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[TV-WFK] TTA-04 Schooling in Knothole

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    [TV-WFK] TTA-04 Schooling in Knothole

    Teen Tails Adventure
    a "Sonic the Hedgehog" universe fan fiction starring Miles "Tails" Prower

    [KMRT-TTA] Miles Prower
    Episode Four: Schooling in Knothole
    By James Ghaleon (Aragh Darktalon)
    Written on April 21st, 2020

    Teen Tails Adventure - Theme Song
    This is my world, Come travel through it.
    Troubles we've had, But I'm sure you knew it.
    When Robotnik came to town... Sonic put him down...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! I am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    I am older now... Give a shout and how!"

    I'd help my buddy, Through thick and thin.
    Scratch and Grounder, nitwits within.
    Bad guys were often tough... Sonic was enough...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! I am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    I am older now... Give a shout and how!"

    My power rises, From within.
    The demon Ogma, Wants me to sin.
    New friends will help me out... We will give a shout...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! We are here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    We are older now... Give a shout and how!
    We are older now... Give a shout and how!"


    Miles "Tails" Prower, a freedom fighter of Knothole (2-tailed fox)

    Mainstream Sega Allies:

    Sonic the Hedgehog, a freedom fighter of Knothole (Everyone's favorite blue hot head)
    Princess Sally Acorn, a freedom fighter of Knothole (squirrel)
    Antoine the Coyote, a freedom fighter whom is very loyal to Princess Sally
    Bunnie Rabbot, a freedom fighter of Knothole (half-robotic rabbit)

    Original fan-made Allies:

    Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real father (9-tailed Kitsune)
    Mylanthi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real mother (8-tailed Kitsune)
    Geare, a freedom fighter of Knothole, Son of Rotor (walrus)
    Shield, a teenager of Knothole (boar)
    Fathom, a teenager of Knothole (otter)
    Machna, a teenager of Knothole (cheetah)
    Wyldfyre, a teenager of Knothole (a syhhra which is a phoenix-fox hybrid
    Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi, formerly the robotic chicken, Scratch ( 3-tailed Kitsune)
    Sir Falchion, Shield's father (a knightly boar)
    Andrew Starknight, a human teenager from the planet Earth
    Mylanus Oki'Prowlus, a young adult older brother to Tails (3-tailed Kitsune)
    Digger, formerly Grounder the gobot on wheels (Mobian Gopher)
    Lugnut, formerly Peanut the Robotic Monkey (Mobian Spider Monkey)
    Ogma, a demonic hunter for the Celestial Bureaucracy, a rotund horned jackal-headed demon


    Zaphomyr, a demon lord of the demonic Abyss, a muscular Minotaur like Centaur (dragon bull)
    Mylanus Oki'nathi, a 4-tailed Kitsune whom is currently a one-tailed Kitsune serving as Zaphomyr's prisoner
    Dr. Robotnik, evil genius of Planet Mobius (looks human, if you can call him that!)
    Scratch 2.0, a robot made by Robotnik
    Grounder 2.0, a gobot styled robot made by Robotnik
    Snively, Robotnik's assistant

    Sonic the Hedgehog concept - Sega Corporation
    Teen Tails Adventure fan fiction and other original characters - Me
    Special thanks to - My friends

    Chapter One

    After a brief pop back over to check in with his parents back on Earth, Andrew was soon back in Knothole with Shadow and Mylanus in a home that was designated for Shadow when he was staying in Knothole. Shadow was still attracted to the human boy even though Andrew was a Tails fan. "What did your parents have to say to you when you went home, Andrew?" asked Shadow out of curiosity.

    "They asked me why I smelled like a wild dog," replied Andrew. "I thought the Kitsune scent wasn't supposed to make the transition over into my human form. They made me take a bath and then apply deodorant. Then I had to have dinner with them. Once they dismissed me, I went back to my room and then I used the arranged short cut to come back here to your home in Knothole." Shadow approached Andrew and sniffed him lightly. "I smell the deodorant but I can also smell the Kitsune scent emitting from your hair. And you are right, that isn't supposed to be happening. Zarnathi went back to the Mobian Jungle so we cannot ask him about this. Mylanus is spending some time with Siara as per Tails' request about education. Ogma is still around, so perhaps we should ask him about this."

    Sometime later at the makeshift Celestial check-in temple where Ogma resided part time, Shadow and Andrew approached Ogma whom was lighting candles in reverence to the Celestial herself. "Hello boys. What brings you to the temple today?" Andrew then re-explained the issue to Ogma as he held still for the examination. Ogma then said, "I am sorry to say, Andrew, this effect is Zaphomyr's curse. It was never lifted from your spirit, therefore even though your old transformed stinking Kitsune body has Toilet-breath stuck in it at Zaphomyr's fortress, the curse was tied to your spirit upon your name. The only way to get this removed from yourself is to give Zaphomyr what he was originally asking for. Which was a religious human boy. Don't you know any religious human boys whom are not as pure as they claim to be whom might also be greedy if they think they are about to gain ungodly power?"

    Andrew grinned. "As a matter of fact, Billy and I both knew someone like that. Charles Brady. And worse, it was his parent's fault that he turned out that way. He had been wishing to God for a new motorbike and his parents bought him one and told him that God must have granted his wish for being a good boy. He is a real bully in school otherwise. When he thought that God granted his wish, his cruelty went overboard. He left home and was living locally in our home town where he was still up to his old ways."

    Ogma then said, "I will send word to Zaphomyr that you want to grant his request for a religious human boy in exchange for lifting the stink curse he laid upon you. I will tell him the name of the boy once he agrees and then we will transport the religious boy and his motorbike straight to Zaphomyr's lair. I will also explain to him that you are not a religious human boy yourself so your eligibility would not have granted Zaphomyr his desired goal."

    Andrew remarked, "Sounds good to me. If this works, then I will forgive you for kidnapping me to use to get at Toilet-Breath."

    Ogma then had Andrew and Shadow go sit at one of the pews as he closed his eyes to make contact with Zaphomyr.

    Momentarily, Shadow noted that Andrew's Kitsune stink was rapidly subsiding until only the deodorant was able to be detected. He hugged the human boy at that point.

    Suddenly, Zarnathi was in the temple near Shadow and Andrew. "Warning! Zaphomyr just released Mylanus Oki'nathi after he received a religious human boy as he was requesting! The boy called Zaphomyr an ugly misshapen lout! And unlike yourself and Billy, he cannot recite the Lord's Prayer as you and your former friend can!"

    Andrew said, "Oki'nathi is loose again? He was the worst. Can't the Celestial do something about him?"

    Tails and Oki'Prowlus then entered the temple as if summoned by the Celestial. "We got your message and the summons, Father. We are ready for the transfer."

    Zarnathi then arranged an aparatus of three inescapable cylinders as he had Tails and Andrew get into two of them. The third was to occupy Oki'nathi when they summoned his useless ass.

    With a mighty Celestial flash of summoning light, Oki'nathi appeared inside the third cylinder still complaining and smelling like toilet water. And then the three-way transference occurred. Tails was gladly back within his own body; Andrew was back in his own body; and Oki'nathi was back in his original body along with the toilet-water scent still on him. Tails and Andrew were released from their cylinders while Oki'nathi was complaining about wanting to be free. And then the Celestial's voice was heard. "If you want to be free, simply complete a threesome of tasks for no reward and you may roam around to your heart's content. But you must never bother Tails and Andrew ever again. Do you agree with this decree or do you wish to be encased in amber for a thousand years in the possession of horribly ugly female?"

    Oki'nathi thinking that the tasks would be a breeze said, "I'll do the tasks!" Instantly Oki'nathi found himself sitting directly on top of the Kitsune Codex for all of a second before he was pulled into the Codex world to work on his tasks.

    Tails asked, "Where was he sent?"

    Zarnathi smiled as he petted on Andrew's head. "The Codex King agreed to set the hardest tasks he knew of for Oki'nathi to solve. We might not see the little slime for many years."

    Andrew laughed. "The tests I was given were pretty interesting although the last one was the hardest. Had I moved upon first arriving in it, then I would still be there."

    Tails then said, "Father, I deemed Oki'Prowlus as worthy of his powers. I just could not make him suffer for too long. Plus, he was starting to miss having Andrew's companionship. I have work to do on my aeroplane. I know Shadow loves Andrew himself, despite I being his favorite. I also have to resume high school with my friends soon."

    Zarnathi said, "An education is very important. Mylanus, my son, your powers and your freedom are restored. Don't waste this second chance."

    Mylanus Oki'Prowlus replied, "I have learned my lesson, father. And I can share Andrew with Shadow; Andrew is just a very nice boy."

    End of Chapter One
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two

    Sometime later in the Knothole home designated for Shadow and Mylanus, Andrew lay in the bed with Shadow whom he felt he owed some private time with. Mylanus had chosen to go talk to Princess Sally in her workshop. Andrew hugged Shadow saying, "When you offered to be the mate to me when you thought it was me making the Kitsune mating scent, did you hope you would get to go all the way while doing it before Oki'nathi pinned you to the wall?"

    Shadow blushed. "I normally don't bond to just anyone, but since I have helped Kitsune people before, when I thought you were making the scent, I really wanted to help you because as you may recall, when I first saved you from the wall trap in the jungle, I was very attracted to you. Non of the other Mobians wanted to spend any time with you at all; not even Tails whom is your hero. Since we have returned to Knothole, he could have been spending time with you, but instead, he chose to make sure his plane was in top order. And now he is off in school with his school chums. Since we have time while he is in school, I would like to perform what I offered with you just for my own honor and peace of mind. Would you be willing?"

    Andrew said, "You did save me when I needed it the most and you didn't just shove me aside once the save was over. Which form should I be in?"

    Shadow smiled as he petted on Andrew. "You better change into your Kitsune form so we don't get in trouble later. I really love you, Andrew."

    Andrew utilized his spell power to transform and he was then in his Kitsune identity where upon Shadow slowly placed himself on top of Andrew's soft and succulent smelling body where he began to show the boy turned Kitsune how Mobians do it. Andrew got a muzzle to muzzle kiss which muffled his whimper when he felt the black Hedgehog penetrate his anal ring with his maleness. Shadow smiled as he continued to teach the new Kitsune what it meant to be with an amorous Mobian lover.

    After a while, Andrew felt the hedgehog release his fluids inside of the boy in vulpine form and then he heard Shadow mutter, "Your turn, Andrew. I will help you to do it correctly this first time. Exactly the way I did you. You can do it. I trust you." And then the process continued with Andrew being in control of the sex education lesson.

    Hours later of taking turns back and forth, the black Hedgehog and the brown Kitsune both lay next to each other in the bath tub nearly unable to move and both extremely fat. Andrew asked, "Did we go too far, Shadow?" Shadow replied with a question. "Did you enjoy what we did?" Andrew replied with, "Yes." Shadow chuckled. "Then don't worry about it. I've done this before and I am still a male hedgehog. Of course we will need Princess Sally's help later..."

    Andrew arched an eye. "Why will we need her help?"

    Shadow slyly smiled as he replied, "Because we are both pregnant and you cannot transform while pregnant."

    Shadow nearly got strangled and drowned at the same time when he told Andrew that little Mobian secret. Thankfully, Andrew stopped himself because he didn't want his children to be without a father or mother.

    "Why didn't you warn me that this might be the result if you mated with me?"

    Shadow grinned again. "I honestly thought you knew what the word mating meant for animal people. I know you had an erection when you looked at Tails foxy butt, so I figured that you were ready to go all the way. I've done it with Tails, as has Knuckles and Geoffrey St. John. Sonic is the only one whom cannot bring himself to play with his little buddy. Knuckles and I have mounted Sonic before and Knuckles and I have done it. You can now honestly say that you have joined the club."

    Andrew sighed. "I cannot afford to be missing for too long; how long does a Mobian pregnancy last?"

    Shadow said, "Do you recall how long Mylanus said you could be on Mobius as opposed to being gone from home was?"

    Andrew replied, "Mylanus said, quote, thanks to Time Dilation, I could have you home in time for dinner with your parents. But that offer is only good with me as your host, unquote. So you see, he never said what the time ratio was."

    Shadow was grumbling again. "Dammit, now we are going to need Zarnathi's help once again. If Mylanus had honestly told you what the time ratio was then I could help you to get through this without your having to be gone for too long. But since he didn't, we need Zarnathi immediately."

    Moments later, Zarnathi and Ogma were in the home once again with Princess Sally and Mylanus as well. Shadow explained the issue once again as Princess Sally examined both Hedgehog and Kitsune. The Princess then said, "Yes, you are both pregnant. The normal Mobian magical gestation time is anywhere between four months to a year. I don't know how we are going to get around this so Andrew isn't missing from Earth for too long."

    Mylanus then said, "That's easy. I will keep my word and utilize the Time Dilation ability that Kitsunes learn during their lessons and because of my promise to Andrew, no matter how long he stays with us this time, he will always get home in time for dinner with his parents. That was the promise after all. But if you wanted to be pregnant, Andrew, you could have asked me for the privilege."

    Zarnathi said, "Since you have verified this promise in front of me, Mylanus, you have to keep it or suffer another family punishment. Surely you don't want to clean the Celestial's toilets like your cousin Oki'nathi had to do once."

    Mylanus made a bleck expression on his Kitsune muzzle. "No way! And I don't want his nickname tagged on to me either! I will keep my word to Andrew because he freed me from the video game cartridge that I was stuck in. I still owe him."

    End of Chapter Two
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon