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NP-01 Rescued By An Old Fan

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    NP-01 Rescued By An Old Fan

    Road Rovers: Night Pack
    Episode One: Rescued By An Old Fan
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    May 19th, 2017

    WARNING: This series does NOT contain the lame humor of the Television series!

    When Mission Control is attacked and destroyed by General Parvo, the Transdogrifiers are damaged causing the Road Rovers to begin to lose their special powers while the Master (Dr. Shepherd) is captured. In hopes of getting the Transdogrifiers repaired, the Rovers find refuge within the bunker home of an old fan of their televised cartoon series and it is through their new host that they reinvent their team with a renewed outlook on life while seeking to avenge Shag's death. With General Parvo seeking to finish the job on the rovers, The team must lay low while they rebuild their forces.

    Coming up next on the premiere episode of Road Rovers: Night Pack!

    Starring: The Night Pack:
    Ghost - Silverfang (wolf)
    Aeros - Flicker (fox)
    Tazira - Princess Amira (afghan hound)
    Incision - Jake (dingo)
    Mask - Dolby (raccoon)
    Phaser - Kamilla (Persian cat)
    Blazer - Hunter (golden retriever)
    Zephyr - Colleen (collie)
    Blizzard - Exile (Siberian husky)
    Lightning - Blitz (doberman pinscher)
    Magic - Muzzle (rottweiler)
    T-Ball - Wayne Deering (malamute) (created by Dream Tiger 1998)
    Mirage - Darren James (Anubian jackal)

    "The Master" (Dr. Shepherd)
    Professor Hubert

    General Parvo

    Chapter One.

    Driving along a dark winding highway at night through a wooded region was the Rover Land-rover speeding at nearly ninety miles an hour until Exile saw a barely visible road side sign up ahead which read, Road Rovers Rest Stop. - 1 mile. And in smaller print were the words, Who am I kidding? I am never going to meet the Road Rovers. Why would they want to visit a nobody like me? The turn off in question was located on a curve of the wooded highway and led down hill through the woods where the dirt road crossed a covered bridge and eventually ended in a clearing outside of what looked like a forgotten gas station and convenience store in the woods. There was a light on in the rear portion of the store which seemed to be someone's personal home. The convenience store seemed to double as a souvenir shop for vacationers wanting to pick up Road Rover memorabilia which included action figures, posters and costumes. Every classic Road Rover had a full statue lined up around the parking lot. And from how clear it was to see the full size statues, someone took very good care of the collection.

    Exile whom had been driving the Land-rover pulled the vehicle to a stop in front of the store as he glanced over his shoulder into the back of the vehicle. "Except for Shag, how is everyone else coping back there, comrades?"

    Professor Hubert replied, "I have all of the injuries patched up, Exile. But why did we stop? Is it Parvo and Groomer already? Did they find us this fast?"

    Exile explained what he had seen on the highway and where they were parked at that very moment. "I thought maybe the owner of this place would let us hide behind his business while we rested up. Hey weird boy. Wake up. We reached a rest stop. You were asking for a bathroom break unless you went in the floor like a bad dog."

    Blitz stirred as he sat up painfully. "No, I utilized Colleen's suggestion and put on a diaper to prevent accidents. Although I do want to get cleaned up. Are we in the middle of the woods, Exile?"

    The Siberian Husky smiled. "We sure are, weird boy. Let's go talk to the owner and see if he will let us bunk behind his souvenir shop. You can see about getting cleaned up in the bathroom while we're here."

    Exile and Blitz followed the path down one side of the business building until they reached what appeared to be a normal looking front door. "Try not to act weird in front of the owner, Blitz." And the Siberian Husky knocked on the door. It took a few short moments before the door was opened to reveal a middle aged adult man with thinning brown hair and glasses although his face was covered with light brown facial hair. He had hazel eyes and tanned skin. When he saw the two Cano-Sapiens standing in the doorway, he hugged them both and said, "I've died in my sleep, haven't I? You guys are mad that I used your likeness for a vacation side business without your permission."

    Blitz was lightly dancing in place. "I need to use your bathroom, Mister. Exile will talk to you about the rest."

    Permitting the Road Rovers inside the home in the back of the business, the man escorted Blitz to the bathroom and let him go inside. "You can go in there and clean up as well. Do not drink out of my toilet. I don't want you guys to get a bad disease or something."

    After Blitz was off in the bathroom, Exile spoke to the man in question. "The Road Rovers need to camp out behind your property while we are recuperating from the damages and injuries that Parvo conducted on us when he attacked and destroyed Mission Control. We barely escaped. May we please hide out on your property, Comrade?"

    The man smiled. "Let me get my clothes on and I will show you rovers where you can bunk down at. I think you will be surprised. I built it for the tourists but you guys need it more now yourselves. I'll be right with you." And the man went into his bedroom where he got into his clothes and hiking boots. Then he emerged fully dressed where upon he grabbed a key ring with a set of keys upon it and then when the doberman emerged from the bathroom, the man escorted the two Road Rovers back to their vehicle where he stepped over to an access gate and he unlocked the latch which permitted the Land-rover to drive into the yard along an access road that led to somewhere behind the business itself. After permitting the Land-rover entry to the access road, he locked the gate once again and he walked along the road leading the way to a camouflage net which covered a cavern large enough for the Land-rover to drive into. Inside, the man activated the generators which brought the tunnel lights on and he led the way deeper into the cavern tunnel to an underground garage which had a metal door in one side. Using his keys, he unlocked the door before reaching inside and turning on the main power switch inside of whatever this place was. He then walked over to the Land-rover and looked inside past the driver's seat. "Who all do you have in there. And where is the Master?"

    Professor Hubert sat up when he heard the man's voice. "I am in here along with Hunter's friend T-Ball, Colleen and Hunter are resting over there on the other side of Muzzle. And we have Shag's body under a tarp in the back of the Land-rover. Sadly, he died in the initial attack on Mission Control. He was shielding Colleen with his body. Exile and Blitz were in the front seats. The Master was captured by Parvo and Groomer. We also brought the portable equipment for the Transdogrifiers which were also damaged in the initial attack on Mission Control." He looked outside of the Land-rover at that moment. "Why does this garage seem so familiar? Where are we and who are you, sir?"

    The man smiled at Professor Hubert. "I am Darren James. As for why this garage seems so familiar. I built a replica of Mission Control based off of what was shown in the animated series based on your actual adventures. And we are currently in the garage of that replica of your original base. I built this place so as to give tourists a first hand tour of your headquarters without invading your personal privacy. At first, the tourists and fans loved it. But soon after, they were asking me to get the actual Road Rovers in here. Sadly, I had no idea on how to contact you guys. I didn't want to trick you dogs into coming here. Visitation waned after that although people still stop by in the day light hours to get gas and buy snacks and get something from my deli. Occasionally I would sell some Road Rover souvenirs to an interested furry artist who would accidentally find my tourist shop while getting their tanks filled with gas. I barely get by thanks to survivor benefits I get from my deceased military father. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go in first and let my canines and other animals know that I am bringing in some guests. No, they are not replicas of you guys. But you still might be interested in my menagerie. I have a Persian cat and a raccoon as well."

    Blitz hopped out of the Land-rover. "Do you call your menagerie the Road Rovers?"

    Darren shook his head. "No, Blitz. I call them the Night Pack. Ghost should be awake at this hour. He's the wolf pack alpha of the bunch."

    End of Chapter One.