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YLK-HD 01: Pride President

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    YLK-HD 01: Pride President

    Originally posted by YLK Happy Days
    Simba runs for Pride President against one of the most popular girls in Pride Rock High School against his better judgment. Will he be able to win in the end?

    Coming up next on the premiere episode of Young Lion King: Happy Days!
    Young Lion King: Happy Days
    Episode One - Pride President
    By Veronica June (Marksman) on Feb 10 2011

    Chapter One

    "Hakuna Matata!"

    Simba Cunningham glanced across the Drive-In's restaurant at the male meerkat and the male warthog in brown leather jackets. "Those two... should give up trying to be cool. They always end up hurt." Simba was dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, and a red checkered polo shirt.

    Just then a pure white furred male lion entered the restaurant and sat down in Simba's booth. "Hey Simba. You going to run for Pride President in school?" It was Picasso Knightmane, the actual cool lion dude in their home town. He wore blue jeans and a black leather jacket.

    "I don't know, Picasso. I am sure there are going to be a lot of other dedicated males and females running for the position. What chance would I have?"

    "You don't want a girl to become the Pride President, do you?" asked the white lion, as he leaned back in the booth seat with both arms propped up on the edges of the padding.

    "Mary Lou is running and you know how popular she is."

    "Mary Lou is a bitch," grinned Picasso. "I know you can beat that hyena. Come on, Simba. You might do good."

    Simba looked to one side and saw Mary Lou entering the restaurant at just that moment. "Um, I don't know, Picasso. She scares me."

    Mary Lou walked directly over to Simba's booth and said, "I just heard that you signed up for the Pride President election, Simba. If you know what's good for you, you'll back out right now before you get hurt." And then she walked away to join her friends at the counter, where they were laughing about how weak everyone was.

    Simba turned to look at Picasso. "But I never signed up..." He saw the white lion was grinning. "Oh no... you signed me up? How could you? I'll be massacred by Mary Lou."

    At that moment, the meerkat and the warthog were standing at the table. "Don't worry, Simba," stated the meerkat. "We'll take care of Mary Lou for you."

    "Leave it to us!" added the warthog.

    Then the two headed over toward Mary Lou and her friends.

    Simba shielded his eyes as they departed, saying to Picasso, "Timon and Pumbaa are going to get seriously hurt. Can't you do something about those two?"

    Picasso arched an eye, glancing toward them. "Ayy. Do I look like their keeper? They have to learn somehow. Besides, she won't hurt them too much. Call it an object lesson. Besides, everyone knows you don't be cool with any jacket other than a black leather jacket. Don't worry about them so much. Why don't you come with me over to my auto repair shop and I'll help you get set up for your presidential campaign."

    And the two got up from the booth and left the restaurant, where just behind them the sounds of a meerkat and a warthog getting whipped by a pack of jackals was occurring.

    Picasso handed Simba a helmet, then put on one himself. "Get on!" And then he straddled his motorcycle and Simba followed suit behind the white lion and held on tight, as the two sped off and away from the Drive-In restaurant.

    End of Chapter One
    "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
    ~~~~~ Artemis Archer