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JJ-TRR-04 Rovers Super-Charged

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    JJ-TRR-04 Rovers Super-Charged

    JJ-TRR-04 Rovers Super-Charged.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    August 15th, 2022

    Chapter One: Badge Returns.

    Jet and the rest of the Roller Rovers were getting their new Quad Hockey uniforms from Paros and Gervase over at the clothing outlets. Both merchants were happy to get government funds for producing high quality work for the team. Firemoon stood nearby watching the Rovers come out of their dressing rooms in outfits that were far above the level of the last uniform designs. The new uniforms had an older military look and feel about them but were rugged and resistant to heavy impact collisions which might be sustained on the Hockey courts. Yet they were light weight and had a pleasing look and feel about them. The logos on the back of the team uniforms were ideal for the Hockey team, while the law enforcement logo on the backs of the enforcer jackets were equally impressive to other police units around Los Angeleos. The Fallen Angels were happy with their current uniforms since they knew how to deal with gang members. The Garden Grove Rovers lined up for the all new team photo shoot which would make the sporting sections of newspapers all over the region. And then they got a special treat at the end when the real German Shepherd officer known as Badge came in with Detective Faraduck, a super sexy local police skunk lieutenant and Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team from New Hamsterdam. Donatello had an Ambassador's ribbon over his chest which read: Government Research Advisor.

    Jet stepped over and shook Donatello's hand before he gave the turtle a kiss. Then he did the same to the police skunk. Then he shook Badge's hand firmly. "I'll withhold the kiss since I was informed that you are married and I don't have your wife's permission to give you a kiss. These other guys are single." He winked as he saluted Badge before backing off once again to join his team.

    Badge looked to Detective Faraduck and the police skunk. "So that's Jet; he has manners. I don't care what his real species is. Manners really counts."

    Faraduck said, "Word on the street is that Jet is open minded. He will go on a date with anyone as long as you don't take advantage of him. His team mates love him."

    The police skunk said, "I may give him a shot at a date since he showed us respect. Most of my female dates have no manners at all."

    Badge remarked, "He acts like the type whom has lost his father and that is why he is playing both sides of the dating fence. Primarily the males. I'll bet the story is a bad one. I wonder whom I will have to ask about this."

    Faraduck replied, "Goldrush likely knows the story since he is close to Jet, according to Butch."

    Badge went directly over to the Roller Rovers and pulled Goldrush out of the line-up and took him over to a private area to have words with him about Jet. This discussion was brief and the talks shifted into how the fake Badge had been assisting the Roller Rovers in learning how to be police dogs unofficially until he was found out and chose to commit suicide. They would like Badge to attend the games; but he didn't have to sponsor them since he really didn't know anything about quad hockey.

    When Badge returned to Faraduck and the police skunk with a grim look on his face. "What a way to go." And he filled the two in on what the back story was.

    The police skunk said, "That poor boy having to grow up without his father. No wonder he wants to be around other male role models. As for dating both genders, I see nothing wrong with that. Of course, him and his mother being humans would take some getting used to. But he is more than open about staying in animal form like us when he is on outings. I am going to go have some words with Jet and see what he has to say." And the police skunk went over and pulled Jet aside to speak to him about his idea of dating other males.

    Walda started getting the look on her muzzle about guys being attracted to the guys on the team and it was pissing her off.

    Jet told the skunk he was open to the idea as long as he kept the outing decent and on the up and up. Then he returned to his team where he told Walda that the police skunk was interested in showing some fatherly support since he had lost his own father. Walda looked abashed upon hearing that since she thought it was the homo thing again. Jet suddenly exclaimed, "ROVERS ROLL! Let's go get in some practice, guys and gals! We have a game this Saturday! I am caught up on my homework!"

    Faraduck said, "I need to bring Donatello back your place, Jet. The government wants to secure the shortcut between worlds at your mom's place since you guys have the only working model of the device on the West Coast." Goldrush said, "We were heading there anyway. Anyone wanting to see the underground rink can come with us. I am glad Butch was able to get us a new team bus."

    Following the Rovers team bus, the groups arrived at the Pride home of the Ranger and Kingsden family. They then proceeded down into the lower chambers where Jet showed Donatello the shortcut between worlds. Afterward, the Rovers reported to the underground rink to get their practice match started. Badge and the other detectives sat on the mini-bleachers to watch the training session in progress. It was always amazing how Jet could divide his attention all over the roller court. While they were doing that, Donatello had the misfortune to meet Jet's mother whom had her pistol aimed at the back of the turtle's neck. "I overheard the others saying that you wanted to secure the device; but it looked to me as if you were about to dismantle it."

    Stepping away from the shortcut, he turned and saw Mrs. Jenkins as her full human self.

    She said, "I am sure the Animos government would NOT want to have me stuck in their world since as an ex-military officer, albeit retired, I am not afraid to shoot the males in this world directly in their Mister Happies."

    Firemoon came in having heard what the woman had just said. "Donatello! You told me that the government wanted you to secure the shortcut; not trap Mrs. Jenkins and her son along with his friends here in our dimension! Mrs. Jenkins, I apologize for this misunderstanding since they did not inform me of what their ignorant plan was. You have every right to be upset since this device is yours along with your son and his friends' only way back to your home on Earth. I am beginning to think our own government are more acting like the very demons they claim humans are. As a Hellhound, I would never try to get you humans stuck in this world. I wouldn't mind nabbing your son; but you are a trigger happy person."

    Mrs. Jenkins replied, "It is called being a parent."

    Firemoon dragged Donatello out to the roller rink and right in front of everyone, he told those present what the government had instructed the so-called trustworthy turtle to do to the shortcut between worlds. Jet stated, "If we lose the shortcut, then I cannot play with you guys on your team anymore. I'd have to go home with my mother. I am not legal age to be off on my own as yet. Of course, I could just contact the Ninja Turtles back in our dimension and see if they could give us our own version of the Turtles' Dim Gate shortcut device at the same time I let them know what Donatello's counterpart almost did. I am sure Master Splinter would NOT be pleased."

    At that moment, Mallard Thunderbeak arrived with the entire Ninja Turtles team along with Master Splinter. And surprise, surprise, they had their own Donatello among their number. When Mallard saw what Firemoon was holding in one hand, he went over and also grabbed the 'turtle' by the neck. "Either drop the disguise or else I have Hellfire take you to Hell and throw you in! He hates you fiercely! And you can tell Wraith that he failed miserably!" The Donatello disguise melted away to reveal Chameleon of the Saurians. "No fair, Mallard! Wraith stole that Dim Gate fair and square and he wants it back! That Jenkins woman is a scary monster!"

    Jet went over and he hugged Master Splinter. "You have a lot of patience to have trained your sons all of these years, Master Splinter. I have always been impressed by your resolve. Anyway, I'm Jet; human name of Jeffery Jenkins."

    Master Splinter smiled at the boy turned Canosapien. "My sons do not mind your mother and you having a working model of the dim gate here on the West Coast as long as it never gets used for evil purposes. We keep in touch with our counterparts."

    Jet stepped back and said, "My friends and I mainly use it to come over to play quad hockey with the Roller Rovers. We have a game this weekend but during the school weeks, I have to attend classes back on Earth."

    Goldrush smiled. "That's right. He does his homework over there and then he comes over here to practice and play pro games with us around the L.A. zone. We all love him."

    Master Splinter said, "Mallard escorted us in when he told us that Donatello was over on the West Coast; which surprised us since the real Donatello was standing with us when Mallard called us at our lair."

    End of Chapter One.