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[2T-PR1] PRGO-04 Poachers and Puns

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  • [2T-PR1] PRGO-04 Poachers and Puns

    Episode Four -- Poachers and Puns.
    Written by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Starring, Power Rangers Gaiden Outback - GO-RESCUE:
    Lari Knight, Echidna Rescue Ranger Red (the founder)
    Timmy Celeron, Hedgehog Rescue Ranger Blue (the Sonic the Hedgehog fan)
    James Hansen, Croc Rescue Ranger Green (the club artist)
    Olivia Banks, Riflebird Rescue Ranger White (the martial artist)
    Marcy White, Bat Rescue Ranger Onyx (a tomboy)
    Rusty St. John, Skunk Rescue Ranger Silver (Delivery Boy/Sorcerer)
    Rick Ranger, Kitsune Rescue Ranger Gold (Were-Otter/Were-Kangaroo)

    Other Heroes:
    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger
    Geoffrey St. John, Silver Mobian Skunk Ranger

    The Collective Toon Titans:
    Nightflight, (Richard Grayson), a male American robin
    Feline Flash, (Veronica Carmichael), a female African black cheetah
    Kamen Ryuu, (Ernie Hancock-Devlin), a male Australian dragon
    Cmdr Quebuck, (Billy Moosden), a male Canadian moose
    Arabian Arrow, (Argo Malverne), a male Arabian stallion
    Cosmica, (Maggie Donnelly), a Futuristic female white bunny
    Guardian Shadow, (Kamal Akmad), a male Anubian jackal
    Wonderoo, (Galatea Stavros), a female Amazon albino kangaroo
    Quicky, (Elroy Harper), a male English fox
    Falcon Girl, (Rhianna Farley), a female Egyptian falcon
    Redbreast II, (Jason Todd), a male American gargoyle-fox
    Toon Tornaduck, (???), a male European Anasian green mallard
    Tanurider, (Ricky Descoonis), a male American raccoon
    Captain Quebuck, Jr., (Freddy Elkton), a male Canadian elk
    Artema, (Paula Roeley), a female white tailed deer
    Labyrat, (Max Kerry-Grayson), a male White lab rat
    Party Hare, (Harvis "Harvey" Tetch), a male English hare
    Super Duper Crazy Kitty, (Kitta Kent), a female Orange Catniptonian tabby cat
    Cyberbull, (Victor Bullder), a male African-American bionic bull
    Sharklad, (Fairfin IV/"Garth"), a male Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark)
    The Star-Spangled Wolf, (Silver Pemberton, Jr.), a male Silver wolf
    Static Hawk, (Virginia Olivia "Virgie" Hawk), a female Peregrine falcon
    Slippery Otter, (Elliot Cannonrider), a male naughty Sea Otter
    Lunar Boomer, (Joseph Strife), a moody male Australian Outback Were-Kangaroo
    Tempest Roo, (Jake Smythe), blue-furred wallaroo
    "Lady Narrator"

    Known Allies:
    Kiel Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the three musketeers.
    Studpaw Also known as 'Studdy' He is the only non-were in the Musketeers. He is married to Rusty St. John.
    Roolock He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft. Although recently, he is helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lord Pouchlaw He is the Academy master of Kangaroo Dreamtime Lords. He is married to Raymond Lonewolf in the United States. But he is on call when needed.
    Lord Parcelpaw He is a Dreamtime Lord that governs over the Courier Roo services, and observes the training of select cases involving the students in his sponsored dorm. Thought of as the Dreamtime equivalent of the Postmaster General, by some.
    Lady Amaza She is a Dreamtime Lord whom rules over the Dreamtime Amazonians. Helpful with her follower's needs if one of her followers' abilities involve special treatment.
    Lady Riff She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises. In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member. In this future, he is a Courier Kangaroo himself by choice.
    Nitro the Hedgehog This is a Mobian Hedgehog whom enjoys having his mind in the gutter, and is married to Timmy after a mishap Uncle Sonic knows about all too well.
    Drayce the White Shadodrak This creature was purchased from a bazaar planet merchant in the Frontier sector who has an uncanny ability to track any target he overhears his master's friends talking about. His master is currently Rusty St. John.
    Raymond Lonewolf: Former head of the F.B.I. in the United States, Retired. Married to Lord Pouchlaw.
    Kavan Kincaid Knight, Kangaroo Kid: Younger brother to Lari Knight.
    Lady Parcelpouch: Chief Kangaroo Courier Lady, daughter of Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw.
    Commander Remington "Remmy" Stryfe: Trainer, Were-Kangaroo son of Eryk "Joey" Stryfe.
    Commander Thunderpaw: Were-Kangaroo sheila trainer; assigned to train Elysia and Denise.
    Wildwind: Were-Horse Blacksmith.
    Matthew Starbuck Ward: a cousin of Duncan Ward's from Bennet Valley, Arkansas.
    Jazco Donkey: Were-Donkey brother to Jocko Donkey.
    Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf and Silver: Devlin's 'uncle,' Sheriff of Ottercrest and a Elite among officers of Tatsu-Lan.
    Stats: Were-Dingo bookie for the gaming circuit.
    Cosmo Hooper: Were-Rabbit gamer.
    Black Scale: Paragon Black Dragon General - Mercantile Supplier.
    Dr. Eric Morgan: a childhood friend of Devlin's from River Bluff; herd alpha were-horse and professional hometown doctor.
    Roule Formerly Valiance Knightmane of Fairdale, Pennsylvania, USA; currently a Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo and mate to a Were-Wallaby. He runs the Dreamtime Paradise Parlor.
    Known Villains:
    All War Factions: Kangaroo, Dingo, Croc, and Spider
    Dragon Warriors of New Tatsu-Lan: a particularly nasty lot whom see humans as nothing more than a sexual play toy.
    Saturday, January 18th, 2031
    Chapter One -- Hunting Poachers With Titan Backup.
    It was a few nights later and the Go-Rescue Rangers had gotten the call to go hunt some poachers. Field Marshal Bindi Fury was to be with their team tonight and as luck would have it, the Toon Titans also offered to come along. Ever since permission had been gotten to have a shortcut door between the Toon Titans Satellite and the Go-Rescue Station, the two teams had been palling around together.

    Lari was glad that Richard was sticking with the Titans dream; they were almost up to the Poacher's newest camp.

    Richard said to Kitta, "The Viewing Orb experience still disturbs me, Kitta. In Universe 2, your cousin has the hots for my counterpart instead of going after the American Rabbit. I mean, I like Zale; but I don't know about sleeping with him. I guess it is no different than Max and I sleeping together."

    Kitta said, "As much as that irks me that my cousin could be so lustful, just imagining the different universe is just as insane as the first. Is Toonmaster just as chaotic in Universe 2 as ours was all those years ago when we all had that vacation?"

    Bindi rolled her eyes, remembering how Toonmaster caused a lot of chaos in Devonshire all those years ago, before the Dreamtime Wars began. "It's good that he's not here. Though sometimes when Chip Lonewolf came to visit, that bell of yours rings even if there are no Toons in the area. Did you gift one to him?"

    Lady Narrator said, "You must be talking about the first Theatrics Bell, Field Marshal Bindi. The first one annoyed everyone from Dark Times toons to those working in theatrics. It was given to Chip in 2008 DER after helping to destroy a resurrected Unnamed Demon General that followed the Dragon Rangers on their forced vacation. Chip went along and was able to help out when Lexington left Toonmasters for the now-named Parousia to visit the Adventure League after melting down. And for those who don't know, DER is short for Dreamtrail Sector Earth Reckoning for those that don't understand the multiverse year codes."

    Kitta zipped away with her Super Duper Speed and returned as Super Duper Crazy Kitty. "Wow, Lady Narrator; that must be before the Titans were formed. Thanks for giving that information."

    Lady Narrator said. "Irv had the thought to brief me in case the topic of the first Theatrics Bell came up." Irv being Irving Huxford, the first and current narrator for Super Duper Crazy Cat, SDCK's cousin.

    Timmy knew that he had to behave himself; he had an agreement with Lari about keeping his mind on task so they could 'explore' after the mission ends. At the very least, he's making an effort not to be as bad as Timmy the Hedgehog, as he was often told about how bad his libido was getting after he was freed from the Ogma sphere. He zipped around as if his name was Wally West, and returned to give Intel on what he spotted while running very fast. "It seems that several creatures were captured, including some drakes. Five guards at the perimeter of the Poacher camp. Several of them are armed with Semi-Automatic rifles... military grade. Restricted on Australia's NFA if I remember right from our training in 2011."

    "Still is..." Bindi grunted, putting away her binoculars. "The restrictions were better monitored here over the years than in America after the mess that made Sensei Lexington glad he was teaching his students about how weapons like that should never be the answer. He doesn't like projectile weapons at all." Bindi then looked to the others. "We must treat the Drakes the same as people, remember that. Dragon Dome City will go after these Poachers if they find out about the Drakes being captured if we don't strike these Poachers. And the poachers wouldn't get it as easy as they would under Police custody."

    Olivia said, "Ready to kick some Poachers whenever you guys are."

    Marcy already had three Zen lessons under Sensei Joey and monitored closely by either him or Sensei Peregrine, depending on the day. It pretty much annoyed her, but Zen isn't achieved in a day. Marcy was proving to be as difficult as Lexington was in his teens. "I'm ready to kick some ass."

    Static Hawk had her feet on her disc. "Ready to fly in, suga! Just give the signal and I can zap the weapons out of their mitts."

    Lari said, "Ah am glad that Bindi is 'ere to supervise our Anti-Poacher ranger activities. She is the expert, mates; if she gives us a warning, listen to 'er. Now let's get in there and try to do this right and with as few personal injuries as possible. And Bindi, thanks for agreeing to educate us on the things we should be on the lookout for."

    Rusty had one hand inside of his ranger outfit apparently petting on Drayce just waiting for the all-clear signal. His white shadodrak always stayed inside his ranger costume when he was wearing it.

    "Indeed. The last thing Ah want is more blood on my hands." Bindi felt remorseful about the War. And herself being replaced by a Demon near the end that tormented her daughter. "And I have to plan for a celebration of my Daughter's birthday party." She also had a lot to make up to Teri as well. Bindi then looked to Static Hawk. "Time to make them regret their arsenal is made of metal."

    "Message received, suga!" said Static Hawk with a wink. She used her electrode-kinetic powers to hover over the field and zapped the guns in the guards' hands. Many complaints and sounds of weapons dropping were heard throughout the camp.

    Flyer energized Bindi's ranger helmet, as they both proclaimed, "Go rescue, Rangers!"

    And the rangers and the titans surged in to close down the poacher operation. The entire exercise took less than an hour since the poachers were not able to raise arms to fight back. After handing the poachers over to the authorities, The two teams returned to base where a confrontation would be awaiting them that would make them question their very existences. Upon arriving at the Go-Rescue Station base, they found the place encased in a pulsing blue force field and standing just outside of it was Outback Legend along with a woman in shimmering gossamer blue robes and a man in a shimmering red tuxedo.

    Outback Legend then said, "This is the group, yer graces! We 'ave been trying to find our versions of them for years!"
    End of Chapter One.