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  • AU-PR-STAR-01 Backstage Pass

    Adalia Ultra
    Power Rangers All-Stars
    Strategy, Tactics, Action, and Readiness
    Episode One: Backstage Pass -- May 20th, 2019

    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written By Lexington "David" Lonewolf
    Starring: Power Rangers All-stars [Backstage Order]
    Deryk Auriel Devlin, Red Star Ranger, Were-Kangaroo aspect [Lord Kiel's son through Auranea Martelle Devlin]
    Severn Radson, Bronze Star Ranger, Were-Dingo aspect [Lord Tally's son through Locke Radson]
    Jirata Takehiko, Blue Star Ranger, Rabbit spirit aspect
    Daisy Apolline Yardley, Gold Star Ranger, Wolf Spirit aspect
    Zander Blake Dragonheart, Green Star Ranger, Were-Crocodile aspect [Lord Brock's son through Prof. Valon Dragonheart]
    Damien Cherry, Pink Star Ranger, Dragon Spirit aspect
    Danica Cherry, Violet Star Ranger, Phoenix Spirit aspect

    Guest Starring: The Outback Three [Backstage Order]
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.

    Mr. Orlin Sauventreen: a local artificer
    Mrs. Sauventreen: an accomplished surgeon

    The Machine Empire
    The Demon Lord Regime
    The Elsetime Rebellion

    Adalia Ultra time: June 7th, 2004 (Argos City, Western Australia)
    Chapter One: Training's End.
    Backstage Order -- near Argos City, Western Australia.

    Unlike their primitive order bases in other galaxies and dimensions, the Backstage Order was a modern facility located in a roving Dreamtime space with its own spacious backyard. Fifteen years ago, Lord Kiel and his order brothers brought in their children as well as a few other selected children born with a destined legacy of their own to be trained in the Order's class room environments. The students were brought in at the age of six and now they were all nearly twenty-one. They always looked forward toward spending the holidays with their original families, but the rest of their upbringing occurred right there in the Backstage Order. It was never hinted that they were training to be Power Rangers; some secrets are more fun that way. Having gotten assistance early on from Lord Pouchlaw to modernize the training zone for the humans with something extra, the rest of the job was up to the Outback Three and their allies.

    It was a morning in which Kiel and the others had not yet arrived to conduct the morning class and Deryk had Jirata in a martial arts training session by the Japanese American's own request. The others were spread around the backyard tending to their own activities.

    "It isn't like Lord Kiel to be late to a morning session," remarked the black haired Daisy as she watched the boys try to one up each other.

    Severn grinned. "Hey, Ah look at it like this... my father is also absent this morning. A day where Ah don't 'ave the Were-Dingo glaring over my shoulder is a good morning."

    Deryk hit the ground on his bum as he looked up at Jirata. "Yas 'ave been practicing, bunny boy." Even though he and Jirata both had blond hair in different styles, Deryk's eyes were brown while Jirata's eyes were blue; and while Deryk had tanned skin, Jirata's skin was fair and somewhat pale. They stood at about the same height and had nearly the same weight which made their training sessions more balanced.

    Jirata smiled as he helped Deryk back up to his feet. "Your father usually gets on to me when I put you on the ground like that. I am glad he isn't here to see this training session this time."

    Deryk smirked. "Getting my butt 'anded to me 'elps to build 'umility and balance. Otherwise, Ah might start feeling pompous."

    Zander's left eye glowed as he sat near Severn and bit down on a granny smith apple. He only had the enchanted eye for a handful of days, returning after spending several weeks in Australia. His Egyptologist parent saved up for an artificer-made eye for his son. He had platinum blonde hair and looked like he was most defintiely the first of the three to reach six feet in height. "When father is this late, 'e always 'as a reason."

    Danica was looking for her opening to join in on the sparring with both Jirata and Deryk. She was often the one be the most imaginitive with her clothing. Her pink hair set herself apart from the others, just like Damien.

    Her slightly younger brother Damien stopped growing after reaching five feet, thus was one of shortest in the group. He was fascinated by the world outside with childlike passion. "You never told us how your trip was... you were gone for quite a while."

    Zander said. "Ah went to visit the Professor and get my new eye. Since 'e retired from traveling back-and-forth between Giza and Australia, the Professor wanted to see me. Well, when he wasn't making calls to New York. He's arguing with my younger cousin's paternal family over who should take care of 'im since my aunt died a month ago. Then it was off to get me fitted for this new eye for a few weeks with an Artificing family and have this attached to my optic nerve."

    "It was better than seeing an eyepatch on your face, Zander," said Damien with an approving smile.

    Jirata smiled at Danica. "Are you waiting for an invitation? Plenty of sparring time to spare since the old folks are late."

    Deryk grinned as he bowed out of the match to give Danica some exercise time before he walked over to look at Zander's eye. "Ah'm not sure why yas went for the bionic eye when according to our folks, we weres can insta-'eal by transforming."

    Severn said, "Ah'll remind yas of why 'e didn't use the quick way, mate... our stingy parental units 'aven't taught us 'ow to initiate the were-transformation ability yet."

    Daisy smiled. "I suppose they are afraid you boys might go around and roo-cruit every loose joey in sight."

    Deryk smirked again. "That will be the day!"

    At that moment, Kiel, Brock, and Tally arrived in the backyard through one of those Veil Curtain doors that could be accessed anywhere on the Earth. Tally said, "We stingy parental units want to be sure yas are not going to get stuck in yer animal forms after an initial transformation. As for Zander's eye, if the artificer made it right, it will fluidly shift when 'e does."

    Kiel said, "Yas can blame our being late on the Dreamtime Council of Protectorates. They want the project stepped up and in the field so they can evaluate whether we wasted their precious time or not."

    Brock smiled. "Tally and Ah suggested that they put on colorful spandex tights and run around the Outback in the 'ot weather without a stitch of combat training."
    End of Chapter One.

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    Chapter Two: Making it Count.
    Tally smiled as well. "They didn't like our joke as much as we did."

    Kiel then said, "Okay, mates... anyone else would have been havng misadventures by now. But we wanted yas to be as prepared as possible before we officiated yer Power Ranger morphers. The spirits and lords of the Spirit Realm have been working with us to craft yer new morphers and zords in just the right ways. Where as the were-beasts will be getting moon-touched training, the rest of yas will be learning 'ow to change into yer Spirit sponsor's chosen species forms. According to the legacies yas came from... Deryk is a kangaroo; Severn is a dingo; Zander is a crocodile; Jirata is a rabbit; Daisy is a wolf; Damien is a dragon; and Danica is a phoenix. Yes, the Cherry siblings can both fly."

    Brock then said, "When yas are not in the world fighting evil, yas will be returning to base via the Veil gates just as yas 'ave seen us old fogeys doing it."

    Deryk sighed. "Ah am sure the others didn't mean to imply that yas blokes were old. Its just that we 'ave been in Backstage for nearly fifteen years. Zander is one of the few who 'as gotten to go out occasionally. Albeit with an escort."

    "Being the Professor's only child, 'e didn't want to let destiny get in the way of him being actively involved in my life." He then remembered the sad look on the Professor's face. He was the family-type in the Dragonheart line. "The bloke consulted Father before he commissioned the artificers."

    "Looks like we aren't going to be let loose on the world just yet," Damien said.

    Danica knocked him on the head. "Remember what we've been told; in the years we've been isolated the human world has changed without us. What we knew then may not be as the same as what others know now."

    Zander nodded knowingly. "Music changes, scandals in royalty and parliament, more courage in expressing oneself, more fear in expressing oneself... 'istoric 'appenings among the 'umans that will fly over our 'eads and we'll be asked if we've been 'iding under rocks."

    Kiel dipped one furred paw-hand into his pouch and he pulled out a package that had been wrapped carefully. He then slowly unwrapped the leather bound folds and he began presenting the team with their new Star Morpher Belts. "The Phoenix Star Belt for Danica; and the Wolf Star Belt for Daisy." He then hopped over to the boys. "The Crocodile Star Belt for Zander; the Dingo Star Belt for Severn; the Dragon Star Belt for Damien; and the Rabbit Star Belt for Jirata." He then went over and stood with his son. "And for yas, son, the Boomer Star Belt. Place these belt buckle stars to yer waist lines and say, "All-Stars Burning Bright!"; the full belt will then form around yer waists and then yas will 'ear the mental words of [All-Stars Shine Forever!] At this point the rest of yer morphing sequences will occur as yas suit up in yer color and animal choices. We 'ave been training yas in short range and long range telepathic communications so a communicator isn't necessary. Tally 'as been instructing yas in martial arts while Rack 'as been providing yas with yer weapons and armor training. Just be glad we permitted yas to 'ave television and radio access 'ere in the Backstage Order or else yas really would be out of the loop. For rule of thumb, STAR translates as Strategy, Tactics, Action, and Readiness. When all four are combined much like the four elements, the stars shine bright and so will yer powers. And now Ah want to see yas blokes do this. Afterward, yas will be receive a reward yas might all really like."

    The seven chosen Star pupils lined up and struck a respectable pose as they reached into their Veil pockets to pull out their Star Buckles. Placing these buckles to their waists, they (as one) exclaimed, "All-Stars Burning Bright!" And as the full belt formed around their waists, then heard the mental replies of [All-Stars Shine Forever!] Their poly-endurance full body Black-Ops tights appeared over their bodies followed by armored ranger uniforms in white and their primary colors. Then came their weapons; Deryk had a double-ended Teardrop Baton Staff in Red and Silver; Jirata had a Power Bow in Blue and Silver; Zander had a Naginata in Green and Silver; Severn had a set of Boomerangs in Bronze and Silver; Danica had a set of Fans in Violet and Silver which doubled as personal shields; Damien had an Umbrella weapon in Pink and Silver; Daisy had a Nunchaku in Gold and Silver. All Rangers had Star Blasters attached to their belts. And then their ranger helmets appeared over their heads as their animal zords appeared briefly in the background behind them. As their sequences came to an end, they shouted, "All-Star Power Rangers!"

    Kiel applauded their ability to learn to morph. "And now... to return to normal, place one 'and on yer belt buckle and say, Power Down. Then place the buckle back into yer Veil pocket. When the buckle morphers are not in use, they automatically return to yer Veil pockets. In addition to the magic lessons and teleportation we 'ave taught yas, as a team yas are ready. Now for the promised reward... Yer training is at an end. Go forth and spend some time with yer other family members back 'ome." He turned to Deryk. "Auranea, Dirk, and Joseph are visiting with Grandpa Matthew Osric Devlin and Grandma Angela Irene Kane-Devlin in Missouri currently. Yer 'alf-brother Cutter is at Shaman's Circle in Texas. Yer assignments while visiting relatives is to learn whatever yas can about the world and events while keeping one eye out for evil trouble. If yas need to contact one of us mentors, just open the telepathic channel like we taught yas and let 'er rip. The All-Star Rangers are a global team. And remember this one last thing... yas cannot tell yer loved ones that yas are now Power Rangers or else they might pull some stupid maneuvers like getting captured by the enemy or trying to get powers of their own."

    The Cherry siblings knew their mother died giving birth to them, and their father didn't take it too well, but at least they had an Aunt and Uncle that took responsibility for them while their father was committed to a mental hospital. "It's been years since Aunt Danielle and Uncle Nestor saw us, Damien." Damien looked up to his sister in . "I can barely remember them, sis." His sister whom had a better memory said, "Don't worry about it. You'll remember them more as we see them."

    Zander hummed. "Keep one eye open, yas two. And Ah'm sure yer family would love to see yas. And enjoy family time with yers, Deryk." He then looked toward Lord Brock. "Do yas know if 'e's still in Australia, Father? Ah'm sure 'e might want to see Mr. Sauventreen's 'andiwork."

    Damien got beside Severn and gave him a nudge. "What about the rest of your pack, Sev? What are they like?" He was more curious of other places, so now someone other than the formerly One-eyed Zander has to answer his questions about places not known to him.

    Severn replied, "My mum is a White'all agent from England. 'e travels a bit. Tally will 'ave to 'elp me decide who to go see so Ah can converse with 'im. Ah 'ave no pack as yet."
    End of Chapter Two.


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      Chapter Three: Traveling the World, Part 1.
      The easiest home visit to cover was for Jirata Takehito. His older sister greeted him at the airport in Tokyo; their father was on assignment for the CIA and their mother was a secretary for a global werewolf organization. Garukami herself was working for the Japanese space program as a rocket scientist. Jirata had been the youngest of the family with a heroic destiny of his own.

      Second easiest to cover was for Daisy Yardley herself. Her family lived in Timberwolf Mascot territory in Timbertown, Oregon. Daisy was greeted by Wolf Alpha Spirit Lord Logan of the Dark Forests. "Welcome home, Daisy. I hope you are better than the current Mascot Wolf Riders. My son Cyrus has his paws full with these riders. Come, I will escort you around Timbertown." And the two headed off into town.

      Severn and Tally arrived at Whitehall's waiting lounge to wait for Locke Radson's arrival.

      Noticing Tally's face was easy for Locke Radson, as he walked in wearing a sling from an injury on a previous mission. He looked almost the same as he was when Tally impregnated him but now he was greying around the temples. Because of the nature of his work, he didn't get to see Severn since he was a toddler, so seeing how their pup grew up will be an interesting thing for him.

      He nodded to Tally, and said. "You haven't aged a day, ol' pup. Yas look even younger." He then noticed some of the family resemblance of the Radson family line. He couldn't help but to smile a little."This is Severn? Blimey! You have grown a lot since I last saw him. How are you finding London, young chap?"

      Tally gave the agent a hug before he sniffed the man's arm. "Someone got the drop on yas, mate? Severn's training ended recently and my order brother Kiel said to give the young blokes some time with their families. Since yas are the only family Ah would know for Severn, we came to find yas."

      Severn smirked with a smile. "Are yas gonna put the insta-'eal on mum, father?"

      Tally grinned. "Ah think Locke might look a might silly with a Dingo tail sticking out of his bum, Sev. But perhaps we could doctor up his injury so he can focus on work after we leave."

      Severn smiled. "Everyone looks good with a tail."

      In Briarwood, California, Lord Kiel in his rarely seen human form escorted Deryk Devlin through the streets of the coastal town to an unseemly location. Deryk asked, "Ah thought we were going to Missouri, father... why are we in this town?"

      Kiel replied, "An old demon 'unter friend of mine settled into this city with 'is family. Word is that 'e 'ad a son who is a few years younger than yas are, mate. Ah promised Vladimir Lonewolf that when yer training ended that we would come by and visit with the old bloke. 'is wife 'ates Australians, but 'e 'as always 'ad an open mind."

      As the two approached the modest looking home which had a nice front porch, they set foot on the porch where Kiel reached out and rang the doorbell. "Ah 'ope the joey is 'ome."

      Though originally declared legally dead to protect his family, Vladimir Lonewolf III originally had to abandon his family due to the risk with hunting a rather tough demon indeed. However, since Virginia passed away so suddenly and the 'vultures' (Namely his brother Thomas and his in-law the Professor) were swarming to claim custody of his son Lexington, he was forced to come out of deep hiding and return to protect his kid. His attire was modest, and his left hand was a fake with a glove covering it. "A death in the family left my family up in arms, and I get visitors from Down Under again. Come in come in..." He then shouted up the stairs. "Lexington, get down here and meet some guests from Australia, where your mother came from."

      Being seventeen years of age and finally got over his resentment towards his father for being absent until now, Lexington came down slowly and saw a young-looking teen and a full grown adult human enter the house. The slim adolescent had wild jaw length red hair and wore glasses. On his wrist, was an ordinary bracelet with protective runes marked upon them. He was mainly wearing an Endless Legends t-shirt and blue jeans. He was happy to see guests that didn't come bearing casseroles and sad faces. Getting the first look at Deryk made his heart skip a beat for a moment. Dad knows some attractive friends, and that teen is cuter than a Moogle! He nervously waved and had a kind smile.

      Vlad started the introductions, "The man right here is Lord Kiel, an old friend of mine and your Uncle before I married your mother." He then looked at Kiel. "I made him aware of certain things, old friend. You are free to be true to yourself."

      Kiel fuzzled Lexington's hair briefly before saying, "This is my son Deryk Auriel Devlin; 'e recently completed 'is destiny training with the other chosen youngsters. 'e will turn twenty-one in a few months and Ah wanted 'im to spend 'is birthday with 'is mother and the rest of 'er family. Word is that she and 'er 'usband 'ad another son named Joseph whom Deryk 'asn't gotten to meet as yet. As per a promise Ah 'ad made to yer father, Lexington, Ah brought my son 'ere for 'im to meet for the first time. In truth, at this 'our... Ah actually expected yas to be out with yer other friends in Briarwood; but it is good to meet yas finally." He was staying in his human form for now apparently because he often chose not to show others that he was a Were-Kangaroo Lord outside of the Backstage Order.

      Deryk smiled his winning Aussie smile at the young man he was getting to meet. "Yas look like yas might be a rugby or football player. Some sheila must really be glad to 'ave yas as a boyfriend." Kiel quietly said to Lexington, "Down Under... a sheila is our slang for a girl. Boys are joeys."

      Kiel looked to Vlad once again. "Ah 'aven't instructed 'im in 'is moon-touched abilities as yet, old friend. Ah wanted to give 'im a chance to be 'uman for 'is younger days. Unlike the other perverse mud wallowing moon-touched joeys, Ah kept my son clean of their Roo-cruiting be'aviors and nasty activities."
      End of Chapter Three.


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        Chapter Four: Traveling the World, Part 2.
        Deryk grabbed Lexington's hand and shook it. "Why don't yas show me yer room and yer favorite things while the old relics talk of ancient times? Ah may not call my father 'old' since 'ancient' is more venerable and respectful."

        Kiel would have corrected Deryk, but he chose to let it go. "Stay out of trouble, Deryk, and there will be a treat in it later for yas." He then turned to Vlad once again. "Ah am surprised the Mystic Force aren't out and about in Briarwood. They were the last time Ah was up this way."

        Lexington blushed a little. It was obvious that he found Deryk quite attractive. "My friends went to the beach for their date together. Best not to disturb their twitterpation." He then smiled towards Deryk. "It'd be a delight to show some of my favorite things to you."

        Vlad watched happily as the two boys went up the stairs. "Don't be too quiet up there, Lexington." As they disappeared upstairs to the bedroom, Vlad said in a proud manner. "A good warrior always has to regret something, Kiel... the only regret I have is not being there for Lexington growing up. He's nearing eighteen this year, and it seems that he managed to make a life for himself beyond Virginia's image of an 'ideal son.' He's as open minded as his Uncle." He pulled out a few cups from the cupboard. "Would you like some coffee, Kiel?"

        Lexington's room was more modest, with none of the alpha male influence. A purple belt in martial arts was wrapped around the boards he split with a kick on his trophy shelf, right next to a photo of the Briarwood High Rugby team locked in arms, all muddy. The trophies weren't as proudly displayed as they once were, and there were several small Australian baubles that the ginger collected over the years; some he hid from his late mother, including an autographed photo of a certain zookeeper wrestling a crocodile "Not that much more to see since I'm changing up my shelves. Father's allowing me to finally be myself." The box he was filling with old stuff had trophies and a violin that pleased his mother, but wasn't his true identity. He picked up the rugby ball and tossed it to keep his mind distracted. "What's this destiny training that yer father's been talking about, Deryk?"

        Kiel nodded his head. "Thank yas, Vlad. A bit of coffee might 'it the spot quite well. In my opinion, the 'ideal son' is both loyal and dedicated to a cause; in doing this, the bloke will turn out just fine. The life of a dedicated warrior in other words. Of course friendship can only 'elp to strengthen those bonds."

        Deryk smiled at Lexington. "Strategy, Tactics, Action, and Readiness. Over twenty years ago, Ah and several other youths were prophesied in a shared destiny to combat against some returning evils that are due to arrive on Earth at any time sometime in the next few months. We were removed from society to protect the knowledge of our existence from the forces of evil. Within a private and secretive training space, we received some fifteen years of education by a select few. 'ad yer father's whereabouts been known at the time, 'e might 'ave been asked to assist in our training. But no one knew where the bloke was back then. One could say that yer own destiny was to meet me at this time; 'ow yas progress beyond this point is anyone's guess. Yas and Ah could keep in touch; like pen pals. Simply face a solid surface and quietly say, 'Ah need to speak to yas, Deryk.' And Ah will 'ear yas and make my reply. If yer ever in some danger yas cannot get yerself out of, call out to me with the words, 'Deryk Star Go.' When Ah 'ear yas say that, Ah'll arrive in combat mode to help yas out of the danger yer in. Since yas like Australian nick-knacks, Ah will see about fetching yas an authentic boomerang for yer collection."

        "Destiny has a fickle way of revealing itself sometimes," said Lexington with a slight chuckle. "I thought destiny was to live only to my mother's expectations. A life of personal misery with a false life." He then said. "She said I was too much like Father and Uncle Valon, and though she did let me do some of the things they did, she was guiding me to be more like my Uncle Tom. Shackled to a dreadful dull life. Though Mother's death was sudden, I am relieved that destiny took a different course before it can tear me to shreds." He pulled out some paperwork from his desk to remind himself to fill it out later. Student Visa for Australia.

        "The boomerang would actually sound wonderful. I appreciate your generosity, handsome." The redhead's eyes widened as he covered his mouth. He never slipped so easily, and he was embarrassed. He then cleared his throat, and said, "Sorry... Deryk."

        "Naw... if yas think Ah am 'andsome... just wait until yas meet the other student from Japan. Aside from skin tone, 'is 'air and eyes are like mine." Noticing the paperwork for the student visa, Deryk added, "If yer ever down under, Ah can show yas a good time. Of course, since yer being so nice, Ah can show yas some nice rewards right now." And he leaned in and kissed Lexington on the lips. "Oh my... naughty me..." He giggled.

        Lexington only resisted the kiss at first, but only by surprise. But after he giggled, the redhead returned the kiss back. Though it was the first he was meeting this handsome 'human,' it just felt right to reciprocate. "That was very nice reward right there... mate." He rarely gave a smile unless something was really funny, but the part-Aussie ginger gave Deryk a very real smile.

        Deryk moved over to a wall and he looked at it quietly for a moment as he focused his curtain power to one of his item stashes and he stuck his hand and arm seemingly through the wall. When he pulled his hand and arm out he was holding one of his decorated boomerangs from back at the training base. He then came over to Lexington and he placed the boomerang into his new friend's hand. "For yas, mate. As promised."

        At that moment, Kiel called out, "Deryk? We need to get yas off to Missouri to see yer mother and the rest of the family! Finish up whatever yer doing up there! And if yer naked - get dressed!"

        Deryk slyly grinned. He had been thinking about showing Lexington his body, but that would have to wait until later. "'ere on my boomerang is my 'ome address in Argos City. If yer ever down under, look me up; Ah'll be glad to show yas a real good time." And then he gave the nice boy another kiss, before pulling back with his trademarked wink and smile. "Ah'm off to rescue my 'alf-brother from the evil boredom monsters."

        When Deryk came downstairs, he shook Vlad's hand once and then he went out the door with Kiel, as the Order Lord said, "We'll be in touch, old soldier!" And they departed.
        End of Chapter Four.


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          Chapter Five: Traveling the World, Part 3.
          Order Lord Brock and Zander soon arrived at the Dragonheart station on the Eastern side of Australia. "Ah 'ope the professor isn't in a bad mood. But a promise is a promise. 'ow are yas feeling, son?"

          "Ah'm feeling amazing Father, even though my face is still getting used to 'aving a left eye again." He then noticed the vehicle from Western Australia province in the driveway. "That's Mr. Sauventreen's truck. What is 'e doing 'ere?" There was an odd smell in the air, though the slight aroma could give Lord Brock a clue. He used his key to open the door, having a somewhat bad feeling. "Dad? We're 'ome, and..."

          He saw in the living room was not only the Professor, but a rather angry-looking Orlin Sauventreen. It was a stark contrast to the niceness of the prosthetic artificer that gave Zander a new left eye. Doctor Sauventreen, the surgeon that helped to implant the new eye, was sitting next to her son Phillip, whom looked scared as she held him close.

          Valon said, "Zander. Mr. Sauventreen and I were having a conversation. 'e said something 'appened the last night yas stayed at 'is Station."

          "Not just something." He then looked to Phillip, trying to stifle his anger towards Zander for a moment. "Show 'im son."

          Brock stepped in and past where Zander was standing. "So what 'appened, blokes?" He eyed the young man and after a sniff of the air... he took a stab at what he suspected. "Someone didn't get pregnant, did they?"

          Zander turned white as a sheet when Lord Brock said the p-word. He didn't realize his seed was that strong in human form, even though it was the first time he ever slept with the eighteen year-old Phillip. "Oh shit," he muttered to himself, as the eighteen year-old Phillip lifted his shirt to reveal a slight baby bump. "Phillip... Ah didn't realize..."

          "Don't talk to my son!" Orlin snapped like a turtle. "Ah bet yas are 'appy with the outcome, turning my son into a sodomite!"

          "Orlin!" said Dr. Sauventreen, whom didn't like such strong hurtful words used against her son.

          Phillip mouthed 'Ah love yas,' to Zander, a look of fear and sadness in his face.

          The Professor stood up from his chair and said. "Orlin, just calm down and we can talk like civilized men."

          Orlin said, "Are you blind Dragon'eart?! Your deviant son did this to my boy! My wife won't even consider trying to abort the devil spawn your kid produced because this is the first she has seen a boy pregnant!"

          Zander nodded to Phillip sadly, as the feeling was mutual. "With all due respect, Mr. Sauventreen. Phillip and Ah both love each other. 'e shared 'is feelings with me when he didn't like girls, and was angry with all the doctor's daughters you tried to set 'im up with. Ah didn't make 'im love guys, and 'e felt the same way Ah did for 'im. Ah didn't know that Ah would be able to get another bloke pregnant before Ah embraced my true self, but that night was mutual."

          Orlin punched Zander across the face hard. It would've knocked others to the ground, but thanks to the training he was undergoing, he stood still and took the punch. Zander knew when not to fight back.

          Valon stood up and gave a look to Lord Brock and got between Zander and the Artificer. "Ah said that Ah would listen to yas and 'elp yas with a solution to this, but yas lost yer welcome when yas punched my son."

          "Yer son got nowhere near what he deserves for corrupting my boy." roared Orlin.

          "Get. Out." punctuated the Professor. "It's one thing to use words to attack my son, and to bring terminating pregnancy as an option, but I will not stand by and let you physically attack my kid!"

          "Then yas can care for 'is 'andiwork as well. No child of mine is going to live the life carrying abominations. The Sauventreen artificer line dies with me. Let's go, dear!"

          "Orlin!" shouted his wife, upset that he was disowning their son without her input.

          Brock grabbed Zander by one shoulder and looked him in the eye. "Was it yer idea to do Phillip or was it 'is idea all the way. Just tell me the truth, son." Mentally, he was saying to Valon, "Ah was for certain that Kiel's son or Tally's son would 'ave done something like this before Zander... Ah feel so stupid. Good thing Ah didn't lay a bet on this like Ah might 'ave done in the old days."

          Doctor Sauventreen said to the Professor. "I'm sorry for my husband, but for now our home is not safe for Phillip. I'll talk to him, but he is usually set in his ways. This is not going down without a fight." She then walked after her husband. "We haven't discussed this, Orlin." The door closed and echoed throughout the room for a moment.

          Zander was always honest, especially to his father, feeling dejected that he got Phillip disowned. "'e and Ah fell in love, Father. We 'ad talked about the risks prior when he expressed interest in being with a bloke, but in the end, it was what we ended up doing together."

          Now looking like most everything was ripped from him, Phillip chose not to blame Zander, but to defend him out of love.
          End of Chapter Five.


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            Chapter Six: Traveling the World, Part 4.
            "Zander is different in 'ow 'e treated me compared to the sheilas father 'oped Ah would marry, Lord Brock," said Phillip. "Your son Zander is a gentleman, and 'e was honest with me about the risks of being intimate, but Ah love 'im not because 'e slept with me. Aside from my mum, 'e was the only one that really cared about what Ah thought and 'ow Ah feel."

            Valon sighed. "Ah know that your father is a parent, but 'e forgot that extreme levels of stress is not good for a baby." Mentally, he said to Brock. I feel bad for letting Sauventreen go that far. Orlin used even worse slurs before you and Zander got 'ere, love. Ah 'ope for the wife's sake that the Dreamtimers choose not to show their wrath to 'er. He then said, "Ah'm going to prepare the bed in Zander's room. No point in being pregnant and sleeping on the couch."

            Brock released Zander as he went over and he knelt down to look at Phillip close up. "This is one of the reasons Zander's moon-touched ability was sealed before 'is second puberty which occurs in a few days. Meaning 'is twenty-first birthday or for our kind... our 'atching day. Ah am a Were-Croc Lord of Dreamtime. Zander is both mine and Valon's son. Most 'uman men believe that males should not get experience pregnancy the way a sheila can. Yas mated with a Were-Croc legacy. Ah'll be teaching 'im how to access 'is moon-touched powers soon. 'e was undergoing prophecy training up until now. Yer activity with 'im was unexpected, but yas will be well taken care of. Yer father will come around or else, 'is life may be in dire straits and not from me. There are powers in the Dreamtime which don't like uppity 'uman men who think they are better than them. Professor Valon 'as seen 'is share of some of these powers, as 'ave Ah. Ah've been a few battles against most of them. Despite my being a lord, Ah serve a Dreamtime Croc king whom is known as Master Sakar. 'e isn't fond of 'uman kind all that much, which is why 'e permits my order brothers and Ah to 'andle them our way. Ah can permit yas to stay 'uman if that is yer wish; but be warned... once my son learns to use 'is moon-touched side, 'e could convert yas by accident 'imself. Dreamtimers who dominate their lovers always cause pregnancy in their mates. 'ad 'e been a normal bloke, then it would 'ave only been good sex. Is there anything Ah can do for yas before Ah start preparing Zander for 'is moon-touched fate?"

            "Father always hated gay people," said Phillip sadly. "'is disowning of me is tame since he would've been more violent toward others. He sees my pregnancy as an abomination."

            For the first time since seeing him, Zander walked over to Phillip, and felt the boy's baby bump gently. "Do yas think this child is an abomination, Phillip?" He asked caringly.

            Phillip shook his head. "All children are blessings, and Ah wouldn't want to 'arm this child for being created. I just wonder if the child is going to come out live or stuck in an egg?"

            Zander smiled a little and kissed his human lover on the forehead. He knew the answer could be simple and complicated. "It's up to yas if yas want to stay 'uman after Ah learn to use my moon-touched side. But Ah want to take responsibility. Ah don't want to be a deadbeat dad."

            Brock said, "A C-Secton birth will be necessary since Zander is not a fully-capable moon-touched bloke as yet. This pregnancy was made possible by Dreamtime alpha blood. 'owever, Ah am going to have to preserve a sample of yer 'uman DNA just in case of complications. If yas die, my Order brothers and Ah can resurrect yas from the sample at the same time that we re-imbue yas with the knowledge yas 'ad up to day before yer passing." He rose up and turned to Zander once again. "Sadly, Zander, by impregnating an outsider, yas changed yer destiny. Yas effectively kicked yerself right out of the new team we were creating. Ah suppose this is why Lord Kiel and Lord Tally kept another 'opeful in reserve with back-up training just in case one of the originals messed up and did this. At the time, Ah told them that Ah would never expect my son of doing something as naughty as a kangaroo would. And look what 'appens... Therefore, since yas both love each other, yer destiny is to follow family life." In a quick blur of his hands, Brock grabbed Zander's power belt out of the Veil Pocket and he folded it up and placed it into his own utility belt pouch. "Per'aps raising a family will teach yas about breaking the rules during destiny training. For the safety of yer child to be, the moon-touched ability must remain dormant."

            He took a breath before releasing it slowly. "Kiel and Tally are never going to let me live this down. My son messes up while theirs smell like roses." The order lord then refocused on Zander. "Yas will retain yer destiny training, but the completion award 'as been revoked. Yas could earn it back; but while yer raising a family, yas are no longer a STAR ranger. Ah 'ope yas two are really in love because yas are both to be married as soon as yer ready. No grandson of mine will ever grow up without 'is parents."

            Brock turned and walked out of the station house. In truth, he was as disgusted as Orlin Sauventreen had been. All that preparation for the emergency to come and Zander blows it by getting a Norm pregnant. Why couldn't 'e 'ave waited until after the emergency was over? Well, as Ah said in front of Phillip, they had truly be in love; its too late now.

            In Yellowstone National Park, Kiel and Deryk were watching Old Faithful when Kiel got the message from Brock in regards to Zander's blunder. "Oh my... and 'e was so sure that Zander would not be first. Deryk, Zander got someone pregnant and because of this, 'e is no longer on the team. Brock is angry, but 'e is going to be supportive."

            Deryk nodded his head. "'ad Ah known Lexington back when Zander was traveling around, Ah might 'ave been on that raft myself. Ah really like that Lonewolf."

            At Whitehall, Tally was watching Savern and Locke bonding when he got the message from Brock. "The poor lil Were-Croc. Ah guess some people's children are better raised than others. Ah tried to tell 'im that 'is son should not be traveling unsupervised and now 'e is slapped in the muzzle with this situation. Ah'll see to it that the others are told about Zander's removal from the team. Ah know that Brock is a stickler for family. Good thing we 'ad a reserve chosen bloke in training."

            At that moment in Japan at a separate location away from Jirata, the Cherry siblings, Damien and Danica, were about to interact with their original family units.

            In the Hokkaido Prefecture, the City of Obihiro is where the Aunt and Uncle of the Cherry Siblings where their aunt Danielle Cherry-Pitt was teaching English at a High School.

            Their Uncle Nestor Pitt was maintaining their home while their sixteen year-old was in his final year of high school across town. Danielle was a pinkette just like the siblings. Nestor and their son Bishop were brown haired family members. "I always thought you would be taller than your sister," said Uncle Nestor, whom was surprised at how short Damien was compared to Danica. Damien said, "I am just the right size, Uncle." He was perturbed that his height was brought up. "Besides, one of our friends is just as short." He was itching to see more of Obihiro than just their Aunt and Uncle's apartment.
            End of Chapter Six.