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[2T-PR1] PRGO-02 A Weekend in Paradise

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    [2T-PR1] PRGO-02 A Weekend in Paradise

    Episode Two -- A Weekend in Paradise.
    Written by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf

    Starring, Power Rangers Gaiden Outback - GO-RESCUE:
    Lari Knight, Echidna Rescue Ranger Red (the founder)
    Timmy Celeron, Hedgehog Rescue Ranger Blue (the Sonic the Hedgehog fan)
    James Hansen, Croc Rescue Ranger Green (the club artist)
    Olivia Banks, Riflebird Rescue Ranger White (the martial artist)
    Marcy White, Bat Rescue Ranger Onyx (a tomboy)
    Rusty St. John, Skunk Rescue Ranger Silver (Delivery Boy/Sorcerer)
    Rick Ranger, Kitsune Rescue Ranger Gold (Were-Otter/Were-Kangaroo)

    Other Heroes:
    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger
    Geoffrey St. John, Silver Mobian Skunk Ranger

    Known Allies:
    Kiel Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the three musketeers.
    Studpaw Also known as 'Studdy' He is the only non-were in the Musketeers. He is married to Rusty St. John.
    Roolock He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft. Although recently, he is helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lord Pouchlaw He is the Academy master of Kangaroo Dreamtime Lords. He is married to Raymond Lonewolf in the United States. But he is on call when needed.
    Lord Parcelpaw He is a Dreamtime Lord that governs over the Courier Roo services, and observes the training of select cases involving the students in his sponsored dorm. Thought of as the Dreamtime equivalent of the Postmaster General, by some.
    Lady Amaza She is a Dreamtime Lord whom rules over the Dreamtime Amazonians. Helpful with her follower's needs if one of her followers' abilities involve special treatment.
    Lady Riff She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises. In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member. In this future, he is a Courier Kangaroo himself by choice.
    Nitro the Hedgehog This is a Mobian Hedgehog whom enjoys having his mind in the gutter, and is married to Timmy after a mishap Uncle Sonic knows about all too well.
    Drayce the White Shadodrak This creature was purchased from a bazaar planet merchant in the Frontier sector who has an uncanny ability to track any target he overhears his master's friends talking about. His master is currently Rusty St. John.
    Raymond Lonewolf: Former head of the F.B.I. in the United States, Retired. Married to Lord Pouchlaw.
    Kavan Kincaid Knight, Kangaroo Kid: Younger brother to Lari Knight.
    Lady Parcelpouch: Chief Kangaroo Courier Lady, daughter of Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw.
    Commander Remington "Remmy" Stryfe: Trainer, Were-Kangaroo son of Eryk "Joey" Stryfe.
    Commander Thunderpaw: Were-Kangaroo sheila trainer; assigned to train Elysia and Denise.
    Wildwind: Were-Horse Blacksmith.
    Matthew Starbuck Ward: a cousin of Duncan Ward's from Bennet Valley, Arkansas.
    Jazco Donkey: Were-Donkey brother to Jocko Donkey.
    Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf and Silver: Devlin's 'uncle,' Sheriff of Ottercrest and a Elite among officers of Tatsu-Lan.
    Stats: Were-Dingo bookie for the gaming circuit.
    Cosmo Hooper: Were-Rabbit gamer.
    Black Scale: Paragon Black Dragon General - Merchantile Supplier.
    Dr. Eric Morgan: a childhood friend of Devlin's from River Bluff; herd alpha were-horse and professional hometown doctor.
    Roule Formerly Valiance Knightmane of Fairdale, Pennsylvania, USA; a Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo; mated to Hoplight, a Were-Wallaby. He runs the Dreamtime Paradise Parlor.
    Known Villains:
    All War Factions: Kangaroo, Dingo, Croc, and Spider
    Dragon Warriors of New Tatsu-Lan: a particularly nasty lot whom see humans as nothing more than a sexual play toy.
    June 22nd, 2029
    Chapter One: Friday Night in Paradise, Part 1.

    Roule's Paradise Parlor; Dreamtime Middle Lands

    While Elysia's game was occurring downstairs, The entire Go-Rescue team entered the Paradise Parlor under the direction of Roolock, his sons, his wife; and an entire throng of Were-Otter sailor boys. Denise immediately went over and drew Rick and Star aside and quietly explained that Devlin had a love-crush on Star and was nervous about approaching the handsome otter captain. She then headed off to use the toilet.

    Rick and Star walked over to Devlin where Rick said, "Your friend Denise said you were interested in my son, Devlin. Since we came here tonight to party, I will give you permission to be a gentleman to Star although he gets frisky now and then."

    Star smiled as he shook Devlin's hand. "Oy mate! I didn't know you were admiring my bouncy body. Where have you been hiding yourself at? My dad is your element instructor."

    "America's 'eartland for many years, far from distant shores... recently the New Blackall Academy and my Father's station when Ah train." Devlin said with a warm smile, relieved he didn't have to wait a year to meet Star. "Not much admiring yer bouncy body as much as enjoying 'earing about yer 'eroics on the 'igh seas." Though he didn't like sailing that much (Fire elemental's weakness is water-based), Devlin heard a lot of them when he shared a bed with him on the first round.

    Star smiled as he gave the young adult a fond hug. "Since you have heard of my tales of daring-do, I have to obey the rules of dating. My father said I should alweays tell someone I like that I am a Were-Otter with intermingled Were-Kangaroo genetics. Behold." And he bounced on his tail to show off his expertise. "I need to go see father tomorrow so I can find out how fat his tail is. I see Roule got his disco ball working. Strange it doesn't seem to be running on electricity." He was ever so hyper.

    Shortly after the Go-Rescue team entered the nightclub, another young man sneaked in wearing a hooded gray cloak as he made his way to the gaming room door and down the stairs to go watch the Trapper's Run game in progress (If only his mum knew...)

    Rusty and Drayce were playing escort to the rest of the Go-Rescue team as he gave them the short tour of the upstairs hot spots before getting as table to set up his location services for customers. Lari spoke to Roule at the bar. "'iya cuz."

    Roule grinned at Lari. "Yas finally came out of the woodwork. Yer lucky yas didn't come in tomorrow night; Cary and Col. North come in on Saturday Nights and 'ad yas been in 'ere on that night, Cary would be freaking out and fearing that North would dump 'im for yas."

    Lari said, "No offense to North, but Ah don't know 'im that well. And Ah will be busy on Saturday night. Yer lucky to be getting me tonight. Roolock is treating my team to a reward outing for doing so well with our lessons and studies."

    Roule asked, "What exactly 'appened to bring yas and yer team to the future?"

    Lari replied, "Right after we became associated with Auranea Devlin, Kiel gave us a rescue outing and and we fell into an Ogma and Robotnik trap. When we were revived, it was June of 2029 and we were 'ere. Ogma had pulled our 'untsmen out of us and gave them replacement 'uman forms so no one would know that we were no longer personally within our bodies. As a second chance, Kiel said that we were now the Go-Rescue team instead of Outback Rescue."

    Roule smiled. "Order up, cuz. Ah'll serve yas and yer team whatever yas blokes want."

    Lari smiled. "Ah think my team just wants to relax for a bit. Is there a 'and'eld recharing port in 'ere. Ah promised Timmy that Ah would ask. 'is primary 'and'ald needs 'elp."

    Roule grinned as he pointed down the bar toward a recharging station. "Right down there, Lari."

    James hummed. "It seems that Master Sakar got to Sensei, considering 'ow long 'e was in the curse." He was clarifying to Timmy why Lexington meant no ill will. "Yas remember the stories Joey said a few... er... almost a couple decades ago. Now that Sherwood explained some things, there wouldn't be much of a problem." His order was a proper English tea. He missed afternoon tea with his parents and Preston.

    Timmy shrugged. "I know he met well. It's just the way he looked. He was hiding some sort of pain."

    Olivia said. "All of us have a bit of pain within us, Timmy. Some are better at hiding it than others, and some don't hide it at all."

    Marcy was the one partying with the Were-Otter sailors. "Woo! Can I get a Rum and Coke?"

    "Miss," said the server and mate to Roule, Hoplight. He was very recognizable for wearing a bowtie around his neck. "Roule will allow anyone to drink 'ere as long as yas drink responsibly. Some disreputable individuals might take advantage of yas if yas get drunker than a skunk. Just remember that on Earth, yas look like a younger teenager."

    "What does that suppose to mean?" smirked Marcy. "Though time stood still for me for eighteen years, I am over thirty."

    "Just reminding you of the laws of yer land," Hoplight said, jotting down the Rum and Coke order. "Remember that outside of Dreamtime, if yas can't drink at an Australian bar or public 'ouse until yas 'ave an ID that can prove yas are over eighteen years of age. Australian laws are that strict." He bowed. "Just making sure yas are informed of the difference, sheila." He then hopped over to place drink orders with his mate, then check on Roolock and his family.

    Roule began making the order immediately. He loved seeing new rangers getting in safe trouble. Sheilas rarely ended up in the intoxication trouble room. But when it happened... giggle.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Checking on Elysia (Vlad.)

    Lari along with Stickylock and Lunarpouch had gone down into the gaming room; Lari soon said, "This doesn't look like any arcade Ah 'ave ever seen before. Where are the video machines?"

    Lunarpouch giggled. "Wrong type of gaming room, Lari. Think old time casino. Stickylock and Ah came to check the scoreboard for Trapper's Run."

    Stickylock said, "Don't look now, bro, but Ah see Vlad Devlin amongst the crowd. The bloke must of escaped from 'ome to get away from doing chores on a Friday night. If 'is mum finds out 'e came to the Paradise Parlor, 'e will punish the poor joey for sure. For the record Lari, Vlad acts like a younger version of Joseph Devlin before 'e went off to Anime World."

    Lari said, "Let me guess... yer never going to be as great as Sibling Name AND Sibling Name; Yas cannot 'andle power like that."

    Lunarpouch nodded his muzzle. "That's it exactly, mate. Just like Joseph; and Deryk Devlin probably 'as no idea 'e is doing it. Acting just like 'is father Dirk."

    Lari arched an eye. "Ah thought Deryk Devlin's father was Lord Kiel."

    Stickylock smiled. "If 'e was Lord Kiel's son, 'e would be a Were-Kangaroo right now. Deryk swears up and down that 'e 'as embraced 'umanity. No son of Lord Kiel would claim that, so that makes 'im Dirk's son while Joseph was Kiel's son. That's why we defend Joseph every time when the topic lands on either Deryk 'imself or any of 'is worthless 'uman get. Every once in a while, one of the get starts displaying traits similar to Joseph AND Lord Kiel. Vlad is one of these cases. That is why 'e gets treated like out'ouse manure or a slave at 'ome."

    Lunarpouch nodded his muzzle again. "That's Right; just like Joseph got treated."

    Lari went over to where Vlad was standing as he grabbed the boy by one arm and turned him to face himself. "Vlad..."

    Vladimir Cutter Devlin turned pale when he saw whom he thought had caught him. "Cary! Ah can explain! Please don't report my being 'ere to my mum!"

    Lari chuckled as he said, "Ah am not Cary. Take a closer look, Vlad. Ah am Lari of the Rescue Rangers."

    Vlad saw that it was true. "But Ah don't get it; Cary and North searched the whole continent and all the surrounding islands and three quarters of Dreamtime for yas. When they couldn't find yas, yas were declared dead. But 'ere yas are. Is this a Roolock trick as 'e is fond of doing to mortals?"

    Lari said, "No, even though 'e would be impressed that yas thought 'e was involved, not this time. The Mobian Demon Lord Ogma captured the Rescue Rangers and 'ad us trapped in a dungeon in Robotnik's fortress on Planet Mobius. We were stuck in our Mobian forms; Now listen to me for this is very important; never tell Cary nor North that yas saw me. Do this for me and Ah promise to 'elp yas get out of yer unfair chores back at the Devlin 'ouse'old. Ah will let yas 'ang out with the Go-Rescue Rangers at our station in Kangaroo Town. Yas will tell yer mum that a Dreamtimer 'ired yas to work at a station that 'e owns and to prove yas could be responsible with an offer, yas chose to accept it. Once a week, we will make sure yas get a decent wage as proof of yer job; but in truth, yas won't be doing anything except 'anging out with the rest of us. Do we 'ave a deal?"

    Vlad smiled. "Ah accept, Lari. Anything to be rescued from the 'otel California governed over by my mum The Nightman. Um... Ah bet my last dollar on number Four, the cunt boy whom is currently about to win the current gaming run."

    Lari took a look over the railing down toward the gaming board and he located Number Four; he quickly tore his eyes away. "Vlad... That is a sheila. Worse, it is Elysia Le Fauve of the Trigram Boomer Ranger team. Ah am too decent to look a Sheila's naked body. What were the odds on 'er?"

    Vlad smiled. "Yer Lari all right. The odds were at 'Twelve thousand seven hudred fifty five to One'. Even if Ah lose, its only a dollar. But she is doing so well."

    Lari went down to the Were-Dingo Bookie. "'ello mate. Ten dollars on the sheila; luck only goes so far. And twenty on the Were-Rabbit, twenty on the Were-Deer and five on the Were-Kangaroo. My money is good, isn't it?"

    Stats made the same recognition mistake that Vlad had made. "Sure thing, Cary. Yer money is always good with us. So yas think the sheila is going to botch the the game at the end?"

    Lari smiled. "She is playing too well; either she 'as found a way to cheat or she 'ad sex with one of the referees in the judges tower."

    Stats filed the bet made as Lari mentally told Lunarpouch to teleport into the judges tower and have them shuffle the final question deck since a patsy cheater was suspected in the game. Moments later, the final question deck had been shuffled meaning that if there was a cheater, they would not receive the question they were expecting and their nearly perfect run would be cut short. And then Elysia arrived at the final game board square and the final super hard question was directed to her.

    Much to Lari's surprise, she got it completely right. He then turned around to look at Stats. "As Ah said, luck only runs so far. Ah predict she won't compete in the tournament."

    When the full game ended, Lari and Vlad both received their winnings before they departed just seconds before Rad arrived to get his winnings.

    The two rejoined Roolock's sons as they departed the gaming room quite happily. Meeting up with Roolock, Lari said, "Ah 'ired Vlad Devlin to 'ang out at our station to rescue 'im from 'is cruel and in'umane chores at 'ome; Joseph style. 'e 'as agreed not to tell Cary nor North that 'e saw me in exchange for my offer to rescue 'im from the crap they are unfairly making 'im do."

    Roolock then placed an enchantment on Vlad. "From now on, if yer mum tries to ground yas with an unfair punishment, yas will automatically get teleported straight to Lari's team station into a room reserved for yas. Right after yer rescue, Kiel and Ah will 'ave a talk with yer mum."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: The Sonic Debate.

      A War Factions Were-Dingo was speaking to Timmy when he saw that the young man had a Sonic the Hedgehog handheld in use. "So, mate; whom is faster, Sonic or one of those Courier Roos?"

      "On a good day and if Sonic doesn't have a power-up ring, it would be too close to tell," Timmy grinned. "They'd be neck and neck as far as I know. But I heard the Mobians haven't been around in years."

      The War Factions Were-Dingo said, "Word is that a 'uman whom 'ad joined the famed couriers 'ad the fastest time on record right under Parcelpaw 'imself, until several Kangaroo Couriers out of jealousy wiped the former speed record scored by the 'uman down by one second. And word also says that the 'uman would 'ave 'ad a better time score except two deliberate distractions intervened in his prime run. So if this 'uman were to make the run fresh without the two deliberate obstacles, 'e would reclaim 'is record breaking run. Anyway, 'ave fun with yer game, Sonic. Ah'm gonna go get a drink and then 'ead down to the gaming parlor. Ah need to go get my 'and'eld recharged down there anyways." And he walked off.

      "I heard about that human, too..." said Timmy, remembering the obstacle course quite well and remembering what the Courier Masters General said. Maybe with the training he's been getting from Lexington, he may be able to beat it... his hair drooped down as he looked in his drink; he forgot he let it down to go to the Parlor. "But maybe it's time for a change before I take on that course again." He then looked up... "where's that friend that dares to call me 'Cuddle-buns?'"

      Lari was standing at Roolock's table with Stickylock and Lunarpouch; Rusty and Drayce had been performing location services all night for various customers at a nearby table. Rick had used the location services earlier to located a few important friends he needed to get a hold of.

      Roolock grinned. "Ah see Sonic glancing this way. Ah thought 'e would be busy with that 'and'eld all night."

      Lari grinned back. "'ave yas seen the others since we came in 'ere? James, Marcy and Olivia just seemed to have disappeared once we entered the Paradise Parlor."

      Just then Were-Donkey Lord Tarnado walked by handing out candy canes to everyone he encountered in the nightclub. "Fresh 'arvest, my friends," he said as he headed over toward Roule and his group. Lunarpouch licked on his candy cane with a smile. "Sure am glad we didn't miss this tonight." YUMMY!

      Marcy was still celebrating with the Otters that weren't Star or Jettail. She was having a good time, though hearing about how old she was physically from Hoplight made them a tiny bit more respectful.

      Speaking of the Were-Otter Captain, he and a redhead that looked similar to Sensei Lonewolf were sitting together at a a table, and enjoying each other's company.

      Master Sakar teleported in and brought James to a table. Remembering the credit he has done to the Crocaroo Cadets years before, he found great interest in the human's well-being. And it helped that the Magical Crocodile Lord didn't dress in severe robes like when he fought against the evil Holy Pouch; the one that called herself 'Mom.'

      Olivia was talking kindly to a Were-Kangaroo; she curiously licked the candy cane given to her from Tarnado and smiled. "This is pretty good! Have you ever tried such a sweet tasting confection like this?"

      The Were-Kangaroo nodded his head as he licked on his own. "Oh sure, sheila. Tarnado brings in sugar cane from the plantation every Friday night. Of course, 'is Captain Saul Sugarhoof operates the chocolate factory in the Were-Donkey Realm. Captain Sugarhoof comes in on Saturday nights to distribute the chocolate candy bars for good customers. The story goes that the bloke was once 'uman and 'e fell in love with another were-donkey who later regretted converting Saul over to the braying side of the moon. Tarnado told the plantation worker to go into the nearby mountains to meditate for divine guidance and once 'e got 'is answer, 'e could return to the plantation. In the years after the Were-Donkey plantation worker was gone, Saul rose up through the ranks and was even dating other jacks and jennies before Tarnado promoted 'im to Captain. And on that day, 'e asked Tarnado if 'e could open and operate a Chocolate factory. The planatation were-donkey worker never returned. Some say he died in the mountains or the better scenario... 'e crossed the border and simply ran away from the embarassment of converting a 'uman who loved 'im. If 'e died, then 'is bones are up on the mountain; otherwise, the bloke went to another Were-Donkey realm or per'aps better still started a realm of 'is own. Tarnado knows the story better than Ah do, sheila. if yer curious, 'e might share the tale with yas. Yas are one of Dad's Rangers, after all."

      Sherwood and Lord Kiel then approached Lari and Roolock. "Inform your club friends not to get into anything sticky nor impregnating tonight, Lari," said the Holy Pouch. "I have a mission for the team come the morning. It is time to go see where the fake Pouchsong stashed the real one at while he impersonated Kiel's son at the academy. Think you guys are up for that kind of adventure?"

      Lari grinned. "Ah know Ah am; the others spread like mayonnaise on a slice of sandwich bread after we came in 'ere. Contrary to popular belief, Sherwood, we do NOT live up each others' tails. But... could yas imagine a tail on the girls...?" He winked with a giggle. His immoral side was really showing since the full moon was rapidly approaching.

      Roolock then said, "Sakar took James over to a private table to talk to 'im about the changes in citizenship rights for the Were-Crocodile Realm. Marcy is over with that large group of Were-Otters. Olivia is chatting with that Were-Kangaroo Scout originating from Lord Tailblaze's realm. Rusty and Drayce are performing their location services as they often do. Timmy is standing right over there. Ah saw a War-Factions Dingo chatting with 'im about something Sonic the 'edge'og related earlier. Rick is spending some personal time with Joey."

      Lord Kiel said, "Thank yas for keeping tabs on this bunch, Roolock; Ah owe yas for this. Ah let the team down the first time; Ah don't want to fail them again."

      Sherwood said, "The first time around was a trying time for you, father. You can hardly be blamed for the demons running rampant in the Outback originally. And with the Devlin Demon Hunters about non-existent at the time, the demons felt that they could get away with anything; and they often did. They even found a way to breach the anti-spirit deterrent fence."

      Stickylock and Lunarpouch were suddenly hugging Lari from both sides. "Since we know yas cannot be in 'ere on Saturday night, mate, We're going to see about getting some Chocolate Candy bars from Captain Sugarhoof for every member of yer team. We will be in 'ere tomorrow night." Lari said to his friends, "Tell me again why Ah cannot be 'ere on a Saturday night?" Lunarpouch replied, "Because Cary Liontail and Col. North Lonewolf will see yas for sure if yer 'ere. Yas wanted to avoid them for now." Lari nodded his head. "Yeah, them..."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: The Midnight Hour is Soon at Hand.

        Just before Midnight, Rusty with Drayce quickly approached Lari and in one swift motion, Rusty pulled Lari's hood up over his head. "We need to get the team out of 'ere, Red Ranger; Rusty suddenly informed me that Cary and North were on their way to the Pleasure Parlor right now. Seems that someone whom 'ad seen the team together spoke to the wrong person about it and they got word to North about the sighting. If 'e catches us in 'ere, 'e will dump Cary in a flash going back to the old 'can tell the real yas from Cary' lie that 'e still believes in today. Before North met Cary, 'e 'ad never met the real yas at all. It was Cary from the first day 'e met 'im. By then, Yas were already Robotnik's prisoner; yer whole team was."

        Lari looked to Roolock. "Like rats deserting the sinking ship, we just ran out of time, Roolock. North some'ow found out we were in 'ere. We need to gather the team and teleport back to Kangaroo Town."

        Roolock groaned. "It was so much easier to keep secrets in the old days. Okay, Ah am glad Ah tagged yas and yer teammates with a retraction teleporter. Ah don't care whom they are with right now; we 'ave to leave. Ah will politely inform Sakar that we are about to vamoose back to the Absolute Zero. Ah can even bring 'im along if 'e needs extra time with James."

        Politely each GO-Ranger and any guest they were spending time with were all transported out of the Paradise Parlor...

        Midnight at the Absolute Zero; Kangaroo Town.

        Lord Kiel hopped over to the Zero owner/bartender and explained why they had to teleport into the club that suddenly. "This is not a raid, so calm yer clients, please."

        The Hell Were-Kangaroo known as Zero got up on the bar counter and using his microphone, he said, "Calm down, mates! We are not in any trouble! Lord Kiel and Roolock 'ad to move their party out of the Paradise Parlor to avoid a nasty conflict!" He then hopped back down to the floor behind the bar counter.

        Lari kept his hood up for now. "Ah really owe yas for that fast warning, Rusty. We do not need to be meeting with North this soon. Even Ah know the Dreamtime laws; if 'e married Lord Liontail, then 'e is stuck with it unless one of the two dies permanently or North files for divorce before making a move on another person. Ah was told that even Joey and Bindi knew the Dreamtime Laws back in the old days. They just never quoted them openly since it was no one's business unless the victim 'ad mated with a Dreamtime Lord."

        Rusty nodded his head. "Ah remember that Sherwood said we 'ad a mission in the morning; and we need to be free for that. Ah will go claim a new table and perform Location Services for the locals. And Lari, extra warning, the Absolute Zero clients are far more dangerous than the War Factions are. Yas can chat with these people but for Gods sake, mate... Keep it in yer pouch; don't be a Leaper."

        lari grinned as he got that warning from Rusty before he went to repeat that warning to all members of his team.

        Zero smiled at Rusty. "We don't get yer services in 'ere that often, Rusty. But yer as welcome as Lord Kiel and Roolock are."

        Rusty smiled. "Thanks, Zero. Ah'll 'ave a glass of Orange Juice and Drayce will 'ave a glass of Kerosene."

        James said, "Kerosene? Isn't that a fluid used in lamps? Are yas crazy, Rusty?"

        Sakar hissed as he looked towards James. "The Kerosene is not toxic to Shadodraks or dragons. It's the usual for those scaled creatures." He then shot a glance towards Roolock. "Could Ah 'andle my own teleportation next time, Roolock. Ah respect this team was in a 'urry considering that Agent Lonewolf's git nephew doesn't need to see that Lari."

        "Git-nephew?" Timmy echoed. "I think we need a bit of a rewind... Agent Lonewolf's nephew?"

        Sherwood then said, "What Sakar is referring to is something that the Dream Master told all of the Lords and Ladies of Dreamtime back in the latter days of the Power Rangers Shark Squadron. The year was roughly early 2009, the Shark Squadron's adventure was about to wind down and the Kamen Rider Mascot had not started yet. They were still in the process of getting their gear and rider belts created. Dr. Victor Cody, a research design specialist was developing a FTL Warp Drive engine nicknamed as Project: Stellar Drive. Had it been completed successfully, America would have had interstellar access to FTL Stellar Warp Drive capabilities. Due to some sort of sabotage the night before the publicly televised testing of the new warp drive engine, Bryan Roeley strapped into the Stellar Pilot's seat was smiling and enthusiastic waiting for the signal for the test firing to be conducted. Shortly after activation, something went wrong and the entire engine which was normally anchored down to the testing platform broke its mooring struts and it lifted the seat and young man up into the air shortly before the stellar warp thrust activated prematurely and... he was launched without a space suit through the upper atmosphere. He passed through Trask-34 an old star gate satellite and splash landed on a world known as Los T'erath. Back on Earth, the Shark Squadron had been called in because of the new hole in the Ozone cause by the accident. Dr. Cody was distraught over his concern for Bryan and the bitch member of the Shark Squadron accused him of not taking sefety precautions seriously. Her interview was not being televised; so when Dr. Cody lost his temper and accused the Power Rangers of being menaces to mankind and if they were not going to help rescue that brace young man he would blow up Atlantis with a nuke, the female Shark Squadron member quickly became the target of several armed soldiers whom all point their rifles at her. The Shark Squadron were then asked to leave the testing site after she had made that accusation and since they had no intention of rescuing Bryan Roeley. Then Ray Lonewolf former head of the FBI sent in a Suicide Squad not to rescue the young man, but to retrieve a government spy satellite that had passed through Trask-34. Dr. Cody was told that the rescuers were going after Bryan. They lied to him."

        Sherwood then continued, "One of the Suicide Squad's volunteer members was North Lonewolf's own father as a means of getting rid of him; the man was on the verge of taking North away from Ray's tutelage. The rescue squad launched and nearly fried their own superior officers." He giggled at that point. "Upon Los T'erath, they managed to find the Spy Satellite and they also found Bryan Roeley alive. However, the atmosphere had transformed him from a human into a Spacer Reindeer. He was reluctant to give up the Reindeer form because it made him feel important. All but one of the rescue squad were also transformed into random spacer animal species. During the final moments after the Dream Master moved all good citizens away from Los T'erath and to the Constellation of Leo, Daniel Lonewolf had an argument over the open communications channel for all to hear that North was created from Daniel's seed and the eggs from Ray's former wife, Erin Lonewolf. North grew up thinking that Ray was his father; but he isn't. Daniel is the boy's father. And Daniel is still alive. As is Bryan Roeley."

        Lari made a face after hearing everything Sherwood the Pouch just said. "I didn't know the Lonewolf family was so messed up. Hopefully Sensei Lonewolf isn't like Ray."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Relaxing at Ground Zero.

          Lord Kiel grinned. "Lexington is far better than Ray. The stupid FBI man came down under once and befell the demon Kangaroo known falsely as 'Mom'. 'e 'ad to spend time as a regular talking Kangaroo until Ray apologized to Lexington and Seth. Cary was being a lordly prick back then 'imself."

          Lari hummed. "Okay.. Ah think we should try to 'ave some fun while we still 'ave some night 'ours left to us. At least we got a 'istory lesson, eh Timmy?"

          Sakar added, "Agent Lonewolf has since turned over a new leaf with the help of Lord Pouchlaw, and the old duff saw something in the prick and mated with 'im. He recently had his own accident by drinking the old duff's youth potion and now the Retired FBI git is facing first puberty again."

          Timmy hugged Lari in a slightly more-than-friendly manner. "Something we know that not everybody does. It's a good history lesson, Lari."

          James hummed, and started to sketch Master Sakar. "The lighting gives you a interesting look, Master Sakar. Your august appearance looks very interesting at this angle."

          Marcy said. "Agent Lonewolf's facing puberty again?" she couldn't help but laugh. "That must be priceless."

          A human male in a suit and tie was drinking Tennessee Whiskey next to Marcy at the bar when he heard her laugh. "Another part to that story is... that Agent prick got demoted by the President from head of the entire FBI to a Branch Unit Chief, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff pressured him into going along with their ideas were asked for their resignations by the President. The Agent spent several years restoring a branch after a terrorist attack that killed several Agents, leaving his nephew/son in the care of one of his cousins in the Outback." The human looked up from his spot at the bar, and it was a teenage redhead who looked as young as North during the time of Boomer Force with eyes much more severe than Sensei Lonewolf's in his teen years. He was there to celebrate the birth of a rare Lonewolf daughter; first one since his Aunt Tessie. "Yeah.. I was that prick agent. Retired FBI Agent Raymond Lonewolf; its a pleasure to meet you. Zero, I'll think I'll have a second round this time, please."

          Marcy was stopped cold when she heard the boy's name.

          Sherwood then said, "Had we known you were in here, Ray, we could have made that explanation a little nicer; but we re-told it as the Dream Master had related it to those in the Dreamtime. And for the Record, Dr. Cody allowed himself to be rescued by the Key Master where he resides with Bryan Roeley and the others in space. Bryan occassionally patrols the entire West coast of America in his guise as Buck Runner. He has a team of Kamen Riders. He is the Reindeer of course; his younger nephew Brian 2 is the Rabbit Runner; Daniel is the Dragon Runner; Paul is the Hound Runner. The remainder of the former Suicide Squad chose to become new Power Rangers Solaris for the new world. The Runner Riders have had a few fights against the Werewolves. Paul fared the best when a Werewolf alpha cut a deal with the Hound Runner whom seemed to have the aura of a powerful wolf. The Runner Riders get updates from this one Canadian Werewolf pack in regards to the European Werewolf invasion."

          Lord Kiel then said, "Ah don't think there is a nicer way to explain that fiasco. 'ad North actually been Ray's son, then 'e wouldn't be pulling this 'Ah can tell the difference between the real Lari and Cary' shit that 'e 'as still not dropped after all these years. Raymond never acted that way, at least Ah don't think 'e 'ad."

          "Neither had my kid brother. He wouldn't have mated in that early of an age; he would be too busy exploring other cultures. I was sterile when I asked Daniel for his help in making a son," Agent Lonewolf said, not requiring an apology for the views on his past behavior. "It's the combination of watching his mother wither and die and my state of mind after the funeral that might've caused such shit to develop. He lost both his parents the day Erin passed on, and I took away his real father to keep a titanium grip on my sanity and sense of family. Like his Uncle, he clinged on to a false reality that just wasn't there. Even after Daniel told North that he is his son."

          Marcy tilted her head. "Sorry we were talking about you like that. Before we came and pissed in your cornflakes - so to speak - why were you here drinking the hard stuff?"

          "Pouchlaw gave birth to a daughter recently; she was conceived during my youth-induced frenzy after I drank his youth formula." He then smiled nervously. "It's rare for a Lonewolf girl to be born, and I don't know how to raise daughters."

          Sherwood then said, "There is a way to get around the North issue. It wouldn't be the first time I've had to alter time to help the heroes. In fact, I did it just a few hours ago on an unrelateed subject. All I would have to do is alter the randomness of chance in the past and then simply protect number two within an alternate environment. I have been a lot more active than the Devlin clan ever had been. I will have to let the Dream Master and the Mystic Force know what I am planning but over all, a new Ranger can be born."

          Lord Kiel then said, "Do be careful, son. Ah know what yas 'ave planned and it needs to be done as cautiously as possible and yas cannot let the former know about the twin brother or there will be problems. For some reason, Outback North is rather flaky but Ah suppose that 'as to do with the upbringing involved. So what will the twin brother's name be? That is sorta important."

          Sherwood replied, "I was thinking Caesar Aaron Lonewolf. His middle name sounds very much like the mother whom he would never get to know. Therefore, it becomes a connection name."

          Roolock grinned. "Screw around too much and the locals will accuse yas of being my son."

          Agent Lonewolf smiled genuinely for the first time in a while. "I hope they are ready for more Lonewolf... and the boy doesn't develop the angry tear those born with Dragonheart blood tend to get, and there's one in the area. At the very least, Lexington and Chip both cooled their jets when they had children to raise. Lexington has double trouble, yet he raised them well. Chip getting his turn to raise Huxton is the best thing that ever happened to him." He then chuckled realizing some irony. "Aaron... it's a double connection, Lord Sherwood; the other brother that cut ties with the Lonewolf clan... his name is Aaron."

          Roolock privately thought at Sherwood, {Yer learning; given them a name to think about and then not use the name at all.}

          Sherwood mentally grinned at the Immoral Kangaroo Warlock. {I had to learn something from my mother. The real name I am thinking is Axel West Lonewolf.}

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Games Teenagers Play.

            Lari had taken Timmy with him through a door in the back of the Absolute Zero where they found a Cyber Cafe environment set up with both Dreamtime Roos and Devi-Roos communicating with nice boys and girls around the world. "Look it, Timmy. A place to charge yer 'and'eld."

            At that moment, a large Were-Kangaroo Boomer approached Lari and sniffed him. "Good... Ah thought yas were Cary for a moment. 'ello mother!" And the Were-kangaroo hugged Lari tightly. "Yas probably don't remember me. Ah am yer son through Lord Phase'opper. Ah am called Southpaw. Ah usually 'ang out in Silver Plains where Ah keep an eye on Timmy's brother and 'is chilren. They call me Uncle Southy. Ah never expected to see yas in the Zero tonight. Damn! Yas must 'ave foung the fountain of youth; yas look younnger than me and Ah am yer son."

            Lari hugged Southpaw in return. "Please do not tell Cary nor North where yas saw me tonight. While Ah am the real Lari, Ah am not the Lari/cary he knows. Yas can tell Phase'opper, but make sure 'e knows not to blab this in public. As for Robert; Timmy was wondering where 'is brother was living."

            Southpaw made the cross motion over his pouch, "Ah'm no blabber, mom. Ah swear on a stack of bibles and cross my pouch."

            "You definitely have the Knight expression in your face, Southpaw," smiled Timmy. "Yas probably know the me that embraced the Hedgehog, but I'm Timmy, your mother's best friend." Then he felt the stirring once again. "You defintitely sound almost like you... are a choir joey with the bible reference."

            Southpaw smiled. "Mrs. Celeron makes sure the whole family including yers truly gets Sunday school bible study in the Celeron 'ouse'old in Silver Plains. Ah really don't mind since their three children love 'anging out with the nice Were-Kangaroo Uncle. Mrs. Celeron knows that Ah originally loved Robert; but once 'e got married to a real 'uman sheila, Ah backed off. Its not like 'e and Ah don't 'ave joeys and flyers of our own. But once the 'uman Celeron children were born, Ah bonded with Jack, Luke and Trinity almost immediately. Luke is the one whom really loves all kangaroo boomers particularly the couriers that frequent the area during their delivery patrols. Jack 'as yer old problem, Timmy. An overactive libido that 'as gotten 'im in trouble on a few occasions. The only part Ah don't like is that Robert put a chastity belt on Jack and Ah think 'e put it on 'is son a bit too tightly."

            "As for Luke, Ah give 'im pouch rides occasionally especially during the cold months," said Southpaw. "As yas know, a pouch is like a perpetual North American Summer. The Were-Kangaroo pouch isn't like the flyers pouches on normal kangaroos. Our pouches are much 'igher, like the Kangamon digimon species."

            Lari made a face. "A chastity belt on too tight. By the 'oly Pouch, what is wrong with that man?"

            Timmy facepalmed. "Robert had gotten his girlfriend pregnant accidentally before we came to Australia. The family ended the relationship between them and put a lifelong restraining order against him from ever seeing his child. Dad tried to appeal it with having him take personal responsibility, but the girl's family were rich, and they had friends in high places to dismiss appeals. It also around the time when Dad's work relocated him.

            "Speaking of old problems... it still feels pretty new to me, but I'm not sleeping with Mobians anytime soon." Timmy cringed, remembering how he heard about Nitro and Demon Timmy were forced into marriage by Shadow. "If Jack is well-endowed, a normal chastity belt will constrain too much. Robert's main complaint was also that when he had to wear one for a month." Sounds like his father tried the same thing on Robert for a time. "Try to convince Robert to look for a slightly larger one, if it's too loose, he can always add notches to the leather. Jack doesn't need to be multilated. It's bad enough that it's an American standard to have part of their sheaths removed at birth. If he balks, remind him that regular size doesn't mean it fits his large size."

            Southpaw replied, "Ah can mention this to Robert, but sadly Ah don't think 'e would listen to me. Ah don't want 'is current wife to punish 'im for a mistake in judgment. Ah still love Robert. Ah don't want to see 'im get 'urt."

            Lari then said, "New Scenario, son... Ask Lord Kiel to go drop in on Jack and any others especially if they 'ave a club'ouse. Let Kiel 'elp Jack with the chastity belt."

            (The Ranger X tie-in months before Kiel would have met them in the old timeline.)

            Southpaw hugged Lari and Timmy once again. "Thank yas so much, mom. Yas and Timmy 'ave the friendship of ages. And Timmy, not 'aving sex with a Mobian isn't enough; if yas 'ave been fantasizing over mating with Lari, the Mobian sexual illness can still effect yas even if the partner is not Mobian. Just rememeber also that yer whole team 'ave Mobian forms. Yas should get those forms checked to make sure they are not infected with some sort of mating virus. They could be influencing yer actions even while in yer 'uman forms."

            Lari nodded his head. "Southpaw is right, Timmy; Better safe than sorry. Ah 'ave noticed that yas 'ave been really 'orny recently; moreso than usual."

            "Yeah," Timmy said, baffled while hugging Southpaw and Lari both. "Being overly horny is not the right way express love for another in that manner... We should be checked. But it doesn't change how I feel about you, Lari. And even before the reprieve, it was less and less tolerable since we were freed from Ogma's trap."

            Lari said, "Ah don't want North to dive down my pants, Timmy, and if yas started acting like that, Ah will employ a frying pan as a Bad Timmy Paddle. By the way, Southpaw, why were yas in 'ere tonight?"

            Southpaw smirked. "Luke Celeron made a cyber friend who normally logs in through this cyber cafe. Luke wants to spend a weekend with the bloke someday and Ah came down to find out 'ow safe the bloke is. Sadly, 'e doesn't come into the Zero on Friday nights. 'e is only 'ere from Mondays through Thursdays. So Ah missed 'im by a day. Luke loves 'aving a cyber pen pal and Ah just want to make sure 'e stays safe when visiting a cyber friend."

            Lari smiled. "We can keep our eyes open for yas, Southpaw. It is important to Luke after all."

            Timmy said, "I don't want to dive down your pants when you're not ready for it. And that sounded just as dirty as I thought it did. Needless to say, I'm more willing to be pregnant again than to force myself upon you." He then said to Southpaw. "We'll definitely keep an eye out. By the way, Southpaw, are you left handed?"

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: The Ecology of a Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo.

              Southpaw grinned. "Why yes Ah am, Timmy. And proud of it. In fact, most dreamtime Were-Kangaroos are left-'anded while most Earthian 'umans are right-'anded. If yas ever become a were-roo, Timmy, yas will find that use of the left 'and is easier than to use the right 'and. Most weres are southpaws, like myself."

              At that moment, Knotty who was simply being quiet said, "Lari, pardon me to interrupt family time; but Cary sent me a message to deliver to yas. Roule told 'im and North the truth and both are sorry they 'ounded yas. They want to be friends as Roule suggested. As for the frying pan idea, Ah think yas should get a sturdy one. Yas know 'ow Sonic is."

              Lari looked to Knotty. "Return message to Cary; Keep the visit time civil. Yas both 'ave to visit together or Ah won't 'ave time for either of yas. Our schedule is truly 'ell. 'eck, the weekends are our only time free to do as we like. End message. Ah am looking forward toward the 'ard-ons we will give others during the Immoral Full Moon. And if yas want an Immoral Full Moon tonight, just look at my ass."

              Knotty giggled. "Ah like it when yas are dirty, Lari." And he went quiet again to deliver the message.

              Lari then said to Southpaw and Timmy. "Ah know that as a 'uman, Ah am right-'anded; but in my were-roo form, Ah am left-'anded. Talk about confusing."

              Timmy blushed, his eyes immediately darted to his ass right when Lari said it to Knotty. He was starting to lose control of his libido and it was taking every ounce of will not to dive into his best friend's pants right then and there. "Um... Lari... let's go talk to Sherwood... before I lose control like Lord Studpaw did... please?"

              Lari and Timmy soon returned to Sherwood and the other lords where the concern was presented to Sherwood.

              Sherwood said, "There is nothing wrong with showing each other a good time, Timmy; just wear protection when you do this. And here is why. Your genetic fluids contain Courier Were-Kangaroo capability. Therefore, Timmy, your horniness could be your unused Were-Kangaroo speaking to you. You did join up with the Couriers Way at the academy. And your Initiation officer was a Were-Kangaroo. Not not only did he get you pregnant, he infected you. Another reason to control your libido is because if you don't, then you will be acting just like Timmy the Hedgehog whom married Nitro and they have sex all the time back on Planet Mobius. They are due to return on March 20th, 2030 just in time for your's and Lari's son's 16th birthday. Cary made a wish at the end of their Royal Adventure days and that wish was to create a set of offspring boys, one from himself and one from you, Lari. They are both growing up in Northern Japan and they know each other. I have made arrangements for the team to go spend a day with your son on his 16th birthday. He was born on the first day of Spring. Michael Arthur Celeron Knight is created from the seed from you, Lari before you got infected with wereism and from Timmy's egg before he was inducted. Therefore, Michael is your son, guys. Cary's seed and North's Uncle's wife's egg made Randolph Lorenzo Tailstrike, considered to be Michael's cousin."

              Lari teared up with a smile as he said, "Timmy and Ah 'ave a normal son. Oh thank the gods. Ah knew there was no way for a normal son once Ah had become a were-kangaroo myself. Ah didn't know that Timmy 'ad become one since 'e never publicly displayed 'is."

              "I didn't know Yardfoot was a moon-touched, but a son... I know I am technically old enough, but I still feel like I'd be in the doghouse for having a child so young," said Timmy with a blush. He hugged Lari lovingly, then he realized something. Were-Kangaroos are very potent and virile. "Do they make condoms strong enough for weres?"

              Sherwood said, "Yardfoot isn't, but Lightspeed is. I know you palled around with him during your training and he was in rut a few times because that's how your brother got it once. But your brother never developed the infection or it was purged when he got help by the local Huxley to have the joeys. As for Were-Roo condoms, you will find them available in Kangaroo Town. You can ask for any degree of strength condom you want. If you don't trust yourself, always go for maximum strenth. Um... Michael was not procreated through you two personally doing anything, Timmy. It was granted via wish. They would have been created a year after Royal Adventure disbanded. The team chose to part company and even Timmy the Hedgehog had said that the club friends didn't have the feel of being his friends that he had known all this time. So they went their separate ways in 2013."

              Lari said, "But since the original team were prisoners of Ogma and Robotnik, we were spared a lot of the shit Cary's bunch sadly went through. Why do Ah feel so sorry for 'im all of a sudden? Ah am willing to accept 'im as my cousin. But Ah am still young, dammit, let me enjoy my teen age years. Does that one Police Cadet still kiss Pouchlaw's ass occasionally?"

              Sherwood made a nasty face. "Gosh, I sure hope not." He then got serious again. "Due to Hunters Moon starting on Monday, Joey's and Lexington's classes will be on hold until Wednesday and since you are a practicing were, Lari, I know you will be right out in it with the rest of them. So please try to keep it in your pouch. Don't be a leaper. If you cannot keep in in your pouch, I know where a YRO mud hole is with your name on it."

              Lari grinned. "No thanks. Knotty told me 'ow that stuff smells. Ah don't want my club members to 'ate me for smelling bad. 'ow much resting time do we 'ave before the mission, Sherwood?"

              Sherwood frowned, "Sadly I am going to have to force you kids to go to bed right now. My mother will be making breakfast and lunch tomorrow. And you have a scheduled supervised appointment with Cary and North later this afternoon. They asked me to schedule it. So they listened to your ultimatum."

              Lari was soon in his bedroom at the Station where he cuddled up with Knotty and Clipper; not sexually there would be time for that tomorrow. Roolock would be giving him Academy tests between Monday and Wednesday since that was when Lari was the most immoral. Rusty and Drayce were sleeping with Studpaw since he also had to be up in the morning for the outing. Rick was in Joey's bed whether he was there or not. He was looking forward toward getting to work with Lari again.

              Timmy was in his own bed having been told by Lari that he should plan his special time with his best friend. The Courier Plush was a good companion to have in bed since it was a present from Lightspeed.

              James caught himself sketching Marcy just before returned to his room to get some sleep. He hadn't been all that interested in her before so this made no sense to him.

              Olivia had no problem bedding down in the privacy of her feminine bedroom. Marcy was in her Tomboy like bedroom; getting sleep for her would be difficult since she was hoping for a fight on the mission come the morrow.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Finding the Heart of Music.

                The Next Morning...

                With a good breakfast in their stomaches courtesy of Martelle Sherwood, Tyler and Commander Slipperypaw was leading the team off to the Red Wash Croc Gorge location of Prince Pouchsong's New Age Order. "Pouchsong always acted different once 'e acquired this order cavern for our usage. Before, 'e was always open and full of life and often played 'is music nearly all the time. Ah 'aven't been back 'ere in a while, so when yas asked me to lead a ranger mission to the order cavern, yas surprised me. But since this 'as to do with 'ow Pouchsong was before the demon popped up... Ah am willing to bring yas blokes and sheilas in as my guests. One extra warning... Do not accidentally get this red mud on yer skin or that will permanently become yer new skin color. That's what 'appened to Redfang when Remmy and Ah first found 'im tied up butt naked in the wash mud."

                Sherwood said, "Okay, team, Slipperypaw just gave you a good warning. Normally Slipperypaw would be training Fonzy this morning; but he told me that his charge was leaps and bounds ahead of his peers. The Trigram Boomer have an academy outing planned for tonight so they can earn their officer status. Normally this outing would occur after the Hunters Moon; but Elysia remembered something important and she informed Lord Wildwind about it. It has to be tonight to get the surpise on their enemies at the depot. I will not be able to come along with them since I believe in their ability. Not to mention, I have other ranger teams to go check on in other time periods. Defusing Aussie Thunder will not be easy."

                As they came within view of the cavern entrance, Slipperypaw stopped the team of youths as he said, "Neo-Demons. They are guarding the cavern entrance. We need to get rid of them. If yas were 'oping for a fight; yas just got one. DO NOT GET CAPTURED. The twins in Second Generation Dragon Soul need to be informed about this. Even though they may miss the beginning of this fight, their team knows 'ow to deal with Neo-Demons. Yas better suit up." He pulled out his communicator and sent the emergency signal to the 2GDS Emergency Receiver. "This is Commander Slipperypaw en route to The New Age Order Cavern in Red Wash. Ah 'ave sighted Neo-Demons; the GO-Rangers are with me. Over."

                This is Nanami at Lotus Fist in New Briarwood. I will alert my son and his team immediately. A low rumbling was heard from the communicator. About twenty-nine steps and five beeps. Dragon Soul! Neo-Demon Activity in Australia. Sending coordinates to your Dragon Cycles... now! Brief momentary pause, then the responses are heard. "On our way!" "Australia again? What a strange place." "Stop sounding like Debbie Downer, Steven!" "I'll make you proud, Okaa-sama!" "Back 'ome... sorry CJ 'as to miss out on this one." Click! Transmission ended.

                "Let's get this done in super sonic speed!" grinned Timmy.

                The Go-Rescue Rangers bent down and patted the ground with their right hands before raising upright and tapping their Handheld Buckle morphers and shouted, "GO-RESCUE!" And their mobian animal choice. Each of their backgrounds turned to the color they represented as their shoes became their ranger boots, this was followed by their armored ranger costumes and gloves appearing over their bodies and their Mobian shaped helmets appearing over their heads last. Making a jump twist in mid air before landing again, they had their energy blades in hand as their Mobian Were-Zords appeared in the background briefly. "Gaiden Outback! Rescue Rangers are a Go!"

                Sherwood said, "Good job on not setting off the explosions this time. I normally do not use my special form; but I need protection the same as anyone else."

                Tyler brought up his arm and made a Transformer bracer appear and then he struck it with his Talisman Dagger as he shouted, "Lost Kangaroo Magic!" Suddenly, ceremonial jungle ruins appeared all around him, as he jumped into the air and passed through a large golden hoop above him. "Grey Cosmic Power!" He now looked like an large were-kangaroo man wearing grey and gold armors all over his entire body and tail. Then he landed in the center of the ceremonial ruins and the golden light of honor glowed all around him. He then released a mighty growl as he pressed his secondary Transformer button and shouted, "Cosmic Evolution! Lost Legends Arise!" A brilliant golden and grey explosion of colored light completely enveloped him. The glowing orb then grew to about nine feet in diameter and when the light cleared, Tyler stood there at a good seven feet tall with a glowing battle suit, a glowing hooded battle cloak, and a great battle helm that glowed like his armors and weapons. He now had twin battle swords, one in each armored fist, while the coat of arms of Dreamtime appeared upon his chest. He then stuck his finishing pose and shouted, "Gray Cosmic Battlizer Ranger! Kangaroo of Lost Magicks!"

                "Let's take them, mates!" And they launched their attack on the Order Cavern where the Neo-Demons had apparently staked a claim within.

                The two Neo-Demons in charge made rifts of blue underworld flames to form an X on the ground. Timmy zipped Lari and Marcy out of there quickly before they would be caught in it. A legion of Neo-Filibusters emerged from the rift with weapons in their grasp. A larger eight-foot tall Neo-Demon lesser emerged from the center of the cross-rift before it closed. "Those fissures didn't look safe!" Once the Fissures started to seal themselves up. Timmy got into a run and kneed two of the Neo-Filibusters in the chest.

                Olivia took caution herself, but now that the summoning fissures were sealed. She used some defensive blocks, then she landed an extremely strong kick across the neck of the grunt.

                James tackled one of the Demon's but as he was about to take a swing at it's helmeted head, The larger summoned Demon knocked the Croco away. Marcy could see that the taller demon was just an over-sized Filibuster with more ornate armor. Maybe a commander of sorts. She knocked the fist of it away before it could smash James' helmet in. "I thought Crocs were stronger than this, James! Get your head out of the clouds!"

                Lari fired off a few blasts of his ranger blaster once Timmy had them out of harm's way but then... the entire order cavern scene wavered as if it was being hit with a heat wave of energy from a solar flare. Tyler disappeared from view as if the heat blast had blown him away and then... the cavern vanished as well and the Outback Rescue Rangers found themselves back inside their individual imprisonment Poke'balls sitting in a row on one shelf of Robotnik's dungeons underneath his fortress. Ogma was standing there looking at the prizes when he arched an eye as if to indicate that he detected the interference in how someone had tried to borrow their prisoners out of their containment ball prison cells. Lari and his friends were back to being stuck in their Mobian forms inside of the original imprisonment ball cells that Ogma had put them in originally.

                Lari knew that if they had access to their morphers, they could have escaped from these prison balls by now. But for some reason their O-Morphers were missing Lari hated the idea of being stuck in his naked Red Echidna 'Knuckles' identity, save for the shoes that Knuckles himself would wear. Damned perverts! If yas 'adn't caught us off guard like that, we would be thumping yer asses instead of being captured in Robotnik's dungeons and no one even knows we are here. But what was that weird dream that we were having moments ago? And why did it wake us up? Even old Ogma sensed it because he is staring at our imprisonment balls as if to make sure we haven't escaped. I W-I-S-H... that he would go suck the fat Doctor's penis; I am tired of his watching us all the time. Now it was back to the waiting game. Lord Kiel... please don't forget about us!

                To Be Continued...

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Two.

                Stay Tuned for the Rescue Action in PRTB-48 Assault on Robotnik's Fortress

                Then return here and stay tuned for the next episode, The Real Second Chance.