving to. Not surprisingly, the people sided with the Rushing Rabbit since he had been protecting their children since his return. Therefore with government assistance, People were packed up for the move to Meadow Brook. They would miss living and working near the coast, but with the land about to return to being a state protected wetland zone, they had little choice.

    In the previous year, a new highway had been built between Baker City to pass through Meadow Brook and eventually coming out at a location between Salem and Portland, barely avoiding the Warm Springs Reservation. It had taken nearly six months out of the last year to get the new streets and homes laid out in Meadow Brook. Businesses were located along the major highways. Meadow Brook Primary School was located to the north of the new East-West Highway along 395 N/S. Meadow Brook High School was located close to Meadow Brook Pass to the south of the new highway. The Meadowspark Embassy was positioned right next door to the new City Hall building in Meadow Brook. Sariah's rebels would be able to bring their families in and live in a suburb dedicated to their people near the pass. Their children would go to school right along side the humans.

    The only thing left to do was to move in the people. The Meadow Brook airport had a shuttle landing area for Meadowspark citizens. Meadow Brook had a sister TV/Radio station affiliate to the NBC station in Portland that was Zephyr's favorite. A space satellite TV station would allow the viewing of Meadowspark programs. A few of Sariah's rebels were employed by the Meadow Brook police department to work alongside human partners. Other Meadowspark citizens were trained for the fire department since it was just as important.

    By the next day, Meadow Brook was fully open for business and being watched by the US Government during its early stages to prevent galactic inter-species hatred from forming. Parents had jobs and the Schools opened on time and students got to learn how much better the new schools were. Most of the layouts were impressive. Boldt was again a principal.

    End of Chapter Two.