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KR: Stranger - 01 - Just Passing Through

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    KR: Stranger - 01 - Just Passing Through

    The Stranger
    a "Kamen Rider" tale

    Episode One: Just Passing Through
    by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    "Angel" Arbaso Von Angelis, the Purple Stranger

    The Rite Timers

    Chapter Prologue: Something Wicked This Way Comes.
    35,000 B.C.; Ancient Egypt

    "Is he the one?" "He was at the appointed place." "Our master will soon walk the world again. Prepare the ritual."

    Staked out on a crude altar lay the Egyptian guardsman; gagged and stripped of his uniform; awaiting the final moment. Anubis would claim him this night and he would live no more. But then... the sounds of a fight erupted just out of range of the the guard's eye sight. A whip cracking sound was followed by a bone crunching fist strike. Then when the sounds of swords coming into play were heard, it was quiet for all of a moment. Then the guard heard the words.

    Lifting his head up just slightly to reveal his indigo orbs of purple light from the gaze beneath his wide brimmed hat, the man in slow motion crouched down as he raised his hands over his head in a vee display. "Transform!" His eyes flared with a brilliant flash of amethyst like light as the stranger's robes flew off of him vanishing in the night sky as glowing purple hexes cascaded around his boots, up his legs, over his torso and hands, and finally over his head to form an almost futuristic helmet with two red visors and one indigo visor in the middle over the front of the red lens. Then the man leaped skyward in a mighty jump and when he landed, his helmet had long rabbit like ears and the back of his armored outfit popped open what could only be described as metal wings. A futuristic sword handle leaped out of a compartment on one of his legs and when he caught it in his hand, its indigo like blade grew forth from the grip and glowed in a radiant yet eerie light. "I am the Rabbit King of Angels! I am... the Purple Stranger!"

    What followed was perhaps the fastest butt kicking sword fight the guard had ever heard. During the fight, he got his first sight of the winged warrior who extended one wing with precision and sliced off the ropes which held the guard down. "Anubis needs you alive for now, friend. Escape while you can. I will fight the others. You can repay me in the future." And the stranger returned to the fight at hand. The guard wasted no time in fleeing back to the palace.

    When he returned with the other guards and the Pharaoh himself, the ritual location was just as the guard described. And even though there was blood and pieces of robes strewn throughout the sands, no bodies were ever found. And the winged stranger was likewise gone as well.

    730 B.C.; Ancient Greece

    A king's runner had been captured by ritualists and taken against his will to a place of rites. The runner had been yelling for the aid of Hermes and even Pan all to no avail. But then, history repeated itself. He heard the word "Transform!" and "I am the Rabbit King of Angels! I am... the Purple Stranger!" And the next thing the runner saw was the winged warrior taking on the ritualists with swords far better than Grecian steel. When the last of the ritualists were defeated, the runner who had chosen not to leave just yet spoke to the winged warrior. "Great one... if the gods sent you to save me, I thank you for your quick actions. If you are a god yourself, then you have gained a follower this day. I will never forget the deed you have done to save me this day."

    The winged warrior turned and faced the human young man. What he saw was the visage of a dark purple furred rabbit within the visor. "Since you swear an oath in my service, runner, I accept your offer. But this is neither the time nor the place to collect. Sometime in the future, your blood will be called on and upon that day, your family will repay me." And with that, he turned once again and leaped suddenly, vanishing into the sky.

    The runner returned to his duties and went on to father a long lasting and healthy bloodline that spanned entire eras.

    537 A.D.; Ancient England

    The squire to a king's knight was being held prisoner within a darkened castle and the king's most trusted knights were being held at bay by the powers of the knight which blocked their path. The king exclaimed, "This is futile! How can we get past this rotten scoundrel?" But then slowly striding by the king and the knights without speaking a word came... the strange man in dark robes. "Here, now, monk... there is an evil knight just ahead. He is holding my good knight's squire prisoner."

    The robed man never turned to face the king, but instead he crouched down and raised his hands in the vee position. The next words the knights and the king heard were "Transform!" and "I am the Rabbit King of Angels! I am... the Purple Stranger!" Then he stood with his sword at the ready and slowly approached the evil knight as his wings literally appeared out of nowhere and what followed next was perhaps the most horrific action ever seen as the stranger was continuing his walk on the other side of the evil knight... as the head of the scoundrel fell off of his shoulders, followed by his body falling off of the moat bridge and sinking into the murky waters beyond.

    Another fight was then heard within the dark castle and then all became quiet.

    Finally, the king saw the winged warrior emerging from the castle with the squire, but then they stopped as the winged warrior turned to the squire and quietly spoke a few words to him, before making a mighty leap and vanishing into the sky. The squire then crossed the bridge and rejoined the others. When asked what the winged stranger had said, the squire replied, "He said that my family would repay him in the future and that I should continue to live my life and procreate a healthy family."

    1366 A.D.; Ancient Germany

    A king's adviser is rescued from warlocks in the Black Forest by a winged warrior with the visage of a dark rabbit. "Your family will repay me in the future. Make sure you have a healthy lineage of sons and the favor can be repaid then." After finishing his speech, the warrior vanished into the sky.

    1861 A.D.; American West

    The son of the governor of Spanish California was about to be killed in an ancient ritual by cloaked men in dark hoods and the stranger appeared yet again. When the fight ended, the boy was returned to the edge of his home's estate where the stranger spoke to him. "Live a long life and perhaps one of your grandsons will repay me in the future. Live and be healthy."

    And then the winged warrior vanished into the sky.

    1968 A.D.; Vietnam

    A soldier of a noble line was about to be killed by enemy soldiers when the winged warrior appeared in the world once again. The enemy soldiers, although using their rifles with expertise were no match for the winged warrior. The American soldier was then facing the winged warrior himself. "Who are you? What are you?" The winged warrior rabbit replied, "In your future, one of your grandsons will someday free us all. On that day, you will have repaid me for this favor today. Live long, my friend, and live to see tomorrow. I must go now." And with a mighty leap, he vanished into the sky.

    The rest of this soldier's charmed life was said to be a blessing. Bullets either missed striking him or he evaded jungle traps as if he knew they were there.
    End of Prologue.