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[TV-WFK] TTA-01 True Power

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    [TV-WFK] TTA-01 True Power

    Teen Tails Adventure
    a "Sonic the Hedgehog" universe fan fiction starring Miles "Tails" Prower

    [TV-WFK-TTA] Miles Prower
    Episode One: True Power
    By James Ghaleon (Aragh Darktalon)
    Originally written on October 11th, 2004; Re-written on March 2nd, 2019

    Teen Tails Adventure - Theme Song
    This is my world, Come travel through it.
    Troubles we've had, But I'm sure you knew it.
    When Robotnik came to town... Sonic put him down...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! I am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    I am older now... Give a shout and how!"

    I'd help my buddy, Through thick and thin.
    Scratch and Grounder, nitwits within.
    Bad guys were often tough... Sonic was enough...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! I am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    I am older now... Give a shout and how!"

    My power rises, From within.
    The demon Ogma, Wants me to sin.
    New friends will help me out... We will give a shout...

    "T! T! T! Triple Power! We am here!
    The Kitsune Heritage! Villains fear!
    We are older now... Give a shout and how!
    We are older now... Give a shout and how!"


    Miles "Tails" Prower, a freedom fighter of Knothole (2-tailed fox)

    Mainstream Sega Allies:

    Sonic the Hedgehog, a freedom fighter of Knothole (Everyone's favorite blue hot head)
    Princess Sally Acorn, a freedom fighter of Knothole (squirrel)
    Antoine the Coyote, a freedom fighter whom is very loyal to Princess Sally
    Bunnie Rabbot, a freedom fighter of Knothole (half-robotic rabbit)

    Original fan-made Allies:

    Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real father (9-tailed Kitsune)
    Mylanthi Oki'Prowlus, Tails' real mother (8-tailed Kitsune)
    Geare, a freedom fighter of Knothole, Son of Rotor (walrus)
    Shield, a teenager of Knothole (boar)
    Fathom, a teenager of Knothole (otter)
    Machna, a teenager of Knothole (cheetah)
    Wyldfyre, a teenager of Knothole (a syhhra which is a phoenix-fox hybrid
    Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi, formerly the robotic chicken, Scratch ( 3-tailed Kitsune)
    Sir Falchion, Shield's father (a knightly boar)
    Andrew Starknight, a human teenager from the planet Earth
    Mylanus Oki'Prowlus, a young adult older brother to Tails (3-tailed Kitsune)


    Ogma, a demonic hunter for the Celestial Bureaucracy, a rotund horned jackal-headed demon
    Zaphomyr, a demon lord of the demonic Abyss, a muscular Minotaur like Centaur (dragon bull)
    Mylanus Oki'nathi, a 4-tailed Kitsune whom is possessing Tails
    Dr. Robotnik, evil genius of Planet Mobius (looks human, if you can call him that!)
    Scratch, Grounder, Peanut and other robots made by Robotnik

    Sonic the Hedgehog concept - Sega Corporation
    Teen Tails Adventure fan fiction and other original characters - Me
    Special thanks to - My friends

    Chapter One

    Somewhere in a dream...

    An elderly nine-tailed male fox stood protectively in front of an eight-tailed female fox, as a rotund horned jackal-headed demon confronted them in front of a bizarre temple. "We won't let you win, Ogma! You haven't won yet!"

    Ogma grinned. "It's only a matter of time, Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus! Soon, all Kitsune will serve me, and you'll then have to admit defeat! Your people fall too easily into my ways! They don't know how to defend themselves! It's only a matter of time!"

    Zarnathi exclaimed, "Where there is hope, someone will go the extra miles to defeat you! Now begone from my temple, Ogma! You are not welcome here."

    Ogma growled at the dismissal. "There will come a day when I will own you all! Mark my words!" Ogma then vanished in an explosion of brimstone and fire!

    Zarnathi sighed, then turned to his mate. "Are the preparations made?"

    The female eight-tailed fox replied, "Yes, my husband, but... I am worried about him..."

    Zarnathi smiled, kissing his mate gently. "Now Mylanthi... we've already been through this once... He cannot stay here. Ogma will surely claim him if he stays here. No, this is for the best. I just know that the Freedom Fighters of Knothole will raise him the right way. And our son will have the protection of the greatest Freedom Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog."

    Mylanthi smiled. "I sincerely hope that the Freedom Fighters can protect him. Ogma will not rest until we are all his slaves."

    Zarnathi nodded his head. "They will protect him. Believe me."

    The dream image then shifted to the entrance of Knothole where Sonic, Bunnie and Princess Sally found the wicker basket containing the young fox boy with two-tails.

    Bunnie said, "Did you find any trace of his parents, Sonic?"

    Sonic shook his head. "I searched the whole forest. Whoever they are, they simply vanished. What does the name tag say, Sally?"

    Sally replied, "It's pretty strange, but here's what it says... Freedom Fighters. Our son's life is being threatened by a powerfully evil force. Please raise him as if he were one of your own. His name is Miles Oki'Prowlus, but please do NOT call him that in public. Give him a nickname, we beg of you. We only regret that we have shoved our problem on you. Please make use of the gold and silver in the basket as payment for raising our son. And that is all it says."

    Sonic hummed, as he picked up the fox boy out of the basket. "Isn't he a cute little guy?"

    Bunnie gasped. "Sonic, Sally! The kid has two tails!"

    Sally and Sonic looked at the fox boy's backside. Sure enough, the fox boy had two very obvious fox tails, instead of one.

    Sally said, "Well, that's certainly unusual. I've never seen a fox with multiple tails before. Even Antoine doesn't have multiple tails."

    Sonic's eyes suddenly binged, as the proverbial light bulb came on above his head! "We'll call him Tails. The note said that we should give him a nickname, so why not?"

    Sally smiled. "Miles 'Tails' Prower. That's a wonderful name. Let's take him inside. He'll be hungry soon, I imagine."

    Sonic placed Tails back into the basket, and they carried the basket containing Tails inside...

    As the dream ended, and his alarm clock rang briskly, Tails blinked his eyes as the memory of the dream hit him fully. "I'm a Kitsune. Why didn't I see that before?" Tails got out of bed and did some stretches, while looking in a mirror. Tails grinned at himself, then it was off to the shower room. Today was to be a busy day. "My first day at Knothole High School."

    Geare the Walrus called out from downstairs, "Tails! Are you up yet? Hurry up or you'll miss breakfast!"

    Tails smiled in the mirror at himself, as he used the blow dryer to dry out his beautiful fox like fur. "I look smooth!" Tails put down the blow dryer, then put on his new clothes. "Got to look my best for the other students. Can't run around forever with my bum showing." Tails then headed downstairs, where he sat down at the breakfast table. "Morning Geare."

    Geare whistled appreciatively. "Wow! You look cool, Tails! It seems like only yesterday when you were Sonic's kid brother! Now, you're taller, lankier, and a whole lot cooler!"

    Tails smiled. "Um, Geare... I had that dream again... you know... about the demon and the other foxes and how I was found here at Knothole."

    Geare hummed. "You haven't had that dream in years, Tails. Is it bothering you?"

    End of Chapter One
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two

    Tails replied, "No, but this time... it was so clear that I learned more details about the people in it. Geare... do you know what a Kitsune is?"

    Geare placed a paw to his chin. "Can't say that I've ever heard of them."

    Tails hummed. "That's just it... no one around here has heard of them... but that's what I am. I am a Kitsune."

    Geare exclaimed, "You might be able to learn more about Kitsunes in the library at school."

    Tails walked out of the house that he and Geare were sharing, and he saw Sonic the Hedgehog standing out front waiting. He was wearing a school crossing guardian outfit.

    Sonic grinned. "Excuse me, sir. But my friend Tails is in the house someplace. Have you seen him?" Sonic winked.

    Tails smiled and hugged Sonic fondly. "Sally has you doing kiddie escort, does she?"

    Sonic nodded his head. "First day of high school. Are you scared, buddy?"

    Tails replied, "Not really. But I'm going to miss hanging out with you, Sonic. I just know that Robotnik is going to make things harder on you."

    Sonic grinned and winked. "I can handle Captain Obesity with one hand tied behind my back! I'm just more worried about you, Tails. I like hanging out with you. But... you'll make more friends in high school."

    Tails smiled and hugged Sonic again, giving his friend a cute lick! "I better get going now. See you at the chili dog cafe after school!" Tails hurried off.

    While it was true that he could flown there, helicopter style, he didn't want to mess up his new clothes on the first day. So, he walked to school.

    As Tails arrived at Knothole High, he saw a larger male boar kid wearing a black leather jacket and sunglasses knocking over a sleek lanky male otter wearing geek glasses. The boar sneered, "Sorry, four eyes! I guess I wasn't watching where I was going!"

    The otter frowned, putting his glasses back on, and picking up his books. "You're not sorry. You did that on purpose."

    The boar grinned. "So what if I did? What are you going to do about it, four eyes?"

    Tails felt his fur bristle up on it's own as something unusual happened... the boar suddenly lifted up into the air and was hurled backwards, rolling into collection of garbage cans! Then, as suddenly as the bristling feeling came, it vanished... and Tails felt a wave of weakness hit him, as he fell to his knees.

    Tails panted. "What happened? I felt so weak just then..."

    The otter boy came over and helped Tails to his feet, brushing off the dirt on Tail's knees. "Hi there. My name is Fathom. I'm kinda new here. And from the looks of you, so are you."

    Tails smiled to Fathom. "I'm Tails." He swished both tails, reflexively. "I hang out with Sonic the Hedgehog. Pleased to meet you." He shook the otter's hand.

    Fathom smiled and exclaimed, "Wow! You're Tails! The Tails! Oh wow! I've always wanted to meet you! You're the greatest!"

    Tails blushed. "Yeah, well... Sonic taught me a lot of stuff. Come on, we can be friends."

    Fathom smiled, walking with Tails.

    Tails stopped, as he looked over at the boar. "Will he be okay?"

    Fathom said, "Probably. Shield is a tough boar. His father is a knight, if that means anything to you."

    Tails mentally thought, (Shield. Did my weakness and whatever threw him... are they related?)

    Fathom and Tails entered the high school building.

    Inside, at the lockers, a female cheetah and a male syhhra (a phoenix-fox hybrid) were chatting about classes. Fathom waved to the two, saying, "Hi Machna. Hello Wyldfyre."

    Machna the Cheetah smiled. "Hiya Fathom! Oh wow, Tails! You look really sharp today!"

    Wyldfyre the Syhhra said, "Greetings to you both. I sure hope my flame powers don't ignite today."

    End of Chapter Two
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      Chapter Three

      Tails shook hands with Machna and Wyldfyre. "Thanks, Machna. Your hand is really warm, Wyldfyre."

      Wyldfyre sighed. "That's a bad sign. I really hope I can contain myself."

      Just then, Shield came in and looked directly at Tails. "I know you had something to do with what happened to me. After school, you and me, at the town junkyard. If your buddy Sonic helps you, I'll spread the word all over school that you're a coward."

      Tails replied, "I'll be there... but... I don't know what happened. And that's the truth."

      Shield grinned. "Actions..." He showed Tails his fist. "...speak louder than words. Be there." Shield then walked off toward the boy's bathroom to get cleaned up.

      Wyldfyre blinked his eyes at Tails. "You versus Shield? Oh man! What did you do to get him ticked off at you?"

      Tails sighed. "I really wish I knew... I don't have a clue..."

      Fathom asked, "How are you going to keep Sonic from finding out about this?"

      Tails replied, "I will just tell him the truth. I don't lie to Sonic. I will think of something."

      Most of the school day passed without a hitch.

      Then, the final bell rang, and everyone began to head off toward the junkyard. By now, the whole school knew about the coming fight between Shield and Tails.

      Tails walked into the chili dog cafe. With a sigh, he saw Sonic and Sally waiting on him. Evidently, Sally found out about the fight, too. "I can explain." He started.

      Sally said, "Before you do, Tails, there is something I think you should know. Something that I've been keeping from Sonic and you both. You better have a seat."

      Tails sat down, wondering what the big secret was.

      Sally said, "Geare told me about your dream this morning. Everything. I looked up some information on my computer, and it confirmed what I found out from my secret trip to the Palace Library years before. Tails... you're a Kitsune. That's a magical kind of oriental fox like race with special powers and really neat skills. But you don't know how to use any of them, as yet. I heard what happened in school. I think you are hitting puberty. The age when your powers begin to release from deep inside of you. If you go to fight this boy... please try not to win. I am afraid that your powers might... kill him..."

      Tails and Sonic gasped!

      Sonic said, "You want Tails to lose on purpose? I can't let him get beat up! He's my buddy!"

      Tails hummed. "What could happen if I tried to win?"

      Sally replied, "According to the old books, a Kitsune can perform near miracles at the right moments. That means, if you got mad enough, you'd fight as if you were someone else entirely. You wouldn't be able to stop yourself from trying to kill him. And if you killed him... you'd inadvertently summon a demon who has been trying to capture all of the Kitsune in the world. This is why no one has heard of any two-tailed foxes before. They're mostly all the demon's prisoners... having gotten that way after committing a major sin against their inner nature."

      Tails closed his eyes. (So, that's what happened to me this morning. I got mad and defended Fathom. It was an act of goodness, but if I lose control when facing off against Shield... I could become evil in a heartbeat. And I'd lose myself forever...)

      Sonic said, "I will go to the junkyard with Tails, not to help him, but to referee. Surely even Shield would agree to that."

      Sally said, "Okay, just be careful. The moment Tails starts acting... differently, stop the fight immediately. Even if you have to defend Shield."

      Tails opened his eyes. "Come on, Sonic. Shield is waiting for me."

      At that exact moment, at the temple home of Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus, the demon Ogma growled furiously! "Where is he? Where is your son? I have all of the Kitsune except you and him! Tell me where he is!"

      Zarnathi just grinned. "You want me to tell you where he is? I don't even know myself. I did warn you years before... some day, someone will go the miles to defeat you."

      Ogma hummed. "So his name is Miles. Where is he? If you think your son can defeat me, at least let me go see for myself how skilled he is. Or are you afraid that he is too weak?"

      End of Chapter Three
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


        Chapter Four

        Zarnathi exclaimed, "My son is in Doctor Robotnik's region. If you go there without Robotnik's permission, he might take your being there as an invasion, for which I'd pay to watch. Though other than that, there isn't much I can tell you about where my son is living. We left him on a doorstep and departed. We haven't seen him since."

        Ogma said, "You really don't know who he's with, then. This could work out to my advantage."

        Zarnathi grinned. "You are fooling yourself if you think my son is so foolishly going to get into a fight with someone while you are around."

        Ogma hummed. "We shall see, Zarnathi. We shall see. I'll be going now. Your days are numbered."

        Zarnathi watched Ogma leave. "Miles... I pray that you are not fighting."

        At the Knothole town junkyard, Shield growled at Sonic, "What are you doing here?"

        Sonic grinned. "Ahem... I am going to be the referee for this fight. I already know you don't want me to fight you in place of Tails, but no one said anything about refereeing. So, here I am. Besides, I can be neutral enough to make sure this is a fair fight... on both sides."

        Shield said, "Okay. You can play referee. But stay out of our way. This is between Tails and me. Where is he, anyway?"

        Just then, unseen by anyone there, the demon Ogma and Robotnik appeared, just off to the side as the demon whispered, "You were wise to let me convince you to see this, Dr. Robotnik. I promise you... you won't be disappointed."

        Robotnik whispered in return, "I had better not be disappointed. Ah, and here comes Tails now."

        Tails strode into the junkyard, stopping just yards from Shield. "I am here."

        Shield grinned. "Good. Rules are simple. The first to be put down, loses. That's it. And no weapons or gadgets."

        Sonic approached Tails. "Buddy, I just want you to do your best. I'm sorry your clothes are going to get messed up."

        Ogma waggled his fingers at Tails.

        Tails suddenly straightened up, and, in a voice that was not his own, said, "What clothes?" Tails' new clothes simply fell off his body, as he strode confidently across the junkyard toward Shield. When he got up close, he again spoke in that eerily deep voice. "I believe you said that actions speak louder than words." Tails pointed at Shield, levitating Shield high off the ground, then caused Shield to slam hard into the ground!

        Sonic and Robotnik both blinked their eyes from their own locations!

        Tails then motioned upward again, and held Shield in midair! "You should have minded your own business, you buffoon." Tails lifted his other hand and slowly began to make a fist. As he did this, Shield felt his neck being crushed!

        Shield cried out, "I can't breathe! Someone help me!"

        Sonic rushed forward, and grabbed hold of Tail's fist! "Stop Tails! You have to stop! Someone help me stop Tails!"

        Wyldfyre, Fathom and Machna rushed forward, getting directly in Tails' face, all trying to distract him from the wrongful task!

        Robotnik grinned, whispering, "I'm impressed, Ogma. I think we can have an alliance, after all." Ogma grinned in return as he waggled his fingers at Tails once again releasing him from the control power. "I knew you would be pleased, Dr. Robotnik." The two teleported back to Robotnik's Lair.

        Tails immediately fell to his knees, then on his chest, as Shield again crashed to the ground, his throat injured.

        Sally rushed in with Bunnie and together, they began working on doctoring Shield's throat.

        Sonic asked, "How is he, Sally?"

        Sally replied, "You stopped Tails just in time. I just knew something like this would happen."

        Shield rasped weakly, "Tails... is... awesome... I... like... him..." Shield then passed out.

        Bunnie and Sally worked on Shield as Sonic glanced over at his friend thinking, (Tails is going to blame himself for this. I have to help him before anything worse happens.)

        End of Chapter Four
        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


          Chapter Five

          Robotnik enjoyed the demonstration quite a bit; he must have because he was letting Ogma sit on the main control throne, while the evil humanoid genius danced around his lair. "How did you do that, exactly?"

          Ogma grinned. "I have the power to control all Kitsune who are not actively seeking to block me. And because 'Tails' is a Kitsune, and doesn't know how to use his powers just yet, it was easy for me to control him, making him do whatever I wanted."

          Robotnik hummed. "All Kitsune, you say? Even robotic Kitsune?"

          Ogma thought about that for a moment. "I suppose I could possibly control robotic Kitsune, as well. What do you have in mind, Robotnik?"

          Robotnik grinned, as he pressed a button on a communications panel. "Scratch... come to the main control chamber, right now! I have need of you here!"

          Scratch came running immediately! "Here I am, your most powerful and despicable icon of evil, sir! What can I do for you today?"

          Ogma said with a chuckle, "That's a robotic chicken."

          Robotnik grinned. "Only at the moment, Ogma. Only at the moment." Robotnik turned to Scratch. "Get into the upgrading machine, Scratch. I have decided to upgrade your body into something more powerful and useful."

          Scratch arched an eye. "It doesn't look very safe. Are you sure you want me to try it?"

          Robotnik booted Scratch hard in the rump, sending him head-first into the upgrading device, as Robotnik closed the door, and set the controls to the right settings. "Goodbye chicken, hello Kitsune, or the closest I can come to making him."

          Ogma watched with some interested, as the upgrading device chugged and tooted. Then, a whistle sounded, as the hatch opened, revealing a robotic three-tailed fox.

          Robotnik helped the robot fox out of the export portion of the machine. "How do you feel, Scratch?"

          Scratch blinked his eyes, and tested his new limbs. "Oh wow, I feel even more powerful than before, your most deliciously evil master, sir."

          Ogma waggled his fingers at Scratch, then concentrated his power into making a further change to Scratch's new body.

          As Robotnik watched, Scratch changed from a robotic Kitsune into a real Kitsune. Scratch said, "Dr. Robotnik, sir? I feel really different."

          Ogma grinned. "I think the experiment is a success, only we shouldn't call him Scratch. That might give him away. Why don't we call him Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi? And after I augment his mind and memories with the proper knowledge, he can infiltrate their school as a new teacher as he gradually gets Tails to trust him."

          Robotnik grinned. "I like how you think, Ogma! This is going to be so deliciously fun!"

          Back in Knothole, Sally and Sonic held a special meeting with Shield's father, and a few of the other Freedom Fighters.

          Sally finished explaining what had happened that afternoon to Shield's father. " you see, Shield instigated the fight, but there was no way for him to know that Tails had latent powers that hadn't awakened yet. Tails is feeling pretty bad over what had happened, but Shield understands what happened to him, and thinks better of Tails now that he has had time to reflect on this turn of events."

          Shield's father, a knightly boar named Falchion, replied, "It is hard to explain to a child of why you shouldn't fight when your job is to fight others in the name of freedom. As Sonic is well aware, we can't just walk up to Scratch and Grounder, and say, Hi guys. Instead of fighting, let's try talking out our differences."

          Sonic made a weird face. "You got that right, Falchion. If we tried that, we'd be beaten up and thrown into a prison cell."

          Falchion nodded his head. "Therefore, we have to fight when we can. But, I have a son who thinks fighting all the time is cool. He doesn't understand that we fight for a purpose."

          Sally hummed. "What if Shield and Tails, and the other kids, were to have some special purpose of their own? Something to distract them from fighting each other, and at the same time, something that would help Tails develop his powers."

          Sonic snapped his fingers. "A quest! A quest for knowledge!"

          Falchion smiled. "I like that idea! But how are they going to do a quest and still be able to attend school?"

          Antoine the Coyote whom had been quiet up to now said, "That is an excellent question."

          End of Chapter Five
          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


            Chapter Six

            Just then, a tall male fox, wearing a long overcoat and dark sunglasses, entered the building. "Forgive my intrusion, Freedom Fighters, but I can help you. My name is Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi. I am a traveling teacher."

            Bunnie scanned the fox with a metal detector, then shot an 'all clear' glance to Sally."

            Sally said, "How did you find Knothole, Dr. Siara?"

            Siara didn't smile, but replied, "It was well-hidden, I assure you. But it would be hard to hide something from a Kitsune, such as myself." Siara opened his overcoat, revealing his three tails. Then, he closed the overcoat. "I have been traveling ever since most of my clan were given a forewarning by Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus to make ourselves scarce... and I am sure you know why, don't you, Princess Sally? Or do I actually need to say it?"

            Sally could guess without an explanation. "Right. It is better left unsaid. Now, you said you could help us. In what way do you mean?"

            Siara said, "You have a Kitsune among you who needs to learn about himself and his powers without attracting the attention of the unspoken one. I can help with that. You also just mentioned that you needed for several teenagers to continue their high school education even while on their quest for knowledge. I am proposing an offer to be their teacher, while at the same time, guiding and educating a Kitsune who might be feeling afraid and alone."

            Sonic hummed. "How about some background info on you. I mean, you just appear out of nowhere and expect us to trust you."

            Siara replied, "Any information I could give you could not be verified, Sonic. The Kitsune society is a secret one, and even before today... had you ever heard of our people before?"

            Sonic was stymied at that statement. "I guess you're right. I haven't heard of the Kitsune before today."

            Siara smiled. "Therefore, you need me, like it or not."

            Sally said, "Legends say, according to my computer data, that the Kitsune of old learned of their powers and abilities from something called the Yin Yang Codex. What can you tell us about this item?"

            Siara smiled. "It is a very powerful tome containing the knowledge and life lessons that a growing Kitsune would need to know in his personal development. The tome can only be safely touched by Kitsune. All others touching it will be subject to the Codex's defensive powers, to test their worthiness."

            Sally smiled. "That's what my computer data said. I believe you, Dr. Siara. The Kitsune's name is Mi-... er, we call him Tails."

            Siara smiled gently, though internally he grinned largely. (They don't suspect a thing. And Ogma was right... Tails IS Miles Oki'Prowlus.) Then, he said, "When do I get started on my duties?"

            Sally smiled. "Tomorrow morning should be good enough. Tails and his friends will be traveling to where the Yin Yang Codex is held, under your guidance. We will, from time to time, check up on your progress. You can't really blame us for being worried about Tails. He's been scared enough, wouldn't you agree?"

            Siara nodded his head. "Yes, I think that is an excellent idea. Tomorrow morning. Now, if one of you will show me where I can meditate, I will get some rest for tomorrow."

            Bunnie smiled. "Come with me, sugah. I'll show you to a guest room." She then led the new visitor away.

            After they were gone, Sally said, "I wish we could verify Dr. Siara's clan."

            Antoine nodded his head and beat Sonic to the punch by saying, "I do not fully trust this stranger, my friends. He showed up right when we needed him for Tails' quest."

            Sonic then said, "We actually agree on something for a change, Antoine. But fortunately, Sally's quick thinking has provided me with a way to legally check on their progress from time to time. I would say we, but since I am the only one who can move that fast, it has to be me."

            The next morning, Shield was up with the sun, as were Tails, Fathom, Machna and Wyldfyre. Bunnie brought Siara into the gathering chamber where Sally and Sonic were waiting to explain the purpose of their gathering. Antoine the Coyote stood nearby being quiet and observant for a change.

            Sally said, "Tails, you and your friends will be traveling with Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi to find the Yin Yang Codex. This is a tome which can teach you all about your Kitsune powers and abilities. Periodically, Sonic and I will be contacting you and/or your team, verifying that the journey is going okay, and that everyone is safe. Dr. Siara will be furthering your high school education while you travel, so you won't miss any real schooling. As soon as you find the Codex and learn from it, you'll return to Knothole. Are there any questions?"

            Machna asked, "How long will we be gone on this trip?"

            Sally replied, "This is unsure, but chances are, it'll be longer than a week."

            End of Chapter Six
            "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

            ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


              Chapter Seven

              Fathom asked, "Um, some of us have special needs. Like Wyldfyre... will we be given the time to exert those needs?"

              Sally glanced to Dr. Siara.

              Siara replied, "Whenever such a need's time is required, we will stop journeying and tend to the need."

              Wyldfyre smiled to Fathom, thinking, (Thank you, Fathom. I owe you one.)

              Shield turned to his father. "Are there any special instructions you have for me?"

              Falchion pulled Shield aside, whispering something into his ear. Then, Falchion smiled and said, "Just defend your friends as you would something that is very dear to you."

              Shield smiled, nodding his head, as he walked over to Tails. "Um, I think you've earned something from me." Shield shook Tails' hand, then Shield removed his leather jacket, and helped Tails get into it, zipping it up. "Friends?"

              Tails smiled. "Sure, Shield. Friends." Tails hugged Shield, secretly giving a thumbs up to Sonic, with a wink.

              Sonic returned the gesture and winked back. Inwardly, Sonic was worried about letting Tails travel without his presence. But... Sally had provided an excuse to check up on them.

              After some more hugs and well-wishing, the small party of friends set out on their journey. First, they exited Knothole, then they began traveling west through the great forest.

              At nightfall, they made their first camp. A spot was cleared for the fire pit and Wyldfyre provided the flames as he ignited the twigs and wood with a blast from his hands.

              Tails smiled. "That's really cool, Wyldfyre! And you say you have trouble controlling it?"

              Wyldfyre nodded his head. "Yes, three times a day, I have to release a blast of fire, or else it will be a humongous fireball on the following time that I use it. And in a forest like this... that would be deadly."

              Machna grinned. "Sounds like my speed problem. Once a day, I have to run like the dickens, or my legs will freeze up, requiring an hour of constant rubbing to work the feeling back into them. My mom said it was because I wasn't an adult yet."

              Fathom and Shield returned from the nearby stream with a kettle of spring water and some fish.

              Shield said, "Looks like we caught us some dinner, guys. Or rather, Fathom caught us some dinner. I've never seen someone out-swim the fish before. He's dynamite in the water."

              Fathom grinned. "Yeah, once a day I have to get into water of any kind, submerging myself, or else I chafe, and need to be lathered up in a smooth fur lotion... all over my whole body."

              Shield winked and grinned. "If you end up chafed, I am sure I can rub some lotion all over you."

              Fathom grinned back. "It also explains my glasses. Underwater, I have super vision, better than 20/20... but out of the water... my vision falters to such a low degree, that I need glasses to see properly with."

              Shield sighed. "I'm sorry I called you four eyes, Fathom. It was unwarranted."

              Fathom smiled and snugged Shield. "At least you know now why I need the glasses."

              Machna asked, "Do you have a weakness, Shield?"

              Shield blushed, and turned away. "Yeah... but... please don't ask about it anymore..."

              Machna said, "Oh I am sorry, Shield. I shouldn't have pressed you for information on it."

              Shield nodded his head. "It's not your fault. Just something I have to deal with."

              Just then, Siara came out of his tent and unpacked some fruits and vegetables, and began preparing them in plain view. "Getting to know each other?" Siara smiled to everyone.

              Tails smiled back. "Yeah, just setting up the buddy thing. Telling each other something to allay any misgivings we may have against each other."

              Siara replied, "In that case, I better come clean about something as well. I think you all are the best people I've ever met; and I hope we will all be the best of friends." He then thought to himself privately, (I wish I could tell Tails whom I really was. But if he knew that I used to be Scratch, he might send me away.)

              End of Chapter Seven
              "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

              ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                Chapter Eight

                At that moment in a far and removed dimension populated by human beings where the entire Mobian Universe were simply video games and an animated cartoon series, a young teenage boy came into his home in a rush as he carried what he thought was the ultimate treasure. "I cannot believe Billy's parents threw out this perfectly good Sega console system along with perfectly good Sonic the Hedgehog cartridges before they moved out of the area! I have played Sonic the Hedgehog One but I have never played Two as yet! I sure am glad I got this out of the garbage before the trash truck snagged it! I will clean it up and pop in the game cartridge and see what Sonic the Hedgehog Two is like!"

                In the living room, the boy's parents saw their son charge upstairs in a rush carrying something. The father said, "From what Andrew just said, his friend's parents threw out a gaming console that works. Now that Andrew has that, perhaps he won't keep asking us to buy him a new one."

                His mother paused where she was knitting a blanket. "As long as he is happy, perhaps he will be more enthusiastic about his chores from now on."

                Within the boy's room, he was quickly cleaning the connectors with care so the games had the best chances to operate correctly. With all of the peripherals in place and the game controller hooked up, he inserted the game cartridge and hit the on switch. He was then rewarded with the familiar "SEGA!" opening graphic and sound as the game started. After watching the opening play video one time, he hit the start button on his controller and smiled when he saw that he could play Tails.

                "Awesome!" exclaimed Andrew as he selected the two-tailed fox. "You really can play Tails just as the old advertisements said! This is going to be an awesome night! Don't let me down, Tails, and I will mow the lawn tomorrow morning! Dad's been asking me to do it all week!"

                Although the old game started out normally, he was part way into the game play when he noted something that seemed out of place on Planet Mobius. Playing as Tails, he saw a larger than normal golden ring floating just in front of what looked like a swirling portal of light. He remembered reading the reviews for this game they never talked about an anomaly like this one anywhere in the game itself. "Please let me be able to collect this one super large gold ring and I promise I will do anything for Tails no matter what he asks. He is easily the sexiest two tailed fox in the world." He then noticed faint words on the screen just in front of the gold ring and portal. "Wish for the ability to get this ring and it is yours. Just don't forget what promise you are making to Tails when he asks to collect on this favor later. Signed, Mylanus Oki'Prowlus." Andrew arched one eye as he said, "The review magazines never talk about this aspect of the game. I don't know who this Mylanus is, but if he is going to grant me a wish so I can get this ring and all he wants in return is my repaying Tails later, then I will do it. I'd even have sex with multi-tailed foxes if they asked. Although mom and dad would have a conniption if they learned that I already knew what sex was."

                Andrew then focused on the swirling portal behind the gold ring as he controlled the hovering Tails character. "I wish to be able to collect this larger gold ring in exchange for any favor that Tails asks me for later. Although I have to mow the famly lawn tomorrow morning." He felt kind of silly making a wish to the video game screen. But in the next moment, it was as if he knew how to get the gold ring without losing a life in the spike trap below the ring and portal. While holding the controller with one hand, he reached out toward the ring on the TV screen with his free hand and in the next moment, the ring seemed to vanish from the screen and he found himself holding the gold ring in his hand for all of a magical moment before it glowed brightly and slid down his hand where it shrank to snugly fit around his left wrist. When he blinked his eyes after that magical moment, he noted that his score read that he had acquired the gold ring's points and the Tails character had an extra life in the game. When he looked to his left wrist, he could just barely see a faint outline of the gold ring around his wrist as if faded away. "What just happened?"

                The screen then flashed and showed a strange fox that Andrew had never seen before looking through the screen at him. "So, you are the one that made the wish. My name is Mylanus Oki'Prowlus and I am a Kitsune. I have been stuck in this gaming cartridge since a demon trapped me into this game cartridge and I could only free myself if I could get a player to ask for any three wishes. I am sorry if I made you use a wish, but you needed to see that this power was real. When you make the next two wishes, I will be freed from the game cartridge. If you help free me, I will help you with your chores tomorrow. Not to mention, you said multi-tailed foxes were sexy. I am your ticket toward meeting your hero Tails, unless you made it up that you would do anything for Tails..."

                "My name is Andrew Starknight from Lostwood, North Dakota, and I rescued the game console and cartridge from being destroyed at the recycling center downtown. Billy's parents threw this game and console out before they moved out of town. So if you spooked Billy with an offer for making three wishes, then yes, you messed up a little. His parents are Baptists and anything magical to them is demonic. Billy was trying to stay pure in his path to serve god. But I still believe in Tails and everything he stands for. So you made it so I could personally collect the large ring which you put on my left wrist. How does all this work, anyway?"

                Mylanus said from the screen, "When you find a chore that seems too hard to do by yourself, just point your left hand at the job and think for the work to already be done. And in a flash, the work will be finished. Like magic. Any other questions?"

                Andrew hummed. "I will help you to get free under the condition that you don't do anything that will ever bring harm to Miles "Tails" Prower, the two-tailed Freedom Fighter of Sonic the Hedgehog's allies. If you can promise me that, I will give you a kiss on the muzzle when you are freed from the cartridge. Also, what will happen to this power once you are free? Getting freed into my world won't automatically return you to your world, will it?"

                Mylanus smiled. "When I get completely free, I will arrange it so you can meet the real Tails. And to sweeten the pot, Andrew, I will show you something about my body. I am a fox like being with three tails. Multi-tailed magic is a lot of fun. I almost wish you could experience multiple tails like the rest of us just once. But I don't want to make you waste your wishes. You have two left; the gold ring you collected will enable you to use magical powers to complete work jobs. After that, you can decide how to use the other wishes to free me."

                Andrew set a serious look upon the Kitsune. "You didn't promise me that you would never harm Tails. Until I get that promise, then I will just turn off the game and let you sit there overnight under the realization that you messed up your best chance to get out of this cartridge."

                Seeing that Andrew was adamant about protecting Tails, Mylanus lowered his head with a sigh. When he looked up again, he said, "By the Celestial Goddess and Inari themselves, I promise to never harm Miles Prower also known as Tails once I am free of this game cartridge. I also vow to help you meet the real Tails. And - I will allow you to sleep with me as well."

                End of Chapter Eight
                "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                  Chapter Nine

                  Leaving the game console turned on, Andrew stripped out of his clothes before posing nude for Mylanus - and then he put on his Sonic the Hedgehog branded official Tails pajamas before getting into his bed and pulling the covers up to his neck. "If only you could sleep with me tonight. I will see you in the morning, Mylanus. I have a yard to mow tomorrow after breakfast. I would share my food with you if you weren't stuck in the game."

                  Mylanus was thinking that Andrew was being way too cautious with his wishes. Anyone else would have freed him by now. If only he could trick the boy into making the right wish.

                  Before going completely to sleep, Andrew muttered, "I wish that if you ever break your word to any promise that you made to me, that all of your powers will be transferred directly to me until the Celestial goddess or Inari restores your power to you. Now if you will excuse me... I need to get some sleep for the chores tomorrow." And he turned his head away from the TV screen to try to sleep.

                  Mylanus chose not to grant that wish since he didn't want to lose all of his powers. However, he did want to have sex with this boy for being so careful. Besides, it would be more fun to let the boy think that he only had one wish left. Then he could really claim the boy once he made a foolish wish after he thought he didn't have any left to make. Since he was still stuck in the game, he sat down and pleasured himself since he had nothing else to do. Andrew was the first young human that in years who even spoke this much to him. And that impresed Mylanus enough to actually start caring about his rescuer.

                  When Andrew woke up the next morning, he looked to the game screen and he saw that the Kitsune was doing a crossword puzzle looking otherwise bored since he was obviously waiting for the boy to wake up. "Morning, Mylanus. How is the crossword puzzle?"

                  Mylanus peered over his newspaper as he replied, "Not too shabby, actually. I don't have much to do in here. You are the first one I've gotten a chance to talk to since I was trapped in here. I am tempted to stay with you once I am free since you really want to be a hero like your idol Tails. You have a lawn to mow today. Just remember that if the grass gives you any trouble, point your left hand at the grass and think the job complete and all the grass will be trimmed. Then you can decide what to do with the rest of your day. And remember... you have wishes left over. I would like to give you more wishes since you are helping to get free. Are you going to strip again before you put on your day clothes?"

                  Andrew smiled at the vulpine. "I need to take my morning shower first. So yes, the pajamas will be coming off and then I get to shower up before I get dressed in my day clothes. I do have another question though... If I freed you before I used all of my wishes, would you still grant me the wishes that I had left over?"

                  Mylanus smiled at the boy since he was wondering when the boy would think of this idea. "I am in no hurry to run home, Andrew; If you freed me right now, I could take a much needed shower with you this morning. There is no telling when the last time I bathed was. I have been stuck in this game for a while. I promise to grant the rest of your wishes as long as you and I are friends. How does that sound?"

                  Andrew smiled back. "Cross your heart and make the promise again. Do this and you can be out of that game right now. I can help you clean your fur in the bathroom. Until you came along, Mylanus, the only friend I had was Billy and I as I told you yesterday, his parents moved him out of town. I'll even give you that kiss on the muzzle I promised you."

                  Mylanus stood in front of the TV view where the boy could see him and he made the 'X' motion over his heart. "I promise to grant the rest of your wishes as long as you and I are friends. I did as you asked, Andrew? Are you good for your word?"

                  To the Kitsune's surprise, Andrew stripped entirely butt naked as he laid his pajamas into a clothing hamper. "Time to clean that fur of yours, Mylanus. I wish for Mylanus Oki'Prowlus to be freed of the game cartridge where he has promised to be my friend and grant my wishes when I ask for them. In exchange, I will be his friend and I will have grand adventures with him. If he is summoned back to his home realm, I will make the trip by default since he and I are now linked to each other."

                  Mylanus didn't expect the boy to make a big show out of the wish request in that particular way. But the personal close time in the bath was a nice reward for the boy's assistance in freeing him. "I grant your request, boyfriend! We are now linked! And-" There came a flash of light as Mylanus appeared in the bedroom directly in front of Andrew where as he hugged the boy and planted a deep kiss on his mouth while groping the boy all over.

                  Now that the Kitsune was no longer trapped, Andrew could literally smell Mylanus' odor since he was close up and personal with him. He picked the fox up in his arms and he carried him into the bathroom where he got the hot water started in the shower/tub and while holding on to the vulpine, he stepped into the hot water. Within the water, he sat down in the tub water with Mylanus in his lap as he grabbed a hold of the bubble bath and Head and Shoulders shampoo where upon he lathered up the fox entirely and himself as well. "You weren't kidding about your body scent, Mylanus. But don't worry, this shampoo prevents dandruff and this bubble bath will make your fur coat soft and silky." He then noted that Mylanus was aroused. "Are you horny, Mylanus?"

                  Mylanus rubbed a paw-hand over the boy's penis in the bath water as he replied, "Yes. I haven't played with a human in ages. Will you please indulge my desire this once? You said last night that you knew what sex was and your parents would punish you if they knew that you were aware of the topic. I promise I won't hurt you; and you might learn something nice from this activity."

                  Andrew replied, "Okay but only if I get to return the favor at the same time. Since we are bathing, we don't have to worry about making a mess in a sleeping space."

                  Mylanus smiled. "You have a deal, boyfriend. I think you are going to love this; I know I am going to."

                  After that, the time in the bath tub lasted for the next hour as the two showed each other just what they could do and how much sex knowledge they both knew. When the activity ended, Andrew felt like a Hostess Twinkie yet he knew he had done the same to Mylanus. And for some reason, he also felt as if magical power was cascading throughout his entire body.

                  End of Chapter Nine
                  "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                  ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                    Chapter Ten

                    After a unique and unusual experience with the hair dryer, Mylanus got his fur coat brushed by Andrew who then in turn combed his own head of hair before getting into his day clothes. Then they came into the kitchen where the human boy helped the Kitsune to get some food. After breakfast, Andrew took Mylanus across the street to where Billy's family used to live where they climbed a tree in the side yard to the tree house that Andrew and Billy had set up at that location. "If your magic trick works, Mylanus, then I can mow the law from this tree house since from here you can see my parents' entire yard. Then I could spend the rest of the day with you."

                    Mylanus looked at all the stuff in the tree house. "Boy, you and your friend collected a lot of stuff. Comic books, action figures, board games... um... dirty magazines. So much for Mr. Serving God Without Sin. If his parents had known about these Playboy magazines, Billy's buns would be glowing so brightly, Inari wouldn't need a candle to read scrolls at night." He then giggled since the thought was a naughty one. "Okay, Andrew... let's get your lawn mowed."

                    Andrew then said, "Is it possible to move the entire tree from this yard into my parents' yard without causing a big mess?"

                    Mylanus smiled. "Anything is possible with belief and magic. When we transplant the tree, we can replace it with a section of your parents yard where the tree and tree house are going to sit once moved. I will handle the moving of the tree; you just need to tell me where to put the tree in the yard."

                    Andrew said, "There is a spot to the left of the parking garage where a tree once stood before lightning struck the tree. Dad said he once had a tree house in the original tree when he was a boy. After the storm that had killed the original tree passed, the city came and removed it citing that it was a property hazard."

                    Mylanus grinned. "Point your left hand at the yard, and think of the blades of grass being cut an eighth of an inch from the soil's surface. The magic will work exactly as I promised it would. Then I will transplant the tree and tree house over into your yard."

                    The boy lifted his left hand and pointed it at the yard across the street. 'One eighth of an inch above the yard's soil. Cut grass.' Then he thought, 'Move cut grass from yard to Mom's mulching bin where she makes natural fertilizer.' And as if by magic, the entire lawn across the street looked as if someone had professionally trimmed the family's lawn. And as he was marveling over his feat, the view suddenly in the blink of an eye moved... as the tree appeared exactly where Andrew had mentioned the original tree had stood while the original lawn at that location was now in the yard across the street. "Wow... you moved the tree really fast. You caught me off guard with that trick."

                    The Kitsune smiled at his boyfriend and hugged him. "I can set up a magical short cut between your bedroom closet and the tree house; and another short cut between the tree house and my home back on Planet Mobius. That way, I can arrange for you to meet Tails on Mobius. He and Sonic rarely ever come to Earth."

                    Andrew smiled back as he got the hug. "I cannot wait to see your home on Mobius. Um... doesn't it get hot wearing all that fur on a Mobian Summer's day for a Kitsune?"

                    Mylanus grinned since it seemed that the boy was starting to get overly curious once again. "It is actually well ventilated, boyfriend. I could let you try it out on Mobius while we are visiting there. Unless you are scared..."

                    Andrew looked the Kitsune in the eyes. "I'm not scared. I do want to experience it once. How long would we be gone?"

                    The Kitsune smiled sweetly. "Thanks to Time Dilation, I could have you home in time for dinner with your parents. But that offer is only good with me as your host. Besides, we are linked together by your own wishes."

                    Andrew said, "Let me send mom a message that I am spending the day with a new friend I met after I did my chores. Aside from that, we can bring the Playboy magazines over to Mobius so my parents don't find them in the tree house. Unlike Billy's parents, mine would climb the tree to see what I had up here." Andrew pulled out his cellphone and he opened it up to the text messenger portion of the handheld device and he tapped in the following message - Dear Mom, right after I finished my chores, I met a new Japanese boy named Mylanus Oki'Prowlus and I am spending the day with him showing him around town. I will try to be home in time for dinner. I placed the grass clippings into your mulch bin where you make homemade fertilizer. I love you, mom. Your son, Andrew. And then he clicked send on the device. "All done, handsome. Are there any preparations I need to make before we go to Mobius?"

                    Mylanus smiled again as he said, "You cannot take electronic devices through the magical shortcut, so you are going to have to leave those things in the tree house. And if you plan on trying out the Kitsune fur, you should remove all of your clothes except your shoes and socks before we make the trip. That way, your feet don't hurt while we're walking around Mobius."

                    Andrew stripped out of his clothes and electronic devices before putting his socks and shoes back on and getting all of the Playboy magazines gathered up for the trip. While he was doing this, Mylanus went around and established the short cuts between the tree house, the bedroom, and his own home back in Mobius. When Mylanus returned to the tree house, he saw that Andrew looked embarrassed. "What's wrong, boyfriend?" Aside from his socks and shoes, the boy stood about five feet tall had brown hair, hazel eyes, and fair untanned skin.

                    Andrew replied slowly, "I feel rather weird standing here in the nude except for my socks and shoes."

                    Mylanus hugged the boy firmly before saying, "The magical short cuts are arranged, boyfriend. You soon won't feel naked once we hit Mobius. A promise is a promise after all." And then he clasped his hand in Andrew's hand as he led the boy through the magical short cut which looked like a swirling painting on the tree house wall.

                    When they emerged on the other side of the short cut portal, Andrew found himself wearing Mylanus' body and Mylanus seemed to be standing across the chamber looking at a muscular Minotaur like dragon bull Centaur in armor. "I kept my end of the bargain, Zaphomyr. Now keep your honored word or is Ogma better than you are?"

                    Zaphomyr replied in a deep voice. "You are as gullible as Ogma said you would be, Mylanus!" Frightened of this demon, Andrew quickly said, "I wish to be with Tails!" And he vanished.

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, A Tale of Two Teenagers
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