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[TV-WFK] TTA-03 Me And My Shadow

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    [TV-WFK] TTA-03 Me And My Shadow

    Teen Tails Adventure
    a "Sonic the Hedgehog" universe fan fiction starring Miles "Tails" Prower

    [TV-WFK-TTA] Miles Prower
    Episode Three: Me And My Shadow
    By James Ghaleon (Aragh Darktalon)
    Originally written on August 30th, 2008; Re-written on March 2nd, 2019

    Teen Tails Adventure - Theme Song
    This is my world, Come travel through it.
    Troubles we've had, But I'm sure you knew it.
    When Robotnik came to town... Sonic put him down...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! I am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    I am older now... Give a shout and how!"

    I'd help my buddy, Through thick and thin.
    Scratch and Grounder, nitwits within.
    Bad guys were often tough... Sonic was enough...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! I am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    I am older now... Give a shout and how!"

    My power rises, From within.
    The demon Ogma, Wants me to sin.
    New friends will help me out... We will give a shout...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! We am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    We are older now... Give a shout and how!
    We are older now... Give a shout and how!"


    Miles "Tails" Prower, a freedom fighter of Knothole (2-tailed fox)

    Mainstream Sega Allies:

    Sonic the Hedgehog, a freedom fighter of Knothole (Everyone's favorite blue hot head)
    Princess Sally Acorn, a freedom fighter of Knothole (squirrel)
    Antoine the Coyote, a freedom fighter whom is very loyal to Princess Sally
    Bunnie Rabbot, a freedom fighter of Knothole (half-robotic rabbit)

    Original fan-made Allies:

    Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real father (9-tailed Kitsune)
    Mylanthi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real mother (8-tailed Kitsune)
    Geare, a freedom fighter of Knothole, Son of Rotor (walrus)
    Shield, a teenager of Knothole (boar)
    Fathom, a teenager of Knothole (otter)
    Machna, a teenager of Knothole (cheetah)
    Wyldfyre, a teenager of Knothole (a syhhra which is a phoenix-fox hybrid
    Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi, formerly the robotic chicken, Scratch ( 3-tailed Kitsune)
    Sir Falchion, Shield's father (a knightly boar)
    Andrew Starknight, a human teenager from the planet Earth
    Mylanus Oki'Prowlus, a young adult older brother to Tails (3-tailed Kitsune)


    Ogma, a demonic hunter for the Celestial Bureaucracy, a rotund horned jackal-headed demon
    Zaphomyr, a demon lord of the demonic Abyss, a muscular Minotaur like Centaur (dragon bull)
    Mylanus Oki'nathi, a 4-tailed Kitsune whom is possessing Tails
    Dr. Robotnik, evil genius of Planet Mobius (looks human, if you can call him that!)
    Scratch, Grounder, Peanut and other robots made by Robotnik

    Sonic the Hedgehog concept - Sega Corporation
    Teen Tails Adventure fan fiction and other original characters - Me
    Special thanks to - My friends

    Chapter One

    Sonic sighed. "You don't understand, guys. This isn't about me; it's about Tails. He cares about Andrew very much. I would even let Ro-butt-nik torture me if it meant making Tails happy. I gotta go after Andrew. Even if I am never seen again."

    The Codex then spoke. "That will not be necessary, Sonic the Hedgehog. Andrew Starknight is about to emerge as we speak. He passed all three of his tests. But if you simply want to see if you are worthy to be a Kitsune's friend, then feel free to touch my cover and undergo the tests given to you."

    Everyone was surprised that the Codex could speak. "You can talk? I mean, no one mentioned this possibility," remarked Sonic. "My pride could be the end of me, Codex, but I would still do this for Tails. He's my buddy. And my friend."

    The Codex said, "Then do what you think you have to."

    Sonic looked to Knuckles and Shadow. "If I don't make it out, everything I own... is yours." He then slowly walked over to the Codex, took a deep breath and... he touched the mystic tome and vanished.

    Not more than a few seconds later, Andrew reappeared in the chamber. And he was wearing a suit of fine oriental clothes and had ceremonial bracers that proved that he had passed the tests of the Codex. "Mylanus..." He then blinked his eyes as his eyes focused on the group in front of him once more. "Tails!" He was instantly hugging the Kitsune tightly.

    Tails was, of course, hugging back, nearly crying. "Andrew! I am so glad you're okay! I was so worried about you!"

    Andrew smiled. "I have good news, Tails. You and Siara won't ever have to worry about Ogma ever again."

    Dr. Siara blinked his eyes. "Why not? What did you do, Andrew?"

    Andrew smiled at the former Scratch. "I asked the King of the Codex to make it so the two of you would be free from Ogma's influence, from now on. He can try to collect you, but he will fail because you're both protected."

    Shadow said, "Test rewards come in threes, Andrew. That's only two rewards. What else did you ask for?"

    Andrew blushed. "Well, I um... I asked for protection from the demon lord who is holding Mylanus Oki'Prowlus prisoner."

    It was several hours later. Night had fallen and the team where sitting around a fire pit in the chamber having dinner.

    "You mean Sonic volunteered to go into the Codex to save me?" asked Andrew. "I didn't know he cared about me that much. I mean, I'm not his little buddy, you know."

    Knuckles humphed. "I am still surprised that he volunteered like that. I thought he was all head and no humility. And then he goes and shows that he-"

    At that moment, Sonic appeared in the chamber wearing the armor of a Kitsune guardian. He quietly and slowly walked over to the fire pit and stood behind Andrew and Tails.

    Knuckles blinked his eyes. "Sonic? I-I-I didn't... know you could... walk so slowly... Are you okay?"

    Sonic didn't reply. Whatever happened to him in the Codex had effected him deeply. He still seemed to be in a heavy daze. Almost as if he was hypnotized.

    Shadow whispered, "He's entranced... I've seen this condition before. We'll need Tails' father to undo this."

    Tails arched an eye. "My dad? We're going to see my dad finally?"

    Shadow said, "Father. Never call your father the 'D' word, Tails. The 'D' word has a very rude meaning among the Kitsune."

    Tails hummed. "I see. I'll try to remember that, Shadow. I don't want to insult him."

    Having departed the Codex chambers, the team soon arrived at an old temple covered in vines and stepped inside. But they immediately came to a stop when they saw Ogma, the rotund round jackal-headed demon, confronting Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real father who was a 9-tailed Kitsune himself.

    Tails growled in a low manner when he saw the elder Kitsune in danger from the demon. And suddenly, Tails was floating in mid air once again as Ogma was suddenly lifted up off the ground and was hovering upside-down over what looked like a sacrificial pit full of blessed spears. "NEVER! THREATEN! MY! FATHER!" And that's when Ogma was on the receiving end up the choke hold that Shield was all too familiar with. And it was NOT a great place to be. "LET US SEE THE CELESTIAL BUREAUCRACY SAVE YOU NOW, DEMON!"

    And in a flash, Ogma was standing upright on the floor as the entire group was in a brightly lit white and ivory court where jasmine and lotus blooms were everywhere. And seated up in a judges position was the head of the bureaucracy herself, a most beautiful oriental woman with clothing woven from the very light and silks of the surrounding elements. "Ogma. Regardless of what the Codex did in response to a human champion's request, the rules state that you must collect all of the Kitsune as well as those blessed by Kitsune power."

    End of Chapter One
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two

    The Celestial goddess then continued. "This constant nuisance of going to confront the final Kitsune is a dispicable act even for you and I hope you have a good explanation for your actions. You were never this sloppy with the Fairies."

    Knuckles and Shadow blinked their eyes at their new surroundings as Siara stayed close to Sonic, Tails, Andrew, and the rest of Tails' school mates. Shadow said, "Mind your manners here, guys... we are in a pantheon now."

    Ogma ignored the others and spoke to the Celestial goddess in sole focus. "My actions, my dear friend, can be explained easily. The Kitsune known as Tails was being hidden from me and I knew they would have to travel to see the Final Kitsune before they left the jungle, so I chose to go there; although not to threaten, but to wait for Tails to arrive there. And when he did arrive, I never even had to prepare a trap, for he flatly attacked me with his powers for all to see. Look into my eyes, my friend, and tell me that I speak untrue."

    Shadow then stepped forward and spoke to the goddess directly. "While it may be true that Mylanus Oki'nathi attacked Ogma without any provocation, your grace... the poor victim of possession known as Tails is innocent of what Ogma claims that he has done. Oki'nathi is possessing Miles "Tails" Prower, a freedom fighter who happens to be a vulpine, and is using Kitsune powers through the captive vessel to get away with performing negative nature actions non-befitting to a Kitsune. In order for you to punish the criminal Mylanus fairly, you must separate him from Tails and all of this nonsense can end once and for all."

    Tails blinked his eyes, apparently back to himself at the moment. "What is Shadow saying? I'm possessed? But I thought Sonic was possessed. I mean entranced."

    Sonic was apparently back in his own state of mind again and replied, "I'm fine, little buddy, but let's leave this to Shadow for he knows more about this than we do."

    Andrew then stepped forward and said to the goddess, "Your grace, if you please... it was through Mylanus Oki'Prowlus' power that I was brought from Earth to meet with Tails that faithful night. And according to the rules, only the one who brought me can escort me home again. But if Tails is locked up, despite his having Mylanus within him or not, then I would never be able to be sent home properly because I need Sonic and Tails to help me in rescuing Mylanus Oki'Prowlus from Zaphomyr's fortress. He also placed a spell on me to make me stink as other unwashed Kitsune have been known to smell when unbathed. I don't trust whomever this Oki'nathi guy is. I would trust the Kitsune elder before I were to ever trust Oki'nathi."

    The goddess lifted her hand and pointed at Andrew. "You are the first human to have ever succeeded in the Codex's tests and in record time far and beyond any other species. You asked selflessly for rewards concerning your friends and only asked something for yourself last. You strongly believe in what you say."

    Ogma folded his arms over his chest. "My friend... Oki'nathi is using this boy as a blockade so I cannot get to him. How is this fair and within the rules?"

    "The Celestial sees all that transpires, Ogma," she replied. "We have seen that you teamed up with a known evil non-Kitsune villain as a means to get at Mylanus. And if Shadow speaks truly, that this Tails is indeed possessed by Oki'nathi, then Tails is innocent of anything that anyone has put him through. When you kidnapped Andrew from the team, he was not blessed with the Kitsune power yet; but you captured him initially to return him to Zaphomyr for some sort of unspoken reward and later to use as bait because you knew Tails cared about him. But again, if Shadow is correct, then Oki'nathi cares not for the boy and... as you put it... is using the boy as a blockade against you."

    Shadow then said, "Separate Oki'nathi from Tails and you will see the truth." He then glanced at Andrew and said, "Don't argue, Andrew. It's the only way Tails will ever be free from this." Andrew sighed and nodded his head, as he turned to look at the Goddess again. "I concur with Shadow's suggestion."

    A few moments later, Tails was suspended in mid air above a stone platform within a field of celestial light while to his immediate right was another stone platform with its own field of celestial light. Tails was, to say the least, scared. But Shadow assured that this was the only way the two-tailed fox would be free of this situation. And thus, the separation began. Knuckles held Sonic back, sensing that the process could be painful for Tails and it would not be good if the blue hedgehog interfered during the process.

    And of course the moment the separation began, Tails did release a scream of agony and Sonic did try to get out of Knuckles' grasp, to no avail.

    Then there came a massive flash of light like an eruption of energy as a taller version of Tails began to appear in the other formerly empty field of celestial light. The new 'Tails' looked upset and it was very apparent that he not only had the Kitsune power to fight back, but he had four tails instead of two.

    Ogma grinned. "Looks like you were right, Shadow. Oki'nathi was hiding inside Tails. I owe your friend an apology."

    Andrew was studying the new 'Tails' with a blank expression. He wasn't sure he was seeing Oki'nathi or Tails at the moment. But Ogma seemed convinced; too convinced. "Are you sure that is Oki'nathi? He doesn't look like the Kitsune you so blatantly described to the celestial a few moments ago. Something seems 'off' about this four tailed fox. And I think Sonic would be able to help discern the truth of this matter."

    'Mylanus' growled, "Because I am Tails, that's why! Oki'nathi shoved me out of my own body! He's in my old body! Besides, now that I am free of him, you can ask me any question about tornadoes and I'll be the one to get it right! Mylanus won't know the answer!"

    'Tails' replied, "Don't listen to him! He's just trying to trick you all! I'm the real Tails!"

    Sonic shirked off Knuckles and slowly stepped forward. "We'll see which one is telling the truth. What is a Ruman Bean Toy?" He pointed at 'Tails'. "You first."

    'Tails' smiled. "It's a Kitsune sewn cloth bag filled with sand that is used to test young Kitsune about how to summon items during their lessons."

    End of Chapter Two
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      Chapter Three

      Sonic nodded and asked, "What color is Antoine the Fox's fur?"

      'Tails' replied, "It's russet red with a hint of brown."

      Sonic nodded his head again. "Now, tell us what a Knothole Tornado is."

      'Tails' replied, "It's a weather phenomona that occurs in the Great Forest where rising air and falling air cause a rotation which results in a funnel cloud. Everyone knows that." He grinned.

      Sonic then turned to 'Oki'nathi'. "Your turn. What is a Ruman Bean Toy?"

      'Oki'nathi' stated, "Dr. Siara never told me how they were made nor what they were made of. He only said it was a Kitsune toy used for practicing summoning. Which I messed up when Andrew magically landed on me via teleport to escape from Zaphomyr."

      Dr. Siara blinked his eyes as he recalled that he never said what the toy was made of.

      Sonic nodded and continued. "What color is Antoine the Fox's fur?"

      'Oki'nathi' folded his arms over his chest and said, "He got the color right, except for one small detail. Antoine isn't a Fox. The real Tails would have known that. Antoine is a Coyote. A rather dashing Coyote at that."

      'Tails' quickly realized that Sonic had tricked him and he was starting to get mad.

      Sonic grinned. "Correct. And finally, tell us what a Knothole Tornado really is."

      'Oki'nathi' unfolded his arms and said, "It's the name of my special aeroplane that I built all by myself when I wanted to be a more active Freedom Fighter. And I even got my pilots license. Again, the real Tails would have known that in a heartbeat. And that's because I am the REAL Tails."

      Sonic looked up at the celestial as he pointed at 'Oki'nathi'. "This is the real Tails despite how he currently looks. The other one is Oki'nathi. My little buddy would never lie to me nor to those who are his only hope and chance of getting out of this. Oki'nathi shoved Tails out of his own body so you would give Tails to Ogma."

      'Tails' growled aloud now. "That's not fair! You tricked me! I don't want to give up being Tails! I was starting to like it until Ogma showed up!"

      Ogma hummed. "The rules say I have to catch you and bring you to the celestial. And that's what I aim to do."

      Suddenly Shield stepped forward and spoke up. "Your grace... Ogma... hear me out. I know Ogma was assigned this duty by the Celestial to bring all of the Kitsunes here to the Celestial Court. Ogma, if you could summon the rest that you have captured here now, I believe I can help you complete your duty without your having to endure any more frustration on behalf of Oki'nathi's underhanded trickery."

      Ogma arched an eye, but the Celestial was gazing at him now, therefore he obeyed the request and soon... the whole chamber had an entire clan of Kitsunes within it, including Oki'nathi and Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus. And Zarnathi was very upset with his nephew's behavior. Not to mention... his lies to the Celestial.

      Ogma nodded his head. "I've upheld my end of the bargain, Shield. What is your solution?"

      Shield smiled and smoothly replied, "Your grace, now that Ogma has summoned the other Kitsunes he has captured, and since Oki'nathi and Zarnathi are here now, would you not agree that Ogma has fulfilled his duty to capture this clan and bring all of them here to your court? For they are all entirely here now."

      Both Ogma and the Celestial blinked their eyes. But it was true: the whole clan was there currently.

      The Celestial smiled. "Well played, young Shield. The entire clan is indeed before me. I will test and cleanse them before I release them back to their homeland. Ogma has indeed succeeded in bringing the clan to this court and he will be rewarded as the contract has stated. Zarnathi... you are a just ruler over your people. What say you for a punishment for your nephew's dishonor for telling lies within my court?"

      Zarnathi looked the Celestial right in the eye as he replied, "Since Oki'anthi has given Tails the four-tailed Kitsune body, his punishment will be a demotion back to a one-tailed Kitsune AND... the distasteful task of cleaning the Celestial's toilets for an entire year. Tails, on the other paw... is indeed one of my lost sons who we gave to the Freedom Fighters so he could learn truth and justice from a real hero. And therefore, after I educate Dr. Siara and Tails properly in the use of the powers that should rightfully be theirs, they should pretend to continue their journey to find the so-called real clan since Robotnik would surely be after Dr. Siara otherwise if the journey simply stopped. As for Andrew Starknight, until his mated boyfriend, whom is also one of my sons, is rescued, then Andrew is stuck in his current Kitsune body. The demonic curse must also be removed from this boy or else no species with a decent nose will want to be near him. Yes, Andrew, Kitsunes can develop an odor of that quality, sad to say. Heavens knows... I have witnessed it often enough." He made a particularly nasty twisted muzzle display.

      End of Chapter Three
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


        Chapter Four

        Eventually, the team found themselves seated in the chamber of the Yin Yang Codex once again. Tails' new body had been transformed by Zarnathi back into the familiar loveable teen aged two-tail Kitsune body that Tails was more familiar with. Although he knew that even though only two tails showed, he secretly had double that number. He had not mastered Sending, so he could not send anyone to places that they wanted to go. But that was just fine with him as he was really starting to love his fan's company. He also wanted to meet his brother.

        Dr. Siara was also in lessons of his own once Zarnathi was done with him. Now that his powers were natural and his own, he knew he had a lot to learn. "This food is good, Shadow. Thank you for preparing it."

        Shadow smiled from where he was seated. "You're welcome, Siara. Tell me something though... how does it feel to be truly free?"

        Dr. Siara smiled back. "Tingly, to be honest. But I know that Dr. Robotnik is going to come after us. He isn't going to sit idle while his Scratch is running around not only free but free-minded as well."

        Just then Sonic replied, "He has a point. Ro-butt-nik will come after him. Not that he can do anything to him now that he's a protected Kitsune. But he can still try. And that will make it dangerous on the journey."

        Knuckles hummed. "So where do we go from here?"

        Sonic grinned at the red echidna. "I thought once we left the jungle that you would return to the Master Emerald. Are you saying now that you're interested in one of the group members?" He winked with a giggle.

        Knuckles humphed. "I am just worried about Dr. Siara, that's all. I want Scratch to enjoy his time of being free. And he can't do that if Robotnik is harassing him."

        Andrew added, "Not just Robotnik, but Grounder too. That robot seems to have it in for me. I mean... every time we think we're alone someplace, Grounder shows up and tries to hurt me. Is he really that desperate to get back at me just because I hit him with a rock by accident?"

        Dr. Siara nodded his head. "You don't know him like I do. His reasoning mode is warped. So he does think he has to get back at you. But if it's any consolation... he is treating you the way he and I used to treat Tails when he was younger. Maybe he thinks you're the new Tails replacement."

        Tails ahemed aloud. "Guys! I'm standing right here! Never mind..." He turned back to the Codex to finish up what he was doing.

        Dr. Siara hummed for a moment. "Guys... how about this as an idea for dealing with Grounder and Dr. Robotnik? What say we just pretend that I am still doing the job they sent me out here to do and when Grounder shows up, I give him status reports on what we've done, but omit where we're heading next... saying that Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow are keeping the future travel plans secret. What do you think?"

        Shadow nodded his head once. "I think that may be the only solution we have for dealing with the situation. Except, you will have to tell them where we're going or they will suspect that you're not on the level with them anymore. And we don't want that. You've earned your freedom."

        Sonic chuckled. "If that's the plan, then here's what you tell Grounder the next time you see him: Tails didn't learn what he was looking for in the jungle and now the team are traveling to Mobo Springs to talk to Amy Rose. Because that is our next stop. She's a fortune teller and she might be able to use her powers to give us a new lead."

        That night, Dr. Siara was off in the jungle by himself as he leaned up against one of the many jungle trees. He had gotten word that Grounder was on his way and this was to be the rendezvous. He was also kind of nervous since for the first time in a long time he would be lying to Grounder, his former best friend, about what the heroes would be doing. However, when Grounder did show up, he wasn't alone: Dr. Robotnik, Peanut, and what looked like a new Scratch 2.0 version of the robotic chicken were with him. Seeing the whole group made him nervous, but like Sonic and Shadow told him... he just had to play it cool. He had earned his freedom and he was currently protected from evil by the Codex.

        "Took you long enough to get here," commented Dr. Siara as he saw all of them emerge from the jungle. "The Freedom Fighters might not believe my little story I told them in order for me to get away from them to come out here by myself."

        Robotnik growled, then calmed himself. "The stupid monkey messed up the navigation system in the flying egg."

        "I said I was sorry. Sheesh, not like Grounder never makes any mistakes."

        Grounder didn't give in to the deliberate jab. He seemed more focused on something else. And Dr. Siara could guess what... he wanted Andrew.

        Robotnik looked directly at the former Scratch directly. He didn't like how Siara wasn't afraid of him anymore. "We haven't heard from Ogma in a while. Do you know where he is?"

        Siara glanced off toward a section of the sky. "He said he had to go invent some story to use against the Celestial so they didn't interfere in your plans. He said it might take a few days." Then he turned to face the rotund humanoid again. "Shall we continue with this report or are you here to show off my replacement you created?"

        Robotnik was fast hating how Siara seemed to be controlling the meeting. "Get on with it, you nincompoop! What happened out here and where are they going next?"

        End of Chapter Four
        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


          Chapter Five

          "We learned that Oki'nathi was possessing Tails in order to hide from Ogma. Once the rogue Kitsune was extracted from Tails, we then learned that Tails seemed to originate from a Kitsune clan that the local Kitsunes did not know about. While they were able to help Tails learn a few basic Kitsune abilities, they could not suggest where to search for clues on Tails original clan. But then Shadow, whom we encountered here in the jungle, suggested we go to Mobo Springs and get a fortune telling reading from Amy Rose, who just happens to live there currently. So that is our next stop. And I don't need to remind you about the Pika Pika Hammer, do I? After we finish with Amy Rose, I will try to get a message to Grounder about where the next destination is."

          Robotnik smiled for a change. "Mobo Springs... that is a neutral resort. They even allow me to be there as long as I am not there to attack the place. We will go on ahead and get a room, as it were, and then we can have a little 'accidental' meeting with the Freedom Fighters. Of course since the resort is a neutral location, whoever starts a fight will be arrested. Thus if Sonic and the others try to attack me or my robots, their little journey will land them right in the Mobo Springs Penitentiary for an extended stay. Oh how delicious that place is. Yes."

          Siara asked, "Any other orders, Dr. Robotnik, sir?"

          "Just one." He then ushered Peanut the Robo-Monkey up front to the Kitsune. "When you go back to camp, you take Peanut with you. Tell the others that you captured him trying to spy on the camp."

          The Kitsune looked at the monkey but he didn't complain since he didn't want to let on that he wasn't bad anymore. "They will never buy it if he isn't tied up, sir."

          Dr. Robotnik then securely tied up Peanut and handed him over to Dr. Siara. "We will meet back up with you in Mobo Springs. Grounder, Scratch 2.0... let's go." And the three departed into the jungle.

          Siara looked at Peanut for a good few silent moments, then he said, "In camp, you are going to hear me talking to the others in a way that doesn't sound normal. It's just an act, okay? Also, you are not to reveal to anyone what my role is there. Or..." He grinned a little. "Perhaps you are considering life on the heroic side of the fence where you don't have to mop the floors of Robotnik's toilets with a toothbrush. Think about it, Peanut... real freedom." And then he carried the Robo-Monkey back toward camp.

          "And that's what happened at the meeting with Robotnik, Sonic," finished Siara as he and Shadow were untying Peanut.

          Sonic hummed. "I can't believe he already replaced you with a new Scratch bot."

          "He never liked us anyway. We were just his hired nincompoop robots. And while I do feel sorry for Grounder still being stuck there, we at least now have Peanut with us."

          Peanut arched an eye. He couldn't believe what Siara was saying to the Freedom Fighters. Yes, it certainly sounded like he had gone AWOL and joined the Freedom Fighters. But then there was the other thing on the robo-monkey's mind... the talk of being free of toilet duties. Real freedom. And for that, he was keeping his mouth shut, just as Siara had asked and only speaking to answer questions.

          Tails was now looking at Peanut up close; studying him. "Do you think we can really help Peanut and Grounder?"

          Siara rubbed over one of his own Kitsune tails gently. "I got help; I don't see why they can't get the same help. In fact, I know of a few times when Peanut has performed very courageous actions when Scratch and Grounder would often cringe."

          The robo-monkey was again surprised that Scratch, er, Siara would bring that up around the Freedom Fighters.

          Tails nodded his head. "Then we have to help them both. Don't you worry, Peanut. We're going to help you."

          Sonic was once again to one side of the camp with Knuckles and Shadow. "What do you two think? Was Peanut sent in here to report directly what we're up to back to Robotnik?"

          Shadow replied quietly, "That is exactly what I think. But Siara must have told him something that is making him think because Peanut has been exceptionally quiet the whole time he's been with us."

          The red echidna quietly said, "Maybe he tempted the monkey with the prospect of real freedom. Siara has really been enjoying the idea of being alive and free."

          Andrew was sitting off at the edge of camp by himself gazing up at the stars. He was of course thinking about his home. But he knew he couldn't go home until they could rescue the real Mylanus Oki'Prowlus. So here he was; alone and waiting. But while he was sitting there, almost directly out in front of him rolling out from the bushes was Grounder. And he was holding a white flag for a change. And he was motioning for Andrew to come over to where he was. Expecting a trap although seeing the white truce flag, Andrew slowly got up and went over to where Grounder was waiting and they went behind the bushes a short way in to a small camp site against a cliff wall.

          "What do you want, Grounder? I really didn't mean to bean you with that rock the first day that I arrived. I didn't know you were there. Honest."

          The robot on tracked wheels turned to Andrew and paused for a moment. And then without warning, Andrew was on the ground on his butt rubbing his head as he noticed the rock that had hit him was the same one he had thrown the first day. "Now we're even, kid. I've been holding on to that rock ever since you hit me with it."

          End of Chapter Five
          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


            Chapter Six

            Grounder then continued. "Now for the real business, Dr. Robotnik doesn't know I came back out here, but please... can you give me any information that we haven't been told that will make Robotnik treat me better?"

            Andrew stopped rubbing his head and looked at the dumpy robot. "You came here to ask that? Grounder, Grounder, Grounder... Siara misses you. He is hoping that one day you will be able to earn your own freedom so you can be better than Robotnik ever made you to be." He moved close to Grounder and pointed toward the sky to direct the attention there. "Imagine it... your name in lights... Super Grounder. Advanced technological marvel of Planet Mobius. Superior to any other robotic being." He looked to the robot directly. "If you someday achieved that... Robotnik would see how useful you were then. And then he would treat you better. But be honest with yourself, Grounder. How many times has he drop kicked you when Sonic escaped one of your traps? Is getting kicked in the rear of your circuits that often really worth it? Or... do you want what Siara has... real freedom?"

            Grounder was quiet for a moment as he sighed and said, "The sky is pretty out here. I was a little jealous when Scratch got the upgrade and I didn't. I was running on anger and rage. Then you hit me with a rock and... I just had to get back at you. If you hadn't distracted me, I probably would have blown myself to pieces."

            Just then, Siara was there with Shield and Fathom. "Grounder... I'm sorry if I made you jealous. Would you like to come back to our camp?"

            After a night in camp, the party left the Mobian Jungle and had not gone far into the Mobo Springs Desert when a nasty sandstorm blew in as if by magic halting their movement indefinitely. "When is this sandstorm supposed to let up?" asked Knuckles as he stood with the others within the protective force bubble that suprisingly Tails had erected around where they had been forced to stop at.

            Sonic replied as he turned off his communicator that he had gotten from Princess Acorn. "Sally just told me that this storm is stopping both ground and air travel all over and around Mobo Springs. That means no one is just going to fly in. I had Sally call ahead to Amy Rose to let her know that the weather is stopping me from coming to see her."

            "Meaning that Robotnik can't just fly in either," added Grounder who was now traveling with the hero group. "You sent word to the female hedgehog that you don't like all that much?"

            Peanut was watching Andrew who seemed to be withdrawn from the rest of the group for some reason. "Are you okay, Andrew? Ever since we got stopped here, You seemed to have pulled yourself as far away from the others as you could get. What's up?"

            Andrew lifted his head to reveal that he had his muzzle covered in a cloth handkerchief much like a bandit would wear. "You robots don't have odor sensory, do you? Ever since this storm rolled in, my Kitsune body odor has been building something fierce. I don't want to stink the rest of the team right out of the force field."

            Peanut then turned to look over at the others, "Shadow! Andrew has a problem! The rest of you stay where you are! Please!"

            Tails turned his head toward Peanut and Andrew when the Robo-Monkey said those words, but Sonic and Knuckles kept Tails from heading over to see what the problem was. "Why are you guys stopping me from checking on Andrew?"

            Sonic replied, "Because Knuckles thinks he knows what is up. And because of that, you need to focus on keeping the protective barrier over our friends. If you get distracted, then we are all swimming in sandstorm grains. And you know much I hate swimming."

            Getting the near angry look from Tails, Knuckles stated, "Remember how your father mentioned that Andrew had an evil spell on him that would make him smell worse than Oki'nathi cleaning the Celestial's toilets? Well, the spell must have caused Andrew's scent to rear its ugly head because I noticed that Andrew had distanced himself from the rest of us before he tied a cloth over his nose and muzzle. Since Shadow has dealt with Kitsunes far more than the rest of us have, he was the logical choice to help Andrew with this problem. And what's worse, this protective barrier has limited space within in. If Andrew's scent causes all of us to begin acting funny, then we are all doomed in the desert. Fathom is going to be needing some water to swim in soon. If this sandstorm hadn't popped up like this, we could have been in Mobo Springs an hour ago."

            Sonic said, "Andrew's scent started getting bad seconds before the sandstorm began. And I think he knows it, too. He has to be feeling miserable over there."

            Tails said, "That just makes me want to help him all the more, guys. But you are right; I need to focus on keeping this barrier over the top of our group. If there were only a way to sneak away from this storm..."

            Suddenly Shadow was standing there with the others. "Guys, I and Peanut are about to get Andrew out of here. He suspects that the sandstorm was created by Zaphomyr to follow his bad odor. And it isn't just a simple bad odor, either. It is the Kitsune mating scent he is making. Anyone inhaling this stuff will begin to have sex with whomever is closest to themselves. Peanut and I are immune to the scent so we are going to escort Andrew away from the others but still attempt to get to Mobo Springs. We will be heading for the Mobo Springs Temple of the Holy. Andrew is hoping something they have can diminish the scent that his body and tails are making.

            Sonic then said, "I know of something that would kill the scent temporarily. But it isn't something you would ever want all over your body. Remember the time that I fell into the Midnight Tar Swamps? And when I emerged from the place all coated in black and could barely move, Knuckles said that I had no scent whatsoever? It took me months to get that stuff off of my body. And I couldn't do any super speed stunts until it was removed from my fur."

            Tails sighed. "I don't want to do that to Andrew. It would make me feel bad about myself."

            Just off to the rear of Shadow, Andrew said, "Would you rather take a big whiff of my smelly fur, Tails? I need to do something or else the team will lose all control."

            End of Chapter Six
            "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

            ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


              Chapter Seven

              Continuing, the boy turned Kitsune said, "If I am right, the sandstorm will follow Shadow, Peanut and I when we leave your barrier. Then when the conditions for travel lighten enough for the rest of you, head to Mobo Springs immediately. I remember that Fathom needs water once ever twenty-four hours. And we are running out of time for him."

              Shield then said, "Tails? I will go with them. I know what Andrew is likely dealing with and there is something I can do to help him since I deal with something similar myself."

              Tails then looked directly at Shield. "You are gay, aren't you? When Knuckles mentioned to me that Andrew was likely making a mating scent that could affect all of us, and now you want to go with them and you deal with something similar... that's got to be it. Am I wrong?"

              Shield blushed darkly. "Yes. That's what I was so embarrassed about when weaknesses were being talked about before we met Andrew. The only way I knew of to get close contact with other males without drawing suspicion was to have a fight with them. It was wrong of me to deal with my condition in that particular way. But what other choice did I have?"

              Tails then said, "All right, you may go with them. Just try to stay out of trouble. I am equally worried for both Andrew and Fathom. Its a go, Shadow. Get Andrew to the temple."

              Shadow tied a handkerchief cloth over Shield's nose and mouth before placing one on himself. And then they, along with Peanut, escorted Andrew directly out of the protective dome into the sandstorm. Within minutes, they were no longer visible moving in the storm. And slowly... the storm began to subside just as Shadow and Andrew predicted that it might.

              Sonic said, "Looks like they were right. Now we can get ourselves to Mobo Springs and get Fathom into a tub of water. We only have a few hours left before he misses his deadline. I'll take him with me and drop him off in Mobo Springs at a bathing house; then I will zoom back out here and help the rest of you back to Mobo Springs." He went over and picked up Fathom and his traveling gear before facing off in the direction of the resort. "Up! Over! And gone!" And he zoomed out of the make-shift camp.

              Tails and the others got their gear packed away for their trip into Mobo Springs knowing that Sonic would meet them half-way. Off to the East, they could see the sandstorm slowly moving along an odd path away from the resort town. "Now I am doubly worried for Andrew and Shadow... they were right about the storm following the scent."

              In the center of the sandstorm, Shadow led those he was escorting into a storm shelter which was underground in which the back of the shelter seemed to have an iron gate leading off toward Mobo Springs. Once they were inside the shelter and Shadow had closed the door, he said, "This tunnel will get us back to Mobo Springs. It is the safest way to get you to the Temple of the Holy without the storm dogging our steps. I am sorry you are having to deal with this, Andrew, because I really like you. When I made a comment to Tails about keeping you myself, he nearly lost his temper."

              Shield added, "Oh yeah. If Siara hadn't instructed to Tails to perform anger management before Shadow said that, he likely would have been Kitsune power attacked."

              Peanut said, "We should get going if you really care about this boy, Shadow. Although I cannot smell him myself, his scent must be rising because both you and Shield are getting erect in this chamber."

              Shadow then said, "You are right, Peanut. If this temple solution doesn't work, then we may have to resort to Sonic's offered solution." He headed over and unlatched the gate to the underground tunnel. "This is the Mobo Springs sewer outlet, guys. Geoffrey St. John showed this to me last year. He said if I ever needed to get into Mobo Springs without badniks seeing me, this was the way to go."

              Peanut then said, "Shadow... would the light from the Master Emerald be able to dispel evil magic from Andrew's body? It is an extra thing to consider just in case the temple solution doesn't work."

              Shadow hummed. "That is a possibility and if Zaphomyr saw Andrew retreating, he might turn off the mating scent spell all together. Otherwise, I will have to help Andrew myself. It wouldn't be the first time I've done it with a Kitsune."

              Shield arched an eye. "Shadow? You? I never would have guessed."

              Shadow remarked, "I am the least liked Mobian hedgehog on Mobius. So I have to find things to occupy my time. Besides, Only Knuckles has the authority to approach the Master Emerald."

              Andrew whimpered, "I'm going crazy, Shadow... get me to the temple before I lose all control. I don't want to pounce you guys."

              Shadow nodded his head; he really was interested in Andrew and would help him if things didn't work at the temple. "This way, guys." And he placed an arm around Andrew and led him down the tunnel at a rapid pace. Shield picked up the Robo-Monkey and charged after Shadow.

              Peanut then said, "Before we entered the storm shelter, I snipped off a patch of Andrew's tail fur and left it outside on the beach. If Shadow is right about the sandstorm following the smell coming from Andrew's tail fur, then the patch I left on the beach will keep the storm at that location."

              Shield said, "It is worth a try, Peanut. I hope you are right."

              The four arrived at the stairs under the temple where Shadow took Andrew upstairs where he explained the emergency in regards to the head priest. The priest then took Andrew and Shadow into the private back chambers where he used his powers to examine the evil spell on the unfortunate human boy turned Kitsune fox. In the end, the priest told Shadow the bad news. "The spell makes him fertile with the first non-Kitsune he meets. And since you were the one he met, you both have to mate with each other to lift this spell on him."

              End of Chapter Seven
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              ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                Chapter Eight

                Shield and Peanut were waiting in the pews in the front of the temple when Sonic, Siara, Knuckles, Grounder, Tails, Amy Rose, and Geoffrey St. John entered the temple as one group. Shield said, "Over here, guys. The head priest is checking out Andrew right now and Shadow is on hand if Andrew needs help. What is the word on the sandstorm?"

                Knuckles said, "It went to the beach and stayed there. It is a mystery as to why."

                Peanut smiled. "You see, Shield? My idea worked. I snipped off some of Andrew's smelly tail fur and left it on the beach and since the storm was following the smell, leaving part of it on the beach would keep the storm near the wet scent."

                Sonic grinned. "That was quick thinking, Peanut. How long have Shadow and Andrew been with the priest?"

                Shield replied, "Almost three to four hours. I cannot imagine what they are doing back there."

                Amy Rose then said, "I see the head priest approaching his altar. I am going to ask him what is going on." And before they could stop her, the pink hedgehog approached the priest and spoke quietly to him. When she returned to the pews where the others were standing, only then did she start laughing.

                Sonic arched an eye. "Why are you laughing, Amy? What did he say?"

                After she forced herself to stop laughing, she said, "Remember how you guys made Sega, Sony, and Nitro?" She then jerked her head toward the back chambers and continued, "The priest found that the only way to lift the evil spell for Andrew was to mate with the first non-Kitsune he had met after the spell was laid upon him. Demons don't count. And the first one he met was Shadow. Shadow is having to teach Andrew on how to do it so the boy isn't too scared when pregnancy occurs. I don't know why demons always rely on sexually gay spells to make their curses."

                Tails said, "Poor Andrew... Now I am really worried about him."

                Peanut then said, "Suppose we leave Shadow and Andrew here and go and see about rescuing Mylanus Oki'Prowlus from Zaphomyr. Since the demon is expecting Andrew to make the trip, he might not expect the rest of you breaking in to save Mylanus."

                Knuckles arched an eye and he turned to look at Sonic and Tails. "Peanut has a point. If we waited for Shadow and Andrew to be done, they might want to come with us. And Zaphomyr likely is waiting for Andrew to waltz in and get trapped again."

                Geoffrey then said, "Zaphomyr's followers sometimes come into Mobo Springs for supplies. The few times I have seen them, they are always wearing the same color robes. I can acquire a few robes for those in the rescue party and then you could probably just walk into the lair as if you were going there to worship the demon. I would suggest that the teenagers stay here and just let the professional Freedom Fighters to go in to make the rescue. And that means tails should stay here since he is worried about Andrew."

                Shield then said, "Andrew told us during the trip to the city temple that Zaphomyr apparently doesn't like it when someone escapes from him. Andrew also described Zaphomyr as a dragon bull centaur. So if you see someone like that in the lair, chances are that it is him. Andrew also said that Mylanus was inside a magic-proof cage."

                At that moment, Ogma and Zarnathi entered the temple and walked directly over to where Tails was standing and the demon sniffed him. "Oki'nathi escaped from the Celestial's punishment, Tails. I came to you to see if he tried to possess you again. Thankfully, it seems that you do not have him within your body. Where is your friend Andrew?"

                Tails remarked, "With him out of my body, my powers do not seem to be out of control anymore. The head priest discerned that to lift Zaphomyr's curse that was on Andrew's body, he had to mate with the first non-Kitsune he had met after he had the spell placed upon him. And that was Shadow. We were told that Demons don't count. They are in the back chambers performing this cure as we speak."

                Ogma said, "I think we need to go make sure that is what they are doing. By the way, Tails, Oki'nathi abandoned your body and the Celestial cleaned it up and restored your old appearance to normal. The plan is that if the mating doesn't make the mating scent go away, then we can transfer Andrew into a new Kitsune body that would not have the scent on it. I have your original body with me if you would like to get back into it. Then we could transfer Andrew into the body you currently have and when we found Oki'nathi, we could trap him in the stinky body."

                Tails arched an eye. "I assume from your admission, you do not think the mating cure will work."

                Ogma replied, "As I explained to Zarnathi earlier, the bad tail scent that Zaphomyr cursed Andrew with was only supposed to make Andrew smell as foul as the Celestial's toilet; if the scent is the mating scent, then it is not the work of Zaphomyr because that would not be a punishment."

                Zarnathi commented, "His request from the Codex King was to have holy protection from Zaphomyr, not to have protection from anyone else using powers."

                Tails said, "Then what you are both saying is this; the Codex Kitsune protection that protects Siara and I would prevent Oki'nathi from transporting himself back inside our bodies making him bounce instead to the next closest Kitsune who didn't have the protection. Come on, we need to get back there immediately!" And he led the demon and the Kitsune leader into the rear chambers where they found Shadow pinned to the middle of the wall upside down and the Kitsune whom had been Andrew about to throw a sharp dagger toward the black Hedgehog's body!

                End of Chapter Eight
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                ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                  Chapter Nine

                  Zarnathi quickly erected a protection shield over Shadow's body and Ogma grabbed the Kitsune's wrist and said, "Oki'nathi, I presume! The Celestial's punishments are not to be mocked! Since you don't want to deal with a toilet, the Celestial has agreed that the odor in which Andrew is making should be yours permanently!"

                  Oki'nathi's voice came out of Andrew's Kitsune body. "When I arrived in this body, that boy you are mentioning wasn't even in here with me! I don't know where he is! Look for yourself!"

                  Tails growled, "Are you making a mating scent, you rotten slime?!"

                  Zarnathi sniffed the air and backed up a bit. "Yes, Tails... that is the mating scent. It doesn't smell anything like the scent Andrew was making in your force field in the desert."

                  Tails now changed the question. "Where were Shadow, the Andrew body, Peanut and Shield at when you landed in Andrew's body?"

                  From the door, Peanut said, "I think I know... we were inside the storm shelter just after I snipped off the foul wet sent from Andrew's tails and left it on the beach outside. And if that is the case, then Andrew is in fact cursed to stay with the wet foul smelling fur, and is stuck inside the fur." He then produced a Tupperware container which contained the sample of foul smelling fur and because it was sealed, no one could smell anything. "I went back and got it when we learned that the sandstorm had subsided."

                  Zarnathi then said, "In order to help Andrew, we are going to have to reattach the foul smell to Andrew's body and then we can see about cleanly transferring the human out of the Kitsune body. I just hope my son didn't link Andrew and himself together incorrectly or else, the boy won't be human anymore."

                  When Zarnathi mentioned sewing the stinky fur back on to the Kitsune body, Peanut quickly went and tied a cloth over both Tails' and Shadow's muzzles.

                  Shadow was glad to be back on his feet once again. "He was playing possum while the priest was in the room, but after he asked the priest to give us some privacy, that is when he attacked and said that no dirty hedgehog was going to be the parent to his children. Despite what happened, Tails, I still like Andrew."

                  Tails was saying to Peanut. "There was no way for you to know that snipping off that cursed fur would remove Andrew from his own body and leave it wide open for Toilet Slime to possess it."

                  Ogma grinned. "So that is Oki'nathi's new nickname."

                  Zarnathi without warning popped open the Tupperware container and Oki'anthi lost all struggle when the bad smell overwhelmed the mating scent. Zarnathi then began sewing the patch of fur back on to the bare spot on the back of the Kitsune body. When he was done, he said, "Andrew, I know it smells bad, but I want you to start reciting the lord's prayer that you used on Zaphomyr while Ogma and I are conducting the separation ceremony on you exactly as we had done with Tails and Oki'nathi. Sonic and the others went to rescue Mylanus."

                  As Ogma and Zarnathi began the ceremony, Andrew began reciting the lord's prayer. He still remembered the effect it had upon Zaphomyr at the meeting site. "Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. [For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.] Amen." and then Andrew added the following, "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. Amen."

                  While these prayers were occurring, Ogma and Zarnathi were relinking the curse to Oki'nathi and preparing to transfer a clean Andrew into Tails' old body since Tails had not asked to resume being in it himself. During the recital of the prayers, Andrew distinctly heard Oki'nathi scream exactly as Tails had when he underwent the ceremony in the Celestial's chambers. Zarnathi noted that the granted magic using link that Mylanus had granted also made the transfer when Andrew left the old body and settled into the teenage Kitsune body which was once Tails's former body.

                  Andrew in the new body gasped and nearly gagged on the foul odor himself (now that it wasn't coming from himself) until Peanut tied a cloth over his nose and muzzle. The robotic monkey said, "Glad to have you back, Andrew. How do you feel?" Andrew remarked, "Glad to be out of that stink trap. What a pain Oki'nathi is for wanting to be in a cursed Kitsune body. He would have been safer at the Celestial."

                  Andrew now looked to Ogma. "Could you exchange Oki'nathi and Mylanus Oki'Prowlus so that Mylanus appeared in the chamber with us and Captain stinky took his place in the cage? Since their first names are the same, Oki'nathi would have a dickens of a time convincing Zaphomyr that he wasn't Oki'Prowlus."

                  Ogma grinned. "The Celestial had another punishment in mind for Captain Stinky but we could add that request to it and it would all work out the same." Andrew asked, "What punishment is that?" Ogma replied, "Adding the toilet smell to the body he is now in which we removed from Tails' old body. A body you are in right now. We offered his original body back to him but he wanted to check on Shadow and promptly forgot that we offered to restore him to his original body. Now you are in it."

                  Andrew smiled. "Make it so, Ogma. Place the toilet smell on the cursed body and then exchange him for Oki'Prowlus in Zaphomyr's lair."

                  End of Chapter Nine
                  "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                  ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                    Chapter Ten

                    While Ogma made the switch, Peanut went out and told Sonic what the new plan was. He was glad that the Freedom Fighters had not left yet.

                    Soon, Zarnathi, Ogma, Tails, Mylanus, Andrew, and Shadow emerged from the back chambers. Zarnathi crouched down to look at Grounder as he said, "I can grant you and Peanut a similar upgrade as Scratch/Siara received, if you really want it. As you likely saw after Scratch was upgraded, Robotnik simply made a replacement robot chicken when he realized that he wasn't going to get Siara back. So what do you say?"

                    Grounder looked over at Siara and Peanut before saying, "I'd like to be a Mobian Gopher instead of a wheeled robot. My digging skills would be beneficial to the Freedom Fighters." Then Peanut said, "I'd like to be a size between Siara and Grounder's sizes with a prehensile tail. My fix-it skills are about as good as Rotor's skills are. Having another mechanic around Tails' hanger might be useful for the piloting Kitsune."

                    Andrew said, "I need to learn the self transformation spell so I can switch back and forth between my current species and my human form. I don't want my parents to get worried about me if I am gone for too long."

                    Zarnathi laid a hand on Andrew's shoulder and caused a flash of mystical power to grant the boy turned Kitsune his request. "Just remember that the two forms you have asked for will be the easiest ones you can transform between but if you practice with other forms you can learn those as well. The more fantastic the species, the harder it is to learn."

                    He then turned to Peanut and Grounder. "Lets get started on your transformations."

                    Andrew turned and hugged Mylanus once again. "I was worried about you, Mylanus." And then he gave the Kitsune a kiss on his muzzle.

                    Mylanus hugged and kissed back. "Zaphomyr stole my Ruman Bean Toy and it had sentimental value to me. When he trapped me into the gaming console, he said he would give it back to if I could send him a religious human boy. When I blew it with Billy, I just wanted out of the gaming console and I was willing to do anything to get out of it. And then you rescued the Sega game and agreed to not only accept my wishes but you agreed to be my boyfriend as well. I didn't want to hand you over to Zaphomyr but I was under a contract. When I granted your wish to get away from the demon, he destroyed my toy in front of me and said unless you came back, then I would be changed into a toy for an eternity."

                    Andrew then said, "But when I made that one wish that night, you never granted it."

                    Zarnathi glanced over at the boy turned Kitsune and asked, "What was the wish in exact detail, Andrew?"

                    Andrew replied, "Before I got comfortable to get some sleep, I wished that if Mylanus ever broke his word to any promise that he made to me, that all of his powers would be transferred directly to me until the Celestial goddess or Inari restored that power to him. The next day after I mowed my lawn using the power he gave me, he invited me to come see his place on Mobius and when we arrived in Mobius, Zaphomyr was standing there and Mylanus said that he kept his end of the bargain and he asked Zaphomyr to keep his honored word, citing that Ogma might be better than he was. Zaphomyr replied in his deep voice that Mylanus was as gullible as Ogma said he would be. I got scared at that point and I wished to be with Tails where I got teleported away where upon I landed on Tails during one of his lessons."

                    Zarnathi growled a little as Mylanus glowed faintly and then Andrew had the same glow around himself just as briefly. "Son... Andrew agreed to your terms for the wishes and you promised that you would grant all of his wishes. By not granting that one wish, you broke the contract with your boyfriend. There is honor in keeping one's word. Your punishment will be to accompany Tails back to Knothole and work in his airplane hangar until Tails agrees that you have learned your lesson. And on that day, your powers will be restored to you. In the meantime, Andrew will be the keeper of your powers. Since he has the Holy protection of the Codex King from Zaphomyr, he will be able to handle your powers."

                    Andrew then said, "Sir... don't make him be without his powers. I don't know how to use his powers. I might mess something up."

                    Zarnathi looked to Tails. "Son... if I remove what I did, then my word and my honor would be at risk. Tails, all you need to do is deem your brother worthy and he can have his powers back at that second." He then turned back to Grounder and Peanut.

                    Tails looked at Mylanus, "Agree to help Siara to educate my friends in school subjects and I would deem you worthy to have your powers back. I don't want anyone to mess up my hangar. I do a lot of greasy work in there with Rotor's assistance."

                    Geoffrey St. John then said, "You people need to teleport back to the Great Forest rather than walking out of here. Robotnik is in town at the hotel; he isn't breaking any laws but if you started a fight with him, then I would have to arrest you Freedom Fighters for causing trouble. I know Sonic doesn't want to be in prison."

                    Amy Rose then said, "Geoffrey and I can handle Robotnik while the rest of you escape."

                    Zarnathi rose back up. "I just finished with Digger the Mobian Gopher and Lugnut the Mobian Monkey with their memories enhanced to accept their new names. And now I will send your group back to the Great Forest near Knothole." Waiting for Amy Rose and Geoffrey to step away from the group, the questing group vanished from the Temple of the Holy and magically appeared with view of the entrance of Knothole.

                    Sonic smiled. "Finally home. Maybe now I can get a decent chili dog that isn't saturated with resort sand."

                    Andrew said, "I finally get to see Knothole. This is so exciting."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode Three

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Schooling in Knothole
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