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SF-1 The Open Road Calleth

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    SF-1 The Open Road Calleth

    It is about 20 years after the Biker Mice from Mars have completely defeated Limburger. Vincent Van Wham has married Charlene "Charley" Davidson, and they have a son. And boy, what a son he is! Meet Zachary Van Wham. A male mouse without the martian antennae that his father has. Join Zachary as he, and his human friends, get into some pretty wild and crazy adventures all over North America.Coming up next on the premiere episode of Biker Mice from Mars: Shining Freedom!
    Shining Freedom
    Episode One: The Open Road Calleth
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    May 26, 2004

    Starring:Zachary Van Wham
    Throttle Van Wham
    Modo Van Wham
    Vincent "Vinnie" Van Wham
    Charley Davidson-Van Wham

    Also Starring:
    Jerry Wellington
    Harley Davidson, Jr.
    Gemella Lexander
    Aurora Forbes

    Chapter 01

    Six years prior...

    "Vinnie!! Get in here, NOW!"

    Vincent lifted his head up quickly, beaning himself on the chassis of the bike he was working on with Modo. "Ow... I wonder what Zachary did this time?"

    Modo just kinda smiled. "You better not keep her waiting. You know how Charley can get..."

    Vinnie grabbed a shop towel, and as he was wiping the grime off his paws, he was already heading into the main part of the bike shop.

    Standing there with her back to Vinnie was Charley. The dearest and sweetest woman that he somehow managed to get to marry him. He knew that she deserved better, but Charley did agree to marry him. Just beyond Charley's position, Vinnie could see their son, Zachary.

    Well, maybe a better way to put it was that it looked like Zachary.

    As Vinnie stepped around Charley for a better look, he noticed immediately what Charley was so upset about. Vinnie just about face-pawed himself. Almost. "Zachary... why did you do it for?"

    Zachary Van Wham sighed a little. "I'm sorry... I just wanted to be more like my friends. It'll grow back, won't it?" Zachary had shaved his mousy face.

    Vinnie rolled his eyes, then replied, "Yes, it will. But that's not the point, Zack. You're not human like they are. Yes, you are more like them, currently, but if they are truly your friends, they won't laugh at you when they see how silly you currently look. I hate to do this, Zack, but you're grounded until your handsome fur grows back. I'm sorry, Zack. Now please... go to your room."

    Zack hung his head and turned back toward the bedrooms.

    Charley also sighed, as she turned to Vinnie. "He does look a little silly... but I was more scared when I saw him like that. Thank you for not really punishing him. I just feel like he needs to act more responsibly."

    Vinnie smiled, lifting Charley's chin up a bit with a slightly cleaner paw. "Zack is more responsible, love. He's just going through a phase. It'll pass."

    Charley nodded her head. "It had better pass. I can't take many more shocks like that one."

    Vinnie returned to the garage where Modo and Throttle were working on their bikes. "Geez man! Zack went and shaved his face. I hope he grows out of that soon."

    Throttle hummed. "Maybe I better go talk to him later. Let's get these bikes fixed."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Three years prior...

    Zack sat at his desk in his room, working on Geography homework. A few of his best friends were in the room with him, conducting various activities.

    Jerry Wellington had a bronze tan, and had long black hair and green eyes. Jerry was slender, though athletic, in appearance. "By Zeus, I hate Trigonometry. I am glad that your parents are letting all of us study together on this rainy afternoon."

    Harley Davidson, Jr. had fair skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Harley had a great body, a result of his many work-outs. Harley was lifting weights over in the corner, with a motorcycle manual open nearby. "Zack's parents are really nice. Though there is nothing nicer than riding a motorcycle along the open road, letting the wind blow through your hair."

    Gemella Lexander was African-American, with short black hair and hazel eyes. Preferring to be called Gem, she was built much like Harley was, though she didn't work-out. Gem was just tough. "Change x to y at this integer, Jerry. I think Throttle is kinda dreamy, though he's probably already taken."

    Aurora Forbes had the misfortune to be one of those perfect women that most guys would often drool over. Aurora had fair skin, long blond hair and light blue eyes, though she wore glasses most of the time. And Unlike Gem who preferred to wear jeans, Aurora wore a miniskirt and blouse arrangement. Aurora's most qualifying skill was her martial arts training. Aurora was helping Zack, directly. "Here's the word you're looking for, Zack. You know, guys... having any of the Biker Mice from Mars as parents can't be an easy act to follow. And I am sure this is something that Zack's been thinking about. What will he do with himself once school is over?"

    Zachary Van Wham was a morphic mousy, much like his father and uncles, though his own fur was more like Throttle's, only lighter in coloration. An almost creamy tan. Zack's eyes were dark blue. And unlike the Biker Mice brothers, Zack refused to get his ears pierced. He preferred the more natural look. Though Zack did dress a lot like Throttle did. "Thanks, Aurora. It is tough being their son. And though they had goals when they came to Earth, those goals are completed. Limburger is in a galactic prison. And yes, I have been wondering what to do with myself after school ended. Though secretly... I've been pondering an open road trip on motorcycles... minus the parents." Zack grinned and winked.

    Jerry, Harley, Gem and Aurora all grinned and winked back at Zack.

    Harley then said, "If that's the plan, why don't we all go? We can travel all over North America and see the sights. And maybe, while we're out there, you can find a purpose for yourself, Zack. Who's with me?"

    Jerry grinned. "Any time away from my sisters is a welcome time. I'm in."

    Gem and Aurora both nodded their heads, as well. The plans were in motion.

    End of Chapter 02