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JJ-TRR-03 Rescuing a Jet Dalmatian

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    JJ-TRR-03 Rescuing a Jet Dalmatian

    JJ-TRR-03 Rescuing a Jet Dalmatian.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    May 18th, 2020

    Chapter One: Talk!

    Within Badge's team bus, the black jackal called Noose was tied to a chair facing down the entire Roller Rovers street hockey team. Goldrush growled, "You are wearing Jet's Hockey Team icon, scum bucket! What did you do with him?"

    Noose replied, "This is an anti-cop medallion! It protects me from cops! Do your worst, loser!"

    Walda stepped forward with an Iron Hockey Stick in hand. "His street name is Noose. I dated this guy way back before High Jackal Hell took over the Southern Warehouse district. He was decent back then before he got involved with Scimitar whom drugged him up. When Noose tried to escape from the gang, they caught him and had him under house arrest in their secret lair." She then squatted down and looked Noose in the eye. "Goldy didn't lie to you, Noose, but Scimitar obviously did. He set you up to have an encounter with our team. This icon forces you to play with our team and win one game minimum in order to earn your freedom. You traded one cage for another. Now please... just tell us where the Jackal Warehouse Lair is. We have been looking for it for some time. Or do we have to get Mallard's reserve team down here? Hellfire Duck hasn't taken anyone to Hell in a while!"

    Flash then said, "Jet is a decently nice boy, Noose. We love him. Please tell us where Scimitar is holding him. Just name your price within reason."

    Noose was still resisting until Mrs. Jenkins walked into their midst and she aimed her government issue pistol at Noose's groin. "Tell me where my son is at or else I shoot Mister Happy right off your groin!" Noose's eyes bugged out when saw this female demon with a weapon aimed at his sheath! "I'll talk! I'll talk!" And boy, did he!

    Shade shook her head. "That is your solution to everything, isn't it, Mrs. Jenkins?"

    "No male wants to lose their Mister Happy. And this Scimitar fucker is sure to lose his when I shoot him in the groin for defiling my son."

    Badge said, "You cannot just keep scaring the locals with your appearance, ma'am. Why did you come out here?"

    Mrs. Jenkins replied, "My bosses want an update on the Roller Rovers police dog project."

    Badge growled, "Can't they suck their own cocks without bothering us?"

    And then Butch entered the team bus with Yeti. "Noose... Do you really want Faraduck to have to come back up here? Or even Honeypuff?"

    Upon seeing Butch, Noose caved in and revealed where the main clubhouse warehouse was located at. "Scimitar's M.O. is to latch on to a new catch, invite them inside to party with him and share some of his candy and alcoholic sex drugged drink. When the victim is doped up on the drink, he has them inhale a medicinal powder which automatically floors the victim. The street clothes come off and after scent marking the new gang member, Scimitar gets the new recruit pregnant and then he leaves the victim in his underground drug dungeon. If the victim survives that, then the now fucked up gang member is trained to perform as the others do and later they get their proving mission: steal one item out of a cop's own office at police headquarters. If you're caught, then not their problem. But the victim is trained to protect the Jackals home base at all costs. Meaning if the recruit is caught, they are on their own until they escape. I got caught during my first outing and a doctor gave me an experimental medicine that made me immune to Cocaine over time. After that, Scimitar had me locked up nearly all the time since I had been trying to escape from him. Wear your gas masks if you intend to go in there or else you can forget about sports, because you will be as high as the jackal gang usually are. You might even try to have sex with your own teammates. If you can think of a drug, they are sure to have it in that place."

    Goldrush said, "I blew it with Jet and now I have to rescue him."

    Badge then said, "Its worse than that, guys. If they removed his Double 'R' bracelet, then we have to reach him before twenty-four hours passes or else Scimitar will find a scent marked naked human boy in his dungeon. Remember how Myst reacted upon first seeing a furless naked boy? Scimitar is sure to kill his prisoner at that point."

    Butch said, "I am going to need my father's bullet-proof cod piece if that's the case."

    Walda said to Mrs. Jenkins. "We'll get him back. I promise."

    Badge said, "Since we're about to hit the mother load gang headquarters, I need to call in our allies. I promised these guys if we ever got the goods on where this place was, I'd call them in. And believe me, nearly every gang in Los Angeleos will thank us for dealing with this. My team are good, but they are not good enough to do this solo."

    Mrs. Jenkins then said, "Can't we get Jet back here through the alternate method, Badge? You once said that you had to do that with Devil a few times."

    Badge nodded his head. "Yes, but we need his Double 'R' bracelet, ma'am. Only his will work for him. If he reverts while pregnant then the shock of being with pups in his body will tear him apart and none of our doctors will want to operate on a demon. So we still have to make the trip."

    Mrs. Jenkins said, "Get my son back here and I'll guard him while trying to get the scent marking odor off of him. And believe me... I think I know of a solution."

    Badge said, "No homemade cures, ma'am. Your son isn't a human at the moment."

    Mrs. Jenkins grinned. "You leave that up to me or else I shoot your Mister Happy."

    Shade whispered to Junkyard, "I swear... that is her answer to everything. I have to wonder how many males in her home dimension still have Mister Happies."

    Junkyard just shuddered at the thought of losing his baby maker after having had to get a detox at the hospital.

    End of Chapter One.