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[KMRT-RR] NP-01 Rescued By An Old Fan

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    [KMRT-RR] NP-01 Rescued By An Old Fan

    Los Angeleos - Animated Earth

    WARNING: This series does NOT contain the lame humor of the Television series!

    When Mission Control is attacked and destroyed by General Parvo, the Transdogrifiers are damaged causing the Road Rovers to begin to lose their special powers while the Master (Dr. Shepherd) is captured. In hopes of getting the Transdogrifiers repaired, the Rovers find refuge within the bunker home of an old fan of their televised cartoon series and it is through their new host that they reinvent their team with a renewed outlook on life while seeking to avenge Shag's coma. With General Parvo seeking to finish the job on the rovers, The team must lay low while they rebuild their forces.

    Coming up next on the premiere episode of Road Rovers: Night Pack!

    Starring: The Night Pack:

    Ghost - Silverfang (wolf)
    Aeros - Flicker (fox)
    Tazira - Princess Amira (afghan hound)
    Incision - Jake (dingo)
    Mask - Dolby (raccoon)
    Phaser - Kamilla (Persian cat)
    Blazer - Hunter (golden retriever)
    Zephyr - Colleen (collie)
    Blizzard - Exile (Siberian husky)
    Lightning - Blitz (Doberman pinscher)
    Magic - Muzzle (rottweiler)
    T-Ball - Wayne Deering (malamute) (created by Dream Tiger 1998)
    Mirage - Sandy (Anubian jackal)
    Badge - Darren James (German Shepherd)
    Phantom - Rob Latham (Silver Labrador) (first appeared in Rover Millennium 2004)

    "The Master" (Dr. Shepherd)
    Professor Hubert

    General Parvo

    [KMRT-RR] NP-01 Rescued By An Old Fan.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 08/13/2020

    Chapter One.

    Driving along a dark winding highway at night through a wooded region was the Rover Land-rover speeding at nearly ninety miles an hour until Exile saw a barely visible road side sign up ahead which read, Road Rovers Rest Stop. - 1 mile. And in smaller print were the words, Who am I kidding? I am never going to meet the Road Rovers. Why would they want to visit a nobody like me? The turn off in question was located on a curve of the wooded highway and led down hill through the woods where the dirt road crossed a covered bridge and eventually ended in a clearing outside of what looked like a forgotten gas station and convenience store in the woods. There was a light on in the rear portion of the store which seemed to be someone's personal home. The convenience store seemed to double as a souvenir shop for vacationers wanting to pick up Road Rover memorabilia which included action figures, posters and costumes. Every classic Road Rover had a full statue lined up around the parking lot. And from how clear it was to see the full size statues, someone took very good care of the collection.

    Exile whom had been driving the Land-rover pulled the vehicle to a stop in front of the store as he glanced over his shoulder into the back of the vehicle. "Except for Shag, how is everyone else coping back there, comrades?"

    Professor Hubert replied, "I have all of the injuries patched up, Exile. But why did we stop? Is it Parvo and Groomer already? Did they find us this fast?"

    Exile explained what he had seen on the highway and where they were parked at that very moment. "I thought maybe the owner of this place would let us hide behind his business while we rested up. Hey weird boy. Wake up. We reached a rest stop. You were asking for a bathroom break unless you went in the floor like a bad dog."

    Blitz stirred as he sat up painfully. "No, I utilized Colleen's suggestion and put on a diaper to prevent accidents. Although I do want to get cleaned up. Are we in the middle of the woods, Exile?"

    The Siberian Husky smiled. "We sure are, weird boy. Let's go talk to the owner and see if he will let us bunk behind his souvenir shop. You can see about getting cleaned up in the bathroom while we're here."

    Exile and Blitz followed the path down one side of the business building until they reached what appeared to be a normal looking front door. "Try not to act weird in front of the owner, Blitz." And the Siberian Husky knocked on the door. It took a few short moments before the door was opened to reveal a middle aged adult man with thinning brown hair and glasses although his face was covered with light brown facial hair. He had hazel eyes and tanned skin. When he saw the two Cano-Sapiens standing in the doorway, he hugged them both and said, "I've died in my sleep, haven't I? You guys are mad that I used your likeness for a vacation side business without your permission."

    Blitz was lightly dancing in place. "I need to use your bathroom, Mister. Exile will talk to you about the rest."

    Permitting the Road Rovers inside the home in the back of the business, the man escorted Blitz to the bathroom and let him go inside. "You can go in there and clean up as well. Do not drink out of my toilet. I don't want you guys to get a bad disease or something."

    After Blitz was off in the bathroom, Exile spoke to the man in question. "The Road Rovers need to camp out behind your property while we are recuperating from the damages and injuries that Parvo conducted on us when he attacked and destroyed Mission Control. We barely escaped. May we please hide out on your property, Comrade?"

    The man smiled. "Let me get my clothes on and I will show you rovers where you can bunk down at. I think you will be surprised. I built it for the tourists but you guys need it more now yourselves. I'll be right with you." And the man went into his bedroom where he got into his clothes and hiking boots. Then he emerged fully dressed where upon he grabbed a key ring with a set of keys upon it and then when the Doberman emerged from the bathroom, the man escorted the two Road Rovers back to their vehicle where he stepped over to an access gate and he unlocked the latch which permitted the Land-rover to drive into the yard along an access road that led to somewhere behind the business itself. After permitting the Land-rover entry to the access road, he locked the gate once again and he walked along the road leading the way to a camouflage net which covered a cavern large enough for the Land-rover to drive into. Inside, the man activated the generators which brought the tunnel lights on and he led the way deeper into the cavern tunnel to an underground garage which had a metal door in one side. Using his keys, he unlocked the door before reaching inside and turning on the main power switch inside of whatever this place was. He then walked over to the Land-rover and looked inside past the driver's seat. "Who all do you have in there. And where is the Master?"

    Professor Hubert sat up when he heard the man's voice. "I am in here along with Hunter's friend T-Ball, Colleen and Hunter are resting over there on the other side of Muzzle. And we have Shag's body under a tarp in the back of the Land-rover. Sadly, he died in the initial attack on Mission Control. He was shielding Colleen with his body. Exile and Blitz were in the front seats. The Master was captured by Parvo and Groomer. We also brought the portable equipment for the Transdogrifiers which were also damaged in the initial attack on Mission Control." He looked outside of the Land-rover at that moment. "Why does this garage seem so familiar? Where are we and who are you, sir?"

    The man smiled at Professor Hubert. "I am Darren James. As for why this garage seems so familiar. I built a replica of Mission Control based off of what was shown in the animated series based on your actual adventures. And we are currently in the garage of that replica of your original base. I built this place so as to give tourists a first hand tour of your headquarters without invading your personal privacy. At first, the tourists and fans loved it. But soon after, they were asking me to get the actual Road Rovers in here. Sadly, I had no idea on how to contact you guys. I didn't want to trick you dogs into coming here. Visitation waned after that although people still stop by in the day light hours to get gas and buy snacks and get something from my deli. Occasionally I would sell some Road Rover souvenirs to an interested furry artist who would accidentally find my tourist shop while getting their tanks filled with gas. I barely get by thanks to survivor benefits I get from my deceased military father. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go in first and let my canines and other animals know that I am bringing in some guests. No, they are not replicas of you guys. But you still might be interested in my menagerie. I have a Persian cat and a raccoon as well."

    Blitz hopped out of the Land-rover. "Do you call your menagerie the Road Rovers?" Darren shook his head. "No, Blitz. I call them the Night Pack. Ghost should be awake at this hour. He's the wolf pack alpha of the bunch."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Soon, the Road Rovers and friends were walking through the fan-made Rover Central cavern. It was cleverly designed exactly like the original base from the TV show. Darren James had put a lot of effort into this project. They had met Ghost earlier and after sniffing each Rover, he gave the acceptance nod of his head before resuming his patrol through the base. Professor Hubert said, "This is accurately amazing, Darren. I may be able to get that mainframe console back online. We saved as much as we could from the old base."

    Darren smiled. "Have at it then, Hubert, sir. As for Shag's body, I had a wild thought in regards to him since I was checking him out and he doesn't have the dead dog smell. May I see about repairing the Transdogrifier system? I know some programming skills and electronic repair knowledge. I am sure you people have some lives you would like to get back to being presidential pets and all."

    Hunter then said, "Um... the presidential pets thing only occurred during the original run of our TV show that showcased our adventures. When the old presidents got voted out of office, the new presidents had their own pets and we were asked to leave. So we had been living at Rover Central until the attack on the base. Our illusion of safety fell apart at that point and we were acting as anyone would during a devastating attack. Our differences and scripted mannerisms went out the window. We had to escape, but I didn't want to leave anyone behind. Then Exile saw your roadside sign and we came here. And am I ever glad we did. You have a replacement base for us."

    Exile said, "Do you really think you can get the Transdogrifier system back online? I am starting to miss being a Siberian Husky."

    Darren said, "With help, yes, we can get the system repaired. Although eventually, we will need to rescue Dr. Shepherd. I am sure he could get the system back online easily. Also, I know what we can tell any locals whom might see you out here eventually. We will say that you are the stunt doubles from the TV show whom were out of work when the TV show was canceled."

    Colleen said, "Blimey, I like that idea. A secret identity."

    Blitz came in and said, "I think we need to repair our Rover uniforms. I was trying to clean mine and it came apart in my hands due to damages that I had not noticed before."

    Darren said, "Blitz, when you are not biting tushies, do you have any electronic repair skills at all?"

    Blitz smiled. "The Master permitted me to take an online electronic repair course from a well-known university since I couldn't go there in the fur. I did get my certificate. So if you need my help with something, I would be glad to lend a paw-hand."

    Darren then said, "I think the reason your uniforms are coming apart is because they are created when you get transdogrified. Since the system is down, your uniforms are embarrassingly going to be down eventually as well. Meaning... you guys will end up butt naked in the base. Not that the Night Pack and I mind... We are into the natural whenever we can. I play with Ghost as often as I can."

    Just then a voice was heard coming from the darkness of a corridor as the glowing red eyes gave way to what looked like a pretty hot and sexy looking Hellhound with a blue backpack. "I thought I heard activity in your fan headquarters. Greetings, Rovers. I am Davyd Arden otherwise known as Lord Saberfang; the CEO of Arden Pizza as well as being in charge of a New York state project for training police dogs. Are you going to be needing my help tonight, Darren? I know having the Rovers here is a dream come true for you."

    Darren said, "Their old base got destroyed by Parvo and Groomer in a horrible attack. I think Shag might be in a coma which is why he appears to be dead except he isn't making the dead dog scent. He was shielding Colleen and Blitz during the initial attack on their base. The Master got captured and we will need to rescue him eventually."

    Saberfang then glowed with a mystical light as he transformed from his feral form into his anthropomorphic form. "I can send Warfang in to rescue the Master. In the meantime, lets see about getting the transdogrifier system back online. Perhaps with the original equipment and the real goods, we can make the police animal Night Pack into a reality."

    Hunter smiled. "Hey, how were you able to change between your forms like that? You said you didn't have a system like ours. But boy are you ever hot in your humanoid form."

    Saberfang grinned. "Thank you, Hunter. I am bisexual. Born human and transformed into a Hellhound during a weird adventure. I was one of the lucky ones to be able to learn how to change between my forms. We could set up a magical transformation system for you guys, but you need to be in your feral forms first. That's why we have to repair the transdogrifier system. Once you are feral again, I can then install the magical transformation system into your bodies which can make you look pretty hot and awesome. However, Darren wants to take the ride himself. He likes the idea of a police dog Rover service. But if you people want on board for this, you will get new uniforms and new identities. In your feral form, you would be Hunter; but in your new identity, you would have a new uniform and a new identity to go with it. Where is the one-dog demolition derby? I might be able to help him right now."

    Hunter smiled. "Good old Muzzle is guarding Shag in the infirmary. I better go with you so he knows that you are okay. Otherwise he will growl at you."

    Darren then asked, "Do you guys have your powers like the TV show displayed or were Warner Brothers too cheap to give you the real thing?"

    Exile remarked, "Too cheap. Our powers were special effects. So our being our own stunt doubles is a good story for us to use."

    Hunter and Saberfang headed off to see Muzzle.

    T-Ball in his malamute identity said, "I've been stuck this way since the last time the transdogrifiers were working. Frisbee really likes me."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Darren and Blitz worked on the transdogrifier booth so they could possibly have one working model. Soon, Darren asked, "Hubert? Is this small capsule containing the white milky powder the actual Transdogrifier Mists?"

      Hubert looked at it and said, "We would have to ask the Master. This is first time I have ever seen that capsule."

      Darren then pondered aloud, "I wonder how Warfang is doing in his mission to go fetch Dr. Shepherd?"

      Deep within Parvo's military like bunker in the Northern Hills of California, near the Nevada border... Dr. Shepherd was sitting in a dark cell without a light bulb with his hands duct taped behind his back. As he sat there, he suddenly smelled pizza scent almost point-blank with him. "Now I am smelling pizza. Unless Parvo farted. Silly Rovers."

      Then he heard a voice he wasn't familiar with. "Scout sent me. Let us get you out this duct tape. The Rovers have a new hidey hole. Be good and I will give a chance to get cleaned up before we get you some decent food. I hope you like Ardens." And then he felt the duct tape bonds come loose from his wrists. The next thing he knew, he was hefted over the shoulder of the new canine whom was as built as a Cano-Mutant, except he smelled like fresh pizza. Then the canine took off at a run in a direction that Shepherd knew was a solid wall. But when there came no collision from the wall and he saw that they were running down a black tunnel in a direction that implied they were no longer in the base. Shepherd then said, "You are not a Cano-Mutant, are you?"

      Warfang grinned as he continued to run through the magical tunnel. "I am an Ardens Pizza Hound. The main trainer. You can call me Warfang. The guys are trying to get the transdogrifiers repaired so the rovers can return to normal. Shag was almost killed while he was defending Colleen and Blitz. T-Ball is also alive and well as is Hubert, Hunter and Exile. We didn't lose a single canine."

      Shepherd said, "I hope they are careful with the Transdogrifiers. If a human inhales those mists, they could become a rover themselves. That's how T-Ball joined the team."

      Warfang grinned. "Darren James wants to take that ride as a police rover. He calls his version of your project, The Night Pack."

      Shepherd smiled. "I know the name Darren James. He emailed me questions about a fan-based version of Rover Central for a tourists spot. I have to assume the Rovers found his little tourist spot and they are there now. Right?"

      Warfang grinned. "And that is why you are the Master! The story they are going to use while there is that they are their own stunt doubles from the defunct TV show."

      Shepherd grinned as well. "A fine story to use, Warfang, and it will throw Parvo off the scent for a short while."

      Distantly the two heard Parvo's big mouth as he was shouting! "How did he get out of a locked cell with Duct Tape on his wrists?! Find him! Or else its your heads!"

      Warfang giggled as he leaped through what seemed like a shadowy square just ahead where they landed in what seemed like a closet. When the door was opened, the layout looked identical to Dr. Shepherd's personal quarters at Rover Central. Except this place showed no signs of an attack. "You hit the shower and get cleaned up. I'll fetch you a decent meal and drink. Then we can go surprise the Rovers whom will be pleased to see you."

      Within the Infirmary, Saberfang said to Hunter, "Smells like Warfang is back. I am almost done with Baron Scout von Muzzle. Restoring his mind helped a lot."

      Hunter was sitting next to Shag gently petting on the big sheepdog. "Don't worry, Shag... we will get you healed soon."

      Muzzle using his new voice stated, "I will do all in my power to help the team as soon as you are done with me, Saberfang. Wow... I actually have a voice for a change. We could use a few more females on the team though. Colleen gets so full of herself and jealous over Hunter. You would think she was the Queen Mary or something. I know the Warner mind-control made the Rovers perform some pretty stupid skits."

      Saberfang glanced at Hunter. "Seriously...?"

      Hunter smirked. "We regained control just in time for A Day In The Life where we ad-libbed as much as possible to get the show cancelled. We had no powers at all save for human speech which is hardly a power; we hated the filming hours; we all hated poking fun at poor Blitz; Blitz planned on going AWOL several times to go tell the press what kind of abuse was going on behind the scenes as well as in front of them; the food in the Warner cafeteria was like flavored human manure mixed with toilet water."

      Saberfang arched an eye as he made a nasty face.

      Muzzle said, "He isn't kidding!"

      Hunter said, "Your pizza franchise is the only good food we ever got when a fan shared his pizza with us and the execs got on to the fan for trying to poison us. So Colleen said, The boy can always dine at our table and we can share our safe food with him. Mmmmm, Yummy delicious, right guvs? And the execs turned green in the face before running for the bathroom where they began vomiting."

      Muzzle giggled. "Funniest day ever!"

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        With the Master assisting Darren, Hubert and Blitz, the repair job on the main frame and the Transdogrifiers was coming along better than expected. Then Saberfang walked in and announced, "I now present to you the improved Baron Scout Von Muzzle!" And he stepped out of the way as Scout walked in Road Rover style and dressed in a Romanian over coat with the swiss hat that had the feather in it. The rest of his clothes were like a Romanian Nobleman. He lifted one hand as he caused a bouquet of flowers to appear which he then presented to Colleen. "Do you think we can function as a more mature team of canines, Colleen?"

        The British Collie was almost speechless. "Muzzle? Boy, you sure turned out good. I cannot wait to see how the rest of us do in our upgrade. Did you just use magic?"

        The Master looked over at Muzzle himself before he turned to Saberfang. "A magical version of the Transdogrifier?"

        Saberfang grinned. "You are not stupid, sir. I just wish my trick could work in reviving Shag. He is still in a coma. However, Darren's suggestion that reverting Shag to his feral form should revive him. And for that, we need the normal Transdogrifier operational."

        Warfang then padded in and he pulled Saberfang aside and showed him the latest chart of potential new Pizza Hounds. "These are the ones doing better than expected. And on page two, the ones struggling to keep up. I can't figure out what's wrong with them. They act depressed."

        Darren then asked the Master, "Is it wrong for me to want to be a Police Rover, Dr. Shepherd? I want Night Pack to work."

        The Master replied, "There is no wrong nor right when performing justice. But as T-Ball found out, unless you change back often, you can get stuck in the form."

        Darren said, "I am aiming for a German Shepherd breed whom would be called Badge. If the Road Rovers join the Night Pack, then effectively, Parvo wouldn't be able to find the old versions of them anymore, since the Road Rovers technically wouldn't exist, having disbanded. At least that's the public story we can use."

        The Master and Hubert both said at the same time, "The fans would go ballistic!"

        Blitz muttered, "I would join your Night Pack. I doubt the Rover fans would even notice that I wasn't with the team anymore. They all love Hunter, Colleen and Exile."

        Darren reached over and he gave Blitz a head petting as well as a belly scratching. "We are about done here, Blitz. I know you Rovers would love to be back on all fours before morning. I am a little jealous."

        Blitz panted from the scratching and head petting. "Right! Lets get this done!"

        The Master looked to the other Rovers. "Important question, Rovers. I know where Hunter, Blitz, and Shag were and what they were doing. What have the rest of you been up to?"

        Exile poked his head into the chamber from the hall that led to the garage. "I was fine-tuning the Land Rover. I am good with automotive mechanics. Normally Colleen helps out with that, but this time, she stayed in the main chamber. I didn't just want to be idle during our downtime. The Land Rover helped us to get away from Parvo. I need to get back to the old girl. I'll need some oil soon."

        Darren said, "Check the storage closet next to the garage, Exile. That's where I store extra oil products locally."

        Exile nodded his head. "I hope Blitz's electronics skills have been useful for you, Darren. He worked hard to get his certificate." And then he withdrew to return to his own project in the garage. Blitz smiled having gotten praise from Exile whom normally sided with Colleen to tease him.

        Colleen sighed. "I wasn't sure what to do, Master. Aside from martial arts and trying to love on Hunter, I don't have a lot of useful skills to keep me busy. I took that Weapons Awareness course through the Internet and got one of the best scores that they had ever seen. But that's not very useful during the downtime. Sorry Master."

        The Master said, "It isn't your fault, Colleen. But every team member needs equal attention. Not just Hunter and Exile. I know those scripts were atrocious but you are not supposed to live by the script. Think outside the box."

        A few moments later, Blitz said, "I think that is the final rewiring. We have a Transdogrifier repaired. But before anyone leaps up to go first, think of these words for a moment; do you really want to be the first guinea pig in a project that I helped to repair?"

        Colleen had been about to leap into line but Blitz's words stopped her. Just because they repaired it, they didn't know if it would work right as it was supposed to operate.

        Darren used that moment to leave the room and return after cleaning up and acquiring something he had prepared in this special event. He had prepared a gel capsule containing an actual German Shepherd's saliva; the particular police dog had been one that he was fond of with the local police whom was later shot dead by some stupid gang members in L.A. Saberfang knew what Darren was planning, although he really wasn't comfortable with his friend making this kind of sacrifice especially if it didn't work.

        The Transdogrifier booth was then plugged up to the grid and Darren tapped in the restore to feral canine program before he popped the gel cap into his mouth and before anyone could stop him, he entered the Transdogrifier booth which set off the Transdogrifier mists that shrouded the young man from sight. Within the mists, he had swallowed the gel cap and then he inhaled the mists to get the full effect. As the mists dispersed via vacuum into the booth, A feral German Shepherd stepped out of the booth.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Saberfang came over immediately. "Darren? Are you in there? Nod your muzzle up and down if you understand me." The German Shepherd looked to be in some sort of after effect shock before he took a moment to slowly nod his muzzle up and down. Saberfang said, "Oh thank goodness! I knew you were planning this but you promised me that you would warn us before you did this. Now I need to work on your magical trigger installation so you don't lose yourself." And he took Darren the German Shepherd off to the far side of the chamber to work on imbuing him as he had done with Muzzle.

          Colleen said, "I never expected our host to do that to himself."

          Hunter added, "Another unexpected twist! How does the device check out, Master? Will it work for the rest of us?"

          Exile came back when he heard the excitement. "Our host did what? Blitz, did he let you know he was going to do that?"

          Blitz blushed. "No! He was eager to help repair the Transdogrifier! I guess we know why now; I hope Saberfang can help him. I actually like Darren."

          Hubert and the Master were checking out the Transdogrifier for a few moments before the Master said, "As you Rovers know, the Transdogrifier usually utilizes a memory card that has your forms stored on the disk. This is what permits you to change back and forth. I didn't have the disk in the booth; Darren must have used an alternate method to install a German Shepherd into his physiology. I also hope he will be okay. He was the one I wrote to about the fan questions regarding the fan visitation Rover Base."

          Colleen then asked, "What would have happened to us had we tried to use this booth without the memory card?"

          The Master replied, "You would have reverted to your base species forms but without a stitch of your Rover memories at all. In short, you would have gone as insane as Muzzle used to be. Then we would have to place you in his old straitjacket for our own safety."

          Colleen turned to Blitz and she hugged him. "I am glad you stopped me from going first now, Blitz. I would have made a lousy Muzzle."

          Hunter patted Blitz on his back. "Way to go, colleague."

          Saberfang soon said, "I got this started just in time; I almost lost him. Badge woke up while I was working on Darren. No peeking while I am getting Badge's new uniform on his body. Boy, he turned out damned sexy; I knew police dogs were hot but not this hot."

          Exile wanted to take a peek but Warfang grabbed him by one shoulder and said, "My boss said no peeking." Exile said, "Aww, comrade, he mentioned sexy and that always makes me want to size up the competition."

          Hunter shouted, "Exile! Heel!" Exile ran over to Hunter right away only realize what he allowed to have happen to him. "Comrade! That was dirty pool!" Hunter replied, "We'll get our chance later. Once Darren is back in charge of his body, we can politely ask if we can play with him."

          Blitz looked to Colleen and said, "I am glad we don't act like that anymore."

          Colleen nodded her head. "Let's go get Shag and bring him in for his session in the Transdogrifier. Darren suggested that by placing Shag through the device booth, it would revive him. And the best chance for doing this is while he is asleep; he doesn't like the Transdogrifier booth. Master? Get the memory card ready. We are going to go fetch Shag for his revival and restoration." And then she and Blitz headed off to retrieve the sheepdog in a coma.

          An hour later, Shag was back in his feral sheepdog form and happily nuzzling both Colleen and Blitz for helping him. In fact, all of the former Road Rovers were now back in their feral canine identities. And then T-Ball approached Saberfang and asked, "Can the process you are using on Darren help me with my Rover joining issue. I love being a Rover but I miss being human occasionally."

          Saberfang said, "Have a seat, T-Ball. I'll give you the treatment in reverse; but be warned... I have to restore you to your full malamute identity before the full process will work. In the end, you will have your human form back same as Darren will." T-Ball said, "My real name was Wayne Deering. I am Canadian." Saberfang smiled. "Keen. I've delivered pizzas up there before. I didn't like the cold weather much. But better a Hellhound making the delivery than a delivery boy whom might freeze to death. Don't worry, we will make it right for you. Hunter looks happy to be quadruped again."

          Soon, Darren was allowed to get back up on his human feet. "Oh man; I still feel the tingling just under the surface. Okay, Badge, let's get the Night Pack in order."

          Darren struck his pose as he lifted his head up toward an artificial moon painted on the ceiling of the gathering chamber. "Police Dogs Unite! Night Pack!" And his transformation then occurred as his human body vanished in a thick mist wherein his Cano-Sapien German Shepherd body took the place of his human form and his regular clothes were then replaced by his Night Pack Police Rover Uniform complete with a nameplate under his legal badge which had his rover name on it. Finally, the mists subsided as he flexed his muscles and he wagged his tail as he turned his muzzle in a profile pose as he exclaimed, "Night Pack Number One: Badge!"

          Badge smiled as he padded over to The Master and Hubert. "Saberfang said you both wanted to examine me to check for something."

          The Master said, "You are the first case I have seen where a human combined canine genetics to the Transdogrifier mists to make the result he desired. I still care about Darren."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Badge said, "Saberfang helped to link my mind to Darren's mind. He is still inside of me and I won't just take his life away from him. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be getting my second chance at law enforcement now. I know he wanted to be fully in charge, but if he went all the way, then no more Darren. And I can see that you really care about him. I still recall all of my police dog training. Darren calls this police dog project as Night Pack, which makes sense because I originally had a night beat with my human partner. I wonder how Officer Renton is doing without me. I really liked that former rookie. He had earned the right to have a police dog at his side."

            At that moment, Ghost the wolf padded into the chamber along with the rest of Darren's menagerie as they all lined up near Saberfang quietly.

            T-Ball said, "They seem so well behaved for a bunch of ferals. I guess Darren takes really good care of them."

            Saberfang looked to Ghost and said, "Everyone will get their turn, Ghost. Thanks for bringing them in."

            At that moment over the mainframe communication monitor, a video call came in and the caller ID indicated that it was General Parvo. Badge stepped over to the mainframe console and he pressed a button to place a holographic black wall just behind himself before he activated the incoming call. "You have reached Police Project: Night Pack. Police Dog Badge speaking. What do you want, Parvo?"

            General Parvo looked surprised to see a Cano-Sapien German Shepherd wearing a police uniform on the screen. "You are not with the Road Rovers? When I saw this communication frequency go online, I thought the Rovers had set up a new base."

            Badge grinned. "In a way, I wish we did have the Rovers here. They are worth a lot of money to us alive. But if they are dead, then bye-bye money. This is a project that Dr. Shepherd was assisting the police with just after the Road Rovers TV show went belly up. A Day in The Life was simply awful. Cano-Sapiens in this program receive police dog training and we are sponsored by Ardens Pizza. Can I help you with anything else?"

            Parvo arched an eye. "How much money would you say the Rovers would be to you alive? I think I know where they might be. But they certainly hate me."

            Badge picked up a stack of thousand dollar bills that Saberfang had teleported over to him for effect as he began flipping through the stack as if they were playing cards. "Oh, thousands as long as they are alive. You know how Bounty Hunters are when it comes to money. But they don't know where the Rovers are. Right?"

            Parvo grinned as he salivated over seeing all that money. "Right! I just need to drive over and talk to a Vet that Hunter and Blitz trust! If I am right, they are over there right now! We will be in touch."

            And the call ended, as Badge turned off the holographic background. "What a moron!"

            The Master said, "He is good at capturing animals but he is lousy at keeping them locked up. Good job on keeping your cool while talking to Parvo."

            Badge smiled. "Police Dog training accounts for that. Everyone joining Night Pack will receive this training. And in the case of the Rovers, discipline training may better themselves later on. Heaven knows, they need it!"

            Scout exclaimed, "Boy ain't that the truth!" Hubert replied, "I completely agree!"

            Badge remarked, "Colleen is all the time reverting back to how she acted in the TV show."

            Scout added, "I was crazy, so I had an excuse. But once Saberfang restored my mind, I believe I am better off now. I look forward toward participating with Night Pack. I know Blitz wants on board for this project."

            Badge said, "Darren is telling me how Blitz proved his worth by helping to repair the systems when they really needed it. Blitz was in the middle of the repairs while the others were, in Exile's case, within the garage; in Hunter's case, at the infirmary checking on Shag; and in Colleen's case, just lounging around wait for any action to begin."

            Hubert then added, "And when the Master returned she got up and stopped lounging around as if to make it look like she had been busy. A good act, but I have to agree with Darren, Blitz volunteered to help while the others goofed off. And when the announcement was made that the Transdogrifier was repaired, the first to perk up at the ready to use it was the laziest one of the group. If Blitz hadn't stopped her, then she would have ended up like the old Muzzle in the gurney."

            Badge said, "Not to single her out, but Police Weapons in the Swat Force are different from Rover Issue Military Weapons. I hope she chooses to take the police version of Weapon Awareness all over again. One mistake and no more Colleen."

            The Master said, "So in your opinion, the one canine whom might fail at being police issue would be Colleen?"

            Badge replied, "Again, I don't want to single her out, Dr. Shepherd. But if the old TV show was anything to judge their record by, Colleen never took being in the Rovers seriously. It was a dating outing for her. And she singled out Blitz as being undesirable. She tried everything to get down Hunter's and Exile's pants, mainly the former."

            Badge then said, "I will still give her a chance; but if she messes up with the police, its back to the dog pound in London. This is NOT a dating club."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Within a few hours, Saberfang finally finished up the revamp of the menagerie, along with a rabbit, a duck and a skunk that he had brought in as well as the original Road Rovers for Darren's Police Animal project. "Role Call!"

              The German Shepherd stepped up to the plate. "Badge, also known as Darren James. Leader of the Night Pack. Police Skills Specialist."

              The local Forest Wolf stepped forward. "Ghost, also known as Silverfang. Second in Command. Ectoplasmic Illusionist."

              The English Fox stepped up into the spotlight. "Aeros, also known as Flicker. Blink and Archery Specialist and Glowing Orb Generator." Meaning that he could teleport.

              An Afghan Hound female stepped up to the forefront. "Tazira, also known as Princess Amira. Star Ship Captain and Ship's Weapons Specialist."

              An Australian Dingo then stepped into view. "Incision, also known as Jake. No last name. Sword and Boomerang Specialist."

              An American Raccoon stepped into the light. "Mask, also known as Dolby. Master of Disguise and Computer Programming Specialist."

              The Persian Cat female then stepped up to the plate. "Phaser, also known as Kamilla. Boxing and Communications Specialist."

              The European Rabbit stepped up to the plate. "Rad, also known as Hutch. Research and Development Scientist as well as Wild Style Martial Artist."

              The green Canadian Mallard female stepped into view. "Alicia, also known as Niagara. Life Guard and Open Water Specialist. I also double as a Paramedic."

              The Louisiana Skunk stepped into view and he said with a sexy flaunt and smile, "Venus, also known as Studmuffin. Masseuse and Social Issues Specialist. I am the Love Doctor."

              An Anubian Jackal female stepped into view. "Mirage, also known as Sandy. Police Skills Trainer and Shadow Manipulation Specialist. I'm the Teacher."

              Next up were the former Road Rovers starting with the former leader's friend.

              A Canadian Malamute stepped up the plate. "T-Ball, also known as Wayne Deering." (A fan creation by Dream Tiger in 1998.) "Distance Weapon Specialist. I am into music."

              The American Golden Retriever was next. "Blazer, also known as Hunter. Super Speedster and Flame Element Specialist."

              The British Collie female stepped into view. "Zephyr, also known as Colleen. These uniforms are rather nice. Um, sorry. Street Defender and Wind Element Specialist."

              The Russian Siberian Husky was next. "Blizzard, also known as Exile, Comrades. Automotive Mechanic and Winter Water Specialist. I have Super Frozen Sight, finally."

              The German Doberman Pinscher stepped forward next. "Blitzkrieg, usually shortened to Blitz. Electronic Repairman and Lightning Element Specialist. I also have a powerful bite."

              The English Sheepdog timidly stepped into view next. "Tank, also known as Shag. Food Preparation Master and Earth Element Specialist. My fur also duplicates a Bag of Holding."

              The Romanian styled Rottweiler stepped up last. "Magic, also known as Baron Scout Von Muzzle. Once known as the One-Dog Demolition Crew. Now a Warlock Specialist."

              Saberfang said, "I have dedicated your police uniforms into your transformation, so if they get damaged in combat, a quick transformation will repair them like new. On the side, the Road Rovers can still operate separately from the Night Pack. But if you want to work with a dedicated team of animals, you may opt to stay with Darren's team. The team base is a shared environment. If you act hateful or racist around Darren, he won't hesitate to can you, remove your powers and send you home. This is NOT a dating club. So keep your activities serious around here, unless you fancy the Warner Cafeteria as a safe alternative." He smirked with a grin. "Also, once a week, the Night Pack gets treated to a free team styled Ardens Pizza. Please note: if you choose to make a Road Rovers outing, you will not be wearing your police uniforms. You will have a Rover SWAT uniform instead."

              He then said, "As you may have noticed, I repaired everyone's speech capabilities. Not being able to be understood is a guaranteed ticket out of the team and back to your home countries in disgrace. If you are going to be dating, be fair; not selective. If a team member says no to you, do not keep trying to convince them to bed you. No means No. If you cannot get this into your heads, then we can arrange a trip to a breeding farm for you in your home countries. Both parties get punished. Any questions."

              No one chose to say a word which was fine. Saberfang then said, "You may all socialize or resume training now. I have a pizza business to get back to." He departed - stage left.

              Hunter approached Silverfang and said, "I've never really been leader material, Ghost. In the old days, I just just fudged my way through things. But my best quality was that I was always there for a friend. I feel strongly for Scout since he and I almost took the final walk at the pound before I got to be a Road Rover. Colleen fancies herself as my number one lover, but I am not a one-dog romance dude. Exile comes across as a brother. Shag is happiest in the kitchen. Blitz works hard to be a team player, but in the old days, he suffered from a streak of cowardice that he worked to defeat. He has a fan named Rob Latham whom adores him with all his heart. Rob has always wanted to be one of us."

              Ghost smiled at Hunter. "We all know Rob. He is a good boy. Although, being in that wheelchair doesn't help him much. He could get the help he needs to walk again. I didn't know that he liked Blitz. Lets catch Saberfang and go see Rob. As you said, Rob has always wanted to join the Rovers." And off they went using Ghost's powers and Hunter's speed.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                Directly across the road from Dr. Naomi's Vet clinic sat the Latham home where parked on his porch in a wheelchair was the boy in question. He was in such a bad off condition that all former outings he used to make seemed impossible now. He rarely had any visitors at all since the accident that had left him in this condition. He sighed as he muttered, "They have forgotten about me again. Tomorrow is the anniversary of when I cheered Blitz up by showing him that he had a fan. Oh well, it was a fantasy at best anyway."

                He glanced over at his mangled mobile home that had not survived the accident at all. "I actually liked that home on wheels. Well, no one lives forever... I need to wheel myself back into the house."

                Across the yard hidden from the road and the house, Hunter said to Arden and Ghost. "See that mobile home over there? That's what Rob was driving the day one of our enemies mowed him off the road and ended his mobility all together. That was him on his porch looking like he was thinking that we forgot all about him. We had been planning an anniversary party for him when Parvo attacked our base. Do you think you can help him, Saberfang?"

                Saberfang looked to Ghost whom had been sniffing toward something. "What do you think, Ghost?"

                Ghost replied, "You are not only going to have to repair his body but I can smell Cancer in his body. He is dying. Were you aware of that, Hunter?"

                Hunter sighed himself at that point. "He told us after he first met us. He said it didn't matter what happened to him as long as Blitz recovered from the head injury that he had sustained during an attack he received from the Cano-Mutants. But dammit, Rob is Blitz's fan; Blitz doesn't have a lot of fans. If we were to give him this gift, then he would have a new lease on life and imagine how Blitz would feel. Rob even made up a song for Blitz that was actually kinda catchy. It was the type to cheer people up."

                Saberfang said, "Share the song, Hunter."

                Hunter nodded his head and he sat with his back to the hedges as he began to sing the song that Rob had created for Blitz. "When the lone dark highway, is calling your name... A childhood forgotten, your life isn't the same... With the laughing wind behind you, blowing through your hair... You have to take a serious notion, and show the world you care... We love to drive! To stay alive... Blood is on your paws, dripping clean away... The evil is getting stronger, How can you save the day? With the laughing wind behind you, blowing through your hair... You have to take a serious notion, and show the world you care... We love to drive! To stay alive... We love to drive! To Stay alive... When the lone dark highway, is calling your name... A childhood forgotten, your life isn't the same... Your home is now in tatters, the base forever gone... Assume your new powers, Night Pack driving strong! We love to drive! To stay alive... We love to drive! We stay alive... For the honor of the pack! Ahrooooooo!"

                Rob stopped wheeling his wheelchair when he heard the song nearby yet he didn't see the Rovers at all. "Now my mind is playing tricks on me. But that sounded like Hunter."

                Saberfang said, "Time to grant a fan his deepest wish. He will get a full cure, Hunter. But I will need to choose a new species for him. Did he ever mention an alternate canine type that he admired aside from Blitz?"

                Hunter replied, "Just one. He said it was a rare breed that he had only seen once. He said it was a Phantom Labrador, although technically called a Silver Lab."

                Saberfang grinned. "The showcase species of hound from Arcadia. Incorrectly called Angel Hounds, they are in fact Silver Labs. Since Mirage is the Shadow Element Specialist, Perhaps Phantom, or Rob, could be the Light Element Specialist since he is the light of your lives, especially Blitz. As for his Mobile Home, perhaps with a rebuild to make it an armored home on wheels, he could have that back as well."

                Hunter smiled. "Rob would be thrilled. And I imagine Dr. Naomi would be thrilled too, since she once had a portable vet station in the mobile home."

                Saberfang said, "Let's go nab a Rob and give him the gift that never stops giving."

                The three hounds departed from their hiding spot and they circled the house and approached the Latham back door. Once there, Hunter stood up and he knocked on the back door.

                After a short wait, the back door was heard unlocking before opening to reveal Rob in his wheelchair. "Hunter! I thought I heard your voice earlier! You better not let Colleen hear you using that sexy singing voice of yours! She gets jealous enough!"

                Hunter leaned in and he gave Rob a fond hug. "What would you say if I told you that we found a way to get your mobile home repaired to make it an armored home on wheels?"

                Rob sighed. "I am wheelchair bound, Hunter. My spine is shattered and I have Cancer as I told you before the accident. When this happened to me, I was ready to let Grim take me."

                Hunter said, "Darren got his Night Pack project started, Rob, and we joined him. Not only can we fix your Mobile Home but we can cure you entirely and help you to become a Rover like the rest of us. T-Ball is still with us as well. Blitz is back at base working on some electronic projects. He doesn't know that we came to get you. Do you like Ardens?"

                Rob smiled. "You know I do, Hunter! You would have to be crazy not to like the best pizza in the world!" And then Hunter stepped out of the way and Rob saw Saberfang and Ghost. "Hi Silverfang. I know you don't trust a lot of humans. But Darren has been good to you. Um... Saberfang? Why are you here with Hunter? Surely you are not going to be a Rover, too, are you? Your franchise would suffer if you joined this bunch. Shag might put toilet water into the pizza mix."

                Saberfang and Ghost made a bleck look with their tongues stuck out. "Ew..." remarked Arden. "If he does, he loses the discount that I provide to good rovers. Lets cure you, Rob."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  Hunter stayed nearby throughout the curing and transformation process as he worked on the blueprints for the armored vet station on wheels made easier by fetching schematics from plans on the Internet. Ghost assisted Hunter with this since it was so important to the boy whom would soon be one of them, much like Badge and T-Ball were.

                  Saberfang knew his craft; he knew he would need help, so he brought in a Yuskay Hellhound professional whom did body restorations and miracle cures all the time. The Cancer was not an easy disease to remove. Eventually, with the Cancer energy worm sealed into a jar and labeled with a warning, the Yuskay Professional then took his leave with the jar to take the damned thing back to the Underworld where a demon had been requesting Cancer Worms as part of his diet. Yuck.

                  Then came the magical Transdogrifier process which would ultimately repair all of Rob's internal organs as well as his bone structure and spine. Saberfang explained what element the boy was going to represent in the Night Pack, his other chosen skill for the team was going to be up to him. The team uniforms were rather snazzy as most had already agreed. "Blitz is going to be so happy to see you out of the wheelchair, Rob. He still thinks the world of you." After a short instructional, Rob was ready.

                  Rob struck his pose as he lifted his head up toward the moon which could be seen in the sky as he exclaimed, "Police Dogs Unite! Night Pack!" And his transformation then occurred as his human body vanished in a thick mist wherein his Cano-Sapien Silver Labrador body took the place of his human form and his regular clothes were then replaced by his Night Pack Police Rover Uniform complete with a nameplate under his deputy badge which had his rover name on it. Finally, the mists subsided as he flexed his muscles and he wagged his tail and he turned his muzzle in a profile pose as he exclaimed, "Night Pack Agent: Phantom!"

                  As Phantom, he did some body movements that would have been impossible to do in his damaged human form. Then he gave Saberfang a deep kiss on his muzzle! "Thank you so much, Saberfang, sir! I cannot wait to show Blitz that I am back in action!"

                  Saberfang giggled. "You act like a young pup. Lets go find Hunter and Ghost and show them what you look like in your new Rover form. He was trying to design your Armored Mobile Home for the rebuild. I think he might be getting frustrated with that project." And together, they headed off into Rob's computer room where Hunter looked stymied.

                  The computer room slowly lit up as the Silver Labrador stepped into the room. "Phantom. Also known as Rob Latham. Jack of all Trades and Light Element Specialist."

                  Hunter was immediately hugging Phantom and licking his face! "Oh, am I ever glad to see you on your feet again! You look good as a Silver Lab!"

                  Phantom said, "If Colleen sees you making the gay eye at me, you will need the wheelchair."

                  Hunter smiled. "Since joining Night Pack, we have been trying to clean up our acts. Our old base got destroyed and we needed a new hideout; Darren had one. Then the Master had to be rescued from Parvo's dungeons. After that, Muzzle got his mind sorted out and now he is our Romanian Rottweiler Warlock."

                  Phantom said, "Lets get the Mobile Home transported over to the Night Pack garage where Exile can help repair the damned thing. He is the Automotive expert if I recall correctly."

                  Ghost then said, "Parvo and Groomer are next door bothering Dr. Naomi and Angel. I saw the other Rovers in their new SWAT Gear over there fighting the bad guys."

                  Hunter sighed. "Looks like I am back on duty. The last time Parvo started a fight at Naomi's clinic, he almost got killed."

                  Hunter struck his pose as he tapped the SR symbol on his Night Pack Wrist band and he was instantly suited up in his Police SWAT Uniform. "Blazer, on duty!"

                  Phantom said, "Hunter is Blazer. What about the others so I don't make a verbal mistake?"

                  Ghost said, "Colleen is Zephyr; Exile is Blizzard; Blitz is Thunder; Shag is Tank; Muzzle is Magic; and Wayne is still T-Ball. You can meet the rest later."

                  Phantom went into his home's storage room and came out with a trunk which had the old Road Rover symbol on it. "Exile and Colleen had me keep this in my home just in case."

                  Moments later, Phantom, Blazer and Ghost bore down on the battle scene. Parvo had the SWAT Rovers down and was gloating over how new uniforms was not good enough for defeating him. And then a grenade was launched out of a cannon that Phantom held as it exploded skunk scent all over Parvo and Groomer which made the ugly General start coughing up a storm. "Lozenge!" Groomer had to get the lozenges out of her emergency belt but as she was in the process of doing this, she saw standing just behind her, three Cano-Sapiens in Police gear. But the Silver Lab was glowing as if he had just arrived from Heaven. "Wrecking my mobile home must have been a gas for you, Groomer! And now the Phantom has returned to repay the favor!" Groomer popped a lozenge into Parvo's mouth as she began to flee from the battle site. "I'm getting out of here!"

                  "Wait for me, Groomer! Cano-Mutants! Finish the job! Without the one-dog demolition crew, they are helpless!" But as he turned to flee himself, he saw the entire line-up of the original Road Rovers standing directly in the way of his armored vehicle. And they were all glowing. Glowing Hunter knelt down and removed the straps and muzzle guard from the Glowing Rottweiler and shouted, "Let's Muzzle 'em!" Parvo didn't even try to fight as he saw that. Groomer soon saw Parvo outrunning her as she also heard the sounds of Muzzle directly behind their group. Even the Cano-Mutants were fleeing without a fight at that point. Phantom glanced back at the Glowing Road Rovers only to realize that he could see through them. Then he saw them slowly let off the old battle cry before they all faded away as if they were returning to Heaven.

                  Ghost was chuckling. "Good thing I was practicing with that trick. Part of my abilities is being an Ectoplasmic Illusionist. Did I make them a little too real?"

                  Phantom hugged Ghost. "You saved lives; that's what counts. Time to check on the others."

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.

                    Thunder said to Zephyr, "How can we be in two places at once?"

                    Zephyr shrugged her shoulders. "What do you think, Blizzard?"

                    Blizzard slyly grinned. "I think Blazer went and recruited some help."

                    Phantom walked over and helped the SWAT Rovers to their feet. "I'm glad to hear you say that, Blizzard, since I have an automotive project for you later." And then he went over to Thunder and helped him up before giving him a firm hug. "Tomorrow would have been the anniversary; but it looked like you needed my help right now." Then he posed for Blitz.

                    Thunder hugged Phantom and smiled. "Hey! No more wheelchair! Zephyr! Look whom decided to get furry?"

                    Colleen in her Zephyr SWAT Uniform came over at that point and she hugged Rob as Phantom as well. "It is good that you are mobile again, guv. A Silver Lab? I knew that you were fond of them, but where did you get a body that looked like this one?"

                    Phantom replied, "Saberfang acquired one for me; he said he knew where an entire military pack of them were, most in the same shape that I had been in. Wars are not pretty, Zephyr, but with a little work, we can make life better. Where are Dr. Naomi and Angel?"

                    Magic replied, "They locked themselves into the Vet building before called the emergency Vet phone line that Tank forgot that he had in his fur coat. Once we learned about their emergency, we headed on over here; at first we did well, but when they saw that I wasn't the crazy one-dog demolition crew anymore, they got very bold and redoubled their strikes until we were down on the ground. And then you guys showed up. But whom made the Rover illusions with the old me?"

                    Ghost stepped into the Rovers' midst as he said, "I did that. I am the ghost specialist, after all."

                    Blazer walked in holding the old Road Rovers weapons trunk. "You two left this box of party favors over at Rob's place a while back and Rob pulled it out for our use."

                    Phantom went over to the Vet building doors and he knocked on them. "Naomi? Angel? It's Rob! I got my mobility back and we made Parvo leave! Open the door!"

                    When the door finally opened, a Native American woman with long black hair wearing the veterinarian outfit stood there with the Mexican young man whom was her volunteer assistant.

                    Phantom hugged Angel and licked his face. "You still taste like that homemade Mexican deodorant, Angel. Saberfang helped me to acquire a Silver Lab from Arcadia."

                    Dr. Naomi examined Rob's new Silver Lab body and said, "You do look like a Phantom, Rob. I am glad the pizza hound was able to help you get mobile in time for your anniversary with the Road Rovers. Or should I say, the SWAT Rovers. I see that they have new uniforms. I will assume that Darren James got his project online, finally. I know he wanted me to come in and help be the vet for the Night Pack. But now that my clinic has been ransacked by Parvo, I guess it is time to accept Darren's offer to move the clinic."

                    She knew she needed to stay in the Silverado, California region since her family owned land therein and she was the only one whom refused to give up the land.

                    Darren had originated from Orange just West of Silverado and when he was younger, he often got to see the Mighty Ducks in nearby Anaheim to the West of Orange.

                    Angel was rubbing on Phantom's ears with one hand. "Does this mean I get to play fetch with you, Rob?" Angel had originated from Rancho Santa Margarita being born in the U.S.A.

                    Blazer said, "Let's get Naomi's clinic moved over to Silverado Bend where the Rover Fan Memorial is located. For the honor of the pack! Ahrooooooo!" And then it was the packing and moving phase of the operation as Badge and the others soon arrived to assist Naomi with the move to the new location which he had promised her some time ago. Having a new Vet Clinic would help a lot with her business. Right next door to the convenience store that Darren owned. Darren would have to stock pet supplies for the good vet doctor.

                    Blizzard and Phantom moved the old Mobile Home over to the Night Pack garage for the armored home on wheels rebuild. It was an important vehicle since it was how Rob first met the Rovers. T-Ball was assisting the two of them since Hunter was busy with Badge and the others. Zephyr and Thunder were assisting Naomi and Angel with the clinic move. Magic and Tank had returned to Silverado Bend to get the land ready for the new clinic. Magic had even repaired the road sign that Exile had first spotted while driving the old road.

                    Road Rovers Fan Memorial - 1 mile. And in smaller print were the words, Autograph Signings and Photo Opportunities Available.

                    It wasn't false advertising since they were now living at the new location. All of them took turns operating the convenience store, so a fan could come in and see a Rover tending to the register at any given time of the day or evening. Everyone pitched in earn their keep around Night Pack Command. Colleen (Zephyr) was the all-time favorite for running the counter in the convenience store. Everyone loved the British Collie since she reminded most people of Lassie.

                    The next day was the anniversary party between Rob Latham and the Road Rovers. Darren (Badge) had also planned for that day to be the official grand opening for the all-new Night Pack Project. The L.A. Police, both the governor of California and the mayor of Los Angeles, as well as a boat load of Road Rover fans were attending the grand opening of the new Rover business in Silverado Bend. Dr. Naomi would also get free advertising for having her vet clinic in association with Night Pack. Then came the human-safe party cake that was being provided to everyone. Hunter was temporarily in his old uniform as he announced to the fans and the press. "Up until now, the Road Rovers were a mercenary force whom helped government agencies world-wide. But with our integration into Night Pack, we are becoming official." Then he activated his new uniform. "Call me Blazer!"

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Sports Endeavors.