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[AU] KRF-01 Twice as Crafty

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    [AU] KRF-01 Twice as Crafty

    Kamen Rider Fox
    Episode One: Twice as Crafty
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Todd Renauld, Kamen Rider Fox

    Also Starring:
    Marian Margo
    Cecil Wayne

    Lord Taxis Dermot

    [White Deer Park in England; 2018]

    Chapter One: Proving Fox a Hero.
    Briarwood Public Library, Planet Earth; 2018.

    Putting yet another animal fiction book back on the shelves, a young man said to the librarian, "Why is it that in every one of these animal fiction stories, the fox is made out to be the villain. It doesn't make any sense. The only place where I have ever seen that the fox is not made to be a villain was in that old seventies cartoon, The Animals of Farthing Wood."

    The librarian smiled at the young man. "Sometimes when a series ends it is not the end of the story, Todd. A lot can happen in fifty years. And I am sure Fox of that series is too old to help his friends out of any new dangers they may be in."

    Todd, a young man with orange-red blondish slightly curly hair and freckles turned to look at the librarian as if to ask what she meant by that statement when he saw a pulsing light glowing between the two of them that slowly grew into a spiraling magical portal tunnel leading to whomever knew where. And Todd felt himself being pulled into it. "Wait a minute! What's going on?"

    "Fox needs your help, Todd. I apologize for not warning you first. Fox said it was urgent for me to find someone who sympathized with foxes to send to him..." And her voice became more and more distant as he fell down through the swirling portal between worlds. Then in front of him was the apparition-like ethereal form of Fox himself looking old and injured. "You were chosen to save White Deer Park, Todd. It is too late for me but from now on, you will be Kamen Rider Fox. You will not be stuck in the world I am sending you to; you will be able to cross the barrier whenever you need to. But for now, Taxis Dermot is poaching my friends out of the nature reserve. And now, receive your Rider Belt. When you land, activate the belt and say Transform. I will be with you in spirit to advise you along your way."

    White Deer Park (a nature reserve), England; 2018

    Along a quiet reserve trail, a throng of animals ran past a certain spot and then just above a magical portal opened and Todd fell through it as he landed on his feet facing the direction they had just come from. He heard someone approaching at a run and then he mentally heard Fox say, Activate the belt around your waist. Do it or Dermot will shoot you.

    Reaching down to his waist, his hands landed upon his new Rider Belt as he just as quickly found the activation buttons. "Transform!" said Todd as the belt lit up in orange, red and bronze lights. Todd's entire body glowed from the neck down as his fox-themed Rider Uniform appeared on his body. Followed by black gloves with white palms and white boots with a black stripe around his ankles. Then his Fox-shaped helmet appeared over his head which had a dark oval visor over his eyes. And finally his Fox Blade appeared in a scabbard on a the belt around his waist and his almost Animatronic looking Foxcycle (motorcycle) with legs and feet instead of wheels appeared just behind him. The grill and headlights of the Foxcycle looked like a grinning fox with its eyes being the headlights. "I am the Fox Rider!"

    Summon your Fox Shield and pull your sword. Time to show this poacher that this park has a new guardian!

    Pulling his sword with his right hand, he lifted his left arm and instantly a transparent shield with the head of a fox transparently emblazoned upon it appeared on his left arm. And then he saw the man come into view with his rifle at the ready. With a swift swing and strike across the barrel of the gun, the long metal barrel fell to the ground and as Todd swung his body around he struck Dermot across the back of his head with the shield knocking the man unconscious on the ground. That's the way to do it, Todd. You make a great Kamen Rider. Now, pick up this goof and cart his ass back to the roadway aboard your Foxcycle. There is a roadside Bobbie station nearby and we can drop this guy off with them. Just make sure you tell them that the man was poaching and then place the ruined gun and sawed off barrel piece on their desk. If they ask who you are, just say you are a Kamen Rider who protects White Deer Park. Poaching on a nature reserve is illegal. Don't wait around after that. Return to the reserve and then I will teach you how to use the rest of your new powers.

    One deliberately bumpy ride later, Todd dumped Dermot off with the police and showed them the rifle and barrel piece. And as Fox said, the officers asked who he was. "I am Kamen Rider Fox, newest protector of White Deer Park. Last I heard, my friends, poaching out of a nature reserve was illegal. I have to go now." And he turned and departed the Bobbie station.

    Deep within White Deer Park, Todd still suited up stood there in front of the park's Great White Stag who checked him out and then said, "A fine choice, Fox. You always were a good judge of character. Now young man, what is your name? Don't be shy; we won't hurt you."

    "I am called Todd Renauld and I never thought it was fair that the animal fiction books all make the fox out to be a villain. I guess I made that argument once too often if I am now here as Fox's replacement."

    The Great White Stag tilted his head as he looked at the young man closer this time. "Your name literally means Fox Fox. That means you are twice the fox a normal fox could be. Again, Fox chose well."

    The cervine then lowered his antlers which began to glow as he stepped forward and he pinned Todd to a tree gently. "Do not be afraid, Todd. I am merely giving you additional powers we all feel your should have if you are to be our protector. This will include the ability to cross the barrier between worlds at will. You will continue to have these powers in your world, but when you hear Fox call for you, find an excuse to make the crossing and be prepared to defend us once again. For you are Todd Renauld, Kamen Rider Fox. The Fox who is twice as crafty as any fox who has come before him." And then the stag stepped away from Todd as his antlers stopped glowing. "You will have a duplicate of each ability every animal in White Deer Park possesses which you will be able to utilize whether you are suited up or not. Through Owl and Fox, you will have night vision and dark sight. Through Owl and Snake, you will have sharper than ever tracking and sensory abilities. Mole and Gopher will lend you digging abilities. Rabbit and Hare will give you enhanced speed to make you faster than normal humans can move or react. Through Frog and Otter, you will be able to swim better than anyone else can. And through Mouse and Rat, you will have increased intelligence beyond normal."

    He then looked at Todd one last time. "And from me, leaping ability greater than a herd of deer and rabbits combined. And it will be my barrier crossing power you will be using to make the crossing. Before I forget, Bear will give you strength and Badger will give you tenacity and endurance. Porcupine and Skunk will enhance your defensive abilities. And Panther and Wolf will give you fighting ability like no other."

    Todd took a breath and released it once again. "Thanks a lot for this chance to prove that foxes are not villains. How do I make the crossing and deactivate the powers when I need to be a normal human?"

    The Great White Stag replied, "Either leap into the air and focus on going home or be on your Foxcycle and make it jump through the air and do the same thing. When you arrive on your world, you will always arrive at a private location to protect your identity. Then you touch your belt once again and say, Powers Off. If you forget the words, just touch the belt to get a mental reminder. And now, I am sure you want to return home. But remember, Fox will contact you later."
    End of Chapter One.