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[TV-WFK] TTA-02 Tale of Two Teenagers

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    [TV-WFK] TTA-02 Tale of Two Teenagers

    Teen Tails Adventure
    a "Sonic the Hedgehog" universe fan fiction starring Miles "Tails" Prower

    [TV-WFK-TTA] Miles Prower
    Episode Two: A Tale of Two Teenagers
    By James Ghaleon (Aragh Darktalon)
    Originally written on April 12th, 2005; Re-written on March 2nd, 2019

    Teen Tails Adventure - Theme Song
    This is my world, Come travel through it.
    Troubles we've had, But I'm sure you knew it.
    When Robotnik came to town... Sonic put him down...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! I am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    I am older now... Give a shout and how!"

    I'd help my buddy, Through thick and thin.
    Scratch and Grounder, nitwits within.
    Bad guys were often tough... Sonic was enough...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! I am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    I am older now... Give a shout and how!"

    My power rises, From within.
    The demon Ogma, Wants me to sin.
    New friends will help me out... We will give a shout...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! We am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    We are older now... Give a shout and how!
    We are older now... Give a shout and how!"


    Miles "Tails" Prower, a freedom fighter of Knothole (2-tailed fox)

    Mainstream Sega Allies:

    Sonic the Hedgehog, a freedom fighter of Knothole (Everyone's favorite blue hot head)
    Princess Sally Acorn, a freedom fighter of Knothole (squirrel)
    Antoine the Coyote, a freedom fighter whom is very loyal to Princess Sally
    Bunnie Rabbot, a freedom fighter of Knothole (half-robotic rabbit)

    Original fan-made Allies:

    Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real father (9-tailed Kitsune)
    Mylanthi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real mother (8-tailed Kitsune)
    Geare, a freedom fighter of Knothole, Son of Rotor (walrus)
    Shield, a teenager of Knothole (boar)
    Fathom, a teenager of Knothole (otter)
    Machna, a teenager of Knothole (cheetah)
    Wyldfyre, a teenager of Knothole (a syhhra which is a phoenix-fox hybrid
    Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi, formerly the robotic chicken, Scratch ( 3-tailed Kitsune)
    Sir Falchion, Shield's father (a knightly boar)
    Andrew Starknight, a human teenager from the planet Earth
    Mylanus Oki'Prowlus, a young adult older brother to Tails (3-tailed Kitsune)


    Ogma, a demonic hunter for the Celestial Bureaucracy, a rotund horned jackal-headed demon
    Zaphomyr, a demon lord of the demonic Abyss, a muscular Minotaur like Centaur (dragon bull)
    Mylanus Oki'nathi, a 4-tailed Kitsune whom is possessing Tails
    Dr. Robotnik, evil genius of Planet Mobius (looks human, if you can call him that!)
    Scratch, Grounder, Peanut and other robots made by Robotnik

    Sonic the Hedgehog concept - Sega Corporation
    Teen Tails Adventure fan fiction and other original characters - Me
    Special thanks to - My friends

    Chapter One

    Siara fondled his three tails as he, and those he was with, traveled onward toward the ancient Kitsune territory. (Just days ago, I was the robotic, bumbling Scratch. Yet now, I am Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi, traveling school teacher, working for Ogma, the ancient demon lord, all the while setting up Tails, who is really Mylanus Oki'Prowlus, to perform some act of evil, so that Ogma can easily claim him. However... can I really do that to him? Tails deserves so much more. He has friends other than Sonic, now, and is trusting me to aid him in finding the Yin Yang Codex, and to help him develop his Kitsune powers. I feel so dirty in having to do this.)

    Wyldfyre had just returned from releasing a gout of flame, as he tapped Siara on the shoulder. "Are you okay, Dr. Siara? You're wringing your tails like you were worried about something."

    Siara almost jumped at the interuption. "Wyldfyre... I'm... I'm... dealing with something... personal... We should be exiting the forest, soon. Then, we'll be in the uncharted jungle territory, of which beyond lies the Kitsune's ancient civilization."

    Wyldfyre petted Siara's shoulder. "You do know that you can count on our group if you need someone to talk to, right?"

    Siara was feeling the temptations of being free, and of confiding in his new 'friends'. But he also feared what Ogma and Dr. Robotnik might do to him if he went AWOL. "Thank you, Wyldfyre. But this is something I must deal with on my own. You are good to worry about me."

    Wyldfyre nodded his head and dropped back to be with his friends.

    Siara quietly sighed. (If only I could tell them the truth... Tails would drive me away for sure when he found out that I was his enemy Scratch. Not to mention what Sonic would do to me. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. I wish there were an easy solution to this problem.)

    Tails came up close to Siara and hugged him. "I can't thank you enough for agreeing to help me, Siara. You're the best."

    Siara sighed, hugging Tails in return.

    Tails arched an eye. "Why did you sigh?"

    Siara quietly replied, "Tails? What do you think about... Scratch? Not Scratch and Grounder together... just Scratch... by himself."

    Tails got a sort of pained look on his muzzle. "I think he's bad news... except... there was a time when he was good, for a whole adventure. Scratch thought he was a TV super star, one of my heroes, to be honest. And... it saddened me when he got his old nasty memory back. I think Scratch could be good, if he really tried."

    Siara said, "Tails... I'm really... er... I met Scratch once, a long time ago... and... he let me go... free..." (Damn it! Why did I chicken out?)

    During the next stop, after their party had entered the uncharted jungle, Tails and the others pitched their tents and made camp. During this time, Machna performed her running exercise, while Fathom found a pool of water to swim in.

    While this was going on, Siara called Tails over to him at the campfire. "Tails, as you know, you're a Kitsune with very special powers. I am going to teach you a very simple Kitsune trick. It's generally called... Summon Item. The more power you expend, the greater the item that you can summon."

    Tail smiled, swishing his two tails. "Sounds important. How does it work?"

    Siara pulled a bean bag toy out of his pouch. "This is a Ruman Bean Toy. Young Kitsune often practice their summoning power on toys of this nature." He handed it to Tails. "Examine the toy, in detail, then hand it back." Tails examined the toy all over, in detail, then handed it back. Siara then stood up, walked out of camp and hid the toy. When he returned and sat down, he said, "I will show you how to summon the toy. You focus, closing your eyes if you have to, then you mentally make yourself mad. This will cause your power to arise. Later, after you have this trick down good, you won't have to get mad to summon your powers. Now, as the power bristles the back of your neck, you snarl, growl or shout, Summon Ruman Bean Toy. I'll do it the first time, for example, so you can see that it can be done." By now, the others were watching the Kitsune lesson.

    Siara summoned his Kitsune power, stemming from Ogma, of course, then he focused and shouted, "SUMMON RUMAN BEAN TOY!!!" Almost instantly, the toy appeared in a flash of light within Siara's outstretched hand! The others applauded the demonstration. Siara then took the toy and hid it out of camp once again. When he returned, he said, "Okay, Tails. It's your turn. I know you can do it."

    Tails was very nervous, as all eyes were now on him. Getting mad was easy enough. All he had to do was think about Ro-butt-nik. Unfortunately, as he had accidentally done in front of the high school, Tails didn't know how much power was too much power, and with his nervousness, he opened his eyes and shouted. Later, Tails would realize that being nervous is NOT a good time to cast spells, for it can cause you to be tongue-tied. That's what happened this time. "SUMMON... HUMAN... TEEN... BOY...!!!" There came an enormous flash of light, as the Kitsune power reached out and grabbed the first teen aged human boy it could find (whom happened to be already on Mobius) and then, it dropped the Kitsune boy directly on top of Tails!

    Andrew Starknight (albeit in the body of a Kitsune thanks to Mylanus' magic trick) had landed on Tails wearing only his socks and shoes. He didn't sound all that happy with his situation either. "When magic fouls up, it doesn't fool around, does it? I didn't want to land on him!" And then he noticed the Mobians around him and he blushed due to his outburst. "W-Who are you guys? W-what did you do with Sonic?"

    End of Chapter One
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two

    Siara slowly exclaimed, "A student of mine was practicing a summoning spell - and you are sitting on him. Tails? Are you okay?"

    The boy in Kitsune form carefully got off of the two-tailed fox and looked at him. "Tails? You mean... the Tails is your student?"

    Tails' fur was still all bristled up as he slowly arose in the air, floating.

    Siara exclaimed, "Now Tails... you have to calm down... you don't want to accidentally hurt one of your friends, do you?"

    And then, Tails slowly floated back to ground, where he landed on all fours, panting hard. His fur was no longer bristled with rage.

    Shield said, "That was too close. I've been on the receiving end of that before. Are you okay, Tails? Everything is okay now. Honest."

    Tails slowly glanced at his friends, then at Siara, and finally at the new Kitsune boy. "What have I done? Who are you?"

    The boy replied, "I'm Andrew Starknight from Lostwood, North Dakota on Planet Earth. I freed a trapped Kitsune from a game cartridge where a demon lord had banished him to and one of the rewards he offered me was the opportunity to meet with you, Tails. On Earth, you and Sonic are part of video games and television cartoon shows. The Kitsune's name is Mylanus Oki'Prowlus and he claimed to be your older brother, Tails. When the demon who trapped him confronted him after we crossed over to Mobius, I got scared and willed myself to Tails using the magic link Mylanus has willingly shared with me. Normally I am a human boy, but he was letting me try out the Kitsune fur while on Mobius. I just need to figure out how to get him away from that demon lord who is holding something of valus that Mylanus owns. The magic I used to come to you wasn't supposed to drop me on top of you. Wow... The Tails..."

    Now Tails was blushing. Most of the time he'd heard people say The Sonic the Hedgehog, but almost no one ever said The Tails. "I'm sorry you landed on me during one of my lesons; When Sonic shows up tonight to check on us, I will ask him to look into this demon lord thing. Did Mylanus identify this demon lord?"

    Andrew replied, "Mylanus called him Zaphomyr. And the demon lord mentioned that Ogma had mentioned that Mylanus was gullible. I didn't learn anything else since I willed myself to come to you, Tails."

    Siara ushered everyone over to the fire pit for the time being. "This will do for now. When Sonic comes to check up on our party, we will tell him your message. For now, you will have to travel with Tails and the rest of us. It is a good thing that Tails wasn't responsible for summoning you or else you would be stuck on Mobius until he could learn Sending for sending you back to Earth. And not even I know the spell of Sending as yet; it is a four-tailed spell power."

    Andrew said, "You mean until I can rescue Mylanus, I am stuck here?"

    Siara replied, "According to Kitsune laws, only the one who brought you here can escort you back. And Tails and I haven't been taught Sending as yet."

    That night while the group was camped, Sonic did indeed show up to check on the group's progress and Siara helped to explain Andrew's message to the Freedom Fighter.

    Sonic hummed and said, "Evil fiends do happen. I can understand that. I will have to get word to Princess Sally in regards to the situation Andrew is stuck in. Only then can we perform a careful and cautious rescue of Mylanus and anyone else the demon has as his prisoners."

    Siara replied, "I think we would all appreciate if you could do this for Andrew. He accidentally landed on Tails during a lesson; he apologized and as much admitted that he was a Tails fan from Planet Earth."

    Sonic grinned. "Of course. Up, over, and gone!" And Sonic sped off into the night. An hour later, Sonic had returned with a pants, a vest, and a backpack. "Sally asked me to stay here and travel with you guys for a while."

    Andrew took the clothes and began to put them on. "Thanks for this, Sonic. Being in the fur was starting to feel kind of chilly and cold."

    Siara then drew Sonic away from the camp. "I... I need to talk to you in private, Sonic."

    Sonic and Siara got a good distance away from the camp, then Sonic asked, "What is this about?"

    Siara sighed and slowly sat down. "It's about... Scratch."

    Sonic arched and eye and glanced around. "What about him?"

    Siara didn't meet Sonic's gaze. "He's here."

    Now Sonic was definitely looking around himself. "Where? I don't see Scratch anywhere."

    A tear ran down Siara's muzzle. "I'm... Scratch..."

    End of Chapter Two
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      Chapter Three

      Sonic's mouth fell open but when he saw the tears, he slowly approached. "Sally and I knew something was wrong with you. But... you look... how did this happen to you?"

      Siara cried and explained what had happened to him. "And that's the truth, Sonic. Please don't send me away. Look at me... the demon changed me into this. I wanted to tell Tails this morning, but I got scared. I have no where else to go. I was hoping... that the codex could free me from Ogma's influence. But please, I beg of you, Sonic... please don't send me away."

      Sonic frowned. He'd never seen Scratch cry before. Not a crying that was actually real, that is. "I won't send you away, Scratch. But you can't let anything bad happen to Tails. You're in this mission now... you have to get Tails to that Codex. And now, you have a human boy to help watch out for. I want to hear you promise to help keep Tails away from Ogma."

      Siara sighed, then said, "I promise, Sonic. I promise to protect Tails from the demons."

      The next morning, the team was once again traveling onwards. Tails didn't question why Sonic was bothering to hang around the outskirts of the group, but he figured that Sonic was staying around to keep an eye on Andrew, who was obviously the most vulnerable. Of course, Sonic was able to bring the group breakfast that morning, and now, they were heading deeper into the jungle.

      Andrew said, "I still can't believe I am here with THE Tails! This is so exciting!"

      Sonic quietly giggled when he heard Andrew say that. (It's about time Tails met someone who thinks he's more special than I am. That boy is really worried about Mylanus; I have to wonder if the Kitsune linked himself to the boy in an underhanded way. If he did, then this shape that Andrew is wearing isn't just a temporary transformation; it is permanent.)

      Soon, the group had stopped for lunch, and Siara, aka Scratch, called Tails over to where he was standing. "Are you ready to learn another Kitsune power, Tails? Don't worry, you won't have to summon anything this time."

      Tails walked over, a little nervous. "What do you have for me, Dr. Siara?"

      Siara smiled at Tails giving him a noogie. "I could give you cooties, but I think you'd like to learn a levitation power instead." He winked.

      Tails giggled and replied, "Eww! Cooties! I'll take the power any day!"

      Siara continued to smile as he pointed toward a small slab of rock just ahead. "See that rock up ahead? What you're going to do to it is the same thing you do for yourself when you call your power from within. But please pay attention to what I am saying this time... too much power is a bad thing. You may have to use this trick to save lives someday and you'd feel horrible if you accidentally crushed the person you were trying to save. Now, cause your power to arise, then focus toward the stone with a hand outstretched toward the target, and mentally form an invisible hand around the stone, like this..." And he demonstrated how easy it was to reach out and pick up the rock, before setting it back down again. And before anyone could applaud, Siara continued, saying, "I'd appreciate it if you didn't applaud these lessons. It was obvious from before that the attention made Tails so nervous that he couldn't focus on doing the power correctly."

      Tails blushed slightly, as his friends, who had been about to applaud, remained silent.

      Siara said, "Now, you try it, Tails. It's easy and you don't have to say anything this time."

      Tails nodded his muzzle, as he gazed at the rock slab just ahead. As before, getting mad was easy. All he had to do was think about Ro-butt-nik. Unfortunately, again, he summoned too much power, and...

      The rock slab suddenly exploded in a shrill blast, sending rock dust in all directions!

      Everyone's jaws hung slack at the spot where the stone slab had once been. Everyone except Tails, who slowly backed away, then ran off into the jungle.

      Andrew exclaimed, "Tails? Where are you going? Tails?"

      Sonic exclaimed, "I'll go get him! He's probably just scared!" And Sonic shot out of the rest stop like a blue blur!

      Andrew turned to Siara. "What went wrong, sir?"

      Siara replied, "Tails, for some reason, cannot control how much power he summons. Every time he tries, he gets an all or nothing surge. In combat, that's a good thing. But in times of peace... it could kill someone."

      Andrew then said, "The powers that Mylanus shares with me doesn't require me to get angry to use them. Why does Tails have that limitation? I wish-"

      The rest of Andrew's statement was cut off, as Siara slapped a paw over Andrew's mouth! "Watch what you say! There IS a demon around and I don't think you want any power that a demon might give you!" Wyldfyre supported Siara's explanation, adding, "He has a point, Andrew. If the demon wasn't around, saying that would be innocent. But here and now... you have to be careful."

      End of Chapter Three
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


        Chapter Four

        Siara then removed his paw from Andrew's mouth. "Sorry I did that, Andrew. But I had to stop you before you regretted your words."

        Wyldfyre then said, "Speaking of being careful, it's that time again, Dr. Siara. Where should I aim my... you know what...?"

        Siara directed Wyldfyre toward a patch of old thick gnarled vines that blocked a trail further into the jungle and he released his gout of super hot flames in an impressive blast that totally incinerated the obstructive vines.

        Andrew sat down, and muttered, "I was going to say that if I could use the power that Mylanus shares with me I could have arranged for Tails to draw his powers naturally. I wonder if my mom knows that I am missing yet?" He picked up a stone and pitched it out into the jungle bushes, which produced a hollow metallic clanging sound. Andrew stood up when he heard that. "What was that?"

        While Andrew headed over to check out what he had hit, Sonic had caught up to Tails and was trying to calm him down.

        Tails said, "I can't do anything right, Sonic! Look what I did to that simple rock!"

        Sonic replied, while petting Tails' shoulder. "It's not your fault, little buddy. You'll get it...I believe in you." And at that moment, they both heard Andrew scream for help!

        Sonic and Tails rocketed back into the camp and saw Andrew struggling in the grasp of that idiot robot, Grounder, who was saying, "Hold still, you little runt! Hit me with a rock, will you? You won't feel so tough after Robotnik roboticizes you!"

        Andrew cried out, "Let me go! Help!"

        Before Sonic could take a step to do anything, Tails was floating in the air and from his lips came that frightening voice that Shield was all too familiar with! "LET HIM GO, FIEND OF METAL!" And he snapped his fingers and when he did, Grounder simply exploded sending his parts everywhere! Andrew ended up flying in the same direction as Grounder's left arm!

        Grounder's head exclaimed from it's place on the ground, "Doctor Robotnik isn't going to like this at all! Just you wait! Scratch is going to bag you all in his trap further on! Just wait and see!"

        Tails growled, "BE QUIET, I SAY!" And Grounder's head then exploded in a mini-fireball!

        It was then that Siara calmly said, "That's enough, student. Turn off the power now."

        And Tails blinked his eyes, as he slowly and gently landed on the ground, panting hard. Then he said in his normal voice, "Where's Andrew? Oh no! If I hurt Andrew, I'll never forgive myself!"

        Machna and Fathom came into camp carrying Andrew. They set him down and then, worked on getting the iron grip off his arm. Machna said, "He literally landed in my arms. This stupid thing doesn't want to come off. And it's hurting Andrew."

        Siara came over, kneeling down to examine the claw and did something to the arm itself. The claw and robotic arm fell off instantly. Then, he began to bandage Andrew's arm properly. "You saved his life, Tails. A little messy, but effective."

        Tails wiped his teary eyes. "I, didn't I? I really did it. On my own..."

        Sonic smiled, petting his friend on the back. "I told you that you could do it, little buddy. Just don't ever use that power on me. Okay?" He winked with a grin.

        Siara said, "I'll carry Andrew for now. Tonight when we get to the stone campsite, I'll see about changing the bandage on Andrew's arm."

        Fathom slapped Tails' hand. "You really kicked robot butt! Andrew will be fine. Believe me."

        It was then that Wyldfyre said, "It's really sad... just before he got hurt by Grounder, he was wondering how he could help you clean up your power summoning so you could learn your Kitsune abilities more safely. I feel sorry for him now that his arm is all banged up."

        Tails turned toward the trail ahead and started walking. "Come on, guys. We have to get to the stone campsite before nightfall." And he thought, ...and I have to find a way to grant Andrew his desire to help me. I owe him that.

        Within his lair, Doctor Robotnik scooped the debris that was once Grounder into the Robot Restoration Chamber and hit the button. After a few moments, Grounder emerged as good as new.

        "So what did you find out, Grounder?" Doctor Robotnik inquired.

        Grounder was testing his arms to make sure they still worked as he replied, "They are heading toward the stone campsite, just as Ogma predicted, your nastiness, sir."

        End of Chapter Four
        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


          Chapter Five

          Grounder then continued with his report. "...But Sonic is traveling with them now. As is some human boy from some dimension called Earth; the boy was wearing a Kitsune body granted from someone called Mylanus Oki'Prowlus. Apparently, Tails was trying to learn his summon item power when the boy in Kitsune fur fell on top of him via teleport and now he can't get back home unless Sonic and Tails helps to rescue Mylanus from someone called Zaphomyr."

          Ogma, who was sitting in Doctor Robotnik's throne, laughed out loud. "So Zaphomyr managed to trick Mylanus into opening a portal to Earth and poor little Tails is messing up Kitsune powers? I think this could work to our benefit. The stone campsite just simply made sense. Any Kitsune traveling that way would have to make camp there before the half a day hike to the ruins of the ancient city. But tonight... we give Tails something new to worry about. And worry he will, for it involves that human boy turned Kitsune."

          Doctor Robotnik irked. "Don't you think that's a bit... hasty? I mean, Sonic is there now and I know from experience how much that blasted hedgehog can mess up even the simplest of plans."

          Ogma grinned. "That's even more perfect. You see, Sonic is going to HELP us in this plan. Without even realizing it."

          Grounder exclaimed, "How are we going to get Sonic to help us?"

          Ogma grinned. "First of all, once they are securely in their camp, Doctor Robotnik is going to launch an attack on Knothole. Princess Acorn is sure to contact Sonic and he'll gladly come running. Once Sonic is on his way, that is when we will launch part two of our scheme."

          Doctor Robotnik arched an eye. "And what is part two?"

          Ogma laughed again. "Remember what we did to Scratch? Well this time Grounder is going to wear the disguise. He will approach the camp silently and get the boy off by himself and give the boy a gift. I happen to know that the boy was recently wishing to have grant a power to Tails so the little freedom fighter wouldn't have to get mad to summon his power. So, Grounder will give the boy a magic ring that will give Tails a short cut toward summoning great Kitsune power. After Tails uses the power three times, they will learn why you don't make wishes when there is a demon around. And poor old Tails will think he harmed their new friend, all because he is messing up his powers."

          Doctor Robotnik exclaimed, "Now wait a minute! You said Sonic was going to unwittingly help us do this. He won't even be there if he's off fighting me."

          Ogma grinned slyly. "Oh but he will be there." He then turned his gaze to Grounder. "Won't you, Sonic?"

          Grounder blinked his eyes! "Me? You're going to disguise ME as Sonic?"

          Doctor Robotnik laughed. "Of course! With the real Sonic elsewhere, he'll end up looking guilty!"

          Later on that night, Doctor Robotnik launched his attack on the great forest of Mobius where he knew Knothole had to be hidden within at. And sure enough, just as Ogma predicted, Princess Sally called Sonic to come help defend Knothole.

          Sonic glanced at everyone. "I'll be back as soon as I can! Ro-BUTT-nik just can't seem to take a break no matter what! Up! Over! And Gone!" And he was off like a shot into the darkness!

          Ogma and Grounder waited a few minutes after Sonic was gone before they put their plan into operation. And it required getting the human boy off away from the others for just a few moments. And they soon got the most perfect opportunity, when Andrew walked out into the nearby jungle to relieve himself. Little did they know what surprise would be lying in wait for them out there!

          Andrew sighed in relief as he finished his business and zipped up his pants. "I don't think I could hold it in any longer. I better head back to the camp."

          Grounder then made his move, but remained standing in the shadows. His disguise was not perfect, still, but Ogma was helping to disguise Grounder's voice. "Hey Andrew. Wait up a moment." he said in Sonic's voice.

          Andrew turned and saw what looked to be Sonic standing in the darkness. "Sonic? What are you doing here? Did you already beat Robotnik's butt?"

          Grounder replied, "Um, Princess Sally told me to bring you this magic ring and then return, pronto. This is a ring that will allow Tails to use his powers more easily like the rest of us. Sally had it hidden for safe keeping, but she thought this was the time for Tails to make better use of it." He held out his hand revealing the glowing ring.

          And just as suddenly, there came a red blur from the nearby foliage, as the newcomer kicked the ring out of Grounder's hand, sending it flying off into the darkness! The newcomer then landed directly in front of Andrew, though facing Grounder! Andrew could see right away who the red echidna was. It was Knuckles. "Better be glad I was nearby, kid! This ain't Sonic at all! It's some sort of magic disguise! Therefore, based on what I felt when I kicked his hand, I'd say this is Grounder!"

          Ogma was just as surprised as Grounder was when Knuckles just appeared out of nowhere, but Ogma wasn't stupid either! He teleported himself and Grounder away from there, as soon as possible!

          Knuckles then turned around looking at Andrew with a grin. "So you're one of Tails' new buddies, are you? What brings you guys so close to the Master Emerald? And don't lie to me, kid."

          End of Chapter Five
          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


            Chapter Six

            Andrew, who had no reason to lie, replied to Knuckles, "We're in search of the ruins of an ancient city in this jungle where a powerful tome is said to reside. Tails needs to get to the tome so he can learn more about his Kitsune heritage."

            Back in camp, everyone was surprised to see Knuckles entering with Andrew.

            "You guys are lucky that I was around," he said. "I just saved your buddy here from Grounder out in the jungle. Andrew tells me that you're heading to the ancient city. I know where it is, so I will be coming with you for the time being. I know Sonic will be back soon, as much as I dislike his attitude, but a use is a use."

            Tails smiled at Knuckles. "I am glad you're going to be there with us, Knuckles. I forgot you were in this part of the jungle. I don't know why Grounder keeps going after Andrew. It doesn't make any sense."

            Knuckles folded his arms over his chest. "Don't start relying on my being here, Tails. This is your mission, not mine. I just know where the ancient city is. I am coming along to make sure you don't fall in any traps."

            Tails hugged Knuckles anyway!

            Knuckles blushed a little from the affection, as it was something he didn't like to publicly express in a crowd. Sometimes having red fur is a good thing. Makes it harder to know when you actually blush.

            Andrew was now talking to the others. "...and when Grounder tried to give me some sort of magic ring for Tails, that's when Knuckles showed up and kicked Grounder's hand away! He was totally awesome! He probably just saved my life!"

            Wyldfyre smiled. "It's good that you have such a cute rescuer. Maybe you can do something nice for him in return."

            Andrew hummed. "Yeah, he did save my life. I owe him something."

            Shield, Machna, and Fathom were all three sitting over near the campfire, mainly listening to what Andrew and Wyldfyre were saying.

            Dr. Siara was once again off to himself, wringing his tails. (Now Knuckles is here. I am doomed for sure. He isn't stupid. He is going to know that I am Scratch. I am done for sure if he figures that out.)

            Knuckles whispered to Tails, "Who is that Kitsune over there, Tails? He looks mighty worried."

            Tails glanced over to where Knuckles was looking. "Oh, that's our traveling teacher, Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi. He was guiding us to the ancient city and later, back to Knothole."

            Knuckles unfolded his arms and said, "Wait here, Tails. I need to go have a word with the doctor. And don't eavesdrop, either. It's very rude." And with that, Knuckles strode across the camp to where Dr. Siara was sitting off by himself. Tails couldn't hear what was being said, he could see the tears coming out of Dr. Siara's eyes as he told Knuckles some dread secret. Whatever the secret was, it scared Dr. Siara to death. Naturally, Knuckles was rather upset about the whole thing. But... instead of clobbering the Kitsune, he simply patted Dr. Siara on top of his head, then walked back over to Tails.

            Tails was dying of curiosity to know what this humongous secret was.

            By the next morning, Sonic had indeed returned and was surprised to see that Knuckles was there. And when he heard how Knuckles had saved Andrew's life yet again, he didn't make a big scene out of it.

            "I'm glad you were around, Knuckles," said Sonic. "As fast as I am, I can't be everywhere at once. That attack on Knothole was a ruse to get me away from Tails and his group so someone could try something. And judging from something that Robotnik said while I was fighting him, I get the feeling that he has teamed up with some new enemy that is following this group. Robotnik said that Tails was his main target; the others didn't matter. Robotnik said... Tails is only free for now. But when he screws up even once, he will be beyond even your reach, hedgehog. Ogma will have Tails very soon. And that rightly scares me, Knuckles. I can't let anything demonic happen to my little buddy. I- I- I love him." Sonic had tears in his eyes as he spoke.

            Knuckles said, "Pull yourself together, Sonic. It's not like you to fall apart like this." He then looked around. "You wouldn't want Tails to see you like this, would you?" Then he got serious and whispered, "Scratch leveled with me last night. He is in as much trouble as Tails is. I never would have believed that a demon could turn a robot into a real life being. But the demon's magic has caused him to be as real as we are. Scratch is scared out of his mind."

            Sonic glanced in the direction of Dr. Siara. "Yeah, he has a right to be scared. He knows now what it is like to really be alive and have the power to make his own decisions. Its like the forbidden fruit. He is very tempted to rebel."

            Knuckles hummed. "He is willing to put himself on the line for us and I believe him, now that he's real. You can't fake that kind of fear, Sonic. We have to help him. And that is another reason I am coming along. He needs us."

            End of Chapter Six
            "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

            ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


              Chapter Seven

              Sonic sighed. "Should we tell Tails what we have learned?"

              Knuckles replied, "Not yet. When we get to the ancient city, we will tell Tails the whole truth. Besides, there is someone we both know living in the ancient city. We'll need to team up with him before we confront Tails and the others."

              Sonic nodded his head. "I understand." He then faced forward as a name slowly crept across his mind. (Shadow the Hedgehog.)

              A little while later, Andrew came over to Knuckles and hugged him. "Thanks for saving me last night, Knuckles. I promise to repay you for being around for me."

              Knuckles smiled a little, then got serious again. "Just forget it, Andrew. Don't do anything that you simply cannot do. I am a tough echidna. No one really cares if I get hurt or not. Unlike Sonic, I am a survivor. Your compassion is appreciated, Andrew, but don't trouble yourself. You will only get hurt."

              Andrew sighed. "Are you sure you don't want me to repay you for saving me?"

              Knuckles grumbled. "I said forget it, kid. I am only here to make sure no one falls into an ancient trap."

              Andrew arched an eye. "What kind of ancient trap? How do you know so much about them?"

              Knuckles tilted his head at Andrew and grinned. "Most involve dead falls and spiked pits. Let us just say that I fell in one once. I had to be rescued that one time. I don't like having to be rescued by anyone. Its very embarrassing, kid. I am a tough survivor. It is how I was raised. Now please leave me alone so I can focus on our surroundings."

              Andrew walked along a good distance away from Knuckles now with a very depressed expression on his face. (Knuckles doesn't want me to repay him. He doesn't seem to like anyone. I don't see why he has even bothered to come along any more. Now that Sonic is back, Knuckles doesn't have to be here. I am just a nuisance to him; he said as much. I could fall in a trap and he wouldn't blink twice. He only got involved with me in the jungle because of Grounder. Knuckles hates me. I wish I was back on Earth.)

              Ogma slyly grinned, as he had been close enough to not only eavesdrop on what was being said and whispered, but thought as well. (So... Knuckles has shoved the boy aside and now the boy is depressed. This could work out better than I had hoped. And he made a wish... actually two wishes. First he wanted a grant Tails a training power. But now, he simply wants to be anywhere but here with Knuckles, for whom he thinks hates him. I think it is time I reminded Dr. Siara just how close I really am. He seems to be toying with the idea of freeing himself from Robotnik's will. And we can't have that... no, we can't...) And with that, Ogma vanished from where he had been watching from...

              ...And reappeared with a thunderous boom accompanied by dark smoke and brimstone, and a few flames... directly out in front of the group!

              Knuckles exclaimed, "What is THAT?"

              Sonic replied, "I'll bet I know! It's Ogma!" He pointed his finger at the demon. "You're Ogma, aren't you?"

              Ogma chuckled, turned around in a circle with a pompous flare. "Indeed, Sonic the Hedgehog. I am the demon known as Ogma. And you have something that I want. Do you really need three guesses on who I am referring to?" Instantly, several of the group members had stepped in front of Tails. Ogma giggled like a child, then said, "Aw, you guessed in one. However... be that as it may... I am not actually looking for Mylanus at the moment. Mylanus Oki'nathi. Mylanus Oki'nathi. Remember that name, Tails. You are Mylanus Oki'nathi."

              Tails whimpered as a buried portion of his mind suddenly flared in response to that name.

              Andrew said, "What did you say the name was, Ogma? I have met Mylanus and that isn't the name he uses. Therefore, Ogma, you made a mistake; what would your bosses say if you brought in the wrong Kitsune in place of the one you are truly after?"

              Sonic shouted, "You leave Tails alone, demon! He's my little buddy! You can't have him! I won't let you take him!"

              Ogma chuckled as his eyes panned over the gathered group, all but a few standing at the ready, before his gaze stopped on Dr. Siara. "I gave you that form, Siara. Perhaps you need a reminder about who controls whom..." And he snapped his fingers, causing Dr. Siara's left arm to become robotic. "...A little reminder, Dr. Siara. The past COULD return. You really don't want THAT, now do you?"

              Dr. Siara was on his knees looking at his robotic arm, sobbing.

              Andrew then stepped forward. "You change his arm back right now, Ogma! Or else!"

              Ogma grinned. "Or else what, my handsome young boy? What will you do to me?"

              Andrew got directly in Ogma's face and replied, "I'LL SUMMON AMY ROSE TO KICK YOU IN THE GROIN!"

              Ogma giggled again. "As much fun as that might be, Andrew," he snapped his fingers and Dr. Siara's arm was restored. "You are the one I came for."

              End of Chapter Seven
              "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

              ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                Chapter Eight

                Ogma then continued. "Zaphomyr doesn't like it when people escape from him." And before Sonic nor anyone else could react, Ogma had grabbed Andrew and vanished with him, leaving behind a shocked group of onlookers.

                At a private location in the Great Jungle, Ogma arrived at what should have been a private meeting locale for demons. Zaphomyr was waiting there with a completely trussed up Mylanus Oki'Prowlus within a magic-proof cage. "Greetings, Andrew! You didn't expect to see me this soon, did you? How does it feel to wear a Kitsune's skin and fur? And those hard to keep clean multiple tails! Have you started stinking like most dirty Kitsune do as yet?"

                Andrew wasn't about to lose his temper, but instead, he chose to recite something that Billy's parents were all the time saying. "Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. [For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.] Amen."

                Zaphomyr howled in agony as his entire body ignited in holy fire before he dispelled the flames off of himself. "You rotten little boy! Just for that, you can stay in that body! And stink like the rest of the natural born Kitsune!" He looked at Ogma. "Get him out of my sight! Of course, Andrew... if you want to do something so foolish as to rescue this Kitsune, just come to my wicked fortress on the other side of Mobo Springs! I hope you are up to the task, boy! The Lord's power does not work in my fortress!"

                Ogma then departed with Andrew in tow, as Zaphomyr also took his prize and departed. And then a hidden black hedgehog nodded his head before he departed to go find the new boy.

                Back with the Freedom Fighters, Tails was particularly mad at that point. Ogma had taken Andrew for reasons unknown and it was obvious to Tails that the reason had to do with capturing him. "Come on, guys! We gotta find Andrew! What's with you slomoes?"

                Sonic blinked his eyes when Tails used that kind of language to the team. Apparently, the human boy meant a lot to Tails. "Calm down, little buddy. We can't just go rushing off with a bunch of traps in the ancient city just waiting for us. We need to meet up with Shadow first. If anyone can help get Andrew back, it's Shadow."

                Knuckles stated, "Sonic is right for once, Tails. We need Shadow to get Andrew back. Just calm down and act rationally or Ogma will capture you for sure."

                Dr. Siara was mainly keeping to himself. The whole group knew who he had been, yet no one had said so much to him, nor had any of them attacked nor even looked upon him. So he just kept his eyes on his own Kitsune feet, for now.

                Suddenly Tails was right in front of Sr. Siara. "Time for another Kitsune lesson, Siara! Or should we just drop the farce right now and we just call you Scratch?" The look on Tails' face indicated that he was through fooling around.

                Dr. Siara sighed, saying, "Until we get Andrew back, Tails, you have the right to be angry. I wanted to tell you the truth two days ago but I got scared and chickened out. You don't know what this is like for me, Tails. Being real..."

                Tails placed his hands on his hips and made a disgusted facial expression. "I was the last to know! How do you think that makes ME feel?! Now either get with the teaching or I'll throw you down the next ancient trap we find!"

                At that point, Knuckles actually said something. "If you're going to threaten the only one we can trust for getting Andrew back, then maybe Ogma has already won, Tails. Or should we end the farce right now and call you by your real name?"

                Tails whimpered, backing off slightly. He apparently hated that other name.

                Fathom said, "Can't we just get along, guys?"

                Shield added, "Yeah, you guys are acting worse than I acted when I got mad at Tails for no good reason originally."

                Sonic then said, "I hate to say this, but Shield is right. If we're simply going to squabble among ourselves, then we may as well just deliver ourselves to Robotnik and just give ourselves up."

                Dr. Siara nodded his head and stepped over to Tails. "OK, Tails. Here is your next Kitsune lesson. This time, you aren't going to summon your power at all, so nothing should go wrong. I want you to think about the very thing that makes you mad and... force yourself to remain calm. If you can't do that one little thing, then it will be pointless to teach you anything else. The Bean Toy and the Big Rock... your screw ups with those had nothing to do with the applause. That had to do with the fact that you summoned too much angry power from within. If Andrew had been in place of the rock..." He paused. " get the idea, Tails. Too much power is bad if you don't need it all at once. Now I want you to practice by yourself. I'll be walking quietly with the others. As of right now, I am placing myself under arrest to Sonic."

                Sonic blinked his eyes. "What are you saying, Scratch? Not once during this whole trip have you ever done anything that would place the team in any danger. Knuckles and I are counting on you. If the Codex can help Tails, then maybe it can help you free yourself from Ogma. But please don't just roll over. We need you."

                Ogma looked at the perfect scene before him. He had Andrew tied by his wrists to a stone cliff wall and just over an ancient spiked pit trap that was just wide enough that not even Sonic would be able to reach Andrew to rescue him. He also had Andrew gagged with a rubber ball that was connected by an elastic band around his head.

                End of Chapter Eight
                "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                  Chapter Nine

                  "When Tails shows up to save you, Andrew..." said Ogma. "...he will have to hover out to you to reach the bonds holding your wrists. And the second he is in front of you... the anti-magic field that is directly over the pit will hit him and he will fall into the pit. And he will be all mine. Do try to have a good time while I go spy on your friends. You see, I do want Tails to lose his temper. Only when he is mad will I win over him."

                  And with that, Ogma turned and stalked off into the jungle.

                  And it wasn't thirty seconds after Ogma left when the stone cliff wall suddenly pivoted around in a half-circle with Andrew attached to it, and that was when Andrew saw the dark colored hedgehog untying his wrist bonds from the stone wall.

                  "You're lucky that I could smell Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles on you, kid," whispered Shadow the Hedgehog to Andrew. "Just keep quiet and come with me. I'm Shadow."

                  Andrew was then picked up by the black hedgehog and carried at a run down the tunnel in the cliff wall and out of the cavern opening and further through the jungle.

                  When Shadow stopped, they were just entering a surprisingly intact temple chamber where a large floating book and a strange glowing portal in an alcove in the back. At this point, Shadow set Andrew down and finished untying the boy and removed the rubber ball gag from Andrew's mouth. "You are kind of cute, boy. I can see what Tails sees in you. Now maybe you can lay it on me and tell me why all of you guys are in this jungle. I rarely ever see Sonic and Knuckles out this far."

                  Andrew took a slow breath and slowly re-explained why their group had come all the way out into the jungle and about Scratch's role, Robotnik's involvement, and about Ogma and his quest to trap and capture Tails.

                  Shadow quietly listened, then nodded his head a little at the end. "Believe it or not, this very chamber is where Tails and Scratch are trying to get to. That floating book over there is the Yin-Yang Codex that Tails needs. I've not touched it myself, but I know it has a lot of power, Andrew. Its the ultimate Kitsune artifact. And yes, I know about the Kitsunes. I have even met Tails' actual father once or twice. He is a pretty nice nine-tailed fox."

                  Andrew smiled. "You saved my life, Shadow. I wish I could repay you somehow, but the last time I offered to repay someone who saved me, I got told to forget it and mind my own business."

                  Shadow grinned. "Must have been that bastard, Knuckles. Sonic would never say something that selfish. Andrew, you stay here in this temple and don't step outside for anyone. Ogma can't enter this building at all, so you are safest in here. I am going to go find the others and try to lead them back here. I just hope Sonic and I don't get into a fight, again."

                  And with that, Shadow sped off and out of the temple, leaving Andrew there with the Codex. Andrew stood up and walked over to the large floating tome, saying, "Maybe I would be doing Tails a favor by seeing what the Codex says about protecting him from Ogma." But the moment his hands touched the book to open it, Andrew vanished in a flash of light!

                  At the team's location, Ogma was once again being a nuisance to Tails and the others. "I could do this all day, Freedom Fighters! But have Tails give himself to me and I'll stop using my powers right now!"

                  And of course Tails was on the verge of losing his temper in a major and bad way. But just then, Dr. Siara whispered in his ears from behind him, "if you can't control your temper, all hope for Andrew will be gone and it will be all your fault." And instantly upon hearing those words, the angry power welling up from the young Kitsune vanished. And Tails simply stood there looking upset in his eyes, but no power was rising at all.

                  Ogma growled, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, SCRATCH?!"

                  Dr. Siara calmly replied, "I gave Tails a new lesson this morning. He is simply practicing that lesson. He about forgot himself, until I reminded him of that lesson. By your own admission, am I not simply doing the job you and Robotnik asked me to do?"

                  Ogma growled and fumed. Of all the times for Scratch to be obedient to their original orders. "BUT I NEED HIM TO GET MAD!"

                  Dr. Siara calmly said, "When the lesson ends, he will get mad. And not a moment before. The ultimatum I gave him was that if he couldn't succeed in this one little lesson, then further lessons would be pointless. So he knows that he has to get this lesson right or he will learn nothing else."

                  Knuckles was grinning while thinking, Smooth move, Scratch. Old Ogma's really boiling now. *sniggers*

                  Sonic used that moment to do a spinning slam attack against Ogma, which sent the fat demon flying off into the nearby bushes! "Let's go, guys! We'll never get another chance! He'll really be mad when he finds out what I knocked him into!"

                  The team surged onward into the jungle and away from where Ogma was starting to pick himself up from. Knuckles said, "By the way, Sonic... what did you knock him into?" Sonic grinned. "Poison Ivy. I recognized the stuff from the one time I got in a patch of it here in the jungle. Shadow made some lotion from leaves and rubbed it all over me. I wanted to claw my hide off because of that stuff."

                  Just ahead, Sonic and Knuckles saw Shadow step out from a stone door in the side of what would normally have looked like a solid cliff wall.

                  End of Chapter Nine
                  "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                  ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                    Chapter Ten

                    "Everyone!" shouted Shadow. "Get in here! Now!" Once everyone was safely inside the passage, Shadow closed the stone door once again. "You guys are lucky that I found Andrew and he told me everything. He's a cute kid, Tails. If you don't want him, then I may take him for myself." He winked with a sly grin.

                    And of course, Tails was not in a joking mood where Andrew was concerned. He wanted to wring Shadow's neck with the Kitsune power for making a joke like that about Andrew. But he just barely managed to prevent himself from losing his temper. The lesson that Scratch had suggested seemed to work wonders. Even though he could feel the angry power seething beneath the surface, it never rose. And for that, Tails was very glad indeed.

                    Andrew found himself back in human form while in a chamber surrounded by Kitsunes who were standing so close together that he was in a sea of foxy fur and the air was literally filled with the scent of male multi-tailed foxes. And it was rather hard to breathe, too. "I wonder how I got here?"

                    Just then, a voice said to Andrew, "Find the only two-tailed fox in this chamber to pass this test."

                    Andrew thought he already knew the answer and replied, "None of them are two-tailed foxes. They are two-tailed Kitsune." Then he waited for some sort of response.

                    "That is indeed correct, human."

                    And then Andrew was in the scene of a grassy forest meadow and just ahead he saw a Kitsune boy desperately trying to pull himself out of a pit.

                    "Find the trap in this field to pass this test."

                    Andrew replied, "The trap isn't the pit just ahead; it's the Kitsune trying to climb out of the pit."

                    "That is indeed correct, human."

                    Andrew thought these tests were pretty damned easy. He was wondering what the catch was. In the next instant, he appeared in the center of circular stone chamber that had the ability to rotate in every direction.

                    The voice said, "Align the light holes in this sphere to four cardinal directions to pass this test."

                    Instead of moving, Andrew remained stationary for close to three hours. Then when he saw the beams of sunlight through the holes in the sphere he came to realize that moving the sphere at all would misalign the holes. "The holes are aligned correctly. Had I chosen to move when I first appeared here, it would have thrown the holes out of alignment. Thus, not moving is the correct answer."

                    "That is indeed correct, human."

                    Andrew smiled when he got the confirmation. And then, he found himself in a mysterious Kitsune throne room. Sitting on the throne was a nine-tailed Kitsune king and lined up along the red carpet was several Kitsune soldiers.

                    "Step forward, human. You are the first man to have ever passed the Codex's tests. For passing the tests, you have earned the right to ask for whatever three things you desire. What would you like as your rewards?"

                    Andrew hummed. "There are some things I would like, though only one of which is for myself. But I will save that for the last. First of all, the demon Ogma is trying to capture the Freedom Fighter whose nickname is Miles "Tails" Prower. He grew up thinking that he was a two-tailed fox. But it seems that he is Mylanus Oki'nathi. Second, the former robotic chicken known as Scratch was henshined by the demon Ogma into a real three-tailed Kitsune to use to trap Mylanus. His new Kitsune name is Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi. I would like to ask for Tails and Siara to be free from Ogma's influence, from now on. As for myself... while I know you are expecting me to ask to be returned home, I was told that the Kitsune law stated that only the Kitsune who brought me to Mobius could send me escort me home. Mylanus Oki'Prowlus is the one who shared his power with me. Therefore, rather than passage home, I would like to receive holy protection from Zaphomyr who is holding Mylanus prisoner in his fortress."

                    Within the stone building that held the Codex, Shadow and the others had finally arrived within the artifact chamber. Of course, Tails immediately didn't see Andrew anywhere. "I thought you said you left Andrew here, Shadow. Where is he?"

                    Dr. Siara said, "I think I know. He probably touched the Codex in the hopes to find help for you, Tails."

                    Sonic blinked his eyes. "You gotta be kidding me! I'll save him!" And he started to dash over to the Codex... but both Shadow and Knuckles stopped him by holding one arm each. "Hey! What are you guys doing?"

                    Knuckles explained, "If you touch that Codex, you will be sent into the Codex World into tests designed to try your integrity. You would not appear where Andrew was. And if you refused to solve the tests, then you would be there for the rest of your life until you did do the tests."

                    Shadow nodded his muzzle, as he released Sonic. "He's right, Sonic. You are a bit of hot-head and you hate tests."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode Two

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Me And My Shadow
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