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[2T-PR1] PRGO-04 Poachers and Puns

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    [2T-PR1] PRGO-04 Poachers and Puns

    Episode Four -- Poachers and Puns.
    Written by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Starring, Power Rangers Gaiden Outback - GO-RESCUE:
    Lari Knight, Echidna Rescue Ranger Red (the founder)
    Timmy Celeron, Hedgehog Rescue Ranger Blue (the Sonic the Hedgehog fan)
    James Hansen, Croc Rescue Ranger Green (the club artist)
    Olivia Banks, Riflebird Rescue Ranger White (the martial artist)
    Marcy White, Bat Rescue Ranger Onyx (a tomboy)
    Rusty St. John, Skunk Rescue Ranger Silver (Delivery Boy/Sorcerer)
    Rick Ranger, Kitsune Rescue Ranger Gold (Were-Otter/Were-Kangaroo)

    Other Heroes:
    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger
    Geoffrey St. John, Silver Mobian Skunk Ranger

    The Collective Toon Titans:
    Nightflight, (Richard Grayson), a male American robin
    Feline Flash, (Veronica Carmichael), a female African black cheetah
    Kamen Ryuu, (Ernie Hancock-Devlin), a male Australian dragon
    Cmdr Quebuck, (Billy Moosden), a male Canadian moose
    Arabian Arrow, (Argo Malverne), a male Arabian stallion
    Cosmica, (Maggie Donnelly), a Futuristic female white bunny
    Guardian Shadow, (Kamal Akmad), a male Anubian jackal
    Wonderoo, (Galatea Stavros), a female Amazon albino kangaroo
    Quicky, (Elroy Harper), a male English fox
    Falcon Girl, (Rhianna Farley), a female Egyptian falcon
    Redbreast II, (Jason Todd), a male American gargoyle-fox
    Toon Tornaduck, (???), a male European Anasian green mallard
    Tanurider, (Ricky Descoonis), a male American raccoon
    Captain Quebuck, Jr., (Freddy Elkton), a male Canadian elk
    Artema, (Paula Roeley), a female white tailed deer
    Labyrat, (Max Kerry-Grayson), a male White lab rat
    Party Hare, (Harvis "Harvey" Tetch), a male English hare
    Super Duper Crazy Kitty, (Kitta Kent), a female Orange Catniptonian tabby cat
    Cyberbull, (Victor Bullder), a male African-American bionic bull
    Sharklad, (Fairfin IV/"Garth"), a male Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark)
    The Star-Spangled Wolf, (Silver Pemberton, Jr.), a male Silver wolf
    Static Hawk, (Virginia Olivia "Virgie" Hawk), a female Peregrine falcon
    Slippery Otter, (Elliot Cannonrider), a male naughty Sea Otter
    Lunar Boomer, (Joseph Strife), a moody male Australian Outback Were-Kangaroo
    Tempest Roo, (Jake Smythe), blue-furred wallaroo
    "Lady Narrator"

    Known Allies:
    Kiel Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the three musketeers.
    Studpaw Also known as 'Studdy' He is the only non-were in the Musketeers. He is married to Rusty St. John.
    Roolock He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft. Although recently, he is helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lord Pouchlaw He is the Academy master of Kangaroo Dreamtime Lords. He is married to Raymond Lonewolf in the United States. But he is on call when needed.
    Lord Parcelpaw He is a Dreamtime Lord that governs over the Courier Roo services, and observes the training of select cases involving the students in his sponsored dorm. Thought of as the Dreamtime equivalent of the Postmaster General, by some.
    Lady Amaza She is a Dreamtime Lord whom rules over the Dreamtime Amazonians. Helpful with her follower's needs if one of her followers' abilities involve special treatment.
    Lady Riff She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises. In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member. In this future, he is a Courier Kangaroo himself by choice.
    Nitro the Hedgehog This is a Mobian Hedgehog whom enjoys having his mind in the gutter, and is married to Timmy after a mishap Uncle Sonic knows about all too well.
    Drayce the White Shadodrak This creature was purchased from a bazaar planet merchant in the Frontier sector who has an uncanny ability to track any target he overhears his master's friends talking about. His master is currently Rusty St. John.
    Raymond Lonewolf: Former head of the F.B.I. in the United States, Retired. Married to Lord Pouchlaw.
    Kavan Kincaid Knight, Kangaroo Kid: Younger brother to Lari Knight.
    Lady Parcelpouch: Chief Kangaroo Courier Lady, daughter of Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw.
    Commander Remington "Remmy" Stryfe: Trainer, Were-Kangaroo son of Eryk "Joey" Stryfe.
    Commander Thunderpaw: Were-Kangaroo sheila trainer; assigned to train Elysia and Denise.
    Wildwind: Were-Horse Blacksmith.
    Matthew Starbuck Ward: a cousin of Duncan Ward's from Bennet Valley, Arkansas.
    Jazco Donkey: Were-Donkey brother to Jocko Donkey.
    Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf and Silver: Devlin's 'uncle,' Sheriff of Ottercrest and a Elite among officers of Tatsu-Lan.
    Stats: Were-Dingo bookie for the gaming circuit.
    Cosmo Hooper: Were-Rabbit gamer.
    Black Scale: Paragon Black Dragon General - Mercantile Supplier.
    Dr. Eric Morgan: a childhood friend of Devlin's from River Bluff; herd alpha were-horse and professional hometown doctor.
    Roule Formerly Valiance Knightmane of Fairdale, Pennsylvania, USA; currently a Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo and mate to a Were-Wallaby. He runs the Dreamtime Paradise Parlor.
    Known Villains:
    All War Factions: Kangaroo, Dingo, Croc, and Spider
    Dragon Warriors of New Tatsu-Lan: a particularly nasty lot whom see humans as nothing more than a sexual play toy.
    Saturday, January 18th, 2031
    Chapter One -- Hunting Poachers With Titan Backup.
    It was a few nights later and the Go-Rescue Rangers had gotten the call to go hunt some poachers. Field Marshal Bindi Fury was to be with their team tonight and as luck would have it, the Toon Titans also offered to come along. Ever since permission had been gotten to have a shortcut door between the Toon Titans Satellite and the Go-Rescue Station, the two teams had been palling around together.

    Lari was glad that Richard was sticking with the Titans dream; they were almost up to the Poacher's newest camp.

    Richard said to Kitta, "The Viewing Orb experience still disturbs me, Kitta. In Universe 2, your cousin has the hots for my counterpart instead of going after the American Rabbit. I mean, I like Zale; but I don't know about sleeping with him. I guess it is no different than Max and I sleeping together."

    Kitta said, "As much as that irks me that my cousin could be so lustful, just imagining the different universe is just as insane as the first. Is Toonmaster just as chaotic in Universe 2 as ours was all those years ago when we all had that vacation?"

    Bindi rolled her eyes, remembering how Toonmaster caused a lot of chaos in Devonshire all those years ago, before the Dreamtime Wars began. "It's good that he's not here. Though sometimes when Chip Lonewolf came to visit, that bell of yours rings even if there are no Toons in the area. Did you gift one to him?"

    Lady Narrator said, "You must be talking about the first Theatrics Bell, Field Marshal Bindi. The first one annoyed everyone from Dark Times toons to those working in theatrics. It was given to Chip in 2008 DER after helping to destroy a resurrected Unnamed Demon General that followed the Dragon Rangers on their forced vacation. Chip went along and was able to help out when Lexington left Toonmasters for the now-named Parousia to visit the Adventure League after melting down. And for those who don't know, DER is short for Dreamtrail Sector Earth Reckoning for those that don't understand the multiverse year codes."

    Kitta zipped away with her Super Duper Speed and returned as Super Duper Crazy Kitty. "Wow, Lady Narrator; that must be before the Titans were formed. Thanks for giving that information."

    Lady Narrator said. "Irv had the thought to brief me in case the topic of the first Theatrics Bell came up." Irv being Irving Huxford, the first and current narrator for Super Duper Crazy Cat, SDCK's cousin.

    Timmy knew that he had to behave himself; he had an agreement with Lari about keeping his mind on task so they could 'explore' after the mission ends. At the very least, he's making an effort not to be as bad as Timmy the Hedgehog, as he was often told about how bad his libido was getting after he was freed from the Ogma sphere. He zipped around as if his name was Wally West, and returned to give Intel on what he spotted while running very fast. "It seems that several creatures were captured, including some drakes. Five guards at the perimeter of the Poacher camp. Several of them are armed with Semi-Automatic rifles... military grade. Restricted on Australia's NFA if I remember right from our training in 2011."

    "Still is..." Bindi grunted, putting away her binoculars. "The restrictions were better monitored here over the years than in America after the mess that made Sensei Lexington glad he was teaching his students about how weapons like that should never be the answer. He doesn't like projectile weapons at all." Bindi then looked to the others. "We must treat the Drakes the same as people, remember that. Dragon Dome City will go after these Poachers if they find out about the Drakes being captured if we don't strike these Poachers. And the poachers wouldn't get it as easy as they would under Police custody."

    Olivia said, "Ready to kick some Poachers whenever you guys are."

    Marcy already had three Zen lessons under Sensei Joey and monitored closely by either him or Sensei Peregrine, depending on the day. It pretty much annoyed her, but Zen isn't achieved in a day. Marcy was proving to be as difficult as Lexington was in his teens. "I'm ready to kick some ass."

    Static Hawk had her feet on her disc. "Ready to fly in, suga! Just give the signal and I can zap the weapons out of their mitts."

    Lari said, "Ah am glad that Bindi is 'ere to supervise our Anti-Poacher ranger activities. She is the expert, mates; if she gives us a warning, listen to 'er. Now let's get in there and try to do this right and with as few personal injuries as possible. And Bindi, thanks for agreeing to educate us on the things we should be on the lookout for."

    Rusty had one hand inside of his ranger outfit apparently petting on Drayce just waiting for the all-clear signal. His white shadodrak always stayed inside his ranger costume when he was wearing it.

    "Indeed. The last thing Ah want is more blood on my hands." Bindi felt remorseful about the War. And herself being replaced by a Demon near the end that tormented her daughter. "And I have to plan for a celebration of my Daughter's birthday party." She also had a lot to make up to Teri as well. Bindi then looked to Static Hawk. "Time to make them regret their arsenal is made of metal."

    "Message received, suga!" said Static Hawk with a wink. She used her electrode-kinetic powers to hover over the field and zapped the guns in the guards' hands. Many complaints and sounds of weapons dropping were heard throughout the camp.

    Flyer energized Bindi's ranger helmet, as they both proclaimed, "Go rescue, Rangers!"

    And the rangers and the titans surged in to close down the poacher operation. The entire exercise took less than an hour since the poachers were not able to raise arms to fight back. After handing the poachers over to the authorities, The two teams returned to base where a confrontation would be awaiting them that would make them question their very existences. Upon arriving at the Go-Rescue Station base, they found the place encased in a pulsing blue force field and standing just outside of it was Outback Legend along with a woman in shimmering gossamer blue robes and a man in a shimmering red tuxedo.

    Outback Legend then said, "This is the group, yer graces! We 'ave been trying to find our versions of them for years!"
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Dreaming of the Truth.
    Outback Legend pulled Bindy Fury over close to himself as the two overpowers began to examine the Go-Rescue Rangers. "Bindi, this is Madame Blue and Lord Scarlet from the 'aji dimension. They arrived on Earth when it became apparent that the missing Dreamwolf versions of the Lari Knight team were now 'ere on our Earth within our Australia. When we rescued the pokeballs, they contained the Dreamwolf counterparts, not our own versions of Outback Rescue. Ah am sorry to say this, but yer new anti-poacher allies 'ave to go back to their own world and we will 'ave to begin anew to find our own missing comrades. In Dreamwolf, these blokes would have normal super'ero powers. The morphers will 'ave to be re-assigned to Outback Rescue when we bring them 'ome. If ever..."

    Nightflight felt for the Dreamtrail rangers now. After all their searching for the original Outback Rescue, their own allies were still missing. Or were they? Dick turned to Max and said, "Can you think of a way to find the Dreamtrail Lari Knight and his team or have you finally met your match, Labyrat?"

    Labyrat approached Lord Scarlet and said, "One moment, your grace... As the lord of Haji, where all other worlds are comic books in your world, do you happen to know where the Outback Rescue Graphic Novel is and can we make use of it to look for the Lari Carington Knight of issue one?"

    Lord Scarlet looked at the ex-criminal toon turned anime Titan and replied, "I can make it available to you but you will be disappointed, Max."

    Max placed his hands on his hips. "And why would I be disappointed?"

    Lord Scarlet replied, "Because the Lari Knight in that series was Cary from Day One. And the local heroes do not want to put up with Cary. There were only two Lari Knights in all of the South Pacific here in Dreamtrail; both in Australia. And if Outback Legend and Bindi both think about it, then they will figure out whom I am talking about. Although Cary schooled in Blackall, the other would have schooled there if he hadn't been almost killed when Blackall Burned."

    Outback Legend turned to look at Bindi... he was thinking a name, but he wanted to see if Bindi would also say it first. After waiting for a reasonable amount of time, Outback Legend made a buzzer sound, "Ehn! Times up! It is obvious, mates. Lord Scarlet is referring to Captain Depression. The bloke whom always thinks that 'e missed the ranger boat. We call 'im Kingston, but 'is full name 'as always been Lari Kingston Knight. 'e and 'is folks were neighbors to Cutter Devlin's grandparents on 'is mother's side of the family. When the demons attacked Blackall, thus initiating the Night Blackall Burned, Kingston got separated from 'is family and barely survived the attack. Kingston was always friendly to kangaroos and the official report was that when the paramedics found Kingston laying on the ground near the Barcoo River, 'e was soaked but a kangaroo boomer 'ad been guarding 'im until the boy was found by the doctors. 'e lived in the hospital's ward while waiting to be claimed by 'is parents, but when it became obvious that they 'ad died and were not going to come claim 'im, Kingston began wandering the land under a black cloud feeling as if that 'e shouldn't have survived the attack. Then later, when the Boomer Force were chosen to be rangers, 'e felt that 'e 'ad missed the boat and 'e began looking for ways to empower 'imself as a Boomer Force sixth ranger type. But then he accidentally used that magic scroll that almost wiped every Lari Knight out of existence. 'e 'ad to be rescued and he drifted away yet again to seek death upon 'imself."

    "Never 'eard of Kingston being called that, Cap'n Depression." rubbed Bindi's chin. "Wasn't he a Lantern Ranger for a while once-upon-a-time? I remember him being friends with someone for a while... then went off the grid in before the 20's began. Don't tell me he tried to pull that stunt again. 'e nearly took out Joey's first mate with 'im!"

    "You are sounding as if you were talking about the Roarin' 2o's, suga!" smirked Static Hawk. "But again, this is a serious issue."

    "A lot of Demonic influences were taken care of over the years," said Bindi. "Be it by the Demon 'unter's abilities or by Lord Zander's forces. And Soluella was taken out of the picture for the next millennium thanks to Cosmica."

    "Do I need to go kick up a rumpus in the 31st Century for you?" offered SDCK, "I know the Time Force had to deal with a Demon outcast by bringing in the Dragon Rangers once. Maybe they'll know if we ever find the real Outback Rescue!"

    "I'm afraid that it will not be possible," said Lady Narrator SDCK. "The Time Force wouldn't have history going that far back without it being fragmented lest the only two in the present have been sending intel to the future. Besides they are not the type to give spoilers to help the Rangers from an earlier time period know the outcome of even a chess game before it was played. And forget about mentioning the Dragons; the Time Dragons only offer insight when something is working to drastically alter the timeline, like Soluella in her Time Trap on the Trigram Boomer team."

    "Way to spoil my second option before I can give it out, Lady Narrator."

    "Hold up," Timmy shouted. "How can we be part of a different world? Were we still as we are in this world, aside from the Ranger powers?"

    Marcy smirked. "You just wanna know if you and Lari are an item." She winked in an unnerving manner.

    Timmy blushed, and said from the side of his mouth exasperatedly. "Not just that, Marcy... Shut up."

    Lord Scarlet remarked, "You would be correct, Bindi. Lari Kingston Knight was with the Lantern Legion for a very short time and not long into his joining them, a separate heroic force wiped out their enemy which spelled the end of the Lantern Rangers. Kingston was just barely starting to get used to his new team and they chose to disband when they finished college. After that, Kingston was once again alone in the world. None of the Lantern Rangers offered to keep him company once their enemy had been destroyed. As opposed from their counterparts in Adalia whom are still together in Mobian Adalia. Lari Carrington Knight, not his real name, led the Outback Rescue Rangers sponsored by Dad. However, when Kiel first looked toward Blackall, it wasn't Cary he originally saw in the school system. He had originally seen Kingston before his attention was turned to other events occurring in the Outback. By the time he looked back to Blackall after the night the town burned, he only saw Cary whom for some reason looked identical to Kingston although before the town burned, Kingston never had an identical cousin named Cary at all. This should explain much to you, Bindi. Cary was a demon reshaped to look like Kingston; a replacement so no one would be the wiser. Kingston was slated to die the Night Blackall Burned. But fate had other designs in mind. Thus an Agent of the True Holy Pouch saved his life. As for Timmy's question, in Dreamwolf, you young adults were members of the Australian Teen Force. A division of Mysteries Incorporated in England."
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: The Search For Outback Rescue.
      Lord Scarlet then gathered up the team in a transport bubble, confiscated the morphers before handing them over to Outback Legend, and then he said, "As you may recall from the original team's origins, heroes... Kingston had been in public nearly at every second, while a few of his friends where not even locals to Australia. For you Toon Titans, make this your mission to find and rescue the real Outback Rescue. They deserve to be brought together so they can be as great as the Adalian Lari Knight's team. I fear that most of them may be in dire straights."

      Labyrat then said, "Just hold on one more moment, Lord Scarlet. I can see you are in a hurry to get back to Haji, but dropping this on our team and then running away is not very helpful. As the comic master, provide us with a graphic novel or some such depicting where the last known locales the missing rangers to be were seen in the world before they were replaced by the demon counterparts. That is only fair, if it isn't too much to ask. Or do we have to contact Mark Norward (Cosmic Mouse) for direct help?"

      Madame Blue approached Labyrat and handed him a hard bound book with the title Outback Rescue - Origins written on the cover. "May you find your answers within this tome. My husband and I need to get these time lost heroes back to their own world."

      Labyrat remarked, "So you won't just tell us where they are? Instead you hand us a book. The Arranger during the old days was a lot more helpful than you are being. You make it sound as if the original team were poached as if they were ordinary animals."

      Lord Scarlet glared at the toon villain turned hero before taking a breath and releasing it. "Since you want a verbal hint, I'll tell you a few things which can be verified in the graphic novel you are holding. You will find Kingston with King Nightlaw at his island castle tower. The Black Kangaroo Noble felt sorry for the boy and is letting him stay with him; Timothy Wesley Celeron was originally from Enterprise, Oregon, before his father was awarded a job transfer to Silver Plains in Northeastern Queensland, Australia. Initially, Timmy never wanted to move down under since he was an avid Sonic the Hedgehog fan. He convinced his father to help him to see the Devlin Demon Hunters of Devonshire and if his father did this for him, he would agree to give Australia a fair trial. The night his father chose to make the trip, was the fatal night... since nearly everyone wanted to see the Devlin Demon Hunters, the only lodging Timmy and his father could get was in Blackall; James Robert Hansen and his family originally lived in Brisbane in Eastern Queensland, Australia. Mr. Hanson was a graphic artist for an advertising firm. James took after his father easily. James had been visiting with his grandmother in Blackall at the time of the event; Olivia Min Banks originated from London, England, where her mother had a noble upbringing and her father was a ambassador with foreign relations. When her father brought the family down under to Blackall to live, Olivia was undergoing training to be a prim and proper lady... something she cared little about; Marcia Daria White as odd as this will sound was a citizen of Bairnsdale, Victoria, just east of Melbourne. She had relatives up in Blackall where she preferred to be rather than to be in Bairnsdale which she felt was boring and unexciting; They were all in Blackall just before the Night Blackall Burned, but afterward when Kiel turned his attention back to the town, he saw Cary and the other others in the school system. It is not known whether the four original team members ever met Kingston before the demon attack."

      Rusty and Rick stood near the Toon Titans since they were never in the Pokeballs like the others. And the two Haji personages seemed to be ignoring them.

      Rusty had a plan since nearly every time an elder power or a god like being played around the bushes, they never seemed to help the heroes at all. If the Haji ha suspected what Rusty was about to do, they wouldn't be lingering as long as they were doing.

      And then the two, along with the Dreamwolf counterparts, vanished from the Outback.

      It was at that moment, Rusty said, "New plan, my friends! Everyone always forgets that I have a tracker at our disposal!" And he pulled Drayce out of his ranger costume. Drayce the White Shadodrak whom had been purchased from a bazaar planet merchant in the PAWs Galaxy whom had an uncanny ability to track any target he overheard his master's friends talking about. Drayce cooed as Rusty caressed his smooth scales. "Musical Chairs time is over! Time to find our real team members! Drayce, where is Lari Kingston Knight of Dreamtrail truly at right now?" Drayce perked his head up and looked to the South. "Lari Kingston Knight is indeed with King Nightlaw, master."

      Rusty smiled. "Good boy. Now where is Timothy Wesley Celeron of Dreamtrail right now?" Drayce sniffed the air and looked confused for the first time ever but only briefly as he said, "I am detecting the Sonic fan in Dreamtime stuck in a pool of tar up to his knees. He apparently is not moving and seems frustrated over his predicament."

      Rick sighed. "That sounds like the day that Lightspeed had Timmy in the Sensual Roo Realm and Lightspeed was in the starting portion of his rut and he mounted and impregnated Timmy's brother while Timmy was stuck knee-deep and barefoot in a tar pit." Reference to Chapter Five of PROR-09 Crocodile Upgrade.

      Rusty then said, "Okay Drayce, where is James Robert Hansen of Dreamtrail right now?" Drayce arched an eye as he replied, "I am detecting James within Master Sakar's realm where he seems to be rigidly standing at attention."

      Rusty petted Drayce. "Now, where is Olivia Min Banks of Dreamtrail right now?" Drayce sniffed the air and replied, "I am detecting her in Calcutta, India, and she doesn't seem all that happy at the moment."

      Rusty then asked the final question. "Where is Marcia Daria White of Dreamtrail right now?" Drayce sniffed the air for a moment before he started laughing. When he forced himself to stop laughing, he said, "Marcy is in jail in Canberra within the Australian Capital Territory. I am not sure what she did to land herself there."

      Outback Legend arched an eye as he looked at Bindi. "In Jail?! Ah can reach the ones in Dreamtime. The rest of yas blokes and sheilas should focus on the ones in the real world. When yas find them, bring them back to Kangaroo Town so we can look at this motley crew together."

      Nightflight said, "I'll go with Rick to help get Kingston to come back with us."

      Cosmica said, "I'll take Labyrat with me to see about rescuing Olivia."

      Rusty said, "Bindi and Kitta can come with me to Canberra where we will inquire to the authorities as to why Marcy is in jail."
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Saving the Real Team.
        Arriving at Nightlaw's tower castle, Nightflight and Rick showed proper protocol in their request to borrow Kingston for an outing to Kangaroo Town.

        Arriving at the Sensual Roo Realm, Outback Legend found Timmy held fast in the rubber like Dreamtime tar pit. Commanding the tar to release its prisoner was not all that hard and after the command was given, Timmy whom looked mostly dehydrated was gathered up and sent to Feline Flash in Kangaroo Town with instructions to re-hydrate the young man with fresh water. Then it was off to Master Sakar's realm where after much searching, he located James locked up inside of a Crocodile pottery stasis urn. Explaining to the guards that James was needed, the young man was freed and was taken back to Kangaroo Town, where Outback Legend laid the young man out next to Timmy. The two looked to be Kingston's age despite where they had been up to that point.

        Cosmica and Labyrat found Olivia imprisoned in a suitor's fortress in India. The young lady was sad and did not want to marry the stupid man that her parents had permitted to take her away from Blackall to keep in this Hell hole. Labyrat used his lock-picking skills to unlock the tower door and then Cosmica used her magic to create a sleeping duplicate of Olivia to leave in the tower room to throw off any pursuit that might occur if it looked as if the human female had escaped. After that, the heroes used a teleportation spell to return to Kangaroo Town where Olivia would be allowed to clean up and make herself presentable.

        Finally, in Canberra, Rusty arrived with Bindi and Kitta (and Lady Narrator) where they spoke to the magistrate about the purpose for Marcia White to be locked up in jail. They were told that the young lady had been involved in a public riot that apparently she had started for reasons unknown. But since Bindi was present as one of the ones asking about Marcy, bail could be paid and they would be permitted to take the troublesome female with them.

        Gathered together once and for all within a recovery center in Kangaroo Town were the original real versions of Outback Rescue. Although in their current conditions, they were in no shape nor form for going on ranger missions.

        Outback Legend was slowly filling Lari Kingston on in regards to what they had learned. "So yas see, Lari... Cary was a demon made over to look like yas when the demons were sure yas were dead without checking to see if yas 'ad actually perished. Yas were the original one Kiel wanted to sponsor as a Power Ranger. So yas didn't miss the boat after all."

        Lari looked at the others going through recovery. "What about the others? There is no "I" in team. What if they don't want to be Power Rangers? It would be silly to have a team of one."

        Outback Legend replied, "Rusty and Rick are willing, Lari. So yas won't be alone this time. Yas won't ever 'ave to be alone again. No more black cloud, okay? Sensei Joey 'as that covered without yas joining the black cloud club."

        Lari hugged the kangaroo. "As long as Ah don't have to be a ranger by myself, Ah will try to stay cheerful."

        Bindi hummed. "Ah wasn't surprised the Magistrate wet their pants when they found out who Ah was; that Demon Impostor must've raised much more 'ell in Australia than Ah thought."

        Lady Narrator quipped. "It's your reputation as a prominent Anti-Poacher and the scuttlebutt from poaching convicts about your sterilizing kicks that spread far and wide throughout Australia and Kangaroo Island. And throughout multiple worlds, including Parousia."

        SDCK mewed as she was back in her civvies as Kitta Kent. "Wow, you ARE famous! I should interview you for an article for Toonmasters! Get the point of view of the Earthian Poacher sterilizer. Favorite nut-kicker techniques, advice to all LHG's and more! It could win me a Pawlitzer prize!"

        "Maybe we should focus on the task at wing, suga!" Static Hawk said, preferring to stay in her heroic attire and not as Virgie Hawk, the wingless toon Hawk."

        Marcy had no regret on her face for being a wild child doing what she believed was right. She said. "What the devil is the black cloud you are talking about?"

        Bindi said, "Yas might not want to know until yas see it. Joey... or rather the Sensei Joey we are talking about, wasn't as virtuous and nurturing as 'e is now. Let's leave it at that, since it is not my story to tell." She then nudged Lari, "Yas might wanna treat Timmy with kid-gloves when 'e wakes up. If 'e was like any of the other counterparts, 'e likes blokes." She left out the family curse so she wouldn't scare Lari from seeing a teammate in Timmy.

        Olivia finally looked as if she was much improved. She was drinking several cups of Lavender Tea to calm herself, but she still had some fear for her suitor which made her more fearful of the potential of seeing her suitor around each corner she turns.

        Timmy was resting comfortably, though in the sad state he was in, his dehydration was a bit worse than expected, so he was given intravenous fluids to help him recover better.

        Master Sakar had to be summoned to release a very complicated seal on the stasis urn holding James. Once some undoing was done, he knew that it will take some time for the human to recover. He hissed in a distressed manner after lowering the unconscious James onto a bed to be cared for. He turned to Outback Legend. "The urn may have protected him, but this intricate seal was put on by my so-called successor Krocovyle after my soul was tormented by that necro-roo bastard Kangamancer. Purist my tail! 'e just wanted to make sure all 'alf-breeds and favorites of mine were out of the way. Even forced my son to be exiled from 'ome and forced to form a realm for those Krocovyle rejected." He had since beaten and exiled his 'successor' to a paltry swamp in the Melbourne Zoo, stuck as a normal crocodile for many many years.

        Lord Kiel then popped into the Go-Rescue base as he said, "Ah got yer message, Legend, and..." He stopped when he saw the humans gathered before him a few on recovery beds. "What the? Why is Kingston 'ere?"

        Outback Legend patted Kiel on the shoulder and said, "Kiel... Kingston was the Lari yas originally 'ad seen in Blackall weeks before the Night Blackall Burned. When the demons thought that 'e 'ad perished, they put Cary in place to fool yas. Yas get a chance to start over with the real and only Lari that 'ad existed before that fateful night."
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Starting Over is Hard to Do.
          Lari Kingston hugged Nightflight and SDCK. "Ah've been reading yer team comic books during the off times when Ah was feeling my lowest and Ah saw all the 'ardships yas blokes and sheilas were going through and part me wanted to be there to 'elp yas kick the fake Toonmaster Mouse's ass. When Ah ran out of money, Ah couldn't buy yer comic books anymore, but by then, Ah felt like no one cared what 'appened to me so Ah was looking for dark endings."

          Nightflight hugged Lari Kingston in return. "There there, Lari. We will help the Mobians and Kiel to make your team the best that it can be. I used to read the Outback Adventure comic books when Flittermouse wasn't making me feel miserable in the Flitter Cave. One of the backup stories was about you, although it never explained why it was covering your travels. I felt sorry for you, Lari. Seeing you made me see that my life wasn't as bad as yours. And now, I get to help you make it back up to the top."

          "It's good to know we have a loyal fan in even the most when they are in the saddest of states." Kitta said as she hugged back. "Never give up hope. Don't think Konga Rao's mentor ever gave in, did he Bindi-kins?"

          Bindi nodded in agreement. "Since not all of us are spring chickens, Ah need to check on my daughter, and convene a meeting with the Field Marshals still in Australia. That son of a Poacher and father of my child better not be romping in Port Ottercrest when Ah find 'im." She then said quietly to the Were-Kangaroo of the Musketeers Order as she went to his side for a moment. "Ah'll make sure yas-know-who doesn't disturb the team bonding for a good while. Ah 'aven't stood up to a were-roo be'aving badly for a long time." She reached into her bag, and gifted Kiel a bottle of expensive Scotch she intended to give Kiel after her old mentor passed, especially since she paid top dollar for the Boomersouls to import one of a very good year. "In 'onor of yer old friend. And a new dawn."

          Kiel smiled. "Ah promise not to take my rangers on any poacher outings without informing yas of them first."

          After Bindi took her leave, Olivia finally was calm enough to say something. "If I may, I would like to thank my rescuers from that cage of my 'suitor's making. My parents sent me to someone that would easily force me to submit if I had tried to resist too much."

          "Sounds like someone that needs to get what's coming to them," remarked Marcy. "I could help you get your revenge."

          Olivia started to back down a little. "I'm not so sure."

          "And to think we are the more daring gender in this day and age," Marcy lamented. "Show you have some balls and agree to some measure of vengeance."

          Kiel then looked to those gathered within the recovery room. "Since this is a fresh start, Ah am going to treat yas a lot better than the fake Outback Rescue got treated. Before we give yas rangers-to-be any training, yas need to be back to reasonably full 'ealth. But before that, Ah'll give yas joeys and sheilas an opportunity to establish yer colors so as to be somewhat different from the fake Outback Rescue. The reboot team are known as Gaiden Outback Rescue, which translates to the GO-Rescue Rangers. Yer job is to rescue animals from poachers and to protect anyone from the injustices in the world. Yes, a lot like what yas were jailed over originally, Marcy. The only mistake yer little riot group made was to not get a legal permit to conduct a rally. But overall, Ah personally don't think yas did anything wrong."

          The Kangaroo Lord then put two posters up on the wall, one was the team of Adalia's Adventure League and the other was the fake Outback Rescue. "The second group were the fakes led by the often jealous demon copy of Lari known as Cary. The first group is the group from another world led by Kingston's confident counterpart. The Adventure League's colors are: Kangaroo Red, Lion Silver, Yak Yellow, Panther Black, 'edge'og Blue, Grizzly Bronze, and Platypus Violet. The demon version of Outback Rescue's colors are: Echidna Red, Dingo Yellow changing to 'edge'og Blue later, Croc Green, Riflebird Pink, Koala White changing to Bat Onyx later, Skunk White, Croc Bronze, and Kitsune Gold."

          Kiel then turned to the team once again. "Ah want to be fair this time around with yas blokes. Yas can accept the normal colors, mix it up, or surprise me with new stuff. Ah'll make sure yas get exactly what yer asking for. Rusty, Rick, and Zander's colors are preferred to them but if they want new colors to free up the old ones, that's okay too."

          Lari Kingston said, "Since this is a fresh start, Kiel... My counterpart calls out the Unicorn for 'is empowerment, but then 'e uses the Red Kangaroo Zord as 'is Zord of choice. Cary 'ad the Red Echidna Zord and Ah don't want anyone thinking that Ah am 'im; therefore, my color will stay Red, but my primary Zord of Choice will be the Red Unicorn, although Kangaroos 'ave always been my preferred animal."

          Rusty smiled. "Ah will continue to 'onor Geoffrey St. John by being the White Skunk. But I will always love Studpaw and Drayce."

          Rick said, "I almost died in defense of my Gold Kitsune, but I will always love otters and Sensei Joey."

          Master Sakar hissed, "Yas also nearly died of Carrier Infection because of Sensei Joey while rescuing my soul from the torment of Kangamancer. Don't ever forget that, were-beast hybrid; Ah remember the events from years gone by, even before your beloved claimed the mantle of Konga Rao. But that doesn't erase my debt to the rescue team that saved my tail." He then said as he referenced the still unconscious James. "The 'onored 'uman may not 'ave liked the torment that comes with being a part of the Crocodile dorms. However, he has shown respect to crocodiles up until he was replaced. In that light, should 'e decide to change 'is color, may Ah 'ave the selfish request to 'ave the 'uman James 'ansen continue to 'onor the crocodiles?"

          "Ah'd like to remain just as regular Black Ranger, but as the Bat are usually blind and rely on sound to fly without sight, and I can see the bullsh-... bullcrap. I'll be the Black Wasp."

          Olivia could see that the wasp's nature would fit her well. "I don't mind the color pink, so long as it stands for something else. There is one mythos that pig hated and wish never to hear anything about. The Garuda will be my creature of choice."

          Timmy whom has been resting while on IV drip broke his silence. "Sounds like something you want to avoid being, Marcy." A joke on the play of words, especially since being a WASP in America is not often a good thing. He then said to Rick, "If you are changing your colors based on an experience like that Rick, could I be Super Sonic Gold?" he teased, not knowing there was already a Gold Hedgehog in a different part of Australia.
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Zords and Sponsors.
            Rick remarked, "I can let Timmy have Gold... while I take on the Navy Blue Kitsune. But is there a rule that says that we have to only have access to one animal Zord phenotype? If there isn't, I would also like to have access to an Otter Zord which I could combine with my Kitsune Zord to make a hybrid one-ranger Ultra Zord. Is this okay, Lord Kiel?"

            The old kangaroo lord shot a humored smile at Sakar, before petting Rick on the head. "Ah said Ah would let yas guys make yer team 'owever yas wanted as long as yas don't mimic the Aquarian Force. Yer not loners; yer a nice bunch of joeys and sheilas that Ah want to be proud of. So that will be yer next choice, if yas want a secondary Zord, just let me know what it will be. And to please Sakar, they won't be tech machines; they will be formulated with magic and all-natural Dreamtime materials. Of course, yas will all learn Dreamtime magic to make yer team more formidable. And to be even more fair, yas can choose yer own Dreamtime spirit sponsor lords and or ladies from any pantheon around the entire Earth. They don't 'ave to originate from Australia. Ah will fetch a book covering all the good and neutral planetary lords and ladies from Dreamtrail Earth so yas can research whom to train under." He then reached into his pouch to start rummaging around for the book in question.

            Rusty said, "In that case, Ah recall getting to be a Silver Marshal Ranger in the old days... Instead of white, Ah would like to reclaim Silver for my Mobian Skunk and since Drayce is such a nice Quantum Shadodrak, Ah would like my secondary Zord to be a Shadodrak Zord to 'onor my best friend in the whole world." He gave Drayce a kiss on the lips.

            Lari Kingston smiled. "If that is to be the case, then in addition to the Unicorn Zord, Ah would like to add the Kangaroo Zord; that way, Ah am the opposite of my Adalian Counterpart whom chose Kangaroo and Unicorn. As for magic... Ah've been burned back when Ah tried to use magic scrolls without supervision. Ah almost wiped out every Lari Knight across multiple Earth like worlds. It was that incident that made me wonder why Ah even deserved to exist at all."

            Nightflight smiled since it was rather cool to see a Ranger team coming together. It gave him ideas for how to clean up the Toon Titans.

            Timmy grinned. "It'd be way past cool if we had two creatures become a new one. A Hedgehog combined with an Armadillo would make a great Pangolin battl-er... DuoZord. Especially with how similar they look. to each other."

            "The Anti-Poacher Amazon that left us would be happy that you are honoring an extremely endangered species." Marcy commented. "Since I am going with Wasp... there's gotta be something nocturnal that goes with it." She pounded her fist into her hand. "Tasmanian Devil would be the best match, and I don't mean Loony Toons."

            Olivia said, "Since I am already a Garuda, I'll take on a Sea Turtle. Offense and Defense..."

            "More like hiding in your shell," Marcy quipped.

            Kiel then said, "Tally and Brock are often buddying around together more than they are with me. Thus, James' second Zord could be the Dingo since 'is primary is the Crocodile Zord. Because Sakar 'as made his request known and 'e is a Croc like Brock is, and because Brock is friends with Tally; and because Timmy is choosing not to take the dingo this time, James gets that zord in 'is color. Ah 'ate to make that decision while 'e is still recovering, but Sakar is offering to remain as James' sponsor. And we need to try to keep the peace with this group." He then spent the next few moments, up to an hour enchanting the GO-Rescue morphers to accept the new colors and the new animal spirits as well as their matching Zords which included their dual rescue merging abilities... meaning that the GO-Rescue Rangers would be able to form their own versions of the Named Megazords.

            Lari Kingston Knightmane would control the Red Unicorn plus the Red Kangaroo which would combine to become Pyronis, the Solar Crusader.

            Timothy "Timmy" Wesley Celeron would control the Gold Hedgehog plus the Gold Armadillo which would combine to become Thunderstrike, the Lightning Crusader.

            James Robert Hansen would control the Green Crocodile plus the Green Dingo which would combine to become Cizion, the Master Strider Crusader.

            Olivia Min Banks would control the Pink Garuda plus the Pink Sea Turtle which would combine to become Petal, the Fire Blossom Crusader.

            Marcia "Marcy" Daria White would control the Black Wasp plus the Black Tasmanian Devil which would combine to become Shadow, the Midnight Crusader.

            Russell Tempest "Rusty" St. John would control the Silver Skunk plus the Silver Shadodrak which would become Sylvar, the Thunder Crusader.

            Rick Roger Ranger would control the Blue Kitsune plus the Blue Otter which would become Skystreak, the Supersonic Crusader.

            (Louise "Jenny" Detalio, whom would be joining them later, would control the Violet Donkey plus the Violet Rabbit which would become Neon, the Phosphorescent Crusader.)

            Lord Kiel approached Lari and affixed the Red GO-Rescue Belt and handheld buckler morpher around his waist. "Bend down and pat the ground with yer right 'and before rising up where yas tap yer 'and'eld Buckle morpher. Then yas shout GO-RESCUE followed by yer primary animal choice. Then the remainder of yer morphing sequence will occur. The rest of yas will also 'ave the same actions." He then placed the morpher belts around Timmy, James, Olivia, Marcy, Rusty, and Rick. "And now for an extra surprise, Ah recently met an Italian barista lady who would like to be a 'ero like yas blokes. 'er name is Louise Detalio, but 'er friends call 'er Jenny. If yas would accept 'er into yer team, then yas would 'ave a nice coffee maker as well as a good chef in yer group. Would yas accept Jenny as yer new Violet Rescue Ranger?"

            Lari smiled. "'aving another female on the team would certainly balance our the testosterone levels in the team. Ah'll give my supporting vote."

            But before anyone could make further comments, a thick fog rose up and obscured the entire scene from sight and once the fog was pulled away, the real Lari Kingston Knight was seated in the chamber along with Kiel, Nightflight and Kitta while Roolock and Deryk of Parousia stood in the open doorway.

            Roolock remarked, "It is a good thing Lord Larry contacted us to raise a complaint about yer activities, Kiel. Or shall Ah say, Kananatoth? Ah am so going to enjoy kicking yer ass!"
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: The End of an Age and the Beginning Anew.
              Deryk of Parousia gathered Lari Kingston, Nightflight and Kitta via teleport and got them out of the fake Go-Rescue chamber into an open portion of Kangaroo Town as thunder and fireworks erupted within the inner chambers between the powers.

              Lari Kingston sighed. "So he was leading us into a trap yet again, was he? Maybe I am not fated to be a superhero..." His dark cloud was starting to reform over his head.

              Deryk of Parousia said, "When Kananatoth learned that we had located the real Lari Carrington as well as the real yas, 'e tried a last ditch trick to convince Lord Larry that 'is team were no longer the real Blackall teenagers from 2011 Dreamtrail Earth. But then Larry told a fib to whom 'e thought was Kiel and the old roo supposedly believed it at the same time 'e 'ad a fake me with 'im. Lord Larry sent word to my grandmother and 'ad 'er contact the real me to let me know what was going down. Ah contacted Roolock whom 'ad just finished a fight against Kananatoth which seemed too easy at the time and we caused the rescue of yas three from 'is latest trap. The real Kiel is currently off recovering at the elite Dreamtime 'ospital. 'e 'ad always said 'is time in this world was nearly gone. Lord Larry is older than yas and Lari Carrington both. Thus 'e was the real Lari just after Boomer Force formed. Yas two were babies still when 'e was in 'igh school. Kananatoth looked into the future to find yer names and 'e put shadow copies of yas two in the modern time so people would be fooled into thinking that yas two were born earlier. Then 'e shifted yas both off into a trap where later yas were both rescued. And now we are in the beginning of the 2030s, where yas are getting yer second chance. As for the others whom would be yer age... they also exist. We just need to bring them together to form Go-Rescue. Although they may not want to be Power Rangers when it is offered to them. But we can only try and make the offer to them. The Toon Titans and the Mobians believe in yas, Lari. Don't give in to a black cloud now."

              Nightflight patted Lari Kingston on his shoulder. "I'd hate to see yer comic end, old chum."

              Lari Kingston then said, "Okay; For the Toon Titans and the Mobians, let us see whom is interested in being in a Power Rangers team!" Although he was thinking, (But with my luck, the answer is likely to be no one.)

              Teleporting to a home with the mailbox of Celeron in the United States... this was to be the first stop in the journey to find replacements in the Go-Rescue team. Deryk of Parousia rang the door bell before waiting for an answer.

              The Celeron household door has been opened by not Timmy, but by his older brother Robert, whom didn't even recognize him. "I'll see you in a few weeks," he shouted out over his shoulder, then looked at Lari Kingston and tilted his head skeptically. "Is there something I can help you with?"

              Deryk of Parousia said, "Robert? Why are yas even 'ere? Yas, yer brother and the family don't even live at this branch of the Celeron's 'ouse'old unless yas were visiting relatives. We came to find yer relatives whom Ah 'ad spoken to over the phone just yesterday. And despite appearances, this is not Lari Carrington Knightmane. This is 'is cousin, Lari Kingston Knightmane. As for the two toons... the bird is Nightflight, leader of the Toon Titans..." The costumed bird gave a short salute. "...and Super Duper Crazy Kitty, one of Nightflight's team members as well as leader of the second Toon Titans team on the original world. Yas should be in Silver Plains with yer family and Lightspeed." Implying that Timmy is not the only Sonic gaming or comic book fan of the Celeron family. Deryk knew full well where all of the Timmy's were and he had no intention of repeating history by bringing in yet another Timmy.

              Lari Kingston shook his head with a sigh. "Ah knew this was a bad idea. Let's just go elsewhere, 'oly Pouch, yer grace. We can always look for the secondary team member last. Per'aps the second team member should be a shiela to 'elp keep the wayward joeys in line. Or more to the point, maybe we should just forget the whole thing." Lari saw this whole exercise as an abject failure. Had he been Lari Carrington, the world would have bent over and kissed his ass; but as the original Lari of the age, the world could care less if he dropped off into oblivion and never came back. And he knew that he wasn't the first to have these thoughts since SDCC's manservant had these thoughts himself back in 2011. Joseph Devlin.

              Nightflight hugged Lari Kingston firmly. "Now don't be like that, Lari. I am sure Robert and his family are only visiting and this was just a freak encounter; nothing more."

              Deryk of Parousia pulled out a checklist and looked at the name on the mailbox. "'eathcliff Flowen Celeron, U.S.A. Yes, this is the right location. What isn't right is yer being 'ere to greet us. Since it appears that yas were on yer way out, we can step aside and let yas leave, Robert." Robert was the father of Jackson "Jack" Celeron, Black Shadow Boomer Ranger X back in Silver Plains, Queensland, Australia. Encountering Robert was not planned and it was having detrimental effects on the whole outing.

              Robert said, "I was visiting a cousin... while seeing about locating my first-born. The reason Timmy and I are American ex-pats is not just because of our Dad taking a promotion abroad; I got a girl knocked up as a teen, and her parents took legal action to keep me away. Heath's older brother is a Private Investigator, so he is doing a favor for a cousin. The restraining order has expired in the US courts, so I won't get arrested for trying to see my kid and her mom. They live around this area, but I am finding it hard to break the ice. I am staying in America for the month to see if I can build a bridge. At least have her visit her half-siblings."

              "Why wouldn't they let you see your daughter?" said SDCK quizzically. "Every child deserves to know both their parents."

              Robert said. "The child was conceived in High School, and the mother's parents blamed me for taking advantage of their 'little angel.' We both consented to the time... and protection didn't work at all." Family Curse. He then said, "Go right in; my cousin's family is expecting you. It's good to see you again, Holy Pouch. And good to see you as well, Lari. Well met." He then somberly left, contemplating his adolescent transgression, and how shitty of a father he had become.

              From the back yard, a voice a little deeper than Timmy's with a more daredevil tone, shouted aloud. "Alright, Ro-BUTT-nik! You'll never catch the best the Fastest Hedgehog Alive! Up, over, and gone!" Sudden as it was he ran through the back door and out the front, and pushed the brakes faster than Quicksilver would. No courier speed, but the kid was fast, and his red-and blue dyed-spiky hair added to the speediness.

              Deryk of Parousia shook Mr. Celeron's hand as the father came outside with a chuckle at what his son almost collided into. Deryk said, "Ah am glad yas listened to my request over the phone, sir. We are trying to reinvent a Power Rangers team and as Ah mentioned, we need a Celeron speed fan for one of the positions in the team. We can arrange a shortcut within yer 'ome so the chosen one can return 'ome whenever 'e likes. It is good that even with yas wearing a Superman shirt, yas are not a stranger to surper'eroes." He then turned to his companions. "This is Lari Kingston Knightmane of New Devonshire, Queensland, Australia. Ah am sure yas recognize the two Toon Titans team members, temporarily on vacation." Nightflight and Kitta. "So is that yer teen-aged speedster to be? 'e almost fell into my pouch."
              End of Chapter Seven.