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[2T-PR1] PRGO-01 A New Beginning

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    [2T-PR1] PRGO-01 A New Beginning

    Episode One -- A New Beginning.
    Written by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Starring, Power Rangers Gaiden Outback - GO-RESCUE:
    Lari Knight, Echidna Rescue Ranger Red (the founder)
    Timmy Celeron, Hedgehog Rescue Ranger Blue (the Sonic the Hedgehog fan)
    James Hansen, Croc Rescue Ranger Green (the club artist)
    Olivia Banks, Riflebird Rescue Ranger White (the martial artist)
    Marcy White, Bat Rescue Ranger Onyx (a tomboy)
    Rusty St. John, Skunk Rescue Ranger Silver (Delivery Boy/Sorcerer)
    Rick Ranger, Kitsune Rescue Ranger Gold (Were-Otter/Were-Kangaroo)

    Mentored By:
    Lord Deryk Tyler Sherwood, Gray Cosmic Battlizer Ranger; Kangaroo of Lost Magicks
    ~~ Holy Pouch; "Chosen" son of Lord Kiel and Martelle Sherwood (Planet Earth)
    Other Heroes:
    Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger
    Geoffrey St. John, Silver Mobian Skunk Ranger

    Known Allies:
    Kiel Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the three musketeers.
    Studpaw Also known as 'Studdy' He is the only non-were in the Musketeers. He is married to Rusty St. John.
    Roolock He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft. Although recently, he is helping Ranger teams down under.
    Lord Pouchlaw He is the Academy master of Kangaroo Dreamtime Lords. He is married to Raymond Lonewolf in the United States. But he is on call when needed.
    Lord Parcelpaw He is a Dreamtime Lord that governs over the Courier Roo services, and observes the training of select cases involving the students in his sponsored dorm. Thought of as the Dreamtime equivalent of the Postmaster General, by some.
    Lady Amaza She is a Dreamtime Lord whom rules over the Dreamtime Amazonians. Helpful with her follower's needs if one of her followers' abilities involve special treatment.
    Lady Riff She is a Dreamtime Lord who governs over the Riflebird paradises. In her realm, the females are in charge and the males do as they are told.
    Terry Knight This is Lari's father. He is both a school teacher as well as a Blackall Security Council member. In this future, he is a Courier Kangaroo himself by choice.
    Nitro the Hedgehog This is a Mobian Hedgehog whom enjoys having his mind in the gutter, and is married to Timmy after a mishap Uncle Sonic knows about all too well.
    Drayce the White Shadodrak This creature was purchased from a bazaar planet merchant in the Frontier sector who has an uncanny ability to track any target he overhears his master's friends talking about. His master is currently Rusty St. John.
    Raymond Lonewolf: Former head of the F.B.I. in the United States, Retired. Married to Lord Pouchlaw.
    Kavan Kincaid Knight, Kangaroo Kid: Younger brother to Lari Knight.
    Lady Parcelpouch: Chief Kangaroo Courier Lady, daughter of Pouchlaw and Parcelpaw.
    Commander Remington "Remmy" Stryfe: Trainer, Were-Kangaroo son of Eryk "Joey" Stryfe.
    Commander Thunderpaw: Were-Kangaroo sheila trainer; assigned to train Elysia and Denise.
    Wildwind: Were-Horse Blacksmith.
    Matthew Starbuck Ward: a cousin of Duncan Ward's from Bennet Valley, Arkansas.
    Jazco Donkey: Were-Donkey brother to Jocko Donkey.
    Sheriff Alexander Lonewolf and Silver: Devlin's 'uncle,' Sheriff of Ottercrest and a Elite among officers of Tatsu-Lan.
    Stats: Were-Dingo bookie for the gaming circuit.
    Cosmo Hooper: Were-Rabbit gamer.
    Black Scale: Paragon Black Dragon General - Merchantile Supplier.
    Dr. Eric Morgan: a childhood friend of Devlin's from River Bluff; herd alpha were-horse and professional hometown doctor.
    Roule Formerly Valiance Knightmane of Fairdale, Pennsylvania, USA; currently a Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo and mate to a Were-Wallaby. He runs the Dreamtime Paradise Parlor.
    Known Villains:
    All War Factions: Kangaroo, Dingo, Croc, and Spider
    Dragon Warriors of New Tatsu-Lan: a particularly nasty lot whom see humans as nothing more than a sexual play toy.
    June 17th, 2011 // June 17th, 2029
    Chapter One -- New Moon Mission.

    Lari was sitting at the crescent moon shaped Huntsman Meeting table within the ORescue Spires base where he was studying not only his magic with his rarely seen familiar, but his new KSP from the Yiffy Roo Order, Knotty, was also sitting with him. Knotty was rather disappointed in Lari's immoral motivation, but knew what was causing it. Because he was a Were-Kangaroo Moon Knight, his immoral urges were also controlled by the phases of the moon. During the full moon, no one was naughtier, save for Roolock himself. But during the new moon, Lari was almost stale with immoral energy. And Knotty was working on improving the situation for his charge.

    Timmy was playing his hand held game (in his Mobian Dingo form) at the base of the Parcelpaw spire, while working on short distance speed bursts, occasionally speeding to different areas to sit so he wouldn't be at one place for too long. He was wearing his Mobian sneakers, so he wouldn't wear out his normal shoes with his super speed. He was getting used to the new levels in his game, but gets frustrated when in story mode, one of the secret characters would start hitting on others in random occasions. "Come on, you slinky Hedgehog! He's not even interested in you!" Then finally, Shadow came up to smack the perverted Mobian upside the head to get him going again. "Finally!"

    James was learning how some intermediate combat techniques from a Crocodile Guard Sakar sent to give special training to his human citizen outside of the Kangaroo Academy. Though the full Crocodile was very rough compared to the Crocaroos and the Kangacrocs, James was giving the effort to hold his ground. And luckily, No Boomer Rangers in sight, especially their leader.

    Olivia was doing target practice at the base of the Riff Spire, hitting targets set up at different levels with her longbow, and using her Crossbow to hit the higher targets. It wasn't fun, but it helped increase her efficiency when it comes to hitting multiple targets.

    Marcy was taught by a Dreamtime Bat mentor (assigned to Marcy's case) in blind combat, and was wearing a blindfold while being taught how to use her other senses to know where her opponent is, and how to counter attacks when she can't see them. It's a very rough process, but it's required as part of her training to learn how to use her bat abilities.

    The familiar said to Lari, "Okay, lets try your Scrying spell. Focus on someone you want to see then cast the spell on this crystal ball on the table. If you do it right, you'll be able to see what that person or persons is/are doing."

    Lari nodded his head and cast the spell on the Crystal Ball. "Show me... the Boomer Force..." And the image that appeared in the crystal ball definitely was NOT the Boomer Force Ranger. Instead, it appeared to be something long, prehensile, and pointed. "That's not the Boomer Force. It looks like... it looks like..."

    "...what Ah keep in my sheath," said Lord Kiel quite suddenly causing Lari to jump backward from his seat. The Kangaroo Lord looked at the image in the crystal ball more closely. "Yes, that is definitely a Boomer's Force, all right." He smirked.

    Lari tried to calm himself. "...yas scared me... what do yas want?"

    Lord Kiel chuckled. "Got another mission for the team. Let me get on the magic-powered loudspeaker." And he picked up the mic. "This is Lord Kiel. All ORescue 'untsmen report to the Meeting Room. Ah'm waiting 'ere."

    Timmy was the first to arrive, playing his game a little further... "Yes! Level 199... Saving... saving... Done!" He then closed his game, and changed back to his human form to put his game back in his bag. "What's the emergency?" He said with a grin.

    Olivia and James came in next, followed by Marcy, whom looked like she wanted to throw a Boomerang at her bat mentor for putting her through that 'torture.'

    Lord Kiel smiled at the team. "This will be yer first official mission as 'untsmen. Normally Dirk and Auranea would 'andle this, but with the two of them visiting Lexington's mother in the States, yas guys get the 'eads up this time. Look to the briefing screen, if yas will..." And he typed in a code. A picture of a local boy some years younger than Timmy appeared on the screen. "This is Kyle Brisby. About an 'our ago, 'e was kidnapped out of 'is backyard by..." and he tapped in another code and the picture that popped up was about 3 foot tall, naked with a black censor box over its privates, covered in red scales, and had mini-wings on its back and feet, and had flames for hair. And was saccharine sexy to the point of being distracting. "...a pack of these creatures. They are known as Pyraxes. Dirk is familiar with fighting them. They are super fast and flexible, immoral fire imps who are akin to the Drakodiles in the Dreamtime, except these sexual things are from the underworld. Rescue the boy and banish as many of the Pyraxes as yas can back to the underworld. That is yer mission. They were last seen in the vicinity of the Kane's Cavern region. They love caves for some reason. Ah tried to contact the Kangaroo Order and they told me that Sakar and Kangamancer 'ad sent troops to Tasmania for some weird reason, so the Boomer Force were down under the down under."

    Lari stood up slowly. "Then it's up to us. Ah can't believe the Boomer Force are actually out of the country for a change."

    Lord Kiel then slyly smiled. "Well... Zander Dragon'eart is 'olding down the fort at the Sidarius station in case something comes up, but the poor bloke might be bored. 'int int."

    "Sounds like a trial by fire, and not in a good way," James remarked.

    Timmy grinned. "Let's do this!"

    The Rescue Rangers struck a pose together, and pressed the logo on their O-Phones, activating the morphing power. "Outback Rhyme!" They then raised their O-Phones up in the air, "Rescue Time!" and pressed the firing buttons, firing out an energy that suspended themselves in mid-air. As the morphing sequence began, they outstretched their arms, as their ranger suits appeared complete with gloves, belts, and boots! The ranger uniforms then merged with team, whom placed the O-Phones into their holsters. The energies formed into helmets, which landed securely on their heads. As their Were-Rescue Zords appeared in the background, they struck an extravagant battle pose, shouting "Outback Rescue Power Rangers!"

    As the group arrived within a mile of Kane's cavern, they saw Doctor Robotnik standing before them with a pompous expression on his face. The Rangers then felt an uncontrollable urge to shift into their Mobian forms where the last thing they heard was the Demon Ogma saying, "Bagging Outback Rescue was so easy, Robotnik. We will get Mylanus for sure now."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Welcome to 2029.

    Lord Kiel said, "Take it easy, Lari," as he brought the boy out of his state of timeless paralysis. "Yas 'ave been in stasis for a long time. Stupid Ogma and Robotnik. No wonder we couldn't find where yas blokes disappeared to. Good thing my son makes use of time displacement when 'e does things or we never would have found yas."

    Lari had jerked awake before laying there in pain. "We 'ad gotten an early alert to a demon outbreak and Auranea allowed us to go 'andle it as long as no demon lord appeared. When we got there, we saw Robotnik standing there looking so pompous and important. We felt the urge to shift into our Mobian forms and the second we did, the last thing Ah remember 'earing was Ogma's voice saying 'ow easy it was to capture Outback Rescue. Where are we?"

    Kiel hugged and petted on Lari whom was now back in his Red Rescue Ranger outfitted form. "This is 2029 and the Dreamtime is at war. The Musketeers 'ave been tasked to be Red Cross Medics where we go around and tend to the wounded. It is damned crazy out there. We 'ave yas and yer team 'ere at Royal Adventure base 'ere in Kangaroo Town. Blackall doesn't exist anymore; nor yer original club'ouse. But Ah reacreated the club'ouse elsewhere and rescued all yer action figures. For now, Ah want yer team to stay 'ere while taking martial arts lessons from both Joey and Lexington at 'is Station. We 'ave created a magical shortcut between a one room bunk'ouse and yer new base so yas can more easily go take yer classes and 'elp with chores there. The Kangaroo Academy is also gone, so yas don't 'ave to worry about taking classes there at the moment. Ah will contact Pouchlaw and let 'im know that we finally found yas time lost joeys and sheilas. Maybe 'e can come in and assist with lessons although 'e lives in the states with Ray Lonewolf these days."

    Lari sighed. "Timmy 'as always been interested in me of whom 'e loves immensely; As long as James can do 'is art, 'e will be 'appy; Olivia may want to go shopping to see what the latest fashions are; and Marcy... yas remember 'ow she is... as long as she gets to kick some butt and check on 'er wheelchair bound brother, she will be fine."

    Roolock replied, "Marcy's brother got a miracle operation, is mobile and no longer confined to a wheelchair."

    Kiel said, "We can contact the Mobians and see about getting them back 'ere for a visit. Timmy's duplicate married Nitro the Hedgehog and 'e is keeping 'im heavy and bloated so 'e cannot run away. In the meantime, Ah should let Kyle and Rusty know that we found yas blokes. They were rangers with my second Outback Rescue team once yas joeys went missing."

    Lari smiled. "What colors are Kyle and Rusty?"

    Kiel replied, "Kyle Brisby is the Gold Frontier Ranger and Rusty St. John is the Silver Frontier Ranger. There were other members on their team but most are unavailable now. Remmy is a Commander for Prince Pouchsong's version of the Kangaroo Academy which is 'aving problems currently. Lord Zander and John Hansen got married. Blake Stewart and Mizuki Ling are both in Japan somewhere. It was a good second team. But Ah think Kyle and Rusty would like to 'ang out with yas originals." At that moment, Roolock released the rest of the Outback Rescue Rangers from the holding spell...

    Timmy shook his head... "Lord Kiel... last I remember it was..." He was looking around and saw Lari. Though he had always loved Lari, he ulped with embarassment. His family libido was a force and though it was years, it was at a much higher level. His feelings for his best friend we still as strong as they have been. And it was started to get him into the place he wouldn't dare explore unless it was mutual. "Where's Shadow with a chastity belt when I need it the most?" He muttered in frustration as he tried to hide his... ahem... tent.

    Olivia turned away from Timmy before she saw something she would regret seeing. "There are ladies in the room, Timmy!" She shifted to her human form, and she was blushing pretty strongly.

    James shifted back to his human form. and held up his mini-sketch book over his peripheral vision as he looked away from the Hedgehog. "Don't tell me Timmy is going to take it out! I don't know how to tastefully draw THAT!"

    Marcy grinned, and flew around. "Looks like Timmy's got a..."

    "MARCY!" shrieked Olivia in her conservative shrill.

    Lari grinned. "Some things never change, Lord Kiel and Roolock. Which reminds me..." He transformed back into his human form where he opened his ranger shirt and allowed Knotty to pop out of where Lari was carrying him around at. "Sorry for keeping yas inside my ranger shirt for so long, Knotty. But at least yer 'ere with me here in 2029. I can always summon my familiar devil mouse back to me now that we are back among friends. Thank the warlock spells that familiars live in timeless pocket dimensions."

    Roolock grinned himself. "Ah good! Yas did keep yer KSP magic instructor Ah assigned to yas back at Pouchlaw's academy."

    Lari smirked. "Where does Mudfoot Joey 'ang out at what with the academy gone? And Ah don't mean 'anging out like Timmy's elephant trunk. Yas would think it 'as a mind of its own."

    Roolock grinned. "Pouchlaw's new academy 'ere in Kangaroo Town is called LEAPS... Legal Experience And Police Specialists. Outback Legend 'olds court there the most where 'e trains the new Dreamtime Warriors, or what 'e calls 'is pile of rocks. That's where Mudfoot Joey is now as well as the rest of the nice dorms. Since yas blokes need to learn Martial Arts from Lexington and Joey, yas can resume dorm training when yas get free time. Yer ranking is still way up there from what little yas blokes did do in the past."

    Timmy said as he made the effort to hide his 'fabric-strained scepter. "We're learning from Lexington and Joey? So he got out of his curse? He must be very old by now. Lord Studpaw must be lonely in that cave."

    Marcy landed. "Were-roos age differently than we do... Remember when we were learning about Joey a few months... er... all those years ago from the Musketeers? They age at a far different pace than we humans do." She then got close to Olivia to tease her a little more. "Timmy doesn't have a 'Marcy,' Olivia... he has a... WOODY!"

    Olivia squealed to Marcy's mischievous delight.

    "Seriously, Marcy... stop teasing Olivia!" James said in defense of the most innocent girl on the team.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Kangaroo Town Tour.

      Lord Kiel and Roolock showed the Go-Rescue Rangers where the magical door was that led back to Lexington's station. The door had an anti-demon spell over the opening. So if anything demonic or specifically evil tried to walk through it, they were banished as if a demon hunter had done it.

      During the tour of the protected town, Lord Kiel said, "The date is June 17th, the same day yas blokes got captured. But the year is 2029. This portion of Kangaroo Town was made over to look as much like the original Blackall as we could make it. Including yer original club'ouse and action figures, Lari. Several good Dreamtimers live in Kangaroo Town. The station we emerged from is the replacement base for the old ORescue Spires which got destroyed during the early part of the wars. The Go-Rescue base is the name of the place. My son, Deryk Sherwood, will be making new morphers and new ranger uniforms for yer team when 'e returns from the outing to plug an information leak in Pouchsong's academy. Any questions?"

      Lari was walking along with Knotty on one shoulder and his familiar sitting on his other shoulder. "And yas are going to show us the LEAPS academy during the tour. Ah guess the O-Phones were super out of date. Do we still 'ave our 'untsmen forms?"

      Roolock replied, "Ogma pulled those out of yas blokes and remade them into yer duplicates whom took yer place during the mission to save Kyle Brisby. Ah remember Sally telling me one time that they were not the original 'uman rangers. But since we didn't know where yas guys were, what could we do?"

      James was being quite the observer, so he could attempt to draw the sights later.

      Timmy was feeling awkward, especially after thinking that Knotty would offer to help take care of it. The lewd and perverse manner he would perceive allowed him to keep it in his pants, at least for now.

      Olivia was not happy with Marcy so she was keeping her distance. Marcy said, "At least I don't have to learn how to fight blind anymore. That was the only form I had that made me blind as an actual bat."

      Lari nudged Knotty as he whispered, "Can yas 'elp my cuddle-buns mate Timmy? 'e doesn't need to be raging down there all the time. There is a time to be immoral and a time to be reverent. This is not the time to be immoral for 'im. This once, Knotty. Ah'll give yas a fellatio later?"

      Knotty couldn't turn down an immoral offer like that since Roolock was nearby and he could be punished if he said no. He waggled his paw-fingers at Timmy's groin to make the erection calm down finally. "Yas owe me later, Lari, and Ah am looking forward to it."

      Lari grinned. "Thanks; just not in front of the sheilas."

      Lord Kiel said, "Yas blokes aren't in the least bit curious about Kangaroo Town? Ah thought yas would want to know more about this place since yer going to be spending yer down-time 'ere when yer not training or doing Ranger missions. Yas blokes will be enrolled in the Kangaroo Town high school when yer not getting yer martial arts training. It is a mix between 'umans and the offspring of peaceful Dreamtime species living locally. Yas will likely meet Deryk Devlin's son, Vladimir Cutter Devlin in school. He prefers to be called Vlad. During yer R&R down-time, yas will be permitted into both the Absolute Zero (which 'as a dance floor) as well as the Ottercrest Teen 'ot Spot -- the Ottercrest Arcade. They 'ave classic pinball machines, arcade consoles, billiards tables and air 'ockey tables as well as an underage soda fountain and cafe kitchen.

      At that moment, Sherwood reappeared near Roolock and Lord Kiel; he had Rusty, Drayce and Studpaw with him. "That bit of business is taken care of. Okay Go-Rescue Rangers. These bundles contain your civilian ranger uniform outfits. Take these into the changing rooms nearby and get out of your old clothes and put these uniforms on. You will notice that Rusty St. John is already wearing his along with his Handheld Morpher belt buckle. I have reassigned your ranger designations, a few colors as well as your animal choices to match your updated team. Rick Ranger, I need to see you over here for a moment." Rick Ranger whom had been quietly walking along behind the group of friends unnoticed stepped to one side with the Holy Pouch where a Pouch Miracle was laid down upon him to purge out his former illness and inability to morph. When it was all over with, he was handed his uniform package and ushered off into the male changing rooms. When Lari and his friends emerged they were wearing their new civilian ranger uniform outfits; their former clothes, shoes and O-Phone morphers were handed over to Sherwood for safe keeping. Where upon he placed them into Kiel's pouch. "I only change into my Were-Kangaroo form in dire emergencies when I need the extra energy. Now, line up, strike your poses, slap the ground with your right hand, raise up touch your handheld morphers and say, 'GO-RESCUE!' followed by your Mobian Animal choice. You will know what to say at the end. Now do it."

      The Go-Rescue Rangers bent down and patted the ground with their right hands before raising upright and tapping their Handheld Buckle morphers and shouted, "GO-RESCUE! Echidna! Hedgehog! Crocodile! Riflebird! Bat! Skunk! Kitsune!" Each of their backgrounds turned to the color they represented as their shoes became their ranger boots, this was followed by their armored ranger costumes and gloves appearing over their bodies and their Mobian shaped helmets appearing over their heads last. Making a jump twist in mid air before landing again, they had their energy blades in hand while their extra weapons were in their holsters as their Mobian Were-Zords appeared in the background briefly. "Gaiden Outback! Rescue Rangers are a Go!" Colored plume explosions then went off behind each ranger.

      "Power Rangers Gaiden Outback! GO!!!!!!! RESCUE!" Rapid close-ups then cascaded over each of the new updated Outback Rescue team with the final view showing the team line-up!

      Rick shouted, "Whoo-Hoo! Fear the Otter! I can morph again! I love you, Holy Pouch!"

      "Wonder what Sonic would think when my Zord becomes a Werehog?" Timmy grinned, not having to start anew as the Yellow Dingo.

      Marcy quipped. "Count the number one Sonic Fan of Blackall to make a Hedgehog quip that everyone think he's talking about a pig."

      Olivia was embracing her style as she kicked up as if she was Michelle Yeoh. "I like the new style."

      James looked to the others. "If only John can see us now..." He looked above as he believed that he would be legally dead if he wasn't found while they were gone. Someone must've not informed him about John after the rest of the team were knocked out of the spell.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: White Belt Training.

        After a brief tour of Ottercrest along with explaining to James that John was not only still alive but married to Lord Zander Dragonheart (John's longevity had been lengthened by Dreamtime magic,) Lord Kiel took the Rescue Rangers back to their Kangaroo Town station and set their alarms for an early morning wake up time.

        Sidarius Station - June 22nd, 2029

        After a good breakfast, the Go-Rescue team went through the magical shortcut door (which had the anti-evil banisher within the opening itself,) to report in to Lexington Lonewolf to get their White Belt training started. When they greeted Lexington, Clipper the good devi-Kangaroo Mouse familiar and Knotty the immoral KSP were both sitting on Lari's shoulders. Lari said, "Kiel's Original Project Team: Outback Rescue renamed as Gaiden Outback reporting for White Belt martial arts training, Sensei Lexington. This is Clipper my magic using Devil Kangaroo Mouse familiar and this is Knotty, my Roolock assigned immoral KSP. Ah am both a Warlock in training as well as the leader of the Go-Rescue Rangers. Sherwood told us to get martial arts lessons from yas."

        The team bowed respectfully as each one recited off their names.

        Rick and Rusty stepped over to Lexington where Rusty handed the instructor a scroll from his husband Studpaw. "Ah am sure yas remember my white galactic shadodrak, Drayce, don't yas? 'e can find anyone, if yas ask."

        Drayce smiled. "Sethie is at coordinates..." he spouted off a number in longitude and a number in latitude. "He seems to be immobile at the moment. Does he do no chores anymore?"

        Rusty fed Drayce a treat for locating the wayward dragon husband.

        Rick said, "Although I am a member of Lari's team, I need to go see Joey for a moment if he is not too busy. I have a surprise for him."

        "Ah remember Drayce quite well." He gave the young shadodrak a rub, and accepted the scroll from Rusty. "Ah 'aven't seen ol' Studdy in what... sixteen years since 'e started to learn to be on par with the other Musketeers?" He looked to Rick. "Joey is getting ready to teach in the Simulation Dome in an hour. 'e's in the basement apartment of the main 'ouse. Joey's been doing double-duty with teaching my eldest son 'is element. Go on in, Rick." He knew why Seth was immobile. He told him about Devlin over the phone and he chose to visit Chip, Lord Rein and Huxton in Briarwood Forest instead of flying straight home. The Dragon may have been upset about finding out, but he has his own secret children Lexington doesn't know about. He read the scroll from Lord Studpaw, and nodded in understanding. "Follow me the long-way round to the dojo, mates. We'll start with jogging the perimeter of the fence before 'eading to the dojo, then the first lesson will begin. And yes Timmy, Ah said jog. Ah did train a Mobian once."

        Timmy shrugged. "I guess I'll be a slowmo this time." He could race the perimeter several times without a sweat in six seconds flat. But jogging at a human pace is a real challenge now that he has Courier speed.

        "And let's... go!" He led the jog with Go-Rescue following behind.

        Before following on the jog, Rusty said, "Sherwood borrowed Studpaw for something important at the Kangaroo Academy. I think the words official report were used."

        Within the main house basement, Rick slowly came down the stairs and said, "Joey... I have a surprise for you. Where are you?"

        Joey was half-awake, pouring a cup of coffee in his mini-kitchen. His basement apartment looked as if a graduate of Prime Example lived there. Lived-in, but kept neat. Pictures of Remmy, Star and Elliot were stuck on his fridge, among several other children with his first mate. Reminders that he is loved, even though he wasn't ready to marry the mate of his world. The bloke that inducted him into the moon-touched looked tired. "Rick, my love? Yas are back from Oregon this soon? Ah wasn't expecting yas to return until Christmas. It was my turn to visit yas."

        Rick smiled. "Lord Sherwood, the new Holy Pouch, restored my ability to morph just after they rescued my former team from a Mobian villain trap and brought them into our current time period. Now I get a chance to hang out with them once again as Kitsune Rescue Ranger Gold. Fear the otter! I can use my special attacks once again! Roolock and Lord Kiel needed my presence when they were releasing and restoring my friends. That's why I am down here now. Star is in port at Ottercrest waiting for me to get done. He restocked his Creamsicle supply so he is happy. Watch my smoke, love!"

        Rick bent down and patted the ground with his right hand before raising upright and tapping his Handheld Buckle morpher and shouted, "GO-RESCUE! Kitsune!" His background then turned gold as his shoes became ranger boots, this was followed by his armored ranger uniform and gloves appearing over his body and his Mobian Kitsune shaped helmet appearing over his head last. Making a jump twist in mid air before landing again, he had his energy blade in hand as his Mobian Were-Kitsune Zord appeared in the background briefly. "Gaiden Outback! Rescue Ranger Gold! Go!" The Gold Kitsune Rescue Ranger had arrived.

        Rick had prevented the golden smoke plume explosion from going off indoors. That would have made it seem like the station house was on fire. "Rick Ranger, the Go-Rescue Ranger is back! And when I am not taking care of my mom in the States, I will be taking martial arts lessons from Lexington along with the rest of my team. I should join them but I wanted you to see that I got my morphing ability restored. Power Down!" And he was back in his civilian uniform outfit.

        Feeling a small burst of energy, Joey picked up and hugged his mate and spun in a loving manner. "Did the new Pouch succeed the current Pouch or finally put an end to an impostor to the pouch?" He sipped some coffee when he let go of his favorite Otter. "An older son of Lexington recently popped up, and both Lord Kiel and Lexington requested Ah train 'im in using Elemental fire." He then said. "It wasn't one of those children from the future. Apparently, Lexington 'as a son with Deryk Devlin when they were in the States, and wasn't told until 'e was a full adult."

        Rick explained how Lord Kiel had made a deal with Martelle Sherwood to have a son through her since Deryk Devlin was going to embrace humanity, thus the new Pouch was Deryk Tyler Sherwood and he had kicked the impostor into the abyss.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: A Good Start.

          Mid-Jog run, Rick rejoined the others looking happier than ever. "Joey is on top of the world; if he had a black cloud laying under the bed, it is gone now."

          Soon their group were back at the dojo where Roolock and his wife Clarissa were waiting. Roolock had two Realm Officers with him (his sons) and Clarissa was knitting what looked like a huge wool blanket. Clarissa said toward Lexington, "When Ah am finished with this, Yas will be all cozy at night, Lexington."

          Lord Peter said, "They showed up while you were jogging. The lady was polite; the others... is there no end to how immoral someone can be?"

          Knotty replied, "Nope!"

          Lord Peter growled, "That last part was sarcastic, not a request, you little squirt."

          Lari grinned. "Now stop fighting or Ah will make yas two kiss and make out, Ah mean up. Make up. Sorry."

          Roolock and his sons giggled at Lari's oopsy.

          "Be nice, Lord Peter. Roolock is an honored guest at this station, as well as 'is family," mused Lexington, using the formal when in front of the Dreamtimers... knowing that Seth would be home in a few days. He was already planning to have the attic converted into a bedroom for Devlin, since the only thing that is irreplaceable up there was the Dragon Blade. "Ah appreciate it Lady Clarissa." He then bowed at the door before opening it. "Take off yer shoes and socks, and bow before entering. Feel free to look around. Don't touch the blades in there yet; they are real and plenty sharp. Ah'll be in shortly." As soon as the Rangers were in the dojo, Lexington looked to Roolock with a frown. "Seth isn't taking the news of Devlin all that well, is 'e?"

          Roolock said, "'e is a dragon, Lexington. Not counting IO and Ba'amut, name a dragon whom 'as never been jealous." He waited a moment before saying, "AAAAH!! Times up. No one can do it. If yas 'ad not done it, 'e would 'ave, Lexington. Just forget about whether 'e is happy or not. Remember Engagement Hill when the Dragon Guardians and their friends fell out of the sky while trying to navigate Cross Haven and 'e detected the gay Aussie member of their team? Yas got jealous that day. After meeting the Adalian Deryk Devlin, yas did some searching and learned that Earth 'ad its own version of the same joey. Yas arranged for 'im to get transferred to Briarwood so yas could 'ave a chance at 'im. And right after yas got on to Seth for lusting after 'im and yas whining about it to the whole Dragon Soul team. "But We're Engaged!" And yas showed off yer ring. Seth admitted that he liked Red-heads and Aussies. Deryk only matched one part of that equation. If Deryk had naturally red hair, yas would 'ave been dumped on yer ass; And yas know it. Yas were thrilled to learn that yer father spent most of 'is life down under with the same Devlin family. And never told yas about it. Yer mother hates Australia. So just drop this whole jealous act. Please; Yer not a teenager anymore."

          One of the immoral sons then said, "Besides, Earthian Deryk 'as a twin brother that for some reason none of the other 'umans liked. They were always comparing him to Deryk whom was a real 'ero and could 'andle real power. Joseph Devlin got a job with Super Duper Crazy Cat and moved to Anime Masters to be with the toons and anime living there. Lord Zander attempted to woo Joseph. but remember what Ah just said, no 'uman wanted anything to do with 'im. And since Joseph did not want to be a Were-Croc 'imself, he rejected Zander's lust by reporting what Zander was attempting to Auranea. She told Zander to earn 'is Lordship first then ask for permission to date Joseph. Right after that, Zander and John 'ansen got married. And that was before Zander earned 'is lordship. So in Zander's mind, 'e gave up on Joseph proving that no 'uman wanted anything to do with 'im. Even Dirk disliked Joseph."

          The other immoral son stated. "It seems strange that when the topic of Deryk comes up, everyone deliberately forgets about the twin brother. Something similar 'appened to the Adalian Joseph Devlin. Only Lord Pouchlaw took pity on 'im and bartered with 'is mother to 'ave 'im brought to Prime Example. Again, no 'uman wanted anything to do with 'im. The Adalian version of Zander 'ad the balls to say that Joseph 'ad become boring by not wanting to train like 'e was doing. Pouchlaw didn't 'ave Joseph brought to the Academy to train. Therefore, the reverse of the accusation was actually true. If one of the Josephs 'ad come to us, we could 'ave shown 'im 'ow to 'ave real fun."

          Roolock looked to Lexington. "And there yas 'ave it, Lexie. Deryk this and Deryk that. My sons get tired of 'earing about boring old Deryk. And Ah am starting to get that way myself."

          "Yas definitely made yer point." said Lexington, being perceptive that they don't like talking about Deryk. "Ah didn't mention 'is name to yas. Only my son, whom 'as embraced the Moon-touched life." Which reminded him he needed to start thinking about Christmas invites, and pulled out a pad from his back pocket, and put Joseph atop the list, followed by Chip, and the rest that usually come. He remembered since working with the toons, Joseph always came home with good stories. He then said. "Yas didn't just come to make a point about an undesirable. Whenever yas appear, something important is about to be revealed, correct?"

          The first immoral son crossed his arms over his furry chest. "'e says 'e didn't bring up the topic. Ah suppose Devlin was a miracle baby that Ba'amut simple felt sorry for yas blokes and decided to make a child for yas that yas would love. But then someone whom yas did not bring up chose to 'ide from yas deliberately for the last twenty-one years."

          Roolock popped his son on the shoulder. "That's enough. 'e already dropped the topic."

          The first son didn't look sorry for defending Joseph.

          Roolock sighed. "Yes, there are two reasons for why we are 'ere, Lexington. One, we are 'aving the Dreamtime Roto-Rooter Plumbing Service unclog our toilets in the 'ome realm. Fun-fun, Ah know... Now for the main thing. Ah am glad Seth isn't 'ome yet because this is something 'e did that 'e 'id from yas." He then reached into his pouch and pulled out a thick folder that seemed to be full of medical reports and full sized pictures. "Seth's children and not through yas, Lexington. 'e wants to throw a fit over Devlin; now yas 'ave ammunition to use in retaliation. Not just one unknown child but several. As many as unnamed topic 'as. And most of the boy-moms looked just like mister unnamed topic." He handed the folder over.

          Lexington sighed. In past years before he had twins, he would probably have burned them up and be on a major tear that all the students would suffer through. Since the twins and their antics mellowed him out, he's hasn't been on the tear that would rival Volcano Day. "The wyrm will 'ave a lot of explaining to do... if 'e throws a fit." He closed the folder as he bottled up the frustration, wiped the tears from his face and looked towards a non-teaching black belt. And waved him over. "Sensei." He bowed once he got to him. He smelled like a Were-Quokka, and even smiled as such. "Can Ah trust yas with a secret task?"

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: First Lesson.

            Once the human-form Were-Quokka nodded, he handed him the folder along with an antique-looking key. "Don't look at the folder contents. Just go to the desk in the den, and place this in the locked drawer. Then put the key inside the water filter refills box under the kitchen sink. Yas 'ave my permission to be in the 'ouse for this. Breathe nothing about this task to anyone. Understand?" Note he was talking about the Vegan frozen waffles. "Yes of course." Lexington bowed to the black belt. "Thank yas. Once yas are done, carry on."

            As soon as the best poker face of the Station walked off with the folder on a special task, Lexington cleared his throat. "Thank yas, Roolock. Now Ah understand 'is adventures entail." All of them were a few years older than the twins. So that did say something to him. "Now... If yas will excuse me, Ah must not keep Lari's team waiting too long in the dojo. They need their first lesson, and it's my turn to make lunch for everyone today."

            Roolock said, "Most of them occurred during moments when yas 'ad no interest for sex and 'e felt the need to go do something. Ah am sorry Ah 'ad to hand that over to yas. Ah know yas both 'ave 'istory together. My sons and Ah will stay out of yer way now. We will take Clarissa over to the Absolute Zero. She's been working on this blanket for six months. Ah don't dare try to fatten 'er up when she is 'olding those knitting needles." And he took his family out of the station to return to Kangaroo Town.

            Within the Dojo

            Lari was admiring tournament trophies along one wall. "Ah remember back in school 'ow good it felt to win first prize in something Ah worked really 'ard on. Yes, Knotty, Ah said 'ard on. Must yas nudge me like that when yas 'ear me screw up and say something immoral. Ah know the full moon is coming next week. Tis the time to be immoral. But we got to focus on Martial Arts today."

            Knotty grinned. "Spoil sport."

            Lari glanced over at Timmy. "'ey cuddle-buns! What Sonic level are yas on?"

            Timmy blushed at that remark. If any words can describe his rear end, it wouldn't be cuddly. "Ah was on the Level 32... Man this Nitro character is hard to play. Whenever he sees anything male and with a pulse, it goes to a scene where Shadow smacks him upside the head to get him to focus. Ah wouldn't want to cross Shadow like that... But the preview of Sega the Hedgehog... even though the padlock is over him, I look forward to playing those levels."

            James looked at the various photos of champions that were close to each trophy. The ones for either or both twins were obvious. The ones that included non-human were diptychs with their human and true forms. It was all about respect for his students. "There are quite a few of these awards won by non-humans. Interesting."

            The sound of the door closing had Olivia and Marcy nearly jump out of their skin. Lexington had a peaceful "Sorry about that. Roolock 'ad something for my eyes only." The truth, but not the full truth. "Now that that's done, let's start with the pleasantries. The first thing is that we need to do... Timmy, yer 'and'eld please?" He held out a basket which is used to hold items not to be used. Lexington put in his smartphone. He doesn't exclude himself from this rule. The comm panel was near the door in case he was needed. "Yas will get it back when the lesson is over."

            Timmy nodded and turned off his handheld. Luckily he saved at a good point before Sensei asked. The dojo master said, as he felt the weight of the basket get slightly heavier. "The first rule of the dojo is that anything tech is not brought in. If it can't be left with yer bunk, it is put in the basket until the end of the lesson. Instructors included."

            "Even though Ah know yas guys are time-displaced and Ah was stuck in a cave with my mate and friends.... allow me to make introductions anew. Ah am Sensei Lexington. There are two other instructors with me doing classes. Sensei Peregrine Haerford and Sensei Joey Stryfe. The Moravian Were-Worg that likes to make rounds and guard is Lord Peter of the Secret Police. 'e may frighten the white belts, but 'e's a really good person. We will speak of further rules of the dojo as we go today. Any questions so far?"

            Lari turned and asked, "Are morphers made by the 'oly Pouch also considered tech? Timmy's 'and'eld is also 'is morpher which Sherwood provided us with to replace the all-natural O-Phones." He pointed to the morpher on his belt buckle which looked like a handheld. "We all 'ave them. Sherwood said they were part of our civilian uniforms. The stripes over our shoulder and down the right front side of our uniforms tells our opponents what ranger color we are when we are not in our ranger gear." He was glad their Mobian forms were part of their granted powers that they had gained from Lord Pouchlaw a long time ago. Even without the morphers, they could still kick butt Mobian style.

            Shimatta, the thirty-nine year-old martial artist thought to himself. "Good question." He didn't know that there would be such grey-area to happen. "The rule is an old one that goes back to my time cursed as a Roo for about a year. Master Sakar disliked tech so much that when 'e saw three blokes opposing 'im using tech powers or tech upgrade, 'e cursed us for it and didn't return our powers until 'e anticipated 'is fall."

            "Ah don't 'ave an answer for yas and yer team Lari. At least not yet." He held out the Basket in front of Timmy, smiling."Ah'm not one to tread on the will of the 'oly Pouch. But Ah am curious about this design myself. Ah'll ask Sherwood to tea and 'ave an answer. Ah'll make an exception to the rule until I get my answer."

            Timmy took his handheld and put it on his buckle. "Why are you being kind about this? Most teachers we had would've dismissed these as technical distractions."

            "Because judging a book by its cover is one of the worst prejudices one can 'ave in life," said the Sensei. "Or in this case, judging a morpher by its looks without knowing particulars."

            Lari sighed. "Ah am sorry if Ah asked something that is making yas change yer ruling on this. Ah just assumed that if the 'oly Pouch made these then they were magically created. If Ah am wrong, then Ah apologize. Sherwood is dividing 'is time between Trigram Boomer and Gaiden Outback at the moment. There was some sort of snafu at the academy this morning that 'e went to 'andle."

            Sherwood then appeared and said, "Magitech and Earthian Tech are completely separate. However, during a martial arts lesson the handheld should remain attached to the belt buckle. It contains a magical power source which permits you to access Holy morphing powers. In Timmy's case, it also permits him to play all of the newest Sonic games as if he had the full game."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: A Morning Well-Spent.

              Sherwood took the time to remove his shoes now that he was in the Dojo. "Pouchsong had been replaced by a demon double and we had to deal with banishing that demon. I will be taking some time to locate the real Pouchsong later. For now, Wildwind is in charge of the academy with General Lawtail as his second in command. Pouchsong's clan has been dissolved. Pouchsoul the Demon was transformed into a Latrine statue. Word from my father, rangers... Gaiden Outback is part of the Musketeer Order, albeit non-lord members of said order. Except in your case, Lari. Kiel wants to initiate you into the lord position properly for the order as soon as you complete your white belt training. Kiel also told me that you joeys and sheilas are only here for the Martial Arts training. You live at your own station and you will have chores at said station. Kiel says that Lexington has enough hired help to open ten stations which he would have no time to oversee all of them. During the week, you report here for your martial arts training until Lexington releases you, then it is back to your station to do chores. After that, you are to perform patrols around Kangaroo Town and Ottercrest. The town of New Blackall is a military city and is patrolled by the soldiers from the Kangaroo Academy. As before, when the Musketeers need your aid, you will assist them with whatever task they have for you."

              Sherwood now assumed a yoga pose. "Now for other news and information reports..."
              1. "Lari, Your father Terry married Quicksilver and is currently a kangaroo himself. Your brother Kavan became the new Kangaroo Kid and is working with Fusion in Dreamwolf. Your brother Samuel married a Were-Kangaroo motorcycle repairman. Your adopted cousin Valiance is a Were-Kangaroo named Roule and he runs the Dreamtime Paradise Parlor with his Were-Wallaby mate, Hoplight. Your mother is in Cairo, Egypt doing archaeology work with a team of researchers there. Your former demon copy named Lionel Carrington Knight is currently married to Col. North Lonewolf, the Field Marshal; North has not been informed that you are back as yet. But he is sure to learn of your return sooner or later. The warning from Kiel is that North has a claim that he can tell the real you from a demon copy. But since the only version of you he has ever known were demon copies, that claim is flaky at best. Your genetic son lives in Northern Japan. Word is that Michael Knight has a clubhouse."
              2. "Timmy, your parents migrated to Sydney once the Dreamtime Wars started. Your brother Robert married a woman named Salena and through her you have two nephews and one niece. Jackson, Luke and Trinity. Lightspeed babysits for the Celeron family since he still loves Robert. They live in Silver Plains, Queensland. Demon copy Timmy married Nitro when Shadow enforced a shotgun wedding after Nitro got pregnant a few days after the trap outing you guys were in. Lord Parcelpaw wants to talk to you at the Absolute Zero when the martial arts lesson ends."
              3. "James, your older brother John married Lord Zander as I told you previously. Your younger brother Preston is a Professor of the Mystical Arts. He lives with a friend, Tyger Blackall and his companion Dragon-Hound, Blazing Star, Formerly known as Bloodstrike. They dwell in Bairnsdale, Victoria. Preston often visits with John and Zander. John and Zander have a son named Radimus Ezekiel Hansen or Rad for short. He is a Cowardly Were-Croc whom is enrolled at the academy. Demon copy James married Demon copy Marcy and they had a son whom lives in Bairnsdale. The boy's name is Malcolm; he takes after you, James. He is an artist; but in color, he takes after Marcy. He likes the color Onyx."
              4. "Marcy, your parents moved to Bairnsdale once Blackall was destroyed. Your wheelchair bound disabled brother, Jules, was granted a miracle operation and his mobility was restored to him. He works for a television network in Sydney."
              5. "Olivia, Your parents migrated to Silver Plains. Your cousin, Tony Banks, married a nice female, Michelle, and they had three sons and two daughters. Beau, Casey and Trevor are the boys; Saba and Erica are the girls. Tony's family lives in Adelaide. Demon copy Olivia married a gentleman in Japan, Dayita, and they had a daughter named Salena Dayita. Salena currently lives in Bairnsdale."
              6. "Rusty married Studpaw and they live in Studpaw's realm in Dreamtime. Drayce has been very useful for them. Rusty has several Kangaroo sons and daughters. When Studpaw feels horny, you can guess what happens."
              7. "Rick lives in Oregon taking care of his aging mother. Although he is on the verge of moving down under because his mother wants to move into a nursing home. Rick will always own the Otter Farm in Oregon. But he's in love with Joey Stryfe."
              Sherwood then said, "I am going to meditate now and have tea with Lexington later. Have fun with your lesson." He closed his eyes and zoned out the activities to come.

              "That's the end of it. These lessons mean the basket is only for me." Lexington chuckled nervously. "Ah trust that yas will use yer best judgment. In the meantime, let us begin..."

              After stretching they were taught in the proper stances, mainly in the legs, before he taught them the forward punch, the low block, the high block, and the forward block. The last lesson for today was in using the weight of their opponent against them. Usually it wasn't lesson one, but with their team's original goal, he had to include it. Basically it was using the weight to roll an opponent from behind off of them. Timmy was paired up with Rick, and Rick nearly threw him into one of the walls! Marcy proved to be more adept at tossing James around, and even got to try it against the Sensei in a different demonstration with a wooden tanto. She caught him by surprise and he lost the grip of the practice weapon before he was dropped on his ass.

              Adjusting his uniform after he got up and put away the wooden weapon. "The next lesson will be the first and most basic kata. Keep in mind that these techniques are mainly for defense. And don't let the Karate Kid fool yas blokes. What violent martial arts they use in the movies are mostly 'ollywood interpretations. The other martial arts 'ave similar philosophies that prove to be much better. Good lesson, and bow." Instructor and students bowed to each other. "Dismissed. Please make sure yas bow before yas leave the Dojo."

              Lari rose to his feet as he performed the bow to show respect. "Sherwood, Ah know yas gave us permission to do patrols, but may we also explore a bit? Kangaroo Town seems more than secure and Ottercrest 'as those academy assigned guards all over the place. Our original goal was to rescue captured animals in the Outback. We 'ave 'ad three weeks of Pouchlaw's academy training days before our Mobian capture by Ogma."

              Sherwood slowly stood up as he replied, "Your team may explore but please be careful. I contacted the Mobians. Princess Sally told me that Mobius will be within range of the Earth around Christmas time but they can use their new Mobian Star Ship to come to Earth early. They really want to see you guys. Um... extra warning. When I told Princess Sally about your rescue from Ogma, Shadow whom was standing nearby growled the following, 'My boy got pregnant from a demon; I'll kill him.' Sally and Sonic stopped him but I don't know for how long. And Timmy, Parcelpaw wants to see you at the Absolute Zero.for lunch. He is retired these days but he remembers that you are still one of his citizens and couriers."

              Sherwood grabbed his shoes and said, "I need to have tea with Lexington. The Mobians are due to arrive tomorrow afternoon. I am providing them with a landing platform behind your station in Kangaroo Town. Roolock is at the Absolute Zero as well. Dismissed."

              Lari smiled at his friends. "Time to go pay the piper, guys. Ah 'ave some magic lessons to get to with Roolock. Come on, Knotty." And after grabbing his shoes he headed out of the Dojo.

              Sighing, Lexington took his smartphone out of the basket, and chuckled at himself. He noticed a message from Chip saying Seth was on his way home. Two days to cool off. "Ah didn't intend to go against yer will, Sherwood, and Ah apologize to yas if Ah overstepped on yer wishes. It was deceptively clever the way yas made them. Even fooled me." He resisted going Nuclear from the revelation that his twins have multiple half-siblings. He realized he still had the weakness, and he himself will be spending the evening transferring uncooked rice from bowl to bowl, and restrict himself to herbal tea. "Please, join me in the main 'ouse. Ah'll get the tea ready."

              Sherwood nodded his head as he walked with Lexington. "Timmy's is the only one that can double as a game playing device. When he saves his progress on this version, a copy is made on the original. The original is standard tech."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: An Afternoon at the Absolute Zero.

                Lari and the crew did what few station chores there were before heading over to the Absolute Zero to meet up with the various lords whom were there.

                Roolock's two soldier sons hugged Lari tightly when they saw whom Kiel and Roolock had sneaked in under the radar. "We 'aven't seen yas in forever, Lari. Ah gave yas the candy when yas first arrived at Pouchlaw's academy. Ah am Commander Stickylock, as in sticky candy. The other immoral son grinned as he gave Lari a kiss. "Ah am the old Mudfoot Joey RA whom prevented the others from knocking yas up too early. Commander Lunartail. Father punished me for that years after 'e learned that Ah was the one whom made sure yas stayed reasonably 'uman while in the dorm and non-pregnant. Although yas and Ah did 'ave some fun nights together in my quarters."

                Lari smiled. "Its been ages, guys. With the immoral full moon coming up on Monday, Ah may become quite immorally yiffy. Ah promised Knotty some fun. My Devi-Kangaroo Imp-Mouse familiar 'as been 'elping me to balance out my warlock spells. They are both KSP sized so it is 'ard to do it with people their size. Ah don't feel skilled enough to shrink myself even temporarily just so Ah can 'ave some fun with them. Ah am 'ere to receive some new Warlock lessons from Roolock."

                Rusty escorted Timmy over to Parcelpaw's VIP Courier table before heading off to have lunch with Studpaw and Drayce.

                Timmy noticed Quicksilver there with his mate, along with an unfamiliar flyer. It was especially so, considering the last time she would've been seen by him she was either in Pouchlaw or Parcelpaw's pouch. The lady wore a bubblegum-pink military uniform class-A's, along with a 1940's US Military-inspired hat that made her look like if she had two more flyers with her and dressed up, they could sing about the Boogie-woogie Bugle Roo of Company B. "Is this the delicious treat yas 'ave been talking about, Daddy?"

                "Be'ave, daughter. This one is the only individual to beat my record time before Dashpaw shaved a second off 'is record." Parcelpaw invited Timmy to the table, and made introductions. "Courier Celeron. Yas know my son Quicksilver and 'is mate Terry Knight." He smiled and introduced his daughter. "To 'er 'alf brother's chagrin. She will be overseeing the new Courier division at Pou... er... Wildwind's Academy. Major Parcelpouch."

                She did a salute with a mischievous roo smile. "Lord Pouchlaw may be my mommy, but 'e's Lawty's Daddy!"

                "Why are you a Major?" Timmy said, tilting his head in confusion. Parcelpouch grinned. "Much more freedom than a Colonel and a stuffy-roo General."

                Another questionable scene to Timmy was brought up. "Quicky? Did yer hair get burned or stuck in bubblegum? Ah can see your eyes - not that there's anything wrong with that."

                His head-fur was curled and his eyes can be seen. Quicky said. "It's a new fur style for a new era, mate. Looks like yas can use one. Yer 'ead fur looks like it could use a trim." Parcelpaw mused in his deep baritone voice. "'e looked that way eighteen years ago, son."

                Terry said, "In order for 'im to learn braking better, Ah used a 'air clip to pin 'is 'air up out of 'is eyes while 'e was on duty. As 'e got better with braking, 'e became even faster. When not working the 'air clip was removed and 'e could be mop 'eaded once again. This lasted until 'air styles changed and 'e requested a new style to sport of 'is own choosing. Ah've been married to Quicksilver for over a decade. Ah was already over thirty myself so Ah chose to join the species so Ah could live as long as Quicksilver and the other Courier Roos. My early days were probably much like yer own, Timmy. Ah know Ah splatted into a few walls."

                Roolock soon said, "Well done, Lari, yas learned those new spells beautifully. Now as a reward treat, even though Lord Kiel might disapprove, Ah am going to treat yer whole team to a night at the Dreamtime Paradise Parlor. Ah will pick up the tab for all of yas. 'ave as much fun as yas like there. Yer team doesn't 'ave to see Lexington until Sunday morning."

                Lari smiled. "We gets a reward! Super Cool! Way past cool! With the Mobians arriving tomorrow afternoon, this is going to be a great weekend!"

                Rick said, "I will need to gather Star and his boys and take them there as well. They have earned some shore leave."

                Rusty said, "Studpaw needs to go check on his realm and he gave me permission to go have a good time with the rest of you. Drayce and I usually run a finding service at the Paradise Parlor for people whom misplace things or people they really need. It turns over a nice legal profit."

                Roolock said, "Rick, go gather yer brood and meet us at the entrance to the Paradise Parlor. Yas know the way. Ah know Roule will be glad to get the customers."

                Lari smiled. "My adopted cousin Roule; Ah cannot wait to meet 'im in 'is Were-Kangaroo form. Will we see Knuckletail around there?"

                Roolock grinned at the GO-Rescue team. "This may come as a Surprise to a lot of yas, but Knuckletail grew up and Remmington is now an uber sexy Were-Kangaroo stud whom a lot of people adore a lot on sight. And 'e 'as a mate named Redfang; former 'uman named Jake Craig."

                Lari looked to Timmy and James. "Remember the last time we saw the cutie-pie Were-Joey?"

                Timmy nodded. "It was before I became a courier and got knocked up by one of the two roos named Yardfoot." James added. "... and those crocaroos took me to father some Crocaroo children." He looked a little green after saying it. Another stubborn virgin. "It was either I gave them my seed or I get filled by them."

                Lari said, "Yas were inside the Couriers Way, Timmy, but Ah 'ad just de-scented James when Knuckletail popped up out of the joey mud pits and called me 'Mommy'. James and Ah learned from 'im that 'is daddy was none other than the leader of the Boomer Force and 'is mommy was from one of the other ranger capable Earth-like worlds. Ah think they call it Parousia now."

                Roolock grinned. "Glad yas remember more than yer teammates do, Lari." He then got up from his seat. "Time to go meet up with the otters and have a good time at the Paradise Parlor."

                The group all departed the Absolute Zero to go have some fun at Roule's Paradise Parlor.

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode One.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, A Weekend in Paradise.