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[2T-PR1] PRGO-03 The Real Second Chance

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    [2T-PR1] PRGO-03 The Real Second Chance

    Episode Three -- The Real Second Chance.
    Written by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Starring, Power Rangers Gaiden Outback - GO-RESCUE:
    Lari Knight, Echidna Rescue Ranger Red (the founder)
    Timmy Celeron, Hedgehog Rescue Ranger Blue (the Sonic the Hedgehog fan)
    James Hansen, Croc Rescue Ranger Green (the club artist)
    Olivia Banks, Riflebird Rescue Ranger White (the martial artist)
    Marcy White, Bat Rescue Ranger Onyx (a tomboy)
    Rusty St. John, Skunk Rescue Ranger Silver (Delivery Boy/Sorcerer)
    Rick Ranger, Kitsune Rescue Ranger Gold (Were-Otter/Were-Kangaroo)

    Other Heroes:
    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger
    Geoffrey St. John, Silver Mobian Skunk Ranger

    Known Allies:
    Kiel Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the three musketeers.
    Studpaw Also known as 'Studdy' He is the only non-were in the Musketeers. He is married to Rusty St. John.
    Roolock He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft. Although recently, he is helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lord Pouchlaw He is the Academy master of Kangaroo Dreamtime Lords. He is married to Raymond Lonewolf in the United States. But he is on call when needed.
    Lord Parcelpaw He is a Dreamtime Lord that governs over the Courier Roo services, and observes the training of select cases involving the students in his sponsored dorm. Thought of as the Dreamtime equivalent of the Postmaster General, by some.
    Lady Amaza She is a Dreamtime Lord whom rules over the Dreamtime Amazonians. Helpful with her follower's needs if one of her followers' abilities involve special treatment.
    Lady Riff She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises. In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member. In this future, he is a Courier Kangaroo himself by choice.
    Nitro the Hedgehog This is a Mobian Hedgehog whom enjoys having his mind in the gutter, and is married to Timmy after a mishap Uncle Sonic knows about all too well.
    Drayce the White Shadodrak This creature was purchased from a bazaar planet merchant in the Frontier sector who has an uncanny ability to track any target he overhears his master's friends talking about. His master is currently Rusty St. John.
    Raymond Lonewolf: Former head of the F.B.I. in the United States, Retired. Married to Lord Pouchlaw.
    Kavan Kincaid Knight, Kangaroo Kid: Younger brother to Lari Knight.
    Lady Parcelpouch: Chief Kangaroo Courier Lady, daughter of Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw.
    Commander Remington "Remmy" Stryfe: Trainer, Were-Kangaroo son of Eryk "Joey" Stryfe.
    Commander Thunderpaw: Were-Kangaroo sheila trainer; assigned to train Elysia and Denise.
    Wildwind: Were-Horse Blacksmith.
    Matthew Starbuck Ward: a cousin of Duncan Ward's from Bennet Valley, Arkansas.
    Jazco Donkey: Were-Donkey brother to Jocko Donkey.
    Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf and Silver: Devlin's 'uncle,' Sheriff of Ottercrest and a Elite among officers of Tatsu-Lan.
    Stats: Were-Dingo bookie for the gaming circuit.
    Cosmo Hooper: Were-Rabbit gamer.
    Black Scale: Paragon Black Dragon General - Merchantile Supplier.
    Dr. Eric Morgan: a childhood friend of Devlin's from River Bluff; herd alpha were-horse and professional hometown doctor.
    Roule Formerly Valiance Knightmane of Fairdale, Pennsylvania, USA; currently a Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo and mate to a Were-Wallaby. He runs the Dreamtime Paradise Parlor.
    Known Villains:
    Poachers: human hunters who have returned to the Outback to hunt unique animals for illegal monetary gain.
    Dreamtime Menaces: any Dreamtimer who sees themselves as superior to Earthlings and going so far as to attack them.
    Tuesday, January 14th, 2031
    Chapter One -- Blackall Suburb in Kangaroo Town.

    Blackall Suburb, Kangaroo Town, Mobian Australia; Planet Mobius.
    GO-Rescue Adventure Guild Station; Main Rescue Ranger House.

    Getting assistance from not only the original Dreamtime sponsors of Pouchlaw's academy as well as Time Dragon Lord Morrow, copies of The Outback Rescue's families (as well as the rest of Australia at the time in 2011, minus all involved with the Boomer Force since they existed in this time period and could be encountered currently) were pulled out of the past during the time the Mobian ambush occurred, and they remade Australia at a location on Planet Mobius that equalled Australia's real location on Earth. The GO-Rescue home base had a shortcut back to the LEAPS Academy in the original Kangaroo Town in Earth's Australia on the Kimberly Plateau. There were also shortcuts to the other Australian Ranger bases on all three worlds. This meant that the Adventure League and Operation Outback could assist these rescued rangers in their training from time to time.

    Prince Pouchsong and General Lawtail spoke with the copied parents of those in the GO-Rescue Rangers team in homes on the station that mirrored their original homes in the old Blackall. It was explained to them what the actual year and date currently was and how the Dreamtime Wars had destroyed the original Blackall on Earth and how they were currently on Planet Mobius temporarily until they decided to either return to Earth or to remain locally to support their ranger children.

    Inside the main Ranger base, Lord Kiel, Deryk of Parousia, Roolock as well as the rest of the Ranger rescuers were seeing toward the awakening of Lari Knight and his friends from their Mobian Forms. Yes, Devlin Lonewolf was currently present since this was an opportunity to meet a team still younger than him that Lord Kiel had sponsored originally.

    Roolock postitioned the smelling salts under everyone's noses at the same time. With results last seen in the Time Trap...

    Lord Kiel said, "Take it easy, Lari," as he brought the boy out of his state of timeless paralysis. "Yas 'ave been in stasis for a long time. Stupid Ogma and Robotnik. No wonder we couldn't find where yas blokes disappeared to. Good thing my son makes use of time displacement when 'e does things or we never would have found yas."

    Lari had jerked awake before laying there in pain. "We 'ad gotten an early alert to a demon outbreak and Auranea allowed us to go 'andle it as long as no demon lord appeared. When we got there, we saw Robotnik standing there looking so pompous and important. We felt the urge to shift into our Mobian forms and the second we did, the last thing Ah remember 'earing was Ogma's voice saying 'ow easy it was to capture Outback Rescue. Where are we?"

    Kiel hugged and petted on Lari whom was now back in his Red Rescue Ranger outfitted echidna form. "This is 2031 and the Dreamtime War just recently ended back on Earth thanks to the good work that Devlin Lonewolf's Trigram Boomer team gave us. We 'ave yas and yer team 'ere at the GO-Rescue Adventure base 'ere in Planet Mobius' version of Kangaroo Town. Blackall on Earth doesn't exist anymore; nor yer original club'ouse. But Ah reacreated the club'ouse elsewhere and rescued all yer action figures. For now, Ah want yer team to stay 'ere while taking martial arts lessons from Joey at the Station 'e inherited when Lexington passed away. We 'ave created a magical shortcut between a one room bunk'ouse and yer new base so yas can more easily take yer classes there. The original Kangaroo Academy is also gone, Pouchlaw made a new one which is called LEAPS and yas will resume yer classes there. Although 'e lives in the states with Ray Lonewolf these days and they can access the academy via their own shortcut."

    Lari sighed. "Timmy 'as always been interested in me of whom 'e loves immensely; As long as James can do 'is art, 'e will be 'appy; Olivia may want to go shopping to see what the latest fashions are; and Marcy... yas remember 'ow she is... as long as she gets to kick some butt and check on 'er wheelchair bound brother, she will be fine."

    Roolock replied, "Everyone's families were copied out of the past and are currently living in 'omes at yer station 'ere on Mobian's version of Australia."

    Kiel said, "Knuckles and the other Mobians 'ave been mentoring the Freedom Force in Japan where yer son 'as 'is team. The Mobians will be migrating between the bases to resume their assisting yas blokes and sheilas in yer training. Timmy's duplicate married Nitro the Hedgehog and 'e is keeping 'im heavy and bloated so 'e cannot run away. In the meantime, Ah should let Kyle and Rusty know that we found yas blokes. They were rangers with my second Outback Rescue team once yas joeys went missing."

    Lari smiled. "What colors are Kyle and Rusty?"

    Kiel replied, "Kyle Brisby was the Gold Frontier Ranger and Rusty St. John was the Silver Frontier Ranger. There were other members on their team but most are unavailable now. Remmy is a Commander for Prince Pouchsong's version of the Kangaroo Academy which is 'aving problems currently. Lord Zander and John Hansen got married. Blake Stewart and Mizuki Ling are both in Japan somewhere. It was a good second team. But Ah think Kyle and Rusty would like to 'ang out with yas originals." At that moment, Roolock released the rest of the Outback Rescue Rangers from the holding spell...

    Timmy shook his head... "Lord Kiel... last I remember it was..." He was looking around and saw Lari. Though he had always loved Lari, he ulped with embarassment. His family libido was a force and though it was years, it was at a much higher level. His feelings for his best friend we still as strong as they have been. And it was started to get him into the place he wouldn't dare explore unless it was mutual. "Where's Shadow with a chastity belt when I need it the most?" He muttered in frustration as he tried to hide his... ahem... tent.

    Olivia turned away from Timmy before she saw something she would regret seeing. "There are ladies in the room, Timmy!" She shifted to her human form, and she was blushing pretty strongly.

    James shifted back to his human form. and held up his mini-sketch book over his peripheral vision as he looked away from the Hedgehog. "Don't tell me Timmy is going to take it out! I don't know how to tastefully draw THAT!"

    Marcy grinned, and flew around. "Looks like Timmy's got a..." "MARCY!" shrieked Olivia in her conservative shrill.

    Lari grinned. "Some things never change, Lord Kiel and Roolock. Which reminds me..." He transformed back into his human form where he opened his ranger shirt and allowed Knotty to pop out of where Lari was carrying him around at.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Touring the New Locale.

    "Sorry for keeping yas inside my ranger shirt for so long, Knotty," continued Lari. "But at least yer 'ere with me here in 2031. I can always summon my familiar devil mouse back to me now that we are back among friends. Thank the warlock spells that familiars live in timeless pocket dimensions."

    Roolock grinned himself. "Ah good! Yas did keep yer KSP magic instructor Ah assigned to yas back at Pouchlaw's academy."

    Lari smirked. "Where does Mudfoot Joey 'ang out at what with the academy gone? And Ah don't mean 'anging out like Timmy's elephant trunk. Yas would think it 'as a mind of its own."

    Roolock grinned. "Pouchlaw's new academy 'ere in Kangaroo Town is called LEAPS... Legal Experience And Police Specialists. Outback Legend 'olds court there the most where 'e trains the new Dreamtime Warriors, or what 'e calls 'is pile of rocks. That's where Mudfoot Joey is now as well as the rest of the nice dorms. Since yas blokes need to learn Martial Arts from Field Marshal Joey, yas can resume dorm training when yas get free time. Yer ranking is still way up there from what little yas blokes did do in the past."

    Timmy said as he made the effort to hide his 'fabric-strained scepter. "We're learning from Joey?"

    Marcy landed. "Were-roos age differently than we do... Remember when we were learning about Joey a few months... er... all those years ago from the Musketeers? They age at a far different pace than we humans do." She then got close to Olivia to tease her a little more. "Timmy doesn't have a 'Marcy,' Olivia... he has a... WOODY!" Olivia squealed to Marcy's mischievous delight.

    "Seriously, Marcy... stop teasing Olivia!" James said in defense of the most innocent girl on the team.

    Lord Kiel and Roolock showed the Go-Rescue Rangers where the magical door was that led back to the LEAPS academy at Earth's Kangaroo Town. The door had an anti-demon spell over the opening. So if anything demonic or specifically evil tried to walk through it, they were banished as if a demon hunter had done it.

    During the tour of the protected town, Lord Kiel said, "The date is January 14th 2031. This portion of Kangaroo Town was made over to look as much like the original Blackall as we could make it. Including yer original club'ouse and action figures, Lari. Several good Dreamtimers live in Kangaroo Town. The walled academy we emerged from is LEAPS itself which contains the replacement base for the old ORescue Spires which got destroyed during the early part of the wars. The Go-Rescue base is the name of the place. My son, Deryk of Parousia, will be making new morphers and new ranger uniforms for yer team when 'e returns from his outing to fetch Studpaw and the others. Any questions?"

    Lari was walking along with Knotty on one shoulder and his familiar sitting on his other shoulder. "Ah guess the O-Phones were super out of date. Do we still 'ave our 'untsmen forms?"

    Roolock replied, "Ogma pulled those out of yas blokes and remade them into yer duplicates whom took yer place during the mission to save Kyle Brisby. Ah remember Sally telling me one time that they were not the original 'uman rangers. But since we didn't know where yas guys were, what could we do?"

    James was being quite the observer, so he could attempt to draw the sights later.

    Timmy was feeling awkward, especially after thinking that Knotty would offer to help take care of it. The lewd and perverse manner he would perceive allowed him to keep it in his pants, at least for now.

    Olivia was not happy with Marcy so she was keeping her distance. Marcy said, "At least I don't have to learn how to fight blind anymore. That was the only form I had that made me blind as an actual bat."

    Lari nudged Knotty as he whispered, "Can yas 'elp my cuddle-buns mate Timmy? 'e doesn't need to be raging down there all the time. There is a time to be immoral and a time to be reverent. This is not the time to be immoral for 'im. This once, Knotty. Ah'll give yas a fellatio later?"

    Knotty couldn't turn down an immoral offer like that since Roolock was nearby and he could be punished if he said no. He waggled his paw-fingers at Timmy's groin to make the erection calm down finally. "Yas owe me later, Lari, and Ah am looking forward to it."

    Lari grinned. "Thanks; just not in front of the sheilas."

    Lord Kiel said, "Yas blokes will be enrolled in the Kangaroo Town high school when yer not getting yer martial arts training. It is a mix between 'umans and the offspring of peaceful Dreamtime species living locally. Yas will likely meet Earthian Deryk Devlin's son, Vladimir Cutter Devlin in school. He prefers to be called Vlad. During yer R&R down-time, yas will be permitted into both the Absolute Zero (which 'as a dance floor) as well as the Ottercrest Teen 'ot Spot -- the Ottercrest Arcade. They 'ave classic pinball machines, arcade consoles, billiards tables and air 'ockey tables as well as an underage soda fountain and cafe kitchen."

    At that moment, Deryk of Parousia reappeared near Roolock and Lord Kiel; he had Rusty, Drayce and Studpaw with him. "Okay Go-Rescue Rangers. These bundles contain your civilian ranger uniform outfits. Take these into the changing rooms nearby and get out of your old clothes and put these uniforms on. You will notice that Rusty St. John is already wearing his along with his Handheld Morpher belt buckle. I have reassigned your ranger designations, a few colors as well as your animal choices to match your updated team. Rick Ranger, I need to see you over here for a moment."

    Rick Ranger whom had been quietly walking along behind the group of friends unnoticed stepped to one side with Deryk of Parousia where a Pouch Miracle was laid down upon him to purge out his former illness and inability to morph. When it was all over with, he was handed his uniform package and ushered off into the male changing rooms. When Lari and his friends emerged they were wearing their new civilian ranger uniform outfits; their former clothes, shoes and O-Phone morphers were handed over to Kiel for safe keeping where upon he placed them into his pouch. "Now, line up, strike your poses, slap the ground with your right hand, raise up touch your handheld morphers and say, 'GO-RESCUE!' followed by your Mobian Animal choice. You will know what to say at the end. Now do it."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three -- Gaining Their Powers Again.

      The Go-Rescue Rangers bent down and patted the ground with their right hands before raising upright and tapping their Handheld Buckle morphers and shouted, "GO-RESCUE! Echidna! Hedgehog! Crocodile! Riflebird! Bat! Skunk! Kitsune!" Each of their backgrounds turned to the color they represented as their shoes became their ranger boots, this was followed by their armored ranger costumes and gloves appearing over their bodies and their Mobian shaped helmets appearing over their heads last. Making a jump twist in mid air before landing again, they had their energy blades in hand while their extra weapons were in their holsters as their Mobian Were-Zords appeared in the background briefly. "Gaiden Outback! Rescue Rangers are a Go!" Colored plume explosions then went off behind each ranger.

      "Power Rangers Gaiden Outback! GO!!!!!!! RESCUE!" Rapid close-ups then cascaded over each of the new updated Outback Rescue team with the final view showing the team line-up!

      Rick shouted, "Whoo-Hoo! Fear the Otter! I can morph again! I love you, Deryk of Parousia!"

      "Wonder what Sonic would think when my Zord becomes a Werehog?" Timmy grinned, not having to start anew as the Yellow Dingo.

      Marcy quipped. "Count the number one Sonic Fan of Blackall to make a Hedgehog quip that everyone think he's talking about a pig."

      Olivia was embracing her style as she kicked up as if she was Michelle Yeoh. "I like the new style."

      James looked to the others. "If only John can see us now..." He looked above as he believed that he would be legally dead if he wasn't found while they were gone. Someone must've not informed him about John after the rest of the team were knocked out of the spell.

      After a brief tour of Ottercrest along with explaining to James that John was not only still alive but married to Lord Zander Dragonheart (John's longevity had been lengthened by Dreamtime magic,) Lord Kiel took the Rescue Rangers back to their Kangaroo Town station and set their alarms for an early morning wake up time. "The next 'unters Moon days are in about three weeks. Yas blokes and sheilas need to get some rest before yer morning martial arts session with Joey. When yer at the academy, Outback Legend and 'is pile of rocks will 'elp to guide yas in yer studies."

      Lari arched an eye with a giggle. "Outback Legend 'as trained rocks to do missions? 'e really IS talented!"

      Kiel grinned. "Enjoy the rest of yer evening, Go-Rescue Rangers. Ah need to go check on Ranger X and a few others. Devlin and 'is teammates can 'ang out with yas if they want. Ah am sure they will 'ave another mission sooner or later. Knuckles went to return the star ship back to the Freedom Force. They can use their shortcut to return to yer base later."

      Devlin smiled, though he did sniff an unusual smell on Lari. Something he smell when he met a Rider in-training to use an Ancient Kamen Rider device (and got the tail end of a Rikki Akinobu prank). "The Shadow Team is back on Earth, so they will call us if we are really needed to go back." He looked to the others. "It's yer call mates. Ah think it would be fun to 'ang out with 'em." He paused. "Yas will also see me and and my twin brothers milling around the Sidarius 'ouse in Stryfe Academy from time to time.

      Timmy said. "Red hair... living in the Stryfe Academy... does that make you a Lonewolf that we heard about?"

      The Fire Ranger nodded. "Yes... Ah am a Lonewolf... and Ah was also born a Devlin, 'ence my given name, mate."

      Richie hummed as he shrugged his shoulders. "Sounds okay to me."

      Knotty deliberately sniffed Devlin in return. "Yes, the bloke is what 'e says 'e is."

      Fonzy giggled. "Lari's little friend is funny."

      Lari replied, "Yes, Ah 'ave Were-Kangaroo in me, Devlin. 'ence why Kiel told us when the next full moons were. Our team were originally created to go after Poachers and free their trapped animals. The Mobian forms were a reward at succeeding in certain tasks at Pouchlaw's original academy. So, do yas 'ave a nickname like my 'cuddle-buns' does?"

      "Used to 'ave two of 'em... 'Academy Breeder,' 'Double Git' by those that hate the Lonewolf and the Devlin. Ah also 'ave the monikers of Lost Legend and Justice Dragon depending on which side of my genetics Ah embrace." He then grinned and looked towards Rick, and said with a smile. "As for what my mate Star calls me, it is between me and mon capitán." He winked.

      Richie arched an eye towards Devlin. "Academy Breeder, you don't mean..."

      Devlin said, "Yas were pulled out of the Time Trap, so yas don't know the original score of the Lonewolf 'ot mess. Ah 'ave been knocked up, and knocked up others several times before Ah met Captain Star during a crisis where the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons made all the fabric disappear during the Cloth Crisis last year."

      Lari then said, "Wow... Devlin's mind went into the gutter faster than a 'orny 'edge'og! My nickname for Timmy is not a breeding nickname, when Ah 'ug Timmy, Ah often find my 'ands squeezing and cuddling 'is 'buns' as if they were a package of the twentieth century's Charmin bathroom tissue. That is why Ah call 'im cuddle-buns. Ah know Timmy is in love with me, but before falling into Robotnik's trap, the two of us never 'ad sex together at all. Although Ah did 'ave sex with several Kangaroos and Were-Kangaroos in Dreamtime. That is 'ow Ah got my Were-Roo originally after drinking a Were-Roo's sexual fluids by accident. Since Ah know that Ah am a Were-Roo, Ah 'ave been 'esitant to 'ave sex with Timmy because Ah am afraid that Ah will accidentally infect 'im."

      Fonzy then said, "I need to go check in with Dealer and the other card players. I will rejoin you guys later." And he took off for the shortcut door.

      Lari then asked, "What's wrong with 'im?"

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four -- An Evening With Trigram Boomer.

        Elysia grinned. "Unlike some people, Fonzy isn't into gay sex like the majority of the rest of the Outback. It is a temporary turn-off for him unless protection methods are used. Stuart used protection when he showed Fonzy a good time in the Time Trap. You guys are talking like everyone is okay with the activity. I have for the most part, prevented myself from getting pregnant, depsite eventually having sex with Dark Dreamtime Kangaroos. If Jackson finds out that he missed the boat with me, he will be pissed."

        Denise smirked. "So yas did go and do it when yas were looking for Silverfeet that one time that Rad was the Dragon Warrior's prisoner. And 'ere Ah didn't believe Blast'op when 'e told me about it."

        Elysia grinned back. "Birth control goes a long way; a shame my friends choose not to use it."

        Duncan chuckled. "Denise comes from a family of breeders, Elysia; 'birth control' is a dirty word for their family."

        Denise growled, "That's not true, Duncan! 'arley and Dennis are not like that! Well... 'arley isn't; Dennis is interested since 'e 'as been 'anging out with the donkey boys."

        Lari shot a grin at his club friends. "Seems yas blokes are not the only ones who bicker like we do on occasion."

        Duncan said, "I keep an open mind, Lari. As my friends found out when I danced with the exchange students at our high school in River Bluff."

        Devlin grinned. "Ah never told Jackson that Ah lost my virginity to Eric Morgan before he realized he's a were-'orse. Now one of the twins 'as a crush on the good Doctor. But that is beside the point, Ah should've been more conscientious about Fonzy's feelings."

        "There are protection made for Kangaroos?" Timmy asked. "Do they work for were-beasts as well?"

        Devlin nodded. "Jackson used one of those condoms to not get me pregnant when Ah finally became a notch in 'is belt. The maximum strength one works, but if yas 'ave doubt, an Elder Power or even a Lord of a 'igh Order could grant immunity. But it depends on whom yas are able to talk to and if they are willing."

        Timmy said. "Regular condoms never work for the males in the Celeron family, especially for my brother." He remembered him being a teen father and legally banned from seeing his former girlfriend and their child.

        Stuart was suddenly in the chamber with the rangers as he dropped several thick packages on the table in front of Timmy. "Pleasure Parlor brand Were-Roo Condoms. Provided by Roule 'imself, mate. Guaranteed to withstand any stress that either a Were-Elephant or a Were-Rhino could place upon them. 'e gets them from a supplier in Dreamtime Africa." He then hopped out to present himself to the others. "'ello mates! Ah'm Stuart Randy Ward. Ah used to just be Randy, but upon Earning my morpher, Roolock suggested that Ah call myself Stuart and that's what Ah did. Ah am the 'appy go-lucky YRO Were-Roo! Lord Kiel told me that yas blokes were bringing the Outback Rescue up to date. Love yer new uniforms. Ah was around back in the days when yas joeys and flyers got started. Ah would see yas, Lari, a lot."

        Lari blushed as he looked at Stuart and his memory brought the YRO Were-Roo up to the front of his memory. "Mudfoot Joey? The roo who gave me the sugary chocolate treats when we first arrived at the Academy?"

        Stuart nodded his muzzle with a grin. "Ah 'ope yas liked them!"

        Lari pounced Stuart and kissed him on the muzzle! Knotty floated in mid air and said, "Molest 'im, Lari! Go! Go!"

        Duncan grinned with a laugh. "So that's what it takes to make Lari faster than Sonic."

        Timmy blushed as he felt the struggle intensify even through the relief that Knotty gave him. "That is kinda hot."

        Devlin smiled in a slightly perverse manner, then said. "Easy, boys... Ah'm not sure what the arrangement is with Stewy's mate, but..." He took out a camera and took a quick snapshot for blackmail material later. Like Mayor, like Devvy.

        Olivia watched Lari do as Knotty was cheering, and she let out a squeal and looked away.

        "ALRIGHT!" cheered Marcy as she knocked James ajar with by putting her arms up in the air suddenly. She unwittingly ruined his drawing of the scene.

        "Oy! Watch it!" James protested as he silently lamented the big gash of black ink on the near-perfect drawing. Now it was ruined.

        Stuart grinned. "My mate Cutter is a nice bloke, but with all of 'is shaman duties for good old Thunderbird, Ah am permitted to play around. Calm down, Lari and Ah will give yas some more candy. Yas know Ah am good for it."

        Elysia smirked. "That ain't all you are good for."

        Rusty then said, "As much as Ah 'ate to break up the party but... Lord Kiel set our alarms for an early wake up 'our so we can get our martial arts lesson from Joey tomorrow. Studpaw will be sleeping with me tonight since we are mated. And Drayce will keep watch as 'e always does."

        Lari got off of Stuart at that point. "Rusty is right. We 'ave training in the morning, blokes. We are sure to see Trigram Boomer around in the coming weeks."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five -- Training With Sensei Joey.

          Perhaps earlier than Go-Rescue was expecting, their alarm clocks rang them awake and Lari was up to take his morning bath and get himself ready for a meal and the morning chores before herding his team off to Joey's Training session. Living in Planet Mobius' Blackall/Kangaroo Town at the LEAPS academy therein was a different experience. All of their parents and families (who were not involved in Dreamtime marital arrangements) had homes within the VIP living zone near Lari's GO-Rescue Base. For instance, Lari's father was married to both Quicksilver and to Lari's natural born Egyptologist mother. Miracles abound. Kavan was off in Dreamwolf as the new Kangaroo Kid although he had married and already had a son of his own who was currently Lari's age. Time stasis was going to make things difficult in Lari's family. His long lost older brother had also been located and was married to a Were-Kangaroo boomer who repaired cars and motorcycles for a living. Lari's father had a home in the VIP zone for those times when he and Quicksilver needed somewhere to go to relax without the rest of the blokes on Earth knowing where they were.

          His teammates' families were as follows...

          The Celeron family were next door to the Knights in this new arrangement. The parents of Timmy were there thanks to Time Lord Morrow. On Earth the father passed on due to a heart attack. Absent was Robert, whom had a family of his own in the North part of Australia on Earth with his wife Selena (and Lightspeed as an uncle-figure to his kids). His oldest son Jackson was about Timmy's age now, and was interested in weightlifting, especially after a too-tight chastity belt nearly cost him his manhood. Luke was nearing the dangerous age for a Celeron male, however he is quite modest for a kid. The youngest Trinity loves to take care of kangaroos. She would make a great animal doctor one day.

          Marcy's younger brother Jules on Earth with his wife Karri and his service roo Roger on Earth. He was offered a miracle to walk and have his flyer status by the Parousian Holy Pouch. As a reward for being faithful and loved Roger was granted Watchroo status to better help Jules. A younger version of her parents and Jules were brought in by Time Lord Morrow to allow Marcy to still be a big sister to her brother, and allow for normal routines to continue. Their house had ramps and was made to accommodate their family member with disabilities, so it was a lot less stress for the White Family.

          James heard that John was mated to Lord Zander, and Preston grew up well and became an instructor in Portal Magic at the Blackall Academy until it was up-ended. John's parents passed on to the afterlife so close together and they had a really good bond. Their past selves are living now and both John and Preston were encouraged to visit whenever they get the chance.

          Olivia was living with her maternal grandparents, thanks to Time Lord Morrow seeing how the other version of her was forced into an arranged marriage by her father (and a request from her). Her grandparents were the only ones that allowed her to be herself without compromise, her grandmother on Earth died of a stroke as soon as she found out her son-in-law's actions.

          Joey had married Rick and Joey since shared his basement home with the Otter fanatic turned Were-Otter. The sensei has assistant instructor Peregrine Seward aiding him with day-to-day operations to keep him from getting overworked like the previous year.

          While Lari had breakfast, a knock at the front door got his attention and he got up to got see who it was. When he opened the door, he saw Lord Cary standing there with a box of dry goods. "Um... what do yas want?"

          Cary said, "Lord Kiel told me that yas were back. 'e said Ah could see yas this morning but Ah 'ad to keep my visit brief since yas 'ave training lessons with Joey later this morning. Col. North is off with Bindi this morning and a word of warning... 'e thinks 'e still loves the real yas. Ah am afraid 'e would dump me in the blink of an eye if 'e learned yas were back. Anyway, Ah run a dry goods store in New Blackall on Earth. Ah brought yas a peace offering to say that Ah am sorry for everything that 'appened. In addition to the dry goods, Ah 'ad Sega the 'edge'og make this Battlizer plug-in for yer new Go-Rescue Morpher. When yas are ready to battlize into a more powerful ranger, insert this into yer 'and'eld slot and press the install light on yer mini-screen. Ah need to get going now, bro. Good luck at Joey's lessons." And he departed, heading back to the academy shortcut portal.

          Lari returned to the table to finish his breakfast. After he finished eating, he looked at the Battlizer plug-in which was made to look like a memory card for a gamer's heldheld cartridge. He opened the memory slot on his morpher and he stuck the new battlizer upgrade into the slot and he saw the install light on his mini-screen. He pressed it and waited. After a few moments, the words "Chaos Control Battlizer installed!" appeared in Master Emerald green on the screen. And a new red emerald button appeared on the morpher. Additional word appeared on the screen. "Morph normally first; then press the red emerald button and call out 'Chaos Control'. You will then become the Super Echidna Battlizer Ranger. When battlized, you will be able to do anything Knuckles can do when he uses Chaos Control." Lari whispered, "Way past cool. Timmy will be so surprised. Ah 'ave to accept Cary's apology for thinking of me like this."

          Heading outside, he got started on their morning station chores at the Go-Rescue base. "Did they sleep in or what? Ah know Kiel set everyone's alarm clocks."

          Timmy zipped alot faster than the others, and dipped Lari into a kiss. "Hey slomo! Ready to call off this training and do something wild crazy and way past cool?" Apparently Knotty's repression wore off and amplified his libido a bit.

          "My Kingdom for a Badass Bad Roo Paddle like Bindi Fury's." said Marcy as she rolled her eyes. "Sorry I'm late though; Jules needed help into his wheelchair this morning."

          James yawned a little; he stayed up an hour or two later to finish a drawing. "Must we battle before we 'ave to train, guv?"

          Olivia was last to show up. She was happy to be living with her Maternal grandparents. And they loved her unconditionally, unlike her business tycoon father. "Sorry, I'm late. Grandma Francesca wanted to make sure I had a proper breakfast."

          Lari remarked, "Oh so yas are going to act like Timmy the 'edge'og, are yas? Joey is expecting us this morning. And remember... Sidarius station 'as a no-tech rule during training. That means no cell phones nor video games. We get our stuff back after we finish the lesson. So no, we cannot cancel the appointment."

          Lord Kiel then arrived. "Ah'm yer escort this morning, mates. Aside from the X Rangers, yas blokes are my only other concern. Timmy, yer nephew Jackson is with the X Rangers team. 'e does weight lifting. Now lets get yas blokes over to Joey's training yard so yas can get this show started. Rusty and Rick are already there; Rusty lives with Studpaw and Rick is mated to Joey as yas may remember."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six -- White Belt Training.

            Lord Kiel escorted the Go-Rescue team through the magical shortcut door (which had the anti-evil banisher within the opening itself,) to report in to Joey to get their White Belt training started. When they greeted Joey, Clipper the good devi-Kangaroo Mouse familiar and Knotty the immoral KSP were both sitting on Lari's shoulders. Lari said, "Kiel's Original Project Team: Outback Rescue renamed as Gaiden Outback reporting for White Belt martial arts training, Sensei Joey. This is Clipper my magic using Devil Kangaroo Mouse familiar and this is Knotty, my Roolock assigned immoral KSP. Ah am both a Warlock in training as well as the leader of the Go-Rescue Rangers. Lord Deryk told us to get lessons from yas."

            The team bowed respectfully as each one recited off their names.

            Rick and Rusty stepped over to Lexington where Rusty handed the instructor a scroll from his husband Studpaw. "Ah am sure yas remember my white galactic shadodrak, Drayce, don't yas? 'e can find anyone, if yas ask."

            Drayce smiled. "Lari Kingston Knight of Adalia is currently at the Ranger Academy on Mobian Adalia. He seems to be standing in a line-up at the moment."

            Rusty fed Drayce a treat for locating Joey's Adalian mate.

            Rick said, "Although I am yer other mate, love, I am also a member of Lari's team with my powers restored thanks to Deryk of Parousia."

            Lord Kiel then confiscated the morphers from the GO-Rescue rangers, storing them in his pouch, before saying, "They were told the no-tech rules, Joey. So yas just 'ave to train them."

            "Not that the rule stopped the twins from sneaking them around when they were kids," mused Joey with a nostalgic smile, and recalling their faces when he gave both of them zen training as a form of Sensei Lexington-approved discipline. "Ah'll see if yas are responsible enough to keep them on yer persons eventually without using them unless an Emergency comes up. Case in point, my training session with my Elemental Student got cancelled last night because of an emergency in the Southern Tablelands caught 'is team's attention."

            "I haven't heard of that part of Australia," said Timmy; hearing the word of Emergency was a bit of a turn-off. "What are the Tablelands?"

            Joey escorted them to the main dojo of Stryfe Academy on the Sidarius House-side of the dual-house property (the Devlin House was mainly a Egyptology sanctuary for CJ as well as a dorm for black belts and the Assistant Instructors, and stored supplies for the animals while the storage sheds were being updated). "The Tablelands are west of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland near Canberra. Sixteen years ago there was a whole swarm of spiders that rained down there. Nothing too 'armless; they weren't the Dreamtime variety."

            Marcy bumped into one of the sculptures of Lexington and nearly jumped out of her skin. She punched it, but hurt her hand just a little. "Augh! That is one hard jaw this bastard got." She then got a good look. "Oh... ow."

            Lari smiled as he assumed his stance and prepared for being trained by their friend Joey. Well, hopefully he was still a friend. "Ah am ready, Sensei!" He then bowed.

            Rusty smiled. "Lord Peter made those sculptures out of bronze, Marcy. How's your hand?"

            Marcy shook her hand in pain. "No wonder it hurt so much. It's fine."

            Joey cleared his throat, as he had the group enter the dojo on the property "Sensei Lexington recused himself from the twins' training in the martial arts because he was confident I can get the job done. I would like yas blokes and sheilas to focus please. Learning the basics could very well mean the difference between life and death, especially as far as re-opening the Outback is concerned." He then looked towards the Onyx Ranger before he began the lesson. "Marcy, because you laid a fist on one of the bronze sculptures of the first Master of this dojo, yas will 'ave yer first Zen Lesson after class. Your temper reminds me of something Ah know all to well..." He remember when Lexington struck him after he failed his first attempt to become a Field Marshal. He then looked to Lord Kiel with a nostalgic smile. Almost like old times.

            James took off his satchel of art supplies and set it to the side. "I'll be ready, Sensei." He bowed along with Lari.

            Timmy bowed as well. "Ready to learn, Sensei Joey. Hopefully not too slowly."

            Olivia bowed, and stayed quiet. But the look of determination told Joey all he needed to know. Marcy ulped, and then bowed. She didn't know what Joey meant by Zen lessons.

            Kiel smiled at Joey. Lari still remembers that yas and Remmy joined their club'ouse when they were getting things started. 'e thinks of yas and yer son as friends.

            Rusty and Rick bowed in preparation for the training to come.

            Kiel publicly said, "Sometimes Ah think that Remmy and Red need to be training more than they do. They may be commanders, but yas are never too old to get training."

            Lari remarked, "Knuckletail got a mate? What a shame... Ah miss all the good times."

            "Remmy is not the only one that 'as a mate. The sons Rick and Ah 'ave together are good in their own ways. Ah was surprised that Star 'it it off with my Sensei's first-born, but they are good together. Elliot... chose 'is own path, though Ah've seen 'is son Oliver last Christmas after the wedding. 'as my Dad's look in 'is eye." He smiled, before Roofus mentally reminded him of something. He glanced at the Boomer Bracelet, then cleared his throat. "Okay... social 'our is over. First up is some basic stances and defensive throws." He then got into the first stance. "It may look clumsy but as long as yas keep yer feet aligned and land it right, it brings force to the offensive moves yas will learn next lesson."

            James got into the stance and felt the involuntary wobbling of the normal combat stance. "Whoa..." He managed to keep his balance.

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven -- The First Lesson Continues.

              "Thank you. Next?" said Marcy unintentionally quoting a song that came out when she was stuck in the Marcy Ball for nineteen years. She was doing it effortlessy. Affirmed Joey's decision for a Zen Lesson for her.

              Timmy fell on his butt and zipped up to get back up, and pretended that split-second fall never happened. Joey spotted that. "Ah'll let the correction slide this time, but next time it's five laps around the Simulation Dome... jogging at a 'uman slowmo's pace." He smirked, remembering how Mobians roll years ago... and seeing how Mobians rush around the Outback before.

              Olivia got in her stance in a less shaky manner. Her stance showed Joey that she was going to be best at kicking.

              Rick and Rusty performed better since they both worked out with Joey occasionally in the monsts prior. And then it was Lari's turn.

              Lari was about as balanced as James but as he felt a fall coming on, he felt magic holding him up which made him say, "Knotty? While Ah appreciate yer assistance; this is something Ah 'ave to do on my own. Besides, if Ah did fall, imagine 'ow provocative the position would be for the immoral mind."

              Knotty was floating to one side of Kiel as he said, "Sowwy. Its just that yas and yer mates were stuck in Pokeballs up until now. Imbalance should be expected. Not to mention, yer other trainer, Knuckles, whill likely wallop yer 'ide off when 'e gets 'is turn with yas."

              Kiel remarked, "Knuckles 'as another student who is the genetic son of Lari and Knuckles' 'imself up in Japan. My son, Deryk of Parousia, is keeping an eye on their activities occasionally. Michael Knight is recovering from severe injuries and those injuries were not caused by 'is genetic parent, Knuckles, either. Not my story to tell."

              Lari remarked, "For Knuckles to 'ave a son that looks completely 'uman must be a new experience for 'im."

              Joey grinned. "The Sheriff of Ottercrest has a Mobian son that looks completely 'uman aside from the size of 'is feet. Thirteen-and-a-'alf in adult shoe size, on a grammar school student. Looked like an Ah saw 'im at the Mayor's wedding on Christmas sitting next to a white hedgehog with ginger red streaks in his fur. Red of hair, look of mischief on 'is face. Definitely looked like my sensei if 'e 'ad lightened up before the twins." He then said. "Now try the stance with the opposite footing. Depending on whatever punches or blocks you will make the stance will be the most important, depending on which arm yas use, especially with the knee on the attacking or defending side being the only one bent."

              To one side of the training area, Nightflight and Kamen Ryuu watched the rangers in their training with Sensei Joey. Nightflight remarked, "They are making a good effort, Ernie." Kamen Ryuu grinned. "Thanks for delaying the Titans departure to listen to my idea, Dick. The Go-Rescue rangers never got to have a full visit with the toons back in the day and it isn't fair to them. Their demon-'unter counterparts got to see what a toon invasion was like; but the real McCoys were trapped in Pokeballs at the time and we didn't know it. Ah am requesting the next portion of our time 'ere on Earth or back 'ome to be spent with Go-Rescue. Give them the toon time that they 'ad missed from before. We can 'elp them with jobs and training 'ere on Earth and then we can share time with them back on Anime World where Dark Times citizens 'ave chosen to call 'ome. Pretty please, Dick... with cute dwaggy boy in the nude on top?"

              Nightflight rolled his eyes as he broke the fourth wall and said, "He knows what that kind of display does to a leader like me. That is why he is doing it." He then looked to Ernie and said, "We will have to get their mentors' permission to borrow them for your idea, Ernie."

              Kamen Ryuu did a happy dance with a cute smile. "Yas won't regret this, mate. Besides, we 'ave an Australia on Anime Masters that the Go-Rescue can make use of for their visit to our world. And... Sensei Battle Wolf would probably love to 'ave some students in 'is Dojo for a change."

              Nightflight sighed. "I am glad you didn't do this display to Crazy Kitty. She has enough stress to deal with. Especially when she couldn't find the last Pokeball."

              Lari stepped over to Nightflight and hugged him before kissing his beak. "We are not deaf, Richard. Ah am going to assume that Battle Wolf is the Anime Counterpart to Lexington Lonewolf who lives in Anime Masters' version of Australia. Joey would probably love to see Battle Wolf 'imself since 'e still feels guilt over 'aving failed Lexington before the end. Is the overgrown Care Bear Dragon also with 'im? As well as Anime Dylan Cougar?"

              Kamen Ryuu grinned again. "Anime Dylan is a Kamen Rider like Ah am. Ah got to ride next to 'im once. And yeah... Anime Seth Dragon is there too. Although Anime Joey would likely recognize 'uman Joey on sight even if 'e isn't at 'uman Joey's power level."

              Nightflight said, "Ever since Garth migrated back over to the original Toon Titans with Cyberbull, Crazy Kitty and the others, the Anime team has been just a bit more serious and less toony than it was before. Oh I don't miss the lame humor one bit. Toon Masters can keep Flittermouse for all I care. I think Labyrat feels the same way I do. Zale was asking me if I would be interested in joining the Furry League of Anime Justice (FLAGS) with him and his friends. And with the Anime Titans beginning to dissolve somewhat, I've been considering it."

              Lari sighed. "But Ah liked yas as a Titan, Nightflight. What does the Toony Titans 'ave that the Anime Titans doesn't?"

              Nightflight removed his mask for a moment before replying, "When we split the Titans to make way for better pastures... the main reason in my mind was that we were about to lose Kamen Ryuu out of our team. Labyrat whom had just married me agreed that we should go show Ernie our support in the new world. At first, more than a few of the Titans supported the idea. Then we had trouble establishing a headquarters and Ernie came to the rescue by being the only one with funds to establish a headquarters for the Titans. Then the second shocker occurred when we learned that Kitta had recruited Quicky and Redbreast into her version of the Titans. We felt sorry for Kitta since she braved the hyper fox when the rest of us were terrified of having him on the team. And the final nail in the Anime Titans occurred when Garth's new powers suddenly turned off without warning while he was fighting a villain and he had to have his arm replaced with a Skimplant Bionic replacement. And since he had to get something of that nature, that meant he had to return to Toon Masters to get Cyberbull's help is making the surgery work. Losing Shark Lad made me see the writing on the wall... The Anime Titans were about gone before it even got started. Then Zale pitched the new offer at me."

              Lari hugged Nightflight again. "But yas are one of my favorite Titans, Richard! Yas outlasted Flittermouse's abusive tongue just to give it all up now? That's like saying she was right!"

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight -- Building Confidence.

                Ernie removed his helmet. "Now you see why Ah was suggesting that the Titans Collective 'ang out with Go-Rescue for a while. Dick is in a corner. 'e is about to surrender the Titans all together since 'is vision of the dream is falling apart."

                Lari glanced at Kamen Ryuu and then Nightflight again. "Yas blokes went through 'ell and damnation of being back-up members and then through the corrupt Toon Master mice with Shticky Fox on yer side just to give up now? Ah won't let yas do it!"

                Blackall Suburb, Kangaroo Town, Mobian Australia; Planet Mobius.
                GO-Rescue Adventure Guild Station; Main Rescue Ranger House.

                Serving Dinner to the Collective Animated Titans group and Shticky Fox as well as themselves... Lari soon made the announcement to those gathered there what Nightflight had told him earlier. "Yes, Kitta, now yas are up to date on what is troubling yer colleague in crime fighting. 'e 'as found that 'is anime Titans team is falling apart and yer cousin 'as offered 'im a position in the Furry League of Anime Justice as a full member. Nightflight told me that 'e was considering it."

                Garth (Sharklad) was wearing civvies and a Skimplant Bionics-branded sling after the surgery; he had more recovery time than CyberBull had with his prosthetics, mainly because he had to have connections to his nerves that weren't already there. He was very lucky that CyberBull (with the help of Tornaduck and Atomic Squirrel) managed to salvage and add his original arm fin to his prosthesis. Sharklad said, "With all due respect to you, Kitta... I wanted to stay with the Anime Titans, and I didn't want to be transferred back to the Toons, however, the creators had plans to replace my arm after my arm got shattered when my Catniptonian powers failed. My intentions if my original arm was able to be healed, to transfer back to the Anime Titans. It still I get acclimated to my new arm. I still believe in Richard's vision." He didn't hold the order of forcing the procedure on him against Kitta; he was being too stubborn about his injury for his own good.

                Kitta was in awe. "Why didn't you communicate your issues to me on a private channel Richard? I could've seen if I could help you."

                "You were swamped with paperwork and being Leader even with help from me Redbreast and Static Hawk," The Star-Spangled Wolf interjected, "Unlike your cousin, you weren't created for both worlds."

                "Oh... that," Kitta moped.

                Nightflight replied, "I just wanted to participate in something important without having to be forced to be either serious or funny simply because a world demands it. And I certainly do not want to go back to Flittermouse. Lari is right on that front. Going back to Flittermouse would mean that I cannot function without her nagging me."

                Shticky Fox sipped his tea before saying, "Zale's offer to hire you into his Justice Furry Anime league is because he wants to raise his family with Rob Rabbit and thus, the JFA needs a leader to run it; he chose you, Richard; because he feels that you can handle it. But if you really want the Titans in your life, simply do what Zale did for you before you formed the titans... Agree to Sponsor the Titans as a mentor; that was Zale's role for you guys. Zale wanted you in the JFA during the promotions. But he was out-voted. He trusts you, Richard."

                Richard sighed as he slowly began to figure out what the toony fox was implying. Zale always supported Richard's dream of making the Titans into a real team. "Ernie... will you be the leader of the Anime Titans for a while? I have to decide what to do with my decision. Zale isn't expecting my answer right away and I do not want to make another mistake."

                Ernie grinned. "Ah am already mentoring the Anime Central Titans, those nice teenagers who agreed to be our backup members in the Anime Titans. Ricky wants me to be a Titans leader."

                Richard sighed as he looked at the toon dragon boy. "If the Titans is to become the dream I originally envisioned it to be, then the Titans needs to be active in all worlds, not just the Theatrical world or the Anime world. We will need a base that connects all of our allied worlds so planned assistance can be given when the other team needs extra help. Kind of a Justice Furries Academy comprised of the Titans and anyone else wanting a jump-starting location. And World-Wide, not just in Americat. We have a few non-Americatian team members whose home countries would likely appreciate their local heroes getting assistance for free, now and then."

                Lari smiled. "Now yas are talking like Ah've always seen yas do in the comic books. Planning winning strategies that the entire team can succeed in. Ah don't like to see yas all mopey."

                Rusty fed his white shadodrak some of his dinner. "Supporting our allies is part of what the Gaiden Outback Rescue Rangers do best." Drayce nodded his head up and down before slurping Rusty's face with his long tongue.

                Redbreast said, "I am willing to help get the dream in order, Richard. But giving up is never the answer. If Zale really needs your help, then perhaps you should give leading the JFA a trial run and if it doesn't work out, then you can tell Zale what happened before you return to the Titans full time."

                Richard grinned. "Flittermouse took a turn at filling in for Zale one time; we backup members had to be point-blank with her on the satellite the whole time. Veronica wanted to push her out the air-lock and Billy threatened to sing at her if she didn't shut up. Kitta is lucky she was never a JFA backup member. We were treated like garbage until Zale offered to help me get the Titans running. His exact words were that the backup members needed their own team; just to preserve our sanity."

                Lord Kiel then said, "Ah get a second chance with my original Outback Rescue and Ah plan on doing it right this time, mates. Second chances don't come along every day; they are like getting yer second wind. If the Titans are getting a second chance, then count yerselves lucky that yas 'ave a chance to make things right the second time through. If yas would like to see what a second chance might be like if yas were to do it over again, maybe yas should talk to Ernie's father, Magi Dragon; and 'ave 'im show yas what a successful Titans team could be like if yas gots a way to turn back time and find a way... to take back those words to hurt yas today. Starting over might be better the second time through but yas might lose a few things yas earned through 'ard work up to now. And to give yas Titans an idea on what Ah mean, Ah 'ave already spoken to Peter 'ancock Devlin and Ah got 'im to prepare a vision orb where yas could look in on Universe Two as opposed to the Universe yer in right now to show yas what a revision of the Toon Titans would be like. Yas might see that yer better off with the experiences yas earned up to now." He reached into his pouch and pulled out a crystal orb and he handed it to Richard. "Yas and Kitta should view this privately."

                ((To see what Richard and Kitta view in the Orb, please refer to TTR-01 Sidekicks No More.))

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Three.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Poachers and Puns.