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[AU] Kamen Rider Fox - Notes

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    [AU] Kamen Rider Fox - Notes

    Kamen Rider Fox
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Time: 2018

    Place: Briarwood, California; Planet Earth & White Deer Park (a nature reserve) in England; Planet Veil

    Plot: When you need a mystery hero with guile and wit and the craftiness of a fox, you simply call upon the Fox Rider of White Deer Park in England. Poachers are after the animals in the nature reserve and Fox (of the Animals of Farthing Wood) sends forth a missive summons for a hero from Earth to come and help them in their time of need. A young man is chosen and he fights against a taxidermist and his legion of goons.

    Todd Renauld, Kamen Rider Fox

    Todd is a young man with orange-red blondish slightly curly hair, freckles and tanned skin. He usually wears a plaid long sleeved lumberjack's shirt, blue jeans and work boots. he is roughly 18-19 years of age, barely out of high school. He was an avid fan of both Mystic Force, Dragon Soul and Shark Squadron when he was younger, but he never thought he would ever be a hero like them.

    Also Starring:
    Marian Margo
    Cecil Wayne

    Lord Taxis Dermot
    various hired goons who work with traps and/or can fight heroes


      Transformation Sequence:

      Reaching down to his waist, his hands landed upon his Rider Belt as he just as quickly found the activation buttons. "Transform!" said Todd as the belt lit up in orange, red and bronze lights. Todd's entire body glowed from the neck down as his fox-themed Rider Uniform appeared on his body. Followed by black gloves with white palms and white boots with a black stripe around his ankles. Then his Fox-shaped helmet appeared over his head which had a dark oval visor over his eyes. And finally his Fox Blade appeared in a scabbard on a the belt around his waist and his almost Animatronic looking Foxcycle (motorcycle) with legs and feet instead of wheels appeared just behind him. The grill and headlights of the Foxcycle looked like a grinning fox with its eyes being the headlights. "I am the Fox Rider!"



        Fox Blade - Although the pommel and hand guard is in the shape of a fox's head, the blade itself is as sharp of Owl's talons and Snake's fangs. It can cut through anything.
        Fox Shield - A light-weight transparent shield with the head of a fox transparently emblazoned upon its cover. Like the Fox Blade, the Fox Shield is impenetrable.
        Foxcycle - An almost Animatronic looking motorcycle with legs and feet instead of wheels. The grill and headlights look like a grinning fox with its eyes being the headlights.


          Fox Rider Powers:

          Through Fox, enhanced superior craftiness, rogue skills and silent movement.
          Through Owl and Fox, night vision and dark sight.
          Through Owl and Snake, sharper than ever tracking and sensory abilities.
          Through Mole and Gopher, superior digging abilities and the ability to identify any geological mineral encountered.
          Through Rabbit and Hare, enhanced speed to be faster than normal humans can move or react.
          Through Frog and Otter, swim better than anyone else can.
          Through Mouse and Rat, increased intelligence beyond normal.
          Through Great White Stag, leaping ability greater than a herd of deer and rabbits combined. And the barrier crossing power between Earth and Veil.
          Through Bear, greater than normal strength.
          Through Badger, tenacity and superior endurance.
          Through Porcupine and Skunk, enhanced defensive abilities.
          Through Panther and Wolf, enhanced fighting abilities.


            Episode List:

            01 - Twice as Crafty: This is the origin and introduction of Kamen Rider Fox and how his adventures get started.
            02 - The Briarwood Fox: Finding nearly the same activities at home, Todd begins a similar crusade against poachers in Briarwood Forest.

            (This list will be updated periodically.)