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[2T-PR1] PRGO-06 Don't Yas Poachers Get It?

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    [2T-PR1] PRGO-06 Don't Yas Poachers Get It?

    Episode Six -- Don't Yas Poachers Get It?
    Written by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf

    Starring, Power Rangers Gaiden Outback - GO-RESCUE:
    Lari Kingston Knight, Unicorn Rescue Ranger Red (the leader)
    Heathcliff Flowen "Flow" Celeron Jr, Hedgehog Rescue Ranger Blue (the "New 52" Jay Garrick Flash fan)
    Daryn Hayes "Daz" Merlock, Stallion Rescue Ranger Gold (the Cheyenne Spirit)
    Carmichael "Carmen" Snart, Wallaby Rescue Ranger Green (High Yellow Belt)
    Rayce Sonarpaw St. John, Shadodrak Rescue Ranger Tao (a sorcery student)
    Nollaig Maedbh Coveny, Kestrel Rescue Ranger Pink (the tomboy)

    Mentored By:
    Lord Deryk Tyler Sherwood, Gray Cosmic Battlizer Ranger; Kangaroo of Lost Magicks
    ~~ Holy Pouch; "Chosen" son of Lord Kiel and Martelle Sherwood (Planet Earth)
    Other Heroes:
    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger
    Geoffrey St. John, Silver Mobian Skunk Ranger

    Known Allies:
    Kiel Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the three musketeers.
    Studpaw Also known as 'Studdy' He is the only non-were in the Musketeers. He is married to Rusty St. John.
    Roolock He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft. Although recently, he is helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lord Pouchlaw He is the Academy master of Kangaroo Dreamtime Lords. He is married to Raymond Lonewolf in the United States. But he is on call when needed.
    Lord Parcelpaw He is a Dreamtime Lord that governs over the Courier Roo services, and observes the training of select cases involving the students in his sponsored dorm. Thought of as the Dreamtime equivalent of the Postmaster General, by some.
    Lady Amaza She is a Dreamtime Lord whom rules over the Dreamtime Amazonians. Helpful with her follower's needs if one of her followers' abilities involve special treatment.
    Lady Riff She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises. In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member. In this future, he is a Courier Kangaroo himself by choice.
    Nitro the Hedgehog This is a Mobian Hedgehog whom enjoys having his mind in the gutter, and is married to Timmy after a mishap Uncle Sonic knows about all too well.
    Drayce the White Shadodrak This creature was purchased from a bazaar planet merchant in the Frontier sector who has an uncanny ability to track any target he overhears his master's friends talking about. His master is currently Rusty St. John.
    Raymond Lonewolf: Former head of the F.B.I. in the United States, Retired. Married to Lord Pouchlaw.
    Kavan Kincaid Knight, Kangaroo Kid: Younger brother to Lari Knight.
    Lady Parcelpouch: Chief Kangaroo Courier Lady, daughter of Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw.
    Commander Remington "Remmy" Stryfe: Trainer, Were-Kangaroo son of Eryk "Joey" Stryfe.
    Commander Thunderpaw: Were-Kangaroo sheila trainer; assigned to train Elysia and Denise.
    Wildwind: Were-Horse Blacksmith.
    Matthew Starbuck Ward: a cousin of Duncan Ward's from Bennet Valley, Arkansas.
    Jazco Donkey: Were-Donkey brother to Jocko Donkey.
    Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf and Silver: Devlin's 'uncle,' Sheriff of Ottercrest and a Elite among officers of Tatsu-Lan.
    Stats: Were-Dingo bookie for the gaming circuit.
    Cosmo Hooper: Were-Rabbit gamer.
    Black Scale: Paragon Black Dragon General - Mercantile Supplier.
    Dr. Eric Morgan: a childhood friend of Devlin's from River Bluff; herd alpha were-horse and professional hometown doctor.
    Roule Formerly Valiance Knightmane of Fairdale, Pennsylvania, USA; currently a Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo and mate to a Were-Wallaby. He runs the Dreamtime Paradise Parlor.
    Known Villains:
    All War Factions: Kangaroo, Dingo, Croc, and Spider
    Dragon Warriors of New Tatsu-Lan: a particularly nasty lot whom see humans as nothing more than a sexual play toy.
    January 31st, 2031
    Chapter One -- Have Yourself a Bindi Little Outing.

    It was the night of January 31st at some private place in the Outback. The GO-Rescue Rangers were poised on a hill top overlooking a Poacher encampment. Amy Rose and Field Marshal Bindi Fury were with the rangers during this training outing. Lari K was explaining a few things as a reminder to his teammates. "Now remember that the 'oly Pouch made our uniforms bullet proof and 'ighly blessed versus demonic powers and other evil beings. In the past, Rangers 'unting down poachers took some 'eavy risks, which is why we 'ave this extra protection. And now, Field Marshal Fury will give us a few last minute pointers. So pay attention to what she tells yas. It is important."

    "It feels like Ah'm giving Rangers a lecture every other week. Listen up so Ah don't 'ave to repeat myself. Poacher always 'ave been a problem in these parts even before the Dragons made their 'ome in the Outback, and since the Outback 'as been opened recently, they wasted no time in making their resurgence. Not only 'ave the usual crocodiles, kangaroos and other creatures gone back to being their victims, they added drakes to their commodities. Dragon Dome City considers this a favor that we keep rescuing the smaller ones from poachers.

    "Most poachers are not redeemable, yet there are others that are there unwittingly and under duress. If they claim that, signal the Red Ranger to use the special scroll Ah gave 'im. It doesn't banish, but it will secure and teleport them to some Dreamtimers very skilled in telepathy and psionics to determine if their truth. There is a limit to that scroll as it takes time to see if they're telling the truth, so use it wisely. Do NOT use it on yer teammates. Both Parousian and Earthian Pouch 'as stressed to me that important instruction." Bindi morphed into her Ranger form. "Any questions?"

    Lari K said, "Good information to 'ave, Bindi. And now a follow-up update on why certain ranger teams exist... The Field Marshals aka the Boomer Force were formed to 'andle Dreamtime menaces; During their hey day, Kiel sponsored the first Outback Rescue, our predecessors, to only go after poachers, at least that was the public excuse. The real reason for their creation as much as Cary likely 'ated it, was to 'unt demons. Since Cary was a former demon sent in to infiltrate a school to gather Sustenance for 'is mistress, Kiel 'ad to up the ante to the real purpose; Trigram Boomer was formed just after the start of the War to 'andle ending the Dreamtime Wars, which for the record according to both pouches, 'as NOT ended. The War Crocs were defeated when they sided with the Dragon Warriors. Now the War Spiders have teamed up with alien insect warriors; seems to be a pattern. Despite Easttail of the War Kangaroos and Moonfang of the War Dingoes pulling out of the war, their 'ome factions never laid down their arms. They were very much still active. So the War 'as NOT ended. The only few whom stayed out of the war, were the donkeys, the wallabies, the kangaroo rats, the koalas and the kiwis; When the Demons chose to send out a duplication of the Cary trick in the form of Larimore, whom even 'ad 'is own fake Lord Tailblaze at 'is command. 'e tricked Devlin Lonewolf, leader of the Trigram Boomer, into 'elping 'im to build a club'ouse in Bairnsdale, Victoria, where the real plot was revealed. To create a dysfunctional ranger team whom would mess up so badly that it would give the other ranger teams bad press. They were originally known as Confederate Fury. Bindi's daughter was part of the trick to make rangers look bad, which was easy since Teri Fury was nearly out of control and Bindi 'ad sent 'er down there to keep 'er out of the war. Over time what with Larimore defeated, and even Cary and Col. North couldn't stand trying to 'elp that team, they finally got cleaned up at KA Prime; in the meantime, Eddie assisted the leftover team members to clean up the team and even acquire a Mobian Star Ship 'eadquarters as 'e rebranded the team name as Aussie Thunder. They even got new members to join the club. But the demons 'ated loose cannons and they repeated tried to get the team they 'elped to form either disbanded or destroyed. Aussie Thunder's original team goal was to protect Bairnsdale from any and all dragon incursions within their zone. That was the only reason they were created. And now that the dragons of Dragon Dome City are allied with Trigram Boomer, Aussie Thunder 'ave no goal and needs to decide what to do with themselves. The demon's goal was to 'ave this team act like the Aquarian Force of Planet Foresta before they moved on to find and fight more slavers. Before the move, their leader got fed up with the team and 'ow they never focused on training at all."

    Lari K took a breath and released it. "Sorry for the 'istory lesson; there are other ranger teams whom exist right now. Ranger X is a team in training under Lord Kiel. They 'ave no goal as yet; Freedom Force in Japan are referred to as Dreamtrail Earth's version of the wackiest team in Adalia... Power Rangers Yin-Yang. Demons, dragons, gods and enemies alike 'ated dealing with Yin-Yang since they could jump worlds and time periods at a moment's notice. The Freedom Force are similar to them, but not as wacky. They have similar enemies. Freedom Force were the royal offspring of known former ranger teams, worldwide. Thankfully, they focus on fighting their enemies on their 'ome soil. Japan."

    Daz slyly grinned. "Enough history, leader. Lets go punish a blight to animal kind. I can see the guards moving around down there."

    Rayce quietly said with his eyes closed. "Poacher leader is using a short wave. He is saying, no sign of that blasted Yellow Field Marshal as yet. But if she shows up, we will get the bounty on her useless ass. Whom needs animals when there is a bounty on this one ranger female." He then opened his eyes. "They are apparently expecting you, Field Marshal Bindi."

    Amy Rose said, "The plan is that your team will hit one side of the camp while Bindi and I hit the other side. There is sure to be fighting all around, so don't be thinking you won't see any action. My Piko Hammer is primed."

    Lari K and Daz pulled their greatbows and nocked arrows into position. "Time to get this party started then..." And they took careful aim and fired the arrows up and over the camp where they struck into the Poacher's power generator which plunged the camp into darkness. "Our visors have infra-red if we need to use them. Let's do this."

    Lari K was glad that Daz had given the team some lessons in how to use their non-tech weapons.

    Nollaig pulled out her greatbow. Although a Crossbow would've made a better weapon for her, she knew it would take time to master it's skill, but her eyes were piercing like the sharpest arrows. She is good at hitting her target no matter how clumsy and large the weapon is. She actively shot the locks with her arrows, hoping to help Rayce, Daz and Lari K. while The Flow, Bindi and Amy Rose worked on melee.

    Bindi ran from the other side, and KNEED the leader in the back of the head. "Put a bounty, on me, will yas?! 'aven't yas stupid blighters learned yer lesson when the Dragons made 'ouse?!"

    The Flow ran up and KICKED a shooter's rifle aiming for Rayce! "Leave my new friends alone!" He didn't have the Speed of Mobians and couriers or the powers unlocked by handheld that the Gold Hedgehog Ranger uses (He would've loved to witness that Ranger using Chaos Control at least once). He then jumped up and landed both his knees onto another poacher's shoulders, and used his weight and momentum to crash the shmuck to the ground. A Meteora in professional wrestling.

    An expert sniper was brought in by this poacher group, to target the Yellow Field Marshal in case she showed up. They were training their rifle on Bindi. However, while she was aiming at locks, Nollaig was keeping a look out for sneak attackers. She trained another arrow on the rest of her bow at the sniper, and fired it at the base of the rifle, knocking it out of place and making the fool miss their shot!

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Finishing The Job.

    Lari K activated one of his ranger powers as he charged through cages in a unicorn like pose, joust style, shattering cage locks and cage doors with apparent ease.

    Daz shouted off a war cry that made several War Dingoes in distant camps lift their heads and look off in the direction of the night time assault. The War Dingoes knew there was a poacher camp in that direction, but a war cry like that got their attention, but they stayed put for now. No sense getting involved in an Anti-Poacher strike.

    Amy Rose was swinging the Piko Hammer in under swinging motions putting several hunters in fetal positions. "That is for hunting my girlfriend! And no Prince Sandypaws in sight!"

    Rayce tied up several poachers as he muttered, "Prince Sandypaws is still at Joseph's COAST Station in New Blackall." before he shouted without warning, "Snipers in the watchtowers!"

    "...How did that ranger know we were up here?"

    Nollaig trained her arrow at one of the watchtowers in response to Rayce's alert, and disarmed one with an arrow. She homed in on another one, and managed to thread the needle through the trigger guard and sent it out of that sniper's hand and pinned to the wall!

    Carmen was breaking the restraints on a violet-scaled drake with one of his blades, and got grabbed from behind by a poacher. He elbowed the poacher HARD, and broke free from his grip, he then threw him over with a martial arts throw. The poacher tumbled back into a standing position and brought out his knife. Carmen dodged a thrust and grabbed his blade arm, and threw him again over the shoulder, but held the wrist tight, and got him disarmed. The Green Ranger sternly said, "now would be the best time to give up." The Flow came and helped him restrain the poacher, while Carmen finished freeing the drake from its bonds.

    Bindi rushed up to the Expert Sniper and brought out her Bad Roo Paddle (instead of her Boomerang Daggers), and paddled the rifle away. Before the sniper could reach for the revolver in his holster, the Yellow Field Marshal brought the experienced marksman kneed him in the gut, slammed him back on her leg, and everyone winced at what came next...

    POW! "OWWW!!"

    "Don't yas Poachers get it?!" Bindi growled, while tying up the expert sniper, whom was brought to tears by the extreme pain that came with the glowing Bad Roo Paddle. "Be lucky the dragons didn't get yas!"

    Go-Rescue Headquarters (well after the strike outing)

    On the big screen for Bindi, Amy Rose, and all of the rangers to see was a replay of the outing in detail. All courtesy of Sherwood of Earth. Deryk of Parousia was sitting nearby pouring over maps of Australia as he attempted to catalog where all of zany stuff was occurring all over the continent. Not having to worry about the Dragons and Soluella certainly helped in the task greatly. The War Spiders were being a pain the ass; The majority of the War Kangaroos and the War Dingoes never actually laid down their arms, so that part of the war was still ongoing. Only Easttail Knight and Moonfang had wisely gotten out of the war. Sherwood was saying, "Recording your outing was Deryk of Parousia's idea. I must admit that does show possible shortcomings as well as minor mistakes made early on. This permits you to learn from these errors so you don't keep making them."

    Deryk of Parousia glanced up and said, "Nollaig, bow weapons 'ave been a mainstay of ranger teams for generations, but alas a standard bow is not for everyone. During the fight, several times in fact, yas were mentally thinking that yas could do a lot more with a crossbow. Ah could be convinced to upgrade yer missile weapon to the crossbow if yas would just voice yer thoughts on this upgrade."

    Nollaig said, "I am not taking any credit from Daz for teaching us how to use these weapons in our arsenal. She knows her weapons well." She crossed her arms to look a little more masculine than her features would allow. "I never had trouble with the Bows used in practice, but the Greatbow was a little clumsy to maneuver, and that would be losing time in a critical situation should the weight of the greatbow tilt in my hand where a situation should need no margin of error."

    Carmen arched an eye at her, pondering her tough attitude and refusal to act like a girl. "You seem to have an instinct for combat. I don't mind it." He knew he would have to say something to Nollaig later, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut about something.

    Daz then said, "I must concur with Nollaig's evaluation on the Greatbow; my people are well versed in normal bows; but the Greatbow or battle bow in Japan is a bit much unless you are a Samurai, which most of us are not. Go ahead and give Nollaig a crossbow and permit the rest of us to downgrade if we so desire. Or make it so the kind of bow we desire is at our disposal when we summon them. I know I haven't been using every weapon in our arsenal."

    Lord Tally appeared in the base as he said, "That battle cry yas let off during the fight alerted several War Dingo camps nearby. But they wisely chose to stay away from the Anti-Poacher strike. But they did mention wanting to meet the sheila with a great set of lungs." He winked with a smile.

    Deryk of Parousia said, "Ah will make it so yas are able to summon the types of weapons yas are more familiar with during yer ranger adventures. And Daz... don't let any War Dingoes 'ave sex with yas. They are capable of getting a 'uman pregnant being Dreamtimers. Just be glad they are not Were-Dingoes. Ah know of one in the Bairnsdale region. 'e is careful around 'is teenage 'uman friends." Sherwood of Earth then said, "Anyone want to make any other kind of report just in case. It is rather late and I have more teams to check on in the morning."

    "I think we have everything covered," said Carmen to Sherwood. He then said in critique regarding the tomboy. "Nollaig seems to be great at sharpshooting, but may I suggest she focus on some combat arts as well?" He arched an eye towards Nollaig.

    "If ye want me to fight, Carmen... I'm down to fight ye. I can show ye how I get at the bully feckers in Kells!" Nollaig said, reading the suggestion out of context.

    "Hey!" said the Flow as he got between Carmen and Nollaig. "Calm down, it's not a challenge to you, Nollaig. Carmen was only making a suggestion. If you wanna scrap, lets try keeping it low enough to be a practice spar. Deal?"

    End of Chapter Two.